Jolan's Path - Chapter 162


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 162


Jolan smiled, taking in the scene before him, his grey eyes focused on the people dancing in front of him.

He saw many smiles, the magic of the day settling the minds of all three clans.

That was the effect he had hoped for.

The realization that evil was now close to them had been alleviated by Arias' exposed magic and courage.

The clans felt safe under his magical shroud.

Jolan knew that tomorrow would be a day of greater courage for all of them, himself the most of all.

He felt an arm go around him, someone kissing his cheek.

He smiled, staring into two blue eyes, a small form climbing into his lap, Jolan smiling at his husband and son.

"Music great, Dada! Lots of fun!" Hayden said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Our little piggie's moving again. I saw you laying in Poppa's lap for quite a while. Where's our other little piggie?"

Hayden giggled, kissing his father's chin, Justin smiling at the boy.

"Food was so good, Dada! Me eats too much and needs to rest. Loggie resting too. I'm okay now!" Hayden said, Jolan laughing, lightly tickling the boy's ribs, the boy snuggling against him.

Justin's eyes met Jolan's, the man smiling at him.

"A day of wonder, my love. You amazed all of us."

"I amazed myself, Jus. I wasn't totally sure my theatrics would work."

Justin's eyes widened a bit, Jolan smiling at him.

"Theatrics? You mean you had it all set up to have that effect?"
"Yes, Jus. I deliberately disappeared from behind the stands, sneaking up into the palace, to make my grand entrance. From there I watched all begin to unfold. And I set in motion the magic stage I walked upon. I knew I would have to show my three souls to have the desired effect. All the players played their parts perfectly."

"You mean you knew it would play out that way?"
"Not all of it, Jus. I wasn't prepared for Fagin's first stab, the arrow that hit Ethan. I sensed that arrow was meant for my Uncle Morgan. Fagin was going to murder him for his escaping his clutches. That final stab of evil was blocked by a brethren of devotion, Ethan's large form protecting Uncle Morgan, Camilla and Arias, it second nature to him. A giant fell protecting those he loved. Arias' magic fortunately was healing and laced with love."
Justin shook his head, marvelling at Jolan's calm demeanor.

"And Tolmar and the One Council's destruction?"

Jolan sighed softly, Justin rubbing his shoulders, Hayden smiling up at his Poppa.

"That was a destined necessity. I always knew that I'd rescind their magic, that I'd have to de-immortalize all three, Tolmar specifically."

"How. . .how did you do that, Jo?"

"My magic, Jus. My incredible magic drained them of theirs. I took their magic within myself."
"And their feelings, their past as well?"
Jolan's eyes met Justin's.

"No, Jus. I didn't have to rob them of what I already knew."

Justin leaned forward, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"I'm worried about Tolmar, Jo. He seems bent on showing you as a fraud, his anger was palatable out there. He hungers for your downfall."
"Not my downfall, Jus. He hungers for my staying away from the true path. He's afraid of what I now know of the true path."
Justin looked confused, Jolan smiling at him, returning his tender kiss of love.

"Tolmar is one of the key figures in tomorrow's truths, Justin. He's a man of contradicting realities. Even he doesn't know the true path that's been created and evolved."

Justin's eyes raised seeing Josh and Chace walking towards them, Logan snuggled in Chace's arms.

The two men wore smiles, both sitting down on both sides of Justin and Jolan, Hayden smiling at Logan in Chace's lap beside him.

"Me so full, Hay. Me eats too much!" the smaller boy said, rubbing his own stomach.

"I know, Loggie. I see you rubbing tummy. I'm okay with just sitting here till you feel good."

The smaller boy smiled, Hayden rubbing his stomach now, the boy purring, their four fathers smiling at both boys.

"Me wants to dance with fathers befores me goes to sleeps." Logan said, Hayden smiling widely.

"With you toos, Hay!"

The four men smiled, Josh's eyes going to Arias, the young man seated at a table across from them, people surrounding him, the boy in the center of his own happiness.

"You've created a great leader there, Jo. I see the young man's nobility and resolve." Josh said, Jolan smiling and nodding.

"He is the greatest surprise in all of this. He and the truth." Jolan said, Josh's eyes going to Justin's.

"Amazing how you figured it all out. How you guided the young man to his destiny."
"Life mirrors truth, Joshua. All three clans were destined for their courageous leaders. The one nation of three shall stand forever in their joined courage and love. There's only two real truths left. The path's and my own."

"Can I ask you a question, Jo?" Chace asked, Jolan smiling at him.

"I'll always answer our tiger's needs." he said, Chace smiling at him, his eyes glancing at Josh and Justin.

"Where did the sun disappear to? The one on your chest, I mean. You didn't have it when you evolved on your walk down the terrace steps before the nation. When you changed at the end of that triad of visions to your Sumsarian self you had no sun upon your chest."
Jolan smiled at Chace's astute observation.

"Yes I didn't, Chace. There was a reason for that. It wasn't my Sumsarian self I was showing. It was my Dragosan self."

