Jolan's Path - Chapter 154


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 154


Jolan was lost in the deep recesses of total darkness.

He fought within his soul to break through that darkness, a voice in his mind lightly whispering soft assurances to him.

"Relax, Jolan. Accept the darkness and it shall soothe you towards truth."

Jolan gained control of his emotions, his mind calming his inner soul.

He slowly opened his grey eyes, visions of moments in his past--and other pasts--flashing before him.

He saw images of his own self, of his grandfather, of his great-grandmother Queen Alveena, and other images of places and times he knew not of.

He struggled to keep his eyes open, their passing images like flashing moments of brightness.

He saw Vilos Dragos holding four infants in his arms at singular moments, seeing his father and his brothers in their infancy.

He saw Queen Alveena in a soft white dress, her face covered by a white lace veil, her wedding day shown in its beauty.

He saw people he knew not of, their faces unknown to him, others familiar.

Ravenia Archania dancing on the edge of a waterfall, a small child in her arms, Jolan knowing it was the mother of the Archanian dynasty, her daughter Selaria.

The images passed quickly, Jolan searing each into his memory, his thoughts reliving them.

The images sped up, slowed down, moved inconsistently, no appearance of a pattern in them.

"What am I seeing?" he softly said in his mind, the voice speaking again.

"You are seeing all, you are seeing one. Lost in all of it is the truth. The path's center and its core."

Jolan kept watching, the images flowing.

"It is the past of all of us, the path of all of us. Love knows no consistency, no singularity. You give in moments of love." the voice said, Jolan confused by those words.

Jolan felt a smile in his soul, the voice more tender in its softness.

"Erasmus of fantasy, Erasmus of need. Voices move as they must, as do souls."

"What's going on, Era? What are you showing me?"
"I am showing you life, Jolan. I am showing you love. I am readying you for its truth."
Jolan remained silent, taking in more visions of moments of love.

He saw himself standing in the Chamber of Ascendancy, the room bathed in a soft mist, the statue in the room's center hidden within its deep white cloud.

He looked upwards, only glimpsing the legs of King Dragos.

"What is this mist, Era?"
"It is the confusion of life, Jolan. The tablets of direction lay hidden from all of us."
"But the words are written in my soul." Jolan said, the voice smiling within him.

"So am I, Jolan. You were clever to draw me there."
"I sensed you needed to find love, Era. You needed to have my love."

The voice touched the center of Jolan's heart, Jolan trembling.

"I have it and so much more, child of love. Thank you for opening the truth before my eyes."

Jolan remained silent, staring at the mist-shrouded room.

"I sense I must return to this room in real life, Era."
"Yes, Jolan. You must guide all of them here, they must read the words and see the truth."

"My Dragosan family?"
"They and others, Jolan. Ascendancy cannot come without sacrifice. So says they from above."

Jolan saw the room beginning to fade, its vision slower in leaving.

Darkness covered Jolan's eyes again, his mind sensing the vision was over.

"Awaken to those that shall surround you today, Jolan. I marvel at what you're doing. Even I didn't know the depth of the truth."
"He still waits for you, you know that."
The darkness was silent for a moment.

"I am not worthy of what you are trying to show me, Jolan. I am not worthy of that returning love."
"We all carry hurt within our souls, Era. Forgiveness begins with owning up to one's shortcomings, to one's less than stellar truths."
"Please leave me in the darkness of my pain, Jolan. Your love. . .it hurts my soul."
"My love doesn't hurt, Era. You just have to give into its truth. The sun shines for you as well."

"That sun is never to be my fate, Jolan. It is not meant for me. I. . .I am but an illusion of time."

"You aren't, Era. You are real, your truth is real. I'll show you that soon."
Jolan felt a deep longing within his soul, the young man sending all his love to that center.

"Release me, Jolan. Please! Let me not feel this."

"You need me, Era. You need my love most of all."

"I. . .he. . .we are not worthy."

"Yes, you are. You most of all. For you have ventured out of the abyss, your love is the core of my existence."

The darkness was silent again, Jolan sensing the man's soul within him.

"Awaken to those that need you, Jolan. I shall remain lost."
Jolan sighed, his mind clearing.


Jolan's grey eyes opened, the young man feeling the hot breath on his cheek.

Josh's lips were against Jolan's cheek, his breath warm and sweetly scented.

Josh was the clean one of the four.

He'd brushed his teeth after the four had succumbed to their desires last night, the other three smiling and waiting for him to return to their arms of love.

Jolan smiled, his eyes scanning around him.

Josh lay beside his right side, Chace on his left, both of their arms around Justin's shoulders, the man laying on top of Jolan, his arms wrapped around Jolan's waist.

Jolan felt the weight of his husband on top of him, Justin's head laying on Jolan's chest.

He softly sighed, seeing the trapped position he was in.

His head raised, his eyes going to the clock on the nightstand, reading the hour of five-thirty.

