Jolan's Path - Chapter 139


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 139


Jolan Dragos took a deep breath of the fresh evening air, the coolness filling his lungs.

He surveyed the surrounding area, quietly walking down the airplane's steps, following Reinhardt and Justin, Hayden in Justin's arms.
Josh and Chace were behind Jolan, Logan in Chace's arms, the boy grinning and looking around.

"Mountains, Daddy! Me sees wots of big mountains!"

Josh smiled, looking around as well.

"Yes, Logan. We're in the country now, we'll see lots of trees."

The boy smiled, Jolan looking back at him.

"Well, actually, we're in the city of Brasov. We'll really be in the wooded country tomorrow morning, Logan." he smiled, the boy grinning at him.

"Okays, Unky Jo."

Jolan smiled at Josh, walking down the steps, seeing Reinhardt walk up to a group of seven men, quietly talking to them, the seven now staring towards Jolan.

Justin waited at the bottom steps, his hand going in Jolan's, everyone else in the plane exiting down the stairway.

Another identical plane stood close by, two Dragosan jets in full use today for the large group's trip to Romania.

It was late Friday afternoon, everyone arriving safely.

Reinhardt looked towards Jolan, ushering him to come over.

Jolan sighed softly, Josh and Justin both looking at him.

Jolan moved forward, Justin walking with him, their hands stilled entwined.

As soon as Jolan walked up to Reinhardt, the seven behind him bowed respectfully, Jolan offering a half bow himself.

The seven raised their heads, their eyes on the young man before them.

"Honor flies upon the wings of life if you are he that we have waited for, Jolan Dragos." the man standing in the center of the seven said, his looks showing his aged dominance over the other six.

"This is Luther Gabriel, Jolan. He is the eldest of the Fathers of Truth, the Archanian elders."

"Good afternoon, Fathers of Truth." Jolan said, bowing softly again, Luther nodding at him.

All of Jolan's family and friends stood behind him, taking in the ritualistic meeting of the Archanian elders and Jolan.

"It is an honor to fly into the heart of my Archanian homeland. I feel the truth of Ravenasia close at hand. I long to walk upon the land of my winged ancestors, the ancient world of the Archanian nation."
The seven traded looks, Jolan's grey eyes staring into each set of judging eyes.

"Jolan, these are the seven elders of our people--Luther, Aramis Duguay, Trenton Walsam, Caleb Wahera, Sampson Vergos, Athos Voltz and Heinrich Von Dreitch. They are the seven keepers of the Archanian truth spread across the world."

Jolan shook each man's hand as Reinhardt spoke their name, looking at all seven when Reinhardt finished his words.

"The seven keepers of the learned truth. The hidden truth of our winged dynasty."
Luther looked into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing great calmness and truth.

"Yes, we guard all the truths of our people. The Tomes of Heritage, the paintings of lineage in our hallowed Chamber of Wings, and the lineage itself throughout the generations."

"Yes, the painted and written truths of our lineage." Jolan said, his voice sounding calm and relaxed.

"Jolan Dragos, you are being summoned before the people tomorrow in the Chamber of Wings. The verification of your own truth--lineage and worth--shall be ascertained there." Aramis said, his voiced filled with determination and authority.

Reinhardt looked at the elder, then at Jolan, seeing Jolan's calm gaze at Aramis.

"It is a truth that may surprise all of you. For in my heart pumps the blood of the true Archania."

The seven looked surprised by Jolan's words, Jolan smiling at them.

"That which you have long sought is at hand, brethren of my winged heritage. Prepare for the coming of the Wingshola. His life shall create life. As Ravenia created an illusion."

The seven looked stunned by Jolan's words.

Jolan looked towards Reinhardt.

"I wish for all of my family and friends that surround me to be present at my welcoming into the clan."
"That welcoming has not yet been offered, Jolan Dragos. And this meeting is for Archanians only."  Trenton said, his blue eyes staring at Jolan.

Caleb Wahera was looking at Jolan as well.

"You know the writing of the Tomes of Heritage? You just quoted part of Queen Ravenia's own words. This is impossible!"

Jolan stared at the elder, his voice filling the quietness.

"'I have created an illusion, my heart given over to necessity. He shall come who shall create life from his life. Sacred are my hopes that thy brethren shall join with his love. Life shall create life, as I once did.' So said Queen Ravenia."

The seven looked totally stunned, Jolan smiling at Reinhardt.

"What say you, Leader of Flight? May the Wingshola's friends and family watch his ascendancy to truth?"

Reinhardt's eyes went to the seven elders, Sampson looking at him.

"You are our leader, Reinhardt. Your words are law. But a precedence being set will not look favorably upon the people."
Reinhardt nodded, looking into Jolan's calm grey eyes.

"The Wingshola's needs should be our greatest concern. Your family and friends are welcomed to watch from the balcony overlooking the Waters of Hope." he said, the seven remaining silent.

"Thank you, cousin of truth." Jolan said, smiling at Reinhardt, the man nodding, looking towards Luther.

"Have accommodations been sought for everyone?"
"Rooms at Casa Wagner have been reserved, you have two full floors. The city is filled with brethren, the meeting overflowing its doors." Trenton said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Large is my family of winged truth. I shall enjoy meeting each one. As you shall with the three lost ones."

The seven stared at Jolan, Luther's eyes going over the people standing behind Jolan.

"No worries. Tomorrow shall see them soon enough. I'd like to rest, Reinhardt. It's been a busy day. An honor to meet all seven of you, elders of truth and wonder."

The seven bowed again, turning and walking towards a van.

"Come Jolan. I know where the hotel is, and these three vans are ready for us." Reinhardt said, Jolan nodding, Justin squeezing his hand again, Hayden jumping into Jolan's arms.

"There pool at hotel, Daddy?"
Jolan laughed, Justin smiling at his calmness.

"Perhaps, fishy!"

Hayden giggled, Logan giggling from Josh's arms.

Josh smiled at Jolan, everyone following Reinhardt to the vans.


Justin smiled, feeling two arms wrap around him, Jolan kissing his neck.

Justin was standing out on the balcony of their room, staring at the surrounding beauty of the mountainous scenery.

Hayden was in Josh's room, the boy playing with Logan, Jolan having taken a shower.

