Jolan's Path - Chapter 159


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 159


Jolan stood at the top of the plane's stairway, his eyes taking in every set of eyes staring up at him.

The young man slowly walked down the stairway, the nation surrounding him rising to their feet when he descended the stairs, his feet touching the tarmac.

Domo had backed up, the man now standing in front of his grandson.

"Jolan, child of my daughter, it is a moment etched in history to have you here on the sacred land of Moldavia. The sun sets upon your face, its glowing continence a shining tribute to your giving love." the older man said, going to one knee again before his grandson.

"I am blessed to walk in the sinking sunshine of Moldavia's sacred lands. I am home at last." Jolan said, everyone surrounding him staring at him with silent wonder.

"Arise, grandfather of my love. You need not kneel to me."
Dominoso rose to his feet, a wide smile of happiness spreading across his face.

"The nation should kneel in your glowing love, my grandson. Welcome to Moldavia, and Bolta Cerului." the older man smiled, his hand going to his grandson's shoulder.

"Let me introduce you to the Guiding Council of Sages. They represent the nations of the Sumsarian lineage on each continent. I am the Sage of North America." Domo said, Jolan smiling and nodding at him.

Domo guided Jolan over to five other men, each showing a look of awed wonder on their faces.

"These are the other five Sages, Jolan. Zaleen Sumsare, from Africa. Eli Sumsare from South America. Maurice De Laurentins from Europe. Lei Zhong from Asia and finally, Craig Sumsare from Australia. The continent of Antarctica holds no representation for obvious reasoning."

Jolan shook the hand of each man as Dominoso introduced them, each man going to their knees as Jolan shook their hands.

"Six of worthy stature. My brethren have been well advised and guided." Jolan said, smiling at all six, Domo smiling with happiness at his grandson, his body's stature tall and proud.

Zaleen Sumsare moved forward, the large black man gracefully bowing to Jolan, Jolan quietly staring at him.

"Your supreme greatness. A feast of great magnitude will be prepared for this evening. The boats are at the ready, our path set for the far shores of Bolta Cerului. Word reached all of us of a sacred path that you alone know that leads into our fortress of love. I am the bearer of great sadness on this your first moment upon our lands. There is no such path, Great One. The nation of Sumsarian brethren had long tried to reach those far shores by any other route but boat. There is no such route. No plane can land there, no bridge can span its width, the airstreams and deep depths hindrances always." the large man said, his dark brown eyes looking with concern at the young man standing before him.

"I do not seek nor demand any titles of worthy adoration, dear friend and brethren soul. I am the Caitre Din Dragoste, I am the Giver of Love. Today I give all of my brethren and friends of curiosity all that I can give. The path that remains hidden awaits only myself. How far is it to the facing shore of the palace's front view?"

"About a mile towards the south, Great...I mean Caitre Din Dragoste." Craig Sumsare said, Jolan nodding at him.

"I am only the Giver. I wish to walk among my brethren and meet them. In an hour we shall begin the trek there. I would like to reach that shore before daylight fades. The sun plays a part in that path. From there the wonders of my love and magic shall guide all of you forward." Jolan said, his eyes still softly glowing.

"Yes, Giver." the five Sages said, bowing to him again.

Jolan smiled at all five, his arm going into his grandfather's, who stood beside him.

"Come, Grandfather, sixth of the Sage wisdom. I need to greet my family."
Domo smiled, Jolan and he walking past the five staring Sages, the two men walking into the amassed crowd.

Josh's hand went to Justin's shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"Our Jolan's taken charge, his love flowing forward. I think the surrounding nation and all of us are in for a moving surprise of magic." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"I feel the magic too, Joshy. And his love."
Both men smiled, the five Sages walking up to them, introductions beginning.


Jolan Dragos walked in relative silence, the young man taking in the surrounding beauty before him.

He walked at the head of a large contingent of moving people.

He'd walked for over an hour through the gathering masses, talking to so many people showing red crowns of evil. His brethren stared and talked to him with quiet awe, the young man's glowing eyes and calm smile capturing all of their hearts.

Jolan met Dr. Daniels again, the doctor smiling at him with warm love, Jolan meeting Domo's cousins again, this time in person, the last time in the restaurant, stares of awed wonder their only meeting that day.

At four o'clock the nation began to move, Jolan and his family and friends guided to the front of the clan walking south, the six Sages guiding the way for all of them.

Justin, Chace and Josh walked behind Jolan; their kids in their arms, or walking, the day warm with a cool breeze coming off the lake.

Jolan smiled back often, the kids sometimes walking beside him, the young man talking to them with love.

Jolan had relaxed in a large tent with his family for a few minutes just before the trek began, the conversations mixed with awe and questions.

"How come you now to wear the pendant that once held the Draught of Life, Jolan? We all saw you destroy it in the center of the Badenterra arena, releasing all the souls of Badenterra." Calen said, Jolan staring at his uncle.

"There is a very good reason for that, Uncle Calen. I did destroy it, and I did release all of your souls. I feel the warmth of your true soul today, Uncle. But the Draught and its container is magic, everyone. You cannot destroy magic that is unending."
"Unending, Jo?" Josh said, staring at the red pendant around Jolan's white covered chest.

"Yes, Josh. The Draught of Life was never used up, was never dissipated. The Draught is a spell of immortality. It cannot end."

