Jolan's Path - Chapter 29

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 29

Jolan stood in silence, everyone in the room staring in disbelief at his two uncles.
"You're vampires!" Joey finally said, his voice traced with astonishment.
Simus' grey eyes zoned in on him.
"You weren't listening, son. We are what the Vampiros originated from. Their legends were derived from our existence. Through time and fabrication our truth was distorted beyond reality."
"That's unbelievable! I'm a doctor and I cannot accept what you're saying! Vampires? Immortality? They are nonexistent!" Nathan said, Lance putting his hand on his shoulder, feeling Nathan's shock.
"That is an acceptable truth, Dr. Livingstone. The legends of the bloodsucking monsters are pure fabrication. But the truth behind their reality has always been there. You only had to live it to understand it. And we--and our father--have lived it."
Jolan looked into Simus' silver eyes, the glow of anger no longer there.
"My grandfather was a monstrous creation of King Dragos? My grandfather was created by magic?" he softly said, Justin's arm going around him.
Justin felt the shock running through Jolan, and also a reluctance to believe this truth.
"I am a descendant of magic. I am a monster." he said, lowering himself back into his seat.
Justin looked down at him with great concern and love, Simus and Calen's grey eyes upon him as well.
"You are not a monster, Jolan. Nor was our father. In fact, Vilos was the personification of truth and love. You have Queen Alveena to thank for that."
Justin's concerned eyes moved from Jolan to Simus, the older man looking into his blue determined eyes.
"Are you trying to hurt him? Are you making up stories to deceive him?" Justin said, the two Dragosans staring at him.
"No, Justin. Our hearts have always been honest when talking of our heritage. We carry our father's lineage."
Simus looked down at his silent nephew.
"You must sense that truth, Nephew."
"Tell the rest of your story, Uncle Calen. I need to hear all of it." Jolan said, his voice soft and trembling.
Justin looked at his boyfriend, his head still lowered, Jolan eyes not looking at anyone, his mind and thoughts his own.
Simus looked at his brother, Calen's eyes moist.
They held their own soft glow, that glow for an entirely different reason.
"The day of our father's creation was a day that will echo through our history forever. And it was a day of horror, wonder and acceptance for our beloved Queen Alveena. She watched in horror as her son sank into the abyss of evil. For to create the magic, Dragos had to give away part of himself. He had to relinquish more than just his blood. He, in his haste to create his own immortality, created something more than what he wanted. For Dragos had not listened to the Oracle's dying words."
"What were his last words?" Trace said, on the edge of his seat, his hand in Cindy's.
Calen seemed to zone out for a moment, as if he was searching his mind for a long buried thought.

"Fear what thou shall create. For from your own lost soul love shall flourish. Life is more than blood."

Everyone thought in silence on that last sentence, Justin looking only at Jolan.
"The magic that Dragos Sumsare used to create his immortal guinea pig was the magic of life. And what is life without love?"
Jolan's head raised, his eyes looking into Calen's.
"When King Dragos succumbed to the evilness of the magic, he sealed his own fate. For what he gave to Vilos was more than just his blood. He gave him life."
Calen sat down again, across from Jolan, Simus returning to his seat as well.
Calen folded his hands in front of him, his back straight, his eyes looking around at all.
"Let me walk the path of that time for you to give you a sense of the monstrosity of the situation."
Everyone sat in silence, Calen's voice echoing in the now seemingly more enclosed room.
For now the room was surrounded by history and truth.

"On the day of that magical creation, Queen Alveena sealed her own path of destiny. She now knew from what she had learned through others that her son was lost to the evilness of his passion. And that standing behind him was another monster in the form of her own grandson Segas.
She feared him even more than she feared her own lost son. For in his piercing grey eyes, she saw much anger and murderous longing.
Queen Alveena saw a glimpse of the future of her son's legacy.
And she, that day, decided on the protection of her own family. For that wonderful being was love personified. And magic enclosed.
Alveena was an even greater sorceress than her own son.
The Oracle had trained her in more than royal ascension. He also trained her in magic. For Alveena was born with the gift of magic."
The others sat in silence, Calen's words sinking into their reality.
Entrenched in Jolan's past were magic and evil.
Only the telling of this story would reveal the truth of their outcome.
Calen continued with his narration, everyone staring at him in awed silence..
"Alveena learned of that black night's creation, steeling herself for what she felt she must do. She knew in her heart that she had to stop her son from his quest for immortality. And to do that, she must free the man he'd created and use him against Dragos."

