Jolan's Path - Chapter 151


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 151


Jolan smiled, adjusting the seatbelt on Hayden's car seat.

"There, all tight and safe." he smiled, his son beaming up at him.

Logan grinned beside him, Josh on their other side, already buckled in.

"You kids relax, Disneyland is a short hour away." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Are we there yet?"
Justin laughed, seated in the front seat in the driver's seat.

"Drink your juice and calm down, Joshy." Chace said, kissing his cheek from the seat behind.

Lance and Joey laughed, seated beside Chace.

Jolan's eyes met Lance's, the two smiling at each other.

Jolan climbed into the front seat of the SUV, buckling up.

It was the next morning, their Disneyland adventure about to begin.

Another two vehicles waited behind them, Chris and Britney with the boys, Kelly, Briahna and Leo there as well.

Lonnie was driving, Ally seated beside him.

Sandra and Jessica were in another vehicle, along with Jennie and Jonathan, the group laughing and enjoying the warm morning sunshine.

"Three vehicles of happiness heading to the happiest place on earth." Justin grinned, Jolan smiling at him, Justin moving their vehicle forward, Lonnie's following, Sandra's taking up the rear, the front gates opening.

"A day of happiness and love, my angel." he said, Justin smiling at him.

Justin's thoughts were on last night's passion, he and Jolan christening their new bed with deep passion and love.

Josh and Chace christened theirs as well, the four watching each other in the throes of passion, two couples separate but together in their beauty, love and need.

The morning dawn had seen Josh and Justin trade places, Jolan and Chace waking up to a greeting of intense heated love.

Josh and Jolan had made love, Justin lost in Chace's morning needs.

All four felt in their hearts and souls that this room would be their center of life, of love and need.

The other three would be the life of each.

After their morning happiness they'd woken the kids, Justin and Josh showering with both, Chace and Jolan having their own wet fun.

Here now they were on their way to Disneyland, their friends having shown up for breakfast first, Jolan feeding them all.

"Where should we hit first, Jus?" Joey said, Justin smiling into the rear view mirror.

Lance snuggled against his lover, his eyes meeting Jolan's, the man having turned back to look at everyone.

"How about the rides, guys?" Justin said, the kids eyes widening.

"We goes on rides, Poppa? Big rides?" Hayden said, Jolan smiling at his son and Logan.

"There are special rides for you boys, son. The bigger boys have their own rides as well." Jolan said, Hayden smiling at him.

"Water rides, too, Dada?"
Jolan laughed, Justin chuckling.
"I'm sure Poppa can find you some water to play in, Hay. It's a day of fun and laughter my angels. You get wet, you get dirty! It's all about the fun!" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Something tells me I'm going to be washing down five angels tonight before they hit their clean sheets for beddy-bye.

Justin winked, he, Josh and Chace all laughing.

Joey and Lance laughed as well, Lance kissing Joey's cheek.

"An awesome idea, Lance. A day of fun with my mates. Thank you for showing your love for me, and for all of us."
Lance smiled, Joey kissing his lips tenderly.

"You're my world, Joe. I'll share you with that other magical world. But tonight you're going on a special ride."

Joey smiled widely, Jolan smiling at both of them, sitting back in his seat.


Jolan laughed, watching Hayden and Justin walking towards him, crossing the crowded street.

It was closing in on the lunch hour, the group having had an exciting couple of hours, exploring just a small part of the large park.

Jolan had marvelled at how large the place was and all the attractions.

He sensed it would take you a week to fully explore the whole place.

Every imaginable fantasy for a child's eyes was surrounding them.

The kids had gone on rides, their parents watching their happiness.

Hayden had screamed with joy as Justin had run and climbed with him through Chip and Dale's Tree House.

Josh and Chace had taken Logan there as well, both boys screaming with laughter.

All four boys had gone on rides, and had met all their childhood idols.

Hayden had met Tigger again, as well as Mickey Mouse, the boy guiding Logan into their warm embraces of welcome.

Justin had taken Hayden here before on his birthday weekend.

The boy was now showing Logan all the sights of wonder.

They went on the Magic Mountain train, then everyone taking the Monorail around the park, all having fun.

Here now it was near lunch, Jolan smiling as Justin walked up to him, kissing his cheek, Hayden grinning up at him.

"Howdy, pardner!" Justin said, Jolan smiling at his lover wearing a white cowboy hat and a western shirt.

He smiled, looking down at Hayden, the boy wearing a white cowboy hat as well, his toothy grin filled with love.

"Looks like I've rustled up some cowpokes." Jolan laughed, Hayden giggling at him.

"Waits till you sees Loggie, Dada! He's an Indian! So's Daddy and Papa!"

Jolan smiled, looking at Chace and Josh walking towards them, Logan between them, holding both their hands.

All three were wearing headdresses, feathers blowing in the light breeze.

