Jolan's Path - Chapter 147


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 147


Jolan Dragos stood alone upon the Wolf's Circle, the young Shadowwolf surrounded by a nation of howling wolfen visions.

Badenwolves young and old surrounded him, their wolfen forms again their own.

The howling had gradually lessened, families joining as one, emotions of happiness and love resonating through all of them.

The wolfen Elders were at the front rows of seats, wrapped in their families' arms, the emotion of their returned souls flowing openly.

Quinton Banyon stood in the middle of them, his Elder friends welcoming him back to their fold of authority.

Calen and Elijah stood together, a father wolf and his son wrapped in each other's arms.

Calen's yellow eyes raised, meeting three sets of grey, his brothers in the balcony wearing large smiles, seeing their brother's true self, and the happiness radiating from his smiling, revealed Badenwolf face.

"Our Badenwolf brother is whole again. Our brother's face shines with our mother's beauty." Morgan said, Simus and Joel wiping tears from their eyes.

Jolan's family and friends were taking in the joy and emotion showing below them, the Badenwolf nation's happiness practically radiating around them like a sun of beaming warmth.

Justin's eyes moved from the wolfen visions below him, his blue pools looking at the beautiful wolfen face of his Badenwolf husband.

"Even in a field of wolves our Jolan's beauty stands alone." Josh said, standing at his side.

Chace smiled at his husband from his other side, all three staring at their wolfen soulmate.

Justin was the first to sense something wasn't quite right.

Jolan hadn't moved off the Wolf's Circle, the young vision of wolfen manhood standing still.

"Something's wrong, Joshy." Justin said, Josh's blue eyes meeting his.

In those blue eyes Justin saw a deep truth, Josh sighing softly.

"Through hurt and pain they must walk, their souls denied them. I don't know how he's done it Jus, but Jolan's changed destiny."

"Changed destiny, Josh? What do you mean?" Chris said, having walked up beside the three men.

Everyone's eyes were staring at Josh, the man's eyes going to the lone wolf standing upon the stone wolf-faced dais.

"The Badenwolves weren't supposed to retrieve their souls at this time on the path, everyone. Jolan always told me that that beautiful moment wasn't supposed to happen until long after the final confrontation against evil. That many of them would perish as soul-denied Badenwolves in that confrontation. Jolan's changed destiny to give them a fighting chance. He told me that for them he'd change life and destiny. He would not stand by and watch his brethren fight for freedom and sacrifice so much for it."
All eyes went to the young wolf standing alone on the dais.

"But how has he done it, Josh? Didn't Fagin have their souls?"

Josh nodded at Joey's questions, the man standing with his arm around his Lance, the blond singer's eyes on Jolan below him.

"Yes, Joey. How he's done it even I don't know." Josh said, his eyes widening as he looked down at his Jolan.

"What's that light?" Lance said pointing, all eyes moving towards what he was staring at, all eyes widening with shock.

Below them a solitary crown-crested wolf stood upon his nation's stone of truth, Jolan Dragos standing in the center of a circular red light.


The wolfen nation had turned their eyes to the glowing light, Prince Calen and his son--the Sulfenwolf--at his side, walking towards the Wolf's Circle, the wolf in its center raising its muscular hairy arm.

"Stand back from the light of my punishment, my wolfen brethren." the Shadowwolf's voice said, the nation going silent at the sight before them.

"Your punishment, Jolan?" Calen said, his yellow wolfen eyes showing concern now, two yellow eyes of immense love and acceptance staring back at him from behind the rising red glow surrounding the Shadowwolf.

Every wolf in the surrounding arena was staring at the young wolf standing behind the glowing circle, seeing the deep love and truth shining in his yellow, glowing, wolfen eyes.

The Shadowwolf's head raised, its yellow eyes going upwards staring at the three of its life.

Josh's eyes showed simmering tears, his arms going around Justin and Chace.

The wolf's head lowered, then met his uncle's eyes of loving concern and his cousin's yellow eyes of courage and love.

"Destiny is a path set in stone. A path of eventuality, my brethren wolves. The path of your healing love wasn't destined for this moment. I have changed destiny to give all of you your greatest dreams. I have risked much to make this so. I would do no less for any that I love."
The five Elders walked up to Calen's side, their eyes staring at Jolan in shocked wonder.

"We. . .we weren't supposed to heal today?" Quinton said in confusion, his wolfen soul showing in its loving form.

"No, children of the Great Wolf. Not at this time in destiny. The real moment was much farther down the path, a time of hurt, pain and immense suffering ahead for all of you. I could not allow that to happen. For that, I'll take the punishment of life for all of you."

The five Elders were in tears, Calen walking closer to the encircled Jolan.

"You. . .you would take that pain from all of us, my nephew?"
Their eyes met, Jolan's yellow eyes showing deep love and conviction.

"I am the Shadow of the Great Wolf and I am love, Prince Calen. For all of you I give everything."

The nation was in tears, seeing before them the salvation of their lives, the giver of their souls, the giving love of a Great Wolf.

"Walk out of the Circle, Jolan! Walk away from the coming pain!" Elijah--the sun-crested Sulfenwolf--said, tears flowing down its furry face.

"Even your healing, giving love cannot stop what I must bear, brother of my soul." Jolan said, their yellow eyes meeting.