"But. . .but that means. . .?" Josh said, Jolan's soft grey silvery eyes staring at him.

"That the Draught still exists, yes Joshua. It has existed since its creation. Since King Dragos created it. The day I destroyed the pendant the Draught in its release sought out another place to exist."
"Where. . .where did it go, Jolan? We never saw it when the pendant was broken. We only saw the lighted souls of all the Badenwolf nation." Chris said, staring at Jolan with fascination.

Jolan sighed, his eyes meeting Chris'.

"It sought out the closest source of magic."

All eyes stared at Jolan, Justin's hand going to his husband's shoulder.

"It went into you!"

Jolan sighed again, his grey eyes meeting Justin's, Josh walking up to the two men.

"You. . .you're immortal??!!"

"No, Joshua. I am not immortal. The magic of the Draught is not as strong as the magic that I now possess. That magic coexists now with the Draught. In a sense I am the carrier for both. I found the pendant that same night, after the Badenwolf meeting. It was waiting for me in our tent. It is a part of the magic as well, the container for the magic's essence.  I believe it works similar to the Tome. It goes where the magic is. The Draught within me went back into the pendant. I carry it today for a reason."

"For what reason, Nephew?" Simus said, Jolan staring towards him.

"I carry it to its final resting place. I am the one to return it to its origin."

The four Dragosans exchanged looks, Joel walking up to his son.

"Jolan. . .it came from the Book of Black Magic. It was created from that book, a book Fagin Greymount now has."

"Yes, Father. And to it I shall return it. And then I shall destroy that magic."

Everyone looked surprised, Calen staring at his nephew.

"Nothing can destroy that book, Jolan. It explains so in the Tome."
"Queen Alveena knew of no way to destroy it, that is indeed written there. But knowledge sometimes isn't all."

"You are a man with weighty mysteries, my Nephew. I sense you walk on your own path of reality." Morgan said, Jolan sighing.

"I walk on the path of my destiny, Uncle. I walk to what matters."

"And what is that, Jo?" Joey said, Jolan smiling around at everyone.

"Life and love, everyone. Life and love. Be prepared for some surprising revelations today. The love starts as does the magic."

Everyone nodded, Domo walking into the tent, smiling at his grandson.

"The clan begins its march, Jolan. The Sages request your presence at the pilgrimage's head."
Jolan nodded, smiling at everyone.

"Word of warning, Jolan. There are reporters amongst the brethren. The five of Reverend Francis' circle have invited them here to bear witness for the world."
Jolan nodded, smiling at his grandfather.

"I know, Grandfather. I saw them from the plane, their cameras showing. They are welcome, the truth's visions need showing. They can walk and house with the multitude. I only ask that they stay away from me. I want nothing to do with them. I am on a mission, and nothing stops me from its completion."
Domo nodded, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"Let's go, Grandfather. I long for the breeze off Bolta Cerului's shores."

The older man smiled, the two heading out of the tent.


Here now Jolan walked with his brethren, the trek now over a half hour long.

"Not much further, Giver." Lei Zhong said, now walking at Jolan's side.

Jolan smiled at the Asian leader, the man smiling back.

"How many treks have you walked here, Lei?"
"This will be my forty-seventh, Giver. My mother brought me here when I was a child the first time. Each year my heart renews with the love surrounding that palace. You can feel it seeping into your soul, like a drug numbing your heart."

Jolan nodded, looking ahead.

"The drug of life and love. It seeps into those in need."
The other man nodded, looking at Jolan.

"Our history has longed for this day, Giver. You represent the healing love that shall redeem us."
Jolan looked into the man's eyes, seeing so much hope there.

He also saw the red crown upon the man's forehead.

That was how Jolan had easily picked out the reporters from the amassed crowd, their red crown-free foreheads marking them as non-Sumsarian.

"I represent life, Lei. What is life without love?"

The other man nodded, Justin and Josh quietly looking at the two talking.

"Jolan seems so calm, Jus." Chace said, walking on Justin's other side.

"His soul is calm, Chace. His love is showing."
All three men smiled, the group seeing the five other Sages ahead of them stopping, Maurice De Laurentins turning around.

"The beach is filled with souls, Giver. Others amass there in the distance!" the man said, the other four around him--Domo included--staring at Jolan.

"Maurice is correct, Jolan. The beach ahead is totally filled with people and tents." Domo said.
"I know, Grandfather. They wait for me."

"Who waits? This is the sacred land of the birthright of the Sumsarian nation! No one enters its domain without our knowledge."

Jolan stared at Eli Sumsare, the Bolivian staring with soft anger upon his face.

"The other two clans of destiny await my coming, Sages. The Badenwolf and Archanian nations are here."
The five leaders looked shocked, staring at Domo.

"My grandson is one and all to many, my brothers. He is sacred to more than us. The day of revelation means much to many. Two other nations stand before us. Let us welcome them with true Sumsarian grace." Dominoso said, Jolan smiling at his grandfather.

"The ancient mystical races? It. . .it cannot be!" Zaleen said, Jolan staring at all five Sages.

"Destiny guides all onto my path, Sages of knowledge. They of magic and they of faith and love. I walk today with all my clans, with all my family." Jolan said, all staring at the white-clad man standing in front of them.

