Jolan's Path - Chapter 140


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 140


Justin's eyes took in the multitude surrounding his table.

Jolan was standing at its end, shaking the hands of two other Archanians.

Justin had seen Jolan shaking many hands in the past hour, the man hugging many women and small children, naming each by name.

The magic of his love had drawn each Archanian's true self into Jolan's mind.
Each left with a look of awed devotion on their faces, Jolan's eyes of shining violet calming their souls.

The circles of flowered trees had been removed, the class separations removed, tables now set up, a large feast magically appearing from nowhere.

Many people were on the move, the feast organized within minutes.

The multitude joined together, Jolan and his immediate family seated with Reinhardt and the elders.

Jolan's other families and friends were seated together, many smiling Archanians showing them kindness and respect.

The Wingshola's kin were their kin.

The feast was large, delicious and overflowing.

Over two thousand people sat at round tables of twelve or more in the center of the clearing, speeches given by elders, Jolan asked to speak again as well.

The young man stood, his body now covered in a white robe, his Archanian self covered.

His voice resonated off the surrounding closed-in meadow, everyone in the place hearing it clearly.

Justin marvelled at the acoustics in the surrounding area, but he also felt Jolan's magic was reverberating his voice.

"Thank you, my brethren. I truly can stand here now with you as an Archanian soul. Our beloved Queen has given me the magic of her Archanian soul. I now am the last of the true Archanians. But you are all so much more. You are Archanian and you are human. Two parts of a greater being. Your heads shall stand tall, your hearts filled with the greatness of what you shall achieve ahead. I stand in awe of your beauty, your courage and your giving souls."

The applause was deafening, everyone on their feet, Jolan raising a glass of wine given to him.

"We are one, my brethren of flight. One day soon our winged destiny befalls us. But as Archanians and as humans we shall show our worth. I raise my glass in respect to all of you. Let us walk together through the light of our past, and fly together in the skies of our future and our destiny!"

Everyone raised their glasses, accepting Jolan's toast and love.

Jolan downed his, the young man smiling, looking towards Reinhardt.

"Our Leader of Flight shall command us upon the battlefield of life. No Archanian warrior shall fall victim to evil, shall fall victim to pain and uncertainty. I am your Wingshola. I shall fight for all of us."

Everyone stared in surprise at Jolan, the young man smiling out at his brethren.

"The final confrontation against evil will see the clans of magic and love unite. It is my destiny to protect all of you. I have within me the magic to do just that. The magic of Archanian, Sumsarian, Dragosan and Badenwolf heritage. I am four of magic and one of love. Trust in me to protect all of you. That day will show your Wingshola's final truth. And goodness shall wash away the evil from the world's heart."

Everyone was in tears, Jolan's voice so clear and moving with deep love and truth.

"I am four parts of magic, you are two parts of magic and love. Today your hearts widen with pride and resolve. The world calls upon you all to unite, to fight for freedom, life and goodness. What say you, my brethren? Will you follow me on my path of destiny?"

Everyone stood, their voices united.

"Wingshola! Wingshola! We follow our Warrior!!"

Jolan lowered his head, Justin seeing a single tear fall down his cheek.

"I accept your devotion, and your love. Come, let us dine on the food of our heritage. Bring forth the bevy of Archanian fare!"

Jolan smiled, sitting down, people coming forward carrying large platters laden with food.

The meal was delicious, succulent and plentiful.

Hayden was wide-eyed with happiness, never seeing so much food.

Justin fed him from his lap, the boy eating gregariously.

Jolan smiled at his son, shaking his head in smiling amusement, Justin smiling back at him.

Jolan chatted with the elders throughout the meal, the seven staring at him in wondrous awe.

They'd seen with their own eyes the apparition of their lost Queen's own self.

And her drawing a true Archanian from the Tree of Truth.

Seated before them was that true Archanian, the last of his kind.

They had all now accepted in their hearts the truth of their reluctance to accept their own half Archanian souls.

And Jolan's words of strength and love had joined all of them again as one nation, one nation of half Archanian and half Sumsarian heritage.

And their hearts accepted that with love and happiness.

The meal ended, everyone clearing the tables--those tables then moved back--now joining in a celebration of love and happiness, of renewal and hope.

Chris and Joey were pulled onto a makeshift dancing platform, musicians set up and now playing, the two dancing with Archanian women.

Others from Jolan's family and friends joined them, with their partners or with other welcoming Archanians.

"A remarkable day, Jolan." Calen said, Jolan sitting down beside him when the last two Archanians he'd been introduced to left.

"A day of renewal, Uncle."
Calen smiled, looking towards his three sons, watching them dance with their partners on the wide dance floor.

He saw the smiles of happiness on all three faces.

"My sons are beyond happy, Jolan. That in itself for me is the most remarkable sight of this day."
Jolan smiled, kissing his uncle's cheek.

