Jolan's Path - Chapter 133


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 133


The group had a relaxing breakfast, the foursome filling them in on their week of wintry romance.

"It sounds like such a wonderful place. I've always loved the beauty of winter scenery." Britney said, smiling at Justin, her friend smiling back.

Chris smiled, wrapping his arms around her, the two seated together.

"And to find your family right there, that's so magical." Lance said, Jolan smiling at everyone.

"I have my Uncle Calen to thank for that. He suggested the place to Justin. He always had full intentions of my meeting that Swiss branch of the family. They are a giving, loving group. I shall be surrounded by so much love in the final days of truth."
Everyone nodded, Josh's blue eyes staring at Jolan.

"We all will stand by you, Jolan." Josh said, everyone nodded, the young man smiling.

"I know that, always."

Everyone smiled, Jolan seeing all their love and concern.

"Weddings and honeymoons are now over. The final path of destiny begins, everyone. The next two months will be times of preparation and solidification. My families are calling out to me to solidify their hearts and set them on their final path to salvation, redemption and love."
Everyone's eyes were on Jolan, his words steeped in calmness.

"Do not worry for me or for what lays ahead. Only know that the path goes where it must. I love all of you, and your love will surround me."
Everyone smiled, Jolan's words calming them now.

"We's be okay, Daddy. You makes us safe."
Jolan smiled at his son, Hayden in Justin's lap, the last sausage off the platter in his hand.

"Stoking up the fires for your big day of energetic happiness with Poppa, Hay?" Jolan smiled, the boy grinning at him, biting into the sausage.

"Me need food to runs good, Daddy. Me going to plays with him all day!"
Justin laughed, kissing the boy's cheek, Jolan staring quietly at his son, his blue eyes staring back at him with love.

"Your Swiss family seems totally devoted to you, Jolan. Your magic draws them all in." Chris said, Jolan looking at him.

"It is the magic of my soul, Chris. My unending love. That is a drawing point for all of them. In a short month and a half I shall meet my Archanian brethren in their sacred meeting place. All the winged warriors of love shall become known to me, and I to them. And then shortly thereafter my Badenwolf family meets me. Then finally, the Sumsarian brethren at the base of Bolta Cerului. After that you will see the joining of the three in front of that palace. On that day before the confrontation all of our souls shall mold us into one entity."
Everyone sat in silence, Jolan's narration drawing them into a moment of wonder.

"An entity of goodness?" Lance said softly, his green eyes staring at Jolan.

"An entity of life, Lance. I shall show them the magic I possess. And then the Sun Child shall breathe life into them all. And that life from that moment on will be filled with goodness, love and purpose. It will be the dawning of Dragostea Lin Soare."

"Dragostea Lin Soare? What is that, Jolan?" Joey said, staring at him.

Jolan smiled, his grey eyes looking around at everyone, his eyes settling on Joey again.

"Loosely translated it means Love's Sunshine, Joseph. A time of total love for all my families. And it shall reign forever."

"It sounds like a moving vision, Jolan." Lynn said, Jolan smiling at her.

"It shall be, Mom. It shall be. As will this day's."

Jolan smiled, standing up, everyone staring at him.

"I'll clean up these dishes. Your boy needs his Poppa's happiness, Jus. The pool should be warm by now. Our fishy needs to swim."
Hayden clapped his hands, Justin staring at Jolan.

"I'll help you with those dishes, Jo." Britney said, standing up.

"Thanks, Bitzy. Everyone else hit the pool. Jordan's on his way over as well. He's in town. He and I have to discuss some things. Entertain our friends, my loves." Jolan smiled, Josh and Chace nodding, Justin picking up Hay, the two heading out the patio door with their friends.

Britney smiled at Jolan, the two cleaning off the table, Lynn helping as well.

Lynn and Britney traded looks, Jolan heading to the counter.


Jolan smiled, seeing Chace's smooth Speedo clad body diving off the diving board.

Justin, Lance and Hayden were in the pool clapping at him.

Chris and Joey were standing at the diving board as well, waiting for their turn at diving.

Jolan's eyes scanned around the backyard, a soft smile showing on his face.

Sandra and Jessica had shown up, the two sunning in lounge chairs at the pool's edge.

Lonnie, Ally, Leo and Kelly had shown up as well, Jolan greeting them all, all seeing the happiness on his young smiling face.

Josh sat beside Jolan, the two at the patio table, Britney and Lynn sitting there as well.

"Going to be a hot one, Jo. This is the perfect place to be." Lynn said under the umbrella's shade, Jolan smiling at her.

"So how's Jennie?" Lynn asked.

"She and Jonathan are doing great. It was nice of Uncle Calen to invite them back to Bloodstone Manor for a couple of weeks. She said she and our cousins are having a great time. New young love surrounds them all."
Lynn smiled, Jolan's face covered in a wide, happy smile.

The front doorbell sounded on the intercom, Joey getting up, volunteering to answer it, Jolan thanking him.

"My boy's tanning deeply, Mom. He and my Jus will be Suntan Kens by the end of the summer."

