Jolan's Path - Chapter 30

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.






Chapter 30


Jolan stared at the older man, a look of stunned shock crossing his face.
Jolan trembled, then staggered a bit, Justin at his side immediately.
"Jolan, you need to sit down. You're not well." he said in a soft voice, Jolan not listening, staring at the man in front of him.
"My grandfather? You are my grandfather?"
Domo's arm went forward, going to Jolan's side, wrapping around his waist, guiding the young man to the nearest chair.
Jolan sat down, Justin and Domo exchanging glances, Domo looking down into Jolan's upturned grey eyes.
Domo's eyes were glistening with tears.
"Yes, Jolan. I am your grandfather. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner. Calen's guidance gave me pause. We thought it best not to for now."
Jolan's grey eyes looked towards his uncles, the two men looking at him with concerned and compassionate eyes.
"Best? My family's reluctance to acknowledge me you thought best?"
Jennie was looking at her brother and the older man standing beside him.
"I have more family?" she said, tears blossoming in her young eyes.
Daphne got up, sitting down beside the young girl, her arm going around her gently.
Domo smiled at the young girl, and his Daphne's tenderness with her.
"Yes, Jennica. I'm your grandfather as well. Your mother was my loving daughter, my sweet Melina."
Jennie teared up, Daphne feeling the young girl snuggle deeper into her embrace.
Jolan looked up at the older man, Domo's eyes meeting his.
Domo saw a deep sadness in those staring orbs and also a look of unbelieving shock.
"Why didn't you tell me who you were? Or you, Aunt Daphne? For that's who you are, aren't you?" he said, staring at her with his sister, Justin looking at his boyfriend with concern.
Justin felt a trembling uncertainty in Jolan.
Daphne looked at her father, Domo tearfully nodding his head.
Her blue eyes returned to Jolan's gaze.
"No, Jolan. I am not your aunt."

Justin felt Jolan trembling more.

Daphne lowered her blue eyes, looking into Jennie's upturned grey eyes.

"I am your sister."

Jolan froze for a moment, then the world around him went dark.
Justin caught him as he fell forward, the young man falling into his grasping arms.
Domo was at Jolan's side in a flash, helping Justin lift the young man onto the table.
"He's fainted! Get some water, someone!" Domo said, Justin laying Jolan gently on top of the table.

They were immediately surrounded by everyone, all their faces covered with concern.
Nathan moved forward, a glass of water in his hand.

"He's going to be okay, Justin. Let me help him."
Justin stood by Jolan's side as Nathan dipped his fingers in the water, gently flicking the wetness onto Jolan's face, lightly patting his cheek.
Gradually Jolan moved a bit, his eyes slowly opening.
"What happened?" he said softly, Justin's blue eyes never leaving his face.
"You fainted, Jo. Just stay still." he said, worry etched in his voice.
"Everything suddenly went dark. I think I'm okay, Jus. I'm okay." he softly said, Justin not moving, his hand on top of Jolan's chest.
"No you're not, Jo. All this has shocked you. It's taken its toll on you. This is enough for now. You need to rest."
Jolan looked around, seeing everyone standing around the table he was laying upon.
Jennie was by his side, her hand in his.
"I'm okay, Jennie." he said, smiling at her, the young girl tearfully smiling back, Daphne standing beside her, her arm again around the young girl.
Jolan looked into Daphne's blue eyes.
"You are my sister?" he said, the two staring into each other's souls.
"Yes, Jolan. We have the same mother."
Jolan remained silent for a moment, his eyes turning to look into Dominoso's blue wet eyes.
"Let me up, Jus. I need to talk with my grandfather."
Justin wasn't budging, Cory's hand going to his shoulder.
"Jolan will be alright, Justin."
Justin saw a look of deep compassion in Cory's green eyes.
"I want Nathan to verify that." he said, the young doctor nodding at Justin.

