Jolan's Path-Chapter 21

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 21

Cory sat beside a sleeping Simus, the older man finally asleep in their hotel room.
The man had been distraught with emotion for over an hour after the television interview, refusing to tell Cory what was wrong.
All he would say was that he had to seek the One Council's advice.
Cory had quickly placed a call to Calen, informing him of the situation.

Simus had snatched the phone out of Cory's hand, asking for privacy.

Cory had reluctantly walked out of the room, worry etched on his face.

Simus told Calen of all that had happened, his brother silenced into shock.
Calen finally talked and said he would contact the One Council, and then call Simus with their comments.

When Simus had hung up the telephone Cory walked back into the room.
Simus seemed to have aged in only moments, whatever he'd seen on the television in Jolan's words or looks upsetting him greatly.
Cory had almost carried him to the bed, the older man laying in silence, staring at the ceiling.
He'd finally succumbed to sleep after being held by Cory for a while.
Cory stared down at him, then glanced over at the television again.
The volume had been reduced so as to not disturb Simus' rest.
Cory had flicked through different channels, listening to all the reporting on the breaking news out of New York.
He sat in stunned silence, hearing of Jolan and Jennica's courageous deeds.
He also heard of their painful lives.
Of Jennica's horrific past, a child of abuse and pain.
He remembered the young vibrant child he'd known so few years ago.
Of her smiling face, and her long curly black hair.
The child had been a ray of glowing sunshine, her father's beaming angel - as Joel Dragos had always called her.
He could only imagine the life she had endured.
He looked at the young beautiful face of his former best friend.
Jolan's magnificent looks lay in those grey silver eyes, and that face of masculine beauty.
His friend of youth had matured into a god of sexual beauty.
But Cory didn't see that in him.

All Cory saw was the young man he'd been friends with for almost four years.
And Cory saw a look of emptiness and loss in those familiar eyes.
Where were his parents?
Why couldn't Jolan remember who he was?
Cory's first reaction was to fly to New York.

To take his friend in his arms and hold him, and to love him and show him his past.
To make the man see who he had been, and who he still was.
His best friend.
But looking into the emotional eyes of his own lover had wiped that thought out of Cory's mind.
For Cory sensed something unbelievable had happened.
Something that had sunk right into Simus' soul.
Simus moved a bit in the bed, Cory's hand going to his chest, the man settling down.

The man slept for most of the night, Cory never leaving his side.
Cory was there when he finally opened his grey eyes again the next morning.
They stared into his own blue orbs, the two looking into each other's souls.
"How long have I been out?" Simus said, stretching and sitting up.
"For about ten hours. You were sleeping peacefully and I thought you needed that most." he softly said, Simus gently smiling at him.
"No word from Calen yet?"
"No, nothing. What's going on, Simus? What's happening here?"
Simus pulled Cory into his arms, kissing him tenderly.
"I'm okay, my love. I was just so shocked. I didn't expect this to happen. It just seems so unbelievable. I thought it only a legend. A myth of childhood fantasy. But seeing his eyes it's all become so real. The Shadowing has begun."
"I love you, Simus. Please be okay. We'll get through whatever this is together."
Simus smiled at the younger man, leaning forward and kissing him again.
"I'm glad you're beside me, my angel. I only hope I haven't sealed you into a pact of danger."
Cory stared into his grey eyes.
"Please tell me what's going on, Simus. As your partner I shall walk beside you in all things. For you, and for him, my life is given."
Simus' eyes glistened with tears, hearing the love emanating off the young man's voice.
"How did I, at this time of my life, deserve an angel like you?"
"You deserved me by showing me your love."
The two embraced and kissed, Cory hugging the older man to him.
"I am you, and you are I, Simus. Open your life to me. All of it. Let me in, please."
Simus broke the embrace, sighing and looking into Cory's blue eyes of love.
"Alright, Cory. I will tell you everything."
Simus stared with love at the young man, as he opened his soul to him.

Justin closed off his phone, looking towards the bed in the middle of the room.

