Jolan's Path - Chapter 144


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 144


Author's Note:    Being a nation of beasts, the Badenwolves savor blood.

                            Some blood will have to spill to sate their thirst.

                            Rituals will have to be observed and blood must flow.

                            Just wanted to warn you.



Justin stretched his arms, his taut muscled body standing outside the large tent.

His blue eyes took in the scene before him, Josh walking out of the tent and standing at his side.

Their blue eyes met, both taking in the view.

"There are so many. Almost as equal to the Archanian nation." Josh said, Chace's head popping out of the tent, two smaller heads showing as well.

"Wots of peoples, Daddy." Logan said, his arms going around Josh's leg, Hayden smiling up at his father.

"Yes, son. Lots of people." Josh said, Chace now at his side.

Their eyes scanned all the surrounding tents, well over five hundred of them grouped together, the valley's meadow covered in canvassed beauty.

The clan of Badenwolf had assembled together before their holiest of places.

It was late Friday afternoon, Jolan's own family and friends having arrived here about two hours before.

Their planes had landed at Barsov, vehicles awaiting them for the hour-long drive through the Carpathian mountains to this location.

Here now they all had settled in, twelve tents allotted to them on the northern side of the meadow, their tents situated on a higher elevation than the others.

Upon their arrival earlier every member of the Badenwolf clan had walked out of their tents, all of their eyes on one man.

Jolan Dragos had climbed out of the first vehicle when it had stopped in front of the elevated tents, his sunglass-covered eyes scanning everywhere.

He and his family stood on a higher level than those before them.

He saw to the right of the tented encampment a large area of tables, a gathering feast in preparation.

He eyes scanned all those faces staring upwards towards him, taking in the greatness of his grandmother's nation before him, so many eyes staring at him.

The surrounding silence was rather unsettling, everyone else having climbed out of the vehicles, all their eyes on Jolan and the throng before him.

Calen stepped out last, his appearance met with widening respect by the multitude.

The nation as one went to their knees, the man looking around at everyone.

"Blessings upon all of you, my brethren. The time of Renewal is at hand. Let us bask in the greatness of our love for one another, let us gather in love and courage. Tomorrow welcomes truth, today welcomes family." Calen said, the nation standing again, their voices joined in one voice.

"Blessings on life and love, Prince Calen! Blessings on you!" they shouted, Calen's family and friends remaining silent around him.

Calen's grey eyes took in all their surrounding adulation, his frame seeming to straighten upwards, Jolan's eyes staring with love at his uncle, seeing the love and happiness in his grey-eyed smiling face.

"Children of thirst, children of life. Tomorrow we gather as one, tonight we feast as one. Prepare for the coming of the Sulfenwolf, his love and courage is at hand."

All eyes in the encampment focused on the young man standing to the left of their leader.

"Jolan Dragos, son of my brother, nephew of my heart, has returned to us. Another Badenwolf child of worth steps upon our sacred lands. Look upon him with respect and awe, with love and hope. For he is a child of true Badenwolf love. He is a soul-filled child of destiny. Jolan Dragos--my nephew--is the Sulfenwolf!"

All eyes stared at the young man, his sunglass-covered eyes staring forward.

"Speak words of hope to thy brethren, my loving nephew." Calen said, his grey eyes looking upon him with love.

Jolan walked a short distance forward, standing on the edge of the embankment, the young man standing alone before his wolfen brethren.

"I take your silence as the breath of anticipation. I take your doubt as the aching hope of life. I stand today in the heart of my wolfen brethren. I feel the pain and hurt running through all the wolves of thirst. Today, I welcome you to my heart, tomorrow I cleanse your souls."

Jolan's hand went to his sunglasses, removing them.

The nation before him stared into two yellow eyes of truth.

"He has his soul! He is free of pain!" one woman screamed, gasps heard throughout the nation.

"Yes, brethren of my heart. I am Badenwolf, I am a true warrior of thirst."

Calen walked up to his nephew, staring into his turning yellow eyes.

"Yellow are the eyes of our Sulfenwolf, yellow is the sun of life." he said, going to his knees, the nation as one joining him.

Jolan's yellow eyes stared out at everyone, then turning to look back at his family, Justin's blue eyes staring at him.

Jolan smiled, then turned back.

"Kneel not before me in worship, stand with me in hope. Tomorrow your souls will shine anew. Tomorrow destiny claims all of us."

Jolan walked back towards his family, Calen rising up from his knees, the nation rising as well.

Jolan's hand went in Justin's, Hayden climbing out of Justin's arms into Jolan's, smiling at his father.

"Me feels lots of wolves, Daddy."
Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Yes, Hay. And lots of family."


The boy smiled, Calen walking up to his nephew.

Behind him--walking up the rise towards them--walked five men.