Justin kept his hand on Jolan's chest, Nathan looking into his eyes, checking Jolan's chest and then taking his pulse.

"I think we can let him sit up, Justin."
Justin reluctantly removed his hand from Jolan's chest, Jolan slowly rising up, Justin and Nathan helping him off the table, Jolan returning to a chair beside the table.
Most of the others returned to their seats, all their eyes on Jolan.
Nathan quietly checked the young man over, Justin remained at his side.
"You appear to be all right, Jolan. I think it was just a fainting spell. This was too emotional for you. I think Justin's right. You need some rest."
Justin nodded, Jolan looking into his blue concerned eyes.
"I won't move again, Jus. I need to find out the rest of my past."
Justin reluctantly nodded, Nathan staring at Jolan.
"No more excitement, Jolan. If I see that happening again I'm putting an end to all of this." Nathan said, Jolan nodding.
Justin grabbed a chair, sitting down beside him.
Nathan returned to Lance's table, Lance smiling at him.
Domo stood in the center of all of them, watching Daphne sit down beside Jennie, the two looking at each other.
"I'm sorry that truth upset you, Jolan. That never was our intention." Domo said, Jolan seeing a deep look of concern in his eyes.
"I know, Grandfather. Would someone please tell me what's going on here?"
Domo nodded, tears running down his face.
He trembled, Calen walking up to him.
"Rest, Dominoso. I shall illuminate Jolan on thy daughter's truth."
Domo nodded, sitting down beside Lynn, the woman smiling at him with compassion, handing him a glass of water, Domo bowing his head and taking it.

Calen looked again at his nephew, Jolan's eyes staring at him.
"Your mother was a child of beauty and love, Jolan. Simus had discovered her and her father by the truth of his destiny."
"Discovered?" Lance said, Nathan about to say the same.

Simus stood up beside his brother, the two men looking around the silent room.

"I am the Seeker. Before Calen illuminates the souls of the Sumsarian heritage, I seek them out. Through the generations I have found all the lost children of the Sumsarian lineage. It was my assigned destiny."
"Your destiny?" Jolan said, Justin staring at him.

Jolan felt Justin's concern and love.

Simus looked at the young man, a soft sigh coming to his lips.

"Vilos Dragos bestowed upon all his children their heritage and their destiny. All four of us were destined to work towards achieving our goal."
"And what is your goal? What is your destiny?" Justin said, Jolan looking at his uncles.

"Our destiny and responsibility was the unification of the Sumsarian lineage. The joining of the clan once again."
Jolan stared at Simus for a moment, then his eyes fell upon Dominoso.

"And has your destiny been fulfilled?"

Simus sat back down again, looking towards Jolan and Justin.

"I am the Seeker. For over one hundred years I have sought out all that remain of the Sumsarian blood. Calen is the Illuminator. He knows all the histories, lineages and family trees of every Sumsarian child born upon this earth from the moment of Dragos' own birth. With that knowledge he and I have walked this earth, searching for all those that remained."
"And my father? And Uncle Morgan?" Jolan said, looking directly at Simus.

"Morgan, the eldest child of Vilos and Lava Mora, was given the title of The Warrior. He, during the finding of the children of Sumsare, fought any and all battles for their freedom.  Be they physical, legal or spiritual. On more that one occasion it came to actually fighting. For you see, the Sumsarian lineage are a gregarious jumble of lost souls. Some fought against their own reality, their own heritage. Morgan made them in the end realize who they were."
Jolan watched his uncles, seeing a reluctance in their eyes to acknowledge their brother's worth.