Jolan looked up at his uncle, Calen's eyes looking into his grey orbs.

Jolan saw a lot of turmoil in those silvery orbs, more than in his other uncle's guarded eyes.

"She used Vilos against King Dragos?" Jolan said softly, Justin's eyes looking at him as he spoke.

"Yes, Jolan. Queen Alveena rescued Vilos from the man who created him. And she, in turn, saved him from destruction. But in doing so, she sentenced Vilos to a life of near mortality."

"Wasn't Vilos immortal? Being created from the Draught of Life, I mean?" Joey said, Calen's eyes turning to him.

"There is no such thing as immortality, my young friend. Only wishful thinking. It is more of a myth than we are." Simus said, looking at his brother.

Calen's eyes looked uncertain, Jolan watching both men.

"Continue, Uncle." he said, Calen nodding at him, Simus quieting down again.

"The night after Vilos' creation, Queen Alveena returned to the castle, entering Dragos' own bedchambers. Vilos was chained in a room to the left of King Dragos' bed. For Dragos was keeping his creation close. For a short few hours before, he'd given the man the Draught of Life. He wanted the so-believed immortal close by him, to watch him close.  At that moment, Queen Alveena sealed her own fate. Her loyal guards bound and subdued King Dragos, Alveena opening the chamber door to Vilos' prison."

Calen looked around the room, his eyes tearing up now.

"My father told me and my brothers of that moment. Of his staring into her blue eyes of love. You must understand the soul of my father. At that moment, his soul was bare of all emotions, having only been a day old in creation. In those few hours, all he'd seen and heard were the monstrous ravings of a mad, power-hungry king. Dragos was part of Vilos, but only through his blood. Dragos' desires were not Vilos'. And upon looking into those blue eyes of love, the creation felt a stirring in his heart--the freedom of life. Queen Alveena liberated more than the body of Dragos' creation that night. She liberated his soul as well. For no one--least of all King Dragos--knew the powers of the Draught of Life."

Jolan raised his head again, looking into Calen's probing eyes.

"The draught doesn't give immortality, does it?"

Calen sighed, Simus looking at his brother.

"No, Jolan. It gives long life, but not immortality. But it gives something more. It makes you more than you originally were destined to be." Calen said, looking at his nephew.

"Meaning what?"

"The Draught of Life is a potion of magic. In its center is an unfathomable core of magic. Those that drink of it change. King Dragos took too much for granted. He thought that once Vilos had taken the elixir and his immortality was proven, then he could be controlled. Have you ever known life to be easily controlled?"
Jolan shook his head no, Calen smiling.

"His creation was growing on his own. Vilos Dragos was opening his mind. And his muse was Queen Alveena."

Calen took another sip of water, Simus patiently remaining quiet, letting his brother do his work.

"Queen Alveena removed Vilos from King Dragos' protection and control. And far away in hiding, she opened his mind to the truth of his existence. That he was created to prove a point. And then to be destroyed. That a mad power-hungry King had created him to gain his own immortality. Vilos listened to all of Alveena's words, to all those others who had joined her. And in the coming years, his heart grew in their defence. He understood her position very well. Her son had gone mad with power, and even angrier at her deception. To the people of Moldavia the King branded her a traitor. To the Sumsarian clan she was labelled a witch. Stories were fabricated of her creating a monster to devour their children, a blood-drinking monster. From that was born the legends of the Vampiros. No one knew that Dragos himself had created that so-called monster. And no one knew the truth of that creation's soul. Not even King Dragos."
Calen stood up, walking to another table where there now lay an old leather-bound book.

Everyone's eyes widened in shock and confusion.

That book had not been there before.

He lifted the large book up, walking back to the table and laying it gently on the table before Jolan.