He sighed, his mind lost in thought, his body lost in the warmth of his surrounding love.

He moved his hands, resting one on each of Justin's butt cheeks.

He smiled, lightly slapping the man's ass.

Justin stirred, his arms tightening around Jolan.

"Mmm, Jo. It's early." he softly said, sinking more against his love.
"I need to use the washroom, my angel. Scoot over." Jolan said, Justin slowly moving to Jolan's left, Chace's arm pulling Justin against him, Justin murmuring.

Jolan smiled, Josh against his other side pulling Jolan tight against him.

"One down, another to go." he softly said, his hand raising, lightly tapping Josh's nose.

Josh's blue eyes slowly opened, Jolan's grey staring at him with love.

"It's early, Jo. Go back to sleep." he softly said, his body moving closer to Jolan.

"I need to pee, Joshy. We're really not into water sports."
Josh's blue eyes opened again quickly, his head raising, Jolan smiling at him.

"Oh! Sorry, Jo. Go ahead." he said, his voice still filled with sleep, but his body moving back.

Jolan smiled, rising up from the center of the bed, Josh's head lowering again, Justin moving forward, his body going against Josh's, Chace moving with him.

Jolan smiled, staring down at the three sleeping together, Josh quietly looking up at him.

"Close your eyes again, Joshy." Jolan said, leaning down and kissing Josh's cheek.

The man smiled, his eyes closing, snuggling more into Justin's body.

Jolan smiled, taking one last look at the three, then walking into the bathroom.


He walked back out a half hour later, freshly showered, pulling a pair of shorts and t-shirt out of the closet, the three in the bed still sound asleep.

He smiled, dressed and quietly slipped out of the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.

He stopped in the hallway, his eyes going to his sons' bedroom door.

Jolan quietly walked across the hallway, slowly opening the door, peeking into the room.

His eyes met two blue pools of love.

"Morning, Dada." Logan's soft voice said, the boy sitting up in his bed, Spartacus laying with him, the boy stroking the dog's soft fur.

"You're up early, Logan. So are you, Sparty."
The dog wagged its tail, Logan smiling up at Jolan.

"Me wakes up, Dada! Sparty climbs into bed's with mes!"

Jolan smiled, the boy raising his arms, Jolan stooping down and picking up the boy.

"Me wants drinky, Dada!"
Jolan nodded, kissing the boy's cheek, heading out of the room, Spartacus following them.

Jolan looked over at his son, Hayden sound asleep, his soft snore filling the quiet room.

"Hay snores, Dada! Me always knows when he's dreaming!"

Jolan lightly laughed, he and the boy quietly walking out of the room, descending the stairs.

Jolan walked into the kitchen, the small boy snuggled in his arms.

"Want to go into your chair, Logan?" he said, the boy shaking his head no.

"Me warms in your arms, Dada." he said softly, Jolan smiling, opening the fridge door, pulling out a carton of milk, pouring some into Logan's juice cup, and into Spartacus' food bowl, and then a glass for himself.

He put the lid on Logan's cup, handing it to the boy, Logan pulling it to his lips, Jolan smiling and picking up his own glass.

Spartacus was lapping up the milk from his bowl on the floor, Jolan patting the dog's head.

He walked out of the kitchen, out onto the patio, his eyes taking in the soft darkness of the backyard, the sun not having reached its crescendo over the gazebo.

"Early, Dada."
"Yes, Logan. It's early enough." he said, sitting down on the patio's steps, the boy snuggled in his lap.

Jolan smiled down at the boy, the boy drinking his milk, Jolan sipping at his own glass.

The two sat in loving silence, the boy snuggling into his chest.

Within a few minutes the boy had emptied his cup, letting it drop down, Jolan setting it on the step.

The boy smiled up at Jolan, Jolan smiling back.

"Big day, Dada."
Jolan smiled, kissing the boy's forehead.

"Yes, Logan. Big day." he softly said, the boy's head snuggling more into his chest.

"No be's fraid, Dada. It time to shows them. I feel wuv coming."

Jolan quietly watched the boy, his blue eyes staring into his soul.

"Yes, Logan. Love's coming soon."
"I wuv you, Dada."
Jolan smiled, his finger rubbing the boy's cheek.

"I love you too, Logan."
"Me's so happy, Dada. Me gots you and Daddy and Papa and Poppa and Hay! And Sparty! Me never bes lone again."
Jolan smiled widely, the boy's voice filled with such happiness.

"No you won't, Logan. We're all here to love you."

Jolan's head raised, Josh's blue eyes meeting his.

The man stood in the patio doorway, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, a soft smile on his face, Spartacus at his side.

The dog walked out onto the patio, sitting down on Jolan's left side, Logan smiling and patting the dog's head.

Josh walked out onto the patio, sitting down on Jolan's right side.

Logan climbed from Jolan's lap into Josh's, the boy smiling up at his father.

"Morning, Daddy. Me's and Dada talkings."

