Jolan's Path - Chapter 143


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 143


Jolan's grey eyes opened, staring into two blue pools of love.

"What time is it, Jus?" he said, stretching in the bed.

"It's almost seven, my love." Justin said, laying beside him, his arm across Jolan's pyjama-covered chest.

The two were alone, the room softly flooding with morning light.

"I must have passed out right after I hit the bed last night, my love." Jolan said, his grey eyes staring into Justin's blue.

"You were exhausted, Jo. You fell asleep instantly. And you never moved all night."

Jolan nodded, scanning the room.

"Where's our Hay?"
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's soft lips.

"He stayed with Logan last night, my love. The two fell asleep with Josh and Chace."
Jolan smiled, their lips meeting again.

"So I have my angel all to myself this morning?" he said, his hand rubbing Justin's cheek.

"You had a rough night last night, Jo. You should take it easy."
Jolan smiled, his lips softly kissing Justin's.

"I am fine, Jus. A morning isn't a good morning without the waking caresses of my beautiful angel."

Justin smiled, staring into Jolan's loving grey eyes.

"You are so lucky, Jo. Your angel loves you so much."
Jolan smiled, Justin's head going to his chest, his arm tightening around him, Jolan's arms wrapping around his lover's smooth naked back.

"I love you, Jolan. I love you so much."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's forehead.

"Out with it my love. I feel your shaded worry."
Justin's head raised, staring into his grey eyes.

"What answers did you find in that book last night, Jolan? Are you hiding something from me?"
Jolan's eyes met Justin's, those grey orbs filled with love.

"I know the truth of all of this, Justin. But that truth shall not affect our love for each other. I love you now and forever. I shall not leave you, my love. I am on a mission."

"A mission, Jo?"
Jolan's fingers rubbed Justin's cheek, feeling the warmth of his man's heat against him.

"Yes, Justin. I am on a mission to unite love at its core. I have to rectify a great injustice of life."
"Riddles again, my love."
Jolan smiled, his arms pulling Justin tighter against him, Jolan feeling the man's now revealed nakedness against him.

"I'm sorry, Jus. To reach my goal I must hold these secrets within myself. I promised that to the memory of my grandfather."

"Why did you burn his journal, Jolan? Was what was inside it that revealing?"

"I burned it upon his request, Justin. The last words in the book were a plea to destroy the truth. I honored my grandfather by doing that request. But the truth lies within my soul now. And that truth must be used soon to rectify life."

Justin nodded, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Alright, Jolan. I will honor you by not asking for that truth. I know you have good reason to keep it hidden. I just want you to know that I trust your instincts, and that I love you."
Jolan smiled, the two moving and meeting in a kiss of deep love.
They broke apart, Jolan smiling at his Justin.

"I know, Jus. I've known of your love since the moment of our first meeting. It grew on me like a new life. And I love you for having that trust in me. I love you so much."
Justin smiled, rolling onto his back, pulling his Jolan against him.

Jolan sighed, his head now laying on Justin's smooth naked chest, one finger stroking a circle around his right nipple.

"Why did you walk into that room as a child, Jo? Why did that long ago image of you appear before us?"

"I don't know why you saw that younger image of me, Jus. All I know is I felt a part of myself leave me when I read the truth written in my grandfather's journal."

"Do you want to know what I believe?"
Jolan's grey eyes met Justin's, seeing the love shining there.

"Yes, Justin. I will always want to know your thoughts."

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's forehead.

"I believe that child was your real soul, Jolan. The innocence and love of a child not hampered or hurt by the life you later endured. At that age you were innocent of the pain and hurt you experienced later on. That child was the you you once were. That core of love was never lost throughout your life of pain and hurt. The core of yourself, of the unhurt man you should have been."
Jolan raised his head, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"That's beautiful, Justin. You mean that child was the innocence of myself, long forgotten and hidden away."
Justin nodded, Jolan smiling down at him.

"I love you and your reasoning, my love."
Justin smiled, his fingers going to the silk collar of Jolan's pyjamas.

"You know, we are alone and I think you're way overdressed, my love. I need to show you the reasoning of my desires."
Jolan laughed lightly, Justin smiling at him.

"I know my man's naked against me, I felt your hard reasoning earlier."

Justin laughed, Jolan's hand going under the covers, Justin softly moaning.

"It's been too long, my love. I need your love, your real love."
Justin moved, his body going on top of Jolan's, their lips meeting.

Justin's fingers went to the pyjama's buttons, opening the top, his fingers moving across Jolan's smooth chest.

"Please, Jus. I need you so much!"
Justin's hands moved, Jolan's pyjamas pulled off and thrown out of the bed, their naked bodies meeting.

The familiarity of their bodies overcame them, their need for each other as intense and loving as always.

Both became lost in the need for the other; their love, desires and wants unchanged and unyielding.

They both became lost in their joined passion, lost in the other's love.


Calen stood at the Room of Family's fireplace, a poker in his hand, the man poking around the dead embers in the fireplace.

"The ashes of the past fall into the dustbins of time, Uncle."

Calen's head turned, Jolan and Justin standing in the room's doorway.

Both men were now dressed in casual polo shirts and Dockers.

"I had hoped something would have survived, Nephew." he said, placing the poker back in its place beside the fireplace.

His eyes met the two men, both walking into the room.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you with my destruction of that book, Uncle." Jolan said, Calen watching as the man walked up to him.

"I am the Illuminator, Jolan. History--written or spoken--holds a special place in my heart. I have devoted my life to it."

"I know, Uncle. But your father's words and love hold an even deeper place in your heart."

"I miss him, Jolan. It would have been a keepsake of importance to me."

Jolan's hand went to his uncle's shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"You are the most touching and sensitive of the Dragosan brothers, Uncle Calen. Perhaps because of the deep hurt your Badenwolf soul sustained at such a young age. And that giving, sensitive heart mirrors your son Isaiah's. The third generation of the Dragosan dynasty mirrors their fathers. Krayos, courageous and strong like Morgan, Athos in his ways the same. Mathias an image of Simus' steadfast intellect and resolve. And Jennica is a replica of our father's giving, tender soul."
Calen smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"And you, our Jolan. You are the mirror image of your father. Loving, giving and courageous."
Jolan smiled, Calen pulling the young man into his arms.

