Jolan's Path - Chapter 141


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 141


Fagin Greymount's hands were around the soldier's throat, the life force ebbing out of the struggling man.

"Release him, Fagin! He is only the messenger. Don't take out your anger on him." Nathan said, the monster's red eyes glaring at him.

Fagin's hands went forward, the soldier collapsing to his knees, gasping for air.

"You are sure of this, Commander?" Fagin said, the man's eyes focusing on the man standing above him.

"Yes, your Lordship! None. . .none survived. The remains of all of their ashes were etched upon the ground. Some great force or blast destroyed all of them, none surviving. They never made it to the Archanian stronghold." the man said, his hands rubbing his own throat.

"Get out." Fagin said, the man seeing the anger still in his master's slowly blackening eyes.

The soldier was on his feet, fleeing the wooden fortress.

Fagin sat down in his chair in the central hall again, his brooding eyes lost in thought.

"What could have done that? The Archanians do not have that kind of magic. They've been hidden from the world. But not from my eyes." the man said, Nathan remaining in his chair on Fagin's right hand side.

Brandon sat in a chair beside him, the young man silent and staring at both men.
Other commanders had been summoned, all standing in silence in the room, ever watchful of the brooding monster before them.

They knew their master's volatile anger, each an open target for his enjoyment.

General Taisman had drawn the unlucky straw, he the bearer of the bad news to Fagin, he now just barely escaping with his life.

The brooding monster tapped his fingers against his chair's armrest, his eyes scanning everyone.

"Where could the Archanians receive such magic? And how were they alerted to my marauders' approach? They should have been utterly destroyed by their ruthlessness!"

Nathan's eyes met Fagin's, seeing the confusion and anger in his now black eyes.

Fagin had told Nathan of the importance of the Archanian clan to the final outcome, the importance of their destruction and decimation for Fagin.

But somehow that clan had been saved, now spirited away from their homeland.

Nathan's mind had focused on one man.

One man he was certain was in the center of all of it.

His mind harkened back to that first meeting between Jolan and his uncles, they telling him of the Pact of Archania, Nathan remembering that name.

Jolan Dragos was somehow connected to the Archanians through his Sumsarian legacy.

"Answer me a question, Fagin?" Nathan said, the monster's eyes focusing on him.

"What is it, Nathan? I am not in the mood for your inquiries."
Nathan stared at the man, his thoughts on the past few days.

Fagin had been beastly in his devouring of Nathan's own self.

His body and soul ached from the man's ferocity.

"When was the last time you sensed Jolan Dragos?"

The monster's black eyes focused on Nathan, Nathan seeing the confusion deepening on the man's face.

"What matters that, Nathan? Jolan Dragos has nothing to do with the Archanians. He's a Dragosan brat sired from a Sumsarian slut."

"Yes, that's true. But I feel deeply that he's something more. You already know he's Badenwolf. And the Archanians and the Badenwolves have deep connections to the Sumsarian clan."
Fagin's eyes deepened with thought, then suddenly widened with alarm.

"Joseph! Bring me my book!"
His servant moved with lightning speed out of the room, returning within moments, carrying a large old book, the cover a deep cracked old leather.

The servant bowed, extending his hands, Fagin taking the book, the servant bowing and disappearing behind Fagin's chair, awaiting his next summons.

Fagin stared at the ancient book in his hands, remembering the day his grandfather had given it to him.

The ancient book of truth and the lost magic of the dark arts.

A book that he alone read, his household and devotees never daring to look into it.

Fagin opened it, everyone in the room remaining silent, Fagin's black eyes perusing it.

"The Sumsarian lineage goes back to King Athos, King Segas' grandfather. Of course! That slut Queen Alveena! His wife! The idiot married an Archanian!" Fagin said, staring at the truth laid before him, having totally missed it.

"Jolan's a direct descendant of Archanian heritage. There's your answer, Fagin. Your adversary has one-upped you again. He's  Dragosan, Sumsarian. . .and Archanian! With Badenwolf cunning thrown in." Nathan said, his laughter filling the silent room.

Fagin was on his feet, rushing towards Nathan, the young man fully prepared for the retribution he knew his laughter would bring.
Brandon stared in shock at Nathan's apparent courage in the face of Fagin's anger.

Fagin's hands went to Nathan's throat, his eyes glowing red again.

"You think it's funny?! You think that bastard's lineage is funny? How long have you known this truth?"
Nathan struggled against the man's strength, his voice almost cut off.

"Since the first week I met him. The Dragosans told him of a pact between the Sumsarian and Archanian nations. I sense he's known since then he's part Archanian. Don't you get it, Fagin?"
Fagin released the young man, staring at him in confusion.

"Get what?" he said, his voice traced with brooding anger.
Nathan was gasping and coughing, his eyes meeting his monstrous master's.

"Jolan has gained great magic. Your battalion's destruction proof of that. He's gained magic from all sides of his clans--Badenwolf strength, ancient Dragosan magic, Sumsarian resolve and God knows what from the Archanians. Who the hell are they anyway? I never heard of them since that day."

Fagin folded his arms, staring at the man.

"Leave this room, everyone. Save you and Brandon, Nathan."
Everyone was on the move, the room emptying quickly.

Fagin stared at Nathan.