"Step back, everyone. I walk into the Giver's embrace. I accept what he gives me, what he deems my worthiness." the Shadowwolf said, his form going erect, three souls above him beginning to sob.

"No, Jo! Please no!" Justin screamed, Josh's arm tightening around him and Chace, Jolan's yellow eyes meeting theirs.

"Love continues, always. Love is forever." he said, the wolfen vision before them lowering its head.

The red glow surrounding him rose upwards quickly, the young man encased in a cylinder of glowing red.

Its deepness reddened, the glowing light suddenly moving inward, Jolan wrapped in its bright glow.

Upon its contact with him a howl of deep anguish and pain erupted in the amphitheatre, the nation as one going to its knees, Prince Calen, the Elders and the Sulfenwolf joining them.

Before them a young wolf of giving hope and love was being consumed by magic.

Jolan's howl turned into a deep scream, the wolfen image behind the red changing.

Jolan's wolfen form did change, his human vision of beauty coming into view again, but for only a moment.

Immediately the man's smooth body began to rupture into lesions, cuts and scars, the marks of his brethren taking shape upon his body.

The pain of a nation he was being given.

Their pain--the red glow of evil that surrounded him--consumed him.

The vision before them screamed, trembled, then went to his knees; Jolan Dragos taking in all the pain of his wolfen clan.

Wolves screamed, their howls of truth cutting through the air, their Shadowwolf taking in their pain, giving them their souls in return.

A wolf of greatness taking in the greatest sacrifice.

Howling sobs could be heard throughout the theatre, the deepest and most emotional coming from Justin and Chace, the two sobbing into Josh's chest, the man holding onto both of them as he once promised Jolan he would.

Josh was taking in the vision of Jolan's sacrifice, his sacrifice for a healed nation.

Jolan had given them back their souls, the cost his own.

The redness faded, the Shadowwolf now on its knees, its human shape covered in scarred tissue, its once yellow eyes now a deep grey, those eyes looking upwards for a moment, then the man collapsing backwards upon the stone dais.

The nation's head lowered, the people of the wolf consumed with grief for the sacrifice of their greatest wolf.

Prince Calen knelt in weeping silence, his grey tear-filled eyes focused on the final sacrifice of his giving, loving nephew.

Prince Calen's head raised, his wolfen greatness howling out in anguish in the arena of his heritage.

Casa din Viata--Badenterra's House of Life--was losing its greatest light.

Calen's howl of anguish was suddenly met with an even greater howl, all lowered eyes raising in the arena, the nation of Badenterra staring towards two opened doors, the same doorway where Jolan had first walked out of.

Standing in the doorway were two small boys, a large grey Badenwolf standing behind them.

The boy who'd howled was a small brown wolfen cub, Justin's blue tearing eyes staring in shock at his son Hayden.


Beside the small wolfen cub stood his best friend, Logan's blue eyes staring up at his fathers.

"Josh, what are they doing here?" Chace said with emotion, his own tearing eyes staring at his son and the wolfen Hayden.

Hayden's small wolfen form ran across the arena, the small child climbing up onto the Wolf's Circle, his arms going around his father's neck, Jolan's trembling body laying flat on the dais, the man's chest gasping for air, his eyes closed.

The nation of Badenterra stood in silence, their yellow eyes looking upon a child of their nation clinging to his father's shattered body.

"Me loves you, Dada. Me's here for you." the boy said, his deep emotional wolfen voice heard by every person surrounding him.

Josh was sobbing, Chace in the same frame of mind, all those behind them filled with emotion as the child's love for his father sank into their hearts.

Justin's blue tear-filled eyes were staring at his Jolan, his son laying against his chest.

Prince Calen rose to his feet, about to walk to the child's aid, his own son's beastly hand going to his shoulder, Elijah having stood as well.

Calen's yellow eyes followed the Sulfenwolf's eyes, the young wolfen man staring at the other child standing in front of the grey Badenwolf, the small boy slowly walked across the arena.

Logan Sumsare wore a soft smile of love on his young face, his blue eyes of love radiating a deep glowing light of shining blue.

The child walked up onto the dais, his small hand going to Hayden's fur-covered shoulder, the boy kneeling on Jolan's other side.

"No cries, Hay. Me's here for Dada now too." he said, the boy's head moving around, his glowing blue eyes staring at all who surrounded them.

"Big wolf gots pain. He takes pain for all yous. Unky Jo's wuv for all of us. Me no likes him in pains. Me fixes!" the boy said, leaning forward and kissing Hayden's cheek, the boy's yellow tearing eyes staring into Logan's.

Hayden's eyes began to glow also, the two friends nodding their heads at each other.

Both boys smiled, Logan's blue glowing eyes looking down at his Dada's scar-covered face.

Jolan's eyes slowly opened, their greyness filled with immense pain, his mouth gasping for air, the pain almost consuming him, unable to speak.

Those surrounding the three stood again, seeing the life going out of their Shadowwolf.

The small boys smiled down into Jolan's grey tearing eyes.

"His wuv great, Dada. We gives to you."

Logan and Hayden's heads moved, their lips touching Jolan's cheeks.

Everyone stepped back as a bright light of blue surrounded the three on the dais, the three consumed by it.

