Jolan's Path - Chapter 19

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.


Chapter 19


Jolan and Jennica slept through the evening, together in the joined beds.

Trace and Cindy left later that evening, promising to bring Justin and Jolan a change of clothes in the morning.

Justin remained with them, catching small fits of sleep on the one couch in the room.

Jolan woke up once, calling softly for Justin, Justin rising up from the couch and snuggling against him in his confining bed.

Justin held him as Jolan drifted off to sleep again, looking at his sister sleeping beside him.

Justin fell asleep against his friend, the room going silent.

Several hours later Jolan stirred, his grey eyes slowly opening.

He felt a presence around him, feeling its love on both sides.

His eyes moved to the left, Justin's beautiful face coming into view.

Jolan smiled, seeing Justin had climbed into the bed with him.

His teddy bear now close by.

He gently kissed his boyfriend's forehead, Jolan's head moving to his right side.

He saw his sister snuggled against him, her head laying against his shoulder, her right hand in his.

He sensed she'd moved against him sometime during the night, taking his hand in hers and holding on to it for dear life.

Perhaps to stop him from leaving.

But Jolan wasn't going anywhere.

He'd found a ray of sunshine from his past, even though he now knew that beam was buried under a cloud of pain and hurt.

Jolan had made a promise to himself that that ray would beam bright again.

His whole life he would give over to make her smile.

Jolan gently rose up, Justin murmuring a little, laying back but not waking.

He gently moved Jennica, the young girl reluctantly letting go of his hand.

Jolan saw that the two beds had been pushed together, knowing in his heart that Justin had done that for him.

So that Jolan and Jennica could be close together.

And Jennica had taken advantage of that closeness, joining with her brother, being near her rock.

Jolan teared up, looking at the young woman.

Jolan thought her to be around fourteen now, remembering the vision in his dreams of her sitting at the kitchen table, then a girl of eight or nine.

She was still a child in his eyes.

An innocent child thrust into a life not of her making.

He could only imagine the horrifying pain she'd gone through.

Jolan's eyes hardened, a vow of truth sinking into his soul.

Someone would pay for all the pain she'd endured.

Yes, someone would pay.

He looked at the clock on the far wall, seeing it was six-thirty.

Jolan gently got out of the bed, having to use the washroom.

The other two remained asleep, Jolan yawning.

He stretched, walking quietly out of the room.

Jolan was greeted by a uniformed officer outside the room, a different policeman than the one who'd been there last night.

He assumed they were taking shifts guarding the room's occupant.

He exchanged greetings with the officer, getting directions to the washroom located down at the end of the hallway.

Jolan greeted another new officer at the nurse's station at the end of the hall, walking around the corner, going into the washroom located there.

He quietly did his business, walking back out of the washroom.

He stretched again, seeing a waiting room just ahead of him to his left a couple of doors down from him.

There seemed to be a brightness coming from the room, the light having caught Jolan's eye.

He walked down the hall, walking into the well-lit room.

A large picture window looked out onto a large park on the hospital grounds, Jolan looking out into the rising morning sunshine.

The brightness of the morning sun had been the light that Jolan had seen in the hallway.

He stared at the view for a few moments, then heard a gentle voice behind him.

"A morning of dawning hope."

Jolan turned, staring in surprise at a man sitting across from him in one of the chairs.

A man he'd seen before.

The same elderly man he'd seen outside a grocery store in Oberson Falls.

Jolan stared at the man, the man smiling at him.

"Hello again, my young friend."

"Who are you, sir?" Jolan asked, his grey eyes quietly staring at him.

The older man smiled at Jolan, folding his hands in front of him.

"That's a little complicated to explain for the moment. Let's just say that I am an admirer of yours. I have been watching you from a distance. Since the moment of your being."

Jolan quietly looked at the man, his distinct voice calming him.

There was a soft trace of an accent, mingled with a melodic tone.

It was like listening to a fatherly priest, or a favorite uncle.

"My name is Erasmus. Erasmus Sogard, Jolan."

Jolan sat down in a chair across from him.

"How do you know my name, sir?"

The older man smiled softly, his hand going to the dark glasses that were shading his eyes from the bright sun behind Jolan.

He quietly removed them, Jolan staring into two intense grey eyes.

"I know all the children of my flock. For I am the Watcher. And please, it's Era."

Jolan stared in silence, the two men locked in an intense stare.

"Are we related, Era? You have the same grey eyes as Jennie and me." Jolan softly said, the man quietly standing and walking to the window.

