Jolan's Path - Chapter 148


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 148


Justin held Jolan in his arms, his husband clinging to him.

Josh's eyes met Justin's, the two trying to understand all that Jolan had said.

"The Draught of Life, Jo? It was in the pendant?" Justin said, Jolan moving back a little, their eyes meeting.

"Yes, Justin. King Dragos' magic elixir of immortality. He'd hidden the last of it in the medallion. Queen Alveena hadn't tainted it as she had his own magic. The magic wasn't destroyed or totally used up after it was used to create my grandfather. No one had realized that. It was King Dragos' own secret. I'm sure he thought often on it in the final days of his entombed, walled-in prison as he awaited death. Dragos' immortality was taken from around his own neck by his monstrous son, Segas not knowing what the pendant hid."

Josh's arm tightened around Jolan, his lips kissing his cheek.

"Perhaps that was a final act of mercy his son gave him, Jolan. For Dragos would have used it upon himself in his tomb and been imprisoned for near-immortality."

Jolan nodded, Josh's reasoning true.

"Yes, perhaps his son did him a final service. For to be entombed for that length of time would have driven him insane. I hope he found a quick death."

The three nodded, Jolan's eyes meeting Justin's, then Josh's.

"I. . .I am now like my grandfather, my loves. I am now a true Dragosan. My physical self will outlive all of you." Jolan said, his head lowering against Justin's chest, both men tightening their loving hold on him.

"I'll watch the five of my heart grow older, their lives eventually passing into the light of God's love. One day I'll be alone in my longing grief for all of you. Where is the justice in immortality when you lose all that you love?" Jolan said, a sob threatening to come out of him.

"You answered your own doubts earlier tonight, our loving Jo."

Jolan's head rose, he and his two soulmates looking towards the tent's opening, Chace standing there.

"What do you mean, Chace? Do you know what's happened?" Justin said, the young man smiling softly, walking up to the three of his heart.

"I heard most of it from just inside the tent.  I was coming in search of my three missing loves." he said, the three men smiling at him.

Chace's hand went to Jolan's shoulder, his love showing for him.

"Last night you said to us three that your love for us would never leave, that we'd have it forever, Jo. Well, guess what? It works both ways, our Jo. Our love will never leave you. Our love will be with you forever."
Jolan teared up, Chace leaning forward, their lips meeting, Josh and Justin smiling at their young tiger's giving love.

"Chace is right, Jo. We four are destined to love forever. Even death won't end what we have in our souls." Josh said, the two younger men breaking their kiss, Jolan's eyes meeting Josh's.

"I love all three of you so much. I love our children as well. Oh God, I don't know what I'll do when you all leave me!"

Justin leaned forward, kissing his Jo's lips.

"That's a long way off, Jolan. And each day between then and now our love will entrench itself into that crowded heart of yours. We all will join with you there. We'll never leave you."

Jolan smiled, the three surrounding him washing away his lingering fear.

"Man, I'm going to have to build a bigger heart if all of you want to reside there."
The other three softly laughed, their love showing for their Jo.

Josh leaned forward, kissing Jolan's soft lips.

"You've said it many times, Jo. You are love. Well, we three are love as well. We are your loves. Our love is all you need, and all you'll always have. You won't sacrifice something we'd never deny you."
Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting all three surrounding him.

"I love all of you, now and forever. And I know you all will be with me forever, as will your love."

The four smiled, Chace's and Jolan's eyes meeting.

"And just think, guys. Our Jolan will remain young as we progress to middle then old age. We'll have a hot young stud with us always."
The four smiled, then laughed, Jolan kissing Chace's cheek, his love for him shown in his words.

"Our tiger longs for only one thing. And he's finally up. I think I need to feed my boys."

Chace smiled, his arms pulling Jolan against his also robed body.

"You fed me greatly last night, our wolfen beauty. I still feel your love inside me."
Jolan smiled, his hands going to Chace's covered ass.

"The wolf loved its three mates' beauty. Especially the tiger it claimed."

Chace smiled, Jolan's grey eyes softly showing a yellow tinge.

"Care for a rematch, Wolfy?" Chace smiled, a trace of hunger on his face.

"Come on, boys. The wolf needs to have a morning hunt. Then he needs to see his mates playing with their sons."

The three smiled, walking back into the tent, their changing wolfen lover following them, his robe falling behind him.

None of the three saw his troubled yellow eyes.


Calen's grey eyes stared at Jolan, his three brothers staring in shocked wonder as well.

The Dragosans sat at Calen's table in the morning sunshine, Jolan surrounded by all his friends and family.

The young man had been talking for over half an hour, the truth of yesterday's revelations now known by everyone of his family and heart.

"The Draught of Life. . .it. . .it has given you. . .?" Chris softly said, his sentence trailing off, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his awed face.

"It has given me my grandfather's lifespan, or perhaps even longer. Of its true magical intensity I don't understand. All I know is that I feel the newness of my physicality, of my mind and emotions. My lifespan has increased. I walk the path of a truer Dragosan."

Jennie's hand went on top of Jolan's, the young woman seated beside him, Justin on Jolan's other side, Hayden in his Poppa's lap.

Josh and Chace sat beside Justin, Logan in Josh's lap beside Hayden.

"I guess I am now the least long-lived of all my Dragosan family." Jennie said, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"And the most loved." he said, Jennie smiling at him.