"The Warrior?" Jolan said, thinking of his yet unseen uncle.
"Yes, Jolan. Our brother Morgan has a strong will and an even tougher resolve. He believes in the truer meaning of our destinies. And that's why he's taken a different path than Calen and myself. We believe in the duty our father bestowed upon us. Morgan believes more in the preservation of the Dragosan rights. He is seeking that which he believes we were created for. Power and prestige.  And that never sat well with your father. It was in part the reason he left us."
Jolan looked at Simus with surprise, the older man's grey eyes looking downward.
"My father left you? He walked away from his own family?"
Calen looked at his brother, then at his nephew.
"Your father is a man of deep convictions, Jolan. He is so different than either of us. Through all of his young Dragosan life, he sought something more than what he believed he was destined to do. That resolve worked well with his destiny. In the end, it worked too well."
"What was my father's destiny? What did my grandfather bestow upon him?"
Simus lifted his head, his grey eyes staring at Jolan.
"Your father was The Uniter. His destiny was to unite all the children of the Sumsarian lineage. To once again form the old alliances of Sumsarian brotherhood. And he did achieve that. And in doing so, he found something that wasn't supposed to be there. Something that shocked all of us."
Jolan trembled, Justin picking up on it.
"What did he find?" Jolan said, his voice edged with determination.
Simus looked at his nephew, as did Calen.
Jolan saw a tear fall down Simus' face, Calen's eyes already glistening.
The younger brother spoke, his voice filled with emotion.
"He found love."
Simus looked directly at his nephew, his voice adding to Calen's proclamation.
"And he found magic."
Domo sobbed behind the two men, Lynn putting her arm around him.
Jolan's eyes turned to his grandfather, seeing his emotional countenance.
Jolan rose to his feet, Justin like his shadow beside him, the young men walking over to Jolan's grandfather, Jolan kneeling in front of him.
He took the older man's hands in his, Domo raising his head and looking into Jolan's grey eyes.
"My mother had magic?" he softly said, Domo's tearful face nodding.
"Yes, Jolan. Your mother was blessed with the gift. Your grandmother and I learned of it very early. We loved her no less, that in itself making her very special. My own mother saw the greatness of her gifts, for a very special reason. The magic she possessed was that of Alveena's. Our ancient beautiful queen left a special gift to all the strong women of our lineage. She left the gift of her own magic. Through the generations that gift flowed into singularly special children. No one knows the reasoning behind who is chosen. My mother had that gift, and so did her granddaughter, Melina."
Domo looked at Daphne, the young woman smiling at him.
"My granddaughter Daphne shows no sign of it."
Jolan looked at Daphne, and then at Jennie seated beside her.
"I guess Queen Alveena had her reasoning. Alright, I'll abide by that. What did my great grandmother and mother do with those gifts?"
Domo smiled, looking into his grandson's grey eyes.
"They did good, Jolan. Always their hearts of love did good."
Jolan smiled, Domo smiling at him.
"When it was discovered that Melina was gifted, my mother took things into her own hands. It was she that moved us here to America when Melina was just an infant. She had felt it was unsafe to remain in Europe. My mother had a sense that something wasn't right in the world. That she had to remove her family from that threat. That someone was watching us. My mother took it to be the ancient sect of the Dragosans."
Jolan looked towards his uncles, Calen looking at him.
"What Domo or his mother didn't realize was that it wasn't us that they had to fear. It was something else."
Jolan stood up, looking at all three men.
"They needed to fear the evil of their times. The evil that had seeped into the Dragosan and Sumsarian clans' blood. It began with Dragos and continued with Segas. It was King Segas' doing, wasn't it?"
Simus and Calen stared in shock, the young man looking at them.
"How did you know?" Calen said, staring at him.
"I sensed you were not telling me everything about the second monarch, King Segas. You'd mentioned that Queen Alveena had found out that he was learning the magic of the Oracle. He found something more than immortality, didn't he? He found a magic to gain total control of the clans. And that was why he murdered King Dragos, his own father. That was why Queen Alveena was left with no alternative but to seek out magic herself. Magic to destroy him. But she was too late, wasn't she Uncles?"

