Jolan's Path - Chapter 158


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 158


Jolan was awakened by a small hand tapping his nose.

His grey eye opened, staring into Logan's blue eyes.

"Morning, Dada." the boy said, Jolan smiling at him, the boy sitting on top of his chest.

"Good morning, Logan. What are you doing up so early?" Jolan said, smiling and looking into the boy's blue eyes.

"Me wakes up, Dada. Hay sleeps so me comes in here.  You all sleeping too." the boy said, Jolan smiling at him, his eyes going to the three sleeping around him.

Josh was against his left side, his arm across Jolan's lower covered center.

Justin was on his right, Chace behind him, the man spooned against him, his arm around Justin's smooth chest, his hand under the covers, Jolan knowing their tiger was attached to Justin's center.

All four were covered in blankets, Jolan remembering Josh's caring love at the end of their moments of love.

"Yes, Logan. Your fathers were tired as well. How did you get in here?"
The boy smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's lips.

"Me climbs out of bed and walks in, door was open." he smiled, Jolan kissing the boy's forehead, Josh's caring for the children the result of the opened door.

"Welcomed with love, our angel. Your fathers always welcome you with love."

The boy smiled, his body moving, snuggling against Jolan's chest, the man moving his arm, wrapping it around the child, Jolan sitting up, Logan smiling.

Jolan leaned against the bed's thick headboard, the boy in his arms.

"Well, early is good. Makes the day longer." he smiled looking at the nightstand clock which read six o'clock, then looking at the sleeping angels around him.

"Me wuvs you, Dada. Me knows what's today's brings."

Jolan nodded, looking into the boy's blue eyes.

"Our little angel of knowing love."

The boy smiled, looking at his parents asleep around him.

"It be's okay, Dada. Me knows it be okay. Bad man's going away."
Jolan nodded, lightly rubbing the boy's back with his hand, the boy softly murmuring.

"Yes, Logan. The bad man's going away. Dada will see to that. He'll not hurt anyone anymore."

"Mommy and Daddy be okay, Dada. They's be angels now together."

Jolan quietly stared at the boy, seeing the calm love in the child's blue eyes, and a look of acceptance.

"They will, Logan. They have found peace and happiness in God's love."
The boy smiled, his small hand moving forward, touching Josh's sleeping face.

"Me gots lots of wuv too, Dada. Me so loves all of yous. Hay is my brudder. Yous all my fathers. Me wuvs all of yous so much. Me's so happy with new famwee."

Jolan smiled a tearful smile, kissing the boy's cheek, his blue eyes smiling at him.

"We're happy with your love, Logan. And Hay's the happiest with his new brother."
Logan smiled, the boy climbing out of Jolan's arms, climbing on top of Josh's chest, the man murmuring, his eyes flickering, his arms going around the boy now seated upon his chest.

His blue eyes slowly opened, Jolan smiling as the boy leaned forward, kissing Josh's nose.

"Wakes, Daddy! Me's here to wuv you! Just like Dada!"

Josh smiled, his lips kissing his boy's cheek, the boy smiling.

"Good morning, my angel." Josh said, the boy smiling at him.
Josh's blue eyes moved, staring into Jolan's grey.

"Morning, Joshua." Jolan said, leaning down and kissing his warm lips.

"Good morning, our other angel. What's Logan doing up so early?" he said, stretching a bit, Logan giggling when Josh's fingers went to his belly.

"Me wakes up and needs your wuv, Daddy!"

Josh smiled widely, the boy grinning.
"My love is yours, my angel."
"Greats! Me's happy you's awakes. Me wants wuv!"

Josh played with the boy for a few minutes, Jolan smiling at their loving togetherness.
Josh smiled at his son, the boy snuggling down against his bare smooth chest, closing his blue eyes.

Jolan smiled at Josh as the man looked at his son, Jolan's fingers going to the man's smooth chin, their eyes meeting.

"Thank you for last night, Joshua. Your love and theirs was exactly what I needed."
Josh smiled, his free hand going to Jolan's head, pulling it forward, their lips meeting again.

Both were lost for a moment in the intense kiss of love, Jolan pulling his head back.

"Wow, Jo! I felt so much love in that kiss." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I have all of your love within me, my sweet Joshua. I'm prepared for what life is about to give me."

Josh smiled, looking down at his now sleeping son.

"I'll put him back in bed with his brother so they can sleep a bit longer. Then you and I are going to have some wet morning love."

Jolan smiled, Josh rising quietly out of the bed, Jolan's eyes taking in every smooth inch of Josh's beautiful graceful form.

Josh smiled, walking towards the adjoining doorway, Jolan's eyes on his tight smooth butt.

"Hurry back. I want to explore the hills of heaven." Jolan said, Josh turning and smiling at him, then disappearing into the adjacent room.

Jolan stretched, climbing out of bed.


Jolan smiled, his eyes looking towards Josh, the man returning the look.

Both were in the kitchen, the counters and stove filled with warm food, Josh placing a platter of hash browns in the warming oven above the large stove.

"That's everything, Jo. Now we just have to wait till the masses drag themselves downstairs." Josh said, smiling at his soulmate.

Jolan smiled back, wiping off the last fry pan from the sink, pulling out the sink's plunger, the water draining.