"Magic follows you in all ways, Jolan." Dominoso said, the young man smiling at his other grandfather.

"As does love and destiny, Grandfather." Jolan said, the older man smiling at him.

"We thought the Draught of Life gone, Jolan. It was always thought that King Dragos used all of it on father's creation. Where is it now, its magic I mean?" Simus said, Cory seated at his side.

Jolan's eyes went around the table, everyone quietly staring at him.

"It is all around us, my family. Look into each set of yellow wolfen eyes that surround us. The souls of the Badenwolf nation were trapped within the pendant, surrounded by magic and also by love. By evil and by goodness. That draught, that magic of life--and yes, love--filtered into each of those trapped souls. Its giving, protective magic staved off the evil that had trapped and then surrounded them. That evil wanted to feast on their fear, on their pain. It wanted to use those souls against other nations. It was denied that by the goodness presiding within the pendant. When the pendant shattered and those souls joined again with their Badenwolf selves that draught's magic of life joined also. A small part of the magic entered all the Badenwolves as well, you included Prince Calen. I was given the remaining core of it, the strongest part. The Draught of Life is now spent. Its ending magic resides in myself and each of my brethren. They shall have lives of extended length; not as long as a Dragosan's, but longer than humans."

Everyone nodded, taking in this new revelation.

"It must have been so moving to feel that magic and love enter you, Father." Elijah said, Krayos' arm wrapped around him.

Jolan smiled, seeing the love in the Dragosan's eyes, knowing that he still loved Elijah regardless of the wolfen image of his soul.

He sensed that last night another wolf had claimed its soulmate.

"Yes,  Elijah. It was felt deeply in my heart when my soul joined again with me." Calen said, Jolan smiling at his uncle.

"The breath of magic's life, Uncle. Our nation now stands as one, one of magic, love and courage. The path begins again for the true descendants of the Great Wolf."
The two Badenwolves smiled, as did those around the table, Chris looking at Jolan.

"You never cease to amaze us, Jolan. What. . .what we saw yesterday! It was amazing!"
Jolan smiled, their eyes meeting.

"I am that, Chris. An amazing man! But you ain't seen nothing yet!"

Everyone's eyes stared at the young man, Hayden tugging on his Dada's arm, Jolan smiling at him.

"Me sees, Dada. Your love makes all of us smile."

Jolan smiled, leaning down and kissing his son, handing the boy another sausage, Hayden grinning.

"Yes, my son. I'll make all of you smile, always." he said, his and Justin's eyes meeting, Josh and Chace making contact as well, Chris' eyes taking in this exchange, the man's eyes widening.

"You. . .you. . .the three of you. . .and the Shadowwolf? You all. . .you all mated?!" he stuttered, Joey's hand finding the back of Chris' head, the man yelping.

"Forgive Chris and his lewdness. Your love is your own, guys. We all see its shining happiness." Joey said, smiling at his friends.

The four smiled, Chris lowering his eyes.

"Sorry, guys. I didn't mean anything lewd. It's just, that wolf. . .he. . .he was so big."

"In all ways, Chris. In all ways." Chace said, his face covered in a wide smile.

Josh and Justin laughed, Jolan smiling with a trace of blush in his cheeks.

"Forgive our tiger, his mind fills with the wolf's new love." Jolan said, Chace smiling at him.

Everyone around the table saw the four had connected on a new level, their love showing greatly.

The couples around the large table smiled at the four, their love showing as well, Jolan's giving love having guided all of them to their own love.

"What I found the most amazing was our two little ones. The magic they showed." Lynn said, her eyes on the two smiling boys seated beside each other.

Josh and Chace smiled down at their son, his blue eyes looking at Hayden.

"They are of magical parents, of magical lineage. The greatness of their magic was a surprise to me as well." Jolan said, the two boys looking up at him.

"We's famiwee, Dada! We wuvs all of yous." Logan said, Hayden nodding.

"Yes, my sons. A family of love and magic." Jolan said, Justin and Josh smiling at him, Chace loading Logan's plate again with food.

"Remarkable. Their magic is so strong." Morgan said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"Hayden's is not surprising, being your son, Jolan. Logan's magic I find more unique and surprising. Another male child of the Sumsarian lineage bestowed with the magic of Queen Alveena? You and he are deep within the magic, Jolan. I still don't understand how that's come to pass. Alveena's magic only blossomed on the female side." Morgan said, Jolan's smiling at him.

"Destiny has a way of connecting all things as it must, Uncle. I was given her magic so that I could find the connecting path, guiding me to my own destiny. Logan was given her magic, I believe, in preparation for yesterday's destiny. The child was guided to my friends' love, finding loving parents. That in turn guiding him to my heart. Yesterday's salvation was traced with the child's love for myself. Hayden and Logan's love was the strength of the magic, its beauty and giving love healed me."
The two boys smiled at Jolan, Jolan smiling back.

Jolan's eyes looking around at everyone.

"Today is a new day for myself as well. Today I now walk on the final path. In a short two weeks I return to Bolta Cerului. There the final confrontation begins, but not before I show the last of my clans their true worth. Alert the Sumsarian nation that we shall have our meeting before the mountain on July third, Grandfather."

Calen's eyes met Domo's, the older man staring at his grandson in surprise.

