Jolan's Path - Chapter 153


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 153


Jolan smiled, closing the front door of his home, Justin's arms wrapping around him.

"Alone at last, my angel. The house is ours again." he smiled, Jolan smiling and kissing his chin.

"And what of our family, Jus? They'd feel sad at your words."
Justin smiled, kissing his husband's cheek, Hayden smiling from Jolan's arms.

"I love our families, Jo. They know that. It's just nice to have our home to ourselves again."

Jolan smiled, Hayden climbing into Justin's arms.

"We got each other, Poppa. That's more than enough!"

Jolan and Justin laughed, Josh and Chace standing beside them, Logan in Chace's arms.

The six had bid farewell to their combined families moments before.

It was Friday morning, their families having just climbed into their vehicles; Lonnie, Nick and Leo driving them all to the airport.

Jolan's family had returned to England, Jolan and everyone else returning there next Thursday for the trip to Romania on Friday.

Jolan sensed they'd talk all through the coming week, everyone watching for Reverend Francis' news to break, and for the upcoming meeting of destiny.

Jolan smiled at his central family, Josh's arm going around his waist.

"Jus is right, Jo. It's nice to have our home to ourselves again." Chace said smiling, looking down at his son.
Jolan smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Our tiger just wants to get us all naked."

Josh and Justin laughed, Chace smiling widely and blushing, red showing in his cheeks.

"I love what I love, and who I love." he smiled, everyone smiling back at him.

The four men walked into the living room, Chace and Justin setting the boys down on the floor, both kids heading to where their toys had been left, Justin and Chace sitting down beside them, the boys talking away to each other.

Josh and Jolan smiled, sitting down and snuggling together on a leather couch, Justin smiling up at them, Chace helping Logan build with some bricks, his eyes on his soulmates as well.

Jolan sighed, his head going to Josh's chest, his arm going around him.

"I see what you mean. The silence is golden, the scented nearness of my men soothing my calm heart."

All three men smiled, Justin sniffing Chace's body beside him.

"That's because our tiger didn't hit the showers this morning."

Jolan laughed, Josh smiling at Chace's blushing cheeks.

"That's my fault, guys. I wouldn't let the tiger out of bed. We were the last ones downstairs."
Chace smiled, his eyes on his loving husband.

"Morning love is the best." Jolan said, his eyes on his Justin, his blue pools filled with love, their own early morning love still felt in their hearts.

"We heard you also, our two of early desire." Josh smiled, Jolan smiling and kissing Josh's chest where his shirt was opened.

"Love flows always in our room of love." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

Jolan sighed, sitting up a bit, smiling at everyone.

"So what's on the agenda today and this weekend, my love?" Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Three days of rest and calmness, my angels." he said, all five smiling at him.

"Awesome! Lots of down time to please all the angels." Chace said, Logan smiling at his father as Chace handed him a small bulldozer, the boy pushing blocks towards Hayden, the other boy smiling.

"Yes, all angels need pleasing." Jolan quietly said, his eyes looking forward, the man looking deep in thought.

"A revealing couple of days, Jo. The path, I take it, is on its final alignment?" Josh said, Jolan nodding, their eyes meeting.

"Yes, Joshua. It's a straight path now. Straight across the horizon." Jolan said, his three soulmates staring at him.

"Wow! Four gay boys going straight. Talk about confrontational."

Jolan burst into laughter, Chace and Josh staring at Justin who'd spoken, all four then bursting into laughter.

"Well said, Jus! Well said!" Jolan smiled widely, Justin smiling at his calm happy face.

"Well, my boys. How about a poolside lunch?" Jolan smiled, Jolan's boys nodding their affirmation.
"Eats and swim, Dada?" Hayden said, looking up at his father.

"Yep, Hay. We're home and we're having fun!" Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's lips, the young man standing up and walking towards the kitchen.


Jolan laughed, sitting at the poolside, sipping on a glass of ginger ale.

Josh sat beside him, his bronzed chest on full display.

The boys had swam, their fathers swimming with them, their swim interrupted by Jolan's delicious lunch.

Hayden, Logan, Chace and Justin had now returned again to the shallow end of the pool, the boys swimming between their fathers, Josh and Jolan smiling at them.

"A relaxing, delicious day, Jo." Josh said, biting into the last taco left on the platter, Jolan's tacos having disappeared into his hungry men and boys.

Jolan smiled, leaning back into his chair.

"Say what you need to say, Joshua. I'm here to calm your worries."
Josh wiped his mouth on his napkin, the taco gone, sipping on his glass of diet cola.

"Time shortens, my love."

Jolan nodded, his hand going to Josh's smooth chest, gently rubbing it.

"Time waits for no one, nor does destiny."
"But whose destiny, Jo? Who is the person behind all of this? We've talked for hours about destiny, about your involvement in all of this. You've tried to calm our souls, to smother us in your love. It's worked, mostly."
"But it hasn't totally calmed you, Joshua. Has it?"
Josh looked into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing the deep love shining there.

