Jolan's Path - Chapter 152


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 152


Jolan smiled, his eyes casting over everyone dining on the patio and backyard.

Tables had been set up on the patio as well as out on the grass, chairs provided for all his increasing family.

Joey and Lance sat together, Jolan seeing the wide smiles on both their faces.

Their family surrounded them, Jolan having been introduced to all of them.

The evening was a success, his planning perfect.

He sighed, the day's energy long spent from his soul.

He felt tired.

Contented but tired.

An arm wrapped around him, two lips kissing his neck.

"A day of success, my friend." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him, Josh handing him a glass of wine, Jolan taking it, leaning against the patio's railing.

"A day of opening love and forging life."

Josh smiled, looking at Joey and Lance seated together.

"We all felt their joined love, today's proposal sealing the deal. Your love guides all of us."
Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"I love to see people in love."
Josh smiled, their eyes meeting.

"You've been a going concern all day, my Jo. I feel your deep tiredness."
"Keeping love radiating takes its toil, my Joshua."

Josh smiled, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder, Jolan sighing as he rubbed it.

"Later, once this is all over, your three loves are going to massage you into dreamland."
Jolan smiled, looking towards Chace and Justin, both men feeding their sons on the patio, the two boys deep in potato salad and hotdogs.

"Word of warning, massaging my beauty will stir the deepness of your own desires. I'll be asleep, I'll miss the passion."

Josh smiled, kissing him again.

"You stir those desires with just a touch of your love, our Jo."
Jolan smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Everyone seems to be finishing, time for a toast." Jolan said, tapping his wine glass with his keys, everyone quieting down and looking at him.

"May I have everyone's attention, please? I'd like to make a toast. Please everyone, fill your glasses and join with me."
Everyone smiled, glasses being filled from wine bottles on the tables, Jolan smiling when everyone was ready.

"Tonight we celebrate the opening love of our two dear friends, Joseph and Lance. Today they took the first step of their committing their lives to each other. The next step is marriage. Today we celebrate their opening love, soon we'll celebrate their joining love. I have been lucky to see the beginnings of that love. They will say that I had a hand in that, and perhaps I did. But the greatest hand in that was their own loving hearts. They opened their hearts to each other, and all of us saw that giving love enter both of them. Today they commit their love to each other, and we commit our love to all of them. We are here for both of them. So tonight I'd like to toast their committed love and ours. We stand together, in love and giving love. Let's raise our glasses to love. Theirs and ours. To love!"
Everyone stood, raising their glasses, couples looking at each other, lovers joining hands, all toasting love.

Joey had Lance in his arms, the man snuggled into his chest, the two tapping their glasses together, sipping the sweet white wine.


Jolan smiled as both walked up to him, Lance pulling him into their joining embrace.

"Shed tears of love, Lance. Your heart fills with Joe's." Jolan said, both men kissing his lips, everyone smiling.

The two men were unable to voice their thanks to him, Jolan breaking their embrace, smiling at both.

"And now for the piece-de-resistance! A cake of love!"

Joey and Lance both smiled, Jolan turning them towards the patio door, Lonnie walking out of the house, a large cake in his massive arms, the two men smiling as they took in the cake's surface, Lonnie setting it on the table before them.

On the cake was a picture of both of them, Jolan having taken it weeks before.

The two sat together, Lance in Joey's lap, his arms around him, Lance's head on Joey's chest.

Both wore smiles of happiness.

Below the picture were words of love


                   Lance and Joey

            Friends and Soulmates



Lance and Joey both smiled, their eyes going to Jolan's grey love-filled orbs.

"Cut the cake, and spread your love." Jolan smiled, handing Joey a knife.

Joey smiled, Lance and he arm in arm, cameras going off, the two smiling beside the cake.

"Speech, Fatone! Talk before eating!" Chris yelled from the backyard, people laughing, Joey grinning.

"Thanks, Chris. You don't get any!" Lance said, Joey laughing at Lance's quick retort.

Chris laughed, Britney seated beside him, his arm around her                .

"Lance and I'd like to thank all of you for this wonderful party. We see around us all that love us--our family and our loving friends. On this day your joined love fills our hearts with happiness."

Everyone clapped, Joey smiling at everyone, Lance kissing his cheek.
"I don't think that's the only filling you want!" Chris yelled, Britney blushing.

Jolan laughed, as did others, Jolan sensing Chris was in a mirthful mood, Jolan having seen him drinking several glasses of wine, the wine having its affect on him.

"Oh he does need to have cake." Jolan said, winking at Joey.

Lance laughed, smiling at Jolan, picking up his wineglass.

"I'd like to propose the second toast, a response to our Jolan's loving toast." Lance said, he and Joey raising their wineglasses again, Jolan smiling at both of them.

"Our Jolan toasted love, my Joey and I would like to toast him. For the love he's given all of us. We stand here today happier than we've ever been. We have love deep within our hearts. A love that each of you possess as well. The love of a giving friend, the love of a giving family. And the center of all of our love is the beacon of Jolan's love. His love resonates in all our hearts, our love reflecting back to him. So I'd like to propose a toast to his resonating love. We all love you, Jo. Thank you for showing all of us your love. A toast to Jolan and his giving love!"
Everyone raised their glasses, Jolan touched by all their tearful eyes staring at him, their hands raised in a toast to his love.