"Next weekend was to be the scheduled gathering of the clan, my grandson."
Jolan looked at his grandfather, the young man showing a look of deep love.

"Circumstances have changed, Grandfather. The meeting must take place the weekend after that."

Calen looked at his nephew, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his.

"The summer equinox begins on June twenty-sixth, Jolan. The ancient prophecies always stated that the confrontation would happen when the spring equinox ends and the summer one begins."

"Words of the past are subject to destiny's change, Uncle." Jolan said, the young man rising up from the table.

He walked over to the crest's edge, staring down at the nation of Badenterra below them.

The clan was busy with breakfast and other duties, the camp below them alive with happiness.

Jolan's eyes raised, their greyness staring out at the mountains in the west.

"My destiny is close at hand, Uncle. I feel the breath of life calling me to the west, to fate and destiny."
Calen rose up, the leader of the Badenwolf nation walking to Jolan's side, everyone at the table quietly watching.

"We, your wolfen nation, are ready to follow you west, Nephew. We walk towards life with your love in our hearts."
Jolan smiled, kissing his uncle's cheek.

"That love shall do wondrous things, Prince Calen. Your love and theirs shall give me the courage to do what must be done."

"And what must be done, Jolan?" Calen said, his hand on the young man's shoulder.

"My grandfather shall go back to his clan, telling them of the greatness and friendship of the Badenwolf clan. Old pacts are now broken. The Catre Din Dragoste is now charged with forming a new alliance."
Dominoso rose up from his seat, walking up to his grandson, staring at him.

"The Pact of Archania cannot be broken, Jolan. It was a binding pact, as Ravenia stated. It is written as timeless, as unbreakable."

"It was a pact of necessity for her, Grandfather. That necessity is no longer valid. The Badenwolf clan lived up to its pact, the Sumsarian clan did as well. They once stood together and fought against evil. I have the love and magic of Queen Alveena, Queen Ravenia and the Great Wolf in my soul. I am the man to invalidate all pacts of the past. A greater alliance must come to pass."
Domo looked with concern and worry at his grandson, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"You have seen many wonders these last few weeks, Grandfather. The revealing of my Archanian self, the return of Queen Ravenia to guide her nation to follow me. The return of the Badenwolves' souls. The revelation of the true Sulfenwolf and the greatness of my uncle's resolve to lead his people forward."
Calen smiled at Jolan, Domo smiling as well, staring at Jolan.

"Then the revealing of the Shadowwolf twice; once of destiny and once of healed love. Today the true Shadowwolf begins his final path. And shortly the Catre Din Dragoste meets his nation of Sumsarian courage and love."

"Why have you changed the date of your revealing love, my grandson?" Domo said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I need a little longer to formulate what I must do, what I must show, Grandfather. I must go on one final quest before that final meeting and then the subsequent final confrontation with Fagin Greymount and his evil minions."

Jolan's three soulmates stared at him, his grey eyes meeting theirs.

Chris stood up, walking up to the three men.

"A quest, Jolan? It sounds dangerous." he said, Jolan smiling at his friend's voiced love and concern.

"No, it isn't dangerous, Chris. I just need to find the final piece of the puzzle. One part remains elusive to me. When I've found that I shall fulfill the destiny set out for me."

"Where do you have to go, Jo? We who love you shall follow you anywhere." Chris said, Jolan smiling again, seeing everyone before him with the same look of protective love on their faces.

"This quest I must do alone. The time for it shall reveal itself, I think. And then I can finish this, I can set right the destiny ahead."
Everyone remained silent, Jolan smiling at all of them.

"Now is a day for putting the past and the future away. It's a day of happiness, of leaving love. I want to go home, Jus. We have two weeks to relax and enjoy ourselves. I want to swim with my sons, bathe in the sunlight with my soulmates and feel the love of my family."
Justin smiled, walking up to his husband, Hayden climbing into Jolan's arms, Justin's arms going around the two.

"Alright, Jo. Let's go home. Our boy's looking like a fish out of water."

Hayden giggled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Alright, Jolan. I'll stay here and begin the preparations for our pilgrimage to Bolta Cerului." Calen said, Jolan nodding at him.

"And I'll return to New York. I'll spread the word about the meeting's rescheduling." Domo smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek, Domo kissing Hayden's.

"Keep my great-grandson happy, Justin." he said, Justin smiling as Domo kissed his cheek.

"That's an easy thing to do, Grandfather. He has all our love."

Domo smiled, the group walking back to the table, finishing their breakfast.


Jolan dropped his keys in the bowl on the table by the door, his fingers going to the security panel, the loud beeping silenced.

Justin walked in behind him, Hayden sound asleep in his arms, Josh carrying Logan in the same state.

Chace had his arms filled with bags, Lonnie and Ally carrying some as well, the group entering the home, bags falling onto the foyer's floor.

"Our boys need their beds, Jus and Joshy." Jolan smiled, Justin kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Home sweet home, my love." he said, Jolan smiling.

"Yes, Jus. Home at last."
Everyone smiled, Josh and Justin heading up the stairs, two sleeping angels heading for dreamland.

Lonnie and Ally both hugged Jolan, kissing his cheeks, Ally smiling at him.

"We're heading home, Jo. I'll give you a call in the morning and we'll touch base on your contracts."
"Thanks, counsellor. But I think your man's got other ideas." Jolan said, winking at Lonnie.

