Jolan's Path-Chapter 17

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 17

Justin awoke from a sound sleep, finding himself alone in the large bed.
He felt no indentation beside his sleeping form, the sheets cool.
He sensed Jolan had been up for a while.
He leaned over, scanning the clock radio.
Ten minutes after seven.
He sat up, stretching his taut muscles.
He smiled, remembering the tenderness of last night's final moments.
Jolan had voiced his love for him.
Jolan loved him.
Justin smiled, pulling himself out of bed.
He saw one of the patio doors was slightly open.
He grabbed his robe, wrapping it around his brief-clad body, walking towards the open door.
He saw Jolan standing out on the balcony, staring out into the morning sunshine.
He was fully clothed, Justin realizing he'd indeed been up for some time.
Justin walked out onto the balcony, his arms encircling Jolan.
"Good morning, Jo. Sleep well?"
Jolan smiled, feeling the tenderness of the arms encircling him.
"Yes, my Jus. Your arms of protective love kept me safe."
Justin smiled, laying his chin on Jolan's shoulder.
"What time did you get up? You look like you've been up for a while."
"Around five. You sleep very soundly. I showered and shaved, then did some exercises. I don't think a bull in a china shop could wake you."
Justin blushed, Jolan turning and kissing his cheek.
He suddenly realized something.
"You called me my Jus!"
Jolan smiled, kissing him now on the lips.
"Yes, my Jus. I sensed in my heart last night that perhaps I really want you to be my Jus. That you do really love me. I've been thinking on it all morning."
Justin smiled, returning Jolan's kiss.
Jolan felt the love and tenderness in that single kiss.
A moment of shared joy and happiness joined both men together.
"Mmmm, that was delicious. Your kisses feed my soul." Justin said, Jolan smiling back at him.
"Is this all real, Jus? Or is this just a dream and I'm still in the darkness of my coma?" Jolan said, lowering his head and breaking their contact.
Jolan sat down on the wicker loveseat, Justin sitting beside him.
"This is no dream, Jo. You and I are here, together, and as one. I love you, and now I know you love me. I heard the truth in your own words just as I fell asleep last night. You love me."
Jolan smiled, laying his head on Justin's chest, Justin's arm going around him.
"Something woke me up this morning, Jus. A sense of clouded reason, of dreaming destiny."
Justin held him a little tighter.
"What do you mean, Jo?"
Jolan looked out onto the sunny day's warmth.
"I think today's going to be a day of discovery. I feel it in my heart."
"Is this about going to the hospital? About the tests?"
Jolan sat up, looking into two concerned blue eyes.
"I think I am ready for what's to come. Now, I sense it will be nothing like I hoped it would be. I think I'm in for the ride of my life."
Justin ran his hand along Jolan's cheek, Jolan looking at him with love.
Yes, Justin saw the love in Jolan's grey eyes now, his love for only him.
"What lays ahead is you and I together, Jolan. What happens to you, happens to me. I will be right there by your side. Whatever happened before can't destroy what you and I have. I want you to find your past, Jolan. So that you can heal yourself, and move on to your future. Your future with me. That in itself will be unbelievable."
Jolan smiled, sensing in his heart that future would be breathtaking.
"Justin, I felt your desires yesterday morning. I was awake when we lay together. Why didn't you act on them? Why didn't you come on to me?  I was laying there exposed to you."
Justin leaned forward, kissing Jolan gently.
"I want you in that way only if you want me as well, Jo. I love you, but I will never possess you. Your heart is your own, free to give to whomever you choose. I want to earn that love, I want to feel that love in your touch, as well as your body. But I want it to be by your design. I can wait until you're ready, Jo."
Jolan teared up, sensing the deep respect this man had for him. And the deep love.
"You are unbelievable in your beauty, in your love and in your caring friendship, Justin. I can't believe you want only me."
Justin pulled Jolan to him, Jolan's head again on his chest.
"Get those thoughts out of your head, Jo. It's true. Don't doubt that which lays before you, only enjoy the beauty of its love."
Jolan smiled, feeling the strength and determination coming from this wonderful man.
They sat there together, in silence but in love.
Jolan lifted his head.
"How about I make you breakfast, Jus? Trace brought lots of breakfast foodstuff yesterday. Cindy should be up soon."
"Okay, Jojo."
Jolan raised his eyebrows, Justin smirking.
"Jojo? What's that all about?"
Justin chuckled.
"I've been thinking. I need a new love name for my new beauty."
Jolan blushed, Justin loving the redness on his beautiful face.
"Jojo sounds like a Parisian whore, Justin."
Justin laughed, Jolan smiling.
"Okay, Jo. I'll think of something better."
"So will I, my beauty."
Justin smiled, kissing him with a little flirting lust.
"Okay, let's get you into the shower, and then let's get your belly full of my cooking."
Justin batted his eyes.
"My little Parisian whore going to bathe me?"
Jolan laughed, slapping his shoulder.
"My horndog is old enough to bathe himself."
Justin pouted, Jolan laughing again.
Justin face changed into a smile, seeing the happiness on Jolan's beautiful face.
Yes, he was going to make this beautiful man happy for the rest of his life.
Jolan smiled, the same thoughts running through his mind.
Jolan stood up, pulling his boyfriend into the bedroom.

