Jolan's Path-Chapter 16

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 16

Jolan stared at the young man, momentarily lost in his good looks.
"I said, who the fuck are you?" Brandon replied again.
"My name is Jolan. And I'd like to know who you are."
Brandon relaxed a bit, on hearing the name.
"My name is Brandon Diablo. I am Justin's prodigy. He's producing my music."
Jolan looked at Charles, the older man rolling his eyes, his dislike of the young man obvious.
"He is an acquaintance of Mr. Timberlake's. He has visited here before. I walked him up just to make sure you were fine with his coming up unannounced. He wouldn't believe me that Mr. Timberlake wasn't here." The older man said, smiling at Jolan.
Brandon glared at the doorman, Charles staring back at him.
"Justin is not here. He's in meetings this afternoon with William Rast. Since you know Justin, I'm fine with you waiting here for him. He will be home shortly. It's alright, Charles."
Charles nodded to Jolan, taking one more glance at Brandon, then walking back to the elevator.
"Please come in." Jolan said, his attitude relaxing.
He knew Justin would want him to play the good host in his absence.
Brandon walked past Jolan, entering the condo.
Brandon stared at Cindy, now sitting in her wheelchair, staring back at him.
"And who are you?" he said, a small smile on his face now.
"My name is Cynthia Carruthers. I'm a friend of Justin's, and a house guest."
Brandon's smiled widened, Jolan quietly watching the young man.
"And such a beautiful guest. Justin does have very good taste." he said, smiling at Cindy, but his eyes were glancing to Jolan.
"Let me take your coat." Jolan said, Brandon removing his leather jacket.
"Be careful with it. It's genuine leather and very expensive."
Jolan took the coat, laying it on top of a small table by the door.
"Please make yourself comfortable. Would you like a drink?"
"No thanks, I'm fine. So tell me, who exactly are you?" he said, walking to the couches, sitting down on one.
Jolan introduced himself and Cynthia again, explaining briefly their friendship with Justin.
"Ah, so Mr. Timberlake is taking in stray waifs, is he? What a good Samaritan."
Jolan didn't like the off-handed attitude of this young man.
He sensed the man could be egotistical and exceedingly arrogant.
Just starting in the business and already the superficial image was showing.
"Justin has done it out of his loving heart. Cindy and I both value his friendship."
Cindy smiled at Jolan, seeing him standing up for his friendship with Justin.
Brandon nodded, sitting back some more, staring at Jolan.
"So you're new in town. Perhaps I can show you some of the sites. I've been known to be an excellent guide in all things fun." he said, smiling only at Jolan.
"Thank you, but Trace has already volunteered to show both of us around."
Cindy was quietly watching the young man, not liking the way he was now eyeing Jolan.
"Yes, Trace has offered." she said, Brandon seemingly ignoring her.
"Too bad. Well, maybe we can go out to dinner some time. I want to know all of Justin's friends. We're like best friends, he and I. He's very special to me." Brandon said, his killer smile again showing.
Jolan nodded, Cindy remaining silent.
"So, tell me about yourself Jolan. You look around the same age as me. Perhaps we have much in common." he said, relaxing more into the couch, his gaze never wavering from Jolan's grey eyes.
"There isn't much to tell. My past is a blur, and I was in a coma for four years, awakening with amnesia."
"That's so tragic. You missed so much of the blossoming passion of the teenage years. I lived it. I think of it as the best time of my life. So many changes, body and mind."
Jolan nodded, listening to the man's obvious forwardness.
"So tell me about yourself, Brandon. You're a musician, you said."
Brandon's eyes narrowed, as if Jolan had said something wrong.
"I am not a musician. I am a star! I am going to be even bigger than Justin ever was!"
Jolan's eyes stared into his blue icy eyes.
He saw so much egotistical determination in those cold eyes.
"That we'll have to wait and see on. I'd like to hear your music sometime." Jolan said, trying to be social and remain calm.
"That can be arranged. I'll give you my number and address here in New York. I have a small condo not far from here. Justin has me all set up. We are very close, he and I. Very close."
Jolan looked at him, Cindy watching both men.
"I think I'd like that drink now. A glass of mineral water would be nice." Brandon said, his smile meant for only Jolan.
"I'm sorry, Justin hasn't had a chance to go shopping. All we have is ice water from the fridge."
"That will do." Brandon said, smiling even more at Jolan.
Jolan got up, heading into the kitchen.
After Jolan had disappeared behind the kitchen doorway, Brandon stood up.
"Excuse me for a moment, Cindy. I want to write down my number for Jolan and there's a pad in the kitchen. I've been here before."
Cindy stared at the man, not liking him calling her Cindy.
"Alright. And it's Cynthia."
The man looked at her, a smile across his face.
She sensed the falseness behind that smile.
He disappeared into the kitchen.