"This book is the heart of the Moldavian history. It was written in seclusion by Queen Alveena." Simus said, his eyes looking upon it with a look of reverence.

"The Tome of Alveena." Jolan said, his uncles staring at him in shock.

"How. . .?" Simus said in a trembling voice.
"Erasmus. He told me to tell you, Simus, that I warranted the reading of this Tome."

Simus and Calen looked at each other, Calen staring in shock at Jolan.

"How did Erasmus know of this book. . .it is not known to exist?" he said to Simus.

Simus looked at Jolan.

"The Watcher watches too close, I think." Simus said, looking again at Calen.

"Continue, Brother."

Calen put his hand on top of the old book, looking directly at Jolan.

"Within this book is written--in Alveena's own words--the history of all that we have said. And all the truth of our father's existence. I shall bide by Erasmus' request, Jolan. You may read the book for yourself. As a Dragosan I cannot deny you that right. For within its pages is the truth of the Bloodlifer."
Jolan looked at the book, staring at its old leather bindings.

No words were written upon it, the cover made of a thick brown leather.

"Thank you, Uncle. I would like to read my great great grandmother's words myself."
Calen nodded, his hand still upon the book.

"Written herein is a prophecy. More a foreboding than prophecy. Her words have echoed in our hearts for eons, Jolan."

Simus looked at Calen, then at Jolan.

"Tell him of the next tragedy, Illuminator."

Calen stood tall, looking around at everyone again.

"Alveena became a hunted woman. Her own son put a price upon her head. And upon the heads of all that joined her. For those were the courageous of the Sumsarian line. The believers of the truth."
Calen turned, looking at Domo.

"Dominoso's family are descendants of Belos Sumsare. He was Alveena's trusted general."
Domo nodded, a sense of pride shining in his eyes.

Calen nodded at the man, a nod of respect.

"King Dragos fell into madness. His mother had robbed him of his immortality. For before Alveena left the Moldavian castle, she tainted all of Dragos' magic. She destroyed his chances at recreating the Draught of Life. But it cost her her own son. She warranted in the end that it was the only course. For denying Dragos his power, lay the King open to his own demise at the hands of his son. Segas overthrew Dragos, ripping the power out of his own father's hands."
"But what of the original Draught? The one Dragos had used on Vilos?" Justin said, Calen looking at him.

"Alveena has written that it was all used on Vilos. None was left. And King Dragos could not recreate it without magic. His mother doomed him to a tragic end."

"Segas killed King Dragos? His own father?"

Calen opened the book before him, perusing the pages, finding what he sought.

"I will read you her own words. You'll sense how hard these words were for her to write."
Calen lifted the book, his voice rising in the silent room.


"My son is gone. On a dark night in the season of Snow and Truth, his spawned evil came for him. Venilla, his servant, carried her own witness to me after, having been in the castle common on that dark night. She said his torturous screams were piercing in their shrillness. She hovered in a darkened corner, seeing Segas pulling his own father across the Hall of Stone by his long sparse hair. Dragos was wounded, blood flowing from his chest, a trail flowing after them.

Seven armed men of viciousness followed, laughing at the wounded man, their long knives dripping with his blood.

Segas stopped in front of the throne in the Hall of Stone.

He looked down upon his father, the man gasping for breath, the wounds upon his body ebbing the life out of him.

"I now am King Segas the Vengeful, Father of blood. And your life shall pass unto shadow. But first I shall give you your immortality. The gift you so sought throughout your lost life."

The men laughed, the older man struggling to rise, Segas kicking him down again.

"You sought immortality, Father. I shall give you that. The dying immortality of a dark stone crypt. A walled in stone coffin where darkness will be forever. Live in your happiness for a long life, Father. The stones shall be thick enough to silence your screams of madness until the end. Take him to the place I have readied and give him his just reward."

And thus my son vanished upon this earth, my own heart telling me he was entombed alive somewhere.

We never found it, or him.

I hope his soul found forgiveness in that darkness and a quick death.

It found my forgiveness a long time ago.

He was my son, and he was of my heart."


