Jolan's Path-Chapter 20

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 20

Justin's eyes were on Jolan.
The young man sat on the edge of his sister's bed.
Jennica was quietly laying again in her hospital bed, the doctors having reset her broken arm.
They'd given her another sedative, the drug slowly doing its job.
Justin had just walked back into the room, having been in the hallway talking to Trace and Cindy.
His two friends had quietly followed Justin back into the room.
Jolan looked up, his grey eyes meeting Justin's blue ones.
"How's our angel?" Justin said, smiling at the young girl as he walked up to the bed.
Jennica's eyes opened slowly, a smile blossoming on her face.
Jolan took that as a good sign.
She'd been so quiet when they'd left the graveyard in the ambulance, up until this moment.
Jolan had felt her emotional breakdown, knowing what she'd learned from that monster.
The horrific destiny that they'd planned for her.
And Jolan had felt her feelings finally coming to the surface.
Her childlike innocence finally showing itself.
His beautiful sister was a frightened, terrified child.
"Tired, Justin. I'm so tired." she softly said, Jolan's hand going in hers.
"Close your eyes, Jennie. Sleep is what you need now. I'm right here." Jolan softly said, Justin sitting on the other side of the bed.
Jennica's hand went out, Justin smiling as he took it.
"Why do I deserve this? I don't deserve this kind of love." she softly said, her eyes tearing again.
Justin moved closer towards her, taking her gently into his strong arms.
"Hush, little angel. Close your eyes. You have the love now you've always deserved." he said softly, Jolan quietly watching Justin's calming touch with her.
Jennica lay now against his chest, Justin rubbing her back.
She closed her eyes again, Justin softly humming.
Jolan teared up, seeing the love Justin was giving his sister.
The same unconditional love he'd always shown Jolan.
Jolan quietly watched the two together, Justin moving his head, indicating to Jolan that he should go to their friends.
Jolan softly let go of Jennica's hand, the young woman not moving, Jolan seeing that she was drifting off to sleep.
Justin's love had done its task.
Justin remained propped up in the bed, Jennica sleeping against him.
Jolan stood up, walking over to his friends, Trace hugging him tightly.
Jolan smiled at him, leaning down and receiving a warm embrace from Cindy as well.
"That's for being her brother, Jolan. For protecting that loving little angel." Cindy said, a warm loving smile on her face.
"She's my sister. I'll protect her with my life." he said, the two smiling at him.
"It's so unbelievable, Jolan." Trace said softly, Jolan sitting down on the couch, Trace joining him.
Jolan nodded quietly, Trace putting his arm around his friend.
"You okay, Jolan? She's safe now."
Jolan looked up at his friend.
"What that bastard said. The hateful things they wanted to do to that child. Oh God, my little Jennica! The horrific life she had! The life she was destined for!" he said, lowering his head, the tears flowing.
Trace's hand rubbed Jolan's back.
Cindy rolled up beside the couch, her hands taking Jolan's.
"You have to be strong, Jolan. Jennica needs you. Your Jennie needs her big brother."
Jolan raised his head, looking into her green eyes.
"This day is a new beginning for both of you. The next few days will be hard, Jolan. She's never had this normalcy before. This loving normalcy. But I know in my heart she'll blossom under the love she'll receive from you and that loving man over there."
All three sets of eyes turned to the bed, Justin looking towards them.
He smiled, gently lowering Jennica back onto her back.
The young woman moved a bit, then settled down.
Justin quietly and slowly moved out of the bed, walking over towards the couch.
Jolan stood up, Justin taking him into his arms.
Jolan's head lay again his chest, Justin smiling at his friends.
Jolan felt the protective love of the man holding him.
Justin being the rock upon which Jolan could trust.
His loving Justin.

They quietly sat down again, Jolan talking, filling them in on all that had taken place in the graveyard.
In the rush after the police intervention, Jolan had stayed at Jennica's side.
Captain Foreman had guided the two to a waiting ambulance, the two leaving the scene immediately, Justin and his friends following that ambulance.
Trace had been quick to see the media gathering, noticing reporters almost immediately after the police arrived.
Somehow as usual they'd been tipped off.
He'd seen cameras flashing, some directed at Justin while he joined Jolan and Jennica beside the ambulance.
Trace gently guided Justin away from the ambulance, climbing back into the black van.