He looked out into the bright sunshine, Jolan's eyes still upon him.

"I know you have many questions, Jolan. Many lost thoughts and troubled memories. I only wish I could help you regain those moments of cherished love. Unfortunately they are lost in the shadow. But that is not why I am here."

Jolan stood up, walking up to the man, who then turned and faced Jolan.

The two stood in front of the picture window staring at each other.

"You said you are the Watcher? What are you watching for?"

The man smiled, Jolan sensing a deep love emanating off him.

"I have been watching for the one. The one he knew would finally come."

"Who is he that knew?"

"He is the one who designed this path. The one who seeks freedom."

"Freedom from what?"

The man looked quietly at Jolan.

"That will be learned all in good time, my son. All in good time."

Jolan felt the man was being evasive.

"Why are you here with me?"

The man smiled, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

Jolan felt a tenderness in the man's touch.

"Because I want to help you. To show you all. He awaits you, Jolan."

"Who? What are you talking of?"

"You wear the rising sun, do you not?"

Jolan backed up, surprised at the man's statement.

"How do you know that?"

"Only the Sun Child wears the changing mark of destiny."

Jolan backed up a little more, the man seeing his concerned face.

"That name has crept into my mind before. Am I this Sun Child?"

"Do not fear that which you know nothing of, Jolan. Your heritage will come to you soon enough. For the Seeker is on your path as well."

"The Seeker? Please tell me what's going on. Why can't I remember?"

"That is by your own design, Jolan."

"What do you mean by my design?"

"Jolan, you are very special. For you are the one to make this right."

"Make what right?"

The man's head turned, looking upwards into the bright sun.

"I have to leave, Jolan. I am being called back. I shall return to speak more on the truth. Live in happiness with what you've reclaimed. Her love is very special. And do not worry. The shadow will lift. You've seen to that."

Jolan was about to speak again when the man faded into nothing right before his eyes.

Jolan sat down in shock, staring at the empty space where the man had been standing.

Jolan put his head between his hands, rubbing both of his temples.

A headache of grand proportions had instantly ignited in his head.

He sat in silence, trying to soothe his throbbing head.

The headache eased a bit, Jolan getting up and walking back towards Jennica's room.

The policeman at the desk smiled at him, Jolan nodding back.

The officer at the door opened it for him, Jolan saying thank you.

Jolan walked into the room, seeing a surprising sight.

Justin was sitting up in the bed, Jennica in his arms.

"She woke up and began crying when she saw you gone. I've calmed her down." Justin said softly, Jolan walking up to the bed.

He saw Justin's hand rubbing her back, a soft humming coming from his throat.

Jolan smiled, knowing how many times Justin had done the same for him.

Jennica's head lifted, her eyes looking into Jolan's.

Jolan smiled, sitting down on the bed.

Jennica was in his arms immediately, Jolan rubbing her back as Justin had done, Justin looking quietly on.

"I thought you'd left me." she softly said, Jolan smiling at her.

"I always keep my promises, Jennie. I will never leave you."

Jennica smiled a small smile, looking at Justin.

"Thank you for being here, Justin." she said, Justin smiling at her.

"Hey, you're Jolan's sister. That makes me your brother as well."

She looked at Jolan, then back at Justin.

"Jennie, Justin and I are together. Well, we've just opened our love to each other. We're trying to build on that new love."

Justin smiled, seeing Jolan's acceptance of their new relationship.

She nodded, leaning over and hugging Justin.

"I'm glad, Justin. You seem like a wonderful man."

Justin returned the hug, smiling at Jolan.

"Your brother thinks the same." Justin said, smiling.

A few moments later, the door of the room opened, Dr. Nolan walking in.

"Good morning everyone. And how's our patient this morning?"

"I'm alright, sir." Jennica softly said, leaning more towards Jolan, her brother putting his arm around her.

"That's great. I'd like to check you over for a few minutes. If that's okay?"

Jennica looked at Jolan, then at the doctor, slowly nodding.

"Jolan can stay, if you want." the doctor said, smiling.

Jennica's face brightened a little, Justin smiling.

He got up, telling them he'd be out in the hall waiting.

He quietly walked out of the room, Jolan moving off the bed, the doctor sitting on its edge.

"Let's check that arm, Jennica."

Ten minutes later the doctor left, seemingly happy at Jennica's progress.

Justin walked back into the room, Jolan smiling at him.

