Jolan's Path - Chapter 132


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 132


The foursome of love spent a week of joyous bliss, each being loved by the other three.

They explored the region of their happiness, the Swiss Alps.

Bernard guided them around the whole area, the four enjoying the week immensely.

Days of hiking, exploring and enjoying the winter wonderland.

They went skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing, their hearts filled with a sense of youthful happiness.

Four childhoods were revisited, their wintry love shining.

And their nights were filled with manly passion, love and desire.

The four gave to each--and to all--their unclothed, total love.

They each found in the other three all the desire and beauty they'd ever need.

And the twosomes of love found in each other their true love.

That love was separate from the intoxicating love of the four.

Each man felt his world was beyond happy.

And the three of Jolan's heart felt the total happiness in the young man's soul.

Jolan had visited the village every day, reuniting with his Swiss family, they feeling the man's giving love.

Justin had stood back, watching and feeling the happiness of his husband's soul.

And he saw the family surrounding him awash with happiness at meeting their chosen one.

But as all moments of happiness and love play out, the end always comes.


Jolan's eyes opened, feeling a warmth against him, and a movement to his left side.

His grey eyes looked down, Chace's head laying against his chest, his arms wrapped around Jolan's nude waist.

The young man was softly snoring, Jolan smiling at his beautiful face.

He remembered the passion of the young tiger in the fleeting moments of last night.

The young man had made love to him, their soulmates surrounding them.

Jolan's eyes turned to the left, his eyes taking in his other two lovers' passion.

Josh lay beside Jolan, the man's eyes closed, his face showing a look of total bliss.

His tongue was running across his lips, his chest heaving with passion.

Jolan's eyes raised, two pools of intense desire staring at him.

Justin was staring down at him, his naked body on top of Josh, his hardness sunken deep within his friend, Josh's legs spread forward, Justin's rhythm of love continuing.

Justin leaned his head down, his husband's lips meeting his.

Jolan felt all of his husband's desire, and the intensity of his passion.

They broke their kiss, another set meeting Jolan's.

Josh's lips were warm and inviting, Jolan feeling the same identical need.

Justin continued his passion as the two kissed, his lips lowering to Josh's left nipple, sucking on it.

Josh moaned in Jolan's mouth, the two parting.

Jolan stared into Josh's pools of need, the two smiling at each other.

"Good morning, my angels. Your passion runs unabated. And is so beautiful to watch."
Justin raised his head, smiling at his husband, his rhythm unchanged, his hardness lost in the warmth of Josh's center.

Josh gasped, his eyes then meeting Justin's.

Justin's lips met his, the two lost in their desires.

Jolan smiled, his hand going outward, wrapping around Josh's hard cock, gently stroking it, Josh moaning.

Justin raised upwards, watching Jolan stroke Josh faster, Justin's rhythm intensifying.

Jolan's head was about to move to Josh's lips again when two hands turned it, Jolan's lips met by another.

Jolan became lost in the kiss, feeling its awakening desire.

Chace was now awake, his body now on top of Jolan's.

He broke the kiss, his blue eyes staring down at him, then looking at his husband.

Josh was staring at him with deep love, Chace's lips then meeting his, Jolan watching the two kiss.

They broke their kiss, their eyes showing their deep love for each other, Chace smiling.

"My man's being worshipped by our friends' love. And you three started without me."
The three smiled, Chace raising his body, pulling Justin's lips against his, their bodies against each other.

"My Josh's love is so great first thing in the morning. Feast on it, my Jus. And I'll taste its greatness as well."

Jolan removed his hand, Chace taking all of Josh's hardness down his throat.

Josh gasped, his husband's talented mouth and tongue washing him away to love's center.

Chace still lay on top of Jolan, Jolan's grey eyes taking in Josh's total worshipping.

Josh's head moved to his right, Jolan leaning forward, their lips meeting, their love flowing.

Josh was in the center of a triad of love, his three soulmates giving him all of their love.

"Oh God! My angels. . .I'm so. . .close!" he moaned, his whole body trembling, Jolan's lips meeting his again, their tongues dueling, Josh lost in the center of love.

Josh exploded in Chace's mouth, his man taking all of Josh's offered love.

Justin was on the edge of abandon, his hardness still within Josh's center.

He moaned, Jolan watching him, knowing his man was on the edge.

Justin pulled out, his hard cock in his hand.

"Oh God! I'm. . .I'm...!"

Chace's head moved off of Josh's center, his mouth taking in Justin's hardness, the sensation too much for him, his cock erupting in Chace's mouth, Chace drinking in all of it.

Justin gasped, Jolan watching him come down from the heights of passion.

Justin fell forward, his body laying against Josh's, Chace licking both of their sweating centers, taking in all the remnants of their expelled love.

Jolan smiled, watching their tiger search for more.

"I think our tiger will never be filled."
Chace's head raised, smiling at all three.