"Time for us to relax and have a coffee, my angel."
Josh smiled, his eyes scanning over the young man's clothed body.

The two had taken a soothing, amorous shower together when Josh had returned to their bedroom, Josh touching and tasting every inch of the young man's needful body.

And Jolan had done the same for him.

Josh sighed, remembering the man's touch, each moment etched in his soul.

The two had checked on their children after they'd dressed each other, and had given their still sleeping soulmates each a tender kiss before heading downstairs to start breakfast.

Jolan smiled at Josh, the man pouring each of them a hot cup of coffee from the coffee urn.

The two walked into the Queen's Room, sitting down at one of the large tables, Jolan's eyes going around the room, Josh's as well.

"You've got quite the gang of friends and family now, Jo." Josh smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Yes, my love. I'm surrounded by so many who love me." he said, Josh leaning forward and kissing his lips, the two seated beside each other.

"And they all love you, my angel. I'm at the top of that list. Right next to our other four of love."

Jolan smiled, his eyes looking upwards at the portrait of Queen Alveena.
"The day dawns on the reality of that love, Joshua."
Josh nodded, his eyes going to the portrait as well.

"You haven't told us that love you of what you found yesterday, Jolan. What was in that portrait you ripped off that wall?"

Jolan's eyes met Josh's staring blue, seeing the concerned love shining back at him.

"The portrait of King Athos' judgment. My familiar is showing his concerned love."
Josh's hand went to Jolan's, resting on top of his.

"Something in that painting--or someone--shocked you to your soul. So much so that you took your emotions out on the picture's frame. What did you see?"

Jolan sighed, his eyes looking up at the portrait again.

"It was the answer to everything, Joshua. A man was standing behind King Athos, a man I hadn't expected to see there. And what he wore clued me in to his true identity. And the answer came to me instantly."

Josh's blue eyes stared into Jolan's grey.

"What he wore, Jo? Who was it?"

Jolan's head lowered for a moment, then raised, his grey eyes softly glowing, so much love showing in them.

And Josh saw something else behind that glowing love.

Fear and uncertainty.

His hand squeezed Jolan's tenderly.

"You're afraid of what you've found?"

Jolan's eyes began to tear, Josh's arms going around the man, holding him close, Jolan's head going to his chest, the two sitting in silence at the table.

"I'm afraid of what it means in regards to myself, Joshua. In regards to what the five of my heart will think of me."
"Oh, Jolan. We five love you with all of our hearts. No showing truth will ever destroy that love."

Jolan wiped his eyes, moving back from Josh's tender embrace, Josh staring at him.

The young man stood up, walking to the fireplace, staring up at the portrait of his great-grandmother.

"I don't even think she knew who graced the past of all of us. Who walked even then back into the past of even her life. He watched so much and saw so much. And perhaps he changed so much, guided so many to so many intertwining destinies."
Josh stood up, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"It was Erasmus. He was in the painting."
Jolan's eyes moved, staring into Josh's blue.

"Yes, Josh. The Watcher of Man has watched every moment of my past, of the past of even my great-great-grandfather King Athos."

Josh's eyes widened in surprise, Jolan staring at him.

"I saw him in the painting, standing to King Athos' left, watching all that unfolded, as he's watched from even perhaps before that. The man has watched history unfold and I truly believe he's changed it as well."
"Changed it, Jo?"

"Yes, he's changed it. I think that's what troubles him most. That perhaps because of what he's changed he can never get back what he's lost."
"What has he lost, Jo?"

Jolan stared at his soulmate, his lips moving forward, kissing Josh's warm lips, the two looking into each other's loving eyes.

"He's lost himself and he's lost love."

Josh nodded, unsure of Jolan's meaning.

"So Era was in the painting. Your grandfather left you that painting to find, so you'd sense the truth in what or who the man is. What was he wearing that made you realize the truth?"

Jolan sighed, his eyes going to the ring he wore on his right hand.

"He wore this ring, Joshua. It was on his finger." Jolan said, raising his hand, Josh staring at the Heart of History's golden band.

"The Heart of History?"

"Yes, Joshua. But what gave me the truth was one other thing he wore. Which drew all the pieces together, unlocking in my mind the truth."

"What was that, Jo? I can't think of anything else that would show his trueness."
Jolan's grey eyes stared into Josh's blue.

"I must keep that part secret until the end, Joshua. Only then can I make him face the truth of what he lost."

Josh's hand squeezed Jolan's shoulder blade, Jolan staring at him.

"Have you talked to Era? Has he told you the truth?"
"He talked for only a moment. We have created a finality between us. He walks now in silence, on the path I have chosen for him."

Josh looked confused, staring into Jolan's grey accepting eyes.

"You've chosen for him? What does that mean, Jo?"
"It means that I know the truth now, and I have to show him and others that truth. It will perhaps shatter them to their souls, lost and needful alike. I am going to right the wrongness of their lives, and I am going to guide them to love."
"To love, Jo?"
Jolan smiled, Josh seeing the calming love shining in his eyes now.

"Yes, Joshua. To the love they've all lost."

"You have a secret in your heart, Jolan. I can sense it. Don't you love me enough to tell me? I am the familiar of your heart."

