Jolan's Path - Chapter 155


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 155


All eyes were on Jolan Dragos' quiet, calm face.

"He's an Archanian?!" Chris said, his eyes filled with shocked wonder, staring at the minister standing upon the stage on television.

"The good Reverend is a winged warrior, Christopher." Jolan said, the first words he'd spoken in over a half hour.

Everyone continued to stare at Jolan, Hayden climbing up into his lap.

"Me see angel again, Dada." the boy said, pointing towards the television.

Jolan smiled, kissing his son's cheek.

"Yes, Hay. Another angel." Jolan said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his.

"The man's. . . he's. . .he's revealed their existence to the world!" Chris said, his voice still filled with wonder, wonder most everyone else in the room held in their hearts as well.

"Yes, Chris. My friend has revealed the clans of destiny to the world, and his own soul." Jolan said, Hayden climbing into Justin's lap, Jolan rising out of his seat, everyone in the room watching him.

Jolan walked over to the large picture window in the room, staring out into the afternoon sunshine.

"It was time that the world saw the truth of the magic hidden from its heart. The time of destiny is at hand. The world may perhaps never be the same."

Josh stood up, walking up to his friend, his hand going to his shoulder.

"The path of final love begins, Jo. The world indeed will never be the same. For it shall see your love shining." he said, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his, the man kissing his cheek.

Jolan's eyes returned to the television screen, seeing the camera zooming in on Reverend Francis, those on the dais surrounding him, their face showing shocked wonder, the winged man quietly standing in the center of the storm of revelation.

"He has a strong heart of faith, my grandfather's choice well chosen. It shall get him through the next week of staring adulation. Now comes the other six of chosen truths."
Joey stood up, Lance standing as well, the others staring at Jolan.

"And what will they reveal?" Joey said, Jolan smiling at his friend.

"One is a child of my brethren, the other five figures of Godly devotion. They will voice the truth of the world's hidden clans, of magic's truth and life's uncertainties." Jolan said, looking at his watch.

"The pope will speak first, in about eight hours, Wednesday morning in Rome. The other five will voice their devotion to the path around the same time. The world will see the dawning of magic's moment, and the united front the faithful of this world will voice and show. And then its eyes will turn to me and my final confrontation."

"Why now, Jo? Why show those magical creatures now?"
Jolan's eyes met Usher's, the man having spoken the question.

"To give the world hope and faith. To make it see the truth of what's to come, Ush."

The man nodded, Nick's arms going around him.

"We believe in the magic and faith to come, Jolan. We have seen its truth with our own eyes. And we have seen your love." Nick said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, Nick. Love is the core of all this. Love and faith."

"Why did he state his revealed truth like that, Jo?" Lonnie said.

"Yes, Jo. Why did he say he was an Archangel and not an Archanian?" Ally said, Lonnie's big arms around her.

Jolan smiled at the couple, his hands folding in front of him.

"Because the name archangel holds more faithful truth than Archanian. As Uncle Simus once stated the lore of angels and archangels grew from the Archanian nation, those winged creatures transformed into the myth of angels. Reverend Francis wanted to shock the world with his revealed self. What better way than to claim himself as an archangel. The theologians will discuss all of this in depth throughout the week. Myths may give way to truths."

"I don't envy the man's leap into the spotlight. He'll be in the center of the greatest media storm ever." Enrique said, Orlando seated before him, his lover's arms wrapped around him.

"He accepted that moment many years ago, my friends. He gave that devotion to my grandfather."

Justin stood up, putting his son down with his young friends, the four giggling.

He walked up to Jolan, his arms going around him.

"You said one other of the seven was another child of your brethren. One of the other six is a Badenwolf?"
Jolan nodded, looking into his husband's eyes.

"Yes, Jus. Both clans of magic must be revealed. The world needs to see the truth of the two sects of goodness that shall join with my Sumsarian brotherhood. Man and creatures of magic must unite. The battle of good against evil shall happen. And then the light shall shine."

"What does that mean in essence?" Orlando said, Jolan smiling at the actor.

"It means that God's light of love on that day shall shine into the hearts of all. And those souls shall decide on what their life's choice shall be. Life in goodness, or death in evil."

Chris stood up, staring at Jolan in awed wonder.

"This is going to explode! You're going to be in the center of all of this, Jo. Reverend Francis told all of the truth! Everything about what lays ahead for the clans and your being in its center. His revelations will be nothing to the media storm that will surround you this week!"
Jolan sighed, nodding his head.

"I know, Chris. I know that I am the nexus of the world's trembling gaze. That I am the center of all of this. I accept now what that entails. The next few days will be my trial in front of the world. The world shall follow me to my destiny's end."
Justin's arms tightened around Jolan, the young man smiling at him.

"But the world's need, or the world's gaze, will not filter through the love surrounding me. I have all of you to keep me sane."
Everyone smiled, Jolan's grey eyes looking into each of their souls.

"We're all here for you, Jolan. We'll walk with you and love you." Leo said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I couldn't ask for a greater army of love than all of you." he said, everyone smiling at him.

Jennie stood up, walking up to her brother, Justin and Josh smiling at her.

"I am ready and so is Hay, Jolly." she said, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"We three of the sun shall join as one, our light the beacon for God's intervention." Jennie said, her arms going around her brother.

"I hunger for that total lighted love, Jolly."

Jolan smiled, wrapping his arms around her.