Britney laughed, Jolan smiling.

"You're turning into Suntan Barbie as well, Britney. Great body and great smile. I take it Chris' love is the sunshine of your heart?"

Britney smiled, wearing a two piece bikini swimsuit, her bronzed body on display.

"That it is, Jo. I still feel I have to thank you for that."
Jolan smiled, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

"Your inner happiness is thanks enough. And his inner mirthful happiness is equal in its thanks."
She smiled, Joey walking out onto the patio, Jordan following him.

Jolan smiled, getting up and hugging his cousin tightly.

"Welcome back to L.A. Jordan! A joy as always to see you, my cousin."
Jordan smiled widely, Jolan's embrace sinking into his heart.

"And a joy as always to see you, my favorite cousin. My now-married cousin! Congrats, Jolan!"
Jolan laughed lightly, the policeman smiling at him.

Jolan released him, Jordan waving at everyone waving back at him from the pool.

Justin and Lance had climbed out, Hayden running up to his mother, climbing up onto her chair, Sandra wrapping him in a large towel.

"I see your son's a bundle of happiness." Jordan smiled, Justin and Lance walking towards the patio, drying themselves with their own towels.

"And congratulations to you as well, Josh. I'm sorry I couldn't make the ceremony. It's been a busy month."
Jolan nodded, his hand going to his cousin's shoulder.

"We felt your love with us, Jordan. And I know the seriousness of the work you focused on."
The man nodded, Justin and Lance walking up to him, both men giving him a tight hug, the man smiling at both.

"Have you had breakfast, Jordan? Lunch is in about an hour, but I can fix you up something." Jolan said, Jordan shaking his head no.

"Thanks, Jolan. I grabbed something on the way over."
Jolan smiled, offering the man a chair, Jordan taking it, setting a portfolio on the table, everyone smiling at him, the man sitting down.

"I hear you had a wintry honeymoon in Switzerland. Kandersteg is a beautiful spot. I've been there myself. Our Swiss brethren are dear to my heart."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"Yes, a group of giving, loving souls. My Sumsarian brethren followed me everywhere."
Jordan smiled, Jolan's hand going on top of his.

"I feel your concern, Jordan. And I know you've come with news."
Jordan nodded, looking around the table.

Everyone who'd been in the pool and around it had walked up onto the patio, Hayden climbing into Justin's lap as he sat down beside Jolan.

"Yes, my cousin of worth, truth and magic. It's about to be announced in New York, and then nationally. We've finally unearthed all the grounds out at that cottage of horror, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, his head lowering a bit.

"How many did you find, Jordan? How many souls of hurt and defiled innocence?"

Jordan's head lowered, everyone looking at Jolan.

"There were forty-seven bodies buried out there, Jolan. Richard Thornton and Joshua Armstead were monsters in every sense of the word. Most of them were under twenty years of age, Jolan. They were children! Those monsters destroyed so many!"
Jolan's hand squeezed Jordan's, the young man sensing the depth of emotion emanating from his cousin.

"Yes they were monsters, Jordan. I and my Jennie can testify to that reality. And I was supposed to be the forty-eighth."

"Now comes the task of identifying them all. We've identified twenty-one so far, the rest being worked on. I feel such pain for those families."
Justin's arm went around Jolan, feeling his husband's old memories come flooding back to him, his love evaporating them.

"Those families can now have closure, Jordan. Those souls perhaps can now find a peace of their own. Their monsters of defiling horror have been given their justice, albeit not as vengeful a justice as they both deserved. But God, I am sure, has given them their warranted justice. I'm sure the fires of hell now devour both of them."

"So many, Jolan. They preyed on so many!" Jordan said, everyone seeing the tears in the man's eyes.

"There are monsters everywhere, Jordan. You being a policeman have seen more than others. I shall spend my life ridding the world of as many as I can. That is what this confrontation is, my friends. It is the beginning of the war on the monsters of this earth. God is calling evil to task. And I shall do the work he asks of me. Goodness, love, kindness and truth shall I burn in the hearts of everyone."
Everyone stared in awed silence, Jolan's words so moving, so determined and truthful.

"They are at peace, Jordan. They are surrounded by God's love, their pain over. Focus on that in your heart and you yourself can find peace."

Jordan nodded, wiping his eyes.

"I shall, Jolan. Your words--and your love--shall ease the anger in my soul."
Jolan smiled, leaning over and kissing the man's cheek.

"My love is always the answer."
Jordan smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"The date's been set, Jolan. The Sumsarian clan will draw together on the plains before our sacred mountain on June twenty-fifth. The clan's meeting of truth will be on the next day--a Saturday--before the palace."

"A short eight weeks away." Jolan said softly, his hands in front of him now.

"Are your prepared for that day, Jolan? For what the clan will expect of you?"
Jolan's grey eyes met Jordan's questioning eyes.

"I am fully prepared for what I must do and show, Jordan. At the end of that meeting my family will know the true me."

Jordan nodded, Justin kissing Jolan's cheek.

