Jolan's Path-Chapter 23

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 23


Justin's smile suddenly widened, walking across the room and embracing his friend.

Jolan sat with Jennica, the two watching the two friends hug.

"Lance, what are you doing here?" Justin asked, smiling at his friend who was looking into his blue eyes.

"When I heard the news and saw what had happened I had to come and make sure you're okay." Lance said, looking at his friend with concern.

"I'm fine, Lancy."

Lance nodded, looking towards Lynn.

"Yes, so your mom told me. What's going on here, Jus? You in the middle of a police bust?"

Justin smiled at Lance, looking over towards Jolan and Jennica.

Justin introduced Lance and his mother to Jordan, the police officer smiling at him.

"As your friends have arrived so must I depart. You take care, little angel. I'll be in touch, Jolan."
Jolan smiled at the officer, Jordan saying goodbye to everyone, quietly walking out of the room.

Justin looked at his old friend, continuing his conversation.

"I wasn't involved in any of the drama, Lance. My new friends of courage brought those men down. Let me introduce you to them."
Lance looked towards the bed, staring at the two young people staring back at him.

Justin moved his friend forward, Lance smiling at the young girl.

"Jennica, this is my friend, Lance." Justin said, Lance looking down at her.

"Hi. I'm Jennica." she said, looking into his green eyes.

Jolan watched Jennica, seeing she wasn't afraid of Lance, as she had been to all the other males who'd talked with her.

Lance stared into her grey beautiful eyes, seeing her beautiful face.

"Why hello, Jennica. How are you doing, little lady?"
Jennica smiled widely, Justin smiling now as well.

"I'm doing great. My brother's here with me." she said, looking at Jolan.

Jolan smiled, looking up into Lance's green staring eyes.

"Hello, Jolan. It's nice to meet you as well." Lance said, his hand going out, Jolan taking it as he stared into those mesmerizing eyes.

"And it's nice to finally meet you, Mr. Bass. Justin talks of you often."
Lance looked at Justin, then back at Jolan.

"All good, I hope."
Justin laughed, nudging his friend in the ribs.

Lance smiled at Justin, Jolan watching both men, seeing their obvious closeness.

"Every word was of friendship and love."
Lance nodded, his eyes staring at the young man.

"I heard your statements at the news conference. Very moving. And please, it's Lance." Lance said, Jennica looking at her brother.

"News conference?" Jennica asked, Jolan looking at her.

"While you slept yesterday I talked to the press. They won't bother you, Jennie. I've hopefully seen to that." Jolan said, rubbing her shoulder, Jennica leaning against him.

"I'm sorry, I hope I didn't say anything wrong." Lance said, Jolan seeing a look of concern on his handsome face.

"No, it's okay. Jennie's just been through a lot. I want her to forget all of this quickly." Jolan said, Jennica looking into his grey eyes.

Lynn walked over to the bed, smiling at both young people.

"So, Jennica! Have you looked in all the bags?" she smiled, Jennica smiling now, too.

"Not yet. All this is really for me?"
Lynn motioned for Jolan to move, Jolan smiling and getting up.

He saw her obvious way of diverting Jennica's attention away from the press conference.

"Yes, little angel. Let's see what you like."
Jennica grinned, Lynn smiling as she handed her the first bag.

Jolan, Justin and Lance moved away from the bed, sitting down and watching.

Justin and Lance sat down on the couch, Jolan sitting in a chair beside it.

Cindy wheeled over to the bed as Jennica pulled out clothing from the bag.

"Oh wow! It's so pretty!" she giggled, Jolan smiling as he watched his sister lost in the gifts.


The two famous friends chatted, Jolan quietly watching Justin and Lance together.

Justin caught Lance up to speed on all that had happened, Lance several times looking towards Jolan.

Jolan added his own comments when Justin asked him something, his eyes also scanning on Jennica.

Trace added stuff as well, Lance finally all caught up on everything.

"That was a courageous stance you took with that infant, and your now known sister." Lance said, Jolan sensing Lance's admiration.

"For her, I would risk all." Jolan said, looking towards his sister; Jennica immersed in the clothing now spread over her bed, Lance quietly nodding.

Lynn and Cindy were both showing the young woman all the clothing and accessories.

"I know what you mean. I love my sister the same." Lance smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

Justin looked at both men, sensing something going on between the two.

Thoughtful looks, as if they were studying each other.

"Jolan's living with me now, Lance. And Jennica's coming to stay after today." Justin said, looking at his friend.

Lance looked surprised, his eyes going to Jolan's equally surprised face.