Calen closed the book, some people had tears in their eyes.

"Such was her love unbroken for her lost son. Even at the moment of his passing from this earth she still loved him. Such is a mother's devotion."
Calen closed the book, looking again at Jolan.

"The next few years were the most horrific of the Sumsare dynasty. King Segas the Vengeful was just that. He meted out a reign of bloodthirsty revenge against all who opposed him. He crushed several rebellions, some led by followers of Alveena, others led by people on the brink of madness.
And in the end it all came down to a stand.

A stand of good against evil.

The people of Moldavia were at their end, the family of Sumsare torn asunder. For the family had been ripped apart by greed, lust and envy.

Factions had grown, as had mistrust.

The once noble family destroyed.

And in the end it took the magic of Alveena to destroy the madness of the bloody King Segas."
Calen looked at his brother, Simus putting his hand in his.

"It is almost over, Calen. Tell them of your birthright, my brother."

Calen nodded, looking at Jolan.

"You wear the mark of the sun, Jolan Dragos. You are one with myself."

Calen opened his jacket, opening his shirt.

Jolan looked at his bared chest, a soft covering of hair covering his toned chest.

On his right side, beside his nipple was a tattoo.

A small tattoo of a red sun.

"I am the wearer of the mark, such as you wear, Jolan. We are sons of the Sun. We are the Romaragi."

Justin, Trace and Cindy froze, the name sinking into their memories.

The words spoken by Henry returning to their thoughts.

Jolan stood, looking at his uncle.

"The Romaragi? Who are they?"
Calen looked at his nephew, his grey eyes softly glowing.

"We are Badenwolf, Jolan. Children of Alveena's magic."

Jolan looked between the two men.

"I thought I was a Dragos? Now I'm a Romaragi? What am I to believe?" Jolan said, his voice on the edge of emotion.

Justin stood, his arm going around him, Jolan trembling.

"Please, Justin. Don't touch me. I'm not worth touching."
Justin teared up, Jolan's words not meant to be hurtful, just on the edge of confusion.

"Sit down, Jo. Let's find out the last of this. I think it's almost over."
Jolan looked into Justin's eyes, seeing his love shining as always.

Jolan sat down, Calen closing his shirt, fixing his clothing.

"I am sorry if you find this confusing, Jolan. I shall try and illuminate your mind."
Calen folded his hands, remaining standing.

"King Segas ruled the world with a hand of violence. The people had had enough. Those of good virtue and courageous heart joined forces with Queen Alveena. But being a queen of nobility and shrewd intellect she knew that they alone could not defeat the King and his armies. For the violence was inherent in all that served the King.

Vilos had become her second in command. A man of high intellect and courageous soul was our father. He, too, saw the writing on the wall. The people were doomed unless something miraculous were to happen.

On a clear cold winter night, Alveena called our father to her tent.

She had come up with an answer to the dilemma."

Calen began a tale of the past, everyone drawn into that moment in time.


Vilos sat in silence listening to her plan.

"My friend of truth and life, there is only one answer to gain us victory against the evil that spreads across our lands. I must summon the Romaragi."
"The Romaragi? Who are they?"
"They are the children of the beasts. They are called Badenwolf by some, but the name Romaragi is older than time. They are the marked children of the Red Sun. They live deep within the forests of Chilova on the Carpathian northern slopes. Lava Mora is their queen. She is the mother of the beasts. She is young, but deep of blood thirst. She will honour my request."
Vilos stood, his tall muscular form almost dwarfing her slender feminine frame.

"What is your request? I do not like the sounds of your words."

"To bring peace to my people, I must sacrifice myself. A  heart of royalty they seek to devour."

Vilos took his friend into his arms, looking into her grey eyes.

"No, Alveena. Your place is here with your people. I shall make this sacrifice."

"No, Vilos. You must lead the people and the Romaragi. It is what I ask of you."
Vilos' grey eyes teared, Alveena smiling up at him.

"No, Queen Alveena. This shall not happen. I have stood in silence watching all that has transpired since my existence. There is much hatred and evil upon this earth, stemming from man's desires for greed and power. But there is much goodness as well, stemming from your giving heart.  I want to see the mother of the beasts."

