Jolan's Path-Chapter 15

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 15

Justin awoke, the morning sunlight shining in from the patio doors of his room.
He felt someone behind him, their arm laying across his chest.
He smiled, feeling Jolan's body against his, the two spooned together in the large king-size bed.
Even with all the room in the large bed Jolan was sleeping against Justin, Justin sensing the meaning behind that.
Justin was Jolan's protection, his friend and perhaps something more.
Jolan had sought out that comforting presence during the night.
Justin smiled, remaining still, feeling his friend's naked skin against his.
Justin remembered yesterday's talk with Jolan.
How Justin had asked him to stay here with him, in this bed of hope and dreams.
And with Jolan's acceptance, Justin's heart had soared.
Jolan trusted him.
And Jolan needed him.
Justin smiled, Jolan's body moving a bit behind Justin.
His arm pulled Justin a little closer, Justin now feeling something else.
Something was rubbing against Justin's ass.
Justin froze, sensing its pressing hardness.
It felt large and so warm.
Justin remained still, his own body beginning to respond to the pressing heat.
He softly moaned, feeling Jolan's fingers on his chest.
They were laying just below Justin's nipple.
Calm down, Justin said in his mind, not wanting this to go further.
For Justin felt that the feelings igniting in his heart and body could wash him away in desire.
He sensed if he released those feelings he would destroy the budding love now growing between him and Jolan.
Jolan had been sexually assaulted.
Those horrifying feelings were simmering under the surface of his consciousness.
Justin didn't want to be the cause of Jolan remembering them.
Justin reluctantly pulled away from Jolan's body, Jolan murmuring, trying to pull Justin back.
Justin smiled, sitting up.
Jolan moved, laying now on his back, his eyes still closed.
Justin looked down at him, seeing the beauty of the man laying beside him.
Jolan's nude chest lay exposed to the world.
It was smooth, muscular and totally blemish-free.
Justin looked at the small, beautiful nipples, erect in the morning coolness of the bedroom.
His fingers trembled, wanting to reach out and touch them, to rub them softly.
Justin remained still, his eyes going further down.
The blanket was lowered, Jolan's briefs exposed.
Justin saw the largeness of the bulge in the front of those black briefs.
He could see the impression of the hidden treasure laying under them.
It was long and thick, Justin's eyes glued to it.
Justin could see the impression of its head as it lay pointing upwards, just under the elastic band of Jolan's briefs.
Justin moved his eyes, trying to get that image out of his mind, looking up at Jolan's sleeping face.
Jolan's beautiful face.
He smiled, seeing a small smile on it, sensing Jolan was having a nice dream.
Was he dreaming of him?
Was Justin in his dreams?
Was the heated image he'd seen below because of him?
Justin hoped in all his heart that it was.
Justin sighed, bringing the blanket up slowly, covering Jolan's chest.
He gently leaned forward, kissing Jolan's cheek lightly.
Justin looked at the clock on the nightstand, reading seven-thirty.
He sighed, climbing out of bed.
He quietly walked into the bathroom, shutting the door.

The moment Justin had closed the bathroom door, two grey eyes opened, staring towards it.
Jolan sighed a long breath, looking at the closed door.
He'd been awake for about ten minutes.
He'd woken up while Justin had been laying against him.
He'd awoken to an embarrassing situation.
His morning erection was firmly positioned against the young man in front of him.
Jolan had felt it rubbing against something warm, that awakening him from his sleep.
Then he'd realized that it was Justin's ass he was pressed against.
And then he'd sensed that Justin had felt it, too.
For he knew from his breathing that Justin was now awake.
Justin remained still, not moving.
Jolan was frozen, his mind focusing on what was happening.
For he thought in his heart that Justin would now lean in against him, a clear signal of what Justin wanted.
And then that moment would quickly turn into sex.
That Justin would turn around and use him to satisfy his needs.
And Jolan had felt in his heart that that might very well destroy him.
He knew that he'd been hurt like that before, the thought of that reality deep within his mind.
And that brought a fear into Jolan's heart.
The fear that he'd remember the moments of his rape.
And that in doing that, he'd forever destroy his friendship with this beautiful man.
But Justin hadn't done that.
Jolan remained still, his eyes closed, feeling Justin move around.
Jolan waited, laying now on his back, his body exposed by his moving and the blanket falling downward.
He was about to scream in his mind for the stupid position he'd now put himself in.
For the oncoming action that Justin might want.
But nothing had happened.
Moments had passed, Jolan sensing Justin was watching him, perhaps scanning his exposed body.
That made Jolan's center harden even more.
What was happening here?
Did he want that from Justin?
Did he want to be taken by him?
Then he'd felt a softness on his cheek, sensing it was Justin's lips.
Then nothing more.
A moment later, he felt Justin getting out of bed, hearing the bathroom door close.
Jolan's eyes opened, a long sigh of relief issuing from his lungs.

