Jolan's Path - Chapter 164


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 164



Final Visions, Love's Decisions



Justin's eyes opened, the man staring around at his surroundings.

He lay on the stone floor of the palace's front terrace, a light breeze crossing his face.

His eyes looked around, no one surrounding him.

He stood up slowly, his eyes scanning everywhere.

No one was around him, the terrace empty, silence surrounding him.

The palace looked different, the stone facings showing a greater age, the whole palace looking ancient and decaying.

His body moved, Justin walking to the terrace's edge.

He looked out across the plain, the area devoid of anyone.

Justin's eyes scanned the hills on the far side of the large lake, no sign of life or anyone having been here in years.

He was alone, which in itself was surprising.

His mind focused on the last words spoken before he'd felt the world darken around him.

Is this a dream?

Is any of this real?
Was my Jolan real?
Was our love real?

He thoughts were interrupted when he heard a noise behind him, the man turning around fast.

No one was seen anywhere, Justin about to turn back when his eyes spotted an entrance between two pillars on the far side of the square, Justin's eyes drawn to it.

Ethan had informed everyone of the entrance's magical spell that morning after breakfast, and Jolan's warning for all to stay away.

What had drawn Justin's gaze wasn't the entrance but what was standing in front of it.

A large golden retriever stood between the pillars, the dog barking at Justin.

"Spartacus? What. . .what are you doing here?"

Justin's eyes went behind the dog, seeing that the door of the entrance lay wide open.

Justin moved slowly forward, the dog staring at him.

He came within ten feet of the dog, the dog turning and running towards the doorway, disappearing into the chamber.

Justin walked forward to follow the dog, sensing it was leading him somewhere, the man stopping at the door's darkened entrance, staring forward.

He slowly walked forward, feeling a soft whisper of air cross his face when he walked through the doorway, but sensing nothing else.
Whatever magic had been here before was now gone.

He moved forward, walking into the dark entrance.


Justin walked down a long stone corridor, soft lit torches lining its walls.

The floor beneath him was covered in soft sandy dust, stone blocks showing in spots under his feet, unfamiliar writing written upon them.

He sensed that no one had walked this corridor in eons, regardless of the lit torches.

He saw no footprints anywhere, not even Spartacus' paw prints.

He sensed magic was behind this entrance and the torches' guiding light.

He saw in the distance before him that an entrance to another room was ahead, Justin's footsteps increasing in speed.

Justin walked out into a massive hall, its height over fifty feet high, a lit dome of painted glass above its center, reflecting the room with brilliant light, as if the sun's rays were shining down with lighted love.

In the center of the room stood an immense statue, a man standing upon a pedestal base.

A cloudiness of mist filled the heights of the central dome, the large tall statue's upper body now hidden in its depths.

Justin sensed a soft breeze, fresh air filling the room, perhaps from vents surrounding the glass dome.

The room's air felt crisp and fresh, though silent and still.

The central statue's body was turned away from him, Justin's eyes flowing around the room, spotting another statue to his right, and one to his left, these two on each side of the doorway he stood at.

His eyes looked around the room, seeing four stone tablets hanging on each of the four walls of the chamber.

Reality dawned in his mind, Justin realizing he was standing in the lost throne room of a forgotten king.

King Dragos' forever sealed off Chamber of Ascendancy.

Justin stared at the statue before him, his eyes taking in the man's sculptured greatness.

He saw a sword in the man's raised hand, and a roll of parchment in his extended hand.

He remembered Jolan saying that it was a symbol of his offering peace or defeating might.

Justin's eyes moved, going to the statue on his right.

He hadn't remembered Jolan speaking of these two statues before, Justin walking up to the left one first.

He took in the vision of a woman seated upon a throne, a crown of marbled beauty placed upon her head.

She wore a long robe, a brooch carved into her left breast, a shining sun with extended rays.

The brooch Jolan gave to Jennie on her birthday. Justin thought.

Justin smiled, seeing before him a marble, life-size vision of Queen Alveena's beauty.

His eyes went to an inscription carved upon the throne above her head.


                            Queen Alveena Archania Sumsare

                                A ray of sunshine in all hearts

                                       Mother of our nation

                                       Mother of my heart


Justin's eyes moved to the other statue on the other side of the entrance, his feet making soft noise as he walked across the entrance, stopping in front of the second statue.

Another throne of marble beauty held a regal life-size vision of a tall masculine man, his cloak one of kingly fashion.

A crown lay upon his head as well, Justin taking in his majestic radiance.

His hands were resting upon the throne's armrests, Justin's eyes looking at his ring-clad fingers.

On his right hand was a large ring, its marbled vision identifying it as the Heart of History.

Justin's eyes raised, taking in the inscription carved into his throne.


                                    King Athos Sumsare

                             A man of humbling greatness

                                     Father of our nation

                                      Creator of my soul


Justin looked at this statue, then back at the other, realizing what lay before his eyes.

A moving tribute from a loving son to parents of majestic greatness.

"This truly was your chamber of ascendancy, King Dragos. For from these visions of respect and worth you rose to the greatness of your kingship. But in the end, greed and evil robbed you of everything." Justin said, his eyes staring at the central statue, the man walking around the room, taking in the four stone tablets embedded in the center of each wall, each a directional wall of the earth.