Sitting now with Jolan was the first they'd heard of the depth of the conversation that had taken place in the silent graveyard.
They all felt the horrific meaning of what Jennica's life could have been reduced to.
And of how fate had changed that path.
Jolan had been reduced to tears, Justin's arm going around him, his tender heart calming him.
"She's safe now, Jo. Our angel is now with us. Let's focus on seeing her well first, and then guiding her forward on the path of our joined happiness." Justin said, Jolan nodding, Justin kissing his cheek.
A half hour later, Captain Foreman walked into the hospital room, a wide smile on his face.
He saw Jennica sleeping, his footsteps quieting.
"How is she?"
"She's sleeping finally. Her arm's been reset. The doctors say there's no permanent damage." Justin said, the policeman nodding, his eyes looking towards her.
"That's a courageous sister you have, Jolan. The proof she forced out of that man! It's so unbelievable! We've identified him finally. His name is Joshua Armstead. He's a lawyer out of northern Massachusetts. Apparently he has ties to all the underground dealings in New York as well as Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit. The lid's been ripped off of a lot of criminal dealings. We found a lot of evidence in his home, as well as detailed records of all the missing children. The FBI is now involved. This crosses state lines all across the country. A lot of good will come out of this day. A lot of criminal action halted. Your sister is a heroic young woman, Jolan. I couldn't believe the courage she showed today. To get that man to reveal all he had, it's just so incredible!"
Jolan's grey eyes looked into the policeman's blue eyes.
"She's still a child, Captain Foreman. A lost child swallowed up in a nightmare of horror!" he said, tears running down his cheeks.
Justin and Trace looked with concern at Jolan.
Cindy looked up at Jolan and the officer, the policeman's hand going to Jolan's shoulder.
"Yes, Jolan. She is a child. A courageous child who today was able to walk away free from a monster. And she has the great fortune to have a wonderful brother here with her to help her start a new life of happiness and love."
Jolan nodded, the policeman smiling at him.
"And it's Jordan, Jolan. My name is Jordan."
Jolan looked into the man's blue eyes again.
"Alright, Jordan. Thank you for being there today."
Jordan smiled, looking now towards Justin.
"The press is all over this, unfortunately."
"Yes, I saw the reporters." Justin quietly said.
"It's all over the television networks. I think you should see this for yourself, everyone."
Jordan walked over to the door, opening it.
The officer who'd been standing outside the door came in with another officer, the two wheeling a television set into the room.
The small group looked at each other, one of the officers plugging the television into the wall socket, turning it on.
"Turn it to the local news. It's the top of the hour." Jordan said, the officer changing the channel.
The group stared at the television, a cable news channel coming into view.
A female announcer came on the air, the background graphics showing News Update.
"Good afternoon. Word out of New York today that a large child prostitution and illegal adoption ring has been exposed. Sources say a police raid in lower Manhattan this morning has netted perhaps the ringleader of the largest child slavery network in America. What's surprising is the celebrity in the center of all this drama. Christina Lamboise joins us live from outside Trinity Church Cemetery. Hello, Christina?"
The picture changed to a young woman standing outside of a stone church.
Jolan instantly recognized the church and the graveyard behind it.
"Diana. This was a scene of pandemonium early today, down here at Trinity Church Cemetery in lower Manhattan. Behind me is the place where today police surprised an alleged criminal mastermind. Sources say that the man was apprehended a short while ago here in the cemetery among the tombstones. Police were tipped off about the man from a young woman they'd apprehended yesterday at a local hospital, where she was attempting to kidnap a newborn child at that same hospital.
That attempted kidnapping has exposed a ring of child abductors operating throughout New York.
The young woman apparently has cooperated with law enforcement agencies and the result was the arrest made this morning.
The man arrested has been identified as Joshua Armstead, a prominent philanthropist and local chairman of several children's foundations. His arrest comes as a complete shock to many, including the current mayor of New York, and the former mayor as well. Both men knew the individual well. It's also a shock to a lot of prominent businessmen and public servants as well. This was a well-connected individual in New York's social scene. What's more shocking than this man's notoriety, is perhaps the notoriety of another man seen at the scene of today's raid. The face of a national celebrity was caught on tape at the scene of the arrest. Let's watch the tape."
Jolan stared at the television in shock, seeing Justin's face coming into focus.
He was standing at the cemetery fence, looking into the graveyard, Jolan in the camera's view behind him.
