Jolan's Path - Chapter 135


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 135


Brandon Diablo wrapped the fur covering around himself.

His eyes stared around the large tent he found himself in, his body shivering against the coolness of the room.

He took in the people surrounding him, focusing on two steely eyes staring at him.

Nathan sat across the room from him, the man seated in a wooden chair, a fur covering across his lap.

His eyes were staring at Brandon, the young man's head moving from his gaze.

Upon entering the tent, Nathan had told Brandon to sit in the farthest corner, the young man briskly walking to that end of the tent.

Brandon's body ached from the night's passion that had been forced upon him, Nathan's beastly form taking him several times.

They had been awakened just after dawn by a guard knocking on their tent post, then popping his head into their tent.

The man had leered, then smiled at Brandon, his nude body on full display.

"The master is having a gathering, Master Nathan. He requests that both of you attend immediately." the man had said, Nathan's eyes staring at the man staring at Brandon.

The soldier's face was covered in lesions, old scars showing as well.

"We will be there momentarily, soldier."

The man nodded, bowing and then pulling his head out of the tent.

Nathan sighed, his thoughts on the encampment where they now lay.

He and Brandon had followed Fagin to Europe, the two now nestled in the Carpathian mountains, a three-day trek through wilderness and bug-infested swamps.

Why Fagin picked this place of isolation, Nathan knew not, nor cared.

He knew that his master was awaiting the time of war, and that he was gathering his minions to do battle.

Nathan stretched, staring at Brandon as he stood up, pulling up the fur covering off their bed.

"Come, Brandy. I think it will be a morning of fun."
Brandon shuddered, moving towards another fur covering, Nathan staring at him.

"Now, Brandon. Naked and now."
Brandon's head lowered, the young man standing up, his nakedness on full display.

"That's my pet. I'm sure the master will find humor in your present state of civility." Nathan said grinning, staring at Brandon's bruised body.

"Please, Nathan! Please give me some dignity!"

Nathan's hand went out, his fingers latching onto Brandon's left nipple, pinching it, Brandon wincing in pain.

"Dignity is long lost to you, slave. Did you see that soldier leering at you?"
Brandon nodded, Nathan smiling.

"To him--and to everyone--you're nothing more than my slave. I think I may give you to him later, just to see you suffer. He wanted you bad."
"Yes, master." Brandon softly said, his voice filled with submission.
Nathan smiled, leaning forward and kissing Brandon's lips.

"Yes, Brandon. Very good. Your master is very pleased."

Nathan stared at the man for a moment, then sighed.

"Pick up the fur. You know Fagin abhors naked flesh unless he renders it naked himself."
Brandon bent down, picking up the fur, covering his body with it.

Nathan laughed, walking out of the tent, Brandon following, his mind filled with his own thoughts of patient anger.

Brandon's eyes moved from Nathan, staring at a large platform on the left side of the tent.

On it stood a large wooden throne, a monster of brooding anger seated upon it.

The moment Brandon had entered the tent he instantly saw the anger on Fagin's face.

"About damn time, Nathan! When I say come you come, my Black Beast of Death."

Nathan's eyes had briefly flashed a glow of yellow, Fagin staring at him and Brandon.

"Ah, I see now why it took you so long. How finds Brandon this morning?" the man smirked, Brandon lowering his head.

Nathan slapped Brandon's head, Brandon's eyes meeting Fagin's.

"I. . .I am well, Father."

Fagin laughed, rising from the chair.

"Well, one moment of merriment this morning. It is good to see you in your place, insolent one."
Brandon's knees lowered, the young man cowering in front of the large man.

"Forgive me, Father! Forgive me for overstepping my bounds!"

Fagin's foot went up, his boot hitting Brandon squarely in the face.

"Overstepped your bounds? You almost cost me everything!"

Brandon had fallen backwards, his lower half exposed to all in the tent.

Fagin's eyes shot towards Nathan, the young man smiling widely.

"You said right away. I was deep within him when you summoned."
Fagin shook his head, his boot kicking Brandon again in the chest.

"Cover yourself, lost one."
Brandon's hands moved, the fur covering him.

Fagin stared at him.

"You were supposed to kill Jolan Dragos, Brandon. You knew I wanted him dead."
"He. . .he is so strong, Father! His magic. . .it's. . .it's so strong!"

Fagin stared at him, his dark eyes going to Nathan.

"Yes, so I understand. My grandfather's lethal magic could not stand against him. He walked out of his square of magic. And then he set forth the beast upon our misguided Richard. That will show him the folly of his ways."