The three looked confused.

"The man I am when adorned with the Sun is my Sumsarian self. I saved that image until the end. I wanted them all to see that tattooed sun upon me as the reality of my Sun Child self. As the prophecy always stated the Sun Child would be adorned with a sun tattoo, as Jennie is. Arias--if he volunteers to show--must have a tattoo as well. Mine was the more visible, being as I am the center of the Sun."
"The center of the Sun?" Chace said, Jolan nodding.

"I am the center of the five. The other four will guide their rays of love to me. I am the nexus of that dawning star's love. It will all be shown tomorrow."

Josh's eyes went to one of the covered hall's windows, a soft glow coming from behind the covering.

"Arias' magic amazes me. And what lays behind it worries me, Jolan. Evil stands across the water, it will only be a matter of time before Fagin makes his next move."
"Morning will be his next aim, Joshua. Arias' magic cannot stave off what's to come. That finality lays within my hands. I hunger for tomorrow to end so I can stand as myself."

The other three nodded, looking at each other, Jolan smiling at all of them, his eyes going to the two smiling boys in their fathers' laps.

"I believe the lords of the castle have reenergized. How about some dancing, my boys?"

The two smiled, both boys climbing out of their fathers' laps, Jolan standing up, smiling at his three soulmates.

"Tomorrow comes as any other day, my loves. Its sunset will shine on our eternal love." he said, taking both boys' hands.

The three men smiled at him, watching Jolan walk to the dance floor, his brethren bowing to him, the young man beginning to dance with his sons.

"He's so calm, Jus. He's not afraid." Josh said, staring towards Jolan.

"That makes me not afraid, Joshy. His calm love calms all of us. I long for the final day to end so I can hold him forever." Justin said, the other two smiling.

"Can I take his place tonight upon the dance floor?" Chace said, Justin smiling at him.

"You and my Josh can always fill in for his love. For its equal."
The two men smiled, Justin standing up with Chace, Josh smiling up at them.

"You two young warriors of love join the fun, I'll wait here for the next battle of your love."
Both men smiled, walking onto the dance floor, Josh smiling after them.

He watched them join on the dance floor, smiling.


Josh sipped at the glass of wine in his hand, lost in his own thoughts.

He felt a shadow cross his left side, his blue eyes looking up.

"Can I talk to you, Josh?"

Josh smiled, staring up into Jordan's blue eyes.

"Certainly, Jordan. Have a seat."
The police inspector nodded, sitting down beside Josh, their blue eyes meeting.

"An amazing day, Josh. My cousin's magic enthrals us all. He's so amazing."
"You don't have to tell me that, Jordan. I have his love."
Jordan smiled, his blue eyes looking towards the dance floor, Jolan smiling with his two sons in his arms now, Jennie beside them, all four laughing and smiling.

"The inner heart of the Dragosan clan together in love." Jordan said, Josh looking at his judging face.

"What's bothering you, Jordan? I sensed this morning when we met you at breakfast a quietness, as if you were standing back and taking everything in."
The policeman nodded, his eyes showing a watching demeanor.

"You are correct, Josh. There is something on my mind. I'm just not sure if I can find the answer to it."
Josh looked at the policeman, their eyes meeting.

"What is it, Jordan? Does it concern Jolan? Or Jennie?"

The policeman looked at Josh, Josh sensing a deep confusion in Jordan's eyes.

Jordan's blue eyes looked across the room at Jolan and Jennie again, Josh following his gaze.

"I've been a policeman since I was fifteen, Josh. I felt within myself at that age that that career was my destiny. I've always taken great pride in sorting out the facts of a case, in reasoning out what is shown before me."
"We all see that you're an intelligent man, Jordan. Your handling of Jolan and Jennie's New York drama showed us that."

Jordan nodded, his blue eyes looking at Jolan.

"That case was one of my most achieving successes, Josh. Jolan and Jennie's help throughout it saved a lot of people, and brought closure to a lot of grieving families. The children from the slave ring were saved, the children from Cutter's Bluff were found, as were the ones from that cottage of horror. The drama in Cutter's Bluff, Oberson Falls and out at that cottage is pretty well all wrapped up. Most of the bodies at that cabin and in Cutter's Bluff have been identified, the case is being closed."
"That's good, Jordan. The past can be closed for a lot of grieving families. Those lost children's souls can now rest in peace."

Jordan nodded, sighing softly.

"It was one of the most horrific, emotional events for a small community. It will take a long time for their souls to heal. But Jolan's goodness will radiate there for a long time. His love will heal both of those towns' shattered hearts."
Josh smiled, nodding.

"His love couldn't do anything different. It showed itself as what it was. A giving, freeing, loving soul."
Jordan nodded, Josh looking at the quiet look on the man's face.

"Something is bothering you. Have you found something?" Josh said, Jordan taking a deep breath, looking into Josh's now showing concerned eyes.