Jolan was just dropping ice cubes into a glass of water when Brandon walked into the kitchen.
"I was just coming back. Something else you need?"
Brandon smiled his killer smile again, staring at Jolan.
"Just wanted to write my info down for you, before I forget." he said, picking up a notepad off the kitchen counter, as well as a pen.
He scribbled quickly onto the pad, ripping the top sheet off it, throwing the pad and pen back onto the counter.
He smiled at Jolan, walking towards him.
He stopped right in front of him, Jolan staring into his blue eyes.
He didn't like what he saw there.
Brandon's hand went to Jolan's waist, his fingers pushing the piece of paper into the left front pocket of Jolan's jeans.
Jolan felt his fingers lingering in Jolan's pocket.
"There. Safe and sound." he smiled, his face right in front of Jolan's.
"Thank you. Would you kindly remove your fingers from my person?"
Brandon smiled, removing his hand.
"Sure you don't want to take in the sights? I've so much I can show you. You need to hang with someone your own age. Justin is great, but he's not on our wavelength. If you know what I mean." Brandon said, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.
Jolan felt all of Brandon's feelings with that single touch.
"I think you should go back into the living room before I regret doing something."
"Oh, and what would you like to do?"
Jolan's words were on the tip of his tongue, their conversation silenced by a new voice.
"Brandon? What are you doing here?"
Both men turned, Justin standing in the kitchen doorway.
Brandon smiled widely, walking to Justin.
"Came to see my best friend!" he said, hugging Justin to him, Justin feeling his hands slide down onto his ass.
Justin's eyes were on Jolan, seeing Jolan's grey ones staring into his blue ones.
Justin tensed up, not understanding why Brandon was being so intimate.
Justin quickly broke the hug, staring at the younger man.
"You're supposed to be in L.A."
"I finished up all the studio time with Timbaland and the interviews early. Lynn said I could  pop up here to relax for a few days. I've been here since Saturday."
"My Mom didn't mention it at all." Justin said, staring at him.
"Hey, I can't speak for her. You deal with your mother. Your new friend's nice, Jus. Very nice. He and I were just getting acquainted."
Justin's brows furrowed, not liking Brandon's smug attitude.
Brandon turned, walking back to Jolan, taking the glass of water from his hand.
"Thanks, friend. This will be refreshing."
He took a sip, licking his lips.
"Yes, very refreshing."
Brandon winked at Jolan, smiled and then walked past Justin, back into the living room.
Justin watched him leave, his eyes turning back towards Jolan.
"I'm sorry about that, Jo. Brandon can be a bit demanding. And you have to know how to take him. Are you okay?"
Jolan looked quietly at Justin, Justin sensing something bothering him.
Jolan moved, walking up to Justin.
"We need to talk, Jus. I'll meet you in the bedroom."
Jolan walked past Justin, Justin's hand going to his shoulder, Jolan stopping, staring into his blue eyes.
"I'm sorry, Jo."
Jolan didn't say anything, walking out of the room.
Justin sighed, folding his arms.
What's Brandon doing here?
And what did he do to Jolan?
Justin sighed again, walking back into the living room.