"Thank you, everyone. My love radiated because of yours. Let's cut that cake!" Jolan said, everyone smiling at him, seeing his diverting the attention away from him.

Joey smiled, cutting into the cake, placing pieces on plates, Lance handing them out to everyone walking up to the table.

"Hey, Joe bear! Make sure I get the biggest piece! Watch Jolan! He's such a hungry wolf! He devours everything he gets his hands onto! Just ask Justin's butt!" Chris laughed, pouring more wine into his empty wine glass.

Everyone laughed, Justin blushing, looking at Jolan, his husband smiling at him with a wink.

"I'll take some plates out to the backyard." Jolan smiled, Lance smiling, Jolan picking up three pieces of cake.

Jolan smiled again, winking at him and Joey.

Both smiled, watching Jolan carry the plates out to the backyard, Justin's eyes meeting Josh's and Chace's, Justin picking up a piece for his son and Logan.

"What's he up to?" Joey said to Lance, Lance shrugging his shoulders, he and Joey--as well as the others--watching Jolan walking towards Chris' table.
"Here you go, Bitzy. This cake is delicious." Jolan said, handing her one of the three plates, another he set down in front of Kelly, she and Leo seated with Chris and Britney and the kids.

"Thanks, Jo. " Britney and Kelly both said, Leo smiling at Jolan.

"That last piece for me, Jo?" Leo said extending his hand.

"I'll bring yours and the kids next delivery, Leopold. This big piece is for our walrus, my friend."
Chris rolled his eyes, extending his hand to take the plate, Jolan smiling at him.

"About time you got here, Jo! You'd make a lousy waiter!"

Jolan laughed smiling at Chris.

"And you make a mirthful friend, Chris."
Chris smiled, laughing.

"What can I say?! I'm sweeter than that cake, and my wit's drier than anyone's!"

Britney rolled her eyes, Jolan smiling.

"Wrong on both counts, Chris."
Chris folded his arms, his face staring at Jolan.

Everyone was watching this exchange, sensing some mirthful outcome.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Jolan smiled, moving with a burst of speed, the hand holding the cake flying forward.

Chris sat in shock as Jolan pressed the cake into his face, the icing covering all of it, Jolan pulling the plate back.

Everyone looked shocked by Jolan's move, Chris sitting in shocked surprise.

"Okay, now you're sweeter than the cake! Your own intoxicated sweetness added to it makes you sweeter!"
Everyone began to laugh, the cake-faced man still sitting in shocked awe, Jolan's grin widening.

"Now let's take care of that dry wit!"
Jolan moved forward again, his strong arms picking up Chris in one motion, Chris' eyes widening.

"No, Jo! You wouldn't!" he screamed, Jolan rushing towards the pool.

Everyone stood up, laughter continuing, staring at a screaming Chris in Jolan's arms.

Jolan stopped at the edge of the pool, his arms moving forward, Chris airborne, the man landing dead center in the middle of the pool.

Everyone laughed louder, Jolan smiling back at them.

"That wit's damn wet now! We should be soaking in its humour soon!"

Everyone laughed, Chris coming up from under the water, gasping and staring at Jolan.

"Okay, everyone! Chris is in the pool, the pool party has officially begun!" Jolan laughed, smiling at his friend, Chris staring back at him, the smile on Jolan's face filled with love, Chris smiling back.

"Good one, Jo. Ya totally got me!"

"Nah, Britney's got all of you! Too much hair for me!"
Britney laughed, standing beside Jolan now, smiling down at her Chris.

"You're more than enough for me, Chris. Boisterousness and all." she said, Chris smiling up at her as he swam to the pool's edge in front of her, Britney offering him her hand, bending down.

Chris took her hand, then pulled her forward, Britney screaming as she fell into the pool, into his waiting, wet arms.

Jolan burst into laughter, the two wrapped in each other's wet arms, Chris' lips meeting hers.

Jolan laughingly smiled, looking back at everyone, everyone clapping, Joey and Lance smiling at him.

"The pool party's officially begun! Change rooms are ready, as is the warm water. Play in happiness everyone!" he said, knowing most everyone had brought their bathing suits at Jolan's request, all knowing it was to be a pool party later.

Justin smiled, Jolan walking over to the change rooms, hitting the light switches, the pool bathed in bright lights.

He felt two arms wrap around him, Jolan smiling.

"Hey, Lance. Joey's tired is he?"

A hand slapped his ass, Jolan smiling as someone turned him, the man staring into two blue eyes.

"You, my love, are fantastic. Your love and happiness makes all of us smile. Love ya."
Jolan smiled, Justin's lips meeting his.

"Entertain, my love. Our friends need your love. Later you'll have mine."

Justin smiled, pulling the man against him.

"I feel your tiredness, Jo. Tonight you'll only sleep in my arms."
Jolan smiled, Hayden running up to them.

"Swims, Poppa? In the dark?"

Justin laughed, kissing the boy and picking him up.

"Yep, Hay. In the night, in the brightness of our happiness."
The boy giggled, the two husbands carrying their child to the change rooms.


Jolan locked the front door, shutting off the lights in the foyer, the downstairs darkened into shadows.

He sighed, turning and walking up the stairs, seeing Lynn walking out of the bathroom.

"Night, Mom." he smiled, Lynn kissing his cheek.

