Jolan's Path - Chapter 134


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 134


Lonnie smiled, hearing the laughter and happiness surrounding him in the van as he drove.

The day had been happy, filled with laughter and joyous.

The four kids had been in heaven, followed closely by all the older kids.

They had all enjoyed Disneyland immensely, four bundles of energetic fire all day.

Britney, Justin, Chris, Josh and Chace had been dragged everywhere, but their smiles never faltered.

Their kids were beyond happy.

Jennie and Jonathan were just as wired, going on most of the rides.

Lonnie drove through the well-groomed estates of west Los Angeles, Jonathan in the seat beside him.

Chris' phone went off in his pocket, the man pulling it out, opening it.

He talked for a few minutes, Britney seated beside him.

He closed off his phone, a worried look covering his face.

"That was the exterminators, sweetie. Remember I told you they'd be sizing up my place this morning?"
"Yes, love. What's the verdict?"
"Ant infestation. They're tenting the place as we speak."
"Oh, no!  Lonnie, I guess you can drop us off at my place." Britney said, Lonnie looking back at them.

"Me wants Sean and Jay to stay with me tonight! Please, Aunt Britney?" Hayden said, Logan grinning at him in the car seat beside him.

"Please, Mommy!" Sean said, Britney looking towards Justin.

Justin smiled, pulling out his phone.

"I'm sure Jo would love the house filled with over rambunctious kids. It'll set his heart soaring."
Britney smiled, Chris smiling at Justin.

"Thanks, Curly. We owe you one."

Justin smiled, punching in Jolan's phone number.

He talked for a few minutes on his phone then laughed, shutting it off.

"Jo says the more the merrier."
Chris nodded, staring at Justin.

"Why were you laughing?"
Justin grinned, everyone smiling at him.

"Jo didn't realize walruses attract ants."

Everyone laughed, Lonnie's loud laugh booming in the van.

Chris blushed, then smiled.

"I'm tossing your husband into the pool, Curly."
Justin laughed, smiling at Chris.

"Jo sounds like he's in an excellent mood. I'd be the one on guard, Chris."
Chris smiled nodding, Britney kissing his cheek.

"We're guests, Chris. Best behavior please."
Chris nodded, Justin laughing.

"Him? Best behavior? That's impossible!"

Chris smiled at Justin, Justin grinning back.

"Your man stokes the fires of my mirthful heart, Jus. I am so going to one up him one of these days."
Everyone laughed, Chris chuckling as well, his smile wide and happy.

For several reasons.


The evening was a joyous occasion; Lonnie, Lance, Joey, Josh, Chace and Logan invited for supper as well.

As soon as everyone entered the house the kids all ran up to Jolan, everyone smiling as he guided them into the living room--Hayden talking a mile a minute--Lance and Joey already sitting there watching a football game.

Jolan smiled at the kids, each telling him of all the sights and wonders they'd seen all day.

Justin snuggled with Jolan as he relived all of their adventures, Hayden in Jolan's lap, the other three boys seated on the floor in front of him.

Hayden was wearing a pair of mouse ears, and a Tigger sweatshirt.

The other boys had cowboy hats and ball caps.

"Looks like the day was a total funfest. I'm sorry I missed it." Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his lips.

"That's twice, my love. First time on Hayden's birthday weekend, now today. Next time you're going."
Jolan smiled, nodding at his husband.

"For sure, my angel."

"Did you get all your work stuff done?" Justin asked smiling, Jolan's eyes looking towards Chris.

"Yep, and I even had time to whip up some delicious food for this posse!"
The kids clapped, Hayden yawning, that setting off Logan and Sean.

"But first the kids need their naps."
Josh smiled, he and Chace and Justin standing up, Britney joining them.

"Hay's room awaits these Mouseketeers." Jolan smiled, the four laughing and walking out of the room, the kids running ahead of them.

Chris' eyes met Jolan's once the four were gone, Jolan smiling.

"How did it go?"
Jolan smiled, Lonnie looking at him.

"Everything's about finished, Chris. Lancy and Joe are going over in the morning to do the finishing touches and I'll pop over before lunch to organize everyone."
Chris beamed, Jolan getting up and sitting down beside him.

"She'll love it, Chris." he said, his hand going to his shoulder.

"I hope so, Jo. I want it to be so special."

"She'll see the love behind it, and it will be special."
Chris smiled, hugging Jolan.

"Thanks for handling everyone. I'm so disorganized."
Jolan smiled, patting his knee.

"And I'm an organized dynamo."

Chris smiled, Lonnie looking at the two, Jolan smiling at him.