The large man smiled, smiling at Ally.

"It will be late, late morning, Jo."
Jolan laughed, Ally smiling widely, Chace chuckling behind them.

The two went back out the door, Chace shutting it behind him.

Jolan stretched, Chace's arms going around his waist.

"So which room is ours?" Chace smiled, kissing Jolan's lips.

"Well now, let's see. Hayden and Logan will be bunking together in their bunkhouse, of course."
Chase smiled, pulling Jolan tighter to him.

"And Josh and I? What bunkmates do we get?"
Jolan smiled, kissing Chace back.

"Well I know Jus is a sucker for a young bronco, so we'll let him saddle you up."
Chace laughed, Jolan smiling, taking his hand in his.

"Tonight you sleep with us. Tomorrow you can pick which room you like. For the kids' sake we shall have to use decorum."
"Where's the fun in that?"

The two men looked up the staircase, Josh and Justin walking down it, Josh having spoken.

Justin's arm was around Josh's waist, the two men walking down to their husbands.

The four separated, couples joining together, all smiling at each other.

"Two sets of love, one family of giving love." Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"And now we're under one roof. Awesome!" Justin said, the other three smiling.

"Tomorrow we'll lay the ground rules, and begin the love, my soulmates." Jolan said, the four smiling.

"Right now I'm dead tired. It's after midnight." Jolan said, looking at his watch.

"Aww, did we wear the wolf down last night?" Chace grinned, Jolan smiling.

"I wasn't the one who cried myself to sleep, emotionally exhausted."

Chace blushed, Jolan smiling and leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"Your love showed its beauty last night, Chace. Anytime I move you to tears my heart deepens with my love for you. That goes for all of you. I've yet to make Joshy cry. Jus is a regular cry baby!"

The four laughed, Josh smiling at Jolan.

"We have all our lives to cry tears of love, my friends."
Jolan smiled, looking at the suitcases.

"Unpacking can wait till tomorrow. I need to snuggle in slumber in the center of my trio of warmth."
The other three smiled, their arms going around the younger man, the four walking upstairs.


Justin awoke, someone's arms wrapped around him.

He felt a chin nuzzled in his shoulder blade, the man smiling.

His eyes opened, the left side of the bed empty.

He looked down at the arms wrapped around him, his eyes going to the muscular young hands.

He smiled, pushing his ass back a little, meeting with a heated clothed hardness.

"Morning, Chacey!"

Chace smiled, his lips kissing Justin's shoulder blade.

"More like good afternoon, Justy. It's after noon."
Justin glanced at the nightstand, moving his body around, Chace snuggling back into him.

"We've slept in."
"No we haven't. Jolan let us sleep in." Chace said, his arm going across Justin's smooth chest.

"He did, did he? And where are the two of our love?"
Chace smiled, kissing Justin's lips.

"Jolan is cooking us brunch downstairs. Josh is there with him and the kids. He came in about an hour ago and set out our clothes. He said Jolan wanted you to sleep to noon. I was designated your official alarm clock. Ring, ring!" Chace said, his body moving on top of Justin's.

Justin smiled, Chace's lips meeting his again.

"What a great alarm clock. But I think its minute hand is stuck at twelve." Justin grinned, his hand rubbing Chace's clothed center, the man wearing only boxer briefs.

Chace moaned, the bedroom door suddenly opening, two small missiles flying into the room.

"Wakes up, Poppa and Papa!!" Logan screamed, Justin laughing, the two trying to climb up onto the bed, Chace helping both up, Hayden climbing up on top of Justin's chest.

Both boys still wore their pyjamas.

"Wake up, Poppa! Dada's got sausages and eggs!" he smiled, Justin smiling and kissing his son's lips, Logan climbing up beside him.

"Good morning, my two angels!" he said, kissing Logan on the lips as well, Chace then kissing both.

"We's home, Poppa! It's so good to be home in my own room again!" Hayden said, Justin smiling.

"Logan sleeps with me last night. We's going to sleep and grow together, right Loggie?" Hayden said, the other smaller boy grinning.

"Right's Hay! We's brudders!"

Chace and Justin laughed, the two boys grinning.

"Come on guys. Poppa and Papa have to shower. Let's hit the water kiddies!!" Chace said, both boys clapping their hands and squealing, Justin and Chace climbing out of the bed, their sons now in their arms.


The four walked into the kitchen, two smiles greeting them.

Jolan stood at the stove, leaning down and pulling out a platter from the warming oven.

Josh sat at the table, having just set down a coffee pot and a platter of sausages.

"Morning, my angels. All clean?" Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his lips as Chace and the two running boys headed for the table, Josh kissing all three.

"Food before love for our Chacey." Justin laughed, Jolan smiling.

"God it's good to be home! And I have a larger brood to cook for. Awesome!" Jolan said, Justin smiling as the two walked over to the table, Jolan leaning down and kissing Chace's upturned lips.

"Morning, Tiger." Jolan smiled, Justin sitting down between Hayden and Logan's chairs, Josh on Logan's other side.

Josh and Justin exchanged kisses, Chace smiling at both.

"Dig in everyone while it's hot." Jolan said, placing the platter of hash browns on the table.

Everyone dove in, Jolan's delicious warm food disappearing quickly.

Jolan smiled at his three soulmates, their smiles returned.

