Jolan's Path-Chapter 3

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 3

Simus Dragos locked the front door, sighing.
He'd searched the whole house not finding what he thought would be there.
The house of his brother Joel.
Joel who had walked out on his heritage seven years ago.
Who'd walked away from his family's heart.
Simus sat down on a wicker chair, his mind deep in thought.
He knew it was Joel's house, the photographs and pictures strewn about telling their truths.
But the ring wasn't there.
And Simus knew Joel did not wear it.
For if he had, Simus would have felt the connection.
The connection of their heritage.
The ring was a symbol of their collective heart.
A beacon of love that each could draw from the other.
But Joel had removed his, his soul hidden now from them all.
So where was it?
And where was Joel?
And his family?
It had taken Simus three years of expensive investigators and lawyers to finally reach this point.
To find this small town, and in the end the home of his brother.
He'd quietly walked around the town, talking to people, finding out all about the lives of Joel Dragos and his family.
How they'd fit into this community so easily.
Hidden from the One Council and lost to the family.
Joel had fit in here relatively well.
He served on the town council, a teacher at the local college.
He'd been destined for mayorship, but alas it hadn't happened.
One night over four years ago he'd disappeared, along with his family.
Simus sighed looking down at the photograph in his hand, and the four people smiling up at him.
"Where are you, Joel? Why did you leave this Utopia? You had it all here in loving bliss."
Simus looked around, staring back at the front door.
A couple of things he'd seen in the house, and heard from the local police, troubled him greatly.
Joel and the others had simply vanished into thin air.
The house had been searched and then locked, awaiting the occupants' return.
Simus looked down the path, seeing the young man walking towards him.
The young police officer who'd driven Simus over to this house.
He was a newly christened deputy, having been on the town force for only three months.
But Simus had requested his help for another reason.
The young man walked up, smiling at the older man who had just stood up.
"Find anything, sir? Any clues?"
Simus looked at the young man, seeing the look of hope in the young man's blue eyes.
"Yes, Mr. Hamilton. I did. It was hidden but it's there if you just look closely enough for the signs."
The young man looked quietly at the man.
"What did you find? And it's Cory, sir."
The man sat down again, looking at the young man.
"In several places throughout the house, there are small signs of things having been moved. And although it's been cleaned rigorously, I found signs of something else. I think someone had taken great care in hiding all that's happened in this home."
The young man looked at him with interest.
"I found blood, my young friend. I found it on the piano legs and I found blood in the kitchen and one bedroom upstairs."
Cory looked shocked staring at the man in alarm.
"So you expect foul play? Show me what you've found!"
The man looked up at the younger man, staring into his concerned blue eyes.
"I shall. But first I need to know everything you can tell me about them. You're involved in this, Cory. For you were his best friend."
Cory teared up, nodding.
"I need to find him. Something's happened here and I know he's in trouble."
Simus nodded, standing up and removing his sunglasses, putting his hand on the young man's shoulder.
Cory looked into the man's grey eyes, sensing a familiarity with those eyes.
And now he remembered from where.
They were the same as Joel Dragos'.
And the same color as his son Jolan's.
The man smiled a tender loving smile at the young man, then spoke.
"Tell me all about my nephew."

