Jolan's Path - Chapter 168


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 168


Beginning Paths of Love


Jolan smiled, his blue eyes looking at his grandfather.
Dominoso stood beside Jolan, Calen and Athos standing across from them.

Everyone was assembled in the West Chapel, the hour approaching seven.

A large feast was awaiting them in the Grand Hall, everyone gathered here for a dual wedding of love.

Reverend Francis stood upon the altar, the man of faith smiling at all four men.

Jolan and Dominoso were dressed in white suits, Calen and his eldest son dressed in black tuxedos.

Britney stood on the left side of the altar, awaiting the commencement of the ceremony, her voice ready to fill the air with its sweetness, as she had done at Simus' wedding.

Usher stood at her side, the two ready to sing a duet of Endless Love.

Jolan's eyes went to the front pews, his three soulmates smiling at him, all dressed in suits.

Justin had marvelled at Jolan's astute preparedness, the man having packed dress clothes for everyone.

He'd quietly told all three after the funeral that he had sensed the joining love to come, and had wanted to be prepared.

All three smiled at Jolan standing beside his grandfather.

They saw the look of happiness on his young handsome face.

The minister nodded towards Britney and Usher, both smiling, the music starting.

Their voices filled the quiet chapel, the congregation coming to its feet, all eyes turning down the aisle.

Two small boys walked together, a basket hanging between them, both grinning widely, throwing rose petals ahead of them.
Logan and Hayden were both dressed in identical white suits, both boys gleaming with happiness.

A few feet behind them walked Elijah Fontaine, the young man smiling widely, both of his arms entwined with a vision of matrimonial beauty.

On his left arm was his mother, Lydia Fontaine beaming with soft happiness, a white gown showing off her voluptuous figure.

On Elijah's right arm was his grandmother, Vera smiling widely, the older woman wearing a dignified white gown, her beauty belaying her age, her smile as wide as her daughter's.

Everyone smiled, cameras going off, the guests taking pictures.

This was a family wedding, the encroaching reporters kept at bay, Ethan Sumsare standing outside the church to keep everyone out.

Domo and Calen were both staring at the visions of their loving soulmate's walking love, Elijah beaming with happiness at his father and brother.

Krayos smiled at Elijah from the front pew; Isaiah and Mathis standing beside him, Tyrone and Sid filling the pew as well.

Elijah walked the two women to the altar, Domo and Calen walking forward, taking their soulmate's hands in theirs, Elijah kissing his mother and grandmother, the young man walking back to his Krayos, his soulmate putting his arm around him, both watching the ceremony before them.

"Please be seated everyone. Let us all bask in the shining love showing before us." Reverend Francis said, everyone returning to their seats, the minister smiling out at everyone.

"Good evening, all gathered souls of love. We gather here today to celebrate the union of four of love, of four of heart. Two were joined of lost love, two joined of twilight love." the minister said, smiling at Domo and Vera, the older man smiling.

"I still have some kick left in me, Reverend. The twilight years are far off." Domo said, the minister laughing, a lot of spectators laughing as well.

Vera lightly laughed, Domo smiling at her.

"Well said, Dominoso. Love at any age energizes the soul." the minister said, Domo nodding, squeezing Vera's hand.

"We are gathered here to celebrate the union of these four souls under God, and with his love in their hearts. Before I begin the vows, someone of giving love would like to bestow a blessing upon the two couples." the minister said smiling, nodding towards Jolan, the young man walking up to the minister's side, standing before the two couples, all four smiling at him.

"Love begins in our heart when we look upon the vision of our soulmate. When we see what is the core of our happiness. You four souls before us have looked into each other's heart and have seen their greater need. Love. Unconditional, giving love. You have walked paths of hardship, of lost love, of emotional turmoil to reach this day. This day when you give your trembling hearts to the person who now loves you back. We are all blessed this day for having seen that love unfold. You are surrounded today by your families, friends and acquaintances. I wish to place a blessing upon all four of you from all of us. We all stand at your side this day, and will be there for all four of you always. Today you begin your lives of wedded bliss with your family surrounding you. Walk into happiness, it shall fill your heart always."

Jolan smiled, walking forward and kissing all four on the cheek, the young man smiling, seeing tears in all four sets of eyes looking at him, the young man returning to his grandfather's side.

"A blessing of love and family for all four of you. Words of love and happiness. Now it is time for all four of you to seal your love to each other."
The four smiled, Reverend Francis looking out at everyone.

"The four before us wish to say their own words of joining love. Calen and Lydia, you may go first."

The two smiled at the minister, turning and taking each other's hands in the other's, Lydia speaking.

"I love you, Calen. From the first moment I looked into your grey eyes that first day I walked into your life. I knew then that I was too close to your love for my sister, so I stepped back and let you decide what you wanted from me. I saw in your eyes a gradual change, an acceptance of my own love, not a dual vision of my sister's, but your heart opened to my own love. And together we created a child of our love, your love sinking more into my soul. And then I left you, but I took your love with me. I never stopped loving you, Calen. Through all my imprisoned life, through all that man's torturous evil, I never stopped loving you. Here today I return to that love, my angel. Today I give you mine again. I am yours, in love, in heart and in soul. I love you, forever my Calen."
Calen's eyes were filled with tears, the man smiling softly at the women he now loved, had always loved.

"I love you, Lydia. Yes, at that first moment I saw my loving Lenora's beauty in your face, your love and your kindness. But under that illusion I saw an even greater love, an even greater beauty. I fell in love with the real you, Lydia. Your love was all I needed. You raised me from my grief and gave me a greater love, a different love. And yes together we forged that love into a child. You never had to leave, my love was here for you always, it would have protected you always. It is now yours forever. I pledge my love to you, my Lydia. Today your love has healed all of my soul. My soul--Badenwolf and Dragosan--is yours forever. I love you, forever my Lydia."