When Justin walked into the living room, Trace and Cindy's eyes went to him immediately.
Trace sat in a chair, Cindy beside him in her wheelchair.
Brandon sat at the piano, plucking the keys, not making any real music.
"Your piano sounds out of tune, Jus."
Justin looked at his friends, then at Brandon.
"It's perfectly in tune, Brandon. Excuse me everyone. I'll be right back. I need to speak privately with Jolan."
Trace nodded, his eyes glaring at Brandon.
Trace and Cindy had both seen the look on Jolan's face when he'd walked out of the kitchen. Jolan hadn't said anything, just giving Brandon a strange look.
Brandon folded his arms, smiling at Justin.
"Hope I didn't upset anyone in there. Just being myself."
Justin didn't reply, walking down the hallway.
Trace stood up, standing beside the piano.
"What's going on, Brandon? If you did anything to upset our friend Jolan, you'll answer to me for it, as well as Cindy!"
Brandon smiled, leaning on the keys.
"Don't threaten me, Ayala! I'm bigger than you'll ever be! I'm not a hanger-on like you!"
Trace glared at the man, suddenly feeling a hand go into his.
He looked beside him, Cindy having wheeled over to him.
"Let's relax, Tray. You stay put, Brandon." she said, Trace's anger disappearing instantly by looking into her green eyes.
He smiled, walking back to the couch with her.
Brandon smirked, seeing her obvious control over him.
His eyes focused on the empty hallway, wondering what was going on down there.
He smiled.
Jessica had been right.
Jolan was a real beauty.
He saw easily why Justin was temporarily smitten with him.
His smile remained on his face, his thoughts his own.
'I'll have your boytoy out of here soon enough Justin, and then I'll have you.'
But maybe I'll use him a little first.
Yes, he looks simply delicious.
Brandon chuckled, two sets of eyes staring at him from across the room.

Jolan sat on the king-size bed, his hands together between his legs.
A soft tapping came to the door, it opening slowly.
Justin quietly walked into the room, seeing Jolan looking towards him.
"Are you okay, Jo?"
"Please sit down beside me, Justin. I need to talk to you."
Justin sensed the emotion in Jolan's voice.
Justin closed the door, walking over to him and sitting down beside him.
Justin gave him a little space, waiting for Jolan to continue.
Jolan sighed, turning his head and looking into Justin's eyes.
Justin saw a confused, worried look in those grey orbs.
"I need the truth from you, Justin. I need you to be honest with me."
Justin nodded, a sense of worry showing in his own eyes.
"Are you and Brandon together?"
Justin sat in shocked silence.
He was totally floored by Jolan's question.
"Brandon thinks you're his, Jus. And I need to know the truth. Please tell me."
Justin looked into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing in them a turmoil of emotions.
Justin put his arm around Jolan, Jolan trembling.
"Jolan,  I am not with Brandon. I will be totally truthful with you. He came onto me a few months back. We were here in New York organizing his album. One night, he slipped into my room while I slept. He woke me up giving me oral sex. It wasn't mutual. You have to believe me, Jo. I was so stunned that night, I didn't stop him. But after it happened, I threw him out. The next morning we talked and I told him I couldn't have that type of relationship with him. I didn't want that relationship with him. You have to believe me, Jo. He's too aggressive, then and now. I am not attracted to him. Please believe me."
Jolan saw the emotion now in Justin's face, and in his voice.
"Please, Jo! Please believe me!"
Jolan looked at Justin, seeing the emotional distress he was in.
Jolan put his arm around the man.
"I believe you, Jus. I believe you're telling me the truth."
Justin calmed down, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.
He saw the truth of Jolan's trust in his eyes.
"Thank you, Jo. Thank you for believing in me. It's you I'm attracted to, not him."
Jolan smiled, sensing the honesty in Justin's soft spoken words.
This remarkable man was being totally honest with him.
He leaned over, gently kissing Justin's quivering lips.
Justin calmed immediately.
Jolan smiled at him again, Justin now smiling back.
"What brought this on, Jo? Why did you think he and I were together?"
Jolan lowered his eyes for a moment, then raised them again.
"Because when he touched me, I saw Brandon and you together in bed. It must have been that one night. I thought from that the two of you were lovers. And his talking about you and him being close, well I. . ." Jolan said, tears forming in his eyes.
Justin felt the hurt and hidden jealousy in Jolan's emotional words.
Justin put his arm around his friend.
"We are not close, Jolan. He's one of my recording clients, nothing more than a friend. I decided that on my own, as I've told you. All I will give him is my friendship and my helpful knowledge of music. He's a friend, nothing more."
Jolan stared at Justin, sensing the man was being sincerely honest with him.
"Justin, Brandon is a dangerous man. He's determined and strong-willed. He goes after what he wants. His needs drive him. And right now, what he wants is you. And he'll destroy me to get you."
Justin looked surprised, Jolan taking his hand in his.
"He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. And I'm not going to stand for it."
Jolan sighed again, Justin sensing something else was wrong.
"Justin, I have to do this, for you and for your soul. Forgive me."
Justin looked confused, Jolan standing up.
"Please forgive me if this hurts you."
Jolan walked out of the room, Justin getting up and following.