Justin awoke with a start, someone shaking his shoulder.
He looked around the semi darkness, seeing Trace's smiling face.
"It's almost six thirty, Jus. Time to get up for supper."
Justin nodded, stretching on the comfortable bed, laying back down.
"Come on, Timberlake! I know that look! You're not going back to sleep!"
Justin smiled, grudgingly rising up again.
He stretched again, looking around the room.
It was a nice clean bedroom.
He and Trace had retired to their rooms, a couple of hours of sleep on their minds.
It had been a long hard night, and long morning.
Shelly had promised a late supper so the two men could catch some needed sleep.
Justin had fallen asleep as soon as he'd laid down, remaining in his clothes.
Justin glanced at Trace seeing him alert and cleaned up.
He wore a clean golf shirt and black chinos.
"So why all the fancy clothes? Someone going on a date?"
Trace blushed slightly, Justin laughing as Trace sat down beside him.
"Hey, Tray. It's okay. It's not hard to see that you like her."
Trace smiled shyly, looking at his friend.
"I didn't think it was that obvious. She's so down to earth, so nice and special."
Justin smiled.
"Yeah, I believe she thinks the same of you."
Trace blushed, Justin putting his arm around his friend.
"I've known you for a long time, Tray. It's not hard for me to sense when you're interested in someone. But I think you need to take it slow. Cynthia's a nice girl. But she's been through a lot. And she has a lot to think about. Just go slow, my friend. I want what's best for both of you. Especially my compadre!"
Tray nodded, hugging Justin.
"Thanks, JT I understand what you're saying. And you can read me very well. Just like I can read you."
Justin nodded, getting up, pulling off his shirt and opening his suitcase.
Trace quietly watched him as he changed his clothes, putting on a sweatshirt and chinos.
"Okay, Jus. I think we need to talk. What's going on in that complicated mind of yours? You shied away from it last night, but we need to talk this out. I sensed something last night, and I sensed it's really bothering you."
Justin sat down on the bed again, Trace sitting beside him.
Justin looked downward, Trace's hand going to his shoulder.
"What's happening in that mind of yours, Jus? Are you and Jesse having problems? Is there someone else in the picture?"
Justin looked at Trace.
"No, not that I'm aware of." Justin said, Trace quietly watching him.
"Talk to me, Jus. It's Tray here. Your buddy!"
Justin smiled, looking at his best friend.

"It's kind of hard to explain, Tray. For the longest time I've been walking around acting like I'm someone I'm not. It's as if I've lost the real me somewhere. I just don't know if I'll ever find him again. People are trying to shape me into something that I don't want to be. I thought I'd gone through all that when I was just starting out."
Trace nodded, looking at his old friend.
"I've never known you to let other people lead you, Jus. I've always known the true you. The crazy, hyper, sometimes lonely you."
Justin smiled, Trace's arm going around him.
"What's going on, down deep inside you, Jus? You can tell me. I'm here for you always."
Justin looked into his best friend's caring eyes.
He saw the Trace he'd always loved, the kind caring, loving man.
The man who'd easily become his best friend.
Trace had always been the one to keep Justin grounded, never letting his ego take on the fame.
"I think I'm bisexual, Tray. I've been having these feelings in regards to men lately."
Trace nodded, not breaking his hold on his best friend.
"Have you acted on them? Is there someone you've been seeing?"
Justin shook his head no.
Trace nodded, staring at him.
"I have been with a guy before, Trace. But not for a while."
"And now you feel those feelings again. I understand, Jus. I can see either sex easily being attracted to you. You're a together guy. Are you and Jessica growing apart because of it? Is it affecting your personal lives? Does she know?"
"No, Trace. We have a wonderful active sex life. It's just I feel there's something missing."
Trace looked quietly at him.
"My guess would be that it's a dick."
Justin looked at him, then Trace burst into laughter.
Justin blushed, then laughed himself.
The two friends laughed together, Justin smiling at Trace.
"It's not me, is it?" Trace said looking at him seriously.
Justin burst into laughter again, Trace smiling.
"Thanks, Tray. You do know how to make me smile."
Trace smiled, hugging his friend.
"This doesn't change you and me, Jus. I'm still your friend. Whatever you want to do with you life, whoever you want to be there for you, whoever you want to love, my feelings for you won't change."
Justin teared up, hugging his friend.
"Thanks, Tray. Thanks for saying that."
Trace smiled, the two breaking their bond.
"So, where do you go from here?"
"I'm not sure. I don't know if it will go anywhere. I love Jesse, but sometimes I feel so trapped. I'm just so confused."
"Maybe you should talk with Lance. He's been where you are now. And after that you definitely need to discuss this with Jesse."
Justin looked at his friend, about to say something, a knock coming to the door.
"It's Cynthia, Justin. Trace in there with you?"
Justin smiled, getting up and opening his door.
"Hi, Cynthia. He's right here."
Trace smiled at Cynthia, Cynthia smiling back.
"I hope I'm not intruding on your private discussion. I heard you both talking."
Justin smiled, Trace smiling at Cynthia.
"No we're finished for now. Right Trace?"
Trace looked at Justin, nodding.
"Alright, good. Mom's got supper ready."
Both smiled, walking down the hallway behind the young woman in the wheelchair.

