Jolan's Path - Chapter 137


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 137


Jolan stared out the airplane's window, the endless water showing below them.

It was Sunday morning, the man and his surrounding family heading for England.

He smiled, taking in all those around him.

They were all indeed his family.

Justin was on the floor, surrounded by four smiling boys.

Chace was at his side, the two men involved in some kind of child-inspired game.

Jolan smiled, seeing their sparkling eyes of child-like happiness.

Josh sat at Jolan's side, the man's eyes closed.

Britney sat across from Jolan with Briahna, her blue eyes on the six on the floor.

Jolan's grey eyes took in the size of the group surrounding him.

He was thankful for the largeness of his uncles' jet.

Jennie and Jonathan were seated together with Lynn and Lisa, the four laughing and talking.

Randall was talking with Paul and Dominoso in other seats.

Leo, Kelly, Bill, Lonnie and Ally were huddled together, deep in discussion about something.

Joey and Lance were snuggled together on a comfy couch near the cockpit's door, their love showing.

Rachel and Daphne were in the same loving position on another couch towards the back of the plane.

Trace, Cindy, Shelly, Henry, Chris, Auntie Gee, Nick and Usher, were all seated at a large table, a game of cards on the go.

The Archanians and his Dragosan family were already at Bloodstone, awaiting their loving Jolan's return.

Jolan sighed, his eyes going out again to the blueness of the water passing below them.

Yesterday had been a day of stunned surprise showing on most of his friends' and family's faces.

Even Justin was stunned by Jolan's giving love.

Two instances of Jolan's giving love were revealed yesterday.


After Friday evening's events, Jolan had remained relatively quiet on Saturday, Justin at his side throughout the day.

Josh and Chace had both easily seen Justin's total devotional love for his Jo.

Enrique's confession hadn't changed the singer's deep love for Jolan.

Josh and Chace had forgone sleeping that night with their friends, knowing the two needed a night of cementing love, their souls needing each other's total devotion.

Justin had walked into the kitchen the next morning with the widest smile of total love for the man his arms were wrapped around.

Josh and Chace had made breakfast, Lynn at the table with Hayden and Logan, the two boys already eating pancakes.

"Morning Poppa and Daddy!" Hayden grinned, the two men kissing Hayden and Logan's curly heads.

"Morning our angels. How are the pancakes, Logan?"
"Papa makes best panskates, Unky Justin!" he grinned, Justin laughing.

"That he does, Logan. Papa's sweetness is in his cakes."
Chace smiled, kissing Justin's cheek, Justin grabbing a pancake off the platter he was filling.

Josh smiled at both, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"So what's on the agenda for today, Jo? More spreading love?"

Jolan softly smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Moments of life give way to moments of showing love."

Josh's blue eyes met Jolan's, the young man sitting down at the table, picking up the newspaper, everyone quietly staring at him.

"Your love never stops, Jolan. And it's so mysterious." Lynn said, filling Hayden's juice cup.

"It shows when and where it must, Mom."
"You never answered my question, Jo." Josh smiled, placing the last platter on the table, sitting down beside him, everyone now at the table.

"It's a day of preparation, Joshua. Bags need packing, the house needs organizing. Our flight leaves at five tomorrow morning. It will be late evening when we finally arrive at Bloodstone due to the time change."

"Chace and I are here to help, Jo." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Help gladly taken, Joshua. For that loving help I'm taking all of us out for dinner."

Everyone agreed, the group discussing the work for the day ahead.

By five o'clock that evening all the bags were packed, the house cleaned, everything in its place.

Justin had been rather flirtatious all day with Jolan, his friends seeing his deep love for his man.

They left the house at six, driving out through the gates, reporters still surrounding the grounds, Jolan driving their SUV.

"Never ends, my love." Justin said, seated beside him, their hands together, Jolan pulling out onto the street, heading down the street, reporters taking pictures, their running images receding behind them.

"It's now a part of our lives, Jus. Soon our lives will be only ours."
Justin leaned over, kissing Jolan's lips, the young man smiling at him.

They dined that evening at a posh restaurant well known to Justin, the maitre d' fawning over Justin and Jolan, their best table given to them.

The family dined in happiness, the food delicious, the atmosphere warm and cozy.

Towards the end of the meal, Jolan spotted two people in the far corner of the restaurant, seeing a touching moment of showing love.

He softly smiled, lowering his eyes, Justin looking at him.

"Are you alright, my love?"
Jolan's head raised, a single tear showing on his cheek.

"Yes, my love. Revealing love always brings tears to my eyes."
Everyone around the table looked confused, Hayden smiling at his father.

"Daddy's love spreading. Me feels it."

Justin looked at his son, then again at Jolan, seeing his husband's eyes staring across the restaurant.

He focused on where Jolan was staring, seeing two people at another table, Justin's eyes widening.

One he recognized, the other unknown to him.

Josh, Chace and Lynn all followed Justin's gaze, Josh and Chace recognizing the same person as Justin, Lynn recognizing both, her eyes going to Jolan in surprise.

The two people were sharing a kiss, their hands locked together across the table.

Their kiss broke slowly, the two staring into each other's eyes.