"They are half Dragosan and half Archanian, as well as Badenwolf. Their love for you shall never diminish, Uncle. But they now know their heritage. They now can be proud of who they are. They now are a part of the lineage of their dear mother. That is the look you see upon their faces. A look of belonging. Their love for you still remains in their hearts. You are their father, and shall always have their love. They belong to your clan as well."
Calen was in tears, Jolan smiling at him.

"Soon I shall walk with you into the center of Badenterra, the realm of the Badenwolves. Your three sons shall walk beside you with pride and love for their father, The Prince of the Badenwolves. Such is the love of a family."
"It will be a day of double joy for me, Jolan. I shall be with my sons and I shall show my clan their Sulfenwolf."

"An Archanian Sulfenwolf. Who would ever dream such a creature would exist?"

Jolan smiled, looking into his father's grey eyes, the man having spoken from across the table.

"I exist in all realms of love, Father."

Joel nodded, staring at his son.

"If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, my son. You with wings! Your stature had grown so much! You were so tall!"

"The image of my Archanian soul. I am just as filled with stature when I am the Sulfenwolf, Father. Justin can attest to that."
Justin smiled at his husband, the man seated across the table from him beside his father.

"Yes Jolan, you are. I have to look up into your yellow eyes."

Jolan smiled, winking at his man.

"I am as I am, Father. The image you saw today, the images you will see soon, it is all of who I am. And one day a greater creature of destiny will show itself."
Everyone stared at Jolan, this sounding intriguing.

"Another creature, Jo?" Lonnie said, seated beside Justin, his arm around Ally.

Jolan stared at everyone.

"A discussion for another time, my family. Right now I'm dying to dance. Come on, my love. Let's show these winged dancers how we can outdance them."
Justin smiled, Jolan rising with him, the two joining hands when Justin walked around the table, the two heading for the dance floor.

Everyone watched them leave, Joel looking into his brother's grey eyes.

"Your son clouds our skies with visions of wonder, Joel. And I sense a storm of unbelievable truth is brewing."

Joel nodded, staring at his son dancing with Justin, a lot of Archanians watching the two dance gracefully onto the dance floor.

"I sense a dawn of unbelievable beauty is soon to rise." Melina said, her husband's arms going around her.

Calen smiled at her, the woman kissing her husband's cheek.

"Let's dance as well, my love." she said, Joel smiling and rising with her, Calen watching the two head for the dance floor.

Calen stared after them, a soft smile of love on his face.

His own heart felt a longing lost within his soul.


Bill and Sid were laughing, the evening waning down.

The two sat at a table with the three young Archanians and their friends, Isaiah now snuggled in Sid's lap.

Bill smiled at the two, his eyes scanning the large, now lantern-lit clearing.

The night had darkened, the air filled with a coolness, so many stars shining above them.

The whole area was ablaze with torches and lights from generators.

Bill saw Jolan talking to Reinhardt, the young leader wearing a smile of deep happiness.

Bill's eyes were drawn to the young Archanian's face, seeing so much beauty showing.

He lowered his eyes, his mind flooded with confusion.

His eyes had been on the young Archanian all day.

They'd widened when the young man had removed his green robe on the platform just before he'd taken flight with his brethren when Jolan had risen above them as a true Archanian.

Bill's eyes hadn't been able to move from the physical beauty of the young man.

His body was smooth and flawless, a vision of masculine beauty, glossed over with a feminine sensuality.

As it he looked like what a true angel would be.

Therein lay the confusion of Bill's heart.

Bill had always thought himself straight.

He'd had female partners, one relationship lasting five years, ending in mutual friendship.

He couldn't wrap his mind around what today had meant.

He'd never been physically drawn to another man.

He'd known for a long time that his brother was gay.

He'd totally accepted that part of Sidney's life, and Sidney's love now for Isaiah.

In both he saw the joining of two souls, their love showing so easily.

Is that what I want?
Do I want to find the same love?
With another man?

Bill's thoughts were broken by a shadow covering the light in front of him.

He looked up into two shining violet eyes.

They were the violet eyes not of the person he expected to see.

Athos smiled down at him, sitting down beside Bill.

Bill looked around seeing Sid and Isaiah had left, as had Tyrone and Mathias.

"They've hit the dance floor again, Bill. They said goodbye to you." Athos smiled, his eyes watching Steve waving to him, the young man dancing with his own brother on the dance floor, Logan in Steve's arms.

Bill softly smiled, Athos smiling at him.

"You were kind of off in dreamland there, buddy." he said, Bill softly blushing.

"Just zoned out for a moment, Athos."
"Hey, it's Athy. With Sid and Isaiah joined together now, we're like brothers."
Bill smiled, the young man's smile filled with friendship.

"I like that idea, Athy. There's always been only Sid and me."
"Yes, you had a lot to handle, Bill. What with Sid's illness, your having to take care of him."
"He is my brother. I wouldn't do any less. His needs were mine."
Athos smiled, his arm going around the man.

"A greater brother he never could have had."