Josh smiled, kissing his son's forehead, the boy smiling up at him.

"Morning, my little ray of sunshine. Daddy loves you. And he loves Dada."
Jolan smiled, Josh leaning in and kissing his lips, the boy smiling at both of them.

"You warms too, Daddy. Me snuggles." the boy said, snuggling into his father's chest, Josh's arms wrapping around him, the boy closing his eyes.

A few minutes of snuggled warmth passed.

"He was awake when I got up." Jolan said, smiling at the little boy.

"Was he okay?" Josh said, looking down at his son, the boy now sleeping against his chest.

"I think so. He just woke up early I guess. He wanted a drink."
Josh nodded, smiling at Jolan.

"You're up early as well, our angel of love."
Jolan smiled, his arm going around Josh, Spartacus' head going into Jolan's lap, Jolan rubbing his neck.

"I woke up early, too."
"Couldn't sleep, my Jo?"
"Just a lot going through my mind. It was enough to wake me."
"The day of revelation is upon us, Jo."
Jolan nodded, Josh kissing his cheek, Jolan's head going to Josh's shoulder.

"Yes, Josh. It begins finally."
"The final path to destiny."

Jolan nodded, Josh feeling the warmth of his friend against him.

"What say we put Logan and Hay in with the other kids. Then you and I can have a talk."
Jolan nodded, Spartacus raising his head, the two men rising up, walking back into the house.

They walked upstairs, Josh heading into their bedroom, Jolan heading into Hayden's room.

Within moments the two small boys were snuggled between Justin and Chace, Hayden and Justin's soft snoring filling the large bedroom.

"Like father, like son." Josh smiled, Jolan smiling at the four in the bed, Josh's arm going around him.

"I started the coffee, Jo. Before I walked out onto the patio. Let's grab a cup."
Jolan nodded, the two walking quietly out of the room.


Jolan sighed, feeling the warmth of the soft lips against his, the man lost in Josh's deep love.

The two sat in the living room on the couch, snuggled together, Jolan wrapped in Josh's arms, their coffee sitting on the coffee table before them.

They broke their kiss, Jolan softly smiling.

"I thought you wanted to talk, Joshua? I haven't been able to say a word."
Josh smiled, his lips softly touching Jolan's again.

"We say a lot with our kisses, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, his head going against Josh's chest, Josh smiling.

"Kisses can't hide the feeling within us, Joshua. Open up on the feelings I feel."

Josh sighed, his arm tightening around Jolan.

"I thought I was your familiar, Jolan? What's going on today? Why haven't you confided in me on this?"

Jolan raised his head, staring into two blue pools of concerned love.

"I was guarding you against the truth, Joshua. I was guarding all of you."
"What truth is that, Jolan?"

"The truth of what I have at stake in all this."
Josh sat up a bit, Jolan sitting up as well.

"I love you, Jolan. As do our Justin and Chace. We're here for you as we stated already."
"I know, Joshua. I know that you are even more here for me than our loves. You are right. You are my confidant, my soulmate and my friend. I'm sorry for not voicing the truth to you in all this."
"We love you, Jolan. I love you."

Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's lips, their love totally open before them.

"The final path is my own, Josh. It's a path destiny always intended for me. And it's a path for only one man's feet."

"So you have to walk alone from now on?" Josh said, not liking Jolan's words.

"Yes, Josh. Alone with my destiny, but not alone in my heart. You, my Jus and our Chace, and our boys, are there with me. Will always be with me."

"And what of the other?"
Jolan's eyes met Josh's.

"Era's there as well. He's not happy about it, but he's there."

"So you've talked to him again?"

"Yes, Josh. We had a deep discussion this morning, just before I awoke."

"And what is the essence of all this? Of him and your imprisoning him? That's basically what you've done, isn't it? You've imprisoned him in your soul."
"Yes, Josh. I gave him the love he needed. The same love you have received."

"So you've captured his soul as well." Josh said, kissing Jolan on the lips again.

Jolan smiled, their eyes meeting.

"I've confused him, I've given you three all of my love."

Josh smiled, sipping at his coffee, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Why have you confused him?"
"I want him to be busy, Josh. I don't want him to suspect what I'm about to do."

"What's going on in that conniving mind of yours, Jo?"

Jolan smiled, kissing Josh again.

"I'm guiding the paths of love, Joshua. And I'm righting the wrongs of life."

Josh nodded, still uncertain of Jolan's words.

"Care to voice those to a friend?"

Jolan smiled, pulling Josh against him.

"Alright, my familiar of love. It is time you learned of what I'm doing. Of what today begins."
Josh nodded, smiling at his Jolan.

"Thank you for entrusting me with that knowledge, my Jo."
"I love you, Josh. It's a different love that my Jus' or my Chace's. It's the love of trusting familiarity, of intellectual companionship. You are my familiar in all the trueness of its meaning."
Jolan lowered his head for a moment, then raised it, his eyes showing a deep look of uncertainty.

