Jolan's Path-Chapter 14

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 14

Jolan awoke the next morning, alone in his bed.
He stretched, looking around.
The door opened, Justin walking into the room.
"Morning, Jolan. How'd you sleep?"
"Good, Jus. Sleep right through, no dreams or anything. That surprises me."
Justin nodded, looking at Jolan's bare chest exposed above the blankets.
"Everyone's up and downstairs. You need to hit the showers, Jolan. Shelly's got breakfast on the go. We're leaving in an hour or so."
Jolan smiled, seeing Justin fully dressed, his short hair wet.
He sensed Justin was eager to get back to New York.
Jolan sat up, then stood by the bed.
Justin glanced sideways at Jolan's tight smooth body, while trying to open up Jolan's suitcase.
Jolan stretched, grabbing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that Justin handed him.
"Put these on. I think beige and black look so hot on you."
Jolan blushed a little, walking out of the room, heading for the bathroom.
Justin sighed, zipping up Jolan's suitcase.
He smiled, thinking of their drive that morning and the fact that Jolan was going to be with him tonight in his condo.
He hoped with all his heart Jolan would love the place.
Justin had fallen in love with it the moment he'd seen it.
Jessica had been indifferent, only liking its location.
Its central location.
Close to all the glamour spots of New York.
Justin sighed, thinking of Jessica.
She'd been a big part of his life for a short period.
But that time had all been a deceitful lie.
Justin saw that now in his heart, and his soul.
The last few days had opened his eyes to so much newness in the world.
Mysticism, spirituality, and Jolan's giving heart.
He smiled.
"On to the new adventure. Hold on, Jo. I'm going to love you forever."

Jolan and Justin walked downstairs, meeting Trace and Cindy in the downstairs hallway heading to the kitchen.
"I was about to call you both. Breakfast is ready." Trace smiled, walking with them towards the kitchen, Jolan hugging both him and Cindy.
They entered the kitchen, Shelly smiling at them from the stove.
Henry smiled, a coffeepot in his hand.
"Morning, Jolan. The food's hot, let's get to her." Henry said, smiling a small smile.
Jolan gave both of his older friends a gentle hug, both tenderly hugging him back.
The five sat down for breakfast, Shelly and Henry cooking up a mountain of food.
The atmosphere was a little somber, Jolan picking up on the older couple's sadness.
The sadness of everyone's imminent departure.
Yesterday's excitement had put that realization on the back burner.
Jolan now saw the hidden looks upon Shelly and Henry's faces.
Jolan smiled at Shelly after breakfast, when she put a fresh cup of coffee in front of him.
"Thanks, Shelly." he said, smiling at her.
She smiled back, Jolan taking her hand when she sat down.
"In the excitement we've forgotten what today means to both of you. Our leaving."
Henry and Shelly both lowered their eyes; Cindy, Trace and Justin looking at both.
"My angel's flying on her life's path. And a new friend is seeking his own path." she said quietly, Jolan leaning over and kissing her cheek.
"Such is the path of life we all walk. The changing of the seasons of our lives. But don't let the sadness of the moment block the truth from your heart. Your angel is leaving with your love and your caring in her heart. As am I."
Shelly smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek, looking at her daughter.
"I'm just a little sad, seeing the child I raised before me now a strong, vibrant woman. When did she get so independent? How did she grow up so fast? It just seems like yesterday when she was learning to walk. Now here in the sunrise of her life that's been taken from her."
Jolan smiled, looking at the beautiful young woman across the table from him.
"Yes, learning to walk. Our steel-wheeled angel needed to do that again."
Cindy looked in surprise at Jolan.
"I wish it were that simple, Jolan. My legs are fine, it's my spinal column that's not going to cooperate."
Jolan nodded, quietly watching her.
"Through the ordeal of your injury a greater being walked out of that tragedy. A kind, loving young woman, who walks in a different way. She walks on the path of courage and conviction and with a strength of great love. The chair she rides in is a part of her. A part of her resolve to never give up. A lot of children will benefit from that determination. They'll have a very special teacher."
Jolan stood up, walking over to Cindy, kneeling in front of her.
"I believe in my heart that you will not always be in this chair, Cindy. The future holds many surprises for you. Trace's love and commitment to you shall fill your heart and soul."
Cindy teared up, Jolan's words moving her heart.
She looked towards Trace, his eyes filled with tears.
"It's my life's ambition." he said, taking her hand.
The two leaned in, kissing tenderly.
Jolan smiled, standing up again.
"The future holds many surprises. A lot centers around me. Out on that road, I felt a renewing of my soul. And a reopening of my heart. Yes, the future I believe will be unbelievable. That's why I'm not thinking of this day as a sad day. I'm thinking of it as the beginning of our adventure. Cindy's new career, Trace's new relationship with her. Shelly and Henry's new open love and bed and breakfast adventure. And Justin's new friendship with me."
Justin smiled, having been lost in the moving words Jolan had spoken.
Jolan smiled at all of them, the others now smiling back.
His words had lifted all of their hearts.
"So smile, laugh, love and hold onto you hearts. The future's going to be fantastic!"
Everyone laughed, hearing the joy in Jolan's voice.
Jolan looked at Justin, smiling.
"Whenever you're ready Jus, I'd like to get going."