Jolan began carrying Jennica out of the cemetery.
In the video, Justin walked up to Jolan, the two exchanging looks, Justin's hand going to Jolan's shoulder, then walking with him over to an ambulance that had just pulled up.
"Yes, viewers that was Justin Timberlake shown in the preceding video. Why he was here at this arrest is perhaps the most intriguing question. Police officials have refused comment on his involvement. The young girl in the other man's arms is the apparent police informant responsible for today's arrest. The other man's identity has not yet been established, although word has reached this reporter's ears that he is somehow involved with Justin Timberlake. He was seen in the presence of Justin yesterday at the same hospital where this ambulance drove to after leaving here.
The same hospital where the child abduction occurred yesterday.
We're further investigating all leads and I will have a more detailed report hopefully at 11. Back to you Diana."
The picture returned to the anchor in the studio, the reporter still shown in the background.
"Interesting that Justin Timberlake was present at such a raid. What do you make of that, Christina?"
"It's suspicious to say the least, but also highly confusing. What was a major music star doing in the center of a police raid? No comments have come from the police department or Justin Timberlake's entourage. We're working on locating the singer, who some say may have returned to the hospital. We're heading there at this moment. We'll keep you informed."
"Thank you, Christina. Now to the other news of the day."
Jordan turned the television off, looking towards Justin and Jolan.
"It's all over the local New York channels, and CNN has picked it up nationally."
Justin stood in silence, Jolan looking towards him.
"I'm sorry, Justin. I'm sorry you were thrown into the middle of this. Please forgive me for being so stupid." Jolan said, lowering his head, walking over to the bed and sitting gently on its edge, staring at his sleeping sister.
Justin's mind focused on the look he'd seen in Jolan's grey tearing eyes.
Justin walked over to the bed, the other people in the room looking towards it.
Jolan had taken Jennica's hand in his again, Justin putting his hand on Jolan's shoulder.
"Jolan, you have nothing to apologize for. I was there because I wanted to be there. Because my heart was worried for both of you. Nothing would have kept me away from there. My friend and his loving sister were in trouble. I don't care if the whole world knows I was there. All I care about is that Jennica and you are alright. That's what's important to me."
Jolan looked up, staring into Jolan's blue eyes.
"You saw the way they were questioning everything. This can't be good for your image, Justin."
Justin sighed, gently pulling Jolan up off the bed.
"Let me worry about my image, Jo. I know I've done nothing wrong here. And I'm going to make sure the world sees that. And I'm going to make sure the world knows the truth about you and Jennica. I think it's time I made a statement. A statement of truth."
Jolan stared at Justin, Justin smiling at him.
"I want the world to see the truth of your heroic self. And your courageous sister. I won't let myself be the spotlight in all this. You and Jennica deserve recognition for all you've done here."
Jolan nodded, looking at his little sister.
"I want to protect her, Jus. I don't want anyone to hurt her ever again."
Justin put his arm around Jolan, hugging him gently.
"We won't let that happen, Jo. We'll both make sure of that."
"Alright, Jus. If you think it's best."
Justin nodded, looking towards the police officers.
"How do you want to handle this, Jordan?"
Jordan smiled, seeing Justin's determined look.
"I agree with you Justin. Jolan--and especially Jennica--deserve the spotlight in all this. They are the true heroes here. And the police commissioner is having a news conference in about an hour's time to verify that. He'd like you and Jolan to be there, Justin. Jennica, understandably, needs her rest. And we all know she needs to be sheltered from the press."
Jolan nodded, looking at the policeman.
"I won't let her be fodder for those media vultures. I want her out of that spotlight as much as possible. She needs to regain her life."
Jordan nodded, walking up to both men.
"Of course, Jolan. We will respect that. Whenever you're ready we'll get this over with. It's taking place downstairs."
Jolan nodded, Justin smiling at him.
Justin saw Jolan's grey eyes staring at him.
He thought he saw a new look in them.
And that look was directed at Justin.
Jolan looked at Jordan, the man smiling at him.
"I'll talk about my Jennie. The world will hear the truth about her from me."

About forty minutes later, after Jolan had freshened up, and Trace had brought them all some coffee and sandwiches, they were ready to go downstairs.
A large conference room had been allocated for the media interview.
Jordan had returned to the hospital room, informing everyone that the place was packed with reporters from all the networks and newspapers.
