Jolan's Path - Chapter 150


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 150


Life begins with a soul, faith begins with redemption.

Look to He that gives it, life's validation shall there be found.

We walk that path, we walk that life.

He awaits all of us at the end.


beginning introduction to Path of Life, written by Jolan Dragos.




Reverend Francis Albright sat in silence, his eyes scanning the large receiving hall he sat in.

It was as large as his own orphanage's cafeteria back home.

His tired eyes took in the grandeur and opulence of the spacious room.

He sat alone, two guards at the far end of the hall standing in stone silence, one on each side of a large wooden door.

On the other end of the hall close to the Reverend stood two other guards, one on each side of that entrance's door, through which Reverend Francis had entered, led by another man of faith.

He sat in silence, a book clasped in his old weather-beaten hands.

The man wore his cleanest clothes of faith, finding their simplicity out of place here.

He sighed, staring down at the book, his mind on all that had happened to him in the last week.

He'd rushed out and purchased this book the day after Jolan had left his orphanage.

His mind thought on the young man who'd totally changed his world.

The lost hope and untainted dreams he'd carried throughout his life were about to bear fruit.

He smiled, remembering the dawning of the truth in the grey eyes that he'd become lost in.

Their discussion had been one of soul-moving revelation, the man's faith shattered.

And in less than an hour Jolan Dragos had rebuilt that faith, the parish minister's soul filled with purpose and life.

He smiled again, the door on the far end of the room opening, the man who'd led him into the room coming through the doorway, closing the door behind him, looking towards him.

"Please come forward, Reverend Albright. He shall see you immediately." the man said, his face wearing a look of confusion and intrigue.

Reverend Francis stood up, walking up to the man.

"Thank you, your eminence." he said, the man nodding.

"It is not often a parish minister visits him, and is allowed to speak to him. What with you being outside our faith, an interesting fact also. I am intrigued by your coming here. What do you seek from him?"
The minister stared at the other man of faith, their eyes both guarded.

"Faith, your eminence. That and salvation. We all walk towards redemption."

The man nodded, leading the minister to the wooden door.

"I shall return soon with refreshments. He requested privacy."
Reverend Francis nodded, seeing a soft look of anger on the man's face, sensing he didn't like being excluded from this meeting.

"Thank you, your eminence."

"Go with God." the man said, opening the wooden door, Reverend Francis walking forward, the man closing the door behind him after the minister entered the room.

Reverend Francis' eyes meet two small eyes of blue, a man clothed in white seated behind a large ornate desk on the far side of the rather large office.

"Welcome to Rome, Reverend Francis." the man said, rising from his seat, walking around the desk, walking up to him, extending his hand.

Reverend Francis bowed shortly, taking the man's hand.

"Blessings upon you, Your Holiness."

Pope Benedict XVI smiled, the smaller statured man softly bowing as well, their hands still clasped.


"Blessings upon you as well, Francis."

The minister smiled.

"It has been a long time, Joseph. . .I mean, Your Holiness."

The man laughed lightly, his smile warm and open, the two joining in an embrace of friendship.

"Come, Francis. We are long of friendship and trust. I have always been only Joseph to you."

The minister smiled, the older man smiling as well.

"It is unprecedented that one of us seven should rise to so high a rank in the religious faith." he said, the older man smiling.

"I go where God sends me, Francis."
"But into the Shoes of the Fisherman, Joseph? The six of us were totally awed by your acclamation."

"He chooses the path of all of us. Of we seven, three of us rose to faithful heights, four to their own devotion, yourself included. What brings you to Rome, Francis? It must be urgent for you to instigate a meeting in so public a place. You know of our oath."

"As you just said Joseph, he chooses the path for all of us. I have important news."

The pontiff nodded, offering his old friend a chair, the minister sitting down in front of the desk, the pontiff returning to his ornate seat behind it.

A knock came to the door, the pontiff bidding enter, the man who'd let Reverend Francis into the room appearing again.

"Sister Athena has tea ready, Your Holiness." the man said, the pontiff nodding, a nun walking into the room with a tray, Reverend Francis looking at the man wearing a red cardinal's cassock, a red zucchetto cap on his head .

"This is my Camerlengo, Cardinal Giuseppe Giovanni. He also replaced me as the Dean of the College of Cardinals. He is one of my closest confidants and guides. His name means Joseph, he who is merciful." the pontiff said, smiling at the younger man, although the man was in his early sixties.

The cardinal smiled, bowing, Reverend Francis bowing from his seat.

"You are the merciful one, Holy Father."

The pontiff smiled at his assistant, Reverend Francis taking in their friendship.

"Reverend Francis Albright is a dear old friend, Giuseppe. We weathered many moments of faith together." the pontiff said, Francis smiling at his old friend.

"It is an honour to meet he who has walked beside His Holiness on his journey of faith."

"We haven't walked together for ages, my friend. Long have been our separate paths." the pontiff said, Reverend Francis nodding at him.

The nun sat the tea tray down, bowing to the pontiff, smiling and leaving the room.