"Fill Lonnie in, Lance. I'll go organize supper. Come on Chris, we have a few things to discuss. Joe, can you start the barbecue?"
Joey nodded, getting up and following the other two out of the room, Lonnie staring at Lance.

"What's going on, Lance?" he smiled, Lance smiling back.

"Love, Lon. Jolan's continual path of love."


Chris and Jolan were joking with each other all evening, everyone reaping the rewarded humor, the house filled with laughter and happiness.

Lance and Joey left early, Jolan kissing both goodbye, winking at them.

"Call you in the morning, Jo. I'll drive you over to Leo's." Joey smiled, Jolan nodding, Justin looking at him.

"I've got to sign a couple of contracts for the next book. I'll be done by lunch."

Justin nodded, his arm around his man.

Josh and Chace decided to stay, their son wanting to spend the night with his three new friends.

Josh, Justin and Britney bathed the four boys, the four settling into their bedroom, four giggling masses of childhood glee surrounded by Justin and Josh.

Chace and Britney smiled at the doorway of Hayden's room, Chris and Jolan downstairs talking in the kitchen.

They both saw Justin and Josh's playful happiness with the four boys, the two smiling at each other.

"I think my Josh is reliving his second childhood."
"And Justin's always been an inner child." Britney said, Justin smiling up at her.

"Our boys need to be happy, Bitzy."

Britney smiled, Justin and Josh settling the boys down, the four curled up in Hayden's bed, Logan snuggled beside his friend.

"Night, Daddy." he said, Josh smiling widely, leaning down and kissing his cheek, Chace walking in and leaning down and kissing him as well.

"Night, Papa!" he smiled, Chace smiling back.

"Sweet dreams, Logan."
"Of course, Papa. Hay and my fwiends wuv here for me."
Josh, Justin, Chace and Britney all smiled, the four kissing all four, then quietly walking out of the room, Justin flicking on the nightlight, leaving the door open.

Britney smiled, his arm going around her.

"Let's see what fun Jo and Chris are up to." he smiled, she laughing.

"We left them unsupervised. The downstairs could be destroyed!"

The four laughed, heading down the stairs.

The downstairs was as it had always been, the four walking into the kitchen.

Chris smiled at his fiancée, rising up from his seat and wrapping his arms around her.

"Care for a moonlit walk, my love? The night is cool and wonderful."
She nodded, the two smiling at the other guys, walking quietly out onto the patio.

"Chris seems happy about something, Jo. What have you two been cooking up?" Josh said, wrapping his arms around Jolan, kissing his cheek.

Jolan smiled, looking at all three of his soulmates.

"You three will have to work it out of me later."
All three smiled, Josh's hand going up Jolan's shirt, lightly squeezing his right nipple.

"Nice! I love a hot project."
Jolan laughed, kissing Josh's cheek.

"On that note, we should grab some drinks and join our friends when they return from their walk."

Justin smiled, heading to the freezer for ice, Chace heading for the liquor cabinet in the living room.

Josh smiled, pulling Jolan against him.

"Shall we ply you with alcohol to seduce you easily?"

Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's lips.

"You don't need that, Joshy. Your body is seduction enough." Jolan said, his hand gently rubbing Josh's clothed center.

Josh softly moaned, Jolan smiling seductively.

He moved out of Josh's grasp, heading to the patio door.

"A few hours of subtle teasing and my three beauties will devour me."

Josh smiled, following Jolan out onto the lantern-lit patio.

Jolan held Justin in his arms, the two joined together in their bed.

Chace and Josh were joined together at their sides, the four sitting up in bed.

Justin was softly sobbing against Jolan's chest, Jolan holding him tenderly.

It was later that night, Chris and Britney now in their bedroom.

The six had relaxed together on the patio, Britney having returned with Chris from their walk.

They had talked, laughed and snuggled close as couples, their love on display for each other.

The coolness of the evening had drawn the day of family love to an end.

They'd retired, separating at the head of the stairs after having checked on the kids, and shared hugs and kisses.

Josh and Chace had walked into Justin's and Jolan's bedroom, as if it was second nature.

The four had smiled at each other, their clothes leaving their bodies.

Decorum was shown, the four remaining in briefs, Chace pouting a bit about that.

"We don't want the kids--or Chris and Britney--seeing our asses or more in the morning, Tiger." Jolan had smiled, Chace snuggling against him.

"So how are we supposed to entice the truth out of you?" Chace said, his lips kissing Jolan's neck.

"You don't have to seduce me or entice me, Chacey. I had full intentions of telling you what I've done."

Justin was snuggled against Jolan as well, Josh climbing into bed, snuggling against Chace.

