Jolan's Path - Chapter 156


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 156


Fagin Greymount's brooding gaze stared at the blank television screen, the man seated upon his throne.

"So the magical bastard has the religious zealots now hoodwinked. What's his game?" he softly said to himself, but heard by those close to him.

Nathan's green eyes stared at the man, seeing a look of confusion on the man's face.

"What's going on here is Jolan has revealed the truth of magic and the hidden nations of fate to the world, Fagin." he said, the man's black eyes going to his green.

"But for what purpose, my Beast?"

"To show the world the coming truth. The truth of your wanting to possess everything."

Fagin's black eyes remained on Nathan, Brandon staring between the two.

"I am greatness, my pet. I have a complete destiny. I will be the chosen one, the one to rule everything." he said, Nathan still staring at him.

"To rule everything is to have everything. Someone's now shown that he's the one to stop you from your destiny."
Fagin smiled, staring at his hidden wolf.

"Let him come, my Beast of Death. Let destiny come as it must. He may think he is the chosen one but truth and prophecy are in my heart. He will walk into his own undoing. For he is the weapon of my destiny. From him I shall gain all. So says the prophecy of my life."

Fagin's black eyes went around the chamber, his voice filled with determination.

"Leave us, all of you. I have much to discuss with my mate."
Everyone stood, bowing before their master, leaving the chamber, guards wheeling the satellite television and its stand out of the room, Brandon glancing at Nathan as he quietly left the room.

"These words need voicing between us only, my pet." Fagin said, his hand going to the young man's face, Nathan seated beside him.
Nathan stared at the man, Fagin smiling.

"Yes, Nathan. A prophecy was written in the Book of Black Magic. You know of the book I speak of. The pain of the night you tried to look into embedded in your heart, as in the hearts of others, our dead Cecil included. The book that laid in my library."
Nathan nodded, remembering the book and his once attempt at reading it.

Fagin had beaten and raped the curiosity out of him that night.

The young man had never ventured to touch it again.

He now realized that Cecil had made the same mistake, and perhaps others had as well, his thoughts on Brandon.

"What is the prophecy?"

The man smiled, his fingers gently stroking Nathan's cheek.

"At first I thought it was a prophecy of you. It was mentioned that a wolf of greatness would walk the path to the end. That that beast would give the chosen one the greatness of his magic. I now know that beast is Jolan Dragos, the hidden wolf unclaimed by me."

"Jolan would die before he'd ever give you that magic he possesses." Nathan said, the man smiling at him.

"That is the benefit of all this, Nathan. By dying, his magic I can obtain. I shall enjoy taking that man's life. He doesn't know the greatness of my magic or what he's walking into."

"He has already thwarted your magic on several attempts. What makes you think he won't at the end?"

Fagin's eyes narrowed, Nathan seeing the hidden anger showing behind the calm facade of his face.

A face now showing more marks of scarred tissue.

"Moments of fate and destiny, my pet. All part of the path of destiny that shall move him into my grasp. At the end he shall confront more than he bargained for. And you will be right in the center of it. I have a weapon of great power that I shall use on him then."
"What weapon?"

The man smiled, his fingers rubbing Nathan's cheek again.

"Your anger, Nathan. I found the key to his destruction. And the key to unleashing your hidden anger."

Nathan turned his head, the man's fingers leaving his cheek.

"Your evil is the key to my anger, Fagin. Every hurtful moment of your need, of your torture, fuels my anger."
Fagin smiled, his hand flying, slapping Nathan across the face, the man falling out of his chair, laying on the floor in front of Fagan.

"That need and torture are just foreplay, my wolfen pet. I have a greater claim to you than anyone. You are mine--every inch of you--to use and to sacrifice. There is a greater anger within you, an anger I shall need at that moment. When that anger is released you shall devour the world, starting with that pissant Dragos boy."
Nathan's yellow eyes stared up at Fagin, the man smiling down at him, now standing over him.

"I need my wolf of champions to release his hunger upon that man, and then upon the three nations foolish enough to think they could ever defeat me. I am and shall be their god."
Nathan stared up at the man, seeing the look of determined madness staring back at him.

"What. . .what key are you talking of?"

Fagin smiled a menacing smile of satisfaction.

"Soon, my pet. Soon you shall see that key before you. But first I need to organize the masses. My army leaves on Friday for that mountain, the home of my grandfather's master's family."

"King Segas?"

Fagin stared at the man before him.

"Very good, Nathan. You seem well-learned in the Dragosan dynasty."
"Simus told Jolan of that man's heritage."

Fagin smiled, pulling the man up in front of him, Nathan staring into Fagin's black eyes.

"Yes, wolfen sweetie. My grandfather was Segas' most learned confidant. In him he entrusted the book and the magic's mysteries. My grandfather taught me all of the levels of magic before I drank of his life-ending blood. I have a greater power than Jolan Dragos. I have the power of the greater magic. The one true magic."
Nathan struggled in the man's powerful arms, Fagin leaning forward and kissing him.