East, West, North and South, the four directions of the earth's axis.

He walked around until he stood in front of the statue, seeing a large throne seated in front of it, the lost seat of the late King's judging greatness.

"How many audiences did you conduct here, King Dragos, before the madness of your destiny took hold of you?"

Justin's voice was echoing off the silent room's walls, his eyes looking around.

"Where have you gone, Sparty? Spartacus! Here boy!" Justin shouted, his voice echoing into the shrouded silence.

Justin felt a shudder go through him, as if someone had entered the room, his eyes scanning everywhere.

His eyes stopped on the throne ahead of him, seeing a plaque above the throne's top similar to the other two thrones, that plaque covered in dust.

He sensed it had remained hidden for centuries, Jolan not having spoken of it either.

Justin slowly moved forward, taking in the dust covering the throne, its original occupant long dead.

He raised his hand, brushing away the dust and cobwebs covering the plaque, its written words etched into a marbled square.

Justin stepped back, his eyes scanning the words written so long ago.


                                           King Dragos Sumsare

                                          Fallen king of lost hope

                                               Lost in shadows

                                        but forever remembered

                                   To look forward is to look back 


Justin's eyes read the words, realizing that the words written here were written after the king had disappeared, as the words spoke of him as a lost king.

"Endearing words from your mother as a remembrance of your lost life and love?" he said softly.

"No, Justin. Words of love and hope." a rather loud voice said.

Justin jumped, his body turning, his eyes widening.

Across from him against the south wall was a stone bench.

Sitting on the bench was someone who hadn't been there when Justin walked past it.

Justin stared into two grey eyes, filled with so much love.

Those eyes were attached to a small boy of seven sitting in the middle of the bench.


Justin stood in stunned silence, staring at the young boy.

"We meet again, Justin. I've been waiting for you. Did you find him that night?"
"Yes, little one. I found my Jolan." he softly said, the small boy smiling a warm smile.

Justin stared at the little boy, remembering the warmth of his smile back at Bloodstone, on the night Jolan had found Vilos' journal.

The little boy that Shelly had identified as Jolan.

"Are you. . .is he. . .?"

"Come here, Justin. Sit with me." the boy smiled, Justin slowly walked across the room, the small boy moving on the bench, Justin sitting down beside him, the boy smiling up at him.

"I've had so much fun here. Spartacus loves to chase me here." the boy smiled, his eyes moving towards the room's entrance.

"Sparty! Come my boy!" he shouted, Justin hearing a bark, the dog running out of the room's entrance, racing up to the bench, sitting down on its haunches before both of them, the boy smiling and patting the dog's head, the dog grinning.

Justin reached out, his hand going to the dog's head, the dog panting.

He felt so real.

"Is this place real? Is any of this real? Was what Josh told me real?" he said, the boy's hand going on top of his.

"Love is real, Justin. Always remember that."
Justin stared into the boy's grey eyes, seeing so much beauty and love in them, a mirror image of his Jolan's.

"You are. . ."
"I'm me, Justin. Or the me I always wanted to be. The me I created."

"You created?"

The boy stood up, walking up to the throne, climbing up on it, staring upwards.

"I always love stories of magic and history. Of knights and kings, of good and evil. I always wanted to be a knight, a warrior of goodness and truth. I think I got most of it right."
"Right? What's going on here, little one?"
The boy smiled, climbing back down and walking around the room, Spartacus rising and walking at the boy's side, the boy's hand going to the dog's neck.

The small boy looked at each of the stone tablets, his eyes glancing often upwards.

"Love is going on here, Justin. A great love that was lost. I'm the center of that, or I'm the magic of its reality. He sought to make amends but in truth created something more. I forgave him for that. For out of that came my greatest dreams."
The boy stopped, looking over towards Justin, the man staring quietly at him.

"What troubles your soul, Justin?" the boy said, walking back to him, standing in front of him, the dog jumping up on the bench, its head going into Justin's lap.

Justin petted the dog, looking down at him.

"You've always been here to give your love to everyone, Spartacus--to Jennie through her terror, to Jolan through his life, and to our Hayden, our son's smile filled with your love."
The small boy smiled.

"His love is his love, or an extension of it."

Justin's eyes raised, both blue pools filled with tears.

"Is my Jolan real? Was our love real? He died. . .that night. . .he's never really existed throughout our love?"
The small boy smiled, leaning forward and kissing Justin's cheek.

"Love is always real, Justin. You just have to accept its reality. As does he."

The boy smiled, Justin staring into his grey eyes of love.

"Are you my Jolan?"

The boy smiled, then giggled.

"I am one side of him, as are others. What did or do you love about him?"
"Everything, Jolan. I loved everything about him. . .about you. Are you his childlike love?"
"His soul is a soul of giving, unending love. He always was real, and still is. You just have to guide him to his own truth. And then the child can free him."

"The child? Hayden?"
The boy smiled, walking back to the throne, his small head raising.

"The sunlight of heaven cleanses away all the clouds of life and love. Look to its brightness to find hope." the boy said, smiling at Justin.

Justin looked up, following the boy's gaze.

He was blinded for a moment by the intensity of the sun radiating downwards, and then he gasped, staring into the light in silence.

