Jolan's Path - Chapter 167


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 167


Justin's blue eyes stared at the sight in the bed before him.

Jolan lay in the bed's center, the young man sound asleep.

Both of his arms contained a small boy, Hayden and Logan's heads resting on Jolan's slowly rising naked chest.

All three were sound asleep, Spartacus laying across Jolan's legs, his body splayed out across the bed, the dog asleep as well, his ears constantly moving, Justin sensing even in sleep the dog was attuned to all around him.

Justin's eyes moved from the vision of love before him when the door of the chamber opened, Josh and Chace walking into the room.

"He's still sound asleep? Henry said he'll sleep through the night, he's totally exhausted." Chace said, his eyes on the man sleeping in the center of the mattress, Justin smiling at his soulmates.

His mind went back to a few hours earlier.

Jolan had found himself surrounded on the floor of the Chamber of Ascendancy by the five of his heart.

His sons were in his lap, their smiles sinking into his soul.

Josh, Justin and Chace had surrounded the man, the young man lost in the love enveloping him.

All three men had kissed him, all three staring into the blue pools staring back at them.

In those blue sparkling pools they saw the unchanged love, their Jolan as he always was, with a hint of something new shining deep within those blue pools.

The young man had slowly risen up when their friends and family surrounded the five, Hayden and Logan leaping from Jolan's arms into their grandparents' arms, Randall and Paul smiling at both as they nestled in their arms.

"Dada's back!" Logan smiled, Jolan softly smiling at the child, Justin's arm going around the young man, Justin feeling a trembling tiredness in Jolan's body.

Jolan's blue eyes had scanned everyone's tearful eyes, Chris walking up to Jolan.

"The things we saw. . .the visions of love. . .the light. . .its loving warmth!" Chris stuttered, Jolan staring at him.

"I missed you too, my walrus." Jolan softly said, Chris' eyes exploding with tears, the man pulling the younger man into his arms.

"You're back! Our freaky boy is back! Oh how I've missed you!" Chris sobbed, everyone around them showing tears, hearing the happiness and love in Chris' deep emotional words.

Justin's eyes were on his Jolan, seeing the man beginning to stagger, his arms going around him as well as Chris'.

"I'm. . .I'm very tired, everyone. I have walked miles through the voids of life and magic. I need to rest." he softly said, Chris moving towards him as Jolan staggered again, the man picking him up, Jolan resting against his chest.

"So tired. . .I felt the moment. . ." Jolan soft voice said, the man closing his eyes.

That was the last he'd looked upon them, Chris carrying him through the chamber's doorway, the others following behind.

Dominoso was the last to leave the chamber, the older man watching as the torches on the chamber's walls began to dim, the man sensing this room was fading back into the past.

The group walked out of the entrance's doorway between the pillars, Ethan Sumsare standing in the square, Juan and Deidra DeFalco at his side, the Archanian and Badenwolf elders standing beside them.

Everyone looked around, seeing the night's darkness creeping into the sky, the sun now gone behind the hills on the other side of the lake.

"That was fast, everyone." Ethan said, the man smiling at Arias and his mother, Morgan's hand in hers.

"Fast, Ethan? We were gone for hours." Arias said, the large man looking confused, the elders behind him showing the same look.

"No, Arias. You were gone for only about twenty minutes. We were just deciding to go back to the encampment below and await your return." Juan said, Deidra nodding her agreement.

Everyone looked surprised, their eyes meeting each other.

"The magic of the moment, the magic of his making." Calen said, the others nodding, Ethan's eyes going to Jolan laying in Chris' arms.

"He. . .he has returned?" the large man said, everyone standing in the square now focusing on the reality before them.

The elders as one went to their knees, Juan and Deidra walking up to Justin and Josh, their eyes showing tears.

"He. . .his love has returned! Praise be to the Great Wolf for this miracle!" Deidra said, her husband joining her as she went to her knees, the large Sumsarian behind them doing the same.

"Yes, he has come back. His love could never perish." Chris said, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"Let's get him to his bed, Justin. I'll look him over." Henry said, taking charge of the young man's condition.

Chris moved, following the doctor towards the palace's main entrance; Justin, Josh and Chace following, the kids remaining with their grandparents.

Jennie watched them leave, Jonathan's arms going around her, his lips meeting her neck.

"Our brother is back, with a greater love showing in those now blue eyes." he said, everyone smiling at the two young people.

"Love has been born anew, Jon. I think the newer Jolan will be even more remarkable, because he can now be free to be himself." she smiled, Lynn's arm going around both youngsters.

"We all can begin anew, Jennie. Our Jolan's now opened the next path of his love. I think it's going to be the more beautiful one, because there is no evil ahead, only love." she said, her eyes meeting Melina's, the two mothers smiling with happiness.

"Yes, my brother's life will now be only love. The magic of his soul." Jennie said, smiling around at everyone.

"I think we're all tired, the night playing tricks with time, our souls and our strength. There will be time enough tomorrow to resolve the confusion and wonder we've seen tonight." she said, the young woman looking towards the elders, Quinton Banyon bowing to her.

"The sun still glows upon the land, the night will be a monument to his giving love. A vigil of hope and love begins in the darkness, the one clan wrapped in God's wondrous love." he said, Jennie smiling at him.

"His love is love, Quinton. As he's always said. Come, my Jon. I need your arms around me as I fall into sleep." she said, Jonathan smiling and walking with her towards the palace doorway, Melina and Lynn following.


Here now it was a couple of hours later, everyone having finally retired for the night, Josh and Chace coming back to their bedroom, their eyes on their sleeping Jolan.

"Everyone's retired, except the people upon the plains. Ethan said it will be a quiet night. There is no sign of anyone on the other side of the lake." Josh said, Justin nodding.