Lydia was smiling at Calen, her face covered in tears and love.

Reverend Francis smiled at both of them, his eyes turning to Dominoso and Vera.

"You have the floor, Dominoso." he smiled, the older man smiling.

"I'd sooner have my Vera." he smiled, everyone laughing, his blue eyes going to Vera.

"I'm a simple man, Vera. There is no ambition or false modesty in myself. There is only love, kindness and faithfulness. I love you, Vera. It's been a long time since I've felt what you've given me. To be honest I never thought I'd feel this way again. My heart feels so alive, so alive with your giving love. I want to spend the rest of those already named twilight years growing old with you. I love you, Vera."
Vera smiled, Domo smiled back at her, his face filled with love.

"You are the most caring man I've ever encountered, Dominoso. The beauty of your simple words, of your giving smile, it all wraps around my heart. I, too, never thought I'd feel this way again. I had walked so many years blinded from life, unable to see the beauty of it. Here now I stand before someone who shows so much love, who gives so much happiness to myself. I want to spend the rest of my life as well growing old with you. Let's show all these youngsters what they'll have to look forward to. I love you, Dominoso."

People smiled, some laughing, the four at the altar smiling at their soulmates.

"Four of love have now spoken words of love to each other. It is now time for the commitment vows. Let us start with they of the mature hearts. The rings, please."
Jolan smiled, he and Athos pulling out a ring from their suit pockets, placing both on the bible in Reverend Francis' hand.

"Answer me these questions of cementing love, Dominoso."

Dominos smiled, taking Vera's hands in his again.

"Do you, Dominoso Sumsare, take this woman, Vera Fontaine, as your lawful wife? To love, cherish and stand by her side through joy, love and hardships? To show your faith in only her remaining faithful in your heart alone?"

"I do." Dominoso said, Reverend Francis looking at Vera.

"Do you, Vera Fontaine, take this man, Dominoso Sumsare, as your lawful husband? To love, cherish and stand by his side through joy, love and hardships? To show your faith in only he remaining faithful in your heart alone?"

"I do, with all of my heart." she said, Dominoso's tearful eyes smiling at her.

The minister leaned the bible toward Dominoso, the man picking up the ring Jolan had placed on it, gently placing it on Vera's finger, clasping her hands again.

"A bond now exists between both of you. You are bonded in marriage and love." the minister said, smiling at Domo.

"Seal that bond with a kiss, Domo. "

Domo smiled, taking the woman in his arms, the two joined in a deep kiss of love, everyone in the congregation clapping loudly.

The two broke their kiss, Jolan smiling at both, the minister smiling at Calen and Lydia.

"It's now your turns, younger of heart. Answer me these questions of cementing love, Calen."

Lydia smiled, taking Calen's strong hands in hers.

"Do you, Calen Dragos, take this woman, Lydia Fontaine, as your lawful wife? To love, cherish and stand by her side through joy, love and hardships? To show your faith in only her remaining faithful in your heart alone?"

"I do." Calen said, the minister repeating the words to Lydia.

"Do you, Lydia Fontaine, take this man, Calen Dragos, as your lawful husband? To love, cherish and stand by his side through joy, love and hardships? To show your faith in only he remaining faithful in your heart alone?"

"I do, with all of my heart." she said, Calen smiling at her, taking the remaining ring from the minister's bible and slipping it on her finger, Lydia smiling at only him.

"A bond now exists between both of you. You are bonded in marriage and love." the minister said, smiling at both of them.

"Seal that bond with a kiss, Calen. And it's not a competition."

Calen laughed, pulling Lydia into his arms, the two kissing just as deeply as Domo and Vera, Jolan beginning the applause, the minister smiling at all four, waiting for the applause to die down.

He guided both couples over to a table on the left side, Britney and Usher singing We've Only Just Begun as the two couples and their witnesses signed all the church documents.

Within a few moments the couples were finished, walking to the front of the altar, Reverend Francis smiling.

"Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of love. I introduce to all of you, Calen and Lydia Dragos and Dominoso and Vera Sumsare." he said, everyone standing, the chapel filled with gathering love and thunderous applause.

The two couples joined hands, both walking down the aisle, Athos and Jolan following them.


Jolan sighed, feeling the lips on his neck, two hands opening his white dress shirt.

"You are way overdressed our angel of love." Josh said, his hands going across Jolan's chest as Chace removed his shirt.

Justin's lips were on Jolan's neck, lightly sucking his smooth skin, feeling the dried sweat on his shoulder blade.

The reception was over, the four having danced all night with everyone, and with each other.

Here now the hour was after two, the four having returned to their private bedchamber.

Logan and Hayden were spending the night with Sandra and Jessica, the two women having offered, sensing the three men's love for their returned Jolan was about to crest.

They and others knew the four needed a night of private reaffirmation of their joined love.

Jolan felt Josh's hands going to his belt, the leather strap slipping through his pant loops, delicate needful fingers going to his pant clasp.

"Why do I feel that I am about to be devoured by three of needful love?" he softly said, then gasped, as he felt Chace's hand slipping down the front of his pants, encircling his awakening center.

He felt another hand slink down the back of his pants, Justin's left hand kneading Jolan's right butt cheek, his fingers sinking down into Jolan's heated center.

"Please, my loves! You're. . .you're making me tremble."
Josh smiled, leaning forward, kissing Jolan's soft lips as Chace's hands pulled Jolan's pants and briefs down, Jolan stepping out of them, the man now naked in their center.

