Jolan's Path - Chapter 157


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 157


Justin slowly awoke, feeling a heated warmth in his center, his blue eyes opening.

Above him Jolan's body gleaned with sweat, the man's eyes closed, his body moving up and down.

The man was seated on Justin's center, Justin's hardness sunken deep within him, Jolan moaning as he rose and lowered himself on it.

Justin felt movement in the bed beside him, his eyes turning to his right.

Chace lay beside him, Josh on top of his husband, his own center buried deep within his husband, Chace's blue eyes staring at him.

"Our husbands have awoken us with their needs." Chace said, his hand going to Justin's chest, rubbing his right nipple.

Above Justin, Jolan's grey eyes opened, his head moving downward, his lips meeting Justin's, his rhythm of need not changing.

Josh smiled beside Jolan, his hand going to the man's back, feeling the warmth of the man's needful body.

His own head moved downward, his lips meeting with their tiger's, Chace's center thrusting upwards, Josh feeling his hardness sinking to the depths of his need.

Jolan opened his eyes as he parted with his husband's lips, both men hearing Josh's intense moan as Chace sunk deep within him.

"Our Joshy is feeling our tiger's morning friskiness, my Jumpy." Jolan said, Justin smiling as he looked at his best friend's face of moaning lust, Josh's blue eyes looking hazed, Chace continuing his urgent rhythm, Jolan doing the same.

"I need you, Jumpy. I need all of your love." Jolan said, Justin moving upwards, trying to match Chace's rhythm, Jolan gasping, then moaning.

Chace and Justin's eyes met, the two men moving their heads towards each other, their lips meeting in a kiss of needful love.

"They've awakened our morning beasts, my sultry singer. Let's go for broke." Chace said, the man grinning, them moving.

He lifted his body, flipping Josh over to his left, the two switching positions, their contact not breaking, Chace now on top of his husband.

Justin smiled,  moving as well, Jolan letting his lover flip him over, their contact not disconnecting either, Justin's hardness still deeply embedded within him.

"Oh, Jus!" Jolan moaned when he felt Justin's hardness sinking deeper within him.

"You'll have me, my Wolfy. I'll sink into heaven." Justin said, his lips meeting Jolan's, his rhythm intensifying.

Beside them their tiger was indeed going for broke, Josh a gasping, moaning, trembling vision as Chace thrust urgently into his man, Jolan's eyes meeting Josh's glazed.

Jolan kissed the man's lips, Josh moaning as Jolan's tongue entered his mouth, Justin's hand on Josh's chest, tweaking his left nipple, Justin trying to match Chace's youthful need.

Josh gasped in sudden shock at the three's contact with him, his hardened center exploding all over his chest, Justin rubbing the liquid all over his chest, raising his hands to Jolan's lips, Jolan licking the liquid off Justin's fingers, devouring it.

"Need more, our wolfen love?" Chace said, the man moving from on top of his Josh, pulling out of him, the man's hardness large and pulsing.

Chace moved to the other side of the two men, his hardness in his hands, the man stroking himself to full desire.

Jolan leaned forward, his tongue going out to the man's mushroomed head, Chace leaning forward, his hardness sinking into Jolan's mouth.

Chace gasped at the wet contact, his hand going to Justin's shoulder to steady himself, Justin continuing his forward thrust into Jolan, his husband's hand going to Chace's full balls, tugging on them, the young man gasping, his orgasm letting go, Jolan feeling the gushing liquid fill his mouth, devouring as much as he could.

Chace staggered back, his cock slipping out of Jolan's mouth, his liquid love flowing across Jolan's face.

Justin smiled, leaning downward, licking all the nectar off Jolan's face, the two kissing and filling each other's mouths with it.

They broke their wet kiss, their eyes meeting, both glazed with need.

"I need yours as well my love, I need the full buffet of my heart." Jolan moaned, Justin moving off his man, pulling out of his warm hole.

Justin moved forward, Jolan devouring his man's large throbbing organ.

Chace had moved back to the other side of the bed, smiling at his husband laying beside him.

Jolan continued his fellatio on Justin's hardness, Josh and Chace smiling at each other.

"Our Jus is the tiger this morning, his need slow and teasing. Let's help our Jo feed from his love." Chace said, the two men moving.

Chace's hands went to Justin's back, his tongue moving to the man's exposed ass, sinking deep within the sweaty crack, Justin gasping.

Josh moved upwards, his lips meeting Justin's, his fingers on his left nipple, rubbing it.

Justin moaned, feeling the contact upon his body, all three of his soul worshipping him.

Josh's tongue was in Justin's mouth, Chace's in his ass teasing his pink center, Jolan's mouth attached to Justin's rising hardness.

Justin felt the edge of abandon, his center vibrating with needful release.

He erupted within himself, his liquid love gushing out of his center, Jolan devouring it.

He felt his orgasm slowing, the man pulling out of his husband's mouth, Justin feeling the two others attached to him moving.

He opened his eyes, looking down, seeing Josh and Chace kissing Jolan, the two licking Justin's overflowing liquid love off Jolan's face and chest.

Justin sighed, the man falling forward on top of Jolan, his man's arms going around him, Justin's lips meeting his, their two soulmates kissing both men's cheeks.

Justin felt a sudden trembling in Jolan's body, a warm liquid hitting Justin's chest, Josh and Chace both kissing his wet cheeks, Jolan gasping.

All three felt his orgasm, Justin feeling its wetness.