Justin, Josh and Chace moved, the three rushing down the balcony stairs, heading for the three of their life, their family and friends following.

The nation of Badenterra as one sank to their knees again, their emotions overcome by the light of life shining in the middle of their House of Life.

The large grey wolf--who'd stood behind the two children in silence in the doorway--slowly walked out across the arena, his form seemingly increasing even larger, as if he was growing as he crossed the sacred sands of Casa din Viata.

All eyes were upon him as he stopped before the glowing blue circular light shining like a beacon.

The wolf's head raised, a deep howl filling the silence.

Jolan's family now stood on the other side of the dais, all their eyes on the grey wolf, its eyes a glowing, golden yellow as it stared at Justin, Josh and Chace.

Its voice filled the arena, the deepness of its soul sinking into every soul surrounding it.

"My shadow is a vision of truth, my shadow is a vision of love. Love radiates from this light, the love of a giving soul. My children, my brethren of life. I give you the shadow of myself, let he guide you forth unto life."
All the Badenwolves were staring in awe at the silvery grey vision before them, its truth now revealed.

Before his nation the real Great Wolf stood, his yellow golden eyes meeting each Badenwolf soul, the nation sobbing as one.

For as a nation they as one felt the greatness of the vision's love, of his giving soul and great heart.

"Go into the light of his love, my children. It is greater than all of us." the grey wolf said, its head raising again, its arms raised towards the burning sun above it, a howl of deep love resonating in the silence.

The grey wolf moved, rushing up onto the dais, its silvery grey beastly body consumed by the radiating blue light.

The circle of light pulsed then brightened to total whiteness, then disappeared instantly.

Justin's blue eyes took in a vision of total beauty standing in the arena's center, all other eyes staring in shocked wonder as well.

In the center of the Wolf's Circle stood a tall young wolf of incredible unblemished beauty, his yellow eyes softly glowing, two small children of beauty snuggled in his arms.

Emblazoned upon his now silvery grey chest was a white crown of fur, the Shadowwolf returned to his former--now more silvery furred--greatness.

Jolan Dragos stood in the center of the Badenterra world, his destiny fulfilled.

The nation as one raised its heads again, the howling thunderous and joyous.


Justin, Josh and Chace moved, the three rushing across the arena, Jolan's yellow eyes meeting their three sets of tear-filled love.

Jolan stepped off the dais, the six joining together, Prince Calen rising from his feet, Elijah joining him, their wolfen faces covered in wide, wondrous, tearful smiles.

Logan leapt into Chace's arms, his face covered in a wide smile.

"Hi, Papa!" he grinned, Chace hugging him close, Hayden's wolfen face smiling at his friend.

"Logan and me makes Dada better, Poppa!" he said, Justin tearfully smiling at the small wolf cub, Hayden climbing into his arms, snuggling against his chest.

Jolan and Justin's eyes met, Josh's arm going around Jolan, his blue eyes staring at him also.

"I am alright, my loves." he said, the three men staring up at him, his height now towering over them.

Josh was in tears, Jolan's wolfen finger going to his cheek, that touch echoing deep into Josh's heart, the large wolf's yellow eyes filled with love.

"Love and life echo in my soul as always, five of my love." the Shadowwolf said, five faces of happiness radiating their love for him.

Jolan stepped back, his yellow eyes meeting Calen's, the Prince of the Badenwolves' eyes filled with love for him.

Jolan stepped upon the Wolf's Circle, his stature rising, his yellow eyes looking out upon his kneeling nation.

"Arise wolves of life, wolves of destiny! The Great Wolf has walked among you. His soul breathed life again into my own. I share his love and greatness. I am more than his shadow now. I am his love, I am his giving truth. Walk with me forward, walk with him towards destiny."

The nation as one rose up to their feet, the sandy arena suddenly filling with them, the nation as one walking towards its greatest wolf.

Jolan's wolfen face wore a smile of immense love and giving beauty.

Calen walked up onto the dais, his wolfen arms wrapping around the younger, taller wolf.

"I give you my love and my life, my nephew of giving greatness."
Jolan smiled, kissing his uncle's cheek.

Quinton Banyon and the other four Elders walked up onto the dais also, the nation now surrounding the dais and Jolan's family, they now standing on its right side.

The head Elder began to kneel before Jolan, Jolan stopping him.

Jolan embraced the man, Quinton shocked by his giving embrace.

"All if forgiven, lost soul embraced by evil. His evil is gone from you. Bask now in the fresh breath of true Badenwolf life. Give your brethren your returned knowledge and love."

The man began to smile, tears flowing from his eyes, the other four Elders smiling widely, their eyes teared as well.

"A day of life, my brethren! Our souls are ours again!" the head Elder said, the nation cheering around the dais.

Quinton smiled out at Jolan's family and friends, the Elder raising his hand.

"Welcome our Shadowwolf's family as our own, brethren! They are all now honoured children of the wolf!"

The wolves surrounding Jolan's family and friends began to welcome them into their clan, all of them hugged, their faces showing great wonder, surrounded by standing wolves.

Justin smiled at Deidra who'd just hugged him, the young wolfen beauty smiling back at him, her wolfen husband at her side.