"It's been so long, Jo. We've missed your smooth beauty." Josh said, his hand going down Jolan's chest, rubbing his abs, the man beginning to sink to his knees, Jolan stopping him as Chace and Justin leaned in against his nude body.

"No, Joshua. A moment of love first." he softly said, Josh returning to his feet, staring into Jolan's blue eyes.

"There is a newness within my soul, my three of love." he said, Josh nodding, the three now moving in front of Jolan, all three staring at him.

"What is the newness, Jo?" Justin asked, Jolan smiling at all three.

"My love for all three of you is unchanged, it has been returned to you, I am yours as always and forever."
All three teared up, Jolan's face covered in a smile of total love.

"But the deepness of my soul now holds a greater need."
"What do you need, Jo? We will give everything." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"That is what I need, Chacey. I need everything that I've longed for. My passion from now on will be intense. I need all three of you so much. I was denied so much for so long. I need so much now. I need you three as I've never needed you before. My soul holds a higher level of passion now. I will devour all three of you for years. I only wanted to warn you. To warn you of my needful love."
All three were in tears, Justin moving forward, his lips meeting Jolan's.

"I was your first love, my angel. I will offer myself to that needful love."
Jolan was in tears, Josh and Chace smiling at the two.

Chace leaned over, whispering in Josh's ear, the other two hearing.

"Someone's building up his libido. I think his love is unchanged. He goes to other dimensions and all of a sudden he's a gigolo."
All four burst into laughter, Jolan smiling at his Chace.

"You are so going to be the last."

Chace laughed, Jolan's eyes meeting Justin's.

"Yes, my love. You were the first of my three souls of love. I will show you what you and they now mean to me."
Jolan moved forward, pushing Justin backwards, the man falling onto the mattress laying on the floor behind him.

"Speaking of overdressed." Jolan said, the man moving downward, his body going against Justin's, his hands making short work of Justin's clothing, the man naked within moments, Jolan's lips going to his.

Justin became lost in the passion he felt flooding his soul, Jolan's hands going everywhere across his body.

The other two of their souls stood above them, both watching Jolan's now slow, intense claiming of the man below him.

Josh leaned forward, kissing Chace's cheek, the man's eyes moving for a moment from the two making love before him.

"Wow! He is unbelievable! Justin looks totally lost." he softly said, Chace nodding.

"I think we may be in for a surprise." Chace softly said, his words interrupted by Justin's loud gasp.

"Oh, my God Jo! That's. . .oh God that's. . .Ooh!" he gasped, Jolan centering himself above his man.


Chace was sobbing, Jolan's arms around him, the man's head laying against Jolan's chest.

The four had been making love for hours, Jolan's words bearing a great truth.

The man had reclaimed all three, every inch of their bodies and needs fulfilled.

The man had been relentless in his need to devour all three.

He'd taken all three as his own, all three awash with the intense love and passion flowing into them.

While one regained his strength, Jolan moved on to the other two.

All three had been overcome by the intensity of Jolan's need, of the newness of his passion and want.

He'd devoured every inch of their bodies, their centers lost in the wetness of his lips, tongue and hardened center.

All three had climaxed three times, Jolan's own climax seemingly prolonged, the man's libido locked on needful energy.

All three had cried when the intensity became too much, the younger of them kissing them with calming love, their sexual heights slowly lowering.

Jolan had let all three claim him, the three lost in the moaning need coming from him, as if he was trying to pull all three of them into his body, their hardness pulled and stroked into many orgasms.

Their sheets were covered in sweat, the scent of their juices and manliness filling the room.

Here now it was hours later, the four laying sated in the middle of the bed, Jolan in the center, Chace's sobbing body against him, Josh and Justin on both sides of them, all exhausted.

Justin's eyes looked at his man, seeing the young man still looking energized.

"I warned you, my loves. My passion goes to new heights." Jolan said, kissing all three, Chace the last, the young man wiping the tears from Chace's wet cheeks.

"I'm sorry I was too much even for you, our energetic tiger." he smiled, Chace softly smiling.

"Oh, Jo. You. . .your love it was so intense. It's still so intense. How. . .how can we. . .even three of us. . .how can we. . ." he said, Jolan kissing the young man's lips.

"You three sate my soul with all of your love. You are more than enough for me."
All three smiled, Jolan grinning.

"But you know, that Usher has one hot ass."

Justin's hand slapped Jolan's butt, the young man laughing.

"Forget about his hot black bootie. You've got three white ones here that need you."
Jolan smiled, leaning forward and kissing Justin's swollen lips.

"That I do, my loves. And right now which one's up for fourths?"

All three shook their heads in amazement, Justin yawning, Chace joining him.

"Seems the youngsters are tired." Jolan said, kissing Josh's neck, the man snuggled against his right side.

"We're all tired, my love. How about sleep?" Josh said, Jolan sighing, his hands going over all three's warm chests, the young man sighing.

"Alright, my three angels. But don't be surprised if I wake all three of you with my giving love."
All three smiled, Justin wrapping his arms around Chace's nude body, closing his eyes and sighing.

"Looking forward to it, my Jo." he said, Chace smiling, his head laying against Jolan's chest again, closing his eyes.

Jolan smiled, looking at the two on his left side, a pair of soft lips kissing his neck, Jolan's head turning to his right, staring into Josh's blue eyes of love.

"I don't know if I can go the full round, but I still hunger for your love, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, gently moving Chace towards Justin, Justin's arms tightening around Chace more, Jolan slipping from Chace's grasp, the young man moving to his right, his body going on top of Josh's smooth form, Jolan feeling the man's warmth.