"They have a claim in this battle as well. Ancient pacts hold no sway this time. They go forward with love, with magic and with hope. There will be only one pact, and that is of my making." Jolan said, the young man walking past the five Sages, Domo staring after his grandson.

"Walking into faith and hope, his love guides us all. Come my brothers. Life changes today for all of us. I welcome this day." Domo said, the older man walking after his grandson, the five other Sages staring with surprise at Dominoso.

Justin, his friends and family followed after Domo, the Sumsarian clan watching all of them.


Jolan walked across the sandy beach in front of the lake and the distant palace of Bolta Cerului, its majestic stone beauty hidden in the darkness of the mountainside, the large lake between them.

The evening sun was slowly sinking in the western sky, Jolan's eyes going upwards to its brightness over the hill above the beach, the same hill where he'd looked in his dream down upon his grandmother's fight against the monsters, on this same beach.

His grey eyes scanned across the water, taking in the largeness of the area at the foot of Mount Deritannia.

His eyes turned, scanning ahead, seeing two encampments separated, people moving from one to the other.

He smiled, knowing his uncles and cousins had bridged the gap between the two clans.

Jolan smiled, seeing Reinhardt and Bill walking from the Archanian camp, people following them.

From the Badenwolf camp, Jolan saw the seven Elders walking towards him, Jolan smiling.

Jolan stopped in the center of the beach, his white-clad form remaining still, looking towards Mount Deritannia.

His eyes moved around, watching as the three clans walked forward, drawing close to the center of the beach, all three groups stopping several yards from Jolan on both sides.

Justin and his family and friends now stood behind Jolan, the three clans on Jolan's two sides, Jolan in the center of them.

His grey eyes looked behind him, the sun levelling behind the hill behind him, its greatness now level with the mountain's side, the beams of its dying light moving down the mountain's escarpment.

The beams reached the bottom, the palace of Bolta Cerului shining before all the clans in the late evening sun, the Lake of Life between them and the palace.

"Behold the heart of the Sumsarian nation. Behold Bolta Cerului, the Rooftop of Heaven, the lost palace of life and truth. Of dreams and visions. It gleams in the dying sun as a diamond gleams upon a ring given from love's warmth. I am home, and we are all together." Jolan said still staring towards the palace, his voice resonating off the sandy beach, the clans surrounding him hearing all his words, his voice loud and clear.

Jolan turned, his eyes meeting Reinhardt's, the man now surrounded by Jolan's three cousins, the three young Archanians having joined their brethren, hugs exchanged.

"Welcome to destiny, my winged Archanian warriors of hope." Jolan said, Reinhardt going to one knee, the winged clan behind him joining him, including Jolan's cousins and their lovers.

"We follow the Wingshola to destiny's door." Reinhardt said, the clan voicing their love for Jolan.

"Wingshola! Wingshola! Fly to heaven and give us love!!"

Jolan bowed towards them, the man's grey eyes softly glowing violet for a moment, everyone taking in their changing color.

Jolan's eyes turned, staring at the Elders of the Badenwolf clan, Calen now standing with them, Elijah at his side.

"Welcome to destiny, my Badenwolf brothers of strength and life." Jolan said, the five Elders going to their knees, Calen bowing to his nephew, joining them, Elijah kneeling at his father's side.

Elijah's head raised, the young Sulfenwolf's voice of greatness loud and strong.

"The Great Wolf rejoins our pack! Let us howl to the heavens for his love!"

The clan as one raised their heads, their wolfen howls echoing across the beach, the Archanian and Sumsarian clans staring at them with silent wonder.

They still remained in their human forms, their bronzed bodies clothed in loincloths and leathered bikinis.

Jolan's head bowed, then raised, a large howl coming forth from his soul, its loudness echoing in the silencing quietness.

Everyone stared at the young man, all eyes widened with awed wonder.

His head lowered, every eye on his softly glowing yellow eyes, those eyes changing back to their glowing silvery grey.

Jolan's body turned around, his eyes staring at the nation of the lost kingdom of Moldavia, the lost clan of the Sumsarians.

"Welcome to love and faith, to hope and salvation, my Sumsarian brothers and sisters. I am one and I am all. Today we stand together, three nations apart, troubled by destiny. In a short few hours we shall join as one. Evil comes and we shall stand as one against it. Your Caitre Din Dragoste shall give all to gain all. Feel the faith and love that surrounds you, my clans of hope and life. A triad of uncertainty shall give way to a triad of strength, courage and life."
The Sumsarians moved forward, stopping a few feet from Jolan and his family, the five Sages staring at those on the other side of Jolan, yellow and violet eyes staring at their blue.

Three clans stood apart, staring at each other, the center point of their uncertainty Jolan.

"The day wanes fast. We must venture to the Plains of Bladorra in front of the palace to camp for the night." Jolan said, his body turning, his eyes searching the hill behind him, all staring into his searching eyes.

"I sense evil upon the winds. Raise your camps, my Archanian and Badenwolf brethren. We cross the Lac de Viata." Jolan said, the young man walking forward, stopping at the edge of the water, his feet on the sandy edge.

"We have not our boats, Giver. That what you seek does not exist. There is no path here." Zaleen said, the other four Sages nodding their heads as well, Dominoso staring quietly at his grandson.