Miguel Castro was awakened by a ringing telephone.
He struggled to the nightstand, grabbing the phone.
"Who is this? Do you know how early it is?" he said in his heavy Mexican accent.
He heard the familiar voice.
"Too early for fortunes, my old friend?"
Miguel leaned back, a smile now on his face.
"What's the job, amigo?"
"We need another one. And it has to be a healthy boy."
Miguel grabbed a pack of cigarettes off his nightstand, looking at the body laying beside him.
"The price? This isn't something that comes cheap." he said, lighting a cigarette.
"How does ten thousand sound?"
Miguel smiled.
"Ten thousand for me, and five for Vanessa. We'll both have a risk in this. You know the score."
The phone went silent for a moment.
"Oh come on! We both know you'll get five times if not more for him. Don't be greedy, Hopkins."
"Very well, Castro. But this better be a spectacular child. The Ormands want the best, no deficiencies. He has to be perfect."
"Leave that to my Vanessa. You know she always picks the perfect specimen. It's her gift."
"Alright, Miguel. Tomorrow morning at nine, at the usual spot. I'll take possession and you'll get your money."
Miguel smiled, hanging up the phone.
He smiled, looking over at the moving body beside him.
"Another job, Papa."
Miguel smiled, pulling back the sheet, exposing the beautiful young woman laying beside him.
Vanessa was a vision of youthful beauty.
But she was also a tortured soul.
Miguel had bought her in Manhattan almost five years ago.
Miguel was well-connected with the underground slavery markets thriving in New York.
Yes, he was well connected.
Being a trafficker in children gave him many connections.
Jefferson Hopkins was his most important contact.
And through him, Miguel had gained his most prized possession.
The vision of beauty laying beside him.
Her black, curly hair lustered in the morning sunshine, her white smooth skin causing Miguel's desires to flow.
He pulled himself on top of her, staring down into her eyes.
"My little angel. Papa needs you." he said, his fingers running down her nude body.
Vanessa stared up into his brown eyes, seeing the lust there, the unbridled passion.
She'd let this man have her so many times that she'd numbed herself from the pain.
"I am yours, Papa." she said, her mind blank of any emotions, her face wearing a fake expression.
"You are my child, you are. You are so enticing, so beautiful. Papa needs you so much."
He opened her legs, sinking into her opened center.
An innocent center he'd christened himself.
He shivered, feeling the warmth invade him.
He started his rhythm, the young woman below him oblivious to his ministrations.
She was looking up at the ceiling.
Letting him do his business, as he'd done so often.
He'd beaten all the resistance out of her.
She'd given into the hurt, adopting a false emotional identity.
Her true heart lay buried under the pain.
This child of lost heart was waiting for the end.
For the blissful end of her tragic life.
As she continued to stare, her small eyes began tearing.

