Jolan's Path-Chapter 22

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 22


Justin stood in frozen silence, Jolan realizing he'd have to take control of the situation.

"Hello, Mrs. Harliss. It's a pleasure meeting you." Jolan said, extending his hand.

Lynn Harliss stared at the man standing beside her son, zeroing in on his beautiful face, a smile of opening warmth on it.

"You're the man from the news conference. What are you doing in my son's home? Justin?"

Justin came out of his trance, gently hugging his mother, kissing her cheek, Jolan lowering his hand, no handshake received.

"I've invited Jolan to stay here with me while he's recovering."
Lynn stared at the young man, Jolan reluctantly staring back.

"Alright, Justin. I'll ask you only one more time. What is going on here?" she said, Jolan seeing the demanding look she was giving her son.

Jolan saw the defensiveness in Justin's stance.

Justin was scared of his mother.

"If you'll allow me, Mrs. Harliss. I can explain all of this quickly." Jolan said, Justin looking towards him.

Lynn stared again at him.

"Please come in, Mom. Jolan will tell you everything."

Lynn looked at her son for a moment, then walked past him, Jolan and Justin exchanging looks.

Jolan saw the worry on Justin's face.

Jolan gave him a look of encouragement, walking towards the kitchen where Justin's mom had disappeared into, Justin quietly following.


The two men walked into the kitchen, Lynn Harliss already sitting at the kitchen table, looking over the half emptied plates laying on it.

"Have you had breakfast yet, Mrs. Harliss? I've made plenty." Jolan said, smiling at her.

"I had a croissant on the plane. I would like a coffee though." she said, looking intently at Jolan.

Jolan went to the counter, picking up the coffeepot while Justin remained standing, looking at his mother.

"Sit down, Justin. You're making me nervous." Lynn said, her son quickly sitting down in his recently vacated chair.

"More sausages and pancakes, Jus?" Jolan said, Justin shaking his head, Jolan sensing he'd lost his appetite.

Jolan returned to the table, pouring coffee into two cups, Justin not wanting any, his shaking head relaying that fact..

Jolan sat down, handing Lynn a steaming cup.

"Thank you, Mr. . .?"

"I have no last name yet." Jolan said, staring at her quietly.

Lynn stared into his grey eyes, lost in their silvery shine.

"I have amnesia, Mrs. Harliss. I don't know who I am." Jolan said, Justin looking at him, hearing the familiar sadness in his voice.
"Yes, I saw the interviews. Alright, I need to know all of it. Go ahead, Jolan. Tell me."

Jolan looked at Justin, Jolan's voice filling the quiet room.

He told her all of the happenings over the past week, from the moment he opened his eyes in Henry's home.

Justin sat in silence, quietly listening to Jolan narrate his story.

On several occasions he put his hand on Jolan's shoulder to calm him when he talked of Jennica and her tragic story.

Lynn sat in silence listening to all that Jolan said, his words and comments capturing her attention quickly.

She felt all the pain of the horrific life this young man and his lost sister must have endured.

Her eyes took in the calmness of this courageous man.

She felt his sister must have a courageous heart of even more giving love.

She also took in the looks that Justin was giving Jolan.

Lynn sat in silence watching her son's reactions to Jolan's words.

Jolan ended the story with yesterday's news conference.

Jolan took a sip of coffee, looking at Justin's mother.

"And so you now know all that's happened. I have a lot to thank your son for, Mrs. Harliss. Justin's friendship has gotten me through all of this. I owe him a lot."
Justin smiled at Jolan.

Lynn looked into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing a look of determination.

"You and your sister are very courageous, Jolan. You both did very selfless acts the last few days. I commend you on your hearts of courage and your strength."
Jolan smiled, accepting Lynn's praise.

"Thank you."
Lynn turned, looking into her son's blue worried eyes.

"And you! You should have called me before you stood on that dais, Justin! I would have appreciated a little warning!"

Justin blushed, looking quickly at Jolan.