"Ooh, I'm sleeping in their tepee tonight !" he said, Justin laughing, smiling as their soulmates walked up to them.

Josh smiled, Jolan's eyes scanning his tanned, beautiful face.

"Hello, Big Chief Hot Stuff."

Chace laughed, kissing his husband's cheek.

"Yep, he's got one great peace pipe. I love sucking on it."
All four laughed, the kids smiling up at them, not aware of the double entendre.

"You missed Frontier Land, Jo! Where'd you and Lance take off to?" Joey said, walking up to them,  Briahna, Chris and Britney beside him, their boys laughing with Hayden and Logan.

"Lance was showing me Mark Twain's Riverboat, it's quite beautiful." he smiled, Joey smiling back.

"Where's Lance now?" he said, Jolan putting his arm around him.

"Miss him, do you? I'm sure he's not far." he smiled, Joey smiling.

"Anywhere out of my sight and I miss him."

Jolan smiled, kissing Joey's cheek.

"Then look over your shoulder."

Joey turned, his eyes meeting Lance's green, the man standing behind him.

"There you are, beautiful." Joey smiled, Lance pulling him into his arms, kissing him on the lips.

"I take it I was missed?"

"Always, my love. You always need to be in your honey bear's arms."
Lance smiled, kissing Joey's cheek, his green eyes meeting Jolan's grey.

"Everyone alright, Lance?" Jolan asked, Lance smiling.

"Yes, Jo. Other than my man's grumbling tummy here, everything's perfect."
Joey blushed, Lance smiling and kissing him again.

"The signal's been given. It's time for lunch. Any ideas, Jus? You know this place like the back of your hand." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.

Lance looked at Jolan with a trace of concern, Jolan winking at him.

Justin and Josh's eyes met, both grinning, squealing together.

"Goofy's Kitchen!"

Everyone laughed, the two men grinning.

Lance had a look of surprise on his face, his eyes meeting Jolan's again.

"It's awesome, Jo. Goofy's there, as well as other characters. Plus it's a large buffet! Great food and the kids get to see all their favorite characters!"

Jolan smiled, seeing the four boys' eyes widening with happiness.

"Goofy's place it is then! Let's tell everyone else and then we'll head over there." Jolan said, Justin pulling out his cell, beginning to call Lonnie, Leo, Jessica and Jonathan, they and their soulmates at other spots around the park.

In a few minutes the calls were done, the group walking towards the restaurant, Lance walking beside Jolan, Joey walking ahead of them with Briahna in his arms.

"It's a go, Jo. It's all set up." Lance said.
Jolan smiled, nodding, looking towards Joey.

"The courier's on his way, the package will be here shortly. It will be waiting for you in the kitchen."

"How. . .how did you know Justin would pick that place?"
Jolan smiled, looking into Lance's green eyes.

"Hayden never stopped talking about it the last time he was here. I knew Justin would make our son's happiness shine again."

Lance smiled, Jolan sensing a little nervousness in him.

"Relax, Lance. Think of the joy at its end. And I'm dying to see the great Lance Bass' acting skills."
Lance laughed, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"You just want to see me in something sexy."

Jolan laughed, Joey turning his head, looking back at them.

"Your man's one in a million, Joe!"

Joey smiled, his eyes meeting Lance's, seeing the deep love there.

Briahna smiled, snuggling in her father's arms as they walked to the restaurant.

Joey was still smiling, his heart filled with happiness.


Justin laughed, Hayden's wide smile capturing his heart.

The boy sat in Goofy's arms, the large character chuckling at him.

"You'd make a good pie, yuck yuck." the chef said, Goofy wearing a chef's hat and apron.

"I'm not food, Goofy! Me's boy!"

Everyone laughed, the character setting Hayden down in Jolan's lap.

"I betcha you're a good boy, gorsh!" the large dog said, Jolan smiling at his son.

"He's a very good boy, Goofy."
"Then you deserve a special cake, Hayden!" Goofy said, slapping his hands together.

Donald Duck and Pluto walked over to the large table, the kids all giggling, Donald carrying a cake, Pluto clapping.

"Gots a good boy here, everyone! Let's clap and sing!" Goofy said, all the surrounding tables beginning to clap, the three characters singing a happy song, everyone laughing and enjoying the show, Hayden grinning, Logan kissing his cheek.

"Wots of fun, Hay! We's having wots of funs!"
Josh and Chace smiled, Jolan and Justin smiling as well.

They'd all finished dinner, Goofy having walked up to their table, the boys giggling with glee.

Donald sat the cake down, Goofy patting Hayden's head.

"Enjoy the cake, Hayden. Have fun with your family! Buhbye!" he said, waving at everyone, everyone waving back.

"That was fun, Jus. This is an awesome place." Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"I told ya, Jo!"
Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting Lance's.

Lance's cell phone went off, the man answering it.

