Jolan's Path - Chapter 145


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 145


Justin's blue eyes took in the beauty of the spot where he now stood.

He stared out at the blue clear mountain pond before him, his eyes taking in the surrounding moonlit beauty of this tranquil silent spot.

It was after ten, the group leaving the feast just before eight o'clock, Jolan and his surrounding friends and families returning to their elevated tents, the clan bowing farewell to their leader and his surrounding family.

The clan remained, an evening of renewing friendship continuing, Jolan declining their offer to remain, his family having their own plans that evening.

They didn't stay at the tents long, Calen briefly talking with Jolan, the young man smiling at him as he left his nephew and his soulmates alone in their tent.

"We goes to play at water, Daddy?" Hayden had asked, his father chuckling then smiling at him in Justin's arms, Justin seated on their bed, Chace and Josh beside them, Logan in Josh's lap.

"Yes, my son. We go to the waters of my love."

Justin smiled at Jolan, Josh and Chace smiling at him as well.

"Your clothes for this evening's final moments are in the other room, my friends. I long to see your beauty in the moonlight. I have to leave for a bit, something needs tending to. But I shall see you after ten within the circle." Jolan said, leaning down and kissing his Justin, then Josh, then Chace, the two boys given equal kisses of love.

"Take Hayden for a moment, Chace." Justin said, the young man smiling at him, Hayden climbing into his lap, Justin standing up and taking Jolan's hands in his.

"Jolan, there's something we discovered tonight." Justin said, Jolan's grey eyes staring into Justin's.

"My son is my son, Justin. His love--in whatever form he shows it--is still his love."
Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing his husband's lips.

"My love and ours for him is total, Jolan. Our son's love is our love."

Jolan smiled, kissing Justin back.

"I meant to tell you, Justin. But our son said he'd reveal it when necessary."
Justin's eyes moved, the boy smiling up at him.

"Me be wolfy when me must, Poppa. Me's your cub, too."

Justin smiled, leaning down and picking the boy up again, Hayden snuggling against his father's chest.

"That you are, my little man cub."

Jolan smiled, seeing Justin's unchanged love for their wolfen son, Josh and Chace showing the same loving smile.

"You wolfy, Hay! Me just regular guy!" Logan grinned, the other boy smiling at him.

"You not just regular, Loggie! Your love magical!" Hay grinned back at the boy, the four men smiling at the two friends, and Hayden's new nickname for Logan.

"That it is, Hay. My boy's filled with magical love." Josh said, kissing his son's forehead, Logan smiling up at him.

"Tanks, Daddy. My wuv all yours, all of yous!"

Jolan smiled, his grey eyes looking into each set of blue pools staring at him.

"Five pools of blue, soon to stand in the center of a wet pool of my love. See you shortly, my family."
The five smiled, Jolan walking out of the tent, Justin staring after him, Hayden smiling into his father's smiling face.

"We dress in whites, Poppa. Daddy wants us clean!"

Justin smiled, Chace standing up.

"Now these clothes I have to see!" he grinned, walking into the other tented room.

Outside the tent Jolan let out a long sigh, the young man walking off into the darkness.


Justin's blue eyes met Josh's, the man standing beside him on his left, Chace on his right.

All three wore white suits, the softness of their gleaming whiteness radiating in the lantern lit glow that kept off the darkness in the area they now found themselves in.

Hayden was smiling in Justin's arms, Logan beside him in Chace's, both boys dressed in white suits as well.

Calen had walked into their tent at fifteen minutes to ten, smiling at all five white angels waiting for him.

"The color of the purity of a mountain snow. Jolan chose well." he smiled, the three men smiling at him.

"Jolan chose?" Justin asked, Calen nodding.

"The Cerc de Singuratate or Circle of Solitude is an ancient rite, Justin. A Badenwolf ritual steeped in love, mysticism and truth. Originally it was deemed a wedding rite, a moment when two Badenwolf mates joined as one, a wedding ceremony in essence. Several times during our lineage it was also used as a joining of others, families and adversaries as well. A moment of peace shown between two adversaries or a moment of love shown as a family joined. I believe tonight Jolan will show it as the latter. I see before me his new family. The three of his love and heart and the two children of his soul." Calen said, the five smiling at him.

"Never in the long lineage of my family will such a moment be shown as what I believe I shall see tonight. My nephew surprises me in so many ways. First the healing of his love cleansed my body, now the showing of his love will be locked in my heart. I envy you five the beauty of his soul."
Justin smiled, walking up to the older man, his hand going to his shoulder, Calen smiling at him.