He'd never seen so many assembled for one law enforcement story.
Jolan and Justin hugged Trace and Cindy goodbye, the two already having the television set on, awaiting the live feed from the local news station.
They'd watch and also remain with Jennica in case she woke up while Jolan was gone.
Jolan knew that Cindy would calm Jennica until his return.
The three men walked down to the bank of elevators, stepping into the first one that opened.
Jordan hit the first floor button, the elevator moving downward.
A few moments later, the men were entering the hospital lobby.
Jolan saw quite a few policemen, four immediately surrounding them, Jordan guiding them towards a room at the end of the hallway.
Reporters could be seen as well, cameras going off at a distance.
Jolan, Justin and Jordan all walked into a private office.
A man in a police dress uniform stood up, three other individuals standing up as well.
"Commissioner Kelly, this is Justin Timberlake and his friend Jolan." Jordan said, the police commissioner shaking both of their hands, the older man staring into Jolan's grey eyes.
"Ah, this must be the hero from yesterday. I and the city owe you a debt of thanks, Mister.....?" the man said, Jolan smiling at him.
"I don't know my last name, Commissioner Kelly. It's just Jolan." Jolan said politely.
The commissioner looked towards Jordan, the police officer quietly explaining to the four men in front of them Jolan's past.
"I'm sorry for your dilemma, young man." the Commissioner said, Jolan nodding his head.
Justin smiled at the Commissioner, the older man smiling back.
"That was my new grandson you saved yesterday, Jolan. Little Benjamin was my adopted daughter Deidra's first child."
Justin and Jolan looked surprised, Jolan seeing a tear in the Commissioner's eyes.
"Thank you, Jolan. My whole family thanks you for saving that child. We have our Benjamin safely back with us." he said, taking the young man's hand and shaking it again.
Jolan smiled at the man, seeing the happiness in his eyes.
Jordan guided Jolan and Justin to the other three men.
"This is Mayor Bloomberg, Jolan." Jordan said, Justin and Jolan both shaking the mayor's hand.
The other two men were city officials, greetings exchanged.
"The city, the state and perhaps the country owes your sister a deep heartfelt thank you, Jolan. Where is she?" the mayor said, smiling at him.
"Jennica is sleeping upstairs. The day was an ordeal for her, sir. I'm putting my foot down in regards to her appearance here. I'm sorry, but her well-being is my only concern. I'll speak on her behalf." Jolan said quietly, Jordan looking at him.
"We understand, Jolan. Deputy Inspector Foreman filled us in on everything." the Commissioner said, nodding at the policeman.
Justin looked with surprise at the man, Jordan smiling.
"I was promoted this afternoon." he quietly said, smiling at the Commissioner.
"Well, I think we should get this show on the road, gentlemen." Mayor Bloomberg said, the Commissioner nodding.
"Yes, we should. Alright gentlemen, let's get going." the Commissioner said, Justin and Jolan looking at each other quietly.
Jordan opened the room's other door, Jolan hearing a strange sound.
He walked towards the doorway, following Justin.
Jolan's eyes widened as he walked into the sun's flashing rays.

Jolan's eyes adjusted to the brightness, realizing it wasn't the sun's beams but the brightness of flashing cameras and television lights.
The group had walked into a media frenzy.
The sound Jolan had heard was the steady clicking of cameras.
They'd walked into what Jolan took to be a large conference room, the room now jammed full of reporters.
Jolan estimated that there had to be over five hundred of them packed into the large room.
Jolan's eyes went to Justin, Jolan seeing before him a different man.
Jolan realized he was seeing the image that was Justin Timberlake.
Justin's body language was different, his walking style more serious, more direct.
Justin's face seemed more controlled, more in tune with his surroundings.
Jolan had also picked up on Justin's sudden distance from him.
This was the image that was Justin the star.
Justin the performer.
Jolan suddenly sensed the truth of where they now were.
Out here in the real world of stardom, Justin would stand alone.
For here in the center of fame, Justin would not acknowledge their love.
Jolan felt a sudden sense of loneliness, a sudden sense of his own unimportance.
What was he compared to the greatness of the beautiful man walking ahead of him?
Jolan lowered his head, sensing everyone around him glaring at him.
Who was this man who dared walk with such a man as Justin?
Who does he think he is?
Jolan felt the old feelings of hurt and loneliness surround him.