He hung up just as Joey took a piece of cake for him and one for himself from the waitress who was carving up the cake.

"I'll be right back, my love. I have to meet someone. The office sent over something I needed."

Joey nodded, unsure of what Lance was talking about.

"Be right back, my love." Lance said, kissing him on the lips, Joey smiling at him.

"Hurry back, Lance. Joey won't leave a piece of cake untouched for long. You'll lose your sweetness." Jolan said, everyone laughed, Lance smiling at Jolan.

Joey pulled Lance back down to his lips, kissing him again.

"That's the sweetness I'll never lose."
Lance smiled, walking towards the kitchen.

"Aw. . .ain't love grand?" Chris said, batting his eyelashes, Britney shaking her head as she tasted the cake.

Joey smiled, looking at Jolan.

"Wonder what he's picking up?"

"Probably another beau. You're getting fat, Joey." Chris chuckled, Joey staring at him.

"And you're getting bald, Chris." he said, Jolan bursting into laughter, the two staring at him, both smiling.

"And you're both getting so lucky. Not!!"

Britney laughed, Chris blushing, Joey blushing as well.

Jolan laughed, his eyes going towards Goofy, the character standing beside another table.

Jolan nodded his head, the large dog nodding back, walking towards the central stage of the restaurant.


"Hello, everyone! Welcome to my diner, ahuh, ahuh!" the large dog said, shaking its head and waving.

Everyone laughed, clapping going around the restaurant.

"You've all eaten of my vittles, gorsh. And you're all still feeling okay?"

Everyone laughed, the dog pointing to Donald Duck.

"Get up here, Donald. We've fed them, we gots to entertain them now!"

Donald quacked, walking up onto the stage, folding his arms.

"I'm not entertaining people now! I slaved over the stove all morning!" he said, in his duck voice, everyone continuing to laugh, some cameras going off.

Minnie Mouse walked up onto the stage, giggling.

"Let's get someone from the guests to entertain us, guys!" she said, looking around.

"How about him?" Donald said, his feather-covered hand pointing right at Jolan's table.

"Who, Donald?" Goofy said, the duck moving, waddling over to the table, his feathery hands going onto Joey's shoulders.

"You look like a fun guy, mister!" he quacked, everyone laughing, Joey blushing a little, trying to move away.

Jolan smiled, his arms pulling Joey up out of his seat, his cake forgotten.

"He's a barrel of fun! Take him please!" Chris laughed, everyone around the table laughing, Joey's eyes meeting Jolan's mirthful gaze.

Donald quacked, Joey reluctantly being led to the stage, Pluto joining Minnie and Goofy there, a chair in his hand.

"Sit down, mister! What's your name, ahuh, ahuh?" Goofy said, staring at him.

"My name. . .my name's Joe." Joey said, sitting tentatively in the chair Pluto had sat down on the stage.

"Hello, Joe!" Minnie said, Pluto barking at him, the dog picking up a rope, beginning to wrap it around Joey's waist.

"You're kinda a live one, Joe. Looks like we're going to have ta tie you down to keep you here." Goofy grinned, Pluto running around the chair, the rope wrapping all around Joey's chest, the man blushing a bit, everyone laughing.

"There ya go! All tied up. Gorsh, you're not moving now!"

Joey blushed, his eyes going to his friends, seeing all of them laughing, Lonnie's loud laugh booming across the room.

"Can I go now?"
Goofy chucked, Donald sitting in Joey's lap, the duck laughing, quacking as well.

"How much do you think we can get for him from the Pirates, Goofy?" Donald quacked, Goofy chuckling.

"Would they take him? He looks a handful!"

Everyone laughed, Joey blushing.

"I'll give you two hundred and thirty pounds, one for every pound of him!"

Joey's eyes moved, staring into the face of Captain Hook, the pirate walking out of the kitchen, his sword in his hand.

People laughed, the pirate leaping up onto the stage, his sword drawn.

"Prepare to be my slave, or you'll walk me plank, you scoundrel!" he said, Joey blushing more, trying to undo his bonds.

"Oh, no! A pirate!" Minnie said, her hand on her forehead, Goofy's arms catching her as she faked a swoon.

"Who'll save this poor man? Who's got the courage to thwart this pirate, gorsh?" Goofy stuttered, everyone smiling at the performance in front of them.

"Stand back, everyone! I'll save him!" a deep voice said, filled with masculinity and powerful manliness.

All eyes went towards the far side of the room, Joey's eyes widening in total shock.

Lance stood by the kitchen doorway, the man standing erect and in a stance of heroic manliness.

Joey's eyes widened, taking in every sinewy inch of Lance's tight cloth-covered beauty.

The costume he wore fit every inch of his toned sculptured body.

The red cape he wore flowed behind his shoulders, the royal blue skin tight uniform he wore made Joey's heart hunger with need.

The red trunks covering his man's center made Joey long for his beauty.