"I love you, Joshua. You and I hold a deep bond of needful love. I am yours always."
Josh teared up, Jolan's head lowering, their lips meeting.

"Mm, my God you're so beautiful and delicious, Jolan."

"And you are so familiar in your love, and beauty. I need you, Josh. Inside me." Jolan said, his hand going lower, encircling Josh's rising hardness, Josh moaning as Jolan stroked his enlarging shaft.

Josh moved, flipping Jolan to his right, the older man now on top of him, Jolan raising his legs, guiding Josh's hardness to his center, Josh slowly pushing into Jolan's center, the young man gasping.

"Take me to heaven, Joshua. I need all of you."
Josh felt a renewed energy, the man beginning a slow, deep rhythm, Jolan's legs wrapping around his ass, forcing the man forward, Josh becoming lost in the passion suddenly charging through him.

He thrust deep into Jolan for over fifteen minutes, both men lost in the passion.

Finally Josh felt the tide cresting, the man exploding deep within Jolan, the man lost in the orgasm flowing through him, Jolan's lips kissing all of his chest, neck and face as he hit the heights of passion.

Josh collapsed on top of Jolan, the young man smiling as he watched Josh's body convulse and slowly come down from the passion, the man's eyes closing, Jolan gently moving him to his left, the man slipping out of Jolan, Jolan's arms wrapping around him.

Josh felt the trembling in his soul, his body opening up into a deep sob, Jolan holding him as Josh became awash in the love Jolan had given him.

Jolan held him for a few minutes, the man gradually falling asleep in his arms, Jolan gently releasing him, the man's breathing calm and deeply filled with sleep.

Jolan smiled, his hands going over the man's chest.

"As loving and giving as I remembered, my Joshua. I love you." he said, kissing the man's lips, then quietly moving.

Jolan smiled down at Chace and Justin, the two embraced together, Jolan moving slowly, pulling the two men apart, Justin laying back onto the pillows, Chace laying between Josh and Justin, Jolan gently climbing on top of the man.

He smiled leaning forward, licking Chace's nose.

The man moved in his sleep, his head moving around.

Jolan lowered his body, his mouth finding the shaft laying against Chace's balls, taking it into his mouth, the shaft beginning to stir.

Chace gasped, his eyes slowly opening, staring downward.

"Jo. . .?"

Jolan's head raised, the man moving upwards, kissing Chace's soft lips.

"I've awoken my tiger again. I need you, Chace."
Chace softly smiled, looking on both sides of him.

"I'm still tired, my Jo."
Jolan smiled, kissing his lips again, his hands going to the man's hips.

"Just rest, Tiger. I'll please you."

Chace gasped when he felt the hardness rubbing against his own, that hardness going lower.

He gasped out loud when he felt the head sinking into his center.

Jolan smiled, the man slowly beginning his need.

Chace closed his eyes, lost in the growing passion overcoming him.


Justin yawned, the man's head under the warm water, the shower opening his soul to the morning's reality.

He smiled, thinking of the three men he'd left behind, all three sleeping in their bed, soft snores filling the room.

Justin had sat for over half an hour, just staring at his Jolan, the man's beauty proclaiming his realness.

Justin had kissed his lips, the man sighing in happiness.

His Jolan was back, and a newer Jolan indeed.

Last night's ending passion had opened Justin's soul to the deep need within Jolan.

He'd never known the man to be so erotic, so passionate and giving.

All three had succumbed to his needs, the man seemingly on fire.

The man had been right in his warning, and Justin smiled with deep happiness at that truth.

He sensed the next few months--maybe even years--would be passion filled.

He smiled, grabbing a bottle of shampoo, lathering his head, closing his eyes and running his fingers through his hair.

He felt two arms going around his wet waist, a muscular body going against his back, two lips going to his wet neck.

"Let me, my love." Jolan said, his fingers going to Justin's head, Justin sighing when he felt his husband's caring touch.

"Oh, Jo. That feels so relaxing."
Jolan smiled, pushing Justin's head under the water again, rinsing off the shampoo, pulling him around, their lips meeting, Justin lost in the passion he suddenly felt oozing off Jolan.

"I need you more than relaxed, my intoxicating angel." Jolan said, his hands running all over Justin's body, clasping onto his ass cheeks, pulling the man against him.

"Jo, my love! What's gotten into you? You've become the tiger."
Jolan smiled, gently licking Justin's lips.

"I have found the elixir of my soul, my Jus. Your love energizes my life."
Justin smiled, their lips meeting again.

"Are our other two angels still asleep?" he said, Jolan's tongue licking his shoulder blade.

"They are wrapped in each other's love. I think I truly tired them out last night when I awakened them again." he said, Justin looking surprised.

"I wanted them to sleep deep this morning, so you and I could have our own moments of love." Jolan said, Justin looking into his blue eyes of love.

"Oh, Jo."
Jolan softly kissed his lips, Justin feeling so much tenderness and love in that kiss.

"You are my center, Jus. We'll always have moments of singular love. I'm yours forever."
Justin moved, pressing the young man up against the shower wall.

"Show me that love again, Jolan. I hunger for it always."
Jolan smiled, the young man dropping to his knees, Justin gasping as his man began to claim him again.


All eyes raised when the Grand Hall's door opened, four visions of love walking into the room, Jolan Dragos in their center, four smiles almost brightening the room.

Two small boys ran across the hall, Justin and Josh sweeping their sons into their arms, Jolan smiling at both, kissing each on the cheek.

Chris leaned over to Joey, whispering in his ear.