"They are a race of ancient magic, my bloody wolf. Their magic lies in their cunning, their resolve and their tenacity. Grandfather once told me of their greatest magic. They have the magic of flight. They are justly names. Archanian for archangels."
Nathan stared in shock, Fagin glaring at him.

"They. . .they are archangels? They can fly??"
"Yes, Nathan. The winged warriors of prophecy. That was why I wanted to destroy them quickly, as the Sumsarians once failed to do. They play a strategic part in all of this. And if they survived they would be a great force to reckon with on the final day. Warriors in the skies will not benefit me."

Nathan still stared in shock, Brandon showing just as much shock on his face.

"Jolan. . .he's. . .he's an angel?" Brandon softly saying, Fagin's hand meeting his face, backhanding him, the young man falling to the floor.

"That pissant is no angel! He's a thorn in my side! And I'll destroy him on that final day. My Badenwolf champion shall drink of his blood. And I shall rule the world after that. You shall bring me my greatest dreams, Nathan."
Nathan stared at the book laying forgotten on Fagin's chair.

"The prophecy laid within states it, Nathan. A wolf of greatness shall deliver unto the world a man of even more greatness. And that man is me."
Fagin walked over to the chair, picking up the book again.

"I shall let you read the truth in this book, Nathan. It was given to me by my grandfather, on the last day of his life. A life I took myself."

Nathan stared in shock at the monster before him.

"Truths given must remain silent. Those of knowledge giving their lives to protect its secrets."

Fagin smiled, staring at Nathan.

"Yes, my wolf of prophecy. I killed my own grandfather to silence his knowledge of this book. I will kill anyone to gain what I need."

Fagin sat down on his throne again, his fingers tapping his chin.

"So the Archanians are now under Jolan's protection. Winged apparitions shall fly from that palace. No matter, I'm sure I can conjure something to bring them back to the ground on that day."
The man smiled a menacing smile, Nathan seeing the anger now replaced with determination.
"You shall be my soulmate at the end, Nathan. I think I shall grace you with the truth of my forthcoming greatness."
Fagin smiled, staring at Brandon still laying on the floor.

"Leave us, Brandon. I shall summon you when I am finished with Nathan. I always feel needful when things don't go according to plan. I shall vent my anger and ire on both of you. You are first, Nathan. After you see what needs to be seen."

Brandon stared at the monster now rising again from his throne.

"Leave us now, slut. And go to Joseph. My devoted servant deserves your giving self. Tell him you are a gift from his master. And show him your submissive self. Joseph is a rough devotee. He'll pain your soul."
Brandon staggered to his feet, reluctantly moving towards the doorway.

Fagin smiled after him, staring at the book again.

"Come, my wolfen beauty. It is time you read of your destiny, then you shall feast on my anger."
Nathan's eyes were on the book, sensing a cloud of certainty overshadow him.

He felt death's hand upon his shoulder.


Justin opened the curtains, the bedroom flooding with morning light.

He looked towards the bed, seeing his Jolan sound asleep in its center, his son nestled in his arms.

Justin smiled, his brief clad body stretching, having lain beside both of them all night.

The clan had arrived at Barsov late in the afternoon, Jolan carried directly to their hotel, carefully taken upstairs and returned to their bedroom.

Henry and Fred had looked him over again, their prognosis unchanged.

Jolan was deeply exhausted, lost in a coma-like sleep of his own making.

A sleep subduing him while his strength returned.

All his family and friends had visited the sleeping man, Justin remaining at his side, Josh and Chace looking after Hayden and Logan.

The clan had dispersed, going back to their lives, their hearts filled with their Wingshola's love.

In a few weeks they'd join again under the sacred mountain.

Hayden had sat in his father's lap for a few hours, the two watching the third of their triad of love.

Josh had taken the boy downstairs for supper, his grandparents watching him all evening.

Chace and Josh had brought Justin supper, the man remaining at Jolan's side.

Justin had eaten while his friends surrounded him, their thoughts and love directed at the sleeping man before them.

The three had talked, the last few days' revelations voiced.

"It seems so unbelievable, Justin. The magic our Jo showed. Then Jolan destroying an army of evil advancing on us? How did he know they were there?" Chace said, Josh's arm around him.

"It was his magic, Chace. He had to use it to save everyone. To save everyone from devouring monsters. I sense he almost risked everything to do that, including his own life." Josh said, Justin looking at him.

"I still can't fathom that myself, Joshy. That there were monsters out there, real monsters. And my Jolan took on all of them."  Justin said, finishing the meal before him, placing the tray on the dresser.

He moved, sitting down beside his Jolan, staring at his sleeping face.

"He had the strength of his magic, Justin. He knew he could defeat them. His love and magic will destroy any evil that threatens this world and those he loves. I truly believe that." Josh said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his, Chace staring at him also.

"You knew, didn't you Josh? You knew today's attack would happen, and that Jolan would have to fight them."

Josh nodded his head, staring at his sleeping friend.

"He told me last night, Justin, towards the end of the celebrations. He said that he had a sense of approaching malice. As if he felt a cloud encircling Ravenasia. I saw in his grey eyes the violet twinge of his Archanian self watching as well. He said he had to make a returning voyage to focus on the coming truth. I'm not sure what he meant by that."

"A returning voyage? Where would he return to?" Chace said, looking deep in thought.

Justin's eyes widened.

