Jolan's Path - Chapter 136


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 136


Tim Baxter struggled to climb out of the fountain's pool, every eye in the room staring at him, cameras going off, reporters moving to the center of the room.

His eyes focused, staring at Enrique Iglesias' glaring eyes that were totally focused on him.

Johnny Wright had materialized beside Justin, the man motioning towards four uniformed security guards, the four immediately moving forward, surrounding the wet reporter, two of them pulling him out of the pool.

"Get your sorry ass the hell out of here, Baxter!! Or I'll submerge your wet carcass again!!" Enrique said, his voice edged with anger.

"He's leaving, Enrique. Escort him out boys." Johnny said, the singer's eyes meeting his.

"I'll sue you, Wright! You and this bastard!" Baxter said, one hand holding his nose.

"Go right ahead, Baxter. You'll be the second case right after mine." Enrique said, Jolan walking up beside him, the two trading looks.

Baxter looked surprised by Enrique's words, his eyes scanning the staring crowd now surrounding them.

"Gentlemen of the press. Fellow comrades of this wet useless apparition. I'm sure you all want to know why he's wet, and why I hit him?" Enrique said, staring at the reporters now.
Cameras were still flashing, reporters now right in front of Enrique and Jolan.

"Our good friend Jolan here made me aware of this man's presence. I had a score to settle with him. It was private and personal. But if Baxter wants to open the discussion up, I'm more than happy to reveal all of it."

The wet reporter stared at the man, his body slightly trembling.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Iglesias. I'm laying charges."

Enrique moved forward, Johnny Wright moving faster, stopping the man from reaching Baxter.

"Charges? How about the charges I should lay on you, you bastard! How does blackmail sound?"

The reporters looked stunned, their eyes going to Baxter, whose eyes looked like a deer caught in a pair of headlights.

"That's right, Baxter. Why don't you tell them about our last meeting? About your trying to blackmail me. And what the price was. The same price you tried to extract from Jolan Dragos in that bathroom before. And I'm not even gay, you sick fuck!"

The reporters were shocked, still staring at Baxter, the man's nervousness now showing.

He saw the cameras going off, his clothes dripping water everywhere.
Johnny's arms were around Enrique, holding him back, feeling the man's anger.

"Get him out of here, men. Calm down, Enrique."
"My lawyer's pressing charges, Baxter! We caught your little blackmail attempt on film. I just received my justice, you're going to get yours." he said, the man's eyes widening.

"Get him out of here, now!" Johnny said louder, the four guards pulling the man towards the exit, Baxter's face white with shock.

Johnny slowly released the younger man,  Enrique's eyes still showing anger.

"The man's a vicious predator, with no regard for other people's values. He'll have justice served." the singer said, feeling a hand going to his shoulder, Jolan's grey eyes staring at the man.

"Courage lays in your heart, Mr. Iglesias."

The man's anger softened, Enrique looking towards the reporters, his face showing a soft smile.

"It's Enrique, Jolan."

Jolan smiled, his eyes going to Justin, his husband staring at him with mild shock, Britney at his side now.

"Let's get a drink guys." Jolan said, he and Enrique moving towards the bar, Justin and his friends following.
Johnny Wright walked up to the reporters, Justin's manager going into media control mode.

He nodded at another security guard, others following Jolan and Enrique.


Justin stared at Enrique, the Spanish singer smiling at him.

The two sat at a large table, Jolan at Justin's side, their friends around them.

Enrique had spent the last few minutes telling all of them the complete details of Tim Baxter's revealed truth.

"The man's a leech. How many others has he done that to?" Enrique said, his eyes lowering.

Justin's hand went to his shoulder, the man's eyes raising.

"He won't be doing it anymore, Enrique. Your courage will bring him to task."
The man nodded, his brown eyes going to Jolan's grey.

"Thank you, Jolan. For your courageous stand against him as well."

"I'll never let anyone touch me like that again, Enrique. And I'll stop anyone from doing it to others."

Enrique smiled, his eyes looking around at the group surrounding him.

"I see a lot of friendship and love surrounding you, Jolan. And I've wanted to meet your husband for a long time."
Justin smiled, Enrique smiling at him.

"I'm sure all of you want to know what Baxter was trying to blackmail me with?"

Chris' eyes were staring at the man.

"That's private, Enrique."
"No, it's not private when you are already aware of part of the truth. I have your friend Jolan to thank for giving me the courage to set the man up."
Everyone looked confused, Jolan smiling at Enrique, then around at his friends.

"I called Enrique a few months ago. Right after Baxter's altercation with Justin. Enrique recorded the second attempt of Baxter's blackmailing scheme, then threw the man out of his house. A bit of déjà vu, don't you agree Lance?"

Lance's eyes widened a bit, Justin's widening as well.
"You mean. . .not Mark again?"

Enrique's head lowered, Jolan rising out of his seat, walking over behind the man, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Mark was an insatiable, sinful man. Many fell into his trap, straight or gay didn't matter to him, for him it was the power of control. And Baxter and Wahlberg were old acquaintances. As Justin learned tonight.

