Jolan's Path-Chapter 18

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 18

Justin sat in quiet silence, looking at Jolan.
The two men sat on a couch in a private hospital waiting room.
Jolan's hands were between his legs, his head bowed.
They were waiting for news on the young woman's condition.
Justin looked at Jolan, the past half-hour flying through his mind.
The words that Jolan had spoken in the back of that van had shocked him to his very soul.
Could she really be Jolan's lost sister, Jennie?
Could fate and destiny somehow have miraculously reunited the two lost siblings?
The look on Jolan's face at that moment had been one of complete joy.
He'd carried the young girl out of that van himself, walking into the hospital with her in his arms, foregoing any assistance from the now visible medical staff.
He had carried her into the emergency ward, two doctors gently taking her from him.
They now sat waiting for word on her condition.
Justin had thought she'd looked emaciated and thin, a frail child on the edge of neglect.
Nathan walked into the waiting room, looking at the two men, followed by another man behind him.
"Any word yet?" Justin quietly asked, looking towards Jolan.
"I don't think it will be too much longer." Nathan said, Jolan remaining still.
"This is Captain Foreman of the NYPD. He'd like to ask you some questions, Jolan." Nathan said, Jolan's head raising.
Nathan stared at the grey eyes staring back at him.
Nathan smiled at the young man, Jolan smiling back.
He saw the look of calm relaxation on Jolan's face.
Jolan took the policeman's hand when he extended it.
"A pleasure meeting you, Jolan. You've had a busy morning, I hear."
Jolan nodded, the policeman smiling at him.
The policeman smiled at Justin as well.
"And a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Timberlake. My kids are all fans."
Justin smiled, shaking the man's hand.
The policeman sat down in a chair in front of Jolan.
"I'll try not to take up too much of your time. I know you're waiting for word on the young woman. Would you like to explain to me what happened this morning, Jolan? I know it's been a  traumatic time. Take your time. How did you know that all this was taking place two floors below?"
Nathan sat down in another chair, looking intently at Jolan.
He also wanted to know everything that had happened.
"I felt it. And I saw it."
The cop exchanged looks with Justin and Nathan, his eyes returning to Jolan.
"You felt it, and saw it? How can that be? You were two floors above."
Jolan sighed, looking at Nathan.
"As I'm sure you are aware having talked to Dr. Livingstone, I was upstairs having an MRI. While in the tube, I felt something unbelievable. I felt my soul leave me."
Everyone stared at him, three sets of eyes staring at him in shocked wonder.
He told them everything.
Of opening his eyes and finding himself standing in the hallway outside the MRI room.
Hearing the desperate voice, and following it.
Then seeing the woman and man in the stairwell, and of following her to her tragic moment of decision in the nursery.
And then Jolan returning to his own self, and realizing what he had to do.
The three sat in silence, listening and sensing that everything Jolan had done somehow was the truth.
Justin believed every word of it.
Jolan finished his tale, the policeman closing his notepad on which he'd been writing notes.
"A remarkable story, Jolan. Excuse me for a moment." the man said, getting up and going to the door.
He walked out into the hallway, the three men looking after him.
Nathan looked at Jolan, Jolan staring quietly back at him.
"You are a remarkable man, Jolan. And I sense all this stems from what we saw upstairs. I want to do more tests, examine you psychologically and physically."
Justin looked at Jolan, Justin standing up.
"Jolan is a remarkable man, Nathan. And I won't let you hurt him. I think it's best if he doesn't go forward with the tests. I believe it would do him more harm than good."
Nathan stood up, staring at both of them.
"I understand that, Justin. And I understand that something wondrous is going on here. As a doctor, I need to find out what it is. I promise I will not hurt Jolan. All I want to do is help him."
Jolan stood up, looking at the young doctor.
"I need your help, Nathan. I want to continue the tests."
Justin looked at him with concern, Jolan putting his hand on Justin's shoulder, the touch calming Justin's worries.
"I know your feelings, Jus. But I need to find out who I am. And what all this means. I believe in my heart that Nathan can help."
Justin nodded, Jolan smiling at him.
Nathan smiled at both of them, keeping his sudden observations to himself.