They left about a half hour later, among hugs and kisses, the four friends piling into Trace's SUV.
Justin drove, Jolan sitting beside him.
Trace and Cindy sat behind them, their arms around each other.
Shelly had given Trace a box of assorted treats for the long drive.
She'd kissed Cindy several times, Jolan wrapped in a long hug goodbye as well.
Shelly and Henry stood in the driveway, their tearful, smiling faces lost in the distance as Justin drove out onto the highway.
Jolan smiled at him, Justin smiling back.
The four friends had a relaxing drive, stopping only once for a quick lunch at an interstate truck stop.
Around five o'clock the view ahead of them changed to the sprawling skyline of  New York City.
Justin smiled, seeing Jolan's eyes glued ahead, taking in the view.
"Wow! That's one big city!" he said in awe, Trace chuckling from the back seat.
Cindy smiled, also seeing the look on Jolan's face.
They drove gradually through the large metropolis, Jolan's eyes trying to take it all in.
Their view became lost in the steel and concrete buildings now surrounding them.
Justin drove for over an hour through traffic, Jolan silent beside him.
"So what do you think, Jo?" Justin said, smiling at him, turning onto the street leading to his condo.
"I feel so small. So insignificant. New York must swallow so many."
Justin smiled, pulling into a private entrance, Jolan staring up at the building.
It appeared to be twelve or thirteen stories tall, massive in its size.
They disappeared down a ramp, driving into the underground parking.
Justin parked, smiling at his friend.
Trace tapped Jolan on the shoulder, Jolan looking around.
Trace handed him an apple out of the box of food Shelly had given him.
Justin smiled widely, looking at Jolan.
Trace smirked.
"Welcome to the Big Apple, Jolan."
Jolan laughed, the other three joining him, Justin getting out of the vehicle.
Trace and Jolan stepped out, Cindy waiting for Trace to bring her chair to her.
A man walked over to the four, smiling.
He was Hispanic, around 25 with a muscular, good-looking physique.
"Good afternoon, Mr. Timberlake. A pleasure to see you in town again." he said, smiling.
His white teeth gleamed in the shallow darkness of the underground garage.
"Hello, Carlos. Yes, it's good to be back. "
The man smiled, opening the hatch on the SUV.
He removed all their bags, putting them on a small trolley that he'd brought with him.
He handed Trace Cindy's wheelchair, Trace helping her climb into it.
Justin and his friends walked ahead, Justin heading towards a door.
"Shouldn't we take our own bags? They're not that heavy." Jolan said, Justin laughing.
"It's okay, Jolan. it's Carlos' job to assist all of the tenants. He carries stuff in, washes vehicles, other stuff like that. He's the garage attendant. It's a service that comes with the condo. Same as there's a doorman, a handyman and other staff."
Jolan nodded, looking quizzically at Justin.
"It just seems strange to me. I've always done stuff for myself."
Trace smirked, Justin blushing.
"The perks of being famous, and wealthy." he said, Jolan nodding.
"Be careful, Jus. Out of wealth and fame comes laziness and arrogant egos."
Justin saw in Jolan's eyes his independent spirit.
Glitz and high glamour meant nothing to him.
Justin smiled at him, Jolan smiling back.
"No worries, Jo. I have you now to knock me back to reality."
Jolan laughed, smiling widely.
Justin opened the door, allowing the other three to enter.