The five men bowed to Calen, the man bowing in return.

Their joined eyes were staring at Jolan.

"Welcome, lost child of our nation. Your eyes mark you as one of true Badenwolf blood." the central man said, Jolan bowing to all five.

"These are the wolfen Elders of our nation, Jolan. The Five Fangs of Badenterra as they are called." Calen said, the five bowing at their leader.

"Welcome again to Badenterra, Prince Calen. We thirst together and await life." the central man spoke again, Calen smiling at him.

"This is my nephew Jolan Dragos, Elders. Jolan, may I introduce you to Philip Richards, Ahmed Dulos, Ferdinand Carthos, Phineus Delaney and Quinton Banyon. Quinton is the head of the elders."

Quinton Banyon's head bowed, Jolan nodding his respect.

"The five teeth of truth." Jolan said, smiling at all five.

"And so the man claiming to be our Sulfenwolf walks among us." Quinton said, his face showing doubt.
"I claim no such thing, Elder. I appear today as only myself. Tomorrow shall see the truth of my destiny, and yours." Jolan said, the man's eyes widening in surprise.

Calen's eyes--as well as everyone else's--showed the same surprise.

"Are you the Sulfenwolf or are you not?" Phillip Richards said, Quinton's eyes glaring at him, the man lowering his head.

"I am myself and I am destiny. You see the yellow eyes of my Badenwolf soul, you see myself."
"He is the Sulfenwolf, Elders. I believe that with all of my heart." Calen said, looking at his nephew, Jolan's yellow eyes glancing at him.

The five elders looked at their leader, then stared at Jolan.

"My uncle's heart is one of giving joy, and I am one of giving magic. Tomorrow that magic shall cut the pain from all of you."

The five stared in awe at Jolan, the young man looking into all of their staring eyes.

Jolan felt Justin's hand squeeze his, the two still joined in love.

"I'm a little tired, Uncle. I'd like to rest for a bit." Jolan said, Quinton staring at him.

"The twelve tents on this embankment are given to all of you, the higher plane of our leader's worth."

Jolan nodded, looking at his uncle.

"I shall join you this evening at the feast. I claim now the Silencia dos Badenterra Soulica. I shall not speak again of destiny, truth or magic. Tonight, I only dine as a Badenwolf in the heart of his family."

The five elders looked stunned by Jolan's words.

They stared at Calen for a moment, the Prince of the Badenwolves sighing.

"He has requested a pact of truth. We honor it as we must." he said, the five bowing curtly to him, then walking back towards the gathering masses.

"They don't look too thrilled." Chris said, his arm around Britney, everyone standing around Jolan.

"No, they're not." Calen said, his grey eyes focused on Jolan's yellow.

"Why did you do that, Nephew? Why did you slap them in the face with tradition?" Calen said, his three sons going to his side, seeing the concern on their father's face.

"I did not slap them in the face, Uncle. I only silenced them from their enquiring questions. Tonight I want to meet only my family, not the adoration of a nation of hopeful souls. Tonight I am Badenwolf first, destiny second."

"What did those words mean, Jolan?" Josh said, standing on his other side.

"I have issued a pact called the Silence of Badenterra's Soul. They must honor my request to not speak of anything associated with tomorrow's revelations or the Sulfenwolf's truth. Tonight I walk in peace throughout my clan. Tonight I am only Badenwolf, not a soul of idolizing worship."

Justin's eyes met Jolan's, the young man smiling at him.

"They are my family, I am theirs. Tonight I meet all of them as myself."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Lucky them."
Jolan smiled, looking at Calen.

"I now understand your reasoning, Nephew. Forgive my worry."
Jolan smiled, kissing his uncle's cheek, everyone smiling at the two.

"I am in the center of my wolfen family, Uncle. There will be time enough tomorrow to walk with them into destiny."

Calen nodded, smiling at him.

"I'll show you to your tent, Nephew. You do indeed look tired."
Jolan smiled; Justin, Hayden and he following Calen.


Here now the five of his love stood together outside their tent, Jolan sound asleep within it.

"Daddy's sleeping, Poppa."

Justin smiled, picking up Hayden, kissing his cheek.

"Yes, little man. He wants to be refreshed for tonight."

"We gets joined?"

Josh and Chace stared at Justin in surprise, Justin's blue eyes staring into Hayden's blue, brushing his son's black hair.

"Joined, Hayden? What do you mean?"

"Me loves you, Poppa. Unky Chace, Unky Josh and Logan too. Daddy makes us one family."

The three men traded looks, Logan smiling up at Hayden.

"Greats, Hay! You be's my brudder!"

Hayden grinned down at the boy.

"Brothers for life, Logan!"

The little boy grinned, the three men unable to not smile.

Chace picked the boy up, Hayden leaning towards him and kissing his cheek.