They broke the kiss, Nathan staring into the man's now softly glowing red eyes.

"You just felt it, didn't you? The total power within me."

"If you are so all-powerful why can't you cure what ails you, Fagin?"
The man stared at Nathan, their eyes locked on each other.

"Your once blemish-free face is decaying, monster of vileness. I take it the pendant's power is lost?"

Fagin's face changed, the man's hand going to Nathan's throat.

"I need no life-giving power of past idiocy, no more than King Segas did. He entombed his own father alive. Don't toy with me, Nathan. Or you may find another tomb of darkening finality yourself."
"You would not kill me, Fagin. You find too much pleasure in your destroying my soul." Nathan said, struggling against the man's might.
Fagin laughed, smiling a lust-filled smile.

"That is true, beauty of wolfen desire. I do so enjoy tormenting you. The upcoming torment will be most delicious. I shall savour it deeply. And you will learn your true acceptance within my house. I have chosen you as mate, you shall be such. And two throats you shall feast upon."
"Two throats?"

Fagin smiled, staring at Nathan.

"Yes, my pet. Jolan's will be the first, the other will be perhaps more tasty. Once you've learned that person's secret."

"Who are you talking about?"

Fagin smiled, sitting down in his throne again, staring at the young man.

"All in good time, my pet. You need to know something more."
Nathan stared at Fagin, the man moving in a flash, his hand again seizing Nathan's throat.

"I know of your thoughts, my wolf. I know you think that in time you can best me, that I am weakening. I'll show you the folly of that assumption."
Fagin's arm moved, throwing Nathan across the room, the young man hitting the wall.

Within seconds Fagin was upon him again, Nathan's soul grabbing onto his wolfen self.

As he changed, Fagin picked him up, tossing the now showing wolf across the room, Nathan landing on his back, the man on top of him again, his strong arms pinning the wolf against the floor.

"I am now and always will be your master. Tonight I'll beat that acceptance out of you. No scarred vision of me shall deny you that truth. And in a few days your total devotion to me will be complete."
Nathan growled, Fagin's eyes now burning red, his fist hitting his face.


Jolan stared out the window of the plane, the young man seated in quiet silence.

Everyone surrounding him sensed his quietness.

Justin sat across from him, Josh beside him, Chace seated on the floor with Chris and the four boys.

A makeshift tent had been built between two rows of seats, the boys laughing and playing under its blanketed canopy.

Jolan looked towards his sons and their friends, softly smiling.

It was about half an hour since the plane had taxied onto the runway and had become airborne.

Everyone was seated, drinks having been dispensed by a steward, everyone relaxing for the long overnight flight ahead.

Josh looked at Justin, then moved, sitting down beside Jolan.

"That was a revealing moment outside the house, Jo."
Jolan's eyes moved to his friend's face, then to Justin's.

"Reality needed voicing. I couldn't let them stand there and say demeaning words against my clansmen. They now see the truth of what I am."

"What you are is a good, loving man, Jolan." Justin said, Jolan smiling at his husband.

"I am that, Jus. But I am so much more."
Both men nodded, Chris' eyes going to the young man.

"This'll make the press go ballistic. Your showing both of your souls will set the world afire." he said, Jolan nodding.

"The weight of truth lays heavy upon me, my friends. From now on I take on all of it."

"What was the purpose of doing that, Jo? I'd have thought you'd be more accepted if you'd kept your souls hidden." Justin said, Jolan looking into his blue eyes.

"I did it not for the world's shock, or even for my own revealing truth. I did it to shock someone else."

Everyone traded looks, Chace getting up and sitting down beside Justin.

All their eyes were on Jolan.

"Fagin, Jo?" Chace said, the others looking surprised.

"Yes, Chace. Fagin. I know the man's eyes scan everywhere. I needed to show him the truth of who I am, of what I possess. It will draw him forward towards making his choice."
"His choice?" Josh said, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Josh. He had a fork in his path ahead. I had to guide him onto the right path."
"Which path is that, Jo?" Lance said, he and Joey seated behind Justin and Chace.

"It is the path to the magic he hungers for. He has to walk down that path to draw out the wolf."

"The wolf? You mean your Badenwolf self?" Chris said, Jolan sighing, his eyes looking towards Lance.

"A wolf of misguided evil has deep magic within himself. Fagin seeks to draw that magic out to use it against me."

"Nathan!" Lance said, his eyes widening in shock, Jolan's grey pools staring into his green.

"Yes, Lance. Our lost Nathan. That wolf of creation holds deep magic within him, a magic he is totally unaware of. A magic that can only be revealed one way. Fagin has the key to that revelation.  When he sees the televised report of my revealing my two souls of magic he will walk the path he must. And I will try to stave off the magic of my Badenwolf brethren."
"I don't like the sound of that, my Jo. Nathan is a dangerous, volatile man, and that's without that new magic." Justin said, Josh looking towards his friend.

"I know, Jus. And what the key is will turn that man into a dangerous monster. I will try to save both of their souls." Jolan said, his eyes going towards the window again, everyone staring at him.