"I love you, Jolan. You are our Joelius' son."

Justin smiled, watching the touching scene, the two embracing.

The two parted, Jolan smiling at his uncle.

"Where is everyone?" he said, Calen smiling at him.

"Most are just getting up, navigating towards the dining room, Martha has breakfast in hand."
Jolan smiled, his hand going in Justin's, the two smiling at each other.

"You seem well recovered and happy this morning, Jolan. You slept well after last night?"

The young man nodded, his and Justin's eyes meeting.

"I did, Uncle. And I awakened this morning in the arms of my angel. I was in heaven this morning."
Justin beamed with happiness and love, Calen smiling at the obvious meaning of that deep smile.

"Then food you shall need after such a morning of love. Come, you both look famished."
Jolan smiled, his uncle smiling back.

"Let us dine and talk of the weekend ahead. The Badenwolves gather." Jolan said, smiling at his uncle.

Calen nodded, walking out of the room with Jolan and Justin.


"So what exactly will happen on Saturday?" Chris said, spooning two more poached eggs onto his plate, seated to Jolan's left.

"The clan of Badenterra shall join together for their annual Rite of Renewal. It is the twelve thousandth meeting of renewal, our clan ancient in its lineage." Calen said, sipping a cup of coffee, his three sons at his left side.

"A long lineage of courage, determination and family devotion." Jolan said, his uncle nodding.

"I am the seven hundred and fiftieth Prince of the Badenwolves, Jolan."

Jolan nodded, eating a piece of toast, sipping coffee as well.

"A time-honored position of worth and nobility, Prince Calen."

"It is not honor I feel these days, Jolan. My clan has long been devoid of its soul. Of all our souls."

"Yes, Uncle. Your souls were taken from you by force, the essence of your wolfen greatness stolen."
"Will we ever have it back, Jolan? Will I ever feel that deep feeling of strength and acute cunning? A Badenwolf feels the charge of courage and life from his wolfen soul. I feel that I have failed my people, their leader weaker than all their past glorious leaders, my own mother and grandmother included."
Calen lowered his head, staring at his half finished plate.

Jolan's hand went to his shoulder, the man on his right side.

"You are the leader of a nation of lost souls, Prince Calen. You show all of them your own courage, you going forward as they all must. Your courage over such adversity, such pain and hurt gave them the courage to continue. And soon that courage will show itself in a remarkable way."
Calen's eyes met Jolan's, his nephew staring at him with encouraging love.

"You sound like a man who's seen my future."

The young man looked around, everyone at the table staring towards him, his conversation having carried down the long table.

"I have seen the future of many things, Uncle Calen. It may truly surprise all of you. I only have one piece to puzzle out. When I find that piece the picture shall be whole. And life, love and happiness shall reign supreme."

Calen's eyes had never left Jolan's face, the older man's covered in awe.

"I long for that day, Nephew. My people shall bow before you with thanks and love."

Jolan smiled, everyone seeing his usual look of bashful awkwardness.

"I. . .I do not seek adulation, Uncle. All I want is for all sides of my family to find peace, love and happiness. I am charged with making that a reality."

"So you've accepted what lays ahead, Jo. Calen's right. You do sound like you've seen the end of this." Joel said, staring at his son.

"I've seen beyond it, Father. I have seen my own happiness." Jolan said, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"Life for me begins the day after that final day. For then my soul will be free of destiny, filled with the love of my husband and child. And I shall be surrounded by family. That family free of its destiny as well. Life will be so wonderful that day for me."

Everyone stared at the two men smiling at each other, Hayden smiling from his Poppa's lap.

"We's be happy forever, Daddy. Sunshine glows bright for us."

Jolan smiled, Justin looking down at his son.

"Sunshine, my boy?"
"Yes, Poppa. Daddy's smile will make every day sunny."

Jolan smiled, Hayden smiling at him.

"How about a trip into the English countryside, my love? You, myself and Hay."

Justin smiled, nodding his approval, Hayden clapping his hands, picking up a sausage off his father's plate.

"I'd like to go into town after breakfast, Uncles. I have to visit someone."

Calen raised an eyebrow, nodding.

"Our boy's hungry, Jus. I hope the car has wide doors."

Hayden laughed, Calen staring at Jolan, everyone going back to the delicious breakfast.


Justin's blue eyes scanned the countryside, the car driving towards the local village.

He smiled, looking in the backseat, Hayden smiling at him, Logan, Josh and Chace filling up the backseat.

Jolan had invited his other two soulmates as well, his family around him.

"A beautiful day after that rainstorm last night. You can smell the freshness of nature on the breeze." Josh said, handing Logan his toy truck, the boy in his car seat.

"The gloom of darkness overcome by sunshine. A wonderful day." Jolan said, smiling in the rear view mirror at his Josh.

Josh and Chace both smiled, exchanging looks.

"So where are we headed, Jolan? You said you had to visit someone. Vera perhaps? I can't think of anyone else you know here." Chace said, Jolan smiling, his eyes scanning the road ahead, seeing the intersection ahead.

"I need an answer to a question only a theologian of religious experience can answer. I need a moment of faith."

Justin looked at Jolan, surprised by his answer.

"Reverend Albright?"

Jolan smiled, nodding.

"So we're going to the orphanage. Cool. I'd like to see the kids again." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"You just want to play with them, our mirthful child."
Josh laughed, Chace smiling as well.

"Don't forget our Chacy! He's Justin's playmate." Josh grinned, Chace sticking his tongue out at him.

"Later, sweetie. And I want it wet."

Hayden and Logan giggled innocently at Chace, the boys trading trucks, smiling at each other.

Justin grinned back at Josh and Chace, telling them of their last visit to the orphanage on Boxing Day, having delivered the Dragosan hampers there.