Jolan sighed, the man coming down from the heights of their love.

"An awakening moment of our Wolfy's giving love." Justin said when he looked down into Jolan's grey opening eyes.

"I. . .I awoke in the middle of so much love. Josh welcomed me to the new day with his rising love."

Josh smiled, remembering their quiet kissing and touching, their mates asleep beside them.

The two had had a moment of giving love between them, Josh's ass still feeling Jolan's giving desire.

The two had then turned their love to their soulmates, both joining with them together.

All four smiled, Chace kissing Jolan's lips.

"A great way to start your last day of relaxation, our love." he said, Jolan smiling at him, kissing his lips back.

"Here in the center of this love I am the happiest. My three beasts of love fill me with their love. I needed to taste all three of you to begin this day."
All three smiled, Justin and Josh kissing, then Chace and Justin.

"Good morning, all of you." each said, Jolan smiling at all three.

"What say I make my men and our friends a hearty breakfast, after we wash up?" Jolan said, the three smiling at each other.

"I and Josh can't wait, Jo. We need nourishment right now." Chace said, pulling Justin up, the young man's lips going to Justin's smooth chest, Chace licking Jolan's liquid love off of the man's smooth abs.

Jolan and Justin both smiled, Justin sitting on his man's hips.

Josh leaned forward, kissing Jolan's lips with tender love.

"My husband's right. I need to dine on your love, Jo." he said, his lips moving down Jolan's chest, licking up his remnants of liquid love.

Jolan and Justin both smiled, their two friends of love devouring their rising centers.


Jolan smiled, two arms going around his waist, a set of lips kissing his neck.

"I'll burn the bacon, my love." he said, Justin kissing his cheek, leaning against the counter beside the stove.

"You've cooked a mountain of food, my love. Joey's going to love you."
"Hey, what's one more." Jolan smiled, Josh and Chace smiling beside them at the other counter, both men buttering a platter filled with toast.

"We all had a great offer last night of more love, Jo. Those two would have been divine." Chace said, Josh lightly slapping his ass.

"Are we not enough love for our tiger?" he said, Chace smiling.

"More than enough, my pet. Just teasing."

The four smiled at each other, Josh looking at Jolan, seeing a soft look of smiling love on his face.

"Okay, what's going on? I see a look of revealing love on your face." he said, Jolan smiling, pulling off the frying pan, removing the bacon onto a platter beside Justin, Jolan putting the frying pan into the sink after discarding the grease.

Justin put the platter into the warming oven above the stove, it joining other platters.

"Those two last night showed a lot of love within their souls. Enrique and Orlando do need to give that love to others. Last night I made that a reality for all four of them."

The other three men traded looks, then stared back at Jolan.

The man smiled, leaning against the counter, staring at them.

"Enrique and Orlando were on the right path, the path to finding the love both needed, a love similar to ours. They just turned towards the wrong giving love."
"You mean. . .you mean they're going to find others to join with them? They're going to find a greater love?" Justin said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"Yes, Jus. I just needed to guide them to the right ones."

Josh's thoughts were going back to last night, thinking of all he'd seen.

The truth suddenly dawned on him.

"Usher and Nick!"

Chace and Justin saw the truth at the same moment, having seen the four men laughing and talking in the pool.

"Yes, my familiar of showing intellect."

"Wow, that's surprising, Jo!" Chace said, Josh's arm going around him.

"It's really not surprising Chace, when you think about it." Jolan said, Justin's arm going around him.

"Nick was hurt as much as Lando was by Mark Wahlberg, Chace. Both men felt used, hurt and betrayed by that man's trust. They then both found a soulmate of giving love in Rico and Ush. But both men have hearts of yearning love. They've tasted the meal of true love, both needing more. And Ush and Rico are both men of giving love. The four will find in each other all the love and desire they need."
Chace shook his head in surprising wonder.

"Wow, Jo. The four of them together. Four visions of beauty and love."
Jolan smiled, looking at Josh and Justin.

"They'll have the love we have, my angels. Let's keep this to ourselves. Even they don't know the full truth of what's happening between them. Let's all watch that love unfold."

Justin kissed Jolan's lips tenderly, Jolan smiling at him when their kiss broke.

"You are amazing, my love. Nick was--and is--one of my dearest friends. All I've ever wanted was for him to be happy. You've given him Ush, and now Lando and Rico. Thank you for giving him so much love."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin again.

"I know that Nick holds a special place in your heart, Jus. He always has. You were both once lovers. I know you've always wanted him to be happy, just as you've always wanted Lance to be. They are now happy. I hold no envy or jealousy in my heart for either of them. I have your complete love and I have their unending friendship. Plus we both have this gruesome twosome here. We're beyond happy."

Justin smiled, Josh and Chace smiling at both, their tongues stuck out, Jolan laughing..

"I love you, Jumpy." He said, once his eyes returned to Justin's blue.

"I love you, Wolfy."

Both men smiled, Josh and Chace smiling as well.

Justin and Jolan kissed again, their love showing.

"Hey! Not over the food! I don't want to taste you two in my bacon!" Chris said, laughing as he walked into the kitchen, Britney's arm around him.

"Who says you're getting bacon, Chris? I have made gruel for you." Jolan smiled, Josh and Chace laughing, Britney walking up to all four, kissing and hugging each, smiling at Jolan.

"It's early, Jo. Don't whip him down first thing." she said, lightly laughing.