"I think one room needs some deep disinfecting." he said, a large laugh echoing in the room, all faces smiling towards the laugh's owner, Jolan's face showing a large smile, his three soulmates smiling at him.

"Yes, Christopher. Walrus love can be extremely dirty." he said, laughing again, Chris' face reddening, Britney laughing beside him.

"He's back, my sweet. And his hearing's improved." she said, Lance chuckling beside her.
Joey burst into laughter, Lance joining him, the large filled room beginning to echo in laughter.

The three leaders of the clan smiled towards Jolan as he walked up to their head table, his three soulmates heading towards their table beside them.

Jolan smiled, looking around the whole room, the clan in the room on their feet, their faces covered in adulating smiles.

"Good morning, my families."
They all echoed a greeting of worshipping love, Jolan smiling, the young man standing in front of the leaders' table.

"Today begins the new path for all of us. The path of revealing truth. All of you today shall walk out of this ancient loving place, your hearts filled with a new truth. The truth of goodness and love that shone here yesterday. The world awaits that truth. We, as one clan of love and courage, walk forth onto the world's stage. I shall be drawn into its center, their needs and wants ferocious. I will stand by the truth, for I am who I am. I will need all of you to stand at my side. With your total love, the truth shall endure."
Everyone shouted, the room filling with their acceptance of Jolan's need.

The young man smiled, his blue eyes softly glowing.
"The three of your magical prophecy are gone, but I remain. The magic of my love and my soul shall stand by all of you. Let us walk forward to that future." he said, the room echoing again their devotion to his cause.

Jolan smiled, his eyes going to his immediate family's table, Justin smiling at him, Jolan's parents and Jennie on both sides of him, Hayden in his lap.

"Let's eat a hearty breakfast, and then let's go home." he said, the nation as one sitting back down, the morning fare steeped in their joined family's love.


Jolan stood upon the edge of the waters of the Lac De Viata, staring out into the deep blueness of its still waters.

Behind him stood his family, thousands of them.

The young man turned back towards them, his family and friends surrounding him.

"Water crossed in uncertainty now opens for a new path of assuredness. We walk towards our lives." he said, his blue eyes softly glowing.

The young man turned around again, pulling a white stone out of his pocket, its reality known to all surrounding him.

His arm moved with lightning speed, the stone skipping across the water, all eyes on its skipping ripples.

A loud groan was heard, the water seemingly separating, a clear path ascending upwards out of the water, the clear bridge to the other side again exposed.

Jolan smiled, turning and looking at the thousands staring at him in silence.

"The white stone has done its purpose, as has the grey. There is only one stone left. The black stone of the carved sun." he said, Josh walking up to him, his resonating voice heard by everyone.

"The last stone, Jolan. What is its purpose?"

"Its purpose is redemption and validation, Joshua. For it is the sealing of the clan and its faith." Jolan said, the young man looking towards the palace embedded in the large mountain's side.

"The past fades into the mists, the sunlight of truth echoes into our hearts." he said, the young man pulling out the black stone from his pocket, all eyes going to it as he raised it upwards, the sun etched in its surface almost gleaming.

"Life begins with the present. The past leaves with truth."
Jolan threw the stone with lightning speed, its black shape rushing towards the terrace of the palace behind them.

When it hit the terrace's steps, the whole palace exploded in a ball of gleaming brightness, all eyes covering against its illuminating brilliance.

The whiteness gradually faded, a deep mist of white cloud now covering the whole mountainside.

All eyes were drawn to it, the mist beginning to fade, all eyes going upwards.

Above the mountain, the sun came rising up, its brilliance evaporating the mist in mere moments, all eyes widening in shocked, stunned silence.

The side of the mountain was covered in deep forested vegetation, the palace gone.

Where the terrace had once stood now stood a soft green knoll of covered grass, in its center was a large tree, its branches spreading outward.

Under that tree stood three soft visions of shimmering wonder.

On the left side of the knoll stood a large winged warrior, his wings spread outward.

On the right side stood a large wolf of greyed fur, his yellow eyes gleaming across the plains.

In the center of the knoll under the tree stood a vision of a young man dressed in total whiteness.

"The new Tree of Life welcomes the three of destiny. The Wingshola, the Great Wolf and the Caitre Din Dragoste walk now into history. Let the remaining tree represent the budding life of their truth." Jolan said, the nation as one going to their knees, staring at the shimmering vision before them.

The three under the tree raised their hands, palms raised forward, the three shimmering then fading into the mist.

All that remained was the large tree, the nation raising its heads, their voices calling to heaven.

"They are life, they are love!"

All those surrounding Jolan stared into his blue eyes, the young man wearing a smile of total loving acceptance.

"Let's go home, my loves. My life with all of you begins." he said, Justin smiling and joining his hand with his, Hayden in his arms.

Josh and Chace smiled, Logan in Chace's arms, the six of family love walking onto the Peitrele de Viata, walking towards their lives.



Fifteen Months Later


Josh was in tears, the man on his knees, his son climbing out of his arms.

The young boy smiled, running across the grass, his brother's arms going around him.

"Welcome to our school, Loggie! I think you're gonna like it here!" Hayden grinned, the small boy grinning up at him.

Josh, Chace, Justin and Jolan all smiled, the four having arrived at the school together.

They'd all stood as a family when the yellow school bus had arrived at their home's front gate, Hayden standing with Logan, the older boy helping him climb up the bus' steps.

The four adults had smiled, standing together, watching Logan start his first day of school.

Hayden had started the year before, the boy being a year older than Logan.

Here today the smallest of their loving group was beginning his journey on life's path of knowledge.