"I think I've found a truth that wasn't supposed to be found, Josh." he said, Josh looking confused.

"What do you mean, Jordan?"

The policeman stared out at Jennie and Jolan, Josh staring at him.

"I found something, Josh. I think only Jolan can give me the truth in regards to it."

"Then tell me what it is, Jordan." Josh said, Jordan's eyes meeting his again.

"Jolan Dragos isn't the man we think he is, Josh. I don't think he's real."


Jolan's grey eyes opened, the young man feeling a surrounding warmth.

He smiled, two arms wrapped around his waist, another arm laying around his neck.

He moved, feeling a small head against the fold of his neck.

He gently turned, Hayden's small head moving back against a pillow, the boy softly snoring.

Jolan smiled, his head turning to his right, Justin's head against his right arm, his arms wrapped around Jolan's stomach.

Jolan leaning forward and kissing his forehead.

Wrapped in my center's love.

The answer to this morning's truths.

He gently moved Justin back, the man releasing his hold on Jolan, laying back on his back.

Jolan moved upward, the man climbing off the mattress the three were sleeping on.

Beside their mattress another one held his other two soulmates and his other son, Logan sleeping between Josh and Chace, both men's arms wrapped around each other.

Jolan smiled, picking up Hayden gently, laying the boy on top of Justin's smooth chest, Justin's arms going around the boy, Hayden softly smiling in his sleep.

Jolan rose up and quietly dressed, the man looking around the room they were all housed in.

It was a rather large room, shelves of books lining two walls.

Jolan sensed at one time it might have been a conference room or a library.

He quietly walked out of the room, closing its wooden door behind him.

His eyes adjusted to the shadowy gloom, his keen sense of time showing in his soul that the hour was close to four.

He silently walked down the long stone-walled hallway, silently moving down the stairway at its end.

Jolan and his family were given rooms on the second floor of the building adjacent to the Grand Hall, those rooms changed into sleeping quarters, as had most of the rooms in a lot of building had been.

The three nations slept in quiet slumber, the night's festivities ending before midnight.

Jolan's grey eyes looked at each door he passed, the man sensing the sleeping love behind each.

He silently walked down the staircase, exiting the building through its front doorway.

He walked out onto the palace's main square, the glowing whiteness surrounding it a quieter white, as if the magic had sensed its luster needed to dim so people could sleep.

Jolan's eyes looked back, scanning many windows, seeing coverings blanketing them.

His eyes searched everywhere, seeing no one.

He quietly walked through the square, walking out onto the front terrace, his eyes taking in the darkness shadowed behind the white dome.

"Step out in friendship, guard of greatness." he quietly said, a large shadow moving out of the terrace's left side.

"Good morning, our Giver." Ethan Sumsare said, walking across the terrace, bowing to Jolan when he stopped a few feet beside him.

"Good morning, Ethan. How found the night's events?"
"All was silent, Giver. No one stirred inward, save one, or outward on this side of the lake. The far hills were glowing with fires and movement, but no advances forward."
Jolan nodded, his eyes scanning the hills behind the darkened lake.

Some fires still showed there, Jolan sensing the gathered masses of evil were stirring for the day's beginning.

"What awakens thee so early, Giver?" the man said, his large brown eyes staring at Jolan in quiet reverence.

"Destiny, my friend. The day begins with truth."
The large man nodded, his eyes looking outward, a silence coming to the two as they watched out into the glowing, now transparent, whiteness.

"He walked into the magic last night?"

"Yes, Giver. It sent him flying."

Jolan nodded, softly sighing.

"Warn everyone, Ethan. Let them know that that entrance is sealed. No one may enter it until I do."
The large man nodded, Jolan's grey eyes looking up at the large man.

"My uncle chose well, giant of courage. And Arias will have a large, courageous, loving friend throughout his life. You shall die of old age blessed by the love of those you love, Ethan."
The large man nodded, a tear showing on his left cheek.

"My life had been one of hardship, hurt and sorrow, until I met your uncle Morgan, Giver. The three of them shall have my protection until the end of my life."

Jolan smiled, patting the large man's arm.

"Your love will be welcomed more."
The large man smiled widely, Jolan's eyes going back to the palace.

"They will be a family, Ethan. Morgan and Camilla's love is too great not to unite. And Arias and Krayos' new brotherhood will only strengthen through time."
The large man smiled, nodding.

"Good, Great One. He needs a brother."

Jolan smiled, taking the large man's hand in his.

"He has two now."
Ethan's smile widened, Jolan sighing softly, releasing his hand.

"He comes again, Ethan. Let him pass the boundaries. I have a destiny with him in the chapel on the western side this morning. Let no others join us."
The large man nodded, his large hand going to his heart.

"As you wish, Great One."

Jolan smiled, patting the man's arm again.

"We are now family, Ethan. It's just Jolan."

The man looked surprised, Jolan smiling up at him.

"I. . .I feel honored, Great. . .I mean Jolan."

Jolan smiled, the man moving, walking down the western side of the front terrace, the large man watching him disappear around a gabled stone wall.


