Jolan's Path - Chapter 138


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 138


Jolan's eyes slowly opened, their greyness staring into two blue pools of love.

"Thank God, Jo! You're awake." Justin said, leaning forward and kissing his forehead.

"So much water, Jus. Couldn't make it up. . .surface so far away. The weight of his. . ." he softly said, Justin wiping his forehead.

"You're okay, Jo. You're just tired, and you're going to rest. No moving, got it?" Justin said, staring into his soft grey eyes.

"Alright, Jus. I. . .I won't move." he said, closing his eyes again, oblivious to all those surrounding him and Justin.

The bedroom was filled with people, all their eyes on the young man laying in the bed.

Josh walked up to the bed, gently lowering Hayden, the boy climbing up to his father's side.

"Daddy be okay, Poppa. He just needs sleep to gets better. Me sleeps with him."
Justin nodded, kissing the boy's cheek, Hayden snuggling against his father's chest, closing his eyes.

Henry walked up to the bed, his hand going to the young man's forehead.

"He'll sleep through the night, Justin. He's just weak from the weight of the water and the water that filled his lungs. He's going to be alright. His temperature has stabilized, as has his breathing."

Josh's hand went to Justin's shoulder.

"That water, Josh! It was so heavy. . .as if it was filled with something other than water! I felt its weight. . .it was more than just water."

Josh nodded, Jolan's uncles and father looking at Justin.

"You're exhausted as well, Jus. You need to sleep also. Let's leave these three to get some sleep. Time enough in the morning to find out what happened in that pool." Henry said, Justin nodding.

Everyone else nodded in agreement, Joel and Melina walking up to the bed, leaning down and kissing their son's and grandson's foreheads.

They both hugged Justin, Jennie kissing Jolan and her nephew, then Justin, her parents' arms going around her.

Everyone quietly walked out of the room, their eyes looking at Jolan.

Chace and Josh remained, Chace sitting down on the bed's edge beside Justin, watching him watching Jolan.

"He's going to be alright, Jus. No damage."
Justin teared up, falling into Chace's arms, the young man holding him tight, Josh rubbing his shoulder.

"I almost lost him again, guys. If we hadn't have gotten out of the room in time he'd have drowned!"

"What ifs don't matter, Jus. What's important is that he's here and he's going to be alright." Josh said, looking down at Jolan.

Justin wiped his teary face, Josh gently pulling him upwards, Chace rising as well, Chace's hands going to Justin's robe.

Justin had taken off his waterlogged clothes, slipping into a robe in the bathroom while Henry looked Jolan over.

Chace opened Justin's robe, his brief clad body revealed.

"Climb in beside your family, Jus." Josh said, kissing his cheek, Justin climbing under the covers Josh had pulled back.

Josh tucked the man in, Justin snuggling against his Jolan, Hayden's small hand going to Justin's face.

"In the center of the love, Jus. The three of you have what you need." Chace said, he and Josh both kissing him on the lips.

Justin smiled up at both, both leaning over and kissing Jolan and Hayden's foreheads.

"We're across the hall if you need us. But sleep is what you need now."
Justin nodded, closing his eyes, his head going against Jolan's.

Josh and Chace both smiled, Josh hitting the light switch as he and his husband walked out of the room, Josh taking one more look into the room, closing the door behind them.

Two soft glowing eyes opened, their greyness changing to yellow, then violet, then blue and then finally closing again.

Jolan sighed, Justin's arm going around him in the darkness, Jolan succumbing to the fatigue flowing through him.


Joey sat at the dining room table, lightly picking at a muffin on the plate in front of him.

His Lance sat beside him, his arm around his teddy bear.

"I just want to know what the hell happened here last night. That's why I voiced my words." he said, everyone around the table staring at him with concern and love.

They'd all gathered in the Queen's Room for breakfast, Josh the last to join them other than Justin, Jolan and Hayden.

Josh had informed them all that Justin had informed him in the washroom that Jolan was up and coming down for breakfast.

That had surprised Henry, the man aware of Jolan's condition.

"He should have breakfast in bed. He needs complete rest, Josh." Henry said, everyone nodding.

"I know my son, Henry. If Jolan's under the belief that he's well, no bed will hold him. Even with Justin's persuasion." Joel said, Josh smiling at him.

"Yes, Joel. Your son is determined." Chace said, Joel smiling at the young man.

"He gets that from his grandfather. Father's attitude was the same. I don't ever remember him remaining in bed for long." Calen said, Joel, Morgan and Simus smiling at him.

"Our warrior father fought a lot of battles, and received some harsh injuries. But his tenacity was unflinching. Our mother bore a lot against his demanding, flowing love."

"I still don't understand what the treasure is that Jolan has. I saw nothing in his hands." Joey had said, everyone looking at him.