Jolan stared at the door, hearing the shower starting.
He sighed, sitting up.
His mind flew over the last few moments, sensing his feelings through all of it.
He'd become excited.
The closeness of Justin's body had excited him.
It wasn't just his morning desire.
He was attracted to the man now standing under a cascade of water.
And Jolan sensed in his heart that it wasn't just the physical part of Justin's presence.
The man was breathtakingly beautiful.
But also the man's heart and caring soul brought a smile to Jolan's face.
Jolan stood up, his center still engorged.
He looked towards the door, hearing the soft sound of music.
Justin was singing in the shower.
Jolan smiled, listening quietly.
Jolan walked over to Justin's mini gym, looking at the treadmill.
He smiled, stepping onto it.
He turned it on, beginning a steady gait of forward movement.
He increased the pace, his legs moving now at a steady gait, the treadmill on a higher incline.
Jolan began breathing heavier, his body resigned to the increased strain.

Justin looked in the mirror, after he brushed his teeth.
He took a quick look at himself, preening his hair, then opening the bathroom door, walking out into the bedroom again.
He froze, staring at a vision of muscular beauty.
Jolan was pacing on the treadmill, his body covered in a light sheen of sweat.
He smiled at Justin, his white teeth gleaming.
After a few moments, Jolan hit the buttons on the front of the treadmill, the machine slowing to a stop.
"Morning, Jus. Thought I'd do a little running while you were in the shower."
"Morning, Jo. No prob. My machines are at your disposal. You need a little toning, after being so idle for so long. It will get you in shape." he said, smiling at his friend.
Jolan smiled back, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"All finished in there? I'd like to shower."
Justin smiled, nodding, Jolan walking up to him, moving past him.
Justin's eyes followed his compact body as it disappeared behind the bathroom door.
Justin sighed, walking over to the bed, pulling off the covers.
He quickly made up the bed, then walked to the walk-in closet.
He pulled out a polo shirt and a pair of jeans for himself, then smiled, pulling out another set of clothing.
He heard the shower running, smiling to himself.
He quickly dressed, a light tapping heard at the bedroom door.
"Come in." he said, Cindy's head popping into the room.
"Morning, Jus. Jolan up as well?" she said, smiling, wheeling into the room a bit.
"Yes he's showering."
"Great. I've just gotten off the phone with Trace. I woke him up."
Justin laughed, smiling at her.
"Yes, Trace likes to sleep in. I'm the same."
Her face changed, Justin seeing a little blush in her cheeks.
"Oh, I'm sorry. He mustn't be very happy with me."
Justin smiled, walking over to her and gently giving her a hug.
"No worries, Cindy. Trace would never be unhappy with you. Of that, I'm totally sure."
She smiled again, both turning their heads when they heard the bathroom door open.
Jolan walked out, a towel wrapped around his waist.
He stopped, smiling at both of them.
"Good morning, Cindy. Sleep well in the big city?" he said, smiling widely.
Cindy laughed, nodding.
"Morning, Jolan. Yes, slept like a baby."
Jolan looked at Justin, smiling.
"Myself as well. Of course I had a teddy bear."
Justin blushed, Cindy laughing.
Then her eyes glanced over Jolan's chest as he turned, her eyes widening.
"Jolan! Your tattoo! It looks different!"
Justin's eyes zoomed in on the tattoo on Jolan's left side, staring in surprise.
"Cindy's right, Jo. The sun's moved!"
Jolan raised his arm, looking down at his side.
The sun was higher now, and a brighter yellow.
It was almost totally above the water line.
"That's weird!" he softly said, Justin now at his side.
"Yes, it's so strange! I can't believe it's moving! And what does it mean?"
Jolan stared at it for a moment, then lowered his arm.
"I think it's a sign."
Justin looked in his grey eyes.
"A sign of what?"
Jolan looked back at him.
"I'm not sure what it's showing, or the significance of it." he softly said, Justin putting his arm around him.
"We'll find out, Jo. This shall all come to light. Don't worry."
Jolan smiled, hearing the confidence in Justin's words, Cindy hearing it as well.
She smiled, seeing Justin's tenderness with Jolan.
"Okay, what's on the agenda for today?" Jolan said, Justin sensing he was trying to change the subject.
"Well, Trace is on the way over. He's bringing breakfast!" Cindy smiled, Justin smirking.
"Get ready for McMuffins." he said, the three laughing together.
Justin handed Jolan the shirt he had in his hand, Jolan's eyebrows going up.
"I have clothes, Jus. You don't have to lend me stuff."
Justin smiled, pushing the shirt into Jolan's hands.
"Mi casa su casa! We're almost the same size. You can wear any of my clothes. I think this will look good on you. Please! Humor me."
Cindy smirked, wheeling back towards the door.
"I'll let you get dressed, Jolan. I'll see you and your look-a-like in a few minutes, Justin."
Jolan laughed, Justin blushing.
Cindy laughed lightly, heading out of the room.