The four new friends sat down and had a wonderfully delicious supper.
Shelly was a wonderful cook, Trace and Justin complimenting her on all her cooking.
"It's not often this time of year that I can cook for others. Cynthia and I just get by on leftovers."
Both men smiled, filling their plates again.
Cynthia and Trace ever so often made eye contact, Shelly and Justin quietly observing both of them.
Shelly and Cynthia told the two young men of life around the community, and their own personal lives. Of all their friends in the tight-knit community.
"We met the village doctor this morning. What was his name? Henry?" Trace smiled at Cynthia.
"Yeah, Doc Chambers has been here forever. He brought me into the world." Cynthia smiled, Shelly smiling at her.
"He's retired now. Lives out on the road coming into town. Walks down every day to have breakfast with Mom." Cynthia said, smiling at her mother.
"He seemed like a genuinely nice man. The quintessential, elderly, village doctor." Justin said smiling.
"He's a wonderful man. Just look at what he's done for Joe." Cynthia said, Shelly looking at her intently.
"Joe? Yeah, he mentioned someone named Joe this morning. Who's Joe?" Trace said, buttering his third home-baked roll.
"Joe is Henry's ward. Henry is looking after him. He had an accident a few years ago and is bedridden. Henry takes care of him." Shelly quietly said.
"I've never met Joe. Henry retired five years ago, the community going to the new medical building now for medical help. Henry keeps to himself mostly, and Joe isn't able to move around. Mom's met him though, she says he's a nice young man." Cynthia said, putting more potatoes on her plate, and on Trace's.
Trace smiled up at her.
"He is a nice young man. Would you like some more chicken, Justin? I have more in the oven."
Justin looked quietly at Shelly sensing she was trying to change the subject.
"Thank you, yes please."
Shelly smiled, walking over to the stove, pulling a roaster out of the oven.
Justin quietly thought to himself, Trace and Cynthia talking to each other.

After supper the four relaxed in the kitchen, drinking tea and having a piece of apple pie.
"What time do you think we should go out there?" Justin asked Cynthia, the young woman smiling at Trace.
"Well, he's been seen usually after eleven up to the early morning hours. The time varies. I'd say after midnight. I wish we could pinpoint it better, but it could be hours before we see him, if we see him at all."
Justin nodded, his thoughts on the young man.
"It just seems so strange his being out there in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps whatever happened to him happened around there. That's why he's always seen in the same place." Trace said, Justin nodding.
"There's really nothing around there. Some old logging roads, no buildings or homes. It's a totally forested area. No one lives around there." Shelly said, sipping her tea.
Justin thought for a moment, looking up at Shelly.
"Perhaps that's why he's out there. I remember him saying to me that she was with him. Meaning that this woman he's looking for was with someone else. If something sinister or bad has happened to him–or them– a desolate, lonely place would be the perfect place for total criminal privacy."
The others nodded, thinking about what Justin was saying.
Justin saw the worried look on Shelly's face.
"Don't worry. We're not going to be heroic or walk into any danger. We're all going to be very cautious. If anything is seriously wrong out, there the police will be notified immediately." Justin said, his hand going on top of hers.
Shelly smiled, nodding.
"Sam won't be of much help. He actually investigated the area when it first started happening. He found nothing. In his mind, and in foolish Jim Wilson's mind, it's just hogwash. But my daughter knows better." Shelly said, Cynthia smiling at her.
"You haven't seen him, Shelly?"
Shelly looked at Justin, his question silencing her for a moment.
"No, Justin. I haven't seen him walking the woods."
Justin nodded, putting down his teacup.
"Well, I'm going to crash for a few more hours. I suggest we all take a little nap. It may be a long night." Justin said, smiling at everyone.
The others nodded, Shelly looking at them all.
"It just seems so funny going out there now, after all this time that he's been out there."
Justin smiled, putting his arm around her shoulder.
"I think he's been waiting for us. I think we're going to be his salvation."
Everyone looked at Justin, surprised at his words.
"Wake me up at eleven." he said, walking out of the kitchen and heading for his room.