"Okay, Jo. What's been going on around here today?" Justin said, Jolan kissing his lips and then the other two, three sets of blue eyes staring at him with love.

"Love, my angels. Your Jo's been organizing love."
The three had sat quietly as Jolan told them the truth.

Here now it was all out in the open, Justin softly sobbing against Jolan's chest.

"Oh, Jo! What you're doing for them! For their love!" Josh said, his eyes showing tears.

Jolan smiled, kissing his friend.

"Love needs to be shared. Your two friends need their happiness. Chris asked me to help and I think I've come up with a good compromise."

"Compromise, Jo? You've come up with such a beautiful thing. Both of you." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"So, I'll need your help in cementing the ruse. Britney needs to be surprised."

The three nodded, the four talking about the plans.

After they'd talked everything out, the four settled down, their soulmate snuggled against them.

"It's going to be such a beautiful day, guys. I want them to feel the love we feel."

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"They'll have your love with them, Jo. That will open their hearts."

Jolan smiled, closing his eyes, snuggling against Justin's chest.

"Goodnight, my loves."
The four said goodnight, three sets of blue eyes staring at their grey-eyed soulmate.


Jolan left after breakfast the next morning--Joey and Lance picking him up--his soulmates left in charge of the kids, Chris and Britney relaxing at the pool, all the kids swimming with Jennie and Jonathan as well as Justin and Josh.

Chris had met privately with his three friends, everything settled.

The game was afoot and Justin was in charge of the first stage of the plan.

He climbed out of the pool, his bronzed body dripping with water, walking over to Britney and Chris.

Britney smiled up at her former lover, Justin toweling his hair, his toned body on full display.

"You've really toned up, Jus. Jo's been having a good affect on you. You're both bronzed Adonises."
Justin smiled, sitting down on the edge of Britney's chaise lounge.

"I try to keep toned for him, he loves my body so much."
Britney smiled, Justin taking in her bronzed body.

"I see you're keeping beautiful for your walrus."
Britney laughed, Justin smiling at her.

"Chris says I'm so beautiful. My stomach's starting to show the baby. I feel so bloated!"

Justin laughed, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

"You have the glow of maternal love. That's what Chris sees, that and your beautiful soul."
Britney smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"Did you ever imagine that you and I'd be at this stage in our lives, Jus? Both in love with two beautiful souls. You married, me engaged to Chris. The past few years without you were so hard. And the last few months with our renewed friendship have been so beautiful. And our song's video about to be released. It's so amazing! And it's all because of our Jolan."
Justin smiled, looking into her blue eyes.

"His love completes me, Bitzy. I'm so fulfilled, happy and centered. I love him so much. And I see that you love Chris just as much. It's funny how life goes."
Britney smiled, the two hugging, Chris walking up behind Justin.

"Hey, you already had your shot. Get your paws off my lady."

Justin laughed, the two breaking their hug.

"She's all yours, Chris. Try and make her happy."
Chris smiled, sitting down beside Britney, the two smiling at each other.

"I'll do that every day of our love."
Britney teared up, the two kissing deeply, Josh and Chace walking up to the three.

"Oh look, Chace! The heteros are mating! It must be spring."
Chris raised his hand, giving a one-fingered salute, still kissing Britney.

"Get a hose, Josh. They mate like dogs."

Josh laughed, his man's arms going around him.

"Should we show them how it's done with romance?" Chace said, Josh smiling at his husband.

"Okay, guys. I think we should head out for lunch. The kids looked famished. Jolan said he'd meet us at Shilo's for lunch, his treat. It's about halfway between here and Leo's."

"Nice! Steak! I love that for lunch!" Chris beamed, the three men smiling at him and Britney.

"I'll round up the kids, guys." Britney said, getting out of her seat, Chris smiling up at her, Josh heading to the pool with her.

"No inklings yet, Chris?" Justin said, Chris smiling at him, his eyes on Britney.

"Not yet, thank God. And I'm getting so nervous!"
Justin's arm went around him, Chris feeling his friend's love.

"Her love will increase for you today, Chris. And you'll have it forever."
Chris smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Thanks, Chris. But I'm already taken." Justin beamed, batting his eyelashes.

Chris rolled his eyes; he, Chace, Josh and Justin all laughing.


The lunch was delicious, relaxing and filled with laughter.

They'd all met at the restaurant, Jolan picking up the tab for everyone.

They'd enjoyed themselves immensely, piling back in the van Lonnie had rented, it large and roomy, seats for everyone.

They chatted and laughed, Lonnie driving them home.

"You passed Justin's street, Lon." Britney said, wiping the remnants of an orange juice spill from Jayden's chin, he and Sean in car seats between her and Chris.