Trace showed up just as Jolan and Justin walked down the bedroom hallway.
He leaned down, kissing Cindy good morning.
He carried three bags, Justin seeing no McDonald's logo on any of them.
"That's a lot of McMuffins, Tray." he said, laughing.
Trace rolled his eyes.
"It's not McMuffins, Jus. I've decided I'm making breakfast." he said, heading into the kitchen.
Cindy looked at Justin, Justin shrugging his shoulders.
Trace walked back out of the kitchen, smiling at Cindy.
"How's everyone this morning?" he smiled, Jolan hugging him, then Trace hugging Justin.
"We're all great. Sorry if I woke you up this morning, Trace. Justin told me you like to sleep in late. I hope you're not mad at me." Cindy said, Trace looking surprised.
He walked over to her, leaning down and kissing her deeply.
Justin and Jolan smiled at each other, seeing the truth in that kiss.
"No worries, my love. Yes, Justin is right. I do like to sleep in. But that's my problem. I think you'll cure me of it. And no, I'd never be mad at you for waking me up. I'd like to think of it as more time to look at your beautiful face."
Cindy beamed, Justin smirking.
"Timberlake, wipe that look off your face! She's my lady. Everything she does makes my heart soar."
Justin laughed, putting his arm around his best friend.
"Tray's in love! Wittle Tway's in wuv!"
Jolan and Cindy laughed, Tray smiling at Cindy.
"You betcha!"
Cindy stared at him, the two lost in each other's eyes.
"Okay, this has to stop. Or we'll never eat. Let me give you a hand, Trace."
Trace leaned into Jolan, quietly whispering.
"I need all the help I can get."
"I'll show you how to make a fantastic omelet." Jolan smiled, Trace nodding, the two walking into the kitchen.

Justin and Cindy set the table, Jolan and Trace working in the kitchen.
Jolan showed Trace how to cook Spanish omelets, as well as French toast.
He stood back, guiding the young man through all of it, letting Trace do it himself.
Jolan knew that success lay in the pride of one's own accomplishments.
Trace was himself shocked at how easy and fun the preparation was.
Within half an hour the meal was ready.
Justin and Cindy smiled as Jolan sat down at the table, Trace carrying in the platters of food.
"Mmmm, smells fantastic!" Cindy smiled, Trace beaming.
The four dove in, the food disappearing quickly.
They all filled their plates, diving into the warm food.
Trace blushed, hearing the compliments and praise from his friends and Cynthia.
The four chatted, eating the delicious food.
Trace brought another pot of coffee to the table, Jolan looking out on the New York skyline.
"What a big city. You must give us a guided tour, Trace. You being a long-time resident."
Trace smiled, sipping his coffee.
"For sure. I'd love to show you and Cindy around."
Justin smiled.
"A day of sightseeing sounds in order. How about it, Trace?"
"Can't today, Jus. I have meetings with William Rast, as do you.  And you have to call Rach. She's been gunning for you. You kinda bypassed her. She called me late last night."
Justin nodded, Jolan looking at him.
"Who's Rach?" Jolan asked, handing Justin the milk jug.
"She's my cousin, and my personal assistant. She works out of L.A. I kinda snuck off the last few days."
"Oh, Justin! That's not right! You had commitments!" Jolan said, Justin putting his hand on top of Jolan's arm.
"Jolan, you were my concern the last few days. I had my Mom handle stuff while I was away. Rachel's just wanting to update me. I'll give her a call."
Jolan nodded, blushing a little.
He didn't like the idea of Justin foregoing his career while dealing with him.
"Well, you're going to your meetings today. I'm fine and I can stay here and just relax."
Justin smiled, saluting Jolan.
"Aye, Aye captain!"
Jolan smiled, Justin smiling back.
"I'll give Rach a call after breakfast and make some other calls." he smiled, sipping his coffee.
"I need to go downtown to the school superintendent's office and get my schedule. I start in my new school on Monday." Cindy said, Trace smiling at her.
"Which school?" Justin asked, Cindy smiling at him.
"Darthmount Academy. It's a private school for disabled students."
"Wow, that's awesome! That's not far from my place! Just a couple of blocks!" Trace smiled, Cindy smiling back.
"Cool." Cindy said, Jolan smiling.
He sensed the young woman would be spending more evenings at Trace's than here at Justin's place.
That meant a lot of time alone with Justin.
Jolan looked at Justin, remaining silent, finishing his coffee.