Justin woke up in the darkness, looking around the room.
He turned a light on, looking at his watch.
It read ten-thirty.
He yawned and then stretched and relaxed in the bed.
Justin's mind flooded with thoughts of the young man from last night.
He thought of his looks, his soft skin, those enticing, beautiful grey eyes.
How they seemed to stare right into his soul.
And Justin remembered the fear and hurt he saw deep in those eyes.
But he also saw a look of hope, courage and need to go on, there as well.
Justin sensed that was what the young man was doing.
Going onward, seeking out what was lost to him, looking for salvation and perhaps redemption.
Justin remembered the beauty of the young man's body.
How smooth and soft it felt against his own.
Justin felt that he needed to hold this young man in his arms again, to keep him safe, to show him his caring for him.
His wanting to help him.
His wanting to love him.

Justin sat up, staring into the darkness.
Love him?
Justin couldn't believe his thoughts.
How could he love someone he'd only met for the briefest of moments?
And a man that wasn't that old, a teen in fact?
Justin thought of Brandon, his youthful bravado and openness.
These two men were like night and day.
Justin sensed that in the lost man there was no sexual agenda, no youthful libido.
Justin smiled, remembering the touch of his skin.
An enticing smoothness and hopefulness.
Justin was going to find that boy.
And find out what lay at the heart of all this.
One night on a dark country road had changed Justin's outlook on life.
Justin felt for the first time in a long time that he had a purpose again.
A purpose of helpful love.
He lay back, smiling, closing his eyes.
Then a knock came to his door.
"Justin, it's eleven. Time to get up."
"I'm up, Shelly. Be right there."
Justin got up, walking to his dresser, picking up his wallet and cell phone and pulling on his shoes.
He looked at himself in the mirror.
He saw a new look in his eyes.
He smiled, sensing in his heart what it might be.

The foursome drove through town, heading out of town, towards Cutter's Road.
Trace was driving Shelly's minivan, leaving her car at home.
Trace felt they'd be more comfortable in the van, everyone able to take turns sleeping in the back seats if nothing happened.
They drove in silence, Cynthia sitting beside Trace in the passenger seat, Justin sitting in the second seat with Shelly.
Shelly looked at the two chatting away quietly, leaning over to Justin, whispering in his ear.
"My daughter seems infatuated with your friend. If we have a moment, I'd like to learn all about him. I sense in my heart he may be around quite a bit."
Justin looked into her green eyes, smiling.
"That obvious, is it?"
She smiled, winking.
"Something about a heart on a sleeve."
Justin chuckled, the two quietly talking.
A half hour later, they turned onto Cutter's Road.
Trace immediately slowed down, the van now in silence.
Cynthia touched his arm, pointing to a part of the road where it turned into a bend.
"That's where my accident was, I rolled down over that embankment."
Trace stopped the van on the other side of the road, slowing to a stop.
"Yes, our accident was just over there. See where that large oak hangs over the rocks?"
Cynthia and Shelly nodded, Trace turning off the motor.
They were enveloped in silence and darkness, the darkness lightening when the full moon came out of a band of clouds.
The sky now was clear, the moon shining its rays down upon them, bathing them in soft light.
"Pretty clear, should be able to spot anyone coming. Let's get out for a bit." Justin quietly said.
The three got out, Trace running around to the back, pulling out Cynthia's wheelchair, walking to her opened door.
"Let me help you, Cynthia." Trace smiled, the young woman nodding.
Trace gently lifted her out of the car seat and deposited her into the wheelchair.
"Thanks, Trace."
"Please, call me Tray. All my good friends do."
She smiled.
"Okay, Tray."
Shelly and Justin both rolled their eyes, walking down the road a little.
Justin showed her where they'd had their accident, Trace and Cynthia following them.
He showed them the spot where he'd sat with the young man on the embankment.
"Those rocks stopped you both from serious injury. You could have ended up at the bottom of that ravine. I'm going to tell Sam some guard rails need installing up here. I don't want what's happened to my daughter to happen again, or even worse."
Justin nodded, offering his support.
Shelly and Cynthia both smiled.
"Well, I don't see much sign of anyone, and it's a little cool out here. There's blankets in the van, and a couple of thermoses of hot coffee and cocoa. Let's begin our vigil." Shelly said, Justin nodding, the four going back to their vehicle.

