Jolan's Path - Chapter 163


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 163


Blood runs as life doth leave,

Its bitter end we cannot preconceive.


Doth life go on, or doth death near,

Destiny is but nothing to fear.


Our life begins, our life doth end,

Our life is but love's friend.


All ends do continue, and doth go on in toll,

Walk softly child, God's love fills your soul


Archanian proverb; author unknown



The room's quietness hung like a deep smothering shadow upon it.

All eyes were scanning each other, the large group waiting for Jolan's reappearance.

"You can cut the quietness with an axe." Chris said, Britney seated beside him, her eyes on Justin.

Justin, Josh and Chace all sat together; Hayden, Logan and the other boys all playing on the carpeted floor in front of them.

"It's the foreshadowing of the day's truth." Jennie said, seated in a large wing chair by the fireplace, Jonathan snuggled against her, his arm around her.

Everyone sat in quietness in a large room just off the Grand Hall, Jolan having requested a gathering here, the man at present having a private meeting with the three clan leaders and the Elders and Sages immediately after breakfast.

Justin's eyes went to the young woman, she smiling at him.

"A long path, Justin. It seems like eons ago that you first held me in that hospital bed back in New York. The path has been long and periled, but filled with so much love, Jolan's the center of it all."
Justin smiled, rising up from his seat, Jennie rising, Justin walking up to her, his arms going around her.

Melina and Joel smiled at the two, seeing Justin's brotherly love shining through.

"The path has been laced with his love, Jennie. We all have it in our hearts." Justin said, Jennie smiling, her head going against Justin's chest, Jonathan smiling at his brother's love for her.

"Some of us have more, Jus." Jennie said, smiling at her parents, her eyes sparkling with blue love.

"I have his total love, Jennie." Justin said, Jennie still smiling, her eyes meeting his.

"The day is upon us, Justin. I've felt the beginnings of the reality of it. I've felt it since early this morning. My brother's walked in hidden illusion around this palace this morning. I think he's laid the foundation for the upcoming love and truth. I think it will be amazing." she said, her eyes scanning the room, everyone's eyes drawn to her.

"Have you sensed anything else, Jennica?" Melina said, her daughter's blue eyes going to her blue.

"Yes, Mom. I've sensed another being of silent reflection. Someone's watching from the shadows, I think."
"Erasmus?" Josh said, Jennie looking towards him.

"I'm not sure, Josh. It's just a presence. Like a flow of magic walking in the shadows." she said, Jennie's eyes going everywhere.

"What of today, Jennica? What is Jolan's destiny today?" Joel said, staring at his daughter, Jennie smiling at him.

"It's his love, Dad. Jolan's love is his destiny today. I think it will start soon." she said, the young woman's train of thought cut off when the door to the room opened, Jolan walking into it; Calen, Reinhardt and Arias walking behind him, followed by Domo and the other clan Elders and Sages.

Jolan smiled at everyone, the young man still wearing his white cloak, the pendant hanging around his neck, his fingers clad with his usual rings--the Heart of History, Erasmus' silver ring and his wedding band.

Jolan's grey eyes went around the room, everyone seeing the calmness in those silvery pools.

Jolan walked up to Reverend Francis, the man standing in front of a couch, Cardinal Giovanni and another large dark-haired man standing beside him, the dark-haired man wearing a black cassock.

"The day of love is upon us, good Reverend." Jolan said, his eyes going to the other man, Reverend Francis smiling at Jolan.

"A day of God's wonder, no doubt. We stand back and watch your giving love, Jolan. My eyes are filled with wonder already." Reverend Francis said, Jolan's eyes returning to him.

"God's love wonders us all, Reverend Francis. Magic, love and courage will be a part of us all today. As will his love. Am I correct, Kiril?"

The large man standing beside Cardinal Giovanni smiled, going to one knee before Jolan, bowing his dark-haired head.

"Arise, brethren of Badenwolf courage. I am only family, not a man of reverence." Jolan said, the large man's brown eyes meeting Jolan's grey.

"I am kneeling to the greatness of your love, Great Wolf. I feel the depth of your courage and love." the Patriarch of Russia said, Jolan smiling at him, gently guiding the man up off his knees.

"I feel the depth of your own courage, Kiril, my Russian friend and wolfen brother. It is good to see you freed from their uncertainty." Jolan said, the man smiling widely.

"It is not often that a wolfen creature of magic makes himself known before the world, Great Wolf. Their trembling uncertainty gave way to the world's showing reality. I have been asked to gather in the greatness of you love. I am here as the eyes of the Russian nation, and I am here as my own wolfen self. I walk in courage beside you and our brethren."
Jolan nodded with a smile, their eyes meeting each other's.

Jolan's eyes looked around at everyone, all their eyes on him.

"You, my family and friends, shall wait on the front terrace this day. The clans of destiny shall gather at noon on the Plains of Bladorra in front of the palace. And I then shall draw evil's eyes."

Jolan's fingerless hand went into his cloak's pocket, then pulled out again, his palm opening, a small grey flat stone in its center.