"Trace called. He's bringing breakfast for us. I don't think Jennie would mind some real food."

Jolan smiled, Jennica looking at Justin.

"Who's Trace?" she said, Jolan seeing her inch a little closer to him.

"Trace is a good friend. He's Justin's best friend, and now a friend of mine. And his girlfriend is a gem of a sweet girl. You'll love her. They're really wonderful people."

Jennica smiled, her head going against Jolan's shoulder.

Jolan smiled, his arm going around her.

Justin sat down in a chair, smiling at the touching scene.

The two siblings looked so content in each other's arms.

"So what happens now?" Jennica said, Jolan looking down at her.

"Well, the police will be making their arrests and raids today. Then, when all those men have been apprehended, you'll be safe and free to lead a better life. A life with me and Justin."

Justin smiled at Jolan's including him in that life.

"Will I have to testify against them? Will I have to see. . .him again?" she said, her body sinking deeper into Jolan's.

"I don't know, Jennie. But I promise you that this will be put behind you as quickly as I can make it happen. He'll never touch you again."

Jennica remained silent, Jolan quietly holding her.

Half an hour later, Trace and Cindy entered the room, both now having been granted access at Jolan's request.

"Good morning, everyone." Trace said smiling, his eyes going to the two sitting in the bed.

Cindy wheeled over to the bed, Jennica having followed all of her movements the moment she'd entered the room.

"And this must be the beautiful Jennica. Jolan's wonderful ray of sunshine. Hello, Jennica. My name is Cynthia."

The young woman smiled shyly, looking at Cindy.

"Hello." she softly said, Cindy smiling at her, then looking at Jolan.

"You've made your big brother so happy, Jennica. Your being here in his arms is the joy of his heart. And it fills all of us with joy at seeing it as well."

Jennica lifted her head, a genuine smile coming to her face.

Justin thought it made her face even more beautiful.

"Yes, I'm happy being with him, too. My big brother, Jolan. And I'm happy to meet you, Cynthia." she smiled, Cynthia smiling back.

"Please call me Cindy. All my good friends do."

Jennica smiled more, Jolan feeling her relaxing beside him.

Jolan smiled at Cindy, knowing that she was trying to make friends with Jennica.

Tracy quietly walked up to the end of the bed, a large bag in one hand, a suitcase in the other.

"Hello, Jennica. I'm Trace. Justin and I are best friends. And your brother I now count as a friend also."

Jennica smiled another small smile, her eyes staring at him intently.

Jolan knew she was nervous around men, her body tightly against him.

But he knew in his heart that she'd warm up to Trace, as she'd done with Justin.

Trace raised the bag, smiling.

"Who likes McMuffins?"

Justin smirked, putting his arm around Trace.

"Now there's the Tray I know!" he said, Jolan chuckling, Trace blushing.

"Hey, it was quick and on the way. What do you say, Jennica? Up for a couple of McMuffins and some hashbrowns?"

Jennica nodded, her smile a little wider.

Jolan sat beside Justin on the couch, finishing his coffee.

Jennica sat in her bed, Cindy beside it, the two quietly talking.

Justin and Jolan had both quickly taken clothes from out of the suitcase, and changed in the washroom.

The five had finished their breakfast, Jennica continuing to relax among Jolan's friends.

Jolan smiled, seeing how Cindy had entered Jennica's heart quickly.

And Jennica now seemed to be relaxing more around Trace.

He'd even had a short conversation with her, Jennica smiling at him.

Jolan had really noticed Jennica's closeness to Justin.

The two somehow had bonded, Jennica totally comfortable with him.

The man had won her heart with his gentleness and warm smile.

Jolan looked at his friend sitting beside him, Justin smiling at him.

"And how's my Jolan doing?"

"I'm doing okay, Jus. Thanks for being here."

Justin smiled, taking his hand in his.

"Wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

Jolan smiled, leaning against his friend, Justin putting his arm around him.

Jolan sat quietly watching Cindy and Jennica smiling at them.

The two women began talking again, Trace smiling from his chair beside Justin and Jolan.

"I think the women have bonded! Watch out! They may be conspiring against you two." Trace said with a smile, Justin smiling at him.

"Probably wondering how I got so lucky." Justin said, smiling at Jolan.

Jolan blushed, remaining silent.

Justin felt a silence in Jolan, a troubling silence.

"Everything okay, Jo? You seem really quiet."

Jolan's grey eyes looked into his blue eyes.

Justin saw a concerned look in them.

"I had a visitor, Justin." Jolan said quietly.