"On to better sites, Brit." Lonnie replied, Justin and Josh exchanging looks.

"Meaning what, Lonnie?" she said from the backseat behind Sandra and Jessica and Jennie.

Chace, Chris and Britney and her boys were in the backseat of the van, Chris' eyes looking out the window.

A few people in the van smiled, remaining quiet.

"Meaning that I am charged with guiding someone to their destiny."

Everyone looked in different directions, Britney looking at everyone, Lonnie turning the van at the next intersection, driving forward.

"Looks like we're being dropped off at your place, my love. I guess the fumigation is finished." Britney said, snuggling against Chris, her man smiling at her.

"You'll never be a drop in the bucket, my angel."
Britney smiled, Chace making gagging noises, everyone lightly laughing, Chris rolling his eyes at him.

"Your place should be ready now." Justin said, smiling at Hayden and Logan.

Lonnie smiled, driving the van to the house at the end of the street.


They pulled up through the gates of Chris' home, the house set back on three acres of land, the home quaint but beautiful.

Lonnie pulled up to the front door, stopping and shutting the vehicle off.

"Let's get out everyone. Chris has invited us to dinner."

Britney's eyes met his, Chris kissing her cheek.

"Everyone hasn't gathered here yet, my sweet. I thought it was time."
Britney folded her arms, staring at him.

"You should have gave me warning, Chris. Your place is a mess. This is our first official dinner party."
He smiled, kissing her lips, Britney feeling his love.

"No worries, my pet. Everything's taken care of."
Britney looked confused, Chris smiling.

"Let's get out everyone." he said, Justin opening the van's door, unlocking his son's seat, Josh doing the same with Logan.

They all climbed out of the van, Chris taking Britney's hand in his, walking up the front steps.

"Follow me everyone." he smiled, walking towards the front door.

The door opened just before they reached it.

There in the doorway stood Jolan, the young man smiling at everyone.

"Welcome everyone. Your evening is ready, Mr. Kirkpatrick."
Chris smiled, everyone staring at Jolan in surprise.

The man wore a tailored tuxedo, black in color, looking every inch a vision of total beauty.

Justin, Josh and Chace's eyes all took in the stunning beauty of Jolan's masculinity.

"Jolan? What's going on here?" Britney said, showing surprise, Jolan smiling at her, bowing formally, taking the woman's hand, kissing it.

"Today is your day of total romance, beauty and love. All of Chris' making." he smiled, turning and bowing, bidding everyone enter.

Britney stared at Chris, Chris gently walking her forward.

They all walked into the foyer, looking around.

The house, to Britney, looked unchanged.

Sandra and Jessica smiled, Jolan winking at them.

"Before this evening commences, the lady of total love must be fashionably presented. If you would, my ladies."
Sandra and Jessica put their arms around Britney, she staring at them.

"Let's go upstairs, Britney. Your man awaits."
She slowly nodded, her face showing soft, blushing, confused surprise.

The two women guided her upstairs, everyone watching the three disappear, then they stared at Jolan, who was looking at Chris.

"Thank you, Jolan." Chris said, Jolan grinning widely.
"Let's get the magic going, everyone." he said, everyone smiling widely.

Lonnie headed outside, garment bags needing to be brought in.


Britney stood in awed silence, staring at the dress that lay across Chris' bed.

"That's. . .that's a. . ."
"A wedding dress for my beautiful daughter. Your loving man awaits you downstairs, Britney."

Britney turned around, staring in shock.

In the bedroom doorway stood her mother--who had spoken--and her sister Jamie.

"Mom? Jamie? What are you doing here?" she said, her eyes wide with surprise.

"I think this will explain it." Jamie smiled, walking into the room, handing her sister an envelope that she had in her hand.

Britney took the envelope, staring at the name written across it.


                                My Britney


Her mother walked into the room, Sandra and Jessica smiling at her.

"Read it, dear. I think it will be filled with words of love."
Britney nodded, opening the envelope, finding a single sheet of paper.

She opened it, slowly sitting down on the edge of the bed.

Her eyes scanned the words written there, the love flowing into her heart.




My dearest angel of love,


Today I give you the answer to your dreams--my love.

Today I ask you to put this dress on and walk downstairs into my love, my heart and our future.

I love you, Britney.

I've said it every day since you first returned those words to me.

I love you, and I need your love.

One day, a long time ago, your burned my braided hair to change me into a better man.

That better man now awaits you--his soul, his love and his heart now yours.

Walk into my love, Britney.

And I promise you that I'll love you, Sean and Jay forever.


I await you, downstairs.

I await your beauty and your love.