"I will protect both of you, I won't let you feel any of the evil I must walk into. You'll only feel the greater light." he said, everyone staring at the two.

"I feel that light already, Jolly. Your love is the greatest light."

Jolan smiled, kissing his sister's cheek.

Jolan's eyes went around the room, everyone quietly staring at him and his sister.

"The time closes in on us. At the end of this week I meet my Sumsarian brethren. And then the last revelation is revealed. The three clans shall join under my love. And then it ends and the world breathes again."
"What exactly will happen then, Jo? To you, Hayden and my Jennie?" Jonathan said, Jolan smiling at him, the young man's eyes on Jennie.

"It will be a time of wonder, of hope, of faith and of truth. I cannot voice what that entails. I can only tell you that I will protect all of you. All those that stand with me will forever feel my love."
Everyone stood up, Jolan's eyes meeting all of theirs.

"We all love you, Jo. We'll all stand with you." Enrique said, Jolan smiling at the Latin singer.

"Thank you all. It makes the days more bearable." he said, everyone moving, Jolan surrounded by hugs and kisses of love.

Josh smiled at everyone's love for the young man, the man kissing Justin's cheek.

"He has what he needs, Jus. Our love is the answer to his acceptance."
Justin nodded, the two men watching their Jo, Chace now at their side as well.

The group parted, giving Jolan air.

"On that note of giving love I should start dinner. I hope everyone shall stay?"

Everyone nodded, Jolan smiling at them all.

"We'll watch Pope Benedict's message later and then see the light brighten." Jolan said, smiling and walking quietly out of the room.

Everyone watched him leave, Orlando looking at Josh, Chace and Justin.

"He's so filled with love, with acceptance. I've never met a greater man of love. It seems to radiate off him now."

Enrique smiled, kissing his fiancÚ's lips.
"He is love, Lando." Justin said, Josh's arm going around him.

"Let's see what's happening with the good Reverend. I'm sure the media's caught its breath." Lonnie said, looking back at the television, the others sitting back down, taking in the widening of the world's eyes.


Jolan chopped up the celery on the cutting board in front of him, dropping it into the salad bowl.

He turned, smiling at Enrique walking into the kitchen.

"Came in for a glass of ice water, Jo." he smiled, Jolan smiling back, nodding towards the refrigerator.

"Help yourself. There's ice in the freezer and a pitcher of water on the top shelf." he said, pulling a glass out of the cupboard in front of him.

Enrique smiled, Jolan handing him the glass, the man filling it with ice cubes then water from the fridge.

Jolan smiled at him, leaning against the counter.

"I take it there's more than refreshments on your mind, my friend." Jolan said, the Latin singer smiling at him.

"There's happiness, Jo. I haven't really been able to voice my thanks in private to you."

Jolan smiled, the man's brown eyes staring at him.

"You voice your thanks every time I see you kissing Lando, Rico. That in itself is the beauty of your happiness. It's almost all the thanks I need."
Enrique smiled, leaning against the counter beside Jolan, the two men smiling at each other.

"I love him so much, Jo. He's my world."
"I see that easily, Enrique. But I also feel the depth of all your soul, my friend."

The man's eyes met Jolan's, Jolan smiling at him, Enrique seeing so much love and friendship in that gaze.

Jolan's arm went around the man, his lips meeting his.

Enrique felt so much love in that tender giving kiss.

The two sets of lips parted, Jolan's arms still around the man.

"True love begins with honesty, my friend. You and Lando have to be honest to yourselves first. Then the surrounding love can't destroy your true love. A soul needs to be locked with truth, protected with honesty and enveloped with openness. Then those two souls can be true to each other. Justin and I opened our souls to each other, our love forever locked together. Josh's and Chace's love enriches our souls, beautifies our hearts and feeds our needful desires. But the essence of both of us is our true love. We four are joined soulmates but separated twosomes of true love. Our love is giving and needful. Our souls are forever destined for the trueness of our one mate of life."

Enrique nodded, his brown eyes staring into Jolan's grey pools of love.

"And those souls of love will always be open to other souls of needful love."

"Jolan. . .I. . .I. . .?"

Jolan smiled, looking into the man's brown eyes.

"Talk to Orlando, Enrique. Open your soul like you've never done to any other. His love is yours. Mirrored reflections of truth will bind souls forever."

The man smiled, a soft tear slowly falling down his cheek.

Jolan's finger caught it, Jolan bringing his finger to his mouth, tasting the man's watered love.

"Your watered beauty tastes of deep love, Rico. Orlando shall drink forever."

The man smiled, wiping his eyes.

"Thanks, Jo. For guiding his love to me. His watered love I shall never get enough of."
Jolan smiled, the man leaning forward and kissing his lips.

The two smiled at each other, Enrique picking up his glass, walking back out of the kitchen.

Jolan stared after him, the young man's eyes softly glowing.

"Lando will drink forever, Rico. And you'll both have our love."
He smiled, going back to the salad.


Everyone enjoyed the large delicious dinner Jolan had prepared for them, the young man basking in their compliments.

The table discussion centered around the afternoon television broadcast, opinions given, revelations discussed.

Jolan answered all the questions bantered around, everyone feeling his guiding love.

Lonnie had flipped around all the channels, the day's truth showing on all of them.

The world was gathering its breath, the archangel revealed and discussed on all the channels.

The magic truth of the Archanian nation was the news of the day.

Reinhardt had called just before dinner, Jolan talking to him for over a half hour.