Justin and Trace exchanged looks, Trace looking then towards Cindy and Jennica, seeing they were deep in discussion, not hearing their conversation.

"What are you talking about, Jo?"

"It was that man again, the one from the supermarket. I saw him in a waiting room down by the washroom this morning. He talked to me."

Trace sat in awed silence, Justin looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Who is he Jolan? What did he say?"

Jolan sighed, sitting up more and lowering his head, Justin's hand now on his shoulder.

"His name is Erasmus. He's following me, Jus."

"Why, Jolan? What does he want?"

"I don't know, Jus. But I do know that he feels safe to me. He's not against me. I actually think he's trying to help me."

Jolan turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"His eyes are grey like mine and Jennica's. I think he's part of my family. But I just don't remember him."

Jolan sighed again, Justin's arm going around him.

Trace moved forward in his chair, looking at Jolan.

"So you're saying you saw this man here, in the hospital? On this floor? That seems kind of strange Jolan. How could he know where to find you?" he said, Justin looking at Trace.

Jolan looked at his friend, Trace seeing his friendly eyes.

"I know it sounds unbelievable, Tray. But I saw him. I just wish I knew why he keeps popping up. And he said something strange."

"What did he say, Jo?" Justin said, listening to Jolan's calm voice.

"He said that my lost memory is by my own design. And that I am the one to make this right. I think I am this so-called Sun Child. I just don't have the foggiest idea what that means."

Justin tightened his hold on Jolan, Jolan feeling his support.

"It's all a confusing situation, Jo. But I feel in my heart that we'll learn the truth. Let's just be patient and go forward with optimism."

Jolan smiled, Justin's words sounding so true.

Justin saw Jolan's fingers go to his temple, Justin knowing what that was a sign of.

"Another headache, Jo?"

"Just the lingering ends of one. I had an immense headache the moment the man vanished. It happened when he disintegrated right in front of me like a ghost. I think he's connected to me in some way."

Trace looked at Justin, Justin's stare making him remain quiet.

The conversation was ended by the door of the room opening.

Into the room walked Captain Foreman.

The look on his face was one of deep concern.

"Good morning, everyone. How are you doing, Jennica?" he said, his calm face smiling at her.

"I'm okay, sir." she quietly said, Cindy's hand now on her shoulder.

The officer looked at Jolan, Justin and Trace, the three standing up.

"We've run into a snag. In regards to the mysterious Mr. Hopkins."

Jolan walked up to the officer, staring into his eyes.

"What snag?"

"We don't have enough evidence to arrest the man. Jennica's confessions and information are enough for Miguel and his associates, but Hopkins has no connection between him and Miguel that can be substantiated."

"Is there nothing that can be done? That man can't be allowed to walk away from this! He sold my sister to that brute! He is just as much to blame!" Jolan said, anger now in his voice.

Justin was now beside him, trying to calm him.

"You need me, sir."

All eyes in the room turned to the bed, Jennica's grey eyes staring back.

"What do you mean, Jennica?" Cindy said gently, looking into her grey eyes.

"Hopkins knows me. I can make him talk." Jennica said, Jolan looking at her in surprise.

"He knows that I'm the one who grabs the babies for Miguel. If I show up at the meeting with a baby, he'll let his guard down. I can make him talk." she said, Jolan's face changing into concern.

"You really think you can do that?" the policeman said, looking deep in thought.

"There's no damn way I'm letting my little sister near that monster!" Jolan said, Justin hearing the fear behind Jolan's words.

The fear of his Jennie being hurt again.

Jennica lifted her hand, beckoning for Jolan to come to her.

Jolan walked up to the bed, Cindy moving away, Jolan sitting on its edge, Jennica leaning in against him.

Jolan wrapped his arms around her, the young woman looking into his eyes.

"Dr. Nolan told me yesterday what you did out there, Jolan. How you risked your life for me and that child. You knew it was me in the back of the van, didn't you? Before you did that leap of faith."

Everyone looked surprised by her words, all their eyes now on him, Jolan lowering his head.

"Yes, Jennie. I knew it was you when I first touched you in the corridor of the nursery ward."

Jennica raised his head, looking into his grey loving eyes.

"When I walked down that corridor in fear towards what I didn't want to do, I felt a presence behind me. Like a walking angel following me."

Jolan teared up, hugging her gently.

"I walked right up to you and put my hand on your shoulder. I then felt all of your pain, and your memories. That was when I realized who you were. And what those monsters had done to my little sister." Jolan said in tears, Jennie kissing his cheek.