"There is only one part that I cannot reveal. For it is the essence of all of this. I only need one small missing piece for that part to be revealed to me finally. I'll find that at Bolta Cerului. And then this destiny can end."

Josh nodded, Jolan's hand going to his face, lightly rubbing his smooth cheek.

"Do you love all of me, Joshua? Can you love those parts hidden from you? Those truths hidden?"
"Yes, Jolan. I love all of you. Nothing shall sway that love from your heart."

Jolan smiled, leaning forward and kissing Josh's lips deeply, the man lost in the love flowing from him.

"Then let's begin. Our loves shall be waking soon."
Josh nodded, Jolan's voice filling the quiet room.


Jolan remained silent, Josh against him, the man's head buried in his chest, the sobbing finally stopping.

Jolan held him, letting the man's emotions lessen.

"Oh, Jo! The depth of it! The truth of it! Why didn't you tell me sooner?!"
"How could I, Joshua? How could I look you in those eyes of love and tell you of my existence?"

"But your existence is love, Jolan. This changes nothing of my love for you. It only increases it!"

"I know, Josh. I've always known that. That's the one thing that made me continue on this path. The love of you and them."

Josh raised his head, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"You see the reasoning now of why I've now told you?"

Josh nodded his head, Jolan softly smiling at him.

"They'll be amazed, Jo. The world will be. . .it will be so amazing!"

Jolan smiled more, kissing Josh's lips again.

"Yes, I'm sure it will be."
"But. . .but what of you, Jo? What do you get out of all of this?"

"I get what I've always wanted, Joshua. Your unending love. That is my reward for all of this. I truly believe that."

"Why won't you tell me of the ending, Jolan?"

Jolan lowered his head for a moment, raising it again.

"For to show you that may show you my weakness, Joshua. My weakness for letting it all happen."

Josh's arms went around Jolan, Jolan feeling his deep love.

"I love you, Jolan. We all love you."
Jolan nodded, Josh smiling at him.

"I shall be by your side through all of this, until you face that final moment. My love is there for you, and for them."
"I know, Joshua. That's why I picked you as my deepest familiar soulmate. Your love is the greatest of all of us. You are the backbone of our oneness."
Josh smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Enough said on this, my friend. Today it begins. We are ready, both of us. I only need one more thing this morning."
"What is that, Jolan?" Josh said, Jolan's hand going to his friend's face again, brushing a tear away from Josh's cheek.

"The wetness of your beauty, and your love."
Josh smiled, Jolan taking his hand, pulling him upwards.

"The coldness of our pool's morning wetness will warm against your beauty."
Josh smiled, the two heading for the kitchen.


Justin and Chace walked out of the house, staring towards the pool.

Jolan and Josh lay on a large towel at the pool's edge, their naked bodies against each other.

The two men had come downstairs, setting the boys down at the table, the two giggling as they sipped on their juice cups, Chace looking out the kitchen window.

"There our men are, by the pool. And they're sunning themselves wrapped in love."

Justin had looked out the window as well, his arm around Chace.

"Let's call them in soon. How about we make breakfast for them?"
Chace had smiled, the two nodding at each other.

Here now it was half an hour later, the two walking towards the pool, their eyes taking in the vision of male masculinity laying by the pool's edge.

Two heads rose upwards, two smiles greeting them.

"There's not a lot of warmth in the morning's rays, our angels. What have you two been up to?" Chace said, kneeling beside them, his lips meeting Josh's.

Jolan's lips were met by Justin's, the two men greeting with love from their soulmates.

"Good morning, Jo. Good morning, Joshy." Justin said, then kissing Josh, Chace kissing Jolan.

"You went skinny-dipping without us?" Justin pouted, Jolan lightly laughing, kissing the pout away from his handsome face, Josh and Chace smiling at them.

"Our boys of love were in dreamland with our sons. We had to make our own fun." Josh smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"What's that white stuff floating in the pool?" Chace said, raising his eyebrows, all four bursting into laughter.

The four smiled, Justin handing both nude men their shorts.

"Breakfast is ready, my buffed beauties." Justin smiled, Josh and Jolan smiling.

"Wow! Our boys made breakfast! What's the occasion?" Josh said, Chace pulling the shorts over his husband's calmed center, smiling at him.

"Do we need an occasion to show our love for our old men?" Chace grinned, Josh laughing, the two sunbathing men rising to their feet, Jolan pulling his shorts over his naked center, Justin handing both men their t-shirts.

"No, never my angels. Thank you for touching us with your giving kindness." Jolan smiled, Chace kissing his cheek.

"After breakfast our men are going to join us in this pool." he said, Josh and Jolan smiling at each other.

"Alright angels of wet longing. Feed us then please us." Jolan said, his arm going around his Justin, the two men smiling at him and Josh.

"Ugh! More work!" Justin said, Josh slapping his shorts-clad ass.