Bill smiled, Athos smiling at him.

"So now that Sid has found his own happiness, I think it's time you found yours."

Bill blushed again.

"I'm thirty-three, Athos. Happiness is a soft, fleeting memory."

"Nonsense! You are young at heart. I see the reactions on your face when you're with all of us younger guys. A dawning glow of youthfulness. And I sense within you a deep love, a giving love. You know you won't know unless you take that first step."
Bill looked confused, staring into the young man's violet eyes.

"We Archanians have a sixth sense, Bill. We can sense certain things in others--love, hope, need, and longing. It's part of the magic of our heritage."
Bill looked worried, Athos' arm tightening around him.

"We do not intrude on the sanctity of one's mind or heart. We only voice our friendship and love for others."

Bill nodded, his eyes looking off into the darkened night.

Athos sighed, a soft smile on his face.

"Take a chance, William."
Bill's head turned, looking at the young man.

"Life begins with finding one's own soul. Another soul comes towards you." Athos said, smiling and standing up.

Bill's eyes moved, seeing Jolan walking up to the table, Athos smiling at him.

Reinhardt stood beside Jolan, the Archanian smiling at his new relation.

"And what are you two doing out here in the darkening corner of the clearing?" Jolan said, smiling, sitting down beside Bill.

"We were abandoned by the youthfulness of my brothers' energy." Athos said, smiling at his cousin.

"Yes, I saw them all on the dance floor." Reinhardt said, smiling at Athos, his eyes glancing at Bill.

"Have you met Sid's brother William, Reinhardt?" Athos said, the man now staring at Bill.

"Ah, I was wondering who you were. I'd seen you at Bloodstone only briefly with Sid and Isaiah. It's nice to meet you, William."

Bill softly smiled, Reinhardt extending his hand, the two shaking hands.

"Nice to meet you also, Mr. Bachmann. And it's just Bill."
"And I'm just Reinhardt."

Jolan looked between the two, a look of surprise widening in his violet eyes.

Athos' hand went to Jolan's shoulder.

"Let's hit the dance floor, Jo! I've regained my energy and I haven't seen you dancing much. Come on!" Athos said, pulling Jolan upwards, the man smiling at the other two.

"I believe I'm being dragged away. Later, guys." he said, Athos pulling him towards the dance floor.

Jolan's eyes met Athos' identical violet ones, the young man smiling as they drew close to the dance floor.

"I felt the confusing love. Let's leave them to work on their souls."
Jolan stared behind him, then smiled.

"I thought I was the giver of love?"
Athos laughed, his arm going around his cousin.

"Your magical love rubs off on all of us."

Jolan laughed, the two joining the others on the dance floor.


Reinhardt stared at the dancing clan before him, seeing so much happiness in his brethren's faces.

He looked at Bill, smiling and sitting down in the chair beside him that Bill offered to him.

"A day of renewal and magic. Our Jolan is so unbelievable." Bill said, Reinhardt looking at him.

"Yes, life can be so unbelievable."

Bill's blue eyes met his blue, the two staring at each other.

"You. . .you showed a lot of courage and intellect today as well, Reinhardt. I see why you are their leader. It shows in your words and guiding love."

Reinhardt smiled, looking at Jolan dancing with Athos.

"I still can't believe that he let me remain as leader. He is so strong, so powerful and giving of leadership. He has the strength and magic to lead us anywhere."
"His is a heart of love, Reinhardt. He would never interfere with a nation's resolve or leadership. He did the same with his uncles. He let Morgan take charge of his family again. Jolan is so giving."
"Yes, he is. He's given me so much today." Reinhardt said, Bill seeing a tear showing in the young man's eyes.

"Are you okay, Reinhardt?"

Reinhardt's eyes met Bill's.

"No William, I'm not totally sure I am. Tonight, I've stood by and watched so much joy, happiness and love radiating off of everyone. I've looked into my soul and seen what I've been missing. I took up the mantle of leadership so young, so instilled within my soul a sense of duty and purpose. That duty made me forget everything that I've seen tonight."
"And what have you seen?" Bill said, the young man's blue eyes meeting his.

"I've seen love, William. Love, togetherness, and joining souls of love. I've never longed for that. Not until now. Suddenly, I feel so deeply the lonely mantle of leadership."
Bill's hand when to the younger man's shoulder, looking into his blue eyes.

"I'm a policeman, Reinhardt. I put aside the same needs to devote my life to protecting others, to working against the evil that claims so many."

Reinhardt felt Bill's arm go around him, feeling the warmth of the man pressing against him.

Bill saw the look on Reinhardt's face, his arm suddenly letting go of the man.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so forward. I should go get a drink." Bill said, beginning to stand up, Reinhardt's hand going to his shoulder stopping him in mid-rise.

"Please wait, William."
Bill sat down again, softly blushing.

"It's Bill, Reinhardt. I'm just Bill."
The young man smiled, Bill softly smiling back.

