Jolan's Path - Chapter 32

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 32


Everyone's eyes in the room were staring at Justin, his sentence surprising them.

"It's me. I have to save him. It's my love."

Justin looked around the room, his friends all looking at him with compassion and love.

Justin stood up, looking towards his mother, Rachel looking up at him, her hand going in his, gently squeezing it.

Justin looked down at her, Rachel smiling up at him..

"You can't hide what we all see now, Jus. It's time you went with your heart."

Justin smiled at her, seeing the sisterly love radiating from her smiling face.

Justin walked around the coffee table, stopping in front of his mother's chair, Jennie smiling up at him.

She stood up, Justin putting his arm around her, the young girl wrapping her arms around his waist, snuggling against him.

"One line of that passages stand out in my soul, Mom. One line of destiny that scares me so much. It's time for me to be truthful to you, Mom. As I've been truthful to myself."

Lynn looked up at her son, seeing the fear and seeing so much more in his blue eyes of truth.

She stood up, standing in front of him.

She looked at him, seeing so much of her little boy standing before her.

The little boy whom she'd brought into this world, surrounding him with love, and hope.

The unsure little boy she'd protected, loved and mothered.

Her hand went out, gently going onto his shoulder.

Justin looked into his mother's eyes, seeing the love he'd known all his life.

"You're in love with Jolan. Aren't you, Justin?"

Justin looked surprised, his mother looking at Jennie beside him.

Her eyes returned to Justin's blue eyes, looking at her son.

"Well, Justin? Answer my question."

Justin teared up, Lynn's hand squeezing his shoulder.

"Yes, Mom. I love Jolan with all my heart. I've known for a long time that I was different. That there was something missing in my life. I couldn't find it from all my relationships with women. I couldn't find the love that I've needed. And then I met Jolan. It was he that was missing, Mom. And I love him so much."
Lynn stared at her son, Jennie breaking her hold on him, standing beside the two.

"You're wrong, Justin. You are not different. You are the same as you've always been. A loving man, a loving soul. And you're my son."

Justin sobbed, his mother pulling him into her arms.

Everyone in the room was watching, a lot of tears being wiped from wet eyes.

Lynn's own eyes were wet, her tears falling on her son's back.

She hugged him tightly, then gently parting from him.

"I've watched the two of you together these last two days. A mother knows when he son's troubled. When he's fighting within himself, Justin. And also when he's happy, and especially when he's in love." She said, Justin breaking apart from her.

"I was so scared to tell you, Mom. I didn't know what your reaction would be, and right now I'm still not totally sure what it is?"
Lynn nodded, patting her son's shoulder, her hand still on his shoulder.

"I won't lie and say that this doesn't concern me. It does, Justin."

Justin's face turned to concern, Lynn kissing his cheek to calm him.

"It's a new reality for me, Justin. My son... well... he's just told me he's fallen in love with another man.  I can see that Jolan is a special person, regardless of what we've learned here today. I have watched his interaction with you, my son. And yours with him. I've seen the tenderness and caring that you've lavished on him. You've never been far away from him. And I've watched how he treats you. A new look shines in your eyes Justin when you look at him. I took me a little while to realize it was love. And I can see that he loves you, Justin. And how can I fault him when I can see plainly that he cares a great deal for you. That shows me he won't hurt you."

Justin smiled, kissing his mother's cheek.
"I've been hurt a lot, Mom. Jessica's hurt made me realize that she wasn't what I needed. In Jolan I've found someone who completes me."
"And what are Jolan's feelings in regards to that?" She said, Justin looking at her.

"He says that he loves me too. That he needs me."

"Are you mistaking need and friendship for love, Justin? You've just come out of a relationship of heartache and sorrow. Are you sure you're not thinking he's the one because of how women have hurt you? That maybe you've decided to try something new to find that lost happiness?"

Justin looked into his mother's caring eyes, Lynn seeing no change in their brightness.

"Jolan's love has entered my soul. The first moment I looked into his grey eyes I felt his love, Mom. That was before Jesse and I broke up. I believe deeply in my heart that even if she hadn't hurt me I would have fallen in love with him. His love came so easily into my soul. And now I can't live without it. And I won't."

Lynn looked at her son, hearing his heart in his emotional voice.

And the finality in his last words.

In his mind Jolan was everything to him.

And she knew in her heart she'd never be able to stop him from believing that.

Only time and Jolan would show the truth of Justin's words.

"Alright, Justin. I'll have to learn to accept what you want. It's just going to take some time for me. I guess I'm going to have to get used to having another son. And the daughter I've always wanted." She said, her eyes falling on Jennie.

The young girl smiled widely, Lynn hugging her gently.

Justin's eyes teared, seeing his mother's teary eyes.

Justin knew in his heart that Jolan, and especially Jennie, would enter his mother's heart easily.

"I love you, Mom. And I love him. I'll never stop loving either of you."
Lynn teared up, hugging her son again.