He told them of the sadness and meager atmosphere of the place's condition, the two others feeling for the orphaned children.

"Times can change, everyone. Hope and love did surround them as well. I commend the good Reverend for giving them both. Life can be filled with surprises."
The three men looked at Jolan, the young man smiling, turning the car at the intersection.

Justin saw the sign for St. Theresa's Orphanage, Jolan driving up its long driveway.

"The last time we were here, Jolan, we did some good as well. Your family's gifts of caring and giving made many a child smile that day."
Jolan smiled at Justin, leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"Our giving love gives to those who need it most."

Justin looked into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing a look of bashful awkwardness, Justin's mind on his Jolan's obvious nervousness.

The car drove ahead, St. Theresa's coming into view.


Justin climbed out of the car, the man scanning the area in awed silence.

Josh and Chace climbed out of the backseat, the kids in their arms.

"Looks like there's a bit of construction going on, Jo." Chace said, Jolan softly smiling as he climbed out of the car.

Chace stared at him, seeing the same look Justin had seen, Josh walking around to their side of the car, joining the other three men, Hayden in his arms, Logan in Chace's.

The two husbands looked at each other, Josh's eyes going to Jolan's, the young man looking towards the orphanage.

Construction was indeed in full bloom.

"Wow, Jo. I hardly recognize the place. That building over there is totally new, and the main stone building has been totally overhauled. Something remarkable has happened. Perhaps the church and community had donated finally to their restoration and happiness."
Jolan smiled at his Justin, his eyes going to the main building, the central door opening.

Out of that door briskly walked Reverend Albright, the man's eyes going to the six standing beside the vehicle.

The minister had been talking to two other men who'd walked out of the building with him, one man carrying rolls of blueprints, the other wearing the cloth of a man of faith.

The minister's face widened into a large smile, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"Saints preserve us and God's light shines upon us! He has returned!" the older man said, Justin seeing tears forming in the man's eyes.

The jovial reverend flew down the steps of the orphanage, his arms enveloping Jolan as he stood in silence beside the car.

"Bless God and you, our deliverer! Our benefactor of kindness and destiny!" the man said, overcome with emotions, Jolan's soulmates and the kids staring at the two embracing.

The other two men stood in silence--with smiles on their faces--watching the two as well.

Jolan patted the older man's back, his face showing the telltale signs of praising awkwardness, a soft blush on his cheeks.

"Hello, Reverend Albright. A joy to see you as well." he said, the two breaking their embrace, the reverend pulling out a handkerchief from his pocket, wiping his eyes, everyone smiling at him as he fought to regain his composure.

"Forgive me, everyone. It is not often that I stare into the face of goodness. That I feel the ever-present love of God. I sense all of that in you, our giving angel."
Jolan's blush deepened, Justin staring at him.

"I am myself, Reverend Albright. I walk as you do with God's grace and love."
The man smiled, his hand going to the younger man's shoulder.

"Please, Mr. Dragos. It's just Reverend Francis."

Jolan smiled, the two smiling now at each other.

"And I'm just Jolan, Reverend Francis. You know my Justin. These are my friends Josh, Chace and Logan Chasez-Crawford. And this is my son, Hayden." Jolan said, Hayden smiling at the minister.

The minister shook Josh and Chace's hands, Hayden smiling at him.

"Hi, Reverend Francis!"

The old minister laughed, touching Hayden's cheek, the boy now in Justin's arms.

"An angel of happiness. Our benefactor would have no less." he smiled, the minister looking towards the other two men.

"Let me introduce you, everyone. This is Patrick Buchanan, our contractor." the minister said, introducing the man with the blueprints, the man bowing to all of them.

"And this is His Excellency Bishop Raymond Foster, bishop of our diocese." Reverend Francis said, introducing the man in clerical clothing, bowing respectfully to him, the four men bowing respectfully as well.

"A great honor to meet you, Mr. Dragos. Reverend Albright has told us in great detail your involvement in the Lord's blessing upon our humble diocese. An angel indeed walked into this place giving all the children love and hope. How. . .how can any of us ever repay you?"

Jolan was blushing again, his eyes meeting the bishop's awed gaze.

"I only delivered my family's yearly bounty, that gift ever giving."

The minister shook his head.

"No, Jolan. I cannot believe that you do not know of what you gave me that day. Of the significance of that gesture. And its forthcoming surprising greatness. You blessed us with hope and love. I have never seen the smiles I have seen on my children's faces since that day of surprising joy."

Jolan's eyes looked behind the men, smiling at the ongoing construction.

"Life began that day, Jolan. A renewed life of hope and destiny."
"We're kind of in the dark here, Reverend Francis. What are you talking about?" Justin said, smiling at the joy-filled face of the minister.

Jolan's three soulmates were all eying Jolan, the young man gazing at the orphanage, foregoing their looks.

"He hasn't told you? Of what he did?"

Jolan's eyes remained focused on the building, everyone now staring at him.

"Ever silent, ever giving and anonymous in his love." the minister said, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder again.

"Fate has a way of guiding itself through one person onto another. I sensed that day you needed more than my family could give. I hope God has been giving in his love for all of you?" Jolan said, staring at the minister.
The minister teared up, seeing the truth in Jolan's eyes.

"He has, Jolan. Through your giving love, he has." the minister said, wiping his eyes again, the bishop looking teary-eyed as well.

Jolan smiled, the minister's eyes going to Justin.

"Remember the ending of that day--the last moments of your departure--Mr. Timberlake?"

"Yes, Reverend Francis. And it's just Justin."
The minister smiled, looking at Jolan again.

"Just before you left that day Jolan used the facilities, walking out of that washroom and then shaking my hand. He handed me something."
"Yes, I remember that. He asked you to give it to the rightful owner, that he'd found it on the bathroom's floor. It was some kind of paper or ticket."

The minister smiled, as did the bishop and the contractor.

"It was more than a ticket, Justin. It was the answer to all of our prayers. It was the winning ticket in the national lottery. It was worth well over fourteen million pounds."