He felt two small hands going on top of his, his head lowering, staring into two small grey eyes of love.

"It is time you knew the existence of the love you have been given. Let me, the true Sun Child, show you." the boy said, Justin staring into his grey eyes, those eyes changing to blue, Justin surrounded by a white light, his soul filling with a familiar love.


Justin's blue eyes opened, four other sets of blue staring back at him.

He was laying on the terrace's stone floor, held in Chace's and Josh's arms, Henry kneeling at his side, Hayden and Logan sitting on his other side.

"You wakes, Poppa! You comes back to our wuv!" Logan said, the small boy climbing gently on top of him.

Justin stared into his blue eyes, seeing the deep love there.

"Yes, Logan. I have come back to all of your love."
Josh and Chace both released an intake of breath, Hayden smiling at Justin.

"Hi, Poppa! You're back!"
Justin smiled, the boy leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"I'm alright, everyone. I'd like to get up, please." Justin said, staring at all those surrounding him, no one having moved since Justin had fainted.

"You fainted, son. It was a great shock, I'll grant you that." Henry said, Justin seeing the tears in his eyes.

His hand went to the older man's cheek, smiling at him.

"I'm alright, Henry. Everything's going to be alright."

The doctor nodded, looking at Chace and Josh.

"He can get up. Guide him over to that bench." Henry said, Logan climbing off of Justin, Josh and Chace helping Justin stand up, guiding him to a stone bench at the edge of the palace's central square.

"I'm sorry, Jus. I'm sorry what I said went so deeply into your soul." Josh said, Justin seeing the tears in his eyes, Chace's eyes showing the same look of emotional love.

"Love has gone deeply into my soul, Josh. His love still remains there."
Josh and Chace both nodded, Justin leaning forward and kissing both men on the lips.

"Reality has a way of knocking the life out of you. It was a surprising truth." Justin said, his mother sitting down beside him, her arm going around him.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Justin. It. . .it seems so unbelievable. . .his love, he was so. . .how can he be gone?" Lynn said, Justin kissing her cheek.

"He was--and is--love, Mom. His love went on after he could go no further. I think that's what's happened. The Jolan we all knew and loved, who touched our hearts and our souls, he was a personification of his unending love. I think he truly was a Soul Walker. It was his soul of love that refused to leave this earth. In some way he remained here, walking forward on a path of destiny he wanted to see fulfilled. He entered all of our lives to give all of us his love. His love that was and still is so real." Justin said, tears showing in his blue eyes.

Jennie looked down at Justin, he and Lynn looking up at her, Jonathan's arms around her, her blue eyes filled with tearful love.

"I never suspected, Justin. I never knew. . .he never voiced that truth to me. . .he just forever loved me." she said, her face going into Jonathan's chest, a deep sob coming from her, her parents now at her side.

Justin stood up, Jonathan guiding her into his arms, Justin holding her tightly.

His blue eyes looked into Melina's blue and Joel's grey.

"He was our Jolan, Jennie. His love was--and is still--ours. He's not gone if that truth's in our souls."

"He was so real, Justin. His love, his smile, everything about him was so real. I. . .I can't believe he perished that night. . .that night filled with so much pain." Joel said, his three brothers now at his side.

"He wanted to be real for all of us. He wanted to guide us forward with his love. The Jolan we all loved and saw was the real Jolan. It was the soul of his love." Justin said, his eyes going to Josh and Chace.

"We five felt his love the most, it was real to all of us. It still is." Justin said, Josh and Chace nodding, their arms around each other, the two boys in their arms.

"Did we love a vision, Jus? Did we love a ghost?" Chace said, Justin smiling at him.

"No, Chace. We--all of us--loved a man of unbelievable love. Yes, perhaps he did perish that night, but his love, his essence, his soul went on. I think that truly was the magic of him, is the magic of him. His love is the magic he gave. And I don't think it's ended yet."
Everyone stared at Justin in surprise, the man showing a look of calming love.

Chris walked up to Justin, Justin seeing the tears on his face, the wetness of his emotional eyes.

"He. . .he's not gone? But was he ever here, Jus? He. . .he was my dearest friend. Why would he not tell us the truth? Was his love real? It felt so real!" the man said, Joey's had going to the man's shoulder, he and Lance having walked up to Justin.

"I refuse to believe that his being here, his loving us, was an illusion. The man's love was too real to be anything but real love. He was--and forever will be--my Jolan."
Josh and Chace smiled at Justin, the man smiling back.

"This isn't over yet. I think we need to return to the plains outside. I think a greater vision of love is about to unfold. The love and magic of a giving soul continues."
"You. . .you're sure?" Joel said, Justin's hand going to his father-in-law's shoulder.

"Jolan's love is love, Dad. He voiced that truth to all of us many times."
Everyone nodded, Justin seeing the emotional turmoil on all his--and Jolan's--family's and friends' faces.

Jolan's truthful death had shattered all of their souls.

Lonnie was near sobbing, Ally's arms around him, Nick in Enrique's arms, Orlando in Usher's.

Britney's eyes were filled with tears, the woman now at Chris' side, staring at Justin.

Joey's arms were around Lance, the man having been crying unashamed.

