Jolan's Path-Chapter 24

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.






Chapter 24


Lance stared into the grey eyes staring back at him.

The young man was quiet, Lance's statement silencing him.

"I know he loves you, I see it in his eyes."
Jolan lowered his eyes for a moment, Lance sensing a little confusion in those grey eyes.

"Yes, so he has told me." Jolan said softly, Lance walking closer to him.

"And what about you? Have you told him what I've seen in your eyes?"

Jolan's eyes met Lance's again, Lance seeing the truth in their tender greyness.

"Yes, Lance. I have told him that I love him."
Lance's body relaxed, the truth now in front of him.

"I promise you that I'll never hurt him, Lance. You needn't threaten me. For if I ever hurt him I would destroy myself.  I love him too much to ever want to see him hurt."
Lance smiled a warm smile, Jolan seeing his relaxing continence.

"That's all I needed to hear, Jolan."
Jolan looked at the man before him, seeing a strong, vibrant, intelligent soul.

"And what about you, Lance? I know of the relationship you and Justin once had. Justin told me about your giving, loving heart."

Lance stared into those grey, silvery eyes of friendship.

"I love Justin, Jolan. Yes, we once had an intense, physical, spiritual, and loving relationship. Justin showed me the beauty of his soul, and the largeness of his heart. He will always be one of my dearest friends. We both have carried in our hearts the specialness of our once close love, and his love will always be in my heart. I am not a combatant after his heart, Jolan. I am just his loving friend. You needn't feel any threat from me. I love Justin, and I want always to see him happy. I see him happy now. Happy with your love."
Jolan smiled, the man in front of him speaking from his heart.

Lance's hand went to Jolan's shoulder, the young man smiling at his gentle touch.

"So, as his friend, that makes me now your friend. I'd like to get to know you better, Jolan. Trace told me about what has happened since Justin and you met. You have a lot of courage and beauty in your young heart."

Jolan nodded, Lance seeing that confusing look in his eyes again.

"There's a soft look of worry or confusion in your eyes, my friend. What's wrong?"

Jolan sighed, sitting down in one of the chairs in front of the window, Lance sitting down beside him.

"Care to lean on a friend?" Lance said, Jolan seeing his now opening friendship.

"I'm scared, Lance."

Lance remained calm, looking into Jolan's turned eyes.

"Scared of what? Not of Justin's love?"

"Yes, Lance. I've never met anyone like him. He's so beautiful, giving and intelligent. Why is he wanting me?"

Lance smiled, now seeing Jolan's doubting soul.

"Jolan, I want to tell you something. Between just you and me."

Jolan nodded, sensing a common respect building between the two of them.

"Justin is a fragile man, Jolan."
Jolan looked surprised by Lance's words.
"Oh, he comes across to the world and all his fans as this completely together guy. This masculine, beautiful, totally together guy. It's as if nothing he does or touches can go wrong. His confidence and reassuring bravado draws everyone to him. But I, being one of his closest friends, have seen the real Justin. And I believe you have, too. The image of Justin Timberlake is all a facade. Under that image is a man who needs validation."

Jolan listened to Lance's truthful words.

Lance put his arm around Jolan, Jolan touched by his open emotions.

Jolan thought this young man could be one of his closest friends.

"Justin had to fight for all his success, Jolan. Even in the early days of our being together I saw his determination and his need to succeed in all he does. And he has, Jolan.  In his music there is no better or more knowledgeable artist. His light of fame has shone brightly. But there has always been one success that has eluded him. I've been beside him through all his tumultuous relationships. Justin has been searching his whole life for love, Jolan."

Jolan remained silent, Lance's words sinking into his soul.

"I've felt that love, Jolan. It's breathtaking. And it's real. He doesn't show it to just anyone. He only shows it to those that can see the real him. Few really have. I think only I--and, perhaps, now you--have."
Jolan's eyes met Lance's.

"He shows his love to his friends and family, and those close to him. But I'm talking about the innermost love, Jolan. The man remaining there once you strip down his ambitions, his desires, and his bravado. The lost, insecure, lonely man at the core of his being. That man, that real man is so beautiful."

Jolan saw a tear in Lance's eyes, his hand going to Lance's knee.