They saw three elevators, Justin hitting the button.
"This is a secure, private building. All the staff are discreet and trustworthy." he said, smiling.
The elevator opened, the four going in.
Jolan looked at the opulence of the spacious elevator.
Justin put a credit card he'd pulled from his wallet into a slot beside the floor buttons, then hitting the button for condo twelve.
The elevator began moving upwards, Jolan looking at Justin.
"Each condo has its own access card, for security reasons. No one can enter mine without using the card or someone bypassing the feature from my condo. If someone visits they need me to let them in from upstairs. Very high tech security. I have extra cards for all of you, Trace has his own."
Jolan nodded, Trace smiling at him.
Within moments the elevator stopped, the doors opening.
In front of them was a small hallway, one double door at its end.
Justin smiled, walking to the door, putting his card into a slot.
"Welcome to Casa del Timberlake." Justin smiled, opening the door.
The three walked in, Jolan's eyes widening with wonder.
They were standing in a spacious living room, the decor bright and warm.
The furniture was tasteful and modern: white couches, wooden tables and wooden flooring.
Justin smiled seeing Jolan's smile.
"This is so beautiful, Jus. Nice, but not garish. Warm and inviting."
Justin walked in, Jolan following him.
Jolan was taking in the view from the clear glass wall facing him.
He could see all of downtown New York, all the skyscrapers and buildings.
The two men looked out upon the New York landscape, Justin's hand going to Jolan's shoulder.
"Welcome to New York, Jo."
Jolan smiled at Justin, hearing him calling him that shortened name.
It felt nice, like a pet name, or a buddy's nickname.
"It's good to be here with you, Jus."
Justin smiled.
A knock came to the door, Trace opening it.
Carlos stood there, smiling.
Trace smiled back, the man walking in with their luggage.
"Will there be anything else, Mr. Timberlake?"
Justin smiled, walking up to the man.
"No that's everything for now, Carlos. Are my cars ready?"
"Everything's tip top. All cleaned and serviced." he said, smiling.
Justin smiled, handing him some bills, Carlos bowing his head.
He walked back out of the condo, quietly closing the door.
"I'll be right back. I just want to check on something." Justin said, picking up his and Jolan's suitcases.
Jolan nodded, Justin disappearing down a hallway.
Jolan looked back out on the skyline, Trace and Cindy now beside him.
"It's so big." Jolan said, Trace putting his arm around him.
"Yeah it is, Jolan. But it's still home for me."
Jolan smiled, Trace pointing towards the left side.
"I live about ten minutes from here, over behind that building."
Cindy smiled, Trace smiling at her.
Justin walked back into the room, nodding at the three.
"Let me give you a guided tour."
Jolan looked at Justin, seeing a quietness in his eyes.
He knew in his heart what Justin had been doing.
"Everything as it should be, Jus?" he said, his eyes tenderly looking at him.
"Yes, Jolan. All of Jessica's things are gone."
Trace and Cindy looked at each other, Jolan walking up to Justin.
"Onward  to the next adventure." he said, Justin looking into his grey eyes.
"Yes, Jo. Onward to the next adventure." he said, smiling at the young man.
Justin took his hand, guiding him forward.
He walked him into the kitchen, Jolan looking in awe at its beauty.
All the latest appliances were evident, the room clean and spotless.
On the other side of the kitchen was a dining room, a large table looking out onto the skyline.
>From that room you walked back into the large living room, Jolan seeing it as the central room of the condo.
"That hallway leads down to four bedrooms, three bathrooms. The master bedroom has its own bathroom fully loaded." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.
"The main bathroom has a walk-in shower, sunken tub and Jacuzzi."
Jolan eyes widened, lost in Justin's words.
"Come on, let me show you the bedrooms."
Jolan smiled, the two walking down the hallway, Trace and Cindy following.
Justin showed Cindy her room, Cindy wheeling her chair into it.
She smiled, seeing the coziness of the decor.
"Awesome. This is great. Thank you, Justin."
Justin smiled, kissing her cheek.
"You're welcome here as long as you want. Mi casa su casa!"
She smiled, Trace and she looking around the room.
Justin pulled Jolan out of the room, Jolan letting him lead him on.

