Jolan's Path - Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Domo opened the door wide, bowing to the now large group of people walking into the restaurant.
"Hello, Jolan. An immense pleasure having you here again. Does this day find you well?" the restaurateur said, Jolan smiling at the older man.
"Good morning, Dominoso. I am well. A pleasure to see you again."
Domo smiled, everyone smiling at him.
Justin introduced him to Joey and Rachel, the two men shaking hands, Domo bowing to the young woman.
Jolan looked around the empty restaurant, looking again at Domo.
"You haven't closed again because of us, have you?"
"You need a place of quiet privacy, Jolan. My restaurant is honoured to welcome the Dragosan clan. Please, everyone. Take a seat and Daphne will bring you refreshments."
Jolan nodded, the older man smiling.
"It is like a beam of sunshine to have you here in my establishment, Jolan Dragos. Your smile radiates into my soul." the man said, Jolan looking at him.
"Everyone seems to think I represent a ray of dawning sunshine in their lives. But my own mind is hidden under dark clouds."
Justin looked with concern at his boyfriend, Domo's hand going to Jolan's shoulder.
"Perhaps today those clouds may lift somewhat."
"Do you know the truth of my existence, Dominoso?"
Domo's face took on a soft look of compassion.
"I know part of who you are, Jolan. And part of who you may one day be. To think of you as that person brings joy to this old heart."
"Where are my uncles?"
"They will be here momentarily. They have a tendency to appear at a moment's notice. Such are their lives."
Jolan nodded, Domo guiding him and Justin to a table in the center of the other tables.
"Sit here, Jolan. This table is reserved for you and your family."
Jolan quietly sat down, Jennie smiling as she sat down beside her brother.
Justin reluctantly started to go towards the next table with his mother and Joey when Jolan touched his arm.
"Please sit beside me, Justin. To me, you are family. I need your friendship and strength beside me."
Justin smiled, Domo nodding quietly at him.
Justin sat down beside Jolan, Jennie smiling at him.
The others took seats at the two tables on both sides of Jolan's table.
Nathan, Lance, Trace and Cindy sitting at one; Lynn, Joey and Rachel sitting at the other.
There were two other chairs at Lynn's table, Lynn assuming they were for Domo and Daphne.
Three empty chairs were on the other side of Jolan's table, awaiting the Dragos uncles and Cory.

Daphne walked into the room, Dominoso smiling at her.
She carried a tray, a trio of lemonade pitchers and glasses filling it.
She greeted everyone, Domo introducing her to Joey and Rachel.
Joey smiled at her, lost in the beauty of her smile.
Rachel smiled to herself, looking at the young woman.
Daphne set a pitcher on each table, Domo helping her set out the glasses.
Once everyone was taken care of, Daphne sat down at Lynn's table, the quartet quietly talking.
Jolan remained quiet while the others lightly chatted, Justin quietly looking at him.
The two made eye contact, Jolan smiling at him.
A few minutes later, a gentle tapping came to the restaurant's door, Domo going to the entrance.
Into the silent room walked Simus, Calen and Cory.
Simus and Calen wore identical black jackets, shirts and pants, Cory wearing a white shirt and navy pants.
His whiteness between the two black-coated men drew the beauty from his chiselled looks.
He smiled at Jolan, Jolan smiling back.
Jolan rose from his seat, the three men walking up to his table.

Jolan hugged both of his uncles, the two older men smiling at him.

They wore no dark glasses now, their grey silvery eyes staring at him.

Cory extended his hand, Jolan smiling at him.

He gently hugged the young man to him, Cory smiling at the genuine greeting.

Jolan broke their embrace, looking into his green eyes.

"Hello, Cory, my friend."
"Hello, Jolan. You are well?" he said, a hint of concern in his green eyes.

"Yes, dear friend, I am well. I wish I could remember you. You have such kind eyes."
Cory smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"I hope for you to regain our memories, Jolan. I so want to be your friend again."

Jolan nodded, looking at him with a look of deep friendship.

"We were friends for a long time?"
"For over seven years, Jolan. From the moment you came to our small town, you and I clicked. I lived across the street from you."

The others watched the two men, Justin's eyes staring at Jolan's face.

"The youthful friendship of neighbours."
Cory nodded, looking around at everyone.

"To know you then was to see a young man of great happiness. My crazy Ludwig!"