"He. . .he was one of your most loyal, Fagin!" Brandon said, Fagin staring at him.

"His loyalty was overshadowed by his revengeful lust. The man was a fool. Revenge should only be meted out when you are fully aware of the truth of it."
Fagin walked up to Nathan, staring into his steely eyes.

"How finds you this morning, my mate of Badenwolf beauty?"
"I am alive, Fagin. And I am yours."
The man smiled, his fingers stroking Nathan's cheek.

"I was too busy last night to enjoy our reunion. Today I shall rectify that. But first, business before pleasure."

The man nonchalantly looking at Brandon, walking back to his wooden throne.

"Where's Lazarus? Where is the child?"

A soldier bowed, moving out of the tent, Fagin lightly tapping the armrest of his throne, his eyes on Nathan.

"This tent is just temporary, my pet. My lodgings are almost at their completion. Tonight will be the only night we shall have to rough it."

Nathan remained still, his eyes looking towards Brandon, the young man seeing Nathan's eyes move to the left.

Brandon moved, slinking onto a large mattress that sat in the far corner of the tent, awaiting Nathan's beck and call.


Here now he sat, staring at his two masters surrounded by others.

The tent was filled with men, commanders and soldiers of Fagin's minions.

The monster remained in his seat, men bowing before him, talking to him on matters of importance.

The man seemed preoccupied, his face and eyes showing his brooding anger more.

He didn't answer them, nonchalantly waving them off after they'd finished their reports.

The soldier who had left earlier returned, walking up to the monster, softly whispering in his ear.

Fagin's eyes widened, the man rising out of his seat, his fist meeting the soldier's face, the man falling back in shock and pain.

"Lazarus, you coward! Come in here now! You and your whore!"

The tent flap opened, a man in his late thirties rushing into the tent, followed by a woman of soft beauty, the two going to their knees before the monster.

"Forgive us, Master! We did not realize the worth of our lineage!" the woman said, her blue eyes looking up into the man's glaring face.

"The worth of your lineage? Are you a moronic whore?" the man said, his hand going out, slapping her across the face.

His glaring, dark, red-filled eyes staring at the other man, Lazarus Sumsare going to his master's boots kissing them.

"We didn't know, Master! We didn't know you wanted all of us!" the woman said, her hand on her face.

The man's eyes went around the room, everyone's heads lowering.

"You fools! I wanted neither of you! All I wanted was the spittle-plagued brat you dropped out of your dank womb!"

"Our. . .our son?" the man said, his head raised.

He stared up into two eyes of red menacing anger.

"You are a fool, Lazarus."

The man's fist hit him in his face, the younger man collapsing on the ground.

Fagin's angry eyes stared at Nathan, the Badenwolf remaining in his seat.
"Where is he, Beth?" Fagin said, his voice devoid of emotion.

The woman was staring at her husband, her blue eyes meeting the monster's red.

"I. . .we. . .we left him with Dominoso."

The monster's eyes widened, their redness intensifying.

"My sword, Joseph." he said, extending his hand, his servant that stood behind the throne rushing forward with the sword in his hands, Fagin taking it.

The man's body became erect, staring down at the two cowering before him.

"You gave your child of Sumsarian birthright to that doddering old fool? Do you realize who now has him?"
The two traded fear-filled looks, the man's arm going around his wife.

"We didn't expect you wanted children, Master. We are able-bodied, strong and loyal."
"Well, your wife loses on all counts."

The man's hand moved like lightning, Lazarus' eyes widening in horror, staring at his wife's headless body in his arms.

Her head rolled across the room, coming to rest a few feet before Brandon's mattress, the young man closing his blue eyes in horror.

Lazarus screamed, letting go of his wife's lifeless body, his eyes filling with tears, falling at his master's feet.

"Forgive me, Master. She did it! She left him there! I wanted to bring him as a gift for your greatness!"

Fagin stared at Nathan, his mate's steely yellow eyes staring back.

"Leave us, everyone. And take this whore's corpse with you."

Everyone surrounding the man left, hurriedly rushing out of the tent, two soldiers dragging the dead woman's body out of the tent, one picking up her head, carrying it out as well.

Nathan, Brandon and the sobbing Lazarus remained, Brandon staring at the monster standing above the sobbing man.

"Do you even realize what you had within your grasp?"
The man looked upwards, Fagin's eyes now their usual black darkness.

"He's only a child! An insignificant boy! He wasn't even that intelligent!"
Fagin shook his head, walking back to his throne, sitting down on it.