Mark gave the man a lot of revealing information. That's how the man's gained his success and fame. He used that information to further his career. But he didn't count on a man of courage standing against him. Enrique's soul can heal. The pattern of pain and hurt can now end."
Enrique's head raised, Jolan smiling down at him, the man's eyes moving around to everyone.

"I was a victim as you once were, Justin. Jolan told me of your pain and its mirroring mine."

Justin's hand went to his shoulder, the two looking at each other.

"Jolan's right, Enrique. You can now live with a free soul. Jolan gave Mark his justice, you're giving Baxter his."

Enrique nodded, wiping his eyes, everyone quietly staring at him with compassion.

"It was so degrading, being forced into that lifestyle. I'm not saying that against you or your friends. I'm sure you are all surrounded by moving, loving experiences. What Mark did to me carried no love. It took me a long time to focus again on the beauty of love. The beauty I'm sure you all have now."
Everyone smiled at the singer, Jolan's hand rubbing his shoulder.

"It took a lot of courage to voice the truth to the press, Enrique. You may be walking into a media storm." Joey said, Enrique smiling at him.

"For truth and justice I'll face the world. Your friend's love instilled that in me." he said, looking up at Jolan again.

Jolan smiled, Enrique standing up, smiling at him.

"I think I should leave. The press are still hanging around. Time enough tomorrow for justice to begin its course. Baxter's being served tomorrow."
Everyone nodded, Enrique smiling at Justin, Justin standing, the man shaking his hand.

"Wonderful meeting you, Justin. Kindred souls and all that."
Justin smiled, Enrique's eyes meeting Jolan's.

"Thank you, Jolan. For everything."
"Life begins with a healed soul, Enrique. You have my numbers."
"Yes, Enrique. We'd love to see you again." Justin said, his arm going around Jolan.

The man smiled, Jolan moving, hugging him tightly, the man surprised, but returning the hug.

"Goodbye, everyone." he said, walking away from their table, reporters moving after him.

"I don't envy the man his future, Jo. He'll be in the center of a media battle."
Jolan nodded, kissing Justin's cheek.

"He has the courage to stand against the truth. And we've gained a new friend."
Everyone smiled, Justin kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Sorry for the drama, Jus. I've created a downturn to the party."

"We've seen your love as always, Jo." Johnny said, walking up to the table.

Jolan smiled, Johnny smiling at him.

"Enrique left, our security covering his exit, no issues." he said, everyone sitting down again.

"That was quick thinking, Jolan. Setting Iglesias on Baxter." Johnny said, Jolan staring at him.

"It actually was Enrique's idea. He knew Baxter would make a move on Justin."
"How. . .how did he know that?" Joey asked with surprise.

Jolan's eyes met Justin's.

"Because I told him. I knew Baxter would make the moves on you, Jumpy. But there was no way in hell I was letting him touch you. That's why I informed Enrique of Baxter's presence. He offered to deflect Baxter's arrogance off of you, Jus. Enrique took him on to protect you and myself."
Justin looked surprised, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"He. . .he did it for us?"
"For you and for himself, Jumpy. Your souls now are free of the deceptive hurt."

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan on the lips.

"My man organizes his protective love so surprisingly."
Jolan smiled, staring into the blue pools of love staring back.

"He also knew that if Baxter touched you I would have thrown the man in the pool or through one of those windows."
Justin looked surprised, Jolan lowering his head.

"I love you, Jus. I'll destroy anyone who dares to touch you. I love you."
Justin leaned forward, kissing his husband deeply.

"Your love guided him to defend us, Jolan. And to defend himself. I think you're right. I think we've gained a new friend. I want to thank him."
Jolan smiled, everyone smiling at the two.

"So tell us all of it, Jo. A few months ago you met him? You knew back then?" Chris said.
Jolan smiled, telling them all everything.


Justin smiled, his lean frame leaning against the door frame.

His eyes took in the sleeping love before him.

Hayden, Logan, Sean and Jayden were all sound asleep in their new bunk beds, Spartacus' head raising from his cushiony bed.

Justin smiled, leaning down and petting the dog's head, his golden eyes smiling up at him, the dog relaxing back in the bed again.

"Protect and love them, Sparty." Jolan said softly, his arms wrapping around his man who'd stood again, kissing his neck.

"They all have his love in their dreams, Jo."
Jolan smiled, Justin gently pulled out of the room by his husband, guided next door to their bedroom.

Justin smiled, Jolan's hands beginning to unbutton Justin's shirt.

Josh and Chace both smiled at the two, both men already in their bed, their bodies naked under the sheets.

Chace was on top of Josh, his lover's arms around him, Chace kissing his smooth chest.

"Need some help, Jo? Justin takes forever to reveal his goodies."
Justin lightly laughed, Jolan's hands opening the man's pants.

"A gift is always best enjoyed slowly, Chacey. Joshy didn't even gift wrap it."
Josh chuckled, winking at his man.

"Time to open us some presents, my love."
Chace grinned, leaping off the bed, his hands going to Justin's pants, the pants hitting the floor in one quick motion, Justin falling back onto the bed.

Josh and Chace were against him, the man's clothes leaving his body, their hands and lips all over him.

Justin didn't have a chance to speak, Chace's tongue meeting his.