Three hours later, Justin sat in the driver's seat, Shelly beside him.
Trace and Cynthia were in the back seats, both lightly snoring.
"Looks like the posse died out." Shelly smiled, looking at her daughter, her head on Trace's shoulder.
"I think they're together in their dreams." Justin smiled, his eyes scanning the road and forest ahead.
Nothing had been seen, the area a quiet solitude.
Shelly smiled.
"Trace does seem like a lovable fellow. Has he had many girlfriends? Being associated with you and your success I assume he's been included with that lifestyle."
Justin smiled.
"Trace is the most down to earth guy you'll ever meet. He's happier sitting on a bicycle riding through an area like this than sitting at a club or dancing with women. Trace is real, and he's normal. He's my guiding light. He's kept me grounded through all my success. My Mom calls him my guardian angel."
Shelly smiled.
"Well, I do see that you are normal, Justin .You don't come across as a high society type. I see easily Trace's friendship and love for you. And I'm beginning to see his love blossoming for my Cynthia."
Justin quietly looked at her.
"She'd be a lucky girl, that's all I'll say."
Shelly nodded, looking ahead.
"Justin!" she said, a tremble in her voice, pointing.
Justin's eyes moved forward, Shelly's hand moving backwards, shaking her daughter's shoulder.
Cynthia awoke, looking at her mother, then looking ahead.
Her hand went to Trace's shoulder, shaking him.
"What?" Trace grumbled, opening his eyes.
He saw everyone staring ahead, his eyes adjusting to the moonlight.
In the middle of the road, a hundred yards ahead of them, stood a half naked young man.