"Something else, Giuseppe?" the pontiff said, the cardinal shaking his head no.

"Then we shall continue our talk of the past, Reverend Francis. You may leave, Giuseppe." the pontiff said, the cardinal bowing and taking a glance at Reverend Francis, slowly leaving the room again.

Reverend Francis watched the man leaving, the pontiff lifting the teapot in front of him.

"Even the faithful vessels of the Holy City have enquiring minds, my friend. He wonders as well at your appearance." he said, Reverend Francis taking the offered cup of tea the pontiff handed him, the pope pouring one for himself.

"And your answer to my question, Francis? I am sure it is not just a visit of friendship." he said, resting back in his chair.

Francis set his cup down, lifting the book up that was still in his hand, handing it to the Holy Father.

The pontiff took it, looking at it.

"A novel, Francis? You flew for six hours to bring me reading material? It isn't my usual flavour." he smiled, staring at the book's cover, reading the title and the author's name, that bringing a widening surprise to his eyes, his teacup dropping to its saucer.

"It is not the book that is of importance, Joseph. It is the man who wrote it and the signum he left within it."

The pope's eyes met his friend's, the two locked in intrigue.

"A sign, Francis? He. . .he left the sign to our devotion?"

"Read the opening words, Joseph. It will flood your soul with truth."
The pontiff stared at his old friend for a moment, opening the book slowly and finding the first page of the story.

He quickly read the opening stanza, his eyes widening with shock.

"No. . .no it. . .it cannot be?!" he gasped, Reverend Francis seeing the color go out of his face.

"I stared into the eyes of destiny, Joseph. The vision of Veri Amoris comes."

The pontiff's eyes filled with tears, Reverend Francis rising and walking around the desk, his hand going to the older man's shoulder.

"Never. . .never in my long life of religious servitude--of religious knowledge and scholarly reasoning--have I found an iota of its truth. I had almost given up on our dreams." he softly said, looking at the page before him.

"We have awoken from the dream, reality now before us. The words mark him as life, as love and destiny. So he says, so he gives, and so he walks. His own words, Joseph." Reverend Francis said, the older man looking up at him.

"You have. . .?"

"I have seen the soul of life, Holy Father. I. . .I have seen the four sides of his worth. Our lives have vindication. Our faiths now have life."

"He. . .he verified it?"

"I saw the sun and its radiating love, Joseph. Destiny's paths are beginning, some already fulfilled."

The man nodded, pulling out a handkerchief from his robe, wiping his eyes.

"Finish your tea, Francis. It shall cool."
Reverend Francis smiled, then laughed.

"Nothing fazes you, Joseph. Even our own revealing destinies. Always intellectual and calm. You shall be a great pope."
The man smiled, Reverend Francis sitting down again.

"You venture forth as the Enlightener, Francis. The other five. . .no knowledge given to them yet?"
"I leave this evening for Moscow, Joseph. Kirill is the next on my list. The other four over the next three days."
"Our Russian friend of faith will be deeply moved. He always was the most emotional of us seven."

Reverend Francis nodded, remembering his friend Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

"You are on a pilgrimage of enlightenment, Francis. We never thought--but prayed--this day would come."

Francis nodded again, looking into the eyes of his old friend of faith.

"How did he. . .he knows all?"

"He knows all, Joseph. And he gives all. It was he who blessed my diocese with our good fortune."
"I heard of your increase of riches, Francis. No one more deservedly so. I know you shall give with faith and generosity. It was his doing?"

"Yes, the boy is amazing in his giving love and his own truth. You are intelligent enough to assume his heritage."
"Dragosan as his name alludes."
"He is the grandson of Vilos."

The pontiff's eyes widened.

"All paths are aligned, the signs are shown. When and where shall it happen?"
"In less than two weeks. The signal is given, the Announcement of Divination must be given by all seven."

"You being the first to feel his love, you warrant its opening greatness. I shall announce second."

Reverend Francis lowered his head, then raised it, his eyes filled with tears.

"Our lives shall never be the same, Joseph. We walk onward to the dawn of a new age."
"Faith leads us forward, my friend. Faith and destiny."

The minister nodded, their eyes meeting again.

"How did he discover us, Francis?"
"He said his grandfather wrote the guiding truth in a journal. Jolan destroyed the journal himself, our secret alone in his heart now."

The man nodded, softly sighing.

"As the duces septum I must demand a meeting of us seven. We seven have much to discuss before the announcement. Will he come to us before?"

"No, Joseph. He said he warrants no giving of accolades, no worship of worthiness. It is as if he's love itself."

The pontiff nodded, folding his hands in front of him.

"We are the Septum Lucis. We shall light their way. I shall abide by my faith and my responsibilities, as one of the seven and as the head of my church of God's worship."
"I am only a parish minister, a beacon of hope for my own small part of this world. But the light of life burns in me, as it always has. I shall proclaim the light." Reverend Francis said.
"We are all beacons of hope, Francis."
The Reverend smiled, Joseph smiling as well, his face now flushed with calm happiness.

"Giuseppe! Come here!"