"Welcome to the clan of the Badenwolf, Justin. His love surrounds us." Juan Defalco said, Justin hugged by him.

Jolan Dragos smiled at his husband, seeing the wolves of Badenterra's acceptance of him and his family.

"Blessed are all of us, for his love is in our hearts." Deidra said, Jolan smiling and walking down off the dais, the wolfen nation embracing him.


Justin smiled, two lips lightly kissing his neck, two hands unbuttoning his shirt.

Justin sighed, Chace's gentle touch laced with desire and passion.

"We should wait for our Jo and Joshy, Chacey." Justin said, Chace's fingers rubbing Justin's right nipple, Justin softly moaning.

"Who knows how long they'll be with the Elders. Jolan's been wrapped in their devotion for hours. His husband needs my own devotion." Chace said, the young man's lips meeting Justin's, his tongue trying to open his lips.

Justin moaned again, Chace's hands moving downward, squeezing the lump growing in Justin's pants.

Justin and Chace both sat on the edge of the bed in their tent, the two having returned there, the night hour now approaching eleven o'clock.

Across from them in the other curtained bedroom their two sons lay sound asleep, snuggled together, wrapped in blankets.

Hayden was back to his usual human self, his best friend snuggled in his arms.

Their fathers had tucked them in, the two falling asleep immediately, Justin pulling the blankets around them in their bed, he and Chace walking out into the larger bedroom in the tent.

The day had been one of immense joy and happiness in the Badenwolf encampment, the nation celebrating its renewed wolfen soul.

A large feast had been prepared again, Jolan and his family the guests of honour, the group surrounded by their welcoming brethren.

Wolfen and human visions surrounded them, the nation moving back and forth between its souls, human and wolfen beauty showing.

Jolan had remained in his wolfen form throughout the day, his silvery-grey, hairy, crown-crested beauty shining for all his people.

Jolan walked among the people, meeting all of them again, each embraced by his love and giving heart.

His three soulmates had remained at his side until their sons had finally given in to their tiredness, Justin and Chace taking them back here to their tents.

Josh remained at Jolan's side, the other two men seeing his total devotion to Jolan's destiny.

The four had briefly talked in a moment of relaxing silence, Jolan remaining quiet about the visions they'd seen today.

"Life is a path of destiny. We make the decisions that we must." he'd only said, the other three feeling his reluctance at voicing the truth yet of what he'd done today.

After the feast Jolan had joined with Prince Calen, the Sulfenwolf and the five Elders, a deep discussion taking place in Prince Calen's tent.


Justin moaned, the young tiger beside him gently but forcefully pushing him back onto their bed, Chace's body now half on top of Justin.

Justin's shirt was open, Chace's lips moving downward, his tongue attacking Justin's right nipple, his hands fighting with Justin's belt.

Justin felt the heat of Chace's need, knowing the young man was on a mission.

Justin smiled, deciding to prolong his achieving that mission's victory.

Justin moved, flipping the surprised young man over, Justin now on top of him.

"My, my! This tiger's really horned up! Did all that hairiness and wolfen muscle out there today get Chacey all hot and bothered?" he smiled, Chace's blue eyes filled with need.

"Please, Jus! I need you!"

Justin smiled, his fingers stroking Chace's cheek, brushing against his lips, Chace sucking one finger into his mouth.

Justin smiled again, knowing how needful Chace was for him.

"What you need is to wait, our tiger. The other two of our beauty and myself will fill that deep need within you."

Chace sighed, Justin snuggling against him, Chace's hand on Justin's smooth chest, his shirt wide open.

"Did you see him, Jus? Did you see the new beauty of our wolfen soulmate?"
Justin smiled, his head going against Chace's clothed chest, the young man's arms wrapped around him.

"Yes, Chace. I saw the changed beauty of my wolfen husband. His beauty continues to change. He becomes even more beautiful."
Chace smiled, kissing Justin's forehead.

"You are so lucky, Jus. He is so beautiful."
Justin smiled, raising his head, his lips meeting Chace's, a deep kiss of love given between them.

"All three of my soul are beautiful in their own way. You, the tiger of our desires. Joshy, the rock of our giving love. And our Jo, the wolfen center of our love."

Chace smiled, Justin's blue eyes staring into his.

"Our new Jolan--the new silver wolfen side of him--I believe is for all of us, Chace."

Chace moved, flipping Justin over again, laying on top of him.

"You mean. . .he. . .we all can. . .?"

Justin smiled, kissing him again.

"My Jus means I am here for all of my soulmates."

The two men turned their heads, a large muscular silvery grey wolf stood in the tent's doorway, Josh behind it, closing the tent's flap.

The wolfen vision before them began to change, its height, hairiness and size diminishing.

Before the three their returned Jolan stood, his smooth body still only wearing the black loincloth.

"Ah. . .good to be myself again." he smiled, Josh behind him wrapping his arms around him, kissing Jolan's neck.

"Welcome back to our love, our Jo." he said, Jolan smiling, moving around and kissing Josh on the lips.

"Thank you for standing at my side all day, my familiar. Your familiar love showed always."

Josh smiled, the two looking towards the bed, Jolan smiling.

"I see our tiger has begun to feast on our Jus' beauty." he said, seeing Justin's shirt open, Chace's hands on the revealed smoothness.

