Jolan's Path - Chapter 149


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 149


Orlando's gaze moved, his brown eyes leaving Josh's face, meeting the other men standing around him.

"Hello, everyone." he softly smiled, Justin staring at him.

"Hello, Orlando." Justin said, extending his hand, the man shaking it, both staring at each other.

"Hello, Justin. Nice to see you again. Congratulations on your and Jolan's happiness." Orlando smiled, his eyes meeting Jolan's, the young man smiling at him.

"Someone has to love this prima donna! I guess I volunteered." Jolan said, Justin staring at him, his arm going around his Jo, kissing his cheek.

"I love you, Jolan."
Everyone smiled, Josh remaining silent, his blue eyes staring at Orlando, the man avoiding his gaze.

"Hi, Orlando. Nice to see you again." Chace said, smiling at him, giving the man a quick hug.

Josh's blue eyes widened a bit in surprise, Chace's eyes meeting his.

Justin's eyes had gone between the three, seeing their eye movements, his blue eyes meeting Jolan's, his husband kissing his cheek.

"Sit down and relax everyone." he smiled, whispering in Justin's ear.

Justin nodded, walking into the house, everyone walking to the patio table, sitting down around it.

Jolan's eyes followed his disappearing husband, the young man softly sighing.

Josh and Chace sat down together, Orlando sitting down beside a smiling Enrique, his hand taking his.

Jolan smiled, sitting down, Justin walking back out onto the patio, a tray of drinks in his hand.

He leaned down, Logan and Hayden both taking a juice box off the tray, smiling up at their Poppa.

"You're daddies are going to talk with their friends, boys."
"Okay's, Poppa! Me's and Hay plays in sandbox!" Logan said, Hayden's arm going around the smaller boy.

Justin smiled, watching both head off the patio, climbing into the large sandbox at its left side, their trucks awaiting them.

His eyes moved towards the table, staring at Orlando seated beside Enrique.

He sighed softly, walking to the table and setting the tray down, Jolan offering everyone a glass of white wine, a bottle in a chilled bucket in the tray's center.

Everyone took a glass that Justin poured them, Jolan's eyes meeting his husband's, Justin sitting down beside him.

"Welcome to our home, Orlando. Enrique does indeed have style." Jolan smiled, the Latin singer smiling widely, his lips kissing Orlando's cheek, the man softly smiling.

"That I do, Jolan. He's the love of my heart."

Orlando smiled, his brown eyes meeting Enrique's brown.

"Thank you for the invitation, Jolan. I wasn't sure if I was welcomed by your husband, or your friends."

Justin's eyebrows raised, Jolan squeezing his hand.

"Paths move as they must, everyone. Paths usually hold connecting truths. I think I should open up these truths."
Josh's eyes met Jolan's, seeing the usual deep love shining there.

Jolan saw that Josh had calmed somewhat, his eyes quickly glancing towards Orlando.

Jolan sighed, his grey eyes meeting all five singularly.

"What has always been the basis of my reality, Jus?"

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Your unending, giving love, my angel."

Jolan smiled, kissing Justin on the lips, everyone watching their giving love for each other.

"So true, my own angel. I give love, I give hope and I give life."

Orlando's eyes were staring at Jolan, Justin seeing a trace of emotion threatening to come out of those brown pools.

Justin thought that the man was on the verge of tears.

His own heart was simmering with worry and growing fear.


Jolan smiled at the Englishman, the man smiling softly back.

Jolan's grey pools then met Enrique's, the man showing so much love in his brown eyes.

"I see before me five men of connecting destiny. The past has a way of overshadowing things that need to be realized. I, more than anyone, know the truth in that. My own past was hidden from me for far too long, eating away at my soul. It wasn't till I was free of its hidden truth that I began to really live life. The love was always there but the love of life wasn't. I'm now free to live my life as I want to, as I was destined to. It's a life of love and happiness, the five of my heart giving me so much love and life."
Orlando and Enrique traded looks, watching the three other men at the table stare with love at Jolan.

"The five of your heart, Jolan?" Enrique said, looking confused, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, Enrique. And it's just Jo, guys." he smiled, Enrique and Orlando smiling at him.

"Justin and Hayden are my life. And three others of my heart have equal claim to that life. My Logan, my Chace and my Josh."

Orlando and Enrique's brown eyes widened in surprise, Orlando's eyes going to Chace and Josh, the two staring at Jolan, so much love in their blue eyes showing for the younger man.

"You. . .the five of you?" Orlando said with surprise, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, Orlando. I love all three of them and our sons. Your Josh now has the love you always wanted for him."

Justin's eyes widened in shock, his blue pools staring at Josh.

Josh's eyes were staring in shock at Jolan, Chace's eyes staring at Orlando.

Chace's face wore a look of truthful reality, as did Enrique's.

Jolan's wore a look of giving love.

"I guess I've opened the proverbial Pandora's Box of intertwining reality and love." he said, the other five staring at him, each showing a look of truth in their eyes, each look for a different reason.

"I am a man of destiny. Destiny has a way of weaving all paths together. Today here, all our paths join. And I am the one to show all of you its revealing truths. I think the best place to start is with one man."

Everyone stared at Jolan, the young man's eyes meeting each.

"A ghost walks beside all of us. A man who entered each of our lives briefly in connecting ways. Three here in a very painful way."