"A beautiful view, my angel." Justin said, Jolan turning him around, kissing his lips.

"Yes, you definitely are, Mr. Timberlake-Dragos."

Justin chuckled, kissing Jolan again, his arms going around his robed body.

"Ok, my Jumpy. Out with it. What's bothering you?"

"You read my heart and soul so well, Wolfy."
Jolan smiled at him, pulling him close.

"We are one, my Jumpy. We read each other's souls."
"That's just it, Jolan. I don't seem to be able to do that anymore. Oh, I feel your emotions, your temperament, but I don't feel the deepness of your soul."
Jolan sighed, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"I'm sorry, Jumpy. I guess I've closed everyone off to the depths of the newfound knowledge filling my soul. That never was my intention."
"I love you, Jolan. You are the second half of me. Don't shut me out from your soul."
Jolan pulled Justin against him, holding him tight.

"I love you too, Justin. I would never shut you out of my life, my soul or my destiny."
Justin leaned down kissing his Jolan again, the two showing their love.

"Josh knows everything, doesn't he?" Justin said, Jolan laying his head against Justin's chest.

"He is my familiar, Jus. I needed him to talk me through everything."
Justin nodded, kissing Jolan's forehead.

"I know, Jo. And I totally understand your need for secrecy and surprise. I just don't want you getting hurt in all this. I saw the looks those men were giving you. I saw their uncertainty and wariness."
"The Archanian clan is hidden from life, Jus. From the life they are supposed to live. They just have to be shown that."

"I just don't like them not welcoming your love, Jolan. How can they not see what all of us see, what I see the most? The loving soul of a giving man."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's lips.

"Yes, you see it easily because its grown with your love surrounding it. I am new to them. After tomorrow they will see what needs to be seen and do what needs to be done. From there we go forward. I will take hold of all four sides of my destiny."

Justin stared into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Will you be hurt in all this? I love you, Jolan. Please be honest with me."
"Meeting all three of the lost clans will not hurt me, Justin. But as for the final confrontation, that ending is still unknown to even me. It's a precarious tightrope I walk, my love. All things must be connected for success. I just have to reason the last part out."
Justin nodded, Jolan kissing him again.

"I will not keep you out of my heart, Justin. You will know all of it. Starting with tomorrow."
"Jo. . .I. . .if it's too risky, I don't need to know."
Jolan wrapped his arms around his husband.

"You need to know because I love you, my Jumpy. I want you to know so you can cast away the doubt and worry I feel surrounding your soul. You and our Hay are my family, Jus. For you two I'll walk against destiny. I love you."
Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back and taking his hand, the two walking back into the bedroom.


Half an hour later Jolan held Justin in his arms, the man looking deep in thought, the two laying on the large velvet covered bed.

The room was large, ancient decorations adorning the room and walls.

"That's so unbelievable, Jo. What they don't realize. The path they've followed. . .it's. . .!"

"It's destiny, Justin. And it's the truth they'll have to hear. It's a joining that must happen. And then I'll have to show them the trueness of the Wingshola's essence."

Justin looked into Jolan's grey eyes, the two leaning together, kissing deeply.

"Your essence is love, Wingshola of my heart."

Jolan smiled, snuggling against his man.

"That will be an unimaginable vision, my Jo. How. . .how is it possible?"
"It is the magic of my destiny, Jus. The magic moves as it must. The past has to be known and fixed."

Justin nodded, hugging Jolan close.

"My love will be with you, Jo. Even if it is from the balcony."
Jolan smiled, guiding Justin's hand down his front, slipping it under the robe he wore.

"I always love you above me."
Justin smiled, his body moving on top of Jolan, his hand feeling the warmth of his man's center.

"Do we have time for me to praise the Wingshola?"

"I'll always have time to be worshipped from above."

Justin smiled, their lips meeting, his hands opening Jolan's robe.

His hands went all over his smooth revealed chest, his lips moving from Jolan's, licking his ear lobe, moving downward, Justin feeling the trembling in Jolan's body.

A light rap came to their bedroom door, the door opening, Justin moving his body to cover Jolan's revealed nakedness.

"Can't we have some peace and quiet?" Justin said rather urgently, Jolan kissing his cheek, calming his lover's desires.

Josh and Chace walked into the room, Logan and Hayden walking before them, heading for the bed.

"No pool, Poppa. This place sucks!" Hayden said, his arms folded, a look of brooding on his face.

Justin burst into laughter, Jolan laughing as well, Justin moving off the bed and picking up his son.

"That's terrible, little man! How can our fishy stay wet?"
Hayden giggled, Logan wrapping his arms around Justin's leg.

"Hayden and me's can plays in bath tubby, Unky Justin!"

Justin smiled, leaning down and setting Hayden down beside Logan, smiling at both.

"Awesome idea, Logan! Let's head for the tub in our bathroom. It's huge!"

The two boys clapped their hands, Justin chasing them towards the bathroom.

Josh and Chace smiled, Chace looking over Jolan's now revealed nakedness, the robe just barely covering his center.

"Ah, we walked into a little moment of passion. Seems our Justy is now more interested in the kiddies. Can anyone take his place?" Chace said, smiling intoxicatingly at Jolan.

Jolan smiled back, watching Chace's eyes go towards the bathroom.

"Go on, I see and feel your need centered towards the bathroom. You four kiddies get naked and have fun. But you big boys keep it clean in front of the smaller ones."
Chace laughed, leaning down and kissing Jolan on the lips, his hand slinking under the robe, gently kneading Jolan's center.

"Thanks, Daddy."
Jolan laughed, Josh sitting down on the bed, the two watching Chace pull off his shirt, heading for the bathroom.

"Our husbands love the water as much as our kids. And they love our kids even more."
Josh smiled, his eyes going over Jolan's tight muscular chest.

"And I love all three of the big kids."

Jolan smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"We have some time alone, Joshua. Care to make this big kid happy?"

Josh smiled, Jolan's hand going out, taking Josh's, guiding it towards his center.

Jolan closed his eyes, feeling Josh's tender stroking, then feeling movement on the bed.

He felt the weight of Josh's body on top of him, and he felt the warmth of Josh's naked chest against his.

He opened his eyes, staring into two blue pools of love.