Your Chris




Britney was in tears, her eyes looking to the white wedding dress that lay across the bed.

"Oh, my Chris! You've surprised me with this moment of touching love! I can't believe what he's done!"
Sandra smiled, leaning down and kissing Britney's cheek.

"Our Jolan gave him some well-needed, but loving ideas. I think it will move your heart so deeply. But first, we need to get you ready. Jolan picked out the dress. He said it would accentuate your beauty."
Britney teared up, standing and picking up the dress, scanning its beauty.

"He does have an eye for beauty. He picked our Justin."
"So does Chris, Britney." Jessica smiled, Britney smiling back at her.

"I can't believe I'm getting married today!"

The four women smiled at her, Britney staring at Jamie.

"My sister, will you stand with me? Will you and Jessica as well, Sandra?"
The three smiled nodding, Jamie hugging her sister.

"I'm so happy for you, Sis! Chris is so wonderful!"

Britney smiled, her mother kissing her cheek.

"Let's get you ready. The girls' outfits are in the closet. That Jolan is an amazing man!" she smiled, Sandra and Jessica smiling in agreement.

Britney smiled, the four helping her change.


Britney slowly walked down the staircase, staring at the man standing at its bottom step.

She wore a dress of satin white, a sprinkling of flowers accenting her done up hair, the other women following her.

Standing below her was her father, James Spears, the man smiling up at his daughter.

And today he was a picture of refined beauty.

He stood waiting in a black suit, a red rose on his lapel as well.

On each side of him were two small visions of handsome beauty.

Sean and Jayden stood at his sides, both dressed in black suits as well, redness showing on their lapels as well.

"You look ravishing, my angel of beauty." he said as Britney walked down the steps.

Jamie, Sandra and Jessica had walked down behind her, her mother at her side now.

"You. . .you look so handsome, Dad."
James smiled, leaning forward and kissing her cheek.

"I do clean up well, don't I?"

Britney smiled, her sons looking up at her.

"You look pretty, Mommy!" Jayden said, Britney smiling at him and his brother.
She bent down, both kissing her cheek.

"My boys look so handsome!" she said, tearing up, the two boys smiling up at her.

"Where did you get those suits, my angels?"
"From Uncle Jolan! He gots us all dressed up, Mommy! Everyone's waiting!" Sean said, smiling up at her, looking at his grandfather.
Britney's eyes showed confusion, her father taking her arm in his.

"I love you, Brit. Today's your big day."
She teared up, her father kissing her cheek again.

"Let's get this show on the road. Lead on, boys."

Jayden and Sean smiled, walking towards the living room, James leading his daughter behind them.

They walked through the living room, then the kitchen, the boys heading to the patio doors.

The two patio doors were covered in red rose-covered paper, no vision of outside shining through.

Britney's eyes met Jennie who stood by the door, wearing an identical dress that matched Sandra and Jessica's.

The patio doors opened, Joey and Brian, Britney's brother, walking into the kitchen.

Both were dressed in black tuxedos, bowing to everyone staring at them.

Joey smiled at his old friend, Britney staring at him.

"Welcome to a day of magical love, Britney. This night and this magic is given by your love, your Christopher. Welcome to the beginning of a lifetime of romance."
Britney's eyes met Joey's, she seeing glistening tears in his blue orbs.

"This is the romance of your soul, Britney. This he shows to only you."

Britney looked surprised, Brian and Joey smiling, bowing again.

"Enter a vision of refinement, romance and love, Sis." Brian said, her father smiling and leading her forward, Joey and Brian opening the rose-papered doors.

Britney stopped in complete surprise.

The patio was completely covered in bouquets of red roses in white baskets.

In the patio's center was a small white table, a white chair beside it, and a bouquet of red roses laying on top of it.

Soft music played in the background, Britney recognizing the song as I Honestly Love You.

Her eyes took in a vision of masculinity standing beside the white table, Chris' large smile meeting hers.

She stood surrounded by her family and friends, Chris slowly walking up to her, taking her hands in his.

She looked around the patio, seeing that it had been covered as well in long sheets of rose-covered paper, the paper gently blowing in the soft breeze, the backyard hidden behind it.

Chris smiled at his girlfriend, he leaning forward and kissing her lips.

"What is this, Chris? I thought we had ants? Your note. . .and this dress. . .it means. . ."
Chris smiled, looking at each boy at her side.

The two smiled, walking up to Chris' sides, smiling up at their mother.

Britney smiled down at them, feeling their love.

"We love you, Mommy. And we love Chris." they both said together, both smiling back at Chris, Chris smiling at both of them.

Britney smiled at her sons, both moving to beside the table, smiling at her.