"His love united all of us, it was and still is forever giving. Let's watch what must happen unfold." Justin said, everyone nodding, Justin taking a deep breath, walking over to Josh, Hayden climbing into Justin's arms, the small boy looking up at him.

"Dada not gone, Poppa. Me feels him and his love. Dada's still here. He just has to find himself." Hayden said, his mother and Jessica standing at Justin's side.
Justin smiled, everyone staring at the small boy, Hayden snuggling against his father's chest.

"Yes, Hay. He's still here. His love is ours forever."
Justin moved, walking towards the terrace's edge, everyone quietly following, all their eyes going out across the plain, staring past the clear shield, their hope and love directed at a fallen wolf lying in the afternoon sunshine.

Justin stared towards his fallen husband, his mind filled with the truth he now knew.


Nathan Livingstone stood up, his wolfen face covered in blood.

He stared down at the dead silver wolf laying in front of him.

Jolan's yellow eyes were closed, his wolfen throat covered in blood.

He saw the pendant laying on Jolan's chest, the reality of its being missing now shown to him.

The wolf raised its head, a deep howl echoing across the landscape, its loudness drowned out by thousands of other wolves.

The clan of Badenterra was lamenting the loss of their greatest leader, their howls filled with vengeful anguish.

Everyone stood on the terrace of the palace, staring down at a pack of wolves on their knees, their anguish voiced with deep emotion.

Hundreds of Archanian warriors took to the air, their wings fluttering in tearful acknowledgement of their forever silenced Wingshola.

The nation of Sumsarian truth were on their knees, every face a tearful vision of emotional loss.

"And so the passing of the greatest soul echoes into all of our hearts. Destiny stands upon the precipice." Belos Sumsare said, he and the other two councillors standing with Justin and everyone on the palace's terrace.

"Destiny is unending, Belos. It comes to its own conclusions." Tolmar said, Justin's eyes meeting his, Justin seeing the tears showing in his blue eyes.

"Justin is correct. This hasn't ended. I sense the greater truth upon us." Tolmar said, his eyes going back to the plains before him.

All eyes moved back to the plains, Justin holding his son in his arms, his blue eyes filled with love.


Nathan's eyes moved from the dead wolf, staring back behind him towards the platform, Fagin Greymount standing in front of his throne, a large sword now in his hand.

Nathan moved towards the platform, Fagin's face covered in a wide evil grin.

"Well done, my Black Beast of Death. How finds you his blood? Was it fulfilling of need, of deliciousness?"

The wolf stopped, a few yards separating him from his master.

"It had a taste of deep bitterness. For it was laced with something I have never tasted. Love." Nathan said, the wolfen beast's eyes going to his mother, Lydia Fontaine laying on the platform, her head lowered, her eyes raising, Nathan seeing a deep emotional look of sorrow on her tearful face.

"My son, you are a monster. You. . .you have robbed the world of its greatest love." she sobbed, her head lowering again.

Fagin laughed, his evil laugh holding a trembling madness.

"You have other throats to savour, my pet. This whore--and your own whore--need silencing." Fagin said, his eyes going to Brandon.

The young man wore a look of total shock, having seen Jolan Dragos' death before him.
Nathan's yellow eyes stared into the red eyes of the monster standing on the platform, his eyes then going to his mother.

"Answer me one thing, Mother. Before I end your life." Nathan said, Lydia's eyes raising, meeting his piercing yellow eyes.

"Did you ever regret creating me? Did you ever wish I had never existed?"

"You were a child of myself, Nathan. I brought you into this world but I was denied the chance to give you my love."

"Love. I am so tired of that word. Love is the flashy covering for carnal lust. You fake it to get to the meat of your desires. Once you've used their holes the next one is even more appealing." Fagin laughed, Lydia staring at him with hatred.

"End her life now, my Beast." Fagin said, the man embedding his sword in the wooden platform before him, Fagin moving, the man leaning down and pulling Lydia's hair into his hands, pulling her upwards, the woman screaming.

"She screamed almost as much the night I seeded her, but her center yearned for my largeness." Fagin laughed, Nathan staring at the man, his yellow eyes widening with anger.

"I see the hunger in your eyes, my pet. You see the veins in her throat, the blood pumping for you. Or do you have a hidden hunger to take her as I once did? Would you like to mount her as I did? As I mounted you? Want to make it a family affair?" Fagin laughed, his red eyes staring at Nathan.

The wolfen beast's teeth flared, the wolf beginning to move forward, Lydia's eyes widening.

"Face your truth, beast. Fall to destiny to gain her love." a loud voice said.

Nathan froze, as did Fagin, Lydia's eyes widening in stunned awe, staring behind the beast coming towards her.

Nathan's head turned, the wolf stopping his forward motion, staring back at a sight of stunning reality.

Jolan Dragos stood where he had fallen, the large silvery grey wolf staring back at him, his yellow eyes glowing, the pendant around his neck glowing red.

There was no blood upon his throat or chest, he seemed untouched.

Fagin Greymount's face wore a look of stunned shock, the man releasing Lydia's hair, the woman moving away from him.

"You. . .you have my pendant! That. . .that's impossible! You were dead!" Fagin screamed, the man's face covering in anger.

