Jolan's Path - Chapter 161


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 161


Every eye in the surrounding area was focused on the young man standing behind Camilla Sumsare.

Arias Sumsare stood alone, staring at the man kneeling before him.

The curly-black haired youth of eighteen looked at the grey-eyed man staring at him, those silvery eyes staring into his soul.

The same man whom he'd met last night, a winged vision of greatness who'd saved him from a treacherous fall down the stone steps of the palace.

"I. . .I. . .I am not whom you think I am, Giver! I am only my mother's son." the youth said, his blue eyes looking towards his mother, her face covered in a stunned look of total shock.

Jolan stood again on his feet, his grey eyes scanning the nations before him, the man turning and walking back to the steps of the palace, the young man walking up the six steps before the One Council, his grey eyes staring at all three.

Jolan turned, his muscular white-cloaked body standing upon the steps before the One Council, its three councillors seated in silent shock behind him, their magic gone from their souls, only three mortal shells remaining.

"Magic is life, life is love. Standing before all of us is a youth of worth. A youth of destiny. Walk forward and stand before your Caitre Din Dragoste, Arias, son of Camilla Sumsare."

Arias looked towards his mother, the woman nodding her head slowly, Arias walking up to her, her arm going around him.

"Do not fear the unknown, my son. I don't know what's going on here. Walk to him who is giving, Ari." she softly said to him, the boy's love for her showing in his eyes.

Jolan's grey eyes looked down at both, his eyes taking in another person walking out of the silent crowd behind them, Jolan remaining on the top step, a soft smile crossing his face.

"Do not fear destiny, young son of worth. Your protector may walk forward as well."

Out of the crowd stepped Ethan Sumsare, the large man walking to the young man's side, his hand going to Arias' shoulder.

"I stand by you as always, little one." the man said, his booming voice heard by everyone, the man known to many.

His large brown eyes were staring upwards at Jolan, the man standing in waiting silence.

"The Giver calls for you, little one. Walk into his greatness."

The young man walked forward, Ethan's eyes meeting Camilla's, the large man following the youth.

Arias stopped in front of the Sages and the four Dragosan brothers, their eyes upon the young man.

Zaleen's brown eyes looked up at Jolan, staring into his grey centers.

"Giver, who is this child? He is unknown to any of us. A child of no importance." the Sage said, Jolan's eyes looking down into the man's brown eyes.

"Every Sumsarian soul standing upon this sacred plain is of importance to all of us. We are a clan, a clan of solidarity and family. This young man holds a greater importance than most of us. For he is the light of our clan's life. He is the child of destiny." Jolan said, walking down the steps, his uncles and father separating, Jolan walking between them, the six Sages staring in stunned wonder at Jolan.

Jolan stood in front of the young man, their eyes staring at each other.

"I. . .I am no such child, Giver. I am just myself."
Jolan smiled, the young man staring at him.

"Look at myself, Arias. I am not much older than you. I thought myself no one of importance, but look at who now stands before you. We all walk on our destined paths. We only need someone to show us that path."

The young man stared at Jolan, seeing so much calming love in his silvery eyes.

"You. . .you are so unlike myself, Giver. I see the greatness of destiny in your eyes."

"Every man has greatness in his heart, he only has to discover it." Jolan said, turning and looking up at Tolmar, the councillor's eyes staring down at both young men.

"Our fallen angel had walked upon his true path, councillor of guidance."
"Who is this boy, Jolan? What are you trying to force upon us?" Tolmar said, Jolan's grey eyes scanning all three councillors, then his Dragosan brethren, then the six Sages.

Jolan's eyes returned to the young man standing before him, his blue eyes showing soft nervousness.

"Why did you walk into the palace last night, Arias? What were you seeking there?"

People in the clan murmured, Jolan remaining focused on the young man.

"I. . .I was just curious, I was just seeing what I could discover." he said, Jolan lightly smiling at the youth using his words.

"Come now, my cousin. You risked great danger walking into that palace, the truth of the Queen's magic not known to you."

People murmured again, Jolan's eyes looking around at everyone.

"The Queen's magic is gone, my Sumsarian brethren. The palace lays open to all, to good and evil. But not for long." Jolan said, the Sages talking to each other, Domo walking up to his grandson, Jolan's eyes going to his blue.

"Can you not protect it, Jolan? Your magic is great." he said, Jolan's eyes lowering.

"My magic holds a different consistency, Grandfather. It is a magic of destiny and love. Our palace of worth shall have another protector. A man of magic and love." Jolan said, his eyes staring at Arias.

The young man backed up, staring at Jolan.

"I. . .I have no magic." he said, Jolan's eyes going to the man's mother standing behind him.

"We all walk with troubles upon our souls, Arias. Some of us with more. I sense within you your anger. I sense deep behind it the truth of your destiny."

The young man's mother walked forward, standing at her son's side.

"Giver of Love. My son is just a child, a young man of no consequence." she said, her eyes going to Jolan, then glancing behind him.

Jolan smiled at her, then at the young man.