Justin raised an eyebrow, the name confusing.


Cory laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

"You were a Beethoven fanatic, Jolan. You lived, breathed and played his music. I called you Ludwig to get a rise out of you. You took it more as an honour."

Jolan laughed, smiling widely.

"And from the love of his music you created your own gifts, Jolan. The music you created on your own was breathtaking. Don't you remember any of it? Or your writing?"

Jolan shook his head in the negative, Cory's hand going to his arm.

Justin watched the two young men, remembering the beautiful music he'd heard Jolan play on his piano at the condo.

Was that his own music?
Was Jolan that talented?

"I remembered a number that I played on Justin's piano, before. . ." Jolan said softly, Cory looking at Justin.

Justin rose, by Jolan's side in a heartbeat.

"Jolan played a musical number on my piano at the condo, but then he had a horrific flashback, the piano triggering it." Justin said, his arm now around Jolan.

"The piano?" Simus said, his thoughts on what he'd found at his brother's home.

"It's alright, Justin. I think I'll learn the truth of that nightmare soon enough." Jolan said, his eyes looking towards Cory again.

"You said that I was talented with music and writing?"
Cory smiled, looking at his friend.

"Yes, Jolan. You'd won a lot of awards for your writing, especially. Published editorials and short stories. Even one in the Massachusetts Herald. You were even working on a novel. Your parents were so proud. We all were. And your first music recital, I remember it so well. The deepness and beauty of the music you played. You received a standing ovation. The future was so promising for you. And then you disappeared." Cory said, his eyes lowering, Jolan putting his hand on his shoulder.

"I looked everywhere for you, my friend. I couldn't find you. That made me become a police officer, Jolan. My wanting to find my best friend guided me to my life's profession."

Jolan smiled at his former friend, Cory's eyes filled with tears.

The two men embraced again, Justin standing beside them, his eyes wet with tears.

"And now you've found me, my lost friend. Your heart is healed again, Cory. And when I remember you, my heart will be healed as well."
Cory sobbed, Jolan patting his back, a few people wiping their eyes.

Simus' hand went to the young man's back, Cory feeling his lover's special touch.

The two men parted, Cory smiling at Jolan.

Jolan smiled back, his eyes moving to Simus and Calen.

"Welcome, Uncles, to this day. This day of clarity. I'm ready to hear all that you have to say. As well as all that I feel others may need to say."
Simus nodded, he and Calen sitting down at the table, Cory and Jolan taking their seats.

Justin looked at all the people surrounding the table, sitting quietly down beside Jolan, his arm going around his shoulders.

Jolan smiled at him, his grey eyes seeing the love radiating from those blue irises.

Jolan turned to his Uncles, Simus staring at Cory quietly, Calen's eyes lowered, as if deep in thought.

"Begin the tale of the Dragosans, brothers Dragos." Jolan said, his hands folding and going on top of the table, his grey eyes staring ahead.


Simus looked at Calen, his brother's head raising.

"Begin, brother. I think Alveena, the holy matriarch, is a good a place as any to start."

Justin's eyes widened, the name immediately recognized.

The Tome of Alveena.

Simus stood up, looking around the room, his hands folding behind him, the man slowly walking around, gathering his thoughts.