"We stand surrounded by strangers. There are too many for even the boats we do have back at the airfield. We Sumsarians should have taken the boats from the encampment." Craig Sumsare said, Jolan's eyes moving towards them.

Dominoso walked up to his grandson, his hand going to his shoulder.

"We should perhaps camp here tonight, Jolan. We cannot cross here. I don't know what you believe exists here, but I cannot see it." he said, Jolan turning and looking into his blue eyes.

"To see is to have faith, Grandfather. To believe is to accept what you cannot see." Jolan said, the young man's eyes scanning the calm lake before him, Jolan pulling something out of his pocket.

"In visions of destiny I saw their love. I saw the Sentinels of Bolta Cerului. I saw their love and their courage. I have both within me." Jolan said, the young man turning around in a circle, taking in all that stared at him.

The nations before him were silent, the sun behind them sinking behind the hills facing the beach.

"A path only walks so far. A greater path appears to those of faith. Only those with faith and love in their hearts may cross. I have faith and I have love enough for all of you. Walk with me on my path to destiny."
Jolan moved his hand, extending it forward palm open, everyone staring at a flat white stone in his hand, a boat carved in its face.

"See the magic of the Peitrele de Viata." Jolan said, his voice resonating around everyone.

"Have faith in destiny's divine intervention. A Stone of Life shall lead the way." he said, the young man turning, his arm moving with lightning speed.

Jolan threw the white stone, the stone skipping across the still lake, everyone watching it move with lightning speed, its speed seemingly increasing as it skipped across the calm, glasslike surface, the only sound its ricocheting skips.

The stone eventually disappeared into the lake's shining glare, the beach bathed in silence.

But the silence lasted for only a moment.

Everyone heard a soft rumble, the sound like a rushing wave, then utter silence.

Jolan's eyes turned back to everyone, a soft smile crossing his face.

"The first step is faith, the next is love." he said, the young man walking forward.

Everyone stared in silent stunned shock as Jolan Dragos walked across the water, heading out across the lake.

The man stopped about one hundred yards out, turning and smiling at the thousands staring in shock at him.

"I have much faith and love. It shall carry all of you. Walk forward and join me." he said, Justin and Josh moving forward, Domo at their side, Chace carrying both of the boys behind them.

Justin stopped at the water's edge, his eyes taking in the optical illusion now showing before him.

In front of him was a crystal clear path, over twenty feet wide, stretching out across the lake, wide enough for ten men to walk abreast.

"There is a path! It looks like glass! You can see right through it!" he shouted behind him, everyone moving forward, their eyes taking in the revealed path as well.

"It is stronger than glass, it is built on my faith and love. It could hold the world's weight. Come my brethren, the sun dies in the west. Darkness falls and evil stirs." Jolan said, Justin walking forward onto the path, the others following.


It took a lot of courage for some to walk upon the crystal glasslike path, the reality of its shining opaque truth awing them into silence.

The three clans moved across the path, eyes marvelling at its construction.

It did indeed look like glass but felt like stone, its strength deceiving.

Carts were pulled across it, the three clans moving forward.

The Archanians and Badenwolves moved last, their camps needing taking down, the clan moving with rhythmic speed.

The Sumsarians marvelled as they walked the path, its presence totally unknown to any of them before.

The five Sages walked in awe, silent words spoken together, their eyes wide with wonder and amazement, going often to Jolan walking farther ahead of them.

Jolan was the first to touch the sand on the other side of the lake, his grey eyes looking across the Plains of Bladorra, taking in its grass covered emptiness.

He knew that soon it would house his three clans of hope.

He sighed, his eyes taking in a small stone laying on the sandy beach, Jolan leaning down and picking it up.

He smiled, its white beauty dry and clean, the boat carving as it always was.

"Magic of love and watery truth. Thank you for carrying them all." Jolan said, others now descending onto the beach, Jolan smiling as Josh and Justin walked up to him, Hayden now in Justin's arms.

"Water hard, Dada! It like ice!" he said, Jolan smiling and nodding.

"Yes, Hay. Hard like ice."
"Is that what it is, Jo? Some type of magic ice?"
"It's something more, Joshy." Jolan said, answering his question.

Josh nodded, unsure of Jolan's answer.

For over two hours the clans walked across the water's expanse, some hurrying, the path they walked unsettling their souls.

Others walked with happiness and faith in their heart.

Cardinal Giovanni walked up to Jolan, smiling at him with awed wonder.

"You are like Moses in the Bible, leading his people to freedom." he softly said, Reverend Francis smiling at his side.

"Jolan leads us to faith, as Moses once did." he said, Jolan softly smiling at both men of the cloth.

"We are all led by our hearts, Reverend. Faith is part of the heart and soul."
The two nodded, Calen walking up to his nephew.

"Greater visions I have never seen, Jolan. You carry great magic within you."
"You may thank our loving queen, Uncle. Queen Alveena is the creator of this magic. It was her own path of necessity."

Calen nodded, staring with wonder at his nephew.

"Shall you dine with your Badenwolf brethren tonight, Jolan?" he said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I shall dine with all three of my clans. The Sumsarians have already offered me a feast. I shall take in three."
Calen nodded, then smiled, walking back to Elijah, the two walking to their Badenwolf clan's now forming encampment.