The policeman returned a few minutes later, asking everyone to sit down.
Jolan looked at him, the man looking like he was weighing his words.
"I've been a policeman for over twenty years and I've never heard of anything like this. What you did out there, son. Risking your life for an infant stranger. That in itself was totally remarkable. And now hearing this story. It's just so unbelievable. I've decided that what happened inside in regards to your comments needn't be dragged into the media. It's too incredible a story to try and explain it. For all intents and purposes, that part will remain private, between us four. The story that will be publicized is that you saw the woman taking the child and pursued her and the man outside."
Jolan nodded, accepting the policeman's reluctance to talk of the real happenings.
How many people would really believe it had happened the real way?
"Alright, Captain Foreman." Jolan said, the man nodding, a look of relief washing over his face.
"Thank you, Jolan. The media's picked up on all of it. Someone's leaked it to the news stations. It's becoming a media circus out there. Word of your involvement has been revealed, Justin. There's a media circus forming outside the hospital. You may have to make a statement."
Jolan looked at Justin.
"Justin had no involvement in this. All he did was stand back."
"Jolan, my name sells papers. My being here as your friend thrusts me into the middle of it. And that's where I want to be. Beside you, my heroic friend."
"I'm not a hero, Justin. I only did what had to be done." Jolan said, the three men looking at him with surprise.
Justin put his hand on Jolan's shoulder.
"No, Jolan. Out of a caring heart comes true heroism. You are a hero. Especially to that little infant upstairs. You've given him a chance to live his true life, with his real parents. One day, he'll thank you for that. How is he doing, Nathan?" Justin said, looking at Nathan.
"He's surprisingly healthy and calm. The doctors have looked him over. He's no worse for wear. Thanks to you, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, looking quietly at Nathan.
"The parents want to thank you, Jolan. Whenever you're ready, I'll arrange a meeting. They've been told what happened to their child. There's one happy mother upstairs who won't let go of her child. She wants to meet you." the young doctor said, smiling at Jolan.
Jolan blushed a little, Justin seeing his reluctance at being praised.
This was one special man.

The door of the room opened, another doctor walking into the room.
Jolan stood, smiling at the man.
"Hello again, Jolan. How are you now?" the doctor said, smiling at him.
Jolan remembered him from the emergency room, having been one of the two doctors who'd taken Jennie from him.
"I'm alright, Dr. Nolan. How is Jennica?"
"The young woman is resting comfortably. She has a broken arm, as well as three broken ribs and a severe concussion. She's lucky those blows didn't kill her."
Jolan let out a sigh of relief, Justin smiling at him.
Nathan briefly talked with the doctor, Justin standing now beside Jolan.
The doctor turned back to Jolan, then looked at the policeman.
"Sit down, Jolan. There's more you need to know." the officer said quietly.
Jolan looked at Justin, Justin quietly pulling him down with him onto the cushioned chairs.
The doctor sat down across from them, looking at the policeman again.
The policeman looked at Jolan, his voice filling the quiet room.
"That young woman, still in essence a little girl, has been through a traumatic time. The doctors have found all the signs of physical abuse, as well as sexual torture. She'd been raped repeatedly, and for a long time. The man who was with her was that tormentor."
Jolan's head shot up, the officer staring at two grey eyes filled with anger.
"Where is he?" Jolan said, Justin hearing an edge to his voice.
"The man is in custody now, down at the precinct. He came to a few minutes after we apprehended him. He wasn't really hurt much. His name is Miguel Castro. We've been hunting for him for a long time. The underworld of New York calls him The Child Seeker. He kidnaps children and then sells them to the highest bidder. To all the degenerates and to legitimate people as well. They, in turn, sell them through illegal adoption centers. Or use them for their own perverted desires. You walked in on his latest excursion. Thankfully, you stopped him from adding another missing child to our lists. We need your help again, Jolan."
"My help?" Jolan said staring at the officer.
Everyone in the room heard the serious tone in Jolan's voice.
"Yes, Jolan. We believe Vanessa–or Jennica as you call her–was a key player in all his plans. We think she knows Castro's contacts in the children's abduction rings. We're hoping you can get her to help us. We believe that Castro used her in all his kidnappings. He'd beaten her into total submission, her terror making her an easy tool for him to use. That also means that she's a valuable source of information. We're hoping to not have to charge her in all this, her cooperation would be a great bonus. I believe you can get her to talk. And I now truly believe she is your sister. Too much of this seems too real. I think faith flows through all of this. Will you help us?"
Jolan stood up, the doctor and policeman standing.
Justin stood as well, looking at Jolan.
"I'll do all I can to help you, officer. But my sister's welfare is the most important thing right now in my eyes. I want to make sure that bastard never comes near her again. He has to pay for what he's done to her. I'll make damn sure he'll answer for all of this." Jolan said.
Justin and the other two men heard the finality in Jolan's words, Justin putting his arm around him, seeing Jolan's blossoming tears.
"I need to see her, Jus. She needs me."
Justin looked at Dr. Nolan.
"I'll take you to her. She's resting comfortably, and we've given her a shot for the pain. She may be in and out of consciousness."
Justin nodded, he and Jolan following the doctor out of the room, Nathan and the  policeman watching both men walk out.
The policeman looked at the younger doctor.
"A truly remarkable man. And a truly remarkable story. Do you believe all of it?"
Nathan looked at the officer, his eyes showing his belief.
"To believe is to have hope. The hope of a child. I think he's more remarkable than any of us will ever imagine. You yourself should know that very well, Jordan."
The policeman looked at the closed door.
"It truly is unbelievable. I do have hope again."