They broke there tender moment a few moments later, Jennie looking up at Justin.

"You said that you had to save him, Jus. What do you mean?" Lynn said, Justin kissing her cheek.

"That one line of that prophecy stood out from all the others for me."
Justin's eyes turned, his gaze zoning in on Calen.

"Only he whom he loves can stay the hand of his passing on to the next life. That line means that only I can stop Jolan from dying. I for some unknown reason have to save him. And I'll always be there for him. No matter what happens."

Justin let go of Jennie, the man walking up to the two standing Dragos brothers.

"I don't care about the passages of time, or the paths of destiny you believe my Jolan must walk. All I care about is him and his love. And that he is always safe. Safe and free to love me. And I to love him."

Calen smiled at Simus, Simus nodding his agreement.

Calen bent down, picking up his brother's forgotten ring, extending his hand.

"This ring was Jolan's father's ring of Servitude. I ask that you give it to Jolan to wear. The magic, what remains of it, will help Jolan's headaches."

"What is causing them? You said it dealt with the Shadowing." Justin said to him.

"Yes, Justin. It does have to do with the Shadowing. When whatever tragic event happened to Jolan, he closed his mind off to the reality of it. He surrounded it was a magic wall. A wall to block out the pain. The pain of his hurting soul. But the pain isn't gone, Justin. It's still there under that wall. And it's simmering. The headaches are the pain banging against the doorway to freedom. They can't get out, but their pain is real. Jolan is feeling the pain of need. The pain of his deepest pain's need to be free. And that throbbing pain is what's giving him the headaches. And it's surrounding magic is the beacon that has started the path of truth."

Justin nodded, looking at the ring now laying in his hand. A warmth flooded him, a warmth of deep truth.
Calen closed Justin's hand, looking into his blue eyes.

"This ring's dilluted magic will soothe that pain, will calm his soul. It will be enough until he can find the courage to face that pain. The failsafe of magic he holds within him only he can destroy. And when he does, your love will have to be strong. For that day could very well destroy him. I won't speculate on what that pain is. It's too close to my own heart, and my brother's heart. But all we can do is hold on to a hope that maybe, just maybe some loving goodness can come out of this. Love for him, and love for you."
Justin nodded, a small smile crossing his face.

"Something good has come out of this, Calen. I've found love, and Jolan's found me. My love will be strong enough on that day. Strong enough to destroy any and all Jolan's fears, hurts and pain."

Simus and Calen both smiled, Justin smiling back at them.

"We now welcome you to the family Dragos, Justin. Your being with Jolan seals you as part of our clan." Simus said, Justin bowing his head.

Calen smiled, pulling the young man into his embrace.

Justin smiled as he felt the deepness of Calen's tight hug.

Moreso in him than his brother Justin felt a lot of love and friendship.

Justin's eyes went to Simus'.

In Simus' grey eyes he saw a look of deep sadness, and a reluctance.

Justin felt in his soul that Simus was hiding something.
Something from even his brother.


Hours later Jolan's eyes slowly opened, two blue eyes staring back at him.

"What time is it, Jus?" Jolan said, Justin's naked arm laying across his chest.

"It's after midnight, Jo. How are you feeling?"

Jolan looked around in the semi darkness, seeing the half moon shining through the windows.

Justin was beside him, Jolan feeling the warmth of the man's body against him.

"I'm feeling better, the headache's mostly gone. I'm sorry I sleep so long.."
Justin smiled in the darkness, hearing the tiredness still in Jolan's voice, his arm tightening around the young man.

"You need rest, Jo. And that's what you're going to have."
Jolan's eyes looked at Justin.

"Please turn the light on, Jus."
Justin's body moved, the room flashing with an immediate brightness.

Both closed their eyes a bit, their eyes adjusting, the brightness gradually softening.

Justin smiled at Jolan, Jolan looking back.

"You're still here." Jolan said softly, Justin's hand touching his cheek.

"I wouldn't be anywhere else, Jolan. Nothing's changed between you and I."

"But my past?"
Justin's finger went to Jolan's lip, silencing him.

"I said nothing's changed. You are the man I love, Jolan. Nothing is going to every destroy your love in my heart."

Jolan was in tears instantly, Justin pulling him against him, Jolan hugging him tightly, Justin's arms wrapped around him.

"Hold me, Justin. Hold me and never let me go."
Justin smiled, hearing the need in Jolan's voice.

The need for him.

"I promise you that here, here in this room, I'll always make the troubles of your mind disappear, Jo. I'm here always to protect you. In my arms you'll always free safe. My love is here for you always."
Jolan cried, Justin's hand rubbing his clothed shoulder.

"Stand up, Jo. You need to get out of your clothes, and then we both need a good night's sleep."
Jolan moved slowly, Justin helping him stand up, the young man silent as Justin removed his clothing for him..