Calen sighed, Simus looking towards his brother.
"Yes, Jolan. As we have said, King Segas was a monster, with a devious heart. King Segas was seeking to gain control of all of the Sumsarian children. To gain control of his own family. He realized that he couldn't do it with force, so he sought to do it with magic."
"He succeeded, didn't he?"
Simus lowered his head, Calen's hand going to his shoulder.
"You are very wise, Jolan. The Dragosan blood flows in you. Your grandfather would be very taken with you."
Jolan remained still, Justin at his side.
"Tell me the truth, Uncle Calen."

Calen looked into the young man's eyes, seeing a determination of unbelievable depth.
"King Segas found an ancient blood pact of magic hidden in the tomes of the Oracle's writings. In essence, it was a pact of singular control. Whoever's blood flowed in the veins of all those infected with the magic could one day control all of them. So King Segas did an evil thing. He sentenced his own family to a lifetime of waiting. Waiting for his evil to seep into their lives."
Calen looked towards Dominoso, the older man standing up.
"In my blood, as in the blood of all my forefathers, there lays an evil, an evil begun by one man."
Calen stood up, putting his hand upon the shoulder of the elder Sumsare, looking again at Jolan.
"Through the mistakes of our ancestor we live with pain in our hearts. Such is the creed of the Sumsarian clan. King Segas tainted his own bloodline with evil. And he guaranteed his own evil immortality by raping every Sumsarian noblewoman himself."
Everyone gasped, Calen staring at them all.
"As I said, the man was a monster. He had all of the wives of all the Sumsare noblemen apprehended and brought to the castle through the weeks before the final battle against Alveena. Then he proceeded to rape every last one of them. Into each of those over three hundred women he planted his own seed, his seed of magic and evil. And from that violation, the evil entered all the children born thereafter."
Calen looked at Dominoso, his face filled with compassion.
"King Segas, in a demonic last grasp at madness, found a way to remain immortal. He spread his own seed of madness and evil into the blood of his lineage. His evil remains in all the children of those noblemen. Down through the generations it has filtered, we Dragosans able to see its mark clearly. From that mark a Sumsarian is easily shown. I see it on the face of Domo and of Daphne." Simus said, looking at the two Sumsare family members.
He then looked towards Jolan, and then Jennica.
"I do not see it in your face or thy sister's, Jolan. For some unknown reason you two do not carry the Sumsare curse. And neither did your mother."
Jennica ran up to her brother's side, Jolan putting his arm around her.
They looked at each other, Jolan's love calming her.
"Our mother was not tainted?"
"No, Jolan. She was not marked by the evil. Simus, Morgan and myself believe it was because of the magic of Alveena flowing through her. Joelius, our brother, believed it was because of her loving soul."
Jolan looked at Calen, seeing a lost look in his eyes, a look of longing for his brother.

"Tell me the story of my parents' love."
Calen looked at Jolan, seeing the need in his eyes.

"Alright, Jolan. But it may be hard to hear. For you father did all of it for love."

Jolan walked back to his chair, Jennie following him, Justin at both their sides.

The three sat down, Jennie snuggling against Jolan's side, his arm of protective love around his sister.

Calen looked at both, seeing their unchanged love.

His voice again filled the silent room.