Chris looked towards his left, Jolan walking up to both of them, a small tray in his hand, two glasses of wine set on it.

He bowed to Chris, then smiling at both as Chris took both glasses.

"Thanks, Jeeves!"
Jolan smiled, holding in a laugh, stepping back against the rose-covered wall.

Chris handed Britney a glass of wine, the two smiling at each other.

"I wanted this day to start off with a moment of true romance, Britney. And a confession from my heart. But first a toast."
Britney nodded, Chris lightly tapping her glass to his.

"To us, Britney. To the love we share and need so much. To the love we find in each other and in our boys."

Britney teared up, tapping Chris' glass.

"To us, my love." she said, the two sipping the wine.

Chris took both glasses, setting them on the table.

He smiled, kissing her lips tenderly, Britney lost in the love she felt flowing from him.

"I have to confess something, Britney."
"Yes, my Chris?"
"I'm a hopeless romantic, my angel. Beneath this rugged exterior lays a man who wants to romance your soul forever. This all here was my idea, plus another surprise as well."
"Oh, Chris! This is so beautiful. The red roses you knew I loved so much. The beauty of this walled-in table of love, the three of my soul here with me in its beauty."
Chris smiled, kissing her again.

"I love you, Britney. My hidden soul of romance loves you so much. I need you and I need Sean and Jay in my life, so much."
She teared up, kissing him tenderly, hearing the deep emotion in his voice.

"We need you, too, Chris. I've never needed anyone as much as I need you."
Chris smiled, hearing the words he'd longed to hear, Jolan smiling at him.

"The red roses of wrapped love hold a secret, my angel. Listen to the voice of our friendship."
The room quieted down, a soft voice singing a song.

It was From This Moment, sung by Britney's dearest friend.


Jolan smiled, his hands moving upward.

The rose-covered papers began to rise, Britney's eyes widening.

Behind each section of paper surrounding her stood one of their friends.

Josh, Chace, Jonathan, Lonnie, Lance, Jolan and Justin standing in the center space singing his heart out.

His soft voice filled the patio, his smile filling Britney's heart.

She saw his love, happiness and beauty shining for her, and for this moment.

Jolan was staring at his husband as well, seeing his total happiness at his two friends showing love.

Britney's eyes turned back to her Chris, seeing his face covered in tears.

"I have freed my soul of romance to my hidden friends today, Britney. They know I love you so much." he said, going to one knee in front of her, Britney's eyes widening.

Her two sons stood on each side of him, Chris staring up at her, his eyes filled with love.

"I love you, Britney. Today, now and forever. Will you love me forever? Will you marry me today?"

Britney began to sob, tears falling down her cheeks.

Chris rose to his feet, staring at her, her arms wrapping around his neck, his arms going around her.

"Yes, my Chris. For today and always I'll love you . And so will my boys! Yes, I'll marry you today!"
Chris began to cry, two sets of small arms wrapping around the two, the couple scooping them up, Chris leaning forward and kissing Britney.

They broke the kiss to applauding greatness, their friends clapping and whistling.

Chris tearfully smiled, taking Britney in his arms again, the two kissing again.

Their friends moved, the foursome of family surrounded by their love.

Justin's hand went in Jolan's, his grey eyes looking into his blue.

"We've got a wedding to conduct here, everyone." Jolan said, smiling at the couple as they broke their kiss.

"Save some of that for the altar, you two."
They both smiled, Jolan smiling at both.

"If you'll take your places, we'll get this path of love going. Look upon the beauty of Chris' moment of love, Bitzy."
Britney smiled at Jolan, her eyes now seeing the revealed backyard.

Flowers were everywhere, as were people.

The backyard was filled with chairs, an arch-covered altar at the far end, a minister standing upon it.

She smiled, taking in the floral beauty of everything.

The chairs were filled with their friends and their family.

She saw Lonnie and Ally, Leo and Kelly with Briahna and Auntie Gee, Johnny Wright, some of her band members, as well as Chris' parents and family.

"Chris, if you'll follow me." Joey said, taking his best friend's arm in his, leading him towards the altar.

Chris smiled, taking in one last look of the vision before him.

Jolan smiled, walking up to the table, picking up the red rose bouquet off of it, walking up to Britney.

"Your bouquet, Britney." he smiled, Britney leaning forward. kissing his cheek.

"I know a lot of this is your doing, Jo. Thank you so much." she said, tears flowing.

"Surprisingly, most of it is Chris' doing, Britney. I only tweaked a few small things. The love behind it and before you is all his."

She teared up again, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"Let's get you two hitched before I have to mop up this floor."
Britney laughed, Jolan smiling at her.

"Places everyone."