Jolan's eyes scanned the gathering masses, seeing the three nations setting up separate encampments, his grey eyes looking towards the palace of his ancestor King Dragos, its stone gables and towers lost in the darkening mountain's shadowy face.

"Time enough for treasures sought and lives relived." he softly said to himself, Josh walking up to him.

"Domo has informed us that tents have been set up for us on the Sumsarian side of the camp, Jo." he said, Jolan smiling at his friend.

"Good, Joshua. I need a short rest before I dine. But first I must close off the path to heed unwanted visitors." Jolan said, the young man walking towards the pathway.

All eyes surrounding him stared after him, the young man walking up to the shore's edge.

Everyone had traversed the path, the long clear crystal gateway now empty of souls.

"Into the waters of life magic flows back. Until the second calling of my need. Farewell magic of her heart." Jolan said, his hand going forward, the white stone in its palm.

Everyone watched, hearing the soft rumble again, the clear glass path disappearing in an instant under the water, Jolan's hand going downward, the young man going to one knee.

Josh walked up to him, kneeling at his side.

"Magic takes its toll on my heart, Joshua. I need to rest now."
Josh nodded, helping Jolan to his feet, the man smiling at him.

The two walked over to Justin and Chace, Justin's arm going around Jolan, the small group walking among the Sumsarian nation, all eyes on the young man in the white suit.

Jolan smiled at several, all eyes watching him walk to his awaiting tent.


Jolan sighed, his grey eyes opening, two pools of blue staring into his eyes.

"How long have I been asleep, Chacy?"

Chace smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's soft lips.

"About ten minutes, Jo. You nodded off. We didn't want to wake you. It's a little after eight."
Jolan nodded, stretching his arms, Chace smiling down at him.

"Where are the other two of our hearts and our boys?"
"Domo is showing them around the encampment. Everyone is awaiting you at the feast, Jo."

"I'm sorry I nodded off, they must be starving."
Chace smiled, leaning down again and kissing Jolan's lips again.

"They have dined on your love, it sates their hearts until you join them again."
Jolan smiled, his hand going to Chace's cheek.

"I'd sooner dine on my tiger's love."

Chace smiled, their eyes locked on each other.

"What says your heart, my tiger?"
"I'm just trying to understand what I saw today, Jo. That path's appearance, your calm control over everyone. It's amazed all of us, Joshy and Jus included."

"I know, Chace. It's amazed myself as well."
Chace looked surprised, Jolan smiling at him.

"Even I am overcome by everything that I show, Chacy. It's just as magical to me as well."
Chace nodded, smiling at Jolan.

"So we'll be amazed together?"

Jolan nodded, smiling at his soulmate.

"We should get moving, I guess. I still have to visit all three feasts this evening."
"You're tired, Jo. Your sudden catnap showed that to all of us. Josh and Justin both wanted you to sleep longer."
"Family awaits, my tiger. Later I'll sleep surrounded by the three of my heart."
Chace smiled, standing up, extending his hand to Jolan.

Jolan took it, standing up, reaching for his white suit jacket which lay on a chair by the large tent's door.

"Why the white suit, Jo?"
"White is a color of calming love, Chace. I wanted all of them to take in the calmness of my welcoming love."
Chace nodded, his arm going around Jolan, pulling him against him.

"I've felt that love from your first kiss." he said, Jolan smiling as the man kissed him again.

"My soothing Chace of love. You moreso than the other two send a viral need coursing through my veins. You, our tiger, are the libido of our foursome."
"I like to make my men happy. And their beauty lights the fires of my heart."
"We've all warmed on that flame of love."

Chace smiled, Jolan looking into his crystal blue eyes.

"After this is over, you and I are going to cuddle and talk for hours, my angel. I want to know all the true feelings from your heart that I feel deeply."
Chace smiled, kissing Jolan's lips again.

"The greatest feeling there is my love for you, Jo. And for our other four. Thank you for loving me back."
Jolan smiled, taking Chace's hand in his.

"Let's go find those other four. I need to be warmed by all of your love."
Chace smiled, the two walking out of the tent.


Jolan and Chace walked towards the circle of torches that illuminated the far end of the Sumsarian encampment, people bowing before them, then following the two men.

Craig Sumsare walked up to Jolan, bowing softly.

"We were worried that you were not feeling well, Giver. You bless us with your shining smile." he said, Jolan smiling at the Sage.

"I just needed a moment of relaxation. My soul is reenergized, my brother." Jolan said, the man smiling at him, his eyes looking around.
"Word of warning, Giver. There is a murmur of discontent in the camp. Some feel the intrusion of the other two clans an affront to our history."

"Calmness, my brother. I shall deal with all of their feelings tomorrow at the annual gathering before the One Council."

The Sage nodded, his face still showing worry.

Jolan's hand went to the man's shoulder, the man looking a bit surprised, Jolan smiling at him.

"Your heart of faith endears you to my friendship, Craig. I respect your thoughts and concerns."
The man's face widened into a wider smile, Chace seeing Jolan's calming love overcoming the man.

"I have total faith in you, Giver."

"It's Jolan, Craig. I am but another Sumsarian brethren."

"Yes, you are that, Jolan. But you are so much more." the man said, his eyes going towards the darkened lake, his eyes returning to Jolan's grey.