"His love is yours as well, Uncle Calen. It is for all of us."
Calen nodded, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"The clan is enamoured of him, Justin. They are still wary but they now hunger for him. It is a hunger of anticipation. I think I see now what Jolan's reasoning today was. Why he denied them their longing for tomorrow's hopes. He's fed them on mystery, on anticipation. Denying them what they need to see has made them hunger for his truths. Today they saw his giving self, his Badenwolf self. Tomorrow he shall show them the real truth. I just can't imagine what that entails. Something he said to myself and the Elders earlier is feeding my mind with deep thoughts. I shall be up late tonight, perhaps another visit to the Tome in my forecast."
"What did he say, Calen?" Chace said, Josh's blue eyes quietly staring at the older man.

"He said--and I'll try to quote it word for word--'the sun shall shine from his chest, the crown shall gleam forth from life. The hunger is revealed, the forgotten one forced to reveal the trueness of your lives.'"

"Do you know what any of that means?" Justin said, Calen looking at him.

"Yes, part of it comes easily to me. The sun shining from his chest means only one thing. It means. . ."

The tent flap opened, Calen looking towards it, Elijah and Krayos walking into the tent, smiling at everyone.

"Jolan says that the time is at hand, Father. He awaits the five of his life." Elijah smiled, everyone smiling at him.

Calen smiled at his son, his eyes looking back at the other three men.

"Let's leave the talk for now. Your friend awaits." the Dragosan said, a smile showing brightly on his face.

"Let's walk to his love. I sense it will be spectacular."
The five smiled, all moving out of the tent, Elijah and Krayos smiling at all five white visions of beauty.


Here now Justin stood between his two soulmates, their sons in their arms.

They had walked for twenty minutes along a wooded path, Calen leading them, two men with torches guiding the whole group through a mountain pass.

Justin had seen the two at the feast, the two men who'd led the goat to its sacrificial end.

Calen had introduced them to everyone, the two named Gabriel and Davian Sarducci, brothers of Badenwolf lineage.

They were faithful guards to their Prince, their family devoted to the Lantos clan.

The five white souls had followed the three, their families, friends and clansmen following.

Tonight's vision of love would be a private moment for Jolan's own family and friends.

The Badenwolf nation held no honor at this meeting, this a matter of family devotion.

But that didn't stop them from watching the group walk away into the darkness, their leaving flowing through the nation.

The trek was shortly ended, the group walking down into a small glen, the center of it a circular pool of water.

In the center of the water--which spanned about fifty yards in diameter--was a large flat stone circle, resembling an altar of white stone, about six yards in diameter.

Surrounding the water were lanterns hanging on tall wooden posts, the area bathed in clear light, the whole area shown, the darkness surrounding it.

Between the stone altar and the shore there seemed to be no pathway to the center altar.

"Welcome to the Circle of Solitude, my friends. A platform of love surrounded by the waters of life. This is the place of my clan's love, the beginnings of their matrimonial love for one another. I brought my own wife here and the two of us joined in Badenwolf totality. I also pledged my love to her in the clearing at the center of Ravenasia. Our love transcended our heritages. Such shall be the joining of this night." Calen said, everyone staring at him, seeing the shown love on his masculine face.

"You may leave us, Gabriel and Davian. Tonight is for they of his heart alone."

The two Badenwolves bowed to their leader, the two walking back down the path into the darkness.

Calen's eyes went around to everyone's staring eyes, a wide smile of love on his face.

"Our Jolan guides us to this moment of love. He asked of me this circle, this entrenched rite of my nation. I give that now to him, and to those he loves. I shall stand with all of you and bask in its revealing moments."
Everyone smiled at him, the man smiling at his four sons.

"A circle of family, of friendship and of life will surround him. Let's all of us create that circle."

Everyone smiled, the group surrounding the older Badenwolf leader spreading out, the group moving around the pond, the water encircled by living beings, the family and friends of the missing heart of their group.

Calen smiled, directing Justin, Josh and Chace to the open end of the enclosed circle, all their friends and family smiling towards them.

Chris stood with Britney, Joey and Lance beside them, Chris leaning over to Joey, his voice carrying more than he intended.

"The last roundup. Our three friends are now encircled. Their rider has lassoed them. Will we see him brand them?"

A few around the circle broke into laughter, Chris' eyes widening in surprise, Calen smiling towards him.

"The circle's acoustics are phenomenal, Chris. All words spoken shall be heard by all."

Chris blushed, Britney smirking at his side.

"Your voice walks you always into mirthful moments, my love." she said, kissing his cheek, the man smiling at her.

"Love is mirthful and joyous. We are the circle of their lives, the center of their worlds. We live and take in their love." Calen said, smiling around at everyone.