It was an hour after the news conference, the two men having returned to Jennica's room.
Jennica remained asleep, Jolan sitting quietly beside her bed, staring at her.
Trace walked up beside Justin, looking at him.
"What did Johnny have to say?"
"I'm to stay here, or as he puts it--my ass doesn't move." he said, glancing at Trace.
"And your mother?"
"I left a message. Her first message wasn't exactly a ray of sunshine." Justin said, remembering the edge in her voice.

That only meant simmering anger.
Trace nodded, seeing the worried look deep in Justin's eyes.
Trace knew Lynn would be fuming when she saw the newscast, Justin having had no time to call her or his management to explain things.
Justin quietly told Trace about his management being inundated with reporters and media calls.
Johnny Wright, his manager, was on his way to New York.
The man had also received a heated call from Justin's mother.
Words had flowed between them about her son being thrown into danger, Johnny having no knowledge of what had taken place.
"I'm sure they'll calm down when they see you're okay, Jus." Cindy said, looking at him.
Justin's eyes turned to Jolan's, the young man now looking at him.
"I've opened a can of worms here, haven't I? I'm sorry, Jus. I think it's best if you all go home. You need to deal with your management and your family. I'll be okay with Jennica."
Justin eyes never left Jolan's as he walked over to him, pulling him gently up out of the chair.
"Now, for the last time, I want you to put those thoughts out of your head. You haven't done anything wrong, Jo. But you are right. It would be best if I returned home to the condo. But I won't be going alone. You're coming with me."
Jolan looked directly at him.
"No, Justin. I'm staying with her. She needs me."
Justin put his arm around his friend, staring into his grey eyes.
"Yes, Jolan. She needs you. But she also needs you to be clear and alert. You've slept here for two days on and off in small sessions. We all see the exhaustion sinking in. You need complete rest as well. You're still recovering from last week's awakening and your heroics yesterday. And you need a break from this bleak room."
Jolan looked at Cindy and Trace, both nodding.
"She's all the family I have in life, Jus. How can I leave her alone? What if I lose her again?"
Justin put his arms around the young man, Jolan's head resting on his chest, his eyes focused on the bed and his sleeping sister.

"She, and you, are never going to be alone again, Jo. She'll have our love always. And tonight she'll have a dear friend with her. Cindy's offered to stay with her. You need a night of restful sleep, Jolan."

Jolan turned, looking into Cindy's upturned eyes.

"Justin's right, Jolan. You need rest. And we're going to see you get it. Jennica will be safe with me."
Jolan teared up, seeing the love this special woman already had for his sister.

"And I'll be here to protect them both." Trace said, Jolan seeing his caring face smiling at him.

"You'd both do that for her, and for me?"

Trace smiled, putting his hand on Jolan's shoulder.

"You're my friend, Jolan. With friendship comes love. We both love her as much as we love you. We'll keep her safe."
Jolan smiled a small smile, trying to stop a yawn escaping his mouth.

"See? You're dead on your feet. You need to go back to Justin's place, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, breaking his hold with Justin, walking up to the bed.

He leaned down, kissing his sister's cheek, looking at her sleeping face.

"I love you, Jennie. I'll be here first thing in the morning."
The three behind him heard the love in his voice, Jolan reluctantly letting go of her hand.

Jolan stood back up, Justin's arm going around him.

"I'm so tired, Jus. I'm so tired."
Justin nodded, quietly walking the young man out of the room.


Justin walked into the bedroom, finding the bed empty, the covers thrown back.

He looked towards the patio doors, seeing Jolan standing alone on the balcony in the evening darkness.

They'd been back at the condo for about an hour and a half.

They'd left the hospital in an unmarked police car, driving out of a private entrance to escape the still remaining reporters.

Here now they were alone in the condo, until the morning dawned and Jolan returned to his sister's side.

Justin sighed, walking through the doorway.

Jolan stood in silence looking out into the night, his freshly showered body covered in a white cashmere robe.

"You're suppose to be in bed, Jo. You need your sleep."

Jolan turned, Justin seeing the look on his face, staring at him in silence.

He'd seen that same look in the hospital room earlier in the day.

A look directed at only him.

Jolan extended his hand, Justin walking forward.

Jolan took one hand, then the other.

They stared into each other's eyes.