"As I've already stated, Simus found Dominoso and his family in New York. They were the last lost souls of the Sumsarian lineage."
Domo looked at Jolan, Jolan smiling at him.
"What Simus found there surprised all of us. But none were more surprised than Joel. To say that he'd been hit with the thunderbolt of love at first sight would be an understatement. Simus and I both saw the instant connection between the two when they'd first met on the snowy slopes of the Sanctuary of Snow and Truth."
"The Sanctuary of Snow and Truth? You mentioned that place before." Joey said, Calen looking towards him.
"Yes, Joe. The heart of the truth of the Sumsarian destiny. It is a hidden place deep within the Carpathian Mountains, in the heart of what once was the great kingdom of Moldavia. King Dragos called it the Heart of History."
Jolan looked at his uncle, remembering the ring called by the same name.
"Queen Alveena told our father that that place was the site of our family's destiny, and the salvation of the Sumsarian clan. She wrote in her Tome the declaration of what would one day come to pass there. For all those born under the name of Sumsare and all those of the Bloodlifer's lineage must one day unite before the Sanctuary of Snow and Truth. I shall read you her exact words later, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, Calen continuing.
"Simus' destiny was to find those lost of the Sumsarian lineage. Once found, those individuals were summoned to the Sanctuary by the One Council. Call it a pilgrimage of truth. For every Sumsarian child must walk that path of enlightenment. It was always there that they learned the truth of their existence from myself."
"The One Council? Who are they?" Jolan said, his eyes on Calen.
"The One Council is a tribunal of three souls. Three souls given over to the truth. They are Degas, Belas and Tolmar, Tolmar being the head councillor."
"Belas?" Jolan said, looking at Domo.
The old man nodded, his stance one of prideful resolve.
"Yes, Jolan. Belas, my ancestor. I learned that truth myself on that snowy mountain. Queen Alveena's trusted general, my own ancestor, is one of the three enlighteners."
Calen smiled at Domo, the man bowing his head.
"Who are the other two, and what are the three together? Are they Bloodlifers or are they perhaps their victims?" Jolan said, Simus staring at him.
Jolan saw a look of immense determination in those grey eyes.
"Do not bait me with your insinuations, Jolan. You would not like me if you test my anger."
Jolan stared at him, Justin feeling his boyfriend's simmering determination as well.
Calen saw what was happening, Cory seeing it as well.
Cory's hand went on top of Simus', the man's eyes changing.
"Now is not the time for confrontation, Simus. He's your nephew, and you love him."
Simus' eyes softened, Jolan seeing Cory's calming affect on the man.
"Alright, Cory. It's just I've heard all these untruths before. We are not monsters, we are not bloodsucking demons. No Dragosan has ever taken another life and made them Bloodlifers. Those were just untruthful myths. If it was that way my father would never have done it. His soul was too filled with love for human life. He was a man filled with a loving heart. I so wish you could have known him. You would have seen love at its best, Jolan."
Jolan lowered his head, then raised it.
"I'm sorry, Uncles. I fell like everyone else, into the myths and fables of the vampire. Forgive me my ignorance. I believe your truths."
Calen and Simus both saw the truth in Jolan's eyes.
Simus nodded at Calen, the man continuing.

"We do not know the truth behind those three leaders of the One Council. For as long as we have lived they have been there. Our father told us it was the will of Alveena that they give their guidance to the Sumsare legacy. How they have lived so long and not been Bloodlifers is beyond our knowing. All we know is that they appear as if by magic, and disappear just as quickly. They summon we Dragosan by our rings of history."
Calen and Simus both raised their hands, the silver ring on each hand shown to all.
"These rings were given to us by our father. The one worn by your father was perhaps the greatest of them all, Jolan. That ring is called the Heart of History."
Trace and Cindy looked at Jolan, Justin looking as well.

They all remembered Jolan's vision of a ring.
Jolan remained silent, Calen beginning again.
"Your mother and father met upon the snowy slopes of the Sanctuary. I was present at that moment, and saw the light of love shine in both their eyes. Melina Sumsare was a vision of beauty and grace. And our brother fell under her spell immediately."
"It was no spell, Calen. It was love at its simplest. My daughter is the personification of genuine love. She shows it always. Even after the tragedy of that time she still never showed anything but love." Domo said, his head lowered, Jolan looking towards his grandfather.
"Tragedy? What tragedy?" Jolan said, Domo raising his head and looking into Jolan's grey eyes.
"The tragedy of my existence."

Jolan turned, looking into Daphne's blue eyes.

She stood up, walking over to Dominoso, sitting down beside him.

Domo looked at his now revealed granddaughter, Daphne kissing his cheek.