"His eyes, they were so filled with his familiar love." Chace said, Josh kissing his cheek, Justin smiling at both.

"And with a newer love. I felt it deep within their blueness. It was like a dawning newness of life. It was like Jolan was looking at life for the first time." Justin said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"The sun has risen on the first day of his freedom, Jus. I think that's how we should look at it. Today Jolan came back as only himself. He's free of the destiny. From now on it's only the five of us together in love. The years ahead will be beyond beautiful." Josh said, Justin and Chace smiling at him.

"Did you feel his Badenwolf soul, Jus? Is he still filled with the magic of the four clans?" Chace said, Justin shaking his head.

"No, Chace. I only feel him. We won't know anything until the morning." Justin said, Josh's arm going around him.

"The new day of Jolan's sun-filled love. The sun's been a big part of all of this. Our Jolan, I believe, is the warmth that radiates with love to all of us."

"Hence the tattoo, then." Chace said, Josh and Justin nodding in agreement.
Justin had removed Jolan's clothing while Henry examined him, everyone having stepped out of the bedroom except Josh and Chace and the boys.

Logan had spotted it first.

"Dada's gots picture!" Logan had said, pointing at Jolan's revealed chest.

Just above his left nipple was a tattoo of a yellow sun, its rays of five radiating in different directions.

"The sun of our souls." Josh had said, looking at the five yellow rays.

The three men now looked down at their lover, the tattoo half hidden under Hayden's head, which lay on Jolan's chest.

"His love radiates into all of our hearts." Chace said, pulling off his shirt, Justin taking in his chiselled smooth chest.

"A night of only sleep, our beautiful angel. We all need the rest. I sense tomorrow will be a day of reflection. Our Jolan will explain everything." Josh said, pulling his shirt off as well, Chace's hands on Justin's chest, pulling his shirt off for him.

Josh's fingers went to Justin's waist, his pants gently opened and pulled away.

Both of the other two removed their own pants, together leading Justin towards the bed, Justin laying down on Jolan's left side, his son between them.

Hayden moved in his sleep, as if he sensed Justin's presence, Justin smiling, his blue eyes on the man sleeping beside him.

Josh lay down behind Justin, Chace going to Jolan's other side, Logan between him and Jolan.

"Our angel is in the center of our love. He'll sleep with our love surrounding him." Chace said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his.

Chace saw the tears showing in Justin's blue pools, a slight tremble going through him.

"I. . .we. . .we almost lost him. . .I was sure he wasn't coming back. I didn't really believe his promise." Justin sobbed, the emotions buried within him finally coming to the surface, Josh's arms going around him, Justin turning and burying his head into Josh's chest, a deep sob hidden there.

Chace's hand went over Jolan and the two boys, rubbing Justin's smooth bare back.

"He's back, Jus. He's ours forever." Chace said, Josh looking at his husband, seeing a soft sparkling shine in his blue eyes.

Justin raised his head, wiping his eyes, gradually calming down.

"I love both of you, as much as my Jo. I'll love you all forever." Justin said, Chace and Josh smiling, both leaning forward and kissing Justin on the lips.

"We know, Jus. Our love mirrors yours.  Now lay back and snuggle against our Jo. That will take you as always to dreamland." Josh said, Justin laying back down again, his head going against Jolan's shoulder, his arm going around his son and Jolan, Josh and Chace smiling at each other.

The three settled down, their eyes closing, Chace the last to close his eyes, watching the three of his love sleeping.

"Thank you, Jolan. For trusting in me to carry your love." he softly said, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's soft lips.

Chace snuggled against his right side, his eyes closing, the man settling down into slumber.

A few minutes later two blue eyes opened, their blueness sparkling like sapphires.

Jolan's eyes took in the five surrounding him, the man softly smiling.

"Thank you, Grandfather. I am forever loved." he softly said, the man staring up into the darkness of the room's ceiling.

He waited for the five around him to go deeper into dreamland.


No one saw the man quietly walk through the palace, the rooms silent with sleeping quietness.

A few sentinels were posted, the man quietly circumventing their positions, no inkling of his presence detected.

Jolan Dragos walked with silent calmness, the young man leaving the palace proper.

He walked out the front entrance, the night's coolness filling his lungs.

Jolan took a deep breath, sighing deeply.

"I feel so alive." he softly said, his blue eyes scanning everywhere.

Only one guard was posted in the square, Jolan smiling at the largeness of the man's presence, the darkened shadows his believed cover.

"You may come out, Ethan. Even darkness can't hide your largeness." Jolan smiled, walking across the square, the large man moving out from the shadowed alcove.

"Good evening, Great One." he bowed respectively, Jolan smiling, his hand going to the man's broad shoulder.

"As I told you before, it is only Jolan. We are family. Even more so now." the young man said, the large man smiling widely.

"It is an honour I hold with deep pride, Great. . .I mean Jolan, my friend."
Jolan nodded, leaning upwards, kissing the man's cheek.

"A friend I am, Ethan. As I know you are."
The large Sumsarian smiled even more, Jolan walking forward, looking down upon the darkened plains in front of the palace.

A glowing star shone on its far side, Jolan taking in shapes surrounding it.

"The star's light will diminish overnight, Ethan. The morning light will show only an etching of its once great glowing beauty. Let the people know that it's time to walk forward to life. Adulation gives way to life."

The large man nodded, his hand going to the young man's shoulder tentatively, Jolan turning and smiling at him, feeling the man's large fingers squeeze his shoulder blade.

"Yes, Ethan. I am real. More real than I've ever been." Jolan said, the man softly blushing.

"It's. . .it's just so remarkable, Jolan. Your being here again, after. . .after the horror we saw you walk through yesterday." he said, Jolan nodding, looking back out onto the plain.