The four laughed again, walking into the house and back to their sons.


The breakfast was delicious, filling and large, everyone eating to their hearts' content.

After breakfast, the two waterlogged angels returned to the pool with their soulmates and their sons.

The morning was filled with laughter, seduction and desire.

Justin had taken the boys into the house, playing with them in their room, while Josh and Jolan sated their young tiger's needful lust.

The two had made love to him in the pool, their wet bodies sending the young man into ecstasy twice, their touches, kisses and giving centers sated the man's libido.

Chace had then switched places with Justin, the singer lost in the music of their love as the two men carried him across the skies of his needful desires.

Josh and Jolan had both given into Justin, and then taken him, their soulmates' love theirs.

Chace had walked out just before lunch with the two boys, Justin sound asleep in Jolan's arms on a towel by the pool's edge, the three sunbathing beauties now in swim trunks.

"Our singing angel is asleep?" Chace said, sitting down beside his husband, Josh laying on a lounge chair.

"His needs exhausted him." Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's forehead, Hayden climbing on top of Justin, the man murmuring.

"Wake up, Poppa! Me wants to play more!" Hayden said, Justin's eyes opening, his fingers going to the boy's chest, Hayden screaming with glee, Logan laughing and clapping his hands.

"Poppa foolings! He's awakes, Hay!"

Justin laughed, pulling the other boy into his arms, both screaming with laughter, the other three men laughing.

"On that note of gleeful happiness, I'll start lunch. Doggies, my boys?"

"Yep, Dada! Me wants doggies!" Logan said, still laughing, Justin giving him a raspberry on his belly.

"Me wants doggie too, Dada!" Chace said, Jolan laughing, leaning down and kissing his lips.

"You'll be fat if you keep devouring our doggies."

All three men laughed, Jolan walking towards the barbecue.

"He seems happy, Josh. I take it your love calmed him this morning?" Justin said, Josh looking at him.

"I remember him waking up early, then leaving the bed." Justin said, Josh nodding.

"Yes, Jus. He's calm now, and always was. The day concerns him, but he's calm."
"You know what's about to happen, don't you? " Chace said, Logan climbing into his lap.

"Yes, guys. Jolan told me everything this morning. It truly will be amazing."

"Care to tell us, Joshy?" Justin said, Josh looking at him with quiet reflection.

"He asked you not to, didn't he?" Justin said, Josh nodding his head.

"Secrecy and surprise are a part of it, Jus. I'm sorry for that."

Justin nodded, Chace looking at him quietly.

"I understand that, Josh. Just tell me one thing."
Josh stared at him, slowly nodding his head.

"Will he leave us?"

Josh moved, pulling Justin up with him as he stood, staring into his blue eyes.

"Never, Justin. Jolan is ours forever."

Justin smiled, pulling the man against him.

"Thank you, Josh. That truth will get me through all of it." he said, Chace standing as well.

"Me too, my Josh. His love will be ours forever."
The three smiled, looking towards the barbecue.

Jolan's beautiful face smiled at all three, Hayden slapping Justin's knee, Justin looking down at him.

"Plays, Poppa!" he said, smiling up at him.

"Come on boys! Let's hit the ball around!" he said, Chace and he running after the two boys of happiness heading for the grass.

Josh smiled, his eyes meeting Jolan's again.

The two smiled at each other, Josh heading into the house to bring Jolan the hotdogs.


Fagin Greymount tapped his fingers on his chair's armrest, his brooding continence felt by all those surrounding him.

"No word on them yet?" he said, barking at a man in uniform at his right.

"They are on the trek down the road, Sire!" the soldier said, the man in the central chair nodding.

"Guide them here quickly when they reach the camp, brute!" Fagin said, the man bowing, leaving the chamber.

Fagin's black eyes looked around the room, each man lowering his head as his gaze took them in, only one remaining focused on him.

Nathan stared at the man, Fagin's black eyes averting his gaze.

"Who are we waiting for, Fagin?" the former doctor said, Fagin's eyes meeting his again.

"The evening's entertainment, Nathan." he quietly said, his black eyes looking towards Brandon.

It had been a few days of intense pain for Brandon and Nathan.

Fagin's foul mood had been lashed out on them as well as on others.

Nathan had felt the man's greatest anger, the monster taking him again and again for over three days.

Nathan's center felt numb with pain, the man refusing to focus on it, his soul charged with the strength of his Badenwolf heritage.

"No word on your pendant?" Nathan said, the man leering at him.

"That is no longer my concern, my Beast." he said, the man's hand going to his arm.

Last night Nathan had seen a surprising physical change in Fagin.

The man had taken him completely naked, Nathan focusing on the man's right arm.

All up its length Nathan had seen lesions, scars and scabs.

To his trained medical eye it looked liked diseased tissue.

He'd remained silent, his keen eyesight taking in the man's condition again this morning when he'd climbed out of bed at a soldier's entrance into their bedchamber.