"Never have I seen the path you have shown me today, Jolan. The faith within my soul has doubled."

Jolan smiled, patting the man's shoulder.

"Lead me to the feast, brother. I hunger for family and food."

The man smiled, leading Jolan and Chace towards the inner circle of the camp.


Jolan stretched, walking into the tent, three blue-eyed visions smiling at him.

"We'd thought you'd gotten lost, my angel." Justin said, rising from the bed he'd been laying on, his arms wrapping around Jolan's waist as the man removed his white suit jacket.

"The Archanian welcome was unending, but loving. And I am exhausted." he said, Justin kissing his lips, Jolan sighing contently.

"It's no wonder, my love. It's after two." Josh said, smiling at him from their large bed, Chace's arms around his naked torso.

"Yes, a long night, but a confirming one." Jolan said, Justin's hands going to his shoulders, rubbing both.

"A confirming one?" Josh said, sitting up a bit, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, my deserting familiar. You disappeared on me." he smiled, Josh smiling back.

"Logan wanted me to put him to bed, Jus and I taking both boys back here. Chace came in a few minutes later and we. . .well we. . ."

Jolan smiled, taking in the naked chests of his three loves.

"You were detained."
All three smiled, Chace winking at Jolan.

"Or should I say the tiger trapped you both."
All three laughed, Jolan smiling at all of them, walking over to the bed and sitting on its edge, raising his foot, pulling off his shoe.

His eyes scanned to a smaller bed in the corner, Hayden and Logan both sound asleep, snuggled together, Spartacus at the foot of their bed.

"Let me get those, my love." Justin said, going to his knees, gently removing Jolan's other shoe, rubbing both of his feet, Jolan sighing contently.

Josh moved, his arm going around Jolan, Jolan leaning back against his naked chest.

"You three take good care of me." he sighed, Chace moving and kissing Jolan's cheek, his hands going to Jolan's chest, rubbing its clothed smoothness, Jolan smiling at him.

"So what has been confirmed?" Josh said, kissing Jolan's neck, Chace undoing the buttons on Jolan's shirt.

"My suspicions have been confirmed." Jolan softly said, Justin's blue eyes staring into his.

"Suspicions about what or whom?" he said, Jolan staring into his blue eyes.

"My suspicions that all is not well within the Sumsarian brotherhood. Several of my brethren are plotting."

The three men traded looks, staring at Jolan.

"That sounds dangerous, my love." Justin said, Jolan leaning forward and kissing his husband's lips.

"As with all three clans I shall have to rein in their doubts and concerns. He'll show them the truth."

"He, Jo? You mean you?" Chace said, Jolan's eyes going to his soulmate.

"This time the path leads to another. I am the Giver of Love, I am not the architect of the reconstruction of the Sumsarian clan."

The three men looked confused, Jolan smiling and kissing each on the lips, Chace pulling off Jolan's shirt.

"Destiny awaits on the morrow, my loves. Tonight I just want to sleep." Jolan said, Josh and Chace smiling at him, pulling Jolan back onto the bed, the young man sinking back against the pillows.

Justin smiled, his hands going to Jolan's white pants, opening them and pulling them down his muscular legs.

The man smiled, sighing contently, Josh and Chace lifting his body up a bit, Justin pulling back the blankets, Jolan guided into the center of the bed, his three soulmates quickly surrounding him, Justin pulling the blankets back up.

Jolan smiled, three hearts of love snuggling against him, the young man closing his tired eyes.

"I love all three of you, my angels." he said, the three smiling at his closed eyes, the young man smiling back.

"Sleep, our love. We'll walk with you in your dreams." Josh said, Justin smiling and kissing his lips, Josh's arms going around Justin, the man snuggled on his Jolan's right side.

Chace was on his left, Jolan feeling all their warmth.

Chace's arm went to the light on the nightstand, the tent bathed in moonlit darkness, the four settling in for the night.

Jolan lay in the darkness, his mind on all that he'd taken in that evening.

A soft smile covered his face, his grey eyes slowly opening.

He looked around at the three surrounding him, all three's eyes closed.

He softly sighed, waiting in the silent darkness.

Waiting for them to fall asleep, and for his own path to widen.


The young man walked among the tents, his youthful curiosity guiding him through the darkened night.

Some fires still burned, the camp long settled down for the night's slumber.

His own thoughts were jumbled, the day's visions settling into his thoughts.

He'd been standing behind the Sages watching the great one's calmness.

He'd been as astounded as everyone else by the vision of the crystal path, his own feet walking across it, his soul feeling the magic simmering under his feet.

His eyes had long stared at the man standing in white, his grey eyes like silver diamonds drawing the youth's gaze often.

Every time he stared at the Caitre Din Dragoste his soul felt an overpowering sense of destiny, as if the young man's gaze was seeking him alone out.

The young man felt a chill go through him, the night rather warm, his blue eyes staring around him.

He stopped, his eyes gazing everywhere.

He saw no one except the sentinels guarding the outer perimeter of the Sumsarian camp.

His eyes went out into the darkness, seeing fires burning to the west and to the east of his camp.

The fires of the Archanian and Badenwolf camps.

The sudden appearance of the two other clans had shocked many in his brethren's camp.