The one everyone knew had turned his eyes, finally spotting Jolan and his group.

He leaned into his partner, the two now looking towards Jolan, both getting up from their table.

Jolan lowered his eyes, Lynn staring at him.

"Jolan. . .you. . .you didn't?"
Jolan's eyes raised, Lynn seeing the sparkling love in his grey eyes.

"I felt the need within both of them. Paths needed crossing."

Everyone was staring at him, the other couple now at their table.

"Mr. Dragos. . .it's really you?" Ben said, Jolan smiling up at Ellen's assistant.

"Yes, Ben. Hello, Vincent."

Vincent stared at Jolan, the man's eyes filling with tears.

"Oh, Mr. Dragos! What you did for us! For both of us!" he said, his voice filled with emotion.

Jolan stood up slowly, his arm going around the emotional young man.

"I just guided both of you to each other's hearts. I take it my written instructions were followed?"
Ben began to cry, Jolan smiling at him.

"When I read your autographed words, I. . .I just couldn't believe what you'd said." Ben said, Josh looking up at him.

"Autographed words?" he said, Jolan looking at him.

"Ben and Vincent were both at my first book signing, guys. Let me introduce everyone."
Jolan introduced the assistant again to everyone, then Vincent. Vincent having been their waiter at the restaurant where Jolan had been attacked by Tim Baxter. The young man had been totally in awe of Jolan, having read his book, Jolan talking with calming love to the young man.

Jolan offered seats to both men, the two shyly smiling at Josh, Justin and Chace, awed by the celebrity stardom surrounding them.

"Relax, guys. We're just normal, loving men." Justin smiled, Vincent beaming at his offered smile.

"We. . .we have so much to thank you for. Your words of love guided us to our love, Mr. Dragos." Ben said, Jolan patting his hand on the table.

"It's just Jolan, Ben. And your hearts found your own love, the love you needed."
The two young men smiled at each other, their eyes filled with love.

"What did Jolan write in your books, guys?" Josh said, his need to know of his friend's love showing in his blue eyes.

"Can we tell them, Mr. . . .I mean Jolan?" Vincent said, Jolan nodding.

"We both still have both books, they are our greatest treasures, that and our own love." Ben said, everyone smiling at the young man.

"Jolan wrote the following words in mine." Ben said, reciting the memorized words.



'Life begins with love, Benjamin.


The path of life cannot go forward without a heart being filled with love.

I have felt the emptiness of your courageous heart.

Let the past go and discover what your heart needs.

It awaits you tonight at seven o'clock at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and South Western Avenue.

Let the words of liquid truth fill your soul with something more.


Follow your heart, he's awaiting its love.


Jolan Dragos, friend of love.'



Everyone's eyes were on Jolan, the young man softly smiling at Ben.

"My words were different, but the message was the same." Vincent said, speaking his autographed quotation.


'My dear friend, Vincent.


You told me that my book gave you the courage to start a new life.

Well, my friend, one thing is missing in that life.

Destiny has a way of guiding us to our greatest dreams.

Tonight, I give you yours.

They await your love at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and South Western Avenue.

At seven o'clock you shall see the beauty of his soul and the truth of titled hospitality.


Walk into his arms, walk into your dreams.


Jolan Dragos, friend of love.'



Everyone was in tears, the dawning truth of Jolan's guiding love showing.

"The words of liquid truth? The truth of titled hospitality? What did those phrases in both writings mean, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at his friend.

Vincent and Ben both smiled, looking at the singer.

"They both meant the same thing, Mr. Chasez." Ben smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"It's Josh, Ben."
The man blushed, smiling at the handsome singer.

"I showed up on that corner at six fifty-five. I only had to wait moments before I saw him standing in front of a coffee shop. His beauty seemed to radiate all around him. And the words of title hospitality above him showed the truth. He was standing in front of a coffee shop." Vincent said, Ben smiling at him.

"Liquid truth was shown before me. His smile sank into my soul. We walked up to each other, then looked up at the sign above the coffee shop."

"What was its name?" Josh said, Chace smiling at him.

The two men smiled at Jolan.

"Destiny's Path. Coffee For a Lifetime."
Everyone stared at Jolan, the young man smiling.

"The liquid of your love shall brew a beverage of enriched beauty."
The two young men were in tears, staring at Jolan.

"I saw the moment of beautiful love. I take it congratulations are in order?" Jolan said, the two men looking at each other.

"Vincent just proposed to me not five minutes ago. You knew?!"

Everyone smiled widely, Jolan standing and hugging both men as they stood.

"How can we. . .how can we ever. . .?"
"The thanks I need and want are the happiness and love I see shining in both of your eyes. I only wish you a lifetime of total happiness."
The two men hugged the young man back, others hugging them in congratulations.

The maitre d' walked up to the table, eyeing the two men now standing there.

"Is everything alright, Mr. Timberlake?" He said, Justin smiling at him.

"Yes, sir. Friends have stopped by."
"We just wanted to say thank you, Jolan." Vincent said, Jolan smiling at the maitre d'.

"We'll take the check now, sir. And put their meal on it as well." he smiled, the two men smiling at him.

The maitre d' nodded, smiling at the two men, then walking away.