The Archanian's eyes went to the younger Archanians dancing before them.

"I think they're going to dance all night. How about you and I both get a drink, and then let's talk? I'd love to know all about your career--and you--Bill."
The policeman smiled, standing up.

"Let's get that drink then. And I want to know more about you, Reinhardt."
The young man smiled, watching Bill rise up again, the two heading towards the refreshment tent.

His eyes followed the older man walking slightly ahead of him, a feeling in his heart beginning to grow.


Justin tucked in the covers around Hayden, the boy sound asleep, wrapped in the arms of his best friend.

Logan was sound asleep as well, the two sleeping together on a cot in their fathers' tent.

Josh smiled at Justin, the two having carried the boys into the tent.

The clearing of Ravenasia was deep within the woods of the Carpathian Mountains, the trek into the mountains having taken all morning and half the afternoon.

The clan was staying overnight in another clearing on the other side of the Chamber of Wings, their devotion to its beauty untainted.

A large tent city had risen during the afternoon, tents made available for everyone.

Everyone would leave in the morning together, another trek back through the majestic mountains to Barsov.

Josh kissed Justin's cheek, the man wrapping his arms around him.

"I'm surprised they lasted so long. They were so wired all evening. I've never seen them so happy." Josh said, his fingers gently stroking Logan's cheek.

"Their love for each other and all of us kept them going. Now they play together in their dreams." Justin said, Josh smiling, pulling the man upwards.

"Now it's time for us to play together as well." Chace said, walking into the tent, having heard the two men talking.

Justin and Josh both softly laughed, Chace wrapping his arms around both.

"And where's the fourth of our quartet of love?" Josh said, kissing his husband, Justin kissing him after Josh.

"Jo said he'd be in soon. He's still saying goodnight to more clansmen. They're so enamoured of him, I don't think they want him to leave their sight."
"He's walking on the last of his energy. I saw the tiredness in his eyes." Justin said, Chace kissing his cheek.

The three walked out of their sons' tented room, taking one last look at the two kids, walking into the next room, two large beds erected out of wood, both covered in mattresses and down-filled comforters and pillows.

"This is the kind of roughing it I can take." Chace said, diving onto the closest bed, sighing deeply at the warmth and softness of the large bed.

Josh and Justin both laughed, smiling down at the younger man.

"Our tiger looks wasted himself. I think his bravado has given way to a need for sleep."
Chace smiled, snuggling against the pillows, smiling up at the two.

"A moment to recharge and then you boys are mine."

Josh and Justin both smiled at each other, the tent flap on the other side of the tent opening.

Jolan walked into the tent, the two standing men smiling at him.

"I think that's the last of them, I believe."
Jolan smiled at all three, the young man still wearing the white robe that he'd been given after the meeting.

"My man looks exhausted." Justin said, Jolan walking up to him, Justin's arms going around him.

"It is a tiredness of happiness, my Jus. I can't believe how well this day went."
"How well the day went? Are you kidding me, Jo?" Chace said, his head popping up from the bed.

Jolan smiled at him, Chace rising up out of the bed.

"All three of us saw an unbelievable sight today, Jo. We saw you turn into a tree, then into an angel!" Chace said, his wide awake blue eyes showing deep awe.

Jolan softly smiled, his now grey eyes meeting all three sets of blue.

"I thought you liked me when I had wood, Chace?"

Josh exploded with laughter, Justin joining him, Jolan grinning.

Chace looked stunned, then blushed deeply.

Jolan smiled, walking up to the young man, his arms going around him.

"It was too easy, our tiger."
Chace smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"I like you in all ways, Jo. I've seen your wolfen apparition, now your Archanian angel one. And I've seen the real beautiful you. I love you as always. We all do."

Jolan smiled, returning to Justin's arms.

"I hope the vision of my winged self didn't shock the three of you?"
Justin smiled, his arms going around his man.

"You were. . .you were so beautiful when you materialized out of that tree, Jo. Your wings. . .your increased muscular height. It was all so breathtaking!" Justin softly said, Josh and Chace looking at each other with a smile.

"Thank you, Jus. I had hoped you wouldn't be too shocked by the change. The Archanians--the original species--were tall, elegant and strong. I'm sure you saw that in Queen Ravenia."
Josh nodded, folding his arms around himself, Chace's arm around his waist.

"What exactly was that, Jolan? Was she real, or just a manifestation of the magic surrounding you."
Jolan looked at all three, a soft tired smile crossing his face.

"It truly was her, Joshua. My magic summoned her from the other side."

Justin looked surprised, Jolan kissing his cheek, Josh quietly staring at Jolan.

"Your magic can summon the dead, Jo?" Justin asked, Jolan smiling at him.

"Not the dead, Justin. Its greatness pulled in the love associated with the Archanian people. Ravenia returned to show her people her devotion to their surviving, to their going on. She showed them the magic of her own love, and her hope that I could lead them to freedom and an open life. The clan doesn't have to hide anymore. She drew me from the Tree of Truth to show them the truth of what I was, of what I have to be."