Jolan's eyes followed every inch of Justin's exposed body, seeing him almost totally nude before him, a pair of white boxer briefs his only attire.

The man before him was a vision of godly beauty.

Jolan's eyes focused on Justin's clothed center, seeing no enlargement of desire there, knowing that Justin was only his loving man at this moment, not his needful lover.

Jolan smiled, feeling the gentle touch of Justin's soft fingers over his body as he undressed him.

In moments Jolan was in the same attire, Justin guiding him back under the covers, Jolan catching one more glance of his Justin's sleek form as Justin extinguished the light, climbing back into their bed.

In a heartbeat the two were together again, their near naked bodies as one.

Jolan's head lay on Justin's chest, Justin holding him close.

"Close your eyes, my love." Justin said softly, his lips kissing Jolan's forehead.

Jolan sighed, his eyes closing.

Justin held him, as he felt Jolan succumb again to the darkness of sleep.

"I love you, Jo. And they'll never take you from me." He said, a tear falling down his cheek.

Justin tightened his hold on the man of his heart, his eyes closing as well.


Hours later Jolan pulled the frying pan off the stove, pouring the excess fat into a container.

He smiled, setting the pan in the soapy water, beginning to clean it.

The counter was filled with plates of food, Jolan having been up for over two hours.

His eyes scanned the clock, reading seven thirty.

"You should open a restaurant, it smells so good."
Jolan turned seeing Lynn standing in the doorway, smiling at him.

"Good morning, Lynn. I woke up early. Idle hands and all that, you know."
She chuckled, as Jolan wiped his hands on a dish towel.

"Coffee?" He smiled, grabbing the coffee pot.

"Yes, please." She said, sitting down at the table.

Jolan filled two cups, joining her at the table, after putting the food into the warming  temperature oven.

"I'll wake up everyone shortly. Who's still here?" Jolan said, handing her the sugar bowl.

"Well Rachel stayed in my room, I slept with Jennie."

A look of concern crossed Jolan's face, Lynn patting his arm.

"She's sleeping soundly. Justin just thought it best that she not be alone after all she'd heard yesterday."
Jolan nodded, feeling the caring heart of his boyfriend, Jennie now his sister.

"Cindy's here and Trace is snoring on the couch."
Jolan smiled, having seen the man when he'd walked down the hallway.

"He should of went home."
Lynn's hand went on top of his.

"He was concerned for a friend."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"When did everyone else leave?"
"After dinner last night. Nathan said that you would sleep right through the evening, so they all thought it best to call it a day. They all said their love for you when they left. Nathan said he'll cancel your appointment for today. He'd talk to you later."

Jolan nodded, sipping his coffee.

He was relieved that he wouldn't have to deal with doctors today.

"I take it my son is still sleeping?"
Jolan's eyes met hers, Lynn patting his hand.

"He was really concerned about you last night. It's only natural he wanted to be there for you in case you woke up."
Jolan nodded, remaining silent, her words calm and genuine.

"So how are you feeling?" She said, her hand squeezing his.

"I'm okay. The headache's completely gone." He quietly said.

"And your feelings? How are they doing?"

Jolan's grey eyes met her blue ones, Lynn smiling at him.

"It was a lot to digest. The truth of my family, and what they expect of me. And of what I am."

Lynn sensed a lot of confusion and uncertainty in that statement, she looking at him with love.

"What you are is a young man of kindness, love and beauty. A young man with a courageous soul who's gone on against impossible odds. I see now why my son's fallen in love with you."

Jolan's mouth dropped open in shock, his eyes widening.

"I told her last night, Jolan. I told my mother that I love you."

Jolan turned, his eyes meeting Justin's, Justin standing in the kitchen doorway.

Justin walked into the room, leaning down and kissing his mother's cheek, Lynn kissing his back.

Justin's hand took Jolan's pulling him gently up out of his seat, his strong arm wrapping around him.

"I love you, Jolan. You've given me your love and the courage to voice my own heart to my Mom."

Jolan looked at Lynn, the woman smiling back at him.

"I can't say I was surprised, Jolan. You both have been looking at each other with revealing eyes."
Jolan quietly nodded, Lynn getting up.

"This is going to take me a little time to get used to. It's all new to me, as it is to you both. Please don't think bad of me if I voice some concerns along the way."

Jolan nodded, Lynn leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"I love my son, Jolan. I'll always want him to be happy. I guess I should welcome you to the Timberlake family, Jolan."

Jolan smiled, looking at Justin.

Justin wore a wide smile, his eyes glistening with tears.

Jolan broke his hold on Justin, hugging Justin's mother now.

Lynn looked surprised, but returned the hug.

"Thank you for accepting the newness of our love. I promise you that Justin will never be hurt by me. I love him too much to ever warrant doing that."

Lynn nodded, smiling at him, Justin's hand going back into his, both squeezing each other.