The doctor walked them down a long corridor, Justin seeing a police officer stationed at the main nurse's desk, as well as one standing in front of a door towards the end of the corridor.
"We house detainees here when they're injured and in need of medical help, before they're transported to justice." the doctor said quietly, Jolan remaining silent.
His eyes were on the guarded room they were walking towards.
They stopped outside the door, the policeman nodding his head.
The doctor turned, looking at Jolan.
"Are you prepared for this, Jolan? From what I've gotten out of the terrified girl, her life has been one long painful night. Today begins her freedom, physically as well as emotionally. It's going to be an emotional time for her, and for you as well."
Jolan looked into the doctor's eyes, the doctor seeing the emotional stare he was giving him.
"My own life is the same, Dr. Martin. Our injured hearts will heal. We shall draw on each other's love."
Jolan looked at Justin briefly, Justin smiling at him with tenderness.
"I'll leave you to get reacquainted. There's a call button if you need anything." the doctor said, Jolan and Justin both shaking his hand, the doctor then walking away from the two men.
Justin looked at the police officer standing beside the door.
The man nodded again with a small smile, opening the door for them.
Jolan took a deep breath, walking into the room, Justin following.
The officer closed the door behind them, leaving them alone inside.

The room was sparsely adorned, one single bed in its center.
There was a couch against one wall, and two chairs by the bed.
One window let in sunshine, its frame covered by steel bars.
Justin felt the room was similar to a prison cell.
Justin's eyes focused on the bed.
Laying in the bed was a young woman of unbelievable beauty.
Justin couldn't believe the transformation from the scruffy young girl he'd seen outside.
She wore a white gown, her face cleaned and washed.
Her long, black, curly hair cascaded over her shoulders, her face serene and smooth.
Justin saw her bandages, seeing her wounds had been treated.
Jolan took Justin's hand, Justin sensing he needed his strength.
The two walked over to the bed, Jolan's eyes never leaving that sleeping face.
"Isn't she beautiful, Jus? She now looks so much like our mother."
Justin nodded, releasing Jolan's hand.
He pulled up a chair for Jolan.
Jolan sat down beside the bed, looking quietly at the young woman.
"It is her, Jus. Her face has become more beautiful, but she's the image from my dreams. She's now a blossoming adult." he said, tears falling down his cheeks.
Justin stood beside him, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.
Jolan reached out, gently taking the small hand laying at her side.
Upon contact with her hand, the young woman's eyes opened, Justin staring down at two grey orbs identical to Jolan's.
She stared at Justin for a moment, Justin seeing her pulling back a bit in fright.
"It's okay. He's a friend." Jolan softly said, the young woman turning her head, staring into his grey eyes.
"It wasn't a dream? You are real?" she said, her voice shaky.
Jolan stared at her, his eyes filling with tears.
"Yes, my sweet Jennica. It's really me."
She tightly squeezed his hand, their eyes remaining glued to each other.
"I always saw you in my dreams. An angel walking through my pain. You always told me to never give up. That life and love would be there for me. Who are you?"
Jolan looked a little surprised, his eyes moving up to Justin's.
"I am your brother, Jennica." he softly said, again staring at her, still holding onto her hand.
She closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them again, Justin seeing the tears now in them.
"My brother? I have a brother? I knew you had to be a part of me." she said, her voice trembling.
Jolan rose up out of the chair, gently sitting on the bed, looking tenderly at her.
"You don't remember me? You don't remember our past?"
She shook her head slowly, Jolan gently touching her shoulder.
"Neither do I, Jennie. I have amnesia. But I remember you from my dreams as well."
The young woman started crying, rising up slowly in the bed, Jolan taking her into his loving embrace.
"I'm not alone anymore! I'm not alone!" she sobbed, Jolan rubbing her back.
"No, you'll never be alone again, my angel. Your brother will love you, and protect you, forever."
Justin stood at the end of the bed, wiping his tearing eyes.
Before him sat two people who had found a lost part of their soul.
A brother and sister ripped apart by hurt and pain.
Their missing love again reunited.