"That's partially my fault, Mrs. Harliss. Justin was so concerned about my well-being and Jennica's that reality slipped his mind."

Lynn nodded, a smile crossing her face.

"Alright, Jolan. I'll accept your reasoning."
Justin let out a soft breath of relief, Lynn smiling again at Jolan.

"Please call me Lynn, Jolan."

Jolan smiled, as did Justin.

"Alright, Lynn."

Lynn smiled, looking at her son again.

"I think I'd like some of that delicious smelling breakfast now, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, getting up and going towards the stove.


The three finished breakfast, Justin and his mother quietly going over some of his business dealings while they ate.

Jolan sat in silence, finishing his breakfast as the two talked.

He couldn't fathom all they were discussing.

Different companies that Justin owned as well as restaurants and other holdings.

Justin smiled at him every now and then, Jolan smiling back.

Lynn quietly watched both, keeping her thoughts to herself.

Jolan cleaned the dishes, Justin taking his mother down to his office to finish some private business discussions.

Once they were alone, Lynn sat down at her son's desk, looking up at him.

Justin's fingers were running absentmindedly along his keyboard sitting on a table by the door.

"Justin, I want the truth from you."

Justin looked up at his mother, seeing her sitting straight in his leather office chair.

Her arms were folded, her piercing eyes staring at him.

"What truth, Mom?" Justin said, avoiding her staring eyes.

"Why do you insist on helping this young man further? You've done all you've possibly can. He's getting medical attention now. "

"Jolan is my friend, Mom. He's so kind, decent and really fun to be with. I like him a lot."
Lynn stared at the young man, seeing her son's worried blue eyes.

"It's time you concentrated on your life again. It's time for you to find someone to make you happy. I talked with Jessica again yesterday, Justin. She flew into L.A. to see me."
Justin stood in stunned silence, staring at his mother.

"She what??"
Lynn stood up, walking up to her son, putting her hand on Justin's shoulder.

"She told me the truth, Justin. She told me how she was seduced by that man whom she cheated on you with. I believe her, Justin. I'm not saying it was okay what she did, but I understand how she could be manipulated by him. We all have moments of weakness and confusion."

Justin stared at his mother in disbelief.

"Did she tell you who he was?"
Lynn looked at her son, seeing the hurt look in his eyes.

"No, Justin. She didn't. But that's of no matter. What matters is that she still loves you. She made a mistake, a hurtful one. I still see the love in her eyes for you. She wants you to love her again."

Justin lowered his head, tears threatening to erupt.

He raised his eyes again, Lynn seeing a hurt look in his blue eyes.

"She and Brandon Diablo both hurt me, Mom. Brandon was the man she slept with."
Lynn looked shocked, a small gasp escaping her mouth.

"So don't tell me that she's made a mistake, Brandon revealed the relationship right in front of me. Jessica and I are through. How can I trust her, and how can I trust his friendship??"
Justin sat down at his desk, Lynn turning and looking at him.

She saw the hurt look in his eyes, and the look of betrayal.

"I'm sorry, Justin. I didn't know. I see now how much that has hurt you." she said, walking over to him and leaning down to give him a hug.

Justin hugged his mother back, Lynn showing him her unconditional love.

"Jessica and I are through, Mom. There's no going back for me. And I'm going to talk to Johnny about my producing Brandon. The album is done, so I don't need to be near the man. I'm moving on with my life."

Lynn nodded, a soft knock coming to the door.

Justin said enter, Jolan slowly walking into the room.

"Hope I'm not disturbing anything? It's after ten, Jus. I'd like to go back to the hospital. You stay here with your mother, I'll take a taxi."
Justin smiled at Jolan, standing up.

"You'll do no such thing, Jo. I'll take you in my SUV."

Lynn looked at Justin.

"Is that wise, Justin? I think you should stay out of the scene down there from now on. The press will obviously still be there. This is still big news." Lynn said, Jolan looking into her staring blue eyes.