Chris folded his arms, Britney smiling at him.

Jolan laughed, kissing Britney's cheek.

"I knew he was twisted Bitzy, but whips?"

Everyone burst into laughter, Chris blushing.

"That's so not true, Dragos!" he said, Jolan laughing, walking up to him and hugging him, Chris smiling and hugging him back.

"Good morning, Walrus. No whip could ever cut through that blubber."

Britney's shrill laugh cut through all theirs, even Chris unable to stop from laughing.

"Good one, Jo. And perhaps true." Chris said, Jolan's arm going around him.

"Nothing could be further from the truth, my friend. Your stocky beauty warms Bitzy's heart, and excites it as well."

Chris smiled, his eyes meeting Britney's blue pools of love.

"I know, Jo." he said, Britney smiling at her husband.

"I'll sneak some bacon into that gruel, my friend. Plump walruses are more giving."

Chris laughed, Jolan walking up to Britney kissing her cheek, his eyes taking in her beauty and her showing motherhood.

"Speaking of stocky beauty, you're getting only fruit, our mother-to-be."

Chris laughed, Britney looking at him, Chris blushing.

"She may be showing, but her love's glowing." Jolan said, Britney smiling.

"Two growing hearts need more sustenance, Bitzy. Twins of love need lots." Jolan said, smiling and walking out of the kitchen, heading into the Queen's Room to set the table.

Everyone in the kitchen stared in stunned shock at Britney, Chris rushing up to his wife.

"Twins. . .we're. . .you're. . .twins?" he said in shocked wonder, Britney's eyes meeting his.

"Jolan, the all knowing. The doctor just told me Wednesday morning, my love. I was going to tell you today." she said, Chris' eyes filling with tears.

"Oh, Britney! Two hearts for me to love like our boys." he said, his eyes filled with identical tears as Britney's.

"You're not upset?"
"Oh, my love. Our love is going to double. I'm beyond happy." he said, the two hugging tenderly, their lips meeting, the three men surrounding them showing tears as well.

"Now you'll have to think up two names." Chace smiled, Chris and Britney smiling.

"Jolan and Justin sounds nice." Chris smiled, Justin tearing up as his friend hugged him.

"Or Jolina and Justina." Josh said, both men laughing, Chris' eyes meeting Britney's.

"Male or female, they'll have our love."

Everyone smiled, Joey and Lance walking into the kitchen, Martha the cook ahead of them.

"Seems someone's beaten me to breakfast." she said, pulling off her coat, smiling at everyone.

"That would be our loving Jo, I bet." Lance said, everyone nodding, Martha smiling.

"Fantastic! A morning to relax!" she said, everyone laughing.

Joey and Lance smiled, taking in the happy looks on all their friends' faces.

"What's going on?" Joey said, Chris beginning to speak.


Everyone met in the Queen's Room, Jolan having everything ready.

Justin and Chace had returned upstairs, bringing their boys down to breakfast.

Everyone hugged Jolan, Chris and Britney sharing their news.

Everyone's eyes had gone to Jolan, the young man smiling.

"I felt their double love on the path. Their hearts are already filling with your love." He smiled at Chris and Britney, both hugging him with happiness.

Everyone sat down, dining on Jolan's morning feast, Martha and a couple of waiters spreading it out onto the table.

She'd kissed Jolan's cheek, lightly slapping his shoulder, Jolan smiling at the gentle older woman.

Breakfast was a gathering of happiness, Jolan smiling with calming love.

His eyes scanned all of his friends, seeing their happiness at his happiness.

His eyes took in Enrique and Orlando, the two seated across from Nick and Usher, the four chatting with showing smiles on their faces.

Jolan smiled, knowing in his heart the four had talked long into the night last night after everyone had left the pool, the four the last remaining there.

His eyes moved to his three soulmates, taking in their gazes towards the four.

He smiled, his and Justin's eyes meeting.

They remained silent on this revelation, their joined secret theirs.

"You look surprisingly happy this morning, my son." Joel, said seated across from Jolan and Justin, Melina at his side, all four at Morgan's end of the table.

"It's a day of relaxing love, Father. I'm surrounded by happiness, that rubbing into my soul."
Joel smiled, Morgan smiling as well.

"You might as well tell me, Uncle." Jolan said, setting his fork down, sipping his coffee cup.

Everyone looked towards the elder Dragosan, Morgan's eyes on Jolan.

"We had a summoning late last night from the One Council. They met us in the Room of Love's Light."

"I know, Uncle. I felt their gathering presence last night after I retired."

Justin's eyes went to Jolan, the man smiling at him.

"Tell me what Tolmar said, Uncle."
"He--as well as the other two--were wondering of your path this week. Of what you've done."

"I'm sure they were, Tolmar especially."

"They knew that you would reveal the clans but they were surprised that you revealed your own self. Tolmar seemed shocked by it."

Jolan nodded, setting his cup down.

"You informed him of my wish to meet him on Saturday after the Sumsarian meeting?"

"Yes, Jolan. He agreed to that request. He will meet you in Bolta Cerului's chapel. He seemed surprised at you wanting to meet there." Joel said, Simus and Calen nodding from the table's other end.

"I'm sure he was. His soul realized the significance of its meaning." Jolan said, Hayden smiling up at his father from Justin's lap.

"Where love starts, Dada?"

Jolan smiled, nodding at his son.

"Yes, Hay. It was where all of this started."