"Death is but a path to newer realities, life is but a changing path of love." Jolan said, his eyes still glowing.
"You. . .you are unbelievable! Beast of my magic, rip that beast to shreds! Devour all of him! Remove the pendant from his neck! It is the magic that gives him no death!"

"I come for justice, monster of abomination. No death can stop me from that path. Hell awaits you." Jolan said, Fagin moving back, sitting down on his throne.

"Rip him apart, Nathan! Finish the job you started. Bring his heart to me so that I may devour it myself! And bring me that pendant!" Fagin said, his face covered in an evil sneer.

Nathan's eyes met Fagin's now glowing red, his magic seeping into Nathan's soul, the beast turning, facing Jolan.

"Come to thy destiny, Nathaniel." Jolan said, the large black wolf growling, his body moving forward, the wolf charging towards Jolan, Jolan moving forward with just as great speed.

Everyone on both sides of the plains stood in silent awe, a once-dead wolf charging at a strong, magic-filled live one.

Just as the two wolves met--and Nathan's teeth began to go for Jolan's throat again--Jolan's body began to change, the wolf not sensing it till it was too late.

The hairiness of Jolan's body left him, his body lengthening, his torso broadening, his muscles extending, his physique taking on a smoothness of muscular beauty.

Nathan's yellow eyes of hunger were now staring into two pools of violet glowing love.

It took him only a moment to realize that he was moving upwards.

The wolf shrieked and howled as his body left the ground, two large membrane wings extending to their full expanse, both fluttering and moving upward.

Jolan rose upwards quickly, the beast in his clutches trembling, fighting to be released from the arms of flying power carrying him.

"I now must take thy Badenwolf soul, Nathaniel. Succumb to that reality or I shall drop you to your death." Jolan said, Nathan's eyes staring deeply into Jolan's.

Nathan felt the power and magic leaving him, his body beginning to change, the magic of his Badenwolf blood--and the greater magic within him--leaving him.

Nathan's body changed, a young smooth muscular man now in Jolan's arms.

"I forgive you the misguided path you were led onto, Nathaniel. I offer you salvation in the warmth of a returning love. A love that was always there for you, but denied." Jolan said, his violet eyes looking downward.

Nathan trembled, those violet eyes meeting his again.

"Worthiness begins with redemption. I feel your soul."
Nathan sobbed, his body trembling.

"I was. . .I was walking to her salvation, Jolan. I was going to destroy him for her sake. I fault her not for my creation. I was always on evil's path." Nathan sobbed, Jolan nodding.

"I felt it within your soul, Nathan. That regretting love awoke me from death's embrace. I have returned to the path for your sake, and all of theirs."
Nathan's eyes scanned downwards, his eyes meeting two blue pools staring up towards him, his mother standing alone.

"I am not worthy of her or anyone's love, Jolan. Let me fall to my death. I have led a life of no redemption."

Jolan's lips moved forward, kissing Nathan's forehead.

"Redemption lays in forgiveness, Nathaniel. You shall gain that with her love."

Nathan smiled, his eyes widening, a soft gasp escaping his throat.
The man lurched in Jolan's arms, Jolan closing his eyes for a moment, a single tear falling down his cheek.

"Redemption comes, my friend. I guide you to it." Jolan said, the man slowly lowering his airborne body, his wings guiding him downward, his eyes taking in the arrow point sticking out of Nathan's chest.


Fagin Greymount had taken in the two flying apparitions above him, his keen eyesight taking in Nathan's magic's end.

He saw the glow of magic flowing from the wolf into the other beast flying above him.

He knew in his soul that he'd lost his Beast of Death, that Jolan Dragos had robbed him of his magical weapon.

Fagin's eyes had moved, meeting those of the soldier who'd walked upon the platform earlier, the monster nodding, the soldier nodding back, walking over to the armed archers on the left flank.

Within moments several archers had raised their weapons, their arrows of poisoned death flying skyward, all of them hitting their target, each embedding in the now human back of Nathan Livingstone, one going right through his chest.

Lydia Fontaine had seen the arrows hit her son, her motherly scream echoing across the plains, all eyes drawn to the two motionless magical creatures in the sky, the apparition of death now showing to all of them.

Brandon Diablo had stood on the right side of the platform, watching his once friend--now master--shot with the deathly arrows, his head lowering.

The young man went to his knees, his eyes filling with tears.

Walk into death, and perhaps your final peace, Natty.

I shall follow you soon.

The young man's head raised, turning towards Fagin, seeing the widening smile on the man's face.


Jolan's Archanian form touched down upon the earth, his wings folding into his back, the man gently guiding the injured, dying Nathan to the ground, his long fingers going to the arrows in the young man's back, pulling each out with a quick rush, the man gasping, his eyes slowly opening.

"Rest easy, Nathan. Don't move."
The man gasped, Jolan's head raising, seeing the young man's mother rushing across the plain.

Jolan stood up, looking down at the young man.

"Go into the light, Nathan. It shall ease your pain, as shall she."

Jolan stepped back, his violet eyes looking toward Fagin Greymount.

Lydia reached Nathan, the woman going to her knees, gently wrapping her arms around her son.

"Stay still, Nathan. Don't move." she softly said, her blue eyes staring into his now green.

"I. . .I. . .why did he? The evil destroys me. . ." he gasped, Jolan's eyes looking down at both.