"I've been fighting deep feelings inside me, Jus. I've been fighting them for two days. Every time I looked at Jennica, my mind flooded with so many thoughts of anger, of total wrath and destruction. I wanted to take those men and rip them apart! I wanted to do to them what they've done to her. To make them feel the pain she's felt!"

Justin pulled Jolan to him, wrapping his arms around him, trying to show him his love.

"But every time the anger took hold of my soul, it was destroyed when I looked into your eyes. I've been trying to figure out why. Why do you destroy the anger in my soul? What does that mean?"
Justin held him, Jolan raising his head and looking into those two blue eyes of love.

"I'm scared of what I think it means, Jus."
Justin stared into the grey troubled eyes looking back at him.

In them he saw a young man wrapped in confusion, afraid of some new reality he'd discovered.

"And what does it mean to you, Jo?" Justin said, his arms wrapped around him.

"It means that you are my anchor, Jus. You are the one to calm my soul, to feed my happiness. You are my soulmate."

Justin froze, staring into those dawning grey eyes of hope.

"I need you, Jus. I need you so much. "

Justin teared up, hearing words he'd only hoped he'd hear one day.

"The last few days I've felt you beside me, your love wrapping around me. It's felt so intense, but also refreshingly beautiful. I need that love, Jus. Please let me always have that love."
Justin pulled the young man to him, their lips meeting in a kiss of breathtaking love.

"I love you, Jus. Please find it in your heart to always love me." Jolan whispered, Justin kissing him again.

"I'll love you forever, my Jo."

Jolan pulled him against him, feeling the warmth of the man he now loved.

"Hold me, Justin. Hold me and never let me go." Jolan sobbed, Justin's arms tightening around him.

Justin held him in his arms, feeling Jolan's soul letting go, the sobs immediately wracking his body.

Jolan's emotions were now open to the world, all the worry and concern leaving him.

Justin sensed his worried thoughts of Jennica, his brotherly soul open now to grieve for all she'd gone through.

"She was just a child, Jus! A beautiful child! Why did they have to hurt her??" he sobbed, Justin holding him as he unleashed his own hurting soul.

"Life can be cruel, Jo. People sometimes don't have love in their hearts. But we mustn't dwell on that. We have to focus on the next part of Jennie's life. On the life she'll have with her loving brother and with me."

Jolan's crying gradually stopped, the young man wiping his eyes, staring into Justin's.

"With you?"

Justin smiled, wiping the wetness on Jolan's cheeks.

"Yes, Jo. With both of us. You're a part of my life now. I love you. I truly, really love you. And she's welcomed in my life as you are. I've grown very fond of her in the last two days. I never had a sister. I want her to be my sister."
Jolan smiled, Justin seeing that look again.

"Jolan, there's a special look in your eyes, and in your smile. What is this newness I feel and see?"
Jolan pulled Justin against him, staring into his blue eyes.

"It's my soul's love, Jus. My heart and soul have opened to your love. I want to love you, Jus. I want to show you my love."
Justin smiled, his smile entering Jolan's heart.

"I'd like that, Jo. I'd like that so much."
Jolan smiled back, his smile as deeply loving as Justin's had been.

He took Justin's hand again, walking back into the bedroom.

Jolan walked to the bed, turning and looking into Justin's blue eyes.

He opened his robe, the cloth falling to the floor.

Justin stared at the man before him, completely nude and bare.

His eyes took in the smoothness of the man's flawless skin and the beauty of every sinewy muscle.

Jolan's center was large and beautiful.

"I want to sleep with you tonight free of restrictions, Justin. I want to be with only you."

Justin teared up, slowly pulling his shirt over his head, his smooth muscular chest coming into view.

Jolan took in the vision of total beauty this man unveiled.

Justin stood within moments in front of Jolan, both men naked before each other.

"I love you, Jolan. I will be with you, and I will love you."
Jolan moved back, climbing into the bed, Justin joining him.

The two joined in the center, Jolan staring down at Justin's beautiful face.

"I can't go the final step, Justin. It's reality threatens to overwhelm me. But I need you here against me in the darkness of the night. I need your love to destroy the nightmare that is my life."

Justin gently moved Jolan back, his body against his, the two moulding together.