Jolan had called him last night, the day's revelation then revealed to him.

The news from the Archanian nation after the revelation was one of growing exaltation.

Reinhardt's clan was free.

Free of the hidden truth, of the hidden lives they'd led.

The world again knew of their existence.

In the coming days Reinhardt said that his brethren would reveal themselves to all they knew.

The Archanian nation was showing itself, its destiny, its truth opening before the world.

Jolan felt deep happiness in his cousin, and he also felt a deep love.

Bill was in Romania with Reinhardt.

Sid and Isaiah were there as well.

Two brothers of love were finding their own joyful happiness.

Everyone surrounding Jolan's dinner table had marvelled at Reinhardt's news.

"The world's going to see all of them. The angels of magical love once again will walk this earth in freedom, their winged beauty showing. And so shall my clan of wolfen brethren. The beasts and giving angels of this world will walk free again. And the world's heart will heal."

Justin looked at Jolan, his husband smiling at him.

"I sense you are the doctor to perform that operation, my love."
Jolan softly chuckled at Justin's analogy, everyone smiling at him.

"I think it will be a quadruple bypass, my love. The world's heart has been clogged for years."
Chris burst into laughter, Jolan smiling at him.

"Too much fatty food, Jo?" he laughed, Jolan chuckling, then looking at him with quietness.

"Too much evil, Chris. It's time that was curtailed."

Everyone nodded, their thoughts on Jolan's words.

"A world without evil would be Utopia, Jolan. That's always been a mythical place." Orlando said, Jolan smiling at the British actor.

"We all have our dreams, my friend."

Orlando smiled, staring into Jolan's grey loving eyes.

"Yes, Jo. Yes we do." he said softly, his eyes going to Enrique.

Jolan smiled, picking up some plates.

"Let's clean up, everyone. The pool's warm, the patio's relaxing. We've got a few hours before the next announcement."

Everyone nodded, picking up their plates.


The living room again was packed, Jolan in the center of his surrounding loving family of friends.

CNN was hashing out the early revelation, Anderson Cooper voicing the widening wonder of the world.

"He's kind of relaxed in his pompous grandstanding. The angel's truth knocked the smugness out of his tone." Orlando said, Jolan looking at him.

"I take it you've met him before, Lando?" Josh said, Orlando looking at him.

"We. . .we had a short relationship, a few years back." he said, Enrique's brown eyes looking at his fiancÚ, then his arm going around him.

"I'd always seen his desire to be the top dog, to be the best. It was a part of why we ended our time together." the actor said, Jolan nodding.

"Love begins with equality, with openness and honesty. They that seek total fame usually find themselves alone." Jolan said, Orlando's brown eyes looking at him.

Justin kissed Jolan's cheek, his man smiling at him.

"Total fame grants you that, my Jo.  Egotism leaves you empty."

"That's why you, my love, and all these friends of fame surrounding us will never have empty hearts. Your fame accents your beauty and your giving hearts."
Justin smiled, everyone seeing their open love showing.

"They're about to go to the Vatican, everyone." Lonnie said, the television picture showing the Vatican crest.

All eyes were on the television, Justin snuggling into Jolan's arms.

The picture changed, a large ornate room revealed, a white table showing in its center, a man clothed in a white cassock seated behind the table.

The camera zoomed in, the pontiff's calm face showing in its center.

"Blessings onto all of you that have joined me on this most sacred of dawning days of faith. As you have earlier witnessed, the faith of God's beauty has been shown to all of us. I sat here watching with you as that being of faith and giving love revealed himself to all of us. The dogma, mysticism and ancient myth of angelic visions has now shown its truth. An angel in the truest sense of the word revealed itself to us. For that creature of loving faith and devotion laid its hopes and faith before all of us. Winged angels of giving love do truly walk upon this earth, as do other--shortly to be revealed--visions of goodness and faith also. The hidden clans of magic, the Archanians and Badenwolves, have walked upon the stage of God's faith. The time of God's intervention on our souls is close at hand. I, the leader of the Catholic faithful--and one of the seven spoken of by Reverend Francis--rejoice at that moment. We are the Seven of the Light. The other five of my devoted brethren are close at hand and will voice their beliefs and rejoicing as well this day. We, as a group of religious faithful, announce our total devotion to the coming truth. We accept the truth of the vision shown today. And the truth of the story Reverend Francis told. We put our faith in the giving hand of God. A man whom I have never met--but have longed to meet--walks forward to claim God's destiny for all of us. The time of truth is at hand. My bishops of faith shall spread the word of God's visions, of hope's beginning, of faith's trueness. Life and faith are at hand. I gave my devotion to that man's grandfather over seventy years ago when I myself was a lad. I myself am only a man, no vision of revealing wonder do I possess. But I have devoted my life to God's faith. We all walk with love and faith in our hearts. One of the greatest of faith and love walks among us. He shall do battle for all of us. Here today I give him my devotion and my children of faith's devotion."
The pope rose from his seat, walking in front of his white desk, standing before it.

"I am a servant of faith, I am a child of God. One of greater beauty and love walks forward. I devote my life, my faith and my service to your destiny, Jolan Dragos. You are the chosen giver of love, the beacon of faith and God's light at the end of all this. Walk forward in love and with our following faith behind you."
The pontiff went to his knees, the world seeing him kneel before everyone.