Justin's eyes were on him, watching his every move.
The young man was again in the same shorts, his chest heaving as if he'd run a great distance.
"It really is true." Shelly said, her voice soft and awe-filled.
Cynthia put her hand on her mother's shoulder.
"My saviour! My angel!" she said, tears in her eyes.
Trace quietly looked at her, his arm going around her.
Justin quietly opened the door beside him, stepping out onto the cold damp pavement.
Shelly quietly got out of her seat.
Trace exited the van, helping Cynthia into her chair on his side.
The four stood in front of the van, quietly watching the silent young man.
His head was turned, looking in the other direction.
It moved around as if he were seeking something.
He hadn't seen the four standing away from him.
"He's looking for something, or someone." Shelly said, softy and quietly.
"Stay here, everyone. Let me go to him." Justin said quietly, all three nodding.
Justin slowly began walking toward the young man, his pace steady and slow.
He got about twenty yards from him, the young man suddenly turning around.
Justin stopped in his tracks, his eyes looking into two grey orbs of intensity.
The two men looked at each other, Justin's breath caught in his throat.
The young man stared at Justin for a moment, then looked behind him, taking in the people behind Justin.
Justin smiled, seeing the young man somehow remembered him.
"Yes, my friend. It's Justin."
The man moved a little toward Justin, Justin remaining still.
He stopped about two feet in front of him.
"You came back for me?" he softly said, Justin taking in the musicality of his voice.
It was soft and youthful, but filled with a sense of hope.
"Yes, my friend. I came back to help you."
"To find. . .to find her. . .my buttercup?"
Justin nodded his head slowly, the man beginning to tear up.
"I can't find her, my Jennie. I promised to always be her protector. She's lost."
The man was now in tears, Justin walking forward, the man falling into his arms.
"I can't find the light. . .where am I?"
"Shhh. It's alright, my friend. I'm here, and so are my friends." Justin said, looking towards the van.
The three people there slowly walked forward, Trace pushing Cynthia's wheelchair.
Justin held the young man in his arms, feeling the coldness of his body, the frigidity of his skin.
Why was the man half naked?
Why wasn't he feeling the cold?
The young man looked up, seeing the people walking towards them.
He sunk more into Justin's chest, Justin's strong arms wrapping around him.
"It's okay, buddy. I'm here, no one's going to hurt you."
"I've been hurt so much, when will the pain stop??" he said softly, Justin feeling a crack go into his heart.
He felt the desperation in the man's soft voice.
His soul was given over in that moment to helping this lost soul.
The young man lifted his head, looking at Cynthia in her wheelchair.
"You are okay? You survived?" he softly said, Cynthia in tears.
"Yes, my angel. You saved me." she smiled, the young man actually smiling as well.
Justin thought it gave his face the look of an angel.
The young man looked around, his head scanning the forest.
"I hear her, she's so close. . .please help me."
The man moved apart from Justin, looking towards the forest.
Justin's hand went to his shoulder gently.
"Who are you seeking? Let us help you find her." he softly said, the man's teary eyes looking into his blue ones.
"He's with her. . .he'll hurt her like he. . ."
Justin felt the tension going into the young man's muscular body.
"I have to stop him. . .he's hurt them all. . ." he said, his voice now determined.
He began walking towards the forest again, Justin following.
Shelly, Trace and Cynthia followed slowly, watching the two men.
"Don't leave." Justin said, a sense of urgency in his voice.
The young man turned, looking into his eyes.
"Help me come back. . .please. . ."
The darkness was lit up with light, a car coming towards the group around the bend.
It stopped, its lights extinguishing immediately.
All four standing by the road rubbed their eyes, the light had almost blinded them.
The young man stood in silence, his eyes still upon the forest, disregarding the new vehicle.
Shelly looked towards the car, seeing a man step out from its front seat.
She stared at Henry Chambers standing in the moonlight.
"Doctor Chambers?" Cynthia said, surprised at seeing him there.
"Step away from that young man, everyone. You'll frighten him."
They all looked at the older man slowly walking towards them.
The young man remained where he was, his eyes searching the forest ahead of him.
"So close. . .need to just go on. . ."
Justin's hand went again to his shoulder.
The doctor looked at the young man, staring in disbelief.
"You're talking?" he softly said, staring in wonder.
The young man turned, looking at the new person.
"It's not your fault, events go on. . .as I do."
The young man looked again into Justin's blue eyes.
Justin stared back at the teary, grey, youthful ones staring into his.
"Help me come back. . . Jus. . ."
The man didn't finish his sentence.
He vanished right before all of them, Justin standing alone.
They all stared in silent wonder at the spot where the young man had been moments before.
Henry Chambers stared at Justin, looking at the young man remaining before him.
"He talked. . .he never talked before! How?" he said, his voice trembling.
His eyes went to Shelly, the woman staring at him quietly.
"Why are you here, Doctor Chambers? Do you know what's going on?" Cynthia said, everyone's eyes now upon the doctor.
Shelly walked up to the man, her arm going around him.
"It's alright, Henry. I think it's time this was all hashed out. And I think you know what that means."
The doctor looked at everyone, Justin quietly watching him.
"He won't return tonight, he's been called back into the darkness. Let's go back to my place and talk this through. You're right, Shelly. It's time. Something has to happen. He's lost and I think I know how he can be found."
Henry stared at Justin, the young man staring back.
The doctor turned, going back to his car.
"You guys follow us, I'll go with Henry." Shelly said, Cynthia nodding at her mother.
"Let's follow them, Jus." Trace said, looking at his friend.
Justin's eyes were turned towards the forest again.
"I'll be back, my friend." he softly said, no one hearing.
Justin walked back with his friends.
They sensed they were going towards the truth.

End of Chapter 3

Onward the story unfolds.
Who is Simus?
And who is this mysterious Jolan?
What's going on with Doctor Chambers?
What is his connection to all this?
Why does Shelly seem to know what's going on?

A lot of questions.
I hope they're keeping your interest.
Read on, my friends.

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