Jolan's Path - Chapter 146


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 146



The Forgotten Wolf's Destiny



Justin sat in silence, Chace and Josh at his sides.

The three--along with their family and friends--were seated in a stone encased balcony, overlooking the clan of Badenterra below them.

At ten o'clock the clan had risen as one, their leader Prince Calen at their head, the nation moving towards a well-groomed trail that led northward through the forested Carpathian mountains.

Jolan's family and friends followed the Elders and Calen, the group walking forward with a nation of lost souls walking behind them.

Jolan's three soulmates immediately took in the fact that Jolan was nowhere in sight.

The kids had remained at the encampment, Auntie Gee and Rachel looking after all of them.

Jolan had decided that whatever was to come was not for children's eyes.

Hayden had kissed Justin goodbye, the boy's face wearing a large smile.

"Me be's okay, Poppa. Loggie and me knows Dada's love, and his truth."

The three soulmates had stared at the two boys, both kids laughing and running towards Sean and Jayden.

"I think our sons are well connected to our Jo." Chace said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"We all are, Chace. Our love is one."

The three had smiled at each other, joining their family in front of Calen's tent.

Calen had beckoned Justin to him as they walked through the forest, the man now walking at his side.

Calen smiled at the younger man, seeing his concern for his missing Jolan.

"Jolan has gone on ahead, Justin. He awaits us for our moments of truth."

Justin nodded, his eyes meeting Josh's and Chace's walking behind him, the two talking to several of the Elders.

"My Jolan seemed rather focused this morning, Uncle Calen. You seem the same."

Calen smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"I walk forward towards life, my new nephew. My brethren walk towards his truth."

Justin's blue eyes met Calen's grey, Justin seeing a look of total happiness and love in those silvery orbs.

"Today I sense I shall be as happy as I have ever been, Justin. My nephew's love is strong within my heart. Today I shall lead my people with his love and mine."

Justin nodded, walking beside the leader of the clan of Badenterra.

The two men walked in silence, Justin taking in the man's calm smiling face.


It was an hour trek through forested beauty, the day's surprising warmth surrounding them.

They had crested a large hill, overlooking a sight of surprising beauty for Jolan's family and friends.

Below them was an immense valley, or rather a basin cut between two large mountains.

In the center of the valley was a large amphitheatre, its weatherworn looks entrenched with age.

It was made of stone, rows of seats shown in a semi-circle, the largeness of the structure able to hold the nation walking behind them.

"That. . .that looks like a Roman arena or theatre!" Chris said, his eyes taking in the structure's ancient look.

"It is much older than the lost Roman race, Chris." Calen said, looking down upon the meeting place of his lineage.

"Behold the Casa din Viata, my friends. The House of Life; the meeting place for over two hundred generations of the Badenwolf clan."

Jolan's family and friends took in the massiveness of the stone arena below them, the clan of Badenterra heading down the slope before them, Calen smiling at his advancing people and his friends surrounding him.

"Come, my friends. You have a reserved balcony on the western side, close to the central dais. You shall be able to see and hear all that transpires." Calen said, Davian Sarducci walking up to his leader.

The young man bowed, looking towards Justin, then at Calen.

"The clan begins to sit, Prince Calen. Jolan is present in the readying room, my brother is with him. The clan is aware of his waiting presence." the young man said, his eyes holding a look of confusion in them when he looked at Justin again.

"Come, my Prince. Our seats await us." Quinton Banyon said, the other four Elders nodding, Calen giving them a nod, looking then at Justin and his friends.

"Davian will show you to your balcony. The Rite of Renewal shall and must begin on the midday hour. It fast approaches."

Justin nodded, Josh and Chace at his sides.

Calen smiled at them all, then began to walk down the trail, heading for the arena, the Elders following him.

Davian watched them leave, Justin's hand going to the young Badenwolf's shoulder.

"Is everything alright with my Jolan, Davian?" he said, the young man looking at him.

"Jolan seemed so calm, Mr. Timberlake. His eyes hold so much acceptance. My brother and I feel the greatness hiding behind them. It is as if he's totally centered. Strength and power simmer behind their goldenness. It is so different from last night."

"Last night? You mean at the pool?"
The young man stared at Josh who'd spoken.

"No, Mr. Chasez. I was referring to before the circle's meeting. I found Jolan before that in the wooded forest behind our Prince's tents."
Justin stared at the young man, remembering that Jolan had left about an hour before they'd left for the circle, he later appearing on the altar.

"You found him in the forest? What was he doing?" Chace said, staring at the man now, as were all their friends surrounding him.

The young man stared at the three men staring back at him.

"He was sleeping, sirs."

The three men exchanged looks, Chris walking up to them.

"Sleeping? You mean he was sound asleep in the forest?"
"Yes, sir. He was so deeply in sleep I thought that perhaps he'd fainted. I found him on a bed of moss, I bent down and tried to wake him. It took forever for him to come around, and then. . ."

"Then what, Davian?" Justin said, staring at the man.

"He. . .he opened his eyes and they. . . they were. . .well, blank."

"Blank? What do you mean blank?"
"There were no pupils, sir. They were completely white. And then he began to cry, to sob into his hands. It took him a few minutes to calm down, then he stood, staring at me with his eyes a deep silver color. He said he was alright, that everything was as it should now be. I. . .I saw so much trembling in his movements, as if he was in great pain. He staggered a bit, then asked me to guide him down to the circle. I took him there, then leaving him. He asked me not to worry you with his condition. I then returned to the camp to guide our Prince and all of you to the circle. He was gone when we arrived at the circle ahead of you. But the Prince informed us this morning that he was there later, and totally calm and relaxed."
"Yes he was, Davian." Josh said, looking at Justin.