"He is more important than you, your wife and your whole damn clan. He is magic."
The man's eyes widened, shock on his face.

"No. . .no that cannot be?!"

"Come here, slave." Fagin said, staring at the man, the man rising to his feet, rushing forward, kneeling in front of the throne.

"Take your clothes off, Lazarus."

The man's eyes widened in shock, looking towards Nathan, then towards Brandon.


The man heard the depth of authority in the monster's voice, rising to his feet, slowly removing his clothes.

Fagin's eyes went over the man's smooth pale body, his body toneless and slim.

"Do you wish to be a Fangoros, Lazarus?"

"With all my soul, Master." he said, on his knees again, his naked form before his master.

"Then turn around and lick up the blood of your dead wife. The blood that was the elixir of your child's magic."

The man trembled, turning around, seeing all the saturated blood on the tent's floor where his wife's body had fallen, the center thickness congealing .

"I. . .I cannot. . .she was. . .she was my wife."
Fagin's hand still held the sword, raising it, the man cringing in fear, the sword going to the man's shoulder.

"Do not fear me, Lazarus. Your were so easy to blame your wife for the child's abandonment. Your soul is perhaps unscrupulous. That is the making of a good Fangoros."
The man softly smiled, his fear calming a bit.

"Too bad you don't like blood. My wolf mate loves it." Fagin said, his hand moving with a flash.

The man screamed, the sword slashing across his shoulder, a wide gash spilling out a flourish of blood.

A deep growl filled the tent, Lazarus' pain-filled eyes looking towards Nathan.

The man rose out of his fur covering, his naked body changing before him, a tall black yellow-eyed wolf rushing towards him.

Lazarus' scream was cut off by a large jaw filled with sharp teeth going for his throat.

Fagin smiled, standing up, looking down upon his wolfen mate devouring the lifeblood of the cowardly man.

Fagin's eyes turned towards Brandon, the young man staring at him with fear.

"Drink of his cowardly blood, my Black Wolf of Death. I hunger for another treat."
Brandon began to sob, the man walking toward him, his shirt falling behind him.

The man's pants left his body as well, falling on top of Brandon, the young man sobbing.

"I shall forget the loss of that child with the depth of your center, Brandon. And you shall enjoy it."
Brandon closed his eyes, his body given over to the pain invading it.

But the depth of his mind held onto one fact, etched in his soul.

I will survive.

I will survive and destroy both of you.


Jolan smiled, his legs folded before him, the man seated on the grassy backyard of his home.

Logan sat in his lap, the small boy smiling towards his friends.

Hayden was laughing, chasing Sean and Jayden, Spartacus at the boy's side, barking happily.

Justin was behind all three, a game of chasing love going on among them.

Josh and Chace were laughing as well, the two seated around Jolan, Jolan smiling back at them, the boy in his lap clapping his hands.

"Hayden happy, Unky Jo!"

"Yes, Logan, your friend's happy."
The boy smiled, snuggling back against Jolan's chest.

Chris and Britney had left that morning, their sons wrapped in their love, their hearts filled with their friends' happiness at them staying with them.

Hayden had guided both boys and Logan to his room, the three sets of blue eyes widening.

All the men behind them wore wide smiles, the kids squealing.

"You got bunk beds, Hay! We can sleep all together!" Sean screamed, Josh laughing.

"Yep, Seany! Two bunk beds for me and my three friends! Poppa gives us fort!" Hayden grinned, his chest puffing up.

Justin laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

They'd redone Hayden's room, builders in yesterday to install everything while they were all away at the wedding.

The room now housed two sets of bunk beds, one above the other, about three feet in height separating them.

Custom made to take in the children's youth and safety.

"I'll be on top of you, Logan!" Hayden said, the small boy smiling up at his friend.

"Greats, Hay! Your wuv aboves me!"
Josh and Chace smiled, their arms around each other, looking around the room.
"Yes, Hay. And Jayden will have Sean above him." Jolan smiled, leaning down and kissing his son's cheek.

"And there's a bed for Stevie as well when he comes to visit, as well as a bed for Spartacus. Our five boys will be happy here with his protective love."
The boys all grinned, smiling at Jolan.

"Great, Uncle Jo! Thanks so much, Uncle Justin." Sean and Jayden said together, both giving a kneeling Justin a kiss.

"Friends for life, right guys?" Justin said, the four smiling at him.

"Forever!" they said together.

The four men grinned, smiling at each other.

Here now it was after supper, the kids fed on hotdogs and French fries, their energy revived, running around the yard.

Logan was looking at his friends, Jolan smiling down at him.