"Both of them? Who's the other?" Chace said, Josh staring at his husband.

"The other is the key, Chace. Time will make that truth known." Jolan said, his eyes not moving from the window.

Justin looked at everyone, he and Josh trading places, his arm going around his Jolan, Jolan's grey eyes staring into his blue.

Jolan's eyes looked around at everyone, zeroing in on Enrique and Orlando, the two snuggled on a couch on the other side of the large roomy plane.

"Tim Baxter is dead."

Everyone looked surprised, Enrique sitting up on the couch, Orlando's arm going around him.

" do you know that, Jo?" Enrique said, his eyes showing surprise.

"I feel everyone who's walked onto my path, Rico. I sense when they've walked off. Baxter's mistakes have cost him his life. Fagin has other souls to answer for."
Enrique's head lowered, Orlando kissing his cheek.

"I never wanted that for him. All I wanted was for him to stop his dastardly escapades."

"I know, Rico. The man crossed paths with the wrong man." Jolan said sighing, Justin rubbing his back.

"You said other souls, Jo. Who else has died?" Joey said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"His lawyer, the man who looked after his affairs. The one nabbed by the police. Fagin Greymount destroys those that fail him. Two more souls have perished under his anger. I hope no others do in these last few days. For at the end of all this they will have to look into their own souls for redemption."

"You see much in your soul, my brother." Jennie said, she and Jonathan seated beside Enrique and Orlando on another couch.

"My soul sees everything, sister of my heart." Jolan said, staring out of the window again, Justin and Jennie trading looks, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"I'm so tired, Jus. I want to sleep forever. Some things I want to forget in the darkness of sleep." he softly said, Justin pulling him against him.

"It's a long flight, my love. Lay your head down in my lap and close your eyes." he said, moving over on the couch, Jolan laying down, his head going into Justin's lap, Justin's fingers stroking his wavy hair.

"Paths move as they must. Souls fill with truth and destiny. Mine the most." Jolan said, closing his eyes.

Justin's eyes went to everyone staring at the two, everyone remaining quiet.

They all sensed Jolan's tiredness and his not wanting to talk more.

The cabin settled down, couples joining, Chris and Chace returning to the kids, snuggling in their tent with them, Spartacus laying beside the tent, as if guarding them.

Justin's eyes met Josh's, the two voicing their love in their eyes.

Their love for Jolan.


The car crested the small hill going towards the front of the mansion, driving up the circular driveway, other vehicles following.

When it stopped in front of the front doors, those large double doors opened, the Dragosan clan walking out into the morning sunshine.

All wore smiles of happiness, the car doors below them opening.

Jolan stepped out on the land of Dragos, his eyes looking up at the home of his grandfather.

Their beloved Bloodstone Manor.

His eyes met four sets of grey--his uncles and his father wearing wide smiles.

"Welcome back to heaven, Jolan." Morgan said, the man walking down the steps, his strong arms encircling his nephew, Jolan smiling at the man's warm embrace.

"I am back in your love, Uncle. It is good to be in my family's heart again."
Morgan smiled, his eyes showing tears, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"I love you, Uncle. No other duels of destiny will shatter the love we now have for each other."

Morgan smiled, Simus, Cory and Calen walking down the steps, Jolan hugging all three, Morgan hugging Justin, kissing Hayden's cheek, the boy in Justin's arms.

"Hi, Unky Morgan!" Hayden smiled, the man grinning.

Jolan broke the hug Calen gave him, the man smiling at him, Jolan's mother and father now in front of him.

"Welcome home, our surprising son." Joel said, Jolan pulled into his father's arms.

"I love you, Dad." he said, his eyes filled with tears.

The man smiled, breaking his hug, Jolan kissed by his mother as she now hugged him, Joel's arms now full of his daughter's embracing love.

"The Dragosan clan together again." Krayos said, smiling as he and Elijah walked up to the group.

"Yes, cousin. Our love is whole." Jolan smiled, hugging both men.

Everyone was welcomed by the Dragosan clan, hugs and kisses exchanged, Morgan guiding the group up the front steps into the Manor.

Enrique and Orlando looked around the place, awed by the elegant vastness of the estate.

"Wow! This is a large estate, and this house is a castle!" Enrique said, Morgan smiling as Jolan introduced them.

"This is large and vast, but it is a home nonetheless." Morgan said, Orlando smiling at him.

Everyone stood in the foyer, their greeting welcomes interrupted by three shouts of happiness.

Jolan looked up, three youthful missiles of love rushing down the staircase above him, the man tackled by three identical embraces of love.

Three others walked down the stairs, smiles showing on their faces as well.

Jolan lay on the foyer marble floor, his three Archanian cousins on top of him.

"Welcome home, Cousin!" Athos said, his face covered in a wide smile, Mathias and Isaiah grinning as well.

Justin smiled at the three, the three climbing off Jolan, the young man pulled up by all three, instantly enveloped in a group hug.

"Hello, my flying brethren of mirthful love. No devious game this time?" Jolan said, the three smiling at him.