Justin, who now walked a few feet ahead of him, suddenly turned looking at Jolan.
Justin had stopped, waiting for his friend to join him in front of a dais, chairs set up behind it.
When Jolan stopped beside him, Justin put his arm around him, guiding Jolan to two of the seats Jordan was pointing at.
Jolan was stunned at this sudden movement by Justin, the cameras continuing to flash.
Justin Timberlake had put his arm around him in public?
Jolan's eyes met Justin's, Jolan seeing the calming happiness in those pools of liquid blue.
Jolan sat down, Justin sitting beside him.
The others sat down, Commissioner Kelly standing at the platform.
"If you'll all calm down and take your seats, this conference will begin."
The reporters seemed to quiet down, the cameras still flashing.
"At approximately nine fifteen this morning, the New York police force apprehended a man in lower Manhattan in the act of criminally endangering the life of a lost child. This same child was there on her own behalf, cooperating with the police force in bringing this man's criminal life to an end. That child's name is Jennica. She's the real hero in this story."
The reporters started asking questions, the Commissioner waving his hands downward, the group gradually quieting.
"That man has been identified as Joshua Armstead. I know a lot of you local reporters will know the name, the man was a leading socialite and philanthropist in our community. But today that man has broken the law. Today he revealed his true self. And that true self was a man of criminal mastery. He has been charged and identified as the leader of the nation's biggest child prostitution and illegal adoption ring."
The room exploded with loudness, people yelling at the Commissioner.
The Commissioner beckoned Jordan to the stand, the police officer walking up beside him.
"This is newly appointed Deputy Inspector Jordan Foreman. He will explain the happenings this morning and yesterday. Jordan, you have the floor."
Jolan and Justin sat quietly, listening to Jordan tell the tale of the past two days.
He left out the part about Jolan's unearthly ghost walk, focusing on Jolan saving the child's life and finding his lost sister.
Jolan sat in quiet silence, seeing reporters looking towards him and Justin.
After Jordan had relayed all of the day's happenings, he quietly sat down.
Mayor Bloomberg took the microphone, looking out into the reporters.
He talked at length about the aforementioned criminal, his own dealings with the man, and his shock at not knowing the true nature of the beast.
He finished his speech with a look in Jolan's direction.
"This city, this state--and I truly believe the nation--owes this family of two reunited siblings a sincere gratitude. That little girl's courageous stand against a monster shows all of us the courageous heart of our nation's youth. I'll take questions now."
The reporters as a mass stood on their feet, their hands waving.
"You in front, the man with the blue shirt."
"Mayor Bloomberg, Jim Watson from the Tribune. Has this man spoken of any connection with other dignitaries or employees of the city, or their involvement in this scheme?"
"As far as the city, the police department, and the governor's office has uncovered, no city employee or public individual has been involved in this monstrous endeavor. The only ones involved were men of criminal intent. That intent was to profit from the tragic lives of those poor children."
He pointed at another woman, Jolan recognizing the woman as the reporter from the earlier telecast.
"Christina Lamboise from channel 7 news, Mayor. What is Justin Timberlake doing on this stage, sir? What is his involvement in this crime? He was seen at the scene of the crime this morning."
Jolan's eyes narrowed, feeling Justin moving beside him.
The mayor turned, looking towards Justin as he walked up to him.
"Why don't you ask him for yourself, Miss Lamboise was it? I'll surrender the microphone to Mr. Timberlake." the Mayor said, Justin smiling at him and shaking his hand as he stood in front of the microphone.
Justin stared out at the flashing cameras and video cameras zoning in on him.
"As you're all wondering, and inquiring to know, I was indeed at the scene of this morning's arrests. And how I came to be there is in itself a touching, interesting story."
Jolan sat in stunned silence, suddenly realizing what Justin was about to do.
"I'd like to tell you the story of a courageous young man. A man lost in darkness, his life beginning to open before us. I'd like to tell you all about Jolan."
Justin turned, looking into Jolan's staring grey eyes.
All the cameras, video cameras and reporters turned, looking at the young man sitting behind Justin.
"This story begins on a dark highway in Upstate New York."

Justin left nothing out, save for the intimate details of his and Jolan's relationship.
He talked of friendship, courage and trust.
Of a young man beaten down by hurt and lost memories.
And he talked of Jolan's own courage.