"Do you still have what I gave you to hold for me yesterday, Ethan?"
The large man nodded, pulling a small pouch out of the pocket of his jacket, Jolan smiling and taking the bag from him.

"I found the second one after the clan gathered late in the afternoon. It was on the water's edge where you said it would be, unblemished as it was before. A sign of remarkable magic." Ethan said, Jolan nodding, pulling out the three stones from the small pouch.

He stared at all three; the white stone that opened the pathway across the lake, the grey stone that destroyed the evil boats upon that lake, and the last black stone with the sun carved on it.

"What is the greatness of the black stone, Jolan?" the large man said, looking at the smaller man.

"The sun shines in all of us, Ethan. It is the cornerstone of my freedom." Jolan said, the man pocketing the three stones, turning and looking at the large man.

"How finds the palace, Ethan?"

"Very quiet, Jolan. Why? You seem guarded about something. Is all well?" the large guard said, his eyes scanning everywhere.

"Yes, all is well. No one watches us. Tomorrow is the end of all of this. We return to our lives abroad, our hearts filled with a greater love." Jolan said, the large man staring at him with quiet awe.

"No greater love shall we have in our hearts than the love we feel for you, Jolan. You shall always be the deliverer of our freedom." Ethan said, Jolan hearing the deep love and respect in the man's voice.

"I shall indeed be in the center of all that wonder, Ethan. I shall relish the day that subsides. Until then I have a family to love me and support me. In the end that's all a man needs."
Ethan nodded, his hand squeezing the younger man's shoulder again.

"I have that now also, Jolan. Your love unites many."

Jolan nodded, smiling.

"Shall you guard me once again, my large friend?"
The man nodded, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"I shall not be long, I have to end their wondrous truths."
The large man bowed, Jolan walking away from him, walking between the two pillars on the far side of the square, the large door in the wall slowly opening.

Ethan watched in silence, seeing the young man pass into the darkness behind the door, the large sentinel walking up to the pillars, standing between the two as the door closed inward, the man turning and staring everywhere.

"Death shall come to me before anyone bothers your seeking soul, Great One." the man said, his stance revealing that truth.


Jolan's blue eyes stared down at the floor, the torches flickering along the passageway.

His eyes scanned all the now revealed stone blocks, the words written upon them bringing calmness to his soul.

"A path of incantation to reverberate the echoes of time. I have the magic to still the path for good." he softly said, his blue eyes softly glowing, the young man walking out into the large chamber, the torches on the walls there coming to life.

Jolan's blue eyes scanned all the walls, seeing the tablets of stone gone, all four walls bare and unblemished, as if those tablets had never hung there.

The three statues remained, Jolan's eyes scanning their now aged looks.

Jolan sensed he was in the present, the fading of the marble's previous glean and the dust showing everywhere belaying that truth.

He glanced quietly at Queen Alveena's statue, then walked across the chamber, his eyes scanning upwards at King Dragos' beautiful image.

The dome above the chamber seemed weatherworn, some glass panels missing, Jolan seeing their remains on the chamber's dust filled floor, Jolan glancing back and seeing his own footprints in the dust.

"Forgotten through history, lost in life." he softly said, Jolan looking towards the base of the statue.

The base was closed again, its empty chamber forever sealed away, the throne once again covering the wolf's head entrance.

"The past is done, the path healed." Jolan said, the young man walking up to the throne, brushing off the throne's plush seat, the young man sitting down, staring around the empty chamber.

Jolan lowered his head, his mind full of thoughts.

"All paths are healed, Jolan. You can find life within your heart."
Jolan's head raised, his blue eyes going to the stone bench across from him.

"Is this true life I feel, Grandfather? Or is it another illusion of my existence?"

Vilos Dragos slowly rose from the bench, walking forward to his grandson, Jolan rising up from the throne.

"Does the throne feel familiar, my Grandson?"
"I feel the past within me, Grandfather. I know that I was only a creation of the man's need."
"You were no such thing, Jolan. You were a manifestation of the love he and Tolmar lost." the older man said, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"Love is a magic unto itself, Jolan. God's love is the essence of life. You were a creation of that love, as is every being upon this earth. You were just a more mysterious creation. It took me most of my long life to realize that. To realize what your essence was."

Jolan's head lowered, the older man squeezing his shoulder.

"Why, Grandfather? Why would you do that for me?"

The older man smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"Because you are of me, Jolan. Because you sacrificed everything for all of us. Life has its truth now, as do those of the next life. And the past is now at peace. And your future can now begin. That in itself is the greatest gift I could give you. I give it with love."

"I love you, Grandfather. You are part of my soul."
The older man smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"Tell Grandmother that I am proud of my Badenwolf heritage."
"I know, Jolan. My love is part of that." a feminine voice filled with courage said.

Jolan turned, seeing his grandmother seated upon the stone bench, Queen Alveena seated beside her, King Athos at her side, all wearing smiles of deep love.

"We are at peace, Jolan. It is time for you to live your life." Queen Alveena said, rising up and walking up to Vilos and his grandson.

"Mirror images of love and beauty. You have done all of us proud, my great-great grandson. Our lives now can find their eternal love."
"Where is your son, Grandmother?"
Alveena smiled, her hand going to Jolan's chest, laying against the sun tattoo hidden beneath his shirt.

"He is lost in the love of the sun of his life. They are alone in their happiness. They shall return to us in heaven's greatness. Their love for now is their own in a sacred place."

The king moved to them, Lava Mora rising from the bench, joining the four before the throne.

King Athos' eyes moved around the room, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"The past is finished, Jolan. Your love has healed the final path. We go now to our rewards, it is time you had yours. They of your heart await your return."
Jolan nodded, his eyes going to the room's entrance.

"I. . .I have so much love."
Queen Alveena smiled, Lava Mora walking forward and kissing her grandson's cheek.