"Long has our clan's history spoken of one who would unite us, of one who would guide us to our saving grace. I am the one charged with uniting all the three clans of destiny. You, Arias Sumsare, are the man to guide our Sumsarian nation forward. For within you lies the magic of your past, of your dynasty's great giving queen. Another Sumsarian male child blessed with the magic of Alveena."
People began to murmur more, Jolan's eyes not faltering from the young man's surprising gaze.

"I. . .I have the sacred queen's magic? It's not possible!"
"You have a greater magic, my friend. You have the magic of the Sun Child."


Domo stared at his grandson, then looked at the young man.

"Are you saying that this child is the true Sun Child, Jolan? I thought that. . .?"

Jolan stared at his grandfather, then looked up towards the One Council.

"That is not possible, Jolan Dragos. You have just proved your own invalidity to your claim." Tolmar said, standing up again.

"And what have I proven, Councillor?"

"Destiny and prophecy states that the true Sun Child must be of the true blood. A child of our late ancestor's dynasty. The only surviving of that lineage are the children of the Dragosan line."

Jolan nodded, looking at his father standing with his brothers.

"That is why we assumed that you were the true Sun Child." Belos said, staring at Jolan.

Jolan's eyes turned, staring at his sister, Jennie's blue eyes showing their love.

His eyes returned to Tolmar, a soft smile crossing his face.

"Your claim has validation, Tolmar. And the prophecy is correct. It just isn't total."

The councillor's brow darkened, Jolan turning back to the nation before him.

"Long have you all waited for the Sun Child to walk among you, a sign of the prophesised path to healing being true. I say to you now that that path is on its true course. It just isn't a singular path. It branches out in five directions. There are five Sun Children."
Everyone gasped, all eyes staring at Jolan, the young man's eyes softly glowing.

"Five of faith, five of shining love. Their greatness begins this day with you, Arias Sumsare. You are one of the true Sun Children.

The young man looked stunned, Jolan's body turning, facing his Dragosan relatives.

"You have the magic of Queen Alveena within you, Arias. And you also have within your soul the greater Dragosan magic."
Joel and his brothers looked surprised, their eyes meeting each others'.

"You are almost correct, Tolmar. The children of the light, the children of the Sun, are of Dragosan lineage. All save one."

Jolan turned, his grey eyes staring at Camilla Sumsare.

"A mother's love gives over to her desire to see her child saved from pain. A mother's heart lives for that son's happiness. It is time that you told your son the truth, Camilla."
The boy's eyes went to his mother, she looking at him.

"What truth, Mother?"

His mother stared at him, Arias seeing the tears in her blue eyes.
"What holds the anger within your soul, young Arias? I have felt its depth." Jolan said, the young man now staring at him.

"My anger is my own, Giver. It burns in my heart against my own unknown father. My father of evil."

Jolan nodded, looking into the boy's anger-filled eyes.

"And who is that father?"

Camilla's eyes stared at Jolan, their wet centers clouded with worry.

"My mother named him as a deceiving monster. As evil spawned. I am a child of that evil, Giver. I am evil!" the young man said, going to his knees before Jolan.

Jolan stared at the young man's mother, her beautiful face now covered in tears.

"You are not evil, Arias. What did you seek last night from the palace?"

The young man's eyes raised, staring into Jolan's grey.

"I sought the greatness of the Sumsarian treasure, Giver. I sought to claim it for my mother's love and for her happiness. I thought that with it she could have a life worth living."

Arias' mother was in tears, walking up to her son, her hand going to his kneeling shoulder.

"Oh, my son. I have a life worth living. It has been graced with your love."
Jolan smiled, kneeling in front of the young man.

"Great is the courage of a man's love for his family. You have just shown the two sides of your own reality. Love for thy mother and hate for thy father. It is a vision of duality. But it is also a vision of right and wrong, Arias."

The young man looked confused, Jolan rising, pulling Arias up with him as well, his mother's arm going around him.

Jolan's eyes went to Camilla's blue eyes, then his eyes looked towards the giant standing behind both of them.

His grey softly glowing eyes then looked at the staring nation behind them, everyone's eyes upon the four standing alone.

"Our nation is at its crossroads, my Sumsarian brethren. Evil comes and we stand alone. It is time we joined as one contingent of courage. It is time the three clans of might and courage join. And it is time the Sumsarian nation had its leader."
Jolan moved, walking up to the young man's mother, staring into her blue eyes.

"Magic is a conduit of evil and goodness. You were deceived and hurt, mother of love. I praise my uncle for having the giving insight to protect both of you. His love asked nothing in return. Guilt has a way of guiding a man to make the right choices. For love he protected those he loved. She of his soul and their child. Am I correct, Uncle Morgan?"

Jolan turned, staring at his uncle, the man's three brothers staring at Morgan in shock.


Morgan stared forward at his nephew, Jolan's grey eyes filled with love.

His head lowered, then raised, his grey eyes clouded with tears.

"I thought that my past would forever be hidden, my nephew. I thought my guilt would forever be my own."

Krayos stood in the viewing stand, Jennie's hand going to his shoulder, the man sitting down again in quiet stunned silence.
Camilla Sumsare's eyes were on Morgan's, the man walking slowly down the steps, his three brothers still staring at him with shock.