Josh leaned forward, kissing Jolan on the lips, Jolan opening his lips, feeling the warmth of his friend's tongue as it entered his mouth.
They broke the kiss, Jolan staring into Josh's blue eyes, feeling Josh's deep love and growing desire.

"I love you, Jo."

"I love you even more, Joshua. Show me that beautiful love."

Josh smiled, his lips meeting Jolan's, Jolan's arms wrapping around his Josh.

Josh's lips broke from his, his mouth kissing down Jolan's chest, finding the large phallus below his tight abs.

Jolan gasped as he felt Josh's lips encircle its head, each inch sinking into a wet warmth.

Jolan closed his eyes again, Josh's skill bringing the trembling need out of his soul.

"Please. . .please, Joshy! I need. . .I need all of you. I need your familiar love deep within me."
Josh moved, his body moving upward, their lips meeting again, Josh moving Jolan's hips, centering himself with Jolan's center.

His own hardness was at its peak, the warmth and love below him churning the lust and need within his soul.

They broke the kiss, their eyes meeting.

"You are my Jolan, our Jolan. We and I love you so much." he said, tears flowing from his blue eyes and he moved downward, Jolan gasping at the hardness sinking into his soul.

Josh's lips met his again, the man of smooth masculine beauty claiming Jolan's love.

Their passion began, a rhythm of need, love and want.

Both felt the growing thunder of the storm of their desires, their orgasms joining together, their desires exploding simultaneously.

They both gasped, Josh sinking down on top of Jolan, the man's arms going around his glistening body.

Josh was trembling, Jolan's lips kissing his neck and shoulder, feeling his friend's emotionally charged love.

"Oh, Josh. Always so amazing, so familiar in its beauty and need. You are so identical in your love as my Jus."

Josh kissed Jolan's lips, Jolan feeling his giving love.

"You and Jus are as identical as my Chace. But your love and desire is so unique, Jo. It's so much more than the other three of us. It's greater in its intensity, in its beauty."
Jolan smiled, lightly kissing Josh's lips again, Josh feeling that intense love.

"That's because I am the center of the love for all three of you. My love is our core. And you three are the only beauty, desire and want I shall ever need."

Josh smiled, Jolan's hand rubbing his cheek.

"I know you love our boys just as much as Jus and Chace. It's a big tub in there. One more will only add to the laughter and love."
Josh smiled, looking down over Jolan's sweat-coated body.

"Two more would make it so cozy."

Josh smiled at Jolan, seeing the remnants of Jolan's orgasm laying across his chest.

"I've already showered, my Josh."

Josh smiled, looking at the whiteness below him.

"You missed a spot." Josh said, his head lowering, his lips licking up all the sweet liquid from Jolan's chest, Jolan softly moaning.

"Get going, Joshy. Or I'll want another go."
Josh laughed, licking his lips, those lips meeting Jolan's.

"Alright, angel of our hearts." he smiled, climbing out of bed, Jolan's eyes on his naked form, his bubbly butt swaying as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Jolan smiled, then sighed, a contented sigh of warmth and satisfaction.

"Your love and theirs feeds my soul, Joshua." he said, rising from the bed, wrapping the robe--which barely clung to him--around his nude body, walking out into the late afternoon sunshine.

He stared forward, looking at the mountainous scenery.

"Out there lies my destiny. The circle of drawing force closes in."
"And life begins."

Jolan turned, staring into two blue pools of love.

"Hello, Mrs. Era."
Queen Alveena lightly laughed, Jolan smiling at her warm smile.

"I'm not as shadowy as that walker of destiny." she smiled, the beautiful vision before him looked into the bedroom, softly smiling.

"I still feel the warmth of your giving love. Your familiar's heart soars with it."
Jolan smiled, his thoughts on Josh.

"I feel it's a warmth the two of us share alone. I love my Jus completely, but there's a difference in Josh's love. As well as in my Chace's."
Alveena smiled, looking into his grey eyes.

"You are a unique vessel of love and magic, my grandson. A triad of love given to you in a unique way. I sense it's part of the path, their love is a part of you."
Jolan smiled, looking into the room.

"They are all a part of me. My five of love."

Alveena smiled, looking out at the vision Jolan had momentarily been staring at.

"This is my home, Jolan. Each time I return I feel its drawing warmth."

Jolan nodded, staring into her blue eyes.

"The nation of Archania, your lost life."
The woman smiled, looking into his grey eyes.

"My life is not lost, Jolan. It is found within my heart. My family's love--all sides of it--remain in my heart."
Jolan smiled at her, the woman smiling back.

"You are just as riddle-filled as our disappearing Era."
Alveena laughed, Jolan smiling.

"And just as giving and intelligent as your sister Ravenia."

Alveena's eyes met his.

"I see you have gained Vilos' knowledge. Another intelligent man."

"He was raised under your love and hers. His intelligence was nurtured under your guiding love."
Alveena smiled, looking at Jolan's young handsome face.

"How I miss that man. Your beauty mirrors him, as does your intelligence and love."

Jolan smiled, looking out into the sunshine at the mountain range before him.

"He is out there, Grandmother. He guards the final treasure of his love."

Alveena's blue eyes stared at Jolan, his eyes staring out into the mountains.

"It begins tomorrow, Grandmother. The Archanian nation shall be whole again. The roots of the past shall reveal the flowering love of her heart."
A single tear ran down Alveena's face, Jolan's eyes taking in her emotions.

"Weep not for her past, weep only for the beauty of her giving heart."

Alveena bowed her head, Jolan smiling at her.

"You are beyond anything I have ever encountered in my travels, my grandson. I feel the pure love of all of us in your smouldering eyes."

Jolan nodded, looking into the bedroom.

"The center of that love is theirs, Grandmother. The rest is for all of you."

Jolan's eyes turned back, the young man standing alone again.

He stared out at the scenery again, a soft smile crossing his face.

"Your sister's heart mirrors yours, Queen Alveena Archania Dragos. And mine joins all."

Jolan smiled, walking back into the bedroom, heading for the bathroom and his happiness.


Justin's blue eyes took in the surrounding beauty and the immenseness of the grand spectacle around him.