"Bolta Cerului! That's where he went last night! That's where he was coming back from this morning! He was flying from the east, against the sun!" Justin said, Josh staring at him with surprise.

"How. . .how and why would he go there?"

"He flew there, Josh. It would only be about half an hour flight as the crow flies. It is towards the east, deep within the Carpathian mountains." Justin said, staring at his Jolan.

"But why there? From what he'd said before, there's nothing or no one there."
"His grandparents guard it, Chace. Perhaps he returned to talk with Vilos."
Chace and Josh looked surprised, Justin smiling at them.

He quietly told them of Jolan's dream of meeting them there, the two the sentinels of the guarding magic.

"And you think they warned him of the approaching army?" Chace said, looking at Justin.

"I'm not sure, Chace. Only Jolan can voice that truth. We'll have to wait till morning." Justin said, softly yawning.

A light rap came to the door, the door opening.

Lynn and Melina walked into the room, Logan and Hayden both in their arms, Logan sound asleep in Melina's.

Hayden was yawning, his small arms stretching out towards his Poppa, Justin standing and taking the boy into his arms.
"Me's sleepy, Poppa. Me wants to sleep with you and Daddy. We needs rest. Me no gets to swim today, but me swims with yous in dreams."
Justin smiled, kissing the boy's cheek.

"Yes, my little man. We shall swim on the river of Daddy's love."
The boy smiled, snuggling against his Poppa's chest, closing his eyes, Lynn and Melina smiling at both, Josh taking a sleeping Logan from Melina's arms.

"We should all leave you. You all need a good night's sleep." Lynn said, leaning down and kissing Jolan's cheek, her blue eyes showing tears.

"We love you, my son." she softly said, Lynn rising, her arms going around Justin, kissing his and Hayden's cheeks.

Melina kissed her son goodnight, then kissed Justin and Hayden as well, the small boy smiling, his eyes still closed.

"Goodnight, Moms." Justin smiled, the two walking out of the room, Josh and Chace both kissing Justin, Hayden now sound asleep in his arms.

"See all three of you in the morning, Jus. We're right across the hall if you need us." Chace said, Justin nodding.

The two smiled, Logan's soft snoring making all three smile.

Hayden's snore was matching his, the two fathers walking out of the room with their son.

Justin gently removed Hayden's clothes, settling the boy down beside his father, Jolan's arms going around the boy in his sleep.

Justin removed his clothing, joining the two of his soul, extinguishing the light.

He fell asleep beside them, all three together in their dreams.


Justin smiled, looking down at the man sleeping in the center of the bed, the room filled with morning light now.

He covered his smooth muscular body with a robe laying across a chair, his eyes going again to the bed.

Two small blue eyes opened, a wide smile of love making Justin's face change with an identical smile.

"Morning, Poppa!"
Justin smiled, sitting down on the bed, his son climbing into his lap.

Justin's arms went around the boy, Hayden snuggling against him, his blue eyes on his father.

"Daddy be's okay, Poppa. Me feels his soul clear of tiredness. He be refreshed when wakes."
Justin smiled, his Jolan moving beside them.

Jolan's arms went out, searching around the bed, Hayden climbing out of Justin's lap, climbing on top of his father's chest, Jolan's arms going around him.

"Wake up, Daddy! Me's here to loves you!"
Jolan's lips softened into a smile, his grey eyes slowly opening.

"I must be in heaven. I see my angels before me. And what a heavy angel lying on top of me. You're eating too much, Hay!"
The boy laughed, Justin's face widening into a smile, his blue eyes meeting Jolan's grey.

"Our piggy's going on a diet, Jus. He'll sink when he swims again."
Hayden giggled, moving forward and kissing his father's lips.

"Morning, Daddy. You sleeps good?"
The young man smiled, looking at Justin.

"Yes, Hay. I'm all rested now. I feel great."

The boy smiled, Justin leaning forward, his hand going to Jolan's forehead.

"You feel warm, but not hot. And you look a lot better."
Jolan smiled, Justin smiling back.

"Do I get a kiss from my nurse?"
Justin laughed, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's warm lips, Hayden smiling at both.

"Mm, that's delicious. But don't let my husband know. He's the jealous type. But man, what a hunk!"

Justin laughed, seeing Jolan's love trying to calm his thoughts.

"I'm alright, Jus. Back to full strength. Rejuvenated of soul and heart."
"Let's let the doctors be the judge of that. You're staying put until they verify that. You gave all of us a scare yesterday."
Jolan nodded, a rap coming to the bedroom door.

It slowly opened, Henry's smiling face poking through.

"And here they are now." Justin smiled, picking up Hayden, the boy smiling at Henry, Fred walking into the room behind the country doctor.

"Morning, Justin. How's our patient?" Fred smiled, Jolan smiling at both men.

"I was hoping you'd tell us, Fred and Henry."
Both men smiled, looking at Jolan.

"Hello, doctors. The guinea pig is awake."
Henry laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

"Like old times, Jolan. I think I'm beginning to see every sign of your magical recoveries."
Jolan smiled, looking at the doctor.

"You ain't seen nothing yet, Doc!"
Everyone laughed, Henry and Fred trading looks.