"No, Jolan. We only welcome you now with our love." Isaiah said, tears showing in his eyes.

Jolan smiled at him, looking at the three walking behind them.

Tyrone, Sid and Tyler all smiled at him, each wrapping their arms around their soulmate.

"It is a love I see that has doubled." Jolan smiled, the other three hugging Jolan, everyone welcomed by all six.

Josh was hugging his brother, Jolan smiling at their sibling love.

"Lunch is at the ready, Nephew. Everyone else has arrived, you're the last." Morgan said, Jolan nodding as Tyrone finished his hug.

"Excellent, Uncle. Let's dine with the Queen." Jolan smiled, everyone led towards the Queen's Room.


Jolan smiled, Lynn kissing his cheek, Hayden in her arms.

"Our boy's growing so fast!" she said, Jolan smiling at her.

"Love makes a child grow, his exuberance fed on happiness." he said, smiling at all those now surrounding him.

Everyone had arrived at the Manor, two Dragosan jets bringing them all.

Originally the one jet was supposed to make stops in New York and Florida, Morgan nixing that idea, offering two jets for speedier travel.

The jet from New York and Florida had arrived first, carrying Trace and Cindy, Shelly and Henry, Jordan and his wife, and Domo, Rachel and Daphne. It also had contained Justin's family, his parents and step-parents as well as Stevie.

Everyone was now filling the Queen's Room, two large tables now in its center.

A large group of family and friends were about to dine in happiness.

Jolan sat at the table in front of the Queen's portrait, his grey eyes looking up at her.

Morgan smiled at Jolan, the man seated at the head of the table, Jolan on his left, Justin on his right.

Lynn and Paul sat beside Justin, Randall and Lisa beside Jolan.

"Your clan has grown, my Nephew. Your wrap your love around so many." Morgan smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"All my friends are family to me now, Uncle. My clan is indeed large. As is my heart filled with their love."
Everyone smiled, Morgan standing up at his place.

"I am the head of the Dragosan clan, and I am a man with returned love. My heart lives because of my nephew's giving love. I would like to propose a toast to his love."
Jolan smiled, surprised by his uncle's words.

Everyone stood, all smiling at Jolan.

"You are love, my nephew. This week's revelations showed that love's depth. Your soul radiates out unto the world. Clans of magic are now free again, souls of doubt now focused. Your love is love. It sinks into every soul you have touched. We all feel it. We all have hearts filled with your love. I wish to toast that love here today. The next few days are the catalyst building up to the final end of your path of love. In the next few days our love is here for you in any way you need. The world waits for your showing love. We wait for only the love you always give us. So let us all join in a toast to your love, Jolan. It is in our hearts as ours is in yours. To you and your love!"

Everyone raised their glasses and echoed, "To you and your love!".

Jolan smiled around at everyone, tears showing in his grey eyes.

He stood, clinking glasses with those around him, his eyes showing his love.

He hugged his uncle, Morgan kissing his cheek.

"Thank you, Uncle. Your words mirror your love for me. I thank all of you for being here for me today, and the days ahead. Life continues, destiny ends. But our love for each other is ours."
Everyone smiled, Morgan's hand going to his nephew's shoulder.

"A meal of great deliciousness awaits, Jolan. Would you honour us with words of graceful thanks?"
Jolan smiled, nodding, everyone returning to their seats.

Jolan looked around, bowing his head, still standing, everyone lowering their heads.

"Lord, we your servants of love join today as one. As one of love and faith. A family sits before you, basking in your ever-giving love and the love we hold in our hearts for each other. We stand upon the dawning of a new age of love and understanding, of knowledge and acceptance. Other beings of love and worth grace this world, our opening our hearts to them creates love in those same hearts. We give thanks today for all that surround us, love most evident in all our hearts. I myself have never felt so deeply the love that surrounds me. It is enough to guide me forward these last few days. Let us walk forward with love, faith and life in all of us. Amen."
Everyone said Amen, Jolan raising his head, his son smiling at him from Justin's lap across from him.

"Food, Dada! Me's hungry!"

Jolan laughed, Morgan laughing as well, the man picking up a small bell, ringing it.


Everyone relaxed in the Room of Family, the delicious lunch filling their stomachs with contented happiness.

"I've never eaten so much." Joey said, laying on the floor in front of the fireplace, Briahna laying beside him, Lance seated on the floor behind him, Joey's head in his lap.

Kelly smiled at her ex-husband, Leo snuggled beside her on a couch.

"I've seen you eat more, Dad." Briahna giggled, Lance smiling at him.

"Teddy bears need lots of energy." he said, Kelly smiling at him.

Jolan sat on the couch in front of the fireplace, Josh and Chace on both sides of him, Justin standing by the fireplace with Calen and Morgan.

Everyone else was relaxing around them, the room filled with happiness.

Justin's eyes raised, staring at the portrait of Lenora Archania, then his blue eyes going to the other painting hanging on the opposite wall.

Jolan smiled at his husband, his grey eyes on his Uncle Calen.