And the costume he wore made Joey's heart double its love for him, a vision of his childhood hero.

"It's Superman!" Minnie squealed, everyone clapping and laughing.

Lance stood in his pose of heroic courage, the man wearing a perfect original Superman costume.

His blond spiky hair was smoothed back, the man a vision of heroic beauty.

"Back away pirate of vengeance! No one hurts my man!" Lance said, the man moving with grace and fluidity, leaping up onto the stage, Captain Hook backing up, Lance pushing him backwards, the pirate falling into a large wooden crate behind him. Donald Duck slammed the lid shut, sitting on top of it, Goofy and Minnie clapping, the audience joining in on the act with clapping and laughter.

The crate bounced a bit, the pirate beating on its inside lid, Donald quacking loudly.

"We're saved! Superman has saved the day!" Minnie said, her hands going to her heart, the female mouse snuggling up beside Lance.

"All in a day's work, Madam Mouse." Lance said, his voice masculine and proud, the man standing in a stance of victory, Joey still staring at him in shock.

"My hero!" Minnie said, seductively, her large eyelashes fluttering.

"Thank you, Madam. But I am only one man's hero." Lance said, the superhero blond vision staring at his Joe.

Lance smiled, walking over to Joey, kneeling before him, his hands making fast work of the rope that didn't really bind Joey to the chair much, Joey smiling at him.

"Thank you, Lance."
"You're welcome, Joseph. I will always save the one of my heart." he smiled, everyone in the room staring at the two men with smiles.

"Lance. . .what's going on? Why are you wearing. . .?" Joey said with wonder, his eyes flowing over the man's tightly clothed physique, staring at the red S on the center of his chest in the red diamond shape..

Jolan smiled, Justin looking at him, seeing in Jolan's grey eyes a knowledge of truth, Jolan taking his hand in his.

"You are my hero, Joe. And I'll always be yours. I will always save you and love you. I know of your deep love for Superman, for his courage, truth and honour. I wanted to do this in style, with a symbol of your deepest happiness. I will always be your Superman, and you'll be mine."
Joey teared up, his eyes zoning in on only the man kneeling before him.

"I'll always be your Superman, Lance. I love you."
Lance smiled, looking down at the costume he wore.

"It's an original, Joey. Worn by George Reeves himself, actually. A real part of Superman memorabilia, that was delivered here today by courier. It's my anniversary gift to you."
Joey's eyes widened in surprise, Lance taking his hands in Joey's.

"I have another gift as well, Joey. I give you my heart and my soul. Today I'd like to pledge both to you forever. I. . .I want to. . .will you?"
Joey felt Lance's trembling soul, his lips moving forward, kissing Lance, a few people awing in the crowd.

"Will I what, my love?" Joey said, his eyes widening when he saw the look in Lance's eyes.

Lance's face took on a look of deep love and courage.

His hand moved, pulling out something from the edge of the red trunks he wore, Joey eyes widening when he saw that it was a golden ring, a diamond shining in its center.

"Will you marry me, Joe?"

Joey looked stunned, the words spoken by Lance filtering deeply into his soul, then registering in his mind.

"I love you, Joey. From the first meeting of our souls until this moment, and forever. You are my life and my existence."

Joey sobbed, his arms pulling Superman against him, Lance's arms wrapping around him.

"Yes. . .a thousand times yes! I'll marry you, Lance! My superman of love!"

Everyone began to cheer, standing and clapping loudly, Jolan smiling as Justin and his friends moved forward, heading for the stage.

Goofy, Donald, Minnie and a now released Captain Hook began to clap as well, Pluto howling.

Joey and Lance were in a world of their own, their lips meeting in a kiss that sealed their souls forever.

They didn't even feel the surrounding hugs of their friends and loved ones.


Joey sobbed, the man hugging Jolan intently.

Jolan gasped, feeling the emotional strength of the bearish man.

"Don't squeeze the love out of me, Joe!" he laughed, Joe releasing him tenderly.

"Oh, Jo! What you've done for me and for Lance! Your love. . .it's joined us forever!" he cried, Jolan patting his chest, Lance rubbing his shoulders.

"No, Joe. You and Lance did that yourselves. I see before me two supermen of love."

Joey wiped his eyes, his arm going around his Lance.

"The last two united, Jo." Britney smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

Jolan smiled, kissing her back.

"Yep! My work's done! All of you have your soulmates finally! I'm finished!"

Everyone laughed, Lance pulling Jolan against him.

"Thank you, Jo. For today and for every day you showed us your love."
Jolan smiled, looking at Lance's costume.

"Be careful peeling that off of him, Joe. It's an original, just like our Lance."
Lance laughed, blushing and kissing Jolan's cheek.

The group was back at their table, the crowd still looking towards them, cameras having been going off throughout the performance, Joey looking at Lance.