Everyone looked confused, Jolan's eyes going up to the Queen's portrait.

"Her love resonated from the palace, Uncles. She was the guiding love through all of this. Someone remembered that."
"You're speaking in riddles again, my son."
"Sorry, Father. Erasmus' love echoes in my mind."

Joel smiled, Simus looking at his nephew.

"What does that mean, Jolan? That love started there?"

"Love and faith are a large part of all of this. It's echoed down through the generations of all three clans. Tolmar is perhaps one of the central figures in all of this. And he needs to see that."

"Meaning what, Jolan?" Calen said, his hands folded in front of him, listening intently to his nephew.

"Meaning that the main factor behind this path is love. My creation was because of that love."

"Your creation? You've said that before, Jolan. It's as if you mean you'd never have existed without this." Melina said, Jolan smiling at his mother.

"Perhaps in a way that's true, Mom. You and my father fell in love, married and created myself and Jennica. Your love created our love. As your love was spawned from another love. My grandparents on both sides." Jolan said, smiling at Domo and his Dragosan uncles and father.

"Everyone is created from love. From their parents' love. Some of us were created, perhaps, through more distinct purposeful meaning."
"You're saying you were created because of this destiny?" Calen said, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his.

"Perhaps, Uncle. All I know is that I am here with a destined purpose."

Justin's hand went into Jolan's, Hayden climbing into his lap from Justin's.

"That doesn't make you any different than all of us, Jo. You're still loved by all of us."
Jolan smiled, Hayden leaning up and kissing his cheek.

"You's real, Dada. Your love's ours."

Jolan smiled, kissing his son's forehead.

"I am loved, my child of love. Your and Poppa's love is in my soul."
Hayden smiled, looking at Justin.

"Come on, Dada! Let's plays outside!"

Jolan laughed, nodding and standing up with Hayden in his arms.

"Finish your breakfast everyone. I'm going to play with my son."
Justin smiled up at Jolan and his son, Jolan leaning down and kissing his cheek, Hayden doing the same thing.

"We be outsides when you done, Poppa."
Justin nodded, the man and his son walking with a smile out of the room.

"He's so calm, Justin. He seems so happy." Melina said, Joel nodding.

"He is, Mom and Dad. He's accepted what tomorrow brings and what he'll have to do. His heart is filled with love. He doesn't need anything more." Justin said, Josh and Chace smiling at him, others as well.

Joel and Melina both smiled, everyone finishing their breakfast.


Jolan smiled, watching Hayden running across the lawn, the boy rushing towards a large fountain.

The boy stopped at its edge, staring into the watery pool, Jolan smiling as he walked up to him.

"Me sees fish, Dada!" the boy said, his voice filled with excitement.

"Nice, Hay. I see them, too. They love the water." he smiled, the boy nodding.

"Me too, Dada. I love swimming."

Jolan smiled, sitting down on the fountain's stone base, smiling at his son.

"I know, Hay. You're our little fishy."
The boy grinned, his head turning towards the Manor.

Justin, Josh and Chace were walking towards them, Logan running in front of them.

"Come see, Loggie! We gots fish!" Hayden screamed, the smaller boy running faster.

Jolan smiled, the boy running up to his knees, Jolan lifting him up, the boy sitting on the stone base, Hayden at his side, the older boy pointing to the fish, Logan's eyes widening.

"So pretty, Dada!"
"Yes, Logan. Beautiful like my two sons."
Both boys smiled, Justin smiling at hearing Jolan's words as he and his soulmates walked up to the three.

"Our boys are admiring the fish." Jolan smiled, Justin sitting down in his lap.

"Surrounded by their Dada's love." Josh smiled, Logan showing him the fish, Josh seated now beside his son.

Chace smiled at the boys, and then the two men.

"A beautiful garden, Jolan. I see your father's handiwork in all of it." he said, his eyes scanning the large flowered garden.

"My father is great with his hands. As are my uncles with their talents." he smiled, Chace grinning.

"His son has some wonderful talents as well." he smiled, Josh and Justin grinning as well, Jolan softly blushing.

"What can I say? I have so much beauty to work with."
All three smiled, Jolan sighing.

"It's so peaceful here, so beautiful and peaceful. I see why my grandfather picked its beauty for his home."

Justin kissed Jolan's cheek, smiling at him.

"He has great taste."
"Just like his grandson." Jolan said, smiling at all three of his soulmates.

"Let's walk around guys. I want to take in all the beauty before me, and surrounding me." Jolan said, Justin rising up, taking his husband's hand.

Josh helped Logan down, the two boys rushing ahead of them, the four walking down a stone path.

They walked around the gardens for an hour or so, meeting Chris and Britney with the boys, Joey and Lance walking with them.

All the men joined the four boys on a grassy lawn, Joey having brought a soccer ball with him, the kids of all ages screaming with laughter as they hit the ball around.

Britney smiled watching them, she and Jolan sitting down on a bench nearby.

"Our boys--all of them--are happy." she said, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"What was that for, Bitzy? I'm not as delicious as Chris, to you." he said with a smile, Britney smiling back.

"That's for being you, Jolan. For your love and its giving greatness. You've given me so much joy, as you have to everyone here."
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek back.

"You have given me love, Bitzy. And you've made my man happy with that returned love."
Britney smiled, looking towards Justin, the man on the ground, her son Sean on top of him, both laughing as Hayden climbed on as well.