"No, Vilos. You cannot do that. No mortal man has lived who has sought them out. They will tear you to shreds. They are monstrous in their blood thirst."
"No, Alveena. Tell me where to find them. Lava Mora will need to hear my words."

Alveena saw in his grey eyes the determination of the Dragos blood, there was no changing his path.

"You do not seek them out, they find you, my child. I shall show you how to summon them. May God protect you."
Vilos nodded, walking out of the tent with his friend.

The two stood in the center of the encampment, all the soldiers and followers of the banner of truth surrounding them.

They all stood in silence, Queen Alveena's voice filling the clear night, the circle surrounded with lit lamps.

"Children of light, of hope and truth. Tonight, we stand upon the abyss of life. Tomorrow dawns upon truth. A battle to save our land and our dreams begins. We have only one way to achieve victory. We must call magic to our hearts. We must summon the Romaragi."

People gasped, some screamed, people holding onto each other.

Vilos stood in silence, looking into all of their eyes.

Their queens voice again spoke with courageous resolve.

"You know of the legends, of the pact of Archania. That this day might one day come. That man and beast would unite to gain victory over evil. Tonight, I call the Romaragi."

General Belos walked forward, looking at his Queen.

"Has it come to this? Must we do this? Must we lose you?" he said, his face covered in tears.

"We shall not lose her. Our Queen is our heart. She shall live." Vilos said, all eyes turning to him.

"I am a Dragosan. I was created from evil. But my soul is not. The water of life runs in my veins. I shall show the Romaragi the truth of their purpose. Call them, my Queen."

Alveena looked at the young man, seeing the beauty of his looks, and the courage in his grey eyes.

"Silence, children of Sumsare. I beckon to thee Baden Blood."
"Ne cocca sum lata. Baden va chelloci. Mi Baden Bloodis!!!" she screamed into the darkness of the cold night.

Everyone froze in silence, no sound heard.

And then it began, off in the darkness.

A soft rumble, almost a growl.

And then the silence was broken by high pitched howls.

Everyone froze, their blood going cold.

And out of the darkness came the black shapes of beasts.

They looked like wolves, hairy and beastly.

Mouths of gleaming teeth growled out of the darkness.

Their eyes were yellow and on fire.

They walked erect, covered in coarse fur of different thicknesses and colour.

And everyone froze in wonder as the beast-like figures changed before their eyes.

Out of the fading darkness walked half-naked muscular men and women.

There had to be over a thousand of them.

They came from all directions, encircling the crowd, people trembling at their staring golden eyes.

Out of one end of the darkened landscape walked a vision of feminine beauty.

She was tall, long black hair cascading down her form.

Her eyes were golden brown, her body muscular and sinewy, naked save for a small cloth covering her breasts and center.

She walked with a grace of nobility, and a trace of royalty as well.

She walked into the center of the camp, stopping in front of Alveena.

"Greetings, lost Queen of Moldavia. You have summoned the Romaragi? Thou knows the cost?"
Alveena nodded, taking off her royal necklace.

Vilos walked up to the two women, the new lady of darkness turning to look at him.
He stopped, staring into her golden eyes.

"I am Lava Mora, Mother of the Badenwolf. You are a lost soul. I feel your worth."
Vilos bowed to her, the woman staring at him.

"I am Vilos, born of Dragosan blood. I am the first and only Bloodlifer."

Lava Mora turned, staring into Alveena's watchful eyes.

"A bloodlifer? It is impossible!"
"No, Lava Mora. It is true. My own son created him out of his own blood. You stand by your destiny."
Lava Mora turned, a steady growl coming out of all the Badenwolves surrounding her.

"You are devious, Alveena. You've let me walk into my fate. So be it. What is it you ask of me?"

"You know the evil that floods the lands of the Carpathian mountains. It shall soon be at your door."
"What do we care for the evil of men's hearts? Let them destroy each other, we shall feast off of their rotting carcasses."
"You would be wise to listen to Vilos. For he knows the truth of all our existences."
The woman turned, looking at the man before her.