"I wanted to propose to you in the open, my love. I wanted us to begin our united life with free love."
Joey smiled, kissing Lance again.

"We are free, Lance. Free to love each other forever."
Kelly smiled, she already having hugged her former husband deeply, both crying in each other's arms.

Leo had congratulated them as well, Joey smiling at both.

Joey's and Kelly's divorce papers had been finalized about a mouth ago, the two free to start their next path of love, but their love forever there in each other's heart, the two always locked in friendship.

Everyone congratulated them, the group filled with happiness.

"I'll go change back into my clothes, Joe." Lance said, Joey smiling at him, his eyes scanning every inch of Lance's sleek form.

"Don't take that costume far. I'm wearing it later tonight."
Lance smiled widely, walking back towards the kitchen.

Chris was laughing, his arm around his best friend.

"Something tells me that costume's going to get badly soiled. You pervs!"

Joey laughed, moving and locking Chris in a headlock, rubbing his head, Chris yelping.

"It's an original, Chris. Just like my best man!"

Joey released Chris, his friend staring at him in surprise.

"Best friends forever, Chris. I couldn't ask anyone else to be my best man."

Chris teared up, the two men hugging tightly, everyone smiling at their bonding love.

"Once he's changed, we should head out into the park again. The kiddies are getting rambunctious." Jolan said, smiling at the boys, as well as Justin and Josh.

"Mad Hatter's Teacups, here we come!" Justin squealed; Hayden, Logan, Sean and Jayden clapping their hands.

Everyone smiled, Jolan's smile the widest.

"We'll celebrate you're happiness later at our home, Joe. I've got a nice dinner planned." he said, kissing Joey's cheek, Joey smiling, his eyes on the ring he now wore on his finger, his eyes looking towards the kitchen doors.

"I am so happy. I love him so much!" he smiled with tears, Jolan smiling at him.

"It's a small world after all, Joe. And it contains all our love for both of you."

Joey grinned, Jolan looking at his Justin, Justin's love shining.


Joey smiled, wrapping his arms around his man, his lips finding Lance's left earlobe.

"Mm, Joe. You know what that does to me."

Joey licked at the lobe, Lance moaning.

"Wait till we're in the house, my love." Lance said, Joey slamming their front door shut behind them as they walked in.

They'd spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying Disneyland's attractions, watching the four kids and their friends' beaming happiness.

Lance had smiled seeing Jolan totally lost in his happiness, his grey eyes sparkling with childlike glee.

Here now it was late afternoon, the two dropped off at their home, going over later to Justin's and Jolan's place for dinner.

"I've looked into your eyes all day, my love. The hunger's been growing. I've never loved you or wanted you as much as I do right now." he said, his hands cupping Lance's butt cheeks.

"Hard as steel, my love. Your superman's butt is like granite."
Joey laughed, Lance smiling at him.

"You were amazing, my love. I was so stunned, so moved by what you did for me. And you. . .you looked so beautiful. Shining in the sun as my superhero." Joey said, showing tears in his brown eyes again.
Lance smiled, his arms going around Joey as he turned around, pulling him against him.

"It was my idea, to show our love openly, to show you my beauty. The play with the Disney characters was Jolan's."
"I'll have to thank him again." Joey said, kissing Lance's chin.

"Thank me first, my love. And you know Jolan hates that."

Joey laughed, nodding, his brown eyes staring into Lance's green orbs.

"I love you, Lance. Thank you for wanting to love me."
"I've loved you forever, Joey. From the first moment we met. Just think of this as the crest of that love. It's all downhill from here, my love."

Joey laughed, Lance joining him.

"Oh, I love going down!"
Lance laughed, their eyes meeting again.

Joey's eyes went to the ring on his finger, Lance kissing his cheek.

"It's beautiful, Lance. It's so perfect, just like you."
Lance blushed, Joey kissing his soft lips.

Lance looked at the box he'd set down by the door when they'd entered.

"I have the outfit, my love. I'm dying to see my superhero in it.  But right now I want to see my hero in the naked flesh. I'm going to worship every hard granite inch of him for hours."
Joey smiled, his hands pulling Lance against him.

"As unbelievable as that will be, we can't, Lance. We're to be back at Justin and Jo's by seven. It's almost six now."
Lance sighed, his head going against Joey's chest, Joey's bearish arms wrapping around him.

"How did I earn so much happiness, Joe? How did we earn this?"
"By loving each other, my Lance. By caring for, by respecting and giving each other our love. I love you and you love me. I'm looking forward to becoming Joseph Fatone-Bass."
Lance smiled, raising his head and kissing Joey's lips.

"Lance Bass-Fatone sounds better, my honey bear."

Joey teared up, their lips meeting.

"We have time for a quick wet session of passion, my love."

Joey's eyes widened with love, Lance pulling his shirt over his chest, Joey staring at his smooth torso, Lance's nipples hardening in the coolness of their downstairs.