He stopped, looking into all three sets of grey eyes.

"I have walked many paths, my brothers. And for years, I carried within me great pain and great evil." he said, his eyes now moving around the gathering, seeing so many eyes upon him.

"I have been a conduit of evil, children of Sumsarian worth. An evil monster had possessed me for years. My nephew's love drew that monster out of me, destroying its hold on me. But he was too late to save those that I was forced to hurt, my own son Krayos included. Standing before you are two others of such hurt." Morgan said, the man now walking and standing beside Jolan, his grey eyes staring at the young man staring back at him in shock.

His grey eyes moved, Camilla's blue pools of beauty staring at him.

"You are today as beautiful as the day I last saw you, Camilla Sumsare. And your beauty shines from our son's face." Morgan said, his eyes going to the young man.

The young man was staring at the older man staring at him, his body backing up a bit.

"You. . .you are. . .the monster? But you are one of the great ones?" he said, his confused eyes going to his mother.

"A monster possessed me, Arias. A monster I was not able to control. It was that same monster who. . .who. . ." Morgan said, lowering his eyes.

The woman moved, now standing between her son and Morgan, her blue eyes looking into Morgan's now raised grey.

"I told you that night of our last parting that I forgave you, Morgan. I believed the story you recited to me upon your knees of forgiveness."

Morgan's head lowered again, a hand going to his shoulder.

He turned his head, staring into the grey eyes of his nephew.

"Forgiveness has always been in your soul, Uncle. You carried it and your love through all your pain." he said, his eyes going to the young man's confused eyes.

"My uncle met your mother a long time ago, Arias. Long after his wife died when his son Krayos was young. The two fell in love. And then my uncle and your mother were forced to separate their love, my uncle drawn into his oath of warrior greatness. A few years later they met again, this time the evil more in control. Goodness and evil trapped together, but evil in charge of that captured soul. That evilness attacked your mother, in the vilest of ways."

Camilla Sumsare lowered her eyes, Jolan's hand going to the woman's shoulder, seeing the love and courage in her tearing eyes.

"He was not the man I loved that night. I saw the evil in his eyes. He was not the same man I loved." she said, Jolan nodding.
"Yes, I know. My uncle carried within him the greatness of Fagin's evil. That was the evil that attacked you."
The Sumsarian clan gasped, all eyes on the silent Dragosan.

"Yes, my Sumsarian brethren. Morgan Dragos was possessed by that monster's evil. And that evil did so much, hurt so many, almost all of the Badenwolf nation included. But the man of Dragosan worth enslaved to that evil was--and still is--a man of courage, love and honor. I am proud to call him my family."
Morgan teared up, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"My uncle showed his courage in going on, in walking the path, captured by the evil in his soul, it coming often to the forefront, using him for its own evil needs. But my uncle moved forward with courage, to his own salvation. I have destroyed the evil within him. I have my loving uncle back. Throughout his ordeal he never gave up on the courage within himself, or his love. And his love shows in so many ways in the moments he could overpower the evil, as it always had. Am I correct, Ethan Sumsare?"

The large man behind the young man smiled a large warm smile.

"Yes, Great One. I have been honored to do his bidding because of his great love and courage." the large man said, Camilla's and her son's eyes widening in surprise, looking towards the large man.

"I have protected you with my heart and soul, Arias and Camilla. Both my heart and soul were long ago saved by our Warrior's courage." Ethan said, his eyes meeting Morgan's, the large man going to his knees before the Dragosan.

"I live because of you, Great One."

"Arise, protector of life. Your greatness is your love." Jolan said, the large man's brown eyes meeting his.

The large man stood, Jolan's eyes going to the woman and her son.

"Morgan Dragos' heart was always filled with love, and with guilt. He believed that he was at fault at not stopping the hurt his evil side gave you, Camilla. And that hurt resulted in the child you were destined to bear. This young man was born with the Sumsarian magic through you and the Dragosan magic through my uncle. But another magic was created in him as well. The magic of the evil that possessed you."
The clan murmured yet again, Jolan remaining calm and determined, his uncle beside him walking forward, going to his knees.

"Forgive me, Camilla! Forgive me, Arias, my lost son! I could not stop the evil from possessing you both!" he sobbed, Jolan's eyes upon the defeated man.

"I have. . .I have magic? I am possessed by magic. . .and by evil?" the young man said, looking at his own hands.

"No, child of the Sun. You are not evil, you do not carry that evil in you. You are Morgan Dragos' son. You are the son of the Warrior. The evil that possessed your mother was destroyed within moments of your creation. The Sun's rays of magic flowed into you by the joining of the Sumsarian and Dragosan magic. Their greatness of love destroyed that evil magic. You are a child of the Sun's love."

The young man's eyes raised, staring into Jolan's, tears showing on his cheeks.

"I. . .I have no evil within me?"
"No, Arias. You are a child of magical love. A love greater than the love of your parents' magic."

Arias' eyes went to his mother's blue, then moved forward to his now known father's grey, Morgan still on his knees before him.