The door of the papal office opened, the cardinal walking into the room, Reverend Francis and Pope Benedict XVI standing.

"Go with God's faith, and our love, Francis." the pope said, smiling, Reverend Francis shaking his hand again, the pontiff pulling him into a tender hug of friendship.

"Peace be with all of us, Joseph. Love radiates in our hearts."

The minister smiled at the cardinal as the two separated, the Reverend walking out of the room, another priest waiting at the door to guide him out of the Vatican.

Cardinal Giovanni looked at the pontiff, the man smiling.

"Inform all the cardinals, Giuseppe. In one week we hold a Consilium Fidem."

The cardinal's eyes widened, the older man smiling a large smile, his face actually radiating happiness, the cardinal never having seen the man looking so calm and rejuvenated.

"The servants of faith and the darkness of life are about to have their eyes filled with sunshine, my friend. It begins."

"What. . .what do you mean, Your Holiness? A Meeting of Faith?"
"Faith is being rejuvenated, Cardinal Giovanni. I shall proclaim it and its truth."

The pontiff smiled, his left hand going to the cross hanging from his neck.

"Sol lucet omnibus, Giuseppe. The sun shines for all of us."


Jolan stretched, sitting down on the patio steps, looking around the backyard.

The early morning rays of the sun were rising above the gazebo, Jolan smiling, sipping his cup of coffee.

The three of his soul were sound asleep upstairs, wrapped in each other's arms.

Jolan had had to unravel himself from their chosen center, the man surrounded by their love.

He'd checked on the boys, both sleeping as well, Spartacus raising his head when Jolan entered the room softly.

The dog rose from his bed, Jolan petting his head.

The dog had followed Jolan out of the room, Jolan going downstairs and making coffee in the kitchen.

He'd laid out the dog's food, Spartacus diving into his morning meal.

Here Jolan now sat alone, taking in the quiet solitude, the hour only being six-thirty.

He heard soft padding behind him, a soft nose nudging his neck.

He extended his arm, wrapping it around Spartacus' neck, setting his coffee down.

"Old times, my loving friend. Our mornings of quiet embrace beginning again."
The dog softly whimpered, its head laying down in Jolan's lap, the young man stroking its head and back.

Jolan smiled, reliving their love in his heart and soul.

His mind thought of the three upstairs and his claiming all three last night.

Chace had been the first, his need as usual the greatest and most passionate.

Josh had been second, Justin holding Chace in his afterglow of love.

Josh's passion was more calm, more experienced and loving.

Jolan had always found a tenderness in the older man's desires, a need to please Jolan in deeply moving ways.

Last night Jolan had done that to his Joshua, the older man's heart filled with his wolfen love, his body devoured of its desires.

Jolan's Justin had been the last, Josh and Chace wrapped in each other's love, Chace's needs for his love now ignited.

Jolan had made love to his Justin, his needful, beautiful eroticism greater in need and want.

Justin's truth last night had awakened their passion in a new way.

They were soulmates, had always been destined to be soulmates, Era's guidance Jolan's destiny.

Jolan smiled, remembering the need in Justin's soul for his Wolfy's beauty and hunger.

He'd feasted on him, devouring all of his giving love.

Justin had fallen asleep in his Wolfy's arms, Jolan's human beauty returning to its masculine self.

The three had closed in around him, Jolan lost in their warmth and giving love.

He stroked the dog's soft fur, a soft growl of happiness coming from the beast.

"We're home, Sparty. We've so much love now. And we give so much love."
The dog raised its head, licking Jolan's cheek, Jolan smiling and looking into its golden eyes.

He saw the depth of the dog's love in those pools of giving light.

Jolan continued to stare into its eyes, the dog barking, Jolan seeing a soft glow begin deep in their depths.

The glow increased, Jolan's eyes lost in its dawning light.

In an instant Jolan was consumed by it, the man disappearing into its brightness.

The light extinguished immediately, the dog barking again, looking around the backyard.

Spartacus sat alone, his master gone.


Jolan stood upon the soft sand, his toes sunken into its warmth.

He eyes went forward, and sideways, the stone walls surrounding him somewhat familiar, as was the soft light in the distant entrance in front of him, torches lining the walls of the hall he stood in.

He sensed his surroundings, knowing where he was.

"Alone in the tunnel to his egotism, forward lies his chamber." he softly said, Jolan walking forward.

He walked down the stone hall, walking out into the main room where he'd once appeared with Queen Alveena.

Her son's throne room, his hall of greatness, his Chamber of Ascendancy as she'd called it.

Jolan stood deep within the palace of Bolta Cerului.

Jolan's grey eyes took in the four stone tablets that hung on each of the four walls, their words sunken into his mind and soul.

Words he now realized had borne reality, his path after their knowledge gaining him answers to their mystery.

He walked up to the first he'd read before, seeing the dust had once again claimed it.

"Why have I returned here, pulled here by my dog's love?" he said to himself, a voice in the silence answering him.

Jolan turned, staring into two loving, youthful grey eyes.

"Because his love is a part of this, as is yours."