Jolan Dragos sat in the chapel, the young man seated in one of the front pews, his eyes scanning the ornate statues and stained glass windows surrounding all sides of him.

The front altar was large and ornate, a fresco covering the wall above it, a scene of biblical greatness.

On the wall's center hung a large cross of marbled beauty, Jesus hanging in religious devotion above the altar.

The room and all its greatness was gleaming like new, Jolan's magic having restored the whole palace to its original newness.

His eyes looked before the altar, a braided rug of exquisite red beauty covering the floor.

"The path to love, the path to life." he softly said, his own voice echoing through the chapel's greatness.

"A tomb shined is still a tomb." Another male voice said.

"And a chapel of love still seeps with love." Jolan said, the man rising from his seat, stepping out onto the aisle that ran down the middle of the chapel, his eyes looking back at a man standing at the chapel's vestibule's doorway.

Tolmar's blue eyes stared at Jolan, the young man standing at the front of the chapel.

"I've forgotten the quietness and beauty of this place, and how once it held so much hope." Tolmar said, the man moving slowly down the aisle, his eyes scanning everywhere, as if he were searching for others.

"You need not worry of intrusions, Tolmar. No one else is here. And I instructed our sentinel to let no one enter within."
Tolmar nodded, stopping a few feet in front of Jolan.

"Yes, I saw the giant in the shadows. He let me pass with no hindrance. Unlike last night."

Jolan smiled, his hand going to the edge on the pew at his side, resting against it.

"Did you really think I'd allow anyone to go into that chamber?"

Tolmar's eyes clouded with anger, his hands folded in front of him.

"I have every right to go there."
"You do, perhaps, but I warrant it not essential at this time. That can wait until after today's truths."

"What's going on here, Giver of uncertainty? Why have you asked me here, to this place?"

Jolan sighed, his hand raising, offering a seat in the front pew to Tolmar.

"I shall sit and wait for answers. But I shall leave if you mock me with your truths."

Jolan nodded, the man moving past him, sitting down in the front pew.

Jolan looked at him for a moment, then walked forward, the young man walking onto the red carpet in front of the altar, staring upwards.

"A spot of truth, a stand of hope and love. So it was that night so long ago. That night the two of you came here."
Tolmar's eyes widened a bit, staring at Jolan.

The young man turned, staring at the blue-eyed man seated before him.

"I think it is time you stopped running from what you fear, Tolmar. You can't run away from your destiny or your dreams."
The man stared at Jolan, Jolan seeing the stone wall the man had placed in front of his emotions.

"Why have you taken my magic, Jolan? Why have you forced me into this shell of humanity?" he said, his face showing no emotion.

"You once resided in that shell, Tolmar Sumsare. Have you forgotten the truth of that?"

"That was a long time ago, Jolan. I have reached a higher plane. Mortality holds no bounds for me anymore."

"Mortality is part of one's soul, Tolmar. Even if you can't accept that. For what you did was a mortal act."
Tolmar's eyes widened a bit more.

"You called me Giver of uncertainty. There is no uncertainty in my mind, Tolmar. I know the truth of everything. Who you are, who Erasmus is and who the third of this triad of mirages is."

The man's eyes showed surprise now, Jolan smiling at him.

His eyes looked down at the red carpet at his feet.

"To stand for love is to stand for life, Tolmar Sumsare. A shadowed vision once stood here, a vision of love. That moment was the beginnings of all of this."

Tolmar stood up, staring at Jolan with shock.

"You can't. . .there is no possible way. . .you can't know!"

"I know, Tolmar. I know the truth of you, lost one. And what burns in your soul, a soul ripped apart by hurt and denial. I know of the love within your soul, and the pain that's imprisoned it."

The man went to his knees, Jolan's softly now glowing grey eyes staring at him.

"We should have. . .we should have long ago. . .why did he? Why?"

Jolan walked forward, kneeling in front of the kneeling man.

"I am here to see that pain end, Tolmar. I am here to end the path you began."

The man's blue eyes met Jolan's grey pools of love, the man becoming lost in the light he saw in them.

The light in those eyes intensified, Tolmar taking in a glowing truth igniting before him.

"Let go of your falsehoods, Tolmar. Walk into the truth of what awaits you."
Tolmar's eyes stared at the man changing before him, his eyes widening in shock.

"No. . .it can't be! You. . .you can't be!!" he said, two arms pulling him towards him, Tolmar lost in the shadow of truth that enveloped him.

And the soul within him shattered against the love.


Justin's blue eyes opened, the man stretching, looking into two sets of blue eyes that sat beside him.

"Morning, Poppa!" Logan said, Hayden smiling beside him, the two boys sitting up in the bed, their arms around each other.

"Morning, Poppa!" Hayden said as well, Justin smiling at both boys.

"Morning, my angels. Why are you two up so early? I'd have thought all that dancing and food would have zonked you out for hours."