"You. . .you are my father?"

Ethan's large body moved, his hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"He is your father, Arias. He asked me that day long ago before your own birth to protect you. To stand at your mother's side and protect both of you in his absence. An absence he had to force upon himself. He knew he could not bring the evil again to either of you."

"He walked away from both of you out of necessity, as he did his own brothers. He would have sacrificed his own life to protect both of you from that evil's influence again. His heart of courage, greatness and strength held much guilt. And I see kneeling before you an even greater love." Jolan said, the young man's eyes staring into his.

The young man's blue eyes then stared into Morgan's grey pools of tearful love.

"I have a father! And he is not evil! I have a father of love!" he said, the young man tearing up, moving forward, Morgan rising and opening his arms, the young man falling into them.

Camilla's eyes were filled with tears, Jolan's face covered in a soft smile.

Krayos sat in the stands, his grey eyes filled with tears, the realization of his new brother's existence flooding his soul.

Elijah's eyes met Krayos', his love calming the muscular warrior.

The Giver turned his body, looking up at the One Council.

"A child of Dragosan blood and Sumsarian life shows now before you, Councillors. He shows the greatness of his heart and his love in forgiving his unknown father. Arias Sumsare is the true Sun Child of the Sumsarian nation."

Jolan's eyes turned, looking at his own sister, Jennie standing up in the viewing stand.

"My own sister was born one of both magic, Sumsarian and Dragosan. As was I. We are both Sun Children. My own son's soul marks him as a child of the Sun. We are three joined by destiny, as is Arias, another Sumsarian of great worth. There remains only one other, the last one of Sumsarian worth as well, but not of Dragosan lineage. Tomorrow he walks to his destiny, as do the other four."

Jennie smiled at her brother, Jolan's face filled with love.

Jennie's eyes went to the young man in Morgan's arms, his blue eyes staring at her, she sitting down and smiling at him.

Jolan's eyes went back to the One Council, Morgan standing with his son, Camilla smiling at both, Morgan's eyes on her.

"And so, councillors of guidance, before you stands the true Sun Child of our Sumsarian prophecy. The one to lead us and to protect the nation. What say you children of Moldavia? Do you accept this child at his worth?" Jolan said, his eyes looking towards the Sages and then out at the nation before them.

The nation's eyes went to the Sages, all six walking forward, staring at Jolan.

Jolan's eyes met his grandfather's, Domo's eyes filled with uncertainty.

"How can we accept someone so young, Giver? He. . .he shows no signs of greatness. He is unknown to all of us." Zaleen said, the others nodding, Domo looking at Jolan.

"His heart is known to all of those surrounding him. They have felt his greatness. Ethan Sumsare has devoted his life to protecting him, at his father's request. A child of love stands before you."
"But he shows no signs of magic, Giver." Lei Zhong said, Jolan's eyes going to the six standing to his left.

"A bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, hitting the hill upon the far span of the lake a few minutes ago. What do you think smoulders there now?" Jolan said, the six looking at each other, the people murmuring.

"It begins, children of Sumsarian life. The evil has come. I have fired the first foray at its heart. Death smoulders upon that hill, monsters of filth consumed in its fires. Prepare for its response." Jolan said, his eyes scanning across the lake, smoke billowing from that hill so far away.

The nation turned, looking towards where he looked, the sky before them showing a sudden reality coming their way.

Streaking across the sky was a solitary arrow, people screaming at the last moment as it went for its mark.

Jolan's head lowered, the arrow gaining speed as it descended.

Ethan Sumsare began to turn around to see what was drawing screams, the man standing in front of Morgan, Camilla and Arias.

His eyes widened for only a moment, the arrow sinking deep into his chest, embedded in its muscular center.

People screamed, the large man falling backwards, collapsing upon the ground.


Arias screamed, as did his mother, the clan moving apart, their eyes looking again towards the hill.

Jolan's eyes met the youth's, the young man kneeling at his friend's side, the large man gasping for air, the arrow embedded in his chest, just below his throat.

"Ari. . .Arias. . .I. . .I believe in you, little one." the man said, struggling to breathe, death's grasp tightening on his life.

The young man's eyes moved upwards, tears falling from them, staring into Jolan's grey pools of love.

"Magic lives on life, and on love, Arias. Draw forth your love, ignite your soul."

The young man stood, people again screaming, all eyes going to the lake and the hill on its other side.

The sky above it was now filled with thousands of arrows, all streaking towards the open plain, the nations of destiny standing unarmed.

"No. . .not against us! Not against my family!!" the young man screamed, his hands rising upwards, his fingers igniting with bright white light, that light moving forward, its whiteness spreading above the clans, moving with lightning speed to the water's edge, a large wall of whiteness suddenly appearing and rising upwards.

All the arrows hit the whiteness, all disintegrating as they embedded in it.

The three nations stood in stunned silence, all eyes then going to the young man standing beside his fallen friend, his face covered in as great a shock as everyone else.

Jolan Dragos walked up beside the young man, his hand going to his shoulder.

"The whiteness of your magic can stand against any evil, Arias Sumsare. The greatness of your love will protect us all."