"His friendship healed my soul, Jolan. I have his love back, and I have Chris' total love. I've never been more happy. Thank you for that."
Jolan smiled, nodding softly, Britney seeing his usual reluctance.

"I know, I know. You can't accept thanks, but it doesn't mean I can't voice it."
Jolan smiled, nodding in understanding, his eyes staring at Justin.

"I'll always be there for him, Jolan. Regardless of what happens ahead with you. He'll always have my love and Chris'."
"I know, Britney. He's surrounded by love."

She smiled, nodding.

"As are you."

Jolan smiled, looking at his friends playing on the lawn.

"I've never felt so much love. It's made all this trouble and destiny worth the trek. I have everything I've ever wanted. Five hearts flood my soul with so much love."
Britney smiled, kissing his cheek again.

"We all see that, Jo. I have just as great a happiness with my Chris and my two boys. And my soon to be twins."
Jolan smiled, looking into her blue eyes.

"You haven't asked me the all-important question, Bitzy. I've felt your wondering need."
Britney blushed, looking towards Chris, Jolan smiling.

"I want Chris to be so happy. He's so longing for a son of his own. I've. . .I've always..."

Jolan's arm went around her waist, Jolan kissing her cheek again.

"You've always wanted that little princess to model in your love and beauty."
Britney softly nodded, Jolan smiling.

"I guess God has heard both of your longings and wishes."
Britney's eyes widened, Jolan standing up, smiling down at her.
"A prince and princess shall enrich the Spears-Kirkpatrick house of love." he said smiling, turning and running across the grassy lawn, the young man tackling Chace who had the ball.

Britney stared after Jolan, watching him and Chace roll around the grass, Chace's lips meeting his, Britney's eyes watering.

"You give so much, Jolan. Thank you for giving me everything I've wished for." she softly said, her eyes looking at Chris, a wide smile crossing her face, Britney wiping her eyes.


The day was filled with laughter, everyone joining for lunch, Martha cooking up a delicious meal.

After lunch everyone headed for the pool again, Justin and Jolan swimming with the kids, Josh and Chace at their sides.

After an hour of swimming, everyone relaxed around the pool, Jolan falling asleep in a lounge chair, Hayden sound asleep on top of him.

Josh and Justin both smiled, as did others, seeing Jolan lost in dreamland with his son.

Logan climbed up onto the chair as well, Jolan hugging him against him in his sleep, both boys snuggled against his chest.

"Your son has taken easily to Jolan's love." Lisa said, Randall seated beside her and Josh.

"That he has. He's Jolan and Justin's son now as well. We're all one big happy family." Josh said smiling.

"Does that mean we have another grandson?" Randall said, smiling.

"Yes, Randall. Our boys have so many grandparents to love. Mom and Dad will love Hayden as well. As will Chace's parents. You all need to realize our new relationship. We're a family of one soul." he said, Randall and Lisa both smiling.

"We sensed as much, Joshua. We welcome all of you into our family." Randall said, looking towards his son.

"I've loved your son since we first met so many years ago. I never realized how deeply it would grow. Jolan's love is our core, I love all five of them."
Both parents smiled, Lisa kissing Josh's cheek.

"We love all of you as well. Welcome to our love, son." Lisa said, Josh smiling.

Justin looked towards his parents, seeing the wide smile on Josh's face, Justin sitting in a chair beside Jolan and the boys.

"Dad and Mom have welcomed Josh and Chace into or family, as well as Logan." Jolan said, his eyes still closed, Justin smiling at him.

"Ever watchful, my love." he said, Jolan smiling.

"I feel the love, Jus. It surrounds us."

Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back, his head moving around, his grey eyes opening.

Justin saw a look of confused clarity in Jolan's grey eyes.

"I. . .I just felt the truth, Jus."

Justin stared at Jolan, his grey eyes boring into him.

"The truth, Jo? The truth about what?"

Jolan stared towards the water, his grey eyes softly glowing.
"'To look forward is to look back.' Erasmus told me those words long ago, shortly after I met him. I just clued in to what it means." Jolan said, Justin seeing a look of wonder on Jolan's face.

"What does it mean, Jo?"

Jolan slowly rose up, gently lowering the two sleeping boys back down onto the chair's comfy cushion, both boys still asleep.

"Excuse me for a moment, Jus. I have to check something out."

Justin nodded, seeing a slight trembling in his man's body.

"Are you alright, Jo?"

Jolan stared at him, Justin scanning his smooth body, Jolan only wearing swim trunks.

"I'm alright, Jus. Just surprised. Excuse me." he said, grabbing his t-shirt off a table, covering his chest, the man walking out of the pool arena.

Chace sat down beside Justin, looking after Jolan, then back at Justin.

"Where's Jo gone off to?" he said, Justin staring after his man.

"I don't know, Chace. He seemed surprised by something."

Chace nodded, his eyes going to Josh, seeing his man watching Jolan's vanishing form.

"Let's talk to Josh, he seems concerned."

Chace waved towards Josh, the man rising from his seat walking over to his soulmates.


Jolan walked into the Room of Love's Light, his eyes drawn to a portrait hanging on the far wall.

He walked up to it, bypassing portraits of his grandfather and grandmother, and other family members, Queen Alveena included.

Jolan stared at the painting he walked up to, his eyes scanning the man portrayed in its center.

He'd remembered seeing this painting and the others on the night of Justin's engagement surprise.