He was young, muscular and strong. His beauty was intoxicating, for a man.

"Speak, child of blood. Before I feast on your flesh."
Vilos stared at the woman, his eyes going around to all those surrounding them, man and beast.

"Behold the truth of all of our existences. Man and beast are here together, finally. The dawn shall see us fight for our lives. For both man and beast shall fall to the horror of the evil that floods our world. We humans know of it as Black Magic, you beasts know of it as Saquecha."

The surrounding people and beasts murmured, Lava Mora staring at the man.

"That is not possible!"

"It is true. King Segas has the power of light and darkness. He has found the books of the Oracle. And he has found his own father's writings. It will be only a matter of time before he rules unchallenged, cloaked in magic. We must strike now."
Lava Mora walked up to the young man, seizing him by his throat.

"You lie!"
"I do not. For I am part of that magic." he said, his voice almost cut off.

"Prove it." she said, releasing his throat.

Vilos stared at her, then at Queen Alveena.

"Go ahead, my child. Your truth needs baring."
Vilos looked around, closing his eyes.

The sky around them lit up, a flash of blue and white light blinding all around him, their hands going to their faces.

As quickly as it came, it was gone, all of their eyes opening.

Everyone gasped, staring around them.

For as far as the eye could see, the ground was covered in snow.

"I am a Bloodlifer, and I am a Dragosan. My magic is shown." Vilos said, everyone staring at him.

"The time of Snow and Truth is at hand." Alveena said, going to her knees before him.

Lava Mora stared at the young man, looking into his grey eyes, she also going to her knees.

All those surrounding them--man and beast--followed.

Vilos stood alone in the center of their camp, surrounded by those of both worlds.

"Arise children of man and beast. The fight is at hand."

Lava Mora rose, looking into his grey eyes.

"We shall fight at the side of man. But I have only one request." she said, Alveena looking at her quietly.

She walked forward, her lips touching Vilos' ear, her words for him alone.


Calen sat down again, all around him looking at him.

He remained silent for a moment, taking another drink of water.

"The battle? Did they win??" Joey said, his voice filled with need.

Simus looked at his brother, Calen nodding.

"Yes they won. It was perhaps the bloodiest battle on earth ever fought. You shall not read of it in history books, or in myths. For almost all who fought fell. Our father never talked of it to us, but we drew our own conclusions. And Queen Alveena wrote a detailed account of it in the Tome. Over ten thousand sons and daughters of the Sumsarian lineage perished that day, in the battle and the subsequent sacking of the kingdom. Nearly a thousand Badenwolf died as well. The loss to both sides was total. The survivors, in essence, were survivors in the mere sense of the word. For much had been lost, on both sides. The once noble and courageous kingdom of Moldavia lay in tattered ruins, never to recover to its once glorious stature. It was eventually swallowed up by larger kingdoms. King Dragos' legacy failed. The Romaragi disappeared back into the mountains, eventually fading out of existence as well. Magic has a way of doing that, its mystical creatures disappearing. The Sumsarian ancestors faded into the mist, lost for a long time. Until the second coming of the Dragosans."
Calen put his arm around his brother.

"The second coming?" Justin said, Jolan still sitting in relative silence.

"Yes our present clan, Justin. The brothers Dragos."

"What of Queen Alveena and Lava Mora?" Cindy asked, Trace putting his arm around her.

"Queen Alveena died in the battle. But not before killing her own grandson. She had cornered Segas in a trench away from his own men. She stabbed him with his own father's sword which he'd dropped in his haste to flee a coward's retreat. An archer's arrow had pierced the Queen's heart moments later.  Lava Mora feasted on the throat of King Segas--her blood thirst rite upheld. She, in the end, had feasted on royalty. She carried the dead Alveena's body off the field herself, into Vilos' waiting arms."

A few tears were showing, the Queen's death tragic.

"And Lava Mora?" Lynn said, Justin looking at his mother.

"Well, Vilos granted her her request after the battle."

"What was her request?" Lynn said, her eyes looking towards Calen.

"Well, I come by my birthright honestly. My mother was a Romaragi."