He softly sighed, Josh looking towards the boy.

"Theys gone, Unky Jo."

Josh and Chace looked at their son, Jolan leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"I know, Logan. I felt them leave as well."
Josh's eyes met Jolan's, seeing a tear in his grey eyes.

"I forgive them, Unky." the boy softly said, snuggling more into Jolan.

Jolan hugged the child to him, the boy smiling at his father.

He moved out of Jolan's lap, climbing into Josh's, his father hugging him close.

"Me okays, Daddy. Me gots wots of wuv here. They's gone now, me cans live."

Josh's eyes widened, Jolan lowering his head.

"A prayer of love I send them, Logan. They'll be forgiven by God as well."
The little boy smiled, Hayden and the other two boys running up to him.

"It's okay, Logan. You have us and your daddies' love!" Hayden said, a soft smile on his face.

Josh and Chace looked surprised, the boy smiling at his small friend.

"Thanks, Hay! Wit's play with trucks!" the boy said, climbing out of his father's lap, the four heading over to the sandbox, Josh and Chace's blue eyes following their son.

Justin sat down beside Jolan, his arm going around him, kissing his cheek.

His blue eyes looked at his friends, seeing their concerned faces.

"What's wrong, guys?" he said, Jolan raising his head, kissing Justin's cheek, wiping the tears out of his eyes.

"His magic felt their going, Jus."
Justin looked confused, Josh and Chace staring at Jolan.

"Logan's parents are dead, guys. Fagin destroyed them. Logan and I felt it on the path."
The three looked stunned, their eyes going to the small boy, seeing him playing with his three friends.

"That's unbelievable, Jo." Chace said, his eyes filled with tears for his son.

"His magic is unbelievable, Chace. As is his love. His heart has forgiven them both for abandoning him. You heard his words. They have now perished from this world and from that monster's evil. Their lives are over, but his is not. His heart is now given over to your love alone."

The two men were in tears, looking at their son's happy face.

"It will be a life filled with our love, Jo." Chace said, Josh's arm going around him, both in tears.

"Another tragedy that monster shall answer for. His list grows long. And my resolve has hardened."

Justin tightened his hold on Jolan, his husband kissing him.

"You need to know something, Josh and Chace."
Both looked at Jolan, the young man staring at both.

"Your son is a child of giving love, and a magical soul. And Fagin knows that."
Both men looked towards the child, concern showing on their faces.

Jolan moved, his arm going around Josh, Josh feeling his protective love.

"Cast aside the worry of your hearts. That child has my protection."

"What. . .what does he have to do with your destiny, Jo?" Chace asked, Jolan looking towards the boy.

"Children of magic, children of worth. Three souls shall unite under his sun."

The three men looked at Jolan, his words etched in mystery.

"Three souls? Three children?"
"I'm not sure of the last part, guys. Of it being three children. But it is a line from the Tome."

"Destiny again, Jolan?"
Jolan nodded at Justin's words, Justin now at his side again.

"Yes, Justin. Logan in some way plays a part in all this, I have felt that. But he will not be placed in danger. My love and yours surrounds him. That by itself warrants his safety. And Fagin wasn't too happy about that. Hence the death of his parents."
The three men lowered their heads, Jolan sighing again.

"It begins, guys. The path, the final trek of truth begins. I called Reinhardt this afternoon. In three weeks the clan of Archanian destiny meets in their sacred hall. And I shall stand alone before them."

"What will you have to do, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan looking into his concerned eyes.

"I will have to show them the truth, and my love."

"What can I do to help, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

"My Familiar's mind and intellect I shall need, Joshua. We've a lot to discuss. You are the greatest soundboard of intellect. We'll talk through the next three weeks."
Josh smiled, kissing Jolan back.

Chace's eyes were on his son again, Jolan looking as well.

"He's so courageous, so strong to not be devastated by this." Chace softly said, Jolan nodding.

"He has something wonderful to guide him through his sorrow. He'll sleep tonight with his friends' love surrounding him. And after that his fathers' love will be with him always."
The two men smiled, Spartacus running up to the four men, climbing into Jolan's lap, licking his face.

"Yes, Sparty. And your protective love as well."
The three men stared at the dog, Jolan smiling.

"I still can't fathom that dog's reappearance. He. . .he died, Jo." Chace said, the dog staring at him.

"Yes, Chace. But his love never did. Think of his being here like that. His love is here in my heart again and my Hay's heart as well."
Chace smiled, nodding.

The dog barked, licking Jolan's face again.

Jolan smiled, Logan running towards them, his three friends following.