"You did a courageous thing, my Jolly. You risked your life to save me, to bring me back into your heart. I need to do that same courageous thing. I need to make up for all that I let happen."

Jolan hugged her tighter.

"You didn't let it happen, Jennie. You had no say in it. You were used, hurt and beaten into submission." Jolan said, a tear falling down his cheek.

Jennie nodded, looking into his grey eyes.

"I need to do this for myself, Jolly. And for all those little ones I didn't have the strength to protect. Please try to understand that. I need to heal my own heart."

Jolan nodded, seeing in this young girl a strength of maturity and courage.

"Alright, Jennie. I see the courage in your soul. I understand. But I'm going to be there with you, I need to be."

"Your courage will be in my heart."

Jolan smiled at her, Jennica looking over at the police officer.

"Well, Captain? What do you think?"

The police officer folded his arms, staring at the young woman.

"Feasiblely, it could work. We could wire you so we hear all of it. You just have to ask him the right questions."

"Then tell me what you need him to say." she said, the policeman nodding.

Half an hour later, Jennica sat in the back of an unmarked police cruiser, in her street clothes once again.

Jolan and Captain Foreman sat on both sides of her.

Ahead of them, a white van was in sight; Jolan looking towards it.

Behind them, other cars followed; Jolan knowing Justin, Trace and Cindy were back there somewhere, out of the line of fire.

Justin had been insistent upon following, even though he'd be far behind the scene about to unfold.

For the last ten minutes, Capt. Foreman had discussed everything with Jennica, the young girl nodding throughout the discussion.

The officer talked to the policeman driving the car, the man handing a blanketed bundle back to the captain.

Jennie took it from him, settling it into her left arm, cradling it against her covered cast.

She felt no movement.

"It's a doll. It's been bundled up so he won't see it. You can't let him see it until he's spoken the words we need him to say."

She nodded at the policeman.

Jennica had told them how each meeting had gone down.

How Miguel had let her deliver the children to Hopkins, Miguel sitting back in his white van watching from across the street.

Hopkins would take the child from her and give Jennica the money each time.

Jolan sensed there was a level of mistrust between Miguel and Hopkins.

Jennica told him it was just Miguel's cautious alertness.

It was how Miguel had survived so long without falling into a trap.

It would play out again as always, only this time the white van would contain policemen.

And Jolan.

Jennica turned, looking at her brother.

He wore a moustache, sunglasses and a ball cap, his disguise looking almost like Miguel.

Captain Foreman had come up with the idea for Jolan to wear the clothes, Miguel's own, posing as him in the white van.

The police officer and two others would be in the back of the van, listening with surveillance equipment that had been set up in it.

Jennica was now wired, a microphone taped to her chest.

The van was almost identical to Miguel's, Captain Foreman feeling confident the ruse would work.

They drove in silence, the van and car pulling down into an alley.

The three exited the back seat of the police car, Jolan's arm around Jennica who was still holding the imaginary child.

"Alright. You drive the van now, Jolan. Jennica sits beside you up front. Taylor, Stoughton and I in the back recording everything. Jennica, you sure on this?"

"Yes, sir. I'm ready."

Jolan and Capt. Foreman exchanged stares, the officer seeing Jolan's protective love for his sister.

"Take heart, Jolan. I think you've got one courageous sister here."

Jolan nodded, Jennica smiling at him.

"Let's get going. It's ten to nine." the policeman said, the three heading towards the van.

Five minutes later, Jolan drove the van down a secluded street, seeing a church come into view.

It was ancient, an archaic building of stone and mortar at the end of an old New York neighbourhood.

Past the church was a fenced in graveyard, Jolan's senses bristling.

"Creepy isn't it? Meeting a monster in a graveyard. Exchanging life for money. Sounds rather mafiosi." Officer Stoughton said in the back of the van, Jolan's eyes going to the rearview mirror, the two men looking at each other.

The officer lowered his eyes, Jennica looking towards Capt. Foreman in the back.

"Miguel picked the spot. He had a twisted sense of humor. He told me he thought it funny that in the heart of death another life would end. He was talking of the child's real life. The life he'd been born into. After I handed the child over he would begin a different life. Oh God, I was so helpless!"

Jolan's hand went to Jennica's shoulder, Jolan driving past the graveyard, turning around at the end of the street and driving back, parking across the street from the graveyard fence.