"I agree with your mother, Jus."
Lynn looked at Jolan, seeing the concern in his grey eyes.

"You do?"
"Yes, Lynn. I wasn't happy with Justin being involved in the first place. This was between my sister, myself and the police department. He should have remained behind the scenes."
Justin stood up, walking up to Jolan, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"I've told you before, Jo. You're my friend. I stand by my friends. As I'm going to stand by you from now on."
Justin turned, looking at his mother.

"Jolan and his sister Jennica are moving in here as soon as Jennica's released, Mom. They both need my help. Whether it's supportive or financial."

Lynn saw the determined look in her son's eyes.

She stood in silence, seeing her son's assertive stance.

"Alright, Justin. Well, if Jolan's going to be a good friend I guess I should meet his sister also. I'd like to meet this angel of courage."

Jolan smiled, nodding.

Justin smiled, seeing his mother had backed down on her earlier position in regards to Jolan.

For now anyway.

"I'm sure Jennica would love to meet you." Jolan smiled, Lynn smiling back.

The three quietly walked out of the room, Lynn's eyes moving back and forth between the two.

Her mind was on something else she saw in her son's eyes:



Jolan walked into the hospital room, a smile crossing his young face.

Jennica's grey eyes were upon him the moment the door opened, her grey eyes staring right at him.

"Good morning, Jennie." Jolan said, his smile just for her, walking to the bed in a steady gait.

"Jolly!" she grinned, Cindy smiling from her wheelchair beside the bed, cards in her hands, the two having been immersed in a game of Go Fish.

Jolan had his sister in his arms, the two hugging each other tightly, cards falling everywhere, the game forgotten.

Cindy smiled, seeing the glistening grey eyes of Jennica's brother.

"And all is right with the world." Cindy said, smiling at Trace and Justin, who'd just hugged, Trace now hugging another woman who'd walked into the room beside Justin.

"Hello, Tray. How's my big boy?" Lynn smiled, Trace kissing her cheek.

"I'm doing great, Lynn. I'd like you to meet someone. Cindy, please come here?"

Cindy smiled, wheeling her chair over to the others.

"Lynn, this is Cynthia Carruthers. She and I are a couple. We're in love!" Trace said, his face beaming with a wide smile.

He leaned down, kissing her deeply.

Lynn looked a little surprised, Justin grinning beside her.

"That's wonderful news, Tray. It's a pleasure to meet you, Cynthia. I'm Justin's mom, Lynn." she said, shaking the young woman's hand.

"Pleasure to meet you also, Mrs. Timberlake."
Justin smirked, Lynn looking towards him.

"As my smirking son just noted, it's Mrs. Harliss. Justin's father and I are divorced. I've remarried. And it's Lynn."

Cindy looked a little flushed, her cheeks blushing.

"I'm sorry. Nice to meet you, Lynn."
Justin's mother smiled at her, her eyes taking in the scene behind Cindy.

Jolan and Jennica were together in the bed, Jolan holding the young girl in his arms, her plaster encased arm in his lap.

Jennica's eyes were glued to Justin's mom.

"Jennie, this is Justin's mother. She wanted to meet you."
Jennica looked at the older woman, Lynn smiling at her as she slowly walked forward, stopping at the bed's side.

"Hello Jennica. How are you doing?"

Jennica stared up at the woman, her face suddenly changing.

She lifted herself up, her eyes filled suddenly with tears, opening her arms.

"Please hold me." Jennica softly said, her voice trembling with emotion.

Lynn--as well as everyone else--looked on in shock.

Lynn sat down on the bed gently, the young girl in her arms in a flash.

Lynn held her, gently rocking back and forth as the young girl sobbed.

"It's okay, little one. Everything's going to be okay."
"I miss my Mom! I miss her so much!"

Jolan was in tears, sitting behind his sister, gently rubbing her back.

"It's going to be okay, Jennica. Your big brother's here to love you and be here for you. As are all your friends." Lynn said, looking towards Jolan.