"We'll leave you to your examinations, Henry."
"Reinhardt has breakfast well in hand. We'll meet you downstairs in the hotel's restaurant. Reinhardt has a large room reserved for us all."
"My boys need their showers and clothes. See you shortly, Jus." Jolan said, smiling at his husband, Hayden waving goodbye to his father, Justin picking out some clothes for both of them from the closet.

"That's for us to decide, Jolan." Fred said, smiling at Henry.

Jolan folded his arms, his face showing his usual bed-ridden attitude.

"He's got that look of fidgeting reluctance. My man's determined to move from that bed. I'll leave you to your diagnosis. Take his manner in stride."
Both doctors smiled, Henry winking at Justin.

"Come on, Hay. You and Logan need some wet fun."

Justin smiled at both doctors, heading out of the room with a smiling Hayden in his arms.


The group sat around the dining room, awaiting the two doctors.

A full breakfast was at the ready, Hayden now sitting in his grandfather's lap, Randall already sneaking him food.

Justin smiled at both, his thoughts on his husband upstairs.

Josh smiled at him from across the table, he and Simus in deep discussion.

Chace sat at his side, Logan in his lap smiling at Hayden from across the table.

Reinhardt was pacing the floor of the dining room, others looking towards him.

The door opened, the seven elders walking into the room, the Archanian leader greeting all of them, the seven smiling and greeting everyone seated at the tables arranged around the room.

"How is the Wingshola?" Elder Caleb asked, all seven showing their loving concern.

"Jolan slept all night uninterrupted, Elders." Justin said, all seven smiling at him.

"Good to hear, Justin. That rest he needed most." Luther said, Justin smiling at him.

Luther then looked at Reinhardt, the man staring at him.

"The searching warriors returned late last night, Leader of Flight. Ravenasia is silent, there are no signs of any other monsters lurking in the mountains. The Wingshola eradicated all of them. The warriors said they felt a protective presence surrounding the Chamber of Wings. As if it's shrouded in magic."
Reinhardt nodded, Chris looking at the men.

"I still can't believe all this! Our loving Jolan? A winged warrior of vengeance taking on a whole army? It sounds so impossible!" he said, his voice interrupted by another.

"One can fly into any danger when surrounded by love."
Everyone's eyes went to the room's doorway, Jolan standing under its frame, Henry and Fred standing behind him.

Justin was on his feet walking up to him, Jolan's arms going around him, the two trading a quick kiss.

"Healthy as a winged warrior of love, Justin. Sound of body and mind. Correct, doctors?" Jolan said, turning and looking back at the two doctors standing behind him.
Henry and Fred both nodded, Justin seeing a look of surprising confusion on both of their faces.

Jolan smiled, releasing his man, taking his hand, the two walking up to the tables.

Reinhardt smiled at Jolan, Jolan smiling back, bowing gracefully to the seven elders.

"Pestilence is easily eradicated when you use the right solvent."
The seven traded looks of confusion, Jolan smiling at everyone surrounding him.

"Evil can easily be destroyed when love is the distilled ingredient. My magic is love. That magic protects all of you."
Jolan's face wore a wide energetic smile, everyone's worries lifting at that smile.

"I am very well, everyone. And yes, Chris, your Jolan took on all of them. As I knew I had to. I just wasn't expecting the magic's surprising soul."
"The magic's soul, Jo?" Britney said, Jolan smiling at her and Chris.

"I made a error in judgment, everyone. I didn't realize that true magic takes on a soul of its own."

Everyone looked confused, Jolan smiling at his Justin.

"I'm famished, my love. Feed me and I'll lighten your concerned minds." he smiled, Justin smiling back, guiding him around the table, the two sitting down beside Josh, Hayden smiling across the table at his fathers from his grandfather's lap.

"Join us, elders of truth." Jolan said, the seven bowing with smiles on their faces, Luther sitting down with Reinhardt at Jolan's table, the other six elders joining the tables surrounding the central one.

"A word of thanks, may I?" Reinhardt said, Jolan smiling, bowing his head.

Everyone followed, Reinhardt still standing at his seat.

"Bless us this day for the sunshine and beauty of the world of God's love we see. Today is the first day of our renewed life. A life that now continues because of our Wingshola's protective love. For within our hearts we know that yesterday could have seen many of us perish under evil. But a greater love prevailed, the beauty of life now showing on his handsome face. On all our faces. Bless this day, this meal, and the love surrounding us. Amen."

"Amen," everyone said, Reinhardt smiling at Jolan, then sitting down, Jolan's eyes calmly looking around.

"Everything looks so good. I see our little piggy's deep within the deliciousness."
Hayden smiled, Randall smiling above him, cutting up eggs for the boy.

"A growing boy and all that, Jo." Randall said, Jolan smiling at his father-in-law.

"At this rate he'll even be taller than my Archanian self."
A few people laughed, everyone diving into the food.

Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting Chris' at the next table, he seated with Britney, Joey and Lance beside them, others filling the table including Lynn, Paul, Athos and Steve.

"Something on your mind, Christopher? I heard your words upon my entrance." Jolan said, Justin spooning a crepe onto Jolan's plate, Jolan smiling at him.

"Jo. . .it's so. . .Jolan, it's so unbelievable! The magic that you must possess! How in God's name are you controlling it?! We all saw the deepness of your exhaustion yesterday. Has it come down to you risking everything to use it?"

Jolan smiled at his friend, seeing the same look of concern on a lot of faces.