"I thought you'd be longer, Jo." Chace smiled, the two men walking up to the bed, Jolan leaning down and kissing the young man's lips, Josh smiling, sitting down beside his other soulmates.

Chace smiled as Jolan broke their kiss.

Jolan sat down in the center of them, his eyes going to the other curtained room.

"Our sons are in dreamland?"
Justin nodded, sitting up, his arms going around his Jo.

"Yes, my love." he said, Jolan kissing him tenderly, Josh and Chace smiling on each side of them.

"I know the feeling. I am in my own dreamland, surrounded by your beauty." Jolan said, the other three smiling at him.

"A day of revealing wonders, my love." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him, his grey eyes meeting all three sets of blue.

"Yes, a new wolf revealed to all of you." he said, the three smiling at him.

"A wolf of immense beauty, Jo. Even more beautiful that your former wolfen self." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"That's because that wolf is in truth a joining of two wolves. My own Badenwolf self and the Great Wolf. His loving soul is now within me, my loves. It's beginning to get a bit crowded in there."
The three lightly laughed, Jolan smiling at each.

"We need to talk, my loves."

The three nodded, Jolan softly sighing.

He stared into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the tears beginning to form.

Justin moved as did Chace, Jolan's arms going around both of them as they began to cry against his chest.

"We. . .we thought we'd lost you, Jolan." Chace sobbed, Justin sobbing as well, Josh's eyes filled with tears, staring at the other three.

Jolan tightened his hold on the two men, his love surrounding them.

"You will never lose me or my love, my angels." he softly said, kissing each on the forehead, his and Josh's eyes meeting, their love showing for each other.

"Why did you risk all that, Jo? Why did you risk your life for that medallion? For their freedom?" Justin said, his head raising, his and Jolan's eyes meeting.

"You know the depth of my love, Justin. You know the goodness of my heart. I could not stand by and watch my brethren give their lives against great odds. Now, with their souls returned, perhaps they have a greater chance of survival. A wolfen nation can now stand against the monsters of evil's heart."

Justin, Chace and Josh all saw the deep love in Jolan's grey eyes, knowing the depth of the man's giving heart.

Justin's eyes went towards the curtained room, Jolan following his gaze.

"Our sons. . .they. . .they healed you, Jo."
Jolan nodded, his eyes on all three of his soulmates.

"They are deep within the magic as well, I believe. I never thought it was this deep. Both today surprised myself as well. I am surrounded by their love and magic. And I am surrounded by your love."

"I love you, Jo." Justin said, his and Jolan's lips meeting.

They parted, Jolan's lips met then by Chace's.

"I love you also, Jo." the young man said, their eyes meeting.

Josh leaned forward, Jolan pulling him closer, their lips meeting.

The two parted, Josh wrapped in his Chace's and Justin's arms, the four seated together.

"I love you as well, Jolan. I love all three of you." the older man said, all three smiling at him.

"We are four, we are love." Jolan said, the young man moving, standing up beside the bed, three sets of blue eyes meeting his.

"Justin was right, Chace and Joshua. The new wolf that I have become is new of soul and increased love. And of physical beauty. I am the Shadowwolf, the greatest wolf that my brethren need. I am also Archanian and Sumsarian. And I am Dragosan as well. I am the four corners of destiny, the center of life."

The three remained silent, staring at the vision of masculine beauty standing before them.

"You see before you your true Jolan. The physical me that all three of you have fallen in love with. I am myself and I am so much more. But the core of my love--physical and wolfen--is yours alone. I am yours in all dimensions, in all visions. Can the three of you love the newness of my physical form?"

Chace stood up, Josh and Justin looking at him.

The young man walked up to Jolan, his arms pulling the young man against him.

"We see before us the beauty of your human self, Jolan. Your body excites all of us, your love moves all of us. We are only whole when you are in our arms."
Jolan smiled, Chace kissing him on the lips.

"Justin has loved the wolf, you are his wolfen soulmate. We--my Josh and I--understand that deep singular love."
Jolan smiled, his fingers rubbing Chace's smooth cheek.

"Then why have you been walking around all day with a chubby, Chacey?"

Justin burst into laughter, Josh joining him, Chace softly blushing.

Jolan smiled, his lips meeting Chace's again.

Their eyes met, the blush leaving Chace's face.

"I know you desire the wolfen form you've looked at all day, Chace. Speak from your heart, my love."

"You. . .you were so beautiful, Jolan. The physical beauty, the scent of you when you stood beside us, the physical muscular beauty of your hairy self. I've never been so drawn to you as I was today. I'm sorry for that, my love." Chace said, his eyes meeting Josh's, the man standing up, his arm going around his husband.

"I love you for being honest, my Chace. I need to be honest as well. Our new wolfen Jolan gave me an even greater chubby."
Everyone laughed, Josh smiling a blushing smile, Jolan's arm going around him.

"My two dearest friends, my new soulmates of love. I love both of you as greatly as my Justin. My Justin did experience the love of my brown wolfen self, my budding Badenwolf soul. For that's what I sense that wolf was. The beginning wolf of greatness. Today I received the soul of the Great Wolf, a truer wolfen beauty given to me. I saw a nation of wolfen greatness worship me. I don't need that worship, I only need the worship of my three soulmates. It is time that great wolf became yours. Will the three of you love that new wolf, as my Justin loved the old?"