Jolan stared at the man, the man's face covered in a soft smile that accentuated his beauty.

"For someone who said our meeting was finished, you keep reappearing, Era. Are you bored?"

The young man laughed, Jolan staring at his beauty.

"I have walked for eons, my friend. Life gives no boredom when its beauty is lived."

"Riddles as always. Why am I here, Era? And how exactly did I get here?"

The man smiled, his hand motioning to the bench beside him.

Jolan walked over, the two sitting down together.

Jolan stared up at the large statue before him, the sculpture's back to them.

"How great is a throne room when the nation of assembled worship is gone? Dust marks it as forgotten." Era said, Jolan staring at him as he looked up at the statue as well.

"You are here by the drawing of my love, Jolan. I'm sure you and your loved ones have wondered of the beauty of Spartacus' returned love."
"He died, Era. I saw the deadness of his eyes before me in the middle of that torturous night of my defilement." Jolan said, Era's arm going around him.

"His soul never died, Jolan. The magic of his love never died." he said, Jolan staring at him.

"Love continues, Jolan. You, most of all, should realize that. You have seen and felt your grandfather's, your grandmother's and your great-grandmother's love."

"All three were deep of love, their beautiful souls indeed so loving and living." Jolan smiled, their eyes meeting.

"And what of your love, Erasmus? I have felt it as well."

The man's eyes showed a wetness that surprised Jolan, the man's head lowering a bit.

"I am sorry, Jolan. I am sorry for what I have done."

Jolan's hand went to the man's knee, Jolan feeling the strength and hardness of the man's leg.

"Your guiding my Justin to me wasn't anything you should apologize for, Era. In fact, I should thank you. His love completes me, his love fills me."
The man's eyes raised, Jolan seeing a depth of longing there.

"What does it feel like, Jolan? To have that love forever so deeply entrenched in your soul?"

Jolan stared at the young man, a sudden clarity filling his mind.

He stood up, his grey eyes staring down into two tearing pools of greyness.

"Oh, God! I just realized it! I just felt it!"

The man's head lowered, Jolan pulling him up to his feet, the two staring at each other.

"You. . .you are lost! Your love is lost!" Jolan said, pulling the man against him.

Jolan felt a physicality to the man's presence, more so than he'd felt with Alveena's vision.

The young man physically trembled in Jolan's arms, Jolan sensing him on the verge of outright emotion.

"Oh, Erasmus! I didn't know! I didn't connect the pieces till now!"
The man broke free of Jolan's grasp, moving away from him.

Jolan stared at him, the two separated by a few feet.

"You know nothing of what destiny does, Jolan. I have felt the enormous burden of it."
Jolan moved forward, the young man staring at him as Jolan stopped in front of him again.

"Destiny guides us all to love, Erasmus. To forgiveness, love and hope."
"Love is lost to me, Jolan. It is something I have lost forever. I can never forgive myself for that."

"You are wrong, my young friend."

The man's eyes met Jolan's, Jolan moving forward, pulling him into his arms, their lips meeting.

The room immediately filled with a blinding brightness, the intensity of their connection flowing through both.

Erasmus pulled back, overcome by what he'd suddenly felt, his grey softly glowing eyes staring at the young man staring back at him.

"It has been eons, Erasmus. It is the feeling that you've long been denied. Your quest is over. And I finally realize mine is as well. I have found what I need. You have guided me to its light. I know what I must do, what I must make right."
"Jolan. . .I. . .I didn't want you to know!"

"I am here, Era. My friendship and love is here. I am the hope you need. Take from me what you have longed for. I can give you what you have lost."

Jolan moved, pulling his shirt over his head, his smooth taut muscular chest on full display.

Era stared at his beauty, Jolan softly smiling at him.

"My love is here for you, lost one. My hope and love."

The young man was in tears, Era staring at all of his beauty.

The young man stared, his soul fighting with the truth before him.

"You have watched me with the three of them. I see the longing in your eyes for what you have witnessed. You were there last night, weren't you?"

Erasmus softly nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

"I know what you are, Erasmus. I have puzzled out the riddle. The sun shines for you as well." Jolan said, Erasmus' eyes going to Jolan's smooth torso.

The golden sun emblazoned upon Jolan's stomach beckoned to him, the young man slowly moving forward.

Jolan remained still as the man's arms wrapped around him, their lips meeting again.

Jolan felt the need within him, the man's hands--then lips--beginning to move.

Jolan stared at him as the young man moved back, their eyes locked together.

"Jolan. . .I. . ."
Jolan smiled, staring at the truth now shining before him.

"To look forward is to look back. From the past love bursts forth, the future a guarantee of hope."
The young man cried, the two joining,  becoming lost in the love enveloping them.

The light of total love that surrounded them sent Era into happiness, his eyes looking upwards towards the heavens, his face showing complete love.


Josh scratched his chest, the man walking out onto the patio, wearing only boxer shorts.

Spartacus barked at him, the dog rising from its waiting stance.