Jolan held his sister for a long time, the two feeling the love flowing in their minds and their hearts.
The young woman gradually calmed down, Jolan gently laying her back down.
He saw her left arm encased in a plaster cast and the bandage covering the left side of her temple.
He'd also sensed the wounds upon her small frame, knowing in his heart who'd hurt her.
He knew he'd have to approach the subject, to get his sister free of that man's possessive hold.
He stared into her grey eyes, seeing behind the new joy the old pains of hurt.
She looked at him, staring into his grey loving eyes.
"My name is Jennica? It's so pretty. He only ever called me Vanessa." she said, lowering her eyes.
"Vanessa is gone forever, Jennica. As is that monster who hurt you."
Jennica raised her eyes, looking at Jolan with fear.
"Where is he? He'll hurt me again! I screwed everything up! He'll hurt me again!"
Jolan rubbed her shoulder, the effect calming her emotions.
"You'll never see that man again. His control on you is gone."
"He's hurt me so much! Ever since he bought me!"
Justin looked totally shocked, hearing her say that last sentence.
"He bought you?" Justin softly said, her eyes moving to him, having forgotten the other man standing at the end of her bed.
Jolan smiled at Justin, looking then at Jennica.
"This is my best friend Justin Timberlake, Jennica."
She stared at the man, taking in his beautiful smile and handsome face.
She saw his eyes move to Jolan's, sensing the man's deep affection for her brother.
"Hello, Justin." she softly said, still staring at him.
"Hello, Jennica. It's so wonderful to meet you. Jolan's been looking for you for quite some time. You might say even in his dreams." he smiled, the young woman smiling shyly back at him.
"In your dreams?" she repeated, now looking up at her brother.
"I was in a coma for over four years. Apparently, all through that time I never gave up the search for you, or our parents."
"Our parents? Are they alive?"
Jolan lowered his eyes.
"I don't know, Jennica. I've no recollection of what happened to all of us. That's why I was here, in this hospital. I'm here trying to heal my amnesia."
Jennica slowly nodded, her hand going into her brother's.
"I guess we both carry pain and hurt with us."
"Yes, my loving sister. And today, you begin the path of healing. That man, Miguel, he'll never hurt you again. He's under arrest and the police are looking for the others he was in contact with. They need your help, Jennica. Any help you can give them. We need to put him away for a long time for what he's done to you, and those children."
Jennica nodded, looking into her brother's grey eyes.
"So many children. I remember every one of them. Every name and other stuff as well. So many families losing their newborns. I wish I could have had the strength to save them, instead of giving them away."
Jolan smiled at her, his hand tightening in hers.
"It's time they were given their real lives back, Jennica. Will you help them? Let's make that man pay for what he did to you! I want that bastard to pay! I want to kill him for what he's done to you!" Jolan said, a sob flowing out of his soul, his body racked with emotion.
Justin was beside the bed in a flash, putting his arm around Jolan, Jennica's hands going to his face.
"Oh, my precious brother. Never think like that. God will judge him. Miguel will pay. For me and for all of them. Yes, I see it clearly now. I need to bare my soul and let it all out. I will help all I can."
Justin saw the determination in her staring eyes, seeing the courageous heart of this young girl.
"But I need you beside me, Jolan. Please brother! Please don't leave me again!"
Jolan smiled at her tender words, wiping his face.
"I am never leaving you again, Jennie!" he said, Jennica smiling at him.
"Thank you, Jolly."
Jolan smiled, remembering her calling him that name in the kitchen of his dreams.
"Jolly?" Justin said, liking it as well.
Jennica nodded, looking at him.
"I think I used to call you that. I'm not sure why."
Jolan leaned forward kissing her forehead.
"We'll learn our past together, my angel. But right now you need some rest."
"No, Jolan. I need to talk to the police first. Then I can rest. I need to clear my mind and my soul first. This has to happen quickly. If there's any chance of stopping the others."
Jolan nodded, looking up at Justin.
Justin nodded, quietly walking out of the room.
Once Justin had left, Jennica lay back down, Jolan sitting back down in the chair.
She looked towards the door, then at Jolan.
"Justin loves you very much, Jolan. I see it easily in his eyes."
Jolan blushed, Jennica looking at him.
"Yes, so he's told me many times. And I am beginning to love him just as much."
She smiled a small smile, Jolan smiling at her.
"Once we've got you all squared away, you're coming home with me."
"Home? I've never had a home. We moved so much, Miguel always ahead of the law."
Jolan took her hand again, looking into her grey eyes.
"We both had a home once, Jennie. And I believe in my heart we will again."
She smiled, closing her eyes, Jolan staring at her beautiful face.
Jennica nodded off, her brother surrounding her with his protective love.