Everyone looked confused, Jolan sighing.

"That man was Mark Wahlberg."

Justin's head lowered, as did Enrique's.

Justin showed hurt on his face, Enrique showing anger.

One other's head was lowered as well, Jolan staring at Orlando Bloom.


"I told you when I gave you that hopeful vision Enrique, that the man you would meet would be hurting as well. You know the truth of that hurt yourself. I know Orlando confided in you the truth of his own involvement with that man."

Justin's eyes were staring at Orlando, Chace and Josh staring at him in shock.

"You. . .you were blackmailed by Mark as well, Orlando?" Chace said, the man staring at him.

"Yes, Chace. I was pulled into his circle of lust and hurt as well." he said, Josh staring at him.

"You. . .you never told me." Josh said softly, Jolan watching him, Chace staring at him as well.

"How could I tell anyone? How could I tell you that I was led to depravity because I was a fool?" he said, lowering his head again, Jolan's hand going on top of him.

"You weren't a fool, Orlando. You were tricked just as everyone else was, my own Jus included."

The man's head raised, his eyes meeting Justin's.

Justin stared at the man, the two staring at each other with shameful truth.

"I guess neither of you knew of the other's trapped existence, each thinking the other was free from his pain. The love you shared was equal in hurt and hope."
Enrique's eyes met Justin's, as did Chace and Josh, all three showing surprise.

Jolan's arm went around his Justin, his lips kissing his smooth cheek.

"You forget that I have felt your soul, my love. I have felt every moment of hurt and sorrow there. I know that Orlando and you were once lovers. Albeit not in a giving, loving manner. The two of you were forced upon each other, Mark bringing both of you together for his own carnal desires."
Justin's eyes met Orlando's, both staring at each other with simmering emotion.

"We. . .we had a threesome, Jolan. Mark told me that Orlando hungered for me and that I was to be theirs. I. . .I had to do it!"

Jolan pulled his man close, his grey eyes staring at Orlando.
"I know, Jus. I know. You were trapped. I'm glad at least that Orlando's beauty and love held some comfort in your heart. Mark was the only one that night that used you. Orlando was just as trapped as you were."

Orlando's eyes began to tear, Enrique's arm going around him.

"Jolan's right, Justin. Mark, that night, told me the same thing he told you. That you hungered for me and that I was to please both of you. I had no bloody choice either. I'm sorry if I hurt you that night." he said, tears now showing in his eyes.

Justin moved, rising out of his seat and kneeling beside Orlando's chair.

"You didn't hurt me, Orlando. I have to be totally honest with you. And with you, my Jo." Justin said, his eyes turning back and staring at Jolan, Jolan's love showing as always.

Justin turned back to Orlando, Jolan's hand going to his husband's shoulder, rubbing it.

"That night I found the only moment of happiness I'd felt through all that time of hurt. You--and your tenderness--made Mark's brutality bearable that night. You were the only one who ever showed me any tenderness. I carried that through all the times of brutality after. You helped me go on and find true happiness."

Orlando wiped his eyes, his hand going to Justin's face, the two staring at each other.

"I. . .I carried the same hope, Justin. You gave me the same hope."
Justin smiled, the two standing and embracing, Jolan smiling up at both of them, the young man standing.

The two broke their embrace, both looking at Jolan.

"Times of hurt and sorrow always give way to hope. In each of you, you found a spark of hope. Today I'd like to thank you, Orlando, for giving my Justin that. For making him face his ordeal and for his finding the courage to go forward. The man I love today is the man he is because of loving people like you."

"You. . .you can forgive me, Jolan? I. . .blimey, I slept with him!" Orlando said, his face showing disbelief.

"There is nothing to seek forgiveness for. You and Justin were both trapped, forced to give into Mark's desires. Neither of you should hold any ill will or shame towards the other. Today you both can move forward as friends."

Justin and Orlando both smiled at each other, Enrique standing up and putting his arm around his man.

"I hold no ill will either, Justin. Jolan's right. Both of you were hurt by that man, as was I. Jolan's love makes all of us see our own truths."
Josh and Chace both stared at the four men, Jolan's eyes meeting Josh's.

"I met with Orlando a few months ago, everyone. As I told you before I met with all of Mark's hidden liaisons, his victims. Orlando's story almost mirrored yours, Jus. It also held a truth equal to Enrique's, and all the others, and there were many. I sensed in my heart then that both of you were destined to fill each other's souls. Forgive me for deviously guiding you both to each other. I. . .I just wanted both of you to find the other half of your soul."

Orlando and Enrique both teared up, both pulling Jolan into an embrace, the young man beginning to tear as well.

"Oh, Jolan! How. . .how can I thank you?! How can we thank you, for what you've given Enrique and myself? We did find the other half of our souls in each other!" Orlando said, Justin smiling at all three.

Jolan gently but forcefully removed himself from their loving embrace, smiling at both.

"We all see that truth, Enrique and Orlando." he smiled, looking into Orlando's tearing brown eyes.

"You are amazing, Jo." he smiled, Jolan smiling softly at Enrique, his usual blushing reluctance showing.

"Enrique's man is amazing as well. I see the greatness of your love, Orlando. I know you both are in love."
"Please, Jo. Call me Lando, my good friends do." he said, Jolan seeing the man's eyes briefly glance at Josh and Chace.