On the stone's surface was carved an eye.

"A second stone of worth and truth. And a quotation of biblical truth." he said, looking towards the three men of the cloth standing together.

"An eye for an eye, Jolan?" Cardinal Giovanni said, Jolan nodding.

"From the book of Matthew, and I quote: 'You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'. But I say to you, do not resist an evildoer. If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also'." Jolan said, the three religious brethren staring at him in silent wonder.

"You. . .you are going to let him hurt you?!" Kiril said in shocked wonder.

"I am going to take in the pain of his evil for everyone this day. I would gladly offer both of my cheeks--and all of me--to stand against evil's touch upon all of you."
Justin walked up to Jolan, Jennie at his side.

Jolan's grey eyes met Justin's, their love embedded in their souls.

"What do you mean, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan's grey eyes filled with a deep acceptance.

Jolan's eyes went to the three leaders of the nation, Justin's eyes looking at them as well.

They and their Elders and Sages behind them all lowered their heads, Justin's eyes meeting Jolan's.

"I mean that today only one shall stand against evil. I shall walk alone into its heart."


Everyone rose from their seats, staring at Jolan.

"That. . .that is suicide, Jolan!" Chris said, his voice filled with shocked emotion.

"That is destiny, my friend. It is a path I have long known I shall have to walk." Jolan said, his three soulmates' eyes staring at him.

"But, my son! You haven't the strength to face them all!" Joel said, Melina staring at her son.

"I have the strength of all your love and my own. And I have God's love. It shall be enough."

Jolan's grey eyes scanned the room, everyone staring at him with silent concern.

"This is a stand against the evil that's inflicted my Sumsarian brethren's hearts. This is also a stand against the world's evil. Fagin Greymount is just one of those evil souls that inherit this earth. Today I shall call him to justice, and the evil that claimed his soul. My brethren's hearts will be cleansed of the evil within them, and the world's heart will be cleansed as well. For it is all one and the same. Evil exists in every corner of the world, and today its truth shall become known to those of goodness surrounding it. Today, the world shall begin anew. It is time to walk that path, all of us."

The three men of the cloth walked forward, their eyes staring at Jolan in silent wonder.

"You. . .you are going to rid the world of evil? That. . .that is unbelievable!" Cardinal Giovanni said, going to his knees between the other two men.

"I shall not do that, good priest of faith. God shall warrant that miracle himself."

Jolan's eyes went around the room, staring at everyone who meant the world to him.

His family stood together, their love showing.

Jennie, Joel and Melina, Lynn and Paul, Randall and Lisa, Jonathan and Stevie, Hayden and Logan in front of Josh and Chace, Justin staring at Jolan.

Around them were the others of his love and friendship:

Henry and Shelly, Trace and Cindy, Daphne and Rachel, Chris and Britney, Joey and Lance, Usher and Nick, Enrique and Orlando, Lonnie and Ally, Sandra and Jessica, Kelly and Leo, Briahna standing in front of Auntie Gee.

And the other parts of his family and souls of friendship stood around him:

Sid and Isaiah, Athos and Steve, Mathias and Tyrone, and Krayos and Elijah, Vera standing next to her son.

Bill now stood beside Reinhardt, Simus and Cory wrapped in each other's arms, Morgan standing with Camilla at his side, his arm around her.

Jordan stood with his wife, Deidra and Juan DeFalco beside them, little Benjamin in her arms.

Jolan's eyes took in all their staring faces of love.

"You are my family, my heart and my soul. Today my love shall protect all of you. You shall stand and watch the truth of what today means and what I myself have been destined to be. Today I walk into the center of evil, my heart a diamond of love, hardened by the world's tears. Today is evil's last day."

Jolan moved, walking up to Arias.

"Your magic veil of love needs to be pushed back, cousin of my heart. Move it back to the edges of the front plains. The hoard of evil comes."
A loud rap came to the room's wooden door, Jolan bidding enter.

Ethan Sumsare walked into the room, his face covered in a look of worried concern.

"They're coming across the lake, Giver! There are hundreds of boats upon it!" he said, his barrel chest heaving with breath, the man obviously having run to their room.

"It begins, the final path. Come Arias, let's spread the magic." Jolan said, the man following Ethan out the door, Arias at his side, the others moving with speed as well.


Jolan's grey eyes stared out across the white transparent dome that surrounded the palace, and now a large swatch of the plains below it.

Arias had moved the shield back, its magic still adhering to its protective love.

The nation of one joined soul had moved out of the palace rooms, their bodies filing out of all the balconies, terraces and now on the plains below the palace steps, thousands of people stood together, awaiting their leaders' words of advancement.

Arias, Calen and Reinhardt stood on both sides of Jolan, the young man staring forward on the edge of the front terrace.

The lake behind the white shield was indeed filled with boats, armoured carriers filled with monsters.

"Fagin came well prepared. Those boats are covered in steel, protected with armoured might." Reinhardt said, Luther at his side.