"Thank you, Jolan. For everything." Ben said, Jolan smiling, kissing his cheek.

"I think you need to thank Vincent, Ben. His love is worth that thankfulness. I wish you both well."
Both men smiled, bowing to him, everyone around the table voicing their well wishes also, the two young men walking back to their table, their hands joined, Ben's engagement ring brightly shining.

All eyes at the table were staring at Jolan, the young man picking up Hayden.

"Goes home, Daddy? Me wants to plays before it gets too dark!"
Jolan smiled, kissing his son's cheek, looking around the table.

"Very shortly, Hay. Daddy wants to play, too."
The boy clapped, the two smiling at each other.

Justin stared at Jolan, the maitre d' arriving back at the table, Jolan pulling out his wallet.


Jolan laughed, playing with Hayden and Logan, the two chasing him around the backyard.

The evening sun was sinking behind the trees, the day slowly giving way to night.

Everyone sat on the patio, the lanterns just coming on, the area bathed in bright light.

"That man's amazing, Jus. What he did for those two, how he connected them." Chace said, Josh smiling out towards Jolan, the man seated in Chace's lap.

"You saw their love, everyone. I think Jolan felt it first." Lynn said, sipping her drink, staring out at Jolan and the two kids.

Justin nodded, his eyes taking in his husband's smiling face.

"The magic of his giving love. It's so amazing." he softly said, the cordless phone going off, Justin answering it.

He talked for a few minutes, then hung up.

Jolan was walking towards the patio, the two boys running and laughing ahead of him.

"That was Enrique, Jo. He's at the front gate. He said he had to talk to you."
Jolan nodded, helping Logan climb the steps, Josh going to his knees, the boy climbing into his arms.

"All played out, son?"
"Me have funs, Daddy. Hay's wuv makes me smile!"
Josh smiled, kissing his son's cheek, dumping him into Chace's lap, the man smiling at both of them.

Justin's arm went around Jolan's waist, the young man smiling at him.

The front door buzzer went off, Josh heading into the house to answer it, Justin staring at Jolan.

"What's Enrique doing back, my love?"

Jolan sighed, Chace and Lynn taking in his blushing look.

"Your words to him yesterday, Jo. They seemed steeped in mystery. Something about someone soaked in whiteness?" Lynn said, Jolan blushing more.

The patio door opened, Josh walking out, Enrique at his side.

Enrique's eyes met Jolan's, the Latin singer rushing across the patio, pulling Jolan into his arms, Justin looking surprised.

"Oh, Jolan! You knew! You knew we were destined to meet! How can I thank you for the love filling my heart?"

Jolan softly smiled, everyone taking in his usual shining shyness at being thanked.

They all wore looks of confusion, staring at the two men, Jolan patting the man's back.

"It's okay, Enrique. Destiny walks where it must. Love finds its own way."
The man backed up a bit, staring into Jolan's softly glowing grey eyes.

"You knew! You knew in the words you spoke to me! It was destiny, Jolan! You guided me to him!"
Jolan softly smiled, guiding the man to the patio table.

"What's happened, Enrique? You seem totally happy." Josh said, the singer smiling at him.

"I'm beyond happy, Josh. I just can't believe it's been less than a day."

Enrique's eyes looked around the patio, everyone staring at him.

"Your words spoke truth, Jolan. You said 'Look into two brown eyes of soaking whiteness and your heart will be won over by love.' I've won that love, Jolan! And the soaking whiteness was a jug of milk that I exploded all over him."

Everyone looked totally surprised, staring at Jolan, the young man blushing again.

Enrique briefly told all of them of his wet meeting with a man in a convenience store.

Everyone's eyes were on Jolan, his giving love showing in his grey eyes.

"I take it your meeting him has calmed your soul, Enrique?"
"Calmed my soul, Jolan? It's ignited it with love! He's so wonderful. . .so beautiful. . .so giving."
"And the both of you have opened your souls to each other?"
Enrique's eyes filled with tears, Jolan rubbing his shoulder.

"You are so remarkable, Jolan. So giving and remarkable!"

Jolan smiled, patting his shoulder.

"The privacy of your lives warrants a deeper protection. Give yourselves both some time to grow that love."

"He says he wants to meet you again, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"It's just Jo, Enrique. You're a good friend now. And tell him we'll again meet soon. I'm going out of town for a few weeks but we'll meet and talk when I return. That will give both of you the time to explore the newness of your destined path."

"How did you know, Jo? How did you know we needed each other?" the man said, tears showing again.

"I feel love, Enrique. I feel its strands of hope and need. I've made it my life to join those strands, to weave together true love. Your strands and his showed identical love and hurt. Weaved together it will be so beautiful."

Everyone was in tears, hearing Jolan's words of love.

"How can we. . .how can I ever thank you?"
Jolan smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"By always being the friend I see before us. We all welcome your friendship and your love. We'll talk soon, my friend."
Enrique stood up, hugging Jolan again, then hugging Justin, Justin smiling at his happiness.

"You've got an angel of giving love there, Justin! He's unbelievable!"
Justin smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I've known that since I first stared into his grey eyes."
Enrique smiled, hugging everyone goodbye.