"Two down, one to go." he smiled, Jolan smiling as Chace's body pushed against his, Chace's hand encircling Jolan's morning hardness.

Josh and Justin smiled, their bodies coated in sweat, Justin's moving against Josh's, their lips meeting in a gentle kiss of love and thankfulness.

"Amazing as always, my Jus." Josh said, Justin smiling at him.

The two smiled at each other, their eyes going to their husbands.

Jolan was moaning, Chace's mouth taking in all his hardness, his fingers attached to Jolan's nipples.

The two watched Chace draw out Jolan's desires, the young man totally lost in Chace's love.

Within minutes Jolan exploded, Chace taking in all of his offered wetness.

Jolan gasped, his body covered in sweat, Chace licking all the drops of love he'd missed.

His head raised, his tongue licking his lips.

"Mmm, dessert before breakfast. Amazing!"

The three men laughed, their eyes taking in Chace's still throbbing hardness standing up between his legs.

"Oh oh, Joshy. Our tiger's still hungry for more." Justin smiled, the actor's smiling face looking towards him, then into the eyes of the other two.

"Who wants to feel my love stick buried in their love?"
The three others laughed, Chace smiling widely.

Jolan sat up, his arms going around Chace's waist, his lips kissing his abdomen.

Chace smiled, about to push Jolan back, to take all of his love, Jolan stopping him.

"This is our last day of honeymoon love, my angels. It's only fitting that you love your husband, Chacey. We've tasted both of your love all week. Your man needs your love to end this week of love. Come on, Jus. Let's head for the shower. I'll make breakfast while our angels go to heaven."
Justin smiled, kissing Josh on the lips, climbing out of the bed, walking around to the other two.

Justin kissed Chace's lips, Chace feeling his love.

"Off my man, Crawford! You've got your own angel of love."

Chace smiled, moving his body off of Jolan's, Justin smiling, Jolan leaning over and kissing Josh's soft lips, then rising up and kissing Chace's.

Justin pulled his man out of bed, Chace's body falling on top of his Josh.

"Word of warning, Joshy. Our tiger is very hungry."
Josh smiled, Chace's lips sucking on his neck.

"He always is first thing in the morning. It starts my heart for the day."
The two men smiled, leaving the couple in the beginnings of their love, Justin's hand pulling Jolan to the bathroom.


Justin smiled, sitting at the kitchen table, watching his man move around the kitchen.

"This has been a week of total happiness, my love." he said, Jolan turning and smiling at him, pulling out the bacon from the frying pan on the stove.

"That is has, my love."

Justin smiled, sipping the glass of orange juice Jolan had poured him.

Jolan shut off the stove, placing the plate of bacon in the oven, keeping it warm with the rest of the food.

He wiped his hands on a dishcloth, walking over to his lover, sitting down in his lap, Justin smiling.

Their lips met, their love flowing into each other.

Jolan sighed when he broke the kiss, Justin's arms wrapping around him, Jolan's head resting on his shoulder.

"Thank you for the shower of love, my wet angel. Your love was so tender."

Jolan smiled, snuggling against his man.

"I've never felt so happy, my Jus. Your love--and Joshua's and Chace's--has filled my heart with happiness."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's forehead.

"Then my surprise was a success."
Jolan smiled, his finger rubbing Justin's right nipple through his shirt.

"A total, wonderful surprise. Thank you, my husband."
Justin smiled, Jolan raising his head and kissing him on the lips again.

"And now we return to the real world, that love returning with us."
Justin smiled, his thoughts on Hayden.

"We'll see him soon, my love."
Justin smiled, their lips meeting again.

"Hey, boys! Not over the food. That's disgusting!" Josh grinned, walking into the room, his husband's arm around his waist, the two smiling at their friends seated at the table.

"Oh, I don't know, Joshy. I remember Thursday night, you and me on this table. I'm amazed Jo got it looking so clean." Justin grinned, Jolan laughing.

Chace laughed, Josh softly blushing, his blue eyes staring into Justin's blue pools of love, Jolan smiling at both.

"I'm more worried about the next occupants of this place. I must tell Bernard that he'll have to sandblast this place with disinfectants. I don't think there's a room we didn't soil."
All four looked at each other, then burst into laughter.

They all stared at each other, their four minds lost in remembrance of all the love and desire they'd experienced here this week.

"It's been a week of love." Chace said, Josh kissing his cheek, the two sitting down at the table, Chace in Josh's lap.

Their four sets of eyes met, Jolan smiling at all three.

"Where do we go from here, Jolan?" Josh asked, the question on all three of his soulmates' minds.

"We go forward with our love, my angels. We four have it in our souls. The passion we experienced this week will never end. I'll always need my Joshua's tender love and my Chace's tiger-filled desires. And my Justin's total love. You three and my Hay are my life."
The three smiled, their eyes filled with blossoming tears.