"No, Jo. It hasn't. The three of us talked the other night after we'd massaged you to sleep. After our lovemaking we talked."
Jolan stared out at Chace and Justin, the two walking visions of wetness climbing up the pool ladder, their sons running ahead of them.

Jolan smiled at all four, the boys heading for their sandbox, Logan running ahead of Hayden.

"No fairs, brother! I'm still full from Dada's tacos!" Hayden laughed, the four men smiling at the two climbing into the sandbox.

"They'll be covered in mud soon enough." Chace said, smiling at the two boys.

"They're having fun, Chace. Dirt is a part of all that. You remember that muddy youthful joy, my wet angels." Jolan smiled, staring at the two wet visions before him.

Justin and Chace both smiled, sitting down beside their respective husbands.

"We love them, Jo. Their fun is our fun." Justin said, smiling at his husband, Jolan smiling back, leaning over and kissing his man's cheek.

"Our Josh told me the three of you have been having secret discussions about me."

The three exchanged looks, Justin leaning over and kissing Jolan's cheek.

"They weren't secretive, our Wolfy. You just weren't awake." he said, Jolan softly sighing.

"We weren't talking behind your back, Jo. We had full intentions of telling you what we've decided."

Jolan met Chace's eyes, the man having spoken.

"What you've decided?"

Jolan removed his hand from Josh's chest, sitting up a bit more, looking at each of his three soulmates.

"Yes, Jolan. The three of us--your souls of love--have decided that we're not leaving your side. From next Thursday until this confrontation is finished you're going to have three more shadows. We are not letting you out of our sight."

Jolan looked at Josh, his words filled with deep love and concern.

"I love your wanting to protect me, my three souls of love. But I will not allow that."
"Jolan, you're in danger! I know that for a fact! You're facing evil, for God's sake!" Justin said, Jolan's hand going in his.

"Yes, my love. I have to face evil. And I will fight to my last breath to spare you three even a touch of it."

The three men teared up, Jolan's words filled with love.

"Oh, Jo! We don't want you hurt. This all sounds so ominous, so dangerous."
"My loves. It is dangerous, but it will not be for any of my family, you five most of all."

"How can you guarantee that, Jolan? That's why we decided on this. If there is danger, we'll be by your side fighting for goodness, and for your love."
Jolan smiled at Chace, hearing the courage in his tiger heart.

"I am surrounded by courageous love. It's a love that will be in my soul and heart--as it now is--when I walk alone. The three of you and everyone else will be behind love's shadow."

The three looked at each other.

"You will face evil alone?"
Jolan nodded, Josh's arm going around his smooth naked chest.

"I will not allow anyone--friend, family or giving soul--to be hurt by the final desperate act of Fagin's lunacy. My love will protect all of you. You need to realize that. This final fight will be mine alone. Against the evil of a madman I'll show the world God's justice."

The three stared in silent wonder at Jolan's face; his courage, love and calmness showing deeply.

"Jolan. . .we. . .we love you."
Jolan smiled at Justin's simple words, his grey eyes showing their full love to all three.

"I know that, Justin. I know that everyone standing around me on that day will love me. That is the greatest magic I can ever use. That and the truth of God's intervention."

The three slowly nodded, Jolan standing up, their eyes taking in his masculine grace and beauty, the man's face covered in a wide smile.

"I love you three as well. Cast aside any doubts you have, any worries. My love, my arms, and my kisses will be here for all three of you all week."
The three smiled, Jolan looking towards the house.

"We have guests, my loves. I'll go let them in." he said, walking towards the house, the phone on the table between the three men going off, Josh picking it up.

"Hello. Yes, okay. Come on in." he said, hitting three digits on the phone.

"Enrique and Orlando are at the front gate." he said softly, all three eyes going to the patio doors, Jolan's sleek form disappearing into the house.


Jolan opened the front door, Enrique and Orlando's brown eyes widening, Jolan standing in the doorway in only a small pair of swim trunks.

"Hello, guys! This is a pleasant surprise!" he said, both men's eyes meeting his, Jolan pulling Enrique into a tight hug, Enrique's arms going around the half naked man, Orlando's eyes scanning his tight smooth body.

Orlando was pulled into a tight hug next, the British actor taking in the warmth of Jolan's smooth body against him.

"We're all at the pool, hence my display of naked skinniness." Jolan smiled, the two men smiling back.

"You are in no way skinny, Jo! That body's fine and muscled." Orlando said, Jolan smiling.

"Justin likes me buffed, he's such a drooling perv!"
The two men laughed, Jolan inviting them into his home.

Jolan smiled, the two on each side of him as they walked out onto the patio, heading towards the pool.

"Hi Unky Enrikee!" Logan said, the Spaniard smiling at the two boys standing in the sandbox, their chests half covered in mud.