They walked into a large bedroom, Jolan's eyes wide with awe.
A large king-size bed was in the middle of the spacious and modern room.
Jolan saw a fireplace on one wall, a couch and chair before it.
Across from the bed was a large screen television, sunken into the wall.
Jolan saw all the gaming and electronic gadgets below it.
Justin smiled, walking over to the other side of the room.
Jolan's eyes saw a couple of exercise machines and a doorway.
"My mini gym." Justin smiled.
Jolan smiled back, Justin showing him that the doorway went into the bathroom.
It was spacious, a walk-in shower as well as a sunken tub.
They walked back into the bedroom, Justin walking over to two patio doors, Jolan following.
The doors opened onto a spacious balcony, overlooking the Manhattan skyline.
Jolan saw a comfortable patio set, including a loveseat and lounger.
"My favorite spot. I love to come out here in the evening and just relax." Justin said, leaning on the balcony's stone railing.
Jolan walked up beside him, looking downward.
It was high, and breezy.
Jolan looked to his left, Trace and Cindy waving at them, the two men waving back.
Cindy's room had a balcony as well.
"It's beautiful, Jus. The whole place is beautiful."
Justin smiled, looking into Jolan's eyes.
Jolan saw the look deep in them.
"I'm sorry that you still sense her here, Jus."
Justin lowered his head.
"This was to be our home, Jo. She and I together. Now I'll be alone."
Jolan put his arm around his friend.
"You're not alone, Jus. Cindy and Trace are here for you. And I'm here. I saw the bags."
Justin blushed, looking back into the bedroom.
Jolan's suitcase sat on the floor beside the bed, right beside Justin's.
"You hadn't shown me my room. I put two and two together."
Justin said down on the loveseat, Jolan smiling at him, then sitting down beside him.
"The last few nights have been so warm and loving. I like sleeping with you Jolan. You comforting me, me comforting you. I'd like to ask you something."
Jolan nodded, pretty sure of what was coming.
"Will you share this room with me, Jo? I'm not trying to be forward, or trying to seduce you. It's not sex I'm speaking of. And I know your feelings about all of that. It's just, I like sleeping with you. It's like being in a protective center. I feel wanted, and needed as well."
Jolan looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing uncertainty and nervousness there, as well as a look of longing hope.
"For over four years I was lost, Justin. Lost in the darkness of my coma. And so alone. And then I woke up, looking into two blue eyes of friendship. And on that first night when my new friend held me in his arms, I felt his protection. I need that from you, Jus. I need to feel your protective friendship. This place is so beautiful. That room in there is so beautiful. Yes, I'd like to stay here, in that room with you. I don't think I could survive through this ordeal without your arms of friendship hugging me or holding me during the night. Yes, Jus. I will share this room with you."
Justin's smiled was wide and tearful.
Jolan's hand went to Justin's cheek, gently brushing it.
Jolan leaned forward, the two tenderly kissing.
"I don't know where this will go. Right now, I can't think of having a sexual relationship with you, Jus. Not right now in our new relationship. Don't get me wrong, you are beyond beautiful. Looking at your body does excite me. It's just, there's so much pain and hurt associated with that aspect of my life. I can't get past that yet."
Justin froze, staring into two grey eyes of truth.
"Our new relationship?"
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's open lips.
"Yes, Jus. Our new relationship. I think I want that."
Justin beamed with happiness, kissing Jolan again.
"I know all that sex means to you, Jo. What that man did to you. I promise that one day I'll erase those memories from your mind. And replace it with a love and a desire that will be so unbelievable to you. It will be like you've awakened from a dream. I felt that the first time with Lance. That feeling of a new life. I want to show you that."
Jolan smiled.
"Gee, someone's building his libido up!"
Justin laughed, staring into his grey eyes.
Jolan smiled back, standing up.
"Is there any food here, Jus? I'd like to make dinner for all of you."
Justin smiled taking Jolan's hand.
"Well come on! Let's find out!"