"You aren't helpless anymore, Jennie. Your heart is free and it's yours."

Jennica looked into her brother's eyes.

In them, she saw so much love and strength.

"Let's do this, Jo. Let's get that bastard." she said, Jolan nodding.

In the back of the van, Capt. Foreman stared between the two young people in the front of the van.

He thought he'd seen both of their eyes softly glowing.

He shook his head, the thoughts vanishing.

He went back to his work, checking the video and audio connections.

A few minutes later, a long black car came slowly down the street.

Capt. Foreman checked his watch, seeing the man was right on time.

"The bastard's punctual, I'll give him that." the captain said, Jennica looking at Jolan again.

She sensed her brother's determined stare, her hand going into his.

His eyes looked at her, Jolan seeing her determined eyes.

The car pulled up to the fence, parking alongside it.

Jolan now saw that it was a limousine.

A long black car containing a monster.

The driver got out of the limousine, walking around to the other side.

In a moment, another head popped into view, exiting the vehicle.

Jolan stared at the man, sensing a vague familiarity on looking into that turning face.

He saw it was a man of around thirty-five.

His hair was jet black, a small moustache seen as well.

Jolan saw the man's head turn towards the white van across the street.

The man briefly talked to the driver, the driver nodding and walking back around the car, getting back into the driver's seat.

The other man walked along the fence, opening the graveyard gate, walking into the graveyard.

Jennica squeezed Jolan's hand, Jolan turning and looking into her grey eyes.

"It's time, Jolly. Wish me luck?"

Jolan leaned across the seat, kissing his sister's cheek.

"I'm right here, Jennie. I'm right here. One word will find me at your side."

She smiled a small smile, opening the door of the van.

Jolan watched her walk across the street, the bundle in her arm.

She walked away from him, and from his protection.

His eyes immediately glowed, and his mind focused.

Jennica walked past the limousine, walking up to the graveyard's black iron gate.

She lifted the latch, walking into the graveyard.

She knew where she'd find him.

In the front end corner, directly across the street from the white van.

In full view of it, as Miguel had always carefully planned.

Miguel had always sat there, silently watching his fortunes increase.

Jennica had always been the go-between for both men.

Jennica took a deep breath, steeling herself for what she knew she had to do.

She suddenly felt a presence around her.

And then she felt its loving soul enter hers.

She smiled, walking forward with renewed courage.

The courage of her brother's soul now joined with hers.

She walked through the tombstones, seeing the solitary man leaning against one, right in the corner of the old graveyard.

She'd always thought of it as some kind of slap to the face of God in regards to where the man always stood.

He always leaned against a white marble tombstone, the top of it adorned by a white gleaming stone angel.

That angel always seemed so out of place looking down upon an evil man.

Now she suddenly realized with love in her heart that that wasn't this vision's meaning.

That stone angel represented God's watching eyes for the child she'd always carried in her arms.

God was around that child, watching its life change.

She teared up, wiping a tear from her cheek.

Her resolve hardened.

This man would pay for what he'd done to all those children, and all those heartbroken families.

She'd see in her heart that he would.

Jennica walked around the last tombstones, coming to a stop about twenty feet away from the man.

Across the street, three police officers stood at the ready, listening to all that's about to transpire.

In the front of that van, a young man stood at the ready, his eyes glued to two people.

"Vanessa! Miguel's little angel! Wonderful to see you again! How goes your Papa's love?" the man said, his eyes briefly moving to the white van across the street, seeing Miguel sitting in the darkness of the shaded driver's seat.

Jennica stared at the man, her mask of blankness again covering her face.

"He beats me. And he uses me."

The man smiled, folding his hands in front of him.

"Well, that's to be expected. He's a man. And you're his for now. Don't you remember what I once told you, when I first gave you to him?"

"Yes, I remember every word. You said that I was for him alone. That he would teach me the truth of my existence. That I was to grin and bear it with a smile. For my life was his to mould."

He smiled, laughing a little, looking with leering hunger at the bundle in her arms.

"What do have you for me today?"

"It's a boy. Very healthy and newly born. He's only two days old. His name is Benjamin. Benjamin Defalco."

The man laughed a deep guttural laugh.

"It was, you silly bitch! His new name will be Jared Ormand."

Jennica stared at him, her mind focused.

"What are you going to do with him?"

The man looked intently at her.

"You know damn well what I'm going to do with him! He's going to another family, and I'm going to profit from that change greatly."

"How much will you get for him? I think you're undercutting Miguel Castro."