"Surrounding the circle are their families, their friends and their lives. Many of those surrounding the circle have felt the joining love of the center of this circle. It is time to honor that center with his request. The Circle of Solitude begins. I shall tell you of its ritual as it was always observed. The couple to join are ferried across the short distance of water, joining before the Shaman of the clan, their love joined upon the Altar of Life. Jolan has not requested the barge to ferry his loves across. From here on this shall be new to myself as well. The circle must join, please. Join your hands to each other, let the circle be unbroken."

(Author's Note: If someone doesn't burst into 'Will the Circle be Unbroken' I'll be shocked!)

Everyone joined hands; Justin, Jolan and Chace--with the two boys in their arms--now were within the circle of their friends and family, standing at the edge of the pool.

Calen smiled at everyone, Athos' and Elijah's hands in his.

"The circle is joined, the solitude of life surrounds us. The five white souls of his love await. We wait now for only their center."

Everyone quieted down, their eyes looking around the pool, at the altar, and into the darkness across from them.

Suddenly a wave began to ripple across the pond, rippling towards the altar.

The waves began to increase, now lapping at the farther edges of the pool.

"The water's moving." Chris said, staring at the waves, seeing them begin to move in a circular motion.

"Love's water is encircling the center of love! I have never seen this happen!" Calen said, staring with amazement along with everyone else.

The water began to rise, a circular tube of water rising out of the pool, the central altar disappearing behind the water.

The wet gyrating circle hovered for a few moments, the water then stopping its motion, falling downward now, suddenly filling the pool rushing outwards.

Everyone closed their eyes, all surrounding the pool hit by the water's thrashing backlash, the water dousing them.

They all felt the surprising warmth of the water, its wetness filled with warmth.

"My wet love warms all of your souls."

Everyone opened their eyes, staring at the center of the pool, Jolan standing in the center of the stone altar, his body covered in a totally white long robe.

The robe seemed to gleam through their wet vision, the young man's face covered in a wide smile, his features etched with simmering beauty.

"The waters of my life reveal the wetness of my love. The five of my heart remain soaked in it."
Everyone's eyes moved to Justin and Josh, Chace and the kids, all five drenched; the three men's muscular beauty showing through their soaking wet white suits.

"Me loves water, Daddy. Me loves the wetness always." Hayden said, the boy smiling from Justin's wet arms.

"I know, my son of love. I stand upon the altar of life. Come to me my five of life. I need your love forever."

The three men looked at each other, staring at the watery pool in front of them.

"Do you love me, my three of soul?"

"Yes, Jolan. We love you." all three said together, the young man's smile widening.

"Let the vision of my love--of my magical love--guide you forward. Take the first step into my soul."

Justin stared at his soulmate, Hayden kissing his Poppa's cheek, their blue eyes meeting.

"Daddy loves us, Poppa. We trust his love. We needs him."

Justin smiled, kissing his son's cheek, looking towards his soulmate again.

"I love you, Jolan. I trust your love and I need it."
Josh and Chace smiled at Justin, the three men moving forward, everyone's eyes staring in awe at them.

"You'll fall in Justin!" Chris said loudly, his eyes widening with the next moment's reality.

Justin smiled, his stride unchecked.

The man walked into the pool, the water seemingly only an inch deep, his shoes barely covered.

He stood in silence, staring down at the water.

He tapped his foot, finding a solid footing under his feet.

His eyes raised, staring at Jolan, Josh and Chace now at Justin's side, all three standing upon the water.

"My love is protective, loving and giving. Walk into my soul, feel its total trust."
The three men smiled, the two boys giggling, their eyes going down to the water below them, seeing the clearness of its wet bottom.

"Me sees fishies, Poppa!" Hayden giggled, patting Logan's shoulder, pointing out the fish to the other boy.

The three men smiled, Justin's hand going into Josh's, Chace's joining with Josh's other hand.

"Forward to his love, my soulmates." he said, the three men walking forward, everyone staring at them with shock.

The three men walked across the water, their moving feet making the only sound in the clearing, a wet sloshing sound.

They walked across the water, Jolan smiling at them.

The five smiled back, walking to the altar's edge, the three men stepping up onto its white surface, joining Jolan in its center.

"Hello, my loves. Welcome to the center of our lives."

The five smiled, Hayden and Logan wanting down, their fathers letting them down.

"Stay close, boys." Justin smiled at them, the two nodding, looking out around the water.

"We gots family arounds us, Daddy." Logan said, smiling at everyone, their friends and family surrounding them, their hands still joined.

"Yes, Logan. Our family surrounds us." Jolan said, smiling at the boy, his grey eyes moving around, meeting everyone's awed staring eyes.

"Do not be surprised by the walk of faith my three soulmates have taken. My magic love guides them always into my heart."