"Hello, our dirty sweet angels!" Orlando said, the boys giggling.

"We wuvs mud!" Logan said, sitting down again, a shovel in his hand.

Jolan laughed, the three men walking up to the poolside table, three smiles and three half nude visions of love smiling at the two men.

"Hi again, guys!" Enrique said, the three men standing up, hugs exchanged, the two newcomers wrapped in naked flesh.

"Man, it's a gay boy's dream out here." Orlando said, smiling at Justin.

"Not till you two are in trunks. I have spares." Jolan said, offering the two chairs, both smiling, sitting down, their hands going together.

"How goes the voyage of love, my friends?" Jolan said, sitting down in Justin's lap, his husband wrapping his arms around him.

"It goes damn near fantastic!" Orlando said, raising one hand, all four men staring at a golden ring on his finger.

"No way! You're kidding?" Josh said in surprise, the four men standing again.

All four men pulled the two men up, both enveloped in congratulatory hugs again.

"Congrats, our friends!" Chace said, kissing both on the cheeks.

"We know it's sudden, and our relationship isn't that long on the path, but our love is total." Orlando said, staring into his lover's eyes.

Enrique smiled, leaning in and kissing his lips, the other men smiling.

"I proposed to him. Our love was destined to join. It's as simple as that." Enrique said, his eyes meeting Jolan's, the young man smiling at both men.

"I knew that the moment I first hugged you, Enrique. His love was already surrounding you."
Both men looked surprised, Jolan's soulmates as well.

"From that moment, Jo?" Orlando softly said, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"I have the gift of love's identity. I can see the threads of love forming around people. I saw the destiny of your love seeking out Enrique, Orlando. That's why I knew the two of you were destined to meet. That's why I gave Enrique a vision of hope. I just guided him to the destiny awaiting him. The destiny of your love. Two men who so deeply need each other's love. And deserve each other's love."
Both men were in tears, Enrique moving towards Jolan, the young man's hand going up.

"No emotional hugs of thanks are needed, my two friends. My reward--and ours--is seeing the love shining in both of your newly-engaged eyes. Congratulations. Now expose those hot bods!"

Everyone laughed, Orlando's arm going around his fiancÚ.

"There are clean swimsuits in the cabana, guys." Jolan said, sitting down again.

Everyone smiled, the two men walking to the cabana room.

"You never cease to amaze us, our Jo." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Sometimes I amaze myself." he quietly said, his smile going to all three men.


A few minutes later Enrique and Orlando walked towards them, both wearing only swim trunks, their smooth, slim, muscular physiques on full display.

"Oooh! Eye candy!" Chace said, the two men laughing, their hands joined.

"Speaking of buffed! Great body, Enrique!" Jolan said, smiling at the Spaniard.

"I have a drooling perv as well, Jolan." Enrique said, Justin's eyes going to Jolan, his husband softly blushing.

"My perv's just as beautiful." he said, Justin smiling, his arm going around him.

"My perv's damn beautiful, too. He knows how I appreciate all of him." Orlando said, kissing his man as the two sat down with their friends again.

The group smiled, Jolan offering both men drinks from the poolside refrigerator by the table.

"So, to what do we owe the honor of this wonderful visit, my friends?" Justin said, smiling at both men.

"Justin, their friendship is wonderful enough." Josh said, the two men smiling at him.

"Actually we came with news." Orlando said, his eyes meeting Enrique's.

"Go ahead guys. I'm sure it can't match your earlier fantastic news." Jolan said, smiling at both.

They both smiled, Orlando kissing Enrique's lips.

"My man's victorious! He's dropped the lawsuit against Baxter! His bosses fired him!"

Everyone smiled, Enrique smiling back.

"Total justice wasn't done, but the man's been kicked out on his ass! He'll never work in this town--or at any other celebrity job--again. He's been blacklisted for his atrocious methods of reporting."

Everyone smiled, all of them shaking Enrique's hand.

"Awesome news, Enrique! I'm glad that man got what he deserved!" Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I'm certain you're right, Chace. But I'm sure he'll get even more comeuppance. Am I correct, Enrique?" Jolan said, the man looking at him with surprise.

"How did you know that, Jolan?"

"It's Jo, remember?"
Enrique smiled, nodding his head.

"The man's been blacklisted as I said. But he's also now wide open for more lawsuits. I've heard of at least seven people who are seeking defamation suits against him. The man's going to be in litigation forever."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Well deserved. No one hurts our friends, or you, Jo." he said, Jolan kissing his lips, everyone smiling at the two showing their love.

"My knight upon his shiny steed. Is that a sabre in your pocket or are you just happy to hold me in your arms?"
Everyone laughed, Justin softly blushing.

"Some cool water will cool that problem." Jolan said, standing up, everyone smiling as Justin and he walked to the pool, diving in.

The other four moved, Chace heading for his mud-covered boys, the other three joining Jolan and Justin in the pool.


Enrique helped Jolan barbecue steaks, the two staying for supper.