"We have two homes now. Two places where our total love can flourish. I'm looking forward to the sleepovers. But I'm not cleaning both places!"
The four smiled, then laughed, Jolan's humor filling their hearts with love.

Justin began to tickle Jolan, his youthful boisterous laughter filling the kitchen.

Josh and Chace rose up, their fingers finding his ribs as well, Jolan falling off the chair, his three soulmates following him to the floor, continuing to tickle him.

His laughter filled the room, their torture slowly ending, Jolan looking up into their close faces.

Each leaned forward, kissing his lips tenderly, Justin's warm lips the last.

"We're all looking forward to your love, Jo." Josh said, Jolan smiling at all three.

"First off I have to feed my men, then we have to pack. My man needs to get home to his son."
Justin smiled, pulling his man upwards, the four smiling at each other.

"And Hayden misses his Unkies as well."

The two men smiled, Justin and the two sitting down at the table, Jolan heading for the stove.


Bernard smiled, driving down the alpine highway, the foursome of love surrounding him.

Jolan sat in the front seat, his three angels in the back seat.

They were heading to the airport, their honeymoon ending.

"I take it the beauty of our Swiss home is now forever in your hearts?" he said, smiling at Jolan and into the rear-view mirror.

"That it is, Bernard." Justin said, seated between Josh and Chace, all three smiling at the man.

"But even more is the love of my Swiss brethren. I shall carry that with me always." Jolan said, Bernard smiling at him.

"You have entered all our souls, Jolan. We all look forward to standing at your side against the evil that inflicts us."

Jolan patted the man's arm, his blue eyes staring towards him.

"That evil shall perish, Bernard. My family that day shall be free of it. And three clans of beauty and magic will show their worth. That day will be one of wonder, truth, magic and life. And surrounding all of it will be love."

Bernard's eyes were filling with tears, the three behind them staring at Jolan, hearing his words of deep love.

"It is a day my family and others have waited so long for."
"The future always becomes the past, my friend. In the years to come look upon my involvement with love. I shall look upon all my families with the same."
Bernard nodded, the vehicle suddenly very quiet.

"We have never seen the magic of our brother clans, Jolan. The Badenwolf and the Archanians. The family has a sense of mysticism about them. As if they were legends or myths."
"They are very real, my brother of life. The magic of their hearts has only been hidden. As in a way the Sumsarian nation has. All three clans have been hidden in time, lost to the world's eyes. Soon all three shall meet, and the wonders of this life and this earth shall be shown."
"I look forward to seeing those wonders, Jolan." Josh said, seated behind him.

"You--and all my families--will, Joshua." he softly said, his eyes looking out at the passing scenery.

Justin's hand went forward, their two joining.

Jolan smiled, feeling his husband's love.

"I am sorry to see you go, Jolan. Ernest and I had so much more to discuss with you."
Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting Bernard.

"It is a short two months away, Bernard. I shall discuss everything with my brethren on the plains before Bolta Cerului. And then truth shall show itself."
"What is the truth of all this, Jolan?" Chace said, looking at his friend.

"That truth is the answer to life, Chace. To the life I want to show everyone."

The four others looked at each other, Jolan's eyes looking out the window again.

Jolan's eyes moved, looking at all four.

Those grey orbs were softly glowing, Bernard feeling the depth of love flowing from them.

"That day will be soon upon us. Let the time between now and then show its wonders."
The four nodded, Jolan's smile calming their hearts.


The vehicle drove through the airport parking area, Bernard driving to its end, then turning towards a large hangar.

"The Dragos jet awaits in private, Jolan. Your Uncle Calen has it all ready." Bernard smiled, Jolan nodding.

"My family looks out for all my needs. My love fills all theirs."
Bernard smiled, driving through the hangar's open doorway.

The four--beside him and behind him--widened their eyes.

Before them stood the white jet.

Surrounding it was a throng of people.

"A family's parting can be emotional, Jolan. They all wanted to see you off."
Jolan smiled, nodding at Bernard.

The vehicle stopped before the jet, Jolan smiling at a large, tall man who stood before it, his daughter at his side.

The five climbed out of the vehicle, a couple of men going to its back, pulling out their baggage.

"Welcome to our parting, Great One." Ernest said, Greta smiling at all four.

Everyone around them bowed, Jolan's grey eyes taking in all their tearful faces.

He saw each holding flowers, Greta having a bouquet in her hands.

"I am overjoyed that all of you would want to see me off. I feel all of your new love in my heart, and all of my love in your hearts."
The large man moved forward, his strong arms surrounding the young man, hugging him tightly.

"Never in my deepest dreams could I feel such love. The redness of the evil in my soul cannot stand against your love." he sobbed, Jolan deeply affected by the man's giving honesty.

Jolan's soulmates wiped their eyes, hearing the emotion in the man's words, Bernard rubbing his brother's back.

"Ernest's soul has always been so loving. He is the heart of my family's love."
Jolan smiled, patting the large man's back, the man gently releasing him.