Jolan's arms went around Josh, their lips meeting, Josh lost in the intensity of the love Jolan was giving him.

"This isn't about our love, or the beauty of our trust in each other. This is a path of my giving love. Trust me to always try to unite love, pained or lost. It is my soul, Joshua."
Josh smiled, looking into his grey eyes.

"I trust you with my love, my heart and my soul, my Jolan."

Jolan smiled, kissing Josh lightly on the lips again.

"It's coming to an end soon, Josh. And then I'll be free of everything. Life, love and destiny will be as it should be. And then I can spend the rest of my life loving all five of you. That is the path I hunger most to walk."
Josh teared up, Jolan wiping a tear from his cheek.

"Come now, my love. It is a day of traveling happiness. I'll go wake the others of our heart, you get breakfast at the ready."

Josh nodded, Jolan moving to leave, Josh's hand going to his arm, Jolan stopping.

"I am here in any way you need me, Jolan. I stand at your side with my love."
Jolan smiled, leaning in and kissing him again.

"The sentinel of my heart." he smiled, walking quietly out of the room, Josh watching him leave.

His blue eyes went up to the portrait, staring at the beautiful woman's gazing eyes of blue.

"What do you hold within your heart, dear lady? I sense my Jolan will shatter even your soul."

Josh sighed, walking back into the kitchen.


Jolan walked upstairs, walking down the corridor towards his soulmates' chamber of sleeping love.

He stopped for a moment, his acute hearing taking in a soft sound.

He listened for a moment, then softly smiled.

He turned to his left, walking up to a bedroom door, lightly and quietly knocking on it.

He waited, hearing sounds behind the door, and voices.

He smiled, waiting as someone finally came to the door, the door opening a little, two brown eyes staring out at him.

"Good morning, Lando. How finds your love this morning?" Jolan smiled, the man staring back at him with surprise.

Jolan's eyes scanned the man's smooth chest, as Orlando opened the door a little wider.

The man only wore a pair of jeans, his naked chest and bare feet on display, a golden cross hanging from his smooth neck.

"Good. . .good morning, Jo. I and my love are good, thanks." he softly said, Jolan smiling at him.

"May I come in for a moment?"

Orlando's eyes showed a little concern, his gaze going back into the room behind him.

"Sure, Jo. Please come in." he said, opening the door a little wider, Jolan stepping into the room.

His eyes scanned the room, two other brown eyes staring back at Jolan from the bed.

Enrique sat up in the bed, the man's smooth torso on display, his lower body covered by sheets.

"Good morning, Jo. What brings you here so early?" Enrique said, his eyes going to Orlando's brown.

"Breakfast is almost ready, my friends. I just wanted to let you know. And I wanted to bask in your love." he smiled, his eyes meeting Orlando's, the man softly blushing, his eyes meeting Enrique's, his soulmate's love shining at him.

"Our love was interrupted." Enrique softy smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"I'm sorry, my friends of new love. I sensed its newness and heard its dawning passion. I just had to feel its beauty." Jolan said, the two men staring at him.

Jolan smiled again, going up to Orlando, kissing his cheek.

"Rico's love echoes in his happiness, my British beauty. I see the same look of love in your eyes. Tell the other two I'm happy for them, too."

Both men traded looks of surprise, Jolan smiling.

"They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I see two sets of brown eyes this morning filled with a newness of joined souls and complete happiness. I'll let the two of you get back to the desserts of your hearts. But it's a little early in the morning to be tasting chocolate." Jolan said, the young man smiling widely, kissing Orlando's cheek again, Enrique staring at him with surprise.

"I'll see all four of you at breakfast a little later, once the newness of your love abates."

Jolan smiled at both, then walked back to the door, opening it and closing it behind them.

Orlando and Enrique stared in silent surprise as the young man left, the door of the bathroom across from the bed opening, Nick and Usher walking out.

"He. . .he knows!" Nick said with surprised shock, his naked body only wrapped in a towel, Usher standing beside him wearing a robe.

Orlando stared at both of them, then walked up to them, his eyes staring into Nick's blue.

"He is our giver of love. I sense he's given all four of us each other."
Enrique smiled, his eyes taking in the three standing beside his bed.

"The man is devious in his manipulations of giving love. I don't know how we're going to thank him for that love." he said, the other three smiling.

"Now where were we?" Usher said, walking past Orlando and Nick, going to the door and locking it.

The three smiled at the handsome black man, Usher smiling back.

The man's hands went to his robe, opening it, the robe falling to the floor.

All three took in the smooth beauty of the muscled black man standing before them, his body naked and beautiful.

His center was erect and at its full girth, Enrique's eyes taking in its beauty.

"I don't care what Jolan said, I love chocolate in the morning."
All four laughed, Usher walking towards the bed, Enrique smiling, pulling back the sheets that covered him.

His smooth naked body was on full view, his hardness as large and erect as Usher's.

Orlando and Nick both stared at both men, their lovers staring at them.

"He walked into a trembling moment." Nick said, his voice laced with emotion, Orlando's arm going around him.

"We four have talked long and meaningful of what this moment means, Nick." Orlando said, the younger man staring into the man's brown eyes.