Jolan stepped through the doors of the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Justin at his side.
Trace and Cindy were behind them, both there for Jolan as well.
Justin walked up to the information desk, asking the nurse seated there for directions to the trauma center.
The older nurse looked at him with interest, wondering where she'd seen that face before.
She shrugged, giving him directions.
The four went to the bank of elevators, walking into the first one that opened.
Justin hit the button for the sixth floor.
Jolan stood between Trace and Justin, Justin's hand going in his.
Jolan felt his strength and love in that gesture.
They separated again when the doors of the elevator opened, the four walking out into the trauma center.
The nurse at the main desk directed them into a waiting room, leaving them there to wait for Jolan's doctor.
They waited there for about ten minutes, the four quietly talking.
Justin sensed Jolan's relaxed manners, sensing he was calm.
A few minutes later, a young doctor walked into the room.
Jolan stood up, smiling at him.
The doctor looked around thirty, black-haired and possessing a handsome, beautiful chiseled face.
"And you must be Jolan. My name is Dr. Nathan Livingstone. A pleasure to meet you."
The other two men stood up, the doctor looking at Justin first.
"Good God, you're Justin Timberlake!!!" he said, his eyes widening in awed shock.
"Yes, Dr. Livingstone. I'm Jolan's best friend." Justin said, the doctor smiling as they shook hands.
"You travel in high circles, Jolan."
Jolan blushed, Justin introducing Trace and Cindy.
"Dr. Livingstone, I presume." Trace said, laughing.
The doctor laughed back, smiling at Trace.
"Geez, I've never heard that one before!" he smiled, the others realizing he'd probably heard it many times.
The doctor smiled at them all, looking at Jolan again.
"So Jolan. I understand you need my help."
Jolan nodded, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.
"I need my life back, doctor. Can you help me remember who I am?"
Dr. Livingstone smiled at Jolan, gently placing his hand on Jolan's shoulder as well.
Jolan took an instant liking to the kind man.
"I'll do my best, Jolan. I'll try and help you. Come with me, my young friend. Let's see what we can learn about what's going on in that lost mind of yours. This will be an all day session. Your friends should go, and come back later when you've finished."
"If it's alright doctor, I'd like to stay with Jolan. I'm his moral support." Justin said, the doctor nodding.
"That's fine. I see your friendship there for Jolan, Justin. And just relax. You have our total privacy."
Justin smiled, nodding at the young man.
He immediately like the doctor as well.
"Alright, doctor. I'm ready." Jolan said, smiling at the man.
"Call me Nathan, Jolan. You and I are going to be spending some time together."
"Alright, Nathan."
The doctor smiled, Trace and Cindy hugging Jolan goodbye.
They'd be back whenever Justin needed Trace to pick them up.
Their two friends left, Jolan and Justin following the doctor through a maze of corridors.