"I know your fears, and I know your heart, Jolan. I'm here for you as just myself. As just my love. Let my love wrap around you."
Jolan lay his head on Justin's naked chest, his body moving against him tightly.

Justin felt Jolan's center against his own, the feeling sending a shock through him.

He felt like life had finally clicked together.

What had been missing was now found.

The vision of masculine beauty against him was now part of him.

The two fell asleep together, their bodies joined as one.


Calen stood in the darkened room, the raised platform in front of him.

The table stood above him, the three men looking down at him in shock at what he'd just said.

"That is impossible, Calen! It's utterly unbelievable!" Tolmar said, his words wavering.

"It is as Simus has told me. He is found and he has unleashed the Shadowing."

"The Shadowing? That's impossible! Do not scare us with old wives tales!" Morgan said, standing beside him.

He'd joined Calen in front of the Council, Calen not even telling him of what Simus had found, until the last few minutes.

"Simus says that he's found the mark of the Shadowing on Jolan. You know as the Seeker he would feel it. That means that Jolan is the one. And you know also what that means, Tolmar." Calen said, looking up at the man sitting in the middle of the table.

"Yes, Calen. I know the meaning of that. It is a remarkable find. We thought them gone forever. To have one now again walking this earth, it truly is unbelievable." he said, Calen sensing concern in the Councillor's voice.

"So Simus has filled your head with old myths. And he's found Jolan, my younger brother's son. It is of no matter, or consequence. Our Seeker's vision is blurred. Probably by that little fag he's banging. Jolan isn't the one we seek. My son, Krayos the Strong, is he who we need to champion the cause. Has Simus found the Ring?"
"No, Morgan. Jolan wears not the ring of his father." Calen said.

Morgan's eyes darkened.

"This is wasting time. Bring this foolish boy here, before the One Council. Let them judge him for what he is. A fool and a daydreamer, like our lost brother."

Calen turned, looking into his elder brother's grey eyes.

"Our brother Joel was always more than a daydreamer. He is a good man. A man of family and heart. I am proud to call him brother. More than I am of you at times, Morgan."
Morgan's gaze leered at his younger brother.

"So you have chosen your side, Calen. It surprises me not. You're a fool as well."
Morgan turned, looking up at the Councillors.

"What say you Tolmar? What is your verdict on my son's abilities to lead his family? Of his Dragosan birthright?"
Tolmar stared down at the two men before him, his grey glowing eyes focusing singularly on Morgan.

"The Council has heard the request. There is no verification of your claim, Morgan Dragos. There is no proof of Krayos' worth. The signs and the legacy all point to Jolan. He wears the mark of the Sun. And now if this new revelation is true, the Shadowing marks him as something more. This truly is remarkable."

Calen and Morgan glanced at each other, Morgan's eyes glaring up at Tolmar.

"I demand a Duel of Honour!"

Calen froze in stunned shock.

"You cannot be serious!! He is your own son!" Calen said, his body trembling.

Tolmar and the other two Councillors exchanged looks, Tolmar looking down at Morgan.

"To ask for this is to sentence your own son to possible death. Or the son of thy own brother. Choose wisely what you request. That right has not been called upon since the dark ages after Dragos' death. One man must perish. The outcome shall be upon your soul."

Morgan stared up at the men, pulling out a small knife from under his coat.

He slashed the knife across his upturned palm, blood erupting from his palm.

He slammed his hand against the front of the table.

"By my blood I want this Right of Truth! My son shall be chosen! By his own strength he shall destroy the false one!"

Calen stared at his brother, Morgan silently walking out of the room.

Three sets of eyes stared down at Calen Dragos.

"Your brother has just doomed one of your nephews to death, Calen son of Falcon."

Calen stood in silence, feeling the fatal stab into the heart of his family.


Justin moved in bed, feeling a warmth against him.

He opened his eyes, looking into two grey eyes staring back at him.

"Good morning, Jo. Sleep well?"

Jolan smiled, leaning forward and gently kissing Justin's lips.

"I slept right through, Jus. I feel so much better, thanks to you."
Justin smiled, looking into the clear grey eyes looking down at him.