The young man's blue eyes met Jolan's greyness, the man smiling at him.

"I name you as the Sun Child, Arias Sumsare. You have shown your courage and your magical love for your family. I name you as the Sumsarian leader." Jolan said, the man going to his knees, the Sumsarian nation and its Sages joining him, the young man standing alone, his eyes taking in the other two nations staring at him, wolves and winged warriors bowing their heads, Reinhardt Bachman and Calen Dragos bowing deeply.

"Behold our Warrior! Behold our Sun Child!" the Sumsarian nation yelled, the young man staring down into Jolan's eyes.

"Life begins with love, Arias. The magic within you is healing as well." Jolan said, rising again, the young man's eyes widening, their blueness going to the dying man laying beside him, his knees going to Ethan's side.

"Live. . .with the greatness of their love, little one. I am proud. . .I am. . ." the large man gasped, the young man's hand going to his chest, pulling the arrow out in one quick thrust.

"I love you, Ethan. I cannot go forward without you." Arias said, his hand going to the wound on the man's chest.

He closed his blue eyes, his fingers igniting again with the white light, the large man gasping, the light surrounding the bleeding wound.

Within seconds the bleeding stopped, the large man's eyes opening, staring up into the youth's opening eyes.

"Ari? I feel. . .I feel no pain, little one?" Ethan said, the young man moving and rising back up, the large man rising to his feet, the nation gasping, the man feeling his chest.

"I. . .I am healed! I feel no pain! The arrow's wound is gone!" he said, his hand going under his shirt, the young man staring up at him with happiness.

Jolan smiled, walking up to both, smiling at Arias.

"Our leader's love heals our hearts and our souls. And his magic stays the evil from destroying us. Our leader has shown his worth!" Jolan said, the nation now standing, shouting loudly.

"Hail, Arias! Hail our healing leader of worth!!" they shouted, Jolan's eyes going up to the One Council, the young man's hand guiding the younger man to the steps, both men walking up the six steps, standing in front of the One Council's table.

Tolmar's eyes moved to his two brethren, all three then staring at both young men, the three rising from their seats.

"You have taken our magic and our guidance, Jolan Dragos. And you have shown much to us today. The child before us is indeed great with magic, and with courage. If, as you state, there are five of these children, then we cannot stop what you have started. Tomorrow's destiny lays upon us. We are bound now to accept what you have shown. We stand back and watch what now must unfold. Go forward with your destiny, both of you." Tolmar said, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his.

"We go forward as two of life, Councillors. We go forward with love." Jolan said, looking into Arias' blue eyes.

The young man smiled softly, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"Destiny stands before you, Arias Sumsare. What say you now to that destiny? What say you to your awaiting clan?" Belos said, the young man looking out onto his clan, all eyes staring at him, the nation awaiting his words.

"I am Sumsarian, I am now Dragosan as well. I have shown the magic of my soul, and the healing love of my heart." he said, looking down at Ethan and his mother, both standing together, smiling up at him.

His eyes met Morgan Dragos', those grey eyes filled with love.

"I am my mother's son and I am my father's. And I am the devoted son to all of my brethren. I stand ready to fight for all of us, and to stand at our Caitre Din Dragoste's side. I pledge today to show worthiness in your devotion to me. I accept the mantle of courage placed upon me."
The nation went to their knees, the two clans behind them raising their arms in acknowledgement, the white wall behind them standing tall.

"Arias! Arias! Our leader stands for us!!" the Sumsarians screamed, the Sages joining their accolades.

Jolan smiled down at his grandfather, and then at his three uncles and his father.

"The Sumsarian nation has its leader! His love and magic surrounds us all. The white wall of magic protects us today, our sacred palace once again closed against the evil."
The people cheered, Jolan smiling at Arias and down at everyone.

"Come forward Reinhardt and Calen, leaders of the two other nations of courage surrounding us." Jolan said, Reinhardt and Calen moving forward, a wolfen prince and an Archanian winged leader walking up the six steps to stand on both sides of Jolan and Arias.

Jolan's grey eyes glowed brightly, all standing before the four--and the One Council behind them--staring up at them.

"Before you stands the three leaders of the three nations--Archanian, Sumsarian and Badenwolf. I stand before you as the Giver of Love. I give that love to all three of my clans. Today we stand as one, we stand together. Each nation must now look around it, and see the friendship of the other two."

The three clans turned their eyes, staring into the eyes of the other two nations beside them.

"I see only before me one nation. A nation of magic, love and courage. It is time for the one pact. The pact of joined acceptance, of joined courage and of joined love. Before you stands the three of your courage, the three of your leadership. Will you, as one nation, accept their love and courage? Their guidance and leadership?"

The three nations began to shout, to scream their joy.

"So says the nation, so says our destiny." Jolan said, the young man moving a few feet forward, turning and staring at the three men before him.

Jolan's robe fell from his shoulders, his wings expanding behind him, his Archanian greatness showing, his now violet eyes softly glowing.

He raised his hand, everyone standing and seated around him drawn to the two missing fingers showing.

"Ernest and Quinton, carry forth the branches of my soul."