"Relax, Jolan. The feeling of pressure is only temporary." the doctor said into a microphone, Justin standing beside the doctor in the control room.
Jolan was laying on a table, enclosed in a metal tube.
He was having an MRI Scan.
The doctor as well as another technician were looking at the images coming across the computer monitors.
"Doctor, are you seeing this??" the technician said, looking at the images with large eyes.
"That's impossible! Are you sure you're processing the imaging output right, Frank?" Nathan said, the other man checking the instruments.
"Yes, Doctor. They're all working perfectly. Look at the bioscan on his left frontal area."
The doctor looked at the image, his eyes widening.
"This just can't be. For someone to have that large of an increased cerebral cortex his body would be convulsing. Get Dr. Ashton and Dr. Manderly in here now!"
The technician hit the intercom button, paging the two aforementioned doctors.
Justin stood beside the two men, trying to figure out what was going on.
"What's going on, Nathan?" Justin asked, the doctor turning towards Justin.
"Justin, The pictures of Jolan's brain mass and alignment aren't correct. There's something wrong with the images. Either that or there's something greatly wrong inside his head."
Justin looked into the room, seeing the cylinder that contained his friend.
"How so?"
"The cerebral cortex is the main frontal area of the brain. It controls memory, intelligence, consciousness and language. For Jolan to have a cortex the size that we're seeing, he would be unbelievably unique. This just doesn't make sense. It's almost ten percent larger than any ever recorded." the doctor said, staring at the images.
The door of the room opened, two older doctors entering.
"Hello, Nathan. What's going on?" the first doctor said, looking quietly at the younger doctor, and the young man standing beside him.
Dr. Livingstone introduced the two older doctors to Justin.
"Take a look at this, will you, Doctors."
The two doctors looked towards the computer screens, both sets of eyes scanning them in confusion.
"This doesn't make sense at all." Dr. Ashton said, staring at what he couldn't believe lay in front of him.
"And everything is functioning correctly?" Dr. Manderly said, Nathan nodding.
"Are you recording these?" Dr. Ashton noted, his eyes glued to one screen in particular.
"Yes, we're recording everything."
"What is his cell count?" Dr. Manderly said, the head surgeon on duty.
"Cordical pyramidal cell count is thirty-two point three billion." the technician stated, staring in awed wonder at the number.
"That's impossible!! That's almost three times the average count!!" Dr. Ashton said, the oldest of the group.
The technician looked up at all three doctors.
"Um.. . .Dr. Livingstone? They're. . .they're increasing at an alarming rate. They're at thirty-two point seven, now thirty two point eight million!"
The three doctors looked at the screen, staring in shocked wonder.
Justin saw the concerned looks flood their faces.
"What's going on?" Justin said, seeing their obvious shock.
"Do you see that darkening center forming in the center of the cortex? All the cells appear be focusing there. It's like a forming tissue." Dr. Manderly said, his voice soft.
"Or a developing tumor." Dr. Ashton said.
"Yes, and look at its size. It's fluctuating. That man should be dead, or a convulsing twitching mess. Hang on a moment. Let's try something. Reduce the magnetic field."
Nathan hit a knob, turning it slowly.
All three doctors stared at the image in shock.
"Get him out of there now! Shut the MRI down!" Nathan said with authority.
The technician hit the buttons in fast motion, Jolan's table moving.
"The magnetic field, it has to be the field! It's acting as a enhancer!" Dr. Manderly said, in shocked wonder.
Nathan felt Justin turning him around.
"What's going on, Nathan?" Justin said, his face now a mask of concern for his Jolan.
Nathan stared at the singer.
"Your friend's brain is reacting to the magnetic field surrounding it. I've never seen this happen. It's changing, his cells are changing!"
Justin's eyes flew towards the room, seeing his friend's body coming out of the cylinder.
The five men stared in wonder as Jolan's face came into view.
Jolan's head turned, two grey shining eyes staring at all of them.
The doctors thought they were actually glowing.
Justin knew in his heart that they were.

Jolan had been laying in the center of the cylinder, his mind relaxed and calm.
And then he'd felt it.
A sense of weightlessness, of being lifted up.
And then he'd been stunned when he opened his eyes.
He wasn't laying on the table anymore.
He was standing in a hallway.
He looked around, seeing the name on the door beside him.