"What does that mean, Jus? His eyes were white and he was in pain, after sleeping?" Chace said, Chris looking at him, then at Justin and Josh.

"He was asleep because he needed to be."
"What do you mean, Chris?" Britney said, staring at her husband, having joined the five men.

"Don't you see? I easily see it. Jolan was sleeping for only one reason."
The three of his soul looked at each other, Josh looking at Chris.

"He was soul walking, Josh." Chris said, the three staring at their friend, Justin and Chace looking surprised, Josh quietly staring at Chris.

"Soul walking? Where would he have had to walk to last night? Unless. . .?" Chace said, Justin looking at him.

"Unless. . .that apparition on the altar. . .our Jo wasn't our real Jo." Chace said, looking confused, his Josh's arm going around him.

"No, Chace. The man we joined with last night was our Jolan. I have full belief in that." Justin said, the other two men smiling at him.

"I believe that, too, Jus." Josh said, Chace smiling at both.

"Me too."
"It's mysterious, I'll give you that." Chris said, Davian looking at all of them.

"Please, sirs. You must go to your seats, the ritual is about to begin. Follow me, everyone." he said, bowing to all of them, everyone trading looks, following the young man down the mountainside, Chris looking deep in thought.

"Whatever Jolan did last night--or where he went--I believe we'll find out today. This has a sense of revealing magic." he said, Justin looking at him as they walked forward, his thoughts his own.

What are you doing, my love?

What's going on in that mind of yours?

I hope today's love and magic doesn't tax your soul.

I love you and I'll be with you all the way.

Justin's eyes met Josh's, seeing the depth of love shining there.

Josh's focused love immediately calmed his soul.

I love you and I'll be with you all the way, Josh thought in his own mind.

Chace's mind was filled with the same thought, his arm going around Justin, the three walking downward.


Calen Dragos stood in the center of the arena, the noise around him deafening.

All the Badenwolf adults surrounding him were on their feet, their howls echoing around the arena, the depth of its loudness vibrating off the stone and marble walls.

It was noon, the center of the day, the center of the sun shining down from above them, their voices raised as one, their eyes staring up into the sun.

"Mother sun of life, Mother sun of truth! We radiate our love outwards as you radiate your warmth. Let our bodies and souls come alive with your warmth and energy. Let us take in your warmth against the coldness of our empty souls. Let us stand together as one nation, as one family!" Calen said as the din lessened, all the nation going to their knees before him, a homily to the warming sun above them, a joining of their hearts as one nation.

"We are the children of the Bloodthirst, the descendants of the first great wolf. We walk through history now with no Badenwolf souls. But we still have our Badenwolf hearts, our Badenwolf courage and our Badenwolf strength of determination. Today--as we have hungered for many years--we seek an absolution to our pain, an absolution to our need. Let this perhaps be the day of renewal, a healing renewal of hope. For he walks among us, he that we have hoped for. Today he comes to us with truth."

The kneeling nation raised their heads again, their howls of loudness and longing reverberating off the stone walls.

Justin and his friends sat in silence above them, taking in Calen's opening words before his clan.

They saw the five Elders seated behind Calen against one wall, all seated in stone chairs, the seats of authority and strength. On the other side across from them sat one central seat, the seat of power, Prince Calen's own throne of courage.

The leader of the nation looked around at all of them, his own howl of truth raising above theirs.

"Arise from worship, children of the wolf. Sit and listen to all that will be said, watch all that will be shown. Today is our day of True Renewal. Today's Rite will be deep with truth." their Prince said, the man looking around at everyone.

The clan rose as one from their knees, returning to their stone seats, the nation encircling their leader.

Calen's grey eyes looked out at his brethren, the man standing alone before his nation, his long emerald green robe of majestic kingship covered in front by the Teeth of The Wolf, his nation's seal of authority, the necklace Calen wore with honor.

"Let they of the Five Fangs of Badenterra speak their words of hope to the nation. They hold the history of our nation and the past of our souls. Today that past shall come to life and truth shall show its wonder." he said, their Prince returning to his stone chair, sitting down.

The five Elders rose from their chairs, walking to the center of the dais where Prince Calen had stood, a marble circle embedded in the soil, the face of a wolf etched into it.

The five Elders stood together on top of the wolf's head, looking out on the nation.

They spoke in turn, Quinton Banyon the last to speak.

Each of the first four spoke to their nation of hope, of love and of courage.

Philip Richards spoke of the nation's love for one another, of the clan acting as one breathing wolf.

Ferdinand Carthos spoke of the courage of all of them, of their strength at their going on against all odds, against all pain.

Ahmed Dulos spoke of the greatness of their Badenwolf hearts, of their joining as one against the world.

Phineus Delaney spoke of the hope in all of them for a day of total renewal, his blue eyes going to his Prince.

"Let us hope against all hope that our Prince's opening words bear fruit. Let us hope that today we may drink of the blood of truth and life."
The four bowed to their nation, then their leader, returning to their seats, Quinton Banyon standing alone on the stone circle in the center of the arena.

As head of the Elders he was given the right to speak the last words of opening tribute.

The nation appeared to be well relaxed, a soft happiness flowing through them.

Above the nation Justin's eyes were on the man standing below them, his blue eyes searching everywhere for his absent Jolan.

"Children of Badenterra, children of the great wolf. Long have we waited for this day. Not for the day of hope that our Prince seems set upon us seeing, but for the day of our deliverance. Our deliverance from the cowardice we have been forced to endure."

The nation straightened in their seats, all eyes on the man standing alone, Prince Calen sitting up in his seat as well, staring at the head Elder.

"Prince Calen was the first to lose his soul, the first to feel the pain we all now feel. And since that first day, each of us has, in turn, had our own soul ripped from us. A coincidence? Perhaps not. For I, your head Elder, believe in my heart that perhaps our Prince has brought this plague upon all of us. I speak only the words that you all have felt in your silent hearts. This plague began with him."