"He is beautiful, Lance. The real him. I catch small glimpses of that man within him. I think you've seen even more."

"Yes, I have. And I saw him again today. Every time he looked into your eyes I saw the inner Justin coming to the surface. He wants you to see his inner love. He loves you and he needs you, Jolan. "
Jolan teared up, Lance smiling at him.

"I haven't seen that Justin since he and I were together. Not through all those relationships, and especially not with Jessica. "
Jolan nodded, Lance sensing Jolan's feelings on her.

"Trace told me what Brandon and she did, Jolan. Justin never deserved that hurt."
"I know that, Lance. And I'm going to make sure neither ever hurts him again."

Lance smiled, liking this young man very much.

"So where do you go from here?" he said, Jolan looking at him again.

"I go forward, Lance. Jennie's been through so much. And we still have so much more to discover. But I need Justin beside me. I need his love there with me. I love him, Lance."
Lance smiled, Jolan wanting to say more.

Jolan felt he could unburden his soul to Lance.

Lance saw a troubled look in Jolan's grey eyes of friendship.

"You haven't been with him completely yet. I see it in your troubled eyes, Jolan."

Jolan blushed a little, Lance smiling at him.

"What was Justin like as a lover?"
Lance met Jolan's questioning eyes.

"Being with Justin in that way is like being on the edge of abandonment. Your emotions go through a furor of trembling ecstasies. Be prepared to be lost forever, Jolan. That first time he will make so magical."
Jolan looked into Lance's emerald eyes.

"Trace told me briefly of what happened to you those years ago, Jolan. I'm sorry you were subjected to so much hurt and pain."
Jolan nodded, his hand squeezing Lance's arm.

"You don't have to be sorry for something not of your doing. It's something that I alone must deal with."
Lance nodded, his arm still around the young man, his hold on him tightening.

"Let Justin's love in, Jolan. Let his physical beauty and his touching love carry you past your fears. Justin's love is enough to win over any doubts or any forgotten pain. I truly believe that."
Jolan smiled, Lance's touching words the truth.

Lance smiled at him again, letting go of the young man, standing up in front of him.

"I think we should be getting back. Your sister's itching to leave, I believe."

Jolan smiled, standing up beside him.

Lance looked into his silvery eyes, two orbs that Lance had never seen so vividly before.

In those eyes Lance saw a lot of courage, determination, and need.

And also a look of deep friendship.

"I'd like to be your friend, Jolan. I'd like to be around for the unveiling of your love for Justin."

Jolan smiled, Lance hugging him gently.

"I'd like that too, Lance."

The two smiled at each other, their hearts bonded by their love of one man.

The two parted, their friendship begun.

"Let's go see Jennica. And your love."

Jolan nodded, his mind on something else.

Something his heart had picked up on.

Jolan smiled, the two walking back towards Jennie's room.


Jolan and Lance walked into the hospital room, Jennie smiling at her brother.

Justin sat in the bed beside her, Jennie wrapped in his arms.

"Where did you two get off to?" Justin said, smiling at both of them.

"We were just getting to know each other, Justin." Lance said smiling.

Justin nodded, his eyes going from one to the other.

Jolan smiled at him, Justin relaxing a little more.

"So, Jennie. All ready to go?" Jolan said, before Justin could say more.

"Yep. I'm all packed."

Lynn and Cindy both smiled at Jolan, a bevy of bags and stuff lined up by the couch.

"Dr. Nolan said I can leave whenever I want to." Jennie said, Jolan smiling.

"No time like the present." he said, the door of the room opening again.

Nathan walked in again, smiling at everyone, a wheelchair before him.

"Hospital rules, little one. All angels must ride out of here. " he said, Lance and Jolan smiling at him.

Nathan smiled back, his eyes briefly locking with Lance's.

Nathan's eyes moved from Lance to Justin.

"There's a group of reporters assembled again. Word's gotten out that you're all up here. It's going to be a zoo getting Jennie out of here. They've got all the exits staked out. But I think I have a plan."

Everyone looked at Nathan, Nathan smiling.