The two men walked up the steps, each still holding the branch in their hands.

Jolan lowered his fingerless hand, stretching it out, the two men bowing and placing the branches in his offered hand, both men stepping back down the steps.

Jolan's violet eyes glowed, staring at the three leaders before him, the One Council behind them staring in silent wonder at him.

"The once pact of history has ended. I stand before you in wisdom as the great Queen Ravenia of the Archanians once did. I am the Tree of Truth, I am the voice of three nations. The one true pact of our destiny stands before us. You three are the leaders of your nations. Do you agree here before our destiny and our peoples on one pact of solidarity of courage and love? Do you three agree to stand together and hold steadfast to the unity of all three clans?"

Reinhardt went to one knee, staring up at his cousin.

"I agree to the unity of all of us, Giver of Love, Wingshola of the Tree of Truth, and cousin of my heart. I devote my life to the greatness of our one joined nation."
Jolan smiled at him, Calen going to his wolfen knees, staring up at his nephew.

"I agree to the unity of all of us, Giver of Love, Wingshola of the Tree of Truth, and nephew of my love. I devote my life to the greatness of our one joined nation."

Jolan smiled at him as well, his violet eyes going to the youngest of the three, Arias taking a deep breath, sinking to one knee, staring up into Jolan's warm glowing eyes.

"I agree to the unity of all of us, Giver of Love, Wingshola of the Tree of Truth, cousin now of my young heart. I devote my life to the greatness of our one joined nation. May I learn to be as giving a leader as these two at my side, and as giving as your love."
Jolan smiled widely and warmly, his hand moving forward, now staring at all three.

"Three of courage, three of love and guidance. Take these two branches and join them together as one."
The three rose again, Arias taking one branch from Jolan's fingerless hand, Reinhardt the other, Calen standing between them, his hand going on top of theirs.

The two branches were drawn together, the nations below them staring in awed wonder as the one united branch in their hands began to glow white, that light expanding and widening.

"The one nation has joined. The light of truth, love and courage now glows. And my destiny begins." Jolan said, the white light in their hands moving with lightning speed, hitting Jolan in the chest, the man enveloped in total whiteness.

Justin, Chace and Josh all stood on their feet, their families and friends standing as well, the white light upon the steps deeply pulsating, then instantly disappearing.

Where Jolan had stood, now showed nothing.

His body was gone.


The nation gasped, everyone's eyes searching everywhere, the six Sages and the four Dragosan brothers showing shock upon their faces.

The three leaders and the One Council looked just as shocked, their eyes searching the masses.

"He. . .he's gone!" Zaleen said, looking towards the three leaders above him.

Arias' eyes looked towards the white wall he'd created, seeing its unchanged whiteness, the magic simmering in his soul.

"He is not gone, I feel his magic. I feel his love." he said, the nation hearing his words.

The young man stared down at everyone.

"Jolan Dragos is more than magic; he is love. That will be the answer to our courage tomorrow. The Caitre Din Dragoste, the Wingshola and the Great Wolf were shown to us as one. He is one, one of love and magic. He is the greatness of all of us. Let us kneel and show him our worth, our belief in his destiny. Let us bring back his love unto our hearts." Arias said, going to one knee, the two beside him kneeling as well, the nations before them sinking to the ground.

The Plains of Bladorra were silent with the awed reverence one joined clan was showing a man of love.

Calen raised his head, his wolfen form changing, a man of smoothed beauty staring up into the white covered skies.

"He is love, and he is life. Return to us, Giver of Love." he said, the nation echoing his words with great loudness.

Everyone knelt in silence, Jolan's family searching everywhere.

"I never left your hearts, my love never left any of you."

All eyes turned to the voice above them, the front terrace of the palace of Bolta Cerului showing a surprising image.

On the terrace above them stood a man of exquisite beauty, Jolan Dragos standing alone.

His body was bathed in a soft white light, his naked form wearing only a pair of white shorts.

On his chest shone a glowing sun, the mark given to him on his wounded chest.

That sun seemed to glow, two glowing eyes of grey staring down at all of them.

Jolan's family looked on in surprise, realizing that he hadn't shown the sun on his chest earlier when he'd stood before the nations.

"The Sun of life! He wears the true mark of destiny!" Belos Sumsare shouted, pointing to the young man.

"I am a Sun Child of greater worth. I am destiny, my family. I am one of life and love. It is the dawning of life and destiny." he said, everyone staring up at the young man glowing before them.

On Jolan's neck hung the red pendant, his hands raising.

His left hand showed two missing fingers, the Heart of History showing on his other hand and Erasmus' silver ring there as well.

His wedding band still remained on his two fingerless left hand.

The Heart of History's golden beauty was softly glowing as well, the pendant around his neck glowing also.

"My magic is alive with destiny. Come children of greatness. The plains are becoming dangerous tonight. A palace of worth now opens for all of you." Jolan said, the young man's ring-clad hand moving upwards.

Everyone stared in silent shock as a blue light left that sacred golden ring, the palace above them surrounded by it, the palace behind the light changing.

The light disappeared, everyone gasping.