He's been so wonderstruck by the night's beauty and surprise that the paintings here hadn't registered in his mind.

Nor had they on the day of the Rite with Krayos, his mind that day on survival, albeit a shadowy image of him in this room that day.

His eyes went to the painting's name plate at its bottom, reading the words written there.


                    King Athos At the Creation Of The Pact of Archania


His eyes scanned the painting, taking in the vision of Queen Ravenia with Dahlia Lantos and King Athos at the conference that decided the fate of the King's mistake.

The day of the beginning of the Pact of Archania.

His eyes took in the vision of Dahlia Lantos in her wolfen form, a majestic queen of Badenwolf strength.

Queen Ravenia stood alone, her wings spread behind her, a branch of wood in her hand, her hand extended between the two leaders of the clans opposed against each other.

Jolan's eyes fell upon King Athos, taking in the vision of masculine greatness shown before him.

It was the first true painting of the man he'd seen, other than his shadowy statue in the Chamber of Ascendency.

The man's face was classically beautiful, smooth and youthfully stunning, the man in his late twenties when this conference happened.

Here in this painting he wore a look of defeated acceptance, Jolan staring into his painted grey eyes.

"Father of a nation, destroyer of my soul." Jolan said, his eyes lowering, the young man falling to his knees.

 A great sob went out from Jolan's body, the young man crying in the darkened room, the ceiling's hidden lights giving no brilliance today.

Jolan rose to his feet, seizing the painting, pulling it off the wall.

He stared at it, breaking the frame with his strong hands, taking the oil painting and crumpling it into a ball, squeezing it in his hand, his body trembling with anger.

"I've been a fool. . .I never realized what I am. . .what you've made me." he cried, his eyes filling with tears.

A voice filled his head, Jolan's emotions threatening to overcome him.

Hold onto his love, Jolan. Hold onto his love. He is the greatest reason for all of this. Your love for him and his for you is the strength that holds you together. Never forget that.
How many lies have you told me, Era? How many untruths?

I have told you nothing but truth, my friend.

You have told me not of this! Not of this revelation!
Why didn't you tell me the truth of what you represent?

I am sorry, Jolan. I could not tell you without changing the path, for his love I did as he asked.

Were you his prisoner as well?

No, Jolan. I was bound to him by his love.

How can I destroy the magic King Segas had flooded into the souls of the Sumsarian nation?

By finding that truth in the magic you possess.

Riddles again. Can't you give me a straight answer?

I give you what I possess, Jolan. What you yourself possess.

I have found the truth of your existence, Erasmus Sogard.

That I sensed you one day would, Jolan. What will you do with that truth? Will you risk all to save all?

I will risk what must be risked. My soul alone.

It is a dangerous path to that answer, Jolan Dragos. Do not tread on ground long lost.

I follow a path of love, Erasmus. All those lost and found on it must see that.

Some wish not to, Jolan. Can't you leave the past as it always has been?

I leave it as it must be, Erasmus.

Then I cannot stop you. You have sealed me in your love, I am powerless to stop you. All I can do is follow with you.

That you shall Erasmus. For you are the key to all of this.

I now know that in my heart. As I know that Tolmar is a large part of that past.
To him I now must go for that final answer.

Jolan's mind cleared, no answer coming from Erasmus.

He looked down at the balled up portrait in his hand.

He dropped the frame, taking the ball of canvas and unfolding it, staring at its vision.

"I cannot change that past of erred illusions, but I can rectify the past of lost love. I'll risk my soul to do that. And then I can find my own peace." he said softly, his eyes scanning the room, their greyness going to the shadowy ceiling.

Jolan closed his eyes, the room suddenly enveloped in shining light, his grey orbs opening, glowing like the ceiling.

"I am love and I am existence. I am coming." he said, walking out of the room, the frame laying forgotten on the well-lit floor.


Jolan walked into the Queen's Room, his face covered in a soft smile.

"Sorry I'm late, everyone. You should have started without me." he smiled, Justin rising from his seat, kissing Jolan's lips as he pulled him into his arms.

"I was worried, Jo. You disappeared and no one could find you."
"I just needed to take a walk and clear my head, my love." Jolan said, smiling at everyone now standing around the two large tables.

"We were all worried, Jolan." Lynn said, Jolan smiling at his mother-in-law.

"I am alright, everyone. I just had a new revelation. I needed to find its truth in my mind." he said, smiling at his father and mother, his uncles looking at him with love.

"Please, everyone. Sit down again."
Everyone smiled, sitting down around the tables again, Jolan walking up to his Uncle Morgan, Morgan hugging him.

Jolan wore a dark brown blazer over black jeans and a grey open-throated shirt.

"What have you found, Jolan?" his uncle asked, Jolan softly sighing.

"I have found the core of our reality, Uncle. The reasoning behind the path we walk. And the truth of those centered upon its trail."

"Meaning what, Jo?" Josh said, seated beside Justin, Chace across from them.

"Meaning that I have found the answer to a riddle."

"A riddle? Which one? There's too many riddles surrounding you." Chris said, Jolan looking at him, Chris seeing a soft reluctance in Jolan's grey eyes.

"It's a  riddle that means everything, Chris. It's the answer to all. I can now confront Tolmar with my own truth."

"Confront him, Jolan? You're making it seem like he's a man of shadowy portent. We've always abided by his steadfast wisdom and reasoning." Simus said, Calen and Morgan nodding their agreement.