Jolan smiled above them, Josh leaving the two, his body going against Jolan's, removing the man's clothes quickly, the two falling down onto the bed.

Josh's lips were against Jolan's, Jolan feeling all the love in the man's soul.

They broke the kiss, the two snuggling against their husbands.

"You're amazing, Jo. What you did for Enrique, for his soul."
"I freed the doubt and hurt, Joshy. As I'd do for any lost soul. It's who I am."
The other three smiled, their lips kissing Jolan's separately.

Jolan smiled at the three, seeing their showing love, all three in a state of heightening need.

"My men seem to be deeply desirous tonight. Are all three of you getting off on my giving love?"

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan again.

"We get off on your love, always." he said, Jolan softly sighing.

The young man stood up, walking over to the window, staring out into the darkened backyard.

The three on the bed traded looks, Josh rising up out of the bed, Justin and Chace taking in their revealed beauty.

Josh's arms went around Jolan's waist, Jolan leaning into the man's warmth.

"What's wrong, Jo?"

"Will I always be a beacon for pain and hurt, Joshua? Will my life never have calmness and peacefulness?"

Josh pulled the young man against him, Justin and Chace staring at Jolan.

"You are not a beacon for pain. You are a giving, loving man."
Jolan sighed, his head laying against Josh's chest as he turned around, Josh holding onto him tightly.

"That's just it, Joshy. I am a reflecting conduit of life. My love draws in the pained and hurting souls. It's released back to them to soften their pain. Such is the Caitre Din Dragoste's life. I give love to extinguish pain. When can I just be myself? I just want to be myself."
Jolan's eyes were glistening, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Enrique's beautiful soul was so full of pain. Why must I always feel the pain? Why can't I just heal it and cover it with my love? I'm tired of feeling the pain."
Justin and Chace were in tears, the two rising out of the bed, joining their husbands, Josh smiling at Justin as he guided Jolan into his warm embrace.

"I love you, Jo. I never realized how much this pained you. How your giving love pained your soul."
Jolan wiped his eyes, Justin kissing his lips.

"It is a pain I must accept, Jus. For the end result fills so many hearts with love and happiness."

"You are so giving, my love. Each of those souls are healed, and I'm sorry your soul is scarred by that."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's lips.

"Love, they say, comes with a price. I wish I could close the register at times, Jus."
Josh smiled, rubbing Jolan's shoulder, Chace kissing his other shoulder.

"All sales final, Jo. I think we got an amazing bargain."

Jolan lightly laughed, all three smiling at him.

"I'm sorry. I just had a moment of reflecting doubt."
"It's alright, Jo. We all realize what it takes for you to give your love to so many. We just never realized the weight of that love."
"A dollar ninety-nine an ounce, Joshy."
Josh laughed, Jolan softly smiling.

"Washing over the doubt with humor, our Jo is." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

Jolan sighed again, Justin hugging him close.

"My life is mine, my three. I give love to heal and to give happiness. It's who I am. I'll take in whatever pain I must."
Josh nodded, his blue eyes shining with love for their Jolan.

"You took my pain away, Jolan. And you gave me your love. Thank you for all of it."
Jolan smiled, Chace kissing Jolan's cheek.

"I thank you too, Jo. For your love, and my Josh's and Justin's."
Jolan nodded, Justin smiling at him.

"So what pain did you take from Enrique, Jo?"

Jolan sighed, looking into three sets of blue eyes.

"I took in the pain of his doubts, my loves."
"His doubts?"
Jolan nodded, looking out in the darkness again.

"Enrique Iglesias hasn't come to terms with all of his pain. He's stood against the injustice done against him, and others. But he has to face one more doubt-filled truth."

"He's gay, isn't he?"

Jolan's eyes met Josh's, the man having spoken.

"Bi at the least, Josh. He just hasn't realized that truth in his soul. I saw it in the aura of his love."

"Wow, Jo. Enrique is gay? He's so totally together, masculine and rugged." Justin said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"A bit of a hidden crush there, Jus?"
Justin softly blushed, Jolan smiling at him.

"It's alright, my Jumpy. The man is beautiful. And I know you've always loved his music. I have seen your CD collection downstairs."

"I guess I've always been attracted to rugged, good looking masculine men. Hence my loving you, my Wolfy."
Jolan smiled, his eyes taking on a sudden yellowish glow.

"Nice save, Jus." Chace smirked, Jolan softly laughing, Josh joining him, Justin blushing.

"Not convincing enough?" he said, the three smiling at him.

"The man is beautiful, Jus. How about a fifth in our quartet of love?" Chace said, Jolan laughing more loudly, the other three joining him.

"Our tiger and his libido!"

Chace laughed at Jolan's words, the young man kissing him deeply.

"To hell with a fifth. I need just you three." he smiled, his hand lowering, stroking Jolan's center.

Jolan smiled, his eyes going to his Justin's.

"You said you were attracted to ruggedness, my Jus. How about an animal of love?"
Justin smiled, nodding his head.

Chace and Josh smiled at each other, then at Jolan.