The nation growled as one, those above them looking on in concern.

"Today, our Prince hopes to beguile all of us with this man he claims is the Lost One, the sacred one we as a nation have dreamt of. I believe in my heart that dream shall never bear fruit. The only hope we have is reality. Reality and strength. That strength I have learned we can regain ourselves."

The nation surrounding him began to murmur, Quinton smiling within himself, seeing his speech was having its wanted effect, the nation was murmuring its discontent.

The other four Elders were staring at Prince Calen, their leader remaining silent, his grey eyes staring at Quinton Banyon.

The head Elder turned, his eyes meeting Calen's, the two staring into each other's souls.

"I charge this day that perhaps we have been led by a coward. That our once great nation was led into destruction by one man alone. Calen Dragos--son of Lava Mora and grandson of Dahlia Lantos, most revered queens of our lineage--is perhaps nothing more than a coward."
The arena was filled with total silence, all eyes upon Prince Calen.

The man began to rise out of his chair, a new voice breaking the silence.

"Words against my father shall be met with my own teeth of justice."

Calen's eyes went to the front row of the seated nation, a young man standing up in its center, his son seated between Davian and Gabriel Sarducci.

Quinton's eyes had turned to the voice as well, his piercing eyes taking in the young man's beauty.

"Upstart bastards of cowardly princes hold no voice in this sacred arena. Sit down, lost one." the Elder said, Elijah Fontaine's grey eyes locked with the Elder's own.

Quinton Banyon leered at the beautiful youth, Elijah moving forward, his father now on his feet.

"Sit down, my son of love. I can voice my own courage."
Elijah stopped, the young man staring at his father, then the Elder between them.

"He speaks words of hate and untruths against you, my Father. I shall always defend my family's honor."

"Your family loves you for that courage, my son. Please sit down and let this take its course. Only they who can walk into the Wolf's Circle can speak." Calen said, Elijah's blue eyes meeting his father's grey.

The young man slowly backed up, returning to his seat, the nation's eyes on him and his father.

Quinton Banyon smiled, his eyes turning back to Calen.

"Words of defiance and concern fill this arena, Elder of our council. I feel one tooth of the Five Fangs may be rotten." the Prince said, Quinton leering at him.

"I only speak what lays in the heart of our nation, Prince. It is time the nation pulled off the oppression of your cloak of mysticism and magic. It is time for us to stand as one nation of courage and bloodlust."
"Words of truth, Elder. Today we shall stand as one nation. But it is not through the hunger for revenge that we shall be courageous." Calen said, walking up to the Elder, the two staring at each other.

"You have spoken your words, Elder Quinton. They have been taken in by the people, doubt now runs through all of them. Take your seat." he said, the Elder staring at him for a moment, then slyly smiling.

"Freedom of speech still reigns within the pack, Prince Calen. Thank you for letting me voice my concerns. I shall step back and listen to the words of he you are forcing upon us. Let us then judge what must be done after that." he said, bowing before the Prince, the nation taking in the man's sudden compliance, the feeling of confrontation suddenly dissipating.

The Elder smiled, backing up and returning to his seat, the other four Elders staring at him with grave concern.

Prince Calen stared at the man, Quinton Banyon smiling out at everyone.

The Prince turned back to the assembled, Quinton's eyes going through the staring crowd, one set of eyes meeting his.

Neville, his servant, nodded his head slowly, his left arm snaking into his long robe, the man standing beside a stone pillar.

"This place has always been a haven of truth and honesty. Our sacred Elder has voiced his own concerns, his own opinion of my own worth. I did not know that this was to be a tribulation of my own leadership.  I stand before all of you as the man that I am, as the man I always was. Albeit half the man I once was. I am your leader, the Prince of the Pack as my own mother Queen Lava Mora bestowed upon me. I have carried that mantle with truth, courage and love. I have given all for all of you. Today I give you something more. I give you the truth. Today I guide that truth to you. It is time for that truth to sink into your souls."

Calen Dragos looked out upon his brethren, all staring at his calm handsome face.

"Rise as one, my children of blood. Rise as one and greet he that shall join all of you with your destiny. Come forth, lost myth of our lineage, lost hope of our history. Come forth my nephew, Jolan Vilos Joelius Dragos!"


The nation stood on their feet, Justin and his group rising as well, all searching all over the arena, their eyes searching for Jolan.

A sound was heard, one hidden doorway on the left marble wall of the arena opening, its double doors opening outward.

Jolan Dragos walked out of the darkened room, walking into the glaring sunshine, his golden eyes shining like two suns, staring around at everyone.

And everyone in the arena was staring at a masculine vision of total beauty.

The young man wore only one piece of clothing, a black loincloth covering his center, his smooth, muscular body on full view to the nation.

On his chest the shining sun of truth drew all the gazes of the clan, their eyes showing shock and surprise.

"He is marked with the sun! He. . .he is the Sulfenwolf!" voices screamed, fingers pointing, Calen's eyes scanning his brethren.

"What's with him showing off his naked beauty? I swear he's got some kind of fetish." Chris said, Joey chuckling, their eyes meeting, Britney poking her man in the ribs.

Chris blushed, those around him seeing his attempt at levity, the atmosphere in the arena drenched in brooding concern.

Justin's, Josh's and Chace's eyes were on their soulmate, his beauty revealed as always.

"He's showing them his own real self, Chris. He's showing them the hope of what's to come." Josh said, Justin smiling beside him.

All eyes stared at the young man as he crossed the soft sandy floor of the arena, the man walking barefoot up to Calen, Jolan standing at the Wolf's Circle's edge, his uncle staring at him with deep love.