"How about I stay here with Jennie, the group of you leaving as one? The reporters will all zone in on you, and I'll be able to just stroll out with her through one of the entrances. I can drive her to an agreed destination, and you can all meet up."
Justin smiled, liking the idea.

He glanced at Jolan, seeing his worry for his sister.

"Nathan will get her out of here safely, and with no interference." Justin said, Jolan nodding at him.

"Sounds like a plan. Are you okay with that, Jennie?" Jolan said, now sitting on the edge of her bed in front of him.

"Yes, Jolly. That sounds okay. But can Lance come with me, too?"

Lance looked surprised, Jennie smiling up at him.

Nathan looked at Lance, Jolan looking at both of them.

"I'm fine with that. I don't think you'll stand out too much." Nathan said, Lance looking at him.

"I'll try not to. I have sunglasses, and we can take my car. It's already parked in the west end parking lot. I noticed coming in that it was pretty empty in that lot." Lance said, Nathan smiling at him.

"An even better plan." Nathan said, smiling.

Everyone thought so, Jolan and Justin looking at each other.

"We'll it's almost noon. I think I know where we can all meet." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.


Dominoso Sumsare said goodbye to the two patrons as they exited his restaurant.

The place was almost empty, the morning breakfast crowd having thinned out.

The rush would begin again in a couple of hours,  the noon crowd usually the more boisterous.

He sat down at a table, his daughter Daphne coming out of the kitchen.

She smiled at him, picking up two cups and filling them with coffee for her father and herself.

She walked across the restaurant, setting one cup down in front of him.

Lucille, the other waitress, was cleaning tables and handling the last few customers.

Daphne sat down at the table beside her father, smiling.

"A great morning, Papa."
"Yes, Daphne. Almost time to hire another waitress if this keeps up."
Daphne smiled again, happy to see her father's business thriving.

Her small touches--and savvy business sense--had revived the restaurant's stature.

"I owe most of it to your intelligent ideas." her father said, Daphne moved by his open praises.

"My happiness is seeing you happy, Papa." she said, Domo leaning across the table and gently kissing her cheek.

"A touching scene. Your daughter has blossomed into an angel."

Domo looked up, as did Daphne, a tall man standing a few feet away from their table.

Neither had seen or heard him enter the restaurant.

Domo stared at the man, looking into the grey eyes staring back at him.

The face he recognized from his youth, its beauty unchanged.

"It has been a long time, Illuminator." Domo said, about to stand up, the man's hand movements telling him to remain seated.

"Yes, Domo. A very long time. I thought that I would not see you again until the time of Snow and Truth."

"I as well, friend of Illumination." the older man said, staring at the man.

"May I sit down, old friend?"
Daphne looked at her father, then staring up into the man's grey silvery eyes.

"You are always welcome at my table, great one."

The man smiled at Domo's words, walking around the table, sitting down across from the older man.

"Would you like a coffee, or something to eat?" Daphne said, the man smiling at her.

"No, child. I am fine." he said, his eyes looking towards Domo.

"I was sorry to hear of your mother's passing, Domo. She was a kindred soul of love. Her life was long and rich."
Domo nodded, his eyes glistening.

"Mother lived a life rich with love. She gave it to so many."
"Yes, myself included. She will live in my heart."

Daphne looked between the two men, puzzled.

Her grandmother had died before Daphne was even born, almost thirty years ago.

This man would have been only a young man himself when she'd passed on.

She took him to be around forty five at the most.

"Thank you, Calen. She did love you."
The man smiled, looking towards Daphne.

"And now I see a blossoming flower extending the Sumsare lineage. She is as beautiful as Regina."

Domo smiled, remembering the beauty of his lost wife.

"Yes, she has her mother's beauty."
Daphne smiled, her eyes looking at the beauty of the man sitting beside her.

"Who are you?"
The man smiled, looking at Domo.

"My name is Calen Dragos."

Daphne's eyes widened, her face blushing.

"Forgive me, you're Eminence. I did not know." she whispered, her head lowering in a respectful bow.

"It is alright, my child. My coming was a surprise, I see that in your father's eyes."
Domo's eyes were staring in quiet silence at the man across from him.

"I knew that someone of importance would come, Calen. His being here is a sign of that. I am just surprised that it is not the Seeker."