Jolan sighed, his eyes still looking out the airplane window, feeling someone's head go to his shoulder, Josh moving in his sleep.

Britney smiling at them from the seat in front of him, Jolan wrapping his arms around Josh, the man snuggling more into his chest.

"Josh feels your love, Jo."
Jolan smiled, kissing the man's forehead.

"He and Chace told all of us this morning of yesterday's moments of revealing love. You are so unbelievable!"

Jolan softly smiled, Britney smiling at him, Briahna asleep beside her.

"I am me, Britney. I feel love and I unite it."
"So you do. One only has to look around this plane and see that."
Jolan smiled, taking in all the surrounding love.

"So who's Enrique's mystery man?"

Jolan smiled, looking into her blue eyes.

"He's another soul of clouded love. Enrique will be the sunshine of his life."

Britney shook her head, smiling at him.

"Our forever magical, mysterious Jo. You thrive, I believe, on the element of revealing surprise."
Jolan smiled, looking around at everyone, several sets of eyes looking towards him.

"Life should be full of surprises, Brit. It keeps us young."

Britney laughed, Jolan smiling.

"How could you, Jo? The minute my back's turned!" Justin said, he and Chace standing beside Britney's seat, both staring at Jolan, Josh snuggled in his arms.

"Hey, sexy. My love draws all the hot boys."
Britney laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"Hot he is, Jo. But he's sound asleep. Where's the fun in that?"
Jolan laughed, Chace moving from beside Justin, gently shaking his husband's shoulder.

Josh's blue eyes slowly opened, Chace leaning down and kissing his soft lips.

"Rise and shine, my love. Justin wants to canoodle with his Jo."
Josh sat up a bit, staring at Jolan who still had his arms around him.

"Oh! Sorry guys. I must have dozed off." he said, stretching a bit, Chace pulling him up into his arms, Justin sitting down in his vacated seat.

"That's better. I have you all to myself now." Justin said, wrapping his arms around his Jo.

Josh and Chace smiled down at the two, Chace kissing Josh's cheek.

"Come on, lover. Let's join the mile high club." Chace said seductively, everyone smiling up at a blushing Josh.

"Chace, we're with friends. Calm down, my love." he said, Chace softly pouting.

"Your man needs some loving, Joshua. Your friends see it easily." Jolan said, Chace smiling.

Josh smiled at Jolan, then looked around at everyone.

"Excuse us guys. Chace is going to help me get cleaned up." Josh said, pulling his man towards the back of the airplane.

Britney laughed, Jolan and Justin smiling.

"Thank God I went to the washroom just a few minutes ago! I'm good till we land."
Jolan laughed, Justin snuggling into him.

"So, what were you two angels talking about?" he said, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"I was just asking him about Enrique's new man. Jo's being silent again."

Justin smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I kind of feel hurt. He got over me so fast."

Jolan stared at Justin, then burst into laughter, everyone looking towards him, Justin smiling at him.

"No worries, my discarded beauty. I'm sure some other hottie will be smitten with you soon enough."
Justin blushed, Britney now laughing, Jolan holding his in, kissing Justin's cheek.

"And your Wolfy will never get over your beauty or love."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's lips, Britney smiling at Jolan's loving way with Justin.

The two snuggled together, Justin's head on Jolan's chest, Jolan's arms now wrapped around him.

Jolan sighed again, his eyes staring out into the watery horizon.


The darkening shadows of nightfall were descending on Bloodstone Manor when three vans pulled up in front of the stately mansion.

Jolan climbed out of the first one, having been driving.

Justin climbed out with Hayden in his arms, Josh and Chace following with Logan, Jennie and Jonathan the last out of their van.

The front steps were filled with Jolan's family and friends, the young man embraced by his father, Hayden swept into his grandmother's arms.

"Oh, you're getting so big, Hay!" Melina said, kissing the smiling boy's cheeks.

"Hi, Gamma! Me's back!"

Everyone laughed, hugs exchanged with everyone.

Usher hugged his nephew deeply, Tyrone beaming with happiness, Mathias hugged by Nick beside them.

Sid and Bill were hugging, Sid having been in England with Isaiah.

"Welcome back, Jolan." Calen said, hugging him after Joel, Morgan and Simus waiting their turn.

"The four brothers of Dragosan destiny. Hello Uncles!" he said, hugging all three.

"Come, everyone! Martha has dinner ready in the Queen's Room." Morgan said, a wide smile of love crossing his face.

Krayos and Elijah hugged Jolan, Jolan feeling their love.

The families and friends all moved into the house, servants pulling out all their baggage.

They all walked into the Manor's front foyer, Jolan's grey eyes scanning the staircases, and the surrounding doorways.

His eyes went upwards, staring into the heavens.

"I feel his love, Uncles. My grandfather's love still remains."
The four Dragosans smiled at their nephew, Joel smiling at his son, his arm around him.

"We all feel it, Jolan. It has seemed to intensify since your last visit."
Jolan smiled, nodding his head.

"My love is his love, Father."
Joel smiled, Jolan smiling at Morgan.

"I'm famished! I so need Martha's cooking!"

Everyone laughed, Morgan's arm going around Jolan as well.