"Thanks, Lando. I guess there's only one chapter left in this story. I know Enrique and Chace know its truth. The chapter of your and Josh's love."

Justin's eyes widened in shock, his blue pools staring at his best friend.

Chace had his arm around Josh, Justin seeing the young man's unchanged love.

"You. . .you. . .you and Orlando, Josh? You and he. . .you were lovers?"

Josh's eyes met Justin's, Chace kissing his husband's cheek.

"We all were, Justin." Chace said.

Justin was stunned, Jolan's arm going around him.

"Don't judge their love or their desires, Jus. Love has a way of showing its truth."

Justin's eyes met Jolan's, seeing his unchanged love for all of them.

Jolan's eyes met Orlando's, the man sitting down again, his brown eyes staring at Josh.

"Let your pain go, guys. Love is a greater emotion, and it eradicates all untruthful pain." Jolan said, he sitting down as well, Enrique and Justin looking at each other, the two joining their mates.

"Josh and I were at one time lovers, Justin. We met at a Jive party and connected. We dated for over six months secretly. It was right after my time with Mark, right after my own pain began to heal. Josh was the first man to ever show me true emotional love. True warmth and kindness. I never thanked you for that, Joshua."
Josh teared up, his head lowering, Chace rubbing his shoulders.

"I thanked you by hurting you, Lando." he said, Orlando looking at him with tears.

"Jolan earlier said that we all walk our paths of destiny. Our believed love wasn't destined to reach fruition, Joshua. You found someone better. Chace's love entered your life."
Chace stared at the man, Orlando's eyes meeting his.

"In him I found everything I ever wanted, Lando." Josh said, the Englishman smiling at him.

"I know, Joshua. I saw it in his eyes and yours that first night we met after we'd broken up. I never hated you for taking him from me, Chace. I envied you the love he so easily gave you. It was a love I never was given. Not until now." he said, his hand going in Enrique's.

Enrique smiled, everyone sensing that Orlando had already told his soulmate of their previous union.

Everyone saw both of them were souls of total honesty and love.

"You envied me, Orlando? I envied you!" Chace said, Orlando's eyes meeting his.

"Me? Bloody hell, why?"

"Because you were Josh's first love. He told me that. That you. . .that you were the first person who ever truly loved him. Perhaps that's why. . .why I did what I did." Chace said, lowering his head.

"That you tried to find out what that love was like?" Jolan said, Chace's eyes meeting his.

"You. . .you know?"
Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting all three.

"Yes, our Tiger. I feel your soul as well as Joshua's. I have felt the longing of your young soul of love. It's large, it seeks so much love. Today it has its fill. It's filled with our three souls of love."
Chace smiled, looking at Enrique, then Justin.

"I planned it all. I fooled Josh into bringing Orlando into our bed, Justin. I wanted to feel the love that Josh had experienced with him." Chace said, Josh's arm going around him now.

"We both agreed to it, Chace. I wasn't fooled, my love. I knew what you sought."

"Yes, Josh. At that time I assumed you wanted to show me that love. You only agreed to it so as to not lose me. I now realize you only wanted to make me happy, that your love was total for me. I'm sorry for not realizing that then. I would never have slept with both of you if I had known how deep your love was for me."

Chace's eyes met Orlando's.

"Why did you agree to it, Orlando?"

Orlando stared at Josh, then at Chace.

"Because I thought that perhaps we both could love Josh equally, Chace. That our combined love would fulfill him. I realized immediately after we started that his heart was already filled. That is was full of your love, Chace. I could never win it back. I'm sorry for what I let us do. Your desirous love was beautiful, you both were so beautiful. But Josh's love for you was so unbelievable, Chace. I saw it easily when he fell asleep in your arms, not mine. That's why I left in the middle of the night, never seeing either of you again until now. I could never come between his love for you and yours for him."

Orlando's head lowered, Josh and Chace looking at each other.

"I think all of you need to sit back and realize what the underlying truth here is."
All eyes met Jolan's, the young man rising up from the table.

"Each of you has something beautiful today. And each of you has walked a path of truth, hurt and love.  Destiny connected you all in different ways, guiding you to where you stand today. Each now has a heart of love. That is the truth in all of this. Love is in each of your hearts. You all have each other to thank each for in different ways."
Jolan smiled at each, each seeing his guiding love.

"I have to check on dinner." he smiled, quietly walking back into the house.


The five sitting at the table sat in silence, each digesting all that had been said, Justin the first to speak.

"My Jolan is devious, in his love and in his guiding truth. I just realized what I have. His unending love, and yours as well, Josh and Chace. A long time ago you gave me hope, Orlando, in the beauty of your tenderness, your body and your giving heart. That, in turn, guided me to a better life. A life with my loving Jolan. And with my best friend and his soulmate. The four of us have a free, honest love now. Jolan just gave me and them that." Justin smiled, Josh and Chace smiling at him.

"Jolan just gave myself an opportunity to tell you all of my less than glowing nature. I'm sorry that I made you join with Josh and myself, Orlando. Our love should have been enough for me. I should have seen that then. I see it now. And Jolan has indeed given me so much more. As Justin already stated. I love him as well. And Justin also. I have more love than I need or ever deserved." Chace said, lowering his head, Josh kissing his cheek, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Chace." Josh said, Justin voicing the same sentiment.

The young man smiled, Josh looking at Orlando.