Everyone smiled, Nick and Usher smiling at the four men.

"It is a center of deep love, as we all see Jolan." Usher said, the young man smiling at him, all their voices heard easily by everyone.

"Yes, my friend. It is the center of my life. Of our lives--my Justin, my Josh and my Chace. And my dearest sons Hayden and Logan."
The five smiled at him, the two boys running up to Jolan, their arms going around the man's legs.

"We's right where we wants to be, Unky Jo." Logan smiled up at him.

"Where we all want to be, my son." he smiled, the boy grinning.

"Great, Dada!"

Jolan smiled, the boy running over to Josh, the man kneeling and the boy kissing his cheek.

"Dada, Logan?"

"Yes, Daddy. You's Daddy, Unky Jo's now Dada. Me gots Papa and Poppa now toos!"

"Great names, Loggie! Me calls them that too!" Hayden grinned, the two boys running together, their four fathers standing around them.

"They accept our love, my soulmates. It is time we four did as well." Jolan said, the three other men staring into his grey eyes.

"Your eyes are grey again, my love." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"The trueness of my soul, my love. I am only myself to you three, as you three are to me. There are no masks of destiny or clan between us, only the truth of our central giving love."
The three men teared up, Jolan's body moving to the altar's edge that faced Calen.

"The circle of my life is shown before all of you. I ask now for the joining of this family. As a Badenwolf I ask for this right in the center of the Altar of Life."

Calen nodded, staring at his nephew.

"We shall watch its joining, nephew of my heart; soon to be four nephews and two great-nephews of my heart. Your love is unbelievable, Jolan."

The young man smiled, his eyes moving, his body turning in a circle, his eyes meeting every staring pair of eyes.

"Before you stand four men of one soul. With two children of our hearts. We shall join as six of love and life. Before you shall stand a family. A family of love, life, truth and giving need. We need all of you that surround us. We love all of your love. You are our surrounding truths. Your love we all shall have. And you shall have the greater love of all of us."
Everyone smiled, Jolan's eyes going to the three men in white suits standing before him.

"My Justin. My Joshua. My loving Chace. Our little angels of love. I need you all so much. You are my life, my loves and my destiny. I am healed on all levels of my soul but one. On the deepness of my need for all of you. I need all of your love. Will you, this day, join with me in the center of my family's Altar of Life? Will you join us as one? As one family of love?"

The three men moved forward, Hayden and Logan in front of them, the six joining in the altar's center.

"Yes, Jolan. I need all of our love as well." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him, the young man nearly crying.

"Yes, Jolan. I need all of our love as well." Josh repeated, his face covered in tears.

"Yes, our Jolan. I need all of our love so much." Justin said, Jolan patting his shoulder, seeing the man's total love for all of them.

"I need all of your love as well, my five white angels." Jolan said, Hayden tugging on his father's white robe.

"Me and Logan needs our love too, Dada!"

The four men smiled, light laughter heard around the circle.

"We today join as one. But being joined means that all of us must see the inner truths of all of us. As should our friends and family surrounding us. I stand upon the ancient altar of my family. Of the Badenwolf clan. You all have seen the Archanian being within me, my Archanian self. It is time you all gazed upon the beast within me. I shall not have any of you fear what I am, what my family is. I felt the nervousness of some of you when my uncle gave the sacrifice at the feast."
Some in the circle surrounding them lowered their heads, Jolan still smiling out at all of them.

"Tomorrow I meet my destiny, as do others. It is with a cleansed heart of love I shall face that destiny. I am who I am, I am what I am. And I am love."

"You don't need to do this, Jolan. We, your soulmates, have seen the real you." Josh said, the man seeing the love in Jolan's softly glowing yellowish eyes.

"I love all who surround us, Joshua. They need to love all of me."

Josh nodded, smiling at his soulmate.

Jolan turned, looking out at his family and friends.

"Tomorrow I show my true self to my wolfen brethren. Tonight I shall show it to those I love to prepare you for tomorrow's animalistic visions. Behold my wolfen self, its strength of animalistic love still remains love."

Jolan opened his robe, his smooth torso and body coming into view.

He stood on the altar, clad only in a pair of black briefs.

"I am Badenwolf, I am Archanian, and I am myself."
His body changed instantly, the beast within himself revealing itself.

Everyone stepped back, staring in awed shock at the beastly vision revealed before them.

"He's. . .he's so big! But. . .but he's not. . ." Chris stuttered, his eyes staring at two yellow piercing eyes that focused on him.

"He's not mean looking, or evil. He's so masculine, muscular and strong." Britney said, finishing Chris' sentence, her blue eyes staring at her wolfen friend.