Justin brought Capt. Foreman into the room about twenty minutes later, Jolan gently waking Jennica.
And for the next two hours she told the police officer all she knew.
Another police officer recorded all the discussion, the testimony taken.
All of Miguel's contacts, and the structure of his underground business.
Jolan sat by her side, holding her hand as she detailed all of her past four years of torturous life.
Justin sat quietly in another chair, taking in all the pain and hurt the young girl had to endure.
He saw in her the same resolve and courage that Jolan possessed.
Justin sensed that Jolan's family was a family of courageous, loving souls.
And Justin's eyes were constantly looking at Jolan.
He caught the signs that Jolan was masking his feelings while listening to Jennica's past.
He was being strong in front of her.
Justin sensed underneath that facade was a man on the edge of exploding.
Justin watched him, realizing that he was able to read Jolan's expressions easily.
He'd seen Jolan's anger at the realization of what Miguel had done to Jennica.
Inside he smiled to himself, knowing now that this man was the one he'd been destined to love.
The policemen left with a bounty of names and information, Capt. Foreman thanking the young woman for her courageous stand.
He saw easily that she had been a victim as well.
A torturous brute had denied this child her freedom, the freedom to live.
He said that they had more than enough information to issue warrants for all of Miguel's contacts.
But first, the police force would be staking out the scheduled meeting place in the morning.
This man Hopkins seems to be the key in all of this.
The connecting point for a well-organized child slavery and illegal adoption ring.
The police officer thought the depth of this information would blow the lid off the underground child slavery network in New York.
Justin saw in the officer's eyes how important this was to him.
The man was a dedicated law enforcement officer and today he felt a little closer to cleaning up the city's crime scene.
Justin felt that perhaps some justice could be done.

After the officers had left, Jolan had Jennica lay back down, he tenderly pulling up her covers.
Justin's phone went off, Justin going into a corner of the room, talking quietly.
Jolan sat on the edge of Jennica's bed, the young woman smiling at him.
"You need to rest, Jennie. We have to get you all better."
She nodded, closing her eyes, Jolan hearing her breathing relaxing.
A few minutes later, Justin came back over to the bed.
"That was Trace. He and Cindy heard all about it on the news. They're on their way back. I didn't tell them about this part. Let's wait till they arrive." Justin said quietly, seeing Jennica's closed eyes.
Jolan nodded, his eyes on his sister.
"She's so courageous. After all that he did to her, she still wanted to do the right thing."
Justin put his arm around Jolan's shoulders, kissing his cheek.
"She's so like her brother."
Jolan blushed a little, his eyes still on his sister.
"She's going to get better, Jolan. And when she's well she's coming home with us."
Jolan looked up at Justin.
"She's your family, Jo. And that makes her mine."
Jolan teared up, Justin tenderly kissing him.
"You need some rest too, Jo. You must be exhausted. And are you sure you're okay? That was a nasty tumble you took over those cars. I thought you were seriously hurt." Justin said, a tear now showing on his cheek.
Jolan stood up, wrapping his arms around Justin.
"I'm okay, Jus. Don't worry. I'm okay now that I have part of my life back. And more importantly, I have a wonderful new love in my heart. Her love, and yours. I want to thank you for being here for me, and for wanting to be here for my Jennie."
Justin pulled the young man closer to him, staring into his grey eyes.
"You are my life now, Jo. I'll always be there for you. And for my new sister."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing him deeply.
Both men became lost in the kiss, Justin feeling all Jolan's simmering emotions.
They parted, Jolan sitting down again, Justin going out of the room to find Trace and Cindy.