"Wisdom given leads the giver to his own ends." Jolan said, sitting down in the empty seat beside Chace, the young man's arm going around him, Jolan feeling his love.

"You mean Tolmar has been guiding us on his own path?" Morgan said, a soft look of anger showing in his grey eyes.

"Not necessarily his path, Uncle. I'd say it's more of his guiding you onto a path away from the truth. The truth of his own mistakes, of his own less-than-stellar life."
"I'm trying to understand what you're saying, my Nephew. But it seems confusing." Simus said, Cory looking at his husband.

"Life, in the truest sense, has been meant to be confusing for all of you. His plan almost worked. But I've seen the truth of what Tolmar's hiding."
"What he's hiding, Jolan?" Randall said, Jolan looking at him.

"Yes, Dad. Tolmar's been hiding the greatest secret. It's a secret we all have in our hearts."

"Love, Jolan?" Enrique said, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Rico. That ancient being of faith and wisdom has a soul of unending love. And he's tried his best to keep it hidden from everyone. For that soul is a soul lost in the anguish of lost love. And I'm just the man to bring him out into the light. It's time our councillor of wisdom and guidance got on with his own life."
"Tolmar, the man we've known all our lives, has felt love?" Calen said, Elijah looking at his father, Krayos' arm around him.
"I told you that before, Uncle Calen. The man at one time was human, he was just a man."
"Do you know who he once was, Jolan? There has been no evidence of his former life. The other two councillors left pasts of faith and courage. Their pasts we now know, but not his."

"Yes, Uncle. I know exactly who he is, or who he once was. And the reasoning behind his non-existent past lays at the feet of one person. One person washed his past away at his own request. Their love for him, and for the other, was total."
"Who erased his past, Jolan?" Morgan said, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his grey.

"That is a truth that he alone must answer. I will not divulge the reasoning behind hearts of love."

Everyone remained quiet, sensing Jolan would say no more.

"The past cannot remain hidden. Mistakes carry heavy consequences, and souls carry heavy guilt sometimes. I'm the one to voice the truth in what they need. Love will win in the end, I think."
Calen nodded, looking at his nephew with silent wonder.

"You carry great truth in your soul, Jolan. I sense you know all the details of everyone's truths." Morgan said, Jolan nodding at him.

"I love all of you, and all those before me and behind me. Family is all, love is all. That's all I will say on that subject."

Everyone nodded, Jolan smiling around the table.

"On that note I need to ask you something, Jolan." Morgan said, Jolan nodding, staring at him.

"Were you in the Room of Love's Light? Niles came up to me just before dinner, informing me that the lighted ceiling is beaming brightly. Its never glowed with no one inside it."

Everyone looked surprised, Justin staring at Jolan, others staring as well.

"Yes, Uncle. I was there earlier. I went in search of a truth. I found it there."

Morgan's eyes went to the young man's grey orbs.

"You found it in the painting you destroyed."

Everyone gasped, Justin's eyes not leaving Jolan's.

"I didn't destroy the painting, Uncle. Just the frame. Its revelation shocked me into emotional turmoil."
"What was so shocking in the painting? To all that don't know, it was a painting of the beginnings of the Pact of Archania. It showed Queen Ravenia, King Athos and Dahlia Lantos and that moment of beginning oath." Morgan said, still staring at Jolan.

"What did you find in that painting, Nephew? It has hung there since our father's time, he bringing it there himself."
"I thought as much, Uncle. It had all the signs of dawning destiny." Jolan said, the man smiling at Hayden sitting in Justin's lap, his eyes going to Justin's blue.

"You mean he left it there for you to find?" Calen said, Jolan nodding.

"It, the journal, and the other portrait of his battle were all left by him. My grandfather--and you father--I truly believe had the touch of foreboding truth. He sensed I'd need these signs and gifts later on the path. His love echoed in all of them, greatest in the journal."

"And what have those signs and gifts led you to, Jolan?" Lynn said, Jolan moving to her gaze.

"To the truth, Mom. I now know what I am."

Everyone stared at Jolan, Justin rising out of his seat, Hayden in his arms.

"What you are is you, Jolan. I love you, we all love you. You are you, you are love."

Jolan stood up, staring at the man who meant everything to him.

"Yes, Justin. I am love. I am love in its truest form. And I am preordained. I was created for this final moment. You fell in love with an illusion, Justin. An illusion that was destined to be at this moment, to go forward to the moment ahead. My life has been preordained since the moment of my creation. All paths led to that realization. I just realized that today. I was conceived for a purpose, for the purpose of this Sunday's truth. How can you love someone who only exists for one purpose?"
Justin handed Hayden to his own father, Justin moving around the table, everyone seeing Jolan's emotions coming through.

Justin's arms went around his husband, pulling him against him.

"Oh, Jo! I've told you a thousand times the same thing. I love the real you. Not the preconceived notion you've put into your head. I love you for who you are in your heart. For the man you've shown every day since I met you. For the love you've given me and our sons, and Josh and Chace. We all love you for the real you. You weren't conceived for one purpose. You were created out of love, out of your mother and father's love for each other. You are a child of love, and a man of unbelievable giving love. You've given that love to me every day. I love the real you, Jolan. The you you've just shown. The uncertain, confused, loving and giving man I love. Let your heart go from those thoughts. No destiny, plan or purpose could create the man standing here. You are you, a singular, true, giving person of God's love. You became the man you wanted to be, the man of love and truth. I love you, Jolan. Just you, no person of destiny or fate. I love the man here in my arms. Do you love me?"
"Oh God, Jus! Yes I love you! I'm sorry. . .I was. . .I was so overcome by the truth. I am me, Jus. You're right. I'm me. The me I've made myself be. Thank you for showing me that. I love you with everything inside me. Jolan Dragos loves you. I love you, my love."
Justin smiled, the two men kissing deeply.