Jolan's eyes were on Justin, surprised that Justin had divulged their new living arrangement.

"Interesting. I take it you're trying to help them through all of this? Your friendship knows no bounds, Jus."
Justin smiled at Jolan, Jolan smiling back.

Lance remained silent, watching both men.

"Yes, I don't know where I'd be without Justin's friendship." Jolan said, Lance hearing the sincerity and truth in Jolan's words.

"Where do you go from here, Jolan? In regards to Jennica's future and your past?" Lance asked, Jolan looking at him.

"Well, Lance. Jennica's well-being is my immediate concern. Then I need to find out what I've lost. I need to find my past. The doctors here are trying to help, but in the end I truly believe it comes down to myself. I have to remember myself, before I can hope to move forward."
Jolan's eyes met Justin's, Lance seeing a look of deep love in both sets of eyes.

Lance looked at his friend, seeing in Justin's eyes a newness he'd seen only once before.

In the early days of their relationship.

Lance's thoughts were on that one look.

Is Justin in love with this guy?

Is what I see real?

Can Justin be attracted to this beautiful man?

He is beautiful but he's also an emotional mess.

Can Justin deal with all this drama and uncertainty?

While Lance watched the two men, Trace was watching Lance.

Trace sat in silence, weighing all he saw before him.


"Wow, Lynn! This is so beautiful." Jennica said, Lynn smiling at the girl.

Jennica had a navy blue dress in her hands, Lynn watching her awe-filled eyes.

"Yes it is, Jennica. How about you try it on? You can wear it today."
Jennica's eyes widened, looking at the soft beautiful dress she had in her hands.

"I've never had anything so pretty." she softly said, Lynn's arm going around her.

"Angels wear beautiful things, Jennica. You will look beautiful in it."

Jennica looked towards her brother, Jolan smiling at her from across the room.

She saw his watchful eyes looking at her, a small smile still on his face.

Jennica looked up into Lynn's smiling face.

"For Jolan, I want to look pretty. He needs to see me happy."

Lynn teared up, as did Cindy sitting beside the bed.

"Then let's get you all pretty for him. And how about for yourself, too?" Cindy said, smiling at the young girl.

Jennica blushed a little, looking into Cindy's green eyes.

"I'm not as pretty as you, Cindy."

Cindy smiled, leaning over and kissing Jennica's cheek.

"You are a blossoming flower, little one. In a few years, your beauty will be stunning. So let's get you all dolled up."
Jennica grinned, sitting up more, Lynn helping her stand up beside the bed.

"If you gentlemen will excuse us ladies, we need some privacy to help Jennica get dressed."
The four men smiled, Jolan walking towards his sister.

"I'll be right outside the room, Jennie."
Jennica smiled, Jolan kissing her cheek, hugging her gently.

"Okay, Jolly. I'm not going anywhere."

Jolan smiled at her, looking into Lynn's smiling face.

Lynn saw the protective love in Jolan's beautiful grey eyes.

Lance and Justin both smiled, seeing the bond of sibling love both were showing, and Jolan's protective love as well.

The four men smiled, walking out of the room.


Justin and Jolan leaned against the hospital corridor wall, Jolan smiling at the police officer standing beside the room's doorway.

"Hey Lance, how about we go grab some coffee for everyone?" Trace said, Lance nodding.

Lance sensed Trace wanted to talk to him alone.

"Sure thing, Tray. Anything you need Jolan? Is there anything specifically Jennica likes?" Lance said, smiling at him.

"Jennica likes all things sweet." Jolan smiled, Lance laughing lightly.

"Typical teenager. I'll see what I can find for her." Lance said, looking at Justin.

"Back in a few minutes, Jus."

Justin nodded, smiling at his friend.

Justin and Jolan both watched Lance and Trace walk down the corridor, Jolan smiling at Justin.

"Lance seems like a nice guy, Jus." Jolan said, looking at Justin.

"Lance is the epitome of nice, Jo. They don't make them any kinder or more loving."

Jolan nodded, Justin looking into his grey eyes.

"Everything okay, Jo?"

Jolan sighed, looking towards the policeman.

"Let's go for a short walk, Jo." Justin said, putting his arm around Jolan, the two walking down the hall past the other officer seated at the nurses station.

They sat down in a couple of chairs at the end of the hallway, Jolan still able to see the door to Jennica's room.

Jolan's eyes scanned the hallway, Justin's eyes on his friend.

"So what's on your mind, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan's eyes looking into Justin's blue pools.

"Lance has it all together, Jus. Look at him. Handsome, successful, debonair. Why are you not interested in him?"