"Another evening of your joyous love, Jo." she said, Jolan softly yawning.

"You look beyond tired, son. It's to your bed you're going."
"That's where I'm heading, Mom. Need anything before I go?" he said, Lynn kissing his cheek again.

"I need you in bed, Jo. Your man's waiting, as are your other twosome of love. I see your tiredness, son. Tell them you have a headache. It always works for me."
Jolan laughed, then smiled, saying goodnight to her.

Lynn hugged him, walking down the hall into her bedroom, Paul waiting for her.

Jolan smiled, walking into his son's room, taking in the sleep forms of the four little ones, Spartacus lifting his head.

Jolan smiled, patting the dog's head, the man covering up his son, Hayden having kicked off his blanket.

Logan, Sean and Jayden were all sound asleep as well in their bunk beds, four friends walking in their dreams together.

"Goodnight, Sparty. Guard them with your love."
The dog panted, Jolan kissing its head, the dog laying back down in its bed.

Jolan smiled, walking out of the room, the nightlight left on, the door partially opened.

He sighed, walking across the hall, seeing that bedroom door closed, a light coming from under the door.

He smiled, lightly tapping on it.

"Can I come into the sanctuary of our love?" he softly said, the door opening a little, two blue eyes staring back at him.

"This sanctuary contains all of our love. Enter and bask in our giving love." Josh said, opening the door and pulling Jolan into the room gently, closing the door behind him.

Jolan smiled, taking in the room's changed beauty.

"What's all this?" he said, Josh's arms going around him, the man wearing a white velour robe.

The beds were covered in whiteness, the two beds gleaming with white satin sheets and pillows, both beds moved together.

Justin and Chace stood at the now larger bed's end, both in white robes as well.

"Have you all showered? Have I missed your beautiful wetness?"
Josh kissed Jolan's cheek, guiding him forward.

"We washed and cleaned ourselves for our love." Chace said, Jolan smiling, seeing the glossiness of his glowing skin.

"I promised you that all three of us would massage you into dreamland, our Jo." Josh said, his hands going to Jolan's shirt.

Jolan sighed, three sets of blue eyes staring at him, the three encircling him.

"Stand still, my love. Let us shed your body of its attire, let us soothe your tiredness with our hands and lips." Justin said, Jolan smiling, hearing the erotic love in his musical voice.

The room had soft music playing, the melody soft and alluring.

Three sets of hands wandered over Jolan's body, his clothes gently removed, Josh kneeling and removing Jolan's briefs, his warm hands rubbing down his legs.

Jolan sighed, Josh standing again.

Three sets of lips began to kiss Jolan's face and neck, Justin's lips meeting Jolan's.

Chace's took the left side of Jolan's chest, Josh the right, their lips and tongues bathing Jolan's chest, the young man softly moaning, sensing his inner desires slowing rising.

Justin's lips left his, his eyes opening and staring into Justin's blue pools.

"Tonight isn't about passion, my angel. Tonight the three of your soul will soothe your body, massage your beauty and give you the rest you so deeply need. I promised you'd sleep in my arms, I and these two of our love will do all this for you."
Jolan teared up, three sets of hands guiding him to the white covered bed, Jolan sinking down into it.

"Roll over, our Jo." Chace said, kissing his lips, Jolan slowly moving, three sets of hands flipping him gently over.

Jolan felt fingers going to his neck, sensing Josh's tender touch, another set going to his left calve, Chace's touch of strong love rubbing his calve, moving upwards.

Justin's hands were on Jolan's ass, his fingers kneading both cheeks.

"Mm, that  feels so good, so sensual." Jolan softly said, Josh smiling at Justin, the two leaning forward, their lips meeting with tenderness, Josh then kissing Chace.

The three men continued their massage, Jolan sighing, closing his eyes.

Chace poured a warm oil over Jolan's back and ass, his three soulmates working the oil into Jolan's smooth skin, the three smiling as they continued their touches of love.

"Roll over, Jo. We'll do your front." Justin said a few minutes later, kissing his husband's turned cheek, Justin seeing his eyes closed.

Jolan remained silent, Justin smiling.

"I knew he was dead tired. He's fallen asleep."
Josh smiled, leaning down and kissing Jolan's cheek, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

Chace moved forward, a third kiss given to Jolan's cheek.

"Well, I said we'd massage him into dreamland. My word is my word."

The other two smiled, Chace rubbing his oiled hands together, smiling at the other two.

"One mission accomplished, two to go." he smiled, Josh and Justin looking at each other.

"I love a challenge, Joshy." Justin grinned, both men moving, their arms pulling Chace down onto the bed, their oily hands moving all over him.

"Hey! I was supposed to be the giving one tonight!"
They all laughed, Justin's lips meeting his, Josh's hands going to Chace's now slick chest.

"We're giving you our love, Chace. The youth give way to the mature. Always listen to your elders!" Justin said, tweaking Chace's left nipple, Josh's oiled hand on Chace's rising center.
Chace smiled at both, two heads moving forward, two sets of lips beginning their passion.


Jolan opened his grey eyes, something warm laying against his cheek.

He moved his head to the left, Justin's beautiful face laying against his cheek.

He smiled, feeling his man's arms wrapped around him.

Behind Justin, Jolan saw Chace's sleeping head, his arms wrapped around Justin, spooning against him.