MRI Room 7

He was standing in the hallway outside the room where he was being scanned.
He looked around, a nurse and an orderly walking right by him, not looking at him at all.
Jolan raised his hand, seeing that he was transparent.
They hadn't looked at him because they hadn't seen him.
He looked at his hand for a moment, the shock of seeing it immobilizing him.
Jolan sensed his soul was out of his body again, and that somehow his mind was now with it.
He was walking in his invisible soul.
And then he suddenly heard a soft voice.
"Help me, God. Give me death."
His momentary trance ended, Jolan looking around.
The voice had been emotional, Jolan sensing a lot of hurt behind the trembling soft voice.
He began walking, sensing he was going in the right direction.
The direction of the voice.
His senses led him to a stairwell.
Jolan stood by the door, reaching out.
The doorknob went right through his fingers when he tried to grasp it.
Jolan stood in silence for a moment, then took a deep breath, walking forward.
He walked right through the door.
He came out on the other side, standing in the stairwell.
He stood silent, looking around.
Then he heard a soft sound.
He looked down, seeing someone standing two floors below, leaning against a wall.
The person looked small of stature, wearing a hooded sweatshirt.
Jolan quietly walked down the steps, the person not moving.
Within a few moments, he was standing beside them.
The person's head was lowered, Jolan unable to see who it was.
They didn't move, but Jolan heard their breathing.
A few moments later, the stairwell door opened in front of them, an older Hispanic man walking into the stairwell.
He closed the door behind him, looking out into the hallway first.
"Alright, it looks good. It's in between shift changes. There are only two nurses on duty, one in the main nurses station, and one in and out of the rooms. Have you felt anything yet? Anything calling to you?"
The smaller person raised their head, Jolan staring at a youthful face.
The person wore sunglasses, their eyes hidden.
When the person spoke, Jolan heard the soft femininity of her voice.
It was the same voice he'd heard upstairs.
The voice of hurt, the hurt now hidden behind her words.
Jolan sensed she was hiding the hurt from this man.
"I feel him. He's a boisterous one. A little tiger of an angel. He's in the center of the last room."
"And he's healthy?"
"Yes, he's the healthiest of them all."
The man grinned.
"Good. You know what to do. I will be right here waiting. Make it quick."
The person looked around.
"I sense something else, Papa." she said, Jolan stepping back into the shadows.
"What do you sense?"
She looked around, Jolan not moving an iota.
"I sense a presence, a presence of benevolent kindness. Like a walking angel."
The man looked at her for a moment, then his hand moved in a flash.
He struck her forcefully, the blow hitting her face.
She slumped back, the man grabbing her.
"Enough of your nonsense! We have a job to do! Listen, my angel. Think of the money we'll have. Do this for me."
The young woman nodded, Jolan seeing the trembling of her shoulders.
This woman was terrified of this man.
Terrified of her own father.
The man opened the door, the young woman sighing, then walking through it.
Jolan felt in an instant his body going through the doorway, Jolan seeing the young woman walking ahead of him.
He followed her at a distance, the woman stopping for a moment, turning and looking behind her.
Jolan softly walked up to her, putting his hand on her shoulder.
He stared into her dark glasses, his mind flooding with images.
She stared back at him, as if seeing right through him.
Then she shook her head, turning back and walking forward.

Jolan followed her in shocked silence, as she walked down another corridor of the hospital.
Jolan saw the signs on the walls, what was happening before him now making sense.
He followed her, seeing where she was heading.
The young woman slipped into a room on her left, standing behind the door.
Jolan stood in silence, watching a nurse walk past the room, heading down the hallway in the opposite direction of where the woman had been heading.
In a flash, the young woman was on the move again, walking into the last room on the corridor, three doors down from where she'd just hidden.
Jolan stood outside the room, staring through a glass window, seeing what was about to happen.
And then he felt his body moving against his own wishes, pulling him away.
Jolan opened his eyes, seeing four men in white coats staring at him through a glass window. Justin stood beside all of them, his eyes staring at him.
Jolan sat up quickly, jumping off the table, and rushing for the doorway.

Justin saw Jolan moving, sensing an alarming look in his eyes.
Justin turned just as the older doctors realized what was happening.
"Where is he going? Stop that patient, Nathan! Did you see his eyes??" Dr. Ashton said, Nathan moving now as well.
He followed a rushing Justin out of the control room.
The two men stopped in the hallway, just as they saw a running Jolan disappearing through a stairwell door at the end of the corridor.
Justin and Nathan looked at each other for a moment, Justin taking off in a flash.
Nathan followed, now positive that something was seriously wrong with Jolan.
Justin hit the stairway door flying, ramming through it, stopping in silence.
He looked down, hearing Jolan's footsteps on the stairs.
"Jolan! Please come back! Where are you going?" he yelled.
"To the maternity nursery! They're in danger!" he heard Jolan's laboured voice below, then the slamming of a door.
Nathan rushed through the door, Justin turning and facing him.
"What floor is maternity?" Justin said, Nathan seeing Justin's worried face.
"Two floors down. But what are you talking about?"
Justin didn't answer, his feet flying down the stairwell.