"We'll leave you to feed your Jumpy's need." Josh said, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"No, Joshua. I want you and Chace to stay. It's time you saw the beauty of our souls of love. I want you to see the total beauty of my soul. It's time you saw Justin's happiness."
Josh and Chace both smiled, Justin smiling as well.

"That beast is my soulmate. His love mine alone. I'd like them to see my total happiness as well, Wolfy."

"He was a beautiful beast, Jus." Chace said, his hand still on Jolan's hardness.

Jolan smiled, the man's body changing immediately, Chace stepping back in surprise when he'd felt the thickness expanding in his hand.

Josh and he both stared into two yellow eyes of animalistic love, a hairy vision of beauty standing before them.

"Sit down on the bed, guys. My Wolfy shall show his love."
Josh and Chace looked at Justin, the man kissing both of their cheeks.

The two men moved back to the bed, watching Justin with the beast before him.

Justin walked up to his Wolfy, his hands going to his large muscular chest.

"Hello my beast of love, my champion of love. I need you so much."
The beast's arms wrapped around Justin's nude body, its yellow eyes looking towards the other two.

"Their eyes of love wish to watch the beauty of your beastly need, my Wolfy. Let's show them magical love."

The beast growled, picking up Justin in its arms, Justin wrapping his legs around the beast's waist.

The two on the bed saw the largeness of the beast's erect center, its length covering Justin's ass.

The beast moved forward to the bed, lowering Justin on its center, Josh and Chace right beside them.

Justin began to moan as the beast moved over his body, the other two watching its tenderness and need of their friend's body.

The two joined together, their eyes taking in all of the beast's love and Justin's total submission to its need.

"It's so gentle, so loving. To be loved by it would be the beauty of total love." Josh softly said, the beast's eyes moving to his blue.

A long tongue snaked out of the beast's mouth, licking across Josh's face.

"It sees you and is calm, Joshy. It accepts your presence of love." Justin said, the beast returning to Justin's body.

Chace smiled as did Josh, the two watching the beast begin its passion, mating with its wolf mate.

They saw the gasping beauty of Justin's total abandon.

The two men took in the vision of a Badenwolf dream of ecstasy.

And Justin was lost in his beast's center of love.


Hours later Justin was holding Josh, the man crying in his arms.

"Oh, Jus. His love it was so real, so beautiful! You must have been in heaven! His passion, his tenderness, your trembling soul!"
Justin smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"His love is total love, Josh. The same total love you receive from your Chace."
Josh nodded, his and Justin's eyes going to their husbands beside them.

Jolan was sound asleep, the man laying in the arms of Chace, he asleep as well.

After the Badenwolf had shown all of his love, Jolan had returned to his usual form, Chace taking him into his arms then.

"I cannot have the beast, but I so need you, Jo." Chace had said, his face covered in tears, Jolan kissing him deeply.

Jolan had given himself to Chace in all ways, the young man taking all of him.

And then Jolan had done the same for Josh, the older man taking in all of Jolan's offered love.

Justin had lain back, watching his man give his friends their needed love, the intimacy and beauty of the Badenwolf moving their souls.

They now saw the beauty of the beast's love, a love he alone possessed.

"Our men are so beautiful, Josh. Their bodies, hearts and love ours."

Josh smiled, kissing Justin's lips.

"You are just as beautiful, Jus. And you have a deeper, special love in your heart. Your Badenwolf's love."
Justin smiled, kissing Josh deeply.

"His essence still lingers within me. Why don't you see if you can taste it?"

Josh smiled, Justin pulling him down, giving in to the need he felt in Josh's soul.


Enrique sighed, laying in his bed, his mind a flutter of thoughts and needs.

He still couldn't understand where he'd found the courage to confront and attack that callous Baxter.

His mind perhaps, indeed, knew the answer to that.

He'd found it in the grey eyes of a beautiful man.

Jolan Dragos was nothing if not a total vision of masculine beauty.

Enrique had found himself smiling widely when the man had walked up to him at the party.

It had been over a month since he'd seen the man, his beauty drawing his gaze.

Enrique sighed, his hand going under the covers covering his nude body.

It had been a total shock to him that first time he'd met Jolan.

How the man had talked to him of his secret, embarrassing, foolish mistake.

He still felt a tinge of shame at that truth.

That he'd let that bastard Mark Wahlberg seduce and blackmail him.

And then Jolan had freed his soul when he'd told him about destroying Mark's tapes.

His soul had flown with happiness, but for only a moment.

Then Jolan had brought up the subject of Tim Baxter, his most recent blackmailer-to-be.

Jolan had been so patient, so understanding, so helpful.

It was he that had saved him from the man's lecherous advances.

Enrique was free of the blackmail now, but his heart will still troubled by one part of it.

The need he felt growing within him.

The need to have a true moment of real love.

Though Mark had been abusive, and dominant, Enrique had felt a stirring in his heart, a hunger for men.

When Jolan had talked to him again tonight, Enrique's eyes had been drawn to him, and to his partner Justin.

Justin he'd always thought was a vision of total beauty.

Enrique couldn't stop staring at him.

Jolan was so lucky, as was Justin.

Jolan was a beautiful man as well.

That was why he had to walk away tonight.

His desires were overtaking him.