"It means total love for all four of us, Lando." Nick said, Orlando smiling, the younger man moving and kissing his lips, Usher sitting down on the bed in front of them, Enrique's arm going around the black man's muscular back.

Nick and Orlando broke their kiss, Nick's hands on Orlando's smooth chest.

"I. . .I need so much love, my loves." Nick said softly, Orlando guiding his hands to his waist, Nick's fingers at the buttons on Orlando's jeans.

"We all need each other's love, all of us. Let our hearts go and fill with all of it." Orlando said, Nick opening his jeans, the material falling to his feet, Orlando stepping out of them, his smooth beautiful body on full display, three sets of eyes taking in every inch, his own uncut center showing its need.

Nick's eyes scanned every inch of the three men before him, Usher standing up and taking the young man in his arms.

"Let your love go, Nicky. Let all three of us feast on it, and give you so much back." he said, his lips meeting with Nick's, the man lost in his lover's love.

Nick opened his eyes, his hands going to the towel around his waist, pulling it off.

All three men stared at the younger man's smooth slim body, his center as large and hard as theirs.

"I need you all, I need all of your love so much."
Orlando and Usher put their arms around the man, guiding him towards Enrique, Enrique pulling Nick down into his waiting arms, the other two joining them on the large bed.

Lips joined, hands began to roam, touching and kisses igniting their longing needs for love.

Four souls gave in to the need and want within their hearts.

And love's passion overcame all four of them.


Jolan smiled, handing his son another sausage, the boy biting into it.

"Me loves Daddy's breakfast, Dada." he smiled, Logan grinning in Josh's lap beside them.

"We all love Daddy's cooking, Hay." Justin said, he and Chace across from them, everyone having dined on Josh's and Jolan's hearty breakfast.

Everyone was filled with contented happiness, sitting around the tables, sipping coffee and relaxing.

Lance sat beside Joey, rubbing his stomach, the man purring with contentment.

"A feast fit for a king."
"Or in your case a queen." Chris laughed, Joey glaring at him, Lance kissing his cheek, Joey's face calming with love.

"The queen of my heart." Lance said, Jolan smiling at the two, Chris smiling as well.

"Leave their love to themselves, Walrus." Jolan said, Chris looking towards them.

"As I live and breathe, I'll always look with surprise on Joey's love for Lance. It. . .it just never seemed likely." Chris said, looking at his two friends.

"They are both giving souls, Chris. Their love was yours and still is. Their deeper love is now their own." Jolan said, all three men smiling at each other, Justin smiling at them as well.

"They are my friends. I'm happy for both of them." Chris said, Joey smiling at his old friend.

"That's why I asked you to be my best man, Chris. Your love has always been close." Joey said, Chris smiling at him.

"Same goes for you, Justin." Lance said, his old friend smiling at him.

"We both agreed on the love we have for you." Justin said smiling at his friend, Chris nodding.

"We should start preening the walrus soon if you'll want him presentable by next April." Jolan said, everyone in the room bursting into laughter, Chris staring in surprise at Jolan, then looking at his wife, Britney laughing at his side, his two sons laughing as well.

"Poppa Chris, you're hairy!" Sean said, Chris bursting into laughter, Lonnie's booming laughter filling the room.

"That I am, son." he smiled, laughing towards Jolan.

The young man smiled, his eyes going to the room's door, four men walking into the room.

"Sorry we're late." Orlando said, his hand in Enrique's, his face covered in a wide smile.

Usher and Nick followed behind them, their hands linked as well, their smiles matching the other two's.

"You four will have to dine on scraps, boys." Chris laughed, his eyes staring at all four, the four smiling at him.

"No worries, but we are famished." Enrique said, the four sitting down across from Chris and Britney, Britney smiling at all four.

"There's lots, guys." Josh said, staring at all four, Jolan smiling and looking at them as well.

"What's got you all so hungry this morning, Rico?" Chris said, staring at the man, watching him look towards Usher.

"We took a run around the grounds this morning. Jogging and sweating always pumps my heart with hunger." Enrique smiled, his eyes looking towards Jolan.

"An active life fills the heart with happiness." the young man said, Nick handing Enrique a bowl of scrambled eggs, the man smiling at him, their eyes meeting.

Chris' eyes took in this exchange, his face clouding with confusion.

"I could eat a horse." Usher said, diving into the food on his plate, everyone smiling at him.

The other three beside him smiled, Chace and Justin looking at each other, then at Jolan, Josh's eyes on him as well.

"Life and love feed all our souls." he smiled, his eyes moving to his Uncle Calen, the man at the other end of their table.

"How goes the day, Uncle?"
"It goes well, Nephew. We leave at noon for Bolta Cerului. A direct flight to a landing field about a mile from the palace."

"The once Field of Renewal, now an airfield." he said, Calen's eyes widening in surprise.

"You surprise me, Nephew. How did you know that name?" he said, his eyes looking towards his nephew, now seeing the Tome laying beside his hand.

"This book familiarized me with the surrounding beauty. That field was once a gathering spot for large feasts, its beauty looking out upon the starting shores of Lac de Viata, the Lake of Life."

Calen nodded, staring at Jolan in surprise.

"It was a gathering spot after every Sumsarian meeting in the early years. Then the necessity of air flight made the spot ideal as a landing area, saving the tediousness of the long trek through the Carpathian mountains. Boats were flown in and left there year round for the annual pilgrimage across the Lake of Life to Bolta Cerului."