"Large of body, but deep of love. It has been a joy meeting you, Ernest. A joy meeting all of you."
The large man smiled, wiping his eyes.

Greta walked up to them, smiling at Jolan.

She handing him the bouquet, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"The past is about to meet the future. Our hearts long for that day of your total love. My heart feels its wonder."

Jolan smiled, the young woman stepping back.

"Your family wishes to give your their love, Jolan. Take our love with grace."
Jolan's face changed into a wide smile, Ernest smiling back.

"My family's love I shall always need."
Ernest smiled, the man turning Jolan towards the people surrounding them.

They moved forward, Jolan receiving flowers from all of them, kisses and hugs of love given as well.

He said goodbye to each of them by name, each overcome with wonder at his remembering them.

There were over two hundred of them, and each felt Jolan's love.

Jolan's soulmates received flowers, handshakes and hugs as well, the three tearfully smiling.

The hugging ended, the group stepping back, Jolan smiling at all of them.

"Until the day of our freedom, my family. I shall love you all until then."

The group as one knelt before Jolan, his tear-stained face staring at them all.

"Arise children of Sumsarian love. Take my love away with you."
They all rose, Jolan smiling at Ernest, Greta and Bernard.

"We have to go my friends, my brethren."
The three nodded, Justin's hand going in Jolan's.

Bernard stepped forward, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Until the beauty of Bolta Cerului enters our hearts, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, the four walking towards the plane, the people slowly filing out of the hangar.

The four soulmates took their seats on the plane, Justin snuggled against Jolan, Josh and Chace facing them on another couch, the two tearfully smiling at Jolan.

"A moment of parting love, Jo. That was so moving." Chace said, wiping his eyes.

"My family is love, Chace." Jolan said, the three smiling at him.

Jolan smiled back at all three, his grey eyes meeting Justin's.

"Let's go home, guys. I need my son's love."
Justin teared up, Jolan's head going against his chest, Justin's arms going around his husband.

Jolan closed his grey, tearing eyes, his family's love wrapped around his soul.


Justin went to his knees, a flying missile of love propelling him backwards.

A bundle of happiness lay upon his chest, his small lips kissing his.

Above them Jolan, Josh and Chace wore large smiles, the three enveloped in hugs as well.

Sandra and Jessica--along with Lynn--were hugging all three.

"You home, Poppa! I'm so happy!" Hayden shrieked, Justin's eyes filled with tears, his arms around his son.

"Oh, Hay! Poppa missed you so much!!" he cried, Jolan smiling down at the two locked in an embrace of love.

Justin's lips were all over the boy's face, the boy giggling and laughing.

"And all is right in my son's world." Lynn smiled, her arms around Jolan, kissing his cheek.

Jolan smiled, Justin rising to his feet, Hayden in his arms.

The small blue-eyed angel looked at his father, Jolan smiling at him.

Hayden moved, in his father's arms immediately, the six surrounding them seeing Jolan's deep wet eyes.

"Hi, Daddy! I missed you! I love you!"
Jolan sobbed, Justin's arm going around him, Hayden kissing his father's lips.

"You home, Daddy! We loves again!"
Jolan smiled, kissing his son's cheek, the boy in his arms.

"You've grown so much, Hay! My boy's getting big!"
Hayden laughed, Justin kissing his cheek.

"I eat lots! And I been real good, Poppa and Daddy! Mommy and Momma and Gramma makes me so happy!"

"Our Hay's been an angel!" Lynn smiled.
Justin smiled, his mother's arms around him, Lynn kissing her son's cheek.

"And how went the wintry honeymoon of love?" Jessica said, kissing Chace's cheek.

"It went fantastic!" Chace grinned, his eyes meeting the other three of his heart.

"Hi, Unky Chace and Unky Josh!" Hayden grinned, Jolan depositing his son into Chace's arms, he and Josh kissing the young boy's cheeks, showing him their love.

"We want to hear all about it! Any pictures?" Sandra smiled, Jolan hugging her, kissing her cheek.

"I see the happiness in your eyes, Cassandra. Our boy's love fills your heart."
Sandra smiled, looking at her son.

"His love is ours."
Jolan smiled, everyone smiling around them.

"Let's go into the living room. We want to hear all about it." Lynn said smiling, the foursome following them there, Hayden again in his father's arms.


"It all sounds so wonderful and beautiful." Sandra said, Jessica's arms around her, the two seated across from Jolan and Justin.

Hayden sat in Jolan's lap, snuggled against his chest, his blue eyes smiling at his Poppa seated beside him.

"It truly was. So majestic in its mountain ranges and open meadows. And so much snow!" Chace said, Josh's arms around him, the two seated together, Lynn smiling beside them.

"We took lots of pictures. When we've downloaded them all and printed them I'll bring them over." Josh said, smiling at Jessica and Sandra.

"And now you're set to start your married lives. And have families." Lynn said, smiling at her two sons, the three on the couch smiling at her.