"Evil holds no hold on you now, my friend. Walk into his love with a free heart."

Nathan's eyes met Jolan's, their violet centers glowing with deep love.

Nathan's green eyes turned to his mother's, her blue pools filled with tears.

"I. . .I was coming to free you, Mother. I was going to free you from his. . .I was going to destroy him. . ."
Lydia leaned forward, her lips meeting his forehead, the young man trembling.

"My son of protective love. . .I love you, Nathan. I've waited all your life to say that to you. . .I love you, my son. My lost son of love."

Nathan trembled, his green eyes staring into hers.

"I. . .I've wanted love so long. . .I thought Lance. . .I wanted it so much. . ." he said, his eyes moving upwards, staring into Jolan's tearing violet eyes.

"Lance's love was with you briefly, Nathan. A greater love now awaits you." Jolan said, Nathan's eyes returning to his mother's.

"Close your eyes, Nathan. I'll hold you until you go." Lydia said, her arms wrapping tighter around the young man.

The young man closed his eyes, his head going against her chest, Lydia's blue eyes meeting Jolan's violet, no words needing saying between the two.

"I. . .I have love. . .here at the end. . .I have. . ." he softly said, his head falling to the side, his mother sobbing, bringing her child to her chest.

Jolan's head raised, his eyes looking upwards.

"Walk into the light, Nathaniel. His love comes."
Jolan lowered his head, his body changing.

His wings disappeared, his form changing to a human form, his eyes now soft blue.

On his smooth naked chest was a large sun, its tattooed rays seemingly glowing in the afternoon sunlight.

He moved forward, walking away from Lydia and her dead son, towards Fagin Greymount.


"My, how touching. And who is this now before us? A mere mortal, or is the magic just hidden?" Fagin said, sitting on his throne.

"I am Jolan Vilos Joelius Dragos-Archania-Sumsare. I am the one of four, I am the four of one. The hour of your justice is here, Fagin Greymount."
The man smiled, nodding his head towards his soldiers, Jolan standing about two hundred yards in front of the monster.

"You seem to be at a loss of reality, Jolan. Look around you."
Jolan's eyes moved, scanning around him, Fagin's army having moved all around him.

"I do not fear what must come. I long for the end of it." Jolan said.

"You have us at a disadvantage, my conniving adversary. I am not a greater fool than you. I have prophecy on my side."
"The book you murdered your own grandfather for?"

Fagin's eyes narrowed.

"Death upon your hands makes a book's words evil enslaved. Its words never were truthful to you."

"Slave, bring me my book!" he screamed, his slave moving with speed, returning in moments with the large ancient volume.

Fagin took it into his lap, smiling menacingly at Jolan.

"You cannot hurt me, Jolan. I have the protection of my divine magic, a magic greater than your own."
"I shall not touch you, Fagin. It is not I who shall give you your justice."

The man's eyes widened in surprise.

"I know the truth of what you wear around your neck, fool! I know you didn't die today because of it."

Jolan laughed, smiling at the monster.

"You know nothing of life and reality, Fagin. You have been lost too long to the evil. I think it is time you reread that book. You've missed a part of your prophecy, a part the book itself hidden from you. The path now moves as it was destined to. You have lost the wolf of your greatness."

Fagin's eyes narrowed.

"What do you know of this book?"
Jolan's face took on a look of deep seriousness.

"The Shadower told me of every line of its existence."
Fagin's eyes widened, the man staring in shock at Jolan.

"The. . .the Shadower? That is impossible!"

"They called him the Watcher of Man. And for a good reason. You are a man, Fagin. Erasmus Sogard has watched every human soul he deemed important upon this earth, yourself included. Regardless of the pendant of immortality that you wore around your neck that gave you long life. Your soul now is mortal without it."
Fagin's eyes moved around, as if he was looking for a hidden shadow of watching malice.

"You. . .you lie!"

"I am a soul of giving love. I do not lie, least of all to evil. I think you should read page one hundred and seventy-three. The third line of the second sonnet."

Fagin's eyes moved downward to the book, then back to Jolan.

"What game are you playing, fool? I have read every verse of this book. There is no hidden change in my prophecy."
Jolan folded his hands before him, then focused on Fagin's glowing red eyes.

"The Tome of Alveena I have read many times. Pages of destiny reveal themselves throughout. Your book is its twin, the evil side of reality. It moves the same."
Fagin's eyes widened.

"That book. . .that Tome. . .it has long been lost!"
"No, monster. It has laid in safe protection in the sanctuary of the Dragosan family, given with love from Queen Alveena to my grandfather, Vilos Dragos."

Fagin's eyes narrowed with anger, his eyes going to the book again.

"You. . .you are lying!"

Jolan's hand moved, a leather book appearing in his hand, Jolan raising it before the monster.

"Behold the truth of my soul." he said, the book disappearing in an instant.

Fagin's eyes widened, his eyes moving downward to the book in his lap.

His eyes glanced briefly at Jolan, then his fingers moved to the book's cover.

Jolan remained silent and still, his mind focused.

Fagin opened the book in his lap, flipping through the pages, finding the page Jolan had spoken of.

His eyes moved between Jolan and the book, his eyes taking in his army now totally surrounding the sun-tattooed man.