"Yes, Uncle. This year they shall sit in dry dock. A path of faith shall carry us forward to destiny." Jolan said, Morgan's grey eyes staring at him.

"You know how to summon this path, Nephew?" Morgan said, Jolan's eyes looking down at Logan in Josh's lap.

"Yes, Uncle. I have the charm of love to do it, thanks to my little angel." Jolan said, Logan smiling up at him.

Everyone looked at the boy, Jolan smiling around at everyone.

"We have visitors, Uncles." he said, Morgan and Calen staring at him, Simus and Joel trading looks.

The door of the room opened, Reginald walking into the room, bowing towards Morgan and Calen.

"You have guests, Sires." the man said, Morgan nodding and rising from his seat, walking up to his manservant, Reginald quietly talking to him.

"Show them in, Reginald." Morgan said, returning to his seat, looking towards Jolan.

"A priest and Reverend Francis have arrived, Jolan. You were expecting them?" Morgan said, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Uncle. The greatness of his faith and his hierarchy deny him the trip himself. The pontiff's eyes shall see all."

Morgan looked confused, the door opening again.

Reginald held the door open, Reverend Francis' smiling face showing as the man rushed into the room, another man following him, albeit in a more dignified manner.

"Jolan, giver of faith! To walk into your heart again burns mine with faithful happiness!" the minister said, Jolan smiling and walking up to the man, the minister hugging him tightly, everyone staring at the touching embrace of happiness.

"A joy to see your wings have not been clipped, Reverend Francis." Jolan said, when the man released him, the man's face covered in a wide smile.

"The shock of my revelation dims now that a greater number of my Archanian brethren have revealed themselves." the minister said, Jolan nodding at that truth.

"The magic of life and faith have trembled upon the scene of life's awakening." Jolan said, the minister staring now at him in quiet awe.

"True words of faith, my son."
Jolan's eyes turned, staring at the other man who'd walked into the room.

"A pleasure to meet your acquaintance, your Eminence." Jolan said, bowing his head a bit, the man bowing to him as well.

"You seem not surprised by my appearance, Mr. Dragos." the man said, Jolan smiling at him, the man looking into his soft grey silvery eyes.

The man wore common cardinal's clothing, his maroon and black suit clean with a white collar.

"His Holiness chose well in his chosen eyes of watching guidance. Welcome to the beginnings of the final path, Cardinal Giovanni, his most trusted Camerlengo."

The man's eyes widened in surprise, Reverend Francis softly chuckling, the cardinal looking towards him, then at Jolan again.

"Ever knowing and giving, Jolan." the minister said, Jolan smiling at him.

His eyes went back to the cardinal, the man staring at him with silent wonder.

"I knew that His Holiness would give anything to be at that final moment, his trueness of faith and popularity not allowing that. I welcome you as his eyes. Take in the depth of love that shall be shown. I will trust you to give him a full report of its truth." Jolan said, the man nodding.

"We've just finished breakfast. If you're hungry, we can set two more places." Jolan said, both men shaking their heads no, the cardinal smiling at Jolan.

"His Holiness failed to inform me of your judging eyes, Mr. Dragos. I see deep love and calmness there. I feel it in my soul."
"My love is given freely, as is my friendship. And it's just Jolan."
"Giuseppe, that is my given name, Jolan." the cardinal softly said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Welcome into the flock, Giuseppe." Reverend Francis said, Jolan offering both men a seat at Morgan's table, Justin and Josh introduced to them, the two moving with the kids further down the table.

"His Holiness does indeed regret not being able to attend the meeting this weekend. He's talked to me long and lengthy in what it may reveal." Giuseppe said, Jolan nodding.

"The pontiff hopes with his heart, Giuseppe. That heart holds much faith."
"What is to happen this weekend, Jolan? The gathering masses of faith cling to many beliefs. Many hopes and dreams of Godly intervention. The good Reverend's revelation and the wolfen revelation of Patriarch Kiril show the dawning of a new age of faith and wonder."
"In a way perhaps that is what it shall be, Giuseppe. To my soul it is more a revelation of truth, of the showing of evil's hand in all of us. This weekend the faithful shall bathe in the waters of truth, and the cleansed souls that are dried after shall walk forever in God's faith and wondrous love."
The minister and the cardinal stared in silent wonder at Jolan, his words carrying a depth of quiet wonder.

"What of my other five of faith, Jolan? Shall they join us?" Francis said, Jolan staring at him.

"Kiril will be there, he has the fiery need within his wolfen heart. The other five I visited last night, His Holiness included." Jolan said, everyone staring at him in silent surprise.

"They have chosen to remain behind and continue to spread the words of hope and faith. All eyes will turn to Sunday's final revelation. That day's truth shall spread fast."

"You visited them?" the cardinal said, staring at Jolan.
"Yes, Giuseppe. I visited them through my soul."

The cardinal looked totally stunned, Jolan's grey eyes softly glowing, the man's eyes widening, Reverend Francis staring at the cardinal.

"See before you the light, Giuseppe. God's light shines within his eyes." the Reverend said, the cardinal staring into Jolan's mesmerizing grey eyes.