Jolan and Justin smiled at their mother, their eyes going to Josh and Chace.

"We've started! Josh and Chace have to catch up." Justin grinned, Hayden climbing into his lap.

The two men blushed, Josh smiling at his Chace.

"That's a long way off, guys. Chace and I just want to love each other for a while."
Everyone smiled, Jolan looking at his friends.

"You never know what life brings, my friends. Love needs to be shared."
The four smiled at each other, Lynn quietly looking at all four.

"On that note, Josh and I have to head home. We'll call you later when we've settled in." Chace smiled, he and Josh standing, everyone hugging them goodbye.

They left the room, everyone sitting down.

"So, any excitement while we were away?" Justin asked, now on the floor with Hayden in front of Jolan, Lynn sitting beside her son-in-law.

"Nothing three mothers couldn't handle." Jessica said, the other two women smiling at her.

Jolan and Justin both smiled, Justin tickling Hayden, the boy giggling.

Jolan smiled, Lynn looking at him.

"Jordan called yesterday. He's flying down today to go over some stuff with you, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, Justin looking up at his mother.

"Everything okay?"
"Far as I know, yes. He didn't seem worried." Lynn said, Jolan smiling at her.

"Did you bring me anything, Poppa?" Hayden smiled, Jolan smiling at his husband.

"I brought you lots from Switzerland, Hay!" Justin grinned, the boy's eyes widening.

"Let's go upstairs and rummage through our bags for treasure!" Justin said, the boy clapping his hands, standing up and heading for the foyer.

Jolan laughed, Justin chasing after the boy with a wide smile on his face.

"He spoils him so much. I swear one suitcase is just for him." Jolan smiled, the three ladies laughing.

"I've got dinner started, you head up to them and we'll call you when it's ready." Sandra smiled, Jolan agreeing, getting up and walking out of the room.

The three women smiled, heading for the kitchen, Jessica's arm around Sandra.


Jolan smiled, walking into their bedroom, Justin and Hayden on the bed, the boy's arms filled with a stuffed St. Bernard dog.

"He's so beautiful, Poppa! Thank you Daddy and Poppa! I'm calling him Bernard!"

Justin looked surprised, his blue eyes meeting Jolan's.

"Our son's soul is half Dragosan, my love. I think he feels family as well."
The boy smiled, leaning forward and kissing his Poppa's cheek.

"I'll love him forever, Poppa!"
Justin smiled, the boy and he searching through the suitcase, Hayden's eyes widening when Justin pulled out a ram's horn.

The boy's eyes were large and sparkling.

"What that, Poppa?"
Jolan smiled, opening the other suitcase, moving clothes to their dresser, Justin's arm going around the boy.

"Let me show you, Hay." Justin said, the boy staring with wonder at his father.

Justin raised the horn, putting his lips to the small end.

The room filled with the trumpeting sound, Hay smiling widely clapping his hands together in joy.

"Let's me try, Poppa!"

Justin smiled handing the horn to his son, Hay putting his lips against it, blowing hard.

A blaring toot came out of it, Jolan covering his ears and grinning at his boys.

"I'm going to be deaf within a week!"
Hayden laughed loudly, blowing the horn again, Justin grinning at him.

"Me play music like Poppa! Me be in his band!"

The two men laughed, Hayden's hands running all over the horn.

"It's yours, Hay. But you need to play it outside." Justin smiled, the boy nodding.

"Thank you, Poppa and Daddy."
"There's more, son. Let's keep looking."
Jolan smiling, watching the two, unpacking the other cases while Justin increased his son's happiness.


The three walked into the kitchen, Hayden blaring his horn, the three women covering their ears.

"Poppa gave me horn, Mommy! Me going to wake him up every morning!" Hayden grinned, the small boy wearing a t-shirt with a mountain goat showing on it.

The three women laughed, the boy grinning, one hand dragging the stuffed St. Bernard behind him.

"You picked it out, my love. You can deal with the noise." Jolan said, kissing Justin's cheek, the man smiling at the boy.

"I have new toys, Mommy! Look at doggie! Me so lucky!"

Justin and Jolan both smiled, the boy heading for the patio doors, his Poppa on his heels.

"He's going to be on a tear all day. He missed you two so much." Sandra said, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"His Poppa missed him greatly. As did I. You don't realize what you have until it's missing from you." Jolan said, quietly looking out the patio door at his husband and son running around the backyard.

Lynn's arm went around the young man, kissing his cheek.

"I see a lot of love in my son's eyes, Jolan. I'm so happy he's found your and Hay's love."
Jolan smiled, looking into her blue eyes.

"We'll have that forever. I'm just as lovestruck."

Lynn smiled, Jolan walking over to the table, Jessica bringing him a glass of ice water.

The four sat down, asking Jolan questions, Jolan filling them in on their week.

At six they all sat down for dinner, Jolan taking the horn from Hayden, the boy smiling at him.