Nathan had seen another scar on the man's left hand.

Nathan now stared at the man seated on his throne, the man's fingers rubbing near his left eye.

Nathan took in the small scar showing there.

What does this mean?

Is the man diseased?
Does it have something to do with his lost pendant?

Nathan kept his thoughts to himself, his eyes going to Brandon.

The young man looked exhausted, and in pain.

Fagin had thrown the young man into the main tent of the soldiers' barracks, telling the men he was theirs for the evening.

Brandon had screamed as they carried him to a large bed.

Nathan had heard the screams from his own bed of horror as Fagin climbed on top of him, Nathan's Badenwolf soul erupting, the man claiming him with his usual better strength.

But Nathan had also felt a change in that strength towards the end.

Nathan had sensed that if he'd had a little more strength he could have turned the tables on the monster.

When Fagin had climbed out of bed this morning, Nathan had seen a look of worry on his face.

His thoughts were interrupted by the chamber's door opening.

Into the room walked two men, Nathan knowing one of them, Brandon staring at him with surprise.

Tim Baxter stared at both men, his face covered in bruises, his clothes dishevelled and half hanging from him.

The man was trembling, his eyes then meeting Fagin's.

"Where am I?" he said, the other man beside him hitting him with an elbow to the ribs.

Baxter gasped, looking with anger at the man.

"Silence before the Master, fool." the man said, Fagin's eyes on both of them.

"So, this is the infamous Tim Baxter. I thought you said he was worthy of the task, Nathan?"

Nathan's eyes met Baxter's, the man looking at him with worry.

"I. . .I tried my best. I was attacked on all sides. That bastard saw through my plans!" he said, Cecil Chamberlain slapping him silent.

"You failed, coward. You were supposed to destroy his image, his self-worth. He bested even you." Fagin said, the reporter staring at him.

"Who are you? Why have I been dragged here? Where am I?"

Chamberlain hit the man again, in the back of the knees with his foot, Baxter falling to the ground.

"Shut up and kneel before the Master, fool."

Baxter's eyes went to Brandon, then Nathan.

"They. . .they made me do this? It's their fault I didn't succeed!" he said, Chamberlain shaking his head, grabbing the man by the hair, Baxter screaming as he pulled hard.

"Listen to me, fool. I said silence!"

Baxter stopped screaming, putting his hand over his own mouth.

He stared at the lawyer standing beside him as he released his grip.

He'd been totally shocked by the man when he'd boarded the private plane in Los Angeles.

Cecil Chamberlain had called him early that morning, informing him that he was to fly to New York to be given his final payments from Nathan.

Greed had driven Baxter onto that private plane, the man surprised to see the lawyer on the plane, not in New York.

The lawyer said he was accompanying him to New York, Nathan waiting for both of them there.

"Nathan has an extra bonus waiting for you there. The man's famous, exotic and delicious."

Baxter had smiled widely, relaxing and sitting down in his seat, the lawyer smiling at him.

Within ten minutes of their flight taking off, the lawyer had attacked him.

The man had basically raped him, his screams and yelling ignored by the two pilots flying the plane.

Throughout the flight Chamberlain had given both pilots a turn at him, all three raping him again and again.

For half an hour the plane had been put on autopilot, the three taking him together, Baxter's screams cut off by thrusting manhoods.

Here now he was, standing before a man he didn't know.

"You failed, Baxter. But even in failure I feel your needs, your lustful hunger for greatness. I admire that in a man. You are the type of man I can use." Fagin said, his fingers tapping the chair arm again.

Baxter's eyes were on the man seated before him.

"I. . .I tried everything! He's just so ahead of me! It was like he knew all I'd planned. Are you sure one of these two didn't tell him?" Baxter said pointing at Nathan and Brandon.
Cecil shook his head, raising his hand to slap the man across the face, his master's words stopping him.

"Be still, Cecil. I like the man's soul."

Baxter bowed before the man, his keen intellect sensing the man's importance.

"I serve anyone for the right price."

Fagin smiled at him, his black eyes going to Chamberlain.

"What news from the outside, Cecil? It cost me much to free your captured soul." he said, Cecil walking forward and kneeling before his master.

"I thank you for your giving heart, Master. There is confusion rising among the world, Sire."

Fagin stared at the man.

"What are you talking about, man?"

Cecil's eyes met the blackness staring back at him.

"Today an announcement comes for the church orders. There is word Jolan Dragos is somehow connected to it. It is to be broadcast across the airwaves this evening."

Fagin looked surprised, staring towards two soldiers by the doorway.

"Hook up the satellite link. Set up the screen."

They both bowed then left, Fagin's eyes returning to Cecil.

"No word of what it is?"
The man shook his head no.

"Interesting. Jolan is now focusing on religious farce? What's his game?" the man said, looking at the lawyer in pondering silence.