Brandon stood at the window now, staring out at the view, his mind on the two men in the other room.
Talk all you want, Jolan.
I'll finish you and then I'll have him.
The young man smiled, Trace sitting on the couch, his eyes glued to him.
Cindy looked towards the hallway, seeing Jolan walking towards them.
She tapped Trace's arm, Trace's focus shifting, seeing Jolan as well, with Justin walking into the room behind him.
Trace stood up, looking at his friends.
"Relax, Trace. I'll handle this." Jolan said, Brandon turning at the sound of his voice.
Brandon smiled, Jolan staring at him.
Justin stopped, standing beside Trace, Cindy beside both of them.
"Welcome back. Missed ya, Jus." the young man said, folding his arms, smiling at Justin now.
"Enough!" Jolan said, the young man looking surprised.
"Excuse me?"
"You come in here, blatantly throwing yourself at me, and now you're cooing at him!"
"I don't know what you're talking about." the man said, leering at Jolan.
"I'll tell you what I'm talking about! I'm talking about you basically groping me in the kitchen! And now, here you're making leering eyes at my friend!"
Justin, Trace and Cindy stared in surprise at Jolan's admission.
Brandon was showing surprise as well, but he was trying not to show it on his face.
"What's the matter, beauty? Scared of some competition?" Brandon said, Justin now seeing what was obvious before him.
Brandon was throwing down the gauntlet at Jolan.
And Justin was the prize.
Jolan sighed, walking up to the man.
"No matter what you think, no matter what you do, you cannot claim something that isn't yours. You have to earn that love."
Brandon laughed, smiling at Justin.
"You also have to have power and stardom, Jolan. That's something you'll never have. You'll always be a pretty boy nobody. Why don't you go back to wherever you've forgotten you came from? It's probably some trailer park somewhere." the man said, Jolan lowering his eyes for a moment.
Justin's anger was brewing, hearing Brandon trying to demean Jolan.
Jolan's eyes raised, Justin seeing the soft glow in them, Brandon not noticing, his eyes momentarily on Justin.
"You know, your words hold a hint of familiarity. I'm sure we've all heard similar talk from someone else. Do you want me to go there?"
Brandon glared now at Jolan, sensing the young man was holding something back.
"Don't threaten me, Jolan! I'll make your life a living hell!"
Jolan stared at him, then looked at Justin.
"We all have our secrets, don't we Brandon? Are you man enough to tell Justin yours?"
Brandon looked confused for a moment, then his face changed to worry.
"What are you talking about?"
"Tell him! Tell him the truth!"
The other three people in the room were looking on in confusion as well.
"What are you talking about, Jolan? What does he mean, Brandon?" Justin said, staring between both men.
Jolan stared at Brandon, waiting for him to tell the truth.
Brandon remained silent, his eyes glaring at Jolan.
How does he know? Brandon thought.
This is impossible!
He's bluffing.
Jolan saw and felt in his soul that Brandon wasn't going to talk.
Jolan sighed, turning and looking at his friends.
"I'm sorry Justin. He doesn't even have the courage to tell you to your face. You are my friend, and always will be. When someone hurts my friend, I shall always speak out. So forgive me."
Justin's eyes were on Jolan's face, seeing the compassion and friendship radiating out of his grey eyes.
"Brandon came here for a reason. He's on a path of deceit and destruction. And our friendship is what he wants to destroy. And Jessica's the one who sent him."
"Jessica? What do you mean?" Justin said in confusion, now looking at Brandon.
Brandon's face took on a look of disbelief.
Jolan looked at Trace and Cindy, both of them seeing a reluctance in Jolan's eyes.
A reluctance to tell Justin the next part of this.
"Jessica and Brandon are lovers, Justin. Brandon is the one she's been cheating on you with."
The room went silent, three stunned faces staring at Brandon.
And then one face changed into sudden anger.
Justin lunged at Brandon, punching him squarely in the face.
Jolan was on his friend in a flash, pulling him back.
"You bastard! I gave you everything! I helped you with your career! And this is how you thank me! You destroy my relationship with Jesse!"
Justin was screaming, Trace now beside Jolan, both pulling the man back away from Brandon, who lay on the floor, his nose bleeding profusely.
"You hit me! You hit my beautiful face!!" Brandon screamed, his hands on his nose.
Jolan and Trace pulled Justin back, Trace hauling him down onto a couch.
Jolan walked over to Brandon, pulling him up onto his feet, the young man still holding his nose.
"Leave now, Brandon. Justin needs to cool off. And you need to think about what you've done. You just lost a good friend today, and you've no one to blame but yourself."
Brandon glared at Jolan, then reluctantly looked at Justin.
Justin had his head down, his body trembling, Trace's arm around him.
"I won't forget this, you bastard! You've come between me and Justin! I won't forget this!"
Jolan stared at him, Brandon seeing the glaring determination in his grey eyes.
They almost looked like they were glowing.
Brandon walked to the door, grabbing his coat.
"This isn't over, Jolan! Not by a long shot!"
Jolan stared at him, the two meeting eye to eye.
"Leave Justin alone, Brandon! I won't ever let you hurt him again!"
Brandon left the condo, slamming the door.