His grey eyes zoned in on Jolan's watching gaze.
"Queen Alveena was the mother of our dynasty, Jolan. Myself and all the remaining children of Dragos are descended from royal blood."
Everyone's eyes widened, Jolan looking quietly at Simus.
"She was a real queen, Uncle? Who was she?"
"Queen Alveena was the mother of King Dragos, the first king of the ancient kingdom of Moldavia. It was a once small country trapped in the middle of the Carpathian mountains in what is now known as Romania."
The name of the old kingdom of Moldavia didn't register in anyone's mind, Simus quietly looking around the room.
"King Dragos lived over seven hundred years ago. He created the Moldavian empire out of a scattered bunch of warring kingdoms. An old legend recounts Dragos' founding of Moldavia as the result of a deer hunt. During the hunt, one of his prized wolfhounds, a hound named Molda was mortally wounded. To honour his pet, the King named the river flowing by his dog's grave Moldova. The name was to be lengthened to the country itself a short time later.
The man was a shrewd tactician, and a strong ruler. Through many years of warring, pillaging, destruction and fortified treaties, the kingdom of Moldavia was formed. Dragos ruled with a delicate balance of justice, kindness and truth. But he also could rule with an iron fist. There was no weakness in that man. He became the strongest leader in that old world. Through time, he swallowed up neighbouring principalities, and his kingdom grew. He was a king of great inspiration and kindness in those early years. His people came to love him."
Simus seemed lost in his thoughts, Jolan quietly watching him.
"But that changed? Something happened?" Justin asked, Jolan looking towards him.
"Yes, Justin. Something happened. Queen Alveena in her own way was responsible for it, and she spent the rest of her life trying to atone for what she had brought upon her own family."
"What did she do, Uncle?"
Simus looked into Jolan's staring grey eyes.
"She brought an evil upon the land, Jolan. A menacing evil that nearly destroyed all. An evil that to this day still lingers in the souls of the Sumsarian lineage."
Everyone's eyes looked towards Domo, the older man sitting in silence his face covered now in tears.
Daphne put her arm around her father, gently holding him.
"Through the greed of our ancestors we carry the burden of our past." the man said, his voice soft.
Jolan looked at his two uncles, Calen sighing.
"King Dragos was actually named Dragos Sumsare. His father was Athos Sumsare. He was the true father of the Sumsarian dynasty. Dragos was the first and only son of the Sumsare name. Upon creating Moldavia he took the name of King Dragos the Just. And all the Sumsarian clan prospered greatly under his rule. The name Sumsare became synonymous with greatness and worth. To be a Sumsarian was to be noble, truthful and just. Unfortunately, that truth didn't last. For in Dragos' own self-adulation, the fate of all was decided."
Simus put his hand on his brother's arm, Calen smiling at him.
Simus again took up the story.
"Dragos Sumsare was the father of the Sumsarian clan, and also the father of the Dragosan clan."
"Who are the Dragosans, Uncle?" Jolan asked, Simus looking at him intently.
"That in itself is the wonder of this story, Jolan. For the Dragosans are the basis of myths, legends and somewhat bent, deluded facts. Today, I'd like to bare to you the truth of what they really are. Of what I, Calen and you really are."
Justin quietly looked at Jolan, sensing that what was coming up was the heart of all of this.
"Alright, Uncles. I want to know the truth. The truth of our family. And the truth of myself."
Simus stood, looking around the room, taking in each staring gaze.
"My name is Simus Dragos. This is my brother Calen. Our older brother Morgan lives in Europe. And you are our nephew, Jolan, son of our youngest brother Joelius. We are the brothers Dragos. And we are the Bloodlifers."


The word Jolan had repeated hung in the air like a great weight.

"Yes, nephew. We are the Bloodlifers." Simus said, looking around at everyone again.

"It is an ancient title, its original meaning was:


"They of the Blood of Life. "


"The Blood of Life? Whose blood?" Justin said, Jolan looking at him quietly.

"The blood of King Dragos, the first King of Moldavia." Calen said, the words said with a sense of pride.

Jolan looked at his uncle, Calen bowing his head.

"We are the creations of Dragos Sumsare, the lost king of Moldavia. He created us from his own blood."

"Creations? You mean you're like test tube babies?" Joey said, Jolan bursting into laughter.

Simus and Calen looked at their nephew, surprised by his reaction.

"Sorry, Uncles. I just found that funny."

Justin smiled widely, happy to see Jolan smiling in the middle of all this seriousness.

Joey smiled as well, the others looking at Jolan with smiling faces, too.

"It is not a laughing matter, Jolan. It is your heritage." Calen said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I know, Uncle. We meant no disrespect."

Calen looked at his brother, Simus looking at Jolan.

"Do you think your heritage is a laughing matter, Jolan?"
Jolan looked at his uncle, their grey eyes staring at each other.

"No, Uncle. I do not. I think it's all too real."
Simus nodded, his hands going behind his back again.

"To learn of who we are, I need to explain what we are, and where we came from. And the necessity of our existence."

Jolan nodded again, Justin's arm returning to its place.

"King Dragos, as I've said, was a powerful king. A man of great vision. He was also a troubled man. What troubled him most was his own legacy."
"Didn't he have children?" Cindy said, Simus looking towards her.

"Yes, he had one son. Segas, named after Dragos' favourite god. Segastine, the God of Victory."

Jolan remained silent, listening to his uncle's narration.