"Follow me, my love. Follow the trail of my clothes."
Joey smiled, Lance dropping the shirt between them.

Joey laughed, bending down and picking up the shirt.

His eyes looked upwards when he stood again, seeing his Lance disappear at the top of the steps, his belt and shoes laying on the second top step.

Joey smiled, walking up the stairs quickly, picking up the belt and shoes, then both of Lance's socks, each laying on the hall floor upstairs.

Joey found Lance's jeans hanging from their bedroom doorknob, Joey smiling and pulling them off it, walking into the room, seeing it empty, his eye catching the last remnant of Lance's clothes, his boxer briefs hanging on their bathroom doorknob.

He smiled, dumping the clothes on their bed, his own quickly leaving his body, Joey throwing them--and the pair of underwear that Lance had left at the trail's end--onto the bed with Lance's clothes.

Joey walked into the bathroom, taking in a vision of beauty and love.

Lance stood in the shower stall, the door open, the man naked and showing his desires, water from the overhead showerhead making all of his body glisten with wetness.

His green eyes took in every inch of Joey's naked, hair covered chest, legs and center.

"The water's warm and so is my love, my Joe bear."

Joey destroyed the distance between them, shutting the door of the shower stall behind him, Lance pulling Joey under the cascading water, their lips meeting.

Their growing, hardening centers joining together as well, Joey's hands going to Lance's perfect, smooth butt cheeks.

"Oh, Joe! I love you so much!" Lance said, Joey's lips going to Lance's ear again, the man shuddering.

The two became lost in each other's caring, loving, roaming touches, Joey tasting every inch of Lance's wet body, Lance needing every inch of Joey's, his man entering him as Lance faced against the shower wall, Lance lost in his love, Joey's bearish arms of love wrapped around him.

Twenty minutes later the two dried off each other's bodies, Joe a second skin to Lance's, Lance feeling his embracing love.

"We'll never get over to Jus' if you don't stop, my love." Lance said, smiling as Joey kissed his naked shoulder blade, his arms around him, Lance having only been able to get his navy dress pants on, Joey's hands all over his smooth torso.

"I can't get enough of my fiancÚ's beauty and love."

Their eyes met, both smiling at each other, their love for that new meaning in their relationship showing in their eyes.

"My fiancÚ. It sounds so real, so beautiful." Lance said, his green eyes filling with tears, Joey's arms going around him.

"Our love is real, Lance. We love each other now forever."
Lance smiled, Joey handing him a baby blue silk shirt he'd pulled out of the closet.

"Wear this, my love. You know how blue on you excites me."
Lance smiled, pulling the shirt on, Joey's hands going to his smooth chest, slowly buttoning up the buttons on the shirt, feeling the man's smooth heat.

"I so want to just fall back into this bed and make love to you for hours, my Lance."
Lance smiled, moving slowly away from Joey, knowing he'd give in easily to his man's request.

"Later my love. Neither of us has anything booked tomorrow, I made sure of it. Those hours will be long and filled with our beautiful passion."
Joey teared up, Lance tightening the leather tie his man wore around his neck, kissing his cheek.

Joey wore a grey shirt and charcoal pants, Lance taking in his beauty.

"Let's get to Jus'. I'm sure Jolan isn't done with showing us his happiness at our love."

Joey nodded with a smile, taking Lance's hand in his, Lance smiling as they walked out of their bedroom.


Joey parked their SUV behind the last car in the driveway, both men scanning the front yard.

Several vehicles were parked along the driveway, some recognized, some not.

"Wow, how many did Jo invite for dinner?" Lance said, Joey kissing his cheek.

"I see Chris' Jeep, Usher's Miata and Leo's Rover. Looks like we're going to have a crowd." Joey smiled, getting out of the car, walking around and opening Lance's door as he unbuckled his seatbelt, smiling at his fiancÚ.

"Well just eat and make our excuses, my love. I want to spend the rest of the night in your arms." Joey said, Lance smiling and kissing him as he stepped out of the vehicle, the two joining hands.

"I'm sure Justin and Jo will understand." Lance said, the two walking up to the front door, Lance about to knock when the door opened from inside.

Justin and Jolan both stood there, Josh and Chace beside them, Justin looking at his watch.

"Twenty minutes late, guys. I wonder why?" Josh said, his hand going to Lance's shirt collar, checking for marks.

"No hickeys, guys. Unless they're somewhere else." he laughed, Joey and Lance smiling with blushing cheeks.

"It's been a day of love, it overcame us." Lance said, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"Any day in the arms of your new fiancÚ is a beautiful day of love, Lance. All four of us have felt that singular love." he said, Justin kissing his cheek, Chace and Josh kissing each other.

"Okay, I've dined on love, I now need sustenance!" Joey said, smiling widely.

Lance blushed, Joey kissing his cheek.