"You know what Daddy wants to do, Hay?" Justin said, the boy smiling at him.

"Yes, Poppa. Me feels everyone's love now."

"Amazing, Jus. He is his father's son." Chace said, Josh smiling at the boy.

"Me and Daddy have same love, Unky Chace." the boy said, smiling.

The three men smiled at the boy.

"I think you have your father's magic as well, Hay." Josh said, smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Same thing, Unky Josh. Daddy's magic is love."

Logan smiled at his friend, Hayden's blue eyes looking out into the late afternoon sunshine.

"Me's happy, Poppa. Me feels his love."

Justin smiled, the man looking out at the view as well.

"Jolan seems to be rather silent today, Josh. Is everything okay?" Justin said, their blue eyes meeting.

Josh blushed a little, Justin kissing his cheek.

"As his familiar, I know he's confided in you tomorrow's revelations."
"Yes, Jus. He told me of what I should expect and what I am charged to do."
"And what's that, my love?" Chace said, his arm going around his husband.

"I am charged with loving both of you. My love will be there for all of you."

Justin smiled, kissing Josh's lips.

"It's already allaying our concern. I understand, Josh. My Jo keeps his secrets close. All I can do is love him and watch his magic show itself."
Josh smiled, kissing him back.

"That's all any of us can do."

The five smiled, Justin seeing Calen and his sons walking towards them.

"Is Jolan sleeping, Justin?" Calen asked, stopping before him.

"Yes, Calen. He fell asleep right away. He said to wake him at five." Justin said, Calen looking at his watch, seeing the hour was three.

"Is something wrong, Calen?" Josh asked, his blue eyes meeting his grey.

"Nothing serious, everyone. It's just the camp is alive with gossip and concern. Jolan's pact has reached the masses, the Elders spreading the word. It's not a good thing to enter one's family asking for silence. They long to learn of his truths and his magic."

"Jolan issued that pact for a reason, Calen." Josh said, Justin and Chace looking at him.

"And that reason being?" Calen said, staring at the man.

"Jolan's mind is focusing on tomorrow. Tonight he wants to focus on family. To learn the truth of his clansmen, to hear their own words and hopes. Our Jolan is seeking peace and love before the acceptance of tomorrow's truth."

Calen nodded, his head lowering.

"My nephew's love I feel in my soul, Josh. I can only imagine what he feels in his soul. I understand his needs. I shall voice it to all of them. Tonight he will have his family around him."
Josh smiled, nodding.

"He has asked me to ask you for something, Prince Calen."

"Name it, Josh. I shall see it done." Calen said, Josh looking into his grey eyes.

"Your nephew requests a Cerc de Singuratate for later this evening."

Calen's face changed into a crashing look of stunned awe, his sons staring at him.

"Why. . .why would he ask for that? He is already joined with Justin!" the man said, everyone looking at Josh.

"This Circle of Solitude is not for marriage, it is for love."

Calen looked confused, Josh's hand going to his shoulder.

"We are the five of his heart, Calen. Tonight he wants to solidify that in all of our hearts. We five love him and will join with his love. He needs that for tomorrow and for every day after."
Calen nodded, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"I love him and I love all of them."

Calen nodded, his eyes going to Josh again.

"I will see it done."
"Let all of our friends and family know. He asks for their love to surround us."

Calen nodded, Athos walking up to Josh.

"I love him, Josh. I and all of us will be there, our love surrounding all of you."

Josh smiled, nodding.

The four Dragosans walked away, Justin and Chace staring at Josh.

"We should rest as well, guys. I think tonight's visions will be filled with love, family and hope."

Josh smiled, walking back into the tent, Justin and Chace smiling at each other, the two carrying their sons into the tent.


Justin smiled, his eyes taking in the vision of his husband's beauty, the man standing at the end of their bed.

Justin stretched, Josh's arms going around him in his sleep.

"Time to get up, my loves." Jolan said, smiling at all five laying on the large king-sized bed.

Justin smiled, taking in the vision of Jolan's clothed body.

Jolan wore a soft grey chambray shirt, black skin tight pants covering his muscled legs.

The man pulled a black jacket over his muscled chest, smiling at Justin.

"How do you feel, Jo?" Josh said, the man now awake as well, snuggled against Justin, Logan sound asleep on top of his chest, Chace asleep beside his two men.
"Refreshed, Josh."

"All ready for the feast?"
Jolan smiled, looking at Justin and Josh.

"For that and for our circle of love."

The two smiled, Justin sitting up, gently placing Hayden--who was asleep on top of him--on top of Josh, the boy snuggling with Logan.

Josh smiled, Justin kissing his lips, the man pulling the two kids closer to his chest.

"You look beautiful, my love." Justin said, climbing off the mattress, Jolan taking him into his arms, the two kissing.