"Evil walks through all the lives of the Sumsarian children. My mother carried her share. I was the result of that evil's reality."
Domo put his arm around her, looking into her blue eyes.

"No, child. You were the sign that beauty and love always shines through."
Domo turned, staring at Jolan.

"Your mother was a strong courageous child, Jolan. When she was seventeen she was brutally attacked by someone. The police found her in a park a few blocks from our home. My angel was brutally hurt and violated. The result of that violation was this angel sitting here before us. Your mother became pregnant from that assault. Your mother gave birth to our sweet Daphne, my wife and I falling in love with her the moment she opened her eyes. From an act of horror, an angel came to life."
Daphne smiled, Domo kissing her tear-stained cheek.
"Little Daphne became the light of love in your grandmother's and my souls. The two of us helped Melina care for the child, the pain of what she represented deep within Melina's tortured soul. Your mother never knew who the monster was that had attacked her. She carried that hurt within her soul. Your mother was just an innocent child herself, hurt, we thought, beyond redemption. Your grandmother and I felt the hurt emanating from her wounded soul. We never thought she'd ever smile again. And then a year later, your father walked into her life."
Domo looked at Jolan, seeing the tears running down his cheeks.
"On the day we walked again upon the land of our ancestors, a new hope flooded into your mother's heart. On that snowy mountainside Melina looked into the grey eyes of your father. And there she found the love to heal her soul. We all saw the instant change come over her, the lost gleam of love in those tortured blue eyes shining once again. Your father saved her, Jolan. He saved my lost angel's soul. As sure as I'm sitting here, he brought Melina back from the brink of despair to a new moment of love."
Domo was in tears, Daphne hugging him to her.
Lynn sat beside them, tears falling from her glistening eyes.
Jolan got up again, Justin rising beside him.
Jolan walked over, Domo standing up, the younger man pulling the man into a tight hug.
"It's alright, Grandfather. It's alright." he said, rubbing the crying man's back.
The two men slowly parted, Jolan looking at Daphne standing beside him.
"I have another sister. A sister of love."
Daphne teared up, Jolan hugging her tightly.
Jennie was smiling widely, walking over to her brother and new sister.
The two parted, both pulling her and Domo into their embrace.
Everyone looked on, seeing the touching scene before them.
A family united.
Jolan and Jennie's love for their new grandfather and sister showed openly.
Justin stood in silence, his eyes looking towards his mother.
Lynn smiled at her son, Justin seeing a surprising look in her eyes.
A look of acceptance and love.
Justin's gaze returned to his Jolan.

The four parted, smiling and gently touching each other.
Calen stood a few feet away, Domo turning and looking at the man.
"Your brother is a good man, great one."
"I know, Dominoso. You need not tell me of his loving heart. Sit down everyone and I shall bring this to its end."
They all returned to their chairs, Justin sitting down beside Jolan.
"You must understand, Jolan, that what next I have to say was not of my doing, or Simus'. The decision came from the One Council. Morgan, our brother, instigated the decision. For that decision created a rift between the four sons of Vilos. And the result was our brother's departure."
Jolan looked at his uncle, seeing the sadness in his eyes.
"Tell me all of it, Uncle."
Simus was staring at Jolan as well, Jolan seeing the same look in his grey eyes.
"Our father always abided by the reasoning of Queen Alveena, her word sacrilegious to him. And the One Council abided by her doctrine as well. Her written truths were just and truthful. Unfortunately, one truth was open to different interpretations. That was the truth of the purity of the Sumsarian blood."
Simus looked at his brother, a sadness washing over his face.
Simus nodded, Calen sighing.
"Alveena's wisdom stated that the Sumsarian dynasty must remain true to its original purity. That no more evil should seep into the bloodline. She knew in her heart the deceit of King Segas, and his evilness already growing in that bloodline. She told Vilos of her final decision. And our father agreed to all of it. For in his heart, he felt for her a son's love. Alveena was, in his mind, his mother. And in a sense she really was."