"God's love is the light of our souls. Jolan's love is the light of God. Go forward children of the world. Chose the life we each must lead. Goodness and faith are coming. Evil shall perish before its lighted truth. Let us all go with God."
The pontiff bowed his head, the picture fading.


Those surrounding Jolan sat in awed silence, Jolan raising his hand when Joey meant to speak.

"Watch all of it, and then voice your love, my friends." he softly said, their eyes going back to the television.

Over the next hour and a half five other souls of faith gave their messages of devotion, the television alive with their proclamations.

Anderson Cooper talked between flowing messages, he voicing the wonder, confusion and total shock at these pillars of the religious faithful giving their devotion to Jolan Dragos.

The last of the seven to speak was Kiril, the Patriarch of Russia.

His deep Russian voice was dubbed in English, his words no less meaningful than the other six.

At the end of his lauding message of devotion, the man standing in the center of the grandeur of the Russian Kremlin knelt, his large brown eyes staring out at the world.

His words changed to a deep guttural English.

"My dear friend, Reverend Albright, is not the only soul of devoted magic. The other clan of goodness holds a dear place to my heart. For those of my lineage, for those of my blood, I shall stand here today as a soul of wolfen worth. I stand with my brothers and sisters, our own greatness needing showing to vindicate our devotion to the cause at hand. I stand now as one of my own. I walk with the Great Wolf's love in my heart."
The large robust man stood up, his features changing before the world.

Everyone in Jolan's living room sat in silence seeing the man change into a Badenwolf, the world surrounding them watching as well.

His wolfen hairiness shown to all, his body enlarging, his cassock almost ripping apart, his voice deepening as he continued to speak.

"I am a Badenwolf, I am a child of Badenterra! Behold the greatness of my giving heart. My brethren walk with souls of truth and love again, our devotion given to the greatness of the Great Wolf's love. We join with our Archanian brethren and soon with the clan of man. Three tribes of the Apocalypse. The end of this path will be our salvation."

The man instantly changed again, his brown eyes softly glowing.

"The magic comes, the love comes. Long have I hungered for this day. True hearts shall feast upon his salvation. Go towards goodness, Great Wolf. The world follows with our love."

The screen faded, the last image was of the man being surrounded by Russian clergymen and security.

All eyes were on Jolan again, the young man softly smiling.

"He has a heart of courage, his wolfen greatness shocking all around him. I hope they shall treat him with respect. The legends of werewolves and monsters sink deep within the hearts of everyone. He also has accepted the destiny given to him by my grandfather. I feel his courage and love."

Everyone nodded, their eyes of awed wonder still on him.

"And so the path is revealed. The three clans of faith known. This week will be one of frenzied expectation. I'm leaving for England late tomorrow night everyone. I need to see Bloodstone Manor again. There I'll find a quiet day of peace before the storm crests." Jolan said, Justin nodding at him.

"I've everything arranged. Uncle Calen has three jets awaiting if you need all of them." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"We'll all join you, Jo." Joey said, everyone agreeing.

"Thank you everyone." Jolan said, Hayden laying on the floor in front of him and Justin, the small boy yawning, Logan snuggled against him.

Sean was asleep already in his brother's arms.

"Our boys tire, Chacey." Jolan smiled, Chace nodding, rising up and picking both up.

"We all should be heading home as well, it is getting late." Britney said, Chris' arm going around her as they stood up, others rising, Chris leaning down and picking up the sleeping boy, Jayden smiling at him and his mother.

"You're tired, Jo. We all see that. We'll talk to you tomorrow." Lance said, kissing and hugging both him and Justin, Joey doing the same.

"Goodnight everyone." Jolan said, everyone filtering out of the room after hugs and kisses, Chace taking the two kids upstairs.

"We'd like to go to England with you also, Jo. Saturday seems like a coming day of unbelievable love." Orlando said, he and Enrique standing at the front door, Jolan smiling.

"Your love is welcomed by all of us, guys." Jolan said, Enrique and Orlando both smiling, Jolan hugging both, Josh and Justin hugging them after.

"We'll call you tomorrow." Enrique said, his brown eyes staring into Jolan's grey.

"Love you both." he said, the two men smiling and walking to their car.

Everyone left to waving goodbyes, Jolan in the center of Josh and Justin's loved-wrapped arms on the front step.


The three men walked into their bedroom, Chace sitting cross legged on the bed, wearing only boxer briefs.

"Our boys are in dreamland?" Jolan said, Chace smiling at him.

"Both were asleep in my arms walking up the stairs. They didn't even wake when I undressed them and covered them up. Sparty's watching over them."
The three men smiled, Justin pulling his golf shirt off over his chest, Chace smiling at his revealed beauty.

Jolan smiled at both, the young man walking towards the balcony door, opening it and walking out into the warm June night.

Josh and Justin traded looks with Chace, the three walking towards the balcony.

Jolan was leaning against the railing, Justin wrapping his half naked body around his husband.

Jolan turned, kissing Justin's warm lips, his man staring at him.

"I feel your feelings of wonder, my loves. Of what today's revelations mean."

"It's. . .it's so unbelievable, Jo. What's been shown to the world. . .the truth of what we've already seen. I still can't really grasp the magic of it all." Chace said, his Josh's arms around his nude chest, the two standing beside their two friends.

Jolan smiled, nodding at Chace, Josh's blue eyes staring at him.

"It even surprises me at times, Chace. And I have the magic within me." Jolan said, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Can I ask you a question, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan smiling and nodding.