"Well go ahead, kiss him. I know that look in your eyes." Lynn laughed at her son, Justin beaming.

Justin turned, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I love you, Jo."
"I love you, Jus."
The two joined together in each others arms, their lips joining.

Lynn stood in silence, looking at the love standing before her.


The three sat down at the table, Jolan suddenly hearing running feet.

Jennie burst into the kitchen, jumping into Justin's turning lap.

"Morning, bros!" She said, Justin laughing, kissing her cheek, being careful of her arm cast as he hugged her.

Jolan smiled at his sister, Jolan sitting beside Justin.

Jennie leaned across Justin, kissing Jolan's cheek, then kissing Justin's.

"Good morning, ray of sunshine." Lynn said, Jennie smiling at her brother.

"I sleep great last night, Jolly. I had Lynn with me."
Lynn smiled, her fingers brushing through the youth's hair.

"Today is clean up day, child. We're going to get you a haircut. And perhaps some more shopping." She said, Jennie grinning, looking at her brother.

"Can I go, Jolly? Please!"

Jolan held in a smile, Justin smiling as well.

"I think you've taken advantage of Lynn's generosity enough, Jennie."

Jennie's smile slipped, Justin patting her back.

"Then it's time for her bro's generosity. I'm here for ya baby Sis. So is my wallet!"

Jennie beamed, snuggling against Justin, Jolan shaking his head.

"You two are going to spoil her."
"Hey, she's my new little sister! What's wrong with spoiling her?"
Jennie beamed, Lynn smiling as well.

Jolan looked at all three, then sighed.

"I guess I'm outnumbered. Okay, spoil her!"

Jennie squealed, Jolan smiling widely.

"Give Justin some room, Jennie. Sit here beside me. And then we'll eat breakfast."

Jennie nodded, walking around the table and sitting beside her brother, kissing his cheek again.

Jolan kissed her back, looking at her with a quiet stare.

Justin picked up on it, remaining silent.

The kitchen door opened, Rachel walking in, Cindy rolling beside her, both greeting everyone.

Behind them walked Trace, the man stretching, scratching his stomach.

"Morning, Tray. How was the couch?" Lynn smiled, Trace smiling back.

"Hard as a rock."

"You should of taken my bed. I could of  doubled with Rachel." Cindy said, Trace smiling at her.

Trace leaned down, kissing his girlfriend's upturned lips.

"My angel  needed a night of uninterrupted sleep, so her beauty could radiate as in always does."

Cindy smiled, Justin smiling at Trace's love struck face.
Jolan stood up, walking up to his friend and hugging him tightly, Trace surprised.

"Thanks for staying. Your loving friendship I cherish."
Trace smiled, patting his friend's back.

"Feeling better?"
Jolan smiled looking around at everyone.

"I'm feeling great. Physically anyway. My mind on the other hand has a lot to absorb. Plus I have a decision to make."
Everyone looked at him with concern, Jolan going to the stove.

They all looked at Justin, Justin's look silencing them all.

They all moved, joining the small group around the table.

Jolan brought the dishes of food to the table, sitting down beside Justin when it was all laid out.

The two smiled at each other, everyone's eyes on both.

Jolan began handing the plates of food around, Justin quietly watching him.


Lance stretched, moving around in his large bed.

He was alone, the room bright with morning shadows.

He lay there alone in his thoughts.

Thoughts that were on yesterday, and all it's dawning revelations.

The unbelievable saga of Jolan's family.

He replayed all he'd heard and seen in his mind, going over every revelation.

And all through yesterday he had felt a new sense of truth coming into his mind.

His eyes on several occasions had been drawn to Justin and Jolan.

In the two of them he saw a growing love.

Lance's thoughts turned to Justin.

Justin, his friend of love and heart.

He remembered all of those tender moments the two had shared alone.

The beauty of Justin's blossoming desires, the touch of his skin, the beauty of his love.

Lance smiled, remembering their joined innocence.

Their innocence of friendship and new blossoming love.

And he'd now seen the new look in Justin's eyes.

And the same look in Jolan's.

The singular look of destined love.

Yes, Lance now knew in his heart that the two were in love.

Not the love that he and Justin had once shared.

But the love of truth and fate.

He smiled, realizing that two people were opening their hearts to each others love.

His thoughts were on Justin's courageous declaration to his mother.

Lance's pride for his friend had doubled at that loving moment.

Yes, Justin would forever be his friend and nothing more.

Lance smiled, realizing that he'd now gained another friend.

The remarkable Jolan.


His mind zeroed in on another moment from late last night.

The final moments with Nathan.

After dinner the trio of friends, Nathan, Joey and himself, had left Justin's condo, returning here to Lance's.

The three had talked over coffee about all that had happened, Joey relatively quiet.

Lance had sensed that there was something bothering him.

He hadn't really talked at length with his friend about his separation from Kelly.