"Even steel cannot withstand the truth of God's love." Jolan said, the others looking at him.

"I'd sooner have a battalion of strong warriors at the lake's shore to greet them." Luther, the Archanian Elder said, Jolan looking towards him.

"One cannot make it to shore when one has no life in one's soul." Jolan said, the young man's form seemingly rising upwards, his fingerless hand coming out of his cloak's pocket.

Arias' eyes took in the grey stone in Jolan's hand.

"The first volley was sent yesterday, our Sumsarian giant of protective love attacked. I answer that volley with a truth of my own." Jolan said, his hand moving with amazing speed, the stone leaving its warmth.

Everyone stared in silent amazement as they watched the small stone fly through the white shield, an amazing sight showing before its speeding path.

The stone seemed to glow immediately as it passed through the veil, its size enlarging, that now large boulder fracturing like an explosion when it left the veil, a thousand shards of smaller stones streaking across the lake, each on its singular target, each stone a glowing white ball of heat.

Those stones struck the sides of many of the steel-covered vessels, their heated glows disappearing through newly made holes, water following them.

Shrieks could be heard all over the lake, vessels beginning to sink and to capsize, their occupants diving into the deep water, the nation behind the white shield taking in their monstrous vileness and physical decay as many sank beneath the waves.

Everyone stood in awed silence, watching an armada of evil beginning to sink under the waves.

"There are. . .there are so many! You. . .you cannot stop their advance, Giver!" Quinton Banyon said, standing beside Calen.

"No, I cannot stop all of them. But the glowing magic of the stone cleaves their numbers in half." Jolan said, the young man moving forward, walking down the terrace steps.

All eyes returned to the waters of the lake, seeing half the armada now gone, the remaining vessels now reaching the lake's forward shore.

One large vessel in its center was the first to reach the bank, a large contingent of armed soldiers rushing out of it, a shield made out of steel panels of wrought iron rising before them.

Jolan now stood alone on the front platform below the terrace's steps, the same platform where the One Council had once stood in justice over the Sumsarian nation.

Thousands of the one nation stood before Jolan, their backs turned to him, staring at the invading armies of evil, the white shield their only protection between them.

"The core of evil hides behind an iron shield. Fagin has landed upon Sumsarian soil. It begins." Jolan said, his nation before him turning, looking up at his white-clad figure.

Reinhardt Bachmann walked down the steps, Calen Dragos and Arias Sumsare following him.

"My Archanian warriors await their flight of courage, Giver." Reinhardt said, Jolan looking out at all the winged warriors standing below him.

"Our wolfen brothers are ready to run into evil, Giver. Your love we shall follow." Calen said, Jolan looking down upon his wolfen brethren, Elijah's young wolfen face looking up at him from their center.

"The clan of Sumsarian worth stand ready to join the fray, Giver, I at their side." Arias said, Jolan looking into his youthful eyes, then out into the young man's clan, Ethan Sumsare's large form in the clan's center.

"So enwrapped in love am I, the Giver of you all. I see before me one nation standing as one. One clan of united destiny. I take in all your offered devotion to the cause of goodness." Jolan said, the nation before him going to its knees--Archanian, Sumsarian and Badenwolf as one.

Justin and his friends and family stood together above them on the front terrace, their eyes on the young man standing above a nation of gathering courage and force.

Jolan's body turned, his grey eyes staring at the five of his soul, six souls of love flowing together.

"For you alone I stand for love. For myself I give all." he said, the young man's robe falling to his feet, Jolan Dragos standing as a vision of total beauty.

The one nation took in his smooth unblemished form, a yellow sun radiating off his smooth chest, two eyes of yellowish hue glowing intensely like two suns, two large wings of soft membrane flowing behind him.

Jolan wore only a pair of black briefs, his total vision of beauty showing.

The red pendant hung from his neck, his rings of truth shining like the sun.

"I am Archanian, I am Badenwolf, I am Dragosan and I am Sumsarian. I am all of you. Stand back in silent reverence. I shall do battle for all of you."

The one nation stood in silent shock, Jolan's revealed united soul shown to all of them.

Reinhardt, Calen and Arias stared at him in stunned silence, his yellow eyes meeting their silent eyes.

"Stand together as one, and await the final truth. The remnants of their evil shall need swift justice. I walk forward and shall bring this to an end. This shall be the final day we look upon the red crowns of evil. They shall appear then disappear from my brethren's brows and they shall mark the world as evil before their final justice."

Jolan moved, the man's body taking flight, his large muscular form flying over the one nation, all eyes trained on his sleeking form as it descended towards the white shield edge.


Jolan Dragos stood in silence, staring through the white shield only inches before him.

His membrane wings folded back behind him, the smooth muscular man standing alone before his nation, a distance of over five hundred yards separating them.

Justin and Josh stood on the front terrace, their sons in their grandparents' arms behind them, Chace's blue eyes looking at his two soulmates standing beside him.

"I sense your fear and worry, my loves. I do not fear what my eyes of love see." Chace said, Justin and Josh's blue pools meeting his blue pools, the depth of love showing there calming their souls.