"Josh and I talked about this a few minutes ago, and I'm sure Chace is sensing it too. Is there something going on between Enrique, Orlando and you? We've sensed a difference in their looks towards you today."

Jolan met three staring pools of blue love, all three of his soulmates quietly staring at him.

"They are two of love walking a path of opening love. I've been trying to guide them to what they both need."

"Each other?" Chace said, smiling at Jolan with a soft look of love.

"That they already have, my angels. I feel deeply the love entrenched in their souls for each other. It's a broader sense of truth that the two need to face with each other to have the true locked souls of love we have with our soulmates, our husbands of love."

Josh looked surprised, his blue eyes meeting Jolan's.

"You mean. . .they're searching for something more than just their own love? You mean. . .they're. . .they're seeking what we have?"

Jolan softly smiled, his lips kissing each of the three handsome men surrounding him.

"Our two friends of giving love have more love than they need. And their eyes of love have been drawn to others."

The three men traded looks, Jolan smiling at all three.

"I told Rico this evening that he needed to talk to Orlando. That the two of them needed to totally open up their hearts to each other to achieve that level of love we each share with our true soulmate. That true love can give to others and be alone unto itself. We four have felt that. You and Chace give so much love to me, Joshua. But Justin is the essence of me. His love is my life."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan again.

"We all feel that deep love from our true love, Jo. We understand what you mean." Justin said, the other two men nodding, Chace kissing Josh tenderly.

"Therein lies the truth of each of our souls. They just need to see that first before they think of giving their love to others."

Chace smiled, his blue eyes looking at all three of his soulmates.

"Did Rico say who he's been looking at? Or who he feels has captured his soul?"

Jolan smiled, kissing Chace's cheek.

"Seems our tiger is getting hot from all this talk of giving love."

Chace blushed, Josh and Justin lightly laughing, Jolan's grey eyes meeting all three of his soul.

"Enrique isn't the only one with a giving soul. I've felt the same need from Lando."
The three men looked surprised, Jolan softly sighing.

"The two new friends of our love are smitten with all four of us."
The three men looked totally shocked, Jolan smiling and kissing each on the lips.

"How would the three of you like us to be a new six?"


Enrique gasped, his sweating body on top of Orlando, the young actor's lips on his man's Adam's apple, his tongue licking the sweat off Enrique's throat.

Enrique moaned, his hardness sunken deep within the man's center.

"Oh God, Rico! That's the spot! Don't stop! Faster!" Orlando moaned, Enrique quickening his thrusts, his passion lost within the center of his lover's needs.

Enrique moved downward, their lips meeting, Orlando's arms wrapping around his man's back, Enrique sinking to the depths of Orlando's center.

Enrique gasped, the edge of his need exploding below him, his hardness convulsing within the center of his love.

He felt Orlando's own orgasm between them, warm liquid filling the space between their sweating chests.

Both men trembled, Enrique collapsing on top of the man's smooth body, their sweat clinging to their bodies.

"Oh God, Lando! That. . .that was amazing!" Enrique said, the man moving, pulling out of his man's ass, the man falling onto the bed, laying beside the sweating beauty on his left.

Orlando moved, his tongue licking all over Enrique's sweaty chest, devouring his own juices and the sweating love of his man.

"You're not so bad yourself, my thrusting Latin stallion." he said, his lips meeting Enrique's, the two staring into each other's eyes when their kiss broke.

"My stallion was fully charged tonight. You barely let me get in the door. And the drive home was excruciatingly desirous, your hands all over me while I drove. Has my love enveloped you?" the man said, Enrique looking into his brown eyes.

"I. . .I love you, Lando."
Orlando smiled, feeling so much love in Enrique's simple words.

"I love you too, Rico. I love you like no other."

Enrique smiled, the two kissing again.

Orlando sighed, his head going against Enrique's smooth toned chest.

"We. . .we need to talk, my love." Orlando said, Enrique looking down at his upturned eyes.

"I. . .I was just going to say the same thing, my sweet."

Orlando smiled, the man sitting up, then climbing out of bed, his hand extending to Enrique.

"A shower first to cleanse our love from our satisfied bodies. Then I'll make some cocoa and we'll sit out on the deck."

Enrique smiled, Orlando pulling him out of bed, the two walking into the bathroom.

They took a soothing, cleansing shower together, each cleaning and massaging the other's toned bodies.

Orlando loved Enrique's body, his smooth, muscled beauty sending an electric shock through his soul.

He smiled as he washed him, his thoughts on other visions of beauty he'd seen over the last week.

Enrique's mind was on the same train of thought, his thoughts having already left the station.

They rinsed off, drying each other and putting on soft white cashmere robes.

Enrique walked into the kitchen with Orlando, their arms around each other, the Latin singer snuggled against him as the man made them mugs of hot cocoa.

They gently and tenderly kissed often, their love for each other complete.

The two walked out onto the back deck of Enrique's villa, his house a modest mansion in the Beverly Hills area.

It was private, secluded, and homey.

The two smiled, snuggled together on a large swinging settee.

"Your lovemaking sends me to heaven, my Spanish angel." Orlando said, Enrique smiling, the man kissing his cheek.

"It seems that each moment increases with desire, Lando. Each moment I'm joined with you seems more erotic than the last. I've never felt that with anyone before."

"The trueness of our souls." Orlando softly said, their eyes meeting.

"I think it's time I was totally honest with you, Enrique."
The man nodded, their eyes locked on each other.