He sighed, looking at his watch.

It had been thirty minutes already.

He heard a knock on his condo door, the man climbing out of bed, pulling on a robe.

He walked down the darkened hallway, flicking on a light, opening the door.

He stared into two blue eyes, a young blond-haired man smiling at him.

"You called me?"
"Yes, it's Willis, right?"
The young man smiled, nodding his head, Enrique opening the door, the man walking into the condo.

"You look familiar?"
Enrique smiled, folding his arms.

"You look like someone famous as well." he said, the young man smiling.

"I'm paid for that. Some say I look like Justin Timberlake. Others say Keith Urban. I can be whomever you want me to be. The fantasy's yours, sexy."

Enrique smiled, the man smiling at him.

"The bedroom's this way." Enrique said, the young man smirking, following Enrique down the hallway.

They walked into the bedroom, the young man smiling at him.

"Now I got it! Enrique Iglesias!"

Enrique's eyes softened, the young man looking at him with surprise.

"You like the boys? How hot is that? Man you are hot."
Enrique stared at the young man, the young man coming closer to him, his lips softly touching Enrique's chin.

"An awesome bonus. I've never had fun with a real star. You look so hot."

Enrique's hand went to the young man's smooth face, touching it.

"So what's your scene, hottie? Dominance, submission, kink? I'm game for anything."

Enrique's hand pulled the man's face to his, the Spanish singer kissing him deeply.

The young man forced his tongue into Enrique's mouth, the man duelling with him.

They broke the kiss, the young man smiling.

"Someone's in need! Take all you want, sexy. I'm yours for the night."

Enrique smiled, staring into his blue eyes.

"Tonight your name is Justin."
The young man chuckled.

"Got the hots for the Timberlake tubesnake, eh Enrique? I think his man is even hotter." the young man said, pulling off his t-shirt, his smooth muscular chest on full display, Enrique's hands running over it.

"It's him I want tonight. If I can't have him you'll be his stand-in."

The young man smiled, leaning forward and kissing Enrique's lips.

"What can your Justin do for you, Enrique? I aim to please."

Enrique opened his robe, dropping it to the floor, the young man's eyes widening in surprise.

His blue eyes took in the muscular smooth body before him, and the large hanging uncut erection rising upwards.

"Wow! Impressive!"

Enrique's hand went to the young man's shoulder, the man lowering his body.

Enrique gasped when the young man took his shaft into his mouth, the young man devouring him.

Enrique was lost in the sensation, his whole body trembling, the young man an expert cocksucker.

Enrique felt himself getting close, pulling back from the young man, the man standing back up.

Enrique pulled him to him, kissing him deeply, moving him around and pushing him back on the bed.

"I'm going to devour every inch of you, Justin. And then I'll have you."
The young man smiled, laying back, Enrique's fingers going to his belt.

"Enjoy it, Enrique. I want you to take me all night. I'll satisfy that Timberlake hunger you have."
Enrique's hand went over the young man's mouth, their eyes meeting.

"You talk too damn much. Just do as I say."
The young man nodded, Enrique pulling the man's pants and briefs off, staring down at the young Adonis before him.

He truly was a close vision to Justin.

Enrique smiled, their eyes meeting.

"Turn over, Justin."
The young man smiled, turning over, feeling a weight go against him, knowing the naked man had joined him on the bed.

The thrust of a hot shaft of steel sinking into him made his mind flood with need.

Enrique's arms wrapped around the young man, one hand going to his center.

"I need all of you, Jus. I'm going to make love to your for hours."

The young man felt his head being turned, two lips meeting his, the young man feeling a lot of tender sensuality and need in that kiss being given.

He knew the type.

This hot Spaniard was a romantic.

Oh, well it's his dollar.

The young man kissed back with tenderness, Enrique beginning the passion of his soul.


The next two weeks flew by, Justin and Jolan concentrating on their careers, their home life and their love.

The three of love had many days of happiness, joy and family life.

Josh and Chace visited often, together with Logan, or alone.

The two families of love were centered around each other.

Logan seemed totally happy, his parents' loss not showing, his friendship with Hayden growing.

All four men saw their bonded love, Spartacus at the center of it often.

Justin and Josh and Chace marvelled at the dog's total devotion to the two boys.

Often they'd take their afternoon naps cuddled against the dog's warm fur.

Their friends visited often as well, topics discussed, the world around them focusing.

Enrique's assault on Baxter was played over the news, the truth of the judicial part of it revealed throughout the days after.

Tim Baxter was being sued for harassment, sexual assault and blackmail.

The tabloids, and television entertainment shows were full of it, every angle revealed and circumspect.

Justin and Jolan released a statement in support of the man's courage, their friends issuing the same statement.

Enrique had called the next week, thanking them both for their support.

Jolan had talked to him for a while, the man feeling his friend's feelings.

Jolan himself was busy with the preparations for the upcoming meetings of truth and destiny.

Reinhardt had called often, as had Calen and Dominoso.

The families were preparing, the meeting closing in on everyone.

Jolan and Josh had had many long discussions, the older man marvelling at Jolan's calmness and acceptance.

Josh felt Jolan was well prepared for whatever would be revealed.