"Will he be okay? I should go with him." Josh had said, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"He's beginning his own path, Joshy. Besides, Justin has the Jeep ready, we'll follow them."
Josh had smiled, the four piling into the car, following the school bus for a while, then Justin passed it, the four arriving at the school before the two boys.

They'd watched the two boys climb off the bus, Logan staring around in wonder.

Josh had rushed over to the boy, kneeling beside him, the boy climbing into his arms.

"You here's, Daddy?"
"Yes, my son. I wanted to make sure you're okay."

"Me's okay, Daddy. Me gots Hay to be with." the boy had grinned, climbing out of Josh's lap.

Here now the four stood watching the two boys, another small group of boys walking up to them.

"Hey, Hayden. Who's this?" a chubby boy said, smiling at Logan.

"This is my brother, Logan. He starts school today." Hayden said, his arm around the smaller boy.

Another small boy smiled at Logan, the boy wearing a crisp new shirt and new jeans.

"Hi, Logan. I'm Scott! This is Robert, my brother. I'm starting today too!" the small boy said, Logan smiling at him.

"We starting together, Scott. You be my friend?"
The boy grinned, his hand going to Logan's shoulder.

"Sure thing, Logan! Wow! I got friend's already." Scott grinned, Logan grinning at him, the two older boys guiding their brothers towards a teacher who was smiling at all of them.
"See, Josh. He's going to be okay." Justin said, his arm going around his soulmate as Josh stood up, Chace smiling at both of them.

"Our sons are growing up, boys. They just showed us they're going to be okay." Jolan smiled, Chace kissing his cheek, the four watching the boys follow the teacher into the school.

"And we're the lucky ones. We have the mornings now to ourselves." Jolan said, his hand going to Justin's backside, rubbing it.

"Oh, Jo. Can't you ever get enough?"
Jolan smiled, looking at all three.

"Heaven can't ever be enough." he smiled, the other three smiling, all walking towards the Jeep, climbing in, Justin pulling out onto the street, the four driving home.

Jolan sighed, looking out the car's window, his thoughts on the last year.

The fifteen months since they'd returned home had been filled with intense excitement, notoriety and drama.

The spotlight had been intense, Jolan indeed thrust into its center.

The world's need to know the truth had been relentless.

The only thing that had kept Jolan sane through all of the interviews, inquiries, protests, hearings and religious affirmations had been the love of his family.

When the world had closed in--and it did often--he'd sought out the love of his soulmates, their love anchoring his soul.

The world had been shown the truth, the joined clan voicing its truth to every listening foray.

Hearings had been held, the validation of the truth shown to the world.

God had come to earth and evil had been disseminated.

Countries had been liberated from tyranny, new nations of opening life coming into bloom.

The flowers of God's love were blooming.

The United Nations had had assemblies, the truths shown to the entire world.

Faiths of all denominations had gradually accepted the truth.

The world had changed, and life would never be the same.
And Jolan Dragos was the beacon of truth all turned to for validation.

Gradually he'd stepped away from all of it, the man having voiced the truth countless times, his story never changing.

He held nothing back, leaving the consensus of his revealing truth to simmer in the world's soul.

Eventually the truth was accepted, the visions seen shown to be true.

The evidence validated by the reporters who had been present on the Plains, their videos and still pictures showing that truth.

And three weeks earlier Jolan had held a press conference, stating his newly affirmed acceptance.

He was walking away from the world's stage.

His life now would be given over to his inner world.

To the five of his soul.

He would answer no more questions, or give no more speeches.

He sighed, leaning back into the car's seat, a soft smile crossing his face.

The last fifteen months had seen a lot of family happiness as well.

And some sadness.

Upon leaving Mount Deritannia, the group had flown back to Bloodstone Manor, staying there briefly before heading back home.

While there they witnessed another joining of matrimonial love.

Morgan and Camilla were married in the Manor's east gardens, everyone joining in their happiness.

Both had shown a glowing happiness, their love showing easily.

Krayos had stood at his father's side, their bonded love total.

Arias had given his mother away, his smiling face showing his love for his new father and brother.

Jolan had walked all the halls of the old manor, the home now quiet.

The magic of his grandfather's love was gone, the home now just that--a loving home.

From there the group had returned home, the world awaiting them with fevered need.

The months had been busy, intense and loving as well.

Cindy had given birth to a happy, energetic boy in late September, Trace's soul filled with fatherly love.

Little Jolan Justin Ayala--or J.J. as everyone called him--was a bundle of joyful happiness, his new uncles doting on him from the day of his birth.

Britney had delivered her twins in mid-December, Chris a changed man.

Their smiling tiny forms had transformed him into a doting father as well.

Kayla Jennica and Kristian Jolan Kirkpatrick were smiling joyous bundles of happiness.

"I can't believe a walrus could father two angels." Jolan had laughed in the hospital room that morning, he having driven Britney to the hospital himself, she having been at their home when her water had broken.

Joey had made a mad dash across town with Chris, the new father having just made it to the delivery room when the first child, Kayla, had decided to join the world of their love.

Justin and Jolan had been the first to hold them in their arms after their parents, both men smiling with love at their new niece and nephew.

Jolan smiled in the front seat of the car, his thoughts on Joey and Lance.

The two men had married on New Year's Eve; their friends, family and all of the gang joining them in Hawaii for the ceremony.

On the same beach where Justin, Josh, Chace and Jolan had married, their two friends of love joined as one.

It had been a moving weekend, rekindled memories of love stoking the fires of the four soulmates' souls.

Jolan smiled, looking into the backseat, Josh and Chace snuggled together, both lightly kissing, Justin's hand squeezing Jolan's beside him.