"What I said earlier was true, Chris. True magic has its own soul. My magic is the one true magic, the greatest magic living upon this earth."

"Your magic is alive?" Paul said, Jolan smiling at his other father-in-law.

"Yes, Dad. The magic I possess has its own entity in a sense. I learned that yesterday when I relinquished command."

"Relinquished command? Of what?" Simus said, Jolan looking towards him.

"Of my own soul, Uncle Simus. Yesterday the magic within me took control of me. It used me to rain its destruction down upon the evil of the world. Against that magic's power no minion of evil or vileness could stand. They perished under the light of truth, under the fire of goodness. I was helpless to stop the magic flowing from within me. I followed and watched as the other Archanian warriors did. Yesterday the magic of truth delivered its answer. The evil of this world has been forewarned. Its time runs short."

Everyone had stopped eating, their eyes on Jolan, his voice calm and relaxed.

"So, the magic is itself another being? You have another entity living within you? Was this the being you spoke of at the meeting, the one you'd reveal later down the path?" Jolan's father said, seated with his other two brothers, a couple of the elders at their sides.

"Yes, Father. I've just gained another two roommates. My Badenwolf self is now bunking with my Archanian self and my magical soul. I sense their keg parties will be keeping me up at night."
Chris and Joey burst into laughter, Jolan's words bringing smiles to a lot of faces, others now laughing as well.

"Magic isn't something to be laughed at, Wingshola." Luther said, his face still showing concern.

"My name is Jolan, Luther. Here in the surrounding love of my family--and friends--I am just a man, a man of giving love. And mirthful happiness."
Luther nodded, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I see that giving love, Jolan. I saw it yesterday in all its magnitude."

Jolan smiled, the elder smiling back.

"There will be time enough soon for the three within me to reveal their truths. Until then I am myself, albeit a crowded self. And the magical soul wasn't the being I was talking of, Father. That being is a wonder unto himself." Jolan said, the young man looking down at his plate.

"Where did you go after the meeting late that night, Jolan? Justin told us that you were flying back towards the encampment yesterday morning before you raised the alarm." Calen said, Justin looking towards him.

Jolan's eyes raised, looking towards his father and his uncles.

"I returned to the Rooftop of Heaven, Uncles and Father."
The four Dragosans' eyes widened, looking among themselves.

"Why, Jolan? There is no one there. Only the emptiness of the palace King Dragos created. Did you enter the palace?" Simus said, Jolan shaking his head no.

"You are wrong, Uncle. I, too, thought the place deserted until he let his presence become known to me."

"Who, Jolan?" Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Our ever wandering Shadower, Justin."
"Era? He's back?" Justin said, showing surprise.

Everyone looked surprised, Jolan smiling around at everyone.

"I wouldn't say he's totally back, Jus. He seemed rather transparent. And he's now unbelievably young, around eighteen was my guess, maybe even younger."

"Wow!" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, wow. And he held a familiarity to me. I'm just not sure of where I've seen him before. Another one of his endless riddles."

"Why did he meet you, Jolan? And why there?" Cory said, eating from his plate while he stared at Jolan.

"To show me the magic of Queen Alveena's love. And I have found the way across for all of us, Cory."
"The way to Bolta Cerului? There is only one way there, Jolan. It's in boats driven across the lake." Simus said, Calen nodding as well.

Jolan looked at his uncles, then his father.

"No, Uncles. We shall not require boats or ships. There is another magical way of necessity. There will be over seven thousand people needing to cross the lake in the day before the final day. Taking boats would be time consuming. I now know another way."

The Dragosans looked stunned, Jolan smiling at them.

"What is the name of the lake before the mountain, Uncle Calen?"

Calen looked at his nephew, seeing the smile on his face.

"It is called the Lac de Viata."
Jolan smiled, looking at his father.

"The Lake of Life."

Joel nodded, staring at his son.

"You know the language of our ancestors?" he said, Jolan nodding.

"I know the languages of all life, Father. The magic instills within me all that I need to know. Including that surrounding evil yesterday."

"The magic told you of their presence?" Luther said, staring in awe at the young man.

"Yes, Elder Luther. The magic protects myself and all of you. It is the magic of love and life."

"Jolan, there is no other way into that palace. The two times that we visited there with our parents we took a boat across."

"That would be correct, Uncle Calen. For even my grandparents knew not of the existence of the Piatra Patetic de Cinstit Viata."

The four Dragosans again looked shocked, staring at Jolan.

"Loosely translated it means the Stone Path of Faithful Life. It is a stone path hidden from life, only the most faithful able to walk its path."
"A hidden path that leads to the far shore and the palace?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Well reasoned, Joshua. Yes, it leads across the river. It is wide enough to carry the multitude. And only those with goodness in their hearts can cross it."

Everyone wore faces of awed wonder and surprise, Jolan wiping his lips on a napkin, then pushing his plate back, sipping on his coffee cup.

"At the right time I shall reveal the one way into destiny. The clans shall cross in safety, the path lost to those following us. Evil will have the waters of truth between itself and us."

"A well-built fortitude, Jolan. Your ancestors thought of everything." Elder Caleb said, Jolan nodding.