"Morning, Sparty! Your barking awoke me, bud. Where's our Jolan?" he said, patting the dog's head, the dog softy panting.

Josh's eyes saw the empty coffee cup on the patio floor by the steps, knowing Jolan had sat there.

Josh stretched, his smooth body feeling the after-effects of their night of passion, a contented feeling of well-used limbs.

His center felt a warmth of loving use, his thoughts on Jolan's then Chace's deep needs.

His lips had been kissed till they'd swollen by Justin, as the other two had taken him to their center of love.

He smiled, remembering the sensuality and passion of their new beast of love.

"Jo? Where are you?" he shouted, his eyes searching the backyard, no sign of him anywhere.

"Where's he snuck off to, Sparty?" Josh said, the dog barking again, its large golden eyes staring at him.

Josh stared at the dog sensing the dog's happiness.

"You're a ball of happiness this morning, Sparty. Why aren't you upstairs with the boys?"
The dog barked, moving and scratching at the patio door that Josh had closed, Josh walking to it, opening it, the dog heading into the house, Josh following.

Josh walked through the kitchen, then the living room, watching the dog head upstairs, knowing he was heading for the boys' room.

Josh found Jolan nowhere downstairs, the man walking upstairs as well, looking into the bedroom, seeing Chace and Justin spooned together, both sound asleep.

Josh walked over to the boys' room, peeking in, seeing both sound asleep, Spartacus on his bed, his golden eyes looking towards the door.

"Keep them safe, Sparty." Josh softly whispered, the dog's head lowering, Josh smiling as he quietly backed out of the room.

Josh thought for a moment, walking back downstairs, walking back out onto the patio, sitting down on the steps, his hand going to the empty coffee cup.

It still felt warm in his hands, Josh sensing Jolan hadn't been missing long.

His eyes scanned the backyard again, Josh standing up and walking towards the pool.

His heart felt a sense of dread, his eyes scanning the whole pool.

Nothing nor no one was in the pool, Josh's breath relaxing.

He suddenly thought he'd heard something, like a swoosh of wind, or a sudden intake of breath.

Suddenly two warm arms wrapped around him, two lips going to his neck.

Josh began to turn, the man behind him pulling him close as he did.

Two lips met his, Josh lost in the depth of love flowing from them.

The two kissed deeply, Josh lost in the love consuming him.

The two sets of lips finally broke, Josh's blue eyes opening, staring into two grey orbs of deep love.

Josh thought he saw a sparkle of whiteness in those grey eyes' centers, Jolan smiling at him.

"Jo! You. . .you're back! Wow. . .that was. . .wow!" he stuttered, the man in front of him smiling, their bodies wrapped together.

"Wow indeed, my Joshua." he softly said, Josh staring at him.

"I. . .I couldn't find you, Jo. Where were you?"
Jolan smiled, his hands going downward, both attaching to two warm globes of hardness, Jolan pulling Josh closer.

"I was lost in the light of love, Joshua."

Josh looked surprised, staring at the man holding him.

One of Jolan's hands moved, slinking under the waistband of Josh's boxers, Josh feeling Jolan's fingers moving down the crack of his ass.

"Jo. . .what. . .what do you mean?"

Jolan smiled, his lips going to Josh's left earlobe, taking it into his mouth, Jolan sucking on it.

Josh softly moaned, Jolan's fingers deepening their search towards Josh's center.

Josh gasped when they found their mark.

Jolan bit on the earlobe, Josh gasping again, Jolan's other hand going to the front of Josh's boxers, entering the opening there, grasping onto Josh's flaccid--but growing--shaft.

"Oh, Jo! You. . .you know what that does to me." Josh moaned, Jolan releasing his earlobe, their lips meeting again.

In an instant Jolan's hands moved, Josh's boxers moving as well, falling down his legs, Jolan's body lowering.

Josh gasped at the sudden movement of Jolan's mouth latching onto his rising cock, the shaft disappearing into Jolan's mouth.

Jolan's hands were pulling Josh towards him, Josh moaning as Jolan took all of him in.

Josh's hands found Jolan's shoulders, the young man's skill heightening Josh's rising desires.

"Oh God, Jo! You are fantastic!" he moaned, Jolan not stopping his motions, the young man devouring Josh's hardness.

Within moments Josh felt the tide of his orgasm surging, Jolan's fingers again at Josh's center, one rubbing its heat.

Josh gasped then yelled out Jolan's name, his orgasm erupting, Jolan taking in all of it, its creaminess flooding his mouth, the young man swallowing all of the offered love.

Josh was shaking, his legs trembling, feeling like they were letting go.

Jolan pulled off Josh's center, rising upwards, lifting the man into his arms, Josh staring at him.

Jolan's lips moved forward, Josh lost in the deep kiss the man gave him, his love surrounding the man in his arms.

Their lips broke, Josh staring into Jolan's smiling face.

"The breakfast of life." he smiled, Josh smiling softly.

"That. . .that was amazing, Jo." he softly said, Jolan smiling and sensing Josh's afterglow emotions.

"I love you, Josh. Here in my arms and in my soul."