"I think it's a spiritual treasure, my love." Lance said, kissing his man as they sat down at the table.

"Jolan risked his life for a mind toy? Why didn't his grandfather just leave him a letter like he did Jennie? Then our Jolan wouldn't have risked so much!"

Joey's head had lowered, everyone seeing the deep love and concern the rugged man had for his friend.

Lance had felt his lover's love for Jolan, that love equalled in his heart.

Here now they sat waiting for the Dragos-Timberlake family, Joey having recovered from his small outburst.

"We all want to know what happened, Joey." Lonnie said, his eyes looking towards the room's open doors.

"Justin said the water was heavier than before. What would change it like that? What would make it heavier?" Joey said, Lance rubbing his back.

"It was the weight of my grandfather's love, Joe."
All eyes turned, staring at Jolan and Justin standing in the doorway, Hayden smiling in front of them.

Justin's arm was around Jolan, the young man still looking tired.

Morgan was on his feet immediately, the man walking up to his nephews.

"Here, let me guide you to your chair, Jolan. Niles and Reginald have brought in a wing chair for your comfort."
Jolan smiled, Morgan gently guiding him and Justin to the table, Hayden running up to his grandfather, Joel picking the boy up, kissing his cheeks.

"I'm hungry, Grampa!"
Joel smiled, handing Hayden a pancake and a sausage off the platter in front of him, Justin smiling at his son.

"Wait for everyone, Hay." he smiled, the boy nodding.  "Sorry, poppa."

"It's okay, Hay. Grampa wants you to be full. Go ahead." Joel said, winking at the boy..
The boy grinned, biting into the pancake, Logan grinning across the table from Josh's lap.

"Good morning, everyone." Jolan softly said, sitting down in the plush chair that was placed at the end of the table, Morgan smiling at him, sitting down to his left, Justin sitting down on his right, Joel beside him, Josh beside Morgan.

Everyone greeted Jolan, all of their eyes taking in his quiet smile.

"I am recovering, everyone. No worries. Your love heals my soul."
Joey's eyes took in the young man's soft smile.

He'd seen the slowness of Jolan's walk, and the tiredness showing on his face.

"I think you should still be resting, Jo. You look exhausted." Joey said, the young man smiling at him.

"I'm a lousy patient, as Justin knows. And I need to be where the love is."

Joey softly smiled, Jolan seeing the love in his eyes.

"You said the water was the weight of your grandfather's love, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him as Justin began filling Jolan's plate for him.

"Not too much, my love. My stomach's still unsettled."
Justin smiled at him, Jolan smiling his Justin only smile at him.

Justin had felt Jolan's recovering health when the man had woken him with a kiss this morning, Hayden on his Poppa's chest.

They'd talked, cuddled and just shown their love.

Justin had agreed to Jolan's request to come downstairs, but only on Justin's terms.

If Justin saw anything taxing his man's strength, Jolan would be heading back to the bedroom.

Jolan's acceptance was the kiss of love he gave him.

"Yes, Joshua. The void was the water surrounding the hidden treasure room. And with Jennie's voiced love I realized what the void in essence was."

Everyone stared at the young woman, she smiling at Jolan.
"It was our grandfather's protective love." she said, Jolan smiling at her.

"Yes, Jennie.  To reach the treasure room I only had to accept his love, then give my love back to him. And when I sent out my magical love the four glowing lights of his sons' love revealed the room for me."

The four Dragosan brothers looked surprised, Jolan smiling at all four.

"Where but in a room surrounded by his sons' showing beauty and loving talents could my grandfather keep his treasure?"
"What was that treasure, Jolan?" Calen said, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his uncle's.

Calen's eyes widened as Jolan's eyes turned yellow, then violet, then to blue, then finally back to their original glowing grey.

"Your eyes, Jolan! They. . .they changed!" Calen said in surprise, Jolan's head lowering.

Justin looked at his Jolan, spooning some scrambled eggs onto his plate.

"Yes, everyone. They changed like that this morning. Jolan thinks it's part of the treasure, plus his tiredness is loosening his control on it."
Jolan smiled at Justin, the man smiling back.

"The yellow eyes of the Badenwolf, the violet eyes of the Archanian. The blueness of the Sumsarian brethren. And finally the greyness of my Dragosan birthright. The four colors of my revealing gaze."

Everyone was silent, Jolan softly sighing, taking a bite of eggs, smiling at Justin's watchful gaze.

"Delicious as always, Uncles. Martha is a treasure, as is Mom."
Melina smiled at her son, she spooning eggs onto Hayden's plate beside her husband.

Jolan's eyes went around the room, his soft voice telling everyone of last night's discoveries.