Jolan smiled, the young man feeling a hot breath on his right side, near his neck.

He smiled again, knowing Josh was snuggled against his right side.

He sighed, feeling the love surrounding him.

He remembered the sensual massage the three had given him last night, their touches so filled with love that they lured him into sleep easily.

Jolan felt more refreshed, his body more energized.

He slowly began to unwrap himself from their snuggled love, Justin fighting him in his sleep.
Eventually Jolan worked his way out of their grasp, climbing out of the joined beds.

He smiled down at all three, moving the blanket from the end of the bed over their smooth naked bodies, Josh snuggling against Justin, Justin's arms going around him, Chace's going around both.

"Sleep a short time of love, my angels. I'll wake you before breakfast." he smiled, quietly walking into the bathroom.

Jolan quickly showered, the oil washed from his body, his skin feeling the warmth of his soulmates' touches, and also the warmth of the cascading liquid.

He sighed, shutting off the taps, drying himself, then quietly walking back into the bedroom.

He quietly dressed, picking out clothes from their closet, the young man then silently leaving the room.

He smiled, closing the door, leaving it a little ajar, so their sons could amble into the room when they awoke.

Jolan smiled at their love surrounding him, turning to head downstairs.

He almost jumped out of his skin, Chris' face inches from his.

"Geez, Chris! You startled me!" he said, rather loudly, Chris' hand going over his mouth.

"Shush, Jo. Everyone's still asleep. I woke up early and was just checking on our boys."
Jolan smiled, Chris smiling back, releasing his hand from over his mouth.

"Let's head downstairs. I'll help with breakfast." Chris said, Jolan smiling at him, the two walking downstairs together.


Chris laughed, Jolan smiling at him, Chris' arms elbow deep in the sink's dishwater.

"You'd make a great wife, Chris." Jolan grinned, Chris laughing again.

The two had worked and talked together, breakfast almost ready, the oven filled with scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon.

They were now cleaning up the frying pans and stuff, the two chatting while they worked.

Chris smiled, looking out into the backyard, the sun shining.

"I rule the kitchen, Jo. Britney works in other rooms."
Jolan laughed, then smiled, seeing a look of love on Chris' face.

"I love her so much, Jo. Our married life is beyond unbelievable." he said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I heard your words of endearment upstairs, Chris. Jayden and Sean really are now your sons. I see how deeply they love you."

Chris smiled, a tear showing in his eyes.

Jolan had sat back and marvelled at the man's openness this morning.

The two had talked as old friends, a greater friendship joining them together.

"I love them, Jo. They will always be my boys. I've talked with Kevin, he's fine with our sharing their love."

Jolan nodded, understanding Chris' position.

Kevin Federline was their biological father, the man still deeply involved in their lives.

But Jolan sensed in Chris they'd have a real dad, a mirthful father of happiness.

"They'll live a life of mirthful love, Chris. I envy them that."

Chris laughed, smiling at his friend.

"I apologize for yesterday, Chris. I just had to put you in your place, so to speak. Even though it was a wet place."
Chris laughed again, Jolan smiling.

"No harm, no foul, Jo. Deservedly placed. I'm sorry that I was getting a little obnoxious with my drinking."
Jolan smiled, wiping his hands on the dishcloth, having dried the last frying pan Chris had handed him.

"As you said, Chris, no harm, no foul."
Chris smiled, wiping his hands as the sink drained.

"Let's relax and have some coffee, Christopher."
Chris smiled, nodding.

"Alright, Dada."

Jolan laughed, patting his shoulder, the two grabbing a cup of coffee each from the coffee machine, both sitting down at the table.

Chris smiled at him for a moment, then his face took on a softer look.

"Time is passing quickly, Jo."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"Can I ask you a question, Jo?"
Jolan smiled at his friend.

"We are friends, Chris. You can always ask me anything."

Chris nodded, smiling at him, his hand going on top of Jolan's.

"Why aren't you scared, Jolan?"
Jolan was surprised by Chris' question, the man continuing to stare at him.

"Scared, Chris? What do I have to be scared of?"
"The unknown, Jo. The uncertainty of what's ahead for you next weekend. I know what Justin's told us, that you are aware of the ending of all this, but you must feel some dread of what's to happen. It can't all be good."

Jolan sighed, looking out the patio doors, the day's sunshine beaming on the horizon.

"Yes, Chris. It shall not be all good."

Chris nodded, squeezing Jolan's hand.

"Thank you, Jolan."
Jolan stared into his brown eyes, Chris staring back.

"For what, Chris?"

"For letting me be your friend. For allowing me to walk into that vision on that dark road the night of my own accident."

Jolan lowered his head, Chris smiling at him.

"It was you, wasn't it? You gave me that vision with your mother? The one that guided you to the truth of your past? It wasn't her drawing me there, it was you."

Jolan's eyes met Chris' again, the young man slowly nodding.

"I knew it! It took me a long time to figure it all out. I've watched you, I've listened to all that's been told, the past and the future."
Jolan smiled at Chris, sensing the man was highly intellectual and silent in his gathering intellect.

"I think I'll have to call you a possum instead of a walrus from now on. You play dead and soak it all in."
Chris laughed, Jolan smiling at him, then his face taking on a blushful continence.