"How finds my clan of winged warriors and wolfen brethren, Uncle?" Jolan said, Calen looking at him, Elijah looking at his father and his cousin.

"Everyone is prepared, Jolan. The clans waits your final instructions. They are ready to stand by your side. They have returned to their places of life and happiness, their hidden truths coming forth since Tuesday. Reports have reached me of their opening lives. Our brethren have their freedom and soul back."

Jolan nodded, standing up and walking up to his uncle.

"That is all I ever wanted, Uncle. To see the light of happiness in their eyes. The same light I see in your eyes. And your love shall stand with me on that final day. That day that fast approaches."
Calen nodded, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"They meet again late Saturday, in anticipation of Sunday's reality."
Jolan nodded, his eyes going towards the portrait of his grandfather's own stand against evil.

"Life mirrors truth. Magic shines again, perhaps for the final time." Jolan said, his voice softer.

"For the final time, Nephew?" Calen said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"If you search your father's final battle against evil--and my own--you will see a parallel awareness. We both stood on the side of good, we both fought for the greatness of love. He for his Queen, I for all my families."

Calen nodded, Simus and Joel looking at Jolan.

Joel walked up to his son, Jolan smiling at his father.

"Our father had to show his magic to unite two clans of destiny, Jolan. What must you do?"

Jolan looked into all the grey eyes of the Dragosans, Krayos staring at him as well.

"I must show all of myself, and all of him, Father."

"Him, Jolan? Who is he?"
"He is the magic behind all of this. My existence is the truth of all this."

"I sense Erasmus is trying to get out. You speak his riddles, son." Joel said, his hand going to his son's shoulder.

Jolan smiled, kissing his father's cheek.

"That he is, Father. As is my love."
Joel smiled, kissing his son back.

"I have two days to rest and relax here in the heart of my grandfather's love. It will be two days of happiness." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.

"I'm a bit jetlagged. I think I'll rest. Please everyone, relax and enjoy the beauty of this old house and its loving grounds. Enrique and Orlando need a tour, Uncles." Jolan said, Justin taking his hand in his.

"You stay with our son, Jus. I'm just going to take a nap."
Justin nodded, Hayden running up to him.

"Plays outside, Poppa?"
"Yes, Hay. You and Poppa have fun running around." Jolan said, kissing both, the young man walking out of the room, everyone watching him leave.

"He seems so calm, Justin. The realities of this week haven't seemed to change him." Morgan said, Justin nodding.

"He is filled with a sense of calm acceptance. I think he's accepted all that is to happen. That calmness calms my own soul."
Joel smiled at Justin, Hayden's arms going out, Joel letting the boy climb into his arms, Justin smiling at the older man.

"Plays with us, Grampa!"

Joel laughed, Justin and Joel heading for the front door, Chris and Chace following with the three other boys.


Jolan's eyes fluttered open, the kiss on his cheek awakening him from his sleep.

His grey eyes looked into a set of blue pools of sparkling love.

"Hi, Josh. How long have I slept?"
"About four hours, Jo. Justin came in an hour ago and you were dead to the world. Dinner is almost ready." he said, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's soft lips, Jolan's arms going around the man, Josh feeling him pull him close.

"Mm. Now that's a nice alarm clock."

Josh smiled, Jolan kissing his lips again, Josh snuggling against the man, both laying on the large comfy bed.

"So what's on the agenda for the next two days, Jo?"

"You're living it, Joshua. Relaxing love and quiet rest."
Josh smiled, Jolan's hand going under his shirt, the young man feeling the man's warm skin.

"You are way overdressed, Chasez." Jolan said, the young man moving, now on top of the older man.

"As intoxicating and erotic as you are, my sleeping angel, we haven't time."
Jolan sighed, kissing Josh's lips again.

"Maybe I should go find Orlando. I'm sure he'd make time for me."

Josh smiled, looking into Jolan's grey pools of love.

"Well you are in England. You should taste the local fare."
Jolan laughed, Josh smiling at him, seeing the man's calm happiness.

Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's lips again.

"I'm happy, Josh. Happy to be here and to have you and our other four angels in my life."
Josh nodded, Jolan moving and standing up, extending a hand to Josh, Josh taking it, Jolan pulling him up off the bed.

"Tonight, Jo?"

Jolan nodded, kissing his cheek again.

"Yes, they need to get going on their paths."
"You are so giving, so totally giving."
Jolan smiled, Josh's arm going around him.

"For friends of love, for all my family I give all."
Josh smiled, Jolan pulling his shirt off, Josh's eyes taking in his vision of love.

"I need to change. My Jus always likes me looking refreshed. It's such a turn on for him."

"Then lets get our Justy all hot and bothered."
Josh laughed, Jolan smiling as his friend helped him dress.


Dinner was another meal of delicious grandeur, everyone enjoying it heartily.

After dinner they relaxed, chatted and played card games in the Room of Family, or took walks in the darkening gardens surrounding the Manor.

Jolan and Justin went for a walk with Hayden, the three walking the gardens lavishly cared for by Jolan's father.