"Energy for round two later, my Superman."
The four others laughed, Lance smiling with redder cheeks.

"Come on in, guys. The bear needs to hit the honeypot!" Jolan said, a large smile on his face.

Joey laughed, kissing Jolan's cheek as they walked into the home.

They walked into the kitchen, Joey's eyes taking in its empty table and bare counters.

"Are we ordering in, Jo? And who belongs to all the cars outside?" Lance said, Joey's arm going around him.

"We're barbecuing, Lancy. Let's go out onto the patio." Justin said, Lance sensing a trembling happiness in his friend's smile and eyes.

He could always tell when Justin was hiding something.

"What's going on, you guys?" Joey said, beating Lance to the words.

"We're eating in happiness with our newly engaged friends. Can you work the barbecue, Joe? Justin says you're an aficionado at searing meat."

Joey laughed, smiling widely.

"I've browned a few steaks in my day."
"Well we know you love prime rib, just look at Lance! He looks browned to perfection!" Chace said, all six bursting into laughter.

"Come on, my Lance. Looks like we have to cook our own dinner." Joey said, putting his arm around his fiancÚ, everyone laughing.
Jolan smiled, the two men heading for the patio doors, walking outside, their friends' smiling faces following.



The two men stopped in shock, Lance actually jumping back behind Joey.

The patio and backyard were full of people, the two men staring in shocked wonder at all the faces before them.

Lance began to cry, seeing his mother and father standing in front of him, his mother opening her arms wide.

"Congratulations, my boys. Walk into our arms of happiness!" Diane Bass said, Lance rushing into her arms, Joey smiling at everyone, his own parents pulling him into their arms.

"Mom, Dad? What are you doing here?" Joey said in tearful wonder, his mother Phyllis kissing his cheeks, his father Joseph Sr. smiling.

"We're here to celebrate your love, my boy!" she said in tears, pointing at a large banner hanging above the end of the patio, both newly-engaged men staring at it.



                                           Congratulations Joey and Lance


                                                    Life begins with love

                                             Love begins with commitment



Their heads turned, staring at their four friends standing in the patio's doorway, Jolan smiling.

"We couldn't pass this moment of love without celebrating its newness. Congrats, my friends! Welcome to your engagement party!" he said, the two men beginning to cry again.

"Aw, guys! This is. . .this is. . .oh thank you!" Lance said, his mother wrapping her arms around his Joey, Lance's sister kissing his cheek.

The two men smiled, looking around at all their family and friends, seeing all those that mattered in their lives surrounding them.

Briahna walked up to Lance, her arms going around him, Lance smiling at her tenderness.

"I have a new Dad now! I'm so happy it's you, Lance!"
Joey teared up, Kelly kissing his cheek, the two looking at each other.

"One big happy family of love!" she said, Joey smiling and laughing.

The newly-engaged couple were surrounded by everyone, inundated with kisses and hugs, everyone smiling at their tearful happiness.

Both their families were there, as well as Justin, Josh and Chace's families, Jolan's sister smiling from Jonathan's  lap.

Usher and Nick, Lonnie and Ally, Leo and his mother, Sandra and Jessica, as well as Jolan's uncles Simus and Morgan and his father and mother along with Cory were all smiling from the backyard, surrounding the pool.

Justin's lips found Jolan's, the young man smiling as his husband wrapped his arms around him.

"Giving as always, my love. You are so beautiful in your giving love."
Jolan smiled, the four walking out to their friends and family.


Joey and Lance remained together, their hands linked as they walked around the patio and out into the backyard and pool area, all their friends talking and laughing with them, well wishes given to the couple as well as hugs and kisses.

Jolan smiled, the young man sitting on the patio, Jennie's arm around him, she snuggled in his lap.

Jonathan sat beside them, Hayden in his lap.

"They look so in love, Jolly." she said, Lynn smiling at the two siblings, seated beside Justin who was on Jolan's other side.

"Their love is great in its beauty and deepness." Jolan said, Lynn making eye contact with him.

"And giving in its guiding happiness, our guiding angel."

Jolan softly blushed, Jennie kissing his cheek, Jonathan smiling at both.

"Our Jolly guides us all to love. It's his purpose in life." Jennie said, Jolan smiling at her.

"Yep. I'm the ambassador of love."
Justin smiled, feeling Jolan's contented happiness, the young man relaxed and happy.

Jolan's uncles walked up onto the patio, Jolan smiling at them.

"How finds the world of my destiny, Uncles?" Jolan said, the two men, Cory and Jolan's father sitting down at the table.

Everyone in the yard knew of Jolan's revealed quest, Josh and Justin having privately talked to all of them when they'd arrived earlier.

"It moves along, Jolan. Your love surrounds the path as this night shows." Simus said, smiling at Jolan.

"How is Uncle Calen and the Badenwolf nation?" Jolan asked, Simus smiling at him.