"In your eyes of love my beauty shows most, my angel."

Justin smiled, Jolan sighing softly.

"Everything okay, Jo?"
"Yes, Jus. I'm just trying to focus on tonight, and its showing love. I know tomorrow's destiny awaits me."

Justin wrapped his arms around him.

"Our love is here, Jo." Josh said, Chace stirring beside him, his blue eyes opening, staring at his man with the two kids in his arms.

"My man's covered in happiness." he smiled, his lips meeting Josh's.

Chace stretched, smiling up at Justin and Jolan, meeting their soft smiles.

"What time is it? Didn't realize I fell asleep." he said, stretching again.

"It's after four. Our tiger was tired. Tonight he'll run with the wind." Jolan said, smiling widely.

"How are you feeling, Jo?" Chace said, sitting up, smiling at him.

"I'm okay, Chace. I'm ready for my family. My unknown family."

Justin kissed his cheek, staring into his yellow eyes.

"I'm wondering if they're ready for you, my love."

"Two words are important in that sentence, Jus. My love. That's what they'll see tonight and always."
Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"I've laid out your clothes, Jus. And Hayden's. I'm going to go meet with Uncle Calen. He told me earlier that I was to walk into the feast at the last, alone. I shall meet all five of you there."
Justin pulled his man against him, their lips meeting, Jolan lost in the kiss of deep love Justin was giving him.

They parted, staring into each other's eyes.

"To tide you over, my love. Our love will await you at our table."

Jolan smiled, releasing his man, walking out of the room.

The three men looked after him, Justin looking down at Josh and Chace.

"Let's get dressed, guys. I want us to look our most beautiful for our Jolan."
The two men smiled, both gently shaking the two boys awake.


Justin's blue eyes scanned the largeness of the area he sat in.

Over three hundred large tables were filled with people, the tables lined up on both sides of a large open area.

Justin's friends and family all sat at three tables at one end of the closed in square, two tables at the other end holding the Elders and their families, as well as a table for Prince Calen and his family, his sons, their mates and Simus and Cory seated there.

In the center of the left side a wide aisle was situated, the only path into the closed in square.

The outdoor area was flooded with light from overhanging lanterns, a large stone-encircled fire burning in the center of the open area before the tables.

"Big fire, Poppa." Hayden said, the boy in his grandfather's lap beside Justin, Justin smiling at him.

Justin was surrounded at his table with his family and Jolan's.

Josh and Chace sat there as well, Jennie at Chace's side, smiling at him.

"Yes, Hay. Big fire." he smiled, his eyes returning to all those staring towards his table, one empty chair showing beside him.

He and the throng surrounding him were awaiting the entrance of their leader, Prince Calen, and the younger man who'd spoken to them all earlier.

Justin had seen all of their pointing fingers, soft talk and gazing eyes upon his entrance, he and his family guided to their table.

Josh looked at Justin, smiling at him with love.

"Where is he, Josh? I don't like this waiting. I don't like him walking in alone either, unprotected. I sense doubt and concern surrounding us." Justin softly said, looking at his friend.

Joel's hand went to Justin's shoulder, smiling at him, Hayden in his lap.

"His greatest protection is himself, Justin. My son's love and magic I feel close."

Justin nodded, his eyes scanning the gathered throng, a movement towards the left side by the Elders' tables catching his attention.

He saw a young woman waving her hand towards him, his blue eyes focusing on her.

He instantly recognized her and the man seated beside her, a small child seated in his lap.

Deidra Defalco and her husband Juan were both smiling at him, she waving her hand.

He smiled, seeing little Benjamin in his father's lap.

"A face of welcome in the center of doubt." he softly said, Hayden's eyes meeting his father's.

"Me feels his love, Poppa. Daddy comes."

Justin's eyes went forward, seeing the five Elders beginning to rise up from their seats, the clearing quieting immediately.

"Arise, children of thirst. Drink in the greatness and courageous love of our sacred Prince." Quinton Banyon said at the Elders' center table, the assembled Badenwolf nation rising from their seats.

The clan as one raised their heads, a loud wolfish howl coming from each of them, its loudness sending a chill through all of Justin's family and friends.

A large pack of wolves were calling for their leader.

Justin's ears took in another howl close to him, his blue eyes looking to his right, Hayden's head raised, a soft childlike howl flowing from him, those around their table staring in shocked silence.

Justin's eyes were wide with surprise, his son's eyes now showing a soft yellow glow.

"Justin! He. . .he. . .Hayden's a Badenwolf?" Chace said in shocked surprise, the boy looking up at his father, his voice silencing.

Hayden moved, climbing into Justin's arms.

"Me wolfen, Poppa. Me Daddy's cub."

Justin saw the beauty of the child's smiling face, the boy kissing his cheek.