Perhaps it was weighing on his mind, seeing Justin and Jolan's love shining through.
Joey remained quiet, his eyes on Nathan and Lance chatting.
They'd been discussing the events of the day, Nathan still unable to comprehend what he'd heard.
"What they said about Jolan's condition and history is unbelievable. It should go against all of my medical training. But I saw for myself his M. R. I results. They were unbelievable. His cerebral cortex is unlike anything we've ever encountered. The doctors at the hospital are still stunned by what we saw."
"What do you do now? Will you continue with Jolan's treatment?" Lance asked, Nathan looking at him.
"I don't know, Lance. It's up to Jolan actually. If he agrees with what his uncles are saying, then my help is irrelevant."
"And do you believe them? That it isn't medical help he needs but that it's somehow magical." Joey said, his eyes meeting Nathan's.
"I'm a doctor, Joe. I work with reality, not fantasy."
"Sometimes fantasy is God's way of making doctors realize they don't have all the answers." Joey said, Nathan looking at him.
"I believe with my eyes, Joe."
"Sometimes you have to believe with your heart. I feel that Jolan is a very special man. I don't need science to show me how special he is. I see it in the way he is with Justin. He's a special guy who's hurting. And I won't let that science hurt him more. And neither will Justin."
Lance looked between the two men, sensing a change in Joey.
His friend seemed to be judging Nathan.
"Nathan's only trying to help Jolan, Joey."
Joey's eyes went to Lance's green orbs, seeing Lance's  staring gaze.
"I know, Lance. I'm not trying to be curt or uncaring. I respect your views, Nathan. I just think the best thing for Jolan right now is Justin's love."
The two other men looked at Joey, Joey's direct words making them fall silent.
"Well, I'm heading to bed. It's been a long day. I'll talk to you in the morning, Lance. Good night, Nathan." Joey said standing up.
Nathan nodded, watching as Lance stood up and gave Joey a hug, Nathan then standing.
Nathan shook Joey's hand, Joey quietly walking out of the room.
The two men sat down again, Lance looking at Nathan.
"Forgive Joey, Nathan. He can be a little demanding when he talks about his friends. He's a great guy, but he can sometimes have a harsh directness. But his heart is a big heart of friendship and love."
"I understand, Lance. He's taking a liking to Jolan. I can see that he cares about him. He and you are lucky to have his friendship."
Lance nodded, smiling at the young man.
"Joey's my best friend, Nathan. We've been through a lot together. He's always been there for me. All the guys have."
Nathan smiled, his eyes looking into Lance's green eyes.
"They're all so lucky."
Lance smiled, a light redness coming to his cheeks.
"Lance, can I say something?"
"Sure Nathan. Go ahead."
Lance saw a soft redness come across Nathan's face, a blush of nervousness.
"I really like you, Lance. I think you're a fantastic guy. I'm gay myself and I always thought you had a lot of courage coming out so publicly. And being around you the last couple of days I've seen how wonderful a guy you really are. I was wondering, if you would like to go out for dinner sometime? I want to get to know you better. I was wondering if you'd like to do that?"
Lance looked surprised, then a smile came across his face.
"Are you asking me out on a date, Nathan?"
Nathan blushed a little, lowering his head, then raising it again and looking into Lance's green eyes.
"I guess I am, Lance. Would you like to go out with me?"
"I'd like that, Nathan. I think you're a wonderful guy also."
Nathan's smile widened, his face filling with happiness.
"That's great, Lance. How about tomorrow night?"
Lance smiled, nodding.
"Okay, Nathan. That would be great."
Nathan smiled again.
"It's Nate, Lance. Please call me Nate."
Lance smiled, Nathan lost in his beautiful face.
"Okay, Nate."
Nathan smiled, standing up, Lance standing as well.
The two walked to the front door of Lance's condo, stopping there.
"I'll pick you up here at seven then." Nathan smiled, Lance smiling back.
"Alright, Nate. Until tomorrow night then."
Nathan smiled, staring into Lance's green eyes.
He leaned forward, their lips meeting in a soft kiss.
They kissed, both lost in the moment, Lance finally backing up, their lips parting.
Both opened their eyes, smiling at each other.
"Until tomorrow, Lance." Nathan said, Lance opening the door.
"Goodnight, Nate."
The two smiled at each other, Nathan walking out of the condo.
Lance closed the door, leaning against it, sighing.
He smiled to himself, locking the door then shutting off the living room lights.
He walked down the hallway humming softly, walking into his bedroom, closing the door behind him.
He didn't notice the bedroom door across from his quietly closing.