"Queen Alveena fortified the palace with a veil of magic, keeping all out, including those of kindred spirit. But one of even greater shadowy cause slipped even through her magic."
"Erasmus?" Justin said, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Justin. Erasmus has entered the inner sanctum of King Dragos' palace, of that I'm sure. He stated to me some of the words written on the Directional Beacons of Truth lining the walls of the King's Chamber of Ascendency. That means he saw the beacons himself in that chamber."

"What lies within that chamber, Jolan?" Lonnie said, Jolan looking towards him.

"A stone statue of a long dead king, Lon. And the four tablets of written truth--words written by shadows."

"Words of prophecy?" Luther said, Jolan looking at him.

"Perhaps, Elder Luther. Perhaps words of more directional truth. That, one day, will be ascertained. Until I walk into that chamber again, a greater task lays before me. My Archanian brothers will meet before that lake, joined with the Sumsarian and Badenwolf brethren. From there I shall lead you to the truth."

"You know now what lays at the end of all this?" Jennie said, seated with Jonathan and the younger people, smiling at her brother.

"Most of it, sister of my heart. The Sun Child shall smile to heaven that day. For your love and mine shall make the sun shine brighter than it ever has."

Jennie smiled, everyone looking between the two.

"Era's rubbing off on you, Jo. You're talking in riddles as well."

Jolan lightly laughed, Justin smiling at his calm relaxed happiness.

"You seem greatly relaxed and calm this morning, my love. The exhaustion of yesterday has given way to a great happiness and beauty shining from you."
Jolan smiled, leaning over and kissing his man's cheek.

"The magic that taxed me yesterday has given me back its cleansing, healing love today. I am healed of mind, soul and body. It is time to focus on what lays ahead. In less than a week I meet the wolfen souls of the Carpathian forests. I go to Badenterra on Saturday."

"Yes, Jolan. The clan assembles for the Ritual of Renewal. It is an annual day of fasting and cleansing our Badenwolf souls. For a long time now it has become another day--a day of longing and hope. Of longing for what we have lost--our Badenwolf souls. And hope that somehow our souls will return to us." Calen said, Jolan looking at his uncle with love.

"Not all the Badenwolf souls are lost, Uncle Calen. I have mine, and little Benjamin DeFalco has his. And your newfound son has his as well."
Calen looked towards Jennie's table, staring at Elijah seated beside Krayos.

"Yes, my son's unblemished hidden soul."

Elijah looked at his father, then at Jolan.

"I have never seen the beast within me, Jolan. I am not sure it exists." the young man said, Jolan staring at him.

Jolan then smiled at the young man, Krayos' arms going around his lover, Elijah's head lowering.

"That which lives within all of us never ventures forth until we need it most. Your soul of love and wolfen courage will be a beacon for all of us."
Elijah's head raised, staring into Jolan's grey eyes of love.

"I am myself, Jolan. I am my father's son, my mother's son and myself."
Jolan nodded, looking at Calen.

"Three parts of the man of love we all see, and Krayos feels."
Krayos smiled, Elijah looking into his grey eyes, seeing his deep love there.

"The Badenwolf clan will have its own moment of clarity and renewed life, my friends. The Sulfenwolf will walk into their hearts. I am given over to using that magical soul within me as I must."

"Or it using you?" Chris said, Jolan lightly laughing.

"True, Chris. How finds you this day? You must be as lost as my son? A walrus out of water?"

Everyone laughed, Chris blushing, Hayden giggling in his grandfather's arms, Luther looking at the boy then Jolan.

"My son is part fish, Elder Luther. He was quite distressed when he found no pool here at the hotel."

The small boy's face took on a look of soft longing.
The elder smiled, looking down at the boy.

"Ah, a child of wet beauty. Then Reinhardt hasn't told you of the Cistern of Tolmarsa?"

"What place is that?" Josh said, looking at his own son, the boy's blue eyes meeting Hayden's.

"It is a public pool and bathing house just down the block. The waters of the Carpathian mountains filter down into its clear pools. Some say its waters hold a healing touch. Many have been rejuvenated by its warm waters."

"Pool, Poppa? We goes swimming?"

Justin laughed, Jolan smiling at his son, his arm encircling his Justin.

"Our boy's needs are our lives' ambition, my love. I think we need to feel the waters of his love."

Everyone smiled, Reinhardt smiling at Jolan.

"I thought as much, Jolan. I have reserved the pools for all of you after breakfast. It shall be a day of rejuvenation before your return to Bloodstone Manor."

It was now Monday morning, the group were returning to England later that evening, staying there for the rest of the week, returning to Brasov late Friday for Jolan's second clan meeting of Saturday.

"Excellent idea, Reinhardt. The kids and the child-like adults will enjoy it immensely." Jolan said, his cousin smiling at him.

The group all smiled, finishing their breakfasts with light-hearted conversation, Jolan the center of the group.

His grey eyes were smiling at everyone, his mind lost to the four within himself.


Hayden laughed, jumping off the diving board into the pool, his father catching him in his wet arms below him.

Justin laughed, his son's wet body filling his arms.

Justin stood waist high in the low end of a marble pool, his wet body on full display for everyone.
The group was swimming, relaxing and laughing, all joined in wet happiness in the Cistern of Tolmarsa.

Jolan smiled, seated on the pool's marble edge, Josh at his side.

The place itself was massive, visions of marble and stone beauty surrounding them.

Statues of marble lined the pools, their beauty showing images of long-forgotten nobility.