Jolan ran down the corridor, his destination set.
He flew by two nurses chatting at the nurses station.
"Sir? Stop please! This is a hospital!" one nurse said loudly, startled at seeing the running man.
"Come with me! The baby's in danger!!!" he yelled as he flew down the corridor.
The nurses exchanged looks, both moving in unison, their pace quickening.
Jolan rushed into the last room at the end of the corridor, stopping in an instant.
He looked around the room, seeing the small incubators.
Each held a little infant, soft gurgling come from most of them.
Jolan focused on one sitting in the middle of the three rows.
It was empty.
The small boy infant who'd been born yesterday morning was gone.
Jolan looked at the incubator, reading the name.
He turned just as the nurses rushed into the room.
"What are you doing in here?"
"The Defalco child. Does his mother have him?"
The younger nurse's eyes zeroed in on the empty incubator.
"No. He was here five minutes ago! What did you do with that child?"
"I haven't time for questions. Did either of you see a young woman with a hooded sweatshirt? Think!!"
The older nurse looked in shock, the younger one looking at Jolan.
"Yes, a few minutes ago. She was carrying a sports bag. Oh God, no!!" she said, covering her mouth.
The implication was immediate in everyone's mind.
"Call the police! A child has been taken! Where did she go?"
"She went down the far stairwell on the right." the nurse said, pointing out the door
Jolan was on the move.
He flew out of the doorway, almost colliding with Justin and Nathan.
"Jolan! What in God's name are you doing??" the doctor said, Jolan not stopping, again flying down the corridor.
"Jolan! Stop, please!!" Justin said, watching his friend's gait increase.
The two nurses were staring at the young doctor.
"A child's been taken!" the older one said, her eyes filled with tears.
The doctor stood in shock, Justin staring after his friend.
Justin immediately sensed that Jolan had sensed the child's abduction.
He took off running again, Jolan now with a big lead on him.

Jolan flew out of the first floor stairwell exit, his senses heightened.
His grey eyes scanned the west side parking lot.
His ears were on alert, listening for any sound.
He instantly heard it.
A soft whimpering.
He zoned in on his mind, focusing on the sound.
It was coming from the left side of the lot.
Jolan was on the move, running between the parked cars.
He spotted a old white van in the far corner, almost hidden out of sight.
Jolan lowered his body to stay hidden, slowly moving between the vehicles.
He stopped three vehicles away from the van, listening into the silence.
The voices inside the van could be heard clearly.
"You said he was healthy? This child isn't moving?"
"Oh, my God! You didn't open the bag!! You've smothered him!" the young woman said, sobbing.
"Shut up, you slut!" the man said, Jolan hearing him hitting someone.
He knew in his heart it was the young woman.
"Oh God! He isn't breathing!" she sobbed, Jolan hearing a sudden thud sound, and a soft moan.
"You bitch! You've cost me everything! I'll deal with you when we're home!" the man said, Jolan hearing the vehicle starting.
Jolan didn't wait a moment more.
In the background he heard the police sirens.
Jolan climbed on top of the car he had laid against.
He crouched down on his hind legs, ready to pounce.

Miguel Castro was seething with anger, looking into the back of the van.
Vanessa lay in a huddle, unconcsious from the blow he'd given her with the tire wrench.
He was feeling guilty, hoping he hadn't damaged her too much.
He loved and hungered for the young woman in his own twisted way.
He knew in his heart it was his fault the child had suffocated.
In his rush to get out, he'd grabbed the bag from her, pulling her down the stairs.
He'd forgotten to open the leather bag.
He banged his fists against the steering wheel, starting the van.
He pulled out of the parking lot, heading between the rows of silent cars.
In a moment of sudden clarity, in the middle of his anger, he saw what he took to be an angel flying in front of him.
Then he zoned in on the truth.
A man had leapt from the top of a parked Cadillac, flying through the air.
Miguel froze in stunned silence, the man landing on the front of his van.
His hands grabbed onto both windshield wipers, the man precariously hanging onto the vehicle.
Miguel panicked, flooring the vehicle.
This wasn't the place he wanted to be.
He sensed in his heart this man was on a mission to stop him.
To end his freedom.
Miguel sped out of the lot.
Jolan hung on for dear life, the man in front of him glaring at him as he picked up speed.
Jolan knew he had only one shot, his mind focusing on one point in his body.
The surface of his right hand and knuckles.
His grey eyes glowed instantly.