The buildings of the palace now showed a cleaned white beauty; its walls, spires and statues glowing white with gleaming beauty.

"The palace. . .its ancient beauty has returned! It is impossible!" Tolmar shouted, his face covered in awed wonder.

"The past returns, everyone. Tonight our ancestral haven shall protect all of us. Come forward, Arias. It will need your protective love."
The young man moved, walking around the One Council's table, moving up the many steps, walking up to Jolan's side.

"Gather all of your things, our nation. We have protection here tonight. Our grand palace will hold all of us, its large halls welcomed to you all. Evil stands across the water. Tonight we shall sleep surrounded by Arias' protective Sumsarian love. Our lost palace tonight offers its warmth and love. Walk now into your past. See the greatness of King Dragos' lost love."

Jolan's form's glow diminished, the young man smiling at Arias standing beside him.

Arias bent down, picking up Jolan's white cloak, offering the man his cloak.

Jolan smiled, covering his sun-covered chest, smiling at the young man.

"The treasure you sought lives within, Arias. Tomorrow's destiny will show its greatness."

The young man smiled, Jolan leaning forward, kissing his lips.

"Lead our nation forward, my cousin."
Arias smiled, his hands and voice beckoning to everyone below them.


Justin stood at Jolan's side, his husband smiling at him.

For over two hours the clans of destiny had walked into the palace, its stone beauty entrapping all of them with wonder.

The palace was massive, its buildings easily able to hold everyone.

The plains had emptied of all three clans, all walking into the palace's beauty.

The Sages had taken charge, guiding everyone up the steps, clans joining under beautiful surroundings.

Jolan had remained upon the palace's front terrace, his family and friends surrounding him, the nation walking past him with reverence and bowing humility.

His smile and gleaming grey eyes had calmed all of them.

Arias, Reinhardt and Calen, along with Quinton and Elijah, as well as Ernest and Bernard, had guided the three clans inward, the palace filling with the three nations.

Morgan Dragos had stood in front of Jolan, his grey eyes staring with love at him, his three brothers at his side.

"How. . .how did you know of my guilt, Nephew?" the man had said, his voice filled with emotion, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"For all those I love I feel their inner hurts, their inner pain. I saw the justice in uniting you with them again, Uncle. Your love never wavered in your heart for them. I felt its beauty."
Morgan teared up, pulling the man into his arms.

"You were right, Jolan. My heart has healed this day." he said, half sobbing, Jolan patting his back.

"I love you, Uncle. That heart I shall always heal." Jolan said, the two men breaking their hug, Jolan's fingers wiping the tears from his uncle's eyes.

"I think you have two sons who need to meet. And I sense you need some private moments with Camilla. You cannot hide the love that still lays within your heart for her. It lays even deeper within her heart."

Morgan smiled, his three brothers smiling at his side.

"You. . .your love. . .it's so unbelievable!"

"Hey, I'm Dragosan. My magic and love are supposed to be just that."
The four Dragosans laughed, moving into the castle, Jolan smiling after all four, Josh's arm going around Jolan.

"He has that right, Jo. What you've shown today. . .it is unbelievable."
Jolan smiled, Josh smiling back at him.

"Thanks for the cover, my familiar. I was feeling a little bashful out there."
His three soulmates laughed, Chace kissing his cheek.

"And I was feeling so turned on."

Jolan laughed, the four remaining where they were, the clans moving past them.


After everyone had entered the palace, Arias returned to Jolan's side, as did Reinhardt and Calen.

"The night wanes fast, my friends. You need to draw forth the magic of your protective love, Arias." Jolan said, the young man nodding, his mother and father--and new brother--standing behind him.

"Can you show me how, Jolan? The first time was because of emotion, of my seeing my clan's imminent death."

Jolan smiled, his hand going to his cousin's shoulder.

"It is within you, Arias. The first time was because you saw your family threatened, the magic issued forth to protect all of them. It follows the path of your feelings. Tonight your family needs protection even more. Draw forth the magic from the water's shores and surround the  palace with it."
The young man nodded, moving forward onto the front terrace's edge, his family and others standing behind him, Jolan at his side.

The young man took a deep breath, concentrating within himself.

He closed his eyes, his fingers going forward, white glowing light shown at his fingertips.

He raised his hands, then pulled them back, the white wall before the water's edge moving back, zoning in on the palace cut into the mountain's edge.

Immediately the palace was surrounded by the white light, a dome-shaped white covering of glowing energy.

"Inform the Sages that blankets need throwing over the windows. That light of goodness will keep all of us awake if we do not shield from it." Jolan said, smiling, the young man standing beside him opening his eyes, Arias stepping back in surprise.

"It. . .it worked?"

Jolan smiled, patting the young man's shoulder.

"Yes, it shall always work when you have faith in yourself, Arias."
The young man smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I. . .I have so much to thank you for, Giver. What you've done for me today. . .it. . .it. . ."

Jolan smiled, his arm going around the youth.

"No thanks are necessary, Arias. It is I who should thank you."
"Me, Giver?"