Chris stood at the altar, his best man Joey at his side, the two hearing the cued music.

Everyone seated stood, their eyes going to the patio, Justin and Jessica stepping off of it, arm in arm.

The two walked down the aisle between the rows of seats, everyone smiling at them.

Behind them walked Sandra and Brian, both smiling as well, both ladies holding bouquets of white roses, white roses in Justin and Brian's lapels.

They took their places on both sides of the altar, Jamie now walking down the aisle, her face covered in a wide smile.

All three ladies wore red gowns, slim fitting and matching the red roses covering the archway above the altar.

Jamie smiled at Joey, her partner for the walk back.

Everyone's eyes turned back to the patio, there seeing faces filling with tearful smiles.

Jennie walked down the aisle, smiling widely, Sean and Jayden on both sides of her, Jennie carrying a basket of rose petals, the boys throwing them everywhere, people chuckling at their boyish enthusiasm.

A few moments behind them walked a vision of white beauty, Britney on her father's arm.

Her hand held the red rose-filled bouquet, her blue eyes on Chris's smiling face, a red rose in his suit's lapel.

She smiled then at the minister, seeing that it was Reverend Thompson, her minister from her hometown.

She knew now that Chris had flown him in to do the ceremony, as a showing of his love for her.
She smiled at Chris, her man's love shining on his face.

They joined at the altar, Chris taking her hand in his.

The minister smiled, leaning forward, kissing Britney's cheek.

"Hello, Britney. I've waited a long time for this true moment of love." he smiled, Britney smiling back at him.

"Hello, everyone. Please be seated."
Everyone sat down, the minister smiling out at everyone.

"Today we stand in God's sunshine to join together two friends of old friendship and two souls of new love. But first, I believe our Chris wants to say something from his heart."
The minister smiled at Chris, Chris looking into Britney's blue eyes.

"Britney, I just saw you a few moments ago and here now you seem even more beautiful. Your walking into my arms was like a beam of love coming to my heart. I now give that heart to you here, before God."
Britney teared up, a soft sob coming out of her, Chris smiling at her, squeezing her hand.

"Before God and before all of us, we hear your words of love. Who gives this child to this man of love?"
"We do, Reverend." James said, his wife at his side. He leaned forward, kissing his daughter's cheek, Lynn Spears kissing her as well, the two returning to their seats.

"Given in love, taken in love. Such is the circle of life. From childhood to adulthood our love flows in all directions."

The two smiled, Chris joining her hands with his, both facing each other.

"A joining of two souls is a devotion to God's love. A partnership in all venues, in all circumstances. That is why marriage is a sacred bond, between yourselves and God. Do you both wish today to make that commitment to each other?"
"I do." Britney said, Chris smiling at her.

"I do, deeply!" Chris said rather urgently, the minister chuckling.

"Ardent and mirthful. A good combination, Britney. You've trained him well."
Everyone laughed, Chris softly blushing, Britney's beautiful smile relaxing him.

"May I have the rings, please?"

Joey smiled at the minister, producing two gold rings out of his breast pocket, placing them on the bible before the minister.

Jolan sat in the front seats, his eyes going to two blue pools staring back at him.

His Justin's smile was filled with beauty and love, the man staring at his man and his son, Hayden seated in Jolan's lap.

"Both of you now will recite your vows." the minister said, both giving each other their vows.

Everyone watched, the two exchanging their vows of love and devotion.

They exchanged rings, their love sealed forever on their fingers.

"If there is anyone within the sound of my voice who objects to this union, may they now speak or forever hold their peace."

The backyard went silent, until a soft giggle was heard.

The minister smiled, staring at the small boy seated in Josh's lap.

"Correct, my child. A time for laughter and a smile. Two hearts of mirthful love can now laugh at life. I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride, Christopher."

Chris grinned widely, pulling Britney into his arms, their lips meeting in happiness and love, the backyard exploding with applause.


Jolan smiled, Lynn hugging him.

"A beautiful moment of love, Jo. You outdid yourself again." she smiled, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"Thanks, Mom. But all of the credit does indeed go to Chris. This was all his vision."
Lynn smiled, Justin's arm going around her.

"Looks like Joey and Lance are the only single guys now. I think Lance needs to pop the question." Justin smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"Love comes on its own, Jus. It finds its own moments."

Justin smiled, his eyes looking over at Chris and Britney, the two being congratulated by all their guests.

"I never realized Chris was such a romantic." he said, Jolan smiling at him.

"We all have romance in our hearts. Some of us just show it more. Correct, my Alpine angel?"

Justin laughed nodding his head, Nick and Usher walking up to them.