"It is a gift we all share. Happiness for always, my wolfen grandson. We love you."
Jolan smiled, the visions before him taking on an opaque lightness.

"This room is of no more importance, Jolan. It shall disappear into the mists of time. The light of the sun draws a greater truth, my Grandson. We'll always watch over you." Vilos said, Jolan raising his hand, the images before him disappearing.

Jolan stared around the chamber, seeing the true age of the now silent room, its torches slowly lowering in their intensity.

Jolan walked back to the entrance, seeing the stone blocks now completely hidden by a thick layer of dust, his footprints showing there.

"Farewell, path of destiny, room of truth. My life is now mine." Jolan smiled, walking down the entrance, heading for those of his heart.


Justin murmured in his sleep, feeling a great weight on top of him.

He felt two lips gently kissing his lips, the man stirring from his deep sleep.
He opened his eyes, meeting two blue pools of deep shining love.

"Good morning, my angel of love." Jolan said, Justin's eyes widening in surprise.

"My Jo. It's really you?" he softly said, Jolan smiling, kissing his lips again.

"Were you expecting Chris? You have a walrus fetish?"

Justin laughed, Jolan's familiar humour filling his heart with joy.

"Oh, Jo. I have you back." he said, tears showing in his eyes.

"You never lost me, my love. I'm a man of my promises."
Justin smiled, their lips meeting again, Justin's eyes scanning their bed.

"The other four of our love are washing up. My Jus is the late sleeper as usual."

Justin smiled, the man moving, flipping Jolan over, his hands going across his chest.

"To the late riser goes the prize. I have you all to myself." Justin said, Jolan smiling.

"I'm myself, Justin. It's just me now."
Justin nodded, his fingers going to the sun tattoo on Jolan's chest, Jolan's chest bare and smooth.

"I am the sun of your hearts, all five of you. My love will brighten every day of your lives."
Justin smiled, his hand going lower, Jolan grabbing it gently, stopping it from its needful trek.

"Tonight, my love. Tonight I'll join all three of you to the real me. Right now we need to get dressed. Our families await my words of truth."

Justin nodded, their blue eyes meeting.

"Why are your eyes blue, Jo?"

Jolan smiled, leaning upwards, their lips meeting again.

"It is the color of the reflecting love, Jus. The five blue sets of love are combined in my blue pools. I am one and I am all of you."

Justin smiled, the man rising up, extending his hand.

"Let's get dressed. I want the past ended. I want our future to begin." he said, Jolan smiling as Justin pulled him up from the mattress, Justin pulling him towards their suitcases.


A mass of people rose as one when the doors of the Grand Hall opened, a family of five walking into the room.

Jolan Dragos stood in the small group's middle, the three of his heart behind him, his two sons before him.

Everyone's eyes were upon the young man, Jolan wearing his white suit again.

His blue eyes met every soul in the room, the clan before him going to their knees, Jolan walking across the Grand Hall's marble floor, heading towards a large table at the far end, reserved for Jolan and his family.

He saw people crossing themselves, their hands going into prayer.

Jolan walked up to the table, hugged by his mother and father, and Jennie and Jonathan.

"I am starved, my family." he said smiling, his father guiding him to a chair.

"You look refreshed, my son." Joel said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I am, Father. The weight of the world is off my shoulders, and I am finally myself." he said, Joel smiling at his son.

"Your being here brings joy to all our souls, my son."

Jolan smiled, Justin sitting down beside him, Hayden climbing into Jolan's lap.

"Me hungry, Dada." he said, Jolan smiling at him, his eyes looking around the tables surrounding him, his family and friends quietly staring at him.

"Let's get my son fed. And then we'll have a meeting." Jolan said, everyone nodding, Justin's hand going in his.

Everyone began to eat, Jolan's eyes scanning around the hall, seeing several people staring at him, the young man eating quietly.

They all dined together, the one joined clan in attendance casting awing glances towards Jolan Dragos, the young man smiling often at them.

Once the meal was finished, and coffee cups had been refilled, everyone relaxed in their seats, Jolan smiling at his son now in Justin's lap, the boy laying across his knees.

"Our piggie's as content as ever." Jolan smiled, rubbing his son's belly, Hayden purring, Jolan's eyes going to Logan, the boy laying in Chace's lap in the same state of contentment.

Jolan looked across the room, seeing Reverend Francis and Cardinal Giovanni conferring with Arias and Reinhardt, the Cardinal rising to his feet.

Jolan rose to his feet, smiling at his family surrounding him.

"I shall return. I have to voice the concerns of everyone. Come with me please, Uncle Calen." he said, the young man walking towards the middle of the hall, Calen following him, Lydia watching after him.

Arias, Reinhardt and the Cardinal walking up to Jolan, the man standing with his uncle.

"Hello my friends of leading greatness." Jolan said, Arias and Reinhardt smiling at him, Calen smiling as well.

The nation surrounding them was silent, watching the young man.

Jolan's blue eyes went to the Cardinal's, the man's eyes showing awed wonder.

"Jolan. . .it is. . .it is a miracle of God's design that you stand before us. You are. . .you are alive in God's light!" the man said, beginning to kneel before the young man, Jolan pulling him back to his feet.

"God's love grants me life, Your Eminence. I walk as I am chosen to walk." the young man said, the Cardinal's face showing deep emotion.

"Word has reached us, Jolan. The world. . .the sights of godly intervention. . .of evil's destruction. . .it is so unbelievable!"

Jolan's hand went to the man's shoulder, the priest's eyes filled with tears.

"God has come to earth, Joseph. None of us shall ever be the same." Jolan said, the man's eyes going around the hall.

"My name is Jolan Dragos. I am the son of Joel and Melina Dragos. The three of your devoted love have gone on to their destinies. The Caitre Din Dragoste was created to guide the Sumsarian nation to their healed souls. That has come to pass."