"And so beautiful." Joey softly said, Lance smiling at his side.

"I told you as much." he said, kissing Joey's cheek, their eyes meeting with love.

Nick felt Usher's body going around him, their eyes meeting.

"Wow, he's. . .he's so beautiful, so large." Nick softly said, Usher's lips meeting his.

"An animal of love, Nickolas."

Nick smiled, the two smiling towards the beast surrounded by his loves.

Everyone in the circle felt no fear or revulsion against this beast.

For they saw the unchanged love in the beast's yellow eyes.

It was their loving Jolan.

Only one in the group was thunderstruck by the vision revealed before him.

Calen Dragos sank to his knees, staring in shock at his revealed Badenwolf nephew.

"Father, are you alright?" Elijah said, seeing the man go to his knees, joining him, helping the man regain his footing, Athos' arms around him as well.

"Father, you look ill." Athos said, Mathias and Isaiah at his side also.

Jolan's yellow eyes stared at his uncle, Calen's grey eyes staring back.

"It. . .it is so. . .Jolan. . .you are. . ."
"I am love, Uncle. I reveal my love to you."
The man lowered his head, his sons staring at him.

"I. . .I am alright, my sons." he softly said, their eyes focusing on Jolan's staring eyes.

"Before you stands a Badenwolf. Tomorrow shows its truth. Behold the other half of myself."
Jolan changed again, his body rising higher, his muscular form changing, two webbed wings spreading out from behind him, his three soulmates staring at him with love

"Archanian of truth, Badenwolf of strength. I am who I am. I am what I must be. Wingshola and others."

"Our Sulfenwolf is most beautiful and strong, Jolan." Elijah said, his father staring at him.

"Yes he is, Eli."

Calen's eyes met Jolan's, the young man's grey eyes filled with his unchanged love.

"I thought that you. . ."
"Destiny flows on its path, Uncle. Rest your heart from this truth, the path leads forward."
Calen nodded, everyone staring at the two in puzzled silence.

Jolan's body suddenly changed again, his own self returning to its smooth beauty.

Josh leaned downward, picking up Jolan's white robe, Jolan smiling at him as he helped him cover himself again.

"Thank you, my love."
Josh smiled, Chace's arm going around him.

"It is time, my three of soul. Let us join hands in the circle of our heart."
The three smiled, the two boys smiling up at their fathers.

The four adults and the two children joined hands, the six in a circle.

"A circle within a circle. The Circle of Solitude, the circle of silence. No words of doubt, worry or anger shall voice from us ever. We are one of love, one of soul. We six shall be here for each other for life."

The six smiled at each other, Jolan's eyes closing.

Instantly a white glow appeared in the center of their circle, its glow increasing.

Jolan's eyes opened again, the other five smiling at him.

"Behold our radiating love. It shall shine in all of our souls. We are one. Take in all of our love."
The white glow suddenly expanded, enveloped all six, its radiating intensity blinding all those circled around them.

Their handhold broke, the group shielding their eyes, all feeling the warmth of the love flowing around them.

The light vanished immediately, everyone opening their eyes.

Standing before them on the white altar stood four men enveloped in each other's arms, kisses flowing between them, their children kissed as well.

"I knew it would turn into a kissfest." Chris smiled, Britney laughing beside him.

"Let's expand it, my love. I feel the deep love surrounding us."

Chris smiled, the two meeting in a kiss of love, other couples surrounding them joining as well.

And all those surrounding the center of love suddenly realized that their clothes were now all dry.

"We're dry!" Lonnie said, Ally smiling in his arms.

"The warmth of their love dries the wetness of our love."
The big man smiled, kissing her again.

On the other side of the pool one stood alone, staring at the center of Jolan Dragos' world.

Calen Dragos was lost in a gaze of confusion and total awe.

And the center of his heart felt a new hope flood his soul.


Jolan opened his eyes, laying in bed, taking in the vision surrounding him.

His body was wrapped in arms and legs, three parts of his soul warming all of him.

He smiled, feeling his Justin's head against his chest, an arm across his waist belonging to his Chace.

Their young tiger always was drawn to their centers.

Another was spooned against Jolan's other side, the young man taking in the scent of his Joshua.

He smiled, feeling the warmth of their love surrounding him.

His eyes moved across the room to the other bed in the tent, seeing two angels snuggled together, their sons joined in sleeping love.

His three soulmates had been so loving in the final moments of the night.

They hadn't joined in total love, their sons' closeness refraining them from joining in total desire.

But the four had fallen asleep against kisses, touching and loving warmth.

Here now it was closing in on the dawning edge of daybreak.

Jolan sighed, his Justin's arms tightening around him.