"Jolan stands for all and gives for all. Let us watch the love unfold." Chace said, his arms going around both men, standing between them now.

Jennie's blue pools looking into Chace's blue, a sudden truth raising in her blue pools.

"Of course. . .I see it now!" she said, her words ending when a sudden explosion drew all eyes to the white shield.

A volley of fiery arrows had hit the shield, the explosion being their disintegrating shapes.

The army of evil had mobilized, now all on the shore of the lake, an army at the ready.

Many had disappeared beneath the waves, but many now remained on the lake's edge.

Jolan estimated over one thousand visions of military might and animalistic horror stood before him, a thousand yards separating them from the white shield and Jolan.

And in the middle of that army of evil a man sat upon a raised dais, on a throne in the heart of his evil.

Jolan took a deep breath, walking to his destiny.


Fagin Greymount sat in quiet silence upon his throne, taking in the white-covered palace before him.

"And so the idiots stand before the greater foolishness. The day is at hand, my wolfen beast." Fagin said, his black eyes going to Nathan, the man standing on Fagin's right, his bruised body clad in only a black loincloth.

"I shall not fight for you, Fagin. I shall stand or die watching your death." Nathan said, his eyes not moving from the vision before him, his yellow eyes taking in the single man standing on the other side of the white shield.

He sensed Fagin hadn't seen the solitary man yet, the monster's eyes more focused on the treasure palace before him.

"You shall fight, my pet. For I have the fire to stoke your heart of anger." Fagin said, the man waving his hand, a servant rushing up onto the wooden platform.

"Tell the guards to bring her." he said, the servant bowing, rushing off behind the platform.

Nathan stood in silence, his eyes moving to his right.

Below the platform on its right side was Brandon Diablo, the young man half kneeling on the ground, taking all his strength to remain on his feet.

"Your slave seems a little downtrodden today, Nathan. I take it my army was too rough on him last night? No worries, today will see his death as well."
Nathan's eyes raised, as did Brandon's, the young singer staring at the monster seated above him, two red eyes now staring down at him.

"You have failed me many times, Brandon. I should have squeezed the life out of you long ago. But I needed to see my beast happy. The soothed revenge within his soul now lies sated. You are of no more use to me or to him. After our beast devours our enemy's heart, he shall feast on yours."

Brandon's head lowered, Nathan seeing the defeated look upon his face.

His mind thought on his own absolution to Brandon, the words he'd spoken to him before.

"I will honour your lost soul with its quickness, Brandon. You shall feel no pain." Nathan said, Brandon's blue eyes meeting his yellow.

"Where's the fun in that, my beast?! He has to feel the power of the beast who's destroying him!" Fagin laughed, his eyes moving around the scene before him, their now returned blackness widening, the man standing up.

"What the hell's this?! He stands alone before me! Is he totally mad?!" the man said, Nathan's eyes following Fagin's gaze.

Nathan's eyes widened, seeing a solitary figure standing alone in front of the white shield before them.

Jolan Dragos had walked through the shield, walking out onto the field of evil alone.


Everyone in the shielded domain of the Sumsarian past stared in wide-eyed shock as Jolan Dragos walked forward through the white shield.

His form seemed to heighten, its wholeness surrounded by a brighter white, then the man disappeared through it, walking out onto the other side.

"He's standing alone!" Arias said, his fingers moving to raise their magic, a man's hand staying his, Arias turning and looking into the blue pools of Tolmar Sumsare, the man having walked down the terrace steps silently from above.

"No, Arias. Your magic can not aid him now. He walks forward to his destiny." the man said, Arias and Calen staring at him with surprise.

The man wore a look of total calmness, of total acceptance.

"Look at what his magic now shows you, my friends. His magic makes your shield transparent, Arias. We all can now see clearly what must come to pass. Let us watch with quiet devotion. Our hearts need its truth."

All eyes turned, staring at the white shield.

Its whiteness began to fade, the shield still there but now totally transparent.

The nation as one stared out at a solitary man standing on the other side of the shield, Jolan Dragos now standing alone with his destiny.

"You magic protects us, Arias. His magic saves us." Tolmar said, a single tear crawling down his left cheek.

"Tolmar. . .you're crying. . .are you alright?" Calen said, the man staring at him.

"No, Calen. I am not alright. The truth has been seared into my heart. Today, I shall atone for all of it. Only now shall I watch the truth unfold, my heart filled with his love."
Tolmar's eyes went forward, staring at the man standing alone before them.

"Forgive me for your destiny, Jolan Dragos. Walk forward to his love, it mirrors my forgiveness."


Fagin's black eyes were staring at the solitary man standing before him, a thousand yards separating them, the young man walking forward, stopping about five hundred yards ahead of him.

"The day ends, Fagin Greymount. You stand upon your final path. It is time justice was given for all your crimes." Jolan said, his voice resonating across the plains in front of him and behind him, everyone on both sides of the clear shield hearing his every word.