Arias nodded, his blue eyes filled with tears, staring at the young man smiling at him.

"The Wingshola was created to guide the Archanian nation to its stand here yesterday. Your winged souls showed your courage and giving friendship. Your mystical devotee has returned to the tree of life, Queen Ravenia's love remains in all your souls."

Reinhardt nodded his head, bowing to the young man.

"And finally the Great Wolf has led his wolfen nation of Badenwolf strength and friendship to its final stand. Your wolfen forms can stand proud of the greatness of his giving love. He walks the corridors of wolfen heaven again."

The Badenwolves in the room raised their heads in howling acceptance, Calen joining them, his eyes then meeting his nephew's new blue pools.

"The three of destiny have fulfilled their destiny. We the three clans have survived. Life begins for all of us joined under one roof of accepting  truth. Our bond shall remain forever. We are all free to live our lives."

Jolan's eyes slowly moved around the room again, his face slowly showing a calm smile.

"I am only a man, a man given a second chance. For today I have the life I've always longed for. Love and truth echo in my soul. I am surrounded by the largeness of my giving, loving family. Our one family of joined love."
The room came alive with loudness, everyone clapping and hugging each other, wolves hugging winged warriors, Sumsarians hugged their new brethren.

Ethan Sumsare rushed into the room, his large form briskly walking across the hall.

He bowed to Jolan and the other three leaders, Arias' eyes meeting his.

"What is it, Ethan? You look perplexed." Calen said, the large man taking a deep breath.

"The sun, everyone! It has gone out upon the field! Only a simmering smoke fills it!" he said, everyone of the clans gasping, Jolan's hand raising.

"Calmness, my family. That sun could not shine forever. For its brilliance has gone to another place." he said, everyone staring at him, Arias putting his hand on Jolan's shoulder.

"Where. . .where has the sun of God's light gone, Jolan?"
Jolan smiled, placing his hand upon the young leader's heart.

"It shines now within all of your hearts. For everyone who knelt before it, who basked in its glowing love, they carry it now within their hearts. It is time we walked away from this place of worship. It is time our love shines upon the world."

Arias nodded, looking towards the other two leaders, they nodding as well.

"Something more, Jolan." Ethan said, Jolan nodding at him.

"The door. . .the door to the chamber. . .it's. . .it's gone!"

Everyone looked surprised, Jolan nodding his head in calmness.

"Magic disappears upon its completion." he softly said, everyone staring at his quietness.

Jolan's eyes went to Lydia's, then to his family's watching gaze.

"This afternoon we shall honour two lost souls who, in the end, saw the dawning of love's truth. They, at the end, tried to stop evil's hand only to perish under its tyranny. Let us honour them with a moving departure for them. Tomorrow morning we shall leave for the new world that awaits us." Jolan said, the young man suddenly smiling, walking over to his grandfather's table, where Lydia stood beside her mother.

"Tonight we shall join together in an act of reuniting love. I shall stand and watch my uncle and my grandfather join with they of their love."

Domo teared up, his hand going to his grandson's shoulder.

"I. . .I wish for you to stand by me, my grandson." he said, Jolan smiling widely.

"That honour I lovingly accept, Grandfather."

Calen had walked over with Jolan, the wolfen leader's hand going to Athos' shoulder, the elder son staring at his father.

"And I shall have my eldest son at my side."
Athos was in tears, his other three brothers smiling at him.

"I accept, my father. My love welcomes her."

"It will be an evening of dawning love." Jolan said, his eyes going to his soulmates.

"Let's retire, everyone. After lunch, forgiveness and love begin." Jolan said, looking at the tables seating his family and friends.

"Let's retire to the terrace, my family. I have to explain something to all of you."

Everyone rose, Justin, Josh and Chace joining Jolan, the four walking out of the hall, their sons in their arms, the one clan bowing to the young man of truth who walked out of the room.


Everyone sat on stone benches, or stood around the terrace at the end of the square, Jolan leaning against the terrace's railing, staring down upon the Plains of Bladorra.

The one nation had left the palace again, the clan surrounding the smouldering sun on the plain's surface.

"The faith is alive in all or souls, Jolan. God's love is there also." Calen said, the man seated with his fiancée, Lydia enveloped in his arms.

"We walk forward on the truest path, Uncle. The path to our loving future." he said, his eyes going towards the square.

"You cannot change what your eyes see, Walrus." he smiled, looking across the square, everyone looking towards Chris.
He, Joey and Lance, along with Lonnie, Leo and Orlando were examining the wall between the two pillars, no door now showing there.

Everyone had walked up to the secluded corner, their eyes widening in amazement at the revealed stone wall now showing there, no blemish or iota of mortared work showing.

"How. . .how is this possible? Nothing shows signs of being reworked." Lonnie said, shaking his head in marvel.

"The bigger question is did the room ever exist to begin with?" Jolan said, everyone's gaze returning to the young man.

"What do you mean, Jolan?" Joel said, seated with his wife, Jennie and Jonathan beside them.

Chris and the others moved back from the square, walking up onto the terrace.

"I mean that you only have to observe your surroundings to articulate a greater truth." Jolan said, turning from the plains, looking around at everyone.

"You're talking in riddles again, my Jo. I think Era's still within you."
Jolan smiling, kissing Justin's cheek, the man standing beside him with Josh and Chace seated on a bench beside them.

Their two boys were on the terrace's floor with Britney's boys, Usher playing blocks with all of them.

Jolan smiled at all four boys as Nick sat down on the floor with Usher.

Spartacus came up onto the terrace, the dog going on all fours before the boys, Jolan smiling at his protective love.