Josh and Chace smiled at each other, their love entrenched in their souls, their love for Justin there as well. And their new love for Jolan and his revealed forms growing.

"We love you and Justin, Jolan. In all forms, in all ways." Josh said, Justin smiling and getting up off the bed, the four joining together, a group hug joining them.

Each kissed the other three, Jolan's grey eyes filled with tears.

"I love all three of you so much, my Justin, my Joshua and my Chace. I need you all so much. The wolf needs you even more. He needs to feel your love."
"Then let's love him as we love you." Chace said, the young man pulling his shirt off over his head, his youthful muscular chest on full view.

Josh and Justin both smiled, their two younger soulmates' beautiful chests on full display.

Jolan leaned forward, kissing Chace's lips, the young man smiling as he broke away.

"Our tiger's extremely horny, boys."
Chace blushed, Justin and Josh laughing, Jolan's grey eyes meeting Justin's, their love showing deeply.

"I love you and the wolf, my Jolan. Our soulmates love you as well. The new wolf needs all of us, in all ways."
Jolan smiled, hearing the love in Justin's voice for all three of them.

And his acceptance of the new wolf being there for all three of them.

Jolan smiled, stepping back, the three staring at him as he removed the loincloth that covered his center.

All three took in the beauty of the naked vision before them.

Jolan smiled, his form changing in an instant, the grey taller silvery wolf revealing itself.


All three stared at the hairy, muscular vision materializing before them, every muscle of hairy beauty taking their breath away.

All three stared at the wolfen face of the man before them, their Jolan's Badenwolf beauty even more sensual.

His center was larger as well, Chace's eyes drawn to it.

"Oh. . .oh wow!" he said softly, Justin smiling at him.

Justin walked forward, his hands going to the muscular chest before him, its downy hair soft and thick.

He looked up into the wolf's yellow eyes, seeing the unchanged love of his soulmate staring back.

"A vision of love, my loving Wolfy. Loving as always, and so beautiful."

The wolf wrapped its arms around Justin, Justin kissing the wolf's snout, their eyes meeting.

The large wolf softly growled, Justin feeling its rising desires against his stomach.

"There are two others of your love that need to feel its embrace, Wolfy."

The wolf's yellow eyes went to Josh's blue pools, the man walking up beside Justin, the wolf's arm pulling the man against his side, Josh's head sinking against its chest.

Josh felt the beating of the beast's heart, its snout taking in a deep sniff of the man's scent against him, a louder growl coming from its throat.

Its yellow eyes moved, meeting Chace's blue, the young man staring at it in awed wonder, the wolf's paw beckoning the man closer.

Chace met Justin's blue eyes, the man smiling at him.

"I see the tiger's playing shy." he smiled, Chace softly smiling, walking forward, the wolf's other arm pulling him inward, the three now wrapped in its embrace.

Chace's eyes looked up, feeling the beast's hairiness against his naked chest.

Two yellow eyes of intensity staring into his blue, a set of lips kissing Chace's cheek.

Chace's eyes turned, Justin's blue pools staring at him.

"I have felt its love, Chace. It's time you feel its giving desires."

Justin and Josh backed up, two arms of strength wrapping around the younger man, the beast picking him up into his arms, Chace staring at the wolfen face in front of him.

"Fear not my love or my hunger, Chace. I shall give you nothing but my desires and my love."
Chace teared up, the beast's tongue moving outward, licking across his chin and lips.

The beast moved, carrying the young man to the bed, Chace falling backwards on it, the wolf now above him.

Its hairy hands went to Chace's pants, pulling them off in one sudden movement, his briefs going with the pants, the young man laying nude before the beast.

Justin's arms went around Josh's waist, his lips meeting Josh's.

"Let our beast show Chace his love, my Joshua. I'll ready you for it as well." Justin said, his hands going to the buttons on Josh's shirt.

Their eyes met, a sudden gasp coming from the bed, Chace gasping as the beast's tongue began to devour every inch of the muscular young man's torso.

Justin pulled off Josh's shirt, their lips meeting, his fingers going to Josh's pants.

"Let's join their love, Joshy." he smiled, Josh smiling back, his pants and briefs leaving his body as well.

Justin smiled, his own clothes falling to the floor, his arms going around Josh again.

"The beauty of his love lays in the tenderness and ruggedness of his possession. His love and beauty will possess you."
Josh smiled, Justin moving him towards the bed, the two joining their Chace and the beast of their new love.

Josh gasped when he felt the beast's tongue licking up his torso, Justin's lips meeting his, the man surrounded by the three of his heart.


Jolan stood outside the tent, his human self staring out into the dawning light.

He now wore a bathrobe, the early morning chill sinking into his bones.

He stared out over the encampment, the area shrouded in silence, the hour close approaching five, another day about to begin.

The warm sun was rising in the east, dawn about half an hour away.

Jolan heard a sound behind him, then two arms surrounding him, the young man sinking back into a warmth of love.

"It's so early, my Wolfy. Our bed felt empty without you." Justin said, his lips kissing Jolan's neck, his arms tightening around him.

"I couldn't sleep my love."

