Jolan's Path - Chapter 25

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 25


Everyone in the room stood in silence, watching Simus hugging Jolan tightly.

The two men finally separated, Simus looking into his nephew's confused eyes.

"I am your Uncle Simus, Jolan. I have been seeking you for an eternity." the older man said, tears running down his cheeks.

"Then I guess you have found me, Uncle." Jolan said softly, the older man smiling softly.

Calen moved forward and hugged Jolan next, albeit in a gentler embrace.

"Hello, Jolan. I am your Uncle Calen." the man said, smiling at him when they'd parted, his eyes filled with tears.

Jolan's eyes went from one grey eyed face to the other.

"My last name is Dragos?" he said in a whisper, Justin watching him, sensing the underlying shock running through Jolan..

"Yes, our nephew. Your full name is Jolan Vilos Joelius Dragos. You were named for your grandfather Vilos,  and your father Joel, our brother." Simus said, standing in front of the two men, his eyes moving to Jennica.

"And can this be our niece, little Jennica?" Simus said, smiling at the young woman.

Jolan's Uncle Calen released him, Jolan putting his arm around Jennie.

"Yes Uncles. This is my sister, Jennica."

Jennie smiled at Jolan, his arm drawing her against him.

The two older men looked at the two siblings, seeing before them their united loving hearts.

"It is good to see the two of you together, after all these years." Simus said, pulling out a handkerchief and wiping his eyes.

Jolan's eyes turned, Justin looking at him, seeing the confused look that was now in Jolan's grey searching eyes.

"I don't remember either of you, I am sorry. My mind is not its own."
Simus nodded, he and Calen exchanging a look, the older man's hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

Jolan felt a warmth of family in the kind touch, Simus smiling at him in a gentle way.

"Yes, Jolan, so we have learned."

Jolan stared into the older man's deep grey eyes, a silvery truth in those mesmerizing eyes.

"You seem to know the truth of my existence, Uncle. Can you please tell me what that truth is?" Jolan said softly, tears now falling down his face.

Justin had seen enough.

He destroyed the distance between him and Jolan, his arm going around his friend as Jolan had embraced him.

Jolan began to cry, his head burying into Justin's chest, Justin holding him tightly.

Everyone in the room stood in silence, seeing Jolan's emotional fragility.

They now knew how emotional this reunion must have been on his turbulent heart.

Justin's eyes met Simus', the two staring at each other.

"It's alright, Jo. Calm down." Justin said softy, his hand rubbing Jolan's back.

"I'm sorry, son. I can imagine the emotions of this surprising moment." Simus said, Cory looking at his lover's face.

He saw Simus was an emotional wreck also.

"I think we all need to take a breather and get our bearings. Why don't you and Jolan sit down at a table, Mr. Timberlake? Dominoso, could you bring Jolan and Simus each a drink?" Cory said, the young man taking charge of the moment.

Justin nodded at Cory, the two exchanging smiles.

Domo disappeared with Daphne, Justin leading Jolan over to the table in front of the windows, Jennie following her brother.

The three sat down at the table, Justin guiding Jolan into a chair, his arm still around him.

Justin felt Jolan's need for his love to be close.

Jolan's uncles sat down across from Jolan and Jennie, the others in the room sitting down around them.

Cory sat down beside Simus, the two briefly looking into each other's eyes.

Lance and Nathan sat down together behind the three men, the two looking towards Jolan.

Lynn sat down behind Justin, directly behind Jennie, her son smiling at her.

Trace sat down beside Lynn, Cindy wheeling her chair beside Trace.

Their hands went together, the two feeling for their young friend.


Domo returned with Daphne, both carrying a tray of glasses.

They handed everyone a glass of water, Domo bowing to Calen and Simus, he and Daphne standing back against the wall, looking at the group before them.

Simus smiled at Domo, then his eyes looked towards his nephew.

Jolan's head was lowered, his thoughts and emotions his own.

Justin gently gave Jolan the glass, Jolan sipping slowly on the water it contained, his head still lowered.

Justin's eyes looked into the grey eyes of Jolan's Uncle Simus.