Jolan's eyes took in one sculpture at the end of the pool, a winged child of Archanian beauty about to leap into the bright sunlight.

A cascading waterfall was ushering water down through three tiers of marble pools, the largest pool at the bottom of the waterfall, it surrounded by laughing, happy people.

Several of the second tier smaller pools were filled with people, some bubbling with warm water, in essence smaller hot tubs.

The large pool was filled with crystal clear blue water, its warmth soothing and rejuvenating.

The third tier pools were smaller in size and number, four small pools of healing warmth.

How the waters were warmed was the mystery of the water filled place.

No heat elements or such apparatus were in view.

As Reinhardt explained it the ice cold water from the Carpathian mountains filters down the hillside above the marble cistern somehow warmed as it filled the third level pools cascading down to the second level pools and finally the large bottom marble pool.

In a sense as if it were a large fountain, water falling from the overflowing pools downward.

Lonnie was sitting in one of the third level pools, Ally at his side.

He'd shouted down to everyone that it was actually quite hot, like a mineral pond, vapors of minerals filling the steamy air around them.

Chris and Britney had climbed the stone steps, entering another of the steamy pools, agreeing with the large black man.

They now sat there, snuggled together, Jolan smiling up at them.

The kids were with Chace and Justin in the shallow end of the pool.

"The healing waters of his love."

Josh's grey eyes were met by Jolan's grey, Jolan having spoken, the man smiling at him.

Josh smiled back, Jolan leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"You look amazingly happy, Jo. The rejuvenating waters lighten your happiness."

Jolan smiled, kissing Josh on the lips.

"Our men and kids are happy, too." Jolan said, Chace smiling up at them, the young man swimming with Logan, the boy dogpaddling in the shallow end of the pool with Sean and Jayden.

Hayden was swimming towards the boys, Logan grinning at him, Justin following his swimming son.

"Yes, Jo. Shall we join them?"
Jolan smiled, his eyes looking around the area.

"My Jus needs your wet arms and loving kisses, Joshy. And our tiger's showing a lump in his trunks. You need to calm him or relieve him. There's a few secluded hot pools on the third tier still open."
Josh laughed, moving off the pool's edge, diving into the pool, swimming towards Chace, Jolan smiling after him.

Jolan's eyes moved around the pool, seeing everyone laughing and relaxing.

His eyes focused on Reinhardt, the young man chatting with Lynn and Lisa, the three relaxing at a table by the pool's edge.

His grey eyes went into the pool, seeing his Archanian cousins swimming and laughing, their friends and soulmates surrounding them.

Jolan smiled, seeing Bill swimming alone, Sidney and Isaiah in front of him.

He saw where Bill's eyes were going, Jolan smiling to himself.

"Come on in, Reinhardt. The water's so warm!" Athos said, Steve's wet arms around him, the young man kissing Athos' neck, the young Archanian smiling at the seated leader.

"Yeah, Reinhardt! Come on in!" Sidney said, swimming with his Isaiah.

The Archanian leader looked at the two women seated with him.

"We're fine, Reinhardt. Join the youthful happiness of your generation." Lisa said, Lynn lightly smirking.

The young Archanian smiled at them, standing up, shedding the robe he wore.

His youthful Archanian body shone at the pool's edge, its smooth, sleek muscular beauty revealed to everyone.

His blue eyes met Bill's blue, the man staring at the vision at the pool's edge.

The Archanian dove into the pool, surfacing before his three Archanian cousins, smiling at them.

"Welcome to our circle of love, Reinhardt." Isaiah said, everyone smiling at him.

"I. . .I didn't want to intrude on your merriment." he softly said, swimming before them.

Bill moved, swimming past his friends, Sid smiling at him as he passed him.

Bill swam up to the man, Reinhardt smiling at him.

"We welcome your friendship and smile, Reinhardt." the man said, everyone smiling their acceptance.

"Thank you everyone. And please, I find Reinhardt too formal. You can just call me Rein. That was my mother's name for me."
"Great, Rein." Bill said, splashing the man with water, Reinhardt laughing, splashing back.

The circle of young friends smiled, Jennie's blue eyes staring at the two.

She smiled, Jonathan kissing her cheek.

"You look as happy as your brother, Jennie." he said, Jennie smiling at her Jonathan, kissing his lips, her blue eyes going to Jolan seated by himself on the pool's edge.

"Yes, Jon. But my brother looks deep in thought."

Her friends heard her words, their eyes going to Jolan sitting alone.

His grey eyes were staring at all of them, a soft smile on his face.


Joel walked across the pool's marble floor, sitting down beside his son.

Jolan smiled up at his father, taking in the vision of the older man's beauty.

Joel wore a pair of black swim trunks, his sculpted muscular body on full display.

"Why are you sitting by yourself, Jolan? You should be with your family." his father said, looking towards Justin and Hayden with Logan, Jolan smiling at his father as his arm went around him.

"I see where the beauty of my looks comes from, Father. You are a vision of true male beauty."
Joel smiled, looking at all the men swimming and standing around him.

"I am a mirror of my father's beauty, Jolan. As you are of mine. We have been very lucky in our beauty and our physical stature. And even more in the visions of beauty that love us."
Jolan smiled, looking towards his mother, she swimming with Daphne and Rachel, then looking at his Justin.