He felt Josh's sensing his sigh, his thoughts as well, his love surrounding him more, the man's body moving closer.

Chace's arm moved as well, rubbing against Jolan's center.

Jolan smiled, feeling the three of his soul sensing out his love.

"I am one with all of you at last. I have total love." he softly said in his mind, a smile crossing his face.

His thoughts went over the whole day yesterday, one look from someone sinking into his soul.

He slowly moved, carefully pushing his loves back from him, the three murmuring, but not waking.

Jolan smiled, quietly crawling out of the bed, the three remaining, moving again, joining together again, Josh now in the middle of the other two.

"Guard his love with yours, my angels. Tonight we shall love with passion." he smiled, the young man walking over to his sons' bed, gently covering them with a blanket they'd pushed off themselves.

"Sleep with your fathers' love in your dreams, my two angels. Dada loves you." he said, kissing both on the cheek.

Jolan moved towards the other side of the room, quietly dressing, now in pants and a shirt, boots covering his feet.

He silently walked out of the tent, smiling back at the five of his heart.

He quietly scanned the encampment, seeing some fires at several tents, knowing that the Badenwolf nation was beginning to stir, dawn fast approaching.

He saw the flicker of its light on the horizon, daylight about an hour away.

He scanned the tents surrounding him, all in darkness, only one showing a soft light behind its canvas.

He sighed, knowing who among his family was still awake.

He quietly walked towards that lighted tent, his mind on what was ahead of him.

For you and your love truth shall shine.

Jolan walked up to the tent, gently tapping on the tent's front pole, a voice meeting the silence.

"May I come in, Uncle?"

"Enter, Jolan."

Jolan entered the tent, his yellow eyes meeting Calen's grey, the man seated on the edge of his bed, the bed still made.

"You need rest, Uncle. The day shall be long and consuming."
"I imagine it shall be, Nephew."

Jolan smiled at him, Calen's face showing a confused look, Jolan sighing.

"May I sit, Prince Calen?"
Calen's eyes met Jolan's again.

"Yes, Jolan. I am not a Prince to your greatness."
Jolan sat down beside his uncle, the two seated in silence for a moment.

"How finds the truth in what you've read?" Jolan said, staring at the array of books laying on the floor and on the bed beside Calen.

"The truth was always thought to be myth. Why didn't you tell me?"
Jolan sighed, his yellow eyes meeting Calen's grey.

"And if I had, what would you have done, Uncle?"
Calen's eyes filled with tears, Jolan's arm going around him, his uncle sinking into his arms.

"I would have. . .I would have acclaimed your greatness. . .I would have stepped aside and. . ."
"And what, Uncle? You are the leader of our nation, your love entrenched in our souls. I have felt the greatness of your loving Dragosan soul. I can only imagine how great and loving your Badenwolf soul was as well."

"I am only half of the man I once was, Jolan. My life has followed a different path, if only I'd have been whole. I could have done so much."
Jolan stood up quickly, Calen looking up at him.

"I am tired of your denials, Uncle. You are our Prince. Your mother gave you that title, for she felt within you the greatness of your destiny. It is time you cast aside your doubts. Today you need to be yourself. The self your family has felt and seen all their lives. Today you become what you were destined to be."
Calen stood up, staring at his nephew.

"Why didn't you tell me, Jolan? It's so unbelievable. . .they will be. . .the vision it will. . ."
"It will ignite their hearts, Uncle. And I shall ignite yours. It is time I gave you the gift of my sacrifice."

"Your sacrifice?"

"Yes, Uncle. I, last night, sacrificed a part of myself. For only one reason. To give you what you need. To give you what our nation needs."

"What are you talking of, Jolan? What sacrifice?"

Jolan's yellow eyes stared at his uncle, the man seeing their intensity growing, the young man before him changing, his height overshadowing the man.

"My life, Uncle. For your love, I would sacrifice all."

Calen gasped, a white crown-crested wolf enveloping him.


Jolan smiled, seated at the large table that was situated outside his uncle's tent.

Calen smiled at his nephew, seated at the head of the table, his family and others surrounding him.

Breakfast was almost over, the group dining together, people from the encampment having provided the meal's greatness.

Calen, Jolan, and Elijah had not eaten, for it was a day of fasting for the Badenwolf nation.  Their day of Renewal.

"A day of dawning truth, Jolan." Simus said, staring towards him.

"Yes, Uncle. A day of dawning truth and joining life." Jolan said, Hayden smiling up at him from Justin's lap, eating a sausage.

Surrounding Jolan were his three soulmates, their blue eyes filled with love and life.

"You four look extremely happy this morning." Lynn said, smiling at them, all four smiling widely.