"You haven't stopped tooting it, Hay. Time for a rest."

Justin showed his pouty face, the boy mimicking his father, the three women smiling at the two, looking at Jolan.

"Don't gang up on me boys. You can play with it later, Hay. And you're doing the dishes, both of you."
The two giggled, a small smile showing on the corners of Jolan's mouth.

"Yes, Daddy." Hayden and Justin both said, Jolan starting to laugh, the fake seriousness on his face disappearing.

"Okay, Daddy. I can play later."
Jolan smiled, leaning down and kissing his son's cheek.

They enjoyed a happy, delicious meal; the three women glowing at the newlyweds' compliments.

After dinner Justin did the dishes, Hayden kind of helping him, the four seeing the boy's love for Justin.

"That boy's beyond happy when he's with his Poppa." Lynn smiled, Sandra and Jessica agreeing.

The two women had packed their bags having stayed at Justin's with Hayden for the week.

"Well, we must be off. Jessica's got a shoot in the morning." Sandra said, Hayden running into her arms, the dishes done.

"Bye, Mommy. We have fun again soon!"
Sandra smiled, picking up her son, kissing his cheek, Jessica at her side, kissing him as well.

"You be good, my little man." she smiled, Jolan and Justin both smiling at the two, Hayden leaping into Justin's arms.

"Take care you two. And thanks for making my son's week so joyous." Jolan said, kissing both, Justin kissing them as well.

"His love is our love, Jo." Sandra said, the two men smiling, Hayden waving goodbye to both as they walked out of the home.

"Bath time, Hay." Justin said, the boy giggling.

"Bernard need bath too! He stuck in suitcase all day!"
Jolan laughed, Justin smiling.

"For sure, little buddy. Let's go!"
Jolan and Lynn smiled, watching the two climb the staircase, Hayden running ahead of his Poppa.

The two smiled, Lynn's arm going around Jolan.

"We need to have a talk, Jo. Let's go onto the patio."
Jolan nodded, the two walking through the kitchen, both taking a cup of tea out with them.

They sat down at the patio table, Lynn smiling at Jolan.

"A warm night, you'll find it different than the coolness of the Swiss Alps tonight."
Jolan smiled, feeling the warmth of the night air.

"I think you need to speak from your heart, Mom. I know you're not blind."

Lynn looked at Jolan, a soft smile coming to her face.

"That obvious, am I?"
"Your eyes gave you away. What would you like to know?"

Lynn smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes of love.

"A lot of us have been talking about the four of you, Jolan. Of the love we see so obviously. I saw today that it has increased greatly in all four of your loving eyes."
Jolan smiled, his thoughts on his three soulmates.

"Justin and I love both of them greatly. The four of us have reached an understanding. We love each other completely. We shall always be a foursome of love."
"I'm happy that my son has so many giving, loving close friends. I won't ask you the details. I just wanted you to know that I'm beyond happy that he has all three of you. My little boy won't ever be alone anymore." Lynn said, her eyes showing tears, Jolan's arm going around her shoulders.

"I love him, Mom. He is my soulmate. And Josh and Chace love him just as much. The happiness you saw on his face--and theirs--won't ever diminish. My love will always flood their souls. His life now will be given over to happiness--from me, from them and our son."
Lynn began to cry, Jolan hugging her close.

"Thank you, Jolan. Thank you for loving him, for loving all of them."
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek.

"You're welcome, Mom."
Lynn smiled, wiping her eyes.

"Look at me! I'm becoming an emotional mother!"

Jolan laughed, kissing her cheek again.

"Just the way we like you!"

She smiled, the two talking, finishing their tea.


Jolan leaned against his son's bedroom door, Justin laying beside the boy in his car bed.

Hayden was sound asleep, his new stuffed dog wrapped in his arms.

Justin was watching the boy sleep, Jolan smiling at him.

"You son's back in your arms, my love. Right where he loves to be."
Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"I think his Dad is just as happy."
Jolan smiled, walking into the room, leaning down and kissing his sleeping son's cheek.

"I am, Jus. He and you bring the greatest joy to my soul."
Justin smiled, leaning over and kissing his husband's lips.

"So what did Bitzy want?"
Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's blue pools.

"She and Chris were just wondering how the honeymoon went. I think Chris' exact words were 'Can you still walk, Jo?'"

Justin laughed, Hayden moving a bit in the bed, a soft smile on his face, the boy snuggling against Justin's chest.

Justin gently moved, leaning down and kissing the boy's cheek, walking around the bed, his Jo wrapping his arms around him.

"He was so happy all evening, ever since we got home."
"He missed us, Jus. You most of all. He's happy now that we're back."
Justin teared up, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"Our honeymoon was beautiful, passionate and loving. But from now on our little boy will always travel with us."
Justin smiled, Jolan kissing his lips.

"I love him so much, Jo."
"So do I, Jus. He's ours now."