Of his stopping that man from robbing a family of a newborn child.
Of finding his own lost sister among the pain and hurt.
She a painful child of hurt and mistrust.
Of Jolan showing that child his unending love, and guiding her to making her own courageous stand.
For her to stand against evil.
And the result of their courageous hearts.
Justin turned, looking at Jolan's calm face.
"They say that true courage comes from moments of truth. When a man is at a cornerstone of his life. Unable to endure more pain, only caring for those he loves. Jolan and his courageous sister, Jennica, showed their hearts yesterday and today. Their true bond of love gave them the courage to bring this monster to justice today."
The Commissioner, the mayor, Jordan and the other officials as one stood up, beginning to clap, Jolan staring in silence as the world zoned in on his calm face.
Justin put out his hand, smiling at his friend.
"The world needs to know you, Jolan. So perhaps, today, you can know yourself." Justin said, his words amplified by the microphone beside him.
The room now was thundering with applause, a large group of the reporters now clapping.
Jolan stood up, walking up to the microphones, Justin standing beside him, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.
In front of the world, Justin stood beside his friend.
The cameras continued to flash, Jolan looking out at everyone.
"Thank you, everyone. Please, sit down." he said, the applause continuing for some time.
Eventually it settled down, Jolan looking into a television camera directly in front of him.
"As Justin just spoke of, my name is Jolan. Who I am, who I was, remains a mystery to me. But yesterday, a huge part of my past came back into my life. I found Jennie, my lost sister. I knew in my heart the moment I looked into her grey eyes, that she was my sister Jennica."
The cameras zoomed in on Jolan's penetrating grey, silvery eyes.
"Today has been a hard day for me. And an even harder day for my sister. She has walked through a life of hurt, pain, abuse and torture. But through it all, she never gave up on someday being loved. Today, she is loved. I love her so much!"
Justin's hand squeezed his shoulder, the world seeing a friend comforting a friend.
"I am not a hero. And I know Jennica would say the same of herself. We only did what needed to be done. Today, a monster has been apprehended, and perhaps many abused children across this land saved. That, perhaps, is the greatest value of all this. That the abuse and pain for these children may be at an end. I applaud the courage of the New York Police Department throughout all of this. They now have the task of finding all those lost children. Let's hope each one shall awaken soon in a world of hope, just as my sweet Jennie now has."
Jolan stepped away from the dais, the reporters again on their feet, the mayor and police commissioner now standing again beside Justin and Jolan.
"I'm sure the press would like to ask you some questions, Jolan." the mayor said, smiling at him.
Jolan nodded, the mayor pointing to one reporter waving his hand.
"Yes, Jolan. Sam Archand, Daily News. Where is your sister? The world would like to meet her.."
"My sister is recovering from her injuries sustained in yesterday's accident and today's altercation. She's sleeping at the moment. I am standing in for her. As her brother, I will do no less."
The reporter nodded, seeing Jolan's brotherly heart.
Commissioner Kelly pointed to another reporter.
"Bill Davis, Washington Post. Does your sister know the accused personally? Was she one of those abused children?"
Jolan sighed, Justin's hand again going to his shoulder.
"My sister was sold through that ring of evil when she was nine. Somehow, she was taken from her loving family. The man she was with yesterday had sexually abused her since then, she a victim to his monstrous ways. He had totally subjugated her into doing everything he demanded of her. She was only a child. A terrified, lonely child. I see in her eyes the pain and horror of that existence. I would give everything to erase that look. All I ask of the public and the press, is that they give my Jennica time to recover. Her life has been a path of pain and hurt. She now needs time to rebuild that life, a life starting with my love."
Jolan's eyes lowered, the cameras continuing to roll.
"One more question. Yes, you again, Christina." the mayor said, pointing to the young woman again.
"You have no idea who you are, Jolan? It seems strange that you remember her but not yourself? Does she remember you?"
Jolan's eyes fell upon the young woman, her brown eyes staring back at him.
"Jennica recognized me as the man who walked in her dreams. A loving angel who gave her hope. Perhaps there is some truth in that. For she never was far from my dreams. That's all I have to say."
Jolan backed up, the reporters all noisily asking questions again.
Jordan guided Justin and Jolan off the platform towards the door they'd entered through.
The cameras and videos continued to follow them, the two men disappearing behind the closing doors, the dignitaries following them.