"I heard your confession to Jolan about Anderson, Lando. I'm sorry you couldn't find truth and honesty in that relationship."
"That what I've always longed for, Rico. Truth, love and openness."

Enrique sighed, looking out into the lighted pool, the water calm and glowing.

"Jolan today told me that for the two of us to be true soulmates we had to talk openly about everything, my love. I think we need to do that. I love you and want you to be mine forever."
Orlando looked surprised for a moment, then smiled.

"He said the same thing to me today as well, when I helped him wash the dishes at dinner."
Enrique looked surprised now, the two looking at each other.

"I sense our giving angel sensed the souls of both of us. I need to be honest with you, Enrique."
Enrique nodded, the man smiling at him.

"No one's ever made me feel the way you do. I love everything you do for me, even the most miniscule things. A touch from you, a kiss, a smile, everything and every motion you do sends love into my heart. You know of the things that I have gone through in my life. The relationships I have told you of."
Enrique nodded, Orlando smiling at him.

"I thought that first day when we collided that I'd never seen so much love, so much need in one man's eyes. I still see that look in your eyes. I know in my heart that you truly love me."
Enrique smiled, Orlando leaning in and kissing his lips.

"I love you, Rico. But these past few days I've been getting these strange feelings, these strange thoughts."

"Thought about what, my love?"

Orlando stared into Enrique's brown eyes.

"Love, need and desire, Rico. I've been looking at other men and getting those thoughts. I just don't know what it means."

Orlando stood up, walking to the edge of the pool, Enrique staring at him, feeling the man's now troubled soul.

Enrique stood up, walking up to him, turning the man around slowly.

"Speak from your heart, Lando. I will listen to all of it."
The man standing before him had tears showing in his eyes.

"When I've looked at Jolan, at his beauty, at his giving beauty, I get these feelings of love, of wanting him to love me, of wanting him and the three of his heart to love me. I know they've become our friends, and they're all so beautiful, so giving and happy. When I see them I want what they have. I want others to love me, to need me. To need me like you do. I've had so much hurt, so much pain and betrayal in my life. I've found your love, it's so beautiful. And now I want more. I'm so sorry, Rico! I'm so sorry! I. . .I thought you were all I needed! I'm so sorry!"

The man was crying, Enrique's arms going around him, the man sobbing into his chest.

"Oh, my angel of love. My Lando! I love you with all of my heart. I sensed your truth within you. I sensed that perhaps I wasn't all that you needed. And there was a very good reason for that. My own heart has been mirroring the same truth."
Orlando pulled away from Enrique, staring into his brown eyes.

He saw the unchanged love there, the love he deeply had for him.

And he also saw a dawning truth there as well.

"You. . .you've been thinking about them too?"
Enrique smiled, kissing his lover's lips, Orlando calmed by his giving love.

"To look upon them is to see four visions of total beauty. Justin I always longed for, his physical beauty even more than I envisioned. And the deepest beauty of the four is Jolan's. The man is unbelievable in his beautiful looks and his beautiful soul. I think he's sensed the truth in both of us. That both of us long for what he has with those three of love. And I don't think he's worried by it. He kissed me today, Orlando."
Orlando nodded, lost in every word Enrique had said.

"He kissed me too, Rico. I was lost in the intensity of it. It felt like pure love."

The man nodded, his own lips kissing Orlando's, the man feeling his unchanged love for him.

"What does all this mean, Rico? Isn't our love enough?"
Enrique smiled, pulling the man against him.

"Our love is enough for both of us, Lando. I love you with all my soul. And I know in my soul that you love me as deeply. That man brought the two of us together because we are truly soulmates. I love you completely. I would never cheat on the love we have together, Lando."

"I wouldn't either, Rico. I don't think what we are feeling is cheating. I think it's something more."
"It's need, Lando. It's the need for total love, the love we see they have. We've both been lost for so long, now finding happiness in the love we now share. I think Jolan's trying to give us something more. I feel that."
"So do I, Rico. I love you. I just felt how much I love you."

The man smiled, Orlando's head going to his chest, Enrique's arms wrapping around him.

"Where do we go from here, Rico?"
"We go towards Jolan's love, Lando. I think he's drawing us to him. And it's a voyage I believe we both want to make. I think it will solidify our center of love."

Orlando smiled, leaning up, their lips meeting again.

"Nothing but love will ever fill us, Rico. Ours and perhaps others."

The two men smiled, Enrique kissing him again.

"Our warm bed awaits us, my angel. I love you, now and forever. No one, not even Jolan, will change that in my heart." Orlando said, Enrique moved to tears.

"I know, Lando. I love you even more."
The man smiled, the two walking back into the house, their love wrapped around their hearts.


Justin stared at Jolan in shock.

"They. . .they want us? They want to be one with us?" he softly said, Jolan smiling at him, and then at Josh and Chace.

"I have felt their longing within their souls. It began with Enrique's love for you, Jus. He never really lost all of that in his soul. And their being here with us, watching us, seeing our complete combined love, has warmed their thoughts of equal love. Orlando's brown eyes of love shine often in my direction. And he watches you as well, Josh. You and I bring showing love to his heart. And who couldn't long for our tiger of love?"

Chace smiled softly, the three men staring at Jolan.

"We. . .we never voiced or showed any attraction to them, Jo." Justin said, Jolan smiling.