He smiled, his eyes going to the book again, his mind registering the words written there, words that never were there before.

He spoke them out loud, with great confusion.


                     In day's light, its gift forever perishes,

                       in day's light the past is reconciled


Fagin's eyes raised, staring towards Jolan, the words just beginning to form in his mouth, his eyes widening as he took in the unbelievably fast motions of Jolan's hands.

"What does this mean. . .?" He barely said, the sun-tattooed man before him moving with lightning speed.

Jolan's fingerless hand moved upwards, attaching itself to the pendant glowing around his neck.

He pulled it with force, the chain snapping, that hand moving backwards, Jolan throwing the pendant with lightning speed towards Fagin Greymount, the pendant hitting the man on the forehead, then falling downwards, landing in the center of the Book of Black Magic resting in his lap.

The effect was instantaneous.

The pendant almost blinded the man above it, a flashing light of brightness exploding in Fagin's lap, the pendant and the book lost within it, the man screaming.

He stood up, the ball of light falling to the ground, Fagin's uniform on fire.

His two servants behind his throne threw water at him, the fire extinguishing, the man gasping and falling back onto his throne.

The ball of light before him suddenly disintegrated, nothing remaining.

"My book! The pendant! What have you done?!"
"I have set the past to right, monster. The tools of magic are gone. They were never destined to fall into your hands. I have returned them to their destined sanctuaries. I mark all of you now as evil." Jolan said, his hands going outwards, a soft white light pulsating from them.

Every soldier and walking monster surrounding the platform gasped, Fagin's eyes widening in shock.

Every forehead--including his own--wore a red crown upon it.

"It is time that evil stands upon its end. You are marked as such. Walk forward to your destruction."

Fagin went to his feet, his arm moving forward.

"Kill him! Destroy him!" he screamed, his army of soldiers and monsters moving forward, Jolan standing in the center of a circle of oncoming, destructive evil.


On the other side of the plains, the one joined nation--and the people standing on the terrace above them--had stood in silent awed wonder, taking in the scenes of unbelievable truth flowing forward.

They saw Jolan's wolfen body rise up from the ground, the change in that body when Nathan charged towards him, the flying apparitions ascending into the afternoon heavens.

And the underhanded death of the lost wolf.

Lance's eyes had lowered when he saw Nathan laying in his mother's arms, knowing the man was gone.

Joey's arms had gone around him, their tearful eyes meeting.

"Jolan's love has sent him on to his final peace, Lance. I truly believe that. I hope he finds the love he so needed." Joey said, Lance tearing up.

"I love you, Joseph. I hope he's found it, too."

Joey smiled, the two kissing, Lance's head going to his chest.

They and their friends had taken in the scene of Jolan's deception with Fagin, and the destruction of the pendant and book of evil magic.

They then heard Fagin's scream of anger, and the advancing armies rushing towards Jolan.

"He'll be destroyed! There's too many!" Ethan screamed below them, Justin's eyes going to his left.

Jennie's blue eyes were staring at him, Justin looking into their blossoming glowing brightness.

"The sun can now shine, everyone. It is time, Children of the Sun." Jennie said, all eyes turning to her.

"Down, Poppa." Hayden said, Justin setting his son down in front of him, Hayden walking over to Jennie, smiling up at her.

"We shines now, Auntie Jennie!" he smiled, Logan moving in Josh's arms.

Josh's eyes went to Justin, Chace leaning over and kissing his husband's cheek, Josh's eyes meeting his.

"I trust Jolan and his love, Josh. I think we need to go on his faith." Chace said, Josh seeing so much sparkling love in his blue eyes.

Josh lowered his body, releasing his son onto the stone terrace, Logan running up to Jennie and Hayden.

"We shines, Hay!" the boy grinned, the young woman smiling at both boys.

Her eyes met Jonathan's, her smile calming his soul.

"I am real, Jon. My love is yours forever." she smiled, leaning forward and kissing his lips, the young woman taking each small hand in hers, the three walking down the palace steps.


Arias stood upon the platform below the palace's terrace, Jennie and the two boys walking up to him.

"You have felt it?" he softly said, Jennie looking into his blue eyes.

"His love summons us, Arias. We give him what he asks."
The young man nodded, his hand going down and taking Logan's, the boy smiling up at him, his other hand in Hayden's, Jennie holding Hayden's other hand.

The four were joined, their eyes going to the nation before them, all eyes turning towards them from Jolan when Jennie's voice filled the plains.

"The light shines for all of us. Its rays shall seek your soul. Let all be judged by its justice. The world welcomes his love." Jennie said, her blue eyes glowing, the three sets of eyes connected to her glowing as well.

The nation before the four--and the group standing above them--watched in silent wonder as the dome of transparent protective love glowed white for a moment then disappeared entirely, its glowing magic moving with lightning speed back towards Arias, the young man consumed in a white light, that light extending across the four, all four consumed by the light.

In an instant, four rays of intense light flew forward from their connected love.


Across the now open plains, Jolan Dragos was in a circle of evil, its murderous claws extending towards him.

He fought all those surrounding him, hands lashing outwards towards him, the man's hands flying with soft white magic.