"He and Elijah have the clan ready, Jolan. As does Reinhardt have the Archanian nation at its ready. Both called me yesterday."
Jolan nodded, staring into all three sets of grey eyes.

"And the Dragosan and Sumsarian clans?"
Simus smiled, Jolan seeing his uncle's shining love.

"Domo called as well. The clan of Sumsarian life are ready to move. And your Dragosan family shall follow you always."
Jolan smiled, Jennie kissing his cheek.

"I am ready, brother. My destiny is close as well. As is Hayden's."
Jolan looked down at his son, the boy smiling at him.

"My love's ready, Dada. We's all ready to sees your love."

The man smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"I love you, Jo. I'll follow always."
Jolan smiled, his eyes moving around all those that surrounded him, as well as those laughing and talking on the patio and in the backyard.

"I'm sure my giving loves have spread my quest's revelation."

Justin blushed, Jolan smiling and kissing his cheek.

"You know everything now, Jo? What lays at the end of the path? What shall happen at Bolta Cerului?" Simus said, Cory's arm going around him, Jolan seeing his uncle's longing face, his need to know showing.

"That in itself will happen in two stages. One of necessity, one of surprising reality."

Everyone quietly stared at Jolan, the man smiling.

"I only have to talk to one man to start the final path's flow."
"Erasmus?" Jolan's father said, Jolan smiling at him.

"No, Father. Erasmus has shown me his love already. I know the truth of his soul."
"Then who, Jo?" Josh said, walking up to the table, Chace's arm around him.

"Tolmar, Joshua."
Simus stared at Jolan, his nephew staring back.

"We summoned the One Council, Jolan. We told him of your request for his meeting you in the chapel alone."
"And his answer?" Jolan said, a look of knowing showing in his eyes.

"He turned white with shock, Jolan." Morgan said, Jolan nodding.

"I'm sure he did. And then?"
Simus looked at Jolan, the man smiling at him.

"He cried, Jolan. I've never seen that man cry before. The other two councillors were shocked, as were we." he said, Jolan smiling.

"Love has a way of shocking people to their soul."
"He said to tell you that he shall meet you, his soul given over to your revealing his truth. Whatever he meant by that." Morgan said, his two brothers nodding.

"It means that he walks forward to his destiny as I do. He just doesn't realize we're both on the same path. And I'm carrying the answer to his longing."
Everyone looked confused, Jolan smiling.

"I am now more than myself, more than I was destined to be. And that's going to shock the hell out of all of them."
Jolan laughed, asking Jennie to stand up, Jolan standing up, Jennie rising and smiling at him.

"I feel the increased love, Jolly."
Jolan laughed, his eyes scanning the backyard.

"We should all mingle. It's Joey and Lance's evening of our giving love. All our friends need to bask in their happiness. I'll bring out the appetizers." he said, smiling and walking back into the house, Chace following him to help, Josh staring at Jennie.

"What do you mean, Jennie? His love has increased?" he said, Jennie smiling at Josh.

"Jolan's soul's expanded, I feel the newness of it. He's in there as well."
Everyone stared at Jennie in confusion.

"Jolan carries many souls within him. We have all seen his Badenwolf and Archanian souls, as well as the Dragosan soul of magic, and his magical Sumsarian soul. Another being of total beauty and love resides there as well."
Josh's arm went around the young woman, Jennie smiling at him.

"I've tried to sense him out, but he remains hidden from even my magic. But he is all powerful. The magic of that being has captured another soul. And he did it in a surprising way."
Justin stood up, Jennie smiling at him.

"With his love, Jennie?"
Jennie nodded, looking towards the house.

"Erasmus Sogard, the Walker of Man, the Shadower, is trapped within Jolan's soul."
Everyone looked stunned, Jennie smiling at all of them.

"I feel his magic within Jolan. And Erasmus' soul is wrapped in Jolan's love."
Jennie's eyes met Justin's.

"Jolan's love has him, and Jolan's carrying him to the truth. As he is walking all of us there."

Justin's arm went around her as well as Josh's, the young woman smiling at both of them.

"The sunshine that will shine that day is laced with his love. Life will never be the same for any of us."

"You know what's going to happen then?" Simus said, Jennie smiling at her uncle.

"No, Uncle Simus. I only know that his love has increased." Jennie said, her eyes going to the house again.

"My brother isn't just himself anymore. He's the past, the present and the future of love."

Jennie smiled up at Justin.

"His love is going to get even more beautiful."
Justin smiled, Jennie kissing his cheek.

"Me feels too, Auntie Jennie."
All eyes went to Hayden sitting in Jonathan's lap.

"Dada fixes everything. Sunshine comes, love starts."

The boy laughed, his blue eyes glowing brightly.




End of Chapter 151


A chapter of uniting love and intriguing future hopes.


Our Joey and Lance have made it official.

Their love has joined forever, the two set to marry.

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