"Love you, Poppa. Me still just Hay."

Justin smiled, kissing his son's forehead, the boy snuggling against him.

"Yes, Hay. You are still my Hay, and Poppa loves you."

Everyone around their table stared at the boy with awe, Justin smiling.

"He is his father's son. He has his heritage."

Josh and Chace both smiled, Logan smiling at his friend, snuggled in Chace's strong arms.

The howling stopped, all eyes on the aisle on the left side of the square.

Into the surrounding masses walked Prince Calen, leader of the Badenwolf nation.

He wore a black robe, a necklace hanging from his neck, white bone fangs lined in a circle, a pewter pendant at its center.

On the pendant's face was a wolf's head, its eyes golden-jewelled.

Calen walked down the aisle, those at its sides bowing and kneeling, the man walking erect and bowing his head to their greetings of devotion.

The man walked into the central area, walking forward to the large bonfire burning there.

He stood in front of it, the nation surrounding him now standing in silence, all their eyes upon him.

"Welcome to the feast of devotion, children of thirst. Welcome to the eve of Renewal. Let us feast upon the food of our families, upon the love of our nation." he said, his hands raising, the nation cheering.

"Feast of Life! Feast of Life! Run red the fluid of Life, Prince of our truth!"

Calen's arms lowered, the clan silencing.

"Bring forth the beast of sacrifice. I shall open its throat to bless all of us."

Two men walked down the aisle, leading a small white goat before them, the two walking up to their leader.

Both men wore only loincloths, their naked chests revealed.

Both of them wore deep scars and marks upon their shown backs.

The marks of their lost souls.

Their truths of pain shown to the nation, the nation wearing the same marks of truth.

Both men bowed to their leader, going to their knees, the goat standing between them, a rope around its neck, one end in one of the two men's hand.

"A beast of giving, a beast of purity." Calen said, the man with the rope handing its end to Calen.

Calen took it, the two men rising, silently walking back to the aisle, kneeling at its entrance facing Calen.

"Children of thirst, children of courage. A sacrifice of life for the next year's birth." he said, the man lowering himself, picking up the small goat in his hands, standing again, the goat bleating loudly.

"Let his blood run into our hearts!" the nation yelled, Calen's head raising.

"For Badenterra, for life!" he yelled, his head lowering, his mouth going to the bleating goat's throat, his teeth sinking into its throat.

Justin and Chace both pulled their son's faces into their chests, shielding the children from the scene before them.

The goat's bleating was silenced immediately, its life ending.

Jolan's family and friends all moved their eyes, the truth of the wolfen soul of the nation surrounding them shown.

A beast was devouring another, a leader was giving his clan a ritual of blood.

Calen's head raised, his lips covered in blood.

"Walk forward, Elders of truth."
The five elders walked from their table, joining Calen in the center of their nation, the man leaning forward and kissing each man on the lips, blood now showing on theirs.

"Join with thy nation, devotees of blood. Let the blood run through our nation."
The five moved, each going to a table, the men kissing others, those in turn moving to others, the blood of the sacrifice moving through the clan.

Calen stood in silence, his eyes looking towards his friends' and family's tables, his eyes meeting one of his soul.

He remained still, the blood sacrifice taking ten minutes to filter through the masses.

At its end, the five Elders returned to their leader, kneeling before him.

"Is the nation purified?" Prince Calen said, staring at the five.

"Yes, Father of our nation. We taste the blood of life, we thirst for life."

Calen smiled, nodding at all five.

"Go forth to thy nation, and join with them. Our clan is almost whole."

The five rose, bowing to their leader, returning to their seats, the five wiping their red lips on napkins.

Calen stood in silence, his grey eyes looking around the staring clan.

"We are almost whole. There are only two of us missing. One a magical being of love and truth."
Everyone's eyes went to the empty aisle, then back to their leader.

"The second is a lost soul of my own heart. A son hidden from me until this past winter. A wolfen cub now wrapped in my love. Come forth to thy nation, thy family and thy father, Elijah Fontaine, my lost son."


All eyes returned to the aisle, a young man walking forward down the aisle, his near naked self shown to his now awaiting family.

The five Elders stood, staring in shock at the young man, watching his beauty walk the path to his father.

Krayos stood beside his father, staring at his soulmate, his beauty revealed for all.

Elijah's muscular smooth body walked through his brethren, his blue eyes focused on his father standing ahead of him.

"He is not marked! He is clean of our pain! He is a true Badenwolf!" people screamed, pointing at the young man.

Elijah remained calm walking up to his father, the nation of his forefathers staring at the two.

"Welcome to Badenterra, my son of Badenwolf heritage. Welcome to thy family."
Elijah moved forward, kissing his father's still blood-covered lips.

The two broke apart, Elijah moving to his father's side, his smooth body glistening against the flames behind them.