"I mean that that chamber perhaps only existed for one person. For King Dragos himself. Tolmar created it out of the love he held in his heart for his Dragos. He would never deny him anything of his visionary need. That chamber was never used for audiences, or anything else. I believe in my heart it was Dragos' only sanctuary. In it he held dear to his family, their images carved therein. He had Tolmar carve them, he had him create the whole domed chamber.  For within that chamber would one day lay his tomb. If you look more carefully in the Grand Hall you will see an embedded square at the end where we dined this morning. That was where the original throne room was, the throne seated there." Jolan said, Chris' eyes widening in surprise.

"You. . .you see everything, Jo."
Jolan smiled, watching Chris sit down beside Britney.

"I have one person to thank for all of that, Chris." he said, Chris nodding his head.


"No, Chris. This person was the true one to unravel everything. My loving grandfather." he said, looking towards his four uncles.

"Father? He figured it all out?" Morgan said with surprise, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Uncle Morgan. It was he who figured out that King Dragos had used the book to release his soul back into the world. That that soul was in truth Erasmus, the one Queen Alveena named as a Shadower of Man. That King Dragos walked through his people's past and future, guiding all to yesterday's end. My grandfather knew that somehow someone else must bring the true story to its end. The story of Dragos' past love for Tolmar. It took my grandfather many years to work out the trueness of Dragos' past and the working of the magic he'd created from the joining of the Draught and the Black Book. He alone saw the truth of the mirroring magic. So he guided that magic to his son."
Jolan walked up to his father, Joel staring at him.

"To. . .to me?"

"Yes, Father. For in you, his youngest son, he saw a great love, a delicate balance between love and honour. You loved your father and you would always honour him. He saw the rift growing in all four of you."
The four brothers looked at each other, the four walking to each other's sides.

"We could not see beyond our own needs, Jolan. We forgot the love our father had for all of us." Morgan said, his three brothers smiling at him.

"Yes, Uncle Morgan. He saw the four of you walking away from each other. So in the youngest of his sons, he decided to give the beginnings of destiny."
"The beginnings of destiny, Jolan?" Simus said, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Uncle Simus. My father, like so many, was an unlikely pawn on the path's destiny. The destined path that Dragos began. The path that my grandfather would later alter, releasing the mirrored image of Dragos' magical soul. Myself."

"I don't quite understand what you're saying, Jolan?" Calen said, Jolan smiling at him.

"What was your father, Uncle Calen?"

Calen looked at his three brothers.

"He was our father, Jolan. He was love and courage. He was the most courageous and loving man we knew." Simus said, Morgan and Joel nodding.

"He was all that, Uncles and Father. But he was something more." Jolan said, looking around at everyone.

"You have all forgotten that he was a creation of magic. A being created from the Draught of Life. That he never forgot. He knew that his soul was filled with magic. A magic he seldom used. On one significant occasion he used it to forge five rings. In truth he only forged four with his magic, the other one was already created. It was the ring of King Dragos' own making. The Heart of History. Of his history of magic and love. That sacred ring wasn't made by him, it was made by Tolmar. A gift to the man he swore his life and love to. To his loving Dragos. The Heart of History was their uniting wedding band, the joining of their love. In Dragos' possession that ring he wore long after his separation from Tolmar. When the Book of Black Magic and the Draught of Life united under Dragos' need, the mirroring image of that evil consuming magic sought shelter and seclusion in the first talisman it sensed upon its creation. It entered the ring on Dragos' own finger. Dragos wore the unknown magic of his own destiny. When Dragos was entombed within his dark tomb and therein died, the talismans he wore into that black hole took on a magical life of their own. The Draught's pendant was pulled out of the darkness by needful evil, Fagin summoning it forth with his black spells. As King Segas did with the book, that book later falling into Fagin's hands. The golden ring sought out its own freedom, as great as its power was. The ring came into the hands of my grandfather. And he in turn put it into your own hands, Father." Jolan said, his father staring at him.

"My father gave me the magic of his own soul?" Joel said, Jolan nodding.

"He gave all four of you a quarter of it. And he gave you the greater magic, the one true ring. For your father sensed the truth of what it was, that it contained a greater magic, a magic that one day would create me."

Jolan's eyes went around to everyone, Joel walking up to his son.

"You. . .you were the creation of magic, not of my love for your mother and hers for myself?" Joel said, Jolan leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"No, Father. I was a creation of both. Your love and destiny's magic."

Jolan looked around at everyone, seeing their eyes filled with love for him.

"I was a  creation of magic. The magic of the true ring, combined with the magic of my grandfather, along with the magic of Queen Alveena flowing within my mother. But I was also born of the love of my loving parents, two souls of total love. Through them the love of both sides of my history came into my soul. The magic congealed with the love, that entity forming into the mirroring magic of King Dragos' evil. I am a creation of much magic and much love."

Jolan's eyes looked out onto the plains again, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"You always said your greatest magic was love, Jo."
Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's, their love shown.

"My grandfather left all the truths of my creation in his journal. When I read that book on that rainy night out in the garden I learned the truth of myself, the truth I'd forgotten within my soul. The truth of that truth was the image you all saw that night."
"The small boy, the seven year old you." Randall said, Jolan smiling at his father-in-law.

"Yes, Dad. Justin thought it was the real me showing through. In essence it was the true mirrored soul. That child knew at the age of seven when he put the Heart of History on his finger the trueness of who he was. He then designed the true path, the true path to yesterday's uniting of the lost love. That was the one true path. That path created myself. And at the end of that path, after the love was reconciled, after they went to their final peace, the real me was created."

"The real you, Jo?" Usher said, looking up at him from the floor beside the kids, Nick's arm around him.

"The me I am today, Ush. The life I was given."

"Given in God's love, Jolan." Melina said, looking at her son, Jolan smiling at her.

"No, Mother. My life was a gift given in love."