"What was her final decision?" Lance asked, Nathan looking at him with the same look of eagerness.

"That no Dragosan Bloodlifer would join with a Sumsarian."
Jolan stared at his uncle, Calen's face covered in sadness.

"Alveena's reasoning was that the original Bloodlifer--Vilos--was created from the blood of King Dragos. And that was the blood of a magic-filled madman. That blood could not mix with the already evil-infected Sumsarian blood. That a monster would be created by that infection."
Jolan stood, Justin sensing his boyfriend's reaction.

Simus stood, walking up to the silent Jolan.

"Our father stood by Alveena's decision. He became the guardian of the Sumsarian dynasty, walking through history at their side. In us, his four sons, he bestowed the destiny of our lives. We have followed by their side as well. And now, the clan is united again. Your father was a large part of that happening. But, unfortunately, Morgan did not see it in that light. He instigated a meeting with the One Council, bringing his own Dragosan brother to stand before them. To stop him from uniting with Melina Sumsare. Even their obvious love for each other could not soften my elder brother's heart. He held on to the belief of Alveena's truth."
Jolan stared into Simus' grey eyes of compassion.

Simus' hand went to his shoulder, looking back into Jolan's silent eyes.

"Calen and I never shared our brother Morgan's interpretation. We sided with our loving brother Joel and his angel of love, Melina."
Calen walked up to the two men, his grey eyes tearing.

"Our interpretation of that truth is this, Jolan. Our father Vilos was created of Sumsarian blood. Regardless of whom that blood came from, he was--and we all are--of Sumsarian blood. How can you taint something you are already a part of?"

Jolan looked into both of their eyes, Justin standing beside him.

"We are Sumsarian. As much as Dominoso is. We were named after Dragos Sumsare. We have his blood in our veins. We tried to show our brother that truth. It fell on deaf ears. He had Tolmar summon our youngest brother to the One Council. And there they gave him an ultimatum." Simus said, tears now flowing from his silvery eyes.

"They told him he had to choose between Melina and his destiny." Justin said, the two Dragosan looking at the young man.

Jolan remained silent, his eyes looking at Justin.

"Yes, Justin. Joel had to choose between love and family. He chose love." Calen said, Simus putting his arm around his younger brother.

"Joel left the One Council giving no answer to their decision. He sought out Melina here in New York, coming to her father's home." Simus said, Domo walking up to the men.

"I was here that day, the day Joel came for my daughter's heart. He told us all that had been decided. And the truth of all that he was. Melina, my loving daughter, showed no change in her love for him. I sat in silence and watched their love unite before me. Melina went with her heart as well. She chose his love. And the two of them walked away from all of us. Melina asked of me and my wife our continuing love and caring for little Daphne. She left her own angel in our loving care. She felt in her heart that she needed a fresh start in life and love. She did love Daphne, never doubt that. She was her angel. But she felt in her heart that she would have more love wrapped in my and my Regina's loving embrace. I agreed naturally, she is my granddaughter, she'll always have my love."
Daphne teared up, Domo smiling towards her.

"And I saw in Melina's now healed heart her need to walk away from her past pain. I cannot judge her, I can only love her."

Calen and Simus nodded, Domo looking at Jolan.

"And so, my daughter and your father walked away from all of us. >From the Sumsarian and Dragosan clans.  And now you know the truth of your history. I only wish you--and we--knew all of what happened after that."

Jolan's eyes teared, Justin looking at him with concern.