"My brother is on his way. I as the Illuminator have come first. To prepare the way."

Domo nodded.

"Simus seeks the Sun Child?"
Calen froze, his eyes widening.

"You know of him?"
Domo looked at his daughter, Daphne's eyes meeting his.

"We both sensed something a few days ago. He walked into our humble restaurant, as my mother once said he would."

Calen recovered his initial shock, looking at the older man.

"Tell me everything, Dominoso. I must know all of it."


A few hours later the restaurant doors opened, Justin and Jolan walking into the bustling establishment.

The place was almost packed with customers.

Daphne stood at the front register, smiling widely.

"Hello, Jolan. Welcome back, to all of you." Daphne said, smiling widely.

Behind them Cindy, Trace, and Lynn stood looking towards her, Cindy smiling at her.

"Father has reserved our private dining room for you as you requested, Justin."
Jolan smiled, looking at the young woman's smiling face.

It had been Jolan's idea to have everyone meet here after their separation at the hospital.

He still couldn't fathom the scene that had taken place when they'd appeared downstairs at the hospital.

The press had descended upon them, the small group surrounded, Justin's arm going around Jolan.

Questions had been thrown at the two men, the group surrounded by security guards and policemen.

Video cameras were zoned in on them, and cameras were flashing, the police slowly guiding them out into the parking lot, and their waiting vehicles.

Jolan was lost in the melee, thankful that Jennie had been spared this crushing scene.

"Come this way, my friends." Daphne said, smiling at them all.

The small group walked through the small restaurant, Daphne guiding them into another room just off the kitchen.

The room itself was cozy and well-lit, two tables set up with dinnerware.

"Please be seated, my father will be in momentarily." she said, her eyes looking at Jolan.

Jolan smiled at her, he and Justin walking over to one of the tables, Lynn following them.

"I thought more people were coming, Jolan?" Daphne asked, setting menus down at each placing.

"There are a couple more showing up. My sister and two friends." Jolan said, Daphne's eyes widening.

"Your sister! The one from the news? That's wonderful!" she smiled, Justin looking up at her.

Daphne smiled, looking back at him.

"We saw the news reports. I'm glad everything is okay." she said, Jolan smiling at her.

Daphne and Cindy chatted a bit, Trace smiling at both.

Justin introduced Daphne to his mother, the two women exchanging pleasantries.

"I'll go and fix your drinks. Please relax and enjoy our hospitality." the young woman said, walking out of the room quietly.

Justin looked towards Jolan, the young man looking around.

"How are you doing, Jolan?"
Jolan looked towards him, Justin smiling at him.

"That was quite the circus out there, Jus."

Justin chuckled, Jolan looking at him.

"I've been in bigger crowds. Remember our concerts in Germany, Mom?"
Lynn laughed, nodding.

"Yes, those were like free-for-alls. I still remember when Joseph lost his shirt. It was ripped right off his back." Lynn said, Jolan looking at her with surprise.

Justin smiled, seeing the awed look on his friend's face.

"Our fans were ardent, I'll give them that."

Lynn smiled, remembering those early years.

"It was so scary. I'm so glad Jennie wasn't in the middle of that." Jolan said, his eyes looking towards the closed door.

Justin picked up on his gaze, his arm going around his friend.

"She'll be here soon, Jo." he said, Jolan nodding.

Lynn sat quietly watching the two men.

As if to answer Justin's words, the door of the room opened, a smiling Lance walking in, his arm around Jennie.

Nathan walked behind both of them, followed by Daphne.

"You made it in one piece, I see." Lance said, smiling at Justin.

"Yep, although it was pretty intense." Trace said, the new arrivals sitting down, Jennie sitting beside Jolan, her brother kissing her cheek.

"Are you okay, Jennie?"
"I'm great, Jolly! Nate and Lance whisked me right by a group of reporters! They didn't even look at us!" she said, Jolan smiling at her.

Jolan's eyes moved towards Nathan, the man smiling at him.

"Thanks, Nathan."
"No problem, Jolan. And as Jennie just stated, it's Nate."
Jolan smiled, as did Justin.