Cory yawned, flicking through the channels, relaxing on the couch in another hotel room.
Simus was in the shower, Cory hearing the shower stop.
He smiled to himself, snuggling deeper into the soft leather.
The last few days had been wonderful.
In Simus, he'd found a loving heart.
And a stirring passion.
The man was sensuous and passionate.
Cory felt the stirring in his heart, and his body.
He sighed, waiting for the man to return to his side.
Cory stopped on a news channel, picking up the box of Chinese food off the coffee table, nibbling on some egg noodles in spicy mandarin sauce.
His eyes eventually focused on the news report, seeing some kind of news briefing.
An older man in a dress police uniform was talking, Cory leaning forward and picking up the remote, increasing the volume.
The man was talking about some sort of prostitution ring.
Cory's eyes moved from the television, seeing the bathroom door open.
Simus walked out of the room, a towel wrapped around his waist.
Cory's blue eyes took in the beauty of the man's mature physique.
At forty-eight Simus Dragos had the body of a thirty year old.
Tight, muscular and smooth.
And Cory smiled, remembering every inch of that fountain of desire.
Simus winked at him, walking to the closet, the towel falling to the floor.
Cory's smile widened, looking at the firm tush in front of him.
Simus pulled on some sweat shorts and a tank top, turning and looking at the younger man.
Cory wore the same attire, the two twins of fashion.
"It looks better on you, my pet." Simus said, walking over and leaning down, deeply kissing the younger man.
Cory became lost in the kiss, Simus breaking it, his tongue lingering on those moist young lips.
"I have to call Calen, be right back, my pet." Simus said, Cory pouting.
"Ain't gonna work, my devious child." Simus said, smiling, walking back over to the window, picking up his cell phone off the night stand.
Cory sighed, his eyes focusing back on the television.
He picked up the Chinese food box again, focusing on the man standing before the dais.
Cory had always thought Justin Timberlake was a beautiful man.
His smiling beautiful face now filled the screen.
Cory sat back, staring at the man, zoning in on his words.
One name made Cory almost choke.
Had he heard right?
Simus turned at the sound of Cory's gasp.
He'd just opened his phone to call his brother, Cory's sudden loud voice making him lift his eyes to him.
"No! It can't be!!!" Cory had said, staring at the television, the box of Chinese food on the floor between his legs, where he'd dropped it in shock.
Simus stared at him, seeing the look of shock on Cory's young face.
Cory remained still, raising his hand, his finger pointing to the television.
Simus walked over to Cory, his eyes focusing on what Cory was pointing at.
There, in the middle of the television screen, stood Jolan, Simus' nephew.
Simus' legs gave out on him, the man collapsing onto the couch beside Cory.
The boy was older now, since the last time Simus had seen him, a young man of exquisite beauty staring back at him.
He was a reflection of Simus' brother Joel.
Same penetrating grey silver eyes, and beautiful features.
"It's him! It's Jolan!" Simus softly said, Cory's face turning to his.
Cory saw the tears beginning to fall from Simus' eyes.
"Yes, it's him!"
"Where is he? What's he doing on television?" the older man softly said, Cory grabbing the remote and increasing the volume.
The two men sat in silence, Jolan's rich voice filling the quiet hotel room.
Their faces changed to confusion, listening to Jolan's words.
"Jennica is with him?" Simus said, watching his nephew leave the podium after the questions were done.
"Change the channel, Cory. See if you can find the report from the start!"
Cory flipped through the channels, finally finding the coverage again on the news update channel.
The two men listened to all of the report now, the truth sinking into their souls.
Cory looked at Simus, seeing the falling tears now visible.
"Oh, God! It's true! It's really him!"
Simus began to weep, Cory's arms going around the man.
"What's wrong, Simus? What's wrong?"
Simus raised his head, looking into his young lover's eyes.
"The Shadowing! He's initiated the Shadowing!"
Cory looked at him in confusion.
"The Shadowing?"
Simus stared into his blue eyes.
"Our hope may be lost! And the Sun Child doesn't realize he's dying!"


End of Chapter 20

And so, Jolan is on center stage.
His friendship with Justin now revealed.
What did Simus mean the Sun Child is dying?
What is The Shadowing?

How will Jennica be when she awakens?
Will Jolan's love be enough to heal her broken soul?

Again, more questions than facts.
Don't ya just love me?

Hugs, Angel.