The meal was happy, delicious and loving.

The two newlyweds talked with their friends, their plans for a Christmas wedding well discussed.

Enrique had emotionally asked Justin to be his best man, Orlando asking Jolan.

Both men hugged the other two, accepting with grace and happiness.

Jolan saw that Enrique's love was Orlando's alone, his friendship now with Justin just that. Friendship.

His once desires for the blond singer now gone.

His heart belonged to a British actor that was his world.

Orlando's choice for Jolan was an emotional one, the young man in tears.

"Enrique had thought of you first as his choice, then opted for Justin, to bridge their friendship and to put his original feelings to rest. I trust both of them. You've given me so much joy, Jolan. You came to me as a friend, and guided me to my soulmate. I couldn't ask anyone else. From this I'd love you and me to be good friends."
Jolan smiled, hugging the handsome actor, kissing his cheek.

"We already are, Lando."
Enrique and Justin had teared up, Justin kissing his cheek.

"So I guess an orgy is out of the question, then?" Chace said, all six bursting into laughter, the two boys smiling at them with no thoughts on what was going on.

"This tiger is going to destroy us three, Jus and Joshy." Jolan said, Enrique and Orlando laughing.

They both were told of the foursome of love's bonded soul, seeing the beauty of it on all four faces.

"We envy you two. A bonded quartet of love." Enrique said, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"We're always open to a few nights of welcoming strangers." Jolan said, his three soulmates looking at him in shocked surprise.

Orlando and Enrique both wore the same look, Jolan's eyes moving to each set of staring orbs.

The young man burst into laughter, all five blushing.

"The looks on your faces!! Priceless!" he said, doubling over with laughter.

The five exchanged looks, Orlando smiling.

"Let's get him!!"

Jolan's head raised, five sets of arms grabbing him, lifting him up.

"No, please! I'm sorry!" Jolan screamed, the five heading for the pool, the boys laughing and clapping.

Jolan screamed again, his body airborne, hitting the water with a loud splash.

Everyone was laughing, Jolan's head coming to the surface, hearing their laughter, the boys now in their fathers' arms.

"Okay, I deserved that!" he laughed, all five adults laughing and smiling at him.

"But look at me! A gay orgy and I'm the only one wet!!"
Everyone laughed, Josh and Enrique diving towards Jolan.


Saturday and Sunday were two days of relaxing love, the household finally finding a regular routine of love and happiness.

Jolan awoke early both days, cooking breakfast for his loved ones.

The foursome of love snuggled together--and in pairs--throughout both days, their kids in their arms often.

Joyous moments of family happiness flooded all six souls, their love showing for each other.

The four took their two boys to the zoo on Saturday, the group having a wonderful time.

They drew stares of acknowledgement from people, their celebrity status always constant.

But by far they were left alone in their merriment, the boys wide-eyed with wondrous stares at all the animals.

They dined out for supper after the zoo, the family as one.

The evenings were spent by the pool, and together as a family.

Sunday saw the six going to a theatre for a children's movie, then to a mini golf range, all the kids big and small enjoying themselves immensely.

They dined out again, the evening a relaxing night of bonding love.

The two nights were moments of passion, open and private.

Four joined as one, couples joining as soulmates.

A foursome gave all to each other, two sets of true soulmates giving their mate even more.

Josh woke up early on Monday morning, feeling a sunken hardness within him, his blue eyes opening wide, staring into two pools of grey beauty.

Jolan was on top of him, the young man's hardness sunken deep within him.

"Oh, Jo! That's. . .wow. . .that feels so. . ."
Jolan's lips met Josh's, the young man's hand going to Josh's growing hardness.

"I needed you so much, Joshy. I had breakfast ready and just came up to wake all of you. But I saw you laying here all alone for the taking. Our loves have their own fun going." Jolan said, his lips finding Josh's left nipple, sucking on it, his shaft now sunken deep within Josh's ass.

Josh gasped, feeling Jolan's hardness beginning to slide in and out of him.

His blue eyes turned to his right as Jolan began his rhythm, staring towards the other bed.

Justin was laying flat on his back, Josh's husband laying on top of him in the opposite direction.

Both men were lost in each other's hardness, their mouths filled with heated steel.

Josh moaned, watching Justin releasing Chace's cock, his mouth going back towards Chace's center, the young tiger gasping, leaning back on his knees, his ass covering Justin's face.

Josh heard the wetness of Justin's deep tonguing, his own ass feeling a deepening thrust, his head turning back to the man joined with him.

Jolan's head raised, their lips meeting feverishly, both becoming lost in their heated passion.

Jolan gave Josh all of his focused love, both men reaching the crescendo of their passion together.

Jolan exploded deep inside Josh, Josh erupting all over his own chest, Jolan collapsing on top of his Joshua.

Both men gasped, slowly coming down from their orgasmic high, their eyes moving to the scene unfolding on the other bed beside them.