"I'm sorry for rejecting you for Chace, Lando. I took the coward's way out. I know I must have hurt you."
"It did hurt for a while, Joshua. But when I saw you and Chace together I knew that you were destined for each other. I couldn't hate you or him for what I saw before me. Jolan was right, I am happy that you have been given the love you so deeply deserved. I loved you then, yes. But now I know it could never have been anything more than friendship. I hope I can have that friendship now, with both of you."

Josh and Chace both stood up, both walking around the table, Orlando standing as they both wrapped their arms around him, hugging him close.

Enrique and Justin both stood, taking in the scene of the three friends embracing each other.

They broke their hug, Orlando then pulled into Justin's arms.

"I want that friendship as well, Orlando. Yours and Enrique's. If he's willing to forgive all three of us for what went on between us."
Enrique smiled, his arm going around both of them.

"The past is just that, Justin. The past. Lando and I both love each other completely. Our love begins now. As does the beauty of you four."

"It glows in intensity as greatly as yours."
All five turned, Jolan smiling as he walked onto the patio.

Josh and Chace's arms went around him, Jolan smiling at everyone.

"I take it friendship has won out in the end?"

The five smiled, Orlando smiling at Jolan.

"You. . .you are so unbelievable!"

Jolan smiled, leaning over and kissing Orlando's cheek.

"So everyone keeps telling me."
Justin laughed, kissing his husband's cheek.

Orlando and Enrique both smiled, taking in the beauty of the four men now holding each other.

"Okay, this we have to hear about. How has your love connected?" he said, Jolan's three soulmates' blue eyes meeting his grey.

"Tell them all of it, my loves. But first we have to eat. I need you to help me with the table and food, guys."
Josh, Chace and Justin all smiled, heading into the house to get the tableware and glasses, Enrique and Orlando smiling at Jolan.

"Sit down guys. We promise you an evening of love."
The two smiled, sitting down again at the table, Jolan heading to the sandbox to bring the kids in to get cleaned up.


Nathan Livingstone sat in the large chair at Fagin's right side, his eyes taking in the scene of carnage before him.

Brandon sat beside Nathan, the young man's eyes closed, his head lowered.

"He's so barbaric! He's so disgusting!" he softly whispered, Nathan's eyes remaining focused on Fagin Greymount.

"He is evil, Brandy. I've known that since the first day he claimed me."

Brandon's eyes opened, meeting Nathan's green pain-filled eyes, then staring at the scene before him.

Fagin Greymount sat upon his throne, the large man gasping, his chest, arms, face and hands covered in blood.

Before them in the center of the throne room lay the bodies of seven guards.

The room was surrounded by other soldiers, their commanders standing in horrific silence.

Each of the seven had had their limbs, faces and bodies ripped apart, Fagin's anger total and destructive.

The man had feasted upon the throats of all seven, his face covered in their blood.

They were the unfortunate guards on duty the night Jolan Dragos had walked into Fagin's domain.

The man had awakened just as he'd seen a soft glowing white light disappear by the doorway of his bedchamber. His hand had gone to the knife at his side on the nightstand, his other hand going to his own throat.

He instantly realized that the pendant was missing from his neck.

"What was that light?" he'd yelled, his eyes meeting Nathan's in the semi-darkness, Brandon slowly awakening between them.

"It was the light of truth, Fagin. His truth." Nathan had said, rising from the bed, his naked form reaching for a robe.

Fagin looked around the bed sheets, finding his medallion nowhere.

"Where is my talisman? What have you done with it?" he said, glaring at Nathan.

"I did not touch it, Fagin. You have beaten into me the truth of that folly." Nathan said, wrapping the robe around him.

The larger man was getting agitated, his fist hitting Brandon's cheek.

"Wake up, you fool! What have you done with it?"
Brandon had leapt up at the contact, his hand going to his face.

"Done with what? Please don't hit me!" he cried, Fagin hitting him again, the blow knocking the young man out of the bed onto the floor at Nathan's feet.

Nathan remained still, Fagin rising naked out of the bed, his eyes scanning every inch of the room.

"Guards! Men of my charge!" he screamed, the bedroom door opening, Brandon struggling to his feet, trying to cover his revealed nakedness, several of the entering guards ogling him.

"Your Lordship!!" they saluted, the naked man before them glaring at them.

"Someone has entered my bedchamber!" he screamed, the guards backing up in surprise.

"We have seen no one, your Lordship! No one has passed any of us!" the head guard said, Fagin's hand going to his throat, the man struggling against the man's strength.

"You could not see the dick for the cum on your own face, fools!" he said, pushing the man back with force, his body flying out of the doorway.

"Pick him up and search the fortress!" Fagin screamed, the men leaving quickly.

Fagin's eyes glared towards Nathan, the man smiling at him.

"You were a fool to not set a field of magic around yourself, Fagin."
"What do you mean? Who entered my sacred chamber?!"

"He that you fear in your heart, Fagin. Jolan Dragos was here."

Fagin looked stunned, the man sitting down on the edge of the bed, Brandon staring at Nathan, even more shock showing on his face.

"Jolan was here? How. . .how in God's name. . .?" he stuttered, Fagin's eyes glaring at him, the young man falling silent, his hands covering his naked center.

"That is impossible, Nathan! That man does not have the gift of. . ." Fagin said, his eyes clouded with uncertainty as he failed to finish his sentence.