Jolan turned and looked at his friend sitting on the couch.
Justin's eyes were still lowered, not looking at anyone.
Jolan felt his friend's emotions, knowing what his revelations had done to Justin.
That Justin had been hurt by his friend and his former lover.
Jolan remained still, unsure what he could do to make that pain go away.
His thoughts were broken by a hand going into his.
He looked down into Cindy's green eyes.
"Courage lays in your heart, my friend. And, I sense, a lot of love."
Jolan smiled at her, his eyes going to Justin again.
"Your friend needs you, Jolan. And I sense you need something more."
Jolan smiled at her, walking over to Justin and Trace.
Trace looked up at him, nodding.
He stood up, Jolan taking his vacated seat.
Trace and Cindy sat down across from them, remaining silent.
Jolan put his hand on Justin's shoulder, Justin raising his head.
Jolan saw the tears in his eyes.
"Why did he do that to me? He claimed that he was my friend and then he does that? Why?"
Jolan took Justin in his arms, his friend laying against his chest.
"I don't know, Jus. I don't know why."
Jolan rubbed his back, his friend gradually calming down.
Trace and Cindy felt Justin's hurt, and Jolan's friendship there for him.
And Cindy sensed something more.
Justin finally calmed down, his eyes going to Jolan's.
"I'm sorry I had to do that, Justin. I didn't want to, but I couldn't let him hurt you like that."
"How did you know, Jo?"
"When he touched me in the kitchen I saw it all in his mind, Justin. All the deceit and desires in that young man's soul. He's ruthless in what he wants. He's bisexual, leaning more towards men. He's slept with a lot of men. For him, it's the challenge of getting those he can't have. Jessica was a means to get to you. He's only using her to get to you. And she's using him to get to me."
Justin looked surprised by that statement.
"What do you mean, Jo?"
Jolan sighed, letting go of Justin.
"Jessica is still in love with you, Justin. And she won't give up on that. She sent him here to drive a wedge between you and me. Brandon's mission was to seduce me to hurt you. Because she thinks I am all that's stopping you from going back to her."
Justin looked stunned.
"I can't believe it, Jo? Why would she do that? She knows how much she's hurt me."
Jolan put his arm around Justin.
"She's in love with you, Justin. To her, anything is worth the small hope of your coming back. She's almost as determined as he is. And that troubles me."
Justin looked into Jolan's grey eyes.
"It doesn't matter, Jo. She and he will never change my mind in regards to you. This seals her fate and his. How can I trust either of them ever again? But all that doesn't matter. They'll never come between us, Jolan. I love you."
Jolan teared up, standing up and walking away from Justin.
He stood in front of the glass window, looking at the skyline before him.
Justin stood up, Trace and Cindy also looking at Jolan.
Jolan turned his head, the three seeing his tearing grey eyes.
"You love me. You keep telling me that, Justin. And every time you say it, my heart beats a little faster. Oh God, Justin! I'm so scared!"
Justin walked up to him, Jolan leaning against him, Justin wrapping his arms around the young man.
"What are you scared of, Jo?"
Cindy sat back, sensing what was going on in Jolan's mind.
She saw it now clearly on his face.
"I'm scared that they'll succeed."
Justin looked shocked, sensing immediately what that meant.
"Jo. . .?  Do you mean. . .?"
Jolan began crying, laying his head on Justin's chest.
"I think I'm falling in love with you, Jus."