"Even in the coma state your giving soul remained alive. You sought me out to give me a chance of finding your mother. Wasn't that what my dream was? It always seemed to me that it was too coincidental that she suddenly appeared in the dream. You drew her and me to the edge of her void of darkness. You let us find each other so that later in time I would tell you of that dream, igniting the truth in your mind of where she and your father were."
Jolan nodded, looking into his friend's loving eyes.

"I've never even told Justin this, Chris."
Chris' hand squeezed his again, Jolan seeing his loving friendship.

"I was totally aware throughout my coma, Chris. It felt like I was in a prison of darkness. I wasn't aware of my life, or my past, but I was aware of my existence. The depth of my mind sought you out, just as I sought out Justin, guiding him and you onto that dark road. I needed your help with my remembering myself. And I needed Justin's love."

"You discovered both, Jo. I am glad I helped. I fault you not for seeking me out, I'm glad I won your friendship from it."
Jolan smiled, his eyes going to the kitchen doorway.

"And I'm glad you gained Justin's love through all of this. You both love each other so much."

Jolan smiled, Chris leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"Just like Britney and me. We both have our worlds of love."

Jolan smiled, patting Chris' hand.

"And our eternal friendship."
Chris smiled, folding his hands in front of him.

"I know Josh is your familiar, Jo. But I'm here in any way you need me to be."

"Shave your back and I'll use you well."

Chris burst into laughter, Jolan joining him, Chris patting his back.

"Good one, Jo."
The two laughed, Chris' face concentrating again.

"What will happen, Jo?"
Jolan sighed, smiling at Chris.

"Faith, love and truth will play a big role in what will take place in ten days, Chris."
"So it will be Sunday, the day after the Sumsarian clan's meeting?"
"Yes, Chris. Evil will make itself known of the day of the Sabbath. And on God's day evil will be shown its truth."

Chris nodded, staring at Jolan.

"I sense a deepness of faith will be shown on that day. Is there a correlation between God and what's to happen?"

Jolan looked at Chris, seeing his calmness and his intellect.

"We all walk on God's path, Christopher. His love will be there for all of us."

Chris smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Erasmus Junior. Riddle me this, riddle me that."

Jolan laughed, his grey eyes staring at him.

"His love is within me, Chris. I have his soul as well."
"So Jennie told us. She sensed him."
Jolan's eyes raised upwards, the young man smiling.

"My sister of wisdom and love."

"What is the significance of her and Hayden's involvement in this? What is so important about the sun?"

Jolan smiled, looking at Chris.

"Love radiates like the rays of the sun, Chris. On that day it will warm the darkest heart."

Chris nodded, looking at Jolan.

"The world's on the edge of discovery, Chris. I'm the guiding hand to showing it that truth."
"I sense it will be a day of total awed beauty, Jo. I'm glad I shall be there at your side."
Jolan smiled, Chris smiling back.

"All my friends will surround me with their love. Yours will be one of the deepest."
Chris smiled, leaning forward again, this time kissing Jolan's lips.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" a feminine voice said.

The two men turned, Justin and Britney standing in the kitchen doorway, Josh and Chace behind them.

The four kids were in front of them, all four smiling.

"Chris. . .you were. . .you kissed. . .?" Justin said, shocked wonder on his face.

"Damn, Jus. I was this close to getting some tongue." Jolan said, Chris bursting into laughter.

Josh and Chace burst into laughter as well, Britney walking up to her husband, Sean wanting up into his lap, Chris lifting him up, Jayden smiling up at him.

"We were just talking, and bonding." Chris said, smiling at Jolan.

"Wonders upon wonders. You're changing my man greatly, Jo." Britney said, Chris kissing her lips.

"That's better, not so much chin hair."
Jolan laughed, his three soulmates walking up to him, all three kissing his lips.

"We assumed you'd sleep late, my love." Justin said, his blue eyes quietly staring at Chris.

"I am more refreshed, my love. Today's a day of quiet love. Just us and our boys."
Hayden grinned, Logan wanting up, Jolan picking him up.

"Morning, Dada. Wuv you!"
Jolan smiled, leaning down and kissing his forehead.

"Dada loves both of his little angels. And the big ones too."
All five smiled, Britney and Chris smiling as well.

"Breakfast is almost ready. I'll make the rounds upstairs and wake up everyone else." Jolan said, standing up, Logan climbing into Chace's arms.

"Make some toast and refill the coffee machine, my loves. Be right back."

They all smiled at Jolan, all their eyes going to Chris when he disappeared out of the door.

"We had a talk of friendship and destiny." he quietly said, the four sitting down at the table, staring at him.

"Did he tell you anything, Chris? About what's to come?" Chace said, Chris shaking his head no.

"He only said that he's not scared. Whatever's to happen he's well prepared for it. He's laid the foundation for the path ahead."

"Why. . .why did the two of you kiss?" Justin said, Chris smiling at his old friend.

"His love's in my heart, Jus. You can't help but want to show him yours."
Everyone nodded, Josh standing up and smiling.

"I'll get going with the toast and coffee." he smiled, walking to the counter.


Breakfast was a joyous affair, the group feeding on Jolan and Chris' giving bounty.

Both men smiled, beaming at their family's love of their food.

After breakfast Justin and Chace took the boys swimming, the adults relaxing around the house and patio.