Lance climbed out of bed, his body stretching.
He stood in his briefs, a gentle rapping coming to his door.
"Come in, Joey."
Joey walked into the room, smiling at Lance, Lance smiling back.
"Morning, Lance. I've started breakfast."
"Morning, Joe. That's sweet of you." Lance said, bending across the bed, picking up his robe and putting it on.
Joey's eyes remained focused on his friend.
"Hey, it's my way of thanking you for letting me crash here."
"My home is yours, Joey. For as long as you need."
Joey smiled, folding his arms, leaning against the door frame.
"So, when did Nathan leave?"
Lance smiled, sitting on the edge of his bed.
"About ten minutes after you went to bed. And he asked me something before he left."
Joey smiled at his friend.
"I hope he wasn't upset with me last night. I wasn't in the best mood last night."
"No, Joey. He knows you like Jolan and are only trying to protect him."
Joey nodded, looking into Lance's green eyes.
"I always protect my friends. What did he ask you?"
Lance smiled, then sighed.
"He told me he's gay, Joe. And he asked me to go out with him on a date."
Joey's eyes widened a bit, his face unchanging.
"I see. And do you want to date him?"
Lance smiled, Joey remaining still.
"He's a great guy, Joe. Yes, I want to go out with him. I really like him. We're going out to dinner tonight."
Joey nodded, walking over and sitting down beside Lance.

Lance looked at Joey, his friend smiling at him.

"My mom will be thrilled. Her son dating a doctor!"

Joey chuckled a bit, folding his arms.

"He is a nice guy, Lance. If you like him, then you should go for it."
Lance smiled, putting his arm around his friend.
"Thanks for your opinion, my friend. How are you doing, Joe? You seemed a little quiet last night. And a little moody."
"I'm sorry for that, Lancy. I'm just thinking about a few things. My mind's been kind of pre-occupied."
Lance smiled at Joey using his old nickname, Lance hugging Joey a little tighter, Joey smiling at him.
"No worries. I'm here if you want to talk, Joey. You know I love you."
Joey nodded, Lance smiling at him.
"Go take your shower, Lancy. I'll finish breakfast."
Lance smiled, patting his shoulder, getting up and walking into the bathroom, closing the door.
Joey sat in silence for a moment, looking at the closed door.
"I love you too, Lance." He said, his eyes tearing.
He got up quietly, walking out of the room.

Cory lay on his back panting, Simus laying beside him.
Simus moved, his naked body sliding against his lover.
"That was fantastic, my sweet." Cory said, his chest puffing.
"Did I tire my lover out?" Simus said, his fingers stroking Cory's left nipple, his lips gently kissing Cory's naked shoulder.
Cory smiled, their lips then meeting, Cory lost in the tenderness of Simus' soft lips.
"No, my love. But my babe's insatiable this morning. Why has the tiger arisen so early?" Cory said, Simus' hands running over his nude chest, his fingers wrapping around his enlarged organ laying under the sheets covering his bottom half.
"Your youthful beauty has filled me with wanton desires this morning. I can't get enough of you." Simus said, his lips brushing against Cory's ear, his body moving more on top of him.
"I need you again, my beauty. I need you so much."
Cory heard a soft desperation in Simus' voice, an echo of sadness also.
Cory gently pushed him back a little, staring into his grey eyes.
"What's wrong, Simus? I sense a needful sadness in your voice."
Simus looked down at the beautiful young man under him, his head lowering.
He moved off of Cory, getting out of bed.
Cory watched him pull on his robe, looking at him for a moment, then walking out of the room.
Cory sighed, climbing out of bed.
He grabbed his robe, putting it on as he walked out of the room.
He met Calen standing outside his bedroom doorway, the older man looking at him.
"Did you see where Simus went, Calen?" Cory said, the younger Dragos' eyes staring at him.

Cory saw a serious look on Calen's face.

"What's wrong, Calen?"
"Simus' heart is heavy, Cory. He needs to work it out to it's own resolution."
"What are you talking about?"
Calen guided the young man gently back into Simus' bedroom, closing the door behind him.
Cory looked surprised, the man looking at him.
"I need to tell you something, Cory. Please be silent and listen to what I have to say."
Cory nodded, hearing a compassionate sadness in Calen's voice.

And he also saw a soft glow in Calen's magnetic eyes.
He remained silent, waiting for Calen to speak.
"I have always looked up to my brother Simus with a great feeling of respect and love. More so than my elder brother Morgan. Joeluis was the same in his regard of Simus. And there was a very good reason for that. Simus' heart is the most giving heart that we have ever known. He has always put others ahead of his own desires, needs and wants. The duty that he swore an oath to is the most ardent of responsibilities. Greater than my own or Morgan's oath. And Simus always upheld that duty over everything else. And in doing so my brother never experienced an important part of life. For the duty he gave his life to fulfilling had robbed him of something dear."

Cory looked confused, Calen's voice taking on a truthful directness.