Josh smiled, Jolan grinning.

"I love you even more wet."
Jolan moved, Josh gasping as he suddenly realized what Jolan was doing.

"No, Jo!" he screamed, Jolan diving into the pool, Josh in his arms going with him.


Justin stretched, scratching his left nipple, a set of arms wrapped around his waist, two lips kissing his neck.

"Our loves are in the pool, Chace. And they're naked. Well Josh is anyway." he said, looking down from the balcony, Josh and Jolan waving up at him.

"They are wet with beauty." Chace said, looking down as well, his arms around Justin's naked form, Chace naked as well.
Justin had awakened first, walking out onto the balcony, feeling the warmth of the early morning sun.

Chace had awakened at Justin's leaving the bed, the young man finding himself alone.

He'd walked out onto the balcony as well, wrapping his arms around Justin's nude form.

"How about a naked swim, Jus? The kids must still be asleep or our Joshy wouldn't be naked." Chace smiled, rubbing his center against Justin's naked ass, Justin feeling the younger man's morning desires.

"Sounds like fun. You go ahead, I'll check on the kids. Keep a piece of that wet ass for me."
Chace laughed, pushing against Justin, Justin moaning softly.

"Your wet ass is mine first, Timberlake."

Justin smiled, Chace walking back into the bedroom.

Justin looked down at Jolan, the young man pulling himself up out of the pool on its ladder, his taut smooth muscular body of full display, Justin smiling softly.

"Mine forever, my vision of love." he said, walking back into the bedroom.

Jolan smiled, towelling the water off his body, Josh smiling from the pool's edge, swimming in the water, its warmth feeling so good against his naked body.

"I haven't returned the love, my Jo."
Jolan smiled at him, leaning down and kneeling in front of him.

"Another of love comes, Joshua. Let his love be returned."
Josh smiled, his eyes taking in the running vision crossing the patio.

Chace was running across the grass, his smooth naked form diving into the pool's deep end.

"His love is all yours, Joshy. We both saw the swaying need."
Josh laughed, the man swimming across the pool, his wet husband swimming towards him.

Jolan smiled, standing up and seeing the two join in the pool's center, their arms and lips joining.

"Enjoy the love, my angels. I'll start breakfast."
The two were oblivious to Jolan's words, the young man smiling and walking into the house.


Jolan began to pull out the frying pan from the lower cupboard, two arms wrapping around him as he stood up.

He felt the nakedness of the man embracing him, two lips licking at his earlobe.

Jolan smiled, turning around, those lips meeting his.

Both felt the deep love flowing into them, Jolan's eyes opening as their lips parted, Justin's blue eyes staring into his grey.

"Wow, Jo! That was intense! It felt like your love's doubled!"

Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's lips softly.

"It's doubled and divided in five, my love. My love for the five of my heart."

Justin smiled, looking out the kitchen window, seeing their soulmates in the pool.

"Our angels began without us." he said, Jolan's hands resting on Justin's naked ass cheeks.

"Their love needed a special moment separate from ours. Our new life begins, Jus. Our life with them."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan again.

"Shall we have a special moment ourselves, my angel? I'm dressed for the part."
Jolan laughed, his eyes scanning up and down Justin's naked body.

A voice came into his head, Jolan smiling.

"No chance, my angel. The masters of the house are awake. How about you go up and shower with the kids? That'll give the other two slaves time to finish their love."

Justin sighed, Jolan holding him as he snuggled against him.

"You owe me a moment of special love, Jo."
Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.

"New beds arrive today, Jus. Who do you think is going to be in mine tonight?"
Justin smiling, seeing the real love in Jolan's eyes for only him.

"Can't wait, my love."
"Neither can the kids. Get cracking!"
Justin laughed, walking out of the kitchen, Jolan's eyes on his beautiful naked butt.

Jolan sighed, his eyes moving to the window, seeing that Chace and Josh had moved to the shallow end, their passion on full view.

He smiled, his hand rubbing against his naked chest, the sun tattoo rubbed by his fingers.

"Life for love. It can't be any other way."

He smiled, heading to the stove.


Jolan smiled, watching the five of his heart devouring his breakfast offerings.

Hayden and Logan were giggling, sausages and toast in their hands, Josh and Justin at their sides.

Chace was finishing his seventh pancake, Jolan smiling at him, finishing his second coffee.

Josh's eyes met his, Jolan smiling at him.

"You never did tell me where you were this morning, Jo." Josh said, sipping his own cup of coffee.

Jolan smiled, Justin and Chace looking at Josh.

"When I woke up our Jo was missing." Josh said, the other two looking at Jolan.

Josh told them of his coming downstairs and his not finding Jolan anywhere.

"He must have been in the shower, Josh." Justin said, smiling at Jolan, the young man remaining quiet, Justin sensing something from him.

"No, Jus. I checked everywhere. Where did you go?" Josh said, his blue eyes of love looking at Jo.

Jolan sat his coffee cup down, softly smiling at all three.

"I went to love, my angels. And I came back to my waiting angel's love." Jolan smiled, staring at Josh.