Jolan moved away from Justin, his grey eyes staring at his uncles and grandfather.
"And so I now know the truth of my existence. And it's all becoming clear to me now."
Justin stared at Jolan, sensing the distress emanating off of those troubled grey eyes.
"What is becoming clear, Jo?" he said, Jolan's eyes turning to look into his blue pools of love.
Justin saw the pain in Jolan's silvery eyes.
The pain of some hidden truth.
"Don't you see, Jus? Don't you all see? Queen Alveena was right after all. My father and mother's love uniting did bring about her greatest fears. Their love created a monster. Their love created me!"
"You are not a monster, Jo! Never!" Justin said, moving towards him.
"Stop, Justin! Don't touch me! For to touch me would be to touch a great evil. I see it all clearly now. The visions I've seen of blood. Of their blood. There was blood everywhere! I must have. . .I must have. . .oh God! What I must have done to them!"
Jolan was sobbing, his body trembling.
Justin was in tears, Simus walking past him.
Simus put both arms around his young nephew, pulling him against him.
"No, my child. Never! I refuse to believe that! The mark of the Sumsarian evil is not upon you. There is no evil in you, Jolan."
Jolan sobbed, his realized truth finally taking its toll on him.
He suddenly collapsed, the darkness again closing in on him.
Simus lifted him into his arms, staring at his tear-stained face.
Jolan's grey eyes were closed, Justin looking at him with deep concern.
Lynn wrapped her arms around her son, everyone looking at the man in Simus' strong arms.
Simus hugged the young man against him, Cory's arm going around both of them.
Simus' emotional voice filled the silent room.
"The truth marks you as pure love, Jolan. For you are the loving son of my brother Joelius, and loving Melina. For their great love flows from you."
Simus stared into Justin's eyes, the two feeling each other's love for this man.

Erasmus stood in silence, his shadowy form standing across the street from the Casa Dora.
He felt the truth ruminating through his soul, his link with the Dragosan and Sumsarian giving him full access to all their thoughts and words.

His own thoughts flooded his mind.

Very good, Simus.
You've filled his heart with the known truth.
Now I can lead him down the path of his destiny.
It is time to begin the quest.
The quest for his salvation.

Erasmus' form faded into nothing in an instant.
Moments later he opened his eyes again, his body forming again into its shape.
He smiled, his grey eyes sparkling.
He stood in silence again in the shadows of another secluded street.
He eyes moved around, seeing a young man walking down the street across from him.
The man was vision of walking maleness, with a rugged handsome face etched with Hispanic masculinity.
Erasmus smiled, momentarily lost in the beauty of this walking Adonis.
The young man stopped across the street from Erasmus, staring up at an older stone building.
Two floors up a shadow moved in front of an open window, a face pushing through the curtains.
Erasmus looked up at that face, seeing another young beautiful man, this man handsome but not as beautiful as the man standing below him.
He saw the look in the young man's eyes at the window.
The look of desire and longing.
The young man on the street walked up a few stone steps, waiting at the building's front locked door.
Momentarily, the other young man appeared at the front door, Erasmus listening to every word spoken between them, even though they were being fairly quiet.
"Thanks for coming so quickly. I've been waiting for you."
The young man on the steps smiled, his blue eyes sparkling with lust.
"I'm sure you have, Carlos."
Carlos smiled, staring into the blue eyes of the man staring back at him, seeing the deep need in those beautiful eyes.
'Let's go inside. I have my image to protect. And I need you so much."
Carlos beamed, a flush of desire flooding him.
He opened the door wider, the other young man smiling widely at him.
Brandon Diablo walked past him, Carlos staring at his tight, jean-clothed butt.
In Carlos' lustful mind, he thought it was going to be the best day of his young life.
Carlos closed the door, both men disappearing into the building.
Neither man had noticed two glowing grey eyes staring at them from across the street, or the smiling face disappearing into a soft mist.

End of Chapter 30

And so the truth of Jolan's past has now been revealed.
And those revealed truths may have been too much for Jolan to handle.
What has happened to his parents?

Erasmus seems like a conflicting individual.
Is he good or is he something more?
Why is he watching everyone?
What are Brandon and Carlos doing together?
And how will that union affect our heroic couple?

Read on, dear friends, it only gets more intriguing.

Up next: The reality of The Shadowing.