Justin introduced everyone around them, the two Dragos brothers nodding their heads in greetings.

"How did you find him?" Justin asked, his hand still stroking Jolan's back.

Lynn watched her son's loving touch with the fragile young man.

"I saw the news conference on the television. Cory and I both saw it. I instantly recognized you, Jolan. You have your father's beauty."
Jolan's head raised, his grey eyes on Simus.

"Where is my father? Where is my mother? If you are who you say you are then answer me that!" Jolan said, Justin--as well as everyone else-- picking up on the determination now in Jolan's voice.

Simus' head now lowered, then raised again, his grey eyes tearing.

"I do not know, Jolan. I have been seeking them for as long as I have been seeking you. Your father walked away from all of us over ten years ago. Little Jennica was just a small child when last I saw her. But I would recognize her as well. Her mother's magnificent smile and bewitching beauty shine bright."
Jennie smiled, her uncles smiling back at her.

Jolan's grey eyes were watching both men.

"Why did my father walk away from you? Are you evil? Are you bad men?"

Simus' eyes were staring now at his nephew, Justin picking up on his equally determined stare.

"No, Jolan. We are not evil. Our family is steeped in tradition, and also in giving faith. We are a family devoted to seeking the truth in all things upon this world. Our heritage is our destiny."
Jolan looked at Calen, the younger brother smiling at him.

"Are you all there is of my family? Or are there more?"

Simus folded his hands in front of him, the two men looking at their nephew.

"We have one other brother, the eldest son of Vilos, our brother Morgan. Calen, Morgan and Joel all have children. Calen has three, Morgan one. Joel the youngest brother, was blessed with you two. I am not married, nor have any children. That is the extent of our immediate family, Jolan. They are all that remain of the family Dragos."

Jolan looked at both men, surprised by Simus' direct answer.

The man wasn't hiding anything.

"That is all? No other aunts, uncles, cousins or such?"
"No, Jolan. That is all of us. Our family has dwindled to only ten." Calen said, Simus looking at him quietly.

Jolan felt a sadness in Calen's statement, and a sadness in the tone of his voice.

"That is so few. I thought perhaps by what he said that I had a large family." Jolan said, Justin feeling Jolan beginning to calm down from his original shock.

Jennie was looking at her brother, also feeling the change come over him.

"By what who said?" Simus asked in confusion, his grey eyes looking into Justin's.

Jolan looked at his uncle, seeing the confused look on his face.

"The man who called himself Erasmus Sogard."
Simus face changed, everyone seeing his face whiten.

Calen's face also had a look of deep shock upon it.

Cory saw the look on Simus' face, his arm going around him.

"Are you alright, Simus?" Cory said, a look of worry on his face as well.

"That is impossible, Jolan! What you just said is impossible!"
"Why is it impossible, Uncle?"

Simus looked at his nephew, a new look of shocked awe and wonder spread across his face.

"Because the man you just named does not exist but in legends. And he supposedly lived well over a thousand years ago."


Jolan sat across from his uncles, everyone in the room stunned into silence.

Justin's shocked face looked at Jolan, seeing a calmness on that young beautiful face.

And he also saw the determined stare again.

"To me, Erasmus is real, Uncle. He has visited me twice. The last time he talked to me of my destiny and my path. He also said that I was the one to make this right."

Simus' face still showed some wonderment, his hands still trembling a bit.

"Eramus the Watcher has not been known to appear but in legends. For him to appear now is a sign of the seriousness of our dilemma."

"What is going on, Uncle? Who is this man, and why is he watching me?"

Simus' eyes turned to Calen, the younger man sighing.

"Erasmus is a mythical being called the Watcher of Man. Some say he is real, some say he is an imaginary figure born out of ancient legends.  You may have just proven his reality. I have not heard him spoken of since I was a child myself." Calen said, Simus' hand going to his brother's arm.

The younger smiled at the older, Simus looking back at his nephew.

"Your family's history is one of fascination and mysticism, Jolan. Many think of our family as phantoms and myths."

"Myths and legends? Who are you people?" Justin said, his eyes looked between all three men.