Jolan smiled at his husband, his thoughts going to his year of happiness.

Justin had returned to his first love.


The man had begun recording again with Josh, the two creating a new album for Justin.

The songs were steeped in love, happiness and joy, their own love flowing in their music.

Justin's album was set to debut in a few short weeks, Jolan having seen the happiness in the man's blue eyes.

His world was complete, his soul filled with new adventures.

Jolan sensed the two--and their former bandmates--would make some wonderful music together in the future.

Jolan smiled, Chace leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

Chace had had his own success, the man winning an Emmy for best male lead in a dramatic role for Gossip Girls in its last season, the young man then moving on to movies again. In February he'd stunned himself when he'd been nominated for an Academy Award for best actor in a small independent movie he'd produced and starred in.
In March his life's work had been honoured when he'd won that award, the young man thanking the three of his soul on that stage that night, all three smiling from the audience.

Jolan had never seen Chace so completely happy outside their loving arms.

Jolan smiled, his thoughts going to his own budding career.

In a few short weeks he'd be giving his first command performance in New York's Metropolitan Opera House.

Jolan had released a compilation of his classical music in the early spring, Leo and Justin having prodded him into doing it.

Its simplicity and haunting melodies had captured the classical music scene by storm.

Jolan wasn't totally sure if it was just because of the music alone, his stature in all the eyes of the world perhaps playing a part in its success.

Justin had talked to him for hours on the subject, his love showing Jolan his own worth.

Jolan was proud of the music, his soul written to melody.

He smiled, leaning over and kissing Justin's cheek, the man turning their vehicle down their street.

Jolan leaned back, thinking on the one moment of sadness throughout that long year.

In early May his loving grandfather Dominoso had passed away in his sleep in New York, the man wrapped in his Vera's loving arms.

Though their marriage had been short, their love had been endless.

Jolan had given the eulogy at his grandfather's funeral, his words steeped in love and beauty, all eyes tearing at his love for the man.

Vera had returned to England, Elijah and Krayos welcoming her into their new home, their love for her carrying her through her grief.

She was now helping Reverend Francis with his new orphanage, that work bringing joy to her life.

Jolan smiled, their vehicle pulling through their front gate, Justin driving up to the house.

All four smiled at each other, piling out of the SUV, Justin's hand going in Jolan's, the young man kissing his cheek, all four walking into the house.

Justin threw the car keys into the bowl by the door, his arms wrapping around his man.

"Alone at last, my angel. What sensual fun have you planned for us on this our first day alone?" he smiled, kissing Jolan's neck.

"I really hadn't planned anything, my love." Jolan said, smiling at his three soulmates, Josh smiling at him with soft lust.

"Your passion always surprises us, Jo. I'm sure you can think of something." Chace said, pulling his shirt off, his smooth muscular chest drawing all their gazes.

"You three head for the pool, a morning of skinny dipping sounds like fun." Jolan said, all three smiling.

"But be careful in the water, a shark may show up." he winked, Josh laughing, the other two joining him.

"Better a shark than a walrus!" Josh said, all four now laughing.

"I'll be out shortly, my sweets. I have to make up the beds upstairs."
Justin's arm wrapped around him, pulling him against him.

"Why bother, my love? We're only going to mess them again." he said, kissing Jolan's chin, Jolan lightly slapping his butt.

"This morning I want to make love in the warm sunshine, my beauties."
"Nice, Jo. Sounds exotic." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

"You get the boys all warmed up, Joshy. I'll join you when they're primed."
Josh laughed, his hand slapping Chace's butt.

"You heard him, my boys. Get those hot little buns into the sunlight so I can warm them up!"

Justin and Chace laughed, the three men heading towards the kitchen and the patio doors, Jolan smiling after them.

Jolan walked up the foyer staircase, going upstairs, walking into their bedroom.

He smiled, looking at the two king size beds.

How many nights' passion and love had flowed from one bed to another.

He smiled, remembering every touch, every sigh and gasp of that passion.

He quickly made up the beds, his nostrils filling with the scent of his three loves.

He walked across the hall, tidying up Hay and Logan's room, smiling at the joy he sensed in the room.

He was about to walk back downstairs when he'd finished in their room, a ray of light catching his eyes from his bedroom.

He walked back into the room, his eyes going to the window, a single ray of sunlight shining through the curtained window, its beam going against one wall.

Jolan smiled, walking across the room, staring at the lighted portrait showing in its beam.

The picture was of Jolan and his three soulmates, their two sons seated in their laps, the six all seated on the veranda of their Hawaiian resort.

He smiled, staring at the happiness on all their faces.

"You've received all you've ever dreamed of, Jolan."
"Yes, I have. It was more than I was ever destined for." Jolan said, his eyes moving to the bed, a young man smiling at him, his grey eyes filled with love and happiness.

"I wasn't certain if you'd ever return, Era."

The man smiled, his handsome face staring at Jolan.

"I'm on the backward trek, my friend. I've found the path to my happiness."
Jolan smiled, moving and sitting down beside him.

"You mean the path to my happiness." he said, Era smiling at him, the man patting Jolan's knee.

"Well-travelled and well-deserved. I assume you've pieced it all together?"

"There was just the one part of confusion. I think you might be able to shine light on that last part."
"It's time no secrets remained between us, Jolan. Your giving love now guarantees that. That's why I've returned for this last time. You need to hear the truth."

"I already know the truth, Erasmus."

The young man looked surprised, Jolan leaning forward, kissing his cheek.

"I've riddled out the last riddle. I know the answer to myself, and my future."
The man nodded, his grey eyes staring into Jolan's blue.