"We all know the true you, Jo. Your love is with us all." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"What about my food?"

Everyone chuckled, Jolan smiling.

"Stay for lunch, Jordan?"
Jordan nodded his acceptance, Jolan staring at him.

"Tell me the other news, Jordan." Jolan said, looking deep in thought, staring at the police officer.

"There's still no trace of Nathan or Brandon, Jolan. They've seemed to have disappeared. Nathan slipped through our police nets, taking Brandon with him. And Fagin's totally disappeared as well. We have arrested his lawyer, Chamberlain, but he's not giving up any information."
"Yes, you told me that before. I know where Fagin is, Jordan. He's moved back to Europe."

Everyone looked surprised, Jolan's eyes meeting all of theirs, they seeing the calmness still there.

"He's making his final preparations for that day. He's amassing his army of subjugated spawn."

"Is there really going to be a battle, Jo? A battle of monsters versus your families?" Lance asked, Joey's arm going around him.

"I hope with all of my heart that it doesn't come down to that, Lance. But I am prepared for such a situation. My families will give all to see that evil eradicated off this earth. And I shall give all that I must to end it."

Everyone remained silent, Jolan's calm love surrounding them.

"Never fear any of you. You shall not fight in that battle. You are my family core, the center of my love. You shall be protected behind my love."
They all smiled, feeling Jolan's love deepen.

"We still haven't found the identity of the person Fagin had kept hidden within his deep mansion, Jolan. Forensic evidence yielded nothing."
"No worries on that front, Jordan. I know who it is."
Jordan looked surprised, Justin looking at his husband.

"You know, Jo?"
"Yes, Jus. That person is a prisoner of Fagin's evilness. He held them there for one reason. And in the sunshine of my sister's love I shall honor my word to that person. I shall free them and unite their love."

Jolan smiled at Justin, then looked at Jordan.

"Your sister's love, Jolan? Jennie's at the center of this?"

"Jennie is the Sun Child, Jordan. She shall show our family its worth on that day."

Jordan looked totally stunned, everyone staring at him.

"Jennie. . .little Jennie?"
"The Sun Child in a sense is a child, as she is. She was denied her childhood, beaten and hurt. And now the sunshine of my love radiates in her soul as well as the magic of her maternal brethren. The prophecy of hope shall bear fruit. And visions of wonder, love and faith shall cast the red marks of evil from all your brows. Let us focus on the path ahead, day by day. My love warrants that."

Jordan nodded, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"On to that love, now. You have brought him with you?"
Jordan nodded, staring at Jolan with wide eyes.
"He. . .he's here, Jolan."
The young man smiled, standing up and looking at his soulmates.

"The magic of his love I give to them, Jordan. Dominoso told me all about him at the wedding last week. I offered this as a compromise. Between my family and my heart. It is time they felt the love of his destiny. As the Catre Din Dragoste, I shall give him the life he needs."

Jordan was in tears, standing up as well, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"When Dominoso told me of your offer, my heart burned with the love I felt in your giving soul, Jolan. To give life to someone that would otherwise be cast aside is to show your true love, Great One."

Jolan smiled, his hand going to his cousin's shoulder.

"I am only great within the center of my love."

Everyone around them was staring at the two men in confusion, Justin standing up with Hayden in his arms, standing at his husband's side.

"What--or who--are you talking about, my love?"

Jolan smiled, looking at Jordan.

"Your heart is a heart of love, Jordan. And his is one as well. Bring him in."
Jordan smiled, walking back towards the patio doors, disappearing into the house.

Everyone was staring at Jolan, his grey eyes meeting Justin's, kissing his lips.

"Life goes on in some magical ways, Justin. Out of life's hurt--and fate--families begin."

Everyone still looked confused, Justin pulling Jolan against him, Hayden climbing into his father's arms from Justin's.

"He here for real now, Daddy?"
Jolan smiled, staring at his son's smiling face.

"Yes, Hay. For real."
The boy clapped his hands, snuggling against his father's chest.

"Me wuv him already."

Jolan smiled, all the eyes on the patio staring at the boy and his father.


Their quiet gaze was interrupted by the sound of the patio door opening, Jordan walking outside.

He stared at everyone, stepping out of the doorway's opening, holding the door open, a woman walking out of the house, a child in the woman's arms.

Jordan smiled at Jolan, the two adults walking up to him and Justin, Hayden staring at the child in the woman's arms.

He was a boy of about two or three years of age, blond curly hair covering his head, his blue eyes staring at everyone surrounding him.

The  woman smiled at everyone, Jordan standing between her and Jolan, Hayden smiling at the small boy.

"It okay's now! You here with me and them, Logan!" Hayden said, everyone around the table showing shock, standing up.

Jolan smiled at Hayden, whispering in his ear, the boy smiling, moving and climbing back into his Poppa's arms, Justin's eyes glued to Jolan's grey.

Jolan smiled, walking up to the woman, Jordan staring at him.

"Hello, Charlene. I take it you had a relaxing trip?"
The woman smiled, Jolan smiling back at her.