Justin shut the refrigerator door, blushing.
Jolan folded his arms, staring at his friend.
"Leftover pizza? And how old is that Chinese food? Is Chicken Guy Ding suppose to move?"
Trace burst into laughter, he and Cindy standing in the kitchen doorway.
Justin blushed more, his cheeks reddening.
"Jessica always ate vegetarian takeout. And I haven't been here for about three weeks. That's how old the pizza is."
"Well, I guess we shouldn't trust the pizza either." Jolan said, smiling at his friend, Justin seeing the mirth in his grey eyes.
"Okay, so the fridge is a bust. Tomorrow I'm cleaning it and stocking it. Timberlake, you need healthy food. God! How have you survived so long on your own?"
"By having others feed him." Trace laughed, Justin blushing.
Jolan smiled widely.
"Okay, my friends. I do believe we will have to eat out. Any suggestions?" Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.
"And no, Justin. Not pizza."
Cindy giggled, Trace smiling.
Justin lowered his head, Jolan's arm going around him.
His smile pushed the embarrassment out of Justin's mind.
"There's a couple of restaurants down the street, I believe. Jess and I hadn't really scoped the area out much."
"Well no time like the present. Let's all get cleaned up and then head out." Jolan said, Justin nodding his head.
Within an hour they were all ready to go, having cleaned up and changed after their long ride.
The four grabbed their jackets, the day a little brisk outside.
Within minutes they were walking out the front door, the doorman bowing to all of them.
His name was Charlie, Jolan liking the older man immediately.
Justin introduced everyone to him, informing him that Cindy and Jolan would be staying with him.
Charlie welcomed them both to the neighbourhood, Jolan getting some restaurant locations from him.
The four friends walked down the New York street, chatting in friendship.
The sky now dark, the clock on the corner showing seven-thirty.