"My brother never experienced love."
Cory looked surprised, Calen putting his hand on his shoulder.
"Simus my loving brother has walked this earth for a long time alone. Oh there were fleeting moments of carnal lust. Moments he needed to release his hungering needs. But not in all that time has he ever been close to someone. Until he met you, my young friend. For the first time in his long life he's experiencing genuine love. And it's hurting him."
Cory looked worried.
"I would never hurt him with my love. I love him so much."
"It is not your love that's hurting him, Cory. It's the thoughts going through his mind. The thoughts of your love ending."
Cory looked surprised, Calen looking at him with compassion, and a look of knowledgeable acceptance.
"You are mortal, Cory. Your life is on a set time line different from his. Simus could live for another two hundred years or perhaps even longer. Our father said the length of our lives is an unsure variable. We do not know the timelines of our souls. And that's aching at his heart. He's worried that he will have to walk alone for a long time after your life ends. Love's entered his heart for the first time, and he's scared of losing it. I know of what I speak for I went through the same thing when my wife crossed the barrier of death."
Cory teared up, Calen hugging him gently.

"My wife Lenora was a breath of sunshine. She and I loved for many years. She too was a mortal, passing away at the age of seventy three. I was only thirty two in Dragos years. And I have walked over a forty years without her. It is not a feeling I'd wish on anyone. And most of all on my brother."

Cory's hand went upwards, wiping a tear off Calen's cheek.
"I've waited a long time to see my brother happy, Cory. And in your love I've seen his heart blossom. I want to thank you for that."
Cory patted Calen's back, the man smiling at him.

"I love him, Calen. I've waited all my life to find the love he so easily gives me."

Calen nodded, his hand going to Cory's shoulder.

"Give Simus time, Cory. He loves you, and he'll talk to you. Beneath that serious facade is a man who's like a child with a new treat. Your love has entered his empty soul and he's longing to have it forever."
Cory nodded, Calen smiling at him.

"He's in the living room staring out the windows. Just be there for him. Your love is what he needs most of all right now."
Cory nodded, hugging the man, Calen hugging him tightly.

Cory walked out of the room, Calen following.

Cory walked down the hallway, seeing his lover sitting on a loveseat in front of the windows, staring out into the darkness.

He walked across the room, sitting down beside him, Simus' face turning looking into his green eyes.

Cory snuggled up against him, Simus putting his arm around him.

The two spoke no words, sitting together in the darkness, their love flooding each others souls.

Calen stood in the darkened hallway, watching the two for a moment.

He went back into his bedroom, closing the door.

He leaned against the door, sighing deeply.

"Don't risk it my brother. You have his love. Don't destroy all of us."

Justin looked with concern at Jolan, the young man sitting in silence.
A soft cool breeze blew across the balcony, the air fresh and crisp.
Jolan sat on the chaise lounge, staring at the ring sitting in his open palm.
After breakfast Justin and the others had sat around the table, Jolan finally asking Justin the question Justin had been avoiding.

Jolan  looked into his blue eyes and asked Justin what he's missed while sleeping the evening before.
Jolan had quietly picked up on Justin's avoiding reluctance.
Jolan asked Justin again, the others around the table quietly watching the two.

Justin saw the needful gaze in Jolan's grey eyes, knowing he never be able to keep anything from him.
And so Justin had told him everything, the others watching Jolan's reaction.
Justin's narration had ended with Jolan's grey eyes staring at him for a moment, then Jolan silently getting up and walking out of the room.
Everyone looked at Justin, Justin excusing himself and going in search of his Jolan.
Justin had found him on the balcony, staring out into the morning sky.

Justin had remained in the balcony doorway, waiting for Jolan's needing him.

Jolan broke the silence between them, his voice thick with emotion.
"Who am I, Jus? Am I real or am I nothing? Am I this chosen one or am I a simmering monster?"
Justin walked up behind him wrapping his arms around him.
"You are you, Jolan. A young giving, loving man. And the man I've fallen in love with."
Jolan turned looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"How can you love me when I may have a monster hiding inside me?"
Justin stared at him, Jolan seeing his unchanged loving gaze.
"There is no monster inside you, Jo. Any anger, meanness or evilness you think you have hidden there would never stand a chance against our love."
Jolan teared up, laying his head against Justin's chest.
"The dreams, Jus. The dreams of blood and evil. What if parents... what if I..."
"There is no what if, Jo. You could never hurt those you love. Never. I believe that with all my soul."
Jolan raised his head, Justin kissing his lips.
"I have watched you for the last two weeks, Jolan. Ever since you came out of that coma. And all I've ever seen is a man of deep love, kindness and genuine goodness. That's not an act, that's not an illusion. Feel in your soul, Jo. Feel what you are. What I know in my heart you are."
Jolan smiled a small smile, Justin smiling back.
"I feel my giving heart, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing him again.
"Then that's what you have to hold on to. Hold on to the goodness of your heart. And hold onto my love. It's there as well."
Jolan smiled, returning Justin's kiss, the two becoming lost in the tenderness of the moment.
Jolan moved back, kissing Justin's lips one last time.
"Thank you for being my rock, Jus. For loving me."
Justin smiled, Jolan lost in the beauty of that look.
"It's my life's ambition."
Jolan smiled, Justin's smile softening.
He put his hand into his pocket, pulling it back out.
Justin opened his hand, the silver Dragosan ring in his palm.
"Calen gave me this ring, Jo. It was your father's. It is his ring of Servitude. Calen said that it could help you. Help you control the headaches."
Jolan opened his hand, Justin setting the ring into it's center.
Jolan sat down, staring at the silver ring.