Lance sat beside Nathan, Jolan smiling at him..
The door opened again, Dominoso Sumsare walking into the room.

"Hello my dear friends! A joy to have you in my small restaurant again!" he smiled, patting Jolan on the shoulder, stopping him from getting up.

Justin introduced the older man to his mother and Lance and Nathan.

Domo greeted them all, his eyes looked down into Jennie's upturned grey ones.

"And this must be the heroic angel! She has your beautiful eyes, Jolan. She truly is a ray of sunshine."
Jennie blushed a bit, snuggling closer to Jolan, but a smile remained on her face.

"Yes, Domo. This is my Jennie."
Domo smiled at her, Jennie smiling back.

"Being a newly freed prisoner I'm sure you'd love a decadent meal. Please allow me to fill your table with my humble cuisine. I shall bring you a feast!"

Jennie grinned, as did most of the people around the table.

"That would be wonderful, Domo." Justin smiled, the man bowing and walking out of the room with his daughter.

The two walked into the back office beside the kitchen, Daphne looking at her father.

"Has the time come?"

Domo looked up towards a picture hanging on the wall above the desk, his mother's beautiful face staring back at him.
"The past waits for no one, my angel. Let us provide nourishment for our friends. I think they will need a full stomach for when the worlds of his destiny collide."


Domo was true to his word, the group dining on a large variety of foods, the table laden with abundance.

Jennie was given a large plate of fries, covered in gooey cheese and gravy.

She dove into it, Jolan smiling at her ravenous appetite.

His little sister was on the mend.

The others dined on pasta dishes, salads, rich meat fares, as well as hearty dishes of vegetables.

Jennie ate two hot dogs, covered in chili sauce and onions.

The others ate until they were greatly satisfied, complimenting the happy Domo throughout.

Daphne and Domo both dined with them, Justin insisting on it.

The group enjoyed the meal together among happy conversation and bubbling laughter.

After the meal Domo brought out a large sundae, Jennie's eyes wide with wonder.

She ate almost all of it herself, guiding Lance to finishing the rest.

Both were lost in the rich chocolate flavour.

Jolan smiled at her throughout the meal, her smiling face bringing his heart great joy.

After they had all eaten to their hearts' content, the table was cleared of all the dinnerware by Lucille and Daphne.

"That was a wonderful meal, Mr. Sumsare." Lynn said, sipping a cup of tea, the older man smiling at her.

"It is Domo, my dear lady. I am a humble man. I seek joy in seeing others filled with good food. I live to please."
She smiled at him, liking the man immensely.

The group as one thanked the man for the wonderful meal, Justin insisting on paying the man richly.

Domo lightly fought against it, Justin and then Jolan insisting.

The man reluctantly conceded, Justin paying the bill amicably.

Everyone finished their coffees and soft drinks, Daphne returning from the kitchen, whispering quietly into her father's ear.

"Please excuse me for a moment, my friends. I shall return momentarily." he said, bowing when he stood up, quietly leaving the room.

Daphne remained, sitting down in her seat again.

She and Cindy lightly chatted, her eyes looking towards Jolan.

Jolan picked up on her quiet stares, not saying anything.

A few moments later, Domo returned to the room, a look of sudden nervousness on his face.

Jolan caught his staring at him, wondering what was wrong.

"Is something wrong, Domo?" Justin said, beating Jolan to his own words.

Domo stood behind his daughter, his hand going to her shoulder.

"My friend, I was greatly surprised when you called to reserve a table here today. For today was a day of many surprises."

Justin and Jolan both smiled at him, a looking going between them.

They sensed their new friend was uncertain about something.

"My mother always told me that there are no surprises in life. That all happenings are the will of God.  After today--and this week--I sense she was correct."
Domo took a deep breath, Daphne standing up and taking his hand in hers.

"Fate has brought you to our door, Jolan. The fate of devotion and hope. My mother was always certain of your arrival." Domo said, a tear rolling down his cheek.

Everyone in the room sensed something was going on, not sure of what Domo was speaking.

Domo looked around the room, his eyes stopping on Jennie, and then finally focusing on Jolan.

"A friend is asking to see you, Jolan."

Justin looked confused, his blue eyes looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"A friend?" Jolan said, his voice suddenly soft.