"Welcome to the Rite of Renewal, our lost soul of worth. Step forward onto the Wolf's Circle, child of Badenwolf blood. Step forward and speak words of truth to thy brethren. You have the floor and our undivided attention Jolan, son of my brother. You are worthy of their Badenwolf love." Prince Calen said, Jolan softly bowing to the leader of his nation.

Jolan moved, walking up onto the marble dais, standing at his uncle's side.

Jolan's eyes went outward, staring at the nation surrounding him, his body turning, moving in a circle, following each staring gaze, lastly falling on the five Elders seated behind him.

Quinton Banyon's eyes took in the young muscular man standing before him, his eyes devouring every inch of the revealed beauty before him.

"I feel the evil, I feel the truth." Jolan said, his eyes not looking at the man.

Calen nodded at his nephew, the Prince of the Badenwolves walking back to his stone seat, sitting down again.

Jolan turned, his focus on those before him.

"Thank you, Prince of our heart, leader of our nation. It warms my heart greater than the sun that I now stand before my Badenwolf brethren. I am Badenwolf and I am blessed of family."
The people sat in silence, taking in every word the young man spoke, his voice resonating to every ear, no one straining to hear.

"Long have I waited for this moment, for this moment of Badenwolf welcome. Soon I shall be as one with all of you, my brethren of beastly worth. I am Badenwolf, and I am loved."

"To be loved is to earn that love. You are unknown to all of us." Quinton said loudly behind him, Jolan's eyes turning towards the Elders.

"Today you shall know of me, as others already do."

Their eyes stared at him, Jolan's face returning to the staring clan.

"I have walked into the center of a blazing fire. I feel the heat of your uncertainty. I also feel the heat of longing and hope, of need and trembling emotion. My uncle today spoke truth. Today is the day of True Renewal. I am here to free all of your souls. I am truth and I am life. I am the beast of life, I am he foretold."
The nation surrounding Jolan began to talk and murmur, people rising up and pointing at him, words shouted.

"Liar! Blasphemer! You are not real!"

Quinton Banyon was on his feet, Calen's grey eyes staring at him.

"Do not walk into this sacred hall and speak blasphemously to all of us! You are not the Sulfenwolf!!" the Elder screamed, Jolan's yellow eyes going to his.

Everyone above them saw the confrontation brewing between Jolan and Quinton, as well as the Badenwolves, Josh's arms going around Justin and Chace, standing between them.

The next words spoken by Jolan stunned everyone, the nation sinking back into their seats.

"You are correct, deceiver of shadows. I am not the Sulfenwolf."


The nation stared in silence, Jolan's words so surprising.

Jolan stood alone upon the dais, his eyes going to the Elders, Quinton Banyon staring at him with surprised shock on his face.

"I am not the Sulfenwolf. He is an individual of truth unto himself. But he is indeed here today."

Quinton Banyon began to rise from his seat, Elder Ferdinand holding him back.

"Prince Calen said you were the Sulfenwolf, Saviour of our nation!"

"I claim to be a man of destiny, Elder of lies. I claim the right to be the chosen one that I am. All shadows shall be revealed."

Everyone in the surrounding arena was filled with confusion, Jolan's yellow eyes staring out at all of them.

"Elder Ferdinand, read to the nation the prophecy of our destiny, in regards to the Sulfenwolf." Jolan said, the young man folding his hands in front of him, his smooth chest rising in calmness.

Elder Ferdinand stood up from his seat, releasing his grip on Quinton Banyon.

"The words are etched into the conscience of every Badenwolf, Jolan Dragos. I can recite them by heart. For those unknown of its words, here now I recite them."

The Elder's voice filled the quiet arena.


We of the Wolf shall fall into the abyss of loss.

We shall lose our souls, pain and markings of truth replacing them.

For generations the pain shall be our curse, the truth denied us.


One day in the warmth of the Giver's sunshine we shall look upon a wolf of greatness.

One wolf shall heal us, our pain and markings gone into the night.

One wolf shall lead us to greatness, his courage burning in our hearts.

Our Sulfenwolf of sunshine shall be our voice of faith, love and life.

He shall heal his forefather, returning his love.


Our destiny shall ring true to the generations, our past a beacon to the future truths.

So shall we live and so shall we die under his truth.

Shadows give way to life.

Life gives way to truth.

Badenterra will again shine in the sun of life.



Elder Ferdinand sat down, his eyes staring at Jolan Dragos, the nation's gaze upon the man as well.

"So says the prophecy, Jolan Dragos. The Sulfenwolf is the chosen one. He shall heal us, guide us and be our voice of life. He shall heal life."

Jolan's yellow eyes looked upon all five Elders, then at his uncle, Calen still seated upon his stone throne, his grey eyes filled with love and acceptance.

"So say the words of our past, of our history. They are open to the interpretation the nation has accepted."

Quinton Banyon leered at Jolan, Jolan's yellow eyes gazing at him.

"But as with all things written in the past, that past lies open to many interpretations. I am sorry to say my brethren of the past have gotten it wrong."

Quinton Banyon rose to his feet, the other four Elders joining him.

"You stand upon the Wolf's Circle and call our forefathers liars!" the head Elder said, the nation now standing as one, shouting at Jolan, the young man standing alone before his angered brethren.

The din rose, Justin and his group staring down at them, Chris staring at Jolan.

"He's just pissed off a nation of lost wolves. Thank God they're not able to show their wolfen selves. They'd tear him to pieces, and that still could happen." he said, Josh's eyes meeting his.

Josh's eyes went back to the gathering, a solitary man below him raising his head, his scream sending a shiver down all the backs of everyone surrounding him.

It was a deep howl of unfathomable anguish.