Justin found Trace and Cindy in the waiting room near the emergency rooms.
They'd been detained there when they'd requested to see Justin Timberlake.
The police weren't taking any chance of infiltration in regards to their star witness.
Tomorrow's meeting would be successful if only achieved by surprise.
Justin had talked privately with Capt. Foreman before leading the policeman in to see Jennica.
The officer was keeping Jennica under wraps, safely protected by police in her room upstairs.
Miguel Castro was in custody, his name not released to the press.
The media had learned of the breaking story, the police detectives issuing false names to ensure some level of secrecy.
From all indications, nothing had leaked to throw suspicion in Miguel's direction.
The captain was confident of making an arrest in the morning.
Jefferson Hopkins was going to walk into a trap.
The police had ascertained that the name was phony, no record of the man's existence.
Captain Foreman was eager to bring this man to justice.
Justin walked into the waiting room, his friends both hugging him gently, Justin smiling at Cindy.
"Are you alright? Where's Jolan? It was him, wasn't it? The news reports said a man risked his life to save a kidnapped child. He isn't hurt, is he?" Cindy said, her face etched with worry.
"Yes, it was our Jolan. He's alright physically, but emotionally he's exhausted. And it's a fantastic story. Sit down, Trace. I'll tell you both all about it."
Justin sat down, telling his two friends everything.
Ten minutes, later two people stared at Justin in shock.
"His sister? His real sister!" Cindy said to herself, both hearing her words.
"Yes, it really is his sister Jennie. Jolan and she have been reunited. Out of all this tragedy that beautiful moment will forever be in my heart." Justin said, Trace looking at his friend and seeing his tears.
Trace put his arm around Justin, Justin welcoming the friendship.
"It's so unbelievable, Justin. What are the chances that something like that would happen??"
"I think it's more than fate. Something or someone has guided them to each other. It's so wonderful." Cindy said, smiling.
Trace smiled at her, feeling her happiness.
And Trace felt happy too.
Happy for his friend Jolan.
"Well, let's go see Jolan. He needs all his friends today." Trace said, Justin smiling.
The three walked out of the room, heading upstairs.