He truly was a master of horticultural beauty.

The kids were put into bed around nine, the adults enjoying each other's company, Jolan making the rounds, chatting with all his family and friends.

Couples began to filter away, the group diminishing, Jolan and his soulmates calling it a night around eleven.

They walked upstairs to their large bedroom, a smaller bedroom attached to it, one door between the two, their two sons asleep in the smaller room, Josh gently closing the door, leaving it slightly ajar for them in the morning.

The four smiled at each other, Justin and Chace laying down on the bed, Jolan smiling at them, he and Josh sitting down on a stylish settee in the corner of the room.

"How long should we wait, Jo?" Chace said, Justin's fingers going along the man's sculpted chest.

"After one should be good." Jolan said, the other three smiling at him.

"You sense them?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"They are wrapped in each other's love, the day's beauty flowing through them."

Chace sat up, Justin wrapping his arms around him.

"So what's the plan?" Chace said, Jolan smiling at him, the young man getting up, walking over to the dresser, opening the top drawer.

He smiled, pulling out a black Speedo swimsuit.

He turned back to his friends, smiling.

"A wet moment of wonder, followed by blossoming love." he said, smiling at his three soulmates.

The three looked at the swimsuit in Jolan's hand, seeing its slimness and small fabric.

"I'll go first, then we get to the heart of all of it."
The three nodded, Jolan beginning to talk.

The three listened, drawn into Jolan's plan.


Jolan sighed, the young man's body feeling the warmth of the large pool's deep, soothing, warm water.

He lay on his back, his form floating on top of the water.

All the tiredness of the week had ebbed out of his body, the young man having been swimming for over an hour.

His soulmates remained upstairs, the young man focusing on the moment at hand.

His eyes were closed, his mind empty of all thoughts save the ones he was feeling drawing towards him.

"It's a large pool, room for more."

The two men who'd walked into the pool room stopped at the pool's edge, staring down at the young vision of masculine beauty who'd spoken, Jolan still floating on the pool's surface.

Jolan wore only a small black Speedo, his total body's beauty shown.

His grey eyes opened, the young man staring up into two sets of brown eyes.

Enrique and Orlando stood at the pool's edge, both men staring at the young man.

"It's a beautiful pool. I hope we're not intruding." Enrique said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"There is no intrusion on happiness, my friends." Jolan said, the young man moving, swimming towards their watchful gaze.

Jolan reached the ladder, the young man pulling himself up onto the pool's edge, standing beside his friends.

Both men took in the vision of wet beauty beside them.

"My cousins always take late night swims here. It's a quiet beautiful place, the silence and privacy of its beauty making the heart open. I asked them to stay away tonight."
The two men looked confused, Jolan's grey eyes taking in both men's attire.

Orlando wore tight swim trunks, a t-shirt covering his smooth chest.

Enrique wore a Speedo, not as sleek or slim as Jolan's, its color a fiery red, his smooth chest naked and on full display.

"We needed a bit of privacy to talk, my friends." Jolan said, offering both men a chair beside a table a few feet from them.

Both men sat down, Jolan grabbing a towel off the pool's edge, the young man standing before the two men, slowly towelling his body dry, both men staring at him.

Jolan smiled at both, his grey eyes softly glowing.

"I think it's time we discussed infatuation and need, my friends. I think it's time we opened our hearts to each other." Jolan said, standing in front of both of them.

"You. . .you know, don't you, Jo?" Orlando said, his eyes scanning the young man's smooth, muscled body.

"That the two of you are drawn to myself and my soulmates? Yes, I've known for quite some time."
Both men lowered their heads, Enrique's hand going to Orlando's shoulder.

"You. . .you offered us your friendship, all four of you did. We took that friendship, and we. . .we thought. . .or hoped. . ." Enrique said, Orlando's eyes meeting his, Jolan staring at both.

"I have sensed the need, the desire in both of you. I sense your deep blossoming love for myself and Joshua, Lando. And I sense the returned longing in your heart of confusion for my Jus, and our tiger of love, Rico."

Both men stared at Jolan, the young man staring at them.

"We. . .we see so much beauty. . .you are all so beautiful. I've. . .I've had so much hurt. Here now I see so much love. . .I want that love so much." Orlando said, Enrique's arm going around him.

"I feel the love too, Jolan. Your love and the others. It's so overwhelming. Our friendship for the four of you seems to be more. We do see so much beauty. Orlando and I want to feel that love."

Jolan's grey eyes stared at Enrique, then Orlando, the man softly sighing.

"Do I appear to be more than I am, my friends?"

"You are a man of stunning beauty, with such a giving soul. Your giving love drew us together, Jo. We are together because of you. Lando and I have both sensed you're trying to do something more."

Jolan lowered his head for a moment, then raised it again.

"I have the ability to see into people's souls, my friends. Your love for each other I saw growing before either of you even knew of each other's existence."

Both men looked surprised, Jolan staring at both.