A loud laugh echoed from the lake's shores, Fagin Greymount's laughter the only sound on the plains.

"You are a fool, Jolan Dragos! An utter fool!" he laughed, his arm stretching out, a servant handing him a large crossbow.

"A battle lost before it's even begun. How tragic the fate of a moronic idealist. I shall devour all of them after your death, fool. To leave the flock unprotected will fill the wolf's stomach. And this wolf is famished." Fagin said, aiming the crossbow, a solitary arrow flying forward to Jolan, death marked upon its shaft.

Jolan raised his fingerless hand, the arrow disintegrating a few feet before it reached him.

"I am the sentinel of the Sumsarian nation, I am the soldier of their courage. No weapons of evil shall destroy me. It is time for the final stand, evil one."
Fagin lowered his crossbow, staring with anger at the man standing before him.

"Magic fills your soul, Dragos. But my magic is greater. I could destroy that barrier with its greatness! Do not toy with my anger."

"The day ends for all of you. There is no absolution from the evil within your hearts. There will be no mercy. God's love is coming."
"Fanaticism? Really, Jolan? I never took you for a religious fanatic. Don't banter me with words of sanctimonious fluff. I am here to take what's mine. I come for the Sumsarian Treasure and I come for all their souls. I thank you for bringing all three clans together. It will make my possession so much easier. Before the day ends they shall all be mine." Fagin said, sitting back down on his throne platform.

"I brought the three clans together to stand as one of love, faith and courage. See before you that truth. They stand before the palace of truth. A wolfen nation freed from your evil clutches, an Archanian nation freed from your destroying evil. And my Sumsarian nation about to be freed from the evil that has long possessed them."
"Then they shall die before their palace as well. Anyone who doesn't kneel to me shall perish. I shall have them all, souls or corpses."

"You shall have no one. It is time your prophesised destiny became truth."

Fagin smiled widely, Jolan remaining still, staring at the nation of evil before him.

"You are a fool, Jolan Dragos. I could release my army and they would overrun you in mere moments."
"I fear nothing that you have, Fagin. No army or beast of death shall stave me from my task."
Fagin's eyes went to Nathan, the man staring at Jolan.

"I know what he has made you into, Nathan. I know you have become his Black Beast of Death." Jolan said, his yellow eyes looking towards the doctor, two yellow eyes staring back at Jolan.

"You know nothing of what I am, of what I've endured throughout my life." Nathan said, Jolan's yellow eyes staring at him.

"I know all, Nathan. I know what you are and who you are. And who made you."
Nathan looked surprised, his eyes moving to Fagin's.

The servant had returned, now whispering into Fagin's ear, the man nodding, the servant disappearing again.

"What are you doing here, Jolan? If not to fight us then what? I tire of all this bravado. Give me what I want and I shall make your death quick." Fagin said, Jolan's eyes returning to his.

"I am here to end this, Fagin. Release your beast from its truths and I shall fight it. And then this ends."

Nathan looked confused, moving upwards onto the platform, Brandon following the man's moves.

Jolan's eyes met Brandon's for the merest of moments, the man feeling the deep love showing there in Jolan's yellow eyes.

His own tortured soul felt a crack within it.

"What's he talking about, Fagin? What truths?" Nathan said, the monster before him turning, their eyes meeting.

"That truth is your magic, Nathan. For with it a greater beast of magic shall be my greatest weapon. It seems our opponent is well versed in all truths." Fagin said, his eyes going to the solitary man standing on the plain before him.

"It seems your Nathan is not." Jolan said, Nathan's eyes going to his former friend.

"What's going on here?" he said, Fagin before him laughing.

"Natty, Natty, Natty! You are so easily led. I now know you were my greatest creation. Who needs a Sun Child when I have a Wolfen Child of greatness?"

Nathan looked confused, Fagin waving his hand.

Two guards walked forward, walking up the left side of the platform, a woman locked in their arms between them.

They threw the woman down on the steps, her long black hair falling over her face, she struggling to stand.

Nathan stared into her blue eyes, seeing so much courage, hurt and resolve in those blue pools as she rose to her feet, her eyes locked on his.

Fagin's voice shattered his wolfen soul.

"Don't just stand there, Nathan. Say hello to your mother."


On the other side of the transparent shield, Calen Dragos' grey eyes widened in surprise.

He and the nation had heard all the words echoed across the plain, his wolfen eyesight keen enough to see the woman's face, his soul cracking.

"Lydia! It. . .it cannot be!" he screamed, his form changing immediately, his Badenwolf self rushing down the steps before anyone could move, the Badenwolf Prince rushing forward, hitting the shield head on, a whiteness enveloping him, Calen then propelled backwards, landing on his back, Elijah and his brothers coming to his aid.

"Father! Lay still!" Elijah said, Calen gasping for air, his Badenwolf form disappearing, his sons surrounding him.

"She. . .she's. . .she's alive! It. . .it cannot be!" he struggled to say, Athos' arms around his father, Calen laying in his lap.