The young man himself hadn't been surprised by their appearance, his own knowledge of his own clan's past deeply entrenched within his soul.

He knew that they were an intricate part of his own past, of his clan's destiny.

She of the wisdom had instilled that in his soul.

The young man moved again, his path set.

He slowly moved around the encampment, his eyes set upon one destination.

To get there he had to walk past Ethan.

He smiled, seeing his mother's old friend standing on the farthest edge of the camp's northern perimeter.

The man was burly, a stalwart icon of muscled greatness.

The young man had known him since birth, the man a true icon of Sumsarian strength and courage.

"Good evening, Ethan." the young man said, the man eyes looking out into the darkness, not really looking towards the young man.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to walk out of your secluded secrecy. I've watched you since you slunk out of your mother's tent, little one."

The young man softly blushed, the large man turning, staring towards him, the fire in front of him casting a yellowish flickering glow off his large face, his dark eyes staring into the younger man's soul.

"Walk out of the shadows, little one. The fire gives some warmth, the night's coldness is sinking fast."

The young man walked out of the darkness, the large man's hand directing towards a large log, the young man sitting down on the log, the large man moving and sitting down beside him.

"A little late for walking in deep thought, my friend. You should be dreaming of lasses and slaying dragons."

The young man remained quiet, the large man staring at him.

"You seek to change the world with thoughts of valour and greatness. Your mother's worried about you."

"I know, Ethan. She talked to me after the feast."

"She told me as much. Listen to her, little one. Stave off the desires in your heart. You cannot change the past, no more than I can. Your father shall get his reward."

"I shall be his reward, Ethan. I shall destroy him."
The large man's eyes looked into the younger man's blue pools, the man sighing.

"And what of the Giver's destiny? Will you change his path because of your father's destiny?"

The young man's head lowered, the large man's arm going around the youth.

"Life is about choices, little one. I think you know the choice that is right within your soul. I won't talk you into one or the other, your mother cannot either. That choice lays within your own heart."

"I hate him, Ethan! I hate him for what he's done to my life!" the young man said, the large man nodding.

"I know, my son. I know."
The young man raised his head, leaning forward and kissing the large man's cheek, the man smiling at him.

The smile changed his whole large face, the young man staring at him.

"Thank you, Ethan. For the years of love and for the heart of love you've given me and my mother."
"I devoted my love and life to both of you, child. You know where my heart lies."
The young man stood up, staring down at the large giant.

"Then respect where I must go tonight."
The man sighed, standing up, towering over the young man.

"Alright, little one. I shall respect your path and where it may lead. But be careful. I sense something around the perimeter of our brethren. It feels like a watchful presence. Someone watches all of us."

The young man's eyes went out into the darkness, the far fires of the other camps flickering farther away.

"The other clans? Are we in danger?"
The large man's eyes went into the darkness.

"We cannot fear old magic, and friends of the past. I sense it's someone else."

"The Giver? Is he watching always?"

"Perhaps, my child. His love surrounds us. Perhaps he is more." the large man said, looking down at the young man.

The young man stared up into Ethan's face, staring at the red crown on the man' forehead.

"He is unbelievable, Ethan. His magic and love I feel into my soul."

The large man smiled, looking down at him.

"Take that love with you, child. I'll give you thirty minutes, then I'm coming in after you."

The young man smiled, hugging the giant, moving with lightning speed, rushing out into the darkness.


The darkness of the dead of night gave a deep silence within the palace grounds, one lone individual walking in quietness, his eyes scanning the ancient stone sculptures and cobweb-covered columns.

His eyes had easily adjusted to the moonlit darkness, his eyes scanning from the front terrace of the palace at the triad of fires burning below him.

He'd watched in silence the two standing on the Sumsarian camp's outer edge before the last fire.

He'd softly smiled, staring at the smaller of the two.

Come forward to your destiny, little one.

Your giant's love guides you, as does your mother's.

Tonight I shall guide you on another path.

Forgive me if it is not what you wish for.

I shall ease what I can of the pain within your soul.

For you and others I shall set it right.
The man smiled, sinking back into the darkness of the shadowed columns.

He felt others present, a soft smile holding back his need for soft laughter.


Below on the front steps of the palace a young man searched everywhere, his eyes taking in every inch of the palace's darkness.

A chilling sweat had now appeared on his youthful body, his senses on high alert.

The hairs on the back of his neck were standing up, his feet quietly walking up the steps, reaching the front terrace, his blue eyes looking into the darkened open square before him, statues and sculptures shadowed around it.

His footsteps made no sound, the young man walking across the square, searching for the entrance Ethan had once told him of.

He looked into all the darkened corners, seeing no one, but a sense of watchful eyes bristling the hairs on his body even further.

His eyes saw a darker shadow on the left side, a shadowed columned entrance suddenly appearing in the moonlit wall.

He smiled, walking towards it.

"You cannot enter a chamber denied to everyone save him."

The young man froze, his head slowly turned, two deep blue eyes staring at him from across the square.

The vision before him stood motionless, the moon's light beckoning down upon it, the vision glowing softly.

"Who. . .who. . .who are you?"

The vision smiled, her blue eyes sparkling with love.

"I am your past, I am your destiny. He chose well."

The young man's eyes moved, looking back at the darkened entrance, then back at the woman, the woman now only feet from him.