Jolan had offered to tell Josh the truth of all of it, Josh seeing a hesitation in the young man's grey loving eyes.

In the end he told Jolan that he would walk forward along with everyone else and see what needed to be seen.

Jolan had kissed him deeply, his love entering Josh's soul.

He'd made love to him after that, the two alone at Josh's place.

Josh had felt all of Jolan's love that day.

Chace and Justin had both seen the happiness on both their faces for the next few days.


On June tenth, a Friday, Jolan had invited everyone over for a supper party, everyone agreeing to come.

Two days later they would all be leaving for Europe, the Archanian meeting scheduled for the eighteenth, the next Saturday.

They were flying to England first, Jolan asking to visit the Dragosan clan at Bloodstone, Calen agreeing completely, welcoming them all to his home again.

From there they would travel to Romania, and then finally into the depths of the Carpathian mountains and the ancestral home of the Archanians.

Everyone arrived Friday night, Jolan greeting them all at the door, Justin with Hayden in his arms as well.

Josh, Chace, Logan, Joey, Lance, Lonnie and Ally arrived at the same time.

Leo, Kelly, Briahna, Britney and Chris with the kids a few minutes later.

Sandra and Jessica came with Lynn, Usher and Nick the last to arrive.

All were greeted and walked to the patio, Joey pouring drinks for everyone, the group chatting and smiling.

Jolan smiled at everyone, sensing all of the glancing eyes.

Briahna took the kids upstairs, Jolan smiling at her sisterly love for all four, knowing the boys would have fun in Hayden's room with her.

Justin's arm went around Jolan when he sat down beside him, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"Our friends are loving, but also worried, my Jus."
Justin looked around at everyone, their eyes going to Jolan.

"I cannot stop you from worrying, all I can do is give you my love."
"We are worried, Jo. In two days you go forward onto the path of your destiny. The next few weeks are going to be intense." Lance said, Joey's arm going around him, Jolan seeing both of their concern.

"Yes, Lance. They will be intense. And revealing. I just want all of you to focus on one thing."
"What's that, Jo?" Chace said, Jolan smiling at his lover.

"That behind all that you shall see will be love. Will be my love. I do all of this for love. To free my families and to unite their love. I have been destined to do this."
"But at what cost, Jo? I. . .we don't want you risking all for destiny." Chace said, Josh hugging his man close.

"To risk for love is a noble thing, Jo. But sometimes the most noblest of ideas can end in tragedy." Joey said, Jolan smiling at him.

"There will be no lingering tragedy at the end of all this, my friends. Your hearts will soar with an unbelievable truth. I only hope that you can accept me as I shall then be."
"'As you shall then be'? Are you going to change, Jo?" Lonnie asked, the large man staring at his friend.

"My love will never change for any of you."

Everyone softly smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"I know how the three meetings will play out, how my family will be forced to react."
"Forced, Jo? How?" Leo said, Jolan looking around at everyone.

"The man that I am here, the soul of love you all see, will be a different man for all of them. Destiny will control me, will charge me with my duty before them. They will accept what I have to offer, or none of it shall work."
"That sounds ominous, Jo. It sounds like you shall have to do some courageous things, or even some ominous things." Usher said, Jolan sighing.

"Was my grandfather any less courageous? Were the truths that he was forced to deliver any more ominous? He had to destroy a quarter of his clansmen in the name of truth and justice. To rid the clan of their intensifying evil."
Everyone looked concerned, staring at Jolan with shock.

"Would it have to come to that, Jolan? To force or even death?" Lance said, his voice edged with emotion.

"No, Lance. I will never use force to make people cower. It is with a free choice that my families will unite. The only thing that could stop that is the evil and doubt within their own hearts."
Everyone nodded, staring at Jolan.

"Truth is coming, everyone. And love is as well. You have all felt my giving love. It is time they all did. You must prepare yourselves for the truths that I shall show. Just believe in my love and your love will carry me until the end."

"We do believe in your love, Jolan. For all of us carry it in our hearts." Nick said, Jolan smiling.

"On that note we should eat. Help me in the kitchen, Joshua?"
Josh smiled, following Jolan into the kitchen, everyone watching the two disappear inside.

"Jolan's heart is so giving, Justin. We all feel his love. And we all feel the deepness of the wonder that may be revealed at those meetings, and on that final day. I think it may be unbelievable." Ally said, Lonnie's arms going around her.

"It shall, Ally. My Jolan's truths shall surprise all of us. Josh knows the most of any of it. Jolan hasn't told him all of it either. All I can do is follow him with my love. As all of you must as well."
Chace's arm went around Justin, Lynn smiling at her son.

"We're all here for him, Justin. Our love is his."

Justin smiled, his mother kissing his cheek.


The meal was wonderful, the atmosphere less concerning, Jolan's smile calming all of them.

After dinner people laughed and talked, some going for a swim, others chatting and mingling.

The phone went off, Jolan answering it, talking for a few minutes.

He hung up, Josh smiling at him from the patio table.

"That was Enrique, Josh. He's on his way over."
Josh nodded, a surprised look on his face.

"He just called to see how we were doing, he was in the area and wanted to stop by."