"Who is she, Father?" Isaiah said, he and his brothers now joined by their uncles, Simus' hand going to Calen's chest.

Calen's eyes met all four of his sons' eyes, their love showing for him.

"She. . .she's your aunt. . .your mother's sister, Lydia. She is your mother, Elijah." Calen gasped, Elijah's eyes widening with shock.

Arias was now at Calen's side, his hand went to the man's chest, a whiteness enveloping his body.

"Don't move, my brother. I shall heal you. We cannot pass the shield's barrier. They are trapped from our love." he said, Calen's grey eyes meeting his.

"I am sorry, Calen. My magic is total in its protective love. No one--save the Giver--could ever breach it. For all of our safety I cannot let it rescind. I swore that oath to Jolan. She stands alone with our Giver's love surrounding her. I trust him to protect her and all of us."

Calen's brothers helped him to his feet, the man seemingly alright.

Domo and Vera walked up to Calen, Vera's eyes meeting his.

"I see her as well, Calen. My. . .my lost daughter of love. The monster forever had her in his grasp. And from her he created a monster!" she sobbed, Elijah's wolfen arms going around her.

"She is not lost to our love, Vera. Her love was too great to ever be destroyed. I trust our Jolan to keep her safe. I believe with all my heart that he knew that she was there. " he said, all eyes going to the man standing alone on the other side of the barrier.

"I trust in my grandson to protect all that are loved, Calen. This has all the signs of his giving, forgiving love." Domo said, his arms going around an emotional Vera, everyone helping Calen and her walk back to the platform, the nation surrounding them bowing in reverence and compassion.

They all walked back up onto the front terrace, Tolmar now standing with his other two councillors, both men looking at him with quiet concern.

Calen's eyes met Justin's, the younger man's hand going to his shoulder.

"I know he'll do all in his soul to protect her, Calen. I, too, sense he's always known that she was alive. And he's just shown us the evilness of Fagin's resolve. Of the pain he forced upon her to create Nathan's evil soul. The paths moved as they must. Our Jolan's love shall show all." he said, Calen's arms going around him.

"I love her, Justin. I would give everything to see her safe."
"Jolan feels your love, Uncle. Let's watch his love show even more."
Calen smiled, breaking their embrace, Elijah's face meeting his.

"We stand as one, we stand as love. Let's send both of them our love. Jolan will protect her, my mother of lost love." he said, Krayos' arm going around him.

They--and the nation's eyes--turned back to the confrontation unfolding before them.


Nathan Livingstone's yellow eyes stared at the woman struggling to her feet, her blue eyes locked on his.

"My. . .my mother??" he said, stunned confusion heard in his voice.

Fagin smiled, his eyes taking in the two in front of him staring at each other on both sides of his throne.

"Yes, Nathan. A beautiful Badenwolf princess, beguiling and resolute in her courageous fortitude. She was hard to crack, but crack she nonetheless did. Most whores do in time." he laughed, his eyes going to the lone figure out on the plain.

Nathan's eyes were drawn to Fagin, the woman's eyes still on his handsome face.

"What. . .what are you talking about? This woman cannot be my mother! I. . .I was an orphan!"

Fagin laughed, smiling at the younger man.

"You were what I wanted you to be. You can be so simple at times, Nathan. You have forgotten the prophecy, my pet. A wolf of greatness was to be my greatest weapon in my achieving my own greatness. What better way to create that wolf than to sire it myself?"

Nathan froze, the man going to his knees, his face going white with shock.

"Yes, my little pet. The apple of evil doesn't fall far from the tree. I am your father."

Nathan's eyes went to the woman's blue pools, seeing so much pain and hurt now showing there.

"Is this true. . .you are my mother. . .he. . .he is my father?" he said, the man's eyes showing a brighter yellowish glow in them.

"Nathan. . .I was. . .he was. . .it isn't. . ." she struggled to say, Fagin's left foot hitting her in the face, the woman falling backwards.

"It is true, Nathan. You are my son. I sired you from this Badenwolf whore. She dropped you into my lap, my wolf of destined greatness. And I've molded you into the man you are today. You are my son of equal greatness, of equal worth and power. Within you lays a magic of unfathomable greatness. You only need to release your anger to have everything."
Nathan stood on his feet, his eyes intensifying in the yellowness, his body transforming, the wolf within him showing itself.

Lydia Fontaine watched her son change before her, the beast within him drawing on its angry soul.

She saw in his yellow eyes the intensity of his anger, the woman going to her knees before him.

"Step back from his evil, Nathan! Remember the half of your soul that is mine. I love you, my unknown son. I would have given anything to spare you his pain. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" she sobbed, the beast leaping across the platform, its arms wrapping around her.

"You created me, Mother! You gave me to him! You let him do this to me!" he growled, anger flooding his soul, Fagin smiling from his seat.

"Yes I gave birth to you, Nathan. But I never had a say in your life! I would have loved you!"

Nathan's head rose, a loud howl coming from his throat, heard across the plains and deep into the palace walls.