The three others nodded, listening to Jolan's calm voice.

"What do you have to be, Jo?" Josh asked, Jolan smiling at him.

"I have to be their warrior, their champion, and their guide. They need a true Archanian's love to reach their destiny."
Jolan started to yawn, Justin's arms tightening around him.

"You need to rest, my love. They need a champion who's well rested. We all see and feel your tiredness."

Jolan nodded, yawning again.

"I'm sorry. Our tiger has that look again."
Chace smiled, his arm tightening around Josh.

"I have my own winged angel of love. You need sleep, Jo. And Justin needs to wrap you in his love. Josh and I have our own love to sustain us through till morning."
Jolan smiled, his grey eyes staring at the two before him.

"Times change, my friends. Our foursome of love broadens its love. Two couples are trending towards their own bonded love."
The other three nodded, Justin kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Am I enough for you, my angel? I know the depth of your love for Josh and Chace."
Jolan smiled, kissing his husband's love.

"Your love is all I need, Jus. But I'll always have theirs as well. And our Hay and Logan's love. Face it guys. We're a family now. Four soulmates and two little angels of giving love. But we are also two families of fatherly love for our separate little angels."

The other three smiled, Jolan smiling at each of them.

"Passion gives way to friendship and love. We'll always be here for each other in every way. But the desires of our libidos need look no further than our true soulmates. But fringe benefits for the other two shall shimmer our hearts with youthful tiger-filled beauty."
The four smiled, each taking Jolan's words for their truth.

"I love you Chace. You are more than enough for me." Josh said, Chace tearing, their lips meeting.

"Get a room guys." Jolan said, the three others laughing.

"On that smartass note, you need sleep, my Jo." Justin said, his hands going to his husband's white robe.

Jolan smiled as Justin opened it, Jolan's smooth body revealed, the black shorts still covering his center.

Justin pulled off the robe, Jolan turning and pulling back the bed's coverings.

Justin's eyes took in Jolan's smooth back.

"Jo. . .your wings? They're gone!"
Josh and Chace were staring at his smooth back as well.

Jolan stared at all three, a soft smile on his face.

"The Wingshola is a creature of hidden love. Drawn from the wood of truth, its magic rooted in the truth. As is his true soul. I can summon my Archanian soul at a moment's notice. My winged beauty lays hidden from enquiring eyes. As does my Badenwolf self. No one can sense any of my lineage. I am a silent warrior, I am a hidden champion. But the magic, strength and courage of all of them lays within me. Time will judge when I shall show each."
Jolan yawned again, laying down on the bed, Justin smiling above him, covering his man.

Justin pulled off his shirt and pants, Josh and Chace doing the same, they climbing into the other bed across from theirs.

Jolan smiled at both revealed men, Josh snuggling into Chace's arms as his husband covered him with their comforter.

Justin climbed into Jolan's bed, extinguishing the lamp between the two beds.

"Goodnight, Jo." Josh said, Chace repeating his love.

Jolan remained silent, Justin snuggling against him, hearing his husband's relaxed breathing.

"He's out, my friends. Our Jolan's in dreamland." Justin said, kissing his man's forehead, Jolan snuggling into his chest.

The two across from them smiled, Justin smiling towards them in the darkness.

"Goodnight, guys. Love ya." Justin said, closing his own eyes.

Josh smiled, his husband snuggling into his chest.

"Goodnight, Jus. Goodnight, my love." Josh said, Chace not answering him, Josh feeling his chest rising against his own.

"The tiger's asleep as well, Jus."
Justin smiled, remaining still, his love wrapped in his arms.

"Goodnight, Joshy."
"Goodnight, Jus. Love ya."
"Love ya back, Josh."
Josh smiled, the two men closing their eyes, their love sending them to dreamland.


The blackness of the late evening's shrouded darkness surrounded the wooded lands of Archania, a silent winged apparition gliding silently over the mountainous terrain.

The hour was fast approaching the creeping dawn, a greyness seen on the eastern horizon.

The winged shape descended silently towards a flat expanse of land.

He set himself down silently, the man staring around the silent beach he stood upon.

His grey eyes took in the fading darkness, his ultraviolet vision seeing all the surrounding area.

No movement or sound was seen or heard, the young man softly sighing.

Jolan stood on the beach, feeling the coolness of the soft sand sneaking between his toes.

His eyes went to the expanse of water before him, taking in the vision of its dark choppy waves.

A cool breeze had risen, Jolan feeling the coolness on his smooth naked skin.

His eyes looked forward, the young man walking to the beach's edge, cool water lapping over his toes now.

He heard a soft rustle to his left, his eyes zoning in on a large boulder.

Jolan stared at it, seeing a darkened shape seated upon it.

He remembered the last time he'd stared at that same rock, seeing the vision of his grandmother's beauty--then the revealed wolfen soul within her.