He stepped back in surprise.

"Do not long for what you seek, it is unobtainable. Another walks that path for you. His love will destroy the pain within your heart."

The young man's head lowered.

"If. . .if I could find it. . .I could give her everything. . .her heart. . ."

"She has everything she needs. She has your love, and his."
The young man's face was covered in tears, the woman's hand going forward, touching his shoulder.

"Treasures we seek never materialize into what they need to be. That lost treasure may never be found. The greater treasure is what lays within your heart. I see that now. Jolan is clever in his manipulations. I've greatly underestimated him."
"The Giver? What has he to do with this?"

The woman smiled, looking into his blue eyes.

"A good question, my child. A good question. The morrow brings many truths I believe."

The young man looked confused, the woman's face changing into a wide smile.

"Am I correct, Tolmar?"

The young man's eyes moved to where the woman was now looking, a man standing between the two columns that stood on both sides of the shadowed entrance.

"I believe so, your Majesty." the man said, the young man's eyes widening, realizing who stood before him.

His eyes went between the two, the young man going to his knees.

"Queen Alveena? Your Excellency, Tolmar. I am not worthy." he said, lowering his head, the queen smiling.

"Rise in life, child of worth." she said, the young man slowly rising, his eyes going to Tolmar.

"Your Excellency. I honour my life within your service." the young man said, the man staring at him deeply.

"Who is this child, my Queen?" he said, the young man blushing.

"I am Sumsarian, your Excellency. You gave me your guidance last year at my coming of age."

Tolmar nodded, looking towards Queen Alveena.

"Be gone, little one. You are in a place of greatness, and my temper is volatile. I give you fair warning."

The queen shook her head towards Tolmar, looking with compassion at the young man.

"I said leave!" Tolmar said rather loudly, the young man backing up, moving quickly backwards, not realizing where he was headed.

His feet gave way, the young man tumbling backwards down the front stairway, a tragic fall about to be his fate.

He suddenly felt two arms going around him, and his body rising upwards.

His feet touched the stone floor at the top of the stairway, the two arms releasing him.

The young man turned around in shock, staring into two grey silvery eyes of glowing love.

"Careful where you tread, my friend. All paths lead to salvation." the man staring at him said, two large wings folded out behind him.

"The Giver! Your greatness. . .I. . .thank you. . .I. . ." the young man said, his eyes taking in the Archanian wings attached to the handsome man.

Jolan smiled at the young man.

"Walk forward down the steps, my friend. It will give you better balance. It is best if you leave us." Jolan said, a soft smile on his face, the young man nodding, quickly walking down the stairs with carefulness, his eyes looking back only once, staring at all three visions of greatness before him, then his form disappeared into the night, his direction leading to his giant of a friend.

Jolan's eyes turned back, staring at Queen Alveena, then his eyes moving towards Tolmar, the man still standing between the two columns at the entrance to the Chamber of Ascendancy.

"The boy's a fool. Seeking treasure that doesn't exist." Tolmar softly said, Queen Alveena's eyes still locked on Jolan.

"He has strength and courage, it takes a great man to go this far." Alveena said, Jolan smiling at her.

"It takes a greater man to go even further." he said, his eyes moving to Tolmar.

"You are a day early, Tolmar. I said I would meet you in the chapel tomorrow evening."

"I did not come here tonight to meet with you, Jolan Dragos. The magic called me here."

Jolan nodded, looking at his great-grandmother.

"The magic here is almost gone. Your incantation is at its last breath, Grandmother." Jolan said, the queen nodding.

"Yes, Jolan. The magic I surrounded this place with is evaporating. The young man's courage could have led him forward. I had to stay his need." she said, Jolan nodding.

"It is best for now. His courage is needed elsewhere." Jolan said, looking back out into the darkness.

"You walk a fine line, my grandson. It will shock them all." she said, Tolmar's eyes going between the two.

"What are you talking of? Who is that boy?" Tolmar said, Jolan smiling at his great-grandmother.

"Tomorrow will see that destiny, ancient one. As the next will lay open to even more."

Tolmar's eyes narrowed, Jolan staring at him.

"Fair warning, Jolan. Tomorrow's meeting I shall preside over. I shall not listen nor put up with your theatrics. You shall adhere to the Council's demands."

Jolan's eyes softly glowed, the two staring each other down.

"How far does one have to leave one's path before one is totally lost, Tolmar? Think upon that question." Jolan said, the young man staring into the Queen's blue eyes, her face showing a look of clouded concern.

"Lies hidden in the past can't deny the truth. Love is coming." Jolan said, the young man smiling, looking back towards the Sumsarian camp.

"It begins with him, and ends with me. Golden suns and forgotten words of love bear truths." Jolan said, his wings expanding again, the young man rising into the night's sky, disappearing into the darkness, his soft laughter echoing in the silent tomb-like stone palace.

Two visions of silent shocked wonder disappeared moments later.




End of Chapter 159


And so we end on a mystery, one of perhaps many voiced in this chapter.

Who is the young man whom Jolan saved?

What is his connection to this story?
What was he seeking within the palace?


Seems Jolan's mind is set upon a certain path.

Where is he leading everyone?

What lays at the end of the path in two days hence?


Intriguing questions.

I'll let you digest this chapter.

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