"Fear not that which you do not know, Giuseppe. Faith's love carries itself within your soul. You shall be safe from harm. My love and faith protects all of those here, yourself included."
The man nodded slowly, pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket, wiping his now tearing, lowering eyes.

"So much love! I saw so much love within your eyes!" he said, Francis' hand going to the man's shoulder.

"He is love, and he is the light." the Reverend said, Jolan smiling at him.

"We have a few hours before our flight leaves. Let's relax and prepare ourselves for the journey. Let's go, my loves." Jolan said, standing up; Josh, Chace and Justin standing as well, their kids in their arms, the six walking out of the room, everyone's eyes going to the two men of the cloth.

"So much. . .so much love. . .it radiates off of him. I've never felt the greatness of God so close to me, at least not since meeting the Holy Father." the cardinal said, the Reverend patting his shoulder.

"I have felt it in my soul, Giuseppe. It flows from him into all of us as the light of day shines upon our blessed souls." the man said smiling, everyone smiling at him.

Morgan's hand went to the cardinal's arm, their eyes meeting.

"Let us tell you of the man's love, your Eminence." Morgan said, the priest smiling.

"I would like to know all about him. He walks with God's light in his eyes."

Morgan smiled, looking towards his brother Calen, the man moving and sitting down in Jolan's vacated chair.
Calen's voice filled the room, everyone looking at the cardinal.


Jolan sat quietly in his seat, a plush chair, a drink at his side untouched, the Tome in his lap, its pages opened.

He found no solace in its words, his mind on other thoughts, on other realities.

Justin sat across from him on a couch, Josh beside him, Chace on the floor between them, their two boys playing with Sean and Jayden on the floor in front of Chace.

The plane had reached its altitude, the jet streaking across the afternoon sky towards its destiny.

"You look deep in thought, my love." Justin said, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his.

"Just lost in my thoughts, my Jumpy." Jolan smiled, closing the book, looking down at the four boys in front of him.

Hayden smiled at his father, handing Logan a small truck, the four playing with a garage set.

"The cardinal's eyes have never left my vision, my pet. I take it he's been made fully aware of my past. I see the look of wonder within their blueness."

"Calen told him everything. The man, to say the least, was shocked. It's not every day you learn the truth of a man's true soul of love." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

His grey eyes went across the roomy plane, the cardinal and Reverend Francis sitting with Jolan's father and Calen, the four deep in discussion.

"Is it necessary to have him with us, Jolan? It just seems strange to have men of faith with us." Chace said, Jolan smiling down at him.

"The world's eyes need to see the truth. I'm sure the others have taken it upon themselves to document everything that will happen. They just don't realize that the truth will show itself and it will be known to all."

"The truth of what, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him, wiping his tired eyes.

"The truth of God's light, Joshua. And what it will show." he said, Justin getting up from his seat, walking across to Jolan, pulling him up, then taking the book out of his hand, setting it down on Jolan's vacated seat.

"You need to rest, my love. I see the tiredness in your beautiful grey eyes. Let's go to one of the back couches." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Trying to get me all to yourself, Timberlake?"
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's soft lips.

"I do have my ways."
Jolan smiled, taking his husband's hand.

"Lead on, Jumpy."
Justin smiled, looking at everyone surrounding them.

"Excuse us for a bit." he said, leading Jolan towards the back of the plane, the two climbing onto a large roomy couch, Justin swivelling its back away from them, the two hidden from everyone's view.

Usher smiled towards the hidden twosome, sitting down in Justin's vacated seat beside Josh.

"He needed rest, we all see the tiredness in his eyes." he said, Josh nodding.

"Justin will put him to sleep, I guarantee that. He has his ways." Josh said, Chace smiling up at him, still playing with the boys.

Usher smiled towards the back of the plane, Josh's blue eyes looking at him.

"I see a look of deep happiness in your eyes, Ush. I take it Nick's love fills your heart?"
Usher smiled, looking towards his fiancÚ, Nick sitting with Enrique and Orlando.

"Yes it does, Josh. His and others." Usher said smiling, Josh smiling at him.

"You know don't you? Jolan told you?" the black man said, Josh smiling at him.

"Your eyes told us, Ush. The four of you look deeply lost with the love now showing in them."

Usher smiled, looking towards the back of the plane.

"That's one amazing man you love, Josh. He's so giving. What he's giving me, and my Nick. The love we now share with Rico and Lando. It's so amazing!" Usher said, his eyes showing tears, Josh's arm going around him.

"I feel the same with my threesome of love. It truly is amazing, Ush. We four wish you four nothing but happiness. Jolan's intervention in that marks it as being a true foursome of love. We love you four as our dearest friends now. We're all here for all of you."
Usher smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"I'll tell my soulmates that, Josh. They and I love you four as well, Jolan's love guarantees that."
Josh smiled, the two looking towards the back of the plane.


Jolan snuggled against Justin's chest, the two laying in quiet seclusion on the plush couch at the back of the plane.

"This is nice, Jus. I feel like it's just you and me in the center of our love." he said, Justin kissing his forehead, Jolan's head on Justin's chest.

"It's always been just you and me in the center of our love, Jo. I love you with all of my soul."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's open throat.