Justin, Nathan, and four police officers–as well as two security guards–came rushing out of the stairwell exit, looking upon a sight that stopped them in their tracks.
A white van was screaming across the parking lot, a man hanging off the front of its hood.
Justin saw with unbelieveable shock that it was Jolan.
And the eight men stared in shock, as they saw Jolan's right arm let go of the left windshield wiper.
Jolan's body swung in a fluid motion as the van made a sudden turn, Jolan moving forward on the back swing rather like a pendulum, as the vehicle turned in the other direction.
His fist flew ahead of him, Miguel staring in wonder as it came right in front of him.
Miguel Castro managed a smile, knowing the man's hand would break upon impact with the solid glass.
Then Jolan's fist hit the windshield, smashing right through it.
It hit Miguel squarely in his smiling face, the man's body jerking to the left.
The van swerved, hitting three cars, Jolan sailing off the van's front window, rolling across the tops of two cars.
The van stopped when it hit a large pickup truck, coming to a complete stop.
Justin was on the move, as were the other seven men standing around him.
Jolan's head popped up from behind the smashed vehicles.
He was on his feet in a flash, closer than the others, running up behind the van.
He pulled open the van's back doors, staring inside.
On the floor of the van he saw a curled up ball, a small head slowly rising.
He stared into a terrified face.
"Help me! The baby!" she sobbed, Jolan climbing into the van.
He crawled up beside her, looking towards the front of the van.
The man in the driver's seat lay comotose against the driver's door.
Jolan looked down at the woman, seeing in her hands a leather bag.
It was open, Jolan seeing a small head inside.
He gently lifted the small infant out of the bag, the woman staring at him in tearful silence now.
Justin and Nathan came running around the van, staring into it.
Two officers were opening the driver's door, pulling the unconcscious driver out.
"Are you alright, Jo?"
Jolan looked towards Justin, nodding.
The young girl was trembling, Jolan lifting the infant into his hands gently.
"Get paramedics out here right now!" one police officer said beside the driver laying outside the van, Nathan yelling at the security guards.
Jolan looked down at the infant in his hands.
"Don't worry, little one. Your life just begins. A gift from one child to another." Jolan softly said, one of his hands gently laying on the infant's bare chest.
Jolan closed his eyes.
The van was in silence, three people staring at the small infant.
The infant trembled, then moved.
It breathed in, a soft cry coming out of its small open mouth.
Jolan opened his eyes, smiling.
"There, there, little Benjamin. Welcome back into this world of hope."
Justin and Nathan stood in stunned silence.
"Nathan, take the child." Jolan said, leaning forward, Nathan gently taking the child from him, cradling it in his forearm.
Jolan and Justin's eyes met, Justin seeing something unbelieveable there.
A look of total joy.
Jolan turned back to the young woman laying on her side in the back of the van.
The young woman slowly sat up, blood coming from her forehead where Miguel had hit her.
Jolan looked at her side, seeing her cradling her left arm.
He sensed it might be broken.
Jolan slowly moved forward, removing her sunglasses, which she still wore.
She stared at the young man sitting in front of her.
Jolan stared into her grey eyes, identical to his own.
They stared at each other for a long moment; Justin and Nathan–as well as two police officers–looking at both of them.
In front of them, two emotional people were looking into the lost eyes of their past.
"Jolan? Is that you?" the young woman said, her emotions breaking down, her beautiful grey eyes filling with tears.
Jolan smiled at her, his own emotions now breaking down.
The young woman fell into his arms, Jolan pulling her close, his strong arms wrapping around her injured body.
His tearing eyes turned, Justin staring at him, seeing the emotional joy in those tearing grey eyes.
"My Jennie. I've found my Jennie."

End of Chapter 17

Now how's that for a shocker??
Has Jolan found his lost sister??
What are the doctors going to do in regards to Jolan's irregularities.??
Will Justin let them touch him??
How will he react to Jolan's now open gifts??

A chapter of dramatic revelations!
Onward to a moment of touching love.

Hugs, Angel.