Monsters and soldiers were consumed by the magic, the circle beginning to slowly tighten in on him, the numbers too great for even his magic to withstand them.

Jolan's grey eyes saw the futility of the oncoming hoards, knowing that the moment of his foreseen destiny was upon him.

His mind flooded with the voice entering him, his blue eyes slowly closing, the man giving his destiny into the hands of God.

Fagin Greymount stood upon the platform, a wide smile forming on his face.

"You are doomed, fool." he said, his mouth forming into an increasing laugh of madness.

"As are you, monster." a voice to Fagin's back said, the man feeling a deepening thickness flood his chest, his eyes going downward, a steel blade moving outwards in the middle of his chest.

His body turned, staring into two blue eyes, his hand moving to the knife concealed in his uniform pocket.

Brandon Diablo's hand let go of Fagin's own sword when Fagin turned, the young singer having pulled it out of the platform as he moved forward to strike at the monster.

"Mortality shows your weakness, Monster! See you in hell!" Brandon said, his words cut off by Fagin's knife slashing his throat.

Brandon staggered backwards, dying as he fell into the throne's seat.

Fagin gasped, trying to remove the sword that had been thrust through him, the man feeling someone remove the knife that still lay in his hand.

"My son you shall never hurt again. God's taken him away from you, Monster. Go to your justice." Lydia Fontaine said, the woman plunging the knife into the man's throat.

Fagin gasped, the man falling backwards, rolling down the steps of the platform, his dead red eyes turning black, the monster of evil forever gone.

Lydia's eyes stared at the dead man, then looked towards Brandon, the singer sitting dead upon the throne.

"Go with my son, lost one. His forgiveness warrants your peace." she said, dropping the knife from her hand.

Her eyes turned back to the consuming hoard, Jolan's central form almost lost in the consuming hunger of the monsters surrounding him.

Her eyes took in a glowing whiteness farther behind the hoard, Lydia seeing four figures standing in front of the palace, two appearing to be very small.

Another soft glint of brightness caught her eyes, a solitary hand rising out of the middle of the consuming mass.

On that hand was a gleaming ring of gold, its grey stone suddenly erupting into a white shining beacon.

Lydia stared at it for only a moment, the world behind the ring exploding into four streaking rays of white light, their intensity almost blinding.

Those four rays came from the four standing upon the platform below the terrace of the palace of King Dragos.

All four rays burst across the Plains of Bladorra, a ring of magical wonder drawing their uniting magic.

When those four rays hit that ring the plains exploded in a white light of total brightness, all those surrounding it thrown backwards by its pulsating force.

It was as if an atomic bomb had gone off, the light from its center blinding all those surrounding it, Justin and everyone on the terrace covering their eyes.

The brightness lasted for but a moment the ball of light exploding outward, a million small rays of white lights flying everywhere.

Everyone standing on the plains and in the palace was hit by a ray, those filled with evil consumed by the light entering them, their bodies turning to ashes, those of goodness or lesser evil knocked to their knees.

Where the consuming hoard once stood, nothing but ashes were left.

And in the center of the hoard the beaming ball of light continued to send out streaks of white light, the sky filling with them, their accelerating brightness flying away.

The four standing upon the platform before the terrace released their hands, Jennie looking down upon the one nation staring forward at the beaming ball of light.

"God's sunshine radiates towards evil. God's love shall strike down evil in the hearts of man." Jennie said, the nation turning to look at the four standing on the platform.

"The red crowns of evil are removed from your brows, children of Sumsarian birthright. The Sun Child's love has healed your souls. We are all now children of God's love. Look to the beauty of the Sun Child's love." Jennie said, pointing towards the ball of radiating light, the healed Sumsarian nation turning in its direction, going to their knees as one, their Archanian and Badenwolf brethren joining them.

All eyes on the palace and on the Plains of Bladorra were drawn to the center of the radiating light, a vision of lighted glowing beauty walking out of the light's center, all eyes taking in a small child of gleaming beauty.

Two wings were flowing behind the child's back, its eyes glowing with whiteness, the child's whole body covered in white.

A soft voice filled all the ears of the people of now kneeling, godly goodness.

"I am the light of his love, I am the sun child of his heart. I am an angel of winged love. Go forward in goodness, go forward in God's love. My rays shall destroy they that cannot abide by God's love." the voice said, the child's eyes looking at everyone kneeling before it.

"He is the Giver of Love. His love is love. That love can never end."

The ball of light brightened again, the small winged child consumed by its brightness, the ball intensifying, and expanding, many more rays streaking across the sky, the ball suddenly dimming, then blinking out in a flash.

The lights in the sky slowly disappeared, the one nation staring at the spot where the light had been.

On that spot burned upon the grass was a yellow, glowing sun.

And Jolan Dragos was no where to be found.




End of Chapter 164


I don't think I have much more to say.

Jolan's destiny has been fulfilled, and the Sun Child has shown itself.

Was it truly a winged angel of God's love, or the child Justin had met in the chamber?


Three of our sinister characters have met their fate.

Nathan perhaps has found peace, and Brandon as well.

And Fagin has been given his just desserts.


I hope you liked what I have unveiled, I'll draw the rest of the curtain back shortly.

Onward to the ending of this tale.


Let's walk in quiet reflection together.

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