"Will you tell them?"

Jolan stood up, walking over to the window, opening the curtains, staring down on the backyard, watching Josh, Justin and Chace swimming in the pool, their obvious nude bodies bringing a soft smile to his face.

"I love them, Era. I'll let them find their own joy in our future."
The man stood up from the bed, walking to Jolan, the young man turned, looking at him.

"The riddle that couldn't be explained by anyone was this. Why did you age backwards? You came to me first as an old man, gradually regaining your youth as you followed me. I think I know the answer to that."
The man nodded, his hands going together, Jolan seeing the wolf tattoo on his ring finger, where the silver ring had once been worn.

"As Jennie explained to everyone in the chamber, you were the soul of Dragos Sumsare, Erasmus Sogard being the reflection of his name."
The man nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

"But you are something more, Erasmus."
"And what is that, Jolan?"
The young man smiled, staring into his grey eyes.

"You're me, Era. You were once the soul of Dragos and I was the mirrored soul of him. The three of us have been intertwined throughout history. We were one and all the same, but I became something more. I was the mirrored soul. I developed into the being of love you see before you. And I now sense you developed into something more as well."
The man smiled softly, Jolan smiling back.

"You aged from old to young for one reason. To show me my future. You are the soul of my future self. That old man I met that first day outside that grocery store in Oberson Falls was myself, in my later years. Am I correct?"

The young man nodded, smiling widely.

"You have the intellect, my young friend. Or should I say my intellect."

Jolan smiled, the young man's hand going to his shoulder.

"Yes, Jolan. That old man was you. I have walked the future farther than I once told you. You saw a reflection of yourself at the end of your life. A life filled with happiness and love. You saw the spring in that man's step, the love and happiness showing on his weathered face. Five souls of love made you that man of happiness. And every time that we met thereafter I aged a little more towards your youth because you were proceeding a little further on the correct path towards myself. And here now we are of equal age and life. For you are at the nexus of the path. This is the day of your greatest happiness. For today you walk forward as a free man. I've come to say goodbye. This path that lays ahead is now yours alone. I am going towards my own path. Heaven awaits me in my own reflection."
Jolan nodded, the young man lifting his hand, pulling off the silver ring on his finger, the other young man smiling at him.

"You gave me this in a moment of my doubting myself. It carried me through my own convictions. It's yours again, Era. I have the convictions of their love to carry me forward."
Era nodded his head, Jolan slipping the ring onto his finger.

"Will my life go on after they have left me?" he said, Era leaning forward, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Worry not of the future, Jolan. Today is tomorrow's yesterday. Love will guide you, each day a budding tomorrow."
Jolan smiled, staring at the mirrored image of himself.

"I love them all, Erasmus. Thank you for guiding me to all of them."
"Thank yourself, Jolan. I am the you that created you."
Jolan nodded, the man smiling.

"I must be off, I've got more love to create."

"More love?"
Erasmus smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek again.

"Nathaniel and Brandon need new paths as well. God's favours them with my intervention. They shall find that which they've always sought."

"I wish only that for both of them."
The man smiled, his grey eyes softly glowing.

"They shall have even more. I love a challenge." he said, a wide smile crossing his face.
The man faded before Jolan, the young man standing alone, Jolan turning and looking down into the backyard.

He smiled, walking out of the room, walking down the stairs, through the kitchen and out onto the patio.

He raised his eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun beaming down on him as he slowly walked across the grass, his eyes focusing on three smiling faces looking up at him from the pool's edge.

He saw a blanket spread out on the pool's edge, pillows filling it.

"Our sun-drenched love nest." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

Justin's eyes widened.

"Jolan. . .your. . .your eyes!" he said, Josh and Chace staring now at him as well.

Jolan's once blue eyes were now shining their old familiar silvery grey.

"I am myself finally, my loves. I am Dragosan, I am Timberlake."

Justin smiled, pulling his smooth body out of the water, Jolan taking in his smooth muscled beauty.

"I love you, Jolan. The real you."
Jolan smiled, his hands going to the polo shirt he wore, tossing it on a chair by the blanket, his shorts joining it, Justin taking in the smooth vision before him, Jolan's muscled chest glistening in the sunshine, his sun tattoo looking even more bright yellow.

"Five rays of love, five paths to my soul." Jolan said, the man pulling Justin against him.

"Our path begins, my loves. Each day is life." he said, pushing Justin down upon the blanket, Justin staring up at him.

Jolan's grey eyes went to Josh and Chace, the young man smiling.

"Come out of the water, my loves. It's time to swim in our own happiness."

Josh and Chace smiled, the two climbing up the pool's ladder, their nude bodies on full display.

"We've got a few hours, my angels. This new day begins with our love."
The four smiled at each other, Josh and Chace joining Justin on the blanket, Jolan smiling down at all three.

"I'm alive, and I'm loved." he said, a smile of total happiness showing on his face.
He smiled, the three pulling him down into their love.





End of Jolan's Path





A long battle against love and fate.

A path well travelled and walked; love, evil, life and hope showing through.

Our six of love now walk forward onto a path of their own love.

I'll let your imagination take you where you feel they should go.


Another three and a quarter years of walking life and imagination.

I hope you've enjoyed it as well as I've enjoyed writing it.


I have one person to thank for most of the battle I wagered against myself.

Thanks Mike for editing, judging and suggesting greater diction out of my soul.

I hope I even surprised you.


What lays ahead?

Another story perhaps?


Only time and perhaps your encouragement will tell.

A rest is well-deserved, but the future lays open to more imaginative forays.


Thank you all for walking with me.

I hope the path was filled with life.



Hugs, Angel