The two boys giggled, Logan leaning forward and kissing Justin's lips.

"Dada's wuv wakes us up, Poppa. We feels the wuv!" he said, Justin's eyes widening a bit, the man sitting up, looking around the room.

Josh and Chace lay on the mattress beside him, both still asleep.

Jolan was no where to be seen.

"His love, my boys?"
"Yes, Poppa. Dada's been loving this morning." Hayden said, he and Logan both climbing into Justin's blanket-covered lap.

"Loving, Hay?"
"Yes, Poppa. Dada's with other man. He's making him sees truth." Hayden said, Logan giggling, his head against Hayden's chest, the older boy's arms around his friend.

Justin quietly looked down at both boys.

"Who's with Dada, Hay?"

"Tolmar, Poppa." he said, looking up at his father.

Justin's eyes widened a bit, remembering Jolan's decision to meet with the man today.

"An early hour to face him." Another voice said.

Justin's eyes moved, staring into Josh's blue, the man sitting up on the other mattress, his smooth chest showing, Chace still sound asleep beside him.

"Yes, quite early." Justin said, looking at the clock on the stand across from him, reading five-thirty.

Josh stretched, the man climbing off the mattress, his near naked body on full display, his tented black boxer briefs drawing Justin's gaze, the man climbing onto his mattress, climbing under the covers, snuggling against Justin's warm body, Logan's head raising, Josh kissing both boys, then Justin's warm lips.

"Good morning, my three angels." he said, wrapping his arm around Justin's warm naked waist.

"Morning, Daddy." both boys said, smiling at him, Justin's blue eyes meeting his blue.

"I guess Jo wanted to get this meeting out of the way first thing." Josh said, Justin nodding.

"Do you know what the meeting is about, Josh?"

Josh shook his head no.

"No, Jus. I don't know anything about it or what's going to happen today. Jolan told me that today's revelations were his own. But he would have all of our love with him."
Justin nodded, his eyes going to the door.

"I just don't like the fact he's out there alone. What's Tolmar's role in all this?"
"I don't know, Jus. But I think it's of great importance." Josh said, Justin's eyes meeting his again.

"Yesterday was a day of wonders, Jus. I think today's going to be even more wondrous."

Justin nodded, Josh's lips meeting his.

"Let's start the day giving him our love."
Justin smiled, kissing Josh back.

"That's a gift I'll take always."

The two men looked towards the door, Jolan standing against it, the man having come into the room and then closed it silently.

"Good morning, my four angels. Why does our Chacey sleep when there's so much love showing?"

Josh smiled, the man climbing off the mattress, walking up to Jolan, his arms going around him, Jolan smiling at the warmth of the man's body against him.

Jolan wore his white cloak, the red pendant hanging from his neck.

"You tired out the tiger last night, our wolf of love. As did our Archanian angel. And our Dragosan heartthrob."
Jolan smiled, his remembrances of the night's ending passion stirring his soul.

All four had filled their desires at the end of the night, the two boys sleeping in blocked quietness in a tent they'd made for them, both falling asleep in it, Josh carrying them back to their mattresses when the passion had ended, all four wanting to have their kids close.

"I showed the three of my soul to three of my love."

Justin and Josh both smiled, Jolan guiding Josh back to the mattress, Jolan sitting down on it, kissing both of his boys, then his Justin, then his Josh.

"How went the meeting, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"Hayden said you met with Tolmar this morning, Jo." Justin said, Jolan smiling down at his son.

"The light of his love feels my own light's warmth." Jolan said, stroking Hayden's cheek with his two fingerless hand.

Justin's eyes went to the missing fingers.

"Does it hurt, my Jo?" he said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I lost two branches of my soul, my love. I gained a joined nation of love. There is no pain in that."
Josh and Justin both smiled, Jolan smiling towards Chace.

"The day is upon us, my loves. Destiny's final day."

Justin's arm went around Jolan, Hayden and Logan both smiling at Jolan, still seated in Justin's lap.

"Wots of wuv, Dada?" Logan said, Jolan smiling and kissing the boy's forehead.

"Lots of love, Logan. It begins with the five surrounding you."
The boy smiled, looking at Hayden.

"We shines today, Hay!"
Josh and Justin traded surprised looks, Jolan smiling at both.

"Logan is the last one, my angels. He is the fifth Sun Child."


Josh stood up, staring in shock at Jolan.

"My son? My Logan is one of the Sun Children?" he said, Jolan sighing and rising up off the bed, Justin staring at both of them.

"Yes, Joshua. He is of Sumsarian heritage, and he is of magical love."
"I. . .I can't allow this, Jo! I can't let my child be put in danger!"
Jolan's arm went around Josh, the man tensing up in Jolan's embrace.

"Our sons--both of them--will not be in danger, Joshua. I would never put them in danger."
Josh's body relaxed, his eyes filling with tears.

"I love them both so much, Jo! I can't let them be hurt!" he said, his head going against Jolan's chest, the pendant laying against his cheek.