Within two blocks of Justin's place was a small, quaint restaurant.
Jolan liked the look of the exterior, the four agreeing with him.
The name on the overhead sign was Dor de Casa.
Jolan smiled, walking in.
The others smiled and followed him inside, the blustery wind dying as they closed the door behind them.
The interior was clean and cozy looking.
A young woman greeted them, smiling widely.
"Welcome to Dor de Casa. My name is Daphne. A table for four?"
Jolan smiled at her, the young woman looking into his grey eyes.
"Yes, please. If it's not too busy."
"Not at all. Wednesdays are usually quiet." she said, now looking at Justin.
She guided them to a table deep in the heart of the restaurant, the table in front of a fireplace.
There were only two other tables with patrons.
The four thanked her, Daphne setting menus down on the table.
"Would you like an aperitif?"
Everyone ordered a drink, Daphne smiling at them all, her eyes on Jolan face a little longer.
Cindy watched her for a moment, the young woman walking towards the bar.
"I think someone's smitten." she said, Jolan looking at her in confusion.
"I think Miss Daphne likes you." she said, Trace smirking.
Justin's face took on a strange look, remaining silent.
Jolan caught the look, also remaining silent.
Daphne disappeared into the kitchen, returning a few moments later followed by an older man, dressed in a black suit.
The two conversed for a moment, Daphne walking back into the kitchen.
The older man picked up the tray of drinks that Daphne had prepared.
He walked towards their table.
Jolan caught the smile on his face.
"Welcome my friends, to Dor de Casa. I am the owner, Dominoso Sumsare. But my friends call me Domo." the man said, bowing to his waist.
The four greeted the man, the man setting the tray on the table.
"It is an honor to have you in my restaurant, Mr. Timberlake. And your friends as well." the man said, smiling at Justin, his eyes glancing at Jolan.
"It's a pleasure to be here, Mr. Sumsare. I've moved into the neighbourhood and we've decided to try the local cuisine."
"Please, it is Domo. It is an honor that my humble little restaurant caught your eye. The Dor de Casa is honored. I visited your new restaurant a few weeks ago. Excellent cuisine and very favorable service."
Justin smiled, Jolan staring at him in shock.
"I've opened a southern food restaurant here in New York, Jolan. And I have a couple of other restaurants in other cities."
Jolan shook his head in wonder, the older man smiling at Justin.
"All much greater than my humble establishment."
"Nonsense. I'm sure the Dor de Casa's success lays in its food and atmosphere. It's so cozy in here, and heartwarming." Justin said, smiling at the man.
Domo Sumsare smiled back at him.
"A wonderful name for a restaurant, Mr. Sumsare. It's Romanian for Home of Nostalgia or Remembrance of Home." Jolan said quietly.
Jolan's friends looked stunned, staring at the young man.
The older man smiled widely.
"My daughter thought you were a lost compadre, my young friend! You are Romanian?"
Jolan stared at the man.
"I have no idea."
The man looked surprised.
Justin looked at the older gentleman.
"My friend has had a traumatic time. He has memory loss. His past is still unknown."
The man looked at Jolan with sympathetic reverence.
"My heart hopes you shall recover, my young friend. I somehow feel in my heart that you are a lost son of Romania. Or even the lost world of Moldavia. Let me help your memories with my cooking. Let me take care of your needs. I shall bring you the best of my own family's cuisine. If you are Romanian, it shall tenderize your heart."
Jolan smiled, nodding at the man.
"Certainly, Domo. I would be honored for such a moving tribute."
The man smiled widely, bowing again.
"Enjoy your drinks. I shall return."
The man headed back to the kitchen, his step a little more lively.
"Wow, that was weird. How did you know the meaning of the name of the restaurant?" Trace said, staring at his friend.
"I looked up at the sign and found that I could read it easily. I think I know how to speak Romanian. Perhaps I am Romanian." Jolan quietly said, watching Daphne walking up to them again.
She sat a basket of rolls down on the table and a bottle of white wine.
"Compliments of my father. Please enjoy our hospitality, Mr. Timberlake. And the rest of your friends as well." she said, smiling at Jolan.
"Thank you Daphne. Your father named you after the Goddess of flowers. I see your beauty shining like an opened rose." Jolan said, smiling back at her.
The young woman smiled again, looking into his grey eyes.
"Thank you, sir. Could I ask your name?" she said, smiling at Jolan.
"My name is Jolan. I don't know my last name."
She nodded, Justin seeing compassion in her gaze.
"Yes, father informed me of your condition. I shall be back. My father is preparing a feast."
The four smiled, watching her head to the front register.
The other two tables had finished their meals.
The four relaxed, Trace pouring the wine.