"My son is free of pain. His mother was Badenwolf, as is his father. I welcome him into my house, my life and my love. I ask all of you to welcome him into the clan. Voice your love for him."

The nation stood again, the howling beginning again, Elijah staring at all of them, tears showing on his face, his eyes moving to Krayos, their love shown to each other.

The howling ended, the young man's voice filling the clearing.

"I am blessed by your love and your welcoming smiles. I am Badenwolf, and I am my father's son."
Calen stood at his son's side, his face showing the joy and happiness of a father's pride.

The five Elders were still showing their shock, staring at the young smooth vision before them.

"How. . .how is he not marked? How is his soul still intact?" Quinton said, staring at his leader.

"My son was hidden from me, and from the evil that captured all of us. How that was, I know not. Hidden and denied the pain of our existence. Of that I give thanks. He now will know the love of his father. And I shall take in his love."
Elijah smiled at his father, his love showing for him.

Calen's eyes turned to the five Elders, his voice heard by all.

"I shall tell the Elders later of his lineage. I only need to say that it is just and true. My son carries my blood of life."

The five Elders nodded, bowing to their leader.

"Welcome, new child of the royal lineage." the Elder Ferdinand said, he and the other four now bowing to him, Elijah returning the bow.

"Join my other sons at my table, Elijah. You shall feast with our love."
The young man smiled, walking to his father's table, Krayos waiting for him, handing him a black robe that Calen had given him before they'd sat down.

The young man smiled, covering his body, sitting down beside his brothers and his soulmate.

Calen smiled at all of them, his eyes turning to his clan.

"There is one other as I mentioned. The central figure of all of your hopes and dreams. The man you have all talked of all day, his coming now revealed. He awaits us now not as the hope of tomorrow's destiny but as only another of our Badenwolf brethren. His pact has been given, we shall abide by that this evening. Tonight a true Badenwolf shows himself to all of you. Let us feast with him, let us join with his love. He has mine and he shall have all yours."
The nation stood, their eyes on the aisle once again.

"Walk into thy nation, child of thirst. Come forth Jolan Dragos, grandson of Lava Mora, nephew of my soul."

All eyes went to the aisle, a lone figure walking down its length.

Jolan Dragos walked in silence, his smiling face meeting everyone staring at him.

Two yellow eyes of burning brightness shone for all of them, the man walking forward, his body wearing the suit Justin had seen him last in.

Justin smiled, seeing the beauty of his man's vision taken in by everyone.

His heart calmed, seeing no fear or trembling in his man's appearance.

Jolan was walking into the center of his family's heart as himself, not as the vision of hope they were longing for.

That vision would come tomorrow.

Jolan walked in silence, all eyes taking in his beauty and his calmness.

He walked to the center of the clearing, his uncle standing before him, his face showing a wide smile.

"Welcome to thy family, lost son of wolfen worth."
Jolan bowed, going to one knee before his uncle.

"I am moved by your welcome, Prince Calen. I feel the blood of my family coursing through my soul."
Calen smiled, bidding his nephew rise.

"I give you now the blood of sacrifice, my child."
Jolan smiled, Calen moving forward, kissing his nephew on his lips, Jolan tasting the remnants of the beast's blood on his uncle's lips.

"Thank you, leader of our nation. Thank you, uncle of my heart."
Calen smiled, turning the young man around, facing the Elders' tables.

"Another child of Badenwolf blood for us to welcome. Grandson of my own mother, another royal soul of worth. What say you, brethren? Welcome him into your hearts."
The clan as one stood again, the howling now even louder, Justin and his tables staring at all of them.

Chris leaned over to Joey, whispering into his ear.

"Blood and guts, Jo now has both."

Joey shook his head, Chris smiling.

Britney's eyes stared at them both, both blushing.

The howling ended, Jolan smiling at Calen.

The young man bowed with respect, walking over towards Justin's table, joining his family, his hand going in Justin's, standing beside him.

Calen's eyes had followed him, seeing the young man joining with his family, not the tables of nobility filled with the Badenwolf Elders and Calen's family.

"Our new clansman joins his family. I welcome all of them as kindred souls of Badenwolf friendship. Treat them all with dignity and love, my brethren. They are granted access to the meeting tomorrow, as the family of our chosen one."

The five Elders rose, Calen's eyes glaring at them.

The five sat back down, Calen's look softening, his eyes returning to the nation.

"Bring forth the feast, let us dine together in love." he said, the clan rising and bowing to him, their leader walking to his family's table, smiling at all of them.

The aisle came alive with waiters and people, large trays of food and wine beginning to fill the clearing.


Justin smiled, his well-fed son laying in his arms.

"Me stuffed, Poppa."

Jolan laughed, the man seated at his husband's side finishing the coffee before him.