"Yes, Jolan. We both had a quiet, relaxing trip. He seems so happy, as if he knew where he was going."

Jolan smiled, looking down at the small boy snuggled in the lady's arms.

"Hello, little one. My name's Jolan." he softly said, a soft smile on his face, the boy staring up at him.

He stared into Jolan's grey eyes for a moment, then raised his arms.

Jordan and the woman looked surprised, Jolan taking the child out of her arms, holding him gently.

"He went to you? That's amazing!" Jordan said, Jolan smiling at him, then looking down at the child.

"Hi." a soft voice said, the boy smiling up at Jolan.

The woman looked surprised, Jordan quietly talking to her, the two staring at Jolan again.

Justin stared at Jolan with the child in his arms, Jolan leaning down and kissing the boy's forehead.

"Welcome to our love, Logan."

The small boy smiled, his face given over to a look of soft happiness.

Jolan turned, looking at Justin, Justin seeing a soft joy in Jolan's grey eyes.

"This child is a child abandoned by love. His parents abandoned him because of his disability, or what they thought of as his disability. They could not give him the love he deserved. They left him in my grandfather Dominoso's restaurant two weeks ago. His parents were Sumsarian brethren. They have now walked away from their family. And evil now controls them."

Everyone looked stunned, Jordan staring at Jolan in shock.

"Yes, Jordan. Your cousins have been taken by Fagin's evil."

Jolan looked down at the child in his arms.

"And their angel was spared a horrific end. I will not state that vision, I will only focus on his being here in my arms."

Josh and Chace walked around the table, standing at Justin's side, all three looking at the child, Jolan looked at his soulmates.

"They could not love him because he is different. They couldn't look past that and see the true love shining within. I am sorry for them, but I am happy for him. For now he can begin a life of love and happiness."
Jolan's eyes met Justin's, his husband staring at him.

"As the Catre Din Dragoste I offered my grandfather a compromise. This child, if raised within the Sumsarian brethren, would have a life of doubt--perhaps reluctant or shunned acceptance--and turmoil. For his own family might take him for a child born of evil parents. That might always hang over his head. I fault my family not for their feelings, I can only show them my love. And today I show them and you all that love. Josh, can you take him for a moment?"
Josh nodded his head, walking up to Jolan, the boy staring up at Josh.

He raised his arms again, Josh smiling at him, taking him from Jolan, the boy snuggling against Josh's chest, slowly closing his eyes.

"Logan Sumsare is a special child. He--like myself--has the touch of the maternal magic of the Sumsarian family. A boy child showing that magic has always been thought of as a bad omen, that magic only meant for the women of the Sumsarian dynasty. But look at myself. Am I a bad omen? Am I evil?"
"No, Jolan. You are no such thing." Joey said, his eyes staring at his friend, then looking at Josh, seeing Josh's face covered in tears, his blue eyes staring down at the child in his arms.

"Thank you, Joe. I am myself and I am love. And so is this child. As the leader of the faithful--of the family of my mother's soul--I have the authority to decide this child's fate. But I do not need to do that. For the child himself just now decided it."
Jolan's grey eyes turned, staring at Josh, Chace now standing beside Josh, his arm around his husband, Chace staring down at the child laying against his husband's chest.

"He's so innocent, so beautiful. How could someone not love him?" Josh softly said, his eyes filling with tears.

"He will be loved, Joshua. He's now surrounded by the love of his new fathers."

Josh raised his head in shock, Chace's blue eyes staring at Jolan as well with stunned awe.

"Yes, my brothers of love. Logan's love you both need. And he needs a special love, he needs your love."

Josh's eyes went downward, the boy's eyes opening again, smiling up at him.

"You nice. You feel warm and nice." he softly said, snuggling against Josh again, his blue eyes now moving to Chace.

"Who you? You smile nice."

Chace smiled widely, his blue eyes filling with tears as well.

"My name is Chace. This is my husband, Josh." he said, the small boy's eyes going between the two.

"Yous together? You wuv each other?"
"Yes, little one." Chace said, the boy smiling, stretching his arms out, Josh smiling at Chace, the young man taking the child into his arms, smiling down at him.

Josh's eyes turned, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"You mean. . .Chace and I. . .we can. . .?"

"You can give the boy the love he needs, Joshua. The love I have felt since the first day I met you both."

Josh was in tears, staring at his husband and the child.

The boy's head turned, staring at Josh.

"Me stays here? You wants me? Mommy and Daddy no wuvs me." the child said, a soft sob coming out of Chace, Josh's arms going around him.

"Yes, Logan. We want you to stay here. And we want to love you." Josh said, his eyes meeting Chace's, his husband's smile showing his total acceptance of Josh's words, the small boy smiling.

The boy's eyes moved, meeting Hayden's blue, Justin having joined the three men and the child, Hayden smiling at Logan.

"Hi, Logan. I'm Hayden! We be best friends! About times you got here!"

The boy smiled widely, giggling softly, Jolan smiling at his son.

"Yes, Hay. About time." Jolan said, everyone around the table staring at the two with frozen awe.