"I'm surprised they're not exhausted." Chris smirked, Jolan smiling towards him, Britney catching his look, shaking her head.

"No, we're well-rested, Chris. My men are surprisingly light-weighted. We didn't have to move around a walrus last night."

Joey burst out in laughter, milk spraying everywhere, a glass at his lips.

Everyone exploded with laughter, Joey and Chris both blushing.
"Sorry." Joey said, Britney laughing beside her husband.

"When shall you learn, my walrus?" she said, kissing Chris' cheek.

"I don't think I ever will." he said, his blushing eyes meeting Jolan's smiling yellow.

"Here's hoping. This teacher would be out of a job."
Chris laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

Calen's eyes met Jolan's, the two smiling at each other, Elijah catching the look.

"How are you this morning, Father?"

Calen smiled, kissing his son's cheek, Elijah beside him.

"I am surprisingly well and happy, my son of wolfen beauty."

Elijah smiled, his three brothers smiling at both of them.

"I am surrounded by family and love. And today our family of wolfen greatness becomes what it was destined to be."

Elijah nodded, staring at Jolan.

"I still cannot believe the greatness of your wolfen beauty, Jolan. Am I as beautiful?"
Jolan smiled, rising from his seat, kissing Justin and Hay's lips, walking around the table, his hands going to his uncle's and cousin's shoulders.

"All Badenwolves are beautiful, Eli. Each shows the beauty of the beast of love each is. As family we stand together, as a clan we are strong and powerful. Some have forgotten that. Today I shall voice the truth of all that. Your father shall lead a nation after today, you shall show pride in the beauty of your Badenwolf self. And we shall stand as one."
Elijah smiled up at the man standing over him.

Jolan smiled, his and Krayos' eyes meeting.

"After today your Kray will feel the beast's love. His smile will widen, his love for only you."
Elijah smiled, Krayos smiling at Jolan.

"My family, my friends." Jolan said, standing erect, everyone around the table drawn to his beautiful face.

"Today I meet my clan, the Badenwolf meeting of truth. I must say something."
Everyone nodded, his three soulmates staring at him.

Jolan had talked to all three this morning, a consensus of love and truth flowing through all three.

Jolan and Josh had told the other two the truth of today's meaning.

The four were one of truth and love now, no secrets hidden between them.

"Today's meeting will be different in ways from the Archanian meeting."
Reinhardt looked at Jolan, the young man smiling at him.

"As loving but different. The end result will be the same. A nation will join as one, a leader of worth standing at its center."
Calen smiled at his nephew, his three brothers smiling at their Badenwolf brother.

"Be prepared for the emotion, the shock and the pain of what is revealed. For them I shall show all, and I shall give all. So says my destiny."
"The Sulfenwolf's destiny?" Chris said, Jolan staring at him.

"His and others, my friend."

Chris nodded, sensing something more behind Jolan's reply.

"More revealing magic, Jo?" Joey said, Jolan looking towards him.

"I am magic, and I am love Joseph. Prepare for both."

Everyone nodded, Jolan's smile of love washing away their confusion and concern.

"Life goes forward, my family. Love grows."

Everyone smiled, the young man walking back to his inner family.

"Let's go for a walk, my angels. Our little piggies need to run off their gluttony."
Hayden and Logan giggled, their fathers setting them down on the ground, the three men rising, joining hands with Jolan, walking away from the table, the boys running ahead of them.

"Mystery, suspense, danger and, I believe, awed magical love await us." Usher said, Nick kissing his cheek.

"Jolan's love awaits us. A walk sounds nice, my Ush."

Usher smiled, the two rising up, others joining them, walking off in different directions.

Calen and his brothers watched everyone walk away, Elijah at his father's side, Krayos beside him.

"What happened last night, Father? You seemed totally shocked by Jolan's wolfen appearance. Is something wrong?"

"No, my wolfen son. Everything is actually unbelievably right. I think this day will astound every Badenwolf soul."

Elijah stared at his father, Calen's grey eyes meeting his.

"The sun shall shine from his chest, the crown shall gleam forth from life. The hunger will be revealed, the forgotten one forced to reveal the trueness of our lives."

Elijah stared with surprise at his father.

"Yes, my son?"
"I thought. . .I. . .never mind." he said, Krayos' arm going around him.

Calen smiled at his son, his eyes looking out upon his brethren below him.

"Yes, truth will be shown."

He smiled, his brothers staring at him in silence.


"Stop it, my loves. I have to get dressed."

Josh smiled, his fingers rubbing Jolan's left nipple, Chace knelt before him, his hands on Jolan's center trying to remove his briefs, Justin behind Jolan, his arms wrapped around him.