She saw the deep love in his grey wet eyes, and the frailness of the emotional girl in her arms.

Jennica had rushed into her arms, sensing her motherly bond.

Lynn felt a sudden feeling come over herself.

A protective feeling of wanting to help this little lost angel.

Lynn looked towards Justin, seeing the tearing blue eyes of her son looking back at her.

She saw his eyes move to Jolan's, the young man looking back at him.

"Alright, little one. You lay back, and rest. Have you had breakfast?"
Jennica lifted her head up, Lynn wiping the tears out from under her eyes.

"Yes, I had a bowl of cornflakes." she whispered, Lynn smiling at her.

"Why that's not a good breakfast for a growing angel! We need to get some redness back into those beautiful pale cheeks. How does MacDonald's sound?"

Jennica smiled, Lynn gently moving her back in the bed, Jennica leaning back against the pillows.

Lynn looked towards Justin and Trace, the two staring back.

"Make yourself useful, Justin. You and Trace hunt down some junk food for this teenager."
Both young men smiled at the older woman, Jolan smiling at them as well.

"Be right back, Jennie. Hash browns or French fries?" Justin said, smiling at her.

"French fries, please!" she said, her voice richer in tone now.

Jolan had sensed that Lynn's gentle touch and loving continence had calmed the young girl.

The two men said their goodbyes, walking out of the room.


They returned about half an hour later, three bags in their hands.

Lynn had opened up the bags, filling Jennica's food tray with boxes of fries, a couple of cheeseburgers and a few Egg McMuffins.

She was in the middle of digesting the mountain of food before her when Nathan walked into the room.

Lynn smiled at the doctor, introducing herself.

Nathan shook her hand, looking at Jennica's smiling face.

"Fast food always makes me smile too." he smiled, sitting on the bed's edge.

Jennica grinned, two fries sticking out of her mouth, Jolan smiling beside her on the bed.

"Alright, little lost angel. I have some interesting news for you. And for your brother."
Jennica nodded, looking at Jolan.

"Looks like this angel can fly again. Your tests all came back negative. No signs of STDs or viral infections. You're physical signs are good and you're recovering at a steady rate. We've decided you can be released today, into your brother's care. Capt. Foreman is coming by to talk to you about a few things, but after that you can go with Jolan."
Jennica beamed, looking at her brother, Jolan leaning over and kissing her cheek.

"I get to go home with you and Justin. And Lynn?"

Lynn smiled, hearing the happiness in the girl's voice.

"Yes, Jennie. You can leave here and be with me always." Jolan said, Jennica smiling at him.
Jennie grinned, Lynn pushing another box of fries across the tray to her.

Jennica smiled at her, pulling out the fries, popping them into her mouth.

Nathan turned and met Jolan's gaze.

"As for you Mr. Jolan, Dr. Manderley and Dr. Ashton want to see you again. And I want to continue your tests. Starting tomorrow, if that is okay?"
Jolan looked at the young doctor, a small smile crossing his face.

"Yes, Nathan. I'll be here first thing in the morning."

Nathan nodded, looking at Jennica again.

His eyes met Jolan's again.

"We have a wonderful doctor on staff here, her name is Jocelyn Harris. She's a child therapist, dealing mostly with runaway teen victims. She'd like to talk to Jennica and try to help her deal with the emotional trauma she's gone through. "
Jolan looked at Justin, Justin nodding.

"That would be great, Nathan. But I think it's Jennica's decision. Jennica, do you want to talk to her?"
Jennica had been listening to all that discussion going on between the doctor and Jolan.

Her hand had gone into Lynn's, the woman squeezing it gently.

Lynn smiled at her, an encouraging smile.

"Alright, Jolly. I'll talk to her. I want to be happy again."
Jolan teared up, kissing her forehead, stroking her long black curly hair.

"Alright, Jennie."
Lynn smiled at the two, standing up.

"Well, since this young woman is leaving here today, she needs some clothes. I'm sure what she was wearing before this was probably filthy."
Jolan nodded, seeing the woman taking charge.