"I know that, my Jus. I feel your total love for only the other three of our hearts."
All four smiled, Josh moving forward, his lips kissing Jolan's.

"So. . .so what do we do about this?"

Jolan sighed, leaning against the railing.

"First off, I need to know your feelings. Your feelings now at this revealed truth."

The three men looked at each other, Chace the first to voice his thoughts.

"They are both beautiful men, Jolan. Their swimming beauty revealed itself here. Both men are beyond attractive, Enrique a muscled beauty." he said, looking at his husband, Josh smiling at him.

"Our tiger shows his love." Jolan smiled, Chace smiling back.

"I may be the tiger of the group, and one of the youngest, but my heart is a large part of me. I need more than sexual gratification. In you three I've found more than I've ever hoped for. Your combined love completes me."

The three men smiled, Chace leaning forward and kissing his husband, Josh lost in the intensity of his soulmate's opened heart.

"I love you, Josh. You are the trueness of my heart. And Jolan and Justin have claimed the rest of my heart. I need no others to lay claim to my love, or my body."
Jolan smiled, Chace's open love showing.

"I'll voice the same, my love. They are beautiful, and giving. But they're not the three of my heart either. I love and need only you three." Josh said, Jolan smiling, leaning forward and kissing his joining lips, then Chace's.

Jolan's eyes turned to Justin, the man's blue pools showing tears.

"I was blessed to find the love of my life, Jolan. It was you and your giving love. Then my best friend and the soulmate of his heart entered my love. I was given their love and you gave me yours, Jolan. I need only you three as well."

Jolan smiled, kissing his husband's needful lips, his love flowing through him.

"I think we all just answered our own needs, our own truths. No others need to join with us to enrich our love, it's now total."
The three men smiled, Jolan's grey eyes filled with love.

"I'm sorry, I just needed to tell you the truth, the truth of what they have showed in their loving gazes. Now I can give them what they need."

The three men looked confused, Jolan smiling at all three.

"Do the three of you trust me, trust me to do what's right with my love?"
"Yes, Jolan. We trust you because of your love." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.
Jolan smiled, kissing each of the three.

His hand went to Chace's naked chest, two fingers gently rubbing his left nipple, Chace softly moaning.

"We have talked of beauty, of desire and love. That bed in there awaits us. We need to show each other that giving love. I need only you three as well. But I also have a heart of giving love. Enrique and Orlando will become two of our dearest friends. They just have to get past the thoughts in their hearts. I've devised a way to do that. I need you three to help me do it. Our love is ours. They just need to see that."
The three smiled, Chace licking Jolan's cheek.

"Are we going to shock them?"

Jolan laughed, the three men smiling.

"Our childlike tiger loves to shock. You're almost as gregarious as our Jus."
Justin smiled, the four looking at each other.

"They want our love, let's give them it. And in doing so, I believe we'll show them what they have."

"A one time moment of love?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"It will go as far as it must, Josh. I think the end will justify the means."

The three smiled, Jolan pulling his shirt off over his head, the three smiling at his revealed beauty.

"I'll tell you my plan in the morning. Right now I hunger for all three of you. It was a day of magical dawning. I want to end it with the magic of my love."
Justin smiled, his eyes staring into two now softly glowing yellowish eyes.

"The first one I capture will be devoured completely." Jolan said, his form beginning to change.

The three men laughed, rushing back into the bedroom, Chace the last in, a wolfen beauty growling and chasing after them, the young man tackled just before the bed.

He felt large hairy hands ripping the briefs down his legs, a long tongue then sinking into his center.

He gasped, the two laying on the bed smiling, watching their tiger claimed by their wolf.


Jolan dropped the last suitcase by the door, the foyer filled with bags.

"That's the last of them, Jus." he said, Justin smiling at him, Josh's arms wrapped around him, the two having followed the younger man down the stairs.

"All ready, Jo. Lonnie will be here with the van shortly." Chace said, walking into the foyer from the living room, Logan in his arms.

"Go on pwane, Dada?" he said, Jolan smiling at the boy.

"Yes, Logan. On big plane. We'll sleep all night on it." he smiled, kissing the boy's cheek.

"Where are your playmates?" he said, three small bundles of happiness running out of the dining room, Chris and Britney at their heels.
"We's here, Dada!" Hayden yelled, a wide smile on his face, the boy running into Justin's kneeling arms.

Everyone smiled, the group walking back into the living room, Justin dumping his son down onto a couch, Logan joining him from his Papa's arms.

"We having fun on plane, Loggie! Poppa says we can build fort and sleeps in it!" Hayden said, Sean and Jayden climbing up onto the couch with their friends.

Everyone smiled, Jolan smiling down at all four.

All four were dressed in light t-shirts and shorts, their soon to be sleeping attire.

It was late the next day, Wednesday, the group heading to the airport, then off to England, with two stops before.

The plane would fly to Florida, picking up Justin's parents, then up to New York, picking up their friends.

It would be early morning their time, early afternoon in England.

The day had been a dawning day of not surprising wildness.

The media was in a frenzy, Jolan and his soulmates watching news clips and news channels.

The world was a gathering storm, the news of its hidden magic unbelievable.

Their home was surrounded with paparazzi, the media staking a claim to getting something from Jolan.

Something the young man refused to give.

Their friends had had to fight their way through thronging cameras and reporters, they remaining silent except to voice their love for Jolan.

"It's a circus out there, Jo. " Chris had said, he and Britney having arrived after lunch, Joey and Lance coming in a few minutes behind them.