"Segas was a child of violence. A demonic offspring born of Dragos' third wife. A child that took the lifeblood from his own dying mother. His birth meant her death. From his first day, that child was a simmering monster. As Dragos' only heir, he was guaranteed the rite of succession. And that troubled Alveena, his grandmother, greatly."

Jolan looked at Justin, the two remembering that name from the Tome.

"Alveena felt that Segas' existence was by her own carelessness. The mother who'd bore him was the daughter of King Cleminus of Carthica. Cleminus was a spurned lover of Alveena. He got his revenge on her denying him by marrying his daughter to her son, forging an unbreakable kinship with her. Alveena loathed the man, wanting nothing to do with him or his atrocious daughter. But Dragos fell in love with the daughter, Cleminus smiling in the background. Dragos did not realize that Cleminus was after more than hurting Alveena. He was after the Sumsarian treasure."

"The Sumsarian Treasure?" Nathan said, Calen quietly looking at him.

"Yes, Doctor. An ancient wealth believed to be hidden beneath the Sanctuary of Snow and Truth."

Everyone was sitting on the edge of their chairs, the tale being told mesmerizing in its steeped history.

Jolan stood up, Simus looking at him.

"Is this some tale of adventure or mystical fantasy, Uncles? Or is this all make-believe?"

Simus slammed his fist down on the table before him, Jolan backing up.

"Sit down, Nephew! You will hear this and you will be silent with your foolishness!"

Everyone sat in shocked silence, Jolan staring at his uncle.

Simus' face had taken on a look of immense anger.

Jolan sat down in his vacated chair, Simus' eyes actually glowing at him.

Everyone in the room stared in shocked silence, seeing the glowing silver of his eyes.

Justin put his arm around Jolan, staring at the man standing before them.

"What are you?" he said, Jolan remaining silent.

"I am a Dragos. I am a Bloodlifer. As I have told you. It is time you knew the truth, Jolan Dragos. The truth of the basis of myths and legends. And the reality of what you are."

Jolan sat in silence, his grey eyes locked with Simus'.

Cory's hand went to Simus' arm, the touch immediately changing Simus.

The older man's face changed, a softer look coming across it.

"I am sorry for my words of anger, Nephew. I only wished you to be silent while I lay all of this before you. "
Jolan nodded, no words coming from him.

Simus stood erect again, looking around the room.

"Queen Alveena saw her own son walking on a path of destruction. For from his new wife, King Dragos gained an unholy alliance. From Terena, his disillusioned, demonic wife, and daughter of Cleminus, King Dragos learned the Arts of the Black Magic."
Jolan stared at his uncle, Simus looking directly at him.
"Black magic? You mean real magic?" Lance said, a look of surprise on his face, his eyes going to Jolan.
Simus looked around, seeing the usual looks of wonder and shock on all their faces.
"Yes, my young friend. Real magic. Dragos Sumsare became a sorcerer of unimaginable power. He delved into all matters of magic. Enlightening and darkening. And his mother sensed that her son had crossed the line, taken his path onward to an unjust evil. For Dragos became obsessed with immortality. He wanted his legacy to last forever. But now let my brother tell you of Dragos' fate. For Calen is the Illuminator."
Simus sat down, Calen rising up from the table, looking around.
His eyes fell upon Jolan's upturned face.
"As Simus is the Seeker, so am I the Illuminator. I shed the light of history on the souls of the Sumsarian clan. For many years I have learned all that has been written, all that has been saved of the history of Dragos Sumsare. I have walked the history of all that has passed and all that once was."
Calen folded his hands in front of him, taking a deep breath.
Simus remained silent, his grey eyes watching Jolan.
"Alveena, mother of our souls, was a courageous woman. As matriarch she had full reign over the kingdom and all its resources. None--save her son, the King--had the power that she possessed. She used all of those resources to stop the tide of evil that had enslaved her son's heart. For Queen Alveena learned of what her son had created."
Cory looked at Calen, seeing a sadness wash over his face.

"What had Dragos made?"

Calen looked at the young man, seeing so much youthful innocence in his young face.

"Dragos, through his magic and corrupt logic, discovered the Draught of Life."

Calen looked around at everyone, all eyes staring at him.

"King Dragos found the elixir of immortality. The water of endless life."

Jolan stared at his uncles, sensing within himself a dawning reality.

Justin, sitting beside him, was totally stunned.