"I feel your desires against my ass, my Jus." Jolan said, Justin smiling, his lips on Jolan's left earlobe.

"We have time, my love."
Jolan smiled, a soft gasp escaping his throat as Chace nibbled on Jolan's clothed center.

"We just spent two hours in the center of our love." he moaned, Josh's lips meeting his, his tongue licking their moisture.

"We need more, our wolfen beauty." Josh said, his hand going into Jolan's briefs, wrapping around his enlarging organ.

"Tonight, my beauties. Tonight the wolf claims you all."
Chace stood up, pulling Jolan against him.
"Truly, Jo?" he said, Jolan smiling, leaning forward, kissing the young man's smiling lips.

"Yes, truly. We four are one, that wolf's love here now for all three of you. Justin's agreed to it as well. I said on that altar that we would be one in all ways. He's a part of me, he'll be a part of all of you."
Justin smiled, kissing Josh's smiling face.

"His love will shock you. It's so intense and giving. It's like our Jolan's love tripled."
Jolan smiled, his Justin kissing his lips.

"I want both of you to feel its beauty and strength. Our tiger may finally be sated."
Josh and Jolan laughed, Chace smiling.

"Bring it on, wolfboy!"

Jolan laughed, Chace leaning forward and kissing him again, Josh and Justin staring at Jolan.

He met the gaze of all three, seeing their love entrenched in their eyes.

"I love all three of you, my loves. Your love walks with me."
The three teared up, Jolan kissing each of them deeply.

"My love shall hold you tonight, my beauty is yours always."

The three smiled, Jolan stepping back.

"Now, where's that robe?"


Calen stood beside his bed, his robe covering his muscular body.

He smiled, having looked at himself in the full length mirror that stood in the corner.

His body was blemish-free, its smoothness filling his soul with happiness.

A tap came to the tent's doorway.

"Enter." he said, his eyes meeting two blue eyes of piercing determination.

"The clearing is full, our Prince." Quinton Banyon said, bowing to his leader.

"The clan is ready?"
"Yes, Prince Calen. The clan has gathered for its Renewal."

"A Renewal that shall shock it to its foundations, Elder."
The man's blue eyes stared at the man, nodding his head slowly.

"That is my greatest hope, my Prince."

Calen smiled, the bone necklace of his dynasty going over his head, the pewter wolf pendant again against his chest, Quinton staring at it.

"The power of the people joined in one amulet of worth." he said, Calen smiling.

"Yes, Elder. The symbol of our resolve, of our destiny."

"I hope that this day finds that truth, Prince."

"It shall, Quinton. For a greater vision of might and love shall be shown to all of us. I have seen it myself last night."

The man smiled, Calen smiling back.

"I leave, my friend. Let us join under his truth."
The man nodded, bowing to his leader, Calen walking out of the tent, the other four Elders waiting outside for him.

They bowed together, Calen smiling at all five.

"Onward to destiny, my friends."
"Yes, our Prince. Onward to destiny." Quinton said, smiling at him, his blue eyes in deep concentration.

A man walked up towards them, bowing deeply to Calen.

"Yes, Neville?"

"A word with Elder Quinton, sire. Concerns in his tents."

Calen nodded, Quinton smiling at him.

"I shall catch up, my Prince."
Calen nodded, walking towards the decline, the other four Elders following him.

The man stood in silence, Quinton staring after them.

"Yes, Neville. The word is given. Prepare for my greatness."
The man bowed, staring at the Elder.

"My shot shall be true, master. He shall fall, death greeting him before he hits the ground."
Quinton smiled, his hand going to the rather homely man's face.

"And you shall have your reward. I shall give you back your soul."

The man smiled, his homeliness widening, his face rather plain.

"Thank you, Master. I shall end his life and you shall rule unchallenged."
The Elder smiled, his eyes looking towards his leader's disappearing image.

"And Calen Dragos Lantos shall fade from memory. The dynasty of Banyon shall fill with bloodthirst. Jolan Dragos shall be my first meal, his blood will be delicious."
The man's face widened into a large smile, his now yellow eyes darkening with hunger.



End of Chapter 145


Ominous words of concern at the end.


Who is Quinton's murdering target?
Seems that someone is in grave danger.

Is it Jolan or is it Calen?

Or is it both?

The Elder's eyes are now yellow.

Has he a Badenwolf soul as well?
Will beasts unite to destroy what Jolan is trying to create?


And so our foursome of love becomes one.

And apparently Jolan is going to give his beastly love to the other two of his heart.

Joined as one of beast and human love.

Oh, I can feel the tawdriness already!


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The next chapter shall be devoted to it.

Jolan's second path of destiny unfolds.


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The Badenwolf gathering awaits.

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