They'd found their friends all around the pool.

"They're after you, Jo. It's going to be hell leaving tonight." Joey said, his arms going around his Lance, the man looking a little worried.

"Relax, Lance. I'll give them something before I leave." Jolan had said, the young man smiling, running and diving into the pool.

Everyone had looked at each other, Jolan swimming across the pool, swimming up to Hayden and Justin seated in the shallow end of the pool.

He and his soulmates had been swimming when their friends had arrived, the afternoon spent in happiness and forgotten joy.

Jolan had created a large feast, knowing it would be late morning before they ate again in England.

Here now it was after seven in the evening, their friends and family ready for the flight.

Lonnie walked into the living room, a nervous look on his face.

"Damn! I had to get physical and vocal with those sharks out there! They actually tried to open the doors of the vans!" he said, Ally kissing his cheek.

Leo, Auntie Gee, Kelly and Briahna, Nick and Usher, and Orlando and Enrique walked into the room behind them.

Auntie Gee hugged Jennie and Jonathan, Jolan smiling at all of them.

Three vans had been rented, the group arriving as a caravan of protected love.

"Let's load up and blow this popsicle stand!" Chris said, Jolan smiling at him.

"This popsicle stand is my home, Christopher. I plan on returning to its love." Jolan said, Chris softly smiling at him.

"Understood, Jo." he said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Besides, this popsicle stand blows well on its own. I always love a good lick." he smiled, kissing his Justin's cheek.

Josh and Chace burst into laughter, others joining in, Chris blushing now.

"Me and my big mouth."

Jolan laughed, his arm going around Chris' waist.

"Come on, Papa Walrus! Let's get our kids strapped in."
Chris laughed, Sean climbing into his arms, Hayden climbing into Jolan's.


The group climbed into the three spacious vans, their eyes going to the front gate at the end of the driveway, the media's flashing cameras and shouting din seen and heard.

Jolan was the last to leave the house, locking the door, putting his keys in his pocket.

He laid a hand against the door, slowly closing his eyes, Josh standing beside him.

"Until next my heart flows with your love." he softly said, his grey eyes opening, Josh seeing the glowing love in them.

He smiled at Josh, the two walking to the first vehicle, Josh climbing into the back of it, Jolan following.

He and Justin sat in the middle seat, Chace and Josh behind them with the two kids, Lonnie driving with Ally at his side up front.

"I'm locking the doors, guys. No one's getting near you." Lonnie said, Jolan nodding.

The three vans began to move down the driveway, a police cruiser ahead of them, another behind.

Jolan's eyes looked around their front gate, seeing other policemen standing at the gates, and more on the other side of them.

"Johnny's tightened security, Jo. We're all protected." Justin said, Jolan nodding, kissing his cheek.

Their car went through the opening gates, Jolan's eyes taking in the circus before them.

Cameras were flashing, their vehicle surrounded by policemen and security officers.

The press was pushing through them, everyone hearing through the closed glass windows their screaming words.

What's next, Jolan?

Are you going to bring God to earth?

What's going to happen, Jolan?

Are you God's messenger?

What is the purpose of angels and wolves?

Why now do monsters and flying freaks threaten our lives?

"Stop the car, Lonnie."

Lonnie turned back, staring at Jolan.

"Are you nuts, Jo? They'll swamp us!"
"Stop it now."
Lonnie looked at Justin, the man staring at Jolan, then nodding at Lonnie.

Lonnie immediately stopped the vehicle, Jolan kissing Justin's cheek.

"Be right back, my loves."
Before anyone could say anything, Jolan opened the car door, climbing out, the press surrounding him backing up in surprise, the man's grey eyes glowing before them.

The reporters were staring at him in surprise, cameras still flashing, video cameras zoomed in on the young man's handsome face and his glowing eyes.

"What you call monsters and flying freaks are the salvation of the world. Love is coming everyone. And I am bringing evil to task. Look upon a monster and a freak of total love."

Jolan's face changed, his wolfen face showing forth, the reporters stepping further back in shock, a set of membrane wings flowing out from behind Jolan the instant his wolfen face vanished, his Archanian self showing now, the man's stature growing.

"Look into the yellow and violet eyes of God's creatures of life. I am love and in a few days I shall give all. Everyone will answer to the light. I am love and I am life."
The young man's stature lessened, the man's shirt now tattered rags from the showing apparitions.

His full beauty was on display, his sculpted chest revealed, his Archanian wings fully extended, his eyes now violet in their hue.

"Walk with love in your souls. Anything else will be destroyed. I am love and I am life."

The young man's wings folded back and disappeared, Jolan climbing back into the vehicle, the press surrounding them standing in utter silence.

"Let's go, Lonnie, Bloodstone awaits, as does my destiny." Jolan said, Justin's hand going in his, their eyes meeting.

"The last of my showing love is trembling within me, my loves. The greater love comes."
Lonnie moved the vehicle forward, the car silent inside.






End of Chapter 155


And so the giver of love heads to England, his own magical creation now revealed to the world's media.

What will they think of that?


What awaits Jolan in England, and then in his family's ancient palace, Bolta Cerului, the Roof Top of Heaven?

Will he find his happiness there, will his life be free of destiny?


What plan has Jolan concocted for Enrique and Orlando?

Will the six of beauty and soul join?


I know, a lot of questions, and that's just how I am.



Hugs, Angel.