Justin turned him around, their eyes meeting, Justin's lips softly kissing his.

"I would have thought Chace's energy would have sapped you after all the excitement yesterday." he said, Jolan softly smiling.

"Our weeping tiger, I believe, has finally found his match."

Justin smiled, reliving in his mind the hours of lovemaking he'd experienced last night.

The beast had claimed all three, Chace the most moved by the experience.

He'd cried himself to sleep in the beast's arms, the large wolf holding him lovingly.

Justin and Josh had felt as deeply the moving passion of the beast, Justin sensing a newness to the wolf's love.

"It was a moving night, my Wolfy. Your intensity and love has increased. We all are lost in it."
Jolan smiled, their lips meeting again.

"And you, my Jus? How feels your heart with this new dimension of our love?"
Justin smiled, kissing him again, Jolan feeling his deep unchanged love.

"I love them, and I love you, Jolan. It's as simple as that. I love all three of you, well I should say all four of you. Our Josh, our Chace, and our Jo and Wolfy."
Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes, sensing the underlying concern hidden there.

"Your loving soul betrays you, my Jus. I take it you're not totally calmed by all that's happened? I think it begins with our Hay."
Justin's eyes lowered a bit, Jolan's fingers going to his chin, raising his eyes.

"I love Hay, Jo. I love him as my own son. His wolfen self doesn't change that. I feel he's an extension of your wolfen beauty. And he's our beautiful son. It's just. . .with what happened today. . .I. . .I can't fathom the idea of him being involved with all this upcoming danger."
Jolan's arms now wrapped around Justin, their eyes meeting, their love for their son showing.

"I love Hayden as much as I love you, Justin. I will never place him anywhere near danger. What happened today was unforeseen, and surprising. I still can't fathom either what that wolf did today with our son and Logan. How he brought them to the arena, guiding them to saving me. The Great Wolf knew they were the answer to my salvation. I truly believe it was more love than magic that healed me today. Our sons' love healed me."
Justin smiled, hearing the love in Jolan's voice for both boys.

"Yes, our sons. Rachel and Auntie Gee told Josh and me about the wolf's appearance at the camp, his voice one of giving love, they accepting the path the wolf wanted both boys to walk down. They followed the wolf carrying the boys, both boys smiling all the way. I believe also that they knew their love and magic was the answer. I know the wolf knew it."
Jolan nodded, his lips meeting Justin's again.

Their love fed each other's souls, the two separating, Jolan's head going to Justin's chest, the man embracing him again.

"So what happened today, Jolan? Where did you get that medallion?"

Jolan sighed, Justin feeling a soft tremble going through the younger man, Jolan's body sinking into his.

"I walked into the fires of evil, I appeared at his door."

"Fagin's hidden location, Jo? Your soul walked into his hidden camp? You faced the heart of evil, snatching the medallion from his grasp?"

Jolan's head raised their eyes meeting.

"How did you know that my soul walked?"
Justin's fingers brushed his cheek.

"Davian told us all before the meeting that he'd found you sleeping in the forest behind Calen's tents last night, before our Circle meeting."

Jolan nodded, looking into Justin's calm eyes.

"Chris figured it out that your soul walked out of you again. We just didn't figure out where. Not until now." Justin said, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Justin. I saw it as the only answer to my brethren's plight. Without their wolfen souls the final confrontation would have likely been a bloodbath, half my brethren sacrificing so much. I. . .I just couldn't allow that."

"How did you figure out it was the pendant, Jo?"

Justin and Jolan's eyes turned, Josh standing in the tent's doorway, the man wearing the same robe as the other two, Justin in one also.

Jolan smiled at the man, Josh walking up to the other two.

"A conversation of reality so early in the morning, guys? Our bed of love is half empty." Josh said, a smile on his face.

Jolan smiled back at him, Josh's arm going around his waist.

"I wasn't eavesdropping, my loves. I just felt so alone in bed. Chace is snoring, the wolf totally exhausted him, he's not moving at all."
Jolan and Justin both chuckled, Josh joining them.

"I think the tiger's been fixed." Justin grinned, Jolan smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

"So, Jo? How did you figure out that their souls were in the pendant?" Justin said, continuing Josh's train of thought.

Jolan sighed, looking at both.

"It came to me because of another piece of magical beauty. Or rather a pin."

Josh's eyes widened.

"Jennie's pendant! The one that originally was Queen Alveena's!"

Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Wise as always, my intellectual familiar."
Josh smiled, Justin smiling at him, Jolan continuing.

"It came to me that Fagin always wore the red pendant, that everyone who'd met him had mentioned it, including Uncle Calen, he seeing it many years ago when his own soul was the first taken. Why does Fagin always wear it? It dawned on me that it had to be the chamber that held all the Badenwolf souls. Grandfather's journal confirmed it."

Josh and Justin exchanged glances.

"His journal? Vilos knew about the medallion?" Justin said, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Justin. He learned of its true owner from Queen Alveena herself. He just didn't know what Fagin later would use it for."
"You mean he knew Fagin was the owner of that magic, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan shaking his head no.

"No, Josh. That red wolfen medallion--that pendant of magical greatness--wasn't Fagin's originally."

Josh thought for a moment, staring at Jolan.

"It was King Segas'! Fagin was given it from him, or he took it from the king?"