"I saw him, Fagin. I saw his face as the apparition vanished. He walked right into your room and stole the medallion from your own neck."

Fagin's face glared with anger, the man rising and moving around the bed, his hand slapping Nathan across the face, Nathan remaining still, the pain coursing through his face.

"You lie! That is impossible!"

Nathan stared back at him, his eyes filled with defiance and truth.

"I saw him, Fagin. The pendant was in his hand when he vanished."

Fagin glared at him, his eyes filled with confusion and uncertainty.

"How. . .how is that. . .he cannot have that gift!" he softly said to himself, his eyes moving when another soldier walked into the chamber, lowering his body.

"No one has been found, your Lordship. No trace of anyone having been here." the man said, his form trembling.

"Leave us! Post a double guard throughout the fortress. I want everyone on alert."

The soldier nodded, leaving quickly.

Fagin sat down on the bed again, his eyes meeting Nathan's.

Nathan saw a look of fear hidden within those staring black eyes.

"He has taken my advantage, my control! Damn him to hell!" he said, his fists tightening, his eyes filling with anger.

The man went to his feet, his hands seizing Brandon by the throat, the young man gasping, feeling the man's grip tightening.

"It's all your fault, you fool! Keeping me in bed all day!" he screamed, Nathan staring at Brandon, seeing his life ebbing out of him, the monster strangling him.

"Release him, Fagin. It isn't his fault no more than it's mine. The fault lays at your own feet."
Fagin's glaring eyes turned, his hands releasing Brandon, the young man falling to his knees, gasping for air.

Fagin turned, Nathan's eyes filling with yellowness, Fagin glaring at him.

"Guards!" he screamed, the seven who'd been standing outside his room rushing in.

"You called, your Lordship?" the head one said, his eyes filled with fear.

"Tie him to the bed face down." Fagin said, pointing at Nathan.

Two guards seized Nathan, the man remaining silent, letting the two pull him to the bed, Nathan falling on it, the guards pulling out rope from their pockets, Nathan's hands and feet secured.

Fagin stared at the bound man, his face covered in a glaring smile.

"Take off his robe, rip it from him." Fagin said, the head guard moving and doing his master's bidding.

The robe was ripped off Nathan, his naked body on full display.

"Come here, Brandon. Close the door, guard." Fagin said, Brandon struggling to his feet, Fagin seizing him, pulling his naked body against him.

"I have lost much, Brandon. My nemesis is very shrewd. And my wolf is very foolish. How finds your soul, Brandy?"
The young man trembled, his eyes going to the trapped Nathan.

"It worships only you, Father." Brandon sobbed, the man smiling.

"Nathan has treated you with disdain, my lost one. I now see that I let that go unchecked. A master cannot show strength when he hasn't felt the pain of submission."

Brandon's eyes met Fagin's.

"Take him, Brandon. Tonight I give you a night of reward. Take him and show him your own pain."
"Please, sire. I. . .I am so tired."
Fagin seized his throat again, Brandon gasping.

"Take him or I'll use your dead arm to do the job."
Brandon nodded, Fagin releasing him, the young man climbing onto the bed, his body moulding with Nathan's.

Brandon guided his center into Nathan's parted center, the young man's head going against his, Brandon sinking into the man's center.
Nathan screamed, Brandon having been adamant in his wanting to please Fagin.

"I. . .I am sorry, Nathan." he softly whispered into his ear, his eyes filled with tears, the young man beginning an urgent rhythm, Nathan sobbing into the pillow.

Fagin smiled, hearing his mate's struggling sobs, his  black eyes turning to the head guard.

"Once Brandon is through with him each of you shall feast on my Nathan's body. I want him to feel pain, hurt and submission. I want the smugness ripped out of him." the man said, the guards nodding.

"Disrobe all of you. Feast on your master while you wait your turn."
The head guard went to his knees, Fagin smiling as the man took him into his mouth, the other guards pulling off their clothes.


Here now Nathan sat the next day, his body feeling the pain of their lustful and hurting compliance to their master's will.

And here now his seven tormentors lay dead upon the throne room's floor.

Brandon sat at his side, the young man trembling with fear.

Nathan hadn't hated Brandon for what he'd been forced to do, he would have done the same.

He didn't even hate the seven who'd used him all night.

There was only one whom he hated with all of his soul.

His green eyes went to Fagin's blood-soaked face, the man's red eyes staring back at him.

"I feel your anger, I feel your bloodlust, my Black Wolf. Keep that in your heart. You'll need it to devour that bastard!"

Nathan's eyes remained focused, Fagin grinning from beneath the blood.

Fagin had disappeared during the night, Nathan too lost in his pain to notice.

The man had walked into the bedroom just after sunrise, cutting the binds from Nathan's limbs, Nathan unconscious, Brandon curled up beside him.

A large bucket of ice water had awoke both of them with a start, Fagin staring at them.

"Dress and come to the hall." he said, walking out of the room.

The two had dressed quickly, going down the hallway, entering the large throne room, seeing the seven guards standing together, Fagin's commanders surrounding the walls.

Fagin sat on his throne, his finger pointing to their chairs.

The two walked in silence across the room, sitting down in their chairs to Fagin's right.

The large man's eyes had scanned around the room.