"So, I guess we should discuss a few things." Justin said, Josh and Chace smiling at him and Jolan.

"First off, we should make this official, Justin." Jolan said smiling at his husband.

Justin smiled, nodding.

"Josh and Chace. Jolan and I want you to live here with us. You are the second half of our new family. Will you move in and join with our love?"

Josh smiled, as did Chace, the two looking at each other.

"Yes, Jolan and Justin. I'll speak for Chace and myself. We need your love every day, and your beauty. We would love to join with you as one family of love, here under one roof. We are now and forever soulmates."

Justin and Jolan both smiled, the smiles broken by two small clapping boys.

"Yays, Hay! We wivs together always!" Logan grinned, Hayden giggling.

"Yes, boys. We're going to live together here, one big happy family." Jolan said, the boys smiling at him.

"Gweats, Dada! Me gots wots of famwee now!" Logan smiled, Chace tearing up, Josh kissing his son in his chair seat.

"Yes, Logan. We're all your fathers and Hayden will be your big brother." Jolan said, smiling at the boy.

"Me's happy, Dada. Me's happy with alls yous!"

The four men smiled, tears showing in all their eyes, Hayden smiling at all four.

"We both lucky, Loggie! We got swell dads!"

The six smiled and finished their breakfast, talking as a family.

"So how should we handle this, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Well our bedroom is the largest upstairs. I'm thinking two queen size beds, couples together. For the kids' sake, a balanced lifestyle. For them we'll all be fathers, for each other we'll be couples with side benefits."
The four smiled, each looking at the other three, Chace wearing the largest desirous smile.

"Decorum, Tiger. The kids need to see our love, not our lovemaking. "
Chace nodded, a soft look of longing on his face, Jolan leaning to his left and kissing his cheek.

"Two beds, double the fun. The fun will be in deciding who sleeps where. Think of the combinations." Jolan whispered, the young man beaming, the other two soulmates having heard Jolan's words.

"You love echoes in your words, my love." Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"You're welcome to bring anything you want from your place, Josh and Chace. Let's make this a home that reflects all of our tastes and happiness." Justin said, the two men smiling at him.

"We'll go to our place after breakfast and bring our clothes over."

"We'll decide what goes where later, guys." Jolan said, beginning to rise up, Chace's hand going to his.

"Relax, Jo. You fed us, Josh and I will clean up. We share all the chores as well."
Jolan smiled, kissing Chace's cheek again.

"Well you certainly are a chore. I guess we'll all share you."
Josh and Justin laughed, Chace beaming, he and Josh getting up and picking up dishes.

Justin refilled his milk glass and Logan's, Hayden sipping on his juice box.

"I checked all the phone messages, Jus. A few were from Jive and your businesses. I've saved them all to your voice mail. Mine I saved to mine. Nothing urgent, I believe. There was another message though." Jolan said, sipping at his coffee cup.

"From who, my love?" Justin said, smiling at Logan as he wiped his face and hands.

"Enrique called yesterday. He wants to meet with us again. He and his new man." Jolan said, his eyes looking around at everyone, Josh wiping his hands on a dishtowel, shutting off the running tap in the sink, the sink filled with soapy water.

"Ah, we finally get to meet his mysterious new boyfriend!" he smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Yes, Joshy. I called him back. I invited them over tonight for dinner. I suggested just a casual dinner and maybe some pool fun. He was reluctant when he heard that we'd all just gotten back from overseas, not wanting to intrude on us our first day back. I told him I'd check with you, Jus. Is tonight okay?"
Justin smiled, looking towards Josh and Chace.

"I'm fine with it if we all are. What do you say guys? We decide all things together. It sounds like fun, unless you want to just relax today?"

"No, a dinner slash pool party would be nice. Six men, three couples of love relaxing together. Knowing Enrique, the new man must be a dish. Enrique always had style." Josh smiled, Chace's lips kissing Josh's neck.

"You have style too, sweetie. Hence me being here." Chace said, Justin laughing.

"Less flirting, more washing and drying, slaves!" Jolan said finishing his coffee, Josh and Chace both sticking their tongues out at Jolan, the kids laughing.

"Now I see what's going on! He just wants free slave labor!" Chace said, Jolan smiling.

"Yep. That and some foxy harem boys!"
All four laughed, Justin putting the two kids down, the boys heading for the patio doors, Justin chasing after them.

Jolan smiled, Josh and Chace going back to the dishes, Jolan picking up the phone.


And so the day continued, Josh and Chace going over to their house, returning with clothes and a few sentimental knickknacks, and some paintings as well as a couple of pieces of furniture.

Jolan and Justin helped them move their things into the house, the two knowing more would follow.

Two new beds were ordered by Jolan that morning, delivery being the next day.

For now the four would share Justin's king size bed, their love joined together.

Lonnie and Ally showed up just before lunch, Jolan pulling something together quick.

Jolan went out for groceries, Lonnie at his side, Ally tagging along, the two discussing Jolan's work as they shopped.

Justin, Josh and Chace were in charge of the kids for the afternoon, the five heading for the pool.

When Jolan returned home he spent the afternoon in the kitchen, preparations for the dinner in full swing.

Justin came in offering to help, Jolan shooing him out.

"Your man's the boss in the kitchen, Jus. We cook in the bedroom." Chace grinned, Josh smiling and rubbing suntan lotion on his husband's back, the three seated in pool chairs, the kids playing a game on a blanket on the grass beside them.