A tiger was roaring, its youthful hardness sunken deep within Justin's giving center, Chace having flipped him over, entering him from behind.

Justin was on all fours, Chace thrusting against Justin's body, Justin moaning loudly, his blue hazy eyes looking towards Josh and Jolan.

Jolan smiled, pulling out of Josh, smiling down at the man.

"Join them, my Josh. Feast on Justin's love, and I'll reheat the feast downstairs for all of you. I'll tend to the boys." Jolan said, rising out of the bed pulling on his shorts and t-shirt, Josh smiling at him and moving up as well.

Jolan watched Josh head for the other bed, the man's body sneaking under Justin's arms, his mouth going to Justin's center.
Justin gasped, his blue haze-filled eyes on Jolan, the young man smiling at him, then walking out of their bedroom.

Justin moaned, lowering his head, his mouth going to Josh's hardening shaft in front of his face, taking all of it in, Chace behind him sinking deeper into Justin's center.


The three walked into the kitchen, Jolan smiling at them from the stove, their boys at the table eating.

"They were starved, as all my boys were." he smiled, Justin's arms going around him.

"You should have stayed, my love. The tiger was really energized. He claimed our Joshy as well."
Jolan smiled, Josh and Chace both kissing his lips, then the three headed for the table.

"Our Joshy was doubly worshipped." Jolan said, pulling off the frying pan after removing the last of the sausages.

He sat down at the table, placing the platter in its middle, all five surrounding him smiling.

"Dig in while it's hot, my loves." he said, pouring juice for his three men.

They ate happily, Jolan seeing all three were ravenous.

"I still haven't claimed you this morning, our Wolfy." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him with a soft look of sexual teasing.

"We'll shower after, Tiger."
Chace beamed, Josh and Justin smiling at both.

"So what's on the agenda for today? Another day of relaxation?" Justin said, handing Hayden another sausage, the boy grinning.

"Well you have that meeting at Jive at nine, Justin. I've a meeting with Leo and Ally here at ten. We're going over the next book." Jolan smiled, sipping at his coffee.

"So you are going to write another, my love?" Justin said, Jolan smiling at him alone.

"Yes, Jus. I've formulated an idea and have already started writing."
"When did you find the time for that?" Josh said, biting into a piece of toast.

"The mornings are a quiet time for me. I write while my men sleep, and while I cook."

The three men looked at each other, Josh smiling at Jolan.

"We're sorry that we leave you to do the cooking all the time, Jo. We should take turns."
Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"I love to cook, my angels. Especially for my men. Filled stomachs make the prey easier to catch. Our Tiger's going to be so easy to claim."
Chace laughed, winking at him.

"Really though, Jo. We're sorry." Justin said, Jolan kissing his cheek as well.

"You have nothing to apologize for, my loves. I love to cook for all of you. It's as simple as that. You can help with the cleaning and stuff like that, the kitchen is my territory."
The three nodded, continuing to eat.

The phone on the counter went off, Jolan moving and answering it.

"Good morning." he said, smiling at all five of his family.

"Hey, Joe. How finds the twosome of love?"

Jolan listened for a few minutes, all three men watching him.

"Okay, that sounds like a plan. Tomorrow at one."

Jolan's face had softened a bit while he listened, Justin quietly staring at him.

"Okay, Joe. Say hi to the beauty attached to yourself."
Jolan laughed, hanging up the phone.

"Joey and Lance are coming over tomorrow to watch the announcement." he said, his voice calm and relaxed.

"I'm sure all our friends and family will be watching." Josh said, Jolan nodding.

"And the rest, Jo? What else did Joey say?" Justin said, sensing Jolan's quietness.

"It will be more than our friends watching, my loves."

All three traded looks, Jolan sighing.

"Already the gathering storm is rising. The Vatican--as well as other church hierarchy--has issued press releases informing the press of the Reverend's impending announcement. The mystery surrounding it has the press on full alert. Joey said it's all over CNN this morning."

"The building up of the uncertainty." Josh said, Jolan nodding.

"Once the revelation hits it will be non-stop, my angels. Our home will be surrounded again, our freedom lost." he said, Justin's hand going into his.

"We'll be safe here, my Jo. Johnny's already organizing security."
Jolan nodded, sighing again.

"I take it you don't like the rising status of your shining star, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan looking at all three.

"As the pontiff stated in his letter you wouldn't go to them, to bask in their wondrous worship." Chace said, Justin looking at him.

"I'm not seeking notoriety or fame in all this. I just want to do it and get it over with. Then I can just be myself." Jolan said, Justin leaning over and kissing his lips.

"That sentence guarantees that our Jo will always be just our Jo. We love you, Jo. We'll weather this storm with you. After this week it will be over. And we can return here and continue with our life of love."

All four smiled, the kids smiling as well.

"That's just it, Jus. It will be a while before all this dies down. I so long for the day when our lives will be just that." Jolan said, Justin nodding.