Simus focused on the young man, seeing his obvious friendship with Jolan, and Simus sensed in his heart there was more there than just that.

"We are a family of destiny, Justin. And we are definitely more real than myth."

"Am I real, Uncle? Is any of this real?"

Jolan's hand went to his temple, Justin seeing the signs of a returning headache.

"Another headache, Jo?"
Jolan nodded, Justin's fingers gently rubbing his temple, Jolan's eyes closing.

Simus and Calen exchanged looks.

"How long have you had the headaches, Jolan?" Calen said, his grey eyes watching the young man and Justin together.

"He's had them since he awoke from his coma." Justin said, Jolan's eyes still closed.

Simus stood up, walking around the table, kneeling beside Jolan's chair, the young man opening his eyes after hearing the movement beside him.

Simus' fingers went to Jolan's forehead, gently replacing Justin's removed ones.

The moment he touched the young man's temple, Simus let out a soft gasp, staggering a little on his feet.

Simus looked into Jolan's staring grey eyes.

He saw the pain embedded in their silver centers.

"The propelling force is great. I cannot do anything to ease your pain. You are sealed against my touch."

Jolan's eyes looked into his uncle's, seeing a look of compassion and remorse staring back.

"It is my pain, Uncle. Do not feel remorse or worry for my condition."

Simus stood up, looking down at Jolan.

"It has been an emotional day for all of us, Jolan. I think you would do well with a time of rest."

Jolan stood up, Justin rising by his side, his arm going around his friend.

Jolan looked at both of his uncles, his gaze then turning to Jennie who had stood up at his side as well.

"Yes, this is our angel's day of freedom. Jennie needs to go back to her new home."

Jennie smiled, Jolan seeing the look of worry in her eyes, worry for him.

Jolan's hand went to Simus', the young man holding his gently.

"Uncle Simus, I am indeed glad that we have found each other again. As I am glad I have found you, Uncle Calen. It warms my heart to know I do indeed have family. " Jolan said, a soft smile on his face now.
The two men smiled, Jolan smiling back at both of them, Simus seeing the look of pain in his eyes.

"Rest, Jolan. We'll talk again tomorrow. I sense a lot of worry in your soul for your family's history and your own. Tomorrow we shall tell you the reality of all of us."
Jolan nodded, the two older men hugging him, Simus gently patting Jennica's shoulder, the young girl softly smiling at him.

Justin shook both of their hands, Domo walking up to the group.

"Faith be with you, Jolan. I hope you feel well soon."
Jolan smiled at the older man, and at Daphne.

"I sense you have a part in all of this, Domo. I want the truth from all of you." Jolan said, his grey eyes looking calmly at all of them.

"That you shall have, Jolan." Domo said, Jolan seeing a look of emotional happiness in his eyes.

Jolan nodded, his arm going around Jennie.

"Until tomorrow, Uncles, and new friends." he said, Justin guiding the two towards the front door of the restaurant.

Their friends followed, Simus and Calen bowing to all of them, Cory standing between the two.

"Go with our love, Jolan." Cory softly said, Simus' hand going in his.


Justin was feeling concerned.

The drive to Justin's condo had been cloaked in relative silence, Jolan sitting with him in the backseat of Justin's SUV, Jennie between the two of them, her slender frame in Jolan's arms.

Lance had driven, Lynn beside him in the passenger seat.

Both had looked back several times, Jolan staring in silence out the window of the vehicle.

They all sensed his need for silence.

Trace, Cindy and Nathan had followed them in Lance's car.

Upon entering Justin's condo, Jennie's eyes had opened in shocked wonder.

Jolan had smiled softly, Justin seeing the pained look in his grey loving eyes.
Justin knew the headache was in full force.

But Jolan himself had guided her around the condo, showing her all the beauty of the place.

Justin had walked beside them, the others smiling at the young woman's looks of wonder.

Justin had guided them down the hallway to the room just before Justin's bedroom.

He had opened the door, the others standing behind the three in the hallway.

Jolan and Jennie's eyes had both widened in shocked wonder.

"This is your room, Jennie. I hope you like it." Justin said, the two siblings walking into the room.