Justin grinned, the two quietly walking out of the room, leaving the night light on, the door left open.

They both walked into their bedroom, Justin pulling off his shirt, Jolan quietly walking over to the window, looking out on the dark backyard.

Justin's arms went around his man, Jolan turning and snuggling against his chest.

"I kind of miss them, Jus."
Justin smiled, his arms hugging his husband tight.

"Me too, my love. We were so close and intimate all last week."
Jolan nodded, his grey eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"But now I have my angel of desire all to myself."

"Oh? Is Josh coming over?"

Jolan laughed, pulling his husband close.

"He'll never ignite the passion as your love does, my angel."
Justin teared up, Jolan softly kissing his lips.

"I love you, Jo. I love them as well. But you capture my soul. Your love is so beautiful, intense and passionate."

Jolan pulled his shirt over his head, Justin's eyes going to his smooth muscular chest.

"Then prepare to be loved forever, my Jus. We're home and we're in love."
Justin smiled, Jolan pushing him backwards, Justin falling on their bed, Jolan on top of him.

Justin felt the passion in Jolan's deep kiss, his man's hands going all over Justin's chest, tweaking his nipples, his hands going to his waist.

"I need you, my Jus. And I'll have you."
Justin moaned, Jolan beginning his passion.


Justin woke up, a weight upon his chest.

His eyes opened, staring into a plush dog's face.

"Wake ups, Poppa! Bernard wants a kiss!"
Justin laughed, kissing the dog's nose, a pair of blue eyes moving from behind him.

"Wuv you, Poppa! Welcomes home!"
Justin's face lit up, his head moving forward, kissing Hayden's nose.

"There! My doggies have their morning kiss. Now they need their tickles."
Hayden screamed, his father's fingers going to his belly, tossing the boy gently beside him.

"Stops, Poppa! Me laughing too much!"
Justin smiled, stopping his tickle barrage, kissing his son's cheek.

"Where's Daddy?"
"He's downstairs with Gramma. He said I could come up and wakes you!"

Justin smiled, sitting up, the boy climbing into his lap.

"You gots work today, Poppa? Or can we plays?"

Justin smiled, the boy snuggling against him.

"I'm home all day, Hay. Today's a play day for us! I missed your laughter so much. Poppa's going to play all day!"
The boy clapped his hands, his blue eyes staring at Justin.

"I miss you playing with me, Poppa. Me have no boy to play with."
Justin teared up, kissing his son's cheek.

"I'll always make the time to play with you, Hayden. I'm your father and I'll always love you."
The boy smiled, wrapping his arms around Justin's neck.

"Well isn't that a touching sight? A father and his son bonding."
Justin smiled, looking towards the doorway, Jolan standing in it.

"Morning my love. You let me sleep in."
Jolan smiled, walking into the room, leaning down and kissing his husband.

"You needed the sleep. I tired you out last night, my quiet tiger."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan again.

"I don't think Chace is the tiger now. You were unbelievable last night. You did tire me out."
Jolan smiled, Hayden climbing into his arms, his dog in his hand.

"Poppa said he'd play with me all day today, Daddy! He not gots any work!"
Jolan smiled at Justin, seeing the love in his blue eyes.

"That's wonderful, Hay. Poppa missed you all week, he wants to spend lots of time with you. I do, too."
The boy grinned, Jolan dumping him back into Justin's lap, the boy giggling.

"Washie time, Hay. Clean your son up, my Jus. And yourself as well. Chris and Britney and Joey and Lance are on their way over."
Justin smiled, standing up, his nude form on full display.

"Sure you don't want to wash my back, sweetie? Or any other part that needs attention?"
Jolan smiled, lightly slapping Justin's butt.

"Been there, done that."
Justin laughed, looking into Jolan's loving eyes.

"Getting tired of me already?"
Jolan smiled, wrapping his arms around his two men.

"I'll never tire of either of you. You are my life."
Justin and Hayden both smiled, Jolan kissing their cheeks.

"Come on, Hay. Time for water!"
Hayden giggled, Justin carrying him to the bathroom, Jolan smiling at both of them, the young man walking back out of the bedroom.


"You can still walk! I would have thought those three would have damn near killed you!" Chris laughed, Jolan walking into the kitchen, Britney hugging him tightly, Jolan kissing her cheek, his grey eyes smiling at Chris.

"Hey, I'm the young one. You may want to check Joshy's pulse."
Britney smiled, Chris hugging Jolan.

"So, it's true then? The four of you?" he softly said, Jolan looking into his eyes.

"We're friends of love, Chris. A foursome of love. I love all three of them."
"So does that mean. . .?"

Britney shook her head, her arm going around her boyfriend.

"Way to be discreet, Chris. That's none of your business." she said, Chris softly blushing.

"Sorry, Jo. I overstepped my bounds."
Jolan smiled, looking at both of them.

"It's alright, Chris. The four of us will never hide what we feel for each other. And our love is ours. Just don't ask for the details."
Chris nodded, softly blushing.