Everyone smiled, Jolan releasing Justin's lips, the two staring at each other.

"Thanks for loving volatile, crazy me." he smiled, Justin smiling widely.

"How about after dinner we go into that Room of Love's Light and dance the night away, my angel? I want to hold the real you in my arms."
Jolan smiled, kissing his lips gently.

"It would be a night of dreamful love, Jus."
Justin smiled, letting his husband's hand go, walking back around the table, taking Hayden back from his father, Jolan smiling at both as they sat down, Jolan looking around the table.

"I'm sorry I was overcome by doubt for a moment. My Justin's love anchored me back into reality. I'm back and I'm starving!" he smiled, his Uncle Morgan smiling at him.

"Then let's get you fed. I want a dance as well, my Nephew of real love."
Jolan smiled, Morgan ringing the dinner bell with relish.


Jolan stared out into the darkening night, standing out on the dark balcony, looking out into the warm English night.

Two arms wrapped around his waist, lips meeting his neck, kissing gently up to his ear.

"I thought you were asleep, Josh."
Josh smiled, turning Jolan around.

"Our tiger's quieter energy almost sated me, as did our Justin's. Plus all that dancing, I believe, tired both out. Who says the young ones hold the most energy? Us old dogs know how to pace ourselves."
Jolan laughed, looking into Josh's blue pools in the soft darkness.

The man was as naked as Jolan was, no clothes covering him.

"I see also that our old dog's not so bashful anymore."

Josh smiled, Jolan's hand going to Josh's abs, lightly stroking them.

"Careful, you'll raise this old dog's hunger again."

Jolan smiled, Josh pulling him against him.

"My three soulmates of love have washed the bashfulness away from my soul. I love being naked for their eyes. I hope it entices them always."

Jolan smiled, leaning forward and kissing Josh's soft lips.

"Always, my old dog. I'll always hunger for the beauty of your body and your soul."
Josh sighed, Jolan nibbling at his ear.

"Are you okay, Jo? You didn't sleep much. I felt you leave our bed an hour ago."

"My caring, loving Joshua. Always in tune with my soul."
"I love you, Jo. I'll always care for you."
Jolan smiled, kissing his lips softly.

"I just had a lot on my mind. Tomorrow is the beginning of the end. Soon I'll be free of all of it. But I'll have you forever. You and my Jus, and our tiger-riffic Chace."
Josh smiled, kissing Jolan's neck.

"Lucky us."

"I'm the lucky one, Joshua. I have three visions of beauty to devour, to love and to need me. Justin was right tonight. I'm the real me. I'm the real me that you all love."
Josh smiled, his hand going down to Jolan's center, gently stroking his rising member.

"That's the man I fell in love with. The same man Justin fell in love with. The same man our tiger hungers for. You are the center of our love."
Jolan smiled, his grey eyes widening with love.

"Let's end this night on a note of total love, Jolan." Josh said, his eyes going to the bedroom door.

Two visions of naked beauty walked out onto the balcony, Jolan staring at identical smooth visions of muscular manliness.

Justin and Chace both smiled, walking up to the other two men, Josh going to Jolan's left side, Chace standing at his right side, Justin standing in front of Jolan.

"We are here, Jolan. We are the three of your soul. We are the ones to love you. Tonight we want to love you, and only you. No visions of Badenwolf wolfen beauty or Archanian wisdom, or Sumsarian destiny. Tonight it's just our Jolan. An incredible man of total beauty and desirous love. You ignite the desire in all three of us. Feel the desire rising in all three of us. It's what you do to us, it's what your love does to us. It's awakened all of our desires."

Jolan felt Josh and Chace guiding his hands, each hand finding a rising phallus of growing love going into it, Jolan softly squeezing both.

Justin moved forward, his arms going around Jolan's waist, his own phallus rubbing against Jolan's.

"You feel our need for you, Jolan. For only our Jolan. For the man we love. We love you and tonight we'll love you forever. Come with us to heaven, Jolan. To our heaven of one soul." Justin said, Jolan tearing.

"I love you, Jolan." Josh said, Chace saying the same words.

Jolan looked at both, both kissing his soft lips.

Jolan's eyes met Justin's, his husband's face covered in an intense look of total love.

"I love you, Jolan. We all love you. I love all of you. Tonight is about you, Jolan. Walk with us to our bed of love. Let us wash away any lingering doubt of your real self. Tonight we'll love only you. You're all we need."

Jolan teared up, the three men of his soul guiding him forward into their bedroom of love.

None of the four felt the voice in Jolan's mind, that voice weeping deeply.




End of Chapter 157


A day of tranquility before the gathering storm.

Ending with a new revelation almost overcoming Jolan's resolve.

What did he realize?

What is the significance of the picture he took from that room?

Why did the ceiling flood with light suddenly?

What does Erasmus know that he's not telling Jolan?


I always leave you with questions.

Aren't I bad?



Up next: The trip to Bolta Cerului and some surprising moments of magic and love.

The end nears but the story widens.



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