The room was decorated in a warmth of happiness.

A beautiful bedspread of blue roses covered the bed, stuffed animals set up on top of its pillows.

There was a large television across from the bed, as well as a computer set up on a desk.

Stuffed animals sat everywhere, the room taking on a youthful charm.

Jennie walked in silence around the room, Jolan watching her quietly.

"It's so beautiful and pretty! It feels so warm and loving!" she said, picking up a large stuffed bear, white in color with a pair of blue shining eyes.

Jolan looked up at Justin standing beside him.

"How and when did you do this?"
Justin smiled, his arm going around the young man.

"Rachel landed in town this morning. She did it first thing. I wanted Jennie to walk into a room of love. I wanted her to feel at home here. This is her room."
Jennie smiled at Justin, running across the room and hugging him tightly.

"Thank you Justin! For letting me stay here with Jolly and you!"

Justin teared up, hearing the happiness in the young woman's voice.

"It's your home now, Jennie. Treat it as such."
Jolan smiled, seeing the love in Justin's tearing eyes for his sister.

Everyone came into the room, looking around, Jolan leaning against the doorframe, Justin watching him quietly.

They all looked around, Jennie showing Lynn all the pretty things she now had.

Justin saw Jolan closing his eyes, a sure sign that the headache hadn't abated.

He put his arm around his friend again, Jolan's eyes opening and looking into his blue eyes.

"You need to lay down, Jo. You look exhausted. You need rest." Justin said, Jolan nodding.

"Excuse us, everyone. Jo's going to rest for a while." Justin said, quietly moving the young man out of the room.

Lynn watched quietly as Justin and Jolan went into Justin's bedroom, Justin shutting the door behind them.


A half hour later, everyone was sitting in the living room, Justin rejoining them.

"He's finally asleep. I think the headache's totally drained him. I've given him his medication." Justin said, sitting down beside his mother.

"Where's Jennie?" Justin asked, his mother smiling at him.

"Cindy's a caring friend also. She made Jennie lay down on her new bed. She fell asleep almost instantly." Trace said, Cindy smiling beside him.

"I'm glad they're both asleep. They both needed some rest." Lynn said, Justin nodding.

"What a day, Jus." Trace said, Justin nodding, his friend sensing worry in Justin's silence.

"Everything okay, Jus?" he said, Justin looking up at him.

"I'm just so shocked by all that went on in that restaurant. Jolan's family finding him so quickly. And what was Simus talking about? I think there's something strange going on here."

Lynn put her arm around her son, Justin calmed by her love.

"Yes, Justin. We all have been chatting about that. There's, indeed, a lot of strangeness surrounding those two uncles of his. And Domo and Daphne's part in all this is strange as well. Talk of mystical beings? Very strange." she said, Justin nodding.

"It's totally unbelievable. But then again, so is Jolan." Nathan said, Justin quietly looking at him.

Justin knew Nathan was thinking of the episode at the hospital - Jolan's out of body experience.

"I just don't want Jolan to be upset by all this. You all saw the shock and confusion in his eyes. This is just as strange to him, I believe."
They all nodded, Lynn looking across the room at Lance, who sat beside Nathan.

Her thoughts were her own, her mind on other things she'd seen and sensed.

"Well, Justin. Jolan--and all of us--will deal with all of that tomorrow. I think there's going to be a few surprises in regard to that family."

Justin nodded, looking around at everyone.

"Thank you all for being here for him. And for Jennie."
Everyone smiled, Lynn patting his knee.

"Alright, let's get things organized. I'll make supper for everyone.  Would you mind going to the grocery store, Trace? I saw the state of your refrigerator, Justin."
Justin blushed, Lynn smiling at him.

"Jolan has been meaning to stock it, he commented on the same."
Lynn smiled, liking the fact that the young man was trying to look after her son.

"Rachel did a good job with the room, Justin. How about you give her a call and invite her over for supper? I'm sure she'd like to meet the Dragos children."
Justin smiled, agreeing.

Lance stood up, smiling at Justin.

"Nathan needs to go back to work.  I'll give him a ride back to the hospital."
Nathan smiled, standing up.