"A surprising moment, Jus. I never thought Chris would ever settle down. And Britney? You can see the happiness in her eyes and smile. They're totally in love." Nick said, Usher smiling at him.

"And where are the two younger of your foursome?" Jolan asked, Usher smiling.

"Tyrone's still in England with Mathias. Their love is gaining strength and happiness." he smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"And what about yourselves? Any moments like this ahead?" Justin grinned, Nick and Usher looking at each other.

"One never knows." Nick said, raising his hand.

Justin and Jolan's eyes widened, seeing the silver ring on Nick's finger.

"No way!" Justin said, hugging his friend, Usher smiling at the two.

"I asked him last weekend. We're going slow but we are going to get married." he smiled, Jolan hugging him.

"Congratulations to both of you. Your love is beautiful." he softly said, Justin and Jolan trading men, hugging the other.

Lynn hugged them both as well, the two opening up on their happiness.


A large buffet dinner was served, Jolan having hired a large catering firm to handle everything.

Toasts were given, kisses shown, the mood festive and happy.

After dinner a band was set up, dancing beginning, everyone enjoying themselves immensely.

Justin and Jolan danced with Hayden, Logan and the other kids, as well as with most of the women, Jolan meeting Chris' sisters and brother, dancing with his mother as well.

The evening turned into a beautiful cool night, everyone dancing and laughing.

Jolan danced with Britney, her arms around him, her thanks showing in the tightness of her loving embrace.

"I wish you both well, and your forthcoming angel. Her love will echo in your hearts and her big brothers' as well."
Britney stared at him, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"A girl? You're sure? We haven't done the ultrasound yet."
"It shall be an angel of her mother's beauty."
Britney teared up, Jolan smiling and dancing with her.

Jolan talked with everyone, praise heaped upon him, he gently guiding it towards Chris, the man's mirthful heart filled with happiness and romance.

"You've changed him so much, Jo." Joey said, smiling at Chris dancing with Sandra.

"He didn't change, Joseph. He's the same man he always was. He's just showing it more openly. His love has always been there."
Joey smiled nodding, Lance's arm around him.

"All of our love is more open now, thanks to you, Jo."
Jolan smiled, blushing softly.

"We know, we know! It's not you!"

Jolan laughed, the two smiling at him.

"I know it's me, Lancy. It's my destiny."
Lance smiled, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Let's dance, Jo." he said, pulling his friend onto the dance floor, Joey smiling at both.


Pictures were taken in front of the pool, rose floral baskets floating in it.

Kisses were captured, as was the cutting of the wedding cake, Britney and Chris showing their smiling happiness.

The evening progressed, the darkness filling the night.

The kids ran out of steam, Chris carrying his two new sons upstairs, Justin following with Hayden, Chace carrying Logan.

Jolan smiled and kissed all four as they left, Sandra pulling him to the dance floor again.

The night waned down, people leaving, Chris and Britney hugging and thanking them all.

Their intimate circle of friends were the last to leave, Chris and Britney dancing alone in the center of their happiness.

They all kissed them goodbye, the two newlyweds staying at home.

Tomorrow they would be leaving on a two week trip to the Bahamas, a wedding gift from Jolan and Justin.

They would be looking after Sean and Jayden as well, that fact drawing shrieks of happiness from them and Hayden and Logan.

"A house filled with screaming kids. Where are my earplugs?" Jolan admonished, Britney kissing his cheek.

"You love it, and we all know it."
Jolan smiled, kissing her back at the front door.

"Bring the terrors over in the morning." he smiled, Chris staring at him.

The two looked at each other, their friends standing around them.

Chris began to cry, pulling Jolan tightly against him, hugging him deeply, Jolan patting his back, smiling at Britney.

"Thank you, Jo! For all you did for me! For all you did for us!"
"I did what you asked of me, Chris. I helped you show your love. It shone through all of this. Congrats my friend. This walrus finally has a keeper!"
Everyone laughed, Chris laughing the loudest.

Justin and Jolan left, Chris and Britney and their families waving goodbye.

"That man's remarkable. I heard his story, but I never imagined the greatness of his love." Chris' mother said, Chris' arms wrapping around Britney.

"His love is great, Mom. And I think we've just seen the tip of the iceberg." Chris smiled, Britney smiling beside him.

"Come on, Mrs. Kirkpatrick. Let's get to that honeymoon."
Britney laughed, closing their home's front door.




End of Chapter 134


And so our Jolan's love shines again, joining two of his friends for life.

I hoped you liked the surprise wedding Chris organized, with Jolan's help.


A chapter of love and happiness.

And now we take the path of destiny.

Jolan's reining in his family for their final truths.


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