"Until that time we have each other, Jolan." Josh said, Chace smiling at him, and his other two soulmates.

Jolan smiled, Josh kissing his cheek, breakfast done.

"We'll do the dishes, our love. You and our tiger need some alone time." Josh said, Jolan smiling at Chace, the man smiling widely.

"Wow! Wet fun with Chace Crawford. I never heard of dessert with breakfast." Jolan said, licking his lips.

The other three men laughed, Chace standing up, Jolan seeing the rising need in Chace's shorts, his nipples showing through his wife beater.

Jolan stood up, Chace taking his hand in his.

"I'll wash you, my angel." he said, Jolan smiling, the two kissing their soulmates, walking out of the room.

Josh looked at Justin, their eyes meeting.

"He's not looking forward to tomorrow, I sense it in him." Justin said, Josh nodding.

"Whatever's going to take place it means to him that he'll be in the center of all of it. His love shows as always. His reluctance at being in fame's light shows as well. He'll never buy into the fame. That makes me love him so much more."
Justin smiled at Josh's words, the two leaning towards each other, kissing their lips.

"He's our Jo, and always will be. We will be here for him always."
"Plays with sand, Daddy!" Logan said, Hayden nodding his head as well.

Josh smiled, getting up and pulling his son down from his chair, Hayden climbing out of his.

The two boys headed for the patio door, Josh smiling at Justin, Justin smiling at him.

"I think you should go help Chace, Jus. I'll play with the kids."
Justin smiled, nodding his head, Josh and the kids heading out of the house.


Jolan gasped, his hands on the wet hair in front of him, his eyes looking down.

Chace was on his knees, Jolan's hardness filling his mouth.

Jolan moaned, his head going upwards, water hitting him in the face from the showerhead.

He felt Chace's fingers in his ass crack seeking out his center.

Jolan's hands moved, pulling his hands back, Chace pulling off Jolan's shaft, looking up at him, his blue eyes filled with need.

"Stand up, my wet angel."

Chace smiled, standing up, Jolan pushing him against the shower stall wall.

Their shafts were rubbing against each other, Chace softly moaning.

"Please, Jo. I want to so please you."
Jolan smiled, his fingers going to both of Chace's hardening nipples, lightly tweaking both.

"You please me everyday with your smile, your beauty and your tiger filled desires. You please all of us."
Chace smiled, their lips meeting softly, Jolan's tongue lightly probing Chace's opening mouth.

"I want you to please me, Chace. I want and need you."
Chace teared up, Jolan turning around, bending forward, his hands on the other shower wall.

"Taste me, Chace. Probe the heat of my need."
Chace moved, kneeling again, his tongue going forward, his hands spreading Jolan's ass cheeks.

Jolan gasped when Chace's tongue invaded his center, his head flying backwards, his own tongue running across his lips.

Unbeknownst to either man, Justin leaned against the vanity in the bathroom, his blue eyes taking in the two men in front of him in the shower, the man nude himself.

He'd walked into the bathroom after shedding his clothes, stopping and taking in the scene of physical love before him.

His own shaft was at full mast, his hand wrapped around it.

The show before him was heightening his own needs, Justin stroking his desires to life.

Chace pulled out his tongue, inserting a finger into Jolan's moist center, gently rubbing his prostate, Jolan gasping.

"Oh God, Chacy! That's the spot!"

Chace smiled, his head turning to the left, seeing the vision of physical beauty leaning against the sink.

Chace winked at Justin, nodding his head to come.

Justin smiled, the man softly opening the shower door, stepping into the shower, Chace leaning forward and engulfing Justin's hardness, continuing to finger Jolan's heat.

Jolan hadn't realized that someone else had joined them, the young man moving forward, Chace's finger sinking deeper.

"Don't toy with me, Tiger! Take me now!"
Chace pulled off Justin's heated hardness, standing up and kissing him.

"Alright, Jo. Prepare to be claimed by your tiger." he said, smiling at Justin, Chace pulling his finger out, his hand slapping Jolan on his right butt cheek.

"You want it, stud?"

Jolan moaned, his hardness lengthening.

"God yes, Chace! Now. . .please!" he said, Chace nodding at Justin.

Justin smiled, his hands going to Jolan's butt cheeks, positioning himself behind his husband.

Jolan moaned, feeling the hardness searching for his center.

"Take me, Chace!"

Justin grinned, moving forward.

Jolan gasped, feeling the sinking treasure filling his center.

"Oh, man! When did you get here, Jus?"

Chace laughed, Justin looking surprised.

"How. . .how did you know it was me?"

Jolan smiled, pushing his ass back against his husband's center, Justin sinking completely into Jolan.

"I know the feeling of all three of my shafts of love. Each different it its texture, its girth and its length. I sense each of you completely."
The two men smiled, Jolan's head turning for the first time.