Everyone looked totally stunned, Jolan's eyes averting all of them.

"We didn't realize till weeks later, after we'd posted a notice about the found ticket on the church's bulletin board and no one claimed it. After the allotted time, the ticket was given to the orphanage. Bishop Foster then said we should check its validity, he and myself taking it to the lottery booth. The look on my face that day! Bishop Foster actually fainted!" the minister said, the bishop smiling behind him.

"It was the work of God, given from the hand of an angel." the bishop said, staring at Jolan, the man now meeting his gaze.

"That's wonderful, Reverend Francis and Bishop Foster. If anyone needed that gift, it was indeed this place. I see your are putting it to good use."
"To good use, Jolan? We are opening a world of hope and happiness to all the children. The place is getting a complete overhaul, the children's future well looked after. Today they have a chance at a better life, a life given from your giving heart."
"I only found the ticket, Reverend. God gave you the answer to your prayers."
The minister was in tears again, Jolan smiling at him.

"A giving, loving soul. I sense you knew that day what you held it in your hand. I know the giving heart and legacy of the Dragosan family. Never in all my days have I seen so giving a Dragosan heart. God does walk among us."
Jolan blushed again, the minister smiling now.

"I know, I know. You were only the messenger."

Jolan smiled, nodding, the bishop staring at him in silent awe.

"Come everyone, I'd like to see what you're doing to the place, Reverend." Jolan smiled, the minister nodding.

"Yes, Jolan. And I want you to meet all the children again. They've been told of their benefactor's giving soul. Many prayers have been said in thanks to you."
Jolan blushed again, Justin smiling at him, wearing the same look of identical awe as Josh and Chace.

"I always can use prayers of love, especially children's."

The two men of the cloth smiled, the contractor guiding them towards the new buildings.


An hour later the four men with their kids had taken in all the new renovations, meeting all the children throughout the establishment, Justin seeing the renewed looks on all their shining faces as well.

Jolan had done some remarkable good for this place.

Justin looked at his man often, seeing his calm bashful gentile grace, his usual look of reluctant praise showing.

He smiled often when the children thanked him, some even hugging him, most looking at him with wide-eyed awe.

After they'd looked over everything, the Reverend had invited all of them to stay for a late lunch, Jolan accepting for all of them.

The Reverend said it would only be about a half hour, Jolan smiling and nodding.

"Could I have a private talk with you, Reverend Francis? I have something to discuss with you."

The minister nodded, Bishop Foster smiling at the others.

"Come, everyone. I'll guide you to the lunchroom. All the children will be assembling. I've seen the looks of adulation for you three--singers and actors of renown." he smiled, the three men smiling at him.

"We saw it also, Bishop Foster. We can spread our love as well." Justin said, the two ministers smiling.

Jolan smiled at his soulmates, the young man walking with Reverend Francis down a hallway.

The two men walked in quiet silence, the older man looking at the younger as they walked.

The minister sensed a great aura surrounding the young man, his heart and soul given over to the giving love of this giving angel.

For the man of faith seemed to walk today at the side of God's giving love.

Reverend Francis opened a door, inviting Jolan into his office, the young man smiling and offered a seat in front of the minister's desk.

The jovial man sat down behind his desk, offering Jolan a glass of water, Jolan politely refusing.

"I sensed on our silent walk of solitude that your mind was on something of great importance, my giving angel."

"Yes, sir. It is a question I've been formulating in my mind, on how best to ask it."

"A question of faith or of life, Jolan?"

"A little of both, Reverend Francis. I've recently stumbled upon some unbelievable information. Information that could one day send ripples of faithful grace echoing across this world. From it faith and hope could be reborn and life could be so unbelievable."

The minister stared at Jolan in silent wonder, his words so filled with wonder and unfathomable hope.

"What. . .what have you found, Jolan? It sounds of deep faith and godliness."

Jolan's grey eyes met the older man's blue.

"I have found the answer, Reverend Albright. And I have found faith's truth."

The man looked surprised by Jolan's words.

"What do you seek from me, my son?"

The young man smiled, the minister seeing the depth of this man's giving soul.

"I seek the answer to a question. Or at least your view on it."
The man nodded, his hands folding in front of him.

"I am a man of faith, and godly devotion, Jolan. Ask of me anything that puzzles your mind of faith."

Jolan smiled, his grey eyes zoning in on the man's faithful, giving soul.

"Do you believe in angels, Reverend?"

The man looked surprised by Jolan's question, a pause of silence between them, the man then looking at Jolan.

"Yes, Jolan. I believe in the sense of what they represent. Not the visions of godly winged beauty and harp-filled music. But more in the vision of the goodness they represent. They are souls of faith that have gone on to serve the Lord's purpose. Some are not even dead, you are a  perfect example of that."

Jolan smiled, his cheeks blushing again, the minister smiling.

"Angels, to me, represent the goodness of God. They are beacons of light, of love and hope, shining for all the world to see if they'd only open their eyes to that giving, loving vision."

Jolan nodded, his eyes meeting the man's again.

"What is this talk of angels, Jolan? Have you. . .have you seen one? Are you. . .?"

Jolan smiled, his grey eyes now softly glowing, the minister's eyes widening, staring at the yellowness of the young man's now glowing eyes.

"I am not an angel, Reverend. I am only myself, the messenger, as you said. I have one other truth to tell you."
The man stared in silent awe, his head slowly nodding.

Jolan stared at him, his voice calm and filled with a deep sense of truth.

Jolan spoke only three sentences, the man seated before him staring at him in disbelief.

Then Jolan stood and the man's faith, love and hope were answered in the light of love surrounding them.


Justin smiled, seeing his Jolan walking across the lunchroom, Reverend Albright at his side.

Every child seated in the room was staring at the young man, Jolan seeing their gazes of awe-inspiring worship.

"Jolan's got his own legion of fans, I see." Chace said, smiling at his friends, Logan in his lap, the boy drinking from a juice cup.