Justin looked at his friend, seeing a soft tremble in Jolan's hands, which were on top of the table.

'Yes, a young friend who has been searching for you."

All those around the table were now looking at Jolan, Jennie looking at her brother, seeing the look in his eyes.

"What is he talking about, Jolly?"
Jolan took his sister's hand in his, his eyes staring at Domo.

"Bring him in, Domo. I think I need to see him."


Domo walked to the doorway, looking out into the restaurant.

He nodded, holding the door open.

A young man walked into the room, all eyes staring at him.

Jolan stood up at the table, looking at the young man who had walked into the room.

The young man was handsome, masculine and tall.

Jolan stared at him, his green eyes staring back.

Jolan saw a lot of emotion in those green eyes.

Jolan also thought he sensed a familiarity in those eyes.

Jolan quietly walked around the table, Justin's eyes following him intently, and also scanning the young man who'd entered the room.

Jennie's eyes were upon the young man also.

Jolan walked up to the man, looking him squarely in the eyes.

"Do I know you?" he said, the man's eyes glistening with tears.

"Yes, Jolan. I was once your best friend. My name is Cory." the young man said, everyone around the tables staring in surprise.

"My best friend? You know me that well?"
The man smiled a soft smile, Jolan smiling back.

"Yes, Jolan. We were once inseparable. And then you disappeared."

Jolan nodded, his hand going outwards, Cory taking it in his.

The two men shook each other's hand, both staring into the other's eyes.

"I'm sorry, Cory. I don't remember you at all."

Cory's body trembled, Justin and Lynn now standing up, seeing the emotion on the young man's face.
"Yes, I know, Jolan. And there's a very good reason for that. Trust in me to show you the truth. Please walk with me into your past, Jolan."

Jolan looked at the man, the man turning and walking back to the open doorway.

"Someone else wants to see you again, Jolan. He's waiting in the next room." Cory said, standing in the doorway.

Justin and the others now were all standing, Jennie going to Jolan's side.

Jolan looked into her grey eyes, Jennie smiling at him.

"I don't think you need to be scared, Jolan. I think I remember Cory's smile."
Cory smiled at the young girl, Jennie smiling back.

 "Hello, Jennie. It's so wonderful to see you."
Jolan looked at Justin, seeing the worry in his eyes.

Jolan turned back, his eyes upon Cory again.

The young man walked out into the main restaurant area.

Jolan walked forward, Jennie at his side, Justin following right behind him.

All the others moved, following the three out of the room.

Lynn's eyes met Domo's, the older man's eyes filled with tears, his daughter's arm around him.

Jolan stopped upon walking into the restaurant, seeing the large room empty.

All the customers were gone.

Jolan's eyes focused on the lone individuals remaining in the silent room.

Standing across from him, were two men.

Both wore identical clothing--dark grey suits--their eyes covered in dark glasses.

To Jolan, one appeared older than the other, although you could tell that they were in some way related.

"Hello, Jolan." the older one said, his voice sounding emotional.

"Hello, sir. Do I know you?" Jolan said, the two men walking towards him.

Jennie's hand went into Jolan's, Jolan's squeezing hers gently, she knowing his protective love was surrounding her.

The men stopped in front of him, both removing their dark glasses.

Everyone in the room stared into two sets of grey piercing eyes.

Identical eyes to Jolan's own.

"Yes, Jolan. We are your father's brothers." the older man said, a sob escaping him as he pulled Jolan into his arms.

Simus Dragos stood in the center of the restaurant, his lost nephew embraced  in his arms.

All those around them stood in shocked silence, Calen and Cory in tears, watching Simus join with his past.

And Jolan, standing in the center of all of it, felt nothing.




End of Chapter 24


And so the family of Jolan's lost past are now front and center.

Will Jolan and Jennie now learn their past?

Will he remember Cory and his uncles?

What does Domo have to do with the brothers Dragos?

What does this revelation mean for Justin and his blossoming love?


I've decided to join the family a little sooner that I had originally intended.

For a very important reason.

But you'll have to read on to learn all the background and reasoning.


I hope I've kept you coming back for more.

Up next, the dawning of Jolan's history.


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