The man's eyes stared at her, Jennica feeling their intellectual superiority.

"Alright, little one. I'll tell you the truth, since you're so interested. I'm getting one hundred thousand for that little pissant. The Ormands will pay almost anything for a boy child. Miguel is the middle man on this. His profit is minimal. You know, I think I've underestimated you. You seem to be very clear-headed. I thought by now Miguel would have fucked the brains out of you. I think it's time I renegotiated your contract."

"Contract? You have a contract with him?"

The man laughed again, his eyes staring at her with fire.

"Yes, a contract! You were to be his for five years! A lot longer than all the others he's had! I agreed to the longer time only because he was my best vulture. At the end of that time he was to hand you back over to me. By then you'd be a bit more toughened, a more well-trained whore."

The young woman stared at the monster before her.

"And then we'd get you going on your real purpose in life. You'll be pregnant soon enough."

"Pregnant? What do you mean?"

Jennica's mind instantly cleared.

She saw it all unfold now before her.

"Ah, I see the connecting thoughts. You see it clearly now. Miguel likes them young, and you were only nine at the time. You're over thirteen. And the menstruating has begun. Time for you to begin your next job, child. I can always use more infants. If we can't kidnap them, well why not produce them myself?"

Jennica stared in shocked horror.

"The last one Miguel trained gave me seven. Until her uterus failed. I'm sure the dogs that devoured her thought her worthless womb tasty. You see, dear Vanessa, this is what you're good for. To give over your children for my prosperity. Don't worry, the first shall be of my making. I think that child will be very healthy and strong mixed with my seed. You'd be surprised how many of my sired brats are running around out there."

Jennica stared at the man, now seeing clearly what her life would have been reduced to.

Raping and impregnating.

Birthing and losing those infants.

Her newborns ripped away from her.

The man smiled a smile that turned Jennica's soul to ice.

"So here's Miguel's money." the man said, opening his coat and producing a white envelope.

"Give me the child. No worries though, my dear. I'll see you very soon. I think you'll be a very tasty morsel. Yes, I'm sure Miguel has trained you well."

Jennica backed up a little, the man staring at her.

"What? Are you so shocked? That you're nothing more than an infant-producing whore?"

"Why me? How did I ever get into your monstrous hands?"

The man smiled widely.

"You don't remember? Then I'll tell you, my dear. A dear friend of mine gave me you. He knew I'd be very interested in acquiring you. I was supposed to get your older brother, actually, for my own pleasure. But unfortunately he didn't survive. My friend couldn't help himself and tasted the boy first. Unfortunately, he had to bury him alive because he was too uncontrollable. Too bad, he was a beautiful young man. I saw pictures of him. Young, strong and beautiful. A beauty I now see in you. Yes, my friend gave me a treasure to make up for his deadly indiscretion. Your children will be exquisite. Future generations of beauty for me to feed on."

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?"

The man laughed loudly.

"Why, I'm the best! The top dog! The masterful genius behind a ring of child abductors. I make millions off you worthless little pissants. For that's what you are. It matters not to me whether you live or die. So shut the fuck up, give me that child you've brought and then prepare for your new career! Yes, you're going to be a real treasure. I'm guessing ten or more little brats will drop out of you. I'm going to make a mint off your worthless womb!"

Jennica's eyes hardened, staring at the monster before her.

"What happened to Jason Williams?"

The man stared at her.


"Jason Williams. The last child I brought you three months ago?"

Hopkins eyes seemed to be boring into her.

"Ah, him. Why my dear, that beautiful little boy brought me ninety thousand. I sold him to a rich pedophile named Arthur Goldman. He's an oil millionaire from Houston, Texas. The man's grooming the boy for a life of sexual depravity. Oh no worries, the boy hasn't been used yet. Arthur's waiting for his fifth birthday. Something about that being when he was deflowered by his own father. I guess the nut doesn't fall far from the tree."

The man laughed again, walking towards Jennica, the young woman steeling herself.

"You know where all of them are, don't you?"

The policemen in the van couldn't believe what Jennica was trying to pry out of this man.

That information would be gold.

The man stopped, a sinister smile coming to his face.

"Of course, my dear. I've kept very detailed records of all of them. They're safely locked away in my safety deposit box at home. You see, I find a perverted joy in keeping tabs on all of them. Especially the ones sold for sex. When they reach their teens, their owners have contract obligations to fulfill. If they kill the child before then, I receive an additional fee. It's well worth it for them to keep them alive. If the child survives to its late teens I get to have my own pleasure with them, male or female. You wouldn't believe how steadfast rich people hold to contracts. You'd think they'd written them in blood to the devil."