The boy's arms went around the dog, hugging his neck.

"Wuvs you, Sparty!" he smiled, the dog barking joyously.

The four men smiled, Hayden smiling at his father.

Jolan smiled at his son, the boy's arms going around Logan.


The week flew by, the guys in charge of four bundles of childlike joy.

They took the kids to the zoo, to the park and shopping.

The press were left behind, Lonnie at their side, moments of approaching questioning curtailed by him.

But most of the week was spent at home, hearts filled with love and happiness.

Chris and Britney arrived back on Sunday, their treasures hugging them happily.

Both were suntanned and smiling.

"I didn't think walruses suntanned. How did those rays get through all that blubber??" Jolan laughed, Chris smiling at him.

"Most gods are bronzed! " he smirked, Britney rolling her eyes, a smile still on her face.

"I'd watch for rain, Bitzy. He's bound to rust."
Chris' eyes widened, Justin the deliverer of that barb.

"You are spending too much time with this freak!"

Jolan laughed, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Yes, but he's my freak!"

Jolan smiled, his arm going around Britney.

"Dish, girlfriend! I want all the sun-filled details! But you can skip the Chris in a Speedo part! Shudders!"

Chris laughed, Britney heading to the kitchen with Jolan, Chris and Justin smiling after them.

"What did you bring us, Papa Chris?" Sean asked, Chris picking him up.

"Let's go on a treasure hunt, Seany. I brought my boys, Hay and Logan treats!"
The four clapped, Justin smiling as he, Chace and Josh followed Chris out to his car.

Jolan smiled at Britney, the two seated at the kitchen table, Britney having been talking for about twenty minutes.

"His love was so real, Jo. It was so beautiful and real. Just like our wedding."
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek.

"It's a love you have now forever."
She smiled, kissing him back.

"Now back to reality. The press has found out, Jo. My Mom called me yesterday. It's all over the tabloids."
Jolan smiled, patting her arm.

"Garbage can't hold a candle to truth. That's what you need to focus on. Britney Spears is in love and has married the love of her life. End of story."
Britney smiled, seeing the clarity of Jolan's words.

"Damn straight."

Jolan laughed, patting her arm again.

"So when does the great Justin Timberlake slash Britney Spears single hit the airwaves?"
"Friday, Jolan. There's a press release party on Friday with Jive."
Jolan nodded, looking towards the hallway.

"I thought my man was hiding something from me. I'm sure he would have eventually told me."

Britney's hand went in his, Jolan smiling at her.

"I'm sure of that too, Jo. He wasn't keeping it from you."

"I know, Brit. And I know he'll want me there. And I shall be there. It's his career and his love set to music. I wouldn't ever deny him my love for that."

She smiled, Justin and Hayden walking into the room.

Hayden wore a t-shirt with a palm tree on it, and a straw hat.

"Unky Chris and Aunt Britney gets me gifts, Daddy!" he smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"Looking like a beach bum, Hay!"
The boy laughed, Britney leaning down and receiving a thank you kiss from the boy.

"Thanks, Aunt Britney."
"You're welcome, sugar bear."
He smiled, heading for the fridge, Justin opening it for him, grabbing him a juice box and picking up three more.

"Take these to your friends, Hay." he said, Hayden grabbing all four, running back into the living room, Justin smiling after him, Jolan's arms wrapping around him.

His lips went to his neck, Jolan kissing it.

Justin smiled, Britney smiling at him.

"We have to talk, Jo."
"Sure thing, Jumpy."

Justin smiled, looking into his grey eyes.

"Now that Bitzy's back, our single will be released next week. There's a party, Jo. I. . .I'd like you to be there beside me."
Jolan's arms wrapped around his husband, a soft smile on his face.

"Let's see. Me standing in the middle of music's who's who, my arm around the singer of my heart. Well, I don't think I'd want to be anywhere else."
Justin's eyes widened in surprise, looking at Britney.

"He already clued into it, JuJu."
Justin softly blushed, Jolan smiling at him.

"I was going to tell you, I just had to think of the right time."

Jolan nodded, kissing him on the lips.

"No worries, my love. I'll go."
"I know you're not comfortable with those surroundings, Jo. And it will be our first public appearance as a couple. There will be a lot of press. I didn't want you feeling pushed into it."
"I'm not, Jus. This is an important moment for you and for Britney. I'll always stand by my family in those moments of happiness and love."
Justin teared up, kissing his husband's lips.