"You're half right, Josh. Fagin did take it from Segas, I truly believe that. But King Segas was just as much a murderous thief. He took it from his own father the night he guaranteed his own death."

Justin and Josh's eyes widened.

"King Dragos! The magical medallion was his?"

Jolan nodded, his grey eyes meeting both sets staring at him.

"Yes, my loves. That magical medallion of capturing evil was originally owned by King Dragos himself, Queen Alveena's son. Vilos, in his journal, spoke of it. Of it and the Queen's own tortured pain of its destiny."
"Queen Alveena herself gave the pendant to Dragos." Josh said, Jolan smiling at the man's intellect.

"Very good, Josh. Yes, she gave her son the medallion on his twentieth birthday. And later, that pendant given in love would be the container that held the starting path of destiny's truth."
Both men looked confused.

"Today I destroyed it, to free the souls of Badenterra. And I released something else as well." Jolan said, the young man softly sighing, his grey eyes meeting both sets of loving blue staring at him.

"What else did you release, Jo?" Justin said, seeing a reluctance in Jolan's grey eyes.
"That medallion of evil wasn't wholly evil. The center of it was a core of magic and love. A magic that was forgotten. A magic that the evil surrounding it couldn't penetrate. That medallion trapped the wolfen souls. Those souls, in turn, survived against the evil because of the center's magic."
Jolan walked outwards, staring down at the encampment below him.

"If the evil that captured their souls surrounded them, why didn't those souls when released hold some part of evil within them? You all saw the happiness and love each of those wolves possessed today."

Josh walked up to Jolan, Justin following him, Josh's hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"They hold no evil because of the magic in the medallion's center. The magic of love it possessed kept all of them clean from the evil."
Jolan nodded, turning and looking into both of their eyes.

"Yes, Josh. And when I shattered that glass medallion on the Wolf's Circle, the souls were free. They returned wrapped in that center's love, back to their original owners. The redness that surrounded me on the Wolf's Circle was the evil that had captured them. Fagin's own evil enchantment of entrapment that he discovered in the Book of Black Magic."

"So Fagin discovered a magical spell that he used to remove all of the wolfen souls from their Badenwolf selves. Those souls he trapped in the pendant, carrying it with him always. How did you get it, Jolan?" Justin said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"I only had one chance, Justin. I had to walk away from myself and sneak into his lair. I had to take the pendant off of him."
The two men's eyes widened.

"You walked into his own room and took it from his neck?!!" Josh gasped, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Joshua. I walked across the sands of time, into the room of his evil. There he lay sleeping, the man having had spent himself on his cardinal sins. Two lay in bed with him. I think they'd been doing acts of depravity all day and night." Jolan said, staring at Justin, then Josh.

"Nathan was one of them, guys. The other was Brandon. They are both now with Fagin, both now his slaves."
The two men looked shocked, Jolan sighing again.

"I was as silent as possible, taking the pendant from his neck while he slept. I almost made it out when I accidentally hit a glass on the corner of a nightstand, it falling and shattering. Nathan rosee up immediately, the man changing into his Badenwolf self. I disappeared immediately, the medallion in my hand. But not before Nathan awoke. Fagin was rising upwards as well; I believe he didn't see in the darkness who I was. Hopefully Nathan didn't either."

Justin's arm went around Jolan's waist, Jolan feeling his protective love.

"You had luck on your side, my love."
Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Yes, my love. I had luck, and I had fate. The sands of destiny changed today."

"What do you mean, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan staring at him.

"When I broke the medallion today I also released the inner magic as well, Josh."

Josh and Justin both looked confused.

"We saw no other magic or stuff coming out of the pendant, my love." Justin said, Jolan nodding.

"What I released was silent and lethal, Justin. And I am the one it went for. For my own magic was a drawing beacon for it."

Justin's arm tightened around Jolan.

"I. . .I don't like the sound of that, Jo. What do you mean?"
Jolan sighed, his grey glowing eyes meeting Justin's, then Josh's.

"The true sacrifice I gave today was your love, my loves. The sacrifice of losing it eventually."
Josh's arm went around Jolan as well, both staring at him.

They both saw the tears in Jolan's eyes.

"Today I sealed my destiny, guys. Today I became something I never wanted to be. Something my grandfather never wanted for me or even himself."
Justin's eyes stared at Jolan.

"It never was destroyed! She never destroyed it!"

"Who destroyed what, Jo? Queen Alveena?" Josh said, Jolan nodding, his grey eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"King Dragos hid it in the pendant, guys!"

Jolan sobbed against both of them, his final words shocking them silent.

"The Draught of Life! He hid it in the pendant before he was taken to death!  I released it today from its hiding place! Today it's made me near-immortal!"



End of Chapter 147


Did any of you see that coming?!


The magical Draught of Life that created Vilos Dragos was never destroyed or completely used up.

The old King Dragos hid it in the pendant before his son  entombed him alive.

Then Fagin stole it from Dragos' own son Segas, neither of them knowing of its contents,

only that it was a vessel of magic to use for their evil deeds.


Is Jolan now near-immortal like his grandfather, the Draught supposed to deliver immortality?

How will this affect his soulmates?
Will Jolan live forever, losing their love eventually?



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