"Then let's get my nephew fed! So then we can have his love for dessert."
Everyone smiled, Morgan and Joel guiding Jolan to the dining room.


Jolan sighed, staring up at the portrait above the fireplace, Jolan feeling the embers' warmth in front of him, rubbing his hands together.

They were all in the Room of Family after dinner, relaxing in its giving warmth.

"A grand meal, Morgan. Worthy of a king." Henry said, knocking his pipe against the fireplace's hearth, lighting it again.

Jolan smiled at Henry, the man at his side.

Morgan smiled at him as well, seated in a wing chair to Jolan's left.

"Martha's cuisine rivals the great cooks of the Queen's own kitchen." he said, proud of everyone's thankful praise.

"That's because her cooking is laced with love." Lance said, Joey laying across his lap, Lance rubbing his stomach.

"Don't forget the cream, Lance. Her food is so rich and delicious."
Chris laughed, Lance smiling at him.

"Leave it to Joey to voice his love for cream. You're getting lucky tonight."
Everyone laughed, Joey and Lance both blushing.

Jolan smiled towards them, both showing their blushing love.

Jolan's eyes went to his Justin, the man on a couch with Josh, both of their sons sound asleep in their laps.

"Our boys need their beds, guys."
Justin nodded, he and Josh standing with their sons in their arms, Chris and Britney both rising up, a boy in each of their arms.

Leo stood up as well, his arm around a yawning Briahna.

"Looks like they're all ready for bed." Randall said, Stevie sound asleep in his lap.

They all walked out of the room, taking the kids upstairs to their beds.

Jolan smiled after them, a hand going to his shoulder.

"It is a joy to have you here again, my nephew." Calen said, Jolan smiling at him.

"How finds your soul of love, Uncle?" he said, Calen sighing.

"The happiness of my three sons--their new love--makes my heart soar with happiness. They've been lightening the mood of this old house for the last two weeks."
Athos and Steve sat together smiling; Isaiah, Sid, Tyrone and Mathias all smiling from another long couch, all snuggled together.

"The love of youthful happiness. It would shine in any old house, this one needing it the most, drawing from it the most."

Calen nodded, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"This old house, as you call it, has been acting up as of late, Nephew." Morgan said, Jolan's eyes going to his grey.

"Acting up, Morgan?" Lynn said, Morgan nodding at her.

"Voices in the air, strange sounds coming at all hours, images of faint apparitions seen. For all intent and purposes you'd think the house was alive with need." he said, Jolan staring into the fire before him.

"It is in need, Uncle. It needs to give me something."

Morgan stared at his nephew, Calen's hand going to his shoulder again.

"To give you something, Jo?"

Jolan's eyes turned, Justin having spoken, the group having returned to the room.

"Yes, Justin. I sense this home holds a treasure in wait for me. I sensed it the last time I was here. I walked every corridor sensing it out."

"You mean the hidden treasure I found, Jolan?" Jennie said, walking up to him, Jolan's arm going around her.

"No, Jennie. Grandfather left that for you. There's something else hidden here for me."

"Do you know what it is, Jo?" Justin said, walking up to his other side, his arms going around both young Dragosans.

"No, Justin. I only know that it is here somewhere, and that I shall need it for the upcoming trials."

"Trials, Jolan? Who is being judged?" Randall said, sitting down beside Lisa again.

"I, in a sense, will be judged, Dad. By all three clans of my destiny."

Jolan's eyes met his three uncles and his father.

"I shall not be acclaimed outright by their love. I shall have to earn it, as they will have to earn mine."
Simus walked up to his nephew, the four Dragosan brothers surrounding him.

"Your love will earn their trust, Nephew. It is the magic of your soul."
Jolan smiled at him, kissing his cheek.

"Yes it is, Uncle. As is the magic of the Heart of History." Jolan said, the four Dragosans' eyes going to the golden ring Jolan wore.

"Have you mastered its magic, Jolan?" Morgan asked, staring into his nephew's grey eyes.

"It has mastered me, Uncle. Its greatness consumes me."

Justin's arm tightened around Jolan, Jolan feeling his concern and love.

"No worries, my love. That magic is love and goodness. It protects me, it protects all of you."

Justin smiled at Jolan, the young man looking up at his aunt's regal portrait above the fireplace.

"Aunt Lenora was a vision of total beauty, Uncle Calen. Who painted this portrait?"
Calen stared up at the picture, a smile of deep love on his face.

"I did, Jolan."

Jolan's eyes went to Morgan, Krayos' eyes showing surprise.

"You, Father?"
Morgan smiled at his son, Elijah seated beside him, the two close and in love.

"Yes, Krayos. I once had an eye for visionary beauty. It has been a long time since I have painted from my soul."
Jolan smiled, walking up to his uncle.

"You were very good, Uncle. You captured her soul in the beauty of your vision."
Morgan smiled, looking at Calen.

"She was beauty, Jolan. It was easy to capture truth and love."

Calen smiled, his brother's words filled with love.

"I think it is time you took up the brush again, Uncle. Your talent is a part of your heart. We all would love to see its beauty."
Morgan smiled, a warm smile of deep happiness.