"Isn't this great, guys? Just the four of us and the kids. It's more than my wildest dreams." Justin said, smiling as he looked at the boys, then out across the pool.

"That it is, Justy. We've found more happiness than we ever dreamed." Josh said, his hands kneading Chace's back.

Chace smiled, his blue eyes on Justin.

"We have Jolan to thank for that, guys. His love is ours." Chace said, his eyes looking towards the house.

Josh moved, sitting down on the lounge chair between Justin's legs--the man wearing only navy swim trunks--Josh beginning to put lotion on his smooth chest, Justin closing his eyes, sighing softly.

"So what's on your mind, Jus? Chace and I both feel an underlying sadness that you're doing your best to keep from Jolan."

Justin's eyes opened, Josh seeing soft tears showing.

"The time is fast approaching, Joshy. Our Jo's final destiny. I guess I'm feeling a bit nervous about what that truly means. I don't want him hurt, or even worse."
Chace moved, the young man's arm going around Justin's shoulder, the two now laying together on the large lounge chair, Josh looking at Justin.

Justin's head rested against Chace's shoulder, Josh's hands rubbing his chest.

"We're all here for him, Jus. That's all we can be. He'll have our love in his heart. I can't see him being hurt at the end of all this. He's too special for this to end in tragedy. He's on goodness' side, as we all are. Evil can't stand a chance against that."
"Has he told you anything, Josh? I know you knew of his sacrifice at the Badenwolf meeting. I saw it in your eyes just before the redness of evil appeared. You knew he was about to sacrifice himself for all of them."
Josh nodded, the two others looking at him.

"Yes, I knew. Jolan told me beforehand. He wanted me to be your rock at that moment, he wanted me to comfort both of you. It was a hard thing to let happen. But for him I did it."
"And now the upcoming Sumsarian meeting, do you know what's going to happen there?"
Josh stared at both of them.

"No guys, I don't. Jolan hasn't told me anything of what's to happen next. I wasn't even aware of this quest he spoke of yesterday. I think the final path is of his own design. I feel in my heart he knows what's going to happen. Whatever he read in that journal seems to have calmed his acceptance. He's fully aware I believe of what's going on. I trust in his love, his calmness and his smile. Whatever's going to happen, he doesn't fear it."
The other two smiled, Josh's words bringing comfort to them.

"I just want this all to be over. Then we four can have a lifetime of happiness." Justin said, Josh smiling at him.

"Trust in our Jolan to guide us all on his path."
The three smiled, each kissing the other two, Josh smiling and speaking again.

"Our Jolan's love guarantees that happiness for all of us. That's why I'm not afraid, guys. Jolan's love is here for us, that's got to mean something."
They all smiled, their quiet love broken by Jolan's walking out onto the patio.

"You guys should get cleaned up, showered and dressed. The guys should be here shortly."

"Guys?" Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yeah, Chace. Cuban cabana boys! Half naked and sexy!"

Justin and Josh laughed, Chace blushing as Jolan walked up to their chairs.

"I meant Enrique and Mr. Wonderful."

"Mr. Wonderful?" Justin said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yep! I've always found him dreamy. So sexy and handsome."
The other two men traded looks, intrigue showing on their faces.

"So you do know who he is?" Chace said, Jolan smiling, looking at all three.

"Yes, guys, I do. For a very singular reason."
"You are such a man of mystery, my love." Justin smiled, Jolan leaning down and kissing his upturned lips, Josh and Chace smiling.

"That I am. I've laid out all your clothes, boys. Take showers and groom well. Let's show them our love."
The three smiled, Hayden and Logan rising up from the blanket.

"Shower, Poppa?" Logan said, Justin scooping him up in his arms, kissing his cheek.

"Yes, Logan. Showers again for all of us."
The boy giggled, Hayden now in Chace's arms.

"Where's my boy to hug?" Josh said pouting, Jolan smiling and leaping into Josh's opening arms.

"Man, mine's heavy!" he said, staggering, Jolan laughing loudly.

Jolan kissed Josh on the lips, the younger man retaining his feet again.

"Get going, my five boys. I'll ready the patio."

The five smiled, walking back into the house, Jolan watching them go.

He softly sighd to himself, heading for the patio.


Jolan was just finishing his final dinner preparations when his five loves walked into the kitchen.

"My, I knew I chose right!" he smiled, the three men striking seductive poses, the two little boys giggling.

Jolan's eyes scanned each, his face covered in a soft smile.

"You have awesome taste, Jo. I've never seen my Joshy look more casual and sexy!" Chace said, Josh smiling, wearing a black satin short sleeve shirt, khaki shorts showing off his tanned muscular legs, sandals completing the ensemble.

Chace wore a khaki golf shirt and black shorts, his chiselled chest showing each muscled inch.

"And Chace is damn near fantastic!" Justin smiled, he wearing a soft grey golf shirt and black shorts.

"And then there's our Justy! Why he looks good enough to eat!" Chace grinned, Justin smiling his arm going around his husband's waist.

"We'll munch later, boys." Jolan smiled, looking down at the two boys.

"And our boys look like twins! Very handsome indeed!" Jolan smiled, kneeling down, both running to him and hugging him.