"Life begins with love. Logan has that now. Right, Joshy?" Jolan said, Josh smiling at his friend.

"Right, Jo. Welcome to our love, Logan."

Everyone moved from around the table, surrounding the couple with the child.

Jolan smiled, meeting his Justin's eyes.

"You are beyond unbelievable, my love." Justin said, Jolan smiling at the three together.
"Hey, I couldn't deny them the love they needed. The love Logan needs."
Justin smiled, moving to his friends' side, Hayden's hand taking Logan's in his.

"We have fun, Logan! Lots of love and fun!"
Everyone stared at the boy in Justin's arms, their eyes going to Jolan as well.

"He is my son, and he is love."
Logan giggled, Hayden kissing his cheek.


Jordan sat beside Jolan, staring at his cousin.

"Domo always said your love was true love, Jolan. I've never seen a more touching moment." the woman said, seated beside Jordan.

"Thank you, Charlene. Your cousin was correct. I am love."
The woman looked surprised, Jolan smiling at her.

"You have all the paperwork, counselor?"
The woman nodded, pulling it out from the portfolio that Jordan had carried in.

Jolan had introduced her to everyone, the woman smiling around, Josh and Chace staring at her with surprise, Logan sitting in Josh's lap.

"Your friend is a giving soul, Mr. Chasez and Mr. Crawford." she said, smiling at both.

"That he is, Ms. Sumsare. And we are both now Chasez-Crawford."
Charlene Sumsare smiled, looking at Jolan.

"I am the legal counsel for my family, the Sumsarian brethren of New York. When Dominoso notified me of the situation--and our Jolan's offer--I had all the necessary paperwork dispatched. It's all been notarized and filed. I have the authority to issue you full guardianship for this child. It is now your decision  whether you are up to the challenges ahead. Logan is a special child, with special needs." she said, her eyes going to Jolan.

Jolan sighed, his eyes on both of his friends.

"Logan has the gift of magic, my friends. Even at his tender age it has shown itself. People think that that in some way is a defect, a disability. It's not. Not when that gift is filled with love. The greater gift within him is his love. It's only now showing itself. I think the two of you will be deeply surprised by its beauty. I already feel it in my soul. It is breathtaking."
The two men smiled, Josh's hand going forward, squeezing Jolan's.

"You've known for quite a while, haven't you?"
Jolan smiled, looking at both men.

"There is too much love within the two of you for both of you not to share it. Justin and I have felt that total love. It's time this child feels it as well. It's the same love my Hayden feels from Jus, Sandra, Jessica and myself. It is the love of loving parents."

Jessica and Sandra both smiled, their eyes going to Hayden, the boy seated in Justin's lap.
The two men smiled, looking at Charlene.

"We want to give Logan a home, Charlene. We accept the challenge this child will give us. We will match it with our love."

Josh's blue eyes met Chace's, the younger man having spoken.

"I love you, Chace. And I love this child. Let's show him all of our love."
Chace leaned forward, their lips meeting in a kiss of deep love, the child smiling up at the two.

"Me stays with you?"
The two men smiled, looking down into his blue eyes, seeing a soft glowing sparkle within them.

"Yes, Logan. But only if you want to stay with us. We want to love you, Logan." Josh softly said, the boy's blue eyes looking between the two.

"You no mad me weird?"

Josh's eyes teared up, leaning down and kissing the boy's cheek.

"You are not weird, Logan. You are a child that needs our love."
The boy smiled, snuggling against Josh's stomach, Chace smiling at his husband.

"Okays! I want your love, too! Me stays right here!"
The two men smiled, everyone surrounding them showing teary eyes.

"The boy's so beautiful, so sweet." Britney said, Chris kissing her teary cheek.

"Just like his new fathers. . .Logan's Heroes!" the man said, Josh and Chace staring at him.

Joey burst into laughter, others following him.

"Good one, Chris!" Jolan said, smiling at his friends.  "Yes, I guess they are."

Chris grinned, Josh and Chace now getting the joke.

"Now, let's join this boy with his heroes." Charlene said, standing up, walking over to the two men, putting down the documents in front of them.

Justin moved forward, Josh setting the boy into his lap, the boy smiling up at him, Hayden seated beside him.

"We have fun soon, Logan! Your new Daddies making you theirs!"
The boy grinned, Hayden handing him the truck he had in his hand, the boy's eyes beaming.

"Me shares toys and life with you, Logan!"

"Okay, Hay! Me shares my wuv too!"

Justin looked surprised, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"My son pulls in love almost as much as I do."
Josh and Chace both smiled at Jolan, their pens going to the documents.


Lynn's arm was around Jolan, the man standing against the patio's railing, his eyes looking out onto the backyard.

Justin, Josh and Chace were chasing Hayden, Sean, Jayden and Logan on the grass, the four screaming with laughter.

"What a wonderful child. So innocent, so beautiful. How could they abandon him?" she softly said, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"Let the past go, Lynn. Logan today has. That child will have a life of deep love and happiness, just as he was always meant to have."
Lynn was quietly looking at Jolan, his grey eyes meeting her blue.