"And in the days since then I saw both of you drawn to each other, your love solidifying into one soul. Lando felt used and hurt, you gave him a man who wouldn't ever do that to him, Enrique. And I felt the need within your soul, the need for someone to love you, to want you for more than your looks or your stamina. I'd have to say the two of you are my best work yet. Well, part of my best work."

The two men looked at each other.

"Part of your best work?" Enrique said, Jolan smiling.

"I have felt the truth in both of your souls. The two of you mirror my Jus and me, and Joshua and Chace. You love each other totally, but have so much love to give."
Both men nodded, remaining silent as Jolan spoke.

"Your souls of love have turned to myself and my three soulmates. You see in us the beauty and love of a foursome of total love. You envy us for what we have. Four souls to lean on, to love and to be there for each other."

Enrique's eyes met Jolan's.

"Yes, Jolan. Your togetherness floors us. We. . .we love each other deeply. But we believe we've so much love to give."
Jolan sighed, looking at both men.

"The four of us--I most of all--believe that the two of you are and will always be two of our dearest friends. We four are here for you in every way. With love, friendship, help and guidance."

Enrique and Orlando were both showing tears in their eyes.

"But not with our giving physical love."

The two men turned around, three visions of masculine beauty showing behind them.

Justin, Josh and Chace all stood behind them, all three wearing only swim trunks.

The two men looked shocked, Justin walking forward around the table, his arm going around Jolan's naked torso, Josh and Chace walking up beside them.

"Jolan is correct, our friends. We four will be your dearest friends. We'll always welcome you into our home and our hearts. But our love--our total love--is ours alone." Justin said, his face showing a giving loving smile.

Enrique and Orlando both stood up, their wet eyes staring at all four.

"Justin. . .we. . .I. . .we never meant to voice our love so openly." Enrique said, Justin moving forward, his hand going to the man's smooth shoulder.

"Come, my friend. It's just the six of us here. We--all four of us--have seen the love in your brown eyes, both of you. Jolan sensed it first and the three of us see it now clearly, too. We're all flattered, my friends."
Enrique lowered his head, Justin leaning forward and kissing his forehead, the man raising his head.

"Your love for me touches my soul, Enrique. I'll always be your friend. But Jolan, Josh and Chace are my soulmates. Jolan is my life. As I now see Orlando is yours."

"Justin. . .I. . .I'm sorry."

Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing Enrique now on the lips.

"You never have to apologize for loving me, Rico. No more than Lando has to apologize for loving my Jo. We four love you two. It's just not a physical love. That love we four find within our own souls. We've made a pact of love between us. We shall only ever need physical love from only each other. The four of us trust each other deeply. You both have to realize that. There never can be any kind of physical love other than hugging and touching between us."
Josh and Chace both smiled, their eyes on both men.

"It's not the two of you, far from it. You are both excitingly beautiful, handsome men." Chace said, the two men softly smiling.

"It's the bond of love we share." Jolan said, all five looking at him.

"We four are soulmates, as my Jus just said. That is a pact we shall honour forever. But we also hold a pact of deep friendship and love for both of you."

Orlando lowered his head, Josh walking up to him, his arm going around him.

"We loved each other once, Lando. It was magical but it wasn't enough. I have found total happiness with these three. I only now wish for you and Enrique that happiness as well."

Jolan moved, his smooth body now standing between both men and his Joshua and Justin, Chace behind him.

"We six are friends, Rico and Lando. And we always will be. We just have to get past this physical awkwardness. We all feel the deep love the two of you have. It's as magical as our twosomes of love." Jolan said, both men softly smiling a bit more.

"We. . .we feel so foolish." Orlando said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Love shows no signs of foolishness when one speaks from one's heart." Jolan said, the two men looking at him.

"We give you our friendship, and tonight we'd like to give you something more." Chace said, the two men looking confused.

Jolan smiled, the young man's hands going to his own waist, his fingers peeling down the Speedo he wore, the piece of clothing coming off completely, both men's eyes widening.

"I am the center of their love, I am the center of your friendship. I bare all to show you my comfort and love, Rico and Lando."
Both men took in the total vision of beauty standing before them.

"I give you myself this one time. I and my soulmates offer you my love. I am here for you to love." Jolan said, his three soulmates looking at him with love.

Enrique and Orlando both looked into each other's eyes, Orlando leaning forward and kissing his man's lips.

Enrique smiled, the man moving forward.

He bent down, picking up Jolan's discarded swimsuit, rising up again, looking Jolan in his grey loving eyes.

He put his hand out, handing Jolan the Speedo.

"Cover your love, Jo. It covers our hearts. We do love you, as the friend we now see you and your soulmates as."

Jolan smiled, taking the swimsuit from Enrique, the young man moving forward and hugging him tightly, Enrique feeling the man's nakedness against him.

"Last chance for a trip to ecstasy." Jolan whispered in his ear, Enrique laughing, the others hearing Jolan's words.

"I have gone there with my Lando always. Thank you for the offer, Jo. Your love is all we need."
Jolan smiled, pulling the swimsuit on, Justin's arm going around him.