Justin's parents and Jolan's family were leaving on Friday, the next day, the house then returning to its regular occupants.

Jonathan and Jennie joined all the kids in the pool, the morning filled with laughter and happiness.

Lynn, Melina and Lisa organized lunch, the three women ushering Jolan out of the kitchen, demanding he relax and enjoy the sunshine, Jolan reluctantly giving in.

Jolan relaxed on the patio, talking with Randall and Paul, the three fathers laughing and enjoying the day's sunshine.

Lunch was served on the patio, the swimmers coming out of the pool, Jolan smiling at his three bronzed lovers as they pulled on their t-shirts, Jolan helping Hayden and Logan into their chairs.

They ate lunch, the group relaxing as a family.

Just as lunch was ending the front gate buzzer went off, Josh answering it.

He smiled at Jolan and Justin.

"There's a UPS delivery at the gate, guys. I buzzed him in."

"I'll get it, Jo. You relax and finish your lunch." Justin said, rising up and heading into the house.

"Expecting anything, Jo?"
Jolan shook his head no to Lynn, wiping Hayden's face, the boy filled on chicken salad.

A few minutes later Justin walked back out onto the patio, his face covered in a shocked look of wonder, a white cardboard shipping envelope carried in his hand.

"It's. . .it's for you, Jolan. I. . .I don't believe where it's from!" he said, his voice filled with wonder, Jolan looking up at him, Justin slowly handing him the envelope, Jolan taking it, looking at its white cleanliness.

He stared at the stamped embossed address on the left corner, Jolan remaining silent.

His eyes raised, everyone looking at him.

"Where's it from, Jo? And what is it?" Josh said, Jolan softly sighing.

"Its contents I'm certain of.  I'm just surprised at their organizing so fast."

Justin sat down beside him, taking his hand in his.

"Jo. . .that. . .is it from who I think it is??"

Jolan's grey eyes met his blue, Justin seeing the truth shining there.

Jolan turned the envelope over, slowly breaking the seal on it, pulling out its contents, one sheet of paper, casting the envelope aside, Chace picking it up, he and Josh looking at it.

"Good God, Jo! It's from the Vatican!" Josh said, stunned at its revealed location.

Jolan nodded, everyone around the table staring at Josh in shock, Josh raising the envelope, everyone seeing the embossed Vatican crest and address on the envelope.

Jolan remained silent, unfolding the one sheet of paper he'd removed from the envelope, his eyes scanning the letter, reading its contents.

He softly sighed, folding the letter and placing it down in front of him, his eyes going to Hayden's, the boy smiling up at him, Jolan smiling back and handing him his juice cup, the boy sipping from it.

"Well, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan looking at him, feeling his awed wonder, the same feeling in all surrounding him.

"It is as I thought, Jus. The vision of faith moves them on their paths."

"May I, Jo?" Josh said, looking at the letter, Jolan nodding.

"You can read it out loud, Josh. The coming storm you shall all need to be prepared for."

"The coming storm, Jo?" Justin said, worried about his choice of words.

Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek, that kiss calming Justin.

"The rising storm of faith's truth."

Josh nodded at Jolan, opening the letter, everyone silently looking at him and Jolan.

Josh's voice filled the quiet patio, the words spoken in awed wonder.



"My dear friend of faithful guidance,


The path is now laid before me, my lost hope now realized.

Your friend and mine of faith has visited me, I the first of the seven on his quest of enlightenment.

The quest of your showing love.

You certainly know how to rock the foundations of the House of the Fisherman.


Long have been my hopes and dreams of this being truthful.

He said what you showed him was the beginnings of life, the essence of faith.

Your coming to us now denied in the reluctance of your thankless love.

My looking upon you would have burned my heart with revitalized love.


I am organizing the faithful, the truth of the world's faith about to ignite.

We shall walk forth to truth, to hope and to faith.

The soul of this old soul of faith has revitalized.

I shall second the truth of our dearest friend, as will the other five follow.

Our conclave will sound the bell to the world's atonement.

Your vision of love shall turn the world to its hidden magic.

All souls shall discover the existence of hope, of love and of life.


Walk forward upon your path, destined one.

The nation of the faithful await with bated breath.

Tuesday shall see the revelation of that faith.

The cardinals are uniting, your truth shall burn into their souls.


I, with the world, prepare for faith's truth.

Walk forward into the wilderness, my son.

Let evil tremble against your giving love.

I hope to see faith take flight into all of our souls.


Your friend of faith, your servant of life.


Pope Benedict XVI, bishop of Rome."




Everyone sat is stunned silence, all eyes on Jolan.

"The freaking Pope wrote you, Jo?!!" Chris said rather loudly, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, Chris. The freaking pope."
Justin's arm went around Jolan, Hayden smiling up at his Poppa, Jolan smiling back.

"What's going on, Jo? That letter, it was filled with such puzzling words."
"I know, Jus. I hadn't thought they'd react so immediately. Reverend Francis' soul is charged with life now."
"Reverend Francis? You mean that parish priest in England?" Britney said, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Britney. If you remember I had a private meeting with him when I visited the orphanage the last time we were at Bloodstone. I showed him the path."

"Your path, Jolan?" Chace said, Jolan looking around at everyone.

"No, Chace. I showed him faith's path."

"Who are these seven he spoke of?" Randall asked, Jolan smiling at him.