"Cindy, how about if Trace takes us shopping for some stuff for Jennica?"
Trace looked between the two women, seeing the look in their eyes.

"God, Justin! I think I just became somebody's slave!"
Everyone in the room laughed, Jennica grinning at Lynn and Trace.

"I get new clothes?"

Jolan laughed, messing his sister's hair.

"Typical teenager. The wardrobe's the important thing."
Jennica blushed, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"I don't know how you and I are going to pay back these wonderful friends."
Justin smiled at his friend, as did the others.

"Let's worry about that at a later date. Right now, we want to do this for Jennica. Jennica needs some new stuff."
The three friends said their goodbyes, heading out of the room.
Lynn turned back just before she closed the door, seeing Justin sit down on the bed's edge, Jennica leaning into his lap, Justin's arm going around the young girl.

She also saw Jolan's smile towards Justin.

Lynn smiled, quietly closing the door.


A hour later, Jordan walked into the room.

"Hello everyone." he said smiling, Justin and Jolan shaking his hand.

"And how's our miraculous heroine this morning?" he said, smiling down at Jennica.

Jennica smiled back, leaning upwards, Jordan surprised when she kissed his cheek.

"I'm okay, Jordan. Justin's mom is buying me clothes! And I get to go with Jolan away from here! I'm going to stay with Justin!"

Jordan smiled, hearing the joy in the young woman's voice.

He also picked up on her childlike mirthful happiness.

"That's wonderful, Jennica. And I have some good news that I know you'd want to hear."
Jennica smiled, all three looking at Jordan.

"We found Jason Williams, Jennica. He's safe and sound and back in his mother's arms.."
Jennica let out a joyous, gleeful squeal.

"Really?" Jennica said, Justin looking on in confusion.

Jolan quickly explained to him about the last infant child Jennica had given Mr. Hopkins, or Joshua Armstead as he now was known to be.

"That's wonderful news." Jolan said, smiling at Jordan.

Jolan looked at his sister, seeing the look of relief on her face.

"Yes, and we've freed another twelve located through Armstead's files. And more are in the works. More victims will be freed from the terror they've endured."

Jolan nodded, his eyes on his sister.

He saw her now quiet demeanour, his arm going around her again.

Jennica leaned against him, Jordan and Justin watching Jolan's protective stance.

The door of the hospital room opened, Cindy wheeling into the room, Trace walking behind her.

Her lap was filled with bags, Trace carrying more.

"I think your Mom and Cindy own shares in Bloomingdale's now." Trace smiled, Justin smiling back.

"Wow! Mom's gone all out!" Justin said, Trace smiling as he put the bags on the end of Jennica's bed, the young girl's eyes widening.

"That's all for me?" she said, her voice filled with wonder.

"Yes, Jennica. Justin's mom bought you everything you'll need. Let's have a look!" Cindy smiled, helping her open the first bag, Jolan looking on with interest.

"Where's Mom?" Justin asked his friend, Trace smiling at him.

"She'll be right in. She found a stray on our way up." Trace said, winking at Cindy.

Cindy smiled back, looking at Justin.

The door of the room opened again, Justin's mom walking in, her arm around another man.

"Look who I found downstairs trying to make his way up here to see you, Justin. The police weren't letting him get too far." Lynn said, a smile on her face.

Justin had a look of surprise on his face, Jolan's eyes zoning in on the handsome young man now staring directly at him.

In the open doorway stood Lance Bass.






End of Chapter 22


And so, a new person walks upon our stage.

The beautiful and handsome Lance Bass.


A new friend for Jolan, or an adversary?

What will Lance's reaction be to Justin's new lifestyle?

Is there still an attraction between the two close friends?


Have I opened a can of worms, or have I increased the love?

I know the answer to these questions, only I'm choosing not to say.


You'll just have to read on and watch the truth unfold.


Walking with you, but a few steps ahead.




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