"You missed out on a fine piece of man, Rico."
Enrique smiled, Orlando's arm going around him.

"I'll enjoy the friendship more."

Everyone smiled, all six hugging each other, Enrique and Orlando hugged last again by Jolan.

"My two friends of love. We four will always be here for you. But the truth in your soul is real. The two of you have an immense love. It's not destined for us four, but who's to say where your future path may lead. Your love would be anyone's greatest joy."
Both men smiled, the two wiping tears from their eyes.

"We love each other deeply, Jo. It's enough for us now." Orlando said, his brown eyes looking into Enrique's brown, their love shown.

"We all see that, my friends. Build on that and your souls will love forever. Trust, truth and open honesty you both now have."

Both men smiled, both kissing Jolan's cheeks.

"Thank you all. Your friendship we need and love." Orlando said, all four men smiling at both men.

"For now we need some wet fun." Chace said, the man smiling and running towards the pool, diving into the deep end.

"A wet tiger we so love." Josh said, smiling widely, he and Justin both heading for the water.

Jolan smiled after them, Orlando pulling off his t-shirt, his smooth torso on full display.

"It's a warm pool, as warm as our friendship." Jolan said, smiling at both.

The two men smiled back, both running to the pool's edge and diving towards their friends.

Jolan smiled, the man staring at all five, his heart alive with giving love.

He dove into the water, heading for his three of love.


The six swam around, relaxing in the warm water, Jolan touched by all three of his love.

He felt their feelings of giving love, of bonded life, the four as they always were.

Tonight two bonded friends joined their inner circle, friendship the core of their bond.

The double doors of the pool area were heard opening; Chris, Joey, Lance, Britney, Usher and Nick walking into the pool area.

"We were heading for bed when Joey saw the lights on earlier and thought a swim was a great idea." Chris said, staring at the six in the pool.

"Is this some kind of gay orgy?" he said, Joey slapping him on the back of the head.

"You wish, Chris!" Jolan laughed, the man smiling at him.

"I have my own pot of honey, thanks." he said, wrapping his arms around Britney's bikini clad body.

"Now he's a bear. What happened to the walrus?" Chace yelled, everyone laughing, Chris giving him a finger as he pulled his t-shirt off.

Usher and Nick were laughing, both pulling t-shirts and pants off, slim bikini swim trunks worn by both.

Chris ran towards the pool, cannon balling into the water, a large splash soaking Chace and Josh.

Britney smiled at everyone, climbing down the ladder, falling back into the water.

Joey and Lance removed their clothing, swim trunks of identical color worn.

"Aw, look guys! Twins!" Justin giggled, Joey and Lance joining hands, running and diving into the pool.

That left Nick and Usher, the two kissing each other, placing their clothes on a lounge chair.

Jolan's eyes took in Usher's smooth black body, it a sculpted vision of sinewy muscles.

Nick was sturdier, smooth and toned, his body sleeker than it had been before.

Jolan smiled, his eyes going around the pool, taking in two people staring at the two remaining people on the pool's platform.

He smiled, his eyes going to Usher's.

"Come on in Ush! Bring your man with you. Dive into the love. It will feed your souls."
The two men smiled, both running towards the edge, both diving forward into the pool.

They both surfaced beside Jolan, Justin swimming beside him.

"Ah! Refreshing!" Usher said, Nick's lips going to his man's wet neck.

"No necking in the pool, gay boys! Love cream floats!" Chris laughed, Britney rolling her eyes, the two of them swimming by the edge.

"Dibs on dunking the walrus!" Usher said, Chris leering at him.

Everyone laughed, Jolan kissing Usher's cheek.

"Walruses thrive in water, Ush. Get him on land and beach him."

Everyone laughed, swimming around, the water relaxing and warming.

"An excellent idea, Jo." Joey said, his friends looking at him, the man smiling.

"I didn't just see the lights on, Chris. Jolan told me earlier that he'd be swimming here after one, inviting me to bring all of you."
All eyes went to Jolan, his grey eyes filled with love.

"I sensed it would be a relaxing end to our returning night here. I wanted to end the night surrounded by love."

Everyone smiled, Justin's arms going around his love.

"Sweet idea, my love. A night of wet wonderment."
Jolan smiled, his eyes looking towards Usher and Nick.

The two were swimming with Enrique and Orlando, Nick and Orlando talking to each other.

"Yes, my love. The wonderment of love." he said, smiling at his Justin, the two kissing.

They broke their kiss, Justin's lips kissing Jolan's neck, the young man's eyes on Orlando.

"Yes, the wonders of love."




End of Chapter 156


A chapter of solidifying love.

Jolan and his three soulmates have confronted Enrique and Orlando.

The end result their bonded friendship.


Our foursome of love remains four.

But it seems our two lost souls may be destined for something more.

And Jolan's deep in thought on two others.

I think you can see the underlying message.


Up next: Jolan's last day of quiet relaxation.

And then the trip back to Bolta Cerului and the battle of good against evil.

Any thoughts on where that's headed?
On what's to come?


I hope to surprise you.


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