The nation silenced, the five Elders staring at Jolan in shock, never having heard such a lamenting howl of hurt.

"Giver of life! Upon the souls of all our lost generations I shall give mine to end this anger!" he said, his yellow eyes ablaze now.

The nation as one sank back down into their seats, the arena shrouded in silence, their eyes upon the man of greatness standing before them.

Jolan's blazing eyes softened, the glowing yellow calming, those eyes turning to the five Elders.

"I was not calling my own forefathers liars, Elder Quinton. I only stated that they were mistaken."

Quinton Banyon moved forward, the other four Elders following him, Prince Calen's silent form staring at all five.

"You speak in riddles and tongues, lost one! You are an abomination upon our sacred soil." Quinton said, Jolan's yellow eyes staring at him.

"The prophesised individual written in the past was mistakenly thought of as only one man. If you read the words alone you shall see the truth in my claim. The prophecy was not of one man, but of three."

The five Elders stopped, the nation surrounding them gasping.

"One wolf to heal us, one wolf to guide us, and one wolf to be the voice of love and life. Three souls of worth, three souls of truth. All three have stood before you today."

Prince Calen rose up from his throne, the five Elders looking towards his movement, the man walking to the Wolf's Circle, the man joining his nephew upon the dais.

"Brethren of my soul, children of the wolf. My nephew speaks words of truth. This morning he showed me the truth of his proclamation. Three souls of worth stand before you. It is time for all three to show themselves."

Calen's hands went to his robe, the man casting it aside, the nation as one gasping, the Five Fangs of Badenterra stepping back in shock.

Calen stood before his nation, his smooth body shown before all of them, the man wearing an identical loincloth to Jolan's.

"My body is cleansed, the marks of my pain no longer attached to my soul. My nephew--in the greatness of his love--has healed the pain and marks upon my body. My soul still remains denied from me. That soul one day shall return, as shall all of yours. I have full confidence in my nephew's ability to do that. Before you stands the first of those three. I am that first. I am he who shall guide you forward to greatness and to our destiny. My courage will be as great as yours."

Quinton Banyon stepped forward, the man stepping onto the Wolf's Circle, his eyes glaring at Calen.

"You show us tricks of magic, smoothness of skin bewitched to make your nation subjugate itself to you. We all see that you have not your Badenwolf's soul. Your nephew's fake magic cannot return that to you. Am I the only one who sees the tricks shown before us? Children of Badenwolf glory! Cast out these charlatans that seek to destroy all of us. Have we not suffered enough under Prince Calen's cowardice?"
Calen's grey eyes lowered, the Elder smiling towards him.

"Your deceiving cowardice shows itself. I shall end this now." the head Elder said, Quinton moving to the front of the stone circle, looking up at his people.

"I demand an Eliberare de Sange."


The clan gasped, the other four Elders rushing forward.

"No, Quinton! Keep your head, man! This is insane!" Elder Philip said, the man staring at him.

"I am keeping it, Brother. Our Prince of cowardice shall lose his. I stand upon the Wolf's Circle. I ask for the Release of Blood. I challenge Calen Dragos to a fight for our nation. I offer my life against his."

The Elder stared outward at his people.

"Our Prince of cowardice is not the only one to appear with healed truths. I am the answer to your prayers. I can heal all of you."
Quinton opened his robe, the clan gasping, those above them gasping as well.

Quinton Banyon's revealed body was as smooth as Calen's.

"He is healed! He is smooth of pain and hurt!" people shouted, the Elder smiling out at them, his eyes going to the other four of the council.

"I am healed as well as our Prince. My healing is the true healing. Today I shall fight our Prince to save our people. Falsehoods of magic shall fall to the truths of science. What say you, Prince Calen?"

Jolan's yellow eyes met Calen's, the man's grey eyes then going to Quinton's.

"If truth needs to shine in death, then I shall see it done. I accept your challenge."
Elijah rose from his seat, meaning to go to his father, Davian and Gabriel holding him back.

"No, Father! This is barbaric!"

Calen's grey eyes met his son's.

"Life can be barbaric, my son. But his truth shall be so beautiful."

Calen's eyes went to the four Elders standing beside the dais.

"I accept the challenge, Elders. I fight for life and truth."
The four looked stunned by the realization before them, Elder Ahmed walking forward.

"So it is voiced, so it shall be done. Prepare for the challenge. May the Giver's love have mercy on both of you."

Calen nodded, his eyes meeting Quinton's.

The man smiled at him, walking off the dais towards the southern wall of the arena.

Calen's eyes met Jolan's, the young man's yellow eyes entrenched with love.

"Go to your destiny, Prince of the Badenwolves."

Calen nodded, the man walking off the dais, walking to the northern wall.

Jolan Dragos stood alone upon the Wolf's Circle, his eyes staring at the four remaining Elders.

"Walk then to truth, walk then to destiny." he said, the young man walking off the dais, towards Calen's vacated chair.

He stood in front of it, the young man turning, his yellow eyes staring towards the west, his uncle standing on his right side.

Jolan sat down in the chair, the four Elders gasping.

"That is sacrilegious!" Elder Phineus said, the four Elders looking at Jolan in shock, the young man staring out at the clan before him.

Jolan's yellow eyes fell upon two young men, both nodding at him, Elijah staring at Davian and Gabriel as the two men rose up, leaving him alone, both disappearing upwards through the clan.

Calen's voice cut through the stunned silence.

"My nephew has every right to sit upon that throne. He has a greater right than all of us."

The four Elders stared in surprise at Calen's words, their leader staring at them.

"I release my life and my blood against my challenger." Calen said, Quinton Banyon smiling at the man standing across from him.

"I release my life and blood against the coward I challenge." he said, Calen staring at him, the man's face covered in calm determination.