And here he'd sat staring at the ring for a long time.
Justin sat down beside him, looking at Jolan's face.
"My father's ring. Given to him by his father." Jolan said softly, almost as if he was talking to himself.
" Is everything alright, Jo?" Justin said, his arm going around the young man.
Jolan's grey eyes looked into his blue pools of concern.
"I'm scared to put it on, Jus. For if I do I'll finally be on the path."
"The path? The path to where?"
"The path of their making. And the path of his destiny. I feel them, Jus. I feel my father and my grandfather in this ring. And I feel something more. It all starts with this ring. My destiny starts here. If I have the courage to take that first step."
Justin put his hand around Jolan's, closing the ring in it.
"Then don't put it on, Jo. Walk away from all of this. Let's just go away and leave all this to chance and fate."
Jolan looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing his love for him there in that look.
"To walk away from life is to walk in darkness." Jolan softly said.
Justin saw a new look in Jolan's eyes.
It was as if their centers were sparkling with liquid fire.
"I can't, Jus. I can't walk away from my family. They're out there somewhere, my Mom and Dad. I have to find them. I think my father left this ring for me as a sign. A sign to guide me to him. I think it may contain his love. I feel it."
Justin nodded, releasing Jolan's hand.
"I sense the truth in your eyes, Jo. I sense your longing for them. Alright, whatever you decide I'll be right beside you."
Jolan smiled, leaning forward and kissing him.
The two parted, Jolan opening his hand.
He took the ring, taking a deep breath and then put it slowly onto his right ring finger.
The affect was instantaneous.
In Jolan's mind it was as if he had been hit with a bolt of lightning.
Images, thoughts and feeling flew through his mind, his sanity trying to hold onto each flashing moment.

In other corners of the world, the Dragosan brothers felt the connection instantaneously.

Morgan Dragos standing beside his son in London collapsed, falling against Krayos, his son struggling to hold him up.

Calen, standing in his shower stall fell to the floor.

Simus, still cuddling on the couch with Cory gasped, Cory looking at him with alarm, his grey eyes throbbing with brightness.

To Justin, sitting beside Jolan, it was as if Jolan had stuck his finger in a light socket.

His body was thrashing, twitching in spastic movements.

His eyes were glowing fiercely, his face a contorted mess.

"Jolan! Talk to me! Are you all right??" He gasped, trying to hold him down.

In a flash Jolan stopped, collapsing in his seat, Justin's arms wrapped around him, holding him tightly.

Jolan's head lay turned away from Justin, Jolan slowly moving.

Jolan's face turned, looking into Justin's blue concerned eyes.

Justin was staring at a face of calmed restfulness.

He never thought his Jo looked more relaxed or more beautiful that at this one moment.

His face had taken on a newness, a masculine intensity.

It was the same face that Justin had fallen in love with, but it seemed a little more sensuous, more real.

The unsure greyness of his mesmerizing eyes seemed a little more subdued.

And a lot more focused.

"Are you alright, Jo?"
Jolan shook himself as if he was in a haze, looking at Justin again.

"I don't feel the headache anymore, Jus. It was always there, in my head. But now it's completely gone!"

Justin smiled, that statement calming him immediately.

"What was that, Jo? I was so worried! I thought you were having a seizure."
Jolan stood up, looking up into the morning sunshine.

"In essence I was, Jus. A seizure of truth and reality."

Justin stood up, putting his arm around him, Jolan turning and pulling Justin against him.

"It begins, my love."
Justin saw a calmness in Jolan's face, a resigned look of acceptance.

"What begins? What's going on, Jo?"
Jolan leaned forward, kissing Justin deeply.

Justin became lost in the passion in that lingering kiss.

Jolan parted from him, Justin's face showing a lost look.

"What's going on is life, Justin. My life with you. I'm finally on my own path. And you're walking beside me. Let's go, my love. I need to talk to my grieving uncles. Their pain needs healing."

Jolan grabbed Justin's hand, pulling him into their bedroom.




End of Chapter 32



And so we now see a different Jolan.

What's happened to him?
What has the ring done to him?

What is Calen worried about in regards to Simus and Cory's love?

What's going on with Joey?

What are his feeling in regards to Nathan?
Seems to be a bit of bad blood there.

Can Lance soothe things between them?


Up next Jolan takes the reins of his family firmly in his hands.

In a surprising way.

And a new threat for our hero is revealed.

Two feuding clans of destiny.


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