The wolf's head lowered, its eyes meeting Lydia's blue.

"I'll honor your love for me with a quick death, whore." he said, throwing the woman down on the platform.

The large Badenwolf rose on its haunches, staring at Fagin Greymount.

"You are my son, you are my soulmate. I claim you in all regards. I have given you a soul of anger, a soul of evil and a soul of greatness. Across from you lays the enemy. Devour him and I shall rule the world. And you can feast on your anger forever." Fagin said, the beast's eyes going to his mother's staring, emotional blue.

"I shall devour him and then I shall return to those who have forsaken me. Today ends with your death, mother of my seed. And it shall mix with the blood of my father." the beast said, his eyes staring at Fagin.

Fagin smiled, the beast moving off the platform, heading forward, advancing towards Jolan.

Fagin grinned, looking down at his former reluctant lover, the mother of the monster he had created.

"I told you the last time you saw daylight you would die, foul woman. Your own son shall cut the life from your throat."
Lydia Fontaine stared forward, her eyes moving past her son, staring into two softly glowing eyes of yellowish love.

"Heed my words, monster. Life comes, and yours ends. Hell shall welcome you today."
Fagin laughed, moving his hand, a soldier walking up onto the platform.

"Have the archers readied. For my sake, I leave no chances. Aim true and aim swift." he said, the soldier bowing, moving away with speed.

Lydia Fontaine heard every word, her eyes moving back to the two men advancing on each other.

"Go into his love, my son. In his arms you shall find forgiveness."


Jolan had stood in silence, watching the scene unfold in front of the throne, every word captured and heard across the plains.

The truth of Nathan's existence now revealed.

Nathan Livingstone was Fagin Greymount's son.

Raped out of Lydia Fontaine's fighting body, sired out of malevolence.

A child ripped from her arms and raised in evil.

A child beaten into submission, raped beyond redemption.

Jolan's head lowered, the voices within him talking in rushing emotions.

I cannot allow him to perish under evil.

He shall go under love.

Let her words bring peace to his shattered soul.

Walk into the light of forgiveness, lost child.

He comes to claim all the downtrodden.

Go into the light of his unending love.

Jolan's eyes raised, seeing the beast walk off the platform, its long strides on a mission of ending life.

Jolan took a deep breath, the man moving forward, his form changing as he walked, a large wolfen warrior showing itself, its grey covered body centered with a white crown upon its chest.

The Great Wolf was on its final trek, its final hunt for truth.


The two Badenwolf warriors stopped, panting towards each other, their largeness, height and greatness matched equally.

"Walk away from this truth, Nathan. Walk back into the forgiveness of her soul."
"You knew, didn't you? You always knew that I was his son! That I was a monster!"

Jolan's yellow eyes stared at the wolf, a great shattered evil showing in his yellow eyes.

Jolan saw that the beast's soul had shattered, that evil had won its heart.

He stood now in front of him with only one desire.

To cut the life out of Jolan's throat.

"I am going to kill you, Jolan Dragos. And then I'm going to eat the soul out of the world. Many will die before I have what I need. And at the end I shall have my Lance."

On the terrace far behind them Lance Bass stood, Joey's arms wrapped around him, the green eyed-singer staring at the fight about to start.

"His love is lost, Nathan is lost." Lance said, Joey's lips meeting his.

"Let us send him ours, my love. Forgiveness lays in our hearts for him. I see now the path he was forced upon. The love was beaten from him, and he became lost. Let's hope our Jolan can guide him back to it."

Lance teared up, seeing the love and forgiveness in Joey's tearful eyes.

"I love you, Joseph. Always and forever."
Joey smiled, the two turning and watching the two standing alone.

Jolan's yellow eyes stared into Nathan's fiery yellow pools, the two circling each other, their haunches at the ready.

"I give you one chance, Nathan. Return to your own self and I shall not harm you. Let us end the evil he began."
The other wolf howled into the noon day sun, its teeth baring.

"I am my father's son, Jolan. I shall devour the world with my greatness."
Nathan lunged, the large wolf wrapping its arms around Jolan, its teeth going for his throat.


Jolan fell backwards, his body reacting to the weight falling upon it.

He moved with fluid speed, flipping the wolf over his own head, Nathan rolling across the grass, on his feet in a rush of speed, heading again for Jolan's body.

Jolan was fully focused, his fist going forward, connecting with the wolf's chin, Nathan's forward momentum lost, the wolf falling down, rolling onto his back, Jolan circling him, the beast rising back up, its chest panting and heaving with deep breaths.

"Fast and agile! Your blood will taste so sweet." Nathan said, lunging again, his paws meeting Jolan's the two connecting together, a battle of matched strength.

The two growled, their animal instincts taking over.

Jolan moved backwards, falling on his back, his haunches raising, propelling Nathan forward, the beast flying through the air, somersaulting and landing on its back.

Jolan was on his feet in an instant, his yellow eyes watching the other wolf rise again, the black wolf's yellow eyes filled with anger.