"I love you, Jolan."
"I love you as well, Jumpy. Well, looks like the world's going to see our love shining. I aim to give them a real show."
Justin and Britney both smiled, Jolan's smile showing more love.


Lonnie stepped out of the limousine, his large eyes scanning the surrounding reporters.

It was Friday night, Jive's party in full swing at their head offices.

The place was surrounded by paparazzi, a large contingency of celebrities and stars on full display.

Jive Studios had many up and coming as well as famous clientele.

Other musical and Hollywood stars were in attendance as well.

Lonnie opened the limousine door, Justin climbing out, Jolan right behind him.

Britney and Chris exited the limousine that was parked just ahead of them, the two men smiling at their friends.

Justin's hand went immediately into Jolan's, Jolan smiling at him.

The press was set up behind roped barriers, an aisle leading up to the front entrance of the building.

Britney and Justin smiled at each other when they met at the aisle's entrance, cameras flashing, their husbands at their sides.

The reporters were screaming questions, the four smiling at everyone, walking forward


"Britney! Are you and Chris expecting? Are you really married?"

"Jolan! Over here! What is your reaction to this new song? Is Justin going to release a new album?"

"Chris! How does it feel to snag the queen of pop?"

"Justin, are you and Jolan getting married as well? When's the big date?"


The four smiled, ignoring the barrage of questions and glaring flashes.

They quietly strolled down the aisle, their arms now linked.

They'd almost made it to the front door when Justin heard another clear voice to his right.

"Hey, Justin? How much are you paying Dragos for his services?"

Justin's eyes moved, zoning in on the man staring back at him.

Tim Baxter smiled, his steely eyes filled with mirthful glee.

Jolan's eyes had already located the man, his hold on Justin tightening.

"It's alright, Jus. Let's go in."
Justin met Jolan's grey eyes, his love there calming his sudden anger.

He sighed, walking forward with his man.

They walked into the building, Britney staring at both of them.

"Was that who I think it was?" she said, Chris' arm going around her.

"What's he doing here, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan lightly kissing his cheek.

"Calmness, my love. He is a reporter, Justin. Albeit a deceitful, cowardly, arrogant one. We're here to celebrate your happiness, love and music. Let's focus on that."
Justin smiled, Jolan's love calming his soul.

"Alright, Wolfy. But he better stay away from you and myself."
Jolan smiled, kissing his husband on the lips, flashes going off behind them through the large clear windows.

"Wow! Kissing Justin Timberlake in public. Doesn't get any finer than this!"

Justin laughed, his hand going in his husband's.

"Let's mingle, guys. We have to show off our beauties, Bitzy."
Chris and Jolan laughed, Jolan winking at him.

"Do you have the feeling we're trophy wives, Chris?"
Chris laughed, as did Justin and Britney.

The four smiled, the two couples walking off in different directions.

Jolan smiled, his Justin guiding him into his world of fame.


The evening flowed, Justin and Jolan walking around the large open area of the main building at Jive.

A large fountain was in the middle of the room, cascading water flowing into a large water pool, flowers floating on its surface.

Tables were set up with food, music filling the large room, celebrities mingling around--laughing, talking and happiness surrounding the two.

Jolan had been introduced to a lot of celebrities, Justin hugged and kissed by them all, Jolan shaking a lot of hands, and receiving kisses and hugs from a lot of them.

He met a bevy of stars and musicians, many of them known to him, others not so familiar.

He suddenly realized how long he'd been out of the world's scope.

At one point Justin was tightly hugged by a young man who walked up to them, the man smiling at Jolan.

"Kudos, Justin! I bet the song's a winner!" he smiled, Justin smiling back.

"Thanks, bud! We're hoping!"
The man smiled, taking in Jolan's smiling face.

"And this is the famous Jolan Dragos. You're so damn lucky, Jus!" he smiled, Justin grinning, his arm going around Jolan.

"Don't I know it!"
Jolan smiled at Justin, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Jolan, this is Zac Efron. He's a big movie star."

"Well, an up and coming movie star, anyway. A pleasure, Jolan." he said, Jolan smiling at him as they shook hands.

"You'll have to forgive me, Mr. Efron. I've been out of the loop for a bit. I haven't watched a movie in years."

The young actor laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, I understand Jolan. I've read your book and all about your life. A path of courage and love. And it's just Zac."
Jolan smiled, the young man smiling back at him.

Justin smiled at the actor, Jolan looking into his blue eyes.

"Well, I just wanted to say hello. A pleasure, Jolan. Let's do lunch sometime, guys."
"Will do, Zac." Justin smiled, the young man walking away.

The two watched him leave.