"I always was so happy when I had a vision to unveil, to nurture into being. Father never held that against me. Mother always said she saw the happiness flood my soul when I took a brush into my hand."

Jolan smiled, kissing his uncle's cheek.

"And what of our Simus? What talent did he possess?" Cory said, Simus looking into his husband's eyes.

"Look upon the other wall. See the beauty of his soul." Morgan said, everyone's eyes looked across the room, a shelf lining the wall in the center of its core.

On that shelf stood a marble bust, two paintings on either side of it.

Jolan walked up to the bust, seeing a marble vision of his grandfather's likeness.

"You did this, Uncle Simus?"

Simus softly blushed, Cory's arm going around him.

"It is beautiful, Simus. Are you a gifted sculptor?"

Simus looked into Cory's green eyes, smiling at him.

"A sculptor, yes. Gifted, I am unsure of that."
Morgan smiled at his humble brother, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Many of your sculptures fill this Manor. Your beautiful sculptures are visions of love as well, my brother. As is Calen's beautiful music."
All eyes went to the man standing at the fireplace, Calen softly blushing as well, Jolan smiling at him.

"Visionaries of beauty and love. My talented uncles of love. Play something for us, Uncle Calen. Something you've created."
Calen softly smiled, Joel smiling at his brother.

"The Debutante's Unveiling, Calen? It was Lenora's and my favorite." he said, Calen smiling at his younger brother.

"Alright, Joelius. For you and for her." he said, slowly walking over to the grand piano in the room's far corner, everyone staring after him, Jolan smiling at everyone.

Calen sat down at the piano, opening the keyboard cover, his fingers brushing against the keys.

"I wrote this song on the evening of my Lenora's first night here at Bloodstone. On the welcoming night she was included in this family. It was her debut, the unveiling of her love to all of us."
The man began to play, his eyes closing as the music flowed through the room.

Everyone sat in silence, listening to the beauty of the man's gift filling their minds, the music a melody of grace, love and hopeful beginnings.

He played for ten minutes, the music filling all of their souls with love.

His three sons stood, walking over to the piano, watching their father play his love for their mother.

Their faces were covered in tears, the song ending, his grey eyes meeting theirs.

"Her love filled my soul with beauty, my angels. I couldn't think of an easier way to show it."
The three hugged their father, Jolan walking up to the piano, taking in the touching scene of their love.

"I see where my musical talent comes from, Uncle. That was beyond beautiful, beyond love."
Calen smiled, Jolan sitting down beside him, his sons surrounding them.

"I have heard of your talent, Jolan. Play us something?" Calen said, Jolan softly blushing.

"We are surrounded by so much musical talent, Uncle. How can I measure up to that?"
Justin smiled, hearing the doubt in Jolan's voice.

"Your love measures up to all of us, Jolan. We're sure you music will as well." Josh said, Jolan smiling towards him.

"Please, my love? Honor us with your flowing love." Justin said, now standing at the piano, Isaiah smiling at him.

Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"Alright, my love."
Jolan stared at the piano keys for a moment, Calen watching him.

"This song I called Forward into Love's Light. I wrote it a long time ago. I think I now know its true meaning."

Jolan's eyes moved, staring up at the portrait of his grandfather's vision on the battlefield.

His fingers touched the keys, a crescendo of soft music beginning to fill the room, the tempo uplifting and a growing sense of truth.

Everyone moved in their seats, standing up and staring at the young man surrounded at the piano.

The music seemed to be indeed growing, filling their minds with its beauty and growing need.

It was as if the writer of the music was searching out into the darkness, seeking love and hope on the cusp of the dawning light of truth.

Justin sat down beside Jolan, lost in the beauty of his man's talented gift.

The music was filling Josh's soul, the man clinging to Chace's side, Chace seeing the tears falling from his eyes.

Jolan's eyes were closed, the man lost in the music flowing from his soul.

He followed the path of love his soul was giving all of them.

His mind was swept away in the depth of the light surrounding him.

The light of truth and love.

And in the darkness of his mind, he felt the light reach its core, a shining beacon illuminating his mind.

In that light he saw an object of beauty.

And then his mind went blank.


Everyone had moved, surrounding the piano, lost in the rising tempo of the music.

As it gained the peak of its tempo the music suddenly died in the air, total cold silence surrounding them.

The fire blazed in the fireplace, its brightness surprising everyone.

And then all hell broke loose.

A wave of hot air hit everyone, sending them backwards against the walls.

Every window in the room exploded outward, the sound deafening in the silence.

The fire in the fireplace seemed to take on a vision of a balled center, two slits of whiteness appearing as if they were two eyes.

And then the fire when dead, extinguishing into black fumes.

Everyone regained their footing, the only one who had remained in their original position was Jolan.

The man still sat at the piano, his position unchanged, his eyes still closed.

"Remain where you are, everyone." Jolan suddenly said, all eyes staring at him.

The young man's eyes opened, their silvery centers glowing brightly.

He arose from the piano, his eyes moving everywhere.

"What. . .what was that, Jolan?" Justin asked, worry etched across his face.

"It was the void, Justin."
"The void? What void?" Simus said, staring at his nephew.

"The void of truth. The blackness of reality."
Jennie stared at her brother.