"You told me that you went into the light of life." Josh said, Justin and Chace looking at Jolan.

"I was in love's light, guys. I was pulled into Spartacus' love."

The three looked confused, Jolan telling them of the bright light of his pulling love.

"You. . .you went on your quest already? It was to that palace?" Chace said, surprise on his face.

"Yes, Chace. It was the spiritual quest I was destined to go on."
"Why there again, Jo? What did you find there?" Josh said, Jolan seeing the need to know in his blue eyes.

"Because there stood the four written beacons, my loves. And there I met Erasmus again."

"Erasmus? Was he old or young again?" Justin said, Jolan nodding.

"Young, Jus. Young and beautiful again. We talked of the past, the present and the future. And I found the answer in that quest."
"The answer, Jo?" Josh said, giving Logan his glass of milk, the boy drinking.

"Yes, Josh. The final answer to all of this. To all that was and will be. I know what's going on here. I know all the truths."

"All the truths? You mean you know how this is going to end?" Justin said, Jolan smiling at him and his son.

"Yes, Justin. I know the past, the present and the future. I know who Erasmus is, who has designed this path, and what the final reality is. I have everything I need."
Chace's hand went on top of Jolan's, Jolan sensing his concerned love.

"No worries, any of you. My love shall be there for all of you at the end. And our lives will be long and loving."
All five smiled at Jolan, Jolan looking at his three soulmates.

"Erasmus was as lost as I was. For he too was missing something. The same thing I was, albeit on a different level."
"What was he missing?" Josh said, Jolan smiling and leaning over the table and kissing his lips.

"Love, Joshua. The Shadower has walked eons across this earth a lost man. A man lost unto himself."

The three men exchanged looks, Jolan smiling at all three.

"I gave him a taste of what love is, my angels."

"I don't understand, Jo. Era has no love? I felt it in him." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"He has love, Justin. Just not the deepest love. It's been denied him, for a very good reason."

"What reason, Jo?" Chace said, Jolan sighing softly.

"I am sorry, my loves. That reason and the truths I have discovered must remain within my mind until the end of all this. Someone must be led into the reality of their own truths. And then this path can end, destiny can be fulfilled and life can go on, a greater life for all of us."
The three nodded, Jolan smiling at each.

"Alright, Jo. We'll abide by that decision. But all three of us are here for you. Don't walk into this alone." Chace said, Jolan smiling and kissing his lips.

"I am never alone, my beauties. I have a lot of love within me. You three's the most."
All three smiled, Jolan smiling again.

"I was surprised by the truth. It sat right in front of me and I didn't even realize it. That man is crafty."

"What man, Jo?" Josh said.

"Erasmus, my friends. His hidden truth totally blindsided me."
The three nodded again, Jolan smiling.

"Let's not think upon that eventuality, my friends. Let's love, live and be happy for the next week and a half. There will be time enough for emotions and reality at the end of next week."
"Right's, Dada!" Logan said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Right's, Dada." Justin said, Jolan laughing, the other three smiling, Jolan standing up.

"Right now I have to warm up the rest of breakfast. We're having visitors."

The three looked at each other, the phone on the counter going off, Chace rising and answering it.

He talked for a few minutes, looking at Jolan.

"Joey and Lance are here, as well as Chris, Britney and the boys. I just let them in through the gate." he said, Jolan smiling, heading for the stove.

Chace looked at Josh and Justin, both shrugging their shoulders, looking towards Jolan.

The man was at the stove, pulling out another tray of bacon and sausages.


"Hi, Unky Lance!" Hayden said, his arms around the man's leg, the boy having climbed off the chair when the man had walked into the kitchen, Joey beside him, Britney and Chris with the boys following, Chace following them having let them all in the front door.

"Hi, Hay! How's my boy?" Lance said, picking the boy up, Hayden kissing his cheek, then Joey's when he leaned into him.

"My, you're growing big!" Lance said, the boy giggling, Joey leaning down and kissing Logan's cheek, the boy grinning up at him.

"Hi, Unky Joe!" he said, Joey kissing Josh's, then Justin's cheek, Lance kissing all three at the table.

"And what am I? Don't I get some sugar?" Jolan said, wiping his hands on a dishcloth, having been cleaning off the frying pan in the sink's dishwater.

Lance put Hayden down, the boy heading for his two friends, Lance's arm going around Jolan, kissing him on the lips.

Jolan pulled back, a look of soft surprise on his face.

"Man, sign me up for this man's fan club! He's a stud!"
Chris and Joey laughed, Joey kissing his lover's cheek.

"That he is! And we can always use another groupie!"
Jolan laughed, Joey kissing him on the lips.

"Do I smell your famous tater tots?"

"I made lots, Huggybear. Dig in guys." Jolan smiled, Joey grinning, sitting down at the table, Britney and Chris both hugging Jolan, Jolan guiding them all to the table, Lance smiling at Jolan.

"Can I see you for a moment, Jo? I have something to ask you."

Jolan smiled, going to the counter and carrying the platter of sausages and bacon to the table, everyone smiling up at him.