"Our piggy's finally full. I can't believe it!" he smiled, rubbing his son's black curly hair.

Hayden smiled, snuggling in his father's lap.

"Me full too, Unky Jo!" Logan said, the boy in Chace's lap, a small burp coming out of him.

Those around the table laughed, Hayden belching also.

The two boys giggled, their father's rubbing their stomachs.

"A feast of deliciousness and wonder." Joel said, his son smiling at him.

"That it was, Father."

Joel smiled, finishing his coffee.

Jolan smiled, looking around.

The meal was finished, his family and friends moving around their tables, talking to each other.

His eyes took in the nation of Badenterra, seeing they were moving as well, old acquaintances rejoining their love, people moving around as well.

He sighed, seeing that his own family was keeping its distance from him, Jolan smiling at his Justin.

"I think it's time I walked among my brethren, Jus. I need them to know me."

Justin nodded, about to hand Hayden to Joel.

"No, Jus. This I shall do alone first. I want them to feel only my Badenwolf love."
Justin nodded, Jolan standing leaning down and kissing his lips then his son's forehead.

"Back soon, my loves."

Those at his table watched the young man walking towards his uncle's head table, his body erect and calm.

"He's off to the races, Jus." Chris said, he and Britney walking up to their table, Britney sitting down in Jolan's vacated chair.

"Yes, Chris. He's gone to meet his Badenwolf family up close."
"He has courage. We all felt their gazing concerns. He's walking into the wolf's den, they looking at him like a piece of meat." Chris said, Britney rolling her eyes at Chris' metaphor.

Justin laughed, Chris smiling at him.

"Thanks, Chris. I needed that vision." Justin smiled, Josh smiling as well.

"Well he is technically your piece of meat. Shouldn't you be at his side?"

Britney slapped Chris on the head, the man blushing.

"Sorry, dear."
Everyone around the table laughed, Chris smiling.

"Athos told us of a circle of love later tonight. What's going on?"

Justin looked up at his friend, then into Britney's blue eyes.

"My family becomes whole tonight, Chris. Tonight we become one."

Chris nodded his head, looking at Josh.

"Do we. . .do we have to watch you all kiss?"

Another hand hit Chris on the back of the head, Josh laughing.

Joey and Lance had walked up, Joey having slapped Chris, his and Chris' eyes meeting.

"Keep it civil, Chris. Our friends are going to show their love. I think it will be beautiful." Joey said, Josh and Justin smiling at him.

"I think it shall, Joe." Britney said, kissing Justin's cheek.

Hayden smiled up at her, the boy sitting up in his father's lap.

"He comes, Poppa. Me feels his love."

Justin's eyes looked down at his son, then looked towards his Jolan, seeing the young man on the far side of the clearing, talking to Quinton Banyon and Calen, other Badenwolves surrounding him.

"Daddy's busy, Hay. He'll be here later."
The boy giggled, Logan giggling as well, the boy sitting up in Chace's lap, smiling at Justin.

"Not Unky Jo, Unky Justin!"

Justin looked confused, Logan grinning at Hayden.

"New playmate, Hay?"

"No, Logan! New love!"

The two boys smiled at each other, everyone staring at the two boys in confusion.

"Hello, Justin."

Justin's eyes moved, two blue pools of happiness staring at him.

Justin stood up, smiling at the woman standing by their table, her body surrounded by her husband's arms, a child in her arms.

"Deidra! Juan! It's been too long! And little Benjamin!" Justin smiled, standing up with Hayden in his arms, greeting the three who had walked up to the table.

"Hello, Justin. Welcome to our land of heritage." Juan Defalco said, his face covered in a wide smile.

He greeted everyone around the table, those not known to his wife or him introduced by the others.

"We haven't seen you since the trial." Josh said, smiling at all three, offering his chair to Deidra, the young woman smiling and sitting down, little Benjamin snuggled in her arms.

"My, he's growing big!" Lynn said, smiling at the child, she standing at Justin's side.

"Yes, he is. I can't believe he's almost nine months. He's been such an angel since that night at Justin's." Juan said, smiling at his son in his wife's arms.

"That night Jolan gave him his love. Benjamin's been blessed with his protective happiness." Jennie said, she and Jonathan walking up to Justin and Lynn, Justin smiling at her.

Hayden smiled down at the child, wanting down from his father's arms, Justin setting the boy down, Hayden walking up to the woman and child, staring at her.

"Hi! I'm Hayden!"

The woman's eyes widened, looking towards Justin's blue eyes.

"Yes, Deidra. Jolan's vision from that night long ago came true. This is his and my son, Hayden."

Juan and Deidra nodded, their eyes staring at the small boy smiling up at them.

"Hello, Hayden. Aren't you handsome?" Deidra said, smiling at the child.