"You knew all of this would play out. That that child was destined to find their love. You are so unbelievable, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek.

"I felt his love the last time we were in New York. I felt his love and his pain. I eased the pain in his mind with a promise of a better life ahead. That's why today he so easily accepted our Joshua's and Chace's love. For he already felt it through me."
Lynn teared up, Jolan kissing her again.

"I am love, Mom. I spread it into all deserving souls."

She smiled, their eyes going back to the group of children playing before them.

"I'll start lunch. The barbecue is nearly ready." he said, Lynn breaking her hold on him, the man walking into the house.

Chris' eyes followed Jolan, the man leaning over to his now returned girlfriend, kissing her cheek.

Britney had returned home, picking up the kids from daycare, then picking up some groceries for Jolan, the gathering having increased.

"Be right back, my love. I'll see if Jolan needs any help."
Britney smiled, kissing him back, going back to her conversation with Jessica and Sandra, the subject Jolan's giving love.

Lynn sat down at the table, joining in on their conversation.

Chris walked into the kitchen, seeing Jolan tossing a salad on the kitchen counter.

"Need any help, Jo?"
"Thanks, Chris. I do. Could you pull out the marinated chicken breasts that are in the refrigerator?"
Chris nodded, going to it, pulling out the large dish.

"Just drain them, they're ready for the barbecue. Grab the dogs and burgers as well."
Chris nodded, draining the dish in the sink, Jolan working away beside him.

Chris put the dish on the kitchen table, then placed the dogs and burgers there as well on a separate platter.

He walked over to Jolan, leaning against the counter, looking at him.

Jolan's eyes met his, Chris smiling.

"You, my friend, are a piece of work. What you did today for them. . .for all three of them!"
Jolan smiled, seeing tears glistening in his friend's eyes.

"I gave them the love they needed, Chris. The love all three deserved."
Chris moved, pulling Jolan into a tight hug, Jolan surprised by the man's intense love.

"I love you, Jo. For what you've done for Joshy. . .for Jus. . .for all of us. Hell, even myself. I'm so happy, Jo! Britney's love is my everything."
Jolan smiled, Chris leaning forward and kissing him on the lips.

Jolan was shocked, but not surprised.

They broke the kiss, Jolan feeling Chris' emotional love.

"Need my help, Chris?"

Chris lowered his head, his cheeks softly blushing.

"You. . .you know everything! You're so loving, so romantic and giving. I need all the help I can get."
Jolan smiled, his arm going around his friend.

"I was only joking this morning, when I said that remark about your romantic soul. There is a beast of romance laying within you. I offer my knowledge, friendship and love in any way you need."
Chris smiled widely, his eyes looking towards the patio doorway.

"I love her so much, Jolan. I think it's time."
Jolan smiled, patting his shoulder.

"I know, Chris. So what have you come up with?"
Chris smiled, telling him his ideas.


Jolan and Josh leaned against the bedroom doorway, taking in the scene before them.

Hayden was sound asleep in his car bed, his arms wrapped around his newest friend.

Logan was sound asleep as well, his head laying against Hayden's chest.

Bernard lay between them, the stuffed dog of love guarding them.

"They seem so drawn to each other, Jo. Hayden's been by his side all day long."
Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Brothers of soul, friends for life. Their love connected today, Joshua. Your son and mine shall forever be close."
Josh teared up, Jolan's arms going around him.

"My son! What. . .what you've given me today, Jo! What Chace and I now have! A son. A beautiful, loving, sweet boy. How can we. . .how can I. . .?"

Jolan's lips met Josh's, Josh lost in the love flowing from his friend.

"By giving that child life, Josh. By giving him the love I just felt, the love Chace feels every moment he's in your arms."

Josh smiled, Jolan wiping the tears from his cheek.

"My Chace isn't in my arms right now, Jo. You are."
Jolan smiled, Josh smiling back.

"The child shall have my love as well, as well as Justin's and Hay's. All three of us are here for him, and for you and Chace. Our love is total, and true."
Josh sighed, laying his head against Jolan's chest.

"Look at him, Jo. Have you ever seen such a beautiful child?"
Jolan smiled looking at the small child, his eyes then going to his Hay's sleeping beauty.

"I see that vision in my own son's face, Joshua. It's called parental love. You'll have it now forever."
Josh smiled, his hand going to the light switch, the bedroom bathed in the soft light of the remaining nightlight.

"I feel like I don't want to leave him alone."
Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"He isn't alone, Josh. Hay's with him. Their magic together will keep them both safe. And we're just across the hall."

Josh smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek again.

"Let's cross the hall, Josh. Our husbands have started without us."

Josh grinned, the two quietly walking out of the room, walking across the hall.

They walked into the bedroom, two pair of blue eyes meeting theirs, Josh and Jolan both smiling.

"I see the tiger's roared to life." Jolan smiled, Josh smiling as well, pulling his shirt over his head.

Jolan smiled at his revealed chest, his eyes then going towards the bed, his husband's blue eyes staring at him.