"I never felt myself that great a vision of beauty, Father. Not when compared against my Justin."
Joel leaned over, kissing his son's cheek.

"Your beauty has shone from the first moment I held you in my arms, Jolan. A child of love has grown into a beautiful man of love. Your Justin's eyes hold a look of love meant for no other. You are--and will be forever--beautiful to him."

Jolan smiled, seeing his Justin's blue eyes gazing at him, their son again in his wet arms.

"A greater beauty I shall never love."
Joel smiled, looking at his son.

"I've seen you sitting here in silence, looking at everyone, and at everything. What's going on in that intellectual mind of yours? I see in your eyes that old look of reasoning and thinking."
Jolan smiled, looking at his father.

"I was just reasoning out his importance in this, and who he truly was."

"Who, Jolan?"
Jolan's eyes took in the beauty of the marble cistern surrounding him.

"The greater of the three, Father."
"The three?"

Jolan's grey eyes met Joel's.

"Who is--or was--Tolmar, Father? What do you know of him?"

Joel looked surprised by Jolan's question, Jolan staring at him.

"He is the leader of the One Council, Jolan. He has always been that man. Since the first day my brothers and I were summoned before them with our father."

"Yes, he is that, Father. But I sense he's something more. This place is proof of that. Look only to its name."

Joel's eyes widened in surprise, looking at his son.

"The Cistern of Tolmarsa? You mean. . .Tolmar built this??" he said in shock, zoning in on the name.

His grey eyes went over to the tables, staring at his three brothers, seated and laughing together, others surrounding them.

"Yes, Father. I sense him here, I sense the deepness of his love. I also sense that he's a significant part of all this. That man of mystery has drawn within my sights. I need to find out the truth of his existence. That is a connecting truth."

Joel's eyes were staring at his son with amazement.

"How. . .how did you reason that out?"

Jolan smiled, seeing Hayden swimming towards him, Justin protectively behind him.

"When we return to Bloodstone we shall talk of this, Father. And perhaps that house will divulge another secret. I sense my grandfather's grey eyes of love beheld some amazing moments of truth. I sense he knew the secret of Tolmar's truth."

Joel stared at his son, Justin swimming up to the pool's edge, his body between Jolan's legs, Hayden now in his arms again.

"My, our fishy's swimming up a storm. He'll soon have a gold medal around his neck!" Jolan said, Hayden grinning widely.

"Thanks, Daddy. Thanks for letting me swims here!"
Jolan smiled, leaning down and kissing his son's cheek.

"For my son, his dreams and needs shall forever be filled with his fathers' love."

Justin smiled, Jolan moving and kissing his lips.

"Grampa, take our Hay over to the tables, he looks hungry." Jolan said, looking towards the buffet table Reinhardt had had the staff assemble for lunch.

"Alright, Jolan. Come on, Hay. Your father looks hungry, too." Joel said, Justin smiling at him.

"I'm hungry for my Jo's love, Dad. We'll be there in a moment."
Joel smiled, Justin lifting Hayden onto the pool's edge, Jolan wrapping a big bath towel around the boy, drying him.

Joel smiled at his son, taking Hayden's hand when the boy was dry, walking the boy to his happiness.

Jolan met his husband's eyes, the two smiling at each other.

"And why hasn't my man wet himself against me?"
Jolan smiled, leaning down and kissing his angel's lips.

"I was just relaxing, watching the throng of happiness dipping themselves in the waters of his love."

Justin smiled, looking up into Jolan's eyes.

"Let's head up to the upper tier, Jo. I see Josh and Chace are already up there. Care to join them?"
Jolan smiled, looking into his soulmate's eyes.

"No, Jus. I prefer to have you all to myself."
Justin smiled his Jolan smile, Jolan standing up, staring down at him.

"Let's bask in our love for each other. I need only you, my Jus."
Justin smiled, seeing Jolan's own Justin smile, Jolan diving forward, his smooth body hitting the water, Justin heading towards him.

The two met, Jolan's arms going around his man.

Justin became lost in the intensity of Jolan's kiss, the water's warmth surrounding them.

Jolan broke the kiss, the man smiling at him.

Justin smiled back, following his man across the pool, the two swimming past the younger crowd, all smiling at the two.

Athos smiled at both, Jolan winking at him, smiling towards Bill and Reinhardt, the two sitting now on the pool's edge talking to each other.

Athos smiled towards where Jolan was looking, the young Archanian's smile widening.

Steve's arms went around him, Athos staring into his blue eyes.

"I think Jolan and Justin are going upwards for some quiet time alone. They both have a look of deep love in their eyes." the younger Chasez said, Athos smiling at him.

"I see the same look in your eyes, my Steve."

The young man smiled, their lips meeting.



End of Chapter 141


And so Jolan has recovered, the magic within him once again sinking back into his soul.

Apparently a magic of true reality.


Who is Tolmar exactly, as Jolan is trying to deduce?

How did this man create such a beautiful watery place like the Cistern of Tolmarsa?

Of the three members of the One Council he seems the most unknown and mysterious.

The stories of the other two--Degas and Belos--already revealed.

What will that revelation bring to the table of Jolan's destiny?
Will the meal prepared there be to Jolan's liking?


Up next: We return to Bloodstone, and await the next meeting of Carpathian wooded destiny.

Wolves gather.

And they may feast upon the truth.



Hugs, Angel.