Trace and Jolan cleaned up the table and tidied the kitchen, doing the dishes as well.
Justin excused himself, going to his office to call Rachel and his mother.
Technically it was the fourth bedroom, Justin having converted it into his own private office.
Cindy went to her room to change.
After the dishes were finished, Trace excused himself, going to Cindy's room.
Jolan smiled, walking into the living room.
He stood at the window looking out on the bright sunny day shining in the New York sky.
His eyes moved to the right side of the room, coming to rest on the grand piano sitting in the corner of the living room in front of the large window.
Justin had briefly shown it to him, on his tour of the place.
It was a soft white color, gleaming in the sunshine cascading off its surface.
Jolan walked over to it, running his hand across the smooth clean surface.
The keyboard cover was closed, Jolan sitting down on the matching white bench.
He ran his fingers across the top of the cover, gently lifting it up.
He stared at the white keys, lost in their gleaming ivory.

"Thanks, Nibbles. I'm glad you're not mad!" Justin chuckled, hearing Rachel's familiar laughter on the other end of the phone.
"Alright, Justy. Your Mom filled me in on where you were, at least as much as she knew. And I'm sorry to hear about Jess. I liked her, Jus. I'm here if you need to talk."
Justin remained quiet, hearing his cousin's love and tenderness coming through the phone.
"Thanks, Rach. Thanks for not judging me."
"It's your life, Justy. And your heart. No matter what, I'm here for you."
Justin smiled, his heart loving his dear cousin.
The two of them had always been close, Justin having no sisters.
He'd taken her with him all through his climb to fame.
She was indispensable to him.
He so wanted Jolan to meet her, to see his love for her.
"I've met someone new, Rach! He's a fantastic guy! I so want you to meet him!"
"Really, Justy? Tell me about him!"
Justin briefly told her about their meeting, the accident, Jolan's awakening from the coma, Justin's helping him, and bringing him to New York.
"Wow, Justy! That's unbelievable! Man he sounds so incredible! I'm going to be in New York late Sunday for your meetings with the boards on Monday. I definitely want to meet him."
Justin smiled, looking forward to that meeting.
Suddenly, Justin thought he heard music coming from outside his office.
"Okay, Rach. I'll let you go. Mom has all the contracts and she'll be over later tomorrow. Look them over and bring them with you for Monday. Talk to you soon. Love ya!"
"Bye, Justy. Have fun and see you Monday."
Justin hung up the phone, his mind centering now on the music he was hearing.
He didn't know the tune, realizing it was coming from the living room.
He became instantly lost in the tempo and beautiful melody of the soft music.
He rose out of his desk chair, walking to the door, opening it.
The music came alive in his mind.

Jolan was lost in the music coming out of his soul.
It was flowing in his mind, cascading out through his fingers.
His fingers were moving with fluid motion across the keys, his eyes closed to the darkness of his mind.
Music filled the living room, a melody of trapped magic breaking free of Jolan's soul.
Trace and Cindy were at the end of the hallway, staring in awed wonder at Jolan sitting at the piano.
Justin walked up behind them, his eyes glued to the young man sitting at his piano.
Trace and Cindy both turned their heads, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
The three friends remained still, watching and listening to Jolan's beautiful music.
Justin watched Jolan, seeing his eyes were closed, the young man lost in the music he was playing.
Justin himself was lost in the beauty and tempo of the music filling his home.
He'd never heard classical music so deeply moving and enlightening.
It was as if a bird was flying on a current of music, the tempo upbeat and joyous.
Justin couldn't help but smile at the beauty in the music's heart.
It was like nothing he'd ever heard.
And then the tempo instantly changed.
The bird was on a flight of panic, as if chased by a monster of prey.
Justin stared at Jolan seeing his face now a mask of anguish.
His opened grey eyes glowing in terror.