Justin lay in the center of the bed, his nude body exposed for their enticing eyes.

Chace was on top of him, Justin's legs wrapped around him, Chace sunken deep within Justin's core.

Chace's blue eyes were staring at the other two, a smile of immense pleasure showing on his face.

"Oh that's the spot, Chacey!" Justin gasped, Chace continuing his rhythm, lightly rubbing Justin's nipples.

"I aim to please. And you're next, Jo." he said, his blue eyes staring into his grey.

Jolan smiled, leaning over to Josh, pulling his smooth torso against him, whispering in his ear.

Josh smiled, Jolan smiling back.

The two men removed their clothing, their nude bodies joining the two on the bed.

Chace smiled widely, Josh leaning forward, his lips locking with his husband's, Chace continuing with his rhythm, Justin softly moaning.

Jolan smiled, kissing Chace's neck, Josh moving forward.

Josh moved above Justin, Justin staring up at the man's beautiful body towering over him, Josh now standing in front of Chace, his large erection in front of his face.

Chace grinned, diving forward, taking Josh's offered gift deep within his throat.

Josh gasped, his legs moving downward, his knees on both sides of Justin's head.

Justin's head raised, his lips going to Josh's balls and kneeling ass.

Josh gasped again, Justin's tongue raiding his center.

Chace was lost in Josh's desires, his large shaft tasting so sweet.

He was unaware of the other vision of desire now moving around the bed, until he felt a hardness against his own ass.

Chace began to raise his head, Josh's hands going to it, keeping his husband focused on the need before him.

Jolan smiled at Josh, their eyes meeting, Jolan seeing the lost look of desire and need in his blue eyes.

"The tiger is now trapped, Joshua. It's time I tamed this beast."

Chace felt the sudden thrust of the man behind him, his body lost in the total sensations of ecstasy.

His husband's love sunken within his throat, his Jolan's love sunken deep within his ass.

Chace became lost in their love; and Justin, Josh and Jolan were lost as well.


The four lay together, the two sets of soulmates snuggled together beside the other two.

"What a day, my love." Justin said, Jolan in his arms, his head against his chest, Jolan's grey eyes looking at Josh and Chace, their two sets of blue staring at him with deep love.

"I'm a father. I. . .I just can't believe it." Chace softly said, Josh's head on his chest, raising up, kissing his husband's lips.

"We have a family, Chace. Given in love from our Jolan."
Jolan smiled, the two smiling back at him.

"I only brought the three of you together, guys. Logan decided for himself that he wanted your love."
The two men teared, Chace kissing his lover's lips.

"I'm going to go check on him, just to see he's okay."
Josh smiled, moving a bit, his Chace climbing over Jolan and Justin, the three watching his naked form walk out of the bedroom.

"I guess he has a father's love in his heart now also. I remember so many nights I just sat beside Hay watching him." Justin said, Jolan kissing his cheek, Josh moving over and snuggling up beside the two.

"I'll give him a few moments, then I'll return him to our bed so we can all sleep." Josh said, Jolan smiling.

His grey eyes met Justin's, both men smiling.

"We're going to have to get a bigger bed, Jus. Looks like our friends will be snuggling with us a lot of nights, just like Hayden and Logan."
Justin smiled, Josh lightly laughing, gently slapping Jolan's ass.

"Guys, we need to talk." Josh said, the two smiling at him.

"Chace and I love you both so much. You are our dearest friends, and loved ones."
"We agree wholeheartedly, Josh." Justin said, his best friend smiling at him.

"With what's happened, Chace and I have been talking. We had a little confab while we bathed Logan this evening."
Jolan smiled, sitting up, pulling Josh against him, Justin laying between them.

"We love you, Josh. You, Chace and Logan. What we have here is special, loving and beautiful. But it doesn't have to be all of our life."
Josh nodded, his eyes meeting both of theirs.

"You, Chace and Logan need to be a family, Joshua. That means you need your own home, your own bonded center of love. The same bonded center that Jus and Hay share with me. It's called a family circle."
Josh smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"You and Chace are always welcomed here in the center of our love and our desires, Joshy." Justin said, Josh tearing up, leaning down and kissing Justin's lips.

"But this place doesn't have to be the center of your world. We love you and welcome you here whenever you need this love. Or just us. Singularly or together. We love you."
Jolan teared up, hearing Justin's beautiful words of giving love.

"We do love both of you, here and in your center of desirous love." Josh said, Jolan kissing his lips.

"But your hearts now are focused on your son. We totally understand that. And we're both totally happy for both of you."
Josh smiled, kissing each of them again, then rising up out of the bed.

"I'll go and bring Chace back. I'm sure I'll have to drag him away from our Logan's love."
Both men smiled, taking in the revealed vision of Joshua Chasez's total beauty.

"Hold that gaze. It's coming right back." he smiled, walking out of the room.

Jolan smiled, Justin pulling his man down on top of him.

Their lips met, Jolan feeling his lover's deep love.