"He's a looker, Jus."

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Yeah he is. But your beauty's got him beat."
Jolan smiled, kissing him back.

"Thanks, Jus. But still, he's gorgeous!"

Justin laughed, looking after the young man.

"Yeah, that's true. But we're out of luck."

Jolan looked at Justin.

"He's into older guys, Jo. He's banging Bruce Willis."
Jolan looked surprised for a moment, the two staring at each other.

Then they burst out into laughter, hugging each other.

"Let's get a drink, my love. I'm parched." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him, the two walking through the large crowd.


Justin stood at the bar, smiling as he paid for his and Jolan's drinks.

Jolan was standing a few feet away from him, talking to Joey and Lance.

The four had met at the bar, Justin getting their drinks.

"Awesome turnout, Jo. Jus and Brit must be so happy." Lance smiled, Joey smiling beside him.

"He is, Lance. I feel the happiness in his heart."
The two men smiled, Justin walking up to them, handing Jolan his glass of white wine, his hand holding a glass of vodka.

"We were saying the place is packed, Jus." Joey smiled, Justin grinning.

"Yeah, it's unbelievable! I don't remember this big a turnout when I debuted my last album." he smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"That's because this is new and refreshing. A moment made of pop legend. Wait till they hear it." Jolan said, Justin beaming at him.

"We go on in fifteen. Then the video debuts. God, I hope they like it!" he smiled, Jolan kissing him again.

"Our love surrounds you, my Jumpy. Mine especially. Take on the world, babe."
Justin smiled, feeling and hearing his man's deep love.

"I've got to go and find Britney. See you soon, my angel."
"Knock 'em dead, superstar!"

Justin smiled, his man kissing him goodbye.

Lance and Joey smiled at Jolan, the young man smiling back.

"He'll take on the world, guys. My love feeds his soul."
The two smiled, the three talking.


And take on the world he did.

With his loving friend at his side, and his Jolan standing before him.

Justin and Britney stood on a stage before the musical world of Los Angeles, their song awing all of them silent.

The room was enthralled by the beauty, sensuality and deep love coming from both matured voices.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were creating a moment in Pop Culture right before them.

The greatest dreams and hopes of a pop generation were being realized.

Beauty, music and love were uniting for the world to see.

And Jolan and Chris stood in front of them, hearing the love shining in their soulmates' voices and hearts.

After the song ended, the room erupted into applause, the sound surprisingly deafening in the large room.

The two singers smiled, looking out into the center of their world.

The audience of happiness and joy.

Justin leaned over, kissing Britney on the lips.

"Our love shines forever, Bitzy. They love it!"
Britney teared up, hugging her dear friend.

"Forever, JuJu."
Justin smiled, the two bowing again, Justin raising his hands, asking for silence above the loudness.

He waved his hands, the room gradually calming down.

"Thank you all so much! Your applause increases the love in our hearts. I hope you all liked it?" he said, the room erupting in screaming, clapping and catcalls.
He smiled, the din lowering again.

"This song has a special place in Britney's and my hearts. It's because of the creator of it." he said, Britney smiling at him.

"That's right, Jus. This song was written especially for us, the words and music our real love showing forth. Our love is in our hearts again because of that same individual. He wrote this not for praise or fame, but for love and happiness. Our love and happiness. We'd like that man to come up here with us. We sing this song as a tribute to his love. Our love reflects off his love. Come up here, Jolan!"

The crowd began to clap, Jolan looking totally surprised, Chris and Joey gently pushing him forward, Justin smiling at him.

"Walk into our happiness, Jo. Your love is our love."
The man smiled, walking up to his husband and Britney.

They both put their arms around Jolan, cameras going off, the press allowed in for the song's debut.

They both kissed his cheeks, the young man smiling out at everyone.
The applause was just as loud as for when the song ended.

"On that note of thankfulness, I say thanks. But we all came here for the music of these two."
Justin and Britney smiled seeing Jolan deflecting the attention back on them, Johnny Wright walking up onto to the stage, smiling out at everyone.

"Jolan's right. We heard their music of love, now let's watch the song's debuting video." he said, pointing towards a large screen, the room darkening.

The music began, the images beginning to fill the screen.

Jolan smiled, Johnny winking at him.

Justin's hand went into his, squeezing it gently.

Jolan smiled, his eyes focusing on the passing images on the large screen.

His eyes took in all of it, a story developing before him.

It showed a young man, walking down a road, different images of hurt, pain, sorrow, hope, courage and love showing.

Jolan stared at the symbolism of every step the man took.