Jolan's mind was flowing with the music, lost in the center of its beauty.
It flowed out of his soul, a creation of life and beauty.
His love flowing on music's pathway.
And then his mind felt a presence flowing into the music.
A malevolent presence surrounding him.
Jolan opened his eyes, the white piano changing into a black one.
A black one from his past.
The one that had stood in the living room of his family home.
He felt the music changing around him, his feelings reflected in the tempo of the music.
And then he looked at his hands on the keyboard.
The keyboard was covered in blood, Jolan's fingers wet with it.
Jolan screamed, pushing back from the piano.

Justin was moving in a flash, seeing Jolan fly off the bench, backwards on to the hardwood floor.
He was beside him in a moment, taking the screaming young man in his arms, Jolan lost in a world of horror.
Justin held him, Jolan struggling and fighting him, his eyes glazed in anguish.
"No! Stop it! The blood! So much blood! Get it off my hands!!"
Justin could only hold his friend, the young man sobbing against him, rubbing his hands, trying to remove the invisible blood.
Cindy and Trace were beside the piano, looking down with worry at the young man in Justin's arms.
Justin rubbed Jolan's back, softly talking to him, gradually calming the man.
"Shhh, Jo. It's okay. Shhh, it's over. There's nothing here now. You're safe with your friends. You're safe with me."
Jolan gradually calmed down, Justin holding him tightly.
Justin looked up into Trace and Cindy's concerned eyes, their worry evident.
Jolan eventually calmed, looking up into Justin's blue eyes.
"There was so much blood! The piano was covered with it! But the piano was black, not white. I think it was my piano at home. My family's piano."
Justin rubbed his shoulder, gently rising up, pulling Jolan up with him.
He led him over to the nearest couch, sitting down with him, Jolan leaning against him, Justin's arm wrapped around him.
Jolan's head lay on Justin's chest, Justin softly rubbing his back.
"The music was so beautiful, so rich with love and beauty. Then it changed. I sensed a presence in my mind, an evilness." Jolan said, rubbing his temple now.
Justin knew his headache had returned.
"Your headache's back, Jo?"
Jolan nodded, Justin's other hand going to his temple, gently rubbing it.
Jolan closed his eyes, Trace sitting down in the chair across from them.
"Why does this happen? Why do those memories flood my mind so quickly? Why can't I remember everything? I feel like I'm going insane!" Jolan sobbed, Justin tightening his hold on him.
Justin began to hum, Jolan settling down again.
"You need to lay down, Jo. You need some rest. Sleep is what you need right now."
Jolan nodded, reluctantly breaking away from Justin's body.
Justin helped him stand up, guiding him down the hallway.