The shape remained still, Jolan turning and walking along the beach's edge towards the boulder.

"Stop, child of winged wooden truth."

Jolan stopped, hearing the familiarity of the voice echoing across the silent beach.


The shape moved, rising from the boulder, stepping down upon the sandy beach.

"Your mind and magic are well-aligned, Jolan. You can sense from my voice my existence. You are now ready."
"Ready for what? What are you doing here, Era?"

"I could ask you the same question, my young friend. What has drawn you from your soulmate's arms at this hour? Why have you come here?"

Jolan folded his arms staring at the darkened image standing a few yards away from him.

"I see the Shadower still walks along beside me. Can I not have my love in private?"

Jolan thought he saw a soft smile on the man's dark shadow-filled face.

"His love is for your eyes alone, Jolan. As is the foursome's love. I do not watch that which is sacred to one's own heart."

"But you are still following me?"

The shape moved a little, walking to the water's edge.

"No, Jolan. I do not now have to walk the earth to see that which I must see. I only have to close my eyes and seek your love out. All surrounding you shows itself."
Jolan stared at the man, digesting his words.

"So, then, you have reached a higher plane? A nirvana of soul stretching truth?"
Jolan now did see a genuine smile on the man's shadowy face.

"Well put, Jolan. In a sense you are correct. But for me where I am now is the ending of the path. I only await your coming here in actuality. Your crossing that lake and walking into your destiny. All is ready."

Jolan stared at the man.

"And what if I choose to walk a different path?"
Jolan heard a soft laugh of merriment coming from the shadow.

"You are already walking a different path, Jolan. That is what destiny is. Destiny leads a man on the path of its choosing. The path ends as it must, regardless of how convincing your meandering off its prophesised path is. All ends lead to the true end."
"You haven't changed, Era. Riddles till the end."
The laughter was much louder now, Jolan hearing the genuine happiness in the man's rich baritone laugh.

Jolan smiled, the shadow moving a little closer to him.

"I was amazed at what took place yesterday, Jolan. A wooden apparition of Archanian worth. Ravenia was a very intelligent monarch. I greatly underestimated her and her sister. Flowing sunshine radiated in both of their hearts. It radiates down through the generations as well."

"Why am I who I am, Era? Why am I a combination of all four clans?"

"Because you are all, and must be all. Because you are a symbol of everything. You are the center of all of them. All will be drawn to the center of your existence. And then the truth of all of this shall radiate its own sunshine. And then the child of truth shall show itself. And I then can behold the end of all of this. And I can go to the greater sunshine of their love."

Jolan stared at the man, seeing a soft glow appear around the man.

Jolan vision took in the lighted vision of the man's face, his own eyes showing surprise.

"Era. . .you've. . .you can't be anymore than eighteen!"

The man smiled, his beauty showing in the radiating sunlight coming from his blue eyes.

"The reflection of life echoes back into my longing heart."

Jolan nodded, still confused by the young man's words.

"We haven't much time, Jolan. I must show you the sights here that need seeing. I must show you the way into Bolta Cerului. For it in itself is another trap of magic. That magic tragically is waning. Our Queen's magic is almost spent."

"Queen Alveena's protective force of magic that surrounds the palace?"
The young man nodded, Jolan staring at him.

"Yes, Jolan. The magic of her love. Love cannot last forever, especially love of that intensity."

"You're wrong, Era. My love for Justin and my Hay will last forever."
The young man smiled, Jolan smiling back at him.

"I envy both of them, Jolan. Come, you need to see the path of stone."
Jolan nodded, following Era down the beach, his grey eyes staring at the young man walking ahead of him.

Jolan's mind was reflecting on where he'd seen that beautiful face before.


Justin sighed, moving in the bed, his arms moving to wrap around his Jolan.

He found only emptiness surrounding him.

He sat up in the bed, the comforter that was snugly wrapped around him falling forward, his smooth chest now on display.

He looked around the tent, seeing the grey glow of early morning behind the tent's walls.

His eyes moved towards the other bed, seeing Josh and Chace wrapped in each other's arms, the two sound asleep.

Justin stretched, his taut body climbing out of the bed, picking up a soft robe, wrapping it around his body.

He stretched again, walking towards the tent flap, opening it and walking outside.

His eyes took in the dawning sky overlooking the Waters of Hope.

The sun's soft glow was rising above the tree line at the top of the mountain above the waters.

Justin's eyes scanned the tented area where they were, seeing no real movement anywhere.

He glanced at his watch, reading five minutes after five.

His eyes adjusted to the gloom, a soft image in the eastern sky catching his eyes.

He stared at it for a few minutes, the small speck gradually increasing in size.

It took him a few minutes to realize it was man flying towards the encampment.

A few moments later he realized it was his Jo.

The young man's angelic vision came closer, Justin staring at him as he flew over the tents, his massive wings spread widely, his body moving with the grace of a gliding eagle.