"Quit flirting with me, Timberlake. Take my ass as you do best. You get in front of me, Chace. Or do I have to go find Lando and Rico?" Jolan said, both men hearing the need and want in Jolan's voice.

They both laughed, Chace moving forward, standing in front of Jolan.

Justin smiled, beginning an urgent rhythm, Jolan moaning.

"Full bear, Timberlake! Ride me hard!" he said, him mouth moving forward, Chace gasping as Jolan took all of him deep in his throat.

Both men stared at each other, Jolan between them.

They moved forward, their lips meeting, kissing deeply, Justin focusing on his man's needs, his rhythm rising.


Josh smiled up from the patio, sitting at a table, watching his three men walking out into the sunshine.

Both kids were in the sandbox, playing happily.

They looked as happy as the three men sitting beside him.

"I take it the tiger's sated?" Josh smiled, Chace sitting down in his lap, the man moving Josh's hand to his covered center.

"You tell me, lover."
Josh smiled, cupping Chace's center.

"Relaxed and sleeping." he smiled, Chace kissing his lips.

Jolan sighed, gently sitting down in a chair, Josh lightly chuckling.

"I take it you were the giving one." he smiled, Jolan contentedly smiling back as Justin sat in his lap gently.

"Sorry if I was a bit rough, Jo. You kept telling me to go harder."
Jolan smiled, kissing his down turned lips.

"That Timberlake train always flies through the tunnels."
Chace and Josh both laughed, Chace smiling at Jolan.

"Wow, Jo! You were insatiable. I never saw Jus work so hard to please you. I think maybe even I wouldn't have stoked that fire as greatly as he did."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin again.

"True love stokes its own fire. My Justin will always take me to that higher plane. Don't get me wrong, you two send me high as well. It's just, there's a little more magic in my Jus' desires."
Josh and Chace both smiled, kissing each other tenderly.

"Know the feeling, Jo. Chace heightens me as well."

The four smiled, that truthful fact shared in all their souls.

"Total love with side benefits. A nice way to think of it." Jolan said, the other three agreeing.

Logan smiled towards the four men, Hayden smiling as well.

"Gots someting for yous, Dada!" the small boy said, he and Hayden both standing in front of the sandbox.

Jolan smiled at both, patting Justin's ass to get him to stand up.

Jolan rose up, he and Justin walking over to the sandbox at the end of the patio, the other two men rising and walking over as well.

"What do you have, Logan?" Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting the boy's blue.

"Loggie makes picture, Dada!" Hayden said, the two boys standing together, most of the sandbox hidden behind them.

"Well that's wonderful! Let me see it, Logan." Jolan smiled, the boys both grinning.

The two moved, the four men looking into the sandbox.

All four stared in surprise, Jolan's grey eyes staring at the sandbox's center.

In the center of the sand the boy had sculpted a large mountain.

On the mountain's side was a building, Jolan easily identifying it as Bolta Cerului.

"Place of wuv, Dada." he said, smiling up at him.

Justin, Josh and Chace all traded looks, Jolan bending down to his knees, staring at the sand sculpture.

"It's beautiful, Logan. Where did you see this place before?" he softly said.

"In dreams, Dada. Me goes to it in dreams. Plays with man, he so much fun!"

"Man, Logan? Did he say his name?" Jolan said, the boy shaking his head no.

"No, Dada. He just says you's be happy here. You's be free of life."

The four men traded looks, Hayden's hands going on top of Jolan's right knee.

"Loggie says man waiting for you. Loggie gots something for you, Dada."

Jolan's eyes went to the sculpture, then to both sets of blue eyes.

"I thought this mountain was my gift, Logan?" he said, the boy smiling at him, his hands coming out from behind his back.

"No, Dada. Man gives me this for you's. He says you needs dem to opens path and to hits target!"

Jolan's eyes went to the boy's small hands, there in their center sat three flat stones.

Jolan's hand went out, the boy dropping all three into his hand.

Jolan stared at them, the man falling to his ass on the patio floor, his legs splayed out in front of him, his grey eyes staring at all three stones.

Josh, Chace and Justin all went to their knees, the five of Jolan's heart surrounding him, Justin's hand on his shoulder.

The three stones were totally flat, smooth and blemish free. One a soft grey color, one white, and the third an ebony black.

The grey stone had a carved eye in its surface, the white a picture of a small boat, and the ebony black one showed a sun.

"Are you okay, Jo? What are those?" he said, Jolan still staring at his hand's contents.

"Peitrele de viata.  The Stones of Life." Jolan softly said, still staring at them.

The three men looked at each other, sensing Jolan's stunned soul.

"Where did you get these, Logan?" Josh asked his son, the boy climbing up into his lap.

"Man gives to me, Daddy. He says me gives to Unky Jo. Makes him more safe."

Jolan's eyes moved, meeting the boy's blue.

"He. . .he said that, Logan?"
"Yes, Dada. He nice. He smiles lots."

Justin looked at Josh, both shrugging their shoulders.