"You are amazing, have I told you that?"
Jolan smiled, kissing his husband's left nipple.

"Everyday that I've made love to you. I've gotten used to the standing ovations."
Justin laughed, kissing Jolan's nose.

"What you did today, Jo. It was so beautiful, so totally what they needed."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"I know, Jus. I've felt Josh's love for our Hay, Chace's as well. I felt it was time they experienced the joy we feel."
Justin teared up, their lips meeting again.

"Thank you, Jo. For the feeling of fatherly love I cherish."

Jolan smiled, their eyes meeting.

"You're welcome, Jus. You've made my son beyond happy."
Justin smiled, his finger rubbing Jolan's cheek.

"I guess we're losing our foursome of hotness. I'll miss the orgies."

Jolan lightly laughed, Justin smiling.

"I never thought of them as orgies, Jus. They were--and always will be--sessions of love."
Justin smiled, nodding.

"They will always share their desires with us, Jus. Just not as often as the last week. There will be many moments of our sharing love. You and I both receive private moments of intense love from each of them. They'll never deny us that. Plus now we get an added bonus."
"What's that, my love?"
Jolan smiled, his head going to his Justin's chest.

"A return to our own moments of private love."
Justin smiled, his arms going around his husband.

"The best moments of our lives."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his forehead.

"And what are we? Chopped liver?"
The two men turned, Chace standing in the doorway, Josh's arms around him.

"Sweet! If they're chopped liver then that means we're tigers, Jus. Let's get them!"
Justin grinned, the two leaping out of bed, Justin pulling Chace into his arms, Josh in Jolan's, the two laughing, their laughter silenced by the mouths meeting theirs, all four falling back towards the bed.


The week progressed, two homes filled with love and happiness.

Jolan had flown in Josh's parents as well as Chace's, the four arriving the next morning by Dragosan jet.

Jolan and Chace had met them all at Justin's front door, the two men totally shocked by their presence.

Karen and Dana were sobbing as they pulled their sons into their arms, Josh holding Logan in his arms.

The boy smiled at the two women, both immediately falling in love with the child.

"Oh, he's so precious, Josh!:" Karen said, the boy smiling at her, raising his arms, Karen crying as she took him into hers.

Jolan smiled at the two sets of parents, knowing Logan would have four loving grandparents in them.

Justin had sat back, watching the happiness on his husband's face, knowing in his heart that Jolan had designed all of this to happen the way it did:  Logan's arrival, then his new grandparents.
Jolan had created a new family of love.

Logan was a bundle of happiness, his smile infecting all those surrounding him.

And his smile was widest when Hayden was with him.

Justin saw instantly the bond the two small boys now shared.

Hayden was a year and a half older, but he treated the boy as an equal.

Justin and Jolan had talked, Jolan telling him of Hayden's awareness of Logan as well.

That the boy knew the other little boy would walk into their lives.

Justin smiled, watching his son love his best friend's son.

Towards the end of the week, a special day was planned.

Justin, Josh and others would be taking the little ones to Disneyland for the day.

Both little boys were beyond happy, Jolan smiling at their total happiness.

So on Friday morning, Josh, Justin, Chace, Lonnie, Chris, Britney and her kids, Jonathan and Jennie headed out for Fantasy Land.

Jonathan and Jennie had arrived back home Thursday afternoon, Justin insisting the two join them the next morning.

Justin had watched Jennie and Jolan looking at each other, knowing his Jolan was bringing her up to speed on everything.

Jennie had welcomed Logan into her young arms of love, the boy smiling at her with love.

Jolan didn't go with the group that morning, telling his husband that he had some appointments scheduled.

Justin and Hayden left him on their doorstep, covered in kisses, Jolan waving goodbye to them as the carload of happiness pulled out of their home.

He walked back into the living room, picking up the portable phone, dialing a memorized number.

"Hey, sleepyheads! You're finally up?"
"I'm always up, Jo. That's what Lance loves about me!"
Jolan laughed, hearing Lance's laughter through the phone.

"Well crawl off Mr. Happy and met me at Chris' in an hour."
"Chris' place? What for, Jo?"

"To sew the seeds of love, Joe. And not the ones you just planted."
Lance's laughter was loud again, the blond singer taking the phone from his lover on top of him.

"We'll be there in a hour, Jo. I just have to get my farmer to plant another crop."

Jolan laughed, blowing a kiss into the phone.

"See ya soon, Lancy. Make sure he seeds the back acres."

Jolan hung up the phone, the laughter on it silenced.

He smiled, pulling out the copy of Chris' house keys that Chris had given him.

"Moments of love, mirrored in life."

He smiled, heading towards the front door.



End of Chapter 133



And so a new little angel is welcomed into the fold.

Little Logan Sumsare.

An angel for Josh and Chace to love.

I just couldn't deny Josh and Chace the happiness of fatherly love.

So why not right off the bat!




Seems our little Hayden is in tune to all that goes on around him.

A miniature Jolan so to speak.



Up next: Another moment of happiness and the changing tide comes in.

Still lots more to tell.


Hugs, Angel.