"Tell Jolan that I'll reschedule his appointment for Tuesday morning. I think tomorrow he needs a day with his family."
Justin smiled, standing up and shaking the doctor's hand, then hugging him gently.

"I'll tell him, Nate."

Nathan smiled at Justin's thanks, Lance smiling beside him.

"Tell Jolan I'll talk to him Tuesday morning, unless he needs me before that." Nathan said, looking at Lance.

"I'll be back in a bit, Jus." Lance said, the two men walking out of the condo.

"I'll pop over to the supermarket, just give me a list Lynn." Trace said, Lynn nodding, putting her arm around the young man, the two walking into the kitchen.

Cindy smiled at Justin, Justin smiling back.

"Jennie loved her room. She fell asleep with a wide smile on her face. You're a hell of a good guy for doing that, Justin."
Justin grinned, hugging her gently.

"Her happiness is Jolan's happiness. I want both of them to be happy here with me. Especially Jo."
Cindy nodded, the two quietly chatting.

Neither saw Lynn standing in the kitchen doorway, or her quietly walking back into the kitchen.


Two hours later, Justin softly walked into his bedroom, Jolan asleep on the large bed.

Justin looked down at him, gently sitting down on the bed beside him.

Jolan moved a bit, his head snuggling against Justin's knee.

Justin smiled, seeing Jolan's zoning in on his nearness.

Jolan's grey eyes slowly opened, looking up into Justin's smiling face.

"Hello, Jus. I could get used to waking up and staring into your beautiful face."
Justin smiled, leaning down and lightly kissing Jolan's lips, the kiss returned.

'Mmmm, an even better way to wake up."

Justin smiled, breaking the tender kiss.

"How's the headache, Jolly?"

Jolan smiled at Justin's using that name.

"It's subsided, I can barely feel it."

Justin smiled, a look of relief going across his face.

"Mom has dinner almost ready. Everyone's waiting. My cousin Rachel is here as well. She's waiting to meet you."

Jolan smiled, sitting up and stretching.

"Are you okay, Jo? I sensed your feelings at the restaurant. The shock and surprise at your uncles' appearance. But then there seemed to be a change come over you."
Jolan's grey eyes stared into Justin's blue ones.

"I'm scared, Jus. I'm scared of what I might learn tomorrow. I think it will affect us."
Justin put his arm around the young man, kissing him softly.

"Nothing anyone--even your own family--will say shall change how I feel about you."

Jolan smiled, Justin smiling back.

"I should take a quick shower."
"You do that, I'll pick out some clothes for you." Justin said as Jolan stood up.

Jolan shook his head, pulling off his shirt, Justin staring at his muscular smooth chest.

Jolan smiled, removing his pants, standing in only his briefs.

"I wish I could join you, my beauty. But I think we need to be discreet."

Jolan nodded, Justin's eyes taking in every inch of Jolan's beautiful body.

"You go ahead and I'll lay out your clothes. Meet you in the living room when you're ready."
Jolan nodded, seeing a look of sadness in his boyfriend's eyes.

Justin needed him, and that made Jolan long for him.

Justin smiled as the young man walked into the bathroom.

Justin got up, walking to the closet.


Fifteen minutes later, Jolan walked out into the living room, Justin's eyes on him immediately.

Jolan wore a blue silk shirt, its collar open at the neck.

Khaki dress jeans showed off his muscular legs.

"There you are, finally." Lynn smiled, another young woman sitting beside her, Jolan smiling at her.

"Hello everyone." Jolan said, Lynn getting up and walking to him.

"How's the headache, son?" she said, her hand going onto his arm.
Jolan smiled at her, Lynn smiling back.

"It's mostly gone. I feel refreshed."
Lynn nodded, Jennie smiling at her brother from the couch.

Justin's cousin stood up, Jolan's eyes on her.

She was around Justin's age, long wavy blond hair cascading off her shoulders.

"Hello, Jolan. I'm Rachel. It's a pleasure to meet you. Everyone's filled me in on the remarkable you!"
Jolan blushed, walked the short distance to her, taking her hand in his.