"It isn't safe, Jolly."
Jolan looked towards her, the two staring at each other, Jolan then moving slowly forward.

"I must hunt for it, Justin. Everyone stay in this room."
Britney's eyes looked upward.

"The kids?!"

"They are safe, cocooned in my love. What I hunt is only dangerous to myself."

Calen moved forward, Jolan's eyes staring at him.

"What is this void, Jolan? Can it harm you?"

"It has sensed my love--and magic--in that song. That song triggered its protective enchantments. I must battle through them to reach the treasure."

Calen's hand went to Jolan's shoulder.

"Your being hurt makes no treasure worthwhile, Nephew."

Jolan softly smiled, his face changing.

"This treasure is protected by my grandfather's love. It knows no distinction between good and evil. Only with my magic can I reveal who I am so that I can enter the containment."

"What is this, Jolan? What has my father concealed?" Morgan said, Simus nodding his head as well.

Jolan lowered his eyes for a moment, then sighed.

"It is his love. I must show your love to gain entry. And I must go alone."
"Go where, Jolan?" Josh said, worry etched on his face as well.

"Across the void, Joshua. I must enter darkness to search for the light of truth."

Jolan began to move again, Justin standing in front of him.

"I love you, Jolan. I'm going with you."
Jolan teared up, pulling his man into his arms, hugging him tightly.

"I love you as well, Justin. But I must face the truth alone."

"Please be careful, my love."

Jolan released his man, kissing him tenderly.

"It is a place to which I've already been, Justin. It is the truth of my past. And it holds my future."

Justin nodded, releasing his Jolan.

"Hurry back, my love."
Jolan smiled, walking out of the room, the door behind him slamming shut.

Everyone stared after him, slowly sitting down staring around them.

The only light remaining in the room were two candles that Morgan had relit, the empty windows showing the blackness of the night.


Jolan walked the corridors of the silent Manor, his eyesight and hearing keen to every movement and sound.

He found himself wandering down the corridor that ended with the indoor pool's room.

He walked into the room, taking in the darkened surroundings.

He now paid closer attention to the room's decor.

Several statues lined the walls of the room's sides, as well as several paintings.

The paintings were of landscape scenes, the sculptures of family members.

He smiled realizing what he saw before him.

Simus' and Morgan's creative beauty.

His eyes looked around, seeing baskets of flowery beauty at all four corners of the pool.

He smiled, focusing on the beauty of his father's now revealed love.

His father--the youngest of the four brothers--was a lover of nature's beauty.

That was his revealed gift, his inspiring love shown to flowers.

Jolan smiled, looking around the room.

The only thing missing was Calen's beautiful music.

His eyes took in a small grand piano situated in the northern corner of the room.

He walked over to it, the silence in the room palatable.

He sat down at the piano, opening the cover.

His mind thought back to the song his uncle had played, Jolan focusing in his mind.

"I hope I remember your love, Uncle Calen." He said to himself, beginning to play the piano.

Jolan remembered all of it, every note and chord.

His eyes moved, seeing a bright light begin to glow in the center of the pool's water.

He stopped playing, moving to the edge of the pool, staring down into the glowing water.

Four lights of intense glowing brightness illuminated the pool, Jolan removing his shirt and pants.

He stood on the pool's edge, taking a deep breath, falling forward.

The water consumed him, Jolan falling into the darkness of the revealed void.


Justin sat in the room, Josh and Chace on both sides of him.

They'd all heard the music filtering through the house, Calen sitting down in complete shock.

"My song. . .that's my song!" he'd softly said in emotional surprise.

"It must be Jolan playing it. But why?" Krayos said, others nodding their confusion.

"'I must show your love to gain entry.' That is what Jolan had said. He's playing your music to gain entry to the hidden treasure, Calen. Where in this house are there examples of all your talents?" Josh said, Simus and Morgan staring at him.

"What do you mean, Josh?" Simus said.

"What room in Bloodstone Manor has your sculptures, Simus? And some of your paintings, Morgan? And a piano where you can play your music, Calen?"

The three men looked at each other.

Calen stood up, staring at Josh.

"There is only one room with all three, Josh. And our Joel's loving talent as well. The swimming pool arena!" Calen said, Josh staring in surprise.

"Of course! The void! The void between here and the treasure place! It's water! The treasure is hidden in the pool! Let's go, Jo may be in danger!"

Justin stood heading for the doors, pushing on them.

They didn't budge.

Chris and Joey pushed against them as well, their solidness unmoving.

"He's locked them. How do we get out of here?" Chris said, Josh's eyes going to the empty windows.

"Through those. Let's be careful, there's glass everywhere."

"Let us, Joshua. It will be safer if we do this. We'll fly through and then open the door from the other side."

Josh nodded, staring into Athos' violet eyes.

The three Archanians removed their shirts, their winged apparitions fully shown.

The three flew towards the windows, flying out into the darkness.

Jennie stood up, Justin staring at her.

"We have to hurry! He's trapped in the darkness!"


Jolan was lost in the wetness surrounding him, the darkness now total.

The four lights had disappeared, the trap of their luring glow sprung.