"I have lost the advantage of surprise. Our cowardly opponent has learned of our location. It is of no matter. I have taken the necessary precautions. My magic guarantees the camp's safety. No walking shadows of magic or slinking fools of hope shall enter here again. Stand before me seven of the watch!"

The seven guards looked at each other, walking as a group, standing before their master.

"Kneel before me, soldiers of my keep."

The seven went to their knees as one, Fagin standing.

"A memento of deep importance was taken from me last night. An apparition of magic took it from me in an act of cowardice. I shall give a great reward to he who finds it for me on the battlefield when we meet that coward again."

All surrounding him whispered, the man staring down at the seven before him.

"The retriever of that treasure may lay claim to anything he desires, or anyone."

Fagin's eyes went around to all standing around him, his eyes falling again on the seven kneeling before him.

"You all claim devotion to me, to my ideals and my power. Those that shall not devote their lives will forfeit them. The hunger of my displeasure shall feast on your failure."

The large man lunged forward, his teeth sinking into the head guard's throat, the man's life cut from him, the other six screaming.

No one moved, Fagin's bloodlust now unleashed, the man attacking each of them, those fleeing thrown back into the circle by their own comrades, Fagin feasting on all seven of them.

Nathan's eyes turned, staring at Brandon, his blue eyes filled with fear.

"Evil is on its final path, Brandon. I think I know where I shall be at that path's end. If still alive, I shall end your pain. I promise you I shall not feast as he has today. It will be quick and painless for you."

Brandon stared at the man, Nathan's yellow eyes filled with acceptance.

"The monster has met his match. And his life follows a different path. Its length has now lessened."

Brandon's eyes moved, staring at Fagin, a servant bringing him several wet towels, the man cleaning his face and hands.

Brandon's eyes looked upon something strange.

Fagin's right wrist and lower arm were covered in scars.


Orlando smiled, the man surrounded by new friends.

Enrique sat at his side, the man's hands touching him often.

Everyone around the table saw the couple's newness of love.

Jolan smiled, everyone complimenting him on the meal and the desserts.

They had all talked, Jolan sitting back as his soulmates told the two of Jolan's past, present and future.

"You are a soul of giving, amazing love, Jolan." Orlando had said, moving and hugging the younger man, Jolan smiling and patting his back.

"It's just Jo, Lando."

Orlando had smiled, returning to his lover's surrounding arms.

"I am who I am, guys. I am love and I am life." he smiled, the two shaking their heads.

"You are amazing, Jolan. In all ways, in all giving ways." Enrique said, his eyes showing tears.

"I am your friend, Enrique and Orlando. That's what's important to me."
Everyone smiled, seeing Jolan had welcomed the two easily into his heart.

"That goes for all of us." Josh said, smiling at both of them.

Orlando smiled, seeing the happiness of Josh's face.

"I just can't imagine this, Josh. You and these three, so in love and happy."
Josh smiled widely, his three soulmates smiling at him.

"Jolan's love and theirs makes me happy, Lando. I am really happy."
Everyone smiled, Jolan standing up and beginning to pick up dishes.

"Everyone relax and head for the pool. My boys have the look of wet need in their blue orbs." Jolan said, the two little boys grinning widely.

"We swims, Poppa?" Hayden said, Justin laughing.

"I hope you brought your suits, guys?" Jolan smiled, having told them to bring swimwear.

"Yes, Jolan. We have a sports bag in the car." Orlando smiled, Jolan winking at him.

"Great! I get to see what all the fuss is about! Orlando's beauty must be heavenly!"
Orlando blushed, Enrique kissing his cheek, Orlando smiling at him.

"I have my own beautiful angel, Jo." Enrique smiled, Orlando's smile for only him, Jolan smiling.

"Yeah, so everyone says. How about you and me head upstairs, Lando? I'm the only one here who hasn't tasted of the fountain of Orlando's gushing love. I want a crack at what everyone else has had!"

Orlando looked stunned, Jolan bursting into laughter, everyone staring at him.

"Sorry, guys! I just had to release the elephant in the room. We are now your friends, Lando. No bashfulness or remembered moments of lust need thinking upon. We all are friends now. Our beauty belongs to our soulmates."
The man smiled, Jolan's humour relaxing him.

"I could show you what you've missed, Jo. You should have the best."

Jolan laughed loudly, others joining in, all the guys smiling at Orlando.

"Well said, elephant of their hearts. I'll clean up, you guys hit the water." Jolan said, Justin getting up, Hayden in his arms.

Jolan kissed both of them, Justin feeling Jolan's real love.

"Need help, my love?" Josh asked, Jolan smiling at him.

"Thanks, Joshy." he said, Josh following him into the house, Justin smiling at everyone else.

"Come on, everyone. I'll show you where you can change, Lando and Enrique." Justin smiled, Enrique smiling at him.

"Call me Rico, guys. That's my friends' and family's name for me. And my Lando's."
Orlando smiled, Justin nodding.

"Sure thing, Rico. And I'm just Jus."
Everyone smiled, Justin guiding them into the house.


Josh helped Jolan dry the dishes, his blue eyes going to his concentrating face, Jolan immersed in the soapy water.

"You never cease to amaze me, Jo." Josh said, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his blue.