"A pleasure meeting you, Rachel. And thank you for making Jennie's welcome here spectacular."
The young woman smiled widely, nodding her head.

"Justin told me how important you are to him. You're like his sister, Rachel."
Rachel smiled at Justin, the man grinning ear to ear.

"Someone has to watch out for this crazy freak. I have some great stories to tell you about wonder boy here."
Jolan laughed seeing Justin now blushing.

Justin smiled hearing Jolan's beautiful laugh.

Jolan sat down on the couch beside Jennie, the young woman smiling at him.

Lynn and Rachel sat down together across from them, Justin sitting beside his mother.

"Cindy and I were just making plans, Jolly!"

Jolan smiled at his sister.

"Plans for what?"

"I was thinking that the next thing for Jennie when she's comfortable with stuff is maybe getting her enrolled in school." Cindy said, smiling at Jolan.

"What do you think of that, Jennie?"
Jennie looked at her brother, Jolan seeing that courageous look in her grey eyes.
He also saw the uncertainty as well.

"I have to get back to living, Jolly. I'm not going to let this destroy me."
Lynn and Cindy both teared up, Rachel looking at the young woman.

"Understood, Jennie. Let's take it a day at a time. Once you're totally comfortable, we'll check out a nice school." Justin said, Jennie smiling at him.

Jolan smiled at Justin, seeing his wanting to be a part of her life.

"Well, Jennie. What do you think? Is he a good friend or what?" Jolan said, Jennie smiling at Justin.

"Justin's my best friend! I like him lots!"

Justin smiled, her words touching his heart.

"Ditto, kiddo. Ditto." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him alone.

Rachel sat in silence, taking in this touching exchange.

Lynn was taking it all in as well.

"Alright, everyone. Supper's ready. Let's get to it while it's still hot." she said, everyone smiling.

They rose as a group, Rachel walking with Jolan, she talking to him with a smile on her face.

Justin's arm was around Jennie, the two totally comfortable with each other's love.


Hours later, in a hotel room not far from the Timberlake residence, Simus stood looking out of a moonlit window, Cory sleeping on the bed behind him.

His grey eyes scanned his sleeping lover, a small smile on Simus' face.

Cory had been so caring, so loving all evening.

They'd ended their evening with a slow passionate session of lovemaking.

Simus marvelled at the intensity of the young man's eroticism.

Simus always felt so alive after they'd made love.

The boy's youth revitalized his soul.

Simus sighed, his eyes looking out into the late night's darkness.

His thoughts were on his nephew.

The young man who'd shaken him to his soul.

He hadn't expected the truth and determination he'd found in those grey staring eyes.

And he hadn't expected the intensity of the wall he'd found in Jolan's mind.

The wall against Simus' learning Jolan's past..

He quietly walked over to the nightstand, picking up the old book laying open on its top.

Simus sat down in a large wing chair in a corner of the room, a soft light from a reading lamp behind it, the only light in the room.

He scanned the pages again, rereading the words etched in old script.

Nothing Jolan had spoken that day had made sense.

Why was a being like Erasmus seeking him out?
The legend of his truth sent a chill down Simus' spine.

He wondered what Tolmar would make of this new reality?

Simus looked down at the book, reading the last passage again.

He closed the book, looking over at his sleeping mate.

His mind was overflowing with disorganized thoughts.

"What do I do now, Father? How do I tell him the truth? Will he believe me when I do?"

Simus looked down at the ring on his right finger.

The glowing ring of forged reality.

Where was his brother's ring?
And could they find it in time?

Simus had seen the signs of the Shadowing in Jolan's eyes.

Simus sensed the clock of life was ticking for Jolan Dragos.

And if it stopped, all of their existence could very well come undone.

A tear fell down Simus' cheek, his grey eyes glowing.

"Forgive me if this isn't what you want, Jolan. But for his eternal love, I will sacrifice yours."



End of Chapter 25


An ominous thought running through Simus' mind.

What is he afraid to tell Jolan?

And how will Jolan react to the truth of his lineage?


Read on friends of walking intrigue.

There's a fork in the road ahead.

And someone must make a choice of love.


Hugs, Angel.





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