Cindy and Trace both saw the look wash over Justin's face.
A look of complete happiness.
"Oh, Jolan! Do you really mean it?"
Jolan leaned back, staring into Justin's blue eyes.
"The last few days I've felt this stirring in my mind, and in my heart. It's your love, Jus. Somehow it's broken through my emptiness, it's inside me. I didn't know what it was until I felt Brandon's feelings. I instantly felt like he'd slapped me across the face. He was after you. He was wanting my Justin. That's when it hit me. I'm feeling so many emotions inside myself, Jus. So much newness and love. It's coming from you, Justin. And I just realized that I need it. I need your love."
Justin teared up, staring into two grey eyes, two eyes that somehow looked different.
"Then when I felt what he'd done with Jessica–how he'd hurt you in that way–a small part of me was glad. That I could show him for who he was. So that you couldn't love him. I'm sorry, Jus. I'm sorry for being jealous of him. And of her. It was just that I felt unworthy of your love. That they had a better claim to it."
"No, Jolan. They don't. And now, in my heart, I know they never will. It's you that's captured my heart."
Jolan teared up, his hand going to Justin's face, wiping a tear away.
"I couldn't hurt you in the end, Justin. I couldn't use what I learned to my own advantage. That's why I gave him a chance to come clean. And when he didn't, I knew I had to be truthful to you. That you needed to know all of it. Then perhaps you could make your choice. . .one of them or only me."
Justin leaned forward, gently kissing Jolan's upturned lips.
"I made my choice the moment I looked into your grey eyes that night on Cutter's Road. It's you that I've been waiting my whole life for."
Jolan teared up, Justin smiling at him.
"Welcome to my love, Jo. But promise me that. . ."
Justin lowered his head, Jolan raising it, looking into his blue eyes.
"I promise that I'll never hurt you Justin."
Jolan leaned forward, their lips connecting.
They both felt a newness, a flash of energy flying through them.
They felt their hearts joining, in a newness of hope.
They parted, a sudden sound breaking their contact.
They both turned, seeing Cindy holding Trace, the man sobbing against her shoulder.
"That's so damn beautiful. So damn romantic."
Both men smiled, Justin taking Jolan's hand in his.
Cindy smiled.
Trace got up, rushing up to his friends, taking both into his arms.
"Your love is unbelievable! They'll never destroy that!" he said, both men hugging him.
Cindy wheeled forward, Jolan leaning down and hugging her.
"Welcome to the world of love, Jolan. You're going to love it." she said, Justin and Trace smiling above them.