"Dragos became immortal? You mean he's still alive??" he said, voicing everyone's thoughts.

Simus sighed deeply, Calen looking at him quietly, then looking at Justin.

"No, Justin. King Dragos did not become immortal. His mother stopped that from happening. But she was not able to stop him from creating the Dragosan legacy."

Jolan looked at Calen, the man's grey eyes lowering.

"We are here because of what Alveena denied her son. She denied him immortality. Through her spies, and Dragos' own confidants, she learned of what he was creating. And she took matters into her own hands. The man, as we said, was shrewd and logical. He had the sense to not try the elixir on himself first. For he did not know what the draught would do to a man. And so he went to the Oracle."

Calen stopped for a moment, reaching forward and picking up his glass, taking a slow drink, setting the glass back down.

"The Oracle was the wisest man in the kingdom. An old man of many years, steeped in the knowledge of all things magical, philosophical and spiritual. He was also Alveena's teacher. He taught Alveena herself the lessons of her life. From his kind guidance, she gained the spiritual goodness of a generous heart. He taught her how to reign as a beloved sovereign. The man was the most beloved of all the Sumsarian clan. But it was not goodness that Dragos sought from him. It was the knowledge of magic. Dragos drew out of the old man the magic to create the perfect specimen to test the Draught of Life on. And he killed the old man when he learned that magic."

"The perfect specimen?" Justin said, Jolan remaining silent.

"Yes, Justin. The perfect specimen. Dragos was a very wise man. He knew that if he tested the draught on any particular man that man would be immortal. And Dragos didn't want another immortal living. He was egotistical as well. His legacy was his life. And his hunger for immortality drove him onward. And so the Oracle gave him through torture the powerful magic to create that being."
Jolan sensed in silence where this might be leading.

Calen looked at him, seeing the young man sitting in silence.

His silence, in a way, was unnerving.

Simus tapped Calen's arm, Calen looking at him.

"Continue to the end, brother."

Calen nodded, looking at Jolan and Justin.

"The magic was simple in its basic concept. For Dragos to create the perfect specimen, he only had to use his own blood. For the magic was based on self-destruction. Dragos could create a being from himself to test the elixir. If the elixir worked, he then could destroy that being by using his own powerful magic and self-control. For that being was a part of himself. Dragos would have total control of that man."

Calen looked at his brother, Simus giving the younger man a look of assurance and strength.

"And so, on a dark and black night in the middle of a snowy winter, that creation was born. That creation was a man of exquisite beauty and strength. Where that beauty came from no one knows, as Dragos was not overly beautiful himself. But that creation was a vision of manly beauty."
Jolan looked at Calen, his grey eyes staring at his young nephew.

"You bear a striking resemblance to that beautiful creation, Jolan. You carry in you the genes of that first Bloodlifer."

Jolan stood up, looking at both of his uncles, a sudden reality sinking into his soul.

"Who was that creation? What was his name?" Jolan said, the first words he'd spoken since Simus' outburst.

Simus stood now as well, the three Dragos' staring at each other.

"King Dragos named him Vilos."

Jolan stared at his uncles, the name already registering in his mind.

"Your own father? My grandfather?? That's impossible! That happened seven hundred years ago!!"

Everyone in the room sat in stunned silence.

Simus' voice filled the silent room, his tone filled with a stunning truthfulness.

"Many legends have come down through the generations. Legends and myths of supernatural origins. But as all legends are, there is a real truth behind most of them. A mistaken remark, an omitted reference, and a legend takes on a life of its own. Such was the legacy of the Bloodlifer. From his existence, unfortunately came the nightmares of today. For we are the true descendants of the Vampiros. >From our beginnings in blood, came the legend of the Vampire."




End of Chapter 28


How's that for a shocker!

Did I at least surprise a few of you?

Is Jolan truly descended from a vampire?

Are his uncles vampires?

Is Jolan?


What did Queen Alveena do to stop Dragos' chance at immortality?

And what is the Sumsarian Treasure Calen spoke of?

Where is it hidden, and what does it have to do with all of this?

And more importantly, how will these revelations affect Jolan and Justin's future?


I think I'll leave you all to digest these recent revelations.

The next chapters deal with the second part of Jolan's lineage.

The Sumsarian side of the Dragos equation.

And some other dawning realities.



On the path of enlightenment, your devious Angel.