He was now in the void, the void of his grandfather's magic protectiveness.

His mind flooded with the emptiness surrounding him.

He had tried to regain the surface, a barrier between it and himself having now materialized.

He was trapped under the magic.

He fought against the fear simmering in his soul.

He had to focus or he would perish.

He had to find the answer.

Jennie had known that this was unsafe.

That this was dangerous.

The two had talked in their minds just before he'd left.

The answer filled his mind.

Jennie, are you there?

Jolan listened to the silence surrounding him.

I am here, Jolly.

I'm trapped in the darkness, Jennie!

What is the darkness, Jolly?

It is our grandfather's magic, Jennica. Please help me escape it.

To escape his magic is to escape his love, Jolly.

Jolan's mind zoned in on those words.

To escape his magic is to escape his love?

The void's magic was his love!

Jolan smiled in the water, his mind focusing.

I love you Grandfather! I hunger for your love always. Take mine back in reflection.

Jolan's mind centered, his magical love flowing forward.

The four lights of glowing brilliance appeared immediately, Jolan gasping as he focused on what lay in their center.

He dove downward, his hand pressing against a large round recess.

Jolan dove upwards, gasping air into his lungs as he broke the water's surface, the water level in the pool going downward.

Jolan felt himself lowering, all of the water draining out of the pool.

He touched the pool's cement bottom, Jolan seeing a raised platform in its center, a stone cap covering the center.

He walked towards its now revealed top, Jolan finding a latch, pulling the cover open.

He stared down into a darkened hole, seeing a steel ladder descending into the darkness.


Jolan's eyes focused in the darkness, the only light from the hole above him.

He saw a torch long forgotten on the wall to his left, Jolan pulling it off the wall, the torch immediately coming to brightness in his hand.

He stared at it, seeing the magic of his grandfather's love.

He smiled, walking forward down a dark hallway, the walls devoid of any markings.

In the darkness before him he saw a large door, the door slightly ajar, a soft light coming from behind it.

He pushed on the door, walking forward into a small room, staring at what lay before him.

He stared in shocked wonder into a set of piercing grey eyes.

The light he'd seen behind the door had revealed itself.

Standing before him was a soft glowing image of his grandfather, his two grey eyes of love shining towards him.

"Welcome to thy destiny, descendent of my soul." a calm voice said, filling the small room.

"Hello again, Grandfather."

The vision seemed unchanged by Jolan's words, Jolan staring at his silent glowing form, the form shimmering in the darkness.

It dawned on Jolan what he was seeing before him.

It was a apparition of his grandfather's making.

"You seek the treasure left for you." the vision said, staring at no one, its vision devoid of emotion.

"Yes, Grandfather. I seek the treasure of your love."
The vision went to one knee, its head rising upwards.

"The treasure you seek is knowledge. Prepare for the truth of all of this. This is the treasure I have left you."

Jolan stared at the kneeling man, the depth of his resounding voice filling the chamber.

Jolan sank to his own knees, the treasure of his past revealed to him.


Jolan was shaken from his thoughts by the wetness surrounding him.

His eyes focused, the chamber he stood in devoid now of the glowing apparition.

He stared downward, seeing the rising water around him.

He moved backwards, wading through the water, heading back for the steel ladder to escape the chamber.

He saw water pouring in, reality dawning on him.

The chamber had lived out its need.

Magic was consuming it.

Jolan fought against the current in front of him, his hands reaching the railing, water cascading down upon him.

He fought upward, finally breaking the containment of the chamber, staring around him.

The pool was again full of water, ten feet between him and the surface.

He felt the weight of the water around him, his own strength ebbing out of his body.

Jolan swam clear of the hatch, the cap slowly closing, sealing off the chamber forever.

He felt the love surrounding him, the water around him blanketed with it.

He saw the four lights in the water again, releasing the truth of their existence.

The four beacons of his grandfather's love for his sons.

Jolan struggled upward fighting the love surrounding him.

His grandfather's magical love.

And in his mind he carried the treasure of his existence.

He struggled against the weight surrounding him, his lungs filling with water, the weight bearing him downward again.

On the edge of existence he felt a hand close around his and two arms wrap around him.

He broke the surface, his lungs gasping in the air surrounding him.

Two arms pulled him towards the pool's edge, others lifting him upwards, the young man falling into the arms of his life.

Justin's wet body surrounded him, Justin having dove into the pool upon seeing his Jolan sinking back into the water.

"Lay still, my love. You're going to be alright." he cried, holding his life against him.

Jolan's eyes slowly opened, Justin staring into two grey eyes of glowing love.

"I had it wrong. . .I had it all wrong. The treasure. . .it's. . .it's love."

Jolan sagged against Justin, his eyes closing, Josh and Chace surrounding the two.

Everyone's eyes stared out into the pool, four lights on its bottom slowly blinking out.




End of Chapter 137


Seems our Jolan has found some secret at the bottom of the pool.

What did the apparition of his grandfather's love reveal to him?

What did Jolan get wrong?


Interesting questions, in need of answers.

Too bad I'm the only one who has them.


Swim with me through the love, and you'll find the answers to all of it.


Up next: The meeting of the Archanians, and Jolan's destiny.



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