"The seven of faith, Dad. The pontiff the most revered."

"What do you mean, Jo?" Lynn said, Jolan sighing.

"My grandfather's journal revealed a surprising truth. I took it upon myself to reveal the existence of that truth. A truth of faith and lost hope."
Jolan looked around at everyone, everyone seeing a soft look of wonder showing in his grey eyes.

"This confrontation at the end of next week is more that the cleansing of the Sumsarian nation. It is the beginning of the world's faith and hope."

"You're making it sound like a moment of Godly revelation, Jolan." Morgan said, Jolan nodding at him.

"In all sense and purpose it may be just that, Uncle."

"The prophecies revealed already are not the only paths of destiny. There is another. One that began over five hundred years ago. And my own grandfather was the creator of it."
"What path is that, Jolan?" Lisa said, she and others held on every word Jolan spoke.

"It is the path of the seven. Seven souls of Grandfather's choosing. He waited for a long time before choosing them. Each a reflection of the other six's hearts of faith. Seven souls of faith and hope. And the seven beacons of the revelation. The Septum Lucis. The Seven of the Light."

"The Light, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan staring at him.

"Yes, Joshua. The Light of God."

Everyone looked surprised, Jolan's eyes meeting Jennie's, his sister quietly staring at him.

"The Sun Child--or Sun Children--radiate the sun of God's love. The light of God. That will be what you shall witness on that day. The seven beacons will radiate that light from there to all the world. I gave Reverend Francis a vision of what that day shall reveal. He and the other six are devoted to revealing that vision to the world. Next week the world shall get a glimpse of the future, of what faith and love will mean to all of us. I trust in the good Reverend to spread the wings of faith and hope around the world. The other six will proclaim the validity of the faithful. Next week will be a week of gathering hope, of rising faith in all nations. The ending of that week will reveal the hope of the world's tomorrow."
Justin's hand went to Jolan's arm, their eyes meeting.

"You said that we shall witness that light. What of you, my Jo?" Justin said, Jolan's eyes lowering.

"I will be at a disadvantage at that moment to witness the light. I will only witness it in my heart. And that will be enough for me to finish all of it."

"What do you mean, Jo? At a disadvantage?" Josh said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"I will be in the center of the evil."

Everyone looked concerned, Jolan's face showing a look of calming love.

"The Light of God can penetrate any evil, my family. On that day its love will save me. And I, in turn, will destroy the evil surrounding me. For the magic of love will win its final battle."

"You sound fully prepared for that moment, Jo." Cory said, Jolan smiling at his old friend.

"I am, Cory. I have God's love in my heart, and I have all of yours."
Everyone smiled, Justin staring at Jolan.

"So, you're saying these seven will first reveal some kind of vision of love, the same one you gave Reverend Francis?"
"Yes, Jus."
"And what is that vision, my love?"
Jolan sighed, his eyes meeting Justin's concerned blue.

"It magic, Poppa."
Justin's and everyone's eyes went to Hayden, the boy smiling up at his father.

"Yes, Hay. It's magic. The magic of God's love."

"I'm intrigued, Jo. It sounds like some kind of biblical revelation. Is God going to show himself?" Chris said, everyone's mind on the same thought.
"No, Chris. God will only show himself to each of us when we walk into his loving kingdom."
"Then what exactly will the world witness? What will Reverend Francis be the first to reveal?" Chace said, his blue eyes on his soulmate.

"It will witness the truth of what lays hidden from it. The magic of love, the magic of faith and life. The good Reverend will reveal the truth he's carried since the moment he was chosen by my Grandfather. It was only recently that he learned of that truth himself. My love showed him it, as my Grandfather asked me to."

"He asked you in the journal, didn't he?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at his high intellect.

"Yes, Joshua. Grandfather wrote me the truth."

"What is the truth, Jo? We are your family, we love you. Let us share the burden of the truths held within you." Josh said, his hand going to Jolan's other arm.

"I love all of you, but this is a burden I was chosen to bear alone."
"Chosen, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan nodding.

"Is this all some game your grandfather had planned? Were you chosen to be his instrument of retribution, of goodness against the evil he fought so long against?"

"No, Justin. Grandfather didn't choose me. He himself was chosen as well."
Simus and Morgan looked confused, Jolan smiling at them.

"We all have walked the paths of someone's choosing. Some of us privy to its truth, some of us guided in total obliviousness."

"Who chose my father for this destined path? Queen Alveena?" Morgan said, his eyes showing soft anger, the thought of his father being used unsettling his calmness.

"No, Uncle Morgan. Queen Alveena was as unaware as any of us. The chooser of our paths was someone in search of that which was denied him. I feel the depth of his loving soul, the depth of his seeking redemption."

"You're talking riddles again, Jo. I feel Erasmus' soul is bursting forth." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I want all of you to remember one thing at the end of all this--this path, the one of destiny, always was a path of love. Love was its original intent, its core and structure."
Jolan sighed, the young man standing, looking out at the pool, the water calm and gleaming.

"I am the most used of all of you, Dragosan brethren. For if anyone is an instrument of destiny it is I. I hope that at the end of all this you can perhaps feel that in your souls."


Joel stood up, his arms going around his son.

"All we feel in our souls is our continuing love for you, my son."

Jolan turned, his eyes showing a soft wetness.