Jolan's body was against Justin's, slightly on top of him.

Justin felt his morning friskiness, the man against him stirring his soul.

"That's great, Jo. That's exactly what you needed."
Jolan smiled, his fingers running across Justin's naked chest, feeling the warmth of the smooth flesh.

"Thank you for being a gentleman last night, Jus."
Justin smiled, his fingers going to Jolan's left cheek.

"We have the rest of our lives to give each other our physical love. Laying here beside you, free of our inhibitions is a beautiful dream."
Jolan smiled and sat up, Justin staring at his smooth clean chest.

"I need to shower, Jus. Before I make you breakfast." Jolan smiled, getting out of bed.

Justin looked surprised, watching Jolan walk to the bathroom door.

Jolan stopped, staring back at him, watching Justin take in the sight of his naked form.

Jolan blushed slightly, not believing that such a handsome man would want him.

"It's a big shower, Jus. Would you like to join me?"

Justin stared in silence for a moment, not believing what Jolan was offering.

"Are you sure, Jo?"
"I'm sure, Jus. I'm perfectly comfortable with you now."

Justin smiled, rising up out of the bed.

Jolan's eyes took in the vision of masculine beauty walking towards him.

Justin's center swayed as he walked, Jolan seeing its length and state of arousal.

Justin smiled at him when he reached him, Jolan taking his hand.

The two walked into the bathroom together, a new reality washing over them.


Justin sat at the table, eating the delicious breakfast Jolan had prepared.

The last hour or so had been a moving time for both young men.

They'd washed each other, feeling the beauty of each other's naked bodies.

There hadn't been any sexual blossoming between them, just two new souls of love joining.

Justin had felt Jolan's calmness and touching love.

The young man was now totally comfortable with him, the two entwined in a new way.

Justin had picked out Jolan's clothing, Jolan smiling at his eye for colour.

The two had helped each other dress, small kisses and touches exchanged.

They'd both respected their most hidden of places, Justin feeling Jolan's reluctance at taking that final step.

Justin had become lost in the beauty that was this handsome man.

It had taken all of his refrain and strength to stop himself from becoming lost in the young man's body.

Justin didn't know that Jolan had fought just as hard from giving himself to this beautiful man.

Justin looked up, Jolan smiling at him as he set two more waffles down on Justin's plate.

"You trying to fatten me up, Jo?" Justin smiled, pouring syrup over the warm waffles.

"Trying to give you energy, old man."
Justin laughed, pulling the young man into his lap.

"Old am I? I am only seven years older than you, my child."
Jolan laughed, kissing Justin's neck.

Jolan had realized that he liked to kiss Justin.

To touch him and lightly kiss him.

Justin smiled, returning a soft kiss.

"So what's the plan, love?"
"Well, I should get back to the hospital. Jennie will be up by now. It's after nine."

Justin nodded, Jolan looking at him.

"I'm hoping they'll release her into my care today, Justin."
Justin nodded, pushing Jolan up.

"That means we should get her room ready."
Jolan looked at his boyfriend, Justin smiling.

"She was always going to come here, Jo. She needs to be here with you."
Jolan smiled a tearful smile, Justin grabbing his hand.

They just walked out of the room, when a knock came to the front door of the condo.

"Expecting anyone, Jus?" Jolan said, Justin nodding no.

Justin walked towards the door, his hand still in Jolan's..

"They usually call up so I can let them in." Justin said, releasing Jolan's hand as he stopped at the door.

He opened it, staring in disbelief, Jolan standing right behind him.

Justin's heart went to his throat.

"Well, Justin. Are you going to tell me what the hell's going on?" came a voice of simmering authority.

Justin froze, Jolan staring at Justin's mother standing in the condo's hallway.




End of  Chapter 21

Poor Justin!

Sounds like his mother is on a rampage.

What will she think of Jolan and his new relationship with her son?

Does Justin have the strength to stand against her?


What will happen to Jennie now, at home with Justin and Jolan?

What has Morgan brought upon Jolan's head?

Is Simus certain of what he thinks Jolan is?

And exactly what is Jolan?


Lots of answers.

I think this stew will have to simmer a while before we dine on its richness.


Hugs, Angel.