"Begin the challenge, Elders." Calen said, the man taking a deep breath.

Elder Ferdinand walked onto the dais, staring out upon his people.

"A rite of truth, a challenge against life. So we shall witness, its outcome left to destiny. What say you, our nation?"
The clan rose as one, their howls filling the day's sunlight.

In front of them a young man sat upon the throne of their ancestors, Jolan Dragos' head lowering.

Elder Ferdinand turned around, looking at both combatants.

"Walk unto death, walk unto courage. Begin!" he said, his hand going down.


Justin and his group of family and friends stood upon the balcony, their eyes taking in the barbaric rite before them.

They saw the two men rush across the arena, the two enveloped together.

Quinton lunged at Calen, his fist hitting the man's chest, Calen pushing forward, his strong arms encircling the man's large chest.

Quinton Banyon had fifty or sixty pounds on the smaller slenderer man, all pounds of sinewy muscle.

The larger man pushed back, his fist hitting Calen in the face, Calen falling back, his momentum lessening.
Elijah was on his feet, the young man staring at his father fighting the other man.

Calen regained his footing, his fist flying forward, hitting Quinton in the face, the larger man falling backwards.

Calen lunged at him, the larger man's legs going upwards, Calen flipping over the man's body, landing on his back, Quinton Banyon on his feet again, rushing towards him.

Calen regained his feet just as the man lunged at his head, his arm going around it, catching Calen in a chokehold, the man gasping.

Elijah stared with concern at his father, seeing him straining to free himself from the man's grasp.

The clan was on its feet, all eyes upon the two fighting before them.

"This is barbaric, Justin! Someone has to stop this!" Lynn said, Paul's arm around her, the two standing behind Jolan's three soulmates.

Justin's eyes went to his Jolan, the young man still seated upon the throne, his head still lowered.

Justin saw no tremble or hurt in the young man's stance, his eyes meeting his mother's.

"Something's going on, Mom. Jolan's remaining silent." he said, all eyes surrounding him briefly staring at the silent young man.

"He can stop this, he has to!" Chris said, his face now covered in concern for Calen's safety.

Calen's brothers were now at the balcony's edge, staring down at their brother.

"Please, my son. Stop this now!" Joel shouted, Jolan remaining silent and unmoving.

Below them Calen was fighting for his life.
He saw only one move that could save him, the larger man choking the life out of him.

Calen rose erect, the other shorter man rising off the ground, the man's arm still around Calen's throat.

Calen's mind focused on one truth that echoed in his mind.

The man began to rotate his body, the man holding onto him beginning to move as well.

In one burst of strength, Calen moved forward, his arms of strength propelling the large man away from him, Quinton Banyon flying through the air, hitting the ground and rolling onto the Wolf's Circle.

Calen gasped, the man rushing forward, his arms going to the man still laying on his back, Quinton Banyon gasping for breath, the wind knocked out of him.

Calen's hands sought the man's throat, his fingers of strength tightening around the man's throat.

Quinton's eyes stared up at him in panic, Calen's eyes filled with truth and life.

The man struggled, Calen's grey eyes looking up into the watching eyes of his clan.

Calen's hands lessened their grip, the man rising upwards, staring down at the man laying upon the dais, his hands at his own throat, Quinton gasping.

"I am not a coward, I am a Prince of Badenwolf courage. I spare your life and he shall spare your soul."

Calen moved, turning and looking at the four Elders.

"The challenge is over. I have vanquished my honor. I give him his life so he may feel his own truths."

The four Elders nodded their heads, all going to their knees before their leader.

"Prince Calen is victorious! All hail our courageous Prince!" they shouted, the clan roaring as one.

Those above them stared down at Calen, the man standing erect with a look of nobility upon his face.

Before them stood a Prince.

Chris' eyes caught a movement out of the corner of his eyes from the upper tier of the Badenwolf seats, the man's eyes widening in shock.

"Look out, Calen!" he screamed, his voice drawing many eyes.

It was a voice that screamed too late.

Neville, Quinton's servant, had aimed his weapon, the arrow leaving his crossbow, shrieking towards Calen Dragos, its mission one of life-robbing truth.

Calen turned towards the upper balcony, the arrow flowing to its target.

At the last moment of approaching death a hand reached out, the arrow stopping inches from Calen's face, held in the grasp of his nephew's right hand.

Calen gasped, Jolan standing at his side.

No one had seen the young man leave his seat, his motion one of unbelievable speed.

The nation gasped as one, staring at the young man standing in front of their Prince.

"To rob you of life is evil's way of balancing my destiny. I shall tip the scales towards your life." he said, Calen staring into his yellow eyes of love.

Neville stood on the upper tier, staring in shock at the young man who'd stopped his deadly arrow.

He turned to flee, two sets of hands grabbing onto him, Davian and Gabriel Sarducci pulling the man downward down the aisle to the bottom tier.

"Behold the assassin of death! Quinton Banyon's own servant!" Davian yelled, everyone staring at him.

The four Elders stared at the man, Elder Ahmed walking forward.

"Neville, servant of your master! Why have you tried to kill Prince Calen?" he said, his eyes going to the man struggling to rise up from the dais, Quinton's eyes now softly glowing yellow, Elder Ahmed's eyes widening in surprise.

"Because he was my last chance. But I have another." the man said, Jolan's eyes drawn to his yellow glowing eyes.

"Bring forth thy evil, spawn of shadows. Let the second one show his courage." he said, the man before them changing.

Quinton Banyon's form changed immediately, the clan standing, gasping at a shape long lost to them.

Before them rose a Badenwolf warrior, a wolfen male of hairy strength.

That revealed wolf howled, its body moving forward across the dais, ploughing through the four Elders, sending them flying.

The beast leapt off the dais, falling against Calen's chest.