"I don't know, Sire." he said, Fagin's eyes going to Baxter, taking in his dishevelled, tired looks.

"I'd offer you sustenance Cecil, but I see you've already dined. How was your meal?" the man smiled, Cecil smiling a soft smile.

"It was succulent and fought well. You know I like the fight in them. The pain was exquisite."

Fagin smiled, Baxter's eyes showing a look of soft fear.

"Each hurt deservedly given. Come here, Baxter."

The man looked at Nathan, Nathan remaining silent.

The man slowly rose to his feet, walking slowly forward, looking at the lawyer smiling at him.

"Come, come. Do not fear me." the man on the chair said, Baxter stopping right in front of him.

"I admire a man with no scruples, Baxter. You show very few."
"I. . .I am who I am."
Fagin nodded, looking towards Cecil.

"You hate him, don't you? For what he just did to you?"
Baxter didn't look at the kneeling lawyer, slowly nodding his head.

"He is one of my most faithful servants. He does as I tell him."
Baxter looked surprised, his eyes meeting the black pools of the monster before him.

"I hate failure. I cannot fathom it, fool."

Fagin rose in a flash, his teeth meeting the young man's throat, Baxter's scream cut off before it left his opening throat.

Nathan closed his eyes, as did Brandon.
All those in the room remained silent, their own souls thankful it was not them.

Cecil Chamberlain smiled, rising from his knees, watching Fagin feast on the dying man's throat, his face covered in blood.

Fagin released his grip, the dead man falling to the floor.

"Remove him." Fagin said, his tongue licking off the blood from his lips.

Two soldiers moved, the dead reporter's body pulled out of the room.

"His heart I want!" Fagin said, the soldiers nodding as they left.

Fagin sat down again, his black eyes staring at Cecil.

"Scruples or naught, failure cannot be tolerated." he said, Cecil nodding.

Fagin's eyes went to Nathan, the young man staring at him with intense hatred.

"Arise Beast of my command!" Fagin said, Nathan's form instantly changing, all those in the room stepping back in shock as a large wolf revealed itself before them, Cecil gasping in shock.

Fagin smiled, his eyes going to his loyal servant.

"You have failed me, Cecil."
Cecil focused on his master, staring at him with horror.

"Never, Master! I was and always will be your servant!" he said, going to his knees again.

Fagin smiled at him, a look of fatherly love on his red soaked face, the lawyer calming a bit.

"Kill him."

Cecil froze in horror, the wolf across from him charging right for him, the lawyer having no chance to run, the beast on top of him in an instant, the man's first scream his last.

Bones were heard breaking, teeth crunching, everyone in the room standing in silent shocked horror.

Brandon's eyes were closed, his soul latching onto the last iota of sanity within him.

Fagin smiled, his eyes scanning all who stared at the carnage before them.

"Welcome into the reality of our fight my greatest weapon. Welcome my Black Beast of Death."


Joey stared at Jolan, the young man relaxing on a couch, Josh and Justin with him, their hands joined, Chace on the floor in front of them, their two boys playing with Sean and Jayden, all on the floor beside Chace.

Lance was at Joey's side, Jennie and Jonathan with them on their couch, others in the large living room as well.

Chris, Britney, Johnny Wright, Lynn, Sandra and Jessica, as well as Leo, Kelly, Auntie Gee and Briahna were seated around the room.

Enrique and Orlando had just arrived a few minutes earlier with Nick, Usher and Tyrone.

Ally and Lonnie walked into the room, smiling at everyone.

Lonnie carried a tray of drinks, Ally a tray of snacks.

"Did we miss much?" Lonnie said, passing the tray around.

"Anderson Cooper's been droning on about nothing in particular. It's almost time though." Lance said, everyone looking towards Jolan, the young man relatively silent.

They all sat in the living room awaiting the appearance of Reverend Francis.

"I think it's about to start." Lynn said, everyone's eyes focusing on the room showing on the large television screen.

"It's about to start. Let's listen in." Anderson Cooper said, the camera panning toward the central dais shown on the screen.

Behind the dais sat several men of religious truth, their clothes marking them as people of the faith.

"Looks like a lot of religious brass have congregated here. I think we're about to find out what's been conjectured for the last few days." Anderson said, the camera panning the press area and rows of religious devotees.

A man walked across the stage, his body clothed in the simple uniform of a parish minister.

Reverend Francis Albright walked to the dais, all the men behind it standing, the front rows before him standing as well.

"Please be seated, everyone." the Reverend said, his face showing a look of deep calmness.

His head raised, the man's hands going together, a silent prayer said in his soul.

"Good evening, everyone. My name is Reverend Francis Albright. I am a man of faith, a soul of God's devotion and a believer in the true faith and our Lord's divine intervention."

All those in Jolan's living room remained silent, looking between the man on the television and Jolan.

"I stand before you this day as a servant of God, as a servant of his message of love and faith. I also stand today before you as something more. I wish to begin this narrative with a story of divine faith and giving love. Today, I stand before you as more than a man of faith, a man of hope and devotion.