Jolan's body hovered for a few moments, then gently lowered downward, coming to rest a few feet in front of Justin.

"Jolan, it's five in the morning! Where have you been? You were supposed to be sleeping!"

Jolan smiled at his husband, his wings softly fluttering behind him.

Justin stared up at his man, the young man's height much taller than him now.

Justin took in every inch of the beautiful man's muscular torso and legs, his Jolan's beauty even more revealing.

"I'm sorry, Justin. Magic called me out into the night. We must hurry. I have to wake everyone. There is no time to lose. Get the boys and Josh and Chace. We're leaving. Right now!"

Justin looked surprised, Jolan moving again, his wings lifting him upwards.

"What. . .what's going on, Jo?"
"We're being surrounded, Justin. Evil's taking a stab at us!"

Jolan flew forward, heading for the central tents, the young man flying with speed.

Justin stared after him for only a moment, the man moving towards the tent flap.


Justin's eyes were looking everywhere, no sight of his Jolan seen anywhere.

The clan had arisen with great speed, the camp in a turmoil of movement and urgency.

Jolan's alarm had been heeded, the whole encampment on the move.

One hundred of the strongest, courageous, seasoned and heroic of the Archanian men had risen with Jolan, the flying warriors heading off against the day's dawning sky.

Philip Darmont and Aiden Calvern had joined him, those two now devoted loyal followers of Jolan's worth.

The others left had mobilized, the elders leading them through the northern pass, heading down the long trek to Brasov.

They moved with a rush of determination, Justin and his family and friends moving with them.

Jolan had arrived back at the encampment, the young man's keen eyesight having picked up on the evil approaching from the east.

The minions of Fagin's evil were on the move, Fagin making his first move.

But Fagin had failed to realize that Jolan Dragos had already made his first move.

The Archanian nation was united with him, their fortitude and determination matching his.

Winged warriors of truth were following him, towards the first engagement of evil.

Justin's eyes were constantly watching the skies, as were so many others.

Word had spread like wildfire, the remaining warriors flying around the moving mass, their diligence shining.

A protective ring of winged strength was surrounding the others.

They walked through the mountains with resolve and determination coupled with a soft fear of what followed them.

They needn't have worried.

A clan of winged warriors had sprung upon the enemy with total surprise.

And at its helm was a shining warrior of truth and love.

The Wingshola was battling for all of them.

And those surrounding warriors took in the magic and strength of the vision of love and goodness before them.

Their eyes watched the protective love of their Wingshola.


Four hours later a shadowy cloud of formed reality showed in the eastern sky, the sun rising behind it.

The clan slowed, all eyes upon the growing cloud coming towards them.

A few moments of visionary clarity made the cloud out for what it was.

A group of winged archangels heading for its clan.

A closer inspection of the enlarging vision saw two were carrying one other.

A few moments of increasing clarity saw that the one being carried was Jolan.

Justin froze in his spot, handing Hayden to his grandmother, Lynn wrapping her arms around the boy.
"No worries, Poppa! Daddy just tired. His magic hard work."

Justin's eyes met the boy's, Hayden smiling at him.

The elders had joined together beside Reinhardt, their leader now standing beside Justin.

"It is Jolan, Justin. They are carrying him. He looks exhausted." Reinhardt said, his keen Archanian vision seeing the young man's open grey eyes at a great distance.

"What has fallen our Wingshola?" Luther said, his and the other elders' faces covered in worried concern.

Justin suddenly realized how deeply Jolan had won the clan's trust.

They were showing looks of deep loving concern.

The group waited, the winged warriors coming closer, their images now crystal clear to all of the group.

The two warriors carrying Jolan descended before their leader and Justin, carefully lowering themselves to the ground. Justin, Reinhardt, Chace and Josh moved forward, Justin's arms going around his Jolan, seeing the total exhaustion on his man's face, his arms gently guiding Jolan down to the ground, the young man laying in Justin's lap, Josh at their side, his arm around Jolan as well.

Chace and Reinhardt knelt beside them, Jolan's grey--then violet--eyes looking up at everyone.

"I'm. . .I'm alright. The. . .the magic just took so much out of me. I. . .I couldn't stop it. . .it had to reach its end." he softly said, his eyes fluttering with tiredness.
"You need rest, my love. We'll make a stretcher for you. We're more than half way out of the mountains. Are you alright? You're not physically hurt, are you?" Justin said, deep caring love heard in his emotional voice.

Jolan's hand raised, brushing his cheek.

"I'm just so tired, Jus. The magic. . .it was so intense." he said, his eyes slowly closing.

The elders looked at the warriors standing behind Jolan and Justin, seeing that it was Philip and Aiden.

"What has happened? Are you all alright? Has anyone been lost?" Luther said, the two warriors--and the large group now descended behind them--were all staring at Jolan laying on the ground.
"We. . .we are all safe, Elder Luther. We did not do battle against those monsters." Aiden said, tears showing in his blue eyes.