Jolan's blue eyes went to his father's and his three uncles'.

"His love is so real, so giving and genuine. I feel it in my soul. For he gave me a great gift. He give me life through the magic of his creation."

Everyone looked surprised, Jolan smiling a beautiful smile.

"My grandfather was a creation of the magic of the Draught of Life. The magic within him was the magic of life. Before he left this earth yesterday for the last time, the magic that remained of him he gave to me. If you all remember I had told you that he hid his magic before his death, and that I knew where it was."
Everyone nodded, staring with awe at Jolan.

"I found that magic in all of his sons."

The four Dragosan brothers looked stunned, Jolan staring at them all.

"He left the magic of his soul in all four of you. It was always there, hidden from each of you. The day I returned you to your brothers' love, Morgan, was the day I drew it from all four of you. From that day on I had the true magic of my Grandfather, and the magic of the Heart of History. I knew all that I needed to walk the final path. And when I looked upon that painting in the Room of Love's Light, I knew the truth of what I was. That I was a creation of magic that one day would join all the magic, hurt and love together. That is what happened yesterday. My creation came unto its destiny."

Everyone remained silent, digesting what Jolan was saying.

"Then. . .then how did you become real, Jo?" Lance said, Jolan's blue eyes meeting his green.

"My grandfather gave the ultimate sacrifice yesterday, Lance. He gave me all of himself."

Jolan looked at his father and his three brothers, seeing the looks of total shock on their face.

"Your father wasn't dead, in the truest sense, Uncles and Father. Yes, his body died, but his soul remained, for he was a creation of the Draught of Life. That magic, as I told you, before never dies. He and my grandmother remained here, guarding this palace from the evil trying to reach it. That magic kept this place safe until my arrival. The two of them walked this palace after my arrival, Grandfather searching for the truth of my soul."
"Your soul, Jolan?" Josh said, Jolan nodding at him.

"Yes, Josh. He needed to see who I was, what my life had made me into. He told me that he was totally stunned by the love he saw surrounding me. It was even greater than the love that surrounded him."

The four Dragosans were in tears, Jolan smiling at them.

"He made contact with one soul here, to feel the true love. Am I correct, Chace?"
All eyes went to the young actor, Chace smiling.

"Yes, Jolan. I met him in our bedchamber yesterday before the battle. He wanted to draw on the love I had for you. He said that I, Josh and Justin were the center of your world. He left that morning with a deep emotion in his soul. He said he was the one to make it right."

Jolan nodded, walking up to his soulmate, Jolan smiling at him.

"He was crafty. He gave you the magic that morning."
Chace looked surprised, Jolan smiling at him.

"Justin and Josh told me how they saw a sparkling love in your blue eyes yesterday. It was my Grandfather's magic. When you hugged me goodbye yesterday the magic went into myself. And last night in the chamber Grandfather gave me the last of it. The last that remained in his earthbound soul. That magic gave me life. The Draught of Life gave its final gift last night. It gave me life."

Chace was in tears, Josh and Justin walking up to Jolan, the four joining as one.

"My grandfather gave me life, my loves. He gave me the gift of the magical life he was given so long ago. That day he was devoid of all emotion, a totally new being with no emotions. I am the opposite. I am filled with love. I am here now as myself."

Everyone smiled, Jolan smiling around at everyone.

"I have the magic of all within me. And I have their love."

Everyone stood up the young man smiling at everyone, his blue eyes staring at his father and his three uncles.

"Your father's love remains in all of you. You walked your life within it in your souls. The magic is gone, consumed by myself. He asked me of only one thing before he left with my grandmother. He has a final gift of love for all four of you. He asks only one thing of all four of you." Jolan said, his uncles and father nodding, their soulmates joining them at their sides.

"Yes, Jolan. Whatever our father asks of us we shall do, our love for him is total." Morgan said, Camilla standing at his side, her hand in his.

Jolan smiled at all four, then at their soulmates; Cory, Camilla, Lydia and Melina smiling back at him.

"He asks nothing of you, Uncle. He only wishes to give you something he gave you all your lives. Love." Jolan said, the young man walking in front of all four of them.

"I see before me four men with hearts of filled love. Each of you have found the second part of your soul, the love you've searched your whole lives for. You have true love in your soul."
Joel looked at Melina, Morgan smiled at Camilla, Calen and Lydia's eyes beheld each other, and Simus kissed Cory's lips.

"The gift I have from him for you is very simple. It is a lifetime of love. It is the opposite of what all four of you have held all your long lives. It is a lifetime free of the long paths of immortality. Today all four of you can become mortal, if you so wish."

All four looked stunned, staring into the eyes of their soulmates.

"You mean. . .you mean we can live a life of. . .of. . ." Simus stuttered, staring into Cory's green eyes.
"Of normalcy, Uncle. Of growing old together with your soulmate. Of not being denied their love for years after they passed and you walked on alone. Yes, you have the choice of near immortality or a life of love."

All four stared again at their soulmates, Simus' grey eyes filling with happiness.

"I love you, Cory. I thought so long on how to make you as immortal as I am. I didn't realize the opposite of that. Of walking at your side, of loving you and growing old beside you. Of a lifetime of your love. I love you and I want that."
Simus moved, walking up to Jolan.
"I will take my father's gift, Jolan." he said, Cory's eyes filled with tears.

"I will as well." Calen said, Lydia looking at him with total love.

"As will I, my son." Joel said, kissing Melina's cheek.

Morgan moved, his hand in Camilla's, the two walking up to Jolan.

"I have just found lost love, Jolan. I have walked eons lost of my family and their love. Here now I have total love. It doesn't matter to me that I may only have it for a short time. What matters to me is that I'll have it forever. I want my father's gift as well. All four of us are tired of the paths we have walked. Our destinies have ended. It is time our love finds its path."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

He moved forward, his hand going to his father's chest, the man suddenly showing a white light surrounding him, that light disappearing instantly.