After the other clientele had left, Daphne closed the restaurant door, turning over the closed sign.
She smiled at the remaining four, her father walking out of the kitchen, his arms filled with platters.
Daphne took two of them, the two walking to their table.
The four eyes widened seeing all the food the man had prepared.
"This truly is a feast." Jolan smiled.
The man smiled widely, Justin smiled at him.
He felt a deep friendship emanating off this man and his daughter.
"Why have you closed? I hope not just for our privacy?" Justin said.
"We seldom are busy after eight o'clock in the middle of the week. And your privacy is my concern." the man smiled.
"Please, why don't you and Daphne dine with us? You've made so much food." Jolan said, smiling.
The two smiled back, bowing and joining the four at the table.
They all dived into the rich food, all giving Domo compliments, the older man smiling widely.
"I learned to cook from my sainted Mother. These are all her recipes. I've been a cook for over forty years. It provides a soothing calmness for me." he said, passing Justin a platter of chicken breasts sauteed with a mushroom sauce.
Justin smiled back, filling his plate again.
Jolan smiled, seeing the appetite of his friend.
And seeing as well Trace matching Justin plate for plate.
Cindy looked at him, both winking at each other.
An hour later, the four were pleasantly filled with nourishment.
Daphne and Domo cleared away the plates, Domo bringing a tray of coffee and rich desserts.
Cindy was stuffed, passing on the sweets.
Justin and Trace both grabbed plates of rich apple pie, Domo smiling at them.
Jolan took a plate of apricot cheesecake, the dessert rich and succulent.
They all sat together, drinking coffee and relaxing.
"A fantastic meal, Mr. Sumsare!" Trace smiled, rubbing his stomach.
Jolan smiled, belching lightly.
Everyone blushed, Domo smiling, as did his daughter.
"Thank you for the compliment, Jolan. You know the customs of my heritage."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

They spent the next half hour leisurely getting to know the restauranteur and his daughter.
Daphne was going to Columbia University, helping her father in the restaurant evenings and weekends.
Her mother had passed a few years back, Domo finding joy and pride in his only child.
Cindy felt an instant kinship with the young woman, the two chatting away happily.
Jolan and Justin both saw their instant friendship, Trace seeing it as well.
Daphne, like Cindy, was opting for the education field, longing to be a teacher.
The two women were soon deep in discussions.
Trace and Justin sat back, listening to Domo talking with Jolan about his heritage.
"Romania is my home, in my heart and soul. Though I've lived in New York for over fifty years, it always lays in my heart. Not far from my soul. I hope to return there, to see the lost sights of my youth."
Jolan patted his arm.
"Your parents sought a better life for you and themselves."
Domo nodded, smiling at Jolan.
Jolan fought to hold in a yawn, Justin looking at him.
"It's been a long day, Jo. I think we should head back home."
Jolan smiled, nodding.
They got up from the table, Justin pulling out his wallet.
"No, my friends. I cannot charge you for bringing me joy this evening." Domo said, smiling at them.
"No, Domo. I can't let you do that!" Justin said in surprise.
Domo put his hand on top of Justin's hand, which contained the wallet.
"You have brought warmth and laughter to my heart, and my daughter is happy as well. Please think of this as just a family dinner. The Sumsare family inviting you to dinner."
Jolan smiled, taking the older man's hand in his.
"I have just come to this city today, and already I have made a good friend. Two great friends." Jolan said, smiling at Daphne standing beside Cindy and Trace.
Domo smiled, Jolan hugging him suddenly.
Domo looked surprised, but let the young man hug him.
"We shall return, Domo. For the rich food and pleasant company." Justin said, smiling.
The four friends thanked them again, walking out of the restaurant, Domo and Daphne saying goodbye to them.
They walked back down the street, back towards Justin's condo.
Domo and Daphne stood in the restaurant doorway, watching the four disappear around the block.
"And grey eyes shall mark him." Domo said quietly, Daphne looking at her father.
"Can it be? Could fate lay this at our door?"
Domo looked at his daughter, taking her into his loving arms.
She snuggled against his chest, Dominoso Sumsare smiling widely.
"Bless your heart, Mama. For your intuition has guided him. We shall all walk in his sunshine."

End of Chapter 14

And so, Jolan has come to New York.
And he and Justin have connected in a new way.

What has Domo and Daphne to do with Jolan?
It seems they knew something about him.

Read on, more to come.

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