Josh suddenly shuddered, his legs almost letting go of him, Jolan steadying him.

"What. . .what was that?" Josh said, staring at the pendant.

"You touched immortality, Joshua. It's a trembling reality. But not if I have a final say in that."
"I. . .I felt its power. How in God's name are you controlling that?!"

"My magic controls everything, Joshua. My love can calm the most troubled soul or magic. It is my destiny."

Josh nodded, Jolan moving forward, kissing his lips.

"Jolan. . .Jordan came to me. He's concerned about. . ."

Jolan's finger went to Josh's lips, silencing him.

"There will be time later today for discussions of truth and uncertainty. Right now, the day begins. The nation stirs within these stone walls. I met Grandfather in the hallway. Breakfast is being readied. And the bathrooms are filling. I suggest you and Jus get our boys cleaned. I'll awaken the sleeping tiger."
Both men nodded, Justin rising out of bed, the kids in his arms.

Jolan smiled, his eyes taking in both men's smooth, muscular, brief-clad bodies.

"Cover yourselves, my angels. The nation doesn't need to see my treasures."

Both men smiled, Jolan picking up their robes, Josh putting his on, taking the kids from Justin while he put his on.

"I and the tiger will be here waiting for you when our wet loves return. I just have to stir his stripes."

Both men smiled, walking out of the room with the boys, closing the door behind them.

Jolan smiled, the man removing his white cloak, his smooth naked body on full display.

His body showed no sign of the sun tattoo, his form smooth and blemish-free.

He sighed, the pendant hanging from his neck slightly moving, the man staring down at Chace sleeping alone.

He smiled, the young man joining his soulmate on the mattress, Jolan pulling back the blankets, exposing Chace's smooth, beautiful body.

Jolan stared at him, the man leaning forward, kissing the sleeping man's warm lips, Chace murmuring.

Jolan broke the kiss, his eyes scanning down the man's perfect, muscled body, staring at the white boxer briefs filled with a largeness of need.

Jolan smiled, moving forward, the man climbing on top of Chace, his hands removing the tight white briefs from his center, Chace moving a bit, his arms wrapping around Jolan's waist, pulling the man's body against him, their hardness rubbing against each other.

The pendant around Jolan's neck lay on top of Chace's Adam's apple, the man's body slightly trembling.

Chace's blue eyes fluttered, then slowly opened.

He smiled, Jolan's lips meeting his.

"Mmm, woken by an angel. An aroused angel, no less. I just felt a shock of love flow through me." he said, his hands moving down Jolan's back, squeezing two mounds of smoothness.

Jolan smiled, kissing his lips again.

Chace's eyes moved around the bed, seeing the two alone.

"Where are our angels?"

"They are by now wet with happiness, and our sons of love. I have our tiger to myself."
Chace smiled, leaning upwards, kissing Jolan's soft warm lips.

"A lucky tiger am I." he said when they broke the kiss, its intensity having grown.

"Before our passion envelops us, I need to know your greatest need, Chace."
"My greatest need is your love, Jo. Yours, and our other four of love. I need nothing else."
"I love you, Chace."
Chace smiled, his finger rubbing Jolan's cheek.

"I love you, Jolan."

Jolan smiled, his eyes changing, turning yellow, his wolfen face showing, that wolfen mouth of sharp teeth kissing his lips.

Chace felt the greater weight of the beast on top of him, the beast's head moving back, then those yellow staring eyes turned to violet, a handsome Archanian vision forming on top of him.

Chace moaned, feeling the lengthening height of the muscular vision on top of him, that violet-eyed vision kissing his lips as well.

Chace felt a third different organ of love rubbing against his own, that Archanian vision before him changing back to a human form.

Jolan's beautiful face stared into Chace's, his eyes widening in surprise.

"Jo. . .Jo your eyes are. . .they're blue!" he said, Jolan's lips meeting his, Chace lost in the intensity of the love flowing through him, Jolan's lips moving back, Chace staring into those blue eyes.

"I am who I am, Chace. And now my real life begins. It needs your love to start its path."

Chace moaned, feeling Jolan moving his body, Chace's eyes lost in the blueness showing before him.

Suddenly a white light surrounded both of them, Chace lost in a reality flooding his soul, and his vision.

And the love enveloping him and sinking into him sent him into the future, the future of the man's love claiming him.


Justin and Josh both smiled, walking back into the bedroom, their two sons running ahead of them.

Chace and Jolan both smiled, Jolan again in his white cloak, it seemingly sparkling clean.

The pendant lay around his throat, its redness softly glowing.

Chace stood beside him, the man pulling on a white robe, his nude body disappearing under it, Josh smiling at his husband's revealed nakedness.

"I take it the tiger's been caged this morning?" he said, Chace's blue eyes meeting his.

Josh thought he saw a sparkling new beauty in them, Chace's arm going around him, Logan's arms wrapping around Chace's muscular leg, Josh kissing his husband.