"More like an army of childlike devotees. They're entranced by his aura of love." Josh said, the bishop smiling at him, the man seated with them at the head table at the end of the large hall.

Reverend Albright's face wore a large smile, even the bishop surprised at its wideness.

The two men smiled at everyone, walking up to the table, Jolan sitting down beside Justin, Hayden in his lap, smiling at his father.

"Lunchtime, Daddy! Me sees lots of food!"

Jolan smiled widely, the minister smiling at the boy.

"Yes, little one. A feast of thankfulness for your father." he smiled, the boy smiling back.

The minister smiled, looking out at all the children.

"Little ones, today is a day of giving thanks. For today we are blessed to be honored with the presence of our giving benefactor's love. Our guiding angel who has given us so much graces us today with his presence. Let us give thanks. Bernice, would you say the grace please, as you've long rehearsed, hoping for this moment."

A girl of ten or so years stood up at a table, smiling around at everyone.

Jolan's eyes met the minister's, the man smiling.

"We had full intentions of inviting you to the new orphanage's dedication ceremony. You've only come a little early."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

The little girl smiled, the minister bowing his head, everyone following.

"Dear Lord of hope and giving grace. Bless us this day for what we now have surrounding us--love, happiness, health and hope. Today begins our journey forward. We are surrounded by a newness of faith and hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow we now have because of our giving angel. He is here with us in soul, in life and in giving love. Thank you and him for all that we now have. Let us break bread together, let us hope and dream together. Let his giving love echo in each of our hearts."

She smiled, lifting her head, saying Amen.

Everyone echoed the grace, Jolan smiling at the little girl, tears showing in his eyes.

"Come everyone, the buffet is ready. All of the children helped." the minister smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"Then it must be a meal of genuine love." Jolan said, Hayden climbing into his lap, smiling at him.

"Me wants to feed on that love, Daddy. Me likes everyone here."

Jolan smiled, standing up, carrying his child towards the set out buffet table.

Justin smiled after him, his and Josh's eyes meeting.


Jolan smiled to himself, driving towards Bloodstone Manor.

Justin was staring at him from the passenger seat, the car having been relatively silent on the trip back from the orphanage.

Hayden and Logan were sound asleep in their car seats, the two having run around all afternoon, the children of the orphanage playing with them both.

They'd both eaten heartily, the energy finally sapped out of them.

"They'll sleep all afternoon. That mean's they'll be recharged for the evening." Chace said, smiling at his sleeping son.

"The joys we shall have then." Josh said, smiling at his husband.

The two smiled at each other, Josh's eyes going to Justin's face staring at Jolan.

"Okay, I think we need some answers, Jolan." Josh said, Justin looking back at him.

"Josh is right, Jo." Justin said, Jolan glancing at his man, turning the car onto the final stretch of road leading up to the Manor's front gates.

"You knew that day, didn't you? That day you handed that ticket to Reverend Francis. You knew it was a winning ticket."
Jolan's head remained focused on the road, Justin seeing a weighing look in his focused eyes.

"Yes, I expected as much, Jus."
"You expected? I remember you saying that day that there was only happiness ahead for those children, you knew that their lives would change for the better."

"I sensed that when I picked that ticket up that day off the bathroom floor. It wasn't there when I walked into that room, Justin. When I turned to exit I saw it right on the path where I'd walked in. I sensed destiny played another hand that day. All that day I'd thought long and hard of how I could help those children. I guess my prayers were answered."
"Answered, Jo? They were more than answered. This. . .this has all the signs of God's intervention." Josh said, his face showing that awed look again.

"Perhaps, Joshy. Perhaps it was something more." Jolan said, still staring ahead.

"It's just so unfathomable, Jo. Your heart gives in so many ways." Chace said, a tear showing in his eyes, Josh's hand going in his across their son's car seat.

"My path of destiny affects many lives, Chace. My giving soul metes out what I am given to share."

Everyone stared at the young man, Jolan turning the wheel, driving between the stone lions at the entrance to Bloodstone Manor.

"Home sweet home." he smiled, his grey eyes looking towards Justin.

"Yes, a large wealthy home." Justin smiled, Jolan nodding.

"The center of my family's history, Justin. I'll always carry it in my heart."
"So, what happens for the rest of the week, Jo?" Chace said, the young man smiling in the rear view mirror.

"We relax, guys. I want to just relax, gather my thoughts, gather my energy for the weekend. For the next trial of acceptance."
Justin's hand went in Jolan's.

"Another magical ride of surprises. You keep getting better and better."
Jolan smiled, looking back in the mirror.

"So Josh keeps telling me. He'll find that out tonight. I want to make love to all three of my beautiful men."
All three smiled, Josh leaning forward and kissing Jolan's cheek.

"You deserve us after this day of reflecting love. Our love will reflect over every inch of you."
Jolan smiled widely, pulling up to the front of Bloodstone Manor.


And reflect their love did.

That night and every night and day for the rest of the week.

The foursome of love relaxed, loved and glowed with happiness, everyone seeing the smiling face of Jolan Dragos all week.

Justin had told them that night of the day's events, Jolan relaxing at the table, focusing on Hayden and Logan, feeding both.

All eyes had gone to the young man, his calm face showing the telltale signs of his reluctant praise.

"Amazing, simply amazing." Simus said, staring at his nephew.

"Faith and hope give hearts surprises, Uncle. Count this as one of them." Jolan said, remaining quiet for the rest of the meal.

Everyone sensed Jolan's reluctance to talk of the day's events, his modest, un-praising love showing as always.

They had a quiet evening of happiness, talk and laughter.

That evening four souls of love met and love echoed in one bedroom of love.

The rest of the week was quiet, relaxing and restful.

Jolan spent time with all his family, and with his friends.

Moments of quiet discussion, of intense debate and destiny-filled questions.

He talked with grace and humility, everyone sensing his acceptance and graceful calmness.

Whatever was to happen on Saturday didn't seem to bother Jolan.

He wore a look of accepted finality, and calm love.