He smiled, looking at his wife, Melina smiling at him.

"Our path begins, my love. I'm looking forward to loving you forever." she said, Joel smiling, the two kissing.

Jolan smiled, walking up to his Uncle Simus, touching him.

Within a few minutes the four Dragosans were robbed of their immortality, four faces showing deep happiness.

Jolan's eyes went to his five cousins; Eli, Athos, Isaiah, Mathis and Krayos smiling at him.

"We would like the gift also, Jolan. Our love we want on a parallel life to our soulmates." Athos said, Jolan nodding, looking at the five with their soulmates.

Within minutes the lineage of the Dragosan clan of long-lived beings had ended.

They all now were mortal in their love and their lives.

"Magic in all of your lives now lessens. For some it now is totally gone. Your lives are now given over to a greater magic. The magic of your loved one's love. It is the greatest magic of all."
Everyone smiled, Jolan looking at his Justin, then Josh and Chace.

"I am who I am, my loves. My magic remains, it is a part of me."

Josh smiled, his arm going around Jolan.

"We wouldn't want you any other way, Jo."
Jolan smiled, everyone surrounding him and the Dragosans.


Jolan stood upon the platform below the palace steps, the one joined nation before him.

Around Jolan stood his family and friends, everyone dressed in black clothing.

Below the platform two coffins were laid upon two wooden platforms, bouquets of flowers on top of their wooden lids.

The clan stood around the dais, their heads lowered, Cardinal Giovanni standing before the two coffins, the man wearing a black and maroon cassock, his white collar gleaming in the noon day sun.

"Dear friends, family and children of God. We stand before you this day as one joined entity, an entity of forgiving love and gathering faith. Two souls of misguided life lay before us, their journeys upon this earth now at an end. In the end of their troubled lives they sought to perhaps justify their mistakes by trying to rectify the evil they were a part of. It cost them their lives in the end. But perhaps not their souls. For God in his ever-giving mercy gave them a ray of hope at that end, for each looked upon the deliverer of their pain. And that man in turn took the evil from within their souls and gave it a more greater life than perhaps they'd ever lived. In death may they find peace, in God's forgiveness may they find love."

The Cardinal moved, looking up at Jolan, the young man guiding Lydia Fontaine down the steps, Elijah and Calen following, Vera between them.

Everyone else on the platform walked down the stairs following, the two coffins now surrounded by people.

The clan standing upon the plains began to sing a hymn, the air filling with their joined voices.

Jolan guided Lydia to her son's coffin, the woman placing a white rose on top of its lid, Elijah and Vera doing the same.

Justin, Jessica and Josh each placed a white rose on top of Brandon's coffin.

"Go to God's love, my lost son. May my love remain in your heart, new as it was. I loved you, Nathaniel. I only wish I had been given the chance to have that love grow." Lydia said, tears showing on her face, Jolan tenderly guiding her to Calen's arms.

Justin stared at Brandon's coffin as he set down his white rose.

"Find peace, Brandon. Your life gives way to something more. Let love fill your soul with eternal peace."

Jolan looked at Justin from across the two coffins, the young man standing at the head of both.

Jolan nodded to the Cardinal, the priest raising his hands as the music ended.

"The eulogy for these two men will be said by our giving Jolan. He knew these two as greatly as any of us did. Let his words give them eternal peace, and those surrounding them comforting closure."

The Cardinal bowed to Jolan, the young man standing at the head of both coffins, looking out at everyone quietly waiting.

"Life is a path of choices, of acceptance and renewal. Brandon and Nathan were two lost souls, who walked a life of pain, hurt and suffering. Throughout that life they were denied a basic necessity. Love. They both sought that throughout that ordeal, never truly finding it. Here now at the end of their all too short lives, perhaps they've found the beginnings of it. For I loved them."
Everyone looked shocked by Jolan's words, the young man remaining still.

"Yes, I loved them. For I saw in both the need, the want and the denial of their souls. All they ever wanted was love. I would have given it freely to both of them in my friendship and my love. But that path never was walked. They walked and were consumed by the evil that controlled them. A lost wolf of Badenwolf courage, and a young singer of deep bravado. If only their paths could have crossed mine earlier and not on such a destructive path. I could have saved them. But in the end I saw that that path could never be reached. The only thing I could do I did. I gave them a glimpse of what truth and forgiveness could give them. And in the end they walked away from the evil, trying to perhaps atone for it. It was a noble, valiant sacrifice both gave. Brandon sacrificed himself to destroy the center of evil. Nathan was on the path to saving his mother's life perhaps by giving his own. That path was taken from him by a murderous arrow of evil. Both were acts of selfless forgiveness. I believe with all my soul that God's love has entered both of them. They may now go forward on a path of eternal hope. God will give them their souls of atonement and forgiveness. I most of all forgive both of you. Go forward with my love. Let us pray that both shall walk in happiness in the next life. Go with love, go with peace and forgiveness, lost children of love."
Everyone bowed their heads, Jolan's voice cutting through the silence.

"On the northern side of this mountain lays a cascading waterfall, its beauty drawing all eyes of love. We shall lay these two souls there in its quiet beauty, the evil they have endured forever gone. Let God's beauty cover them with love, and let their lives forever flow within us. God is forgiving, God is love." Jolan said, the young man nodding at Arias, the young leader summoning twelve men from the crowd.

Six Badenwolf warriors picked up Nathan's coffin gently, six Sumsarian men picking up Brandon's.

The group upon the platform followed the two coffins as they were led down the left side, the pilgrimage heading for the northern slopes of Mount Deritannia.





End of Chapter 167


And so our Jolan is indeed alive and real.

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