"Don't toy with destiny, Jolan. Your life will be mine. I shall drink deep of the blood within you. I feel the greatness of magic flowing within me. I am greater than I have ever been." Nathan said, his teeth baring in a wide grin of evil.

"You are more lost than you have ever been, Nathan. The evil has consumed you. I shall destroy it and you as I must. That shall be my absolution to you."

The black wolf howled again, then moved with lightning speed, its body hitting Jolan's, the two rolling together across the grass, the black wolf now on top of the grey wolf.

Jolan felt Nathan's renewed strength, knowing it was the greatness of the evil magic within him.

Their eyes met, Jolan's yellow eyes of wolfen love staring into two simmering fires of yellow evil, black centers staring back at him.

"I go with you to destiny, Nathan." Jolan said, the large black wolf's head moving forward with one quick thrust, its teeth sinking into Jolan's grey fur-covered throat.

The cracking bones could be heard across the plains, a grey wolf's life ending.


Josh sank to his knees, his blue eyes taking in the ending of his soulmate's life.

Justin's eyes closed, his heart cracking against the truth shown before him, his head sinking into Chace's chest, the man embracing him against him.

Joel and Melina Dragos' eyes closed, the two turning the two children's eyes away from their father's dying struggles.

All those upon the terrace's quietness went to their knees, couples embracing together, heads lowering, tears shedding for the loss below them.

A large nation of unbelieving eyes staring through the clear shield, watching their Giver of Love's life spilling into the grass of their sacred plains.

They, as one, went to their knees, the loss within their hearts consuming them.

Arias Sumsare stood beside Reinhardt Bachmann and Calen Dragos, the three going to their knees, their eyes filling with tears, tears for the greatest soul they'd ever known.

"It. . .it cannot end like this. . .it cannot!" the young leader said, Calen's arm going around him, the Badenwolf leader staring out at his fallen nephew, watching as the black wolf began to feast on Jolan's throat.

"He goes into God's house, our savior's wolf of greatness. Our lives lay open to his love." Calen said, the man sobbing as his head lowered.

On the terrace above all of them a lone man stood between his two friends of eons of justice.

Tolmar Sumsare moved, his two friends looking at him.

He walked down the terrace steps to the platform, standing behind the three kneeling leaders, his blue eyes staring out at the scene of life-ending anger.

"Our Giver's love is unending. It shall show itself again. Rise nation of worth. The rays of God's light come soon."

The one nation before him heard his words, they rising to their feet, their eyes going to the platform, their three leaders rising as well, all eyes upon the once councillor of truth.

"Have we not seen his greatness, have we not seen his love? That love cannot perish in the greatest moment of its need. I have total faith in his giving love." Tolmar said, the man walking to the platform's edge, staring out across the shielded plains, his blue eyes filled with tears.

"I stand and wait for the end of this. I stand and wait for the light."

All eyes turned, those above them on the terrace moving as well, all eyes now drawn to the two wolves laying on the field before them.

Justin's eyes opened, the man feeling two sets of arms around him.

Josh's blue eyes met his, Chace's staring at both.

"I believe as Tolmar does, Jus. His love cannot end now." Josh said, staring at both men, his blue eyes filled with tears.

"I still feel his love within me, Justin. That means in my heart he isn't gone." Chace said, his two soulmates staring at him.

Josh's blue eyes moved, staring into Jordan's tear-filled blue eyes, the man nodding at Josh.

"I know he's not gone, Jus. I know because I now know the truth." Josh said, his eyes looking into all the eyes of those surrounding him, his eyes focusing on Jennie, Joel and Melina Sumsare.

Josh moved, walking up to the three.

"Your son is love, Joel and Melina. His love knows no ends. It walks today as it's walked all through his young life. That love cannot end, and will not end. For his soul is unending. I now see the total truth in that. For before us has always been an illusion, an illusion of total love."
Everyone's eyes were on Josh, Justin staring at him in confusion, his blue eyes meeting his.

"What are you talking about, Josh? My Jolan is real, is love." he said, tears flowing down his cheeks, Josh walking back to him, taking the man in his arms, his blue eyes meeting his husband's blue pools of total love.

"Yes, Jus. His love is real and is ours. It always has been. It's grown in all of our hearts, his love so giving. No greater love has walked this earth, I truly believe. As has no soul of unending love."
Josh broke the hold he had on his friend, their blue eyes meeting.

"This may be hard for all of us to hear, but it is the truth, no less."

Josh's blue eyes met Jordan's blue, their eyes filled with tears of truth.

"Jolan Dragos didn't die before us moments ago. Jolan Dragos died over five years ago."
All eyes widened with stunned shock, Josh's blue eyes staring at them all.

"Jordan told me the truth yesterday. They found Jolan's body at that cottage of horror. It was laying in the grave he'd dug for himself on that night of horror. Jolan never escaped that grave. He died that night long ago."

Justin felt his soul letting go, falling to the ground, Chace and Josh moving to catch him, the man's soul falling into blackness.




End of Chapter 163



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