"Kissed by an angel, and hugged by a ray of sunshine." he smiled, Logan smiling up at him.

"Bweakfast ready, Papa! Me's hungy!" the boy said, Chace laughing.

"I need to hit the showers, little man. Who's going to wash Papa?" he said, smiling at Justin and Josh, Jolan kissing Chace's cheek.

"Our four men are clean, Tiger. I'll let you wash me."
Chace smiled, his blue eyes staring into Jolan's grey.

"How did I luck out this morning? I guess it pays to sleep in."
Josh and Justin both laughed, Jolan smiling.

"Once you've dressed, take the kids to their hunger, my angels. Chace and I shall join you shortly." Jolan said, the kids clapping, Jolan and Chace heading towards the door, Justin following them, Josh pulling out clothes from their suitcases sitting on chairs against the wall, the boys beside him waiting to be dressed.

"See you shortly, my loves." Justin said, kissing Jolan, then kissing Chace.

He broke the kiss from Chace, staring into his blue eyes.

"What, Jus?" Chace said, smiling at him.

"There seems to be a sparkling love in your blue pools, my Chace." he said, Jolan smiling at both.

"My love was a little intense this morning. I think I overcharged his love."

Chace smiled, he and Jolan walking out of the room, Justin closing the door behind him.

Justin's blue eyes met Josh's, both staring at each other.

"You saw it, too?" Josh said, handing Logan his white polo shirt, the boy grinning up at his father.

"Dada's wuv's changed, Daddy!"

Both men looked at the little boy, Hayden helping him pull on his shirt over his head.


Jolan walked into the immense Grand Hall, the one joined nation rising from their seats.

He smiled at everyone, Chace following just behind him.

Every eye in the large hall was on the two men, Jolan walking across the hall, walking up to the table at its head, Josh and Justin waiting there for them with the kids, as well as his grandfather and the three leaders of the one nation.

"Good morning, my brethren of life." Jolan said, the four men bowing to him, Jolan's eyes going to the two tables on both sides of their table.

Each held the Elders and Sages of the three clans, all bowing to Jolan, Jolan voicing a greeting to all of them.

Jolan walked around the central table, standing at his central chair, Chace joining Josh on Jolan's right side, Justin at Jolan's left, Hayden in his arms, Logan in Josh's.

"Good morning, my brethren of joined life. I'd like to open this feast with a prayer of giving love."

Everyone bowed their heads, the room silent in awaiting devotion.

Jolan's eyes raised upwards, the nation's lowered.

"Blessings on all of us this day, standing in the wake of God's love. Let us join in sustenance and in love. The day is finally at hand, our Lord's destiny upon us. Let us walk out of here into the unknown surrounded by the love of one family. We walk forward together, wrapped in our joined love, wrapped in our one family's love. And in God's love. The devotion of his love is greater than your devotion to me. I am only the messenger, I am only the Giver. Let us partake of food, friendship, kinship and love. Destiny comes, as does evil come. But love surrounds all of us--God's and our own. We thank his divining light, his giving love. Let us walk forward to life. Amen."

A loud Amen echoed throughout the hall, Jolan sitting down, the nation going to its seats.

Breakfast began, the nation as one eating in joined love.


Justin smiled at his Jolan, their son deep within the offered bounty.

Jolan's eyes went around the hall, taking in the gathered multitude's quietness, but seeing their joined love showing as well.

His eyes looked at several people, taking in their glancing stares.

Cardinal Giovanni sat with Reverend Francis, both men glancing towards him on several occasions.

Jolan saw another man seated with them, Jolan nodding his head in respect.

He knew that yesterday's revelations would have weighed greatly on their souls of faith.

He smiled sensing that today's revelations would totally overcome those same souls.

His eyes went to his family's table, the Dragosan clan joined as one, his uncles and father looking towards him, his mother's love shining in her eyes.

Jennie sat beside Jonathan, her blue eyes locking on his.

Jolan felt her words enter his mind.

Today begins, my brother. I felt your love very early this morning.

I also felt the love shielded from me.

Where did your love go this morning, Jo?

Jolan's grey eyes softly glowed, her blue glowing as well.

I went to the heart of it, Jennica.

I sent my love into destiny.

The future stands as life, the past's pain ends.

Jennie nodded, staring at her brother from across the room.

I feel his changed love, Jo.

What have you done?

I have taken steps for the future, Jennica.

For who's future, Jolan?

For mine and theirs, for love and life.

I sense the greatness of it all, Jolan.

Jolan smiled, Jennica's face showing a soft smile.

The sun's rays already warm from your love, Jennica.

I only ask of you what I can, my sister.

I give all that I can, my brother.

Let the rays begin. I love our new brother of heart.

It mirrors our own, Jennica. It mirrors our love.

Jennie smiled, her eyes going to Jolan's table, Arias' blue pools having been watching both of them, his own eyes softly glowing.

Jolan smiled, lowering his eyes, finishing his breakfast.