Justin looked surprised, seeing now what he'd sensed in Jolan's eyes.


Justin smiled, leaning over and lightly kissing Jolan's cheek, Justin making sure no one was around.

"Is my man jealous?"

Jolan rolled his eyes, Justin smirking, then laughing.

"Justin it's not funny. How can I compare to him? It's like he's the most together guy, and then there's me. I'm nothing. Hell, I don't even know myself."
Justin's eyes furrowed, not liking Jolan putting himself down.

"Jolan, I will say this only once."

Jolan looked into Justin's eyes again, seeing a blossoming truth in them.

"I will not--nor will I ever--compare you to him. Lance is my friend. I love him like a brother. You are something more, Jolan. You are the man who's captured my heart. I was drawn to you not in comparison but it uniqueness. In you I see all that I've longed for, all that I've sensed I've needed in my life. Lance will never have that effect on me. Nor will any other man. I think it's time you realized that, Jo. It's you I need, and you, alone, I want. So can we close this subject for good? I see the uncertainty in your eyes. I want you to finally see the truth."
Jolan sat in stunned silence, Justin's words sinking into his soul.

"Only me, Jus?"
Justin smiled, seeing the look of disbelief in Jolan's eyes, but also seeing that look underlined by a look of hope.

"Yes, Jo. Only you. I love you."
Jolan teared up, Justin hugging him gently.

"So can we bury this discussion? It's just you and me from now on, Jolan."

Jolan smiled, taking Justin's hand in his.

"I promise you, Justin, from this day forward you alone have my heart. And I will spend my life loving you."
Justin teared up, a movement down the hallway catching his eye.

He saw his mother standing in the room's doorway with the policeman, her eyes staring towards them.

"I think Mom's wanting us back. Jennica must be ready." Justin said, smiling.

Jolan nodded, the two getting up and walking towards the room again.


Trace smiled at Lance, seeing his tray filled with sweets.

They stood in line in the hospital cafeteria, both with trays in their hands.

"Jennica's going to claim you as her best friend, Lance."
Lance chuckled, looking into Trace's smiling face.

"I always had a weakness for lost waifs." he said, Trace nodding.

"She'll capture your heart. She has mine already."
Lance smiled, Trace setting his tray down at the register, Lance's going beside his.

"I'll pay, Tray." Lance said, pulling out his wallet.

"Thanks, bud." Tray said, the waitress smiling at both men.

Her eyes were showing a look of wonder, Tray assuming she recognized Lance.

Lance picked up on it as well, handing the young woman a few bills.

"Keep the change." he smiled, the woman smiling back at him.

"Thank you, Mr. Bass."
Lance smiled, picking up his tray, Trace following him.

"Can we sit down for a few minutes, Lance? I think we need to have a talk."

Lance nodded, figuring as much.

The two sat down at a table, well away from any other patrons.

"Alright, Tray. What's on your mind?"

Trace folded his hands in front of him, looking into Lance's green eyes.

"I need to know the truth, Lance."

Lance looked into Trace's eyes, seeing a calmness and a friendly gaze.

"The truth? The truth of what?"
"Are you in love with Justin?"

Lance looked surprised, Trace still staring at him.

"Justin never told me Lance, but I think I've put two and three together, and I believe the answer is five."

Lance remained silent, feeling trapped, not sure if he should tell Trace the truth.

"I believe you and Justin once had a close relationship. I've seen it in his eyes and in his words when he's talked of you. It was pretty easy to see. I've known him for a long time. But I never pushed Justin, I let him reveal his true heart when he was ready to. And he now has, Lance."
Lance lowered his eyes for a moment, collecting his thoughts.

"What about Jessica?"
Trace sighed, still looking at Lance.

"Justin broke up with Jessica a few days ago. She cheated on him, Lance."
Lance's face turned to worry, Trace seeing his concern for Justin's feelings.

"I never liked her, Trace. I always thought she was only with him for his fame."
"That she was, Lance. We both saw through her facades."

Lance nodded, folding his hands now in front of him, the two trays sitting between them.

"They're in love, aren't they?"

It was now Trace's turn to look surprised, Lance staring at him again.

"I saw it in his eyes, Trace. I saw where they always turned to. Jolan's eyes haven't revealed that secret as easily, but I do see his caring heart for Justin."

Trace nodded, Lance smiling a small smile, his eyes still staring at Trace.

"The answer is no, Trace. I am not in love with Justin."

Trace let out a soft sigh, Lance smiling wider.

"I'm sorry, Lance. I just thought that maybe now, if you learned of Justin's new feelings, that you might want to rekindle what the two of you once had."
Lance smiled a warm smile now, looking at Trace.