Jolan looked up, staring at Calen.

"Vilos married Lava Mora. That was her wish. She'd fallen in love with him the moment she'd looked into his grey eyes. My mother was Queen of the Badenwolf. My father was King of the Bloodlifers."

"What became of Vilos and Lara Mora?" Justin said, Jolan looking at him, Justin seeing a lost look in his eyes.

"Our father passed on about sixty years ago. Our mother died over one hundred years ago. The Romaragi were long lived but not as long as the Bloodlifers." Simus said, looking at his nephew, who still remained silent.

"How old are you, Simus?" Lance said, Nathan looking at him beside him.

"For looks and feeling, I am forty-eight in Dragosan years. In mortal years, I am one hundred and ninety-two. I was born in eighteen seventeen."

Everyone gasped, Calen looking around at everyone.

"I am one hundred and seventy-six. Joel--our youngest brother--was the baby at one hundred and sixty. Morgan is two hundred and twelve years."

Nathan stood up in shock staring at the two men.

"That's impossible! Unbelievable!!" he said in a stuttering tone, Lance standing up beside him, putting his arm around his shoulder.

"A Dragosan year is equivalent to four years of a man's life. You do the math. Our father was over six hundred when he passed on. His life cycle was one year to seven. The next generation, his four sons was shorter. And now here, our children's lifetime is almost normal. Only two to one. Except for you, Jolan. And you also, Jennica." Simus said, a tone of calmness now in his voice.

Jennica looked at her uncles, then her brother.

"What about us?"
Calen looked at Simus, then at the young girl.

"You and Jolan are normal. Your life cycle is the same as any normal man."

Jolan stood up, his eyes staring at his uncles.

"Normal? You talk of me as being normal? What am I? Am I a vampire or am I a werewolf? Or am I just a freak?" he said, Justin on his feet at hearing Jolan's tense, emotional words.

Simus and Calen both stood, looking at their nephew.

Justin went to put his arm around Jolan, Jolan backing up.

"Don't touch me, Justin! How can you want to be my friend when I am some kind of monster?!" he said, his eyes filling with tears.

"Jolan, you are not a monster! Never!" Justin said, Jolan looking into his blue eyes.

In those blue pools, Jolan saw Justin's unchanged love.

How could he still want me after hearing this story?

After hearing his past and his possible future?

"How can you still like me Justin?"
"I like you because I know the real you, Jolan. You're not what you think you are, you are you. The young man of giving love that I love."
Jolan seemed to calm at Justin's words, the young man's arm going around him again.

"I'm sorry, Jus. I just can't wrap my mind around all this."
"I know Jo. It's a lot to digest. Let's end this now, you need a rest."
Jolan nodded, looking at his boyfriend.

Lynn stood in silence, watching the two men.

Joey was watching her.

"Yes, Jolan. This is a good place to stop. Perhaps we should all take a rest." Calen said, Jolan nodding at him.

"Alright, Calen. But there's one thing that's still gnawing at me."
Justin's hand rubbed Jolan's shoulder, Jolan's eyes looking across the table, focusing on one man.

"What's that, Nephew?" Calen said, his voice calm and comforting.

Jolan left Justin's embrace, walking around the table, stopping in front of one man.

"Who are you, Dominoso?"
The older man rose up from his chair slowly, looking towards Calen and Simus.

They both nodded, Dominoso's eyes looking into Jolan's.

"Well, Jolan. I can't hide this from you any longer."
Jolan stared into his tearing eyes.

"I'm your grandfather."



End of Chapter 29


So what the hell's going on here?

A lineage of vampires and werewolves?

Is Jolan more than he appears to be?

Apparently Domo is.


I've taken a liberty on history's truths throughout this story.

There really was a King Dragos in the historical past of the former nation of Moldavia.

I try to blend a little truth into the history of my characters.

In no way do I wish to make light of history's truths.

I only seek to make a story more enriching.


Thanks for taking that in stride.

Up next:  The truth becomes a little too real for Jolan.

What will Justin do?

And what will Jolan have to do?


Onward on the path, the dawn brightening.