I am a man of the cloth, my life given over to God's message. I am not a high servant of God's church nor a beacon by which the faithful shall follow. I am only a person, a man of faith and hope.

Many years ago I was given a vision, a vision of this moment.

Trust, love, hope and faith were given to me by a man of deep conviction, by a man of total divinity and love.

I wish, today, to tell you the story of my path, and the path of another."

Everyone in the room stared at Jolan, the young man softly sighing.

"Your path as well, Jo?" Chris asked.

His young friend remained silent, Chris' eyes returning to the Reverend.

The Reverend stared out in front of him, the world staring back.

"My path began over a hundred and sixty years ago."

Everyone's eyes widened, the room in which the Reverend stood shrouded in silence, Jolan's room even more so.

"Yes, what I just said was correct." the good Reverend said looking out onto the world's stage.

One of the religious leaders standing behind the Reverend stood up.

"What. . .what are you saying. . .that's impossible!!" the man said, Reverend Albright turning towards the man of Jewish devotion.

"It is not impossible when you believe in the truth of God's love." Reverend Francis said, his eyes softly glowing, the rabbi sinking back into his seat.

Reverend Francis Albright turned back to the staring silent reporters and cleric members staring back at him, seeing the cameras and video cameras zooming in on his face.

"My devotion is to God's service. I am a servant of the Lord. And I am one of the Seven of The Light. The light of God's love. It is a devotion as I have said that was entrusted to me and six others so many ages ago by one man. A man of deep faith and guiding love. That man's name is unknown to many, but loved by those of his descended worth. He himself is an image of magical love and faithful beauty."
Reverend Francis lowered his head in esteemed reverence, then raised it again, his blue tired eyes showing deep faith and tearful love.

"To him I gave my devotion. My devotion to his descendant's returning love. That man's name was Vilos Dragos. He was a true servant of God, as I myself am. He showed me the truth of my own existence, and the coming truth of his grandson's existence. Today I stand before you about to bear myself for what I am. And shortly they of their own truth shall show themselves. It is time that the world saw what lays hidden from its hopeful eyes. It is time that we, as believers of faith, take a stand. A stand against the evil surrounding us. In a short few days life as we once knew it will cease to exist. The truth of God's love shall shine in its heart. And I am one of the chosen to end evil's reign."

People in the room murmured, the Reverend remaining calm and focused.

"First off I'd like to tell you the story of a young man's past, of a young man's divinity. Let me tell you the story of the Dragosan heritage, and the other clans of truth."

The minister began the story of the Dragosan clan, the man telling of the other three clans of truth, all those eyes in the room widening in disbelief, in wondrous unfathomed shock.

He left nothing out, reciting the lineage of the Dragosan, Archanian and Badenwolf dynasties, as well as the Sumsarian nation.

"And so you see that this world holds many secrets of magic, love and faith. We are not the only sentinels of faith upon this earth, my religious brethren."

The men of faith behind the Reverend stood, their voices throwing words of denial at him, world of insanity and hatred, of disbelief and shaking untruths.

"He's told everything! And it didn't go over well." Lonnie said, his eyes on Jolan, the young man still silent.

Even Anderson Cooper got into the fray, his voice showing its disbelief over the scene showing before the world.

"Is this some kind of farce? We apologize to our viewers for what appears to be a large hoax. Let's continue to listen to this man's absurdities, but we'll end this when its fully a circus. Again we apologize."
Reverend Francis still remained calm, his blue eyes looking behind him and in front of him.

"Please, everyone! Let me finish!"

The din gradually began to lower, the faithful returning to their seats.

"Thank you, my friends. I am not standing here to play a game of insanity or a charade of unbelievable truths. What I stand here with is the truth. All that I have said is true. A confrontation of evil against goodness is upon us. I am standing here today to give warning to all the nations of the world, and to all the faithful souls a hope and a glimpse at what our world one day might be. God is coming and the righteous shall prevail. Evil's day is at an end. Step back from evil or be devoured in the Light of God!"

People were shouting again, the Reverend staring out at their berating vocal lassitude.

"You are lying! What proof do you have of this absurdity?" one man, a priest, said, standing in front of the minister.

"I have the proof of my own soul, and the proof of my own truth." he said, everyone staring at him.
The Reverend moved from the dais, standing alone upon the stage, the man removing the black minister's jacket he wore.

"The magic of my own life is now upon me. I walk forward with God's love in my heart. I am on the path of his devotion, a servant in his army of reigning truth. My soul flies with his love."

The minister stood in silence, his body going erect, looking as if it was rising upward.

Behind him two large wings spread out, those behind him standing in disbelief, the crowd before him moving back.

"Behold the truth of the hidden magic of God's armies!"
The man stood proud, his blue eyes softly glowing.

"I am God's servant. I am an Archangel!"



End of Chapter 154


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