"Thanks!" he smiled, his blue eyes looking at the small child in her arms.

The child was smiling, his blue eyes staring at Hayden.

Deidra and Juan stared at the child standing in front of them, seeing he and their child locked in a silent stare.

"Hello, Benji." Hayden said, the child's mother's eyes widening in surprise.

"Benji? That's. . .that's my own private name for him. . .how did. . .?"

Hayden smiled, looking up into her blue eyes, the young woman seeing so much love and happiness in the boy's blue eyes.

"He's my Benji now. I will love him, now and forever."

Everyone looked stunned, Justin slowly kneeling behind his son, his arm going around him.

"You've just met him, Hay."

"Me knows him already, Poppa. Me feels his love in my dreams. He's my souls mate. We marries someday."

Justin's eyes widened, his eyes meeting Deidra's.

"My son's love is as magical as mine, my love."

Justin's eyes raised, Jolan standing behind Deidra, his hand going to her shoulder, she raising her head and meeting his yellow eyes.

"Visions of love bear fruit. I welcome little Benjamin's love into our family's heart."

Juan's eyes met Jolan's, the young man smiling at him.

"You and your wife are welcomed as the same, my friends. I feel your love and your goodness. I shall need it always."
Juan nodded, Jolan moving and embracing him.

"Welcome to my love, brother of wolfen love."

Juan was in tears, hugging Jolan tight.

"An honor of deep love, Jolan. My family shall give all for you."
Jolan smiled, breaking their embrace.

"You only need to give your love. We shall all see their love grow. It starts today with my son's giving love."
Hayden smiled, moving forward and kissing the infant's forehead.

"Love you, Benji."

Deidra smiled, her eyes meeting Justin's.

"As Jolan said, welcome to our family."
She smiled, Jennie smiling at her.

"Jolly's love echoes in our Hayden's heart. We'll all love both of them."

Jolan smiled, Deidra standing, Jolan gently taking the child from her, cradling the boy in his arms.

"Hello, Benjamin. Welcome to our love."
The boy smiled, cooing softly.

Hayden grinned, looking up at his father and his Benji.

"Daddy loves Benji now. We's going to be so loved!"

Justin smiled at the boy, Hayden's arms going around his father's neck, kissing his cheek.

"You loves him too, Poppa. Our love will be forever."

Justin smiled, hugging his child to him, his and Jolan's eyes meeting.

"Fate, love and destiny, my Jus. Our family grows."

The two smiled at each other, Jolan handing Benjamin to Jennie, the young woman smiling down at the boy.

Jolan's hand went forward to Justin, his husband standing up and taking it, Hayden in his arms.

"Come, my Jus and Hay. The Badenwolf nation needs to know my family."

Justin smiled, walking towards Jolan's brethren's tables, everyone watching them join with the Badenwolves.


Quinton Banyon stared at the young man smiling and talking with Philip and Ahmed, two of the other Elders.

His eyes were locked on the young man's yellow eyes.

Who does this upstart think he is?
Yellow eyes of Badenwolf folly.

Nothing changes for us.

It is strength of force we need as I've always told Calen.

I'm beginning to sense Prince Calen is not worthy of the title of leadership for all of us.

I think it's time the dynasty of the Lantos house of cowards ends.

It is time for strength and power to join under my leadership.

The people follow me and my wisdom.

They shall follow me to victory, and we shall feast on the throats of the Sumsarian nation.

The man's face changed into a wide smile, his eyes now staring towards another young man seated at another table beside him.

His eyes had been drawn to his naked beauty.

The young man was a vision of total beauty.

His eyes leered with lust at Elijah, the young man seated with Krayos, the larger man's arm around him.

Keep your hands off of my mate, Dragosan upstart.

I shall feast on your throat--and his beauty--after I have claimed the nation's soul.

His eyes went back to Jolan, his face smiling more.

But first I have to dispose of another foolish Badenwolf warrior.

I have the prophesied answer to that problem.

The man smiled, rising from his seat, walking out of the clearing.

He failed to notice two yellow eyes following his every move.





End of Chapter 144


And so the Badenwolves gather, feasting on love and hope.

Elijah is revealed to his nation, as is Jolan.

And it seems an Elder hungers for power and glory.

What answer to Jolan's destruction does he know?

And it seems Jolan is aware of his longings.


The meeting on the morrow may be very surprising.


Seems our Hayden's well aware of his future.

He's just met the destined love of his life.

And the Defalco family is now welcomed in to the Timberlake-Dragos clan.


Sorry that it's taking so long to reach the Badenwolf Renewal.

I promise it shall show itself next chapter.

But first the Circle of Solitude, and the joining of the Timberlake-Dragos and Chasez-Crawford sixsome.

I'll try to make it moving.

And yes, Mikey.

Not too tawdry.




Hugs, Angel.