"I as well, my love."
"So, I sense the tiredness within you, and the acceptance. The time's almost at hand." Justin said, his arms tightening around Jolan's body.

"Yes, I am tired, Jus. The responsibility wears heavy on my soul. In a few days that weight will lift and I can be myself forever."

"The self we all love."

Jolan smiled, sighing against Justin's chest.

"Perhaps a new and improved me."

Justin's blue eyes went downward, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his.

"I don't think you could possibly get any better. You're perfect to me."

Jolan smiled, leaning upwards, their lips meeting.

"I love you for that, Jumpy. For always saying something that warms my heart."

Justin smiled, Jolan's head going against his chest.

"I love you, Wolfy."
"Tonight I won't be the only wolf surrounding you, Jumpy. My clan awaits me."
Justin nodded, kissing his husband's forehead.

"Our Hay wanders into his clan again also."

"Yes, Jus. Our little wolfling meets his destiny again."
"Benjamin will have his family's love, and he'll have Hay's. I envy the boy's future."

Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's unchanged love for their son.

"You may regret saying that when he's a teenager and he wrestles you to the ground."
Justin lightly laughed, Jolan smiling against his chest.

"He'll have my love always, and I his."

"I can't wait, Jumpy. For that life. For watching him grow and you and our soulmates age with beauty and grace."

"And we'll have the happiness of watching your love grow and your beauty intensify."
Jolan smiled, snuggling against Justin's chest.

"So what happens today, Jo? Everyone's been kind of wondering. We know we land in your family's sacred place, but what happens after?"
"The clan of my grandfather's is already there, Jus. The Sumsarian nation awaits me."
"Will there be another deep revelation of love between you and them?"

"Not a revelation, Jus. I won't be appearing as another vision of joining greatness. I will only show them myself."

"And will they accept that self?"
Jolan's head raised, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"Grandfather says they already have. Word of my magic and giving love has drawn all of them to my soul. Be prepared for some moving adulation. I hate it myself, but I must abide by their devotion."

"They see you as the saviour of their past and the hope of their future, Jo."
Jolan sighed, returning to Justin's chest.

"I am no saviour, I am only their fellow Sumsarian. That's all that matters to me. Family in need is family I shall aid."

Justin smiled, Jolan sighing again.

"Close your eyes, my love. I'll lull you into sleep." Justin said, Jolan smiling and closing his grey eyes.

Justin softly hummed, feeling the young man's body relaxing against him.

Justin's eyes stared out the window across from them, the blue sky showing.

Justin's mind was on his own thoughts.

Two more days and then I'll have him forever.

Please let this not affect his soul.

I love the real him, the him I now have in my arms.

Justin's blue eyes closed, the warmth of the man beside him settling his mind.

Jolan's love was on the move and it was calming Justin's soul.


Everyone was staring out the plane's windows, the aircraft descending slowing downward, their gaze drawn to the central landmark catching their eyes.

A large mountain stood beside a large lake, the mountain rising into the misty clouds surrounding it.

The plane banked to the left, descending towards the west side of the lake.

A large open area came into view, the runway showing in its center.

What surprised everyone was what surrounded the runway.

Thousands of people stood in an almost perfect square, one end open, the plane heading for it.

The plane touched down, everyone's eyes going to Jolan, the young man seated beside Justin, Hayden sitting in his father's lap.

Jolan's eyes stared around at everyone, the young man smiling.

His eyes met his grandfather's, Domo seated on a couch with Elijah, Krayos and Vera.

Jolan's grey eyes watched Domo's blue go to Vera's blue, Jolan smiling within himself.

He sensed the youthful shining happiness in his grandfather's eyes, the look of lovestruck happiness showing.

Vera carried the same look, Jolan smiling at her, his eyes going to Elijah's blue.

In Elijah's eyes, Jolan saw a look of love as well, that look directed at the young man whose arm was wrapped around it.

Too lost in love to see the new love showing around you.

Jolan smiled, Domo's eyes meeting his.

"My clan of Sumsarian devotion awaits me." Jolan said smiling, Domo smiling towards his grandson.

"They hunger for your giving love, my grandson." Domo said, Jolan smiling at him with happiness.

"I hunger for their friendship and love, Grandfather."
Domo smiled, wiping his eyes with a handkerchief he'd pulled from his jacket pocket.

Vera smiled towards him, their eyes meeting for a moment.

Lynn and Lisa--who sat across from them--traded looks, Jolan's eyes watching them as well.

"I have longed for this day, Jolan. For this day of my family's deliverance from the evil infested in our hearts." Domo said, his emotions showing now on his face.

"Soon, Grandfather. The red marks of evil will shine white with life and hope."
Domo nodded, everyone smiling at the older man's showing happiness.

"Take their devotion in stride, Jolan. To all of them--and myself--this day is but a dream."
"Dreams do come true, Grandfather. All of mine have." Jolan said, smiling at his sons, then meeting Justin's blue eyes, then Josh's and Chace's, Logan seated in Josh's lap, Hayden in Justin's lap now.

Everyone saw the happiness on all six of the family showing before them.

They felt the plane touch down, the plane's speed decelerating, everyone's eyes looking again out the windows.

They saw people running down the runway, the large mass following the plane's path, it leaving them quickly behind.