"So only someone who could show love to your grandfather--or be loyal to him--could gain access to that room? And there you were greeted to a kind of hologram of your grandfather's likeness?" Cory said, Jolan nodding.

"I sensed it was more magic than technical, Cory. A part of my grandfather's magic was left in that room, the treasure handed out to its first discover. But I sensed it has always lain in wait for only me."
"I sense that too, Jolan. His four sons, and three grandsons swam in that pool daily. None of us knew of its existence." Simus said, staring at his nephew.

Jolan smiled at the four Dragosans and the three young Archanians.

"I myself didn't clue into the beauty surrounding that pool. And I swam there as well. The path of destiny guides us to where we must go and when." Jolan said, pushing his plate back, taking a sip from his orange juice glass.

Justin smiled at him, Jolan smiling back.

"Enough for now, Jus. My stomach feels full."
Justin nodded, Jolan's eyes meeting Simus'.

"What was the treasure Father gave you, Jolan?"
Jolan stared around at everyone.

"He gave me the treasure of his knowledge, everyone. Vilos Dragos told me the truth of our past, our present and our future."

"We know our past, Jolan. He gave us the same knowledge." Calen said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Let's just say that the factual past and the illuminated past vary differently."

Calen's eyes looked confused.

"Your father, my grandfather, was a man of keen intellect. And long life. Throughout that long life he had a lot of time to think on a lot of things. There were a few burning questions in that past, the same questions that dawned in my own mind. Last night Grandfather gave me the answers, or the guiding knowledge to formulate those answers myself."
"Answers to what questions, Jolan?" Morgan said, Jolan meeting his gaze.

"To the questions of the path I walk upon, Uncle. Who created this path? Where does it lead? Why was I chosen for this?"

"You have those answers now, Jolan?" Melina said, Jolan looking towards his mother.

"Yes, Mom. I have the answers to my own self-awareness."

Jolan looked at Justin, the two having talked before coming down.

"I am four parts of destiny. Four parts of the great clans of magic, love and destiny. I am Badenwolf, Archanian, Sumsarian and Dragosan. I am the drawing truth for all four. That truth is my love for all of them. For my family, friends and destined brethren surrounding me here at this moment. At the end of this week I shall face the Archanian nation alongside my cousins of love. All four of us shall show our brethren our loving goodness."
Isaiah was in tears, Jolan smiling towards him.

"You. . .you really are Archanian, Jolan?" he said, Jolan nodding, his eyes changing to a soft violet color.

"The lineage of Queen Ravenia flows in my blood, Isaiah. I sense you and you now sense me. My Archanian blood is simmering. The Wingshola shall show himself. And then the prophesised destiny of our clansmen will be shown. It isn't what they think it is. That is my burden. I must make them face themselves, then I must show them myself."

"You have wings, Jo?" Josh said, with surprise.

"They are within me, that creature is within me. I think you will be amazed at what the Wingshola truly is."

Everyone stared at Jolan, his words laced with determination and acceptance.

"You seem so calm, Jolan. Whatever you learned from Vilos has calmed you." Shelly said, Jolan smiling at his old teacher.

"Have you ever known your student to be calm, Shelly?"
Shelly laughed, Jolan smiling, everyone seeing his calm smile.

"Yes, Grandfather's knowledge has calmed my acceptance. My acceptance at what is real, what is true."

Jolan stood up, everyone staring at him, seeing a change come over Jolan, his height rising, his face softening, the tiredness seemingly disappearing, his face calm, healthy and radiating warmth.

"The knowledge was half the gift. The other half was my grandfather's magic. The one true magic. The magic from the Draught of Life."

"You've found his magic?!! His real magic?!!" Morgan said in shocked wonder.

"Yes, Uncle. The magic he rarely showed his sons. The same magic he left in your rings. The lost part of the one true magic laying in the Heart of History. I now have all of that true magic. I can now face life. I can now face any evil. I am whole."
Justin stood up, staring at his husband.

"I am healed, my illness not that dangerous. As I said, the change in the weight of the water was my grandfather's love. When I left the treasure room it greatly intensified. For my grandfather's life force sensed the realization that the one he'd left the void for had come. His protective love became his true love. His love for me increased. It almost overpowered me, my Justin diving into that love to pull me out of its embrace. It truly was so intense. I envy the love you four brothers felt all your life."
The four Dragosans were in tears, their love for their father showing in their wet grey eyes.

"His love was just that, Jolan. Intense, weighing deeply on your soul. And so giving. He gave so much love." Calen said, Simus smiling at his brother.

Joel and Morgan smiled at Calen as well, Jolan smiling around at everyone.

"I now have the knowledge, the magic, and the fortitude to walk the final path. I'm going to take a shower, Jus. And then I want to relax for the rest of the week. You've got so much to show me around this marvellous old house, Uncles."

The four Dragosans smiled at Jolan, Jolan kissing his Justin deeply.

"Our tubby son's still hungry, my love. Even after his grandfather's been piling it on. Keep him happy my love."
Joel laughed, Hayden smiling up at his fathers, a piece of bacon in one hand, a sausage in the other.

Justin nodded, Jolan smiling at everyone, walking quietly and steadily out of the room.

Everyone stared after him, Justin sitting back down beside Joel, the man's eyes meeting his.

"His love intensifies, as does his resolve. That calms my soul. My Wolfy's love calms it."
Josh smiled across the table from him, the man standing up.

"I'll set out his clothes for him. I think he wants to talk to me as well. I felt that in his gaze."
Justin smiled at Josh, nodding.

"His love seeks its familiar."
Josh smiled, walking out of the room, Chace kissing him goodbye.


Josh gasped, Jolan's finger tips rubbing his left nipple, water cascading over their bodies.

Josh had walked into Jolan's bedroom, hearing the shower running in the bathroom across the hall, the man pulling out an outfit for Jolan to wear.

He smiled at his choices, laying them on the bed.

He walked out of the bedroom, quietly knocking on the bathroom door, Jolan's voice saying enter.

Josh walked in, closing the door behind him in the steamy room.

Jolan's head popped out from behind the shower curtain, his grey eyes smiling at Josh.

"Twenty seconds, Joshy."
Josh looked confused.

"Twenty seconds to lose those clothes or I'll rip them off you. I need my Joshua's familiar love."

Josh smiled, Jolan pulling the shower curtain back, Josh taking in the man's muscular smooth body.

Josh's hands went to his shirt, his pants hitting the floor at the same time, as did his underwear, the man walking across the bathroom, climbing into the tub.

Jolan's desires had consumed Josh, the young man on a path of need.

For twenty minutes Josh gave in to Jolan's need, their love bonding into their souls.

Josh was now washing Jolan's body, tenderness showing in his blue eyes.

Their lips met, Josh feeling all of Jolan's love.

"Thank you for the beauty of your body, Josh. And the tenderness of your soul."
Josh smiled, Jolan's grey eyes shining with love.

"I've laid out your clothes, Jo. I think you're clean enough."
Jolan smiled, hitting the shutoff button.

The two stepped out of the tub, Josh grabbing a big fluffy bath sheet, drying both of them.

Jolan remained still, feeling Josh's tender touch, and loving gaze.

"You sense our needing to talk, Josh. There is, indeed, much I have to talk through."
"I felt as much, your gaze seemed so needful."
Jolan smiled, kissing Josh on the lips, Josh smiling when he broke the kiss.

"I've fed on your beauty and love, now I need to feed on your mind."
Josh smiled, wrapping a towel around Jolan's waist, then his own.

He picked up his clothes, guiding Jolan out of the bathroom and then across the hall.

The two dressed in quiet, both staring at the disappearing beauty of the other.

"You have great taste, Joshy. Almost identical to my Jus'. My men always want me to look beautiful."
Josh smiled, Jolan smiling as he tied his shoes.

"Let's head for the library, Joshua. Within his knowledge his magic needs to be shown."

Josh nodded, Jolan taking his hand, the two walking out of the bedroom.


Josh stared out of the window at the late afternoon scenery, his face taking on a look of immense awed shock.

"Well, say something, Josh! Don't just stare into oblivion!" Jolan said, seated in front of the man in a wing chair.

The two had been talking all afternoon, Justin and Chace walking in about an hour and a half ago, finally finding their husbands.

"There you both are.  Don't you look smashing!" Justin said, his voice showing a very good English accent.

Jolan smiled at him, Justin leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"Our Josh has just as good styling taste as you my clothes horse."

Justin smiled, Josh winking at him.

"We were about to give you up for lost, my angel." Chace said, now seated in Josh's lap on the couch.

"We were just talking, guys." Jolan said, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"Understood, my love. You have much to think on and digest. I'm sure Josh's keen insight will benefit you." Justin said, kissing his man again.

"How much longer will you be, Jo?" Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"About two hours or so."
"Perfect. Hayden and the boys want to explore the English countryside, Calen's lending us horses. The boys are raring to go!" Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"My boys enjoy their fun. Enjoy, my Jumpy. And keep Hayden smiling."
Justin beamed, standing up, Chace rising as well, kissing Josh before he released him.

"We'll meet you outside in the Northern Gardens." Jolan said, Justin nodding.

The two left, Josh staring at Jolan.

"The Northern Gardens? Where's that, Jo? Have you learned the whole area?"
Jolan smiled, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"I have all of my grandfather's knowledge, Josh. That includes everywhere he's been and every place he's created."

Josh looked surprised, Jolan folding his hands in front of him.

"Now comes the gist of all this knowledge. The truth of what he's done."
Here now, an hour and a half later, Jolan had told Josh all of his grandfather's truth.

"Say something please, Joshua!"

The man's blue eyes turned from the window, their blueness filled with tears.

"Oh, Jo! His life, and your path! It's. . .it's so unbelievable!"

Jolan nodded, moving and sitting down beside his friend.

"Yes, Joshua. His life and his love were and still are so unbelievable. And now you know the truth of my history, of what is now asked of me."
Josh's arm went around Jolan, Jolan smiling at him.

"There's only one piece of the puzzle that's eluding me. Well, two, actually."
"And what are they, Jolan?"
"What exactly is the Sumsarian Treasure? And who or what is the enigma that is Erasmus Sogard?"
"Yes, I've wondered about both as well. Could the treasure be a room of immense gold and wealth?"
"Perhaps, Joshua. King Athos, King Dragos and King Segas did plunder and pillage throughout their reigns. They could have hidden an immense fortune. But my family is already well off, the Dragosans I mean. My grandfather amassed his own fortune."
"Yes, Jolan. You are wealthy, but you could be even more wealthy."

"Wealth and power mean nothing to me, Joshua. All I need is love, happiness and my three soulmates. And my Hay."

Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's lips.

"You have all four."

Jolan smiled, looking down at the golden ring on his finger.

"Now, Era. He's a confusion unto himself."
"Perhaps he's a guide sent to you by your grandfather, or even Queen Alveena. An apparition of help."

"Perhaps, but Queen Alveena and Grandfather both seemed surprised that the man was following me."
"True, Jo. The man is indeed an enigma. Now he's gone, as quickly as he came."
Jolan nodded, the man looking deep in thought.

"I don't think he's entirely gone, Joshua. Sometimes I sense him in the shadows of my world, and my mind."

Josh nodded, Jolan leaning forward and kissing Josh again.

Josh felt the love and trust in Jolan's loving kiss.

"We go forward, Josh. We go forward as we are guided. I just hope they'll all understand what I have to do."
Josh nodded, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"The three clans are in for an awakening, Jolan. But I believe they will see your love behind it. I'm just worried about the Archanian meeting. The first of your trials."
Jolan nodded, smiling at Josh.

"I love all three of them, Joshua. They are family. I am going to change the destiny they are forced to meet."

Josh nodded, Jolan standing up.

"Well, we've talked most of it through. I may have some discussions during the week to talk through."
"I'm not going anywhere, my Jo."
Jolan smiled, extending his hand, pulling Josh up off the couch, the two smiling at each other.

"You're going to your husband's heart, my Josh. He and my Jus are waiting for us in the nature of beauty surrounding this place."
Josh smiled, Jolan guiding him out of the library.


And so the week passed, Jolan relaxing around the mansion, encircled by his friends and family.

He held discussions with all of them, calming their fears and doubts.

He walked the halls of Bloodstone, his father and uncles at his sides, the four showing him the beauty and love of their father's home.

No other moments of magic or love were shown in the home, the place settling back down from its preceding weeks before Jolan's appearance.

It was as if Jolan's presence had calmed the stately manor.

On Thursday afternoon Reinhardt Bachmann arrived at Bloodstone, the young man welcomed by Jolan, and introduced to all at dinner that evening.

The man was deep in discussions with Calen and Simus when Jolan walked into the room, three young men of exquisite beauty and masculine aura walking behind him.

Reinhardt's eyes widened, staring at the three smiling youth.

"These are our cousins, Reinhardt. Let me introduce you to Athos, Mathias and Isaiah Dragos. The three sons of Lenora Ravenia Fontaine Dragos. The lost children of the lineage of Queen Ravenia Archania."

The Archanian stared in shock at all three, the three identical youths bowing respectively.

"Welcome to our home, brother of Archania. We sensed you the moment you landed in England."
The man bowed himself, staring at all three.

"I did not sense any of you, even when I walked into your home." he softly said, everyone staring at Jolan.

"They are lost, Reinhardt. They are lost to their brethren such as I am. We four have been hidden from your senses because of destiny. Only it isn't the destiny prophesised."

Reinhardt's eyes met Jolan's, the young man smiling at him.

"Dinner is ready everyone, let's sit down."

Everyone sat down, Reinhardt seated beside Jolan, Justin on Jolan's other side, the three young Archanians seated across from them.

Reinhardt stared at them often, all three softly blushing.

"Your beauty is so moving. I see your mother's beauty in your faces." he said, Jolan looking at Reinhardt.

"And where have you seen her beauty, Reinhardt?" Calen said, the young man looking towards him.

"There is a portrait of her in our holy Chamber of Wings. Therein lies paintings of all the true descendants of Queen Ravenia's own bloodline. The truest of the blood."

"You will have to add three more paintings, Reinhardt." Jolan said, smiling at his three cousins, they smiling back.

"It's so unbelievable Jolan. How have they remained so hidden from us?"

Jolan's eyes met the three young men, then gazed at Calen.

"The magic of my grandfather's home surrounded them like a blanket of deception. And when not here these past few weeks they have been with me. My magic surrounds them as well. They have been cloaked from all the eyes of the world, good and bad."

"But for what reason, Jo?" Joey said, staring at his friend, and the new arrival.

"For the necessity of destiny, Joe. These young men play a part on my path of destiny. And an even bigger part of the Archanian prophecy."
"Archanian prophecy? They have one as well?" Calen said, looking at his sons.

Jolan's grey eyes slowly looked around at everyone, the young man sighing.

"Three prophesised individuals of hope and wonder. Such am I to all three. The Wingshola to the Archanians. The Sulfenwolf to the Badenwolves and the Caitre Din Dragoste to the Sumsarian nation. I am one and I am all."

Reinhardt looked stunned by Jolan's revelation, dropping the fork in his hand.

"Yes, Reinhardt. I am more than just your prophesised warrior of winged destiny."

"But. . .but you are he foretold to us. How can you also be foretold to other nations? Other nations that we were once allied to, now hidden from."

Jolan stared at the man, then around at his relations.

"Because each nation needed a prophesised individual to give them hope. To give them hope that one day that person would save them from the despair of their lives. For all three nations have a great hurt within their souls. It is my destiny to force that hurt upon their reality. And then I shall show them their worth."
"Show us our worth? We are the Archanian nation! We are blessed in our devotion to goodness and truth."
"I know the feelings of the Archanian warriors, Reinhardt. I know them all too well."

Reinhardt looked confused, Jolan's hand going to his arm.

"A confrontation is coming, Reinhardt. You, as the chosen Leader of Flight, will stand at its center. And it begins with the decimation of the prophecy you hold dear to your heart."

"The prophecy, Jolan? You mean it's not what we deem it to be?"

"Truth shall be shown, life shall be revealed." Jolan said, everyone staring at him.

"What is the prophecy of the Archanians, Reinhardt?" Lance said, Joey's arm around him.

Reinhardt looked around the room, his eyes resting again on Jolan's grey.

"I can recite it, Reinhardt. For I know all of it."
"How. . .how is that possible, Jolan? You have not seen the Archanians, only these lost three."

"You forget the revealed truth of my own history, Reinhardt. My grandmother, Queen Alveena Dragos, was the sister of your beloved Queen Ravenia. That loving angel of light told me the prophecy herself when we walked the hallowed silent halls of Bolta Cerului."

"You. . .you have had visions?" Reinhardt said in wonder.

"I am of magic, my cousin. Life--past and present--is drawn to me."
Reinhardt nodded his head in awed wonder.

Jolan's eyes looked around the room, his voice revealing the prophecy of the Archanians.



"A plummeting angel shall fall through the snowy sky, our lineage in her arms.

Through that wolfen-saved child of life shall our destiny unfold.

Those hidden shall be saved from that which follows them.

And out of the dawning light of tomorrow shall the past be cleansed.

The chosen one of grey-eyed worth shall walk among us deep with love and truth.

And he of the joining love shall lay waste to the sins of life.

And a third child of flight shall take up his sword, that love sacrificed by his own hand.

Truth and beauty along with hope shall be restored in the hearts of our nation.

The vision of the Wingshola's flowering beauty shall ignite our faith.

And our souls shall follow him to truth and life."



Everyone's eyes were on Jolan, then on the three young Archanians.

"A third child of flight? That must mean one of you three." Cory said, Simus nodding beside him.

The three stared at Jolan and Reinhardt, the older Archanian's head lowering.

"Do not worry for what your people assume of that line's meaning. It is my destiny to lay truth in all those words."

Reinhardt's head raised, staring at the three, their eyes staring back.

"My people believe it is a prophecy of your death, Wingshola. One of these three shall take up a sword and kill you."

Everyone gasped, Jolan remaining calm.

"They are cousins of my heart and soul. Not one of them would ever do me harm."
The three young men were showing tears, Jolan's smile of love calming their hearts.

His grey eyes moved back to Reinhardt's blue.

"Such is the misconception of words written with love. I shall show their truth. It is time the Archanian nation came out of the darkness. The darkness of their own making."
Reinhardt looked stunned, Jolan smiling at him.

"Time enough on Saturday for all truths to be revealed."

Jolan's eyes met Josh's, the man looking deep in thought.

"I know that look, Joshua. What deepens your intellect?"

Josh smiled at Jolan, his eyes looking at the four Archanians.

"Well, some of that prophecy is easy to decipher. The plummeting angel, of course, means Queen Ravenia, the lineage in her arms her daughter Selaria. Queen Ravenia gave her to the Badenwolves for protection and safety. So, in a sense, she was wolfen-saved."
Jolan smiled, seeing the keen intellect of his loving soulmate.

"Very good, Josh. That was our understanding, too." Reinhardt said, Josh smiling at him.

"'Those hidden from that which follows them' means the Archanians followed by evil."

Reinhardt nodded his agreement, Jolan remaining silent.

"'The chosen one of grey-eyed worth' is obviously Jolan." Josh said, smiling at his friend, Jolan smiling back.

Justin was watching Jolan as well, seeing a calmness in his grey eyes, and a look of deep thought.

He sensed Jolan didn't believe all that was being said.

"The rest, I believe, has to deal with what you must do for the Archanians, Jolan." Josh said, Jolan remaining silent.

"I'm still uncertain of the line about you showing your flowery beauty. Perhaps your magic shall cover the earth with flowers?"

"Flowers shall bloom, Joshua. But they will be of a certain value to my kinsmen."
"Of what value, Jolan?" Reinhardt said, Jolan staring at him.

"Their value lays in their truth. The truth that lies at the center of all of this."
Everyone nodded, Jolan smiling around at everyone.

"You are a man of mystery and deep shining love, Jolan Dragos.  I believe this meeting of the winged ones shall be a pivotal moment in our destiny."
Jolan smiled at the man, his grey eyes softly glowing.

"Destiny is that which had been forged eons ago, a path continuing to its end. At the end of your path lays life and acceptance. From there we go to life."
Jolan smiled at Justin, his husband smiling back, Hayden in his lap.

"Our son's still hungry, my love. Let's finish dinner then relax. Tomorrow we travel to Archania."

Everyone smiled, returning to their meals, lighthearted talk traversing the table.

Reinhardt talked to everyone, smiling at their welcoming acceptance of him.

Jolan ate in silence, his eyes filled with deep thought.

And even deeper acceptance.

Fagin Greymount stared up at the wooden fortress before him, his large frame wrapped in furs.

"Excellent, Tobias. A wooden palace of fortitude and strength. It shall serve its purpose."

The builder, Tobias, who stood beside him, bowed, cowering at his master's side.

"Has our guest been sequestered within?" Fagin said, softy smiling to himself.

"Yes, sire. They are in the fortified hidden room. I walked them there myself under armed guard."

"The guards I left surrounding them?"
"Yes, sire. Your devoted soldiers."

The large man smiled, looking behind him.

Nathan stood behind him, Brandon at his side.

"Behold our new quarters, my pets. A better decor than those filthy tents. The best comfort that our surroundings can give."

The two nodded, Fagin's eyes going to the builder's cowering form.

"You have done well, Tobias. You deserve your due reward."
The man smiled, his head raising in happiness towards his master's black eyes.

Fagin's head turned, two guards walking out of the wooden building, walking down in front of him.

"The prisoner is subdued, your Excellency." one guard said, Fagin nodding.

"Kill him." Fagin said, the two soldiers nodding, drawing their swords, walking towards the builder.

Tobias screamed, turning to flee, the two soldiers upon him, their swords making short his life among screams of finality.

Fagin remained unmoved, Nathan and Brandon staring in horror at the builder's murder before them.

"Why. . .why would you kill him, Fagin? He served you well!"

"Yes he did, Brandon. But those akin to my private affairs must be silenced. I shall not let anything or anyone reveal my secrets."
Nathan's yellowish eyes stared at the monster in front of him.

"What prisoner did he talk of? Who are you holding?"

The large man turned, his eyes now red, staring into Nathan's yellow.

"Concern you not with that, Nathan. Don't dwell into my business. I give you fair warning. You as well, Brandon." Fagin said, the two men's hearts going cold at the stare coming from those red eyes of evil.

Fagin looked towards the two soldiers, both men holstering their swords, two other servants pulling the dead man's body away from Fagin.

The two soldiers returned and bowed before their master.

"Very good, my faithful servants. You deserve a reward." he smiled, both men bowing before him again.

"Brandon, you are theirs. Take him for your pleasure, my faithful ones. Return him tomorrow, and I want him undamaged."
The two soldiers' eyes widened in lust, staring at the beautiful man offered to them.

"Thank you, most giving one." one said, Fagin laughing.

"No, my boys. Brandon is the giving one." he laughed, the two men advancing on Brandon, each taking his arm, pulling the man towards their tent.

Nathan remained silent, watching Brandon's frightened face as the man was led away.

"No worries, Natty. He'll be used, but his beauty unharmed. The taller one, Dregan, has twelve inches. Brandon will love the pain."

Nathan's head lowered, remaining silent.

"Come, my mate. Tonight we couple in comfort. I hear the bed is large and comfortable."

Nathan stared at the man before him, his heart set against the night's pain.

"But first I must visit a friend. Explore our new home, my pet."
Nathan nodded, following Fagin into the wooden fortress.


Fagin walked down the wooden steps, walking into the darkened basement of the fortress.

Two guards stood at the bottom steps, bowing to him.

"A light, give me a light!"
One soldier produced a torch, lighting it quickly, the long empty basement revealed.

Fagin took the lighted torch, nodding upwards.

The two guards walked up the steps, closing the basement door, guarding it on the other side.

Fagin looked around the long immense room, seeing it filled with supplies, weapons and other necessities.

One room stood just off the stairs, Fagin knowing it was a large freezer, filled with meat and food.

He walked down the aisle between the supplies, walking to the end of the basement, then turned to his right, walking down a short aisle between more supplies.

At the end of that aisle stood a solid wall, only a small carving on its facing.

Fagin smiled, lifting the chained pendant that lay around his neck.

The builder, Tobias, had brought this wooden carving to Fagin, creating the indentation on its surface as the key to its opening the room behind it.

Fagin smiled, placing the wolf pendant into the indentation, an audible click heard, a recessed door pushing outwards.

Fagin pulled the door open, a soft light coming from within.

He walked into the large room, seeing the simple decor surrounding him.

"How find you your new surroundings, my dear?"
Two eyes of blue met his black, their centers glaring.

"A prison is a prison no matter the comfort." she said, staring at the monster before her.

"Now, now, lost one. Don't be shunning that which I give you."
The woman stood, Fagin seeing her defiant stance.

"All you have given me is pain and loss, Monster! You've locked me away from life! You've taken what you needed, please end my pain!" she sobbed, sitting down in defeat on the bed again.

The man laughed, walking over to her, the woman moving back against the wall.

"Are you afraid of me, my dear?"

The woman's eyes widened in courage.

"I fear not a monster like you. Your end is near. He comes."

Fagin stepped back, a look of confusion on his face.

"You cannot hide me away from all of the world, Fagin. He visited me in that dungeon back in New York. He knows of my existence. I felt his love surrounding me, his beautiful love. I fear nothing now. For I know he shall destroy you. And he shall free my soul."
Fagin looked stunned, moving forward, grabbing her by the arms.

"He found you?! That's impossible!"
The woman laughed, spitting in his face.

"You are not the only Soul Walker, Fagin. His magic is even greater than yours. Prepare for your justice."

The man slapped her across the face, the woman falling on the bed.

"I only keep you alive for his sake. To keep him in line. For if he were to learn of your existence I can force him to do anything. That day approaches. Your revealed truth shall make him so strong and bloodthirsty. He shall devour the world. Starting with Jolan Dragos' heart."
The man smiled, leering down at the woman staring back at him defiantly.

"You should be proud of your son, dear lady. He is beautiful and so delicious. The first day I took him he screamed for his mother, his unknown mother. Here now tonight I shall devour him again. For he now is my mate."
The woman looked on in shocked horror, staring at the monster before her.

"Yes, my Badenwolf beauty. Your son of our coupling is now my mate. And I shall use him to destroy the world."
Fagin laughed, walking to the door.

"Enjoy the tomb I have placed you in. You shall only see daylight once more. And on that day the wolf shall destroy all. And I'll rip your throat out."

Fagin laughed, closing the door behind him, hearing her sobs as the room closed.

The woman fell back upon the bed, her heart breaking with deep sobs.

She cried herself out, slowly raising herself to a sitting position.

She looked around her prison, her mind flowing on one hope.

On the grey eyes that she'd seen in the mist of her former prison.

They were so filled with love and hope.

And her mind thought upon two other people.

Elijah Fontaine and Calen Dragos.

"I love you my forgotten son, and I love you my Calen. Forgive me for walking away from your love."
Lydia Fontaine sobbed, falling back into her bed in the center of a walled-in tomb.



End of Chapter 138



Did you see that surprise coming?

Lydia Fontaine is not dead!

She didn't die the night her mother was blinded taking her to Bloodstone for safety.

Fagin had captured her, but hadn't killed her.

For he saw the truth of her purpose to him.


He mated with her, creating a Badenwolf.

Our disillusioned Nathan Livingstone.

Lydia is both Nathan and Elijah's mother.

And neither know of her existence or each other's.


That meeting awaits us later down the path.

And Jolan knows all.


Up next: The meeting of the Archanians and truth's showing.


Hugs, Angel.