Jolan smiled, walking into the house.

Josh's eyes went towards Justin who was in the pool with Chace, the kids surrounding the two.

Jolan walked to the front door, opening it as a black Porsche convertible pulled up behind Lonnie's SUV.

He smiled, seeing the man who climbed out of it, a white smile of gleaming teeth meeting his face.

Enrique wore a black t-shirt and grey board shorts, the t-shirt clinging to his slim muscular form.

"Hello, Enrique. Welcome to our home." Jolan smiled as the man walked onto the front steps, their hands meeting.

"Hello, Jolan. I hope I'm not intruding?"
"Not at all. Our friends are here, what's one more?"
Enrique softly smiled, taking in the vision before him.

Jolan wore a grey silk shirt, his muscled frame showing its beauty, black shorts revealing his muscled legs.

"Everyone's on the patio or in the pool. Follow me."

Enrique smiled, following Jolan, walking beside him through the home.

The two men walked out onto the patio, those on it looking at the man.

"Hey, Enrique. This is a surprise!" Lance said, standing and smiling at the man.

Enrique smiled, shaking Lance's hand, Joey's after, the man at Lance's side.

"I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by." he smiled, everyone nodding, Jolan introducing him to those he didn't know.

Britney hugged the Spanish singer, they old friends.

"Great to see you, Enrique." she smiled, the man congratulating her and Chris on their wedding.

Enrique's eyes went towards the pool, Justin climbing out of the pool, Hayden in front of him, the singer taking in the vision of total wet beauty before him.

Justin towelled off his son, then rubbed himself dry, his eyes going towards the patio, seeing Enrique staring towards him.

Justin smiled, throwing down the towel on a lounge chair, walking with Hayden towards the patio.

"How goes the media barrage?" Josh asked the singer, his eyes drawing away from Justin, focusing on Josh's question.

"It's non-stop, but it's no surprise. I expected it. I've weathered it before. As you well know. My life's been a media circus. What with my famous family and my own endeavors."

"You have a lot of courage, Enrique. My sons have told me all about it." Lynn said, the man softly smiling at her.

"Men of hatred and callousness must be called to reckon, Madam."

Lynn nodded, Jolan smiling at the singer.

Justin walked up onto the patio, smiling at Jolan, then looking at Enrique.

"Hello, Enrique. Welcome to our home. It's so nice to see you."
Enrique smiled, his eyes staring into Justin's blue.

"Thank you, Justin. You and Jolan make it feel like a home." he said, Hayden walking up to the man.

"Hi, I'm Hayden!"
The man smiled, lowering himself to the boy's level.

"Hello, Hayden. I'm Enrique. I'm a friend of your fathers'."
The boy smiled, leaning forward, wrapping his arms around the man's neck.

"Me knows. Welcome to his love."
The man looked surprised, as did the others standing around, Jolan smiling at his son.

"Me wants drink, Daddy!"
"Sure thing, Hay. Come on into the house. I'll get you drinks for all your friends."
The boy grinned, following his father into the house.

Enrique stared after the boy, Justin's hand going to the man's shoulder.

"He's an angel, Enrique. And he's mine and Jo's. Come, sit down with us."
The man nodded, taking in Justin's half nude physique.

Justin smiled, guiding the man to the table, the man smiling around at everyone.


The evening progressed, Enrique slowly joining the happiness and love surrounding him.

He saw easily the family bonding of everyone surrounding Justin and Jolan.

He saw a family of love and togetherness.

He also saw the joined love of the couples surrounding him, learning of Jolan's guiding love in all their hearts.

Lance and Joey, Josh and Chace, Britney and Chris, Leo and Kelly and Lonnie and Ally.

He also saw the deep intensity of Justin and Jolan's own love, that sinking into his soul of envy.

Nick and Usher's revealed love totally stunned him, the two calm and relaxed, their love for each other showing deeply.

"Jolan guided us to a healing love, Enrique. I was also a victim of Mark's blackmailing soul." Nick said, Usher's arms of love going around him.

"You as well, Nick? That's so unbelievable." the man said, looking at his friends.

He and Usher knew each other well, as did he and Nick.

"Mark seduced quite a few I believe, right Jolan?" Nick said, looking towards the young man who'd just come out onto the patio, carrying a tray of lemonade, Hayden walking in front of him.

"Yes, Nick. They are all now safe. And they are all aware of their freedom."
Everyone looked surprised, Jolan's eyes meeting Justin's, then Chace's and Josh's.

"Enrique wasn't the only one I met with. I freed all of their souls. Sorry for not stating that."
"You are amazing, Jolan. How can they or even I thank you?" Enrique said, his head lowering.

Jolan sat the tray down on the table, three other boys taking offered drinks from their parents, they and Hayden heading for the sandbox.

Jolan sat down beside Enrique, smiling around at everyone, then into his brown eyes.

"No thanks are required. All I need to know is that all of you will go on with love."
The man's head lowered again, his brown eyes meeting Jolan's when his head raised again.

"One cannot go forward when one doesn't have faith in love being real."

Jolan nodded, his hand going on top of Enrique's.