"What Justin and I once had was the innocence of first love. We shared our hearts, our bodies and our souls. We grew with each other. And that changed into a friendship that I thank God for every day. I do love Justin, Tray. I love him as a brother, a compadre and a friend. Jolan need not worry about me."
Trace nodded, patting Lance's hand across the table.

"Justin loves Jolan, Lance. I've never seen him so connected with anyone. And Jolan has a heart of goodness and of kindness. He's a remarkable man. If you only knew all of it."

Lance stared at Trace with interest.

"I think it's time I did. I believe I'm going to like this guy, Trace. I sensed a lot of love in that room upstairs. And I believe it all centers around Jolan."

Trace smiled widely now, chuckling.

"We should get this coffee back before it chills. I'll give you all the details on our walk back. I think it's going to surprise you."

Lance smiled, the two picking up their trays, heading through the cafeteria doorway.


Jolan smiled at Lynn, Lynn smiling at both of them.

"Ready for the unveiling? I can't believe the difference."
Jolan smiled, reaching for the door handle, Lynn stopping him.

"Jolan, she's in a state of worry. She's been hurt for so long. Seeing herself in the bathroom mirror stunned her. I believe she never realized that under all that hurt was a beautiful young woman. Her self-esteem is almost nil. Please keep that in mind when you go in. She needs to be surrounded by loving attention. I've never seen anyone so alone. I can't believe she survived all of that. She's so courageous." Lynn said, tears in her eyes, Jolan putting his arm around her, Lynn trying to regain control.

"She's entered your heart, hasn't she?" Jolan softly said, Lynn nodding.

Justin smiled softly, seeing the love in his mother's face for this young woman.

"Try to imagine what she was like as a child. Of the dreams I remember having of her. It was as if she were a drop of sunshine, lighting up any room she entered. I'm going to make that sunshine shine again. I need to show my loving sister how wonderful life can be. It's my responsibility as her big brother."

Lynn and Justin both had tears in their eyes, hearing Jolan's loving soul in all his words.

"So let's go see your shining angel." Lynn smiled, opening the door herself.

Jolan walked into the room, the three stopping in their tracks.

Jennica stood by the barred window, looking out through the glass.

She turned her body, staring at her brother.

She wore the blue dress, its rich deep color making her grey eyes seem almost white against the blueness.

Justin stood beside Jolan, both lost in the vision of feminine beauty before them.

"Oh, Jennie." Jolan softly said, Jennica's face widening in a smile.

"Do you like the dress? I think it's so pretty!" she said, Jolan smiling at her as he quietly walked up to her.

Cindy sat in her chair, a few feet away from Jennica, watching Jolan's face.

Jolan's eyes were taking in all the beauty of his sister's new image.

Her hair had been brushed, its black curls cascading down her shoulders.

Lynn had moisturized her face, adding a soft blush to her cheeks.

The change was stunning.

Her face looked clean and healthier, a soft red glow of happiness surrounding her grey eyes.

To Jolan's tearing eyes, she looked alive again.

"You look so beautiful, my angel." Jolan softly said, Jennica smiling more.

"You really think so, Jolly?"

"Yes, Jennie. It's like I have a supermodel for a sister!" Jolan smiled, Jennica's eyes widening.

"Yes, my loving sister. You've matured into a beautiful young woman. I just can't believe it!" her brother said, Jennica hugging him tightly.

"Oh thank you, Jolly!"

Justin smiled, seeing Jennica's happiness at her brother's truthful words.

"Let's ask the real superstar! Well, Justin?" Jolan said, looking over his shoulder at his friend.

"Words fail me, Jennica. It's like I'm looking at an angel that's blessed us with her presence. You're hidden beauty is now before us, sweet angel."
Jennica blushed, the redness adding an innocence to her beautiful face.

"Thank you, Justin. That's so sweet." she said, Justin walking up to her and gently hugging her.

Jolan smiled, seeing how comfortable she was with Justin.

His calming love had entered her soul easily.

"Lynn says I can keep all these new clothes, Jolly! I'm so wowed by that!"
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek.

"We owe our friends so much, Jennie."

Cindy rolled over to them, smiling at the young woman.

"I hope that you can now see that your beauty is your own, Jennica. You don't have to hide it behind hoods or dark glasses anymore."

Jennica smiled widely, hugging the woman tightly.

"Thank you, Cindy. And thank you, Lynn." Jennica said, Lynn smiling at her.