Friday morning dawned, sunlight filtering into Jolan and Justin's bedroom, six souls sleeping in joined bliss.

Hayden and Logan were snuggled together, sleeping in the middle of the foursome of love.

Jolan had asked his brothers of love to spend the night, wanting the five of his heart surrounding him.

Josh and Chace hadn't said a word, walking into their bedroom, Logan smiling at Hayden, the two put to bed together, their fathers joining them in the king sized bed.

It was a night of sleeping bliss, each of the six surrounded by the love of the other five.


Jolan had awoken early, darkness still showing in the night's sky, the young man walking out onto the bedroom's balcony, leaving the other five in dreamland.

The morning's air was cool for late June, Jolan feeling its refreshing jolt against his robed body.

He smiled, staring at the edge of glowing light on the sky's horizon.

Dawn was on its way.

"A day of travel and fortitude. The next dawn sees life begin again." he said to himself, sighing deeply.

"You sound on edge, child."

Jolan sighed again, not moving.

"I was wondering when you'd visit again. I sense you hold an awkward nervousness in your soul now. You feel the knowledge of life surrounding me?"
A figure in the darkened corner of the balcony smiled.

"Yes, Jolan. We sensed you'd walked on a path not of our choosing. It was unfortunate and unexpected."
Jolan's head turned, staring at the darkened corner.

"Why unfortunate? Is it because I now know the truth?"

The shadowy figure moved, walking out into the bedroom's light-filled shadow.

Jolan stared at his great grandmother, Queen Alveena's face covered in tears.

"I fought so hard to keep it in the past, Jolan. For his respect and for their loss."

"The past can never remain hidden, mother of our nation. It has a way of walking its own path."

"You were never destined to know, Jolan. No one was."

"I know, Grandmother. That cannot now be changed."
"And what will you do with this knowledge?"

"I will do the just thing, the giving thing."

"He will not like it. It was to remain buried in his heart. He never sensed that I knew."

"Grandfather knew as well, dear lady. From his troublesome mind came the answer."
"The answer to what, Jolan?"

"The answer to life, love and destiny. I have pieced together all of it, Grandmother. I only have to learn one thing more to make it all click together. And that I sense I'll learn from the Shadower."
"Erasmus holds his thoughts and secrets close, Jolan. I spent a long time trying to pry the answers to all of this from him. He never divulged anything. His answers were always riddles buried in other riddles."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"The man, I believe, doesn't know all the answers either. I just have to reflect on what he's already told me."

"I don't know if you can take his words as truth, my grandson. I never took faith in most of what he spoke of."

"He guided you forward, through your own time of doubt."
"Yes, he did that. I never sensed malice or cunning deception in his given answers. But I never sensed total truth either. The man was then, and still now remains, a mystery."
"Yes, he is that. I saw him not long ago, Grandmother. He's changed in appearance and acceptance."
"Another vision of cloaked mystery?"
"No, I believe I've finally saw the real him. And I sense many others may take in that vision soon as well."

"What are you talking about, Jolan?"

"The tides are rising, Grandmother. The water has reached the shores of Bolta Cerului. Destiny is at hand."

"Yes, the destiny of the final path. The gathering of the wolves, then the gathering of my children. I was amazed at the meeting of you and your flying kin. My sister's presence alleviated all of their fears, and you showed the trueness of your Archanian self."
"I also gained the knowledge of the Tree of Knowledge, Grandmother. I thank your sister for that. I felt within myself the beauty of her soul that day."

Queen Alveena smiled, her thoughts on her sister.

"Her giving love always calmed my heart as well, Jolan. I still love her dearly."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"What of tomorrow, Jolan? What will the Badenwolf do when you show your true self?"

"They will do as they must, as I will also. Life and freedom for them begins tomorrow. I know wherein lies their lost souls. I only have to get close enough to free them."
The queen's eyes widened, staring at her grandson.

"That would or could be the death of you, Jolan. He guards it closely."

"I guard them even closer, Grandmother. For them and for love I shall risk everything."
"I sense the deepness of your giving love, my grandson. For eons I have stood in silence watching all transpire since I left this mortal earth. Never in all those years have I been so drawn to an individual of love and greatness. You are indeed the one long waited for."
"I love you, Grandmother. And with that love I must warn you."
The women looked surprised by Jolan's words.

"Warn me of what, Jolan? I am not of this world, nothing here can ever harm me again."
"It is not harm that I warn you of. I only say to you this day that a moment of unbelievable truth and love is coming. And you and others are in the center of it all. Perhaps at that moment you can finally see the truth in all of this, and the truth in your own heart. For you--and for all of them--I shall surround that truth with the sunshine of my soul."

The woman was in tears, staring at the young man before her.

"I. . .I cannot believe this is possible. . .my grandson of love."

"Life, love and happiness is always possible when you have faith, love and hope within your heart, be you of this world or others."

The woman nodded, Jolan seeing that her image was becoming transparent, a sign of her imminent departure.

"Farewell, Grandmother of my heart. Until that moment of final truth." he said, the woman smiling, her image disappearing.

"Ghosts upon the sands of time, cogs in the wheels of life." he softly said, looking back out at the dawning sky now showing more yellowish glow.

"Who are you talking to, Jo?"

Jolan turned, two blue eyes meeting his, the man's body clothed in a velour robe.

"Just myself, Joshua. Reasoning out loud."

Josh smiled, wrapping his arms around his chest.

"It's freezing out here, Jo. Why are you awake so early?"
Jolan smiled, motioning the man over to him, Josh smiling, walking up to him.

Jolan's arms went around the older man, Josh feeling his warmth around him.

"I know my Joshua always rises early, I figured you and I could share a moment of separate love."
Josh smiled, Jolan leaning forward and kissing his lips, Josh sighing.

"Now that's warmth."
Jolan smiled, staring into his blue eyes.

"Thank you for last night, Jo. Your love--and beauty--sent me and Chace, and Justin, into dreamland."

"My desires are always the elixir of love all three of you need most."

Josh smiled, Jolan's hands moving from his back, down to Josh's covered butt.