The four spent a quiet evening together, four friends of love.
And two couples of love.
Jolan told them everything that he'd felt, and what he knew in his heart he'd have to do.
Justin's emotions were still on edge, Jolan's touch calming his soul.
Justin and Jolan sat together during dinner, Trace having gone out and picked up takeout.
After the afternoon's drama, they all felt like just staying inside.
Cindy and Trace both picked up on Jolan's tenderness with Justin.
His trying to make him feel loved, and needed.
Jolan was showing all the signs of falling in love.
And Justin was reaping the benefits.
Stolen kisses, gentle touches and tender words.
Both were lost in the newness of their new relationship.
Cindy and Trace both sensed they were seeing the blossoming of a special love.
Two men had found each other by chance, or perhaps by destiny.
After dinner the four chatted, the conversation turning to Jolan's appointment tomorrow.
Jolan seemed more calmer, more accepting of what lay ahead.
The hopes of his being cured of his amnesia, and what that might mean.
The truth of his past coming to life.
He said he felt not afraid anymore.
That he felt a new protection around him.
The protection of Justin's love.
Cindy had put it into meaningful words.
"Those two sought to separate you two. But their deceit has driven you into each other's arms. Out of deceit and trickery has blossomed your love."
Jolan had smiled, so had Justin.
Both looked at each other with deep affection.
Trace left around ten, Cindy hugging both men goodnight.
The two walked into the bedroom, Justin lighting the fireplace in the corner.
The two sat down on the loveseat in front of it, Justin laying his head on Jolan's chest, Jolan's arms wrapping around him.
And then Justin began to talk.
Jolan held him as Justin unburdened his soul.
He gently cried as he told Jolan all his feelings of hurt and sorrow at what they'd done to him.
And at what they wanted to do.
Of his being manipulated by both.
Jolan spoke words of love and tenderness, Justin feeling him cleansing his soul.
They talked for over two hours, their relationship open to both.
And then they stood together, holding hands as they removed their clothing, climbing into bed.
Jolan moved against Justin's chest, Justin putting his arm around him.
They both felt the newness of this moment, the difference from the nights before.
Now they had love in their hearts.
A new love and a new hope.
Jolan initiated the moment's center, leaning in and kissing Justin deeply.
They both became lost in the kiss, Justin moving a bit, now on top of Jolan.
They broke the kiss, staring into each other's eyes in the semi darkness.
"I love you, Jolan."
Jolan smiled up at Justin.
Justin smiled, kissing him gently again, then moving back to his original position, Jolan returning to his protective arms.
His head lay on Justin's smooth chest.
Jolan ran his hand across Justin' naked chest, feeling the warmth and smoothness of the muscular flesh.
"Thank you for loving me enough to wait, Jus."
Justin pulled him a little closer, Jolan's body warmth warming his soul.
"I love you, Jo. I'll always respect you."
Justin snuggled a little closer, his head leaning against Jolan's.
"Now get some sleep. We have an early morning, my love."
Jolan nodded, the two settling down.
Justin was just beginning to nod off when he heard four words that sank into his soul.
"I love you, Jus."
He looked down at two grey eyes staring up at him.
Jolan kissed him softly, closing his eyes as his head fell against Justin's chest.
"Goodnight, Jus."
"Goodnight, Jo."
They fell asleep, two hearts filled with happiness.

End of Chapter 16

Love has been realized, two men showing their hearts.
And so the drama thickens.
Jolan forces Brandon's hand.
And the result is his own heart opening to Justin's love.
I hope you all enjoyed that moment.

Up next: the day of medical analysis.
Let's hope Jolan comes through it alright.

A little shorter than usual, but I had to end it at that moment of love.

Hugs, Angel.