"We'll all disembark first, my grandson. You shall meet your clan alone with touching reverence." Domo said, Jolan nodding, settling back into his seat, his eyes quietly looking out the window.

The plane slowed, coming to a stop, the steward smiling towards everyone.

"You may unbuckle your seat belts, we've landed safely." the man said, smiling at everyone.

Everyone unbuckled, standing up, some stretching, others gathering their things, Domo smiling at the Dragosan brothers.

"Our clan awaits your appearance, ancient ones." he said, bowing to all four.

The four Dragosan brothers smiled at Domo, the steward opening the plane's door, a bank of steps pulled up to the plane's exit.

The four Dragosan brothers walked out into the early evening fading sunshine, the assembled nation before them bowing as one, voices filling the surrounding area.

"The Dragosans! All hail our guiding souls!" they yelled, the four men smiling, bowing as one, walking down the plane's steps.
Domo walked out of the plane, people clapping and yelling at him, the man walking with his head held high.

He descended the steps, the others walking out of the plane, people clapping, shouting welcomes and pointing.

Justin, Josh, Chace and the boys were the last to leave the plane, save Jolan.

Jolan smiled at Justin, kissing all five.

"We love you, Jo. We'll be waiting at the bottom steps."

Jolan smiled, nodding his head.

The five walked out into the daylight, the atmosphere outside changing.

The clapping intensified, the shouting joyous and welcoming.
The five stood on the plane's steps, staring at the gathering mass of people welcoming them.

Josh leaned into Justin's ear, softly whispering.

"They are so many. How will he please all of them?"

"With his love, Joshy. With his giving love."
Josh smiled, the two smiling together, Chace and the kids walking in front of them.


Jolan stood inside the plane's doorway, standing alone inside the empty plane.

He'd been standing there for a few minutes, the din outside lessening, the man knowing everyone awaited his walking into their hearts.

He closed his eyes, concentrating on his inner soul.

Voices filled his mind, words of hope and guiding wonder resonating off his soul's silent walls.

Be still voices of the past, voices of the future.

My soul walks forward.

The time is at hand.

Let them see all of me, and only me.

I walk this path of your making, creator of life.

I hope I warm even your soul.

Jolan sighed, adjusting the clothing he now wore, taking a deep breath.

He felt the magic take hold of his soul, his hand feeling the presence of something warm.

Outside the plane, the nation of Sumsarian brethren awaited with bated breath.

Jolan's friends and family stood on the tarmac, awaiting him as well, the group surrounded by Sumsarian souls.

The women had been given flowered bouquets, the men gifts of drink and food.

Everyone smiled at their welcoming openness, Domo hugged by many of his familiar brethren.

The reverie began to calm when no one came forth from the plane.

Domo looked at Justin, the man shrugging his shoulders.

"Jolan, your nation awaits you. Come into the arms of your family." Domo said, his loud voice reaching all those surrounding the silent plane.

People began to murmur, all eyes on the small doorway that lay open in the plane's side, the steel staircase before it.

A sound was heard, their eyes zoning in on the doorway.
Domo moved forward, about to go up the steps, the man stopping after the third step, staring upwards on a sight that shocked his soul.

Jolan walked out of the plane's doorway, the man standing on the top platform.

Jolan's grey eyes were filled with glowing silver love.

And the suit he wore was sparkling white.

The man stood in a complete white suit save for one part.

On his left breast was a red crown.

The man's hair was coiffed back, his face showing a smoothness of total beauty.

Every soul standing around the plane stared at the man standing alone above them, the red crown on his chest the symbol of their pain and evil-enslaved souls.

What shocked all those that knew Jolan was what hung around his neck.

On a golden chain around his neck hung a red pendant, a wolf's head emblazoned upon it.

Everyone stared up at the man, the red pendant glaring as red as the crest upon his breast.

And the golden ring on his finger gleamed in the fading sunlight as a beacon drawn to his beauty.

The nation of Sumsarian brethren went to their knees as one, Jolan's family staring around at all of them, Domo going to his knees on the stairs, staring up at his grandson.

"All hail the Chosen One! All hail the Caitre Din Dragoste!" people screamed, many crying, Justin's eyes going up to his husband, Jolan's face showing a deep calmness, the nation quieting around them.
Jolan's grey glowing eyes stared around the tarmac at all those staring up at him.

He saw the matching crowns of red on every forehead raised to his devotion.

"I am the Caitre Din Dragoste. I am the remover of the red crowns of pain within your souls."
Jolan's hand went to his breast, ripping off the red crown, throwing it into the rising breeze, the crown floating away on the wind.

"Like the breeze of life, I shall cleanse your souls. And life begins today. I am in the land of Sumsarian life!"
Jolan walked down the steps, walking forward to his destiny.




End of Chapter 158


And so our Caitre Din Dragoste has walked upon the land of his ancestors, the last lost tribe of his past.

The end of the path comes before him.

What will the nation of his brethren feel for him?

Do they all worship him, or are the showing screams of adulation not total?


The path gets a little bumpy before the final truth.

Trust in our Jolan to shock us all.


Up next: Jolan meets his brethren and then guides them with magic to Bolta Cerului.

I hope to amaze you.


Hugs, Angel.