"I felt everything, Joshua. My Justin's thoughts of Orlando's tenderness that night. Your guilt, Chace's as well, at what had happened with Orlando and both of you. You felt you'd hurt him, Chace feeling he'd used him. Now, those feelings are gone. I and your Justin have your love, they have your friendship."
Josh teared up, Jolan leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"You and Chace are my loves. I'll always heal the souls of those I love."

Josh smiled, kissing Jolan back, the young man pulling the wine glasses into the water.

"It should seem so strange--him being here now--but it doesn't. It's like he's an old friend now. I don't--and I'm sure Chace doesn't either--have any desire for him now."

"That's the beauty of true love, my Josh. Our desires spark for only those we love." Jolan said, his eyes looking out the kitchen window, towards the pool.

Enrique and Orlando were in swim trunks, their smooth bodies on full display, both smiling down at Chace in the water with the kids, Justin talking to both men at their sides.

"I do see where those desires would come from. Orlando's beautiful. As is Enrique." Jolan smiled, Josh looking out as well.

He stared at Orlando, remembering the beauty of his physique and the tenderness of his love.

"Plotting for two more to join the circle of our love?"
Jolan laughed, smiling at Josh.

"We can barely control Chacey! That Rico looks like another tiger!"
Josh laughed, Jolan splashing water at him, Josh beginning to tickle him, Jolan pressing the man up against the counter, his lips meeting his, Josh lost in the deepness of love issuing from Jolan's heated soul.

"Wow!" Josh softly said when their lips parted.

"No others of beauty or love need to share what we have, my Joshua. Your beauty and desire needs only us."

Josh teared up, Jolan kissing him again.

Justin walked into the room, smiling at the two kissing, his body only wearing blue swim trunks.

"Ah, so this is what's going on! A private party or can anyone join?" he smiled, the two parting from each other.

"Get over here, sexy." Josh smiled, Justin beaming and walking up to him, their lips meeting.

Jolan's hand went to Justin's center, squeezing gently.

"Someone's all excited. Our new naked beauties out there straightening the timber?" he said, Josh laughing in the middle of Justin's kiss.

Justin smiled, leaning over and kissing Jolan's lips tenderly.

"They are beyond beautiful, Jo. But they're not you or Joshy, or even our beautiful Chacey."

"Good answer, horndog!" Jolan laughed, Justin blushing, their eyes meeting.

"On that note, I think I'll go take in the scenery myself." Josh smiled, handing Justin the dishcloth, the man walking out of the patio doors, Jolan's arms went around his Justin.

"Your hands are soapy and wet, Jo." he smiled, Jolan's lips meeting his, Jolan's wet hands going to Justin's wet clothed ass cheeks.

"And your ass is wet. Just how I like you." he smiled, Justin's smile for only him.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry I didn't tell you, Jo. About me and Orlando."
Jolan kissed him again, Justin feeling his love.

They parted, their eyes meeting.

"Your past is your own, my love. But the depth of your love echoes in my heart. That's how I sensed it, the reality of your once meeting with Orlando. I hold no anger or envy against you, my love. Our pasts are over. Our future is now here. The future of our total love."
Justin smiled, his arms tightening around him.

"I love you so much, Jo."

"Tell me something I don't know. Let's finish these dishes and then go ogle the hotties."

Justin laughed, Jolan handing him a wet wine glass.


Three sets of blue eyes met Jolan's grey when he walked into the bedroom, the three of his soul smiling at him.

All three were waiting for him in bed, Chace's arms wrapped around Justin, his head against the younger man's chest.

Josh sat beside them, his lips kissing Chace's shoulder blade, all three men in only their boxer briefs, laying on top of the king size bed.

"The kids down for the night?" Josh asked, smiling at Jolan.

"Yes, they're both asleep in their bunk beds, their stuffed animals in their arms. Spartacus is in his bed watching over them. Their daddies tired them all out in the pool, even the dog." he smiled, his grey eyes looking at all three.

All three wore wide smiles, their eyes showing their love for their sons and their dog.

It was now after ten, the evening of happiness now ended.

Orlando and Enrique had left to deep hugs, all four hugging them close.

A bond of special friendship was now flowing through all of them, Jolan's love as well.

"You're amazing, Jo. What you did for them, for all of us today." Josh said, smiling at him.

Jolan smiled back, pulling off his sandals, then stretching his upper torso.

"Need a rubdown, Jo? You look tired and sore." Josh said, standing up beside the bed.

Jolan smiled at his friend as Josh's arms went around him.

"I think my three loves want to give me more than a rubdown." he smiled, all three smiling at him.

"We want to thank you for freeing our souls of their final doubts." Chace said, sitting up, Justin sitting up as well.

"As I told Joshy earlier, you three are my soulmates. There isn't anything I wouldn't do to make you happy."
Chace smiled, staring at Jolan.

"Then pull out that wolf, sexy."

Jolan smiled, the tiger of the group showing his usual desires.

 "He only ignites when he's deeply moved by love." Jolan said, the young man sighing softly, Josh staring into his grey eyes.

"What's bothering you, Jo? I feel your quietness." Josh said, kissing his cheek.

Jolan looked at him for a moment, then walked over to the French doors leading out onto the balcony, walking out into the night's darkness.

The three in the bedroom looked at each other, Justin and Chace joining Josh, all three walking out into the darkness, Justin hitting the light switch by the doors, the balcony lights coming on.

Jolan stood at the stone railing, looking out into the dark backyard.