"Monsters? They were that evil?" Caleb Wahera said, the elder staring with surprise at the two warriors.

"Yes, Elder Caleb. They were monsters of diseased flesh, of vile abomination. Creatures half living with tortured souls. They were flowing through the forest, heading towards all of you. There was so much evil and bloodlust in their demonic eyes. The Wingshola, his form seemed to take on a greater vision. His eyes. . .they turned to all of us, they stared into all of our souls. His words. . .they. . ." Philip said, his head lowering, tears showing on his face.

Aiden looked at his friends, his eyes moving to the staring elders.

"Our Wingshola spoke truth. His exact words were 'I Fight not for truth, I fight not for valour. I fight for love. I shall protect all of you with my love.'" Aiden said, kneeling at Jolan's side.

"He destroyed them all! His magic, his strength, his physical speed and determination! He laid waste to all of them, over three hundred of them! He destroyed all of them! His magic turned them to dust! We hovered in silence watching the greatness of his protective love. Today he saved all of us, us and all of you! His magic gave all, his love gave more!" Philip said, going to his knees as well.

The elders stared in total shocked silence, their clan surrounding them, the words spoken by Philip and Aiden murmured back through the waves of staring eyes.

Luther went to his knees, the elders--then all the nation--joining him.

Reinhardt stood up, looking down at Jolan in Justin's arms.

"Our Wingshola spoke truth. His love is our greatest protection. I devote my life and my love to his truths. He saves us!"
"Wingshola! Wingshola! May God protect our Wingshola!" the masses chanted, Justin's family and friends taking in all of the devotional display surrounding them, their eyes filled with worry for the man laying in Justin's arms.

Reinhardt's head raised, looking at the elders.

"Get a stretcher someone. We shall carry our Wingshola out of the mountains, our love following him. Where is our best doctor?" he said, people moving in an instant, arising from their knees.

Justin's eyes were on his Jolan, Josh rubbing Justin's shoulder.

"He's going to be okay, Jus. I think he truly is just exhausted. Whatever strength it took him to use that magic has greatly taxed him. He just needs rest."

"He didn't sleep last night, Joshy. I awoke at five and he was coming back from somewhere. That's when he raised the alarm." Justin said, Reinhardt looking down at him.

"Our Wingshola is always on the move, his love ever protecting." Reinhardt said, his eyes looking around at everyone, settling for a moment on Bill's, the man staring at him.

Four Archanians came through the crowd, carrying a stretcher, a man following them, Henry moving to Jolan's side as well.

The Archanian doctor smiled at Henry, Henry staring at him with surprise.

"Fred Kenyan? You're Archanian?"

"Small world, Henry. Us old roommates at Stanford, now here surrounded by his magic and love." the doctor said, Henry nodding, both doctors looking towards Jolan.
Justin gently moved him; Josh, Chace and he guiding him to the stretcher, Justin stepping back as Henry and the other doctor looked Jolan over.
Josh's arms were around Justin, his family and friends encircling them and the doctors.

After a few minutes Henry stood, Fred standing beside him.

"He's deeply exhausted, he's in a self-induced sleep, I believe. His body's shut down against the exhaustion. He'll awaken at his own pace." Fred said, Henry nodding, putting his hand on Justin's shoulder.

"He's going to be alright, Justin. He'll sleep all the way back to Brasov and there he'll get some needed rest. He should be well by morning."

Justin nodded, a soft sigh of relief coming out of him.

"We should start moving again, Elders. The clan needs to head back to Brasov. I'll dispatch warriors back behind us to make sure nothing still follows." Reinhardt said, the seven bowing to him.

The four warriors who'd brought the stretcher slowly knelt, raising Jolan's stretcher, their movements slow and gentle.

Reinhardt talked to a few of the returned warriors, twenty of them taking off in the four directions.

The clan stood in silence as Jolan's stretcher began to move forward, Justin and his family following, the elders and Reinhardt behind them.

The clan began to move again, the trek back to civilization again continuing.

Justin walked beside Jolan's stretcher, his hand going out, joining with Jolan's.

Two grey eyes opened, staring into his blue, the love showing there needing no words, Justin thinking Jolan wouldn't have been able to voice them, how deep was his tiredness.

They closed again, Justin walking with his man's love embedded in his soul.

Behind him thousands walked, that same love embedded in theirs.





End of Chapter 140


And so the meeting of the Archanian clan has ended.

Albeit with a dramatic flight to safety.

Behind them a magic-filled protector destroyed the evil seeking them out.

Fagin's first battle has ended in defeat.

Will he give up so easily?
What did Era show Jolan at the beach's edge?
And why now is Era so young?
And who does he remind Jolan of?


Questions and more questions.

And even more dramatic meetings coming ahead.

Up next:  The Badenwolf ritual of renewal.

A wolf of immense love is about to walk into the middle of it.

And knowing Jolan. . .and the author. . .surprise and suspense shall follow.


Hugs, Angel.