Josh smiled, Jolan pulling him closer.

"So what were you reasoning out? Tomorrow's meeting of truth?"

"That's already ordained, Joshua. I have seen all of its moments. I'm just trying to focus on the revealing revelations. It's time I confided in you what's going to happen. Your duty tomorrow is to calm Justin and Chace."

"Calm them? From what? Is there danger?"

Jolan sighed, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"Life always holds an element of danger, Joshua. Tomorrow I place my life in the hands of destiny. I think it's given me its answer. For that answer to bear fruit I must plant the seeds of life in the true wolfen prince."

"The true wolfen prince? You mean Calen?"

Jolan stared at Josh.

"No, Josh. Uncle Calen is the leader of the Badenwolf. This person shall be the true Sulfenwolf."

Josh looked confused, Jolan's voice filling the silence of the empty balcony.


Justin moaned, feeling a heat in his center, his blue eyes slowly opening.

He stared upwards, staring into two blue eyes of youthful beauty.

"Chace, that. . .that feels so good." he softly said, the young man smiling, his hardness sunken deep within Justin's center.

Justin moaned, his head moving around.

He saw that he and Chace were the only two in the bed, Chace's smooth chest gleaming with a soft covering of sweat, his head moving forward, his lips meeting Justin's.

They broke the heated kiss, Chace continuing his rhythm, his fingers going to Justin's nipples, lightly squeezing them.

"Jolan asked me to wake you. I thought this was a good way to do it. I'm always so energized in the morning." he smiled, their lips meeting again.

"Great way to wake up. Oh God! That's the spot! Hit that again!" Justin moaned, then gasped, Chace accepting his request, hitting Justin's prostate again.

Justin gasped, a tremble going through his body, Chace's hand going around Justin's own hardness, stroking the man's erection.

"I'm. . .I'm so close, Chacy!" Justin moaned, Chace's head lowering, attaching to his left nipple, gently biting it.

Justin screamed, his liquid bursting forth, coating Chace's chin and face, Chace gasping, plunging forward, his own climax erupting, filling Justin's body.

The two trembled, Chace collapsing on top of him, their lips meeting, Chace then pulling out, rolling off him, lying beside him.

"That. . .that was fantastic, Jus! Always the best. You are my Josh's twin."

Justin smiled, moving his body, snuggling against his friend.

"So where are our Joshy and Jo? And the kids?"
"They took the kids to the showers, then were taking them down for breakfast. Everyone's meeting down there in about half an hour. I had my assignment, I think I've fulfilled it."

Justin chuckled, smiling at Chace, leaning forward and kissing his chin, licking his own fluid from his neck.

"Oh, you've filled something. And it feels so good."
Chace laughed, Justin moving, his body going on top of the younger man, Justin pulling his arms over his head, pinning the younger man under him.

"I'm really energetic in the morning as well, Chacy. I think it's time I filled something as well."

"We have half an hour, stud. I like it fast and deep."
Justin smiled, his eyes sparkling.

"Don't I know it, sugar pie."
Chace smiled, his eyes sparkling too.

"Speaking of sugar, give me some. And I want some Timberlake timber."
Justin grinned, moving forward, Chace's legs going forward as well, their lips meeting, Justin lining his center up.

Chace gasped mid-kiss, Justin sinking forward with one fast thrust.

"There you go, Crawford. My timber's in your forest!"

Chace laughed, Justin biting his lower lip, his body moving in quick thrusts.

"Like that, Chacy? Like that log buried deep?" Justin said, his rhythm picking up.

"Give me all of it, Timberlake! Yes, that's it! Deeper. . .oh yeah!"

Justin smiled, his body moving faster, his lips going to Chace's glistening chest, licking at his nipples, Chace moaning.

"Get a camera, Josh. This would rock the celebrity world."

Justin's head turned, his husband and his best friend smiling from the closed bedroom doorway.

Jolan smiled at his two soulmates, Justin's eyes showing a glassy look of rampant desire.

"I'm close, my love. Bring me over the edge."
Jolan smiled, his robe leaving his body, Josh smiling at his revealed nakedness.

Josh turned behind him, locking the bedroom door.

Jolan moved onto the bed, his lips meeting his Justin's, his fingers going to his left nipple, tweaking it.

Justin moaned, his hardness sinking deep into Chace, Chace gasping as Justin exploded inside him, the young man's own hardness reaching its maximum length, precum leaking over his stomach.

His hardness felt a heated wetness, Chace opening his eyes, his husband's mouth covering his center, Josh having joined the three on the bed, his naked body beside Jolan's.

Chace gasped as Justin fell forward, his chest going over Josh's head, causing Chace's hardness to sink deep into Josh's throat, Chace erupting at the sudden jolt.

Josh gulped in all of Chace's offered love, drinking in all his sweet love nectar.

Justin raised his chest, Josh pulling off his husband's hardness, moving forward and kissing his man's lips.

"Sorry, Joshy. I didn't realize you were between us."
"No worries, Jus. I had my treat." Josh smiled as he broke the kiss, Chace smiling at him.


"So how did this start? Hmmm?" Jolan said, kissing Justin's neck, his lover behind him, Jolan's hands rubbing Justin's back.

"Chace was obeying your request, my love. He woke me up in an amazing way." Justin said, smiling at the young actor before him, Justin's center still buried in the young man's ass.

"Well done, Chace. I like a man who follows my instructions. I know how energetic both of you boys are. Well guess what? I'm younger than all of you. I think I know what I want. From all sides."

Jolan moved, Justin feeling his man behind him, Jolan's hands going to Justin's ass, his fingers slipping into Justin's center.

"Still wet and moist. Perfect. Stay as you are, my love."
Justin nodded, Josh rising up, his lips meeting Justin's, Justin tasting Chace's liquid love on Josh's lips.

"That's it, Jus. Drink in Chace's love. Time for round two." Josh said, his lips moving downward, licking Justin's right nipple, Justin moaning.

He gasped, feeling Jolan's hardness sinking deep within him, his own hardness still within Chace, its length extending again.