Both wore matching short sets, navy shirts and khaki shorts.

"Well, my men are all looking fine! Now it's my turn. Can you keep an eye on the rack of lamb in the oven, Joshy? I'm going to shower and then dress quickly. Enrique should be here in about an hour."

"Sure thing, Jo." Josh smiled, Jolan standing up and kissing his cheek.

"Logan and Hayden, my boys. You're in charge of keeping Poppa and Papa clean. Don't let them get all dirty! We know how they like to play!" Jolan said, Justin and Chace sticking their tongues out at Jolan, the kids laughing.
"We keeps them clean, Dada!" Logan said, his arms going around Justin's bare leg, Justin smiling down at him.

"Yes, Dada!" both men said in unison, Jolan laughing and walking out the doorway.

"Our Jo's extremely happy. Something tells me we're in for a surprise tonight." Chace said, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Every day with our Jo will be a surprise of love." Justin said, he and Chace smiling and following the kids to the patio door.

Josh smiled, heading to the stove.


Jolan felt the coolness of the water cascading over his body, having been under the water for over ten minutes.

He sighed, hitting the shower button, the water stopping.

He walked out of the shower stall, grabbing a towel and drying himself off.

He wrapped the towel around his waist, walking out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

He walked to the closet, opening the double doors, walking into it, selecting his clothing for the evening.

He smiled, selecting a black golf shirt and grey shorts.

He and Justin would match perfectly, he thought, smiling.

He suddenly froze, staring forward, a wider smile coming to his face.

"And what brings you here today?" he said, a voice answering him from the bedroom behind him.

"I wanted to bask in the love of my miraculous, surprising grandson."

Jolan's body turned, the young man staring into two blue eyes of love.

"You've caught me in a more revealing moment, Grandmother." he smiled, Queen Alveena smiling from the bed, the woman seated on its edge, the bed fully made.

Her blue eyes scanned over Jolan's near naked, muscular beauty.

"To look upon your revealed beauty is to look upon God's giving love. You are as beautiful as your grandfather was, Jolan. You mirror his beauty and muscular grace."

Jolan softly blushed, but smiled nonetheless.

"Thank you for the compliment, Grandmother."

Alveena smiled, rising up and walking up to her grandson.

"You sensed me, I take it?"

"I felt your love coming, Grandmother. It is in my soul."

Queen Alveena smiled, kissing her grandson's cheek.

"That, we now feel, may be a very magical soul indeed. We have watched the last few days of your giving, unbelievable love, Jolan. We are all stunned by the magic and love you showed. And by the path you walked."

Jolan smiled, his grey loving eyes staring at her.

"I take it you hold no anger against what I had to do?"
Queen Alveena sighed, staring at her grandson, her blue eyes filled with unchanged love.

"To change destiny is to flirt with disaster. But perhaps destiny moves by someone else's terms now. You are not the center of the path anymore, Jolan. You are the path. It is your path we now walk."
Jolan sighed, his head lowering in thought, then raising, meeting his grandmother's calm face.

"I am sorry that I had to destroy the pendant that you gave your son, Dragos. I know it was originally given in motherly love."

Alveena's head lowered for a moment, then raised again, Jolan seeing a trace of wetness in her crystal blue eyes.

"I loved him once as you love Hayden, Jolan. Your son is as magical as he once was."
Jolan's hand went out, gently touching her shoulder, the woman softly shimmering, Jolan taking in her soft appearance, knowing it was only a vision before him.

"We choose the path we walk, Grandmother. Life is about choice. I'm sorry your son chose the wrong path. I have enough love in my heart as you once did. My son will follow his path as well."
She nodded, softly smiling at him, hearing his compassion and love.

"Dragos lived and died as his path destined. And he surprised me also. The Draught of Life. It was not gone."

Jolan nodded, Queen Alveena going back and sitting down on the bed, Jolan putting his clothing on the chair, sitting down beside her.

"It was in the pendant, it followed its own path of destiny."
Alveena's hand went on top of Jolan's, Jolan feeling her love.

"I am sorry if what you now have wasn't what you wanted, Jolan. I never wanted it for you or your grandfather. Immortality is a myth and an illusion. Near immortality is a curse, or so Vilos once said to me."

"My grandfather didn't want to live his long life?"
Alveena smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"He once told me that each day was a lifetime to be used as one life. Towards the end of that long life he felt the moments agonizingly long. I believe he longed for the next path, for eternal happiness with your grandmother. He is on that path now, a lifetime of eternal love."

Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek.

"The end is fast approaching, Grandmother. You are correct. It is now my path that everyone follows. Destiny will be as I choose it to be."
Queen Alveena's blue eyes met Jolan's grey.

"Where will you lead all of us?"

Jolan stood up, the man walking to the window looking out on the backyard.

"I will lead you to truth, to love and to life, Grandmother. I know what my destiny is. And I know who has to see the truth."

Queen Alveena rose, walking up to her grandson.

"I have talked with the One Council. They are adamant about you following the prophecy, and that you must reveal the Sun Child."

Jolan smiled, looking back at her.

"They are, are they?"

"Yes, Jolan. They are my guiding council."
Jolan turned, staring into her blue eyes.

"Are you as adamant to see destiny fulfilled?"
Alveena sighed, taking Jolan's hands in her soft hands.