Calen fell backwards, the wolf's teeth going for his throat.

People screamed, eyes closing at the impending moment of their leader's death.

Calen's hands went forward, moving the beast's head, its teeth sinking into Calen's shoulder, bones breaking, blood splattering everywhere.

Claws streaked down Calen's chest, lashing open his flesh, blood flowing.

Calen screamed, the beast's head moving again, lunging towards his throat, Calen now unable to stop the beast's hunger.

The beast's mouth widened, a form of immense speed and strength hitting its side, the beast propelled away from its bleeding victim.
Quinton Banyon flew across the ground, landing against the far wall, the impact knocking the wolf unconscious.

All eyes went from him to a large wolf standing over the bleeding Prince.

The wolf's face wore a look of protective love, its chest heaving with strength and courage.

All the clan stood as one, staring at the wolf standing in the arena's center.

Jolan Dragos' eyes moved around the clan, their yellowish glow filled with love.

He stood beside the rising four Elders, all their eyes upon the brown wolf standing at their dying Prince's side.

His chest was covered in a symbol of white brilliance, soft white fur shaped into a sun of extending rays.

Elijah Fontaine stood beside his father, his wolfen self revealed.

Jolan Dragos walked up to the two men, staring into the yellow eyes of his cousin, the wolf's eyes lowering to the bleeding man laying before him.

"Behold the courage of our clan, behold the voice of love! Behold the Sulfenwolf!!!"


The nation as one went to their knees, the brown wolf staring around at all of them, his head raising.

A howl of anguish, of pain and sorrow filled the arena.

Justin and everyone above him stared in shocked wonder, having seen Elijah rush across the arena, his form changing as he ran to his father's aid.

A wolf of unbelievable beauty stood at his father's side, Krayos looking down at his soulmate.

He felt the pain within his soul at the youth's lament for his dying father.

Jolan stared at the wolf before him, its white sun-crested chest heaving.

"Behold the Sulfenwolf of sunshine. The sun marks its chest. The voice of love and life howls for its father. Fear not his passing into the Giver's embrace. You have the strength of destiny, my wolfen cousin of love and life. Life begins for all of us."

Jolan looked into the beast's yellow eyes, the beast lowering itself to its father's side.

"Our Sulfenwolf of sunshine shall be our voice of faith, love and life. He shall heal his forefather, returning his love." Jolan said, looking down upon the father and son, the words of prophecy gaining truth before them.

The wolf looked up into Jolan's loving yellow eyes.

"Faith begins in your own heart, Elijah, Badenwolf of our hearts."

The wolf lowered itself, its arms going around its father, a soft growl of love coming from its throat, a glow of yellowish light surrounding the two, every set of eyes in the arena staring at the sight before them.

The beast howled softly again, parting from its father, its head raising, another howl of hope and love echoing around the arena.

Calen Dragos slowly rose upwards, the man standing before everyone, no wounds of death showing upon himself.


Calen's eyes looked up into the eyes of his now taller wolfen son, two yellow pools of love weeping tears of joy.

"My son. . .my son of love and life. I am alive. . .I am healed!" he said, the clan weeping around them.

"All hail the Sulfenwolf! All hail his healing love! His voice of healing love unites us!" they all screamed, Prince Calen enveloped in his son's strong hairy arms, Jolan smiling at both.

The four Elders walked up to their Prince, their eyes looking upon the wolf staring down at them, its size and muscled greatness dwarfing them.

The knelt as one, Elder Ferdinand's eyes filled with tears.

"All hail life and love! Prince Calen has returned to us! And our Sulfenwolf has shown its beauty and strength. All hail the Lantos dynasty!"
The clan howled, Justin and his group taking in their surrounding joy.

All cheered, only one standing alone, Jolan Dragos' eyes drawn upwards, his yellow eyes of love meeting three sets of blue.

Jolan walked away from the cheering crowd, the young man walking back to the throne of the Badenwolf Prince, Jolan sitting down again, his eyes lowering.

Justin, Josh and Chace all saw the young man centering himself, a deep breath of truth escaping his calming form.

Prince Calen had stood among the cheering nation, his grey eyes taking in the young man's walk to the throne, his own grey eyes meeting his Badenwolf son's yellow.

Calen moved from his son's embrace, the large wolf walking beside him, the two walking up onto the Wolf's Circle, staring up at the cheering multitude.

His hand raised, the clan's din lessening, all eyes falling upon their healed Prince.

"My brethren, children of wolfen life. I am healed, I am returned to you once again. My courage has smote the challenge of my enemy, that wolf of evil revealed, then vanquished by the love of our Sulfenwolf, my own Badenwolf son. Two parts of the prophecy have been revealed to be truthful and real. The Sulfenwolf has healed me, his great voice of healing love now surrounds us. And I have revealed my courage, and my devotion I give to all of you to guide all of us forward on our path of destiny."

The nation rose again, its howls and cheers deafening, Calen waiting as the roaring lessened, silence once again falling across the arena.

"There is only one part left of that prophecy. The third of the three of destiny to be revealed. He has stood here today, watching all that passed, watching all that came into being. Guiding all towards destiny. The challenge of good against evil, the revealing of that evil wolf of destiny and the revealing of our Sulfenwolf. He now sits upon my own throne, sitting in silence, his head lowered. The forgotten wolf of destiny."

All eyes moved, all focusing on Jolan Dragos, the young man seated upon his uncle's seat of power.

"I said earlier that my nephew had every right to sit upon that throne. That he had a greater right than all of us. There is a just and truthful reason for that. I just spoke of him as the forgotten wolf of destiny. He is also the forgotten wolf of our past. The four Elders of goodness have forgotten him as I myself have. But he remains in all of our souls, the life of all of us."
Calen's grey eyes turned and looked at his forgotten nephew, his voice filled with pride and greatness.