"I'll have strong words to say to this person who's used you, Jolan. Love, regardless of its intent, can't use someone."

Jolan smiled, his head going against his father's chest.

"I do not hate him for it. He in essence gave me life. Gave me all that I have now. If you should do anything, you should thank him. For the existence of my love is because of his love."
Joel held his son in his arms, his grey eyes looking around at everyone.

"You are a man of mystery, my son. Talk of revealing visions, talk of confrontations of faith. To hear that love is the center of all of this lightens our hearts. I guess we'll all just have to wait for that day, for this week's announcements and the aftermath. I sense within my soul your loving guidance. We'll all stand with you and beside you. We all love you, my son."
Jolan smiled, looking around at everyone, his father smiling at him.

"It shall be a week of widening surprises and guiding love. I can't wait till it's over."
Justin smiled, seeing a look of total happiness on his husband's face.

"I can't either, my love."
Jolan smiled, leaning down and picking up Hayden, the boy smiling in his arms.

"Happy, Dada?"
"Yes, my son. I am happy with the future of your love, Logan's and your fathers'."

The five of his soul smiled, Jolan's eyes meeting everyone's.

"Let's walk forward, the truth unfolding. I'm looking forward to Joey and Lance's wedding after all of this. And the birth of our Britney and our Walrus' little angel. And other surprises of life."

Everyone smiled, Chris grinning at Jolan.

"I thought it was Possum now?"
Jolan laughed, everyone looking between the two, Chris smiling.

"I play dead and watch the revealing surprises."
Everyone laughed, Britney kissing his cheek.

"You'll never play dead, my love. I'll always get a rise out of you."
Chris blushed, the laughter intensifying.

Jolan smiled, Hayden tapping his cheek, their eyes meeting.

"Pool, Dada?"

Jolan laughed, tossing his son into Justin's rising arms.

"My fishies need to get wet! Dibs on Josh's wet arms!"
Everyone laughed, Josh walking towards the pool, his arms around Jolan.


Pope Benedict XVI hung up the phone, his tired eyes meeting the other six seated around him.

The seven sat in a quiet room, deep in the heart of the Vatican's catacombs.

It was a room seldom used, but always at the ready.

A room of private discussions, of private importance.

Over the centuries it had been used for private meetings of world-moulding religious decisions.

Tonight it was a meeting of total faith.

"The media is now informed. Your news conference will be on Tuesday evening, Francis. Mine will be on Wednesday morning, our five friends voicing their announcements jointly with me."
Reverend Francis nodded, rubbing his tired eyes.

"A day of realizing faith. I cannot wait!" Kiril, the Patriarch of Russia, said, his friends looking at him.

"Fifty  years of meeting here, of devotion and reflecting hope. The day of revelation is soon at hand." Akura Shinso said, the man a Buddhist priest, his robes folded around him.

Reverend Francis smiled, looking at the other three around them.

Three men of different faiths, but no less giving of their devotion and faith in God's love.

Franklin Shaw, an American Baptist minister, sat on Francis' right.

Hasa Najafi, an Iranian ayatollah, sat beside Kiril.

The final of the seven, Yona Mezativ, the chief rabbi of Tel Aviv, smiled at everyone.

"Faiths of life, faiths of hope. The day has come, his blessings upon all of us."
The seven nodded, the pontiff looking at Francis.

"You have the gratitude of all of us, Francis. Tell us of the vision again?" he said, Reverend Francis smiling at each of them.

"Repeating its beauty will do us no good, my friends. Tuesday's beginning will fill our souls with happiness."
"You have the greatest to lose in all of this, Francis." Akura said, bowing to his friend.

"I have been shown the truth of my inner self. I reveal that with his love wrapped around me."
"Your life shall change, my old friend. We have been blessed with your giving love, the world has not."

The man smiled, a tear slowly running down his cheek.

"God's love makes all of us search our inner souls. All I found--and all you shall find--is hope, love and faith. I shall do what God asks of me."

The six others smiled, Kiril looking at his old friend.

"To look upon him in that state must have filled your heart with deep love. I wish he were here to radiate his love to all of us." the man said, his emotions showing.

'I feel your hearts, my friends. Soon enough we shall all bask in his greatness."

The six looked at each other.

"You mean. . .?" the pontiff said, Reverend Francis smiling.

"He told me to tell all of you that he will soon visit all of you individually. An atonement for his not being here."

The six smiled, their thoughts on the man responsible for their devotion.

"He is as giving as his grandfather?" Yona said, Francis nodding.

"Even more so, Yona. You will feel his love flow through you."

The pontiff put his hands together, all six looking at him.

"The time comes, my old friends. The world shall see the truth, and we shall see God's light."

The seven lowered their heads, a prayer of faith sinking into their devoted souls.

Reverend Francis' mind was on the revealing truth he himself must show.

I have seen love, I have seen God's Light.

I am what he made me.

His face changed into a large smile, his blue eyes softly glowing.



End of Chapter 152


Interesting to say the least.

What is the good Reverend going to reveal?
What vision was he shown by Jolan?

It seems our Jolan is fully prepared for what's to happen.

Moments of giving love calming his family and friends.


What is the Light of God, and what shall it show?

Who, indeed, did design this path that Jolan follows?

It seems he knows.


Only one way for us to find out.

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