"Don't play into the pain of memories, Enrique. Focus on the future. Fantasy cannot play phantom to reality. Trust in what's to come. Trust in what will be real. What once was real."
Enrique looked confused, everyone staring at Jolan.

"I have a soul of giving love, Enrique. I harbor no ill will to those that fantasize about my Justin. For I have his real love."

Enrique looked totally stunned, his eyes glancing quickly to Justin, seeing the look of surprise on his face as well.

"I. . .I don't know. . .what. ..?"

Jolan's hand patted the man's again.

"I have the ability to see into a person's soul, Enrique. I feel the conflict going on in your mind and your heart. One needs to be true to the reality of one's self. Willis' resemblance to my Justin's beauty still trembles within you."

The singer began to tear up, standing up, backing away from everyone, Jolan standing up as well.

"I'm so. . .I'm sorry, Jolan. I should never have come here." he said, beginning to move.

Jolan moved as well, pulling the man into his arms.

"Let the confusion go, Enrique. Accept the truth within your soul. None of us here can judge you. All we can do is be your friends."

Justin stood up, going to his Jolan's side.

Enrique stared at him, Justin staring back.

"You. . .you are attracted to me, Enrique?"
Enrique lowered his eyes, slowly nodding his head, tears beginning to form again in his eyes.

Justin's hand went forward, going to his shoulder, the man raising his head.

"Thank you for being honest. And I am indeed surprised, and greatly flattered. But you need to know that my love is for my Jolan, my lover, my husband and my soulmate. But I shall always welcome you as a friend."

Enrique trembled, Jolan's hand going to his other shoulder.

"I'm so sorry! You must believe me that I'd never act on my needs. I see the deep love you have for each other. It's so real, so genuine. Coming here made me see that. I see it in both of your eyes. I envy you so much!" he said, a half sob coming out of him.

Justin pulled him into his arms, Enrique wrapped in the man's beautiful arms.

Jolan smiled at his Justin, their eyes meeting.

"We can always be friends, Enrique. Jolan trusts me and I love him. Friendship I can give you."
Enrique smiled, wiping his eyes.

"Thank you, Justin. Thank you for not hating me."

"You showed your courage again by showing your inner self here today. We all respect you for that. We'd all like to be your friends, Enrique." Lance said, Enrique smiling at him.

"We're all here to talk to or with, Enrique. Hey, I just went through the same acceptance. And look at what I have now." Joey said, his arms going around his Lance.

"I envy the love you now have, Joey." he said, Joey smiling and kissing his Lance.

"Our friendship we give you also, Enrique." Lance said, the man smiling more.

"And I can give you something more."

Enrique's eyes moved, staring into two grey orbs of love.

Jolan leaned forward, kissing the man's cheek.

"Look into two brown eyes of soaking whiteness, and your heart will be won over by love."

Enrique looked confused, Justin putting his arms around his Jolan.

"Spinning another web of destiny, my love? Watch out for my man, Enrique. His love gives itself in some spectacular ways."

Enrique still looked confused, Josh's hand going to Enrique's shoulder.

"Jolan leads all to their soulmates, Enrique. Take his words to heart. And take our friendship."
Enrique smiled, nodding, Josh hugging him, the man encircled by others.

He smiled, feeling their friendship, his brown eyes staring at a smiling face, and two softly glowing grey eyes.


Enrique smiled, driving through east Los Angeles, his thoughts on the night's revelations.

His opening his heart to his new friends, all of them accepting his troubling truths.

They offered their friendship and Enrique took it easily.

For it was so giving and wonderful.

He'd left amid many hugs, the last one given by Jolan Dragos.

Enrique had had a long conversation by the pool with him, his words of love and giving friendship centering his soul.

And Justin had been just as giving.

Enrique had realized that it had been needful fantasy that he'd experienced with the younger singer.

Justin was beautiful and a magnet to the fantasies of many, himself included.

The man he'd talked to and opened up to had turned into an even better friend.

His lust for the man was calmed, although he thought he'd always have that lingering passion.

But Justin held no ill will against him, offering him his true friendship.

Enrique smiled, his mind on Jolan's giving words.

Someone with brown eyes would love him?
He pulled into a convenience store's parking lot, climbing out of his Porsche, walking into the store just a few blocks from his condo.

His mind was on the night's events, the man going down the aisle by second nature, pulling out a gallon of milk out of a cooler and grabbing a bag of chocolate chip cookies off a shelf, not really focusing on what he was doing, or where he was going.

He rounded the corner of the aisle, heading for the cash register at the door.

He walked straight into someone coming around the corner, the two colliding.

Enrique flew backwards taking a display of chips with him, landing on the floor, the person he'd run into falling forward, landing right on top of him.

The jug of milk he had had in his hand hit the floor hard, exploding upwards, soaking both men.

Enrique focused, opening his eyes.

He stared into a milk covered face, two brown eyes staring back at him.

"And hello to you too, mate." a soft beautiful voice said, an even more beautiful smile showing.

Enrique stared into Orlando Bloom's beautiful brown eyes.




End of Chapter 136


And our Jolan's prophesised love shows itself once again.

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Josh and Chace viewed the beauty of a Badenwolf's desirous love.

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