"Get everyone some coffee, Jus. Lance and I are going to have a little chat."

Justin smiled, rising up from his seat, walking past the boys, Logan having joined the other three, all sitting on the floor with toys.

Jolan smiled at him, walking with Lance out of the kitchen.


Lance smiled at Jolan as they sat down in the living room.

"What's on your mind, Lancy?"
Lance smiled softly, Jolan sensing the look in his eyes.

"Oh, Lance!! Really?"

Lance stared at Jolan with surprise.

Jolan smiled, taking his hands in his.

"I wish both of you a lifetime of happiness and love, my friend."
Lance teared up, Jolan moving and sitting beside him, putting his arm around him.

"I need your help, Jo. I. . .I want it to mean so much to him. I want him to see why I'm doing it."
Jolan smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.

"He knows already why you're doing it. You love him, Lance. It's as simple as that."

"I love him, Jo. I love him with all of my heart."

Jolan smiled again, kissing Lance's cheek, Lance feeling his happiness and love.

"So how are you going to surprise him?"
"Well, Jo. Joey has one love. One thing that always brings a large smile to his face."
Jolan smiled, then laughed.

"You're going to put the ring on your thing?"

Lance stared at Jolan, the young man bursting into laughter.

Lance blushed then began to laugh also, the two hugging each other.

"Sorry, Lancy. It was too easy!"

"So am I, Jo."
Jolan burst into laughter, Lance smiling.

"Good one, Lancy!"

They both laughed, Jolan smiling.

"Alright, Lance. How do you want this to go down?"
"Later, Jo. Ply me with liquor first."

Jolan laughed again, Lance smiling at the happiness and love showing on Jolan's face.

"I've never seen you so at peace with your life, Jolan. It's as if your soul's filled with happiness."
"It is, Lancy. Come on, let's plan this to a T!"

"Make that an S, Jo!" Lance smiled, the two quietly talking.


Jolan and Lance walked back into the kitchen, everyone at the table staring at Jolan, the young man smiling.

"I take it my three loves have spilled the beans?" he said, Lance smiling at his Joey, sitting down beside him, Joey's arm going around him, Lance looking around at everyone.

"Jo went on his quest, Lance." Joey said, Lance's eyes meeting Jolan's.

"Really, Jo?" he said, Jolan nodding, leaning against the kitchen counter.

"Yes, Lance. I was pulled back to Bolta Cerului. There I met Erasmus again. I've found all the answers to my destiny and its truths. I know everything now, including who he is and what's going to happen."
Lance stood up again, his arm going around Jolan.

"We're all here for you, Jo." he said, Jolan smiling at his and everyone's protective gaze.

"I know, guys. I have so many who love me and want to protect me. And I'll protect all of you."
Everyone smiled, Jolan's smile the widest.

"On that note, let's end the gloom. Tell your Joey your surprise, Lancy."

Lance smiled, Jolan winking at him.

Joey smiled at Lance, Lance moving and pulling him up from his half finished breakfast plate.

"Tomorrow's our sixth month anniversary, my Joe bear."

Joey's eyes widened in surprise, then changed into a look of guilt.

"Oh, Lance. I'm sorry, I didn't realize it."
Lance smiled, kissing his lips, brushing away the guilt from his thoughts.

"That makes me happy that you've forgotten, my love. That means my love has made you forget all time."
Joey smiled, pulling Lance against him.

"Your love empties my mind of all else, Lance."
Lance smiled, Chris chuckling.

"It always was empty." he said, Britney elbowing him lightly, Chris blushing, Jolan laughing, others joining him.

Lance smiled, looking at his Joey.

"I want to make tomorrow a special day, Joey. I've booked us all a day at Disneyland. I know it's your favourite place in the world. I'm going to spend the day in my Joey bear's happiness."
Joey grinned, kissing his man's lips.

"Awesome idea, Lance! I haven't been there in so long!" he said, Lance smiling at him.

Hayden's head went up, three other small heads joining his.

"Disneyland, Poppa? We's going to Disneyland?!!" he said, beside Justin in a moment, his hands on his Poppa's knees.

The other three small sets of eyes were wide with hope staring at their parents.

Lance laughed, smiling at Justin.

"Yes, Hay. Unky Lance and Unky Joe are inviting all of you as well!" Jolan said, the four boys bursting into loud squeals, all the adults laughing together.

"Ah, the joys of youthful happiness." Josh said, Jolan leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"I see quite a few boys here beaming with happiness. I guess I'll be babysitter tomorrow." he smiled, his eyes meeting Lance's green.

"I'll help, Jo." Lance said, Jolan smiling and nodding.

"We'll help each other. But I'm not changing Joey. He looks like a wetter!"

Joey's loud laugh filled the room, taking Lance's hand in his, the two joining their friends at the table.

The conversation was drawn to tomorrow's day of fun, Jolan smiling around at everyone.

He smiled, his eyes on Joey.

"It's a small world after all. And yours now starts with Lance." he thought, his smile widening.





End of Chapter 150



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