Trace looked into Justin's bedroom, quietly looking at his friend.
Cindy was right behind him, Trace letting her in the room.
Justin sat in a chair beside his bed, Jolan sleeping on the large bed.
"He's finally deeply sleeping." Justin softly said, Trace pointing to the balcony doors.
Cindy wheeled her chair towards the doors, Trace following.
Justin took a quick look at Jolan's sleeping form then walked with Trace out onto the balcony, Trace quietly closing the door behind them.
Justin's eyes looked back into the room, Trace seeing where they were looking.
"Cindy and I are heading out shortly for her meeting. We'll be back in time for our meetings this afternoon. We'll bring lunch back with us."
Justin nodded, not really listening.
"Justin, we need to talk." Cindy said, Justin looking down at her.
"Alright. I know what you're thinking. That Jolan may be having a nervous breakdown."
"No, Jus. We think no such thing." Trace said, sitting down on one of the wicker chairs on the balcony.
Justin sat down on the lounger, Cindy wheeling her chair beside him.
"Justin, Trace and I are worried for Jolan. Not for that reason, but for another. We both believe that something bad happened to Jolan's family. Jolan's twice mentioned the piano and the blood. The music today set it off in his mind again. A memory from his past is connected to this, Justin. And that worries us."
Justin nodded, looking towards the doorway.
"I know what you're saying. I've sensed the same thing. Whatever happened to him was so horrific that his mind's blocked it out. And the accident added to the whole thing. God, I wish he'd remember what happened. I know it would be horrific for him, but at least then we'd know what we're dealing with. And then I could help him heal again."
Cindy put her hand on Justin's arm.
"Your being here, your being his friend is helping him more than anything. Trace and I both see that. Tomorrow, he will begin his medical treatment. I think Henry is right. He's a very special guy, Justin. And those medical doctors will instantly see that. I think you have to be careful, Jus. For his sake and yours."
"I won't let anyone hurt him. I'm going to be with him through all of it."
Cindy smiled, patting his arm.
"We think that's best. But you need to realize something. I believe Jolan's mind is filled with horrific memories. We just saw one of them trying to spring free. Do you think you can handle them when they are revealed?" Trace said, looking at his friend with a caring look.
"Yes, Trace. I can. I have to. For Jolan's sake, I'll be there for him. I love him, Tray."
Trace smiled.
"You never cease to amaze me, Jus. You've matured so much these last few years, and I've sensed even more the last few days. And Jolan's a big reason for that. I like him, Jus. He's a great guy. I'm happy he's in your life, and in mine. Cindy and I both will be here for both of you."
Justin teared up, his friend pulling him up and hugging him tightly.
"Right now, Jolan needs all of us. And I sense he needs you even more."
Justin nodded, looking back into the bedroom.
"I'm so scared, guys. So scared of what might have happened. What if it's so tragic?"
Trace put his arm around his friend.
"Then we'll deal with it as we must. But I believe in my heart the final outcome will be worth all the pain. I see now how much you love him, Jus. And I think in time he will see it too."
Justin smiled, looking at Cindy and Trace.
"Did you hear his music? That beautiful music? It was so unbelievable!" he said, Trace and Cindy nodding.
"Yes, it really was. I've never heard anything so moving. It was like a bird soaring to heaven." Cindy said, remembering the melody.
"Jolan played it so easily, and so amazingly. I saw and felt the talent he has. He must have been a classical pianist. His technique was that good." Justin said, looking at his friends.
"Another amazing gift from our wonderful friend. I think we're just seeing the beginning." Cindy smiled, Justin smiling at her praising their friend.
"Yes, I think so, too. That man's going to surprise all of us." Trace said, hugging his friend again, the three walking back into the bedroom.
Two hours later, Jolan opened his eyes, Justin looking at him from the chair beside the bed.
"How long have I been out?" Jolan asked, sitting up.
"About two hours. How do you feel?"
Jolan's grey eyes looked into Justin's blue ones, Jolan lowering his eyes.
"I'm sorry that happened, Jus. You must be getting tired of my erratic, emotional behaviour."
Justin got up, sitting down on the bed, his arm going around the younger man.
"Not at all, Jo. You've been through a lot, and you have a lot more to deal with. I will never fault you for expressing your feelings. Be they joy or anguish. I'm here for you always."
Jolan teared up, sensing the love emanating off this beautiful man.
"Thanks, Jus. Your being here always helps."
Justin smiled, those words bringing joy to his soul.
"Trace and Cindy just got back, and they've brought lunch. How about if you eat something?"
Jolan nodded, the two rising up, walking out of the room.
They walked into the kitchen, Cindy beside the table, Trace putting food in its center.
They both greeted the two men, Jolan half smiling at both.
He sat down at the table, seeing both of his friends' love in their eyes.
"Feeling better, Jolan?" Cindy said, caring in her voice.
"Yes, thanks. The sleep helped my headache."
Trace smiled at him, all four sitting at the table now.
Trace had picked up Chinese food.
The four quietly ate, casual glances directed at Jolan from the other three.
"Is there something you want to know, everyone?" Jolan said quietly, not looking at anyone in particular.
The three exchanged glances, Justin talking for all three.
"That music, Jo. It was so beautiful and unique. I've never heard such soulful notes. You played it so beautifully. Where ever did you learn it?"
Jolan raised his eyes, looking at Justin.
"I don't know, Jus. I just sat down at the piano and I felt myself being pulled to it like in a dream. That music flowed through my mind, ending in my fingers. I think it came from my soul."
Justin smiled, the young man beside him capturing his soul.
"If that is the music of your soul then it must be a soul of deep love." Trace said quietly, Cindy smiling at his touching words.
Jolan smiled at him, Justin smiling at his friend as well.
"So true, Tray." Justin replied, Cindy seconding his words.
Jolan's smile widened, then his face changed.
"Then I felt a presence in my mind. It flooded my mind, the music changing for me. It took on a sense of urgency, of my wanting to flee that presence. I think it was the monster of my dreams." Jolan said, Justin  putting his hand on top of Jolan's.
They all nodded, remembering the change in the tempo of the music, the sense of increased drama.
"Whatever happened to me happened in my home. The bloodied piano is a sign of that. Oh God! I think my family is dead! And somehow I escaped!" Jolan said, his eyes filled with tears.
Justin put his arm around his friend, the other two looking with tenderness and concern at him.
"We won't talk like that, Jo. We won't give up until we know the truth. Whatever happened, happened. There's no changing it. But when it's over, when we've learned the truth, then you can cleanse your soul of it. The future will be good, my friend. It will be good because all of us will be there at the end for you."
Jolan smiled, those words so beautiful.
"Thank you all for being here for me. I don't know what I'd have done without your friendship."
The three smiled, Justin leaning over and kissing Jolan's cheek, Jolan blushing.
"Is that dessert?" Jolan smiled, the  three laughing.
Justin ruffled Jolan's hair, Jolan smiling.
"So, Cindy. How's the school?"