"I love you, Jolan. You are the most giving, loving soul that I have encountered in my eons of existence."
"I am love, and I am life, Grandmother. And I am truth."
Alveena's eyes were showing tears.

"And what is that truth, Jolan? I sense deep knowledge in your eyes."

"I know the truth of what this path is, of what it was designed for. I think you will be surprised by that, as many others will be. Erasmus and Tolmar included."

Jolan smiled, leaning forward, seeing that her image was softly beginning to fade.

He kissed her cheek, her vision now near transparent.

"Yes, Grandmother. You can tell him that I know of his truth. Tell him that I will meet him at the hidden chapel on the day after the Sumsarian meeting. It is time life and love began."

"Walk with caution, my grandson. I sense danger surrounds that final truth."
Jolan smiled, his grandmother almost fading away.

"Love and life surround it, Grandmother. I shall see you and your love once more in the sunshine of love."

The image faded, Jolan lowering his head.

He stared down at the sun tattoo emblazoned on his bare smooth chest.

"The sun rises and the world will see its light."


Jolan walked down the staircase, hearing the telephone in the foyer going off.

He smiled, walking across it, picking the phone up, answering the call.

He talked for a few moments, hitting the numbers for the front gate.

He smiled, walking to the front door, opening it.

He saw the black Porsche convertible pulling up in front of the house, Enrique waving at him from the driver's seat.

Jolan smiled, standing at the door, waiting for the two visitors to come up the steps.

Jolan saw Enrique open the door for his friend, Orlando climbing out of the car, their hands going together, both looking around first.

They walked up to the front door, Jolan smiling at both.

"Welcome again, Enrique. And welcome to our home, Orlando." he said, extending his hand.

Orlando Bloom's brown eyes were staring at Jolan, a soft smile on his face.

"It's nice to see you again, Jolan." he softly said, Jolan smiling at him, taking his hand in his.

"Yes it is, Orlando. Please come in, guys. There are three juveniles biting at the teeth here waiting for you two."

Both looked puzzled, Jolan laughing softly.

"Justin, Josh and Chace have been trying to figure out who you are, Orlando. Enrique's mystery man as they call you. How about we surprise them? I know Josh will be shocked."
Orlando nodded softly, Jolan's arm going around his shoulders.

"Now none of that. We're all friends here. The past is just that, the past. Love goes where it must. I see it practically radiating in both of your eyes."

Both men smiled widely, Jolan guiding them into the house.


Justin and Josh sat on the patio, Chace running around the backyard, chasing Hayden and Logan in the jeep.

Jolan walked out onto the patio, Enrique right beside him.

Josh and Justin broke out into smiles, as did Chace, he and the kids stopping and walking towards the house.

Josh and Justin rose up, both greeting Enrique with a big hug, the man smiling at both as they smiled back at him.

"Nice to see you again, Enrique! How are you?" Josh said, Enrique smiling at him.

"I am beyond happy, Josh. Thanks for asking."
Justin smiled, his eyes looking towards Jolan and then the patio doorway.

"I thought you were bringing a friend, Enrique?" he said, Enrique smiling at him.

"I have, Justin. He's just using the washroom. He'll be out momentarily."
Chace walked up onto the patio, the young man hugging Enrique, welcoming him, the two boys climbing up into their father's arms.

"My, they're both growing. Hello Hay, hello Logan." Enrique smiled, Logan in Chace's arms, Hayden in Justin's.

"Hi, Enweekay!" Logan said, Enrique laughing.

"Hi, Logan!"

Hayden giggled, Enrique kissing his and Logan's cheek.

"So care to let us in on the secret?" Josh said, smiling at the Latin singer.

Enrique's face broke into a wide smile, his brown eyes meeting Jolan's.

"I've found the love of my life, guys. I've found my soulmate."

Everyone smiled, Josh's hand going to his shoulder, smiling at him, his back to the doorway, Justin and Chace also not looking that way.

"That's awesome, Enrique. We're all happy for you. So who is it?" Josh asked, smiling widely.

"It's me, Josh." a voice said, everyone turning towards the patio doorway, Josh's eyes widening.

Justin and Chace looked on in shocked surprise, Josh's eyes widening in more than shock.

Jolan's eyes were on Josh's face, seeing the look on his face.

Standing in the patio doorway, Orlando Bloom wore a quiet look, the English actor staring at Josh alone.

Josh's face wore a look of total surprise, and worry.

Jolan's hand went to Josh's shoulder, his face meeting his.

"The past always comes full circle, my love. Love follows its own path."
Everyone looked confused, Orlando still staring at Josh.

Jolan walked up to him, guiding the silent man into their midst.

"Let's sit down guys. I believe we have a few souls to bare, and love needs to live."



End of Chapter 148


Interesting ending.

Is there something between Josh and Orlando?

Does Enrique know?
It appears Jolan is at the center of knowledge as usual.

Let's let him divulge the past and the present.


The end seems to be coming upon us soon.

Two weeks until the final confrontation.

It seems our Jolan is well prepared.


What is Tolmar's place in all this?
What does Jolan know and what is he going to do?
What quest must he go on, and to where?


Lots of questions, lots of answers coming.

Prepare for the love and the life to be shown.


As rumour has it, our beautiful Justin seems to have asked Jessica Biel the magical question.

Their engagement is making all the news.


Now I just have to talk him out of it!



Hugs, Angel.