Chace moaned under Justin, feeling the man's awakening desire.

"Again, Jus? I feel you hardening again!" Chace said, his hands going upwards, rubbing Justin's left nipple, Josh smiling down at his man.

"Rub both of them, Chace. Keep our Justin's going. I've got my own treasure to fill." Josh said, his eyes meeting Jolan's, Jolan smiling, his lips going to Justin's right ear, licking it, his hardness sunken deep within his man.

Justin and Jolan were matching rhythms, both thrusting forward at the same time.

Josh moved, his lips meeting Jolan's, the two lost in the kiss of love.

"I need you, Josh. Let's let this flower of love blossom. It's daisy chain time."
Chace laughed below the men, Justin smiling.

"Awesome, guys! Full throttle ahead!" he said, then gasped.

"Oh, Jo! That's the spot!"

Justin moaned, falling forward, his and Chace's lips meeting.

Josh moved behind Jolan, his hardness centering itself, Jolan bracing for the contact.

His soul filled with desire as he felt Josh's hard shaft burying itself deep within him.

The four were now connected, all feeling a sudden shudder go through all of them, a heat erupting deep within their souls.

"Jo. . .Jo your eyes! They're. . .they're glowing yellow!" Chace said, staring at his friend's face behind Justin's head.

Jolan smiled, thrusting forward, causing Justin to thrust forward inside Chace, the young actor gasping again.

Josh caught their rhythm, the three thrusting forward in unison.

Surprisingly Josh was the first to reach the climax of their love, his liquid filling Jolan, Justin erupting second, then Chace erupting all over his and Justin's chest.

Jolan wrapped his arms around Justin's chest, feeling Chace's wetness on his arms, that sending him over the edge.

He gasped then screamed, his center erupting inside his true soulmate.

"Ila claim tot de tu, tu esti meu viata!" he screamed, collapsing against his Justin, Josh pulling out of the man, feeling Jolan's body trembling.

"Jo. . .are you alright?" Justin said, feeling the trembling the most.

Jolan pulled out of Justin, the young man falling to his left, landing on his back, the young man gasping, the trembling subsiding.

"Jo, talk to me! Are you okay?" Justin said, pulling out of Chace, the man going to his lover's side, his arms going around him.

Jolan began to cry, Justin, Josh and Chace showing concern on their faces.

Jolan's eyes were closed, tears showing on his cheeks.

His eyes slowly opened, the three staring into his yellow irises.

"I'm. . .I'm fine everyone. I'm better than fine. I'm at the center of life. You three are mine forever."
The three sighed in relief, Chace staring at Jolan.

"You're eyes are yellow again, Jo. A golden yellow, like two suns."
Jolan smiled, Justin smiling at that smile.

He saw a lot of love and happiness in that smiling face.

"You. . .you look like you're radiating happiness, my love."
"My soul is happy, Jus. I have you three."
Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan gently on the lips.

"Those words you screamed, Jo. What were they. . .?"

Jolan smiled, looking into the three sets of blue eyes staring at him.

"I lay claim to all of you, you are my life."

The three smiled, Jolan staring at all three.

"Did you all feel it? Did you feel the shudder go through us?" he said, the three nodding.

"It felt like a bolt of electricity, Jo." Chace said, Jolan smiling.

"It was the bond of our love, my three soulmates. We are now locked in our hearts and souls. We are one forever."
The three looked at each other, Jolan smiling again.

"What exactly does that mean, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan leaning upwards and kissing his lips.

"It means I have the life I was always destined to have. I have the love of all three of you. We are truly a foursome of love. I am yours forever, and you three are mine. Forever."

The three smiled, Jolan rising upwards, the three staring at his naked beauty.

"Let's get dressed, my loves. Our kids await. Our sons are enjoying their grandparents' love. And starting today we will give them our total combined love. From this day forward we all have two sons."

Jolan smiled, his yellow eyes meeting all three blue sets.

"If you'll all agree, tonight in the land of my ancestors I'd like to make a sacred bond between all four of us. After tonight I shall have you five forever. Will all three of you join with me in that bond of life?"

The three on the bed were staring into Jolan's yellow eyes.

"Yes, my Jo." All three said together, Jolan smiling.

"With your love I shall be whole. And in a short time we shall be together forever."
Justin smiled, hearing the joy in Jolan's voice.

Jolan stared at Josh and Chace.

"I talked to Justin about this last week. We'd like the three of you to move in with us, guys. We want our family to be together."

Josh and Chace looked at each other, the two kissing.

"Hearts of love forever, my Chace."
"With three more to give our love, Joshua."

The two smiled, looking at Justin, then Jolan.

"We thought you'd never ask." Josh said, Jolan laughing.

"Oh, that eager are you?"

Chace smiled, his lips kissing Justin's shoulder.

"Timberlake meat every night, with Jolan for dessert. I think we're going to heaven, my Josh."

Everyone laughed, Jolan smiling.

He walked over to the dresser, picking up a pair of sunglasses, putting them on over his now yellow eyes.

"No one must know of my eyes just yet, everyone. Tomorrow I walk into the Badenwolf heart, my yellow eyes the sign of things to come."
The three nodded, Jolan smiling, his eyes taking in all three naked visions before him.

"I think a little wet fun is in order. So who deserves to wash my beauty?"

"Well since I was on the bottom, I had to bare all of your weight. I think I deserve a reward." Chace grinned.

The other three laughed, Jolan smiling.

"Race you to the shower, Chacy!"



End of Chapter 143


And so we reach the departure day for Badenterra, the land of the Badenwolves.

A chapter ending with a uniting of four souls, their love now deeply embedded in their souls.

And our foursome will join as a family, living together as one.


I'm not sure if everyone was in agreement on that revelation, I just wrote from my own heart, believing the four deserve to unite as one family of love and soul.

Hayden and Logan shall gain two other fathers to love them and be there for them.


Up next: The wolves join.

A few surprises as usual.

And Hayden meets his future.



Hugs, Angel.