Jolan looked up, seeing the room door open.
He smiled, seeing Justin walking into the room.
"Trace and Cindy are here, Jo. They're waiting down the hall in the waiting room. The officers won't let them any closer. Not without your approval or Captain Foreman's."
Jolan nodded, looking towards his sister.
Jennica was sound asleep, her chest rising and falling.
"I'll go bring them down." Jolan said, standing up and stretching.
"I'll watch her, Jo." Justin said, sitting in a chair on the other side of the bed.
Jolan smiled, taking one last look, then quietly walking out of the room.
Justin looked at the young woman sleeping, seeing the beauty of her youthful face.
A few moments later, Jolan walked into the room, holding the door open, Trace beside Cindy as she wheeled into the room.
The two friends looked towards the bed, Jolan returning to his chair beside it.
Cindy rolled up to it, looking at the young girl sleeping.
"She's so beautiful, Jolan. I see beauty runs in your family."
Jolan blushed a little, Justin smiling at his timidness.
Trace smiled at Justin, his eyes upon the young woman.
"She is indeed your sister, Jolan. I see the resemblance easily. It truly is remarkable."
Jolan smiled, standing up and hugging Trace tightly.
Trace returned the hug with vigor, the two friends smiling at each other.
"So what happens now? There's a hell of a lot of media downstairs. I got tackled as soon as I got out of my car. They're all after you, Jus. They know you're here."
Justin sighed, looking at Jolan.
Justin saw the tiredness in his grey eyes.
"You're dog tired, Jo. You need some rest."
"I'm not going anywhere until she's released. I can't lose her now. Not again." Jolan said, staring at the bed.
Justin walked around the bed, his arm going around Jolan's waist.
"You're not going to lose her again, Jo. She's free of that nightmare and she's here now with you."
Jolan turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes of love.
Justin saw the anger and emotion buried behind those confused grey eyes.
"Alright, Jolan. I think it's time you ended this."
Jolan stared at him, Trace and Cindy looking confused.
"Ended what?" Jolan said softly, not wanting to look into Justin's concerned, judging eyes again.
Jolan looked down at the bed, his fingers running alongside Jennica's arm.
"It's time you let out your real feelings, my love. I see them there, buried behind the facade you've created. They're threatening to come out."
Jolan turned his head, staring into Justin's blue eyes.
He saw the love there, the deep love of a man he needed.
"I want to kill him, Justin! I want to hurt that son of a bitch a thousand times more than he hurt her! She was just a little child! My little sister! He destroyed my little angel! " he said, his face finally showing his true emotions.
Jolan picked up the chair beside the bed, hurling it across the room.
It hit the wall, the three people in the room standing in shocked silence.
Jolan sobbed then, his whole body trembling, falling into Justin's waiting arms.
"He hurt my Jennie, my little angel!!" he sobbed, Justin holding the man tightly in his arms.
Cindy looked towards the bed, Jennica still soundly sleeping.
Her ordeal had finally washed her into a deep sleep.
Cindy was thankful for that, for her not seeing Jolan's shattered self.
Justin held him, Jolan crying deep anguishing tears of hurt.
"She's just a child! An innocent child! He took that all away from her! How do I get that back for her?? How do I make her smile again??"
He sobbed, Justin gently leading him towards the couch against the far wall.
He sat down with him, Jolan's head against Justin's chest.
Cindy and Trace were in tears, seeing the deep hurt coming from their friend.
They hadn't realized how emotional this whole day must have been for Jolan.
For the moment of deep happiness he'd felt today, on discovering his lost sister.
And then the realization of the pain behind those tearful moments.
The hurting of his little sister at the hands of a monster.
Cindy wheeled her chair over to the couch, taking Jolan's hand in hers.
"You can make her smile again by smiling with her, Jolan. Your smile will show her that life can be good. That someone can recover from tragedy and be happy. She'll see that in you, and in Justin's love for you. She has more today than she ever dreamed of. She has your love, and your smile back in her life. That child will smile again."
Jolan stopped crying, looking into Cindy's smiling face.
Jolan smiled, leaning up and kissing her cheek.
"You're right, Cindy. She'll have my love. And I'll have hers. And Justin's."
Justin smiled at him, kissing his cheek.
The door of the room opened, Dr. Nolan walking into the room.
He held the door open, two orderlies pushing a bed into the room.
Dr. Nolan smiled at Jolan, then walked up to Jennica.
He checked her over gently, smiling.
"She's finally succumbed to exhaustion. I've seen it many times before. She'll sleep probably the rest of the day. I thought maybe you'd want to stay here tonight with her, being that you just found her. You might as well be comfortable. And you need rest as well." he said, pointing to the new bed.
Jolan smiled, thanking the doctor, introducing his friends.
The doctor asked Jolan a few questions about Jennica's talking and her mood.
He quietly left, telling them they wouldn't be disturbed for the rest of the evening.
Justin guided Jolan to the bed which had been set up a few feet away from Jennica's.
"Now rest, my love. You need to be well-rested."
Jolan nodded, taking his shoes off, and climbing into the bed.
"I don't know if I can sleep without my Teddy bear."
Justin smiled, kissing his boyfriend's cheek.
"I'll be right here. I'm not going anywhere."
Jolan smiled, laying back and sighing.
"I never thought I'd see her again." Jolan said, tearing again.
"Close your eyes, my Jo."
Jolan shut his eyes slowly, Justin sitting on the edge of his bed.
He softly hummed, Jolan relaxing more, gradually drifting off to sleep.
Justin got up quietly, motioning for Trace to come over.
He pointed quietly, Trace seeing what he was wanting to do.
The two men quietly and gently pushed Jolan's bed over, it lined up against Jennica's.
The two siblings were sleeping beside each other.
Cindy smiled, seeing the two together in slumber.
Trace walked up beside her, Justin smiling when the two took each other's hand.
The three friends looked back towards the two joined beds, seeing a remarkable and moving sight.
Jolan and Jennica's hands had moved, the two hands now entwined.
The three people quietly looked at the two sleeping, seeing before them a joined family of love.

End of Chapter 18

A chapter of reacquaintance.
Jolan has his sister back in his life.
A courageous tragically hurt young child of love.
The two shall heal together, Justin's love there for both of them.
His boyfriend and his new sister.

A troubled trek still lays ahead.
Let's walk with them, watching their healing love.

On the path with you all, Angel.