"To you, my cousin, I am only Jo, Ari. I want to thank you for being such a giving, courageous and surprising man. Your revelation was the greatest worry in my heart. I was afraid that you'd hate me for what I was forced to throw you into today, Arias."

"Never, Giver...I mean Jo. You've given me so much, cousin--a family, a father, a new brother and a heart that finally feels loved and I feel like I am someone. The greatness of who I am overwhelms me but I feel so alive. Thank you for making me come to life."
Jolan smiled, kissing the youth's cheek.

"You have always been alive, Ari. You've just been asleep in the past. The future awaits you."

Arias nodded; his father, mother and brother smiling behind him, Elijah's arm around Krayos, his wolfen self hidden again.

"What awaits you tomorrow, Jolan? You've shown so much greatness today. I feel that tomorrow will be even greater in its amazement and magical wondrousness." Arias said, Jolan smiling at him, the man walking forward to the terrace's edge.

Jolan's grey eyes stared out through the white glowing shield, his eyes upon the darkening hills across the lake.

His keen eyesight took in the movements of the enemy, the evil spreading across the hillside.

"Evil is on the move, Arias. Fagin's reached his final stand. Tomorrow brings great destiny and final truths." Jolan said, the young man turning around, his eyes on all his family and friends, and the others of the three nations standing before him.

"Tonight I wish to dine with my family, and taste the delicacies of all three clans of my love." he said, smiling at everyone.

Everyone smiled, Hayden and Logan running from in front of Justin and Chace, the two running into their kneeling Dada's outstretched arms.

"Wots of food, Dada! Me sees lots!" Logan said, Jolan smiling into his blue eyes.

"My little piggies are going to burst!" he smiled, both boys giggling in his arms.

The leaders and elders of the nations--and the councillors of the now-defunct One Council--stood behind Arias, all staring at Jolan in silent wonder.

"Time enough for the morning rays of the sun to show us tomorrow's reality. Let us eat then sleep in joined love." he said, everyone nodded in agreement to him, Domo walking up to Jolan's side, Hayden climbing into his great-grandfather's arms.

Jolan smiled at both, his eyes scanning everyone.

"Time enough for tomorrow's shining truths." Jolan said, his grey calm eyes staring into Tolmar's quiet blue orbs.

The councillor moved, walking away across the open square, disappearing into the evening shadows.


Tolmar Sumsare remained in the darkened shadows, the man watching everyone move into the palace's main entrance, the clans heading for the Grand Hall, a large feast lain in preparation for their Caitre Din Dragoste.

He knew he'd have to join them, his Queen's trust and devotion a force not to be reckoned with.

He sighed, his eyes going across the shadowy square, their blueness staring at an entrance shrouded in darkness between two columns.

His eyes scanned everywhere, no sign of posted guards or people walking around.

He moved with quiet intrigue, his slim form gliding along the darkened edge of the square, stopping before the entrance.

His eyes scanned back to the terrace, the white glowing air casting a shadowy greyness across the square.

They are fools to believe that air dipped in magic will forestall tomorrow's eventualities.

You are walking into destiny, Giver.

There is no heralded greatness for you.

I know the truth in tomorrow's destiny.

You cannot escape the end of this.

He waits for you with a greater magic.

You walk unto your doom.

Tolmar's blue eyes scanned the square once more, the man moving forward into the shadowy entrance.
He smiled, walking forward between the columns.

The man felt a sudden change in the air before him, and then a force hit him fully in the chest.

The man flew backwards, his body sliding across the square, stopping at the edge of the terrace.

He gasped in surprise, hearing footsteps at his side, a shadow covering the whitened sky above him.

"Tread carefully in the shadows, Great One. One doesn't know what lies protected within." a husky voice said, a large hand extending towards him.

Tolmar took the offered hand, the large man pulling him to his feet.

Tolmar's blue eyes stared up into two large brown eyes.

Ethan Sumsare bowing to him, the giant standing on the terrace's edge.

Ethan's eyes scanned around, then zeroed in on the slightly shuffled looking man.

"I sense magic still lays protective within this palace's walls, Great One. I'd advise you stay with the clan under our Caitre Din Dragoste's protection. Leave the outer defenses to myself and the guarding sentinels." the large man said, bowing again.

Tolmar adjusted his jacket, looking briefly at the large man.

"I shall do just that, guard." he said, walking briskly towards the main front entrance, not looking back.

Ethan Sumsare's large face broke into a wide smile, a deep chuckle coming from his healed chest.

"Well informed, Giver. He does indeed slink around in shadows. And you leave your magic to make him fly."
The man laughed out loud now, walking out onto the terrace and back to the palace sentinels.




End of Chapter 161


And so the three clans have joined, under Jolan's amazing magical love.

A new leader has been shown of courage and love.

And the last of the four Dragosan brothers may have found love.


What lays ahead for the three protective clans?
They are now protected behind Arias' magical love in the palace of magic.

What lays behind the entrance guarded by magic that thwarted Tolmar's advances?

Seems our Jolan was expecting him to enter there.


Tomorrow dawns on the final day of revelation.

I hope to amaze you with its finality and its truths.


Let us walk forward, with trepidation and with hope.