He spoke the words from the prophecy again.


One day in the warmth of the Giver's sunshine we shall look upon a wolf of greatness.

One wolf shall heal us, our pain and markings gone into the night.


"So say the words of our prophecy. Look upon his greatness, upon he whom we have forgotten." Calen said, his grey eyes staring at the four remaining Elders.

"You know the passages of our history, the lineage of our lives. One wolf has stood out for generations, one wolf of courage, love and giving life. We, his nation, have forgotten him, forgotten what he so long ago sacrificed for all of us. The Great Wolf gave life, gave love and began our clan's beating heart."
The four Elders eyes widened in disbelief, Calen's grey eyes and theirs going to the man seated upon the throne of courage.

Calen's voice filled the arena, the words of ancient dialect seeped with emotion and wonder.

"Am uitat lup destinul! Marele lup vine! Regele nostru se arata! Iata Shadowwolf!"

The nation of Badenwolves surrounding their leader gasped, going to their feet, staring as one at a silent man seated upon the throne of their leaders, an ancient mystical, mythical being sinking into all of their souls.

The words spoken by Prince Calen were long lost in the writings of their nation.

Words of a wolf of unbelievable might, strength, love, courage and life.

Their first leader of worth and love.

The Great Wolf.

Calen's head raised, a loud howl of life escaping his throat.

His grey eyes suddenly changed, their greyness turning to yellow, the yellow glow of the Badenwolf.

Calen's yellow eyes staring out at the nation, a smile of greatness upon his lips as he repeated the ancient saying in English.

"The forgotten Wolf of destiny! The Great Wolf comes! Our king shows himself! Behold the Shadowwolf!"

All eyes as one went again to Jolan Dragos, the young man seated upon the throne instantly changing, his form enlarging, the wolf within him bursting forth.

The wolf showed itself, its head raising up, then its body.

All eyes of the Badenwolf nation took in the white crown gleaming on his chest.

"I am the Shadowwolf. I am the shadow of the Great Wolf. I stand as one of chosen destiny. I mark all of you as Badenwolf brethren." It said, its voice reaching every ear in the assembled multitude.

The wolf moved, walking forward, the four Elders sinking to their knees, staring in stunned wonder at the wolf walking past them.

The Shadowwolf walked to the southern wall, its form bending, scooping up the body of Quinton Banyon, carrying the man with ease across the arena, Calen and Elijah staring at him with deep love.

The wolf laid the fallen Elder's body down on the Wolf's Circle, Calen and Elijah stepping off of it, they and the four rising Elders encircling it.

The wolf stood upon the dais, its yellow blazing eyes looking out into every staring set of eyes.

"I am the chosen wolf of life. I hold the soul of the Great Wolf within me, I am a shadow of his greatness, and I am so much more. Here now I show you the depth of my giving soul."
The wolf leaned down, its hand going to Quinton's forehead.

"Release him, spawn of evil! Cast out thy vileness!"

Everyone gasped, a red glow showing around the man's body, the glow forming into a ball of red glowing evil.

"I brand you as death, I brand you as evil! Be gone from our giving grace!" the wolf said, a white flash of brightness leaving his hand, hitting the ball, the redness disappearing instantly, consumed by the white light, that light then disappearing.

Quinton Banyon gasped below the wolf above him, his eyes opening.

The Shadowwolf stood, staring down at the man, the man slowly rising to his feet, staring around him.

"What. . .what's going on? Where. . .what am I doing here?"
"You are free of the evil within your soul, Quinton. I knew instantly the evil that had claimed you." the large wolf said, the Elder staring in shock at him, seeing the white crown upon his chest.

"No. . .you. . .you cannot be!"

"I am as I am, Elder of our nation. Go now in love, and with your Badenwolf soul now your own."
Quinton began to sob, going to his knees, the other four Elders surrounding him, helping him regain his feet.

They stared at the great wolf before them, Jolan's yellow eyes filled with love and life.

"I am the Shadowwolf. I am love, I am courage, I am strength, and I am life. Today I give all of you life."

The wolf standing upon the Wolf's Circle raised its head, howling deeply, its left hand going to the loincloth at its center.

From under the loincloth the wolf pulled out a silver chain, raising it.

Hanging from the silver chain was a red pendant, a wolf's head emblazoned upon it.

"Behold the vessel of evil that claimed your souls. Today I destroy it, today I give you your greatest dreams." Jolan, the Shadowwolf, said.

Jolan moved, bringing the pendant down upon the Wolf's Circle, the pendant smashing against its stone surface, the redness of the glass shattering against the stone.

Instantly, small sparkling beams went outward, flying through the air like little stars.

Each hit a Badenwolf, that person gasping, falling to their knees.

All found an owner, each disappearing into that Badenwolf's chest.

The four Elders fell to their knees, the light beams disappearing into them as well.

Jolan Dragos, Shadowwolf of the Badenwolf nation stood alone upon the Wolf's Circle, his voice raised above the weeping masses.

"Arise wolves of Badenterra! Your souls breathe life again!"

Justin and his group stared in stunned amazement as over two thousand wolves changed before them, two thousand lost souls breathing their wolfen lives again.

The howl that erupted could have been heard in heaven.

And in the center of a wolfen nation one man stood in tears, his sacrifice given for all of them.



End of Chapter 146


And so the Badenwolf nation has its souls back.

Our Jolan has shown his magic and his love.


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How Jolan wasn't the Sulfenwolf but Elijah was.

Jolan appears to be an even greater wolf.


It appears Quinton Banyon was possessed by evil.

I wonder whose?

Where did Jolan get the pendant of evil he destroyed to free their souls?
Haven't we seen it somewhere before?




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