Fagin Greymount's large black eyes took in the dawn's early gloom, no sun shining, its warmth hidden behind the massive mountain before him.

The man stood at his tent's entrance, staring out into the beginning day's visions.

His eyes scanned back into his tent, the large mattress in its center surrounded by other mattresses.

He moved his naked body back into the tent's warmth, staring down at those laying in slumber.

He'd been ravenous last night in his needs and wants.

Several mattresses showed young muscular men, guards of his entourage.

Other mattresses showed even younger men, slaves and children of stolen submission.

His large mattress showed Nathan tied across it.

Fagin smiled, the nights remembrances stoking the need again within his heart.

He looked towards another mattress, Brandon tied in its center as well, the young man laying face down, Fagin's eyes taking in the man's ass, the marks of pain and submission showing on both cheeks and in the darkened center of his submission.

Several guards slept around him, the young man having been used by all.

Nathan's naked form lay face up on his bed, his green eyes opening in the soft darkness.

"Good morning, my pet. How finds your need this morning?" Fagin said, staring at the man's total nakedness, his center flaccid and long.

"I. . .I need only death, monster. It shall come to me today, I truly believe." Nathan said slowly, his whole body aching.

Fagin had been relentless last night in his animalistic savagery, he taking him again and again, wolfen and human.

Fagin had given Nathan to everyone, the young man lost in the countless couplings that he'd endured, the pain numbed by their numbers.

"You shall not die if I have any say in it. You are my mate, my beast. We shall reign together for generations." the man said, walking to the bed, moving onto it, the large muscular man staring down at Nathan.

Nathan's eyes stared over every inch of the man's powerful physique, seeing even more scars across his chest and legs.

"The disease of life claims you, Fagin. Magic is eating you alive." he moaned, Fagin's black eyes softly changing to red.

"I am unchanged in my strength and power, Nathan. My giving love showing you that last night." he said, a large sneering smile showing across his scarred face.

"Their is no love within you, Fagin. That was not love you raped me with last night."

Fagin laughed, several people on the other mattresses awakening.

"No, I guess it wasn't. But you loved it just the same. I saw the truth in your glowing yellow eyes."
Nathan closed his green eyes, his mind focusing on the reality sunken into his soul.

A reality he'd etched into his heart last night.

He opened his eyes, staring into Fagin's red eyes.

"I saw a greater truth in yours last night, monster. I saw fear and worry. Today I shall see death in them as well."

Fagin's red eyes glowed brighter, the sneer going off his face.

"Jolan surrounds the palace with magic, your weapons useless against it."

Fagin smiled again, a smile of evil.

"Yes, that magic surprised me. But it is of no consequence. I have ways of dealing with that. And death will show this day. Only it will be the death of all those cowards hidden behind that magic."
Nathan moved, trying to lessen the pain in his imprisonment.

"Stirring in need, my pet? My day begins again with hunger. Today I claim you first, then I claim my destiny."

Fagin's eyes moved, staring towards another mattress, a young man seated there staring with fear at his master.

The young man looked to be seventeen, his naked body slim and muscled, the boy laying between two large black men.

"Come here, my black seeded beauty." Fagin said, the young man moving with painful speed, his center filled with last night's violent offerings.

The youth climbed onto the central bed, Fagin's hand going to his face, gently stroking his cheek.

"I remember your delicious newness, little one. How pure your heart and soul were. And how delicious it was to be your first." Fagin said, the youth tearing up, his blue eyes looking towards Nathan's chained body.

"Yes, he is beautiful, isn't he little one?"
The youth nodded, Fagin smiling.

"He is my mate, my boy. I'll let you have him. Go ahead."
The youth trembled, Fagin's large fingers going around the youth's neck.

The youth stared into his red eyes, Fagin's control overcoming him.

"Get on top of him. Now!"

The youth moved, hearing the need in his master's voice, climbing on top of Nathan, Nathan struggling as the youth moved his legs, Nathan gasping as the young man's hardness sank within him, knowing the youth was possessed by Fagin's control.

Fagin smiled, seeing the pain on Nathan's face, and the change coming over him, his yellow eyes now glowing, his body changing.

"You are my mate, Nathan. Tonight we shall reign together. Let's dine first, then walk towards death. Jolan Dragos' death."
Fagin moved, the large man wrapping his arms around the youth on top of Nathan, his large heated desires sinking into the young man, the youth eyes changing, his true soul unleashed by the man taking him.

The youth screamed seeing the wolfen monster before him, and feeling the greater monster behind him.

"Welcome to hell, little one. Breakfast is served." Fagin laughed, his body moving forward, the youth falling on top of Nathan, his final scream cut off by the wolf's teeth sinking into his throat.

Fagin smiled, the man's mouth going forward, drinking in the richness of the young man's blood.

And the wolf below the dead youth closed its yellow eyes, his wolfen and human soul now on its chosen path.

Nathan Livingstone's soul was walking its final path.





End of  Chapter 162


I know, I know.

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What were Jennie and Jolan talking in their minds about?

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