Throughout the images his Justin and Britney's soft voices and fading images showed through.

It was a symbol of a man's walking through life, going on through pain finding love.

It was an image of his own life.

His tearing eyes met Justin's, his husband leaning forward and kissing his lips, Britney smiling at both of them.

"Paths of love, paths of life." Britney said, Jolan smiling at her.

The last image was of the young man standing alone, another hand going into his, and Justin's voice ending the video.

"Life begins with love. I'll always walk beside you."

The applause began again, the room filled with joy and enthusiasm.

On the stage a young man was held in his husband's arms, weeping into his chest.

The crowd, their friends, and everyone standing there saw the love shining on Justin's face.


The night progressed, Justin and Britney congratulated by everyone.

Pictures were taken, interviews given, the press remaining surprisingly respectful, Jolan at Justin's side through all of it.

Justin smiled, seeing his man's happiness and his joy at his man's success.

And Justin had felt Jolan's loving surprise at the subject of the touching video.

Reporters commented on it, Justin and Britney telling them the truth.

That it was a tribute to Jolan's love.

Jolan separated from Justin, heading to the bar to get them drinks, Justin deep in discussion with Gloria Estefan, the two sitting on the fountain's marble edge.

He was laughing, chatting with her, when a hand went to his shoulder.

He smiled, turning, staring into two intense leering eyes.

"Hey, Justin. How goes it?"
Justin's eyes filled with surprise, Tim Baxter smiling back at him.

Justin stood up, Gloria looking at both of them.

"I've nothing to say to you, Baxter." he said, his eyes staring back at him.

"Hey, relax Timberlake. Just trying to be civil."
"Everything okay, Justin?" Gloria asked, Justin's eyes going to her.

"I'm alright, Gloria."
She stood up, looking at the man.

"Alright, Justin. I'm going to the powder room, back shortly."

"A pleasure meeting you, Gloria." Tim smiled, the woman looking at Justin again, walking away.

"Leave now, Baxter. Or I'll have Jive's security escort you out."
Baxter smiled, folding his arms.

"Relax, Timberlake. I just wanted to give you kudos. Slick idea divulging our last meeting on Jimmy Fallon. Your man one-upped me. I don't like being one-upped by a smug bastard like your boy toy."

Justin's eyes began to cloud with anger.

"He's my husband, not my boyfriend."
The man laughed, smiling at Justin.

"He's your boy toy that you bang for fun. And I'm sure he bangs you back just as hard. If not harder. Mark Wahlberg told me all about your spreading legs a long time ago. The man talks a mouthful when he's on top of you."
Justin's eyes widened in surprise, the man's disgusted attitude shown.

"So here's the deal, Timberlake. How about I have a crack at your famous ass? I'll meet you in the upstairs washroom in ten minutes. Alone and hard. I'm even more impressive than Wahlberg."
The man smiled, Justin staring in shock as the man leered at him.

"He'll do no such thing. Justin doesn't play with parasites."

Justin felt two arms go around him, turning to his left, two grey eyes staring at him.
Baxter stared in anger at Jolan who'd walked up beside Justin, Jolan kissing his husband's cheek.

"I'm here, Jus. And you're leaving, Baxter. Right now."

The man stared at Jolan, an arrogant smile crossing his face.

"What are you going to do, Dragos? We're in the middle of celebrity heaven. Every photographer in here will make you the center of their world. You can't touch me."

"I never said I was going to touch you. But you'd be surprised what you can learn talking to people. Sometimes payback can be a bitch."

The man looked confused, a hand going to his shoulder.

He turned around, a fist hitting the reporter in the face propelling him backwards,  Baxter falling into the fountain right behind him.

Water flew everywhere, Justin staring in shocked surprise at the now totally soaked Baxter, the man struggling to the surface.

Justin stared at the man who now stood in front of him.

"Thanks for telling me he was here, Jolan." the man said smiling at Jolan, Justin staring into his cocoa brown eyes.

Enrique Iglesias laughed, Jolan smiling at him.



End of Chapter 135


And so our Jolan is in the spotlight of fame.


And he seems to have met a new friend.

A friend who's taken their anger out on Baxter.

Perhaps deservedly so.

What's the story there?


Logan's life is about to get so much better.

I felt a closure on his past was needed, albeit a tragic end to his parents.

But trust me to avenge their passing with Jolan's love.


Up next: the time of truth begins.

Jolan stands before the Archanian nation.

I don't think they'll ever be the same again.


Sorry, I said too much.
Read on, the path widens.



Hugs, Angel.