The man laughed again, Jennica staring at the demon before her.

"So don't worry. What goes around to others usually comes back to me. I profit in all ways. Monetarily and sexually."

The man looked at his watch nonchalantly, then looked back at her.

"Time's up, little one. I'll take Jared from you. Here's Miguel's money. The Ormands are waiting with eagerness for their new son. I'm meeting them at noon."

The man stood now in front of Jennica, Jennica reluctantly handing him the bundle.

The man's eyes gleamed with happiness, Jennica taking the white envelope from him.

The man smiled a lecherous smile, his hand going to Jennica's shoulder.

"Be seeing you very soon, little angel. You're going to love my intense passion."

He laughed, Jennica staring at him.

He looked down at the bundle now nestled in the crook of his arm, moving the blanket to expose the face.

He stared into the painted eyes of a plastic doll.

"What the fuck??" he said in shock, his eyes raising to meet Jennica's now glowing grey eyes.

"Go to Hell, you bastard!" she said, her leg moving with shocking speed.

Her foot made contact with his center, the man screaming, dropping the doll, his center exploding in pain.

She'd kicked him hard right in the breadbasket.

The man fell to his knees for a moment, gasping, then was on his feet again, lunging at the young woman.

"You, bitch!! You trying to double-cross me??" he said, his hands now on her, Jennica screaming in pain at his twisting her broken arm.

"Jolan!!" she screamed.

The area surrounding them exploded into motion.

Jolan had flown out of the van, screaming at Jennica, racing across the street and leaping over the fence.

The officers in the van were running behind him, staring in shocked wonder at his speed.

Taylor had pulled his gun out, pulling the driver out of the limousine, throwing him to the ground.

Jolan was upon the man before he even turned to see what the noise was.

His fist connected with the man's jaw, Hopkins falling down again.

Jolan pulled his sister back away from the man, his grey eyes turning.

The man struggled to his knees, looking upwards, staring into Jolan's now turned face.

"Who the fuck are you?" he stuttered, the pain flowing in his center excruciating.

He zoned in on the grey glowing eyes staring back at him.

He felt a sense of fear flood his mind.

Jolan released Jennie, staring into the man's now frightened eyes.

Jolan's hands went downward, clasping onto the man's jacket.

He pulled him to his feet.

"I'm her dead brother, you bastard! And I am your justice!"

Jefferson Hopkins stared with shock into two grey icy eyes of anger.

Jolan threw the man across the graveyard like a rag doll, the man hitting the top of the marble angel tombstone twenty feet away, the angel shattering into pieces.

The man fell onto the ground, the pieces of angel landing on top of him.

He screamed in pain, Jolan's fists tightening, walking towards him.

"Jolan! Stop!"

Jolan froze, turning and looking into two grey tearing eyes.

His anger, his seething rage, dissipated immediately upon seeing his sister's eyes.

He walked quickly back to her, taking her again in his arms.

Captain Foreman and Officer Stoughton had surrounded the fallen man.

"You're under arrest, Mr. Hopkins!" Foreman said, Stoughton moving the carved angel debris off the groaning man, then flipping his body over, handcuffing him.

Blaring police cars pulled into the area, officers getting out.

One black van's side door opened, Justin and Trace jumping out, an officer helping Cindy into her chair.

Justin and Trace were at the fence immediately, staring into the graveyard.

Jolan stood in the center of the graveyard, his arms around Jennica.

Justin breathed a sigh of relief, seeing both safe.

Jolan's head raised, his eyes staring towards Justin.

Jolan stared into his blue eyes, seeing the love shining back.

He lowered his eyes, looking into Jennica's raised grey tearful ones.

"You're free, Jennie. Your life begins today."

Jennica sobbed, her head laying again against her brother's chest.

Jolan felt her emotions letting go, the monster's words having wiped away all of Jennica's courage.

Jolan held her, picking her up gently in his strong arms, his heart of love joining with hers.



End of Chapter 19


And so the monster has been captured.

And now perhaps Jennica can have the life she was denied.

Her brother's loving arms surround her.

And she's found a new friend in Justin.

What lays ahead for the two new soulmates and their sister?

What was Erasmus referring to?

Is Jolan this Sun Child so spoken of?

Questions requiring answers.

Read on to find out!!