Justin walked up to him, his arms wrapping around him, kissing his neck.

"I love you, Jolan. We all do. What's wrong?"

Jolan turned, Justin seeing tears showing in Jolan's eyes.

Josh and Chace were by their sides now, both touching Jolan's shoulders.

"Today was a hard day for me, Jus."

Justin's arms tightened around him, Jolan feeling his love.

"Out with it, my love."

Jolan's grey eyes met Justin's blue.

"Orlando is a very attractive, giving and loving man. Why didn't you connect with him again, Justin? After you escaped Mark's clutches, why didn't you find him? Why did you choose me over him?"

Josh and Chace both looked at each other, their eyes meeting Justin's.

Justin stared at Jolan, his lips moving forward, kissing him tenderly.

"I knew I felt doubts in your soul, my angel. I need to tell you something."
Jolan nodded, his head sinking against Justin's chest, Justin looking at Josh and Chace.

"I told you before that after I escaped Mark's brutality I made a promise to myself. That I would never let that happen to me again. That I would never so easily trust someone again. I will be truthful, Jolan. I did think about Orlando and his giving tenderness and what they meant to me. That he was a giving, loving man who didn't use me like Mark had. But my heart was still filled with fear, fear of someone using me like that again. I just couldn't bring myself to talk to him. And the dream solidified that."
Jolan's head raised, Justin's blue eyes meeting his.

"Dream, Jus? What dream?"

"Right after Lance helped me get away from Mark, he took me on a week's vacation to the Caribbean. He was so giving, so loving all week. We had long talks, long hours of him just holding me, loving me and helping me."
Jolan smiled, knowing Lance would always be there for Justin.

"On the last night, I had a vivid dream. A dream I never forgot."

"What did you dream about, Jus?" Josh said, Justin smiling at him.

"I dreamed of you, Jolan."

Jolan looked stunned, Justin's arms tightening around him.

"Me, Jus? You. . .you saw me?"

"Yes, Jolan. The man guided me to you."

"What man, Jus?" Chace said, the three men staring at him.

"I don't know who he was, guys. He was young, very handsome. He wore only a white robe, his muscular body showing under it. I. . .I thought I was going to have a sex dream."
Jolan moved, his arms going around Justin.

"But it wasn't that, Jus?" he said, Justin shaking his head no.

"No, Jo. He talked to me for a long time; words of comfort, of beauty and of hope. He told me that Orlando wasn't the one I needed, and that Lance wasn't either. He said that the love of my life and soul would one day find his way to me, and that the path we would walk together would join my soul with others. That I would then have love forever."

"It. . .it sounds like a vision, Jus?" Josh said, staring at him with awe.

Justin's eyes met Josh's, then Chace's, then Jolan's.

"It was, I believe. For at the end just before he disappeared with a smile on his face, three other faces came into view. Your beautiful face first, Chace. Then yours, Josh. And finally yours, Jolan. The face that I first looked upon that dark night on Cutter's Road. When you rolled over and stared at me I knew I'd found the love of my life."
Jolan was in tears, Justin leaning forward and kissing him deeply.

Jolan broke the kiss, his eyes filled with tears.

"You. . .you knew from that dream that. . ."
Justin smiled, looking at all three men.

"I knew from that moment that I'd find three who'd love me forever. And I have."

Josh and Chace moved forward, Justin kissing both, Jolan staring at all three, wiping his eyes.

"I believe it's destiny again, Jo. Someone gave Justin that dream to make him wait for you, for all of us." Josh said, Jolan nodding.

"I think you're right, Joshua. Someone then guided my Justin to me. And we, in turn, were destined to love both of you."
Josh and Chace both smiled, Jolan kissing both.

The four stood together, Jolan's grey eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"The young man, Justin. Did he have a small scar just below his left eye on his cheek?"
Justin looked surprised, nodding.

Jolan smiled, his body turning, looking out into the darkness.

"Even then, even before he revealed himself to me."
Justin's arms wrapped around Jolan, the young man turning and looking at all three.

"The young man was Erasmus, Jus."

All three looked surprised, Justin the most.

"You mean. . .he walked into my dreams? Even before he met you?"

Jolan nodded, smiling at all three.

"Paths of destiny, my loves. I believe that day Erasmus gave me a very special gift. He gave me you, Justin."

Justin smiled, Jolan kissing him again.

"We were always meant to fall in love, Justin. His giving love proclaimed it."

Justin smiled, Jolan's eyes meeting the other two sets of blue love shining at him.

"We all were meant to love each other."

All three smiled at Jolan, the young man's eyes glowing softly yellow.

Chace's eyes widened in surprise, a wolfen vision revealing itself before them.

"You have your wish, our Chace. I am going to devour all three of you." the wolf's husky voice said, its arms pulling all three to him.

A soft howl filled the night, the Shadowwolf moving its mates into the bedroom.

No one saw the soft apparition smile in the balcony's dark corner, the vision disappearing.



End of Chapter 149


And so Jolan's love guides everyone on the path to their true loves.

I've always been a great fan of Orlando's.

His smooth beauty and dashing looks are so enticing.


It appears that the mysterious Erasmus has more involvement in Jolan's life than Jolan knew.

He guided Justin to Jolan's love.


Up next, the time dwindles down, the luminous confrontation approaching.



Hugs, Angel