The four finished lunch, Cindy  telling Justin and Jolan all about her visit to the school's regional office, then an impromptu visit with the superintendent to the school itself.
Jolan smiled, sensing in her words her instant love for her new school.
Trace and Justin cleaned up after the meal, Jolan and Cindy sitting in the living room quietly chatting.
Cindy noticed Jolan sitting far away from the piano, sensing his still worried mind.
She didn't say anything about it, quietly talking to him.
Trace and Justin excused themselves, going down to Justin's office.
A few minutes later the two returned, Justin wearing new clothes.
"Well, we should get going. Our meeting's at two. You two going to be okay?" Trace said, smiling at Cindy.
Justin sat down beside Jolan.
"I'll stay if you need me to, Jo. Trace can deal with everything."
Jolan smiled, seeing Justin's concern.
"It's your clothing empire, Jus. You need to focus on it. I'll be fine. I'm just going to relax and stay quiet. I have Cindy to keep me company."
Justin nodded, Jolan sensing the reluctance in him to leave.
"Get going, Jus. I'll be okay."
Justin nodded, gently hugging him, then getting up.
He showed both of them how to use their access card if they decided to go outside for a walk, and how to use the phone if someone needed to come in.
Jolan told his friend that he wouldn't be going anywhere, Justin nodding.
The two left, both hugging their friends goodbye.

Cindy and Jolan spent the afternoon talking and cementing their friendship.
Jolan learned all about her happy childhood and what had happened to her after the accident.
He saw in her a lot of courage and strength.
They both felt a kinship of strength and hope.
Both had weathered the storm of illness, now hoping for something better.
Jolan sensed he'd found a new sister in Cindy.
Justin called a little after four, their meetings finished.
He and Trace were on their way home.
Justin said they'd go out to dinner again, once they both got back.
About twenty minutes later, the phone rang again.
"Hello?" Jolan said, picking up the phone, Cindy sitting on the couch.
"Let me in, Justin. I'm in the lobby."
"Who is this?" Jolan asked, not knowing the voice.
"Who the fuck is this?" the voice called back.
"I don't like your tone, sir. I don't know you." Jolan said, hanging up the phone.
Cindy looked at him with concern.
"Who was that Jolan?"
"I have no idea." he said, shrugging his shoulders.
Jolan sat down again.
A few minutes later there was a pounding at the front door of Justin's condo.
Jolan looked at Cindy, standing up and heading to the door.
Cindy wheeled her chair around, following him.
Jolan opened the door cautiously, staring at two men.
One was Charles, the doorman.
The other was a young man who was staring at Jolan with a shocked look upon his face.
"Who the fuck are you?" the young man said.
"Can I help you?" Jolan said, staring into two blue eyes.
The beautiful blue eyes of Brandon Diablo.

End of Chapter 15

And so Brandon has appeared.
Is he there on his own or is he there on Jessica's behalf?

And Jolan's horrific past is beginning to surface in his mind.
Will he remember who he is?
What is the significance of the piano?
Interesting questions.

I'd like to take this time to thank my editor, Mikey, whose patience and good-natured ribbing makes me try harder.
Thanks for putting up with my doubts and inabilities.
Friendships are bonded.

Hugs, Angel.