"He always has to pry his way into everyone's love life, Jo. The man's a perv!"
Jolan laughed, Joey's loud words filling the room, he and Lance walking into the kitchen.

The two men hugged him, Lance kissing Jolan's cheek.

"You look beyond happy, Jo. I take it Switzerland was wonderful?"

Jolan beamed, Joey and Lance smiling at him, Britney and Chris seeing his happiness as well.

"I'll always flood my husband's soul with beautiful love, guys."
The four smiled, Justin and Hayden walking into the room.

"Me gots doggie, Unky Chris!" Hayden said, Chris picking up the boy and his stuffed dog.

"Awesome, little dude! He looks ferocious!"
The boy laughed, Chris smiling at him, kissing his cheek, then the dog's.

"He's tame, Unky Chris! He my new best friend!"
Justin smiled, seeing the joy in the boy's smile.

The group sat down at the table, Justin filling them all in on the week's joy.

Jolan went to the stove, Lynn walking into the room, Josh and Chace walking in with her.

Josh went up to Jolan, kissing his cheek, his friends hugging him and Chace.

"Your man's sucking up to the cook, Chace. Haven't you got him trained yet?"

Chace laughed at Joey's words, smiling at Jolan and Josh.

"The wives are the cooks in the kitchen, Justin and I cook in the bedroom."

Josh and Jolan both folded their arms, staring at Chace.

He softly blushed, Justin kissing his cheek.

"You just bought yourself three weeks on the couch, buddy."
Josh and Jolan started laughing, everyone joining in.

Chace walked up to both, kissing them both on the lips.

"Sorry about the wife remarks. You're both so much more."
Jolan and Josh smiled at each other.

"Okay, Chacey. One week should be enough." Jolan grinned, Josh laughing loudly, Chace looking surprised, then blushing.

"Any time off for good behavior, or maybe exceptional bad behavior?" he smiled, licking his lips at both men.

Josh laughed, kissing his husband's lips, everyone smiling at them.

"Ah, young married love. Ain't it romantic?" Britney said, Chris' arm going around her.

"And what of free spirited love? Aren't I a romantic?"
Britney smiled, Jolan smiling at the two.

"Gargling before sex isn't romance, Chris."
Chris looked with surprise at Jolan, the young man bursting into laughter, everyone joining him.

Chris blushed, Britney kissing his cheek.

"Your romantic side brings joy to my heart, sweetie. It makes our hearts fill with love."
Chris smiled, kissing his girl's cheek.

"Don't I know it. I'll always show you my love."
Everyone smiled at the two.

Joey's eyes went to Justin, then to Josh.

"So would the four of you like to fill us in on your new arrangement? We all saw the deep love within your hearts the day you left. It seems to have overflowed now. Your four smiles are breathtaking." Joey said, a wide smile of love on his face.

"I guess we can't really hide it guys. Mom saw it as well, Jus." Jolan said, Lynn smiling at her son and Jolan.

Josh and Chace both smiled, the four men joining together, their arms going around each other, standing together.

"We've created a foursome of love, guys. The four of us have found a wonderful love together. We love each other, in all ways." Justin said, Josh smiling at his best friend.

Jolan and Chace both smiled at Justin as well, everyone in the room smiling at them.

"So does that mean you'll all be living together, with Hay?" Lance said, smiling at all four.

"No, Lance. Josh and I are still soulmates, husbands and hearts of life. As are Jolan and Justin. We love our soulmates, but we also have deep feelings for our other two. It's a combined love of necessity. We all four need the other three's love."
Lance smiled at Chace, his words etched with love.

"I take it Jolan's love is the center of this lovefest." Lance said, smiling at his friend.

Chace, Josh and Justin all smiled, their blue eyes meeting his grey.

"His love is the center of our love. And always will be." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him, then his friends.

"I give my love to all of you. My three soulmates just have the deepest depth of it. They and my Hay."
Everyone smiled, seeing the deep love in all four sets of honeymoon eyes.

"That's awesome, Jo." Joey said, smiling at all four.

"As long as we don't have to see gay orgies when we're here." Chris said, Britney rolling her eyes.

All four soulmates laughed, Jolan smiling at Chris.

"We'll try and control ourselves, Chris. But Chace is a tiger that's very edgy. His love erupts everywhere!"
Everyone laughed, Chris blushing again, Jolan's arm going around him.

"Come on, Chris. Let's feed you and make you quiet!"

Everyone laughed, Chris smiling as Jolan led him to the kitchen table, the table covered in food.



End of Chapter 132


And so our foursome has returned home, their love showing to all.

Now, the four can openly show their love.

Hayden's happy his fathers are home.


And now we begin the last stretch of the path of destiny.

Our Jolan is set to walk towards the confrontation.

The battle of good versus evil.


I hope to surprise you along that final trek.

Keep watching the skies!




Hugs, Angel.