"What are they, Jo? I mean, what is their purpose?" Chace said, Jolan now looking calm again, his grey eyes looking at all three men.

"They're three stones of destiny, guys. In the Tome, Alveena said they were the passages to freedom, to victory and to destiny."

Jolan picked up the white one from his hand, staring at the boat on it.

"I know what this one is for. Erasmus showed me its meaning. The last time I saw it, it was in his hand."

The three other men looked at each other, Josh looking down at his son.

"Was it Erasmus Logan saw, Jo?"
Jolan's eyes met Josh's.

"I think maybe, Josh. We can't really tell. Logan's never met him before."

"Man says he like riddle." Logan said.
The four looked at each other.

"Erasmus." they said together.

"But, Jo. I thought you had Erasmus trapped within your soul?" Justin said, Jolan nodding.

"I thought that myself, Jus. I don't know what this means."

"What is the white stone for, Jo?" Chace said, Jolan looking at it in his other hand.

"It's the key to carrying my brethren across the river to Bolta Cerului. To unlocking the path." he said, the other three nodding.

"And the other two?"
Jolan's grey eyes went to both of the other stones, staring at them.

"The grey one is a weapon against evil. A destroyer of the desperate. An eye for an eye."

Josh stared at Jolan, Justin and Chace looking at each other.

"And the black?" Chace said, Jolan staring into its black shiny surface.
"The key to freedom. To my freedom."


Pope Benedict XVI stared around the room of faith he stood in, the man standing at the head of a large congregation of red clothed individuals seated before him.

Surrounding the man were over one hundred cardinals, the heads of faith in the Catholic church.

The man had been talking for over an hour, each word issued from him sending deep shock into the red covered members of his flock.

"And so this is the path of faith about to reveal itself, my brethren. God's revelation is at hand. The sun soon shines upon all of us."
The room was bathed in total silence, Cardinal Giovanni standing at the pontiff's side, staring at his friend and mentor.

The lone standing cardinal went to his knees, pulling off the red zucchetto cap he wore upon his head.

"The light of God shall cover the earth! It is unfathomable!" he sobbed, the pontiff staring at his friend, watching as the congregation before him rose to their feet, then as a mass going to their knees.

"God's faith is about to bear fruit, my brothers. Tomorrow's revelation will hearten the soul of the world. In less than a week good shall face evil, and the Lord's light will beam upon all of us. Rise my brothers. There is much discussion to be done. A light of hope stands alone tomorrow. He shall show the world the beginnings of God's light."
"It. . .it is a sign of Godly truth if true, your Eminence! It will be heralded as shocking wonder!" a cardinal said, standing in the front row.

"How do you know this to be true, Your Holiness? We could risk everything on this." another cardinal said.
The pontiff's eyes met the younger man's, the cardinal seeing deep faith and honesty in that look.

"I have known the man since I myself was a young priest in my homeland. And each year since then I have seen the faith shining in his blue eyes. Underneath those eyes I saw the deeper truth. My five devotees and I have seen the truth of his existence. Take my word as God's. Tomorrow the world will see his truth and then the faith shall begin."

"To see one. . .to hear of their existence! It. . .it defies logic!" Cardinal Giovanni said, the pontiff's hand going to the man's shoulder.

"Isn't that what faith is, Giuseppe? Seeing what logic insists isn't true?"

The man nodded, the pope looking out upon his red bishops of faith.

"After tomorrow's revelation I shall voice its genuineness as shall the other five of faith. The path widens with shocking wonder, my friends. The time of faith and testing love begins. Let us all pray for he who shall stand at evil's center. The Lord shall give that man his weapon of faith."

The congregation went to their knees again, Cardinal Giovanni going to his knees before the pope, tears filling his eyes.

"Lord, cast out our doubts, fill our hearts with hope. The new faith of your love begins. We, as your holy children of faith, shall rise as one and uphold your love and faith in our hearts. Lend your hand of love to this child of worth, give him the weapons to rid this earth of all that cast shadows of hurt and pain upon the downtrodden. Wrap us all in your faith and love. We go forward as one, as one of belief and hope. Amen." he said, crossing himself, the congregation rising as one, the pontiff staring out at all of them.

"Jolan Dragos walks forward into evil. Let us pray his soul is not the last victim of its hunger."

The cardinals as one crossed themselves, their eyes on their leader of faith.

Pope Benedict XVI went to his own knees, his blue eyes staring upwards at the frescos of the Sistine Chapel.

He eyes fell upon one portrait of a set of cherubs flying around God.

"The angel comes. Faith begins!"



End of Chapter 153


A chapter of homely love, our family of love settling into family bliss.

The calmness before the gathering storm, as Jolan named it.


What of Pope Benedict's words?

The angel comes?

Is Jolan really an angel in disguise?


Up next: The news reports of the good Reverend's revelation.

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And what will happen to our family of love, thrown into its center?


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