"You're welcome, Jennica."
Jennica smiled, looking at her brother, Jolan sensing what she wanted to say, Jolan nodding at her.

"Please call me Jennie. That's Jolan's name for me. I want all my friends to call me that." she said, Jolan smiling at her.

"Alright, Jennie." Justin said, Jennie smiling at him as he hugged her again.

"All ready to get out of here, Jennie?"

The group turned towards the open door, Nathan standing in the doorway with Dr. Nolan.


Jennie smiled widely, nodding, the two doctors smiling at her.

"Don't you look beautiful! This can't be the same girl that was here this morning!" Dr. Nolan said, Jennie blushing.

"Yes, it's me!" she said, Jolan smiling at the two doctors.

"Well everything looks good and you look even better. I do believe I'll let this little bird soar." Dr. Nolan said, smiling at the young girl.

"Thank you, Dr. Nolan. For all your wonderful care with my sister." Jolan said, extending his hand, the doctor smiling and shaking it.

"I just want you to promise me that I won't see her here again." the doctor said smiling.

"You can count on that, doctor." Jolan smiled, Jennie smiling at him.

"Alright, I have a few forms for you to fill out, and there's the matter of the medical expenses. Administration has all the bills, you can stop there on your way out."
Justin walked up to Jolan and the doctor, smiling.

"I'll take care of all that, Jolan. You sit with Jennie and I'll be right back." Justin said, Jolan about to say something, Justin staring at him, his look silencing Jolan.

"Alright, Justin. Thank you." Jolan reluctantly said, Justin winking at him.

"Back in a bit. Don't leave without me."

Jolan smiled, as did Jennie.

Justin followed Dr. Nolan out of the room, heading to the administration offices to settle the expenses.

"I'm going to owe him so much." Jolan said, Lynn looking at him.

"My son and his generous heart."
"He gets it naturally." Jolan said, Lynn smiling at his compliment.

"Thank you, Jolan. Now how about we get all this packed up here? You sit down on the bed and rest, Jennie. Cindy and I will pack all this stuff."
Jennica smiled, Jolan guiding her to the bed.

She had just sat down on her bed when the door of the room opened again.

Trace and Lance walked into the room, both young men smiling.

"Sorry we took so long. There was a line in the cafeteria." Trace said, Lance nodding as well.

They both set the trays down on Jennie's tray table, Trace handing everyone their beverages.

Jennica's eyes widened seeing the tray that Lance had set down.

"I heard from someone that you liked sweets. Care for a chocolate milkshake or how about some butterscotch pudding?" Lance said, smiling.

"I'd like the shake, please."
Lance smiled, handing her the glass.

Lance stared at the young doctor standing beside Jolan.

Jolan caught the look between both young men, smiling.

"Lance, this is Dr. Nathan Livingstone. He's the physician who's helping me with my problems."
Nathan smiled at Lance, the two shaking hands.

"A pleasure, Mr. Bass."

Lance smiled, the two still staring at each other.

Lance came out of his trance on hearing Trace's voice.

"Where's Justin?" Trace asked, a bottle of orange juice in his hand.

"He's downstairs with Dr. Nolan, settling up our accounts."
Trace nodded, smiling at his friend's generous heart.

Lance looked away from the doctor, now looking at Jolan, Jolan's eyes focusing on the two green orbs staring back at him.

"Can I see you for a moment, Jolan?" Lance said, Jolan nodding.

"Be right back, Jennie." Jolan said, smiling at his sister, Jennie sucking up the chocolate shake through two straws, Lynn and Cindy cleaning up around her.

Jolan and Lance walked quietly out of the room, Nathan and Trace glancing at both of them when they left.

Lance walked down the hallway, Jolan walking beside him, sensing Lance wanted some privacy.

They walked down to the room where Jolan had seen Erasmus.

Jolan quietly looked around, Lance walking up to the large picture window, looking out into the afternoon sunshine.

Jolan stood behind him, quietly waiting for Lance to speak his mind.

Lance sighed, Jolan seeing his body trembling a little.

Lance turned, his two green eyes sparkling like emeralds.

In that look, Jolan thought he saw a spark of love.

"Promise me that you'll love him forever. For if you ever hurt him, I'll destroy you."




End of Chapter 23


And so the two men of Justin's heart have met.

Is Jolan still threatened by Lance's love for Justin?
Has Lance accepted Jolan's involvement with his friend?


Up next, Jennica's new home life.

Will she adjust to her new surroundings of love?

Will Lynn accept her son's new desires?


I hope I'm not being too facetious with all these suggestive questions.

I'll let my story decide all their fates.


Writing with faith, Angel.