He sat with his friends and family, the group seated in a large balcony overlooking a cascading waterfall that fell into a large pool of crystal clear blue water, Justin's eyes following the waterfall upwards, seeing it disappear upwards through the forested hills of a large mountain behind them.

Chace sat at Justin's side, their sons in their laps.

Lynn, behind Justin, tapped his shoulder, Justin turning his head.

"Have you ever seen such a sight of immense beauty. It's. . .it's so overpowering." she said, Melina nodding at her side.

"No, Mom. I've never seen anything so filled with symbolic beauty." Justin said, his eyes scanning the spectacle before him.

Below them was an immense expanse of land, small trees running in circles from its center.

In the center of the area was a stone platform, a central altar upon which stood seven chairs and a dais.

Justin took in the vision of the seven seated there.

The seven elders of the Archanian nation.

Outward from them stood or sat thousands of people.

Each circle of flowery beauty encased a group of those people.

Reinhardt had explained to all of them the hierarchy of the Circles of Flight.

The innermost circle was reserved for those of the most important of the Archanian heritage.

Each ring moving outward showed the lessening of the importance of their occupants.

The innermost circle was totally empty, the second one filled with around one hundred people.

Each ring outward increased with people, all their eyes upon the central platform.

Justin knew why the inner circle was empty.

For to the Archanian nation the true bloodline of their once glorious queen was now sated.

None of the inner truth remained.

Justin's eyes went around the large area, focusing on a large opening on the far side of the gathering.

The stone entrance that they'd all walked through.

The Chamber of Wings.

Justin and all his friends and family had taken in each portrait hanging on those stone walls, following the bloodline of Queen Ravenia, greatest of the Archanian monarchs.

Calen had stopped, staring at the last portrait hanging in the light of the opening entrance to the meeting place.

"Your wife, Lenora Fontaine. Last child of the bloodline of truth." Reinhardt had said, standing at Calen's side.

Jolan and the three young Archanians were not with them, the four would make their own entrances soon.

"You have captured the beauty of her self, but not the beauty of her soul." Calen said, lowering his eyes.

Morgan's arm had gone around his brother, his other two siblings at his side.

"It would have been a soul of great beauty, I have no doubt." Reinhardt had said in reverence, Calen nodding.

"Today, her sons walk into the heart of her family. My brethren will see her beauty for true." the leader of the Archanian nation said, Calen nodding, a smile upon his face.

Two men had walked up to Reinhardt, both bowing.

"The people are assembled, sire. Their pilgrimage has ended. They await your words of welcome." one man said, Reinhardt nodding.

His blue eyes turned to the group behind him.

"Oscar here will guide you through the tunnel here to the balcony above the Waters. Please remain there and silent throughout the meeting. Many eyes will be drawn to you. Take their hardness and wariness with good grace. I feel in my heart our Jolan will calm the nation at your being here. I will voice my own words in that regard if I must."
Justin nodded, shaking Reinhardt's hand.

"Go forward with my Jolan's love, Reinhardt. Your nation today will see their leader's worth."
Reinhardt had smiled, the other man, Oscar, moving his hand to an opening on the right hand wall of the chamber.

Everyone had followed him, disappearing down the lighted tunnel.

Reinhardt Bachmann stood in silence, looking out into the day-lit sunshine of the meeting room ahead.

"I hope they will take thy greatness in stride, Jolan. I feel in my heart it will rip out theirs."


Here now Justin and everyone sat in silence, many of those below them having stared up at them, murmured talk flowing through the large circles.

People had pointed at them, the seven on the platform looking out at their people, their eyes having glanced upwards as well.

Justin sensed a brooding restlessness within all those below them, as if a moment of deep emotion was about to erupt.

His own mind was going over everything that Jolan had told him last night.

Of what today represented, of the hidden truth that those below him would have to bear witness to.

And what Jolan would have to show, of their past and of himself.

That vision Justin couldn't quite comprehend, the vision of the Wingshola's truth.

Justin's eyes looked outward, staring at one small forgotten corner of the area below him, seeing what he knew would be there, what Jolan had told him was there.

It was situated right behind the platform, in the center of the room, on the farthest edge of the innermost circle.

Justin stared at it, and all the doubt left him.

He stared down at the people, his own heart given over to their future.

A movement to his left, drew his eyes, Josh walking across the balcony, sitting down beside Justin, Justin now in the center of his and Chace's love.

"How is he doing, Josh?"
Josh's blue eyes met everyone's staring at him.

"He is ready, Jus. I've never seen so much acceptance in his grey eyes. They're glowing and the love is flowing. I still feel its beauty in my heart. He's ready. For all of it."

Everyone stared at Josh, the man looking downward.

A trumpet blared, the murmuring silence below them ceasing.

Josh smiled, looking towards the Chamber of Wings.

"Prepare for his truth, everyone. It shall take your breath away."


Reinhardt Bachmann walked out of the Chamber of Wings, each circle opening before him, the man walking forward towards the platform, his people bowing respect and clapping their awed acceptance of his place above them.

At twenty-seven he was the youngest Leader of Flight in seventeen generations.

He took the oath of servitude as an oath unto his heart, for his people and for destiny.

He bowed at everyone, walking forward, the mantle of his heritage surrounding him.

He wore a long green robe, matched in its style as those worn by the elders, theirs a dark brown.

He reached the platform, walking the five steps up to its surface, bowing to the elders, the seven bowing to their knees before him.

He walked to the platform's center, standing behind the dais, looking out unto his people.

His eyes traversed the clearing in which he stood, taking in the beauty of the sunlit nature surrounding him.

His eyes went upwards, past the waterfall and pool, to the carved granite balcony and the people standing there.

His eyes took in all his people gazing upwards as well.

His eyes focused forward, the room gradually silencing of its applauding multitude.

"Children of flight, brethren of winged truth. The day of our annual meeting is upon us. Today is the twelve-thousandth meeting of the Archanian nation. For all that expanse of time we have gathered yearly to give thanks for our being still upon this earth. The evil of the world has not destroyed our hearts. The Archanian heart of truth still beats."
Cheers went up among the people, its deafening sound echoing around the closed in clearing.

"We stand upon the sacred earth in the center of Archania. Our beloved Ravenasia."

"The heart beats! Upon Ravenasia the heart of truth beats!" the crowd chanted, Reinhardt nodding his head.

"Yes, children of flight. We stand together as one nation. One nation devoted to truth, goodness and life."

Cheers echoed in the clearing again, Justin and everyone taking in the greatness of the joined truth below.

"Today one only has to look upwards above the Waters of Hope to see that today is a day of precedence. Strangers not of Archanian descent look down upon us."
A man stood in the second circle before Reinhardt.

"Strangers are not welcomed in the light of truth. You have defiled the sanctity of this hallowed place." the man said, staring at Reinhardt, others murmuring.

"I have welcomed friends of truth and love to this meeting today. At the request of he who awaits us. The chosen one is here, my brethren. Look up at those that love him. For soon he shall walk into all of your hearts. He already is in mine."
People murmured, their eyes gazing upwards at Justin and the others.

"Nothing like being in the center of a storm." Joey softly said, his arms going around Lance.

Everyone remained quiet, looking down at the staring eyes of a nation.

"People of Archania, children of flight. The Wingshola's truth is at hand. A lost child of Archanian worth and truth stands upon the threshold of making his love known to us. He wishes to show himself to his family. What say you?"

All the people stood, staring at Reinhardt in surprise and worried shock.

Luther, the elder, stood, walking up to Reinhardt's side, his hands going outward, the crowd gradually calming.

"Bring forth this child so that the nation can judge him, Leader of Flight. Falsehoods cannot stand against the people's truth."

The people cheered, Luther smiling out at them.

He returned to the other elders, all eyes upon Reinhardt.

"I am the Leader of Flight. As the leader of the Archanian nation I summon all to their birthright. Walk into the light of Ravenasia, lost child of flight. I summon thee, Jolan Dragos!"

All eyes moved as one to the Chamber of Wings.


A soft mist seemed to be issuing forth out of the chamber's entrance, an image walking out of its grey clouds.

All eyes widened, taking in a surprising vision.

Jolan Dragos walked out of the mist, the young man wearing only a pair of black shorts, his smooth torso on full display.

Justin's eyes were drawn to the vision of beauty walking out of the mist, seeing his Jolan's beauty bared to all of those in the clearing.

On Jolan's chiselled abdomen the tattooed sun--which covered the place where he'd been stabbed by Morgan at the Rite--seemed to radiate its yellow rays toward everyone's eyes.

And his violet eyes seemed to be glowing on their own.

Justin stared at those violet eyes, knowing Jolan's Archanian self was showing.

The young man walked forward, the circles across the clearing slowly opening, every set of eyes staring in awed wonder at the vision walking through them.

Jolan walked forward, slowly reaching the platform, his head bowing to each set of eyes his gaze took in along the way.

People murmured to themselves, all their eyes showing wonder and confusion.

Jolan reached the platform, walking up each of the five steps in his bare feet, standing before Reinhardt and the seven elders.

Reinhardt looked shocked, taking in the beauty of Jolan's near naked muscular body, the sun emblazoned upon his chest.

"The light of the sun's warmth radiates from my soul, my brethren." Jolan said, looking into Reinhardt's blue eyes.

Jolan turned, staring out at all the people surrounding him.

"Hello, my family of flight. I am finally in the center of our world. I wish to show you the truth of my existence."
Luther walked forward again, standing at Reinhardt's side.

"It is a truth we shall draw from you, Jolan Dragos." the elder said, Reinhardt's eyes meeting his.

Jolan turned, staring into his blue eyes.

"Truth begins with heritage, elder of my people."

"Yes, heritage. And that in itself calls into question your own misguided lineage, Jolan Dragos."

People were murmuring again, Jolan remaining calm and quiet.

Reinhardt looked out at his people, his eyes then going to Jolan.

"You show almost all of yourself to thy people, Jolan. What is the reasoning behind that?" Luther said, staring at the near nude man.

"I come to the clan of Archania stripped of my pretensions, bared of my soul. You all can see no membrane marks upon my back. To all of you I resemble no Archanian you have ever seen."
Luther and Reinhardt's eyes went to Jolan's smooth muscular back, seeing no closed membrane of hidden wings.

"You are not Archanian! You are only a man!" someone shouted from the second circle, others voicing their agreement further back, the shouting intensifying.

Jolan's eyes went outward, their violet glow taken in by all.

"Do I have the floor, Leader of Flight? May I talk to the people of winged truth?" Jolan said, looking into Reinhardt's blue eyes.

"Yes, Jolan Dragos. You have the floor. We shall hear your words of truth." Reinhardt said, walking over to his chair, which sat to the left of the dais.

Luther returned to his chair, the seven elders sitting down, the multitude going to their seats, all eyes upon the near naked man in their center.

"Speak, Jolan Dragos. Tell us the truth of who you are." Reinhardt said, staring at his friend.

Jolan's violet eyes scanned the crowd, then the elders, then finally Reinhardt's.

"I am myself, and I am truth. I am love and I am life." he said, his violet eyes changing to their normal grey, everyone staring in surprise, their greyness now glowing like silver diamonds.

Jolan walked forward, standing on the edge of platform before the people.

"I am the Wingshola. I am the Warrior of Truth. I am the chosen one. And I am your salvation."


For over twenty minutes Jolan talked, relating to all surrounding him his life, his past and theirs.

He told them of the joining of all clans under his own self, of the greatness of who he was to all nations of magic and love.

He told them of their past, of the past known to all of them.

Of Queen Ravenia's sacrifice in saving her daughter, in hiding the clan of Archanians from all the world, magic forever lost to the world.

He told them of his connection to the clans of Badenwolf and Sumsarian, their once lost allies of peace.

A man stood up, pointing at him.

"How can you be our chosen one and theirs as well? Your greatness should only belong to one nation!!" he said, others agreeing with him, the elders watching in silence.

Jolan's grey eyes met his, the man seeing the depth of acceptance in the young man's eyes.

"There is no greatness in me, Philip Darmont. I am only a weapon of destiny."

The man looked shocked at Jolan calling him by his name, sitting down in silence.

Jolan's grey eyes scanned everyone, his eyes going upwards staring towards his family and friends, Justin's blue eyes meeting his.

"The only greatness of myself is my giving love. I give love to all. I give hope to all."

Jolan turned, staring at the seven behind him, Reinhardt watching the young man.

"The clan of Archania has lain in hiding for over seven hundred years. A duty they took upon themselves with an oath of devotion to their once beloved queen, giving by that queen's own daughter, Selaria, the last surviving child of the original clan. The clan that once lived--and died--upon this sacred spot."

Everyone bowed their head in reverence, Jolan's grey eyes scanning all of them.

"To bow to the past is to bow to a lie."

Luther's eyes shot up, staring at the young man.

"What did you say?"
Jolan sighed, folding his hands before him, covering his clothed center.

"The children of Selaria Archania have hidden in silence. Not for protection and necessity, but as an escape from the truth."

The seven elders stood upon Luther's standing, the eldest staring at Jolan with anger.

"You cannot stand upon the Platform of Servitude and tell lies to the people! It is an abomination against Archania!"

"I tell no lies, my brethren of truth. I only tell the truth. It is time the Archanian people know the truth of their existence. Part of your history has been hidden from you. Erased to give yourselves a greater importance than what you truly are."

"And what are we truly, Jolan?" Reinhardt said, now on his feet as well.

"You are the descended children of Selaria Archania, that is a known truth. But you are also the children of her husband. Her once bodyguard, the man she fell in love with. A man of Sumsarian birth. You are all half Archanian and half Sumsarian. You are not true-blooded Archanians."
The crowd rose as one, screaming towards Jolan, the young man in the center of a storm of gathering fierceness.

"That is a fabricated lie, Jolan Dragos. Selaria Archania was married to an Archanian!" Aramis, the elder said, his fists balled at his sides.

"No, elder of truth. Selaria Archania fell in love with the man assigned to her by my grandfather, Vilos Dragos. And Vilos did that as a request from Queen Ravenia herself."

The elders stared in shock, Jolan's grey eyes staring at all of them.

The clan remained on their feet, screaming and shouting at Jolan, the elders standing frozen in shock.

Jolan's hands raised, his voice suddenly intensifying in the closed-in clearing.

"Sit down all of you, my brethren of winged life!"

Every voice in the clearing silenced, Jolan's loud voice resonating across the circles.

Jolan stood upon the platform, his muscular form having intensified, its height and size having expanded.

He stood now over six foot seven, his muscular frame dwarfing the others surrounding him.

He slowly moved, walking down the five steps, staring at the empty circle surrounding the platform, the inner circle of truth.

"Behold the inner circle of truth, placed here to house the most true blood of the clan. It has remained empty for eons, only because of deceived truth. It is not a symbol of the lost lineage of Queen Ravenia, her last descendent Lenora Fontaine lost to us. It is actually a symbol of the truth of your lineage. The last true blood of the Archanian nation was in fact Selaria."

People began to weep, to sob and to stare at Jolan in shocked horror.

"That is the truth of all of us. Selaria was the last of the true Archanians. Her children and her descendants were born of man and archangel. A joining of the two. And it is time that you saw that that introduction of blood has given all of you a greater self worth."
"A greater self worth? You have just told us that we are not true Archanians!!" Luther said, tears showing in his eyes.

"I. . .I cannot accept this truth. . .I cannot." he said, a sob sounding in his throat.

"You must accept it. And you must accept the truth of what that means."

"What does it mean, Jolan?" Reinhardt said, his voice filled with conflicting emotion.

"It means that we are more than just Archanians. We are men and we are creatures of magic. It is a truth I accept more than others should need to."

Jolan's grey eyes looked outward, the nation before him staring at him with emotional uncertainty.

"Queen Ravenia, our sacred queen of love and truth, of courage and reasoning, saw all that was to transpire. She knew long before her own death that the events would unfold as destiny showed them to be. And so she sought to protect her people, to give them one chance at survival. For the summer before her own demise she met someone who showed her that truth and love can survive against great odds. All it needed was love, hope and courage."
Jolan's grey eyes looked upwards, into the shining sun above them.

"She found all in my grandfather, Vilos Dragos. A child born of magic and power, given over to love and courage. The love and courage he received from Ravenia's own sister, my great grandmother Alveena Archania Dragos. The mother of the Sumsarian nation."

Everyone sat down in silent wonder, Jolan's voice drawing their attention.

"My grandfather met Queen Ravenia the summer before the last battle against evil, here in the Carpathian mountains so long ago. She saw the truth of his existence. That through evil, hurt and sorrow he survived, given the greatest gift. The gift of love and knowledge, Alveena's gift of love. She saw the man as what he truly was. A creation of need, of power and greed, saved from that greed by the gift of love. Ravenia has seen the future of her own people, how they would be destroyed by that same greed and power, by vengeance and evil. She saw no way out of that abyss until she met my father. She had long talks with him and her sister, a consensus forming in her mind. To save her people she would have to sacrifice their purity. That she would have to join them with another race. She saw the joining of that destiny. She saw it in my grandfather's eyes. He was a joining of magic and power. And he survived with the gift of love. That was the gift she must give her own child. The child she had chosen to continue the Archanian bloodline."
"The child she'd chosen?" Aramis said, staring in wonder at Jolan.

"Yes, elder. Queen Ravenia saw the coming of the end of her people. She knew in her heart she would have to choose which of her seven children would be the one to carry on the lineage. She picked Selaria, the younger, because of her untainted soul, her giving love and beauty. She was a young child of innocence. She asked my grandfather on the last summer day of their meeting to choose a protector for that child if there was ever a time when that child would need that protector. Vilos had chosen one of his own devoted soldiers, a man by the name of Isaiah Theracus. Fate and destiny guided Selaria Archania to Isaiah's protective love. And the two joined together as Ravenia had foreseen. Archanian magic joined with Sumsarian love, as her own sister had. The Archanian race survived, joined with love."

Everyone stared at Jolan, the young man seeing their dawning acceptance of the truth.

"We never focused on Isaiah's part in that ancient legend, Jolan. Our focus has always been on the trueness of our lineage from Queen Ravenia." Caleb, the elder said.

"To forget one half of one's history is to forget half our soul." Jolan said, his eyes looking out upon his brethren.

"Now comes the meaning of the prophecy of Queen Ravenia. The recited words of truth. It is time their truth was known. But first, I need to introduce you all to three others of lost beauty and heritage, lost to all of us. I found them within my own family's heart. It is time three other children of flight flew into their family's soul."
Jolan nodded towards the chamber entrance, a man standing there nodding.

He walked into the tunnel, everyone staring towards the chamber's entrance.

"Welcome to thy brethren the children of Lenora Fontaine, last of the lineage of Selaria Archania."

Three young men walked out of the chamber, the three dressed in the same black shorts that Jolan wore.

Their smooth naked torsos revealed their stunning beauty, their membrane wings flowing behind them.

Tyrone, Sidney and Steve all stared at their men, their hearts flowing with love for them, and what this moment meant in the brothers' young hearts.

The three took flight, flying over their brethren, descending in front of Jolan, the young man smiling at all three.

"Turn around and look upon your brethren, Isaiah, Mathias and Athos Dragos."

The three young men turned, staring down at the white robed people staring up at them.

"These three are the triplet children of Lenora Fontaine, last daughter of the lineage of Selaria and Isaiah Archania Theracus. The last three of the Archanian bloodline of Ravenia."

Everyone before them stared at them, then all went to their knees, the three staring in awed wonder.

"Do not look upon them with reverence, look only upon them with love. For they are your brothers and your kin. All of you are the descendants of Queen Ravenia. Archanian blood flows in all your wings."

The clan stood as one, their white robes slowly removed.

Justin and the others stood looking down upon a nation of winged apparitions.

Every person standing in the clearing showed their spread wings, a nation of winged warriors on full display.

"Now comes the meaning of the prophecy. That truth I shall show you now." Jolan said, looking out at everyone, the elders and Reinhardt now standing right behind Jolan.

Jolan looked around at them, seeing the need in their eyes to know its truth.


"A plummeting angel shall fall through the snowy sky, our lineage in her arms.

Through that wolfen-saved child of life shall our destiny unfold.

Those hidden shall be saved from that which follows them.

And out of the dawning light of tomorrow shall the past be cleansed.

The chosen one of grey-eyed worth shall walk among us deep with love and truth.

And he of the joining love shall lay waste to the sins of life.

And a third child of flight shall take up his sword, that love sacrificed by his own hand.

Truth and beauty along with hope shall be restored in the hearts of our nation.

The vision of the Wingshola's flowering beauty shall ignite our faith.

And our souls shall follow him to truth and life."


Jolan softly sighed, his eyes finding their determination.

"The plummeting angel was Queen Ravenia, she carrying her own child to safety on that last night of her life.

She gave that child to her oldest ally, Dahlia Lantos, the queen of the Badenwolves. That wolf-saved child was guided through that she-beast's own daughter to Vilos Dragos. And Vilos Dragos guided that child into the arms of the man she would one day fall in love with and begin the next lineage of truth, those I see standing around me."

Everyone was in tears, Jolan's words steeped with love.

"And that lineage became hidden in time, from necessity as they believe, but in truth from that which followed them. The acceptance of their own truth. That they couldn't accept that they were not true Archanians. Today I have shown you that acceptance. You have lined your Chamber of Wings with portraits of the Archanian past to hide the truth of the other half of that past that lay hidden. The Sumsarian half of your lineage. I have cleansed your past for you. Today you must accept that you are the combination of two clans. Of magic and love. It is a combination I take pride in having in my own soul."
Everyone stared at Jolan, the young man standing erect and proud.

"I am the chosen one of grey-eyed worth, and I shall lay waste to the truth of our souls. We can take pride that we are Archanian, and that we are Sumsarian. And that we have magic and deep love within our hearts."

Everyone was staring at Jolan, lost in every word coming from his soul.

His eyes went to the three young Archanians before him.

"And a third child of flight shall take up his sword, that love sacrificed by his own hand."

The three stared at Jolan, tears flowing down their cheeks.

"We love you, Jolan. We could never draw swords against your love." Isaiah said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I know Isaiah, youngest of the three of love. This line of prophecy is not written about you."

Jolan's eyes went around the clearing, turning behind him, staring at one object behind the platform, close to the Waters of Hope.

"It took me forever to reason out its meaning. I think I have it now. I am that third child of flight."
Everyone stared in shocked wonder at Jolan, Athos walking up to his cousin.

"You, Jolan? But you are not a third child. There is only you and Jennica."

Jolan smiled, kissing Athos' cheek.

"I myself am three children, Athos. I am Badenwolf, Sumsarian and Dragosan." he said, Reinhardt looking at him.

"And what of Archanian?"

Jolan's violet eyes showed again, staring at everyone.

"I am not Archanian, everyone."

Everyone looked stunned, staring at the young man before them.

"Well, not yet anyway."
"Not yet? You. . .you are not Archanian?" Luther said in shocked wonder.

"I am Archanian of blood, but I am not Archanian of lineage, heritage and worth. To be that I must sacrifice my love by my own hand."

Jolan moved, walking down the steps to a young man standing on the edge of the second circle.

The young man stared in wonder at Jolan, the young man extending his hand towards him.

"May I borrow your sword, Aiden? I need to unite my own Archanian soul."

The young man's hand went to his belt, pulling out a sword that lay at his side.

He extended the hilt to Jolan, Jolan taking the sword in his hand.

"Thank you brother of flight. Your friendship and giving love warms my heart."
The young man smiled, Jolan walking back to the platform, turning and walking around it.

Everyone followed his movements, watching him carrying the sword, walking towards the Waters of Hope.

"I am of Archanian descent, a child of the lineage of Queen Ravenia. The mother of wisdom, justice and hope. This spot before the waters of the cascading waterfalls was the last place where she once stood. And on this spot buried beneath snow she was beaten to death by men of evil, her grace and beauty defiled before this spot. Here once long ago stood a large regal tree of beauty, grace and forgotten magic. Do you all remember the last meeting of judgment given upon this spot? Here on this spot generations ago Ravenia's wisdom and justice was meted out against the Badenwolf and Sumsarian nations. The Pact of Archania was decreed, sworn upon a limb from that said tree of truth." Jolan said, staring towards a weather-worn stump protruding out of the ground.

"We all have forgotten that day, and what that tree symbolized."
Everyone was staring at the rooted stump, the truth of its existence dawning on all of them.

The Tree of Truth.

The tree that Ravenia had broken a limb from to seal the Pact of Archania.

"Ravenia broke a branch from this once mighty tree to unify two nations under oath. Two broken pieces united and magically woven together. Then joined again as one to the magic of its own self. That tree made whole again."
Jolan walked forward, his muscular smooth body stepping up onto the top of the stump.

He stood upon it, the sword in his hand.

"I am the Wingshola, your warrior of truth. I am also the chosen of others. And I am so much more. Watch the depth of my magic draw the truth. I join together my magic and love. I sacrifice my love by my own hand."
Jolan raised the sword, slashing his own wrist with it, blood dripping out of the wound down onto the stump.

People screamed, the magic of Jolan's love igniting the truth before their eyes.

Jolan's body began to change, his arms taking limbs of wood, his legs joining with the stump, a tree of magic rising upwards from the stump, Jolan's body changing before them, consumed by the tree rising out of the stump.

His chest became its trunk, his arms its limbs of sprouting buds.

Jolan disappeared into the tree, a large tree growing upwards, its limbs multiplying, spreading outwards.

The people surrounding the tree stared in wonder at its revealed beauty.

Justin stood in the balcony above staring at his husband's now disappeared vision, Hayden staring down from his father's arms.

"Daddy gone to seed, Poppa. He becomes Tree of Truth."
Everyone's eyes went upwards, staring at the child in the man's arms.

Their eyes went to the tree before them, seeing its risen beauty, its long forgotten truth shining before them.

A feminine voice of calm beauty filled the clearing, echoing off the surrounding mountains.

"Behold the Wingshola. Carved from truth, rooted in love and magic. His flowering beauty lays within his giving, loving soul."
All eyes turned, staring at a woman of immense regal beauty standing before the Chamber of Wings.

Two wings of immense beauty were spread behind her, her violet eyes shimmering with love.

Her graceful form glided across the circles, the people going to their knees before her, staring into the vision of their ancestor's beauty.

Queen Ravenia, mother of their nation, rose among them, an apparition of her beauty and love flowing through them.

She gently landed before the tree of renewed beauty, staring at its beautiful flowering beauty.

"Out of the past, truth and love renew again. Welcome to our hearts Wingshola, flying vision of truth."

The elders bowed onto their knees, Reinhardt lowering his own, staring at the vision of the mother of their nation.

The tree before her began to shimmer, a shape walking out of its wooden center.

A man walked out of the wood, his smooth muscular body showing its glistening beauty.

Jolan Dragos stood before them, his body seemingly larger and more muscular, his beauty even more enticing and singular in its drawing gaze.

His eyes were of fiery violet, glowing softly.

And behind him two wings of massive length moved, Jolan Dragos now a true Archanian.

Queen Ravenia's vision before him looked upwards into his shimmering violet eyes.

"Eons have my children waited for your truthful love. Today, they join forever in its beauty. Our warrior stands before us, his soul given over to truth, love, magic and courage."
She stood up, staring at Jolan, Jolan staring back.

"Go to thy peace, mother of our love. We, your children, carry our truths within our souls. The Archanian nation is now whole and filled with truth. We go forward on the path of destiny."
The woman smiled, turning and looking into the eyes of all her children.

"Shine with love, magic and courage. He guides you with his love."
She rose upwards, her vision disappearing into a soft mist above them.

Jolan Dragos stepped down from the tree he stood upon, his vision of winged beauty before all of them.

The clan rose as one, their wings lengthening.

"I am the Wingshola, the flying tree of truth. Rise with me on the path of our destiny. Our souls and hearts are one."

Jolan's wings expanded, the young man taking to the air.

The thousands of winged children of Archania took to the air as well, Justin and his friends and family looking on in wonder as Jolan was encircled by their flying love.

"Daddy in the center of his happiness, Poppa. He's their flying truth."

Justin looked at Hayden, the boy smiling at him.

Everyone's eyes went upward, watching as all the Archanian nation began to descend again, returning to their designated spots.

Jolan was the last to descend, three young Archanians at his sides, their faces showing great pride and happiness.

The nation of Archania went to their knees as one, the elders behind Jolan joining them.

Jolan stood upon the platform, Reinhardt kneeling before him.

"I am the Leader of Flight, Wingshola. I rescind my leadership for your giving love." he said, bowing before the winged man before him.

"Arise, Reinhardt, our loving leader. You guide the nation always; your wisdom, love and courage sacred to all of us. I am the Wingshola. I am the chosen one. I ask only that all of you join me on the path of my destiny, of our destiny."

Reinhardt rose to his feet, the nation rising as well.

"I speak for all of us and give you our devotion. We walk with you to claim goodness again upon this earth. Our hearts are healed, our resolve solidified. We walk in your shadow as one."

Jolan smiled, the wings widening behind his back.

"I take your devotion and your love. And I give mine in return."
Everyone bowed, Jolan bowing as well.

"Come, my three cousins of love. It is time we met all of our family." Jolan said, smiling towards all those surrounding them.

The three young Archanians smiled, joining Jolan as the young man walked down the five steps, walking towards the second circle of heritage.

The elders and Reinhardt stood upon the platform, their faces covered in soft smiles.

"It is the miracle of the nation. Love flows in all of our hearts. I shall never hide again." Luther Gabriel said, his arm going around Reinhardt.

"His love is love, Luther. Our nation is one."

Justin stood above them, watching his Jolan walk among the Archanians, surrounded by their accepting love.

Hayden smiled in his arms, the boy looking up at his father.

"Daddy's happy, Poppa. They loves him now."

Justin smiled, his son's blue eyes softly glowing.




End of Chapter 139


And so Jolan has walked into the heart of the Archanian nation.

And he has revealed their truth.

That they are not solely Archanian, that they are half human as well.

And the Tree of Truth has risen again, the Wingshola revealing himself from the center of its truth.

Jolan Dragos is now a true Archanian, welcomed by Queen Ravenia's soul itself.

And wings of beauty now don his beautiful form.

One part of his soul is now shown